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File: bc95017d70ba91a⋯.jpeg (396.11 KB, 1320x729, 440:243, Lake_Aulanko.jpeg)

e847ce  No.13368402

Thread for discussing deep ecology, conservation and environmentalism.

What is deep ecology?

Deep ecology is the study of the relationships between plants, animals, people, and their environment, and the balances between these relationships.

🌲 Resources:




e847ce  No.13368424

𐇲 ==Beginner Reading List==

The Question Concerning Technology by Martin Heidegger

Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Outline of an Ecosophy by Arne Naess

207728  No.13368435

File: 006d502657e2282⋯.gif (51.05 KB, 554x650, 277:325, 1.gif)


There are approximately 100 or so species of blood sucking mosquitoes that make life near rivers miserable for humanity. They spread diseases and make life difficult for humans and animals alike. And yet mosquitoes do almost nothing for the environment. Very few animals, fish, and insects actually eat mosquitoes and most of these only eat mosquito larva which if removed from the environment would rapidly be replaced by more beneficial species of insect.


In addition, mosquitoes do spread pollen however, as above, if removed from the environment, other non-harmful mosquitoes or different pollenating insects would take their place.

Thus, mosquitoes are essentially a useless species that only helps harmful bacteria and does virtually nothing to benefit other species of plant and animal in the wider environment.

We need to eliminate the roughly 100 species of mosquitoes that harm humans and animals.

But how? How can we do that?

Through the process of gene-driving.

Essentially we genetically modify mosquitoes to produce only male offspring after mating with the blood-sucking females (only female mosquitoes are parasites)

With each generation, the percentage of female mosquitoes will become fewer and fewer due to the genetically modified gene becoming dominant. Eventually, the entire population of the affected species will collapse and the entire species will go extinct.

Do this for the 100 mosquitoes that are harmful to the natural world and life around marshlands and rivers will drastically improve. In addition, harmful diseases that have killed humans for millennia will be completely eliminated.

3f90cc  No.13368451

Fuck off back to kikechan.

000000  No.13368491


>useless species

Stopped reading there.

dcee00  No.13368532



Agreed. Why wouldn't their check on the environment act as a strengthening mechanism.

3a905b  No.13368551

File: 10e25a8bb8710ee⋯.png (218.75 KB, 850x400, 17:8, pol pot quote.png)


Mosquitoes are the least of our problems, honestly. We need to eliminate vast amounts of people if this planet will remain healthy for both humans and the environment in the long-term. Mosquitoes are annoying, but we as a species build concrete hellscapes, scare the Earth with highways, dump our filth wherever we can, regardless of what the costs are. The rural subsistence economy is the economy of the future.


Also this

621df1  No.13368594


>We need to eliminate vast amounts of people

According to the census, a little over 6,000,000 in the USA and the entirety of Israel.

3a905b  No.13368649

File: 2621b5c30d51033⋯.jpg (71.96 KB, 850x400, 17:8, linkola humans.jpg)


Certainly the Jews can be targeted for elimination, but I think shrinking down the Earth's population to one billion people, along with major adjustments to the current lifestyles in the first world is a necessary goal.

621df1  No.13368669


Once you cut off the hand that feeds, nature will take care of Africa, the Middle East, India and Pakistan – the locals reducing their populations to sustainable numbers.

207728  No.13368675


> we as a species build concrete hellscapes

I disagree. Mankind can create both beautiful environments or we can destroy it.

They key is creating a sustainable and efficient civilization for our people.

It is true that mosquitoes are not the worst parasite that is currently plaguing both the natural world and western civilization, however it is still a useless species that benefits neither man or nature. It is a parasite among parasites. A worthless insect that harms all animals, benefiting only certain kinds of bacteria and viruses.

a0d660  No.13368687


>scare the Earth with highways



3a905b  No.13368700


Yup, ending all third-world aid would be a huge step in the right direction. Their populations are artificially inflated by the overly altruistic policies of suicidal white western countries.


> however it is still a useless species that benefits neither man or nature.

Who are we to judge that? Plenty of other insects and birds surely rely on mosquitoes as part of their diet. Wiping out an entire insect species could have unforeseen consequences on the food-chain. I don't think we should go down the road of judging which species are or are not "beneficial" to man or nature. If we followed such a utilitarian approach we could justify the extermination of all sorts of life unnecessarily. I can agree with this only when it comes to invasive species that damage the environment.


I thought the same thing when I saw I accidentally added an 'e' to scar. I hate that you can't delete posts here sometimes.

575ddb  No.13368735


Mosquitos cull niggers. Let's worry about them after we eradicate a significantly more harmful and parasitic species, yes?

614ab3  No.13368739

File: 9fee315e4844ef3⋯.png (778.54 KB, 540x650, 54:65, 1557625879171.png)

Start taking cold showers.

Invest in solar panels and battery arrays.

Start permaculture sustainable organic gardening with heirloom seeds.

Read the humanure handbook.

Raise your own free-range rabbits, chickens, ducks, and goats for milk, eggs, fur, meat, and feathers.

Do not take drugs and wife a girl who does not take (((birth control))).

Have many white children and raise them traditionally.

Start a tribe with people that look like you.

Ecofascism comes alive the moment you live it!

000000  No.13368765

/eco/ news

More Microplastics in Deep Sea Than Great Pacific Garbage Patch

>Microplastics have infiltrated the earth's largest ecosystem: the deep ocean. Researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) used small drone submarines to take sea-water samples from the ocean surface all the way down to the floor, at 3,200 feet. They found that there were actually more microplastics 1,000 feet below sea level than there are in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


3a905b  No.13368777

Does anyone else here plan to go off-the-grid within the next five to ten years? I just have to get enough money for land and have to acquire some more skills. This >>13368739 is also pretty in line with what I want to do. I'm very interested in the differences that could result from raising a child in a low-tech environment away from disgusting urban areas and Jewish culture

000000  No.13368800

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Microplastics In The Ocean Are A Mega Problem: Plastic Pollution Runs Deep In Monterey Bay

000000  No.13368828


Wouldn't hurt to spend a few weeks disconnected so that you can get used to not being dependent on the system. You should always have a phone for emergencies and some good old books.

>6 reasons to take your kids camping this summer

>1. Camping teaches kids to love nature

>2. Camping teaches kids to appreciate the small things

>3. Camping gives a new skill to kids

>4. See the world on a tight budget

>5. Teach your kids about the goodness of other humans

>6. Camping is a good way to break out of the daily routine


207728  No.13368866


>Plenty of other insects and birds surely rely on mosquitoes as part of their diet

That's the thing though. They don't. Bats don't eat them, birds rarely eat them, and most insects or fish that do eat them only consume them in their larval state and are not reliant upon them.

Besides, many of the worst mosquitoes in my country are invasive species anyway.

da76ad  No.13368876


mosquitoes eat other mosquitos they cull each other.

207728  No.13368887


Yes. But these species are non-harmful and do not parasite off of human blood. Again, please note that I am not saying that the entire family of culicidae should be eliminated. I am arguing for specific harmful species to be eliminated, thus allowing more living space to beneficial insects.

7269a9  No.13368895

>deep ecology thread

>faggots calling for the extermination of multiple species

Shallow ecologists leave

621df1  No.13368908


Marine life feeds on a mosquito's larvae. Arachnids trap them and are in turn eaten by birds which pollinate and disperse seeds. The mosquito is far more important than any man who serves only a nepotistic existence.

fab1b1  No.13368915


Bats eat the fuck out of mozzies.

b1883c  No.13368929


Fuck off with your Econazi shit.

Jews are trying to equate environmentalism with nadzess for some strange fucking reason.

3a905b  No.13368931


>being a national socialist


207728  No.13368942



Again, I am talking not about the entire family culicidae. I'm talking about specific species that are harmful to mankind and animal life.

3f3ff9  No.13368949


>muh national socialism

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon used by Jews to exterminate Whites.

621df1  No.13368967


Fair enough. Can we be reasonably certain that the good ones aren't over-predated in the absence of the bad ones?

fab1b1  No.13368974


Jews will use whatever identity to either create, or destroy anyone, as long as they hold the reigns of the power structures. We are Aryan. We are National Socialists. They will always hate us, and want to exterminate us. As we then will be forced to exterminate you first for being a kike golem, and shitting on this space.

3f3ff9  No.13369000


Are you mentally ill? Or just another trolling Jew?

3a905b  No.13369004


Stop responding to that faggot

000000  No.13370041


>Implying that they understand what ecology means or care.

000000  No.13370054

/eco/ news

‘Largest Undercover Dairy Investigation in History’ Uncovers Shocking Abuse at ‘Disneyland’ of Farms

>Police are investigating after an animal rights group released disturbing video footage showing workers mistreating calves at an Indiana farm that Food & Wine once dubbed the "Disneyland of agricultural tourism," The Associated Press reported.


000000  No.13370210

/eco/ news

National Weather Service Radar Detects 80 x 80 Mile Swarm of Ladybugs

>The National Weather Service (NWS) picked up an unusual formation on its San Diego radar Tuesday evening: a swarm of ladybugs. "It was very strange because it was a relatively clear day and we weren't really expecting any rain or thunderstorms," NWS San Diego meteorologist Casey Oswant told NPR. "But on our radar, we were seeing something that indicated there was something out there."


b97126  No.13370264

Is it possible to end the factory grade, large scale meat factories? Or is there simply too many people alive that so many cows, pigs and chickens have to be reared in what is essentially jail cells?

000000  No.13370373


Yes, by banning them.

f31a38  No.13370551


mosquito larvae are a valuable food source for fish and birds and frogs, but you are either a jew or a nigger and can't figure that out.

Nature doesn't make mistakes.

207728  No.13370577


>Nature doesn't make mistakes.

<niggers exist

As I've said before, mosquitoes are not a critical food source for frogs or fish


and it's only in their larval state that they're eaten. Removing them would make room for a species of insect that isn't as abhorrent as well as eliminate some of the most destructive invasive species in North America.


In the event of eliminating the harmful species of mosquitoes, other species of mosquitoes (the primarily nectar consuming ones) would increase in number to fill the ecological niche. This would probably fill that role.

The best way to test this would be to target an invasive species like the Tiger-Mosquito and observe over the course of ten years what effects eliminating one species of mosquito had on the ecosystem.

a56393  No.13370601


>mosquitos spread disease

>mosquitos serve no purpose

You're contradicting yourself, moron. If Western nations would stop providing medical aid to third world shit holes, mosquitos would help keep population down. They serve a greater purpose than you.

>We need to eliminate the roughly 100 species of mosquitoes that harm humans

>let's eliminate mosquitos that spread diseases that kills off niggers

What a bright fucking idea, you mongoloid. Over a million shitskins a year die of malaria, most before they are old enough to breed, and you want to stop this? You're an enemy to nature and an enemy to the white man.

13752b  No.13370764

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Chankoro Carp. Yerro Perrir support Brack Power.

13752b  No.13370767

cb7183  No.13370845



130793  No.13370859


the humble mosquito is just a symptoms. they are part of the world's immune system. They infest stagnant water giving fish an abundant food source so that t hey might rebound, they spread diseases to the sick in hopes of culling their numbers, they keep the healthy out of infected areas giving it time to heal and regrow.

We as caretakers of the world only need to stop letting the invasive species (niggers usually) live by artificial means, and clean up the area they inhabit so the disease vectors stop. Clean the waterways so fish and plants can go back to work, and clean the living of poor food and sickness so the mosquito will have nothing to infect.

13752b  No.13370901

File: b2b2e948332ab10⋯.jpg (375.57 KB, 2035x1366, 2035:1366, 1541015879784.jpg)


Five gigadeath from each of; atzatlan, blehghs, chankoro, dravidapoo and Izlan sand niggers. Each culling produces 82.5Mt of wet compostable biomass, which can be re-purposed to invigorate savannas, jungles, fields, forests, feed oceans and nurture reefs. So the total biomass is around 412.5Mt. A portion of this could be dried into kibble. Chemical reduction processes could create flakes and pure fertilizer compounds for reclaiming dry agricultural land, or rewilding emaciated free roam animal zones. Especially for large fauna. Large steel processing machine system designs, automated composting warehouses and sophisticated robotic capture and processing automatons would keep the vanity of the (((human))) element at arms length. The entire industry would be like a soft drone in the background. Not dissimilar in material procedure to agribusiness; but ethically correct and responsibly natural. At the appropriate scale, this could be accomplished quite quickly and cleanly: once demographic balance with nature is restored, operations could be stopped – a capital project with a designed termination, not unlike designed obsolescence in lolbertarian products.

207728  No.13370907


Ironic that you call me a moron and then assume that the only thing I wish to change is the presence of mosquitoes.

Arguing that we need mosquitoes because to carry diseases that kill people is like arguing that we should bring back smallpox and the bubonic plague (which technically still exist btw) to make life more horrible for everyone.

But we don't need to do that. We don't need to live like this.

We have the power already to eliminate parasites that have done nothing good for ANY species on earth.

In fact, you claim that mosquitoes are good because they cause suffering and misery and death. Well guess what? So do jews. Do you want to preserve jews simply because they kill White people?

We don't need jews, we don't need smallpox, and we don't need mosquitoes.

We should eliminate all diseases that make life miserable for humans.


Unfortunately, I would need millions of dollars and a team of scientists to accomplish this. Just like it would be nearly impossible for me to single handily eliminate the jew.


>they spread diseases to the sick

No. They create sickness and turn healthy men into emaciated invalids. It is a great shame when a perfectly healthy man cannot enjoy nature because a tick carrying lime disease infects him with an incurable disease that kills his body and even his mind.

I myself live in a very large marshland and the waterways near my house do have some fish. However the number of mosquitoes here is beyond belief. Unless you've been in a literal cloud of mosquitoes, you do not understand how horrible it is and how overpopulated they are. Worse, many of these useless parasites are invasive species from Asia. I know people who have become infected by diseases carried by these insects. Life could be so much more fulfilling for humanity without these disease carrying biologically useless species. Arguing that we need mosquitoes because to carry diseases that kill people is like arguing that we should bring back smallpox and the bubonic plague (which technically still exist btw) to make life more horrible for everyone.

But we don't need to do that. We don't need to live like this.

We have the power already to eliminate parasites that have done nothing good for ANY species on earth.

a56393  No.13371065


No, we should not eliminate third world diseases. You're a dysgenic Jew.

000000  No.13371106

"The goal of life is living in agreement with nature."

— Zeno ~ 450 BC (from Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers)

000000  No.13373478

/eco/ news

Low prices, floods and trade wars plague American farmers, putting their survival at risk

>And then came the rain. American farmers already plagued by a near biblical parade of misfortune that includes years of low prices and a trade war with China are now grappling with record Midwest rain that will likely prevent a large portion of this year’s crop from even getting planted.


610e7d  No.13373483


>Less GMO corps and less glyphosate on soil.

I don't see that as a bad thing

00e8c2  No.13373486


Mozzies keep the population down so killing them is a very bad idea.

d881a7  No.13373539


friendly reminder that seedbombs are one of the most effective and traceless ways to make a building nearly uninhabitable

00e8c2  No.13373552


It will be even more effective to drop the seedbombs by the drones.

41bad6  No.13373572


I do, currently the money is not the problem as much as the networking. You need to live near other healthy and redpilled families so you can raise your own.

2848ec  No.13373634


I've been working on meat replacements…

>inb4 soyboys

I'm avoiding anything that will turn a man into a chemical male feminist. '''Not only that, I've managed to create a sustainable (for the earth and wallet) and gym tier (over 100g of protein) "meat".

Currently I'm working on flavor, I can make it taste good but I want it to be better than the best meat.

Hard mode: Using products available during the Inca times (actually, early Wari and Taiwanuko times).

cac629  No.13373721


You’re a moron, just buying right into their faux environmentalist agenda 21 narrative, hell, you’re not even waiting for them to forcibly lower your quality of life, you’re doing it voluntarily

000000  No.13373849


>Hard mode: Using products available during the Inca times (actually, early Wari and Taiwanuko times).


000000  No.13373854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Setting up a Basic Indoor Grow Room

0027d5  No.13373894





And they'd still be living in oogabooga land if it wasn't for kikes, spics, and whitey bringing them over, fucking them, and giving them food, medicine, and shelter. Niggers don't exist via nature they exist via White altruism which has been weaponized by the eternal jew.


You can get locally sourced meat, are you retarded?

7db9a4  No.13375001


>Once you cut off the hand that feeds

That will work in our nations as well since most people are completely disconnected from their food sources.

7db9a4  No.13375008


me neither. Also, where are the parasites going to get their food when there isn't enough to go around anymore? Most of the parasites in our nation will GO THE FUCK HOME to their own nations. The rest we are going to have to kill in order for ourselves and our families to survive.

a2302a  No.13375564


There is nothing wrong with trying to look for sources of gym tier protein that aren't sourced in animal cruelty

130793  No.13375577


>talking about mosquito

>brings up ticks genetically engineered with lyme disease.

Sounds like you need a better argument and a history lesson on Plum Island Lab 257

The mosquitos you mention are a result of an unhealthy environment rich with stagnant water and no fish to eat the larvae.

000000  No.13376654

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

China leads the way with based panda-shaped solar panels and desert-hating grannies.

00e8c2  No.13376686

Use the prisoners to plant the millions tree across the entire outback.

000000  No.13376727

Protecting the aryan race means protecting nature:








Security tools:




0027d5  No.13376908


Eating animals isn't animal cruelty if they are raised on local sustainable farms. The quality is higher and the practice is as well. Only faggots are vegetarians.

7db9a4  No.13376928


Is killing them animal cruelty?

You are a faggot.

614ab3  No.13376983


Your analysis comes from New Age morality, the elevation of man above nature (eman). The eman believes we are going to fundamentally change the natural law to suit a noble fantasy of pacifism when we are just about to enter an age of extreme hardship. We are for strict animal welfare and an end to the cruel treatment to the animals that we exist in symbiosis with in the food web. After environmental devastation in tandem with white genocide brings us to the brink of extinction, we have no luxury of breaking off from our natural, healthy relationships with animals, and instead should promote taking care of small animals for food on local farms.

f7fb0d  No.13377007

File: 1af9567ec4acdfe⋯.jpeg (63.63 KB, 750x390, 25:13, 0234092730492739047283479….jpeg)

ITT: meat eaters think eating meat protein somehow makes them more stronk than vegaryans.

7db9a4  No.13377037


It is silly, isn't it. Once it is in your stomach there is not difference between proteins. It is all chemistry…one way involve killing sentience and the other doesn't.

000000  No.13377040


impressive, but they need to focus on reducing plastic waste rather than focusing on "growth". how many more people do they need?

7db9a4  No.13377042


They are a broken subhuman people whose only thoughts are fuck, devour, destroy. Who cares what they 'think' they need extermination so that they don't kill the planet.

4ba1db  No.13377063


I have been noticing a wave of vegan shilling the last couple of months, not just here.

000000  No.13377066

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Gladiators Were Vegan – John McDougall MD

e49e13  No.13377068


based mosquitoes

fab1b1  No.13377070


Gladiators were slaves, faggot.

544d7d  No.13377073

File: fb9ebdd7d98c6af⋯.jpg (184.3 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, oblivion___jail_cell_brigh….jpg)


No, they were prisoners.

