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File: f84e73960fff6b1⋯.jpeg (185.42 KB, 1269x820, 1269:820, C1884EB9-5215-447A-AFA0-D….jpeg)

d8d06b  No.13377008

Anon from >>13376444 here elaborating on a solution for the lack of firearms /pol/ has in the case of any sort of conflict.

Let me redpill you on the business side of things - highest cost for incorporation or filing as an LLC in any state is $325(Tennessee). Many states around the country have filing fees of less than $100. To legally manufacture firearms, you need a Class 7 Federal Firearms License - the FFL allows you to legally manufacture guns _and_ ammo for commercial sale, as well as sell from your company direct to the public. That’s a surprisingly cheap $150 for a 3 year license. To make machine guns, you need a Class 2 Special Occupational Taxpayers license, which can cost $500 if you make less than half a million, or $1000 if you make more. And lastly, you may or may not need to pay yearly ITAR compliance fees, which comprise the bulk of base yearly cost($2250/year). So ignoring employees and such, your operating cost for the first year is going to be around $3100 at max.

As what is known as a Type III Dealer, this means you(as a company) are legally capable of manufacturing(and stockpiling) fully automatic weapons up to .50 cal(12.7mm for you metricfags). You can also sell them to law enforcement, the military, and other authorized dealers, but that’s not the point here, is it?

Personally, I have access to a variety of different firearms blueprints acquired from a wide number of manufacturers(pic related). I can manage the acquisition of real estate for manufacturing, as well as deal with paperwork and sales - have done my research on this. There’s stuff in the inventory that if manufactured would put Hi-Point to shame in the price category.

Email is muhthrowawayaccount@protonmail.com - will gladly answer any questions.

>inb4 “fuck off glownigger”

Literally nothing I am suggesting here is in violation of US law. Glow accusations aren’t working this time, Moshe

92f898  No.13377033

The licensing costs are one thing but what are the start up costs for CNC machines, hydraulic drill presses, as well as raw materials?

I know that even assembling AKs from parts kits can be quite extensive, it’s not like ARs (aka legos for adults). Requires a lot of tools and that’s parts kits mind you.

I’m not trying to be a neighsayer at all but personally totally outside my level of resources at this time. But just something to keep in mind is if you are registering with the ATF it means the ATF knows you have it. They reserve the right to inspect your shit at any time and if SHTF they’ll come to collect, unless you hightail it out of there and burn the evidence

f66d2c  No.13377072


Not that’s significant when you consider your company doesn’t need to have that large of an individual production like. The lower receiver is the only portion of the gun manufactured by the ATF - you can at least in theory outsource every part of the gun sans the lower receiver to other local machine shops, build connections with them for when SHTF. This means all you have to do is mill/weld/stamp/ cut lower receivers and build parts from the stock brought in you outsource, allowing you to have a high manufacturing capacity with as little personally utilized infrastructure as possible.

As for AK part kits - people don’t make them to the same degree as AR kits, and when they do they’re typically from scrapped Eastern European rifles. Also not sure why the ATF would be prepared to seize such when there will be much more around the country going on in such a situation.

Either way, this allows /pol/tards to, as part of the company, legally possess and have access to a variety of fully automatic weapons in the event of armageddon while also making some top quality jewgold.

f051f2  No.13377123


Why can't I just 3D print guns in my bedroom closet?

f051f2  No.13377127

File: 1741b5d86e08610⋯.png (2.94 MB, 1223x882, 1223:882, ClipboardImage.png)


or why wouldn't I just design a zipgun?

f66d2c  No.13377140



3D printing guns is inherently limited by the slow speed of 3D printers. Whereas a CNC can make the parts for multiple guns, a 3D printer will realistically be lucky enough to make the parts for a single gun. Injection molding provides stronger parts with the same material and can create parts at a significantly higher rate than a 3D printer. Injection molding equipment isn’t something an individual is likely to have, in contrast to companies who are more capable of having something like that.

As for Zip guns - you’re talking about making single-shot firearms in almost exclusively pistol calibers. I’m talking about magazine-fed bolt-action, semiautomatic, and automatic firearms, that are a good bit more capable then what you’re suggesting while still being easy to manufacture. Besides, I have the plans for them - why would you waste time trying to come up with something when the design and how to make it is already available to you?

