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File: 387419580be0e34⋯.png (299.61 KB, 480x800, 3:5, Screenshot_2019-06-07-23-4….png)

161455  No.13369777

>I live in a town of about 3,000 people on a busy day in Alabama. Brundidge, Alabama to be exact, it's about 70% nigger and in the Black Belt region about 60 miles south of Montgomery, Alabama. 2 days ago a white woman's car was stolen by niggers. The niggers never left town and were spotted driving it the next day. They were confronted by a white man, fled and chased down by a group of citizens, their nigger asses beat and arrested. All were out of jail by that evening thanks to the local nigger police chief. Later that evening two of the nigger's moms attacked the white victim of the car theft for pressing charges. The white woman was able to turn the tables on them and the niggers fled. Around midnight the nigger thiefs then burglarized the same white woman again, burglarized the City Hall and stole another vehicle. Two have been captured. The third & ringleader is on the loose and now the white community is strategizing about how to respond while anticipating further nigger excursions. We're on nigger alert red & preparing our forces.

000000  No.13369792

Does Alabama have the same laws as Texas when it comes to theft or laws like other states with grand theft? I know you guys at least have castle law there. I say, shoot them. Park the cars inside your home or a friendly neighbor and then shoot them if they break inside. Don't leave them alive, law is funny, you'd be in more trouble with them alive.

161455  No.13369801

It's a family of around 300+ nogs on one street.

They're worse than field niggers. These are the kind of niggers you would've just sold and bought a store to run instead of a plantation.

f5b3fe  No.13369815

The God get confirms. Dead niggers on the way, boys.

161455  No.13369817

That is very likely to happen.

f5b3fe  No.13369827


What's atmosphere like, is it tense between you and the niggers? If I showed up one day and shot them all in church, would whites join me and take over the police office?

32d02d  No.13369840


And the police are all niggers?

055734  No.13369844

Please let this be true. Alabama has been fucking based lately.

161455  No.13369853

It's divided down geographic boundries. The niggers always live in the bottoms and cheapest neighborhoods. The whites live in downtown and rural areas surrounding the town. The situation is volatile. We co-habitate certain public places but that's about it. Otherwise, we're seperate by choice. They crossed the dividing line to commit crimes & that lit the fuse.

161455  No.13369856


The chief and most of the force.

20aa33  No.13369867

Good luck Alabama bros.

I hope for the best for all of you, and I hope the fire rises and spreads.

7410ca  No.13369881

I can hear christcucks screaming do not use violence and protect yourself as the blacks roam, pillage, murder and rape the citizens.

I hope you cope there. Defend yourselves. New dawn is arriving.

802ae3  No.13369883


Reminds me of Chittum's book Civil War 2, he predicts that when non-whites take over institutions like the police that they'll use them ethnically and that'll be a big part of what turns the cold race war into a hot one.

ee9d21  No.13369888

Posting and bumping for potential history. To really get this thing going the corrupt chief nigger just needs to shoot evil whitey with the town watching and be forced to upload said body cam + the story of this.

Imagine if this became national news and people just “got it” and see how easily this could happen to them but worse in the bigger cities. 24 hour blast of “NIGGERS WANT TO KILL YOU AND ALL NIGGERS ARE COMPLICIT,LAWS DON’T MATTER” would be nice for a change of pace

4e7fab  No.13369890

rolling for dead niggers

161455  No.13369894


They already do here. The chief asked the victim not to press charges. The first stolen vehicle was found cruising less than 1/8th of a mile from the police station where the chief as well as 2 other patrol cars had been supposedly concentrating all day. They didn't look for them.

7410ca  No.13369896


I seriously think you guys need to prepare yourselves there. Seems like South Africa V2 mini version.


That's a good prediction. I think that is what it would take for the whites to finally wake up and start doing something. When even the law enforcement goes against you then all hope is lost completely. Unless christcucks are in majority like in South Africa. Refusing to use violence against violence and hoping for external aid or godly intervention like a thunder bolt will suddenly wipe out all the bad like a miracle…

7410ca  No.13369899


What happens in South Africa will happen in USA as well unless whitey wakes up very quickly. Since blacks are going to outbreed whites soon and become majority. Only in one generation or two.

52f3ba  No.13369973


Not if anons kill as many nigger women and nigger babies as anons can.

15e17a  No.13369976

sweet home alabama

52f3ba  No.13369977


Keep us updated ITT anon, any AL anons reading should be joining the fight.

e1c6fe  No.13369979


Top killers of blacks:

>their mothers

>their male peers



425f46  No.13369995

Make sure you sack your local mason lodges when SHTF, anon, send a message to the jews not their golems


>didn't include HIV and suicide by niggerdry

e5c9e3  No.13370004



So, what needs to happen to get Chief Nog lynched?

Don't forget to livestream if it happens.

4bee59  No.13370005

This is because you stopped lynching them.

You know what to do.

46bd63  No.13370059


>"The chief asked the victim not to press charges."

<having the luxury of not pressing charges against your aggressor

sounds to me like this nigger police chief is asking this woman to exercise her white privilege so they can exercise their nigger privilege of no consequences

834dbd  No.13370075

I don't suppose there are any local papers or anything talking about this?

878fc2  No.13370082

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Checking holy triple sevens.

Best way to deal with it is to cripple the police chief the IRA way (kneecapping) so he cannot interfere with actions being taken, then the next time any thing nigger occurs you not only beat the niggers involved, you send a punitory expedition to a nigger neighbourhood and set it on fire, and shoot it full of holes. Alternatively you could take a few lessons from Days Gone and fight them as a horde.

a6f2c9  No.13370083


Aren’t you busy starting your cult in Maryland?

95c9b3  No.13370429


Godly trips checked. Godspeed!

471a8d  No.13370437


>the white community is strategizing about how to respond

You can bet the answer will never be "armed and organized attacks on everything with nigger skin and the total extermination of the police force along with their families" and so it will FAIL.

4e0ceb  No.13370448

File: 87c834463168082⋯.jpg (745.7 KB, 900x1391, 900:1391, XCA.jpg)

Simplest solution is creation of a Black ethno-state in U.S.

Reparation for slavery, free houses, basic minimum income for all. Let them have their own money, with their leaders on the bills.

13% of the population contained in their own area.

Give them tax breaks for living there. They can then police themselves. Run their own banks, etc.

Their own domestic dependent sovereign nation.

You know I'm right.

471a8d  No.13370451


>They didn't respect my imaginary line that I don't back up with deadly force.

>Oh no it's a problem!

You sound weak and irrelevant. You don't kill so you don't matter. Make sure you vote for Trump again. He could use the laugh, I'm sure.

471a8d  No.13370464


The only solution is the extermination of one race or the other. Since one has made up its mind that it isn't going to fight and just wants to "contemplate" and "spread awareness" and write essays, it's very obvious which way it is going to go.

5ca81c  No.13370478


The US is naturally going go balkanize in the next 50 years are so

682442  No.13370489

File: e56a6b58562aa5f⋯.jpg (102.66 KB, 940x526, 470:263, rabbit-drive.jpg)



I bet a race war would feel like the Dust Bowl, remember learning about that in school?

4e0ceb  No.13370523


It's rarely extermination. Soft replacement is what happens. As long as there is bread and circus there will be no race war. You would need a hard collapse, and on a global scale to have an effective race war. Only thing that could bring on a hard collapse is a catastrophic global event. Way beyond a financial collapse.


Hopefully. My suggestion is just to speed up the process and make it sound like a good thing.

4e0ceb  No.13370529


was meant for second one in, but I fucked it up.