000000  No.13377078

e49e13  No.13377085


you're kinda right, but your ignoring the 9 essential amino acids which are not found in all proteins and not in the same amounts, Vegan's are retarded, vegetarians i can respect

7db9a4  No.13377096


No one should be interested in a vegan lifestyle. I agree. I enjoy being vegetarian.

a20d06  No.13377119


Northerners must eat meat, it's in our DNA as a prerequisite. The quality of the meat is the concern. Factory farms produce sickly meat. We must return to the hunt, to hunt wild game, or properly cared for cattle. The jew would have you turn everything into hell, so that you too become a part of hell by consuming it.

448537  No.13377120


>Start a tribe with people that look like you

This one is pretty retarded,everything else looks good

a20d06  No.13377122


What's wrong with it exactly?

000000  No.13377134

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>9 essential amino acids which are not found in all proteins

myth created by a fake doctor.

>The “incomplete protein” myth was inadvertently promoted and popularized in the 1971 book, Diet for a Small Planet, by Frances Moore Lappé. In it, the author stated that plant foods are deficient in some of the essential amino acids, so in order to be a healthy vegetarian, you needed to eat a combination of certain plant foods at the same time in order to get all of the essential amino acids in the right amounts. It was called the theory of “protein complementing.”



0178f7  No.13377195


What are fat soluble vitamins

veganism is UN agenda 21; get everyone feeding on soil-destroying monocrops rather than local pastoralism where people can organise together in non approved power structures

I know you're feeling emphatic and powerful in your new found sense of righteousness but I beg you for your own sake to try and think objectively and hypothetically consider things after removing the paradigm of guilt you've created for yourself

You are not a bad simply because you exist

0178f7  No.13377198


bad person*

cac629  No.13377240


Veganism follows the same line of thinking as left wing “equality”. If you honestly think animals deserve to be treated as humans, though they are so different, you’d better be willing to treat niggers exactly the same as your own people because they’re more similar to you than a cow is. Invite them into your home anon, let them rape your daughters, differences don’t matter, after all.

Veganism is childish and likes to pretend nothing has to die. Everything dies, and you’ll die much faster if you aren’t eating meat. There is no nutritional argument for veganism, and that should be the end of the discussion, because you need nutrition to live, but there is no good moral argument either

It is all make believe equality for worthless cunts who want to feel like they are making a difference.

cac629  No.13377264


I will add that years ago I used to be a worthless vegan cunt, so I know that it can be emotional when you first get sucked into it, especially if you started with one of the the slaughterhouse movies. Whites do care about animals, so we’re more susceptible to it, but it’s made to manipulate your emotions.

You need meat anon, but local, learn to hunt, and eventually raise your own. It’s better for you, for the land, and for future children

3db6ab  No.13377278


Real question then becomes: How did you manage to reach single digit IQ?

000000  No.13377294


>What are fat soluble vitamins.

Vitamins that are found in fruits and vegetables or produced by the body.


>veganism is UN agenda 21

>The UN existed in 1839.

cac629  No.13377307


I dunno, how’d you manage it?


>>What are fat soluble vitamins.

>Vitamins that are found in fruits and vegetables or produced by the body.

Now this is real single-digit IQ posting

000000  No.13377402


<If you honestly think animals deserve to be treated as humans


>What is compassion?

<Invite them into your home anon, let them rape your daughters, differences don’t matter, after all.

False dichotomy and strawman. You can care about animal welfare and not support multiculturalism.

>you’ll die much faster if you aren’t eating meat.

*are. ftfy.

000000  No.13377431


<Now this is real single-digit IQ posting

>Posting research makes you low IQ

000000  No.13377450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Walking series: Vosges France - Hiking Taennchels Mystical Forest #1

cac629  No.13377471


You’re not being a vegan to be compassionate to animals, you’re doing it to feel better about yourself.

You’ll either wither away or you’ll realize you were wrong.

You can’t oppose multiculturalism and be vegan unless you’re engaging in severe cognitive dissonance. If you would sacrifice your own health for an animal then why wouldn’t you sacrifice your country’s health for niggers. You’re in denial

Sage for off topic, stop derailing with your gay vegan shit

000000  No.13377480

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme. post as much /eco/ music as you can find.

d37e79  No.13377511


I don't feel like it, but you could make a new video and put it on bitchute. then with the song 'over there' song by the American army, you replace the word 'the yankees are coming' with the word 'the racists are coming'. that would be a good support video.

f7fb0d  No.13377548

File: 5119b43ad978d80⋯.jpg (30 KB, 500x344, 125:86, e9d75594e88f958bd93ee57228….jpg)








>caring about animal welfare makes you a liberal.

000000  No.13377623

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.13377654

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wardruna — Solringen


>the song 'over there' song by the American army

>zog defence force jingles

000000  No.13377705

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Three Basse Dance

d37e79  No.13377789


That guy in the video looks like a guy who's stuck because he's suspected of murder.

Or would it be a media hoax!?!



000000  No.13377798

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d37e79  No.13377802

It's really weird that the media just used that video to track down the culprit, and that that video is now being posted here.

614ab3  No.13377813


You're calling for animal rights, not animal welfare. Supporting animal welfare is a requirement of those proclaiming themselves national socialists but animal liberation and veganism is not.

I and another person in this thread used to be vegan but realized that it is not a sustainable model for Europeans after the collapse. We live in a food web that is interdependent on nonhuman animals, and that flexibility is best for our health and survival. Your ideas are not new in any way to ecofascists, even if some of the new folks ITT don't understand that we are to recognize we are a part of nature and think innocent animals are to be treated like niggers and tortured intentionally.

It's fine that you are vegan but it will never be part of volkish national socialism proper.

7db9a4  No.13377844


Beautiful anon.

f7fb0d  No.13377911

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this should motivate every frog.

f7fb0d  No.13377945

>The dramatic and profound transformations of the landscape in the industrial age made it impossible for the citizens to experience the previous relationship of the city to the countryside as a harmonious natural unity, but on the contrary as an irreconcilable opposition. These Romantic art works led, for the first time in history, the attention of the Germans to their invaluable environment and their inseparable connection with the nature.

A people indifferent to the fate of their land lose it along with their identity.


f7fb0d  No.13377965

File: 264d1460b92d677⋯.jpg (2.83 MB, 2058x2840, 1029:1420, Schneewittchen2.jpg)


>The German environmental consciousness can be traced back to the German Romantic era. Normally the transfer of the public attention to a certain object would be triggered by the disappearance of the same object. So was the case with the German environment in the 19th century. Nature experience is a central topic of the Romantic Movement. Nature, according to the romanticists, should be the source of human emotions and aesthetic sensations, which they incorporated into their art works as central themes.

f7fb0d  No.13378000

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

676 — Cuthbert of Lindisfarne enacts protection legislation for birds on the Farne Islands (Northumberland, UK).

f7fb0d  No.13378009

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d5a63e  No.13378106

File: 84bbb996d352639⋯.jpg (2 MB, 2400x1800, 4:3, greenpill.jpg)

Florida Backyard Gardening.

Cowpeas on the left, pumpkins in the bucket, watermelons closest on the right, with sorghum and okra just starting up in the back. There's tomatoes, and cowpeas growing on an old broccoli trellis from last season. Humanure compost pile in the corner devours anything organic including animal lík. One day I will use the same technique for commies.

In the back are logs and sticks I plan to use to make a bee hotel; the heavy paper pile is supposed to be used for weed supression between seasons, but I've ended up just using a thick layer of leaves and grass clippings I have access to from my neighbors' landscaping for mulch instead. I do my best to make it organic, no-till, heirloom, and all-natural.

I usually have cute runic chalk drawings on the brick wall I make with my girlfriend, but we just entered hurricane season and it has been raining heavy for the last week, so they've washed away.

Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies now. Anyone can start, and the fall is a great time to get into it, with radishes being one of the easiest and quickest things to grow.

What does your /eco/ backyard look like?

000000  No.13378549

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Savitri Devi - The Lightning and the Sun

7db9a4  No.13380288


Cute garden anon. You need to focus on production crops though. Things high in starches. Corn, beans, squash, potatoes, nuts and seeds (sunflowers, etc). More trees as well, you are in a region that produces year round basically, got to take advantage of year round fruit production (bush or tree). Everything else is an accessory. Watermelons are tasty but they have no shelf life and they are basically just water.

6b06f0  No.13382500


What are your guys opinions on drugs?

I don't mean manufactured shit, but drugs found naturally in plants around the world like opium , tobacco, mescaline (in cacti), psylocybin mushrooms or cannabis?

I know alot of people on the right are complete anti drug, but are you /eco/'s any different?

000000  No.13383723


Deep ecology is inherently right wing. Drugs are degenerate unless they provide scientifically proven health benefits. Mind altering drugs and alcohol are poison.

000000  No.13383765

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Frequent use of high-potency cannabis is associated with disturbed callosal microstructural organization in individuals with and without psychosis. Since high-potency preparations are now replacing traditional herbal drugs in many European countries, raising awareness about the risks of high-potency cannabis is crucial.

sauce: S. Rigucci et al. Effect of high-potency cannabis on corpus callosum microstructure. Psychological Medicine. Published online November 27, 2015. doi:10.1017/S0033291715002342.

tl;dr Illegal drugs cause brain damage. They were illegal for a reason. Try surfing.

000000  No.13383787

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Side note: Both Point Breaks are Earth kino.

6b06f0  No.13383801


Psychedelic drugs honestly turned me from a faggot commie into the eco-[redacted] I am today, they also turned me from a stern edgelord atheist into a god fearing man.


Well that's extremely high potency cannabis, of course they're going to fuck you up. That's the result of constant cross breeding and modification over the past 50 years to get the most THC out of a plant.

If you take cannabis in moderation it's fine.

Also would you be able to tell me why psilocybin mushrooms are illegal? they don't cause any kind of brain damage and can actually improve brain functions

3cb021  No.13383802

File: 161fd18b34ed9d2⋯.png (264.25 KB, 478x459, 478:459, ClipboardImage.png)



my sides

31c0f9  No.13383807


>The Question Concerning Technology by Martin Heidegger


>Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola


>Silent Spring by Rachel Carson


>Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Outline of an Ecosophy by Arne Naess

Missing some key introductory texts here my friend

Technological Slavery and Anti-Tech Revolution by Ted Kaczynski.



000000  No.13383810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Keep trying Schlomo

t. Juden.

>The Sackler family is an American and British Jewish family whose members are known for founding and owning the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma, which created the medication OxyContin.Purdue Pharma, and by extension some members of the family, have faced criticism and lawsuits amid Purdue Pharma's role in the North American opioid crisis.

3cb021  No.13383813



Where would you drop those bombs, exactly? Can you just throw it on a concrete roof and it will dig into it? Or do they have to be put near soil so as to be able to grow and multiply? Because then, it would be easy for the gardener to kill them, I think.

4f080d  No.13383814


Oy vey, do drugs and promoted "econazis". It will work.

4f080d  No.13383823


>Econadzees is going to work! Attach Nadzees to anything Whites might like


6b06f0  No.13383829


I don't know what you're getting at here, are you calling me jewish?

Wouldn't you rather some natural solution to illness or pain rather than some big pharma mass produced opiate? Also see >>13383810 the sick fucks creating the opiate crisis are the same ones that are suppressing natural known solutions like kratom

000000  No.13383849

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Also would you be able to tell me why psilocybin mushrooms are illegal?

Depends on the state/country. More research would be good, although you shouldn't depend on drugs to improve brain functions. Eat healthy and exercise. Drugs won't solve your problems in the long run. Isn't it suspicious that big tech doesn't censor channels like Vice that shill illegal activity including drug use?

000000  No.13383874


>>The Question Concerning Technology by Martin Heidegger

>>Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola

>>Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

>>Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Outline of an Ecosophy by Arne Naess

They're supposed to be books that can be shared with anyone without getting on a watch list. glowinthedark bait isn't normie friendly. It's also not supposed to be a complete list. You're links are welcome.


6b06f0  No.13383876


No one should depend on anything to function normally.

How do you mean suspicious? do you think big tech is endorsing drug use to make people fall for the trap?

7fd156  No.13383879


We know what you White Nationalists always try to do. You serve the Jews every time.

000000  No.13383910


>do you think big tech is endorsing drug use to make people fall for the trap?

Yes. They don't crack down on it as much as they crack down on pro-lifers, nationalists, socialists, or anti-Zionist activists because Jews and "progressives" have made it culturally acceptable. Since most top companies are run by capitalist swine they tend to go where the wind blows.

000000  No.13383934

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2f42ce  No.13383939


psychs have value in occult discovery but it's generally a good rule of thumb to avoid it all

c2a866  No.13383949

File: 67dbd7e37aa0360⋯.jpg (144.18 KB, 564x846, 2:3, 56e853aebd65dc3cd70f46a41f….jpg)

File: fa6624a7a557d6a⋯.jpg (129.8 KB, 520x1024, 65:128, 059f35612b3e2bc2601aa1acae….jpg)

File: 23b9d6d2c20c1c8⋯.jpg (99.37 KB, 564x846, 2:3, 927ced595744093e570476be22….jpg)

File: b37dac2c38fe5d5⋯.jpg (73.08 KB, 564x763, 564:763, f17fc04965f38ba4dfd0f3f00e….jpg)


>t. vegan who think we only eat meat to get MUH PROTEEEEN!

d3131f  No.13383952

What are the Western European countries where its easiest to buy a home or buildable land with enough acreage so that you can’t see your neighbors? Is this viable in Switzerland, or very rare and expensive?

c2a866  No.13383956

File: 9342bd9e12eca16⋯.jpg (143.05 KB, 564x1410, 2:5, 2d6000bfc341d5064b2d59ef37….jpg)

File: f1ed0edb21474c3⋯.jpg (116.5 KB, 563x765, 563:765, 20570acd94f100a7014faa0dd5….jpg)

File: 4cd329ed46cfcad⋯.jpg (202.39 KB, 564x1535, 564:1535, ae3a583949e24687b2c4ceda79….jpg)

File: 58e438df1c66e6c⋯.jpg (99.98 KB, 550x1001, 50:91, d21a54e45bd0c906caf3105a16….jpg)

File: f38639546bde2d6⋯.jpg (92.91 KB, 564x644, 141:161, f566f3dfa393876bd2994ecd1b….jpg)


What with the fucking vegan shilling?

fab1b1  No.13383958


Holy fuck. How did you ever get so fucking retarded? What are you even doing here?

Do you actually believe this mindless meme is going to catch on, and we'll all just stop being Aryans, fighting for our survival? Your shit doesn't even hold any logical value.

Filthy spics die first in the Americas. You're nothing but an infestation of roaches.

c2a866  No.13383965

File: 9af2374909cd018⋯.jpg (179.61 KB, 564x1603, 564:1603, 12ccbe32900f510fe0f1ee6cd7….jpg)

File: 8de126d0b0a92ac⋯.jpg (146.98 KB, 564x1154, 282:577, 9b31051b723984adc5e72b940c….jpg)

File: 3e592e18270b917⋯.jpg (314.47 KB, 564x1880, 3:10, 25d4ae13dba6472f34b69b7569….jpg)

File: b69c1b606fae3d8⋯.jpg (116.91 KB, 489x1024, 489:1024, e8672deb19e6e407f3575376f2….jpg)

File: 38d5665bc32a97b⋯.jpg (115.57 KB, 500x647, 500:647, ef9210078bd560ca8c828d55e0….jpg)

c2a866  No.13383985

File: 14f3d859489ca37⋯.jpg (116.91 KB, 564x1091, 564:1091, f5c812c244b396df92470af4b1….jpg)

File: ab2d2f7c3894852⋯.jpg (80.22 KB, 564x872, 141:218, 127770a962e239c7bcef92b0ff….jpg)

c2a866  No.13383992


>what is B-12 deficiency

000000  No.13384010



>t. vegan who think we only eat meat to get MUH PROTEEEEN!

Try reading the research papers some time.

>What with the fucking vegan shilling?

Veganism is perfectly reasonable from a health and ethics perspective. Everyone in the world doesn't need to adopt the Ameriburger diet. It's a diet which is based on the exploitation of animals which is antithetical to deep ecology.


lurk moar

Red meat and colon cancer


5011d7  No.13384011


>we're Ayrans

You're fucking retards that will try anything to get Whites to become White Nationalists.

Yet too stupid to realize that White Nationalism will never work.

56a786  No.13384035


Switzerland has a really unusual population distribution because of how sufficient / decentralized everything is. Zurich is only 300k, for instance. Nothing is really remote. You go for a hike and think you're in the middle of nowhere, then you find a small village of maybe 10 homes tucked away in a valley high in the hills, in contrast to an area like Las Vegas where you have a city of millions, and 10 minutes outside of town there is nothing for miles. In switzerland you might think you're in the middle of nowhere, but you are certainly not alone. Roads are small, single lane, without guard rails, and effectively hidden in plain sight. There is also a great disparity in the price of residential land and farmland, even on the outskirts. Also you can't really keep people off of your land; they have different property laws. Trespass isn't a crime; littering, leaving tire tracks, dumping garbage, cutting down trees, those kinds of things are forbidden, but if you don't do those things you can go anywhere. There are walking paths equally snaked and hidden through the hills, some of them will go right through farm fields where you open a gate and walk past someone's herd of cows to get to the other side. Much of europe is that way because that was the norm when it was settled.

6b06f0  No.13384054


lol i genuinely couldn't work out what they were trying to say


I genuinely never knew about cast iron, just ordered a set online there. ty brother

c2a866  No.13384058

File: ff875e94f212e00⋯.jpg (115.47 KB, 564x1111, 564:1111, 92d104ac1082f39b402d3456c4….jpg)

File: 1f973f0fa302c7b⋯.jpg (286.74 KB, 564x4475, 564:4475, d4acceb7aa3b4841c1960e7b5f….jpg)

File: 6ca241adcf20e0a⋯.jpg (81.85 KB, 564x1357, 564:1357, d647de270fbc7681999095e8dd….jpg)

File: c741b84d416c6c4⋯.jpg (140.95 KB, 564x1025, 564:1025, ddf5801371697b578cf1340fc6….jpg)


The vegan shill, I have met you before, which was a disappointment for a lack of better, all you done in this thread keep shilling nonsense, no substans whatsoever. You should really reconsider your ways of thinking.

5011d7  No.13384064


It's White Nationalist bonics. Similar to Ebonics the language of inner city Blacks.

56a786  No.13384069


Nothing we have today is sustainable. Even the amish are completely fucked.

c2a866  No.13384099


>Try reading the research papers some time.

What research papers?

>Veganism is perfectly reasonable from a health and ethics perspective. Everyone in the world doesn't need to adopt the Ameriburger diet. It's a diet which is based on the exploitation of animals which is antithetical to deep ecology.

You just hit a new low!

Nothing is more destroying for the nature, envioment, plant and animal life than monocrop farming. It destroys the soil, habitats and food chains. Monocropping is one of the most unnatural ways to feed yourself or a population, it is not i harmony with nature. A cow on pasture is many more times beneficial to nature than whatever you vegans are doing.

>Red meat and colon cancer


The fact is, that it is impossible to live as vegan if it wasn't for monocrop farming, big pharma, modern infrastructure and global trade.

<You cannot live off-grid as a vegan>

You are literally enslaving yourself to the system.

834ebf  No.13384134

File: 1fab2deca04621f⋯.jpg (76.44 KB, 768x512, 3:2, iStock-502945784-768x512.jpg)


>meat eaters don't have deficiency in B-12

I'm glad you mentioned B-12. Farm animals are pumped with supplements including B-12.

Blind hypocrisy: Hitting back at the Daily Star’s claim that a vegan diet could turn you blind

>B12 deficiency is a problem for many people (especially older people), regardless of diet. In the US, everyone over 50 is advised to take a supplement or eat B12-fortified foods as B12 from animal foods is bound to animal protein, making absorption difficult. Oh, and the B12 in meat and dairy isn’t there ‘naturally’ – farmed animals are fed B12 supplements as their food doesn’t contain it.