0290a4  No.13377151

I need a bow, it's not fair to the bad guys if I start with a gun.

1f653a  No.13377156

I've always wondered how many sales/clients you need to have to be considered a business, or if you just need the state/federal licenses and you could do fuck-all. Sadly I don't have the capital required for the licenses or machines but this is a clever idea. Thanks for assembling the info, OP.

0290a4  No.13377176

Varies by state, but the atf rules are very clear, if you're manufacturing weapons that fall under their jurisdiction, you have to comply with their regulations and get a loicense.

If you're just making nonserialized parts, you don't need anything other than a regular business loicense.

If you are manufacturing serialized parts, you need more than just a loicense. You need to pay the itar as well.

0a486b  No.13377183

File: 7ba325423108c22⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1760x770, 16:7, whenopdelivers.png)


>OP delivers

OC worthy

f051f2  No.13377184


I can't afford 100k worth of equipment anon.

Anyways, the pic in aforementioned thread talks about taking out bridges and such. Automatic firearms can't do that (?) but a single-shot homemade mortar could. So what's the use of mass producing firearms if the point is siege warfare?

0290a4  No.13377196


You need less 30k to and a place to setup the equipment to mill your own out.

1f653a  No.13377205


Well you still need to defend you and your m8's from beaners, race traitors, and pavement apes while setting up your mortar. If you're fucking John Wick and can kill niggers with a flintlock pistol that's great, but the rest of us realistically want the best equipment for the job. Losing isn't an option.

As an aside, setting up a business is a great way to reduce your taxes. You should be able to use the licenses and machinery to reduce your income. And you can even include crap like your goyphone bill or auto expenses as work related.

f051f2  No.13377219


What sort of gorilla warfare is this where all of your enemies happen to waiting for you to show up at a particular place??

33702b  No.13377367

>inb4 “fuck off glownigger”

> I can manage the acquisition of real estate for manufacturing, as well as deal with paperwork and sales - have done my research on this.

So why don't you just do it yourself, mr. totally not a honeypot.

000000  No.13377372

>To legally manufacture firearms

>*for others*


>*are forced*

>to have a FFL


As do licenses, registrations, and tax "stamps", and are violations of the 2a. But you should smith your own firearms for personal use. You do not need a loicense or jew permission to make and sell other guns such as high-cal airsoft or other things you can think of.

33702b  No.13377380


>high-cal airsoft

Would you idiots stop calling pneumatic weapons "airsoft"?

Airsoft is a toy.

0290a4  No.13377384

I wouldn't trust any weapon that has been smithed. Milled, forged, and all that, yes. Smithed, not a chance.

000000  No.13377436


What size bullet does that shoot? Muzzle looks too small to shoot a .22 LR.

000000  No.13377452


>30k for mills and sheeeeeeeit

Nah. You can purchase a repaired one or make your own or just shop smaller. Modela are tops imo. Software is good.

Shit, you can even get a Klutch lathe+mill for ~$800 or a full-size gun lathe for ~$4k and a decent sized mill for ~$1k from Northern Tool.

But if you have no funds for funs then you can get by with a coping saw and hand drill. You can even forego the gas fire and go bolt action for any AR funs, too. If you want shot then get a pipe that fits your favorite round and fashion a firing mechanism so it shoots. You can also alter a flaregun but only metal is safe and reusable but feds will show up.

33702b  No.13377456



Gun parts are tinker toys in the scale of industrial components. and a gun is one of the simplest machines you will ever come across as an engineering tech

Don't need anything huge.

33702b  No.13377463


But anon, why are you already suggesting illegal activities and throwaway modifications, when OP is about legitimate business?

862dc2  No.13377465


Thanks for the info. I was just thinking about this kind of operation the other day.

0290a4  No.13377469


Nobody is going to purchase your cheap sacrificial receivers. Don't Jew people that want to purchase stuff that goes boom, that's how you end up getting litigated into perpetual poverty while you support some of dude's family for the rest of their lives, and him if the guy survives.

000000  No.13377474


>not called airsoft

True. 'Airsoft' is a "freon-silicone oil mixture". Many air rifles are piston powered.