7785b7  No.13370545


>You sound weak and irrelevant. You don't kill so you don't matter.

…he said as he continued not killing.

471a8d  No.13370552


I'm not the one making sympathy-seek threads.

467bcb  No.13370560


am I the only one who think's that this greentext is inappropriate?

b18564  No.13370572

>>13369777 (holy checked)

I need live updates Anon email me at 7200a1@protonmail.com I may be able to give you minecraft cheatcodes

6a1f83  No.13370573

b422b6  No.13370610

File: 3a27b68d65be2d3⋯.jpg (110.13 KB, 837x673, 837:673, 1455683745998.jpg)


There is only one correct solution to this problem.

965504  No.13370649

File: 908494be018319a⋯.png (206.84 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1556740596745.png)

Let's get this party started

888c8a  No.13370721


I bet he gets kickbacks from stolen vehicles.

000000  No.13370722

You're from Alabama. Fetch your boomstick, son.

b18564  No.13370740

File: fce304d9a73ad35⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

This is the nigger in question, Brundidge AL police chief Moses Davenport. Apparently this nigger has a weak heart. Be a real shame if his heart gave out on him again.


16b292  No.13370749


This but in minecraft obviously

75c570  No.13370807


that is a jew not a negro. that's how he sees himself. guarantee it.

6efa82  No.13370811



God works in mysterious ways. Race war ground zero?

a5a116  No.13370949


>in the US

Set them up in mexico. The rio grande provides a nice obvious "cross this and get shot" line, and we can have the niggers act as a buffer between us and south america.

>all that welfare

Then it's not a free black nation anon. We can slide them some of that foreign aid money being wasted in israel though, just to get them on their feet.

08a8f7  No.13370954

File: fcaeacef299b891⋯.jpeg (94.7 KB, 705x614, 705:614, 0FF79197-56AD-4AEF-ACD3-4….jpeg)

listen you castrated bitch. nobody torched niggers homes when segregation ended and the apes started moving in to white neighborhoods. whites let them settle in during an era without every other house having ring doorbell cameras or neighborhood worrywart websites where geezers post what they saw looking out their blinds all day. nothing meaningful will be done because whites have been pozzed for millenia and even implemented chivalric warfare at one time. a race of people who would rather lose but fight “honorably” than win and fight like a “savage”. whites are the only race that think they have the moral high ground for fighting fair. its poison.

never fight fair. but white people will genuinely feel bad if they catch their enemies off guard with superior force and destroy them. somehow it makes them the bad guys for killing those weaker than them. i doubt this will ever change. you dont get the inherent altruism of whites that makes us create functioning civilizations without the negatives of that altruism. especially when christcuckery is so prevalent and whites see christian shitskins as their people more than nonbelieving whites. there are not enough fully aware, strong, intelligent, violent white men to change whats happening. the only thing we can do is destroy it all and hope something better is built after many years of bloodletting and darkness. natsoc germany tried and was sabotaged by their own wehrmacht aristocracy and almost every other white nation in existence. and whites are way more pozzed and brainwashed as a whole today than then. the only difference is we have a fully aware but small vanguard today thanks to the internet. problem is, only those aware will fight and those who fight will die leaving behind the drooling npcs. good thing im wired to enjoy fighting both fair and unfair otherwise id be depressed at my prospects. at least i always have the option to go hot and know ill have some enjoyment before my death. if you still care about dying you need to figure that out first. its almost retarded to dedicate your life to fighting for a race thats weak enough to let all of this happen. but there is literally no better option. civic nationalism will always fail but thats an effortpost for another time. this existence is an unfunny joke. you can hide away and live a happy life ignoring what is happening and going to happen. soon though youll have nowhere to hide. i expect most to convert to cultural marxism as a coping mechanism even if their ideal world isnt marxist, as resisting means you must fight. and who is fighting? a couple one off strikes every now and then that dont even make a dent. losing hope is freedom but only if youll enjoy the fight. if you wont, you really were born into a broken existence. at least i like the prospect of violence and warfare. most whites hate it and only use it as a last resort. this is why our civilizations before christcuckery worshipped unstoppable war gods. the ones in power knew we needed war and violence as a religious backing to achieve our true potentional as a race.

kill your enemies and raze their infrastructure that gives them power and influence. dont allow them to fight back if you can. fighting on equal footing is for when you are cornered.

639929  No.13370963


Thanks for the news articles and archives. They were very helpful nigger OP.

4e0ceb  No.13370979


It isn't welfare, its incentive. A small investment in a huge return. 50% of the crime reduced to a single state.

Speaking of Israel, another avenue is having them mass convert to Judaism and then exercise their "right of return".

We make it simple, they take them all in, or the aid stops.

We can push that as their reparations, "Come home, Black man!" to Israel!

3ba985  No.13371015


If you had the power to do that, you would have the power to implement a much more direct solution.

08a8f7  No.13371020


anything to keep you from even considering killing your enemies. balkanization fantasies are pacification tools.

589fc6  No.13371027


>You don't kill so you don't matter.

I don't take advice from people who don't matter.

697c6b  No.13371032






>that is a jew not a negro. that's how he sees himself. guarantee it.

lol, good call, he looks just like a "White" Jew I knew.

Not to thread-jack but shouldn't there be some law that requires basic health to hold "vital" positions, so we aren't left with sudden "vacuums" in staffing?

This guy wouldn't be allowed to drive a truck but he can be Chief of Police on eve of Race War???

589fc6  No.13371060


>whites are the only race that think they have the moral high ground for fighting fair.

That's the funny thing about savages like you. See, niggers have been living in buttfuck jungle Africa sticking bones up their asses for THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS. For all of civilization, the niggers and savages were left behind in the dust, left to rot among dead leaves and animal carcasses where they belonged. Whites, being exceptionally moral and just, saw you in this squalor and selflessly made it their job to try and bring you out. For several hundreds of years, savages were placed into an actual civilization for the first time. Yet even five hundred years was not enough to civilize the nigger.

After all this patience and grace, the nigger still maintains that being animal is the highest vocation of man, that whitey is stupid for propagating ideas like "patience" and "trust" and "forgiveness". Well nigger, whitey is getting sick of paying your tab. In fact, you'll be lucky if you aren't stuffed into the sewers and hunted for sport in the near future. You think being an animal is so fucking great? Well you better enjoy living like one, because that's what's coming nigger.

710f92  No.13371069

File: 9d8a887cbb80023⋯.jpg (127.51 KB, 581x800, 581:800, 74996141c2bc57377deb5dc65d….jpg)


Stop those niggers good, anon.

710f92  No.13371072

File: e81b3d12fbd0474⋯.jpg (78.55 KB, 773x425, 773:425, e81b3d12fbd0474ecbbdef5c8e….jpg)


I'm not usually one to doublepost to correct a typo, but let me say it again:


f5b3fe  No.13371078


Ooga Booga Bank

b5f919  No.13371082


Go straight to the "top", and send a message.

Burn the nigger cop shop to the ground.

62eef3  No.13371102

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Someone should honk their car horn at him really loud out of nowhere.

08a8f7  No.13371107


>put your hands up nigger its race war time but im not going to suckerpunch you

8ca046  No.13371128


This is why it's bad to roleplay as nazis, when you're just a good joe willing to live honestly. Nobody here is going to fight the race war, and you're actively shooting yourself in the foot by smearing your message with failed ideologies.

589fc6  No.13371133


I just told you, there won't be a race war. White people don't have wars like that, unless it's with each other. We're just going to walk away, and go build some new cool shit somewhere else. Difference is, this time, the whites will make NO mistake in keeping savages far the fuck away from it.