Vitamin B12 Deficiency—the Meat-eaters’ Last Stand

>risk of developing a disease from B12 deficiency by following a sensible diet is extremely rare—less than one chance in a million

>Rare cases of B-12 deficiency suspected to be caused by following a vegetarian diet make media-selling banners, because “people love to hear good news about their bad habits.”

>Until recently most people lived in close contact with their farm animals, and all people consumed B12 left as residues by bacteria living on their un-sanitized vegetable foods.

>As a result of this recirculation it actually takes, on average, 20 to 30 years to become deficient after becoming a strict vegan. That is if no vitamin B12 were consumed—which is impossible, even on a strict vegan diet, because of bacterial sources of B12 from the person’s bowel, contaminated vegetable foods, and the environment.


3768b4  No.13384196

File: 8b58daf1ffd8b44⋯.png (968.74 KB, 1249x1226, 1249:1226, low tech magazine.png)

If you're really into this shit, you should read Low-Tech Magazine's website. Unlike many so-called environmentalists, they recognize that longer-lasting goods and traditionalism are more sustainable than the "power saving" devices companies pump out which waste far more energy in the manufacturing process than they'll ever reclaim in their short lifespans. They have a lot of practical stuff too, like articles on heating houses with mechanical windmills and the fireless cooker.

834ebf  No.13384241

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


<shilling nonsense, no substans whatsoever.

*posting articles with credible academic sources.


<What research papers?

Besides the ones in the articles in the previous posts that you are ignoring:


<Nothing is more destroying for the nature, envioment, plant and animal life than monocrop farming

most of which goes to….livestock.

Meat Industry to Blame For Largest-Ever ‘Dead Zone’ in Gulf of Mexico, Report Says



<You cannot live off-grid as a vegan

>before the industrial revolution, people didn't grow fruits and vegetables.

123abd  No.13384259

File: 03eb9b42ba027dd⋯.jpg (578.05 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1540910137865.jpg)

File: 4f3fb9876197e19⋯.jpg (438.82 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 97339728246.jpg)

File: d8d7cc12c12bce2⋯.jpg (385.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1540910187467.jpg)

Thread theme


3768b4  No.13384270

File: d117f8b4fcb301c⋯.png (50.68 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1440963650357.png)

>environmentalist thread

>vegan shitters show up to derail everything

>refuse to discuss anything but veganism

Every fucking time. It's almost as if (((certain people))) want to keep us away from environmentalism at all costs.

c2a866  No.13384271

File: 03dfbab51f278c1⋯.jpg (83.52 KB, 564x797, 564:797, 907df52bd62810beddf6fd4dd4….jpg)

File: d0cbc2518086f5b⋯.jpg (294.2 KB, 564x2368, 141:592, 2799249c4c593af8fb70779ae6….jpg)

File: 6ec67c11f5862b7⋯.jpg (161.25 KB, 564x1658, 282:829, cda79f79c689e6d0499c909cd2….jpg)


>I genuinely never knew about cast iron, just ordered a set online there. ty brother

Nice! Remember to show it more love and care and you will love it more than your old TeflonJew

834ebf  No.13384289

Destruction of Tropical Rainforests and Deforestation From Eating Animal Products


c2a866  No.13384312


>I'm glad you mentioned B-12. Farm animals are pumped with supplements including B-12.

>Farm animals

No need to if they are raised properly.

If it haven't occurred to your omega-3 deficient yet, I do not advocate for factory farming. I advocate local pasture. So if we could stop attacking a position i do not hold, we could have a productive discussion.


>Meat eaters deficient in B-12

where their diet consisting of 100 % animal products? - No! I guess they used the SAD-diet in the studie which is 70 % plant-based.

Okay so if 100 % and 70 % plant-based gets B-12 deficiency then maybe people should try adding more animal foods to their diet, and have a diet that is only 30 % plant-based. So

your mcdougall starch king just showed, is that the SAD-diet i just as bad as the vegan diet in providing B-12. Then we must conclude that people today do not eat enough animal products, and therefore we need to eat more meat, eggs and dairy.

wew great job vegans!

c2a866  No.13384314

File: 0fb7d98d5de34f4⋯.jpg (116.88 KB, 552x758, 276:379, 1559829183459.jpg)


>Low-Tech Magazine's website

Thank you so much, just what i need!

834ebf  No.13384328

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>sound of music

>Director:Robert Wise

>Produced by:Robert Wise

>Screenplay by:Ernest Lehman

anon, i…

123abd  No.13384329

efd8c3  No.13384331

Take this off topic shit to an Environmental Forum

c2a866  No.13384394


Dude stop

These people were vegan before they went into the research. It is like arguing with christians about evolution or the shape the earth. The christian just as you vegans have alot of confirmation bias. If these people were objective they wouldn't advocate for a vegan diet.

>monocrop farming

>most of which goes to….livestock.

Again i do not hold that position, you are strawmanning again, look at my posts:






you B-12 deficient blind fool. I want animals on pasture you fucking brainlet.

<You cannot live off-grid as a vegan

>before the industrial revolution, people didn't grow fruits and vegetables.

yeah beacuse fruits and vegetables grow all year? you fucking apebrain.


>arguing against factory farming

wow you dense motherfucker I do not think anybody in this thread every advocated for factory farming. You should be ban you do not stop this strawmanning. Argue against pasture farming and we can talk.

563f03  No.13384459

File: de0305185927ff1⋯.jpg (96.59 KB, 736x977, 736:977, 873951bf332e30f07ee56f07ca….jpg)

>Farmed animals eat 70 percent of the grains and cereals grown in the United States and those grains have to be watered to grow! In fact, it takes 100 calories of grain to produce three calories worth of beef. And it requires 1,799 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat.


fab1b1  No.13384479


Fuck off, spic. You have no voice among Aryans, you worthless nigger.

31c0f9  No.13384590

File: 92a73e51076c4de⋯.jpg (66.49 KB, 780x591, 260:197, 140410.jpg)




>pls don't take my kosher meat

563f03  No.13384626

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8ffb3f  No.13384645

File: 09f1abf37fae0a1⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 622x423, 622:423, bq-5be604d364c3e.gif)


Take yourself to the oven, neanderkike.

31c0f9  No.13384794

File: ed193d984e69f8b⋯.jpg (236.55 KB, 1024x559, 1024:559, Laputa-_Castle_In_The_Sky_.jpg)

File: 7c9790c87a14850⋯.png (331.28 KB, 613x328, 613:328, nausicaa-of-the-valley-of-….png)

File: 2e8f8d503bc2470⋯.png (45.9 KB, 200x137, 200:137, Galadriel_-_ROTK.png)


some environmental/ecology anime:

Castle In The Sky

Princess Mononoke

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Origin: Spirits of the Past/Gin-iro no Kami no Agito

Pom Poko

Legend of the Forest

My Neighbour Totoro

some environment themed movies:

All of the LOTR movies.

Point Break movies

Vanishing of the Bees (2009)

Addicted to Plastic (2008)

The Salt of the Earth (2014)

31c0f9  No.13384958


bruh Linkola literally advocates genocidal dictatorship in his book, that isn't normie friendly. Ted is very professional in his works.

3768b4  No.13384969

File: 95a2cd7fbfebebd⋯.jpg (99.88 KB, 500x747, 500:747, Nausicaa-page-1.jpg)

File: cdb5d1cab4f3463⋯.jpg (150.25 KB, 662x621, 662:621, nausicaastuff.jpg)

File: 4c6917206146d1f⋯.jpg (230.22 KB, 514x628, 257:314, carius_02.jpg)

File: baf9e13376aea2f⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 2000x2904, 250:363, 022_DayDreamNote_019.jpg)


>all these Miyazaki movies

Oh boy. It still pisses me off how many lefties idolize him as some kind of master filmmaker when he's really just a blackpilled, miserable traditionalist trying to make good children's movies.

c2a866  No.13384981


WTF are you on about?

31c0f9  No.13384982


nice VPN anon

nice taste in anime too

fe6b8f  No.13385072

File: c84c598acf75742⋯.jpg (51.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, cbdf4cfc742c26b851fe1676a9….jpg)



c4fee6  No.13385084


Grow opium and tobacco for surgery painkillers and insecticide respectively.

000000  No.13385088

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

so many illiterate shills need to get the rope today.

fe6b8f  No.13385108

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fe6b8f  No.13385124

File: 5a7b0b9b82935a9⋯.jpeg (26.31 KB, 474x274, 237:137, 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion.jpeg)

fe6b8f  No.13385156

File: d230fd5b7a99589⋯.jpg (75.15 KB, 456x300, 38:25, 3890-004-E4910620.jpg)

fe6b8f  No.13385186

File: e469e411978ac1d⋯.jpg (76.3 KB, 490x330, 49:33, 7c04b117-99d7-4239-8520-60….jpg)

File: 6035aa5e756876a⋯.jpg (62.54 KB, 490x330, 49:33, cd91e390-cf27-48f1-999b-a3….jpg)

File: 27ffe4beae42723⋯.jpg (20.24 KB, 449x289, 449:289, european-wildlife.jpg)

File: 0b82059feca5403⋯.jpg (126.98 KB, 478x424, 239:212, europe-forest.jpg)

File: 8a6770087a30e5a⋯.jpg (233.63 KB, 1000x681, 1000:681, mg-0086_orig.jpg)

c2a866  No.13385200



nothing of value lost

fe6b8f  No.13385243

File: ca668d9a69c5c81⋯.jpg (127.97 KB, 593x788, 593:788, f0d673e1670d02eecc7e15d407….jpg)

>“Why should we tolerate a diet of weak poisons, a home in insipid surroundings, a circle of acquaintances who are not quite our enemies, the noise of motors with just enough relief to prevent insanity? Who would want to live in a world which is just not quite fatal?”

fe6b8f  No.13385253

File: 4ccba56303078b1⋯.jpg (301.67 KB, 1900x1315, 380:263, becoming-jane-binoculars.n….jpg)

fe6b8f  No.13385285

File: 16203dd438f95bf⋯.jpg (460.9 KB, 940x1326, 470:663, gordon_2-100914.jpg)

>Everywhere we remain unfree and chained to technology, whether we passionately affirm or deny it. But we are delivered over to it in the worst possible way when we regard it as something neutral; for this conception of it, to which today we particularly like to do homage, makes us utterly blind to the essence of technology.

7db9a4  No.13385346


Pretty sure this world is fatal at this point anon.

64f1e0  No.13395768

File: 0bb1f064816370b⋯.png (113.12 KB, 558x384, 93:64, foods-pollinated-by-bees.png)

>Get ready to toast bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. National Pollinator Week is June 17-23 and it's a perfect time to celebrate the birds, bugs and lizards that are so essential to the crops we grow, the flowers we smell, and the plants that produce the air we breathe.

>The organization's Million Pollinator Garden Challenge has registered more than one million new pollinator gardens since 2016, according to Village Soup in Knox, Maine. This year's challenge asks participants to plant three pollinator-friendly plants that bloom at various times during the growing season, that is, one during the spring, one in summer, and the last in fall. That way, pollinators will have food through most of the year.


64f1e0  No.13395945

File: 96cf4d00fdd0763⋯.jpg (935.21 KB, 1804x1200, 451:300, 1560599650641.jpg)

c2a866  No.13395962

File: cc4f3097bf0388c⋯.jpg (29.08 KB, 550x507, 550:507, 0ec7de7dffe95790168c7fa9c6….jpg)

File: e17352fd555e494⋯.jpg (174.42 KB, 564x1318, 282:659, 07abe9aeee49a3579c81df2d4a….jpg)

File: 66c618f8566d4f7⋯.jpg (105.03 KB, 474x1121, 474:1121, 35ffdcaa96f42d42cd28294930….jpg)

File: fe57aef8e95eb02⋯.jpg (226.55 KB, 1182x831, 394:277, C7xcCaVXQAEicSR.jpg)



>what is a strawman

you fucking vegans should neck yourselves

Can't come up with any arguement against pasture animals. Not worth a molycule of oxygen are you?

64f1e0  No.13395995

File: a2961af0a0032bd⋯.jpg (313.8 KB, 1000x652, 250:163, neilaldridgepinemarten12_o….jpg)

File: 0a5ff50d8f371af⋯.jpg (208.33 KB, 1000x574, 500:287, 2_orig.jpg)

File: 6d473e73acf9071⋯.jpg (277.31 KB, 1485x1006, 1485:1006, European-Wildlife-Bear-Bea….jpg)

File: 735e3435415cae3⋯.jpg (585.26 KB, 1969x1314, 1969:1314, european-wildlife-wisent-e….jpg)

File: 22a43a0cf0401df⋯.jpg (290.1 KB, 1688x1007, 1688:1007, european_deer-1.jpg)

000000  No.13396004

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

64f1e0  No.13396027

File: ce832f2f568b33d⋯.jpg (260.66 KB, 1245x700, 249:140, img.jpg)

Forest Service Wants to Fast-Track Logging Without Environmental Review

>The U.S Forest Service unveiled a new plan to skirt a major environmental law that requires extensive review for new logging, road building, and mining projects on its nearly 200 million acres of public land. The proposal set off alarm bells for environmental groups, according to Reuters.

>The proposed changes, released by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), affect how new projects comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), a decades-old law that requires detailed analysis prior to approval for any project that could significantly affect an ecosystem. One of the revisions, for example, would eliminate the requirement for a thorough environmental study before permitting mining on blocks of land up to one square mile in size, according to the Los Angeles Times.


7e13c3  No.13396044


There were no ovens Schlomo.

000000  No.13396063

China announces hefty fines for unauthorized collection of DNA

>China this week announced a new law restricting the collection and use of genetic resources from people in the country — including biological samples that yield DNA, such as blood, and data gleaned from sequencing them. There will be hefty fines for unauthorized collection or use of genetic material.


7e13c3  No.13396068

Whites are never going to become Nadzess no matter how hard you try.

c2a866  No.13396092

File: f97397668f7f228⋯.png (48.16 KB, 450x548, 225:274, saveworld.png)

Veganism how to destroy natur 101

>destroy the soil

<soil erosion

<release the CO2 stored in the soil

<kill living microbes in the soil(which helps to feed and nuture plants)

<dry out soil

>destroy the foodchain and habitats

<kill bees

<kill other insects

<kill small mammals: mice, squirrel, rabbit, deer etc.

<starve out birds

>I fly and ship in lots of different plants, because plants do not grow all year around, even though it raises the local prices and makes living more expensive for third worlders. But even that will not provide all my daily RDA's so polluting Big Pharma need to give me medication for my survival, so i can live with my depression and chronic inflammation. Also my infertility will makes sure that earth will never get overpopulated. This is what vegan living is and I've only told you a small amount of the benefits that comes with it!

>saving the world

64f1e0  No.13396103

File: 2a2d800a8745395⋯.gif (904.98 KB, 925x1236, 925:1236, 4da435be46d144c8ec07dc6345….gif)

Top 100 Environmental Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2019


207728  No.13396165


Not really.

But even if they did, that's a dumb argument. Do you want to bring back smallpox too? Because smallpox, polio, and the bubonic plague kept the population a hell of a lot lower than mosquitoes do.

Don't use that as an argument again because you don't mean what you're saying. If you wanted to keep the population low you'd be a feminist or you'd support removing basic medical technology.

But you don't so shut up and think about what I'm saying.

207728  No.13396171


I disagree. We can create sustainable civilization. We can harvest the energy of the sun and the wind and turn sand into computers. Anything we set our minds to is possible if we would just do so.

As for the Amish, what are you talking about? They're growing larger than ever in number.

64f1e0  No.13396210

File: f44984db3ef6612⋯.jpg (101.76 KB, 860x573, 860:573, IMG_7949.JPG.860x0_q70_cro….jpg)

Three great ideas for the outdoorsy dad

>About one in six men in the United States are fathers. That’s more than 70 million dads . It can be tempting to focus their Father’s Day on finding the perfect camping gadget, the best new fishing rod, or the latest hiking gear. Why not drop what you’re doing, take what you have, and hit up a forest instead? Sustainably managed forests are good for you and good for the planet.


959969  No.13396234


1. Youth militia training

2. Grenade throwing

3. Lefty hunt

4. Holocaust parkour

5. Shoa breath holding competition

6. Nigger hanging

7. Faggot burning for the boys

64f1e0  No.13396239

File: a37bb04ac9279fb⋯.jpg (266.39 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 297080914_orig.jpg)

North Cascades National Park, WA

959969  No.13396246

File: 5dd8dc57e48b736⋯.jpg (137.49 KB, 900x675, 4:3, alps.jpg)

File: 298aef06b17fd4b⋯.jpg (238.15 KB, 1000x677, 1000:677, fenster.jpg)

The Alps are the ancient homeland of the Aryan

64f1e0  No.13396386

File: ad5fbcc77943227⋯.jpg (177.23 KB, 980x650, 98:65, olympic-national-park-wash….jpg)

File: c8ebc956cf3bc6e⋯.jpg (475.54 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, washington-national-parks-….jpg)

File: e44b848369687db⋯.jpg (340.62 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, washington-national-parks-….jpg)

File: 2c92113238ef6c5⋯.jpg (622.96 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Olympic National Park 17.jpg)

c139cd  No.13396444

File: 2dbc0a0b6b6b59c⋯.png (2.87 MB, 1000x1512, 125:189, house amerimutt village.png)

File: 2415657d6b883d6⋯.jpg (332.6 KB, 1880x1200, 47:30, house americana brick arch.jpg)

File: 760073f16ef3780⋯.jpg (485.86 KB, 1200x793, 1200:793, house swiss alpine wood ch….jpg)

one thing that is notoriously wastefull and stupid is the way we build houses - they relly on electronic systems to maintaian temperature and prevent moisture damage…I havent even mentioned their total ugliness and shortlasting ergo bad ROI

thread is up, please contribute



>Low-Tech Magazine

I remember you anon, have you linked this website in a construction thread

f18a86  No.13396451

Yeah, because domestic animals need not to eat >>13396092

64f1e0  No.13396512

File: c1e0bfee741dc02⋯.jpg (8.08 MB, 4368x2912, 3:2, bialowieza_primeval_wwf_ad….jpg)

Europe’s last remaining primeval forest faces World Heritage in Danger listing

>Intensive logging backed by the Polish government is putting rare forest site in peril. A World Heritage Committee draft decision released today by UNESCO signalled a possible “in danger” listing for Europe’s last primeval forest with the UN body expressing “utmost concern” for the site.

>The Białowieża Forest World Heritage site, which covers an area of over 140,000 hectares spanning the border of Poland and Belarus, is threatened by industrial-scale logging, which was recently approved by Polish authorities. The government’s plan allows a tripling of the logging limit in part of the Polish section of the World Heritage site.

>“Today’s expression of concern from the international community demonstrates the severity of recent events. Intensive logging would be devastating to the Białowieża forest and could cause its immediate inscription on the List of World Heritage in Danger,” said Zach Abraham, Director of Global Campaigns at WWF International.