>airsoft is a toy

Only by initial design. You can make one that is not a toy. Also, the ones you say are toys say they are not toys on the fun btw.

000000  No.13377478


What are you even trying to say. Nobody is selling anything they make for themselves.


Oh, I see.

33702b  No.13377493


I don't believe that your definition is correct.

My understanding is that "airsoft" refers to a launcher which fires plastic pellets having an energy level or fps rating generally considered to be safe.

The principle of operation of the propellant system is largely irrelevant, you can have spring powered, CO2 or other airsoft.

a7c41a  No.13377497


If you're looking for something, I recommend a crossbow. Crossbow allows for firearm-like accuracy within close to medium range, not to mention it's very much unrestricted. There are also plans on how to build a crossbow - including a repeating crossbow, Chinese-style - on various parts of the internet. Either way, we could get together and make these at bulk with even less restrictions and whatnot than before.


True. Thankfully this means that this company could theoretically order barrels, triggers, and other major functional components from other machine shops and locations, ignoring the lower receiver(which needs to be serialized as it is classified a firearm).



Indeed, which is where the company comes into play. A company registered with the necessary licenses and with the right people working together can benefit all involved, including the greater sphere of /pol/acks.


>implying working by yourself with a business like this can be done by one man

Anyone worth their salt can realize I'm not a honeypot, schlomo - if I was, I'd be advocating for any number of illegal things instead of a legitimate business concept that violates no laws. Sloppy job on your part again, Mossad.


Correct - aside from fully automatic weapons, anything can be made by a civilian for their own personal use without being registered or the manufacturer being licensed. And if you want to register it with the ATF, you can even make SBRs, SBSes, and Destructive Devices. I do agree the restrictions are bullshit.



Which lowers the cost of initially operating even more. I wholeheartedly support it.


Send me an email and maybe we can discuss more. Email is in first post.

0290a4  No.13377501


Then you're just as dumb. AR's aren't low pressure intermediate rifles like AK's. You have to meet structural and material standards to hold up to the requirements for the cartridge. Mill unevenly, or too much out of the side and your receiver is going to blow up in your face.

I've worked in a machine shop. I ran manual mills and lathes. I understand metallurgy very well.

The tools your describing are not fit to get the accuracy to build an AR. The minimum you're going to spend on a start up tooling to build reliable AR's is around $30k.

I know this because two years ago, I was ready to actually do this, before you faggot clowns poked your noses into my business and sold my information to leftists that proceeded to tear my life apart and put me on the street so faggots and trash can call me a nigger.

I have access to all the tools required to do exactly what the OP is asking about, and I have the direct materials experiences to do it.

000000  No.13377502


It is unlawful to have a mechanism that fires one round for every trigger pull (bumpstock) simply becaue it makes doing so "easy". Only a faggot allows jews to control them. Besides. The only perceptiblty unlawful thing I mentioned was altering a flaregun, even though I never wrote how it should be altered. I could mean alter the color or grip. I warned about feds, who would already be in your shit if you went the making for others route, which is what op is on about. Make for personal use. Sell % kits with prints. Make mills and lathes for others to make funs with. Anything but require jewniggerfed approval.

33702b  No.13377504


>Anyone worth their salt can realize I'm not a honeypot, schlomo - if I was, I'd be advocating for any number of illegal things instead of a legitimate business concept that violates no laws. Sloppy job on your part again, Mossad.

Very telling response r…remember to call anyone who questions you a jew - this will help you to fit in.

But do tell, for the benefit of /pol/, what about your post shows "anyone worth their salt", that you're not simply attempting to harvest the contact details of men inclined towards dissident right-wing politics, and who are also inclined towards making arms of war available to those of a similar mindset?

Illegal means little, when you disagree with the government. The name Randy Weaver comes to mind.

33702b  No.13377507


You said it yourself.

>You can also alter a flaregun but only metal is safe and reusable but feds will show up.

Do you take this back or what?

33702b  No.13377518



> The only perceptiblty unlawful thing I mentioned was altering a flaregun, even though I never wrote how it should be altered. I could mean alter the color or grip

Ah, now you're retreating.

The context of your post made it quite clear that you were referring to ballistic modifications.