000000  No.13371134

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This lad gets it

Honk them to DEATH

03de68  No.13371150

File: 896b21ed27ae3f0⋯.png (402.9 KB, 600x425, 24:17, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 80ba45f3e08c6b4⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8b3493f6687aeba⋯.png (6.46 MB, 2381x1028, 2381:1028, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4913dd76a7ee8a3⋯.png (6.04 MB, 2239x1021, 2239:1021, ClipboardImage.png)

minecraft effortpost when?

a4e4a3  No.13371158

File: ec01bb533a3ad1b⋯.png (31.1 KB, 270x178, 135:89, ClipboardImage.png)


>stop LARPing as nazis goy


>Nobody here is going to fight the race war.

This is a National Socialist board and we will cleanse our ancestral homelands of lesser races. Your opinion will not change these facts.

000000  No.13371169

Ignore the yankees, brother. They don't know what they're on about. My neighborhood escaped culturally enrichment after the hurricane and every disaster for decades unscathed because we look out for each other with it out in the open and we had a motto round these parts made sure everyone within a hundred miles knew it,

"You Loot, We Shoot".

f5c490  No.13371170


>Does Alabama have the same laws as Texas when it comes to theft or laws like other states with grand theft

Yeah, you can technically shoot someone for vandalism at night in texas.

f191bf  No.13371192


I say just give them the whole state of California..I really wouldn't give a shit

000000  No.13371193


You can shoot someone for stealing a can of beans in Texas. God bless the Lone Star State.

b5f919  No.13371267


They aren't going to get a single grain of fucking sand, you faggot. They will be emptied into the fields for fertilizer to make up for all they've already taken, and then still be indebted.

Not one grain!

3ba985  No.13371290


There is no 'somewhere else' this time.

e99573  No.13371305

File: 9e70d9141d38626⋯.png (298.76 KB, 505x406, 505:406, Liberia.png)


Wouldn't it be simpler to just send them all to the original solution? No need to set up a new special nation when there's a perfectly good one already, right?

99ae96  No.13371345


Bait the car with explosives and leave it somewhere they will take it. Blow it up using your cell phone…JUST KIDDING FEDERAL FAGGOTS…this is supposed to be ironic; a 'hollywood' moment…you know, like the kikes who do nothing but tell stories and fantasize about this shit (it is only dangerous when Whites do it though…am I right you federal fucking cunts? I am right!) whose balls you lick clean after taking it up the ass from our mortal enemies.

99ae96  No.13371372


Livestream! Livestream! I need something to laugh at.

b3443a  No.13371451


It's called Liberia nigger

6dc183  No.13371461

None of you fags are getting off your asses to do anything

99ae96  No.13371466


No anon ;), he said point blank that it was in Days Gone

b599d4  No.13371473


> strategizing about how to respond

What's to strategize, kill them on the spot.

4e0ceb  No.13371480


Technically they have an entire continent. Nonetheless, the original slave descendants living in America right now have a valid argument to stay here. So, create an ethno state, a racial based state in the U.S. where they can [be contained] fulfill their greatest potential without dealing [robbing, raping, murdering] with White privilege.


See above.

99ae96  No.13371484

File: e2d599ca7533245⋯.png (299.53 KB, 571x1050, 571:1050, raped in haiti but still f….png)

File: 1c193d5994b318e⋯.jpg (3.58 MB, 3888x2240, 243:140, haiti middle class 2 copy.jpg)


The grave? Yes anon this would be much better. You wouldn't have to deal with the environmental polution and natural disaster that is a nigger nation on your doorstep or anymore worries about nigger border crossings for rape/murder/slaughter parties. You know that any Whites forced to live next to a nigger nation would kill them all eventually so WHY NOT JUST BE HONEST ABOUT NIGGERS…they are chimps and they don't belong in human society because they are animals, not HUMAN.

555328  No.13371536


The bigger question is how to repeatedly do this without getting caught in the most efficient way possible

dff8ee  No.13371580


>The bigger question is how to repeatedly do this without getting caught in the most efficient way possible

You forgot to add "in Minecraft", fam

2a0302  No.13371591

>>13369777 Prepare all you can, but also: FILE CHARGES

Assaulting a witness has to be a felony. Get a lawyer to go over the sheriff's head and to county court or federal. Get your story into the court record and up on the internet because the media will smear you.

They burglarized City Hall? Have a city councilman call up the national guard for help on the grounds that the sheriff has already refused to stop them.

Get as much help from outside the city as you can.

f534fb  No.13371696

File: 5d3563ce0ef3eed⋯.jpg (19.33 KB, 179x153, 179:153, 1439241796711.jpg)

2cea19  No.13371705

Well now you know why they used to lynch niggers

ebebda  No.13371723

Go to the conservative internet media. Gateway Pundit, ZeroHedge, Breitbart, etc. Share your story. If you get national attention for something like this there will be backlash. You can chose to do some possibly criminal thing and get yourself in trouble and not accomplish anything in the long term. Or you can get a ton of people pissed off about this and pressure to get something done about it.

492314  No.13371757


Then you have your first mission lad you need to exterminate that police chief and use a high point so it looks like niggers did it thus fracturing them from their state supported thugs in blue. After cheif niggums is dead you can go to town on the intellectually inferior blacks who won't have law to protect them. Just start kidnapping the ring leaders kill them and stage a break in claiming you shot them in self defense.

555328  No.13371766

File: 8451d9f860a99ee⋯.png (187.3 KB, 628x642, 314:321, 5d5abc71986997d5d4494ca361….png)


This is all research for a book I'm writing

a79a55  No.13371775

>>13369777 (Check'd)

Shoot to kill.

a79a55  No.13371781


>create anything for niggers

No, just dump them in northern mexico. They'll be the buffer zone for the spics.

272c50  No.13371799


They already got reparation through the cost of civil war and welfare, they go or they cease to exists. Stop making the same fucking mistakes as the past as they slaughter us.

e37843  No.13371835

File: 1eb2364ef4e30e8⋯.jpeg (259.14 KB, 960x960, 1:1, c58b96344d0e5bb6d376a8078….jpeg)

99ae96  No.13371837


This anon. Our reparations for their crimes of theft and murder against our people will be made up via blood and soil.

a8d2d1  No.13371898

File: bfb461e1fe35ad5⋯.jpg (33.28 KB, 814x294, 407:147, 1406270733375.jpg)


checked. good luck

1eeba4  No.13371917

File: d6389077937ca48⋯.png (874.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, d6389077937ca48e051d665b20….png)


>now the white community is strategizing about how to respond

With hollowpoints.

08a8f7  No.13371948


kill zogbots, kill politicians, kill shitskins, kill pedos, kill race traitors, destroy vital infrastructure. do this in real life.

1eeba4  No.13371952

File: 3be9667d23f565b⋯.png (89.48 KB, 406x406, 1:1, 1336666577271.png)


>do this in real life.

Whatever you say, Avi.

e37843  No.13371959

File: 0ba8f183e032933⋯.jpg (10.06 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 0ba8f183e0329337059a7d66b4….jpg)

08a8f7  No.13371962


do you think kikes couldnt false flag this posting all day if they wanted to? they dont. they want you censoring yourself and watering it down so none of it is taken seriously.

b7a382  No.13371965


Ok, Chaim.

1eeba4  No.13371975

File: 6693c9285e453b4⋯.png (939.81 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 1350176422094.png)


>so none of it is taken seriously.