64f1e0  No.13396515



9119ce  No.13396603


That was another anon, actually.

d3bbf9  No.13396663

File: 3d70455ed5f19e1⋯.png (346.39 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 3d70455ed5f19e1bac4fb5b644….png)


04:08 ==HUMMUS CONAINERS !??!?==

64f1e0  No.13396987

File: de3ae398a2ca14e⋯.jpeg (69.33 KB, 714x463, 714:463, plastic-map-world-polluti….jpeg)

64f1e0  No.13397002

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Historic Films of Yosemite National Park and Glacier National Park

c4582e  No.13397827


Pasture is considered harmful. (((Bolsonaro))) is cutting down rainforest to make room for grazing cattle. Yes, the combination of meat and overpopulation means a whole new level of environmental devestation. If you were committed to dehumanising yourself and facing the bloodshed, you would skip unnecessary pleasures like meat and stick to plants, milk, and eggs.

000000  No.13399362



42f23f  No.13399474

File: fe1769b8fd4afa8⋯.jpg (391.79 KB, 1600x1091, 1600:1091, Dandelion.jpg)

File: 0ae69a977efe2b2⋯.jpg (186.36 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Fools parsley.jpg)

File: 323e904484ce3a8⋯.jpg (111.58 KB, 800x853, 800:853, Hemlock.jpg)

File: 8a035adb59fba3a⋯.jpg (105.11 KB, 720x544, 45:34, Thistle.jpg)

File: 97a82331853f9d0⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1007x1280, 1007:1280, Silver Maple.jpg)

For all of you who wants to seedbomb or plants aggressive plants in cities, here are some good plants you can use that I've picked up from experience

I live in a semi rural area so I'm not completely sure if this will work in larger cities.


Probably my favorite flower.

Very common, beautiful yellow flower, grows ever the fuck it wants, even through the tinies cracks in concrete and asphalt.

It blooms during spring and releases it's seed mid-late summer. It spreads quickly by "parachuting" seeds into the wind. The roots go deep and as long as there is some root left it will grow up next year.

What's good about this is that it's an apomixis plant which means it doesn't require to be fertilized in order to create more plants, so even if there is a lack of insects in the area it will still reproduce.

Dandelion can destroy lawns and grass fields if left unchecked and are often killed by pesticides, however the roots are not affected by the pesticides.

The entire plant is edible

Cow parsley, fool's parsley and poison hemlock

These are very similar looking flowers, thick hollow green stalks and many clusters of white flowers that grow in an umbrella shape on top.

Cow parsely is edible and it's roots is said to be similar to carrots since it's in the same family. Fool's parsley and hemlock however is very toxic.

Fools parsely burns your mouth, esophagus and stomac when ingested but it's not deadly unless consumed in large quantities.

Hemlock is way more toxic as it can kill large, grazing farm animals like pigs and horses. It is therefore obviously very toxic to humans aswell, the poison is very potent and even just a small dosage is enough to kill an adult man. Wikipedia says that "about six to eight fresh leaves, or a smaller dose of the seeds or root" is enough to be fatal.

When ingested the poison causes a growing muscle paralysis which leads to the complete paralysis of your respiratory muscles.


Thistle is a robust flower that grows on a thick stalk and has a purple bulb shaped flower on the end.

The entire plant is very thick and strong, the leaves are sharp and covered with spikes, so are the stalk and the flower itself.

Just like the dandelion it released seeds by parachuting them into the wind.

Since it's considered a weed, it's commonly fought using pesticides. However, in some areas in the UK thistle has become immunme to pesticides because of farmers.

Plants like thistle that have thorns or similar defensive mechanism are good homes and nursing grounds for insects since they offer protection from birds or rodents that feast on insects

Thistle has been used in medicine and ironically enough used to treat rashes and minor wounds.


There are many types of maples and they're quite similar, I will be referencing silver maple (I think that's the one).

This tree is a nightmare for anyone who does landscaping or building. The roots of this tree grow very shallow but far, they destroy drainage pipes, building foundations and even lawns and gardens if left to do so. Cutting down the tree after the roots have grown a good area won't help becuase new trees come up from the roots and they will start new "colonies" of their own. When it has grown a decent size it will produce many hundreds of seeds that fall during autumn and helicopter their way with the wind. Seeds can take good punishment and start growing very easily.

Maple is not edible but neither is it lethal


Now really an aggressive tree in itself but very beautiful and can cause unwanted trouble in cities as this tree create lots of flowers and berries which will attract insects and birds. As we all know, urbanites hates insects and birds. The birds will in return spread the tree as the berries they eat carries the seeds and will be expelled through the birds feces. The berries are edible but have to be prepared in certain ways to remove the extremely bitter taste.

Sea buckthorns is also works the same way and is more aggressive, has thorns, grows faster and doesn't require good soil so can grow gravel or even larger piles of rocks, but it's hard to grow outside of coastal areas.

All of these are very simple to cultivate and spread as they are wild plants. Just find the plant and harvest the seeds once it's ready. Look for help online if you're unsure.

I hope this helps, bring more of this stuff into this thread to help replant nature

Correct me if I'm wrong in some of the areas

9119ce  No.13399483


There's a shitton of pasture out there that isn't cleared rainforest, faggot. In fact, America and Canada's grasslands are supposed to have a shitton of bovines grazing over them and decay when they don't. More grass-fed beef and buffalo meat in the right areas would actually be good for the environment.

97deac  No.13399509

File: 42ecac91d89e0c8⋯.jpeg (46.24 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 2a6683ac2260d04aa2c4ca210….jpeg)

099b35  No.13399556


>well what about natural grasslands?

Whataboutism won't save you or your pet huemonkey. Anyone guilty of clearing at-risk habitats like Bolsonaro will be hanged.

000000  No.13399568

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The fight for Europe's last primeval forest | DW English


97deac  No.13399587

File: 045d075ae5f47a7⋯.jpg (504.88 KB, 1440x959, 1440:959, talkingtoeac.jpg)

Talking to each other—how forest conservation can succeed


9119ce  No.13399612

File: 39cde22287052ec⋯.jpg (99.61 KB, 458x750, 229:375, 39cde22287052ec7a6f66200b5….jpg)


>talking about north america's vast grasslands makes me a huemonkey

980347  No.13399711


heard about grass asshat?

980347  No.13399780


>If you were committed to dehumanising yourself and facing the bloodshed, you would skip unnecessary pleasures like meat and stick to plants, milk, and eggs.

What are you talking about, is his some sort of a vegetarian argument? I'm going to raise my own livestock once I am done studying.

980347  No.13399794


You sound very schizo

Sclomo take your meds

eaf984  No.13400175


Now that's fucking retarded.The so popular racial identitarianism which most people refer to as racism is actually a naturalist characteristic of Ecofascism. It takes into respect evolution and ecology regarding how groups organize by ecosystem.

a7b9b3  No.13400473

File: 825343144e129ae⋯.gif (997.43 KB, 500x213, 500:213, 1553217094285.gif)

Dixie here. Just popping in for a quick update. For those of you that do not know, I organized and built a off-grid homestead in Appalachia for the purposes of building an example anons can use for sustainability, including financial and food independence, and leaving as little taxable action as possible in one's life, both to starve the jew, and to have as many white children as possible on a budget, off the grid. I'm in my second growing season.

Just finishing up a bit more fine-tuning of soil micronutrients, have a good 'cash crop' in, along with a large amount of food such as that we will be completely food self-sufficient this season. Completely off the grid, in a location where it is legal to do so.

Ask any questions you like; I won't be back on til later due to time and power rationing, but I'll be aroune.

ff6829  No.13400487

In another one of these threads, the “right to wander” that exists in much of Europe was brought up, where even if you own private land, strangers are legally allowed be on it, walk through it, even camp on it. Sleeping in a tent within 200 feet of the owner’s home even seems to be legal in many countries.

This strikes as me as incomprehensibly fucked up. You could be having a bonfire on your own land in the dead of night and any stranger can legally walk up to you? Is there a way to avoid this in countries with the freedom to roam laws such as Norway and Switzerland? If not, which European countries actually allow you to own land and keep people off of it?

ff6829  No.13400489


*same thread actually, looks like this one has been up for a while.

ff6829  No.13400493

099b35  No.13400512


>historic paths that are part of the heritage of your people are commodities for (((Corporations))) to buy up and demolish as they please

Many of those paths have been around before America was even a thing.

Right to defend your family from Jamal the machete-wielding nigger? Sure.

Right to stop Hans the Hitler Youth from using a path his troop's been using for decades? Blow it out your ass.

ff6829  No.13400543


I’m not talking about paths. Looking into the laws, it seems in many cases that almost all private property can be legally entered into in many European countries. As I mentioned before, this even includes entering on to someone’s land, setting up a tent 200 feet away from their home, and sleeping there.

Obviously there should be mass stretches of land barred from private ownership that everyone should have access to as long as they don’t disturb it. But if you can’t have your own piece of land, if even far from a city any stranger could legally walk up to your children on your own land at any hour of the day or night, that sounds like actual Hell.

ff6829  No.13400545


*legally entered on to

Talking about land obviously, not the insides of dwellings.

099b35  No.13400551


Hmmm… that is different from what I was thinking. But, I suppose it wouldn't be that bad if it was, say, Hitler's Germany. Sacrifing a little personal space to accommodate true community is a possible necessity to undo the atomization that currently plagues America.

c928a8  No.13400554


>Ask any questions you like

Ok. Why are you spouting idiotic nonsense like this?

>Just finishing up a bit more fine-tuning of soil micronutrients

f34784  No.13400567


Nice to hear you're still going. As a completely uninformed amateur I'd like to ask about the most basic of basics.

What are a few red flag legal pitfalls to look out for when searching for a site? I've heard some places require you to spend tens of thousands getting road/power/sewer connections set up and am interested in any more things to be on the look out for when sifting through a county's regulations.

ff6829  No.13400572


But it’s going way too far to limit someone’s personal space to only the walls of their home- if anything that seems like imposing a sense of urbanity into the countryside. Every white man should have the possibility of owning land and saying “this is mine”.

Imagine living out in a rural area, maybe with no visibility neighbors, and seeing or hearing strangers wandering around your property at night, a few dozen meters from where your kids are sleeping, and being legally unable to do anything about it. That strikes me as nightmarish.

a7b9b3  No.13400626


Give me just a bit to take some, transfer and scrub the data, can't remember if h8chan scrubs it automatically and wouldn't trust it if it did.


I would say exactly what but it would be retarded to doxx myself with every detail of the micronutrient analysis and what I got to remedy it.

I will say that the most common micronutrients to be deficient that is easily remedied is copper and zinc, and although one must be careful applying those, it increases the disease resistance among other things, both in the plants themselves as well as animals that eat them (including humans obviously). A zinc deficiency in humans would for example lower T, to use an example most men would care about.


Code exemptions are what you would want to look for, usually if an area has no fire codes or building inspections for new construction, you're good to go for any alternative building methods like say cob or strawbale or rammed earth, which are otherwise hard to get.

In almost every area, if you have proper indoor running water, you must have septic, whether standard or some sort of experimental system like greenhouses or something. If you don't have indoor running water, you can get by with composting toilets such as in the humanure handbook under the guise of an 'outhouse', as they are legal but loosely defined in the state I'm in.

Will report back later, when I'm done with field work.

c928a8  No.13400754


>I would say exactly what

That would still be retarded though. Who cares exactly what? It isn't relevant, and isn't even true. Are you trying to destroy soil and poison white people? If not, your soil test is completely useless and meaningless, it exists purely for jewish (((agriculture))). Your dirt already has plenty of zinc and copper, just not in plant soluble form, which is all the useless test looks for. You don't need to add it, and if you add zinc sulfate and copper sulfate, you will make your problem worse. Those sulfates will be converted to forms plants can't use through natural chemical reactions, and you'll have killed off any microbes that create plant soluble zinc and copper compounds. Now you need to add more synthetic fertilizer next year, further degrading your soil, and on the spiral goes.

I know it sounds crazy, and I know I sound hostile. But it is because I got fucked by this nonsense and I hate seeing people get tricked into doing harmful, unsustainable shit. I did exactly what you did, got my soil tested, added not just NPK but copper, zinc, boron, sulpher, magnesium, and calcium. And I got one good harvest out of it then next year was nothing. The following year I shelled out the $400 to have a dump truck of compost delivered and got anywhere from 30-80% higher yield than my fertilizer yield. And it has stayed the same for the last 6 years. Compost isn't about nutrients, it is about putting back the beneficial microbes needed for a sustainable healthy rhizosphere. Restore the microbes, keep them fed, and they will constantly produce plant soluble nutrients from your dirt and give them to your plants, as your plants give them sugars in exchange. You will always have 100% perfect mineral availability for all your plants, rather than just some close enough average across an entire season like when you try to do the microbes job for them using synthetic fertilizers.

These are important videos, you should really watch them. First is a microbiologist, second is a farmer. This gives you the understanding of why it works, as well as the practical side of how to do it.



013b7b  No.13400863


You do understand I have done this for a living long before 4chan was a thing?

Most soil tests are BS, but that isn't because soil tests are meaningless, more that most universities are extremely incompetent and inconsistent with their soil tests. It does require a good acid-digestion and inductively coupled plasma spectrometer test with the somewhat acidic clay soil around here to accurately detect the presence or absence and levels of the various elements in the soil. If there's none present, there's none present. If your compost is local or from your own property, you are in effect concentrating the imbalance. That isn't to say it is useless to compost or that organic matter has somehow stopped being effective at making nutrients available to plants. Just that it is easier in my case to balance the soil and grow cover crops in situ to increase organic matter. And, while almost all farmers do make their soil so saline with cheap crappy fertilizer, doesn't mean that your soil immediately dies because you add a bit of pure diammonium phosphate before a rain, to dispense with the radioactive heavy metals present in phosphate rock, which again is deficient mostly because the land has been farmed before, and because I like to keep a good reserve like nature keeps so folks could farm for a couple hundred years without worry or much other than compost.

Read up on the works of William Albrecht for more of an idea of what I'm talking about. The real trick is ascertaining the presence or absence of trace minerals that uptake into plant tissue, but don't affect plant growth, only animal growth. Examples being cobalt or iodine, doesn't do much to the plant one way or another but you really don't want a severe deficiency because you're eating all your own produce, or sentence your family to doing so with the deficiency during le habbening.

Again, I don't disagree with the fact that most farmers poison the soil nor do I take anything as hostile, but I'm a bit of an old hat at this. Like take zinc sulfate or copper sulfate, they are effective at changing the soil level of thus but are quite slow… something like .7 of a ppm of copper increase is possible per year without toxicity, but you need 2 or 3 ppm total copper to get enough available copper to be balanced. Zinc you can get up a hair faster, but you need between 7 and 11 ppm to be balanced, and you have to have the balance between the two correct and in relation to phosphate to not have severe problems. Most areas have enough copper and zinc, but in areas with a micronutrient deficiency those are the most common, and can be indeed remedied by copper and zinc sulfate, just slooooooooowly and carefully up to the desired level, preferably a good while before planting, and while incorporating as much organic matter as possible (keeping in mind your carbon to nitrogen ratio).

eb8a8c  No.13400956

>have a windows 10 goybox

>some beautiful nature scene image shows every time it is on a lock screen

>over half the time it is in some shitskin nation

>all I can think of is what it would be like in a white ethnoglobe

c928a8  No.13401156


>You do understand I have done this for a living long before 4chan was a thing?

Ah, so you are emotional invested in your nonsense. Well, hopefully other anons will not fall for your kikery at least.

>accurately detect the presence or absence and levels of the various elements in the soil.

That does not detect various elements, it detects the soluble extracts of various elements.

>If there's none present, there's none present

Nonsense. I can give you a sample of 1% zinc contaminated dirt and it will come back as 0 ppm no matter what lab you have it tested at. Because the tests do not look for zinc, they look for soluble zinc compounds.

>If your compost is local or from your own property, you are in effect concentrating the imbalance

You didn't read a word I said, or watch the videos. The mineral content of compost is completely and totally irrelevant. You aren't concentrating any imbalance, you are adding microbes, and organic matter to feed them. The trivial amounts of minerals in the compost do not matter at all, this is why compost tea works just as well as compost, despite having almost no mineral content.

>Just that it is easier in my case to balance the soil

There is no such thing. The individual plants and their stage of growth and the weather constantly change the balance needed. You are just trying to get a mediocre average of temporary soluble minerals. That gives you mediocre results, and is not sustainable, it requires constant addition of soluble minerals.

>and grow cover crops in situ to increase organic matter.

You could also just grow the cover crops and get a better impact, that's the point. You're setting things back by adding the mineral salts. Cover crops are not for adding organic matter, they are for feeding microbes, the organic matter is the byproduct, not the purpose. You are still looking at things backwards, trying to clumsily recreate a crude approximation of the end result conditions instead of recreating the ecosystem that causes the end result conditions.

>And, while almost all farmers do make their soil so saline with cheap crappy fertilizer

It doesn't matter how much the fertilizer costs, and salinity isn't even the problem. As I said, the solutes will be either washed away or converted to insoluble compounds. In either case, they no longer cause salinity, and no longer are available to plants.

>doesn't mean that your soil immediately dies

No, it dies over the next week. Because it stops being fed, because you took away the reason for the plants to feed the microbes. But now that you took over the job of giving soluble minerals to the plants, you have to keep doing it, constantly, forever. Or stop being an idiot and bring the microbes back and let them do their job. They only have a few hundred million years of experience at it though, so I am sure they are nowhere near as good as you with your 15 minutes experience at a "how to make shitty dirt grow stuff anyways" seminar.

>which again is deficient mostly because the land has been farmed before

Show me any dirt anywhere that is actually deficient in phosphorus. You can't, because it does not exist. You just don't have soluble phosphorus. That does not matter, as microbes dissolve dirt particles and extract the minerals from them. This is how topsoil is made.

>I like to keep a good reserve like nature keeps so folks could farm for a couple hundred years without worry or much other than compost.

People can already do that. Nothing you are doing is making that any more possible.

c928a8  No.13401160


Body too long my ass, fucking cripple kike's shit code.

>Read up on the works of William Albrecht

Are you serious? Who do you think started the entire area of research I just fucking told you about? Guess what, the field did not stop when Albrecht died. The entire point is that he was measuring good soils, seeing good nutrition from animals eating plants grown in those soils, and then trying, BUT FAILING, to recreate those soil conditions using minerals. Because you can't recreate the results of an entire ecosystem just by dumping minerals. We since discovered that the reason his soil samples varied so much is because plants are constantly creating different compounds to exchange with the microbes in the rhizosphere to get the nutrients they need right at that moment. You create ideal mineral balance not by fucking with soluble minerals, but by maintaining a healthy rhizosphere which does the job of mineral balancing for you, and does it way better than you.

>Examples being cobalt or iodine, doesn't do much to the plant one way or another but you really don't want a severe deficiency because you're eating all your own produce, or sentence your family to doing so with the deficiency during le habbening.

Perfect example, as adding those to your dirt will only impact the nutrition of the plants grown in it for a few years. And then you are back to adding it again. Because your dirt already has enough cobalt and iodine, it just doesn't have the microbial life to extract it and make it available to plants, because farmers kept doing the same stupid shit you are advocating, plus massively disruptive tillage, fungicides, etc.

>but I'm a bit of an old hat at this

Maybe its time you learned something new then? Trying to copy what a pioneer in the field showed didn't work seems like a pretty dumb plan. Instead, learn what the people who followed after him did to continue his research.

>something like .7 of a ppm of copper increase is possible per year without toxicity … but you need 2 or 3 ppm total copper

No you do not. You need 2-5 ppm copper and double that in zinc, in proportion, IF YOU ARE USING INERT STERILIZED MEDIA IN A POT IN A GREENHOUSE. That's where all this idiotic nonsense comes from. Trying to artificially recreate the mineral content that works best for plants when they have no rhizosphere to provide them with minerals. In an actual soil, with a healthy rhizosphere, you can easily grow plants with 5-10x the copper content of the same plants in "ideal" synthetic fertilized dirt, despite having <1ppm measured soluble copper. Because you don't need a shit load of soluble copper all the time, you just need handy little microbes to make it on demand as needed.