Why would "altering the color or the grip" render a plastic flare gun unsafe for more than one shot?

>You can also alter a flaregun but only metal is safe and reusable but feds will show up.

>but only metal is safe and reusable

Well I can answer that. It wouldn't. Only a modification for live ammunition would render it unsafe for more than one shot.

The context makes it very clear that you're talking about illegal modification of a flare gun, and yes, you stated that the "feds will show up".

How could that possibly end well for the person who did the conversion?

The fact that you didn't own your statement and are now retreating show tell anyone reading this all they need to know.

0290a4  No.13377527

Telling me I am a grease monkey when I am a certified manual machinist is fucking insulting.

33702b  No.13377534


A grease monkey is a mechanic who simply replaces parts.

0290a4  No.13377538


You don't say!!

I used to design and make parts.

a7c41a  No.13377545

File: 064f2bd7ea31514⋯.jpg (3.48 MB, 4961x3574, 4961:3574, 029.JPG)


Send me an email and let's discuss it more. Also, shit to hear, man - leftist faggots are trash and it's a disgrace for us as /pol/ that the lefties turned your life into a living hell.


You certainly raise a valid point that this idea is intended to deal with: personal manufacturing of firearms for other people - that is, commercial sales - is illegal unless you're a licensed company. As such, why not create a licensed company for this to be done at?


Doubling down on the glownigger assumption, I see. Look, it's simple logic, which those at /pol/ understand: glows are actively trying to incite violence and convince people on this board to actively make a move and do illegal shit. That way, it's easy to ensnare them. I have in no way, shape, or form, advocated for illegal activity in this post - everything I have suggested here is 100% legal and cannot as such be classified as criminal, which could incite an ATF or FBI raid swooping in to send people to Gitmo. I could also point out that it's in their best interest to have people screaming "nice try glownigger" whenever someone comes up with a reasonable idea as well in order to inhibit our ability as a group to do anything.

a7c41a  No.13377547


Pic above related - one of the pages of the complete AKM blueprints I have a copy of.

000000  No.13377553



You can alter a flare gun.

Feds will show up.

Just like when you saw your rifle one inch too short.

Show up for court tho so you don't get ruby ridged.

Or just ask the atf in writing before you do stuff so you get their permission in writing and then file a copy with your sheriff and other local law enforcement so they also know you are in compliance with federal firearms "laws" and minimize your chance of trial by fury.

0290a4  No.13377563


Sending him by transporter as we speak.

33702b  No.13377564


> I have in no way, shape, or form, advocated for illegal activity in this post

I already explained why you don't have to in order to gather the names of dissidents.

No one is going to contact you anyway, so it's a moot point.

Also no one called you a "glow nigger", it's you who keeps screaming that, perhaps anticipating identification?

33702b  No.13377578


>Show up for court tho so you don't get ruby ridged.

Why do something that's going (according to you - the feds WILL show up) to put you at mercy of a kike judge in the first place?

Why put yourself in their playing field, as a right-wing dissident, when any chance to lock you up will be taken?

>Or just ask the atf in writing before you do stuff so you get their permission in writing

Haha, are you serious?

Tell the ATF/Sheriff about your plans to perform a potentially illegal modification, and ask their advice?

What the fuck?

No, the person you ask for such advice is your own fucking lawyer.

I'm out.

I didn't use the term but I will now, this thread is glowing like Radium.

Good luck officer.

0290a4  No.13377585


Sometimes, people set you up genius. Sometimes the cops knew it was going to happen, and then they mocked you for kt after they had you cuffed and in their car. Check the CSP video. the first week in jail as well.

It's called framed. Everybody here fucking knows it. They have been mocking me with it for months especially the niggers and beaners.

000000  No.13377611


>right-wing dissident

Anon. You have the wrong idea about this Tibetan Family Planning Support Group. What are your thoughts on breastfeeding in public ?

>ask their advice?

>are you serious?

Yes. Call before you drill.


Well, /pol/ is a board of peaceofficers.

74c269  No.13377635

a class 3 license doesn't let you manufacture machineguns. A class 3 license lets you transfer machineguns, suppressors, SBRs and SBSs along with any other NFA item.