Good. We know how to separate wisdom and sound advice from the bullshit. Federal kike-sucking traitorous parasites like you don't, so have fun sifting through our white noise.

b7a382  No.13371982


Wow, so encouraging to kill feds is sucking off feds now.

Is this the mythical doublethink that your race is so proud of, Chaim?

dc7aae  No.13371996

File: 9f707b263d91542⋯.jpg (123.53 KB, 624x800, 39:50, 2e95fb5540ff4aa3db9c8f5bc2….jpg)


Can't allow niggers anywhere from the start. Don't let them buy food from your stores or gas due civilian enforced martial law. The more you stand up to the government the less they will intervene because of lack of resources and time commitment the government has to focus on, or they can't pay anybody to enforce laws in any manner.

1eeba4  No.13372010


Of course you need to get rid of Feds, these nasty mobs can ruin the comfy house you have in Minecraft.

Good luck with your weekly report to the supervisor on terrorism and hate speech online, glownigger. Oh, and please keep randomly calling anons kikes, it really helps you blend in.

b7a382  No.13372022


So it's really trouble about the doublethink.

OK, Chaim, keep killing feds in Minecraft.

e37843  No.13372036


>your race is so proud of

t. How do you do fellow white people

b7a382  No.13372041


Sup, Moishe?

You up early today?

e37843  No.13372049


>No context telling me i'm a jew

Do you think you're being effective?

0b9859  No.13372078


Just fucking shoot them.

19bf54  No.13372081

File: 496a020cda049aa⋯.jpg (10.46 KB, 202x255, 202:255, HanginAround.jpg)


Godspeed on ridding your neighborhood from the nigger blight.

b7a382  No.13372082


More effective than you, Moishe.

Trying to muddy the water and prevent action, that's you.

0b9859  No.13372091


Isn't Alabama a stand your ground state?

Once a nigger is on your property or is physically assaulting an innocent stop them with impunity. There's nothing else to do. There's nothing else to say.

Defend your right to exist in peace.

0b9859  No.13372100


This isn't 4chan. Shut the fuck up.

000000  No.13372106


Anyone who has actually read the KJV knows that the law is "thou shalt not murder (aka kill unlawfully, with the law in question being god's law, not some legal code)".

The Bible is full of god leading his people to victory over their enemies through war.

e37843  No.13372110


Well no one is stopping you from killing glowniggers not in minecraft. So go first, kill yourself.

0b9859  No.13372133


Using an ancient self help book in an age where degeneracy and avarice is not only praise but is lionized is not only counter intuitive but counter productive.

You both need to stop clinging to a book that was edited thousands of times for the sake of brother arguments. Please.

000000  No.13372135

Some provocateur anons should set fire to random nigger homes or fire off mortars at them or do drive-bys and get things going. Surely some American anon can drive down to Alabama to pull this off? Should help spark things off.

Although the way it's looking I may not even have to pray for this as it seems it could already be set and ready for escalation just by the locals there.

Whatever would be the best and most exciting ways to escalate this situation?

edit: I've tried to post this like 5 fucking time already go through ffs

000000  No.13372143


Prove the Freemasons are anything but redpilled and pro-white old men with an interest in the occult.

My law teacher was a Freemason and he redpilled the whole class, talking about "reverse discrimination" and "wasp rights" and so on, and everyone loved him. He turned out swathes of redpilled pupils that have gone out into the world now and spread the message.

e37843  No.13372144


Niggers already can effectively provide the spark on their own, we want whites to be remembered as heros defending themselves not as antagonists bullying the poor dindonuffin's.

0b9859  No.13372145


First time on tor?

By the way tor is not safe. Your posts are still recorded. It is only an easy way to avoid bans here. You also sound like too edgy to be real.

b7a382  No.13372149


OK, Chaim, don't mind if I do.

000000  No.13372226


Liberia already exists to collect them all. It was made for this specific purpose. Just send them to Liberia like Lincoln intended.

Real talk: the only actual solution is to kill them all, they won't ever willfully live in an all black community, as they are parasites by nature.

000000  No.13372244


All that is need for Racialy Holy War to start is enough like-minded individuals to come together and doe what a non-controlled opposition group would do and actually declare a large swathe of land whites only and fight for it while inviting other whites to come live in whitetopia. Like Orania, South Africa.

000000  No.13372278


Niggers don't have beards unless they're mongrels.

Could be mixed with jew genetics.

000000  No.13372285


I've been on Tor longer than you've heard of the redpill faggot.

Tor isn't fool-proof but as long I don't inadvertently dox myself through shitty OpSec they only have a post and no ip, nobody to attribute it to.

05af7e  No.13372289

File: 73ca6d4783cc1ba⋯.jpg (143.28 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 33rd-level-niggers.jpg)

0b9859  No.13372296


You can't be doxxed even without a vpn with decent opsec. And I gurantee that i've been not only here longer than you but with /new/ to /new/ to /pol/ than to this /pol/ longer than you friendo. And if you're a brother then I hope to see you on the battlefield.

000000  No.13372303


>that pic

Back then they lynched lots of whites too. Niggers always act like they go into prison or get lynched or experience any backlash purely because they're niggers; no, it's always because of the crimes they do. Niggers are punished for rapes, robbery, assaults, etc. with lynching. Was an innocent nigger or a nigger whose crime was not much ever lynched? Probably but same thing has happened to whites.

000000  No.13372324


One day soon faggots like him will be afraid to speak out against National Socialism less they lose their jobs, their life, and more. Just at today they are afraid of ZOG. They think it's impossible but anything is possible.

99ae96  No.13372336


Honk, honk!!

000000  No.13372357


Oh shit this is one I could actually do since I know how to make sparkler bombs.

ProTip for anons lurking:

1. Acquire a ton of sparklers.

2. Wrap bundles of sparklers in shitloads of ducktape. I guess you could add some nails and pieces of metal too.

3. Have one single sparkler sticking out of it that leads into the middle of it.

4. Make about six of these sparkler bombs but the more the better and stuff them into a car.

5. Set up a means that the moment the door is opened the sparkler bomb is lit.

6. This will blow up the car to shrapnel and kill everyone standing too close by or inside the vehicle.

Fireworks can also be packed in there too and if you know what you're doing you could gut a lot of fireworks of their powders and make a decent bomb out of that. A few cans of gasonline could be stuffed in there too to help out and you could use a mister/sprayer on the inside of the vehicle to make sure there's lots of gasoline in the air, heck, just that a lone if it gets lit will cause a massive explosion. Tossing a bag full of flour in there too can help. One could also combine gasoline and styrofoam in there, so that napalm is created when the two combine.

99ae96  No.13372374



Niggers/chimpanzees are the youngest race on the planet anon. Not more than 30,000 years old (we know this from pinpoint DNA testing), they were a race of slaves (part human 20%/part chimpanzee 80%) created to work the mines when Whites refused. Sort of an 'infestation' that got out of control. They shouldn't be pitied they should be exterminated.

000000  No.13372377


Those lazy fucking niggers in that picture btw do literally nothing all day every day. If they were whites in a slum they'd clean that whole mess up in a day or two and they'd never have trash again all over the place like that. Compare South African Afrikaner slums to any nigger slum. World of difference. These niggers are so fucking lazy.

000000  No.13372402


The jewdecial system and the national kike won't do anything and shouldn't even interfere. It's better to just not involve outsiders at all and clean up the mess yourself. I know people who've killed niggers and degenerates and walk free because there's no witnesses they left alive and the police in my area just don't want to get involved with anything. Handle your own problems is a way of life here.