>but in areas with a micronutrient deficiency

Those do not exist. Those are just areas with no soil, only raw mineral dirt. Put back the microbes, give them plants to feed them, and don't kill them again this time, and you're set.

>and while incorporating as much organic matter as possible

That does nothing. It is another example of trying to copy the effect to get the cause. Healthy soil has high organic matter levels because it is full of plant exudates and bacterial and fungal excretions. Adding random carbon compounds to dirt can get just as high of an organic matter %, but it does not get you the healthy soil. You can't get the cause by trying to copy some part of the effect.

698b11  No.13401166

File: f3e5922a358c7ba⋯.png (327.92 KB, 475x534, 475:534, select all homuras.png)


>Dixie here.

hope you're doing well, buddy.

013b7b  No.13401814

File: 103a73bbd3f4e53⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, plot01.jpg)

File: fd1b0635df80a86⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 0415181154a.jpg)

File: 7c8bf18f6910539⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 0417181021.jpg)

I'm not exactly going to sit and argue; not my intention and I promise I'm not trying to be a dick.

>plants can't grow in just minerals

They do; it is called hydroponics, which came about because of experimentation to determine which minerals plants grow. Not particularly defending it but pointing it out as an illustration.

>soil tests suck

Almost all soil tests suck, this is true. The technology exists to perform a 'good' test but I've just about never seen it performed; if you paid less than 150 bucks to test your soil, you got a crap test since it is a lot of work to do it properly.

>all soil has all the minerals

Not all soil has every mineral, not every plant even needs every mineral either. People also need minerals that plants don't care about but do concentrate. Again, not discounting the utter importance of a good rhizosphere.

>fertilizer always kills the soil biota

Again, one of those things that is usually true in common practice but not in fact.

If it were true, my soil wouldn't be returning to a more natural state after being heavily farmed, then abandoned for years. In fact, it is returning to a 'good' state much faster than areas similarly cleared and left; because more phosphate and the like mean more plant growth meaning more exudates and compost for the soil biota to feed upon. Not by direct action of the fertilizer itself, but the response in the plants it evoked and the action of bacteria on the additional decaying plant matter that wouldn't exist had the soil not been minerally balanced, to compensate for the fact crops had been grown and taken off the land for years, with only the bare minimum NPK to grow things applied, until crops couldn't be grown anymore past a poor crop of scrubby trees. I'd rather it be thick and full of organic matter, so I'm influencing things to make the plants grow better as I cannot feasibly move the amount of decent compost to 'fix' things on such a large area without compacting the soil with heavy machinery.

>show me a soil with low phosphate

Most soil is low in phosphate.


Quote from kikepedia:

"Generally with time (thousands of years) soils become deficient in phosphorus leading to ecosystem retrogression."

Hate using such a basic-bitch source, but this is 101 level botany.

Phosphate is a limiting factor in many ecosystems, especially the 'human ecosystem' where it is trivial to irrigate to prevent the death of weird pampered introduced plants that we seem to find so delicious, thus making nitrogen and phosphorus limiting factors much more so than water.

>but I don't like this method, isn't there another way??

Yes; the simplest method to explain (as opposed to execute) would be to take an animal, any animal, let's say for example you.

You're eating the perfect diet, taking your lugol's iodine and magnesium that you should be taking, and you are literally not whatsoever deficient in any mineral (which is a thing- look at goiters, lack of iodine, only thing that cures it is iodine, and no, not everyone's diet always has enough iodine or is just not eating it in the proper amounts, because about any form of iodine that isn't heavily bound up in some crazy drug compound is available and cures goiter).

If you took all your poop, piss, whatever, and composted it, and you added it to your garden, eventually it would roughly balance out and you would have enough of every mineral. The caveat being that the plants would likely seem to grow well enough so as to grow enough food to live off of, before the micros got balanced, since poop would have enough NPK and micros plants need, while not necessarily having the proper amounts of say cobalt yet; again theoretically and assuming you started with 'zero everything' for purposes of a thought experiment, when you never actually have zero everything even if stuff is out of whack because of past farmers screwing with the soil or say erosion or that you're growing in a desert, or any area that doesn't just scream 'this is great farmland' when looking at it.

>soil bacteria are good and hard-working

This is absolutely true.

>body too long

I hate that, should hit send myself and I arbitrarily am.

013b7b  No.13401855

File: 84e89023386d372⋯.jpg (1011.26 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 0531181712a.jpg)

File: 857ed55638367d9⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 0524181244.jpg)

File: 91a038c980e0a37⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 0415181155c.jpg)


>william albrecht is old news

He did a lot of important work; Kinsey carries his research forward nowadays, at least on soil fertility and animal health. Sepp Holzer is great; I like permaculture's hydrology but am not a fan of the hugging and woo-woo they do at the designer's courses. Methodology is great but they leave Albrecht's work out for some reason, Mollison glosses over it to a degree unbefitting those who must rehabilitate land to grow on.

Saying Albrecht is antiquated because newer people are around would be like saying Hitler and GLR are old fuddy-duddies because Dickie Spencer and that autist Heimbach exist (apologies if new meme WN "leaders" exist today).

>tillage and fungicides are bad

True. I don't even like the organic crap.

Then again, I do break the soil up a time or two very deeply with a all steel broadfork, to break the plow pan and chelate out the clay with humic acids and nutrients coming from compost and the like. Again, remedial action. Kinda like when I got some quite rare 'potato onions' of a large type, that were afflicted by a disease I did not wish to introduce to my farm,I treated them with daconil, then bleach, as a dip, before rinsing them and planting them. Worked wonderfully to be honest, and there's plenty of life around the onions as well as the varieties being safe. I think of it like antibiotics- if you're talking the last blight-resistant american chestnut on earth, by all means use whatever in the world fungicide, just as I would give my child antibiotics if it meant that or death, no Jim Henson here. If we're talking some common corn, let em die and see which ones are resistant.

(Arbitrarily hitting send since I need to change batteries)

0d0dc8  No.13402276

File: a136f2c0af565a2⋯.jpg (25.63 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1544120815523.jpg)

Typed something up earlier, but it got lost; awoke to a raccoon attempting to mess with eggs so I shot it. Watching a bit of that video, I see where the misunderstanding is coming from.

First video, 13 minutes in, I agree with everything she is saying so far. The whole sand/clay/silt thing means something but not a whole lot; I prefer clayish which makes agronomists think I'm insane, but whatever. Quicker and easier to remediate broken clay.

How these insoluble forms of nutrients are unlocked? Certainly bacteria. It is why I am okay with using the 'cheap stuff' like the aforementioned copper and zinc sulfate; yeah I know that zinc sulfate reacts with orthophosphate (if I recall) to form zinc phosphide, which is insoluble, but bacteria will release it when I need it down the road. And before you mention it, yes I know about the phosphine gas thing and it happens in nature anyways so whatever.

She also in the first part said that there are 43 elements a plant needs to survive (that we currently know about), and she is correct- a plant absolutely needs those elements to survive.

Agronomists are dumb; I never disputed that, if they were smart they would be making bank farming instead of being professional advisers.

So yeah, we're talking about the same manner of permaculture-type emphasis on soil building- I'm just fine-tuning the elemental content of the soil, and relying on the bacteria and fungi I already have to keep it in the soil.

Like I said, I've been at it for a long, long time, and I can always teach something new to the young'uns if they'll stop and listen.

cc9c41  No.13402347

File: 72518368b49def1⋯.jpg (116.66 KB, 600x1026, 100:171, 1551065930429.jpg)


>throw your money away on short life technology and live like a poor farmer

this whole thread is faggots and losers who need to get real jobs.

405c62  No.13402476

File: 76feb4c170e1244⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1440x1435, 288:287, 1545766197684.jpg)


Hello there, sir.

I'm trying to get a little farm started on my newly acquired land, just 40 acres. I can research like a motherfucker, but I don't know what's Monsanto horseshit and what's hippie bullshit. I work like a dog but I've not got a bit of experience to draw on.

I'd really appreciate some advice.

Just a bit under thirty if that still counts as a young-un.

c928a8  No.13402692


>>plants can't grow in just minerals

Nobody said that, or suggested that. Responding to things you make up like a kike is admitting you can't respond to what was actually said.

>if you paid less than 150 bucks to test your soil, you got a crap test since it is a lot of work to do it properly.

This is not simple ignorance, you are openly lying to people who seek genuine information. Stop acting like a yid and trying to save face just because you were BTFO. All soil tests give the same useless results. Paying more does not change anything. They are not testing anything useful in the first place, so it doesn't matter how accurately they test something useless.

>Not all soil has every mineral,

Every mineral needed for human health.

>Again, not discounting the utter importance of a good rhizosphere.

But advocating harming that rhizosphere, for no reason, and not caring about trying to make it healthy at all. Hmm…

>If it were true, my soil wouldn't be returning to a more natural state after being heavily farmed, then abandoned for years.

It is. But natural soil building is very slow. Because most plants don't grow roots beyond the active rhizosphere, and the only natural way to increase the depth of the rhizosphere is for roots to grow there. It is a catch 22. So natural topsoil growth is only through the slow accumulation of additional material at the surface. This is why it takes thousands of years to build a few inches of soil naturally.

>In fact, it is returning to a 'good' state much faster than areas similarly cleared and left; because more phosphate and the like mean more plant growth meaning more exudates and compost for the soil biota to feed upon

No part of that is true at all. By adding phosphate, you shut down the plants exudation to get phosphate, which starves the microbes responsible for producing soluble phosphate. You are getting more plants, but you are perpetuating the destruction of the soil, not improving it. You would get more plants still if you simply restored the soil.

>Most soil is low in phosphate

I did not say repeat the lie, I said show me an example. Every single "low phosphate" dirt tested has had HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS worth of phosphate in it still.

>Hate using such a basic-bitch source, but this is 101 level botany.

That's the point. 101 level botany, all of which comes from using sterile inert media in containers in greenhouses. Literally nothing taught in any botany class has ever come from looking at soil. In inert media, you need to add soluble minerals because there are no microbes to do it. With soil, microbes will take the insoluble phosphorus you are not testing for, and turn it into soluble phosphorus on demand. I have a soil test right here, 36PPM phosphate. "You need to add 200 pounds of phosphate!11". But I did the side by side personally. I added 50 pounds of phosphate as DAP to a quarter acre, along with k-mag, a blend of limes to get the right calcium-magnesium balance, and copper, zinc and boron. On the other quarter acre I sprayed some compost tea. On the fertilizer plot I got 6100 pounds of potatoes. On the compost tea plot I got 9600. Where did my phosphorus and potassium come from? ALL soil tests only measure soluble phosphorus, they ignore all the insoluble phosphorus completely.

>>but I don't like this method, isn't there another way??

Why do you keep kiking? Nobody said anything like that.

c928a8  No.13402697


>He did a lot of important work;

And you ignore everything based on it. Weird.

>Saying Albrecht is antiquated because newer people are around would be like saying Hitler and GLR are old fuddy-duddies because Dickie Spencer and that autist Heimbach exist

No, it is like saying the miasma theory of disease is wrong, because we have learned about microbes. Facts don't care about your feelings. Albrecht is not "antiquated" you are just ignoring his work, and that of the people who continued it. He proved that soil matters for human and animal health, and proved that what you are doing DOES NOT WORK to create the good soil that causes high mineral plants to grow, to give good health to animals and humans eating them. He died before he could figure out why it doesn't work. Since then, microbiologists have discovered why. And you are ignoring them and taking about permaculture faggots.

>Then again, I do break the soil up a time or two very deeply with a all steel broadfork

Then you are stupid. That is literally a hipster meme with no use at all. The only actual testing that has been done has consistently shown broadfork usage lowers yields, and provides no benefits.

>to break the plow pan

You only have a plow pan if you plow.

>which is insoluble, but bacteria will release it when I need it down the road

Except by adding the sulfate, you got rid of the bacteria. And if you have the bacteria, you don't need to add the sulfate because there's already tons of insoluble zinc in your dirt for the microbes to work with.

>I'm just fine-tuning the elemental content of the soil,

No, you are adding random arbitrary amounts of elements that are already present in abundance, based on a test that only shows you the soluble compounds. And in doing so, you are hindering the creation of soil, and operating as a normal, unsustainable (((farm))). You are welcome to do that, I just don't want other anons to fall for your kikery and do the same stupid shit.

>Like I said, I've been at it for a long, long time, and I can always teach something new to the young'uns if they'll stop and listen.

You clearly have very little to teach, and very much to learn. Take your own advice and stop and listen.

a0d660  No.13402739


>living rural and having children is gay

enjoy your city life

000000  No.13402975


Here's an article on it. It's also called "freedom to roam".

>While Sweden’s Airbnb campaign helped introduce the idea to the world at large, allemansrätten is not a new concept. A number of other European countries, including Scotland, Norway, and Estonia, observe similar rights. In some places these rights are seen as essential and basic; in other places they’re protected by law. So the concept permits everyone, whether resident or visitor, the broad right to use public and private land. In exchange for this “freedom to roam,” the users must respect the land and landowner and follow leave no trace principles.


000000  No.13403000

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

980347  No.13403018


>white ethnoglobe


47c9b4  No.13403358

File: 5c208af264b0b0f⋯.gif (818.83 KB, 1200x770, 120:77, Total_Fertility_Rate,_1950….gif)

A world map showing countries by total fertility rate (TFR), according to World Population Prospects 2015 by UN.

47c9b4  No.13403374

Reading List

The Question Concerning Technology by Martin Heidegger

Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Outline of an Ecosophy by Arne Naess

47c9b4  No.13403436

File: 7bdf9756b5aaa1d⋯.jpg (42.65 KB, 702x547, 702:547, DtFbRd1XcAE6lbx.jpg)

47c9b4  No.13403477

File: de91b68955efa08⋯.jpg (291.87 KB, 1616x1608, 202:201, amerilard.jpg)

The boomer education system and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

bbf8dc  No.13403952



>plants can't grow in just minerals

That is the premise of what you are insinuating.

>all soil tests do the same thing

This is absolutely untrue; I do them myself, because I have a bit of a laboratory facility; the person I trained with was a colleague of Mehlich, which is the man that created the reagent to allow reliable extractable soil testing in our soil type. Mehlich-3 is the extractant I use. You mean to tell me that in our long years as a species, we are incapable of calculating the total elemental content of a soil versus only the extractables, when the primary difference between the extractable test and the soluble test is but the additions of strong acids and strong chelation agents? You do understand that the reason the total amount is more useful than extractable is because of the action of the rhizosphere?

>natural soil building is slow

This is true, this is why I want to accelerate things, as by human action we can produce proper soil at a far greater rate through composting than the earth unassisted ever could.

>adding phosphate reduces exudates

Proof required, also phosphate is quickly, quickly bound in the soil quite tightly, requiring action from the rhizosphere to release. Matters not if the phosphate is soluble or not because it will bind up quickly in any case, and with a healthy rhizosphere it is released as the plants need it. If phosphorus was so soluble all the time, I wouldn't be putting years worth of it in.

>every low phosphate soil has hundreds of thousands of years of phosphate in it

I thought these tests didn't exist? Maybe I've been fooling myself, these tests seem to have a cultural bias. But why would the 'worn out' soil I grew up with be responding to this day to phosphate supplementation, applied exactly once, when for over 50 years it could barely grow grass before I fixed the elemental balance?

>where did the phosphorus and potassium come from in compost tea?

You do know that you are required to analyze this if you sell compost tea? It indeed has lots of soluble forms of those and others, as well as insoluble in effect forms that are best explained as being 'tied up in the biota'? And, that when selling these, to be moral about the situation, you must test both forms?

(Arbitrarily hitting send, taking a hair of a break)

bbf8dc  No.13404017


>I'm ignoring Albrecht's work

You must not have read all his extension reports, or anything done by Kinsey.

The analogy is less like the miasma theory and more like 'free market capitalism' versus the true National Socialism.

No, nature isn't automatically going to make everything okay. No, not even if you're extra nice.

Yes, nature will help, and indeed dwarfs the works of humans; maybe nature just wants us to spread around a bit more phosphorus in White areas so that they become as eden for the forseeable future?

>broadforks a stupid hipster meme

Probably; this one was donated, is VERY heavy duty, and is being used as a hand-subsoiler and to remove small stumps.

>no plow pan if I don't plow

This would be true on virgin soil; the people who had the land 70 years ago evidently used a moldboard plow a lot and the plow pan had to be broken to cause water capillary action from the springs to water the plants for me.

>sulfate kills the bacteria

It is actually a required nutrient, and it must be in sulfate form to be , whether by bacterial action or otherwise. The microbiologist lady pointed out in her talk that the rhizosphere produces sulfate form sulfur for the plants.

>tons of insoluble zinc

I wish.

>arbitrary amounts

Based on scientific testing performed by myself. So, not arbitrary, and no, it isn't something I just invented, I do the same testing when I make compost tea, on the compost tea, to see what I'm working with. I like lots of stuff in the 'insoluble' form as I know the bacteria can release it.

You know that I've fed myself from the land for a period of years before moving here, using honestly both of our principles- balance the soil, then essentially use compost teas and the like to keep everything useful.

bbf8dc  No.13404097


Look into the works of William Albrecht, specifically "Soil Fertility and Animal Health", for a primer on the common imbalances that are currently being debated. Neil Kinsey, one of his students, is a rather brilliant man that consults on the subject, and doesn't discriminate whether you are organic or biodynamic or what. That being said, I do my own, but that is a bit tricky. If you're anywhere east of the mississippi, a mehlich-3 extractable test will be sufficient for a ballpark estimation, the inaccuracy coming from individuals at the universities being retarded versus some sort of overarching problem with testing. A 'heavy metals' test is good for not only the obvious but for a more accurate test showing zinc and such.

For hydrology, research the permaculture folks, Bill Mollison's Permaculture Designer's Manual and Sepp Holzer's Permaculture. Mollison has good ideas on hydrology but I disagree with the whole 'pyramid scheme' structure of Mollison's permaculture.

For philosophy, look into Fukoka's One Straw Revolution, realizing that it was written in Japan and concerning their biome, and is mostly useful as a philosophical treatise.

For plant breeding, read whatever you can get by Luther Burbank. He is a bit black-balled currently because of his 'racism' but he did breed a lot of the varieties of fruit we still grow.

For practice, I like my friend Steve Solomon's book 'Gardening when it counts; growing food in hard times', as well as Carol Deppe's 'The Resilient Gardener' and 'The Tao of Vegetable Gardening'. They go over the basics like getting a good hoe and sharpening it, as well as information on varieties and how demanding individual vegetables are, and how to grow your own calories instead of just LARPing.

There are more, but the most important thing I can emphasize, is to get out and do it, go for it, make a LARGE garden and get a good eye hoe, and keep it sharp. Maybe get a scythe, I prefer those for clearing land to any bush hog or certainly to a weedeater, plant some seeds, more than you think you need, and give it away to your neighbors. Just get used to the practice of it, and don't be afraid to fail; I always say I know what I do because I've probably killed more plants experimenting than most people have ever grown.

000000  No.13404151


>And yet mosquitoes do almost nothing for the environment.

Just shut up if you don't have a clue. The ecosystem has evolved to be a complex system in which every part is relevant, because everything else has evolved in its presence. In some cases it may not be obvious, but that doesn't mean that it isn't there.