Another issue is that even with your 07 and 02 FFLs you cant sell or transfer any machineguns you make unless the trasfree is a law enforcement agency or some who also has an 07 and 02 so in other words unless everyone gets an FFL they cant get there hands on these machineguns that the ATF and ITAR know exists and also knows exactly where they are at.

The next issue is that even if you make under 500k a year they have a loop hole where you cant make more then 49 guns a year or ITAR and the DOT are going to be fingering your asshole for tax money.

The one good idea out of this is that with your 02 and 07 you can make suppressors and sell them at cost plus thr tax stamps. I know a gunsmith who when he closed his business he was able to transfer a bunch of his suppressors to himself without the tax stamp fees because his business was closed. sadly any machineguns you make when you have an 07 and 02 get seized and destroyed when you close your business or dont pay to renew it. If you do go through with it though make sure to pay your 02 and 07 taxes 6 months ahead so it clears the paperwork or the ATF will cuck you.

c55c55  No.13377637


/trannypol/ in disguise

c55c55  No.13377648


Hey guys, I know a place where we could set up a self-enclosed compound factory space with 1 large main building and several out-buildings. Give me the word and I can make it happen. There's living space for around 50 individuals on site, it's located in Texas.

59142a  No.13377655

Speaking of which, can /pol/ give me a firearm? Im in germany.

f66d2c  No.13377674


All I can say is I’m sorry you’ve succumbed. I’d hoped the rational part of your brain would win out over the paranoia the feds have instilled in you, but I guess not everyone has sense. Have fun believing every legal business idea suggested here is the work of the FBI.

984725  No.13377693


>itt /k/ realizes /pol/ was always right

0290a4  No.13377704



is never right, and you're on the wrong side of history again.

0290a4  No.13377711


Means, you're commiting acts of war on US soil for foreign governments abainst US citizens.

0290a4  No.13377714

I'm not the punk here, you are.

0290a4  No.13377727

Who is the real tranny? The man that wants to fuck a dude, or the dude that just wants you to answer for your fucking crimes and acts of war?

0290a4  No.13377735

The Jews will ne compensating my family for the next century.

f66d2c  No.13377799

Getting back to the topic at hand - I’ve got stuff for your whole gamut of firearms. To acquire the collection of prints, CAD files, and what have you that I’ve gotten has taken a very long period of time to acquire and catalog. Suffice to say there is a lot to work with and a place for almost every sort of design in a myriad of different calibers.

552e2c  No.13377967


Any good books on firearm manufacturing you can recommend? I really like the physics/math side of it.

552e2c  No.13377978


Fun fact: Cuckchan /k/ used to be nazi before /pol/ even existed.

d8d06b  No.13377985


The Paladin Press books on gunsmithing are an excellent resource regarding putting together firearms. They detail information relating to metal thickness, barrel drilling, receiver forging and killing, and much more. I’m sure there are also plenty of resources that can be googled regarding gunsmithing.

552e2c  No.13377993


Thanks for the recommendation. I'm aware i can find a lot of this stuff online, i was just curious what you guys could recommend me. Thanks.

d8d06b  No.13378036


Since Paladin Press has been out of business for years now and a lot of their books have disappeared, I might be able to get you some photocopies of several of them several hours from now. Send me an email and I’ll drop you the files once I get them out.

552e2c  No.13378084


Perhaps you could PDF them and upload here? Might as well share with everyone ITT. Or you could instead upload it on /pdf/ and link here, it stays around longer over there.

59bd05  No.13378291


Will do so when have the opportunity - currently away from the archive atm, but will do it hopefully this evening or sometime tomorrow.

bc84a8  No.13378377

File: 4cdd79e2adc609a⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1868x2270, 934:1135, communists.png)

All gun control is UN bullshit

atf only has jurisdiction over the first 2 INTERstate sales, not INTRAstate sales, stop being faggots, you have the right to produce and own arms why would you pay for a license to do the same thing

d0831f  No.13378415




every post this tool has made in this thread is absolute bullshit - "30K to make receivers aluminum 7075"

e1bacb  No.13378659

File: e920acff0b4e6d4⋯.pdf (2.71 MB, Bazooka_-_How_To_Build_You….pdf)

File: 25611c574e85de0⋯.pdf (3.68 MB, DIY_recoiless.pdf)

File: 7c9cdb8de0f2623⋯.pdf (4.88 MB, improvised_munitions_handb….pdf)

File: bf6fbe6ffcd1ec3⋯.pdf (3.83 MB, TM 31-210, Improvised Muni….pdf)


I might have some!

caa4e6  No.13378672


i dont read russian, translate now pls

f6cd37  No.13378701

are hellfire triggers good? specifically the stealth model. anybody got one?