000000  No.13372406


>You can chose to do some possibly criminal thing and get yourself in trouble and not accomplish anything in the long term. Or you can get a ton of people pissed off about this and pressure to get something done about it.

You could just do something about it yourself aka "do some possibly criminal thing" and forget the hopeless cause that is waiting for a bunch of pissed off internet commentators to do something for you.

99ae96  No.13372408


>Fireworks can also be packed in there too and if you know what you're doing you could gut a lot of fireworks of their powders and make a decent bomb out of that. A few cans of gasoline could be stuffed in there too to help out and you could use a mister/sprayer on the inside of the vehicle to make sure there's lots of gasoline in the air, heck, just that alone if it gets lit will cause a massive explosion. Tossing a bag full of flour in there too can help. One could also combine gasoline and styrofoam in there, so that napalm is created when the two combine.

IN MEINCRAFT ANON…MEINCRAFT, also not 100% positive but you might take out a couple city blocks with your stuffing everything with explosives (flour and gasoline) I wonder what would happen if you used sulphur and zinc as well, like could you make an atomizing mist out of it that would respond like plastique? I wish I had a testing ground, large empty open area, of some sort that I could play chemistry fun times with…lol

0e3bcb  No.13372415


nigger how the fuck are 7 sparkler sticks supposed to blow up a car?

000000  No.13372435


Alabama anons should be setting up nigger baits to lure the niggers into death traps and then going open season on them and repeat.


000000  No.13372440


>nigger how the fuck are 7 sparkler sticks supposed to blow up a car?

Like 7 sparkler bombs. Each sparkler bomb has several packs of sparklers in it.

9e091c  No.13372450


>when non-whites take over institutions like the police that they'll use them ethnically

We're past that stage. They also use them (((ethnically))).

t. a victim of this, in leafland, where else

99ae96  No.13372451

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Puff, puff give. Motherfucker, puff, puff give.

000000  No.13372454


I am actually a pagan but I am LARPing as a Christian and well what I said still stands, the Christians need to understand their book better, it doesn't say what their 21st century minds think it does. Since Christians are the only non-degenerates left in my area, I have to work with the local religion. It's a pretty great religion anyways, just wish its characters and settings were in Europe instead of the Middle East, sigh.

99ae96  No.13372461


Do you think there were a whole lot of wales and wolves in the Middle East anon?

9e091c  No.13372462


Sometimes it is actually research and it turns out you and your "crew" of faggot cowards messed with the wrong person.

000000  No.13372464


I've been around since 2007.

I can be doxxed on any platform, be it tor, VPN, a combination of the both, etc. if I am stupid enough to write too many personal details in my posts, have a distinctive writing style, or upload files with exif data, or link to a personal youtube channel, etc.

Other than that, not really.

000000  No.13372473


[citations needed]

[desire to know more intensifies]

99ae96  No.13372477

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well stop it anon. You shouldn't be worried about the fed cocksucker traitors exclusively.

Stay alive.

67d16f  No.13372489


Keep us posted, sounds interesting.

ac4fb4  No.13372532



nice meme, Anon. Go buy fifty pounds of nitrate fertilizer and an accelerant if you want that type of shit

000000  No.13372536

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 seems to depict a future where the ZOG is fighting against Christians, Fascists, and "outcasts" (aka us) to restore a feminist racemixing dystopia to the land.

99ae96  No.13372538

File: c6e024dfa6d0409⋯.jpg (649.54 KB, 765x885, 51:59, niggers are chimpanzees ge….jpg)

File: 4f74a5b437b182d⋯.png (161.19 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, genetic_variation_animal_v….png)

File: 5ddf5badfbdd1a7⋯.jpg (94.03 KB, 543x480, 181:160, DNA hominid ssa whites vs ….jpg)



99ae96  No.13372561

File: 0fedb3848042d4c⋯.gif (5.96 MB, 350x235, 70:47, fail fireworks showoff gif.gif)


I really enjoyed the sparkler idea. So festive.

0f5d49  No.13372587

>no links

Any evidence that these events happened?

And tell us about the victim. Does she have a Jewish surname?

Wouldn't want to get drawn into "let's you and him fight" jewish diversion, would we?

ac4fb4  No.13372589

File: f134aaede114b1f⋯.jpeg (7.43 KB, 229x220, 229:220, images.jpeg)

000000  No.13372614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So pathetic. They just walk right past the border guard, smiling. This is our "border security" anons.

a487f3  No.13372818


>ProTip for anons lurking:

All sparklers are is magnesium.

It does not blow up when it is merely packed tightly together it just fucking burns

Fireworks are black powder which is charcoal, sulfur and potassium nitrate.

Flour is not an explosive unless it is distributed in free air in a very precise amount too little no bang too much same.

An explosive material is when a solid goes through an exothermic reaction and it produces immense amounts of gas in a tiny fraction of time.

t. learned all this shit in HS chemistry class.

664ad0  No.13372853

It has to start small scale. The nigs arent smart enough to see the end game, they will keep trying to retaliate Hatfield McCoy style, but they dont realize they are black, and have no idea how to plan anything.

710f92  No.13372858

File: fd0d4d3f42d21d9⋯.jpg (53 KB, 1139x1124, 1139:1124, fd0d4d3f42d21d9970b522d314….jpg)


>that masonic baseball cap

My fucking sides.

58b7ce  No.13372915


>destroy vital infrastructure

Of all you listed, that's likely the easiest one in a specific case. That being telecommunications.

I can't seem the find the infographic describing the how of doing it but apparently it's easy as fuck.

893e56  No.13372998


Blacks have never gone up in population percentage. The US will be a Mexican country soon though.

c8928e  No.13373010


>Ignore the yankees, brother. They don't know what they're on about. My neighborhood escaped culturally enrichment after the hurricane and every disaster for decades unscathed because we look out for each other with it out in the open and we had a motto round these parts made sure everyone within a hundred miles knew it,

>"You Loot, We Shoot".


c8928e  No.13373026


>Alabama anons should be setting up nigger baits to lure the niggers into death traps and then going open season on them and repeat.

In the rural South it's not uncommon for troublemakers to be disappeared, the biggest threat though isn't even from niggers or even beaners, it's yankee carpetbaggers that are changing the demographics. We're being colonized by these faggots.

4b1466  No.13373057


I live in Mobile anon. It's a White minority too. Shits so fucked here I can't begin to tell you all about it.

Here's what I do: I dress in black and hunt niggers at night.

You think I'm joking? I sit in the woods and pick them off. A couple every few weeks. At random locations. It gets written off as black on black drug related crimes.

4b1466  No.13373059


Thanks Agent Martinez

f90a4b  No.13373372



f90a4b  No.13373378


good book, but he was wrong about niggers taking the South. Southerners are the most likely to win any civil conflict.

7410ca  No.13373386


That's quite some prediction of the future. Tom Clancy been known for predicting since Rainbow six and his books.

But that future is already here so he's getting a bit slow. Why do you think yellow vests protests. Americans sure don't seem to do anything though. Just sit back and vote for Trump.

5b6421  No.13373434


This. The extermination of left wing faggots (conservicunts included) and their pets is the only hope.

5b6421  No.13373437

a0f3bb  No.13373667

Sounds like the big brain approach would be to attack infrastructure to really get shit going. Take away the bread and circuses, get people off the fence, make sure they realize they can't just sit this one out. Using a rifle to destroy key points of the power grid from a safe distance is illegal though, so I recommend that you avoid doing that kind of thing.