885b99  No.13404873

File: fb28179978c1528⋯.jpeg (121.7 KB, 500x424, 125:106, 6E1CDAE9-8293-4937-8E4F-F….jpeg)


What do you think of aquaponics and hydroponics?

>inb4 muh masterblend

You can use "worm tea" obtained from composting to give nutrients to the plants.

c928a8  No.13404880


>That is the premise of what you are insinuating.

No it isn't. I never suggested or implied anything close to that. Are you actually a yid for real or something? The entire premise of what I am saying is that they will grow in it, but it will fuck up the soil ecosystem, making you dependent on constantly providing those soluble minerals. Exactly like hydroponics. Wow, how fucking sustainable and self-sufficient!

>Mehlich-3 is the extractant I use

Which confirms exactly what I said. You're only looking at soluble compounds. What the fuck do you think an extraction means? You extract some subset of the compounds, and measure them. You ignore everything you didn't extract, because in inert media, those things don't matter. And all soil tests are created for (((farming))) in inert dirt.

>This is true, this is why I want to accelerate things

And yet you are slowing them down instead, and arguing that you need to slow it down because it is so slow.

>Proof required

Already given.

>also phosphate is quickly, quickly bound in the soil quite tightly, requiring action from the rhizosphere to release

That's what I just told you.

>If phosphorus was so soluble all the time

Nobody said it was. Now I can't tell if you are a kike or just retarded.

>I thought these tests didn't exist?

I said soil tests don't test for it. Learn to read.

>But why would the 'worn out' soil I grew up with be responding to this day to phosphate supplementation

What kind of retarded question is that? Because if you add soluble minerals, plants will take them up and grow. This is the entire basis of (((agribusiness))), like I said. You are welcome to be as stupid as you like, but I am here to warn other anons not to destroy their soil and make themselves dependent on synthetic fertilizers like you. It is terrible for you to lie and tell people you are showing how to be self sufficient and sustainable when you are really promoting unsustainable kikery.

>You do know that you are required to analyze this if you sell compost tea?

No you are not. You are required to analyze if it you call it fertilizer, which would be incredibly dishonest and stupid.

>It indeed has lots of soluble forms of those and others

It absolutely does not. Tested at <1ppm on everything. Hey bro, want to buy some super concentrated 0.0001-0.0001-0.0001 fertilizer?!

>You must not have read all his extension reports

Says the guy ignoring his work and doing the exact thing he proved doesn't work.

>The analogy is less like the miasma theory and more like 'free market capitalism' versus the true National Socialism.

No, we're talking about concrete things, not ideas. We have microscopes you fucking idiot.

>This would be true on virgin soil

It is true period.

>the people who had the land 70 years ago evidently used a moldboard plow

Which would be plowing. You have plow pan because someone plowed. Like I said.

>and the plow pan had to be broken

But I thought you said you were using a cover crop blend? Why do you need a hipster fork then? And you didn't have any taprooted weeds grow there at all in the last 70 years?

>It is actually a required nutrient, and it must be in sulfate form to be , whether by bacterial action or otherwise. The microbiologist lady pointed out in her talk that the rhizosphere produces sulfate form sulfur for the plants.

Seriously, are you illiterate? When you add zinc sulfate, plants stop putting out exudates to get zinc sulfate, because it is already there so they don't need to. As a result, the zinc sulfating microbes starve. Now you need to keep constantly adding zinc sulfate to maintain your soluble zinc levels since you got rid the microbes that are supposed to do that job. All because you think your 3 years of poisoning soil makes you the world's foremost authority on soil, who has nothing to learn from experts who have spent decades doing real research.

>I wish.

It was granted before you wished. But you wouldn't know, because you don't test for it.

>Based on scientific testing performed by myself.

Exactly. You scientifically tested the wrong thing, soluble mineral content. Then you added an amount of soluble minerals based on that, despite the fact that much of it will become insoluble, rendering your input pointless, and if you had soil, you wouldn't need the input in the first place. Seriously, quit pretending you know everything and learn. You are flailing around blindly with 1960s knowledge, without even understanding it, and ignoring the half century of research built on it. I even gave you videos for fucks sake since I know you mindless millennial faggots will never read a book.

8f08ad  No.13406112


I dont exactly have time for a proper reply, which I will get to, but I'll explain the difference between a soluble and extractable soil test.

A soluble nutrients soil test, known in the trade as a 'greenhouse' test, is what a lot of unscrupulous extension services use to test soil. It tests the water-soluble nutrients present in the soil. Useful for growing giant amounts ot containerized plants, not much good for anything else and certainly not for health.

Unless you are talking growing lots and lots of plants in too-small pots in rotted pine bark + perlite + some peat, this is useless.

Then you have the extractable soil tests. This is where you break down the soil by pulverization, and blending with strong acids, then chelating agents, then performing tests calibrated against the test solution.

This is a good way to test the amounts of total, versus available, nutrients in the soil. Though, I also like to do a 'heavy metals' type of test which essentially involves spectroscopy and tests stuff that is in too small amounts to be worried with for an extractable test, or would be unwise to concentrate.

I have been asked by many folks to do this, biodynamic, organic, chemical free, albrecht types that use some types of fertilizer to feed a cover crop on eroded soil to remediate (because the rhizosphere is important, and acts as a reserve for things).

And, I've read several journal articles testing the potential of various bacteria species to solublize zinc sulfate, along with zinc carbonate that forms through cation exchange with lime present in the soil (I don't need to lime as I have an underlying decomposed limestone subsoil and deep-rooted plants bring up enough to keep the soil buffered).

Just some thoughts. Some of us have ti remediate damage done by previous simplistic NPK + moldboard plow farming, and who else is going to do it? And, as I've said before, I am more secure with having a large amount of insoluble phosphate sequestered in the rhizosphere than I would to rely on birds flying to the property and pooping over thousands of years, as it indeed has quite low phosphate, as phosphate is concentrated in tobacco and obviously removed for smoking purposes.

I'm not trying to seem nasty in any way, and welcome the healthy debate; we're on the same side, I'm simply pointing out that it is not so simple as some imagine, and is indeed far more complex than most humans take credit for. Nature is amazing, and am glad I can help it along.

Would it help to take some pictures of some before-and-after remediation of the soil? Plow pan comes up like concrete, so I wait for it to get ever so slightly wet, pulverize it with my least favorite tool (the accursed rototiller), apply minerals for the raw clay to chelate (breaks up the texture enough for earthworms and other macroorganisms to begin worth, and add compost to 'soak up' the rest of any residual nitrogen and start the biological cycle.

Just similar to taking sodium ascorbate versus eating lots of oranges- would I prefer unlimited good oranges to do what I need? Yes. Am I above using sodium ascorbate, a good product, because it is synthetic? Certainly not, not until I get more pit greenhouses built.

Sieg Heil. Update more later.

c928a8  No.13408093


>is what a lot of unscrupulous extension services use to test soil.

No it isn't. They all use one of the common extractions, and they all clearly state what they use. Something like this: "Nutrients in Soil by ICP-OES Using Mehlich 3 Extraction".

>This is a good way to test the amounts of total, versus available, nutrients in the soil.

No it isn't. Mehlich 3 is explicitly promoted because it DOES NOT test total amounts, which are not relevant to a fertilizer using (((farmer))).

>I have been asked by many folks to do this

Lots of people ask psychics to talk to their dead relatives for them too. You're just as bad.

>I don't need to lime

Neither does anyone else, that's the point.

>Some of us have ti remediate damage done by previous simplistic NPK + moldboard plow farming

Yes, pretty much everyone. That's why I am warning poor anon's not to listen to your destructive idiocy that makes the damage worse instead of fixing it.

>and who else is going to do it?

Obviously nobody is going to do it since you're still causing more problems.

>And, as I've said before, I am more secure with having a large amount of insoluble phosphate sequestered

And you already had it before you started. But you never bothered to check. You already admitted this, so quit kiking around.

>simply pointing out that it is not so simple as some imagine

While promoting a simplistic idea of soil as a dead inert medium where a human being has to constantly adjust soluble mineral levels.

>Would it help to take some pictures of some before-and-after remediation of the soil?

Help what? Trick unsuspecting anons into wasting money damaging their soil like you? Maybe. Don't ask me for advice on how to yid.

>Just similar to taking sodium ascorbate versus eating lots of oranges

It would be similar if taking vitamin C closed down the supply of oranges. Forget the bad analogies, forget trying to save face and just stop promoting stupid shit that was proven wrong 50 fucking years ago.

e3e2ba  No.13408117

File: ef6f0849d54cec4⋯.jpg (3.69 MB, 4000x2000, 2:1, TEST5.jpg)

e3e2ba  No.13408124

File: 4f14971bdb3dac7⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1450x725, 2:1, 2XXXX.png)

1ff911  No.13408137


Fucking cringe over and over

e3e2ba  No.13408142

File: d95cae5c0fbb7fa⋯.png (2.92 MB, 2000x1000, 2:1, A2AAAA.png)

1ff911  No.13408149


You 12 years old?

e3e2ba  No.13408171

File: 48bdcf80f09b7f1⋯.png (14.03 MB, 4000x2000, 2:1, A1.png)

b34746  No.13408903

File: 01f48d0a6fced4c⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20190618_173504.jpg)

File: 803303070b4b6de⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20190618_173059.jpg)

File: e397346e6cadd9e⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20190618_172912.jpg)


I have but one statement- you do realize that total P is also a test, correct? Only really needs to be done once though, because of math and calculations being a thing, and the fact that perchloric acid is a bit of a hairy substance.

Tell me this; if what I do kills the soil, why is it so full of life? Why it so friable, so full of earthworms, if it is sterile? It was clay hardpan two years ago, in the state in the 'clumpy' picture, no life, and I go about making it fertile and productive again by turning under a cover crop, or at least a catch crop.

I've had friends lose everything they own on the premise that 'soil nutrition doesn't matter, compost fixes everything'. And while I do not minimize the importance of the rhizosphere, the bacteria cannot release something that simply is not there.

I am not trying to attack you, and I do think any nastiness should be restrained as much as possible; I'm not debating that huge amounts of damage is done every year by ignorant (((agribusiness))) or any such claim. I'm not saying folks should just go around throwing out stuff without any regard for the soil, quite the opposite.

I do think the debate either way would be illustrative to anons, as soil science is exceedingly complex and sometimes best illustrated through debate.

That being said, I could accomplish exactly the same thing I am speaking of with nothing but various 'compost teas', although I see nothing inherently wrong with using mined rocks and letting the plants make the organic matter.

b34746  No.13408912


To clarify, the 'clumpy' picture is what the native soil looks like, when I first work it, before amending. This is what nature has done, given the same time period, and the same conditions, as the other two; the main difference being that the soil came back to life when I added phosphate and grew prodigious amounts of green manure, allowed to sheet compost, while the other area was simply sown in white clover and left after coarsely scything.

231fb7  No.13412545


How the fuck do you reach the conclusion that one in six men in america are fathers.

Just writing that must make you think, uhm, this cant be right.

And if you fucking google it you will find out, damn its not right.

Stop spewing you nigger bullshit here and go to another forum.


>70.1 million fathers in the nation


>151 million males in the nation.

You do the math.

f80714  No.13414076

File: 872b806b036ef6a⋯.jpg (2.89 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20190619_132149.jpg)

File: 0d3f3bc0b8f0dd1⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20190619_132156.jpg)

File: 919991efb67f09f⋯.jpg (3.34 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20190619_133123.jpg)

File: d725e699e01c655⋯.jpg (2.87 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20190619_133442.jpg)

File: 6e721331c02dd22⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, 20190619_133826.jpg)

Quick update. Figured I would illustrate a bit how making a 'new row' on raw land looks like.

Previously, I used a hoe and this giant steel 'broadfork' to coarsely turn up the soil and get rid of as many of the perennial weeds as I possibly could. No, this isn't what one is supposed to use a broadfork for really, but it works. On a smaller scale, a shovel or a mattock would work as well. Sharpen all your tools, get a bastard file, one with a round belly on one side and a flat side on the other. Round side is for sharpening shovels and such, flat for sharpening hoes. Keep them decently sharp and work for a bit putting a good bevel on them, and if you're going to buy one quality hand tool, get a good 'eye hoe' or 'grub hoe'. Coronas are decent, hoss is a step up, the best is this german or austrian company that I think is called shw or some combination of three letters. Earth tools is a good company to look for stuff at, just get a decently heavy, long handled hoe. If not, get a heavy mattock if you're short but it'll be bad on your back it you aren't short.

Anyways, get the soil broke as deep as possible, in a row if you can, hills if you must. This would be the first picture assuming they post in order.

My soil is clayish with a plow pan, so it takes more work to get a fine seed bed than average, and remember to bust the plow pan if you can, or at least try and break a foot down or so.

Then, after a day of busting ground, I got my 'potato fork' or 'cultivator' and busted the clots up; it is clay and was hard as concrete, rained a bit so I busted it while it was soft. It is a bad idea to work soil wet generally but you learn when is a good and bad time, any time where a clump of soil won't bust apart in your hand but squishes between your fingers, is too wet to work.

Then clots being a bit busted, I added a bit of diammonium phosphate. Not very much, just enough to spice up the soil; some phosphate rock and fish guts or else some hen manure would be quite good as well.

I then got a 'bow rake', and sort of chopped at the clots as I could break them up a bit further that way. After I finished that, I raked the recalcitrant clots down to the walking path to hopefully be crushed, and levelled out the terrace, as the land is steep so I make terraces with a bit of a swale to it. This bed didn't take too much time to dig from raw ground, and planted quite a bit of sweet potato plants if I recall correctly, 50 or 60 which should yield around 180 lbs of sweet potatoes from this one row, and the vines and any missed sweet potatoes will only be more organic matter to break up the soil for next year.

I'll keep you guys posted, I've had a bit of heat in the past let's say, but I can't let the risk of being watchlisted keep me from being an inspiration to you guys.

Sieg Heil. I'll be around.

73162c  No.13414085

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>The natural world tells unseen stories through sound - all are fascinating but also disturbing. This new science of soundscape ecology is tracking environmental change with small audio recorders and powerful computer processing. Catalyst discovers what we can learn from listening to nature.

tl;dw is analysis of a sound recording of a natural environment can determine the biodiversity and missing animals by the missing sounds

c928a8  No.13414699



>I'm a kike who will only ever respond to shit I make up and never to what you've said

Right, you grew a bunch of "green manure" and added a bunch of compost. That is what has helped your soil. You would have had better progress, in less time, if you hadn't added phosphate like a moron. This is the point. Doing a small amount of harm, then a bunch of help adds up to progress. That doesn't make the harm useful, and it doesn't make it ok to tell other anons to do the harm step as well.


For people who are in a situation like this but don't want to waste a ton of time and effort for no reason, just till or plow as shallow as you can to knock back the weeds temporarily, then plant your cover crop blend and spray your compost tea. You'll want to keep re-spraying every 2-3 weeks to keep up with root growth. And that's it. Next season you have nice friable soil ready to plant into and no weeds. Cover crop species will depend on the season and climate, but make sure you have a variety. You want at least one taproot species to break through any compaction layer and one shallow dense rooted plant like phacelia. Don't plow or till again after that first time, and don't dig or work the soil by hand either. Just plant into it, and always plant a fall cover crop blend after you harvest.

b3c0d6  No.13415000

File: eaaf0e2d3e757e0⋯.jpg (69.65 KB, 500x667, 500:667, tumblr_n9cac3F8q21rqnb2xo1….jpg)


You do know that we're the same person, right?

>deep rooted stuff

Even burdock doesn't seem to want to go through the plow pan, the primary reason I am doing it this way is for water retention and infiltration, which seems to be working as the flow on my drinking spring is a fair bit more than last year, which is a fair bit more than when I got the property.

>phosphate useless

Yeah, ok buddy, the soil here is low in total phosphate, and diammonium phosphate is used as a wine and beer nutrient, I use food grade. So, while you can screw things up adding too much or too fast, it isn't directly toxic and indeed any ammonium based fertilizer takes the direct action of a set of bacteria, to convert it to nitrate to be available to thr plant.

>lots of unnecessary work

Again, speak for yourself, I know how to coax a yield out of screwed up land the first season while 'healing' it, and if your thesis was correct in my case, the soil and yields would be the same or less on my fertilized, plowed plots.

The soil is darker on the area I could afford to dig and put a bit of dap and micronutrients on, richer, made a yield instead of growing weeds, etc. Some folks can't afford to just not get a yield for years and deal with a substandard yield forever instead of doing well the first year and exceeding the 'good yield' numbers the second year. Not to mention that I would be promoting erosion if I didn't terrace the land, and if I'm gonna dig, may as well break the plow pan and mix in a bit of nutrition. Why? It works.

>inb4 'just add compost from somewhere else

You try hauling in hundreds of pounds of phosphate per acre by itself, and tell me how practical it would be to haul literal tons of manure up and down mountains, by hand.

I think you take it for granted that you must live in an area with decent soil; where I grew up the soil nor drinking water had much in the way of minerals, the subsoil having zero available phosphate and around 30 lbs per acre total. Here is a bit better, especially on micronutrients, and quite easily adjusted compared to where I'm from.

Before you say that the tests don't matter AGAIN for micronutrients, I've done this for around 20 years, a bit over. You add the copper, test goes up, and stays up. Same with zinc, same with moly, same with cobalt. Just one of those things, a one-time fix, and if you neglect to do it, and you eat a significant amount of produce from the land, do yourself a favor and have a blood test done, as you are likely low in the minerals you neglected to supplement your soil with. And, if you wanna check the soil for what nutrients will likely be available to your plants this season, i.e what will make it into your food, there's always Mehlich-3.

5486e2  No.13415009

Econazis goy! It will work

2e232d  No.13415020

File: d9607ca6912cca7⋯.jpg (28.05 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1427935190561.jpg)


>he thinks national socialism and white nationalism is the same thing

5486e2  No.13415024


>he thinks anyone gives a fuck about his Jew promoted nazi larping

2e232d  No.13415029


>just abandon NatSoc, goy

>you're just LARPing if you support it

Take a hike, kike.

5486e2  No.13415041


How many times have Jews been caught painting swastikas and other nazi shit on their properties?

White Nationalism and YOU are their propaganda machine.

2e232d  No.13415045


>White Nationalism and YOU are their propaganda machine

How dense are you? The first post I made (the one you responded to) clearly made a distinction between NatSoc and white nationalism. They aren't the same thing. No, Hitler wasn't a "white nationalist", he was a German nationalist and the NSDAP existed solely to serve the German people, which includes Austrians since they literally come from the same lineage.

b3c0d6  No.13415083


I don't mean to sound irritated but I've done things all the ways one csn do it. Totally organic, chemical as fuck as a young'un working for others (strangely I became quite successful by just deleting chemicals and using stuff like castile soap and oil for aphids and scale), and I got to where I'm at through results.

My customers buy my produce because it is better than the other produce they can get; better than the organic and biodynamic folks, better than if you only ever used compost. They taste the difference, they notice the difference in the time the produce keeps, they also notice the difference in their bodies when they eat my food.

I think of it like supplements. Would I rather not take them, and get everything from a whole food source? Naturally, of course.

Can I get optimum levels of what I want, versus sufficient, until my heels get dug in a bit more?? No, not currently, though I am picky with my health as I don't go to the doctor and haven't since I was 12 for the same reasons I suspect.

Balance the soil, in whatever way you choose to do it, and you'll be fine. If your mehlich-3 tests come out right, your produce will by definition be healthy unless your soil pH is somehow so far out of whack they lock up.