0d35ea  No.13378879


Some very good pieces of information. Kudos to you for putting this up.


Hellfire triggers allow you to simulate automatic fire, as was proven by the sound of 'automatic gunfire' during the Waco Seige - those were AR-15s with Hellfire triggers installed. Not as good as a proper M16, but it's an ersatz replacement.

c8da4d  No.13378893

File: 9475e0762ad33fd⋯.webm (5.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Terry Speaks On Mortality.webm)



We have top men on the case. Top men.

c8da4d  No.13378922

File: a0cb76bceeb48ac⋯.png (928 B, 128x152, 16:19, tos.png)


>posts tard-level analysis which appeals to the (((justice system))) in an attempt to encourage communication.

Fuck off, glowstix. The only honest way to advocate for /pol/ armories is to insist that anons remain independent and unknown outside of deep trust webs.

You are a tool of the baddies and should either defect or neck yourself. The fact that you must use underhanded tactics to prop up your rulers is evidence enough that you are a mindless drone who enjoys being a slave. Again: join us or join history.

0d35ea  No.13378985


Here we go again with the glow accusations. Stop being a fucking autist for one second and realize that the feds rely on you spouting off your 'kike shill' bullshit in order to prevent us from doing anything. Your concept of 'independent and unknown deep trust webs' for /pol/ armories isn't going to work and you know it, yet your flimsy shit is what you're trying to fling in this attack. Highly recommend this subversive nig gets filtered by all in the chat.

517613  No.13378994

Well, ITAR is mandatory after 50 firearms are produced, and if you are manufacturing for sale, you have to pay 11% exise tax on each firearm you sell, not to mention state licensing and municiple licensing, federal, state taxes. Its super gay. Much better if you just sell guns to jihadis via US State dept contract.

c8da4d  No.13379018


And now the glownigger is suggesting censorship. What a novel solution.

Fuck off and neck yourself. If small scale, high trust, blood bonded local groups do not exist then the right has no use.

I will kill you myself if you allow me, friendo. If you're interested in being ended in the name of God and Truth then provide me a means to meet you.

You can definitely get at me, CIAnigger. Come get some.

000000  No.13379031

Ontario here. How to get weapons and ammo? I'm tired of being cucked by having no decent weapons. If anyone also knows some other type of weapon that could reasonably be used to get a fuckload of kills tell me.

000e13  No.13379041


Says the pig informant

you glow

c8da4d  No.13379072

File: 323b7dbd44e0a6b⋯.png (43.02 KB, 640x300, 32:15, antisemitism defined jew l….png)


You don't have the slightest clue what "glowing" means, do you?

So tired and so weak. Give up and kill your handlers and then kill yourself. You are in the employ of evil incarnate. Do it.

000e13  No.13379079


Then of wise ONE, educate me. That's what this board is for.

125a98  No.13379082


I have been thinking about /pol/ a lot lately and thinking about 'voluntary policing' where the society itself is so afraid of the state that they become the state to avoid the state. I think /pol/ has a lot of this going on…pretty much all the time.

0d6685  No.13379100

File: 64483437635a4d2⋯.jpeg (539.98 KB, 2129x2493, 2129:2493, DE6A0488-F4B8-47D3-AB83-5….jpeg)


Keep your nog-level behavior out of this otherwise productive conversation. Death threats? Low quality faggotry. Go back to /bant/ where you belong.


You’ll need to get a Possession and Acquisition License in order to buy guns and ammo legally. You could of course theoretically make firearms and ammunition yourself, but unless you have basic machining knowledge and feel safe working around smokeless powder, I’d highly recommend against that. Don’t put yourself in a situation where that faggot Trudeau and his cocksucking cronies can swoop in, take your guns, and throw you in whatever poor excuse Canadians call a prison.