7a130b  No.13373688

File: 9c0326b4f3fe969⋯.png (354.08 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 092.png)


here's a problem scenario for this:

>be Louisianan nigger

>live in Louisiana my entire life

>all my family here

>job lol jk I don't have a job

>my black ethnostate is in Alabama (or Georgia, neither would be a great loss for us TBH)

How do you get them all there? When they refuse to move because they're already rooted somewhere? Or they're too broke?

Also, they can just travel freely throughout the rest of the country so nothing has really changed

7a130b  No.13373692


Professor Bike Lock got away with this didn't he?

acb359  No.13373700


Alabama Anons, get involved in your local GOP, Young Republicans, College Republicans, Turning Point USA, etc. organizations. Become political. It's what we need. Begin networking with other GOP's in other cities. It's what I'm doing in north Alabama.

7410ca  No.13373927


That helped South Africa. People don't realize the same (((group))) who ended apartheid in South Africa and put the blacks in power there are the same who are now forcing blacks into power in USA. Yanks are damn dumb. I guess you are boomer living in the 60s thinking peace and hugs will put an end to all this.(((They))) Control politics in the West. Not in Russia as much anymore. If you even step one inch into that filth you are in their land.

Waste your time and fade away brilliant. I am sure that's not what (((They))) want at all.

Yanks have no damn idea how severe the situation is. Damn scary, considering yanks are the only ones left with guns intact, yet you fucks don't understand. That makes the future for whites with European origins look extremely bleak. God speed.

acb359  No.13374148


Our goal isn't to "prevent" the upcoming destabilization. Our goal is to hold it off long enough for Europe to uncuck itself (which it would seem it's beginning to do, albeit slowly.) With that being said, we should also redpill as many whites as possible, so when SHTF, as many of us as possible will begin tribalizing.

In order for tribalization to actually happen, people need to be let down, and let down HARD. In order for that to happen, we need "our" people in politics pushing as hard as possible, so when things do go to shit, they can begin persuading as many whites as possible of the dangers of our current political system and why it cannot last.

Thus, NETWORK AND JOIN as many GOP/conservative organizations as possible. Make your reach as far and wide as possible. Do so, so when the time comes, you can begin redpilling as many whites as possible.

747ef9  No.13374162


Finally a non-retarded post. Good job coping, wh*tes, no ones gonna miss you if you’re gone.

2bb60f  No.13374163

File: 4e2abbe308bfcfe⋯.jpg (10.88 KB, 223x255, 223:255, niggered.jpg)

Godspeed anon, just a bunch of niggers being niggers

747ef9  No.13374173


Hi grandpa

747ef9  No.13374182


And wh*tes won’t kill anyone, except themselves. So it’s an impass, see?

747ef9  No.13374205


Finally a good post

f9433b  No.13374209


then the thought of the conspiracy to unite them all to destroy western civilization manifests

b5f919  No.13374219

File: fab7f8c6ae07207⋯.png (409.76 KB, 500x710, 50:71, IGGER.png)

ddd9c5  No.13374251


Don’t suppose you could give more information? There are some preparatory measures you could make. muhthrowawayaccount@protonmail.com

0cbac1  No.13374257




000000  No.13376555

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Meanwhile, in China.. super cool things.

777bcd  No.13376561


They should've gone after the local KFC to cut them off from their supplies

000000  No.13377869


What are carpetbaggers?

21ff68  No.13377894

You mean it's an area populated by expert martial artists?

000000  No.13377897


Of how much good is our superiour IQ if we do not use it to preserve our aryan brothers (our aryan DNA, aryan means indogermanic).

Therefore use your brain to outhink the (((enemy))) and the niggers. Let our ancestors inspire and amaze you. This book is older than 2000 years (the content), but still accurate.

Learn some nice and short lessons/stories of strategy from the ancient aryans:


000000  No.13377908


I somehow believe you anon but my oh my would it ever be inspiring if you recorded your kills and eventually one day released them all when you get to 88 kill-count. We got to inspire fellow anons. Brenton Tarrant had the right idea. If anons suddenly realize they can take out 88 niggers and get away with it, many more anons will get on board.

21ff68  No.13377915

The torjews are really trying today

000000  No.13378006


t. coward that advocates doing nothing and watching the race die out

21ff68  No.13378008

File: ff70351eb08fb5b⋯.jpg (232.14 KB, 448x651, 64:93, SmartSelect_20190610-13592….jpg)

8fb594  No.13378034


What are the bar codes that I see on the pictures? I often see these in black on white crime data posted.

903b0d  No.13378069

race war is based war.

903b0d  No.13378083


this is so bad i don't know if it's an npc federal employee or anon larping as one.

9c8a18  No.13378147


I hate these fucking people so much. I don't care about women and children, these people should be fucking executed on the fucking spot the SECOND they cross that fucking border.

221017  No.13378214


Were the niggers charged? Did they pay bail?

675b04  No.13378254

File: 21e7deeb4c21e0f⋯.jpg (146.41 KB, 512x640, 4:5, u6VRWUW.jpg)



I present unto you… THE SOLUTION. We can call it the Reparations program so they like it more.

I will start this crazy idea with the premise that the US is not for everyone. It really isn't. Hell, its not even the place or system for many people who were born here and have lived here for generations. Many of the problems we all see are because of this shit. So, how to fix it?

1: End all social wellfare/ public retirements/ etc of all kinds in every way imaginable with an exception of under 15 and over 65.

2: Allow all US Citizens to participate in the program. ALL citizens. Even prisioners. This is an important point. We spend A LOT of money on prisions and bullshit that comes from them. Anyone facing prision time can simply give up their citizenship and leave the nation permanently and get paid. My guess is anyone facing more than 5-10 years will take this road over prision tbh. It also gives people an exit from prisions any time they want.

3: If you want to keep your SNAP and HUD and WIC and all the other free shit these scumbags get simply move to another country and you can keep it. Too expensive you say? Not a problem because we are paying for it all right now anyway.

4: Add in an Affiliate Program. This way some famous (or internet famous) person can get substantially more money by getting others to apply under their affiliate program. This will let entire extended families leave the US in a better position than if they are just individuals.

5: Allow very selective immigration of only the absolute best people. Have very stringent requirements and very tight controls. All former citizens are excluded as this is not a revolving door.

6: Nations who accept people under this program will be eligible for US Aid (which we give away now for fucking free with nothing in return but more scumbags flooding our nation). This will be a boon for these nations. Really shitty nations will gladly take Felons and criminals as they will be an income source and will likely make western style enclaves and actually help their host nations. First world nations who don't really need the money will be more choosey and will not be flooded with shitheads yet will allow them to have quality citizens. This would be for people who just want to live under socialism or some such system as opposed to trying to force it all on us.

Simple as that! That is all we need to really do to completely reform the US. This program will not be based on Racism, though defacto it will greatly favor whites and Asians over all other races. It will not be detrimental to those in poverty as the whole program is VOLUNTARY and never forced. If you are a homeless hobo and happy with that and can continue doing so well, thats fine but you won't get any public assistance. Private ONLY. Wealthy people can easily be a part of the program using their name as a way to get an entire city of people to relocate. Religious people can use this program as a way to move an entire church or sect to another area where they will fit in better. It will allow many who came to the US looking for a better life to have that life where they are FROM. It will allow the US to have the pick of the litter or all humanity based on merit as opposed to the clusterfuck we have today. It will end massive prision programs and the courts and vast expenses wasted. It will end generational wellfare as those who are most likely to want wellfare will take their sorry asses elsewhere and their shitty kids they spawn away from here will not recieve shit. The highest cost of the program will be in the first few years. After that it will be an ever-decreasing downward spiral of costs until it reaches a low stable level in probably 20 years. If a smart group was setting this plan up it would be very wise to do so in the midst of a colossal depression as to encourage as many of the weak and useless to take it up while the strong and capable will remain. We would colonize mars in 20 years if we did this.