Shoo, kike. If you're whining this much, you're either a shill, or some newfaggot that needs to read more GLR and WLP and listen to less alt-lite civnat cuckold podcasts by gay-apologists like dickie spencer.

c928a8  No.13415193


>You do know that we're the same person, right?

You are the same person as you, and you feel the need to announce this randomly because…?

>Even burdock doesn't seem to want to go through the plow pan

What do you mean "even"? Burdock wants an existing rhizosphere with at least some fungal life. The standard taproot cover crop is some variety of oilseed radish.

>Yeah, ok buddy, the soil here is low in total phosphate

But you already admitted you did Mehlich 3, which does not tell you that. Quit yidding.

>ammonium based fertilizer takes the direct action of a set of bacteria, to convert it to nitrate to be available to thr plant.

Are you a time traveller from 1953? No, plants do not need bacteria to convert ammonium to nitrate. Plants take up ammonium just fine.

>I know how to coax a yield out of screwed up land the first season

So does every (((farmer))) on the planet. You just do it really fucking stupidly by hand because you are either a retard or can't afford a $1000 tractor.

>while 'healing' it

Except you didn't.

>and if your thesis was correct in my case, the soil and yields would be the same or less on my fertilized, plowed plots. and if your thesis was correct in my case, the soil and yields would be the same or less on my fertilized, plowed plots.

That makes even less sense than anything else you have said.

>Some folks can't afford to just not get a yield for years

October lasts for years in your bizarre alternate dimension?

>deal with a substandard yield forever

Which is what you are promoting.

>instead of doing well the first year and exceeding the 'good yield' numbers the second year.

Which is what I suggested people do instead of fucking up like you.

>Not to mention that I would be promoting erosion if I didn't terrace the land

Weird how nature doesn't need to terrace huh? If you were actually using cover crops instead of lying about it, you wouldn't say something this stupid.

>>inb4 'just add compost from somewhere else

Again with responding to shit you make up. 110% kike.

>I think you take it for granted that you must live in an area with decent soil

No, I am specifically pointing out how to fix any garbage dirt. And this has been clear from the start. You are not special. Your shitty dirt is not magic. Tens of thousands of people have already done this, on shittier dirt than yours. No inputs required. You are just upset that the one place you felt like you could pretend to be an expert has been ruined for you by facts.

>I've done this for around 20 years, a bit over

And smarter people than you have done it for 50 years, and then were still able to learn and stop repeating their mistakes.

>Just one of those things, a one-time fix, and if you neglect to do it, and you eat a significant amount of produce from the land, do yourself a favor and have a blood test done, as you are likely low in the minerals you neglected to supplement your soil with.

See, this is precisely how it was discovered that you are wrong you worthless kike. People did exactly that. They took soil that was "completely deficient" in EVERYTHING. Cut the scraggly shitty weeds, composted them, made tea, applied the tea with a cover crop, and all of a sudden magically their soil was fixed and now had plenty of all the minerals that were missing. And then the crops grown in that soil were tested and had high levels of everything. Because the dirt wasn't missing anything, it never is. New dirt is always being formed from bedrock. It all contains every mineral needed.

>And, if you wanna check the soil for what nutrients will likely be available to your plants this season, i.e what will make it into your food, there's always Mehlich-3.

Except it doesn't do that. It checks what minerals will likely be available in dirt, not soil.


>I don't mean to sound irritated

I understand. You had your little roleplay fantasy going on and thought nobody would call you out on your bullshit. And since you are a complete failure in life, pretending to be an expert on something you don't know anything about was the only thing that made you feel good. Of course you will be irritated when someone comes along with pesky facts ruining your fantasy.

>If your mehlich-3 tests come out right, your produce will by definition be healthy

Except we've seen over and over again that is not true. Shitty dirt with the right amount of fertilizer tossed in to get "correct" test results produces shitty produce, with very low mineral levels.

b3c0d6  No.13415614


>oilseed radish

This is a good choice for a penetrating cover crop to be honest, I like daikon too, and used cheap turnip seed the first year mostly as a cover crop, as I yielded so many I couldn't remotely eat them all; would have rather had something a bit deeper rooted but I work with what I had.

>burdock requires a good rhizosphere

True, again, since I've worked with the soil a bit it is starting to spread up to the initial garden area, and seemingly makes extremely large roots that the kids love to chew on.

>can't afford a tractor

True, although the land is so steep that I wouldn't want to use one for much anyways, and though I'd like to have a decent sized Grillo or BCS, I work with what I have, which is hand tools.

>what I did was harmful to the yield

I planted cover crops everywhere, white clover and turnips along with a melange of random herbs and such, basically all my 'old' seeds mixed with a few pounds of bulk cover crop seeds. The areas I fertilized and dug initially grew so much better that it returned a much greater amount of organic matter back into the ground through increased yield. Now, generally I agree with you when it comes to 'digging is usually bad' and 'fertilizing is usually bad', but I do understand that certain soils are just deficient in things (as determined by my initial total P test as I said), and I have no illusions about elements transmuting- if there's some P or copper available below around 5 feet deep (was excavating for a building in a spot anyways), I don't have time to wait for it to move up and concentrate in the topsoil. In addition, most of what was here ancestrally was likely eroded away during the years of tobacco farming.

>soil is never missing anything

This is absolutely untrue when it comes to optimum levels of minerals. True, any soil growing scraggly weeds has some of every nutrient, but nutrient deficiencies from living off the land was a thing during the entire era of agriculture, although doubtfully existing before.

(Continued, body too long shit)

b3c0d6  No.13415623


My thesis is that most of the damage when it comes to our soils, comes from agriculture, versus horticulture (a.k.a planting grape seeds vs plowing an area to grow wheat or corn), and likely all of the micronutrient deficiencies where they exist come from years and years of cropping and removing/burning the produce, taking those elements away from the soil.

Now, my aim is building a food forest, but my income is and always has been from growing plants, so I must have a yield each and every year to make a living, I don't work an outside job, I essentially propagate and grow plants for a living.

Do I concede that, in some cases, that fertilizer can be harmful? Of course. Can it help yield in other cases? Certainly, or else it wouldn't be used, organic or otherwise.

Now whether industrial agriculture or the green revolution/invention of fertilizer is a good thing is a different situation; I tend to think it a bad thing because of increased shitskins on earth to destroy things. But, am I going to ignore the tools it has given me to build things up faster than nature ever could? Absolutely not.

>nature doesn't need to terrace

No, it doesn't. The soil just erodes away, taking the nutrients down stream into the ocean, which is a completely natural process. Arsenic and strychnine are both natural. Cancer is natural.

I'm using intellect to prevent damage in a way nature isn't able; same with bringing every element up to optimum levels as opposed to barely sufficient- nature can't get rock powders from hundreds or thousands of miles away, and spread them on my land, not without my help or another human's help.

>plants can uptake ammonium

Sure, it's just that if you aren't in a rice paddy, almost all the ammonium is going through the nitrification cycle before being taken up by the plants. Plants almost universally prefer nitrate over ammonium (with some exceptions such as c4 plants/grasses). And, if my soil was as dead as claimed, my plants would be showing weird nutritional deficiencies as is caused in soilless sterile mix by an excess of ammonium because of ammonium's interference with plant uptake of certain elements.

(Continued again, I hate this body too long crap)

b3c0d6  No.13415628


As I've said, a bit of a decent, non-contaminated fertilizer isn't going to kill soil biota, which is something I can directly verify with my binocular microscope (an interesting thing to do honestly; I recommend it).

Calm your tits; yes I do PLENTY of chop&drop, I know for a fact that deep rooted plants are effective at bringing up soil nutrition to the surface; yes I understand that NPK fertilizing and repeated plowing screws things up. I also understand that the neighbors, which practice precisely what you preach, just had all their squash knocked out by powdery mildew, while mine are unaffected even though organic content is a bit lower (they've been at it for years longer), and that is likely because the copper content of the soil is optimum versus barely adequate (they let me test their soil, but refuse any advice because of a bias, and their yield suffers- entire species die off and they get insane proliferations of pests and diseases that do not effect me).

I just believe that breaking an existing plow pan is a good thing, and terracing on a steep slope is also a good thing because erosion and leaching is a thing. I know for a fact soil balancing is beneficial because of nutrition as well as disease resistance and yield.

Yeah, the soil here has a crappy texture starting out, which is why I am detailing what works in my situation for remediation from years of tobacco farming, leaching, and erosion. I live in a rain forest, so leaching happens faster than weathering and phosphate is my limiting factor much more than water. I'm doing what I know how to get a productive crop now, as the cover crops weren't enough on their own (as evidenced by the crappy soil that got only cover crops versus the areas I dug last year; neither had outside input past seeds, and a bit of mineral nutrition on the areas I broke the plow pan on to jumpstart things). I'm also using annuals as a crutch to get by until the perennial crops take hold and become productive, because even though I'd rather already be eating from an existing food forest, I still have to eat.

If you're in an area that composting on site is enough to produce a good crop the first season, that's good. I've never worked with soil that good that wasn't built. If you aren't, then again it can be fixed. It is my belief that areas can be brought far past the levels of productivity nature does by itself, and one form of evidence is the terra preta areas in south america that are still extremely productive years and years after being abandoned by the amerinds.


Citation required. Elemental deficiencies in soil is a thing, otherwise areas such as the 'goiter belt' would not exist.


Making a living off the land is generally not considered roleplay. Having a tiny garden could be; growing acres of polycultural vegetable and herb crops generally isn't, simply due to the time required. I make a living growing things; don't doxx yourself obviously, but what do you do to bring home the bacon? If you farm for a living, good; perhaps we can learn something from each other.

(Continued again, I wish I knew how long was too long)

b3c0d6  No.13415633


All I'm saying is that the cover crop/no till did not work initially well enough on the 'back forty' to be useful, while doing what I know works, worked. Doesn't mean that I am closed-minded about things, I'll get a bit of seed and throw it out in an area with an existing plow pan if it would satisfy your curiosity- would you consider it verboten to hoe up the perennial weeds? I certainly have plenty of space to experiment a bit; suggest something, and don't be afraid to use 'shop talk' because I for example have extensive knowledge on making aereated compost tea for example, although it would likely be helpful to other anons to explain things in a verbose manner.

I'll get a small spot and do it exactly like you say, get another spot with the same soil and use 'both' methods, breaking the plow pan and terracing a bit as well as balancing the soil per test on top of what you say, and I'll get a spot and use purely 'my' method, leaving the chop and drop to sheet compost as opposed to worrying about the tea. I will point out I'm in the appalachian temperate rain forest, so the sheet mulch likely makes a 'tea' of sorts; quite steep, and the predominant weeds before turning the soil and bringing up the seed bank are verbesena and poke with a smattering of suckering poplar and small black walnut seedlings, as well as japanese honeysuckle I pull and burn and a couple vitis labrusca about I try to leave.

Instead of arguing about it, prove your point, as I have no emotional investment in any idea other than what 'works'. I won't cheat and add compost tea to the control 'my method' test plot, although if it works well I will apply it to other areas of my farm not under test.

If there are any herbs or the like you wish for me to add, mention it and I can scavenge for them if they are feral. I normally just make fun of folks if they're doing stuff like that and they get a poor yield (like our neighbors), but since this is anonymous and we are more like-minded than average, I'll document the process and we'll see what pops up over the season

5a27f9  No.13415733


this is interesting and hopeful for me. IF accurate (and I doubt that, I don't think niggers will ever stop having kids), it means taht whoever has a culture of reproduction in the 22nd century will have the significant advantage.

We see a lot of threads today encouraging people to get married and have kids. If the Whites can get a culture of reproduction like we used to, we'll be alright.

Otherwise we're fucked.

12eb38  No.13416013


how 3 kill skeeters without kill bees

fd76fd  No.13416206


In short, gene modification. Wouldn't have a single possibility of affecting bees.

66b4af  No.13416213


any fertilizer with heavy metal chelation will kill the organisms in the soil because of its positive ionic charge. think blue powder like 20-20-20 all purpose fertilizers

1fe1c3  No.13416231

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

France Mountains and Forests Drone visit 4K

1fe1c3  No.13416235

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Getting lost in the Swedish forest…

66b4af  No.13416238

fd76fd  No.13416438


Phosphate and nitrate ion, along with I think sulfate, are anions. Clay is also a strong anion, another way to put it is it has a strong cation exchange capability.

So yes, cheap 20-20-20 would be a net cation/strongly positively charged, and is derided in the nursery industry because of that reason.

However, 20-10-20 (sold to consumers as "orchid food" but universally used in growing nursery plants) is just about balanced between the two, and 15-0-15 is strongly anionic because it is mostly calcium nitrate. Generally in a nursery setup with near-neutral irrigation water, they are both used simultaneously with a twin-head fertilizer injector, being a net "negative charge" on the soil and generally keeping the pH neutral; with irrigation water with more alkalinity and plenty of calcium, 20-10-20 can be used alone.

But yeah, too much cation potential at once in the soil kills things, along with salinity from cheap fertilizer. A bit is okay with clay soils but you have to be careful with it.

b4d370  No.13416625

One of the things nature is, is the (re)kindling of science.

fbde1a  No.13416665


Indeed, veganism is product of the industrialized world. In fact their diet is one of the most environmentally taxing and reliant on globohomo, I.E. global importation of tropical fruits, enabling of the palm oil industry

c928a8  No.13416784


>and though I'd like to have a decent sized Grillo or BCS

Why? You can pick up a used real garden tractor with tiller for $1000 or less, and they last forever. Ford lgt 125/145/165, anything bolens from the 80s or earlier, case/ingersoll are all safe bets, get whatever is cheap and common on craigslist where you are. Then sell it back for what you paid after you use it for the one season you need it.

>but I do understand that certain soils are just deficient in things (as determined by my initial total P test as I said)

Repeating it won't make it so. You didn't do a total P test, you couldn't even tell me where you could get one done, and you already admitted you only did a totally useless Mehlich.

>I don't have time to wait for it to move up and concentrate in the topsoil.

Yes, that agonizing zero day wait is brutal.

>This is absolutely untrue when it comes to optimum levels of minerals

It absolutely is true. Find a single example of an actual real test of total elemental content that shows any dirt anywhere being deficient in anything. You can't do it, because it doesn't exist.

>and likely all of the micronutrient deficiencies where they exist come from years and years of cropping

No, they don't exist. Just available micronutrient deficiencies.

>Now, my aim is building a food forest, but my income is and always has been from growing plants, so I must have a yield each and every year

And? You keep making these shitty kikey insinuations that make no sense. Your way is slower. Why is needing a yield every year a reason to reduce your yield for the first few years instead of maximizing it right away?

>But, am I going to ignore the tools it has given me to build things up faster than nature ever could?

You are ignoring them though.

>The soil just erodes away

No it doesn't. Plants hold it.

>taking the nutrients down stream into the ocean

Streams do not take nutrients from the land unless you have barren land for rain to erode. For someone who keeps pretending he uses cover crops, you sure seem to forget about them a lot.

>Plants almost universally prefer nitrate over ammonium

That idea was abandoned decades ago. Read something written in the last half century dude, seriously.

>I just believe that breaking an existing plow pan is a good thing

Nobody suggested otherwise. This is like your 10th time kikely responding to something that wasn't said.

>Yeah, the soil here has a crappy texture starting out, which is why I am detailing what works in my situation for remediation

And since what you are doing costs more, is slower, lowers your yields, and supports (((chemical companies))), I told everyone how to do it properly instead. This way nobody else has to make the same mistakes you did.

>If you're in an area that composting on site is enough to produce a good crop the first season, that's good.

Every area is that area. The fact that you yids always jump to "oh but my situation is special and magical and unique and you just have good soil" when told how to turn barren useless dirt into soil proves you've never tried it.

>and one form of evidence is the terra preta areas in south america that are still extremely productive

That was nature. Yids just try to pretend the subhumans were making it on purpose, when all they were doing was rotational slash and burn. They had no idea that it was doing anything good or how or why. And all the charcoal is doing is replacing the clay that is washed away in that climate. Notice how charcoal does absolutely nothing everywhere that has any clay at all?

>Elemental deficiencies in soil is a thing, otherwise areas such as the 'goiter belt' would not exist.

That is completely incorrect logic, proving my point that you think available minerals is total minerals. The goiter belt existed because the soil was all killed, so nutrients were not made available to plants. That does not support the idiotic belief that those elements did not exist in that dirt. Notice how people grow food with high mineral content in that same dirt after simply restoring the microbes? No minerals needed to be added to fix the supposed "deficiency", meaning there was no deficiency. Only the plants were deficient, not the rock.

c928a8  No.13416793


>Making a living off the land is generally not considered roleplay

Pretending to be an expert on something you read one ancient book about on the internet is.

>but what do you do to bring home the bacon?

Carry it. Our smokehouse is only about 50 feet from the house. I do not have a job, we provide for ourselves. I sell a few pigs and lambs every year to cover internet, car insurance, and property taxes. And to buy some sugar and coffee and some tropical spices.

>would you consider it verboten to hoe up the perennial weeds?

Huh? I recommended tilling or plowing when you first start. When all you have is dirt in the first place, tilling isn't going to make it any worse. If you have the time but not the machinery or labor, feel free to smother it out with a truckload of old carboard or whatever. It doesn't really matter how you reset to bare dirt.

>suggest something

I can't tell you what cover crops to use without knowing roughly your first and last frost dates, and if your winter is cold enough to winter kill stuff like oats and radish. And if you want to start this now? If you were starting now you should start with a real crop, unless it is already too late where you are. There's nothing special about the compost tea, just be sure you have a finished compost that is well balanced microbially, brew it for 36 hours and keep it aerated the whole time. Drench the ground well so the microbes go deep. The roots will follow the microbes, and feed them.

c1ddb3  No.13416854


Sterilize everyone, switch to labbag babies. Many people won’t ever reproduce when they have to buy their optimized child from genelabs. The children who do get born - and there will still be a lot of them - will be fewer in number and better adapted.


Earth could stably carry 11 billion with better distribution of current technology but no new inventions. New relevant inventions in this domain are an ongoing process. Dropping back as far as 6 billion might be healthy, but going to 1 billion would collapse the economy and, ironically, lead to climate issues as advanced industry fell back, scientific specialization weakened, and surplus labor usable for ecological grunt work (conservation isn’t zero labor) all found other employment. There’s no need to promote harsher restraints than actually help.


People want the world to be so kindly comprehensible that cutting foreign aid would be entirely beneficial. It’s not. Ending third world aid would cause a population boom. Humans breed in suffering. Slave populations grow, anon; it’s the middle class pops who have half a kid each. We could use a refocusing of aid programs to strengthen middle class development specifically.


Ethnofascist shitholes in Africa are not what prosperous post-racial “white” societies should emulate.

c1ddb3  No.13416868


Aryan means nigger, bruh. Give up the pigmemt bullshit. We know you ain’t white when you do that.


>Eating humans isn’t human cruelty if they’re raised well

Aristocracies are cannibal farms. who knew?


Without racist sociopaths binding loyalty for shitty reasons, atomization wouldn’t be a thing. America only atomized because the left went skittles. Skittlesing harder isn’t exactly going to make the problem better.

c1ddb3  No.13416874


The left doesn’t do racial equality, they showed that. Your take - that you wouldn’t treat people the same across skin color - is actually worse. It’s absolute nigger psychosis. You should go back to Africa and live among the other people who live in tiny raging tard-tribes. We don’t need your atomistic pre-societal viewpoint. Environmentalism needs to be more than primitivism.

c1ddb3  No.13416902





Crazy religious conservatives have more children despite their refusal of medtech and shorter lifespans. In terms of keeping populations down, the #1 form of aid is medical technology. Living children are unsexy to all sane parents. Old people are unsexy to nearly everyone. Keep people alive and they breed less.

