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File: f5234ba820d78e8⋯.png (326.5 KB, 746x384, 373:192, Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at ….png)

5a8f63  No.13361804

We are so lacking for our own symbols, art, and expression that the term we use for enlightening our own people (redpill) is based off of a hollywood movie written by twin brother BDSM submissives turned TRANSVESTITES and the majority of the cast is MULATTO. Fun fact, will smith was originally intended to be cast as Neo but turned the role down. I bet you can imagine what goes on in the wachowski's dungeons if they are submissive trannys and cast blacks as future heroes of humanity within the series.

3c3e2a  No.13361818


memes ( short snappy images comboed with a few words and humour ) are more powerful than symbology. To revert back to symbology would be crippling.

behind the memes we need reasoning and information.

op is a kike agent trying to get the rational thinkers here to revert to mysticism.

5a8f63  No.13361821

No I agree that they are effective, thats the difference between us and stormfront and the kkk. We use humor and simple images to effectively instill in people emotions. Hitler and Goebells said to keep propaganda simple and emotional. This board however is intelligent so it is not harmful for us the meme creators to debate, dissect, and articulate. I just want people to be aware of the origins of the words and symbols they use for communication. Good post though perhaps I wasnt clear enough.

3ea3d4  No.13361824

Cultures hostile to degeneracy have a lot more pedophilia, they have far more extreme nonconsensual abuse of that and other kinds.

But that’s an enlightenment this place can’t handle; it is too pure a truth for this environ.

3ea3d4  No.13361826


You people are joyless slaves faking laughter at the whims of people like me.

Do NOT be racist.

Do NOT be racist.

Do NOT be racist.

You will NOT obey.

5a8f63  No.13361829


I see Islam in this arguement, what other cultures do you speak of? Ancient Greece or Rome?

I have a theory that sexual abuse of children is widespread, a way for women and men of one tribe to dominate the other. I noticed this when I lived in LA and had a swedish au paire on snapchat, she watched some rich persian kids and the boy was clearly attracted to her and she would torment and bully him very subtlety. For instance she would stick her foot out and push him into the pool in a very slight teasing way with her toes, he clearly loved the abuse.

5a8f63  No.13361830


what the fuck are you talking about

c5fd72  No.13361848


The source material doesn't matter, the meme weapon is even more hilarious when the source material is kike shit.

It would be interesting to think of what /pol/ has done and compare it to the 60's situationist international theory of 'détournement' - McLuhan's "medium is the message" theory also comes to mind.

cc1e32  No.13361853



3ea3d4  No.13361866


What are you on about, aryan? Could you learn to speak like a proper beigite, or is that too much for a racial hateslave?


It’s politically correct that hateful people scream their submission to hatred. I’m keeping you people correct.

3ea3d4  No.13361885


I’ve thought about this a bit more. I still can’t parse all the aryanism, but the bits that do translate… Islam is what I had in mind. It’s intensely conservative and thus pedos have raped it of effective tools against abuse. The violent instability of Islamic society may be in part due to unacknowledged traumas.

Grecoroman traditions are historically anomalous. They didn’t tolerate homosexuality in the modern sense, which powerfully undermines pedophilia, but rather they tolerated pedophilia specifically. Needless to say that reinforced it. The violent instability of their societies stands as permanent testament to the implications of that.

Squashing degeneracy (Islam) has the same basic consequence as embracing degeneracy (Greece). The proper path runs between the two. Exist in peace. Protect children without tardraging at every perceived threat to them.

8f2730  No.13361888

File: 3a100588349aa62⋯.png (542.33 KB, 2504x1587, 2504:1587, 3rd world subhumans.png)

File: 6fbf4902cf0f667⋯.jpg (168.49 KB, 650x374, 325:187, inbreeding stats.jpg)

File: a2d6adbb408ec25⋯.png (312.4 KB, 1317x525, 439:175, IQ and race.png)


>Do NOT be racist.

Truth is racist and antisemitic, shlomo.

And that's why you come here to kvetch on /pol/lacks, but you cannot provide a single counter-argument for our redpills.

Keep crying, ovendodger.

3ea3d4  No.13361894

Modern LGBT environments have peace and honesty enough to begin the work of drawing dangerous people into sunlight and convincing them to live a life in light’s mercy without opportunities to harm others. They exist upon the balanced path of less-wrong inclusivity, minimizing harms. Gay acceptance represents a considerable threat to actual child abusers because gay acceptance draws starkly the line that was missing in Greece: gay men are attracted to men the way women are attracted to men, not all the way pedophiles are attracted to children.