000000  No.13378304


I doubt they will take the bait. Even if they are faced with 10 years or even life in prison I think they'd rather sit in a prison in America than be free in a shithole nation. All the same I'd like to see you try and implement this. However, like all clever plans, if we actually had the power to implement this; then we could just simply tell all the shitskins to leave by the end of the years and kill those that refuse to do so.

a64431  No.13378344


Race wars happen allllll the time. Russia, China (Both internally and externally), Africa hundreds of times, the Balkans, Anatolia, Britain a couple times, the Injuns in the US, I could go on and on. Race wars are super common even in the west and in modern times, they just get called different things. Most of the time it ends because of money, outside pressure, or the ones being exterminated flee or capitulate, so it's almost never a complete purge, but they happen, and with some regularity.

1b9d5e  No.13378361


IDK about Alabama, but it doesn't really matter since I'm assuming most of the local judges there are niggers

1b9d5e  No.13378365


You aint seen nothin yet partner


79dbed  No.13378387

File: 0fd8877afd6820f⋯.webm (2.64 MB, 352x640, 11:20, nigger put down.webm)

File: 701eb32630e5dbb⋯.webm (3.43 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, nigger put down 1.webm)


it's time

1b9d5e  No.13378405


Tom Clancy died in 2013 and The Division actually isn't based on any of his books

675b04  No.13378464


Yeah… You are right sadly. I HAVE A DREAM!

f5b3fe  No.13378465


None of those Tom Clancy games are based on his books, he sold them his name back when he was top dog or whatever. His real name is probably Moishe Shekelsmith.

a1cc57  No.13379768

19916e  No.13379774


Support from France lads

a1cc57  No.13379780


fuck optics

1b8e97  No.13380014


Yeah, under the Deadly Force Statutes it's described as criminal mischief at night.

aeddc6  No.13380527

File: c9236eefa870d79⋯.png (94.6 KB, 310x233, 310:233, IMG_0312.PNG.png)


>cheif niggums

25ccf1  No.13380629



de62e3  No.13380705



stop complaining and start acting

57e1a8  No.13381228

Maybe I'm a coward for running away from my former state of Florida, mainly because it is infested with beaners & jungle apes, and is slowly becoming a third world country…already is in some locations.

But I fled a few years ago and now I'm much happier in mountainous Colorado. Welfare dependent beans and nigs tend to avoid places with nature. Parasites need hosts, and there are way more hosts in big cities and populated places.

My suggestion would be to flee Alabama. Any place that has a nigger climate, similar to that of Sub-Saharan Africa, should probably be avoided by whites.

White people thrive in milder and cooler climates.

caf026  No.13381635



>I am actually a pagan but I am LARPing as a Christian and well what I said still stands

Thank you for admitting it, at least.

>the Christians need to understand their book better, it doesn't say what their 21st century minds think it does.

Couldn't agree more. I've had to make that point many times myself.

>Since Christians are the only non-degenerates left in my area, I have to work with the local religion.

Sorry that KJV-tards are the only flavor of Christian in your area. They're not easy to deal with. Very cultic in their thinking, very superstitious. Quick to clam up and act like a porcupine when they feel like you might be disagreeing with their traditions somehow. They seem like mostly boomers though. I thought KJV-only stuff was dying off with them. Why invest the time in trying to negotiate with a disappearing splinter sect that's so peculiar in its beliefs? And why use their strange way of thinking to try to reason with Christians here when most of the KJV-only people I've met would condemn orthodox Protestants as heretics or at least as being in serious error?

3ba985  No.13381658


Woodchippers are cheaper.

66c7db  No.13381921


Except all the niggers that wonder where their electricity, food and welfare went.

4365da  No.13382085

File: 1638f53a56c1107⋯.jpg (15.23 KB, 294x300, 49:50, R-8514653-1463325304-5819.jpg)


It is a simple solution, but I worry that any nation without actual physical borders (better if natural) between it and those it wishes to separate from will eventually see those borders dissolved.

Basically the idea is that man-made (fake) borders do not pass the test of time.

A nice solution might be to fix Canada and the USA, get them on the same page and in lockstep somehow, and actually build a wall on the southern border.

I'm thinking long-term here - hundreds of years or more.

Without true borders, your plan is probably just begging for repeating mistakes of the past.

All the other stuff you said sounds good though, as the national dialogue (and I think the ability to deliver such things) is already heading in that direction.


To clarify…

That idea is basically calling for a (mostly?) global UBI except for in the USA (and whoever else wants the drain-effect)? If I am reading it right…

I wish that whoever wrote it was more clear, but:

I do agree that giving people free stuff/money can be a great motivator for getting them to move to where you'd like them to go.

If I could I would use something like that to sort the nations out, somehow. It seems like a win-win, but I'm not sure if it's realistic.

I think it would require a global economy and global currency, and some sort of id system for each person.

Cryptocurrencies could deliver something like that; the topic has been on my mind for some time.

If it is set up that Greater America (USA+CA) is some sort of meritocratic workhorse, would they be ok in not getting a UBI like the rest of the world, and what would everyone else devolve into, and would it be stable?

Interesting thoughts though… creative solutions seem possible.

3e6dbc  No.13382093


Interesting how this post has nothing to do with Christianity but you bring it up. How much were paid to make that post?

3e6dbc  No.13382101


>I'm a LARPer

well no shit

da3d30  No.13382104

File: 7fc2f653ef6ab2a⋯.jpg (72.37 KB, 620x876, 155:219, A-man-holds-a-machine-gun-….jpg)

Its not a party with some candles!!!

8f728b  No.13382105


>Moishe Shekelsmith

probably. I bet it wasn't even just one person, it was probably 10 people posting under one name to make him seem more le epic and legendary.

da3d30  No.13382113

File: 5d2da0762162530⋯.jpg (121.13 KB, 450x352, 225:176, alabama_onpage.jpg)

b59560  No.13382592


i wouldnt want to eat food fertilized by niggers, probably get AIDs

f286db  No.13382672


Holy trips. Holler if you need backup brother bamafag. I'm not too far to come take care of business. Email the bro ITT and he'll pass it along. There are a lot of /pol/acks in Alabama.


Fuck that. I tried going that route and it goes no where as the prople in those orgs are going nowhere. Hell my city council is now refusing to allow disent at meetings. I tried. I'm not done yet though. By chance were you the guy at the mall I saw wearing a Murdoch Murdoch shirt?

401488  No.13382681

File: 5424caad58617f9⋯.jpg (571.8 KB, 1920x2560, 3:4, 20190204_205313.jpg)


So what you're saying is the entho state was in Alabama all along?!

time to pack my bags.

f286db  No.13382694


It very well could. I find the people here fairly easy to redpill. Most are race conscious already. The only problem is the self-identified "Zionist Christians" that occupy many churches. On the flip side though, I've met a lot of people that already know about the JQ so it's toss up. At least I can say nigger, spic, kike, etc in public all I want.

8301f2  No.13382696



a8e627  No.13382698


May I have more of these heartwarming cartoons please?

8301f2  No.13382712


>if we actually had the power to implement this

we should just start killing them instead. Why 'say anything' it isn't like it is some MYSTERY that they are parasites and unwelcome in our nation.

8301f2  No.13382721


Exterminate all subhumans down to the panama canal. Go home and be at peace.