People want the trivially comprehensible world of the ancient idiots, those long-ago ancestors who said, “go to hell and die,” to the unwanted, and lo, God often answered their prayers in winter. We don’t live in that world anymore. The most overpopulated regions are the regions that never did.

You have to bring your planning up a notch. Learn as I have the art of being kind to be cruel. Make people live with each other. Protect them, and you can cherish them into oblivion.

fd76fd  No.13416905



Land's too steep to use something I can afford, to be quite honest. Folks with real nice 4wd kubotas flip them all the time. I'd honestly feel safer with a walk behind, I got two old gravely walk behinds I mess around with that I traded for but it'll have to wait til winter before I'll get real time to mess with it.

>total P

I did it before purchasing the land, at the lab of an old colleague because perchloric acid is some HAIRY shit you have to have a specialized fume hood to use. Acid digestion. Though, mehlich-3 has a half decent correlation if your soil is basically already dead, which mine was when I got it, between the old farming and the logging. The soil isn't utterly leached like where I came from, or more properly raped of the top 3 feet of soil everywhere to be sold.

>total P tests don't exist


Here's a link to a hach kit for a total phosphorus test, universities generally don't do it and if they do something past a 'greenhouse' test, it is mehlich-1 which means about nothing for my soil. Different test method than I used but there are a lot of them, the only real specialized equipment other than a good fume hood or otherwise safety equipment is a calibrated spectrophotometer; the only lab I know of off the top of my head is Kinsey's lab.

>soil erosion isn't a thing

It certainly is on these hills, forest or not, plants or not. Carries phosphate off in particulate form even if every bit of orthophosphate gets grabbed by trees.

>plants don't prefer nitrate

Grow stuff using chemicals for an experiment, in a greenhouse; the plants themselves certainly and obviously prefer the nitrate form; I'm not advocating growing plants like that, but I've done a lot of it, and just about everything except ferns and grasses need mostly nitrate, or prefer it as evidenced by growth rate. Have to know these things when your margin is a couple pennies per plant.

>never tried soil building

I've been doing it for around 30 years, all organically until quite recently for my own usage. Grown plants for a living for over 20.

>doesn't read books

Nigger, I read a nonfiction book every day unless harvest or planting has me really tied up. I am a scientist in the field that walked away from it for most of the same reasons that you wisely stayed away; I do know my soil science though, and it ain't based on reading Albrecht's book but collaboration and independent research towards those aims, specifically to make the big ag farmers do the least worst thing before throwing my hands up in disgust at their ignorance.

(Arbitrarily hitting send to avoid the body too long bullshit, continued)

fd76fd  No.13417258

Official statement on behind why the goiter belt was and is a thing.

"There is also evidence to show that intensive cropping, resulting in large scale removal of biomass from the soil, as well as widespread use of alkaline fertilizers, rapidly deplete the soil of its iodine content."

That, on top of glaciation and/or areas with high erosion such as Appalachia. Notice it didn't say 'iodide' because, say you grow a crop, and it has an ounce of iodine in the corn or beans or whatever yield per acre (not that it has remotely that much but for purposes of illustration). If you sell the entire crop off-site (instead of using it on the farm which would essentially recycle it over a period of time), you are removing one ounce of iodine per acre from the area of soil where whatever crop you are growing can access. Rinse and repeat for 100 years and you're missing 100 'ounces' or whatever amount is removed, and it isn't coming back unless added back.

If one started with a decent elemental balance, and mostly or entirely ate off the land, recycling your own manure as well as all the animals, you would be acting as essentially a closed system.

In the same vein, if you're raising animals and growing crops, and you use the manure from your animals to feed your garden, you are in effect mining nutrients from your pasture soil to fertilize your garden, the same way that you are bringing in minerals if you raise hay. If micronutrient deficiency wasn't a thing, grass tetany wouldn't be a thing if you raise any sort of stock. Now, if you raise stock and buy any feed or any minerals or anything, you could in theory do as you say, but the balance of the nutrients would come from the imported food or minerals.


Good on you. Keep fighting the good fight, and have lots of kids.

>hoeing etc

Well then we are in agreement; I only think that tillage or such is really harmful if done in such a way to compact the soil when it is essentially dead. Which is why I'm doing it; after the first year the terraces with the phosphate-fed turnips were pointless to till as they were already loose about 18 inches down (as far as I checked).

>frost dates etc

April 20th last frost, october 31st first frost usda 25 year average. Zone 7b though obviously lots of microclimates in a hill and hollow ecosystem and really in general around human structure. Oats would likely winter kill, radish is irregular, at least daikons, though if I made sure the soil wasn't mulch-y I'll bet they would freeze. Turnips won't die unless turned under.

If oats are a decent winter kill cover, I like the suggestion; I absolutely hate turning under rye for a cover, or growing small grains for anything by hand, hahaha. Much prefer corn for what grain I eat to be honest.

The reason I suspect that phosphorus is naturally low in this area (strangely there is an abundance of nitrate-form nitrogen, potash, and plenty of calcium which is strange for clay), is that it is very weathered, and that combined with a limestone-chert subsoil means that the pH hovers around 6.5 and a good portion (for phosphorus) is available both for plant use and to leach at any given point.

Rain is over 70 inches a year and mostly in the summer, just got an inch over the past day. Slopes are severe, though fertility seems to accumulate in the swales and catchments. No chemical fungicides are used within miles, same with pesticides save some rednecks putting permethrin around their house.

We're all trying to get to the same point using different methods I suppose. I thing we agree on every point except that I know nutrient deficiencies exist in soils (example, most of australia and everywhere with an oxisol, though commonly they are because of pH lockout or dead soil just as you say), and I also know that modest use of fertilizers do not kill the soil biota, otherwise I wouldn't see the stuff spreading into the pots at a nursery grown entirely with (admittedly better than consumer grade, 20-10-20 and 15-0-15 to be specific) complete chemical fertilizers.

I'll keep you guys updated, it was quite rainy today and about all I could do is plant a few hundred late sweet potato slips. Sieg Heil!

c928a8  No.13419354


>"There is also evidence to show that intensive cropping, resulting in large scale removal of biomass from the soil, as well as widespread use of alkaline fertilizers, rapidly deplete the soil of its iodine content."

Yeah, its soluble iodine content. Which if the "biomass" hadn't been removed, would not matter at all.

>If one started with a decent elemental balance,

Repeating nonsense won't make it so. Starting balance is totally irrelevant.

>Oats would likely winter kill

That's a big one then. Oats are great for putting on decent fall growth when planted during/after harvest, and if they winter kill it is much easier than dealing with rye in the spring. Being as warm as you are, you may be able to let rye come to flower in the spring and then crimp or mow to kill it though.

Depending on the season here's the plan to go from dead shit dirt n weeds to making soil while growing crops.

Spring: Till/plow as shallow as you can to knock back weeds. Plant a blend of field peas, oats/barley/wheat (any or all of em) and oilseed radish/tillage radish/whateverthefuck radish. Drench the soil with tea every week or two. You should be able to kill it at planting time by mowing or just crimping by stepping on a piece of t post attached to a rope. Plant your veggies and keep compost teaing until fall. In fall plant the standard winter kill cover crop. Next spring just plant through the residue and continue like that forever. The rotting radishes will stink, leave them there anyways.

Summer: You are too late to do a cover crop and a real crop. So till, mulch thick with straw to limit weeds, plant your real crop and compost tea all season. Do the normal fall routine in the fall. If you don't want to start growing a real crop this year but want to get ready early for next year then till, tea and plant buckwheat. Mow it before they go to seed or you'll have them as weeds. Depending on your season length you can get 2 or 3 plantings in. Use the straw as mulch or if you have somewhere to store it keep it for next years potatoes. Mow them down in the fall then do the fall routine. And continue normally forever.

Fall: Till/plow, plant oats, radish, mustard, field peas and red clover. Tea them and let them winter kill. Plant through the residue next year. This is your yearly routine minus the tilling which you only do the first time to knock back the initial weeds.

a2bd85  No.13419987


Quick lunch break, thanks for being civil, I'll do a good test row once I finish getting sweet taters and beans in, would have to do it to the 'side' of the main terraces because it would bias things to have any fertilizer runoff possibility, othet than that from the neighbor's cows which is a constant and something I try to 'trap' and save.

>soluble iodine

Most likely, I'd bet there is a bunch bound up wayyy down in the soil, and perhaps in rocks; I've always been a fan of adding rock dust to gardens for trace minerals (think azomite or granite dust), but since the local quarries focus on limestone which I don't need, I used a bunch of dried kelp powder this year for the traces. The real problem is indeed that the biomass in most of the area has been repeatedly removed in one form or another; an example would be the hayfields, the farmers put out the tiniest amount of ammonium sulfate and cut the hay 3x a year, and the stuff is so damn poor they have to give lots of minerals to the cows so they don't die from 'tetany' and you can still see a non-breed-specific 'red sheen' to the coats from a generalized copper deficiency. That, logging, corn and tobacco removing the corn fodder and selling the manure, has impoverished the soil certainly, although it is strangely richer than what I'm "used to".

>winter kill oats

That's a good one, thanks for the suggestion. I generally plant brassicas but they don't particularly winter kill, radishes do but I can eat greens up into the heat of summer if I like, cut and they come back (though in practice I kill them out).

>till just to kill weeds, mulch

Already do this essentially, good advice, I mulch it up generally when I get the seeds up enough to make sure they have a head start over the pigweed and bindweed that inevitably comes up from turning the soil, hoeing in the meantime- unless it is something real finicky I'm trying to propagate or dehybridize for a variety trial (I've done lots of work breeding in late blight resistance genes into heirlooms and backcrossing to the heirlooms, it's lucky that the resistance genes are dominant and the endemic late summer blight acts as a control in the southeast).

I'll fiddle around with it for sure, isn't a huge change from what I'm doing, I'll do the whole plant tissue analysis thing to see how things line up with tests, remembering that it is likely the plants given a fair amount of lacking minerals in soluble forms will at least initially have a higher tissue content of said minerals (assuming your hypothesis is true which is bad science practice but it is most easily worded this way), which will be monitored as time goes on. Current science states that, at least for P, the oxyhydroxides irreversably bind the P in the soil, if there is a way to prove a soil-borne method outside of a university of reclamation of just soil P from a oxyhydroxide, that would be a nice stab in the gut to agronomy which is something I'm always willing to venture for, hate the bastards for the most part.

Admittedly, I still believe that removed elements should be replaced, as in a specific sense I am in the business of trading what amounts to biomass (seeds, transplants, and produce) for goyim tokens, and it seems logically correct and is indeed calculable what elements in what amounts I am removing, just as it is possible to calculate the approximate poundage of the amount of calcium, phosphate, etc, one is rid of when selling stock, although admittedly in that case it is mostly nitrogen (protein) with a bit of iron and traces of phosphate, and a significant amount is recoverable through the slaughter wastes such as bone. It is indeed a permaculture axiom to 'never sell produce that can't walk off your farm', but I get exponentially more than the value of the elements and organic matter lost by selling stuff (especially seeds) in trade or else cash, assuming it is necessary and prudent to replace the non-abundant or bound elements.

Keep y'all updated, about done with sweet potatoes and moving on to field peas, which brings me to another question- when you mention 'field peas' for fall, are you speaking of the 'southern' peas of the genus vigna, or the 'austrian winter peas'? The field peas of the south are vigna, quite delicious, and I do like the iron and clay peas shelled to eat, though I prefer the lady peas a bit more.

Sieg Heil. Back to work.

a2bd85  No.13420065

As an aside, I've heard old timers state your thesis now that I think of it, that at least on a 'farm scale' versus a garden scale, one could build the soil and export a modest amount of produce (not commodities but think grass fed animals or expensive vegetables at hipster prices); I tend to believe my reductionist theories, though there is more complexity in nature than man can particularly fathom, but would LOVE to be proven wrong. I would still think testing to be useful at least in the case of myself being able to test myself at leisure, if to prove or disprove the theory on my specific example, to determine which elements if any would need to be added, to monitor general soil health (mostly through tissue analysis- think squeezing the juice from a leaf with pliers and analyzing),or to ascertain which compost teas and by extension sets of microbes release what minerals most effectively.

I already have a history of insanity-level yields and quality, anything that reduces my work load or reliance on outside sources is philosophically extremely desirable to myself, although a backup plan would be to bequeath my offspring and their grandchildren a few shipping containers of the lowest-radioactivity phosphate rock I can find, or else DAP or simple superphosphate (hate that phosphogypsum exists but I'm not going to give radioactivity to my offspring to be on the side of the angels), with "USE WISELY!!!" permanently etched into the wall.

As I've said, I hope you're right, I'm going to obviously test before betting my living on it as what I do yields and yields extremely well. If it works and is testable in any fashion (say plant tissue analysis), I'll publish the results and put the words 'kike' and 'hitler' through the paper so many times it discredits it to the Jewish science faculties everywhere, and creating a mental gap between yeoman farmers and agronomists which is always desirable due to the plethora of stupid advice they insist on giving- I know from the inside to base my work on results and testing, versus what some extension agent says.

I'll keep you all posted. Wish I could send seeds without compromising anonymity, I'll say this- the savannah mustard hybrid dehybridizes very nicely, yields equally when dehybridized, and is equally early as the hybrid- which is the fastest mustard from seed to maturity I know of as well as the highest eating quality- 30 days flat from emergence versus 45. As you may be able to tell, I'm a trained botanist and without doxxing myself have been breeding plants for a long, long time.

52a1ee  No.13420724


>double spacing

every. single. time.

000000  No.13422464

Bee populations in trouble following EPA pesticide decision


18de28  No.13422527



A fun fact for everyone is you can eat Dandelion and it is very easy to propagate for more foods.

7f707b  No.13422550

File: 744c54ecb44f7fe⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1000x601, 1000:601, Untitled.png)

Factory farming contaminates our food, pollutes the environment, and poisons our water

The amount of livestock in the U.S. has spiked in recent years, yet the number of farms has gotten smaller. In 2015, only four companies were responsible for 85 percent of the country’s beef-packing industry. This is part of a trend known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO), where animals like chickens, pigs and cows are raised in confined spaces.

This sounds bad enough when you think about it from the animals’ perspective, but it’s also pretty bad for us humans. Think about it: These operations generate a huge amount of animal feces and urine – more than 40 times that generated by wastewater treatment plants. While much of it is ultimately used as fertilizer on farmland, it’s generally untreated and not beholden to the same regulations that apply to human waste.


7f707b  No.13422633

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Last Song of the Kauai O'o Bird

84f9f7  No.13423972


What's your opinion of agroforestry/permaculture?

I live in a region that had been entirely deforested in the past and subsequently reforested after many family farms went bust in the 20th century. The region in question has high annual precipitation, glacial till dominated soils, and some topographic relief. I'm interested in adding productive woody perrenial plants into certain inclined areas to prevent soil erosion. If you had any specific specues/cultivar recommendations, what would they be?

I've looked into the American chestnut as a potential additon once the blight resistant backcross cultivar is available as I live in the northern extreme of the species' former range and believe that the local environment would benefit from the reintroduction of a canopy level tree.

c928a8  No.13425170


Austrian winter peas. There's several things that show the "minerals out, minerals in" idea isn't correct. People grew grain and exported it for centuries, never importing any replacement minerals, only renewing their fields by letting them go fallow and grazing cattle or sheep on them. This clearly shows there's a virtually inexhaustible supply of minerals in the bedrock, slowly being turned into dirt. Their yields went down because they reduced the biology in the soil. Keeping it full of plants and having animals shit bacteria all over it brought it back up. The rate that healthy soil can break down rock and dirt and make nutrients available may well be slower than the rate that a GMO corn/soy rotation removes them, but for people growing food it should be fine.

Second, you can see with things like GMO corn/soy rotations that the numbers don't add up. They have to add way more minerals than what is actually in the harvest being removed. If it was just minerals in vs minerals out they would only need to add back what they take out, but they have to add way more. Or even more obvious is the sketchy idiocy some of them do with corn in Ontario. The previous provincial government was commies and pay an absurd amount to producers of "green" electricity. So it was profitable to grow corn, harvest it with a forage harvester, pile the whole thing into a methane digester, and run a generator off the methane to sell electricity to the government. All the slurry is dumped back on the fields, and methane is only removing carbon and hydrogen. All the minerals removed in the harvest are put right back on the field they came from, yet they have to fertilize every year to maintain their yields. If it was minerals in vs minerals out, they wouldn't need to fertilize after the first year.

c928a8  No.13426248


Actual agroforestry is good, but permaculture is mostly anti-white hipster bullshit. Silvopasture and alley cropping both work well. Food forests do not (in white countries). The concept is based on subhumans in tropical areas, where food forests do work. In temperate climates they are very low productivity, on top of having to focus largely on things nobody wants to eat like chestnuts. Permaculture faggots mostly just sell a myth that they can't actually create to idealistic hipsters that are never going to try it anyways. Mark Shepard is the poster boy for this shit. He hates white people, thinks 70 IQ subhumans have everything worked out, and literally wrote the book on temperate food forests. But nearly 25 years later he still hasn't harvested a single fucking chestnut from his 100 acres of idiocy, and continues to make his money selling vegetables from a normal annual vegetable garden, and doing talks on the hipster scamming circuit.

Grow a diverse forest, with useful timber trees, fruit and nut trees, and SPACE. Raise livestock foraging in there. But don't expect that you can plant layers of trees and bushes and get anything useful from it, they don't get enough sun that way. There is a book written buy a guy who actually does everything he writes about and isn't making up nonsense. It is practical, useful and realistic. https://b-ok.cc/book/3326753/8e2a3d

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He kind of has it on point, with the sole exception that I personally like to eat chestnuts as well as lament the loss of the american chestnut; in addition Sepp Holzer practices something he calls permaculture mostly to piss off Bill Mollison, but doesn't have too much in common with, excepting the hydrology which really is a copy of Yeoman's keyline plan.

This is why I say that mollison's permaculture is a kind of a pyramid scheme. Does that mean that you shouldn't plant a forest full of nut trees and fruit trees to pick at and forage livestock through? No. It works. But, as anon above pointed out, you need light to get a yield of just about anything.

>american chestnut backcrosses

Unless you happen to get your hands on a darling 311 or something, you would likely have to steal it, the dunstan chestnuts are a good american chestnut cross that makes a good yield fairly quickly, when it comes to the true American chestnuts you're looking at your children and grandchildren being able to run pigs under them, hunt deer under them, and have a giant emergency source of starch/calories, as well as just about the best tree for timber that ever existed in America when it comes to building stuff. If you're indeed at the extreme upper limit, and you have plenty of land, you could be ballsy and just plant seed from some of the survivors and hope they don't get the blight; there are a few areas planted that don't get the blight that are above the natural range of the chestnut, because settlers planted them and it's too cold for the blight or some such.

>white countries

With the exception of the keys, marathon key south specifically, or hawaii, this is true. Tropical shit can be CRAZY and it pains me as a botanist to see the entire tropics, something that could be absolutely ridiculously productive for Whites if we managed them, go to utter waste because of shitskins.

Have more to type but will have to update later, have a raccoon hide to finish tanning, have some farm chores to do before the rain, and am fiddling with a hide I'm making buckskin out of- damn pillbillies won't hunt the does around here and they get after the garden, which don't bother me too much because I take it out of them in meat and hides.

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