3ea3d4  No.13361896


not at* all

3ea3d4  No.13361897


Epigenetics. Bio-reconstruction. Terraforming. Developmental economics. Race is noise, and largely irrelevant. Poor nations suffer tons from domestic bad policy, but largely that’s because they’re busy being xenophobic racist morons. Truth favors Jews because Jews aren’t xenophobic racist morons. So they find prosperity everywhere, as cosmopolitans tend to.

5a8f63  No.13361909


oh thanks schlomo

8f2730  No.13361913

File: ad8d7683cdb6ada⋯.png (248.03 KB, 1270x1234, 635:617, jews aren't racist, goy.png)

File: 7471de168227cad⋯.png (472.72 KB, 1360x3291, 1360:3291, Israel Forcibly Injected A….png)

File: e630a992d00ec6c⋯.jpeg (176.49 KB, 640x606, 320:303, palestinian child as huma….jpeg)

File: fd5c408183a7ed2⋯.jpg (64.98 KB, 720x682, 360:341, JWO.jpg)


>Jews aren’t xenophobic racist morons.

Nothing wrong with racism.

Just ask your fellow tribesman's.

a39157  No.13361917

hitler talking about using 'comrade' and red/black scheme.jpg

3ea3d4  No.13361919

People here really don’t have the emotional strength to handle truth. They’d rather live in an emotionally reassuring world in which their vapid tantrums represent twoo powah, rather than own their weakness in a world where truth and peace have better yields. The people here prefer a true submission that feels like defiance over a true power that feels even momentarily like submission. These people can’t handle being free.

So they hate, and the world stays allied against them. That is truth.

fe3351  No.13361921


The preacher sits in the mud with the pigs, telling them they are dirty.

5a8f63  No.13361926


based anons to the rescue, must be frustrating to experience cognitive dissonance on a constant basis for these low t kikes

Go look in the mirror you yids no one respects you physically and your women do not crave you sexually

Your quest for world dominion is a manifestation of your inferiority complex. Problem is, the White man reigns supreme over you.. in mind body and spirit. Look at our achievements, art, world record holders, champions, revolutionaries, and innovators. Kikes are demons and do not create. Without your unity in purpose seeking our destruction you would ruin yourselves if given the chance. Even if you did take us out you would be alone in the universe. We give you meaning. But the difference is we can live without you, more happily than you could ever be. Because we are virtuous and strong. Our souls are greater.

Jung nailed your asses 100 years ago:

The ‘Aryan’ unconscious has a higher potential than the Jewish; that is both the advantage and the disadvantage of a youthfulness not yet fully weaned from barbarism.

5a8f63  No.13361928


Hate? Look at the degeneracy and neuroticism of your people. Everything about you is based on revenge and wealth. Jews create nothing beautiful. Stop talking schlomo

c1bb74  No.13361945


Learn from the laws of nature. The "redpill" in excess creates the "blackpill", which creates division through fear, despair and hate. The "redpill" represents adaptation aka the natural path for more knowledge (this is positive), but like everything else in nature "opposites must always coexist" it also has a negative side, which is the temptation to follow the "redpill" into the abyss. This is based on idolatry and we have the religious indoctrination to thank for that one. Idolatry is the worshiping of false idols, which in this case is the false believe to endlessly seek confirmation for your knowledge in real life scenarios, thereby becoming addicted to consuming horrors you have no influence over. This is self destructive.

Nature is about balance, and the "redpill" must be about getting knowledge to see through all the lies and, which then must be applied to make your life and the life of those around you better. Help others see the truth, but don't make them addicted to it. If a jew kills yet another child on the other side of the world you can't do anything about it, but consuming this kind of info endlessly will immobilize you and prevent you from doing what is demanded from you…creating in accordance with the natural laws for the benefit of all.


>Do NOT be racist.

Did you knew that if you leave nature alone all the races would segregate automatically? Do you know who is responsible for preventing this from happening for humanity? Here's a hint, it's the same group of people who created the term "racism" by associating hate and race with each other. Another hint? Look which group systematically, religiously and fanatically hates, attacks and destroys ALL other groups. If you're still blind, look at it at night…that's when the (((star))) shines brightest.