8301f2  No.13382723


Well you don't eat the food the first year anon…you wait until it has biodegraded.

ebb60f  No.13382731


Those aren't cartoons anon

53037c  No.13382733


You have one thing the criminal blacks don't have on their side: weaponized autism. /pol/ will definitely help you if shit degenerates.

83ac94  No.13382747


Don't be lazy, finish the job.

8301f2  No.13382752


None on you mention or support ETHNOGLOBE anymore…I have given up on living in a world of peace…


a8e627  No.13382783

File: 2782a0f2820aaa1⋯.png (622 KB, 572x711, 572:711, ClipboardImage.png)


Niggers are basically cartoon characters. Prove me wrong.

82ccae  No.13382857


>In the rural South it's not uncommon for troublemakers to be disappeared

Shut the fuck up. Perhaps at one point this happened in the past, but quit making stuff up

000000  No.13382978



Some imbecile, probably named Schmoikel, deflect-posts about masonfags in near every thread. It's tinfoil spam. He might as well be blaming the Bugtustle, Tennessee, Rotary Club for orchestrating 9/11.

It's all so very tiresome.

2da9b6  No.13383174


>drive-bys in a black neighborhood will surely shock people into action

dd5dc5  No.13383230


That strikes me as a fake story made by some kike to guilt white women into blaming themselves when a nigger rapes them. No one is that stupid. The woman even looks jewish.

ebb60f  No.13383235


They're too morbid and fucked to be considered "cartoony" if you've seen Africa Addio.

dd5dc5  No.13383244



A huge red pill thats hard for cuckservatives to swallow is that the Police isn't your friend. They are low IQ people picked to be a strong hand for the criminals who run the courts. The Military in the United States was initially a right of passage but it become a tool that people use to break out of poverty and terrible home life. In the past National Guard has been used on civilians and when it has happened it's completely memoryholed.


The Ludlow Massacre will never be taught in schools and if a single politician even tried to speak of it they would be shifted out of office next election. Media will never touch it. I am just waiting for some shit like this happen again. Cuckservatives need a kick in the head or nothing will happen.

dbb92f  No.13383610


LOL so free masonry and fag clubs like it aren't endowering the jews or supported by them or made by them?

Fuck off you cuck piece of shit nigger lover. Go feed your soul to the divine monstrosity you call your one true god.

Nobody on this board or with half a brain wants secret society fag shit in their life unless they're Killin you or shit related to it.

Almost as bad as the redneck white trash/feminist witchcraft fucks who do nigger shit like pissing in jars with objects belonging to people to curse them

Go neck yourself… Mason lodges are gonna burn just as evenly and righteously alongside the churches, mosques, and synagogues

000000  No.13383625


>A huge red pill thats hard for cuckservatives to swallow is that the Police isn't your friend

No kidding?

>“Adjusted for the homicide rate, whites are 1.7 times more likely than blacks die at the hands of police… Adjusted for the racial disparity at which police are feloniously killed, whites are 1.3 times more likely than blacks to die at the hands of police.”




>The real racial bias: Cops more willing to shoot whites than blacks, research finds


3451c0  No.13383704


It’s a term usually used for politicians. Requirements to be a politician in congress for a local area usually requires you to live in that district or state, sometimes at the time of being elected to office. Some require you to have lived there for a certain number of years.

So a carpetbagger is somebody who the party wants to run for office in a certain district, be it they have party connections, name recognition, resources, are a good public speaker, ect. But since this is done deliberately the people will accuse him of being a “carpetbagger”, meaning they have no cultural, historical (ancestors), and familial ties to the area, thus aren’t fit for the office.

It’s actually more common than you think. Elizabeth warren (senator from Massachusetts) is from Arkansas or something. Massachusetts former governor was MIT Romney (despite being from Utah). Happens a lot in governor and especially congressional races. There is a political elite that moves around to win races, a separate class of people

d8a400  No.13383715


>local nigger police chief

It is probably too late. Without white control of law enforcement, tactical retreat to a majority white area is your only legal option. The state and federal LE bodies will not stand for the kinds of things that would take back control of the town and you will never get white people to buy property in the area again. Pro-tip, never let your local government fall to blacks. Once that happens, white flight and Detroit syndrome are inevitable.

878fc2  No.13383854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


this is how.

8b9c67  No.13383907


There was a reason why Hitler sacked the masonic lodges in Germany. The first thing he did.

080fb2  No.13383913


Public spanking for violent offenses, chopping a hand off for theft and burglary, and public decapitation for rape and murder. Also put the heads on display for all to see and the nigger problem will be gone in no time.

000000  No.13385459


>There was a reason why Hitler sacked the masonic lodges in Germany. The first thing he did.

How are they still relevant though? Earnest question. The ones I know are a bunch of larping slobs that couldn't organize a peanut butter sandwich. I am struggling to see how these tards are orchestrating anything impactful. They're pretty much the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo.

58b7ce  No.13385474


May I have more of those vidyas?

8f86d7  No.13385477


>Simplest solution is creation of a Black ethno-state in U.S.

We'll give them the whole nation, 6 feet underground.

58b7ce  No.13385498


You're wrong. If we balkanize for nigger's own portion of the US why do we give them an upfront payment and subsidize them too?

e7ccfb  No.13385541


True, Masonic lodges in modern times have no power. I looked into them some years ago and attended their forums and talked to some. Even showed the member lists on public websites. Majority of members are lawyers, doctors and engineers who donates into masonic lodge. Which then donates to the local community. Thats what masonic lodges do these days around the world. Not as erotic when reading about what they did hundreds of years ago…

Oh yea at meeting they love to talk about quotes and drink alcohol. Its mostly a social gathering their meetings to get away from their spouses since Masonic lodges are male invite only.So they feel little special etc. All the masonic books are on the web now if you really want to find out the highest degree of how they operate and think.

It's basically new age egyptian inspired knowledge. Most of it is known in new age community some things can be new like how egyptians viewed the world. Masonic is all about ancient egypt.

464407  No.13385567

File: 7ce3122190fd753⋯.png (628.67 KB, 1200x1227, 400:409, sketch-1560384954484.png)


This is what I saw in the picture after reading the tagline " One of the best pleasures in life…"

99ae96  No.13385589


>Africa Addio

One of the best movies of all time…HELL-O!!

ee5cf1  No.13385716


That's literally not true. There were race riots constantly.

The ONLY thing that stopped a full on race war was the laziness of the upper middle class and cuckservative military support. That was during the most prosperous time in US history too. The feds were the only thing that stopped the race war.

>wall of text

Fuck off with this or at least capitalize your blackpill D&C.

878fc2  No.13385844

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Imagine one of these with nails taped to it tossed into a zombie house in minecraft

8cad68  No.13386029


This wouldn't make the news

497fe6  No.13386095


>The Bible is full of god leading his people to victory over their enemies through war.

(((his people)))

99ae96  No.13386107


HAHAHAHA…since when are the atheist fucking faggots 'the people of god'? They are 90%+/- Atheist. You kikes are a fucking joke. You are ridiculous.

a07842  No.13386276


Musical Pause


99ae96  No.13386353


is it just me or is there something wrong with that thumbnail.

078ae5  No.13394678

Whatever came of this?

t. Fellow Alabama Anon

8857bd  No.13394685


Overturned last year

1fd2ac  No.13394772


(((Yahweh)))'s people are the evil race known as the jews.

038cd0  No.13398171


Lynching had a smaller racial disparity than modern day arrests.

c269a1  No.13398252


>South Africa

I knew someone would say this. But America isn't SA you can arm and protect yourself and your property legally. So go ahead and do it, encourage your neighbors to arm themselves too.

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