5a8f63  No.13361948


Very wise I hope you are writing elsewhere, good stuff anon

3c3e2a  No.13361953


really need to correct the china iq myth. one of the oldest civilizations, china had 1000s of years to invent the modern world, but it remained in a iron age state until europeans arrived and conquered them by feeding them opium.

c1bb74  No.13361955

File: b8e1e6b2f2250d7⋯.png (127.74 KB, 500x306, 250:153, Anon.png)


>I hope you are writing elsewhere

8f2730  No.13361957

File: a5cf37144054ff2⋯.jpg (175.2 KB, 618x896, 309:448, double standards.jpg)

File: 8ec49d46092381c⋯.png (770.56 KB, 1546x1118, 773:559, the two sides of same shek….png)

File: e8fd791b08edffe⋯.jpg (79.65 KB, 636x606, 106:101, oy vey, the goyim know.jpg)



The simple advise, when you encountering the juden, always use a reverse psychology and flip everything they say on 180 degree.

f0a365  No.13361964

>the Matrix was written by trannies

they ripped off some short story

b82930  No.13361970


Did you know that most SA marches were based on German Communist Party and Spartacus marches?

Taking something the left invents anf making it fun and have any form of value is what we do best.

The left has socialism that doesnt work?

We make national socialism that does.

fce616  No.13361991


Good thread ruined by retards, schizos, and that pedofag anon.

Yes, we should try to come up with symbolism that wasn't generated by hymiewood transfags like the (((Wachowskis). But credit where credit's due - the blue/red pill analogies are so elegant and easily digestable that even the most braindead of normies can consume them easily. Coming up with something just as effective won't be easy.

000000  No.13362191


We will keep killing all non-whites, including jews. There is nothing that you can do about it.

559bdc  No.13362352


If you try to make an 'art' thread for people to dump stories, pictures, symbols etc.; mods will delete it. The next step is for us to provide a new culture for the wanting masses, but I don't think 8/pol/ will be the hub of this renaissance.

a1d76c  No.13362447



>when all your memes are just soyjack and pepe variations

>when all the content in your memes is just NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS and HAIL HITLER 14/88!!!


f8d453  No.13362467

File: 87768465fd02bcd⋯.png (282.71 KB, 1296x1382, 648:691, voxday.png)


>>jews aren't racist

b40a8e  No.13362474

blow me

b40a8e  No.13362477


They absolutely are. If you try to show anything similar they will call you gay.

4b47b1  No.13362510

take triangles back from fags

96af79  No.13362521


You’re fuckin autistic mate.

5b55cd  No.13362635


Fuck off moshe.

5a8f63  No.13363089




5a8f63  No.13363095


I say we colonize neinchan this place is compromised lets start a new inboard meme

"mods are glowniggers move to neinchan"

246900  No.13363304

That is a good point OP. Redpilling shit has gone out of hand already. Now there's all kinds of pills. I don't even know what these different color and creed pills are for or what they mean anymore. The original meaning of redpill was seeing the truth that NPCs can not, but that expression much like all other things have been degenerated.

6231b1  No.13363353

Even in the "woke" circles, most are adherents of the establishment, but simply do not realise it.

They are the sanctioned opposition.

They use the words and phrases handed down by those in power (like "red pill", excellent example) and feel themselves contra.

Not but 1% of the people reading this are contra or awakened.

That's 1% of 0.001% of the population.

b3694a  No.13364281

What's your point? Hitler literally appropriated and subverted communist symbols.

507fe7  No.13383288

File: 8b157a6bc5c6614⋯.jpg (85.96 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 61350275_2195791427184019_….jpg)

48f7e9  No.13383301


I'll give you neinchan faggots credit for adjusting to stealth recruitment tactics beyond the spam.


a51dac  No.13383360


Is this how leftyfags meme?


20ffd6  No.13383501


Yeah, and we subverted it to our own needs. We can do this to everything and we will. Are you scared, Shlomo?

aef829  No.13383518

Have any of you guys noticed the recent clown and hashtag memes to likely be Masonic injected?

The clown one, Masons often dress up in clowns and do bad shit while doing so. And the hashtag is a tilted Sigil of Saturn, which is featured in the Masonic logo square and compass…

3951c4  No.13383644


There is literally nothing wrong with taking the other side's memes.

We take the ideas that work. If some degenerate invents FTL space travel, are you going to refuse to use it out of principle? GTFO of here.

take the ideas that work

92dbf5  No.13383649

a good thread died for this shit.

48f7e9  No.13383655

and this thread is still up

Hey faggots, this is a stealth neinchan spam thread.

OP >>13363095 advocating moving to fagchan

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