Photo is unrelated to the blueprints I have - it’s one of three .950 JDJ rifles ever manufactured. Gun weighs sixty pounds and can blow the head off of any animal known to exist on the face of the planet. It’s not even really a difficult design to make - it’s a single shot bolt-action rifle. This is the sort of stuff we can come up with if we work together on this company.

000000  No.13379108


>You’ll need to get a Possession and Acquisition License in order to buy guns and ammo legally.

I've been in the psychiatric ward for suicide attempts before. I don't think I'll ever get my hands on guns legally because of this.

>Don’t put yourself in a situation where that faggot Trudeau and his cocksucking cronies can swoop in, take your guns, and throw you in whatever poor excuse Canadians call a prison.

Good luck to them. The moment I have my gun and about a thousand rounds I'm not going to sit around all day like an American doing nothing. Guns aren't just for your hobbies and hunting, they're for overthrowing tyrants.

If you get something started and want to sell weapons and ammo I'll buy from you.

0d6685  No.13379124


Do you have any sort of base metalworking skills? Knowledge of how to use a mill and/or lathe? Even potentially an angle grinder and drill? I’m very much not suggesting such, as it would be highly illegal, but if you wished to go down the route of manufacturing your own gun in defiance of Canadian law, there’s very little stopping you from 3D printing one, manufacturing one(perhaps a Richardson Industries M5 Philippine Guerrilla Gun, or something of the like - shotgun ammunition is plentiful after all), or doing a mixture of both.

e77e97  No.13379130


this is clown world, you pick up the phone and ask government to send an order of goons to such and such a time and place. generals throughout time would have given their left nut for such an ability. Who needs to spend countless sleepless nights strategizing when you can simply order your enemies defeat to the time and place of your choosing like its fucking pizza.

Totally sweet bro. Clown world be reduculous but funny as fuck.

e272a4  No.13379139


Do you know of any good trade schools to learn gunsmithing from? I have a very good GPA, and financial backing to attend a gunsmithing trade school

79e1dd  No.13379147


god dammit why did i open this thread


0d6685  No.13379152


There are a number of options - Pennsylvania Gunsmithing School comes to mind, as does the four NRA gunsmithing schools. The Colorado School of Trades also offers a good gunsmithing program as well.

Do be prepared to have money set aside to get any tools you may need for such a course. “Proper gunsmithing” - that is, not making firearms out of sheet metal and scraps with angle grinders and drills in your garage - requires some specialized equipment to say the least, and takes a lot of time to learn. Would certainly love to have a “proper” gunsmith around - would make developing new weapons for this company worthwhile longer down the line.

279dd6  No.13379155


give complete MG42 blueprints including die blueprints or GTFO

000000  No.13379159


How am I going to get the shotgun shells?

Also how much money for all the equipment and materials?

Also advice on how I should go about selling extra guns and ammo to all my friends?

000e13  No.13379162


As if I would attend school in colorado that isn't Jiu Jitsu. The country's best gunsmithing school is in Prescott, Arizona.

Everybody that's ever entertained the thought of attending a school of that nature knows this.

0d6685  No.13379182


Truthfully I haven’t come across a set of either MG42 or Rheinmetall MG3 plans yet - latter is essentially the former with a heavier bolt and they have significant interchangeability. Sorry anon - will put up a set of MP44 plans later to compensate.


No clue, as such would in fact be illegal, and this thread isn’t for active promotion of illegal behavior. That said, I’m certain it’s possible at least in theory. Material cost to make a Guerrilla Gun is around $15. Can be made with two sections of pipe, an end cap, a washer, a .22 BB pellet, and a carved plywood 2x4. The Guerrilla Gun-style of slamfire shotgun has been around for almost a century, and early versions were being used by the Filipinos during the Philippine Insurrection before WWI. They call it the paliuntod.


You talking the Yavapai College one?

000000  No.13379184


>Material cost to make a Guerrilla Gun is around $15. Can be made with two sections of pipe, an end cap, a washer, a .22 BB pellet, and a carved plywood 2x4. The Guerrilla Gun-style of slamfire shotgun has been around for almost a century, and early versions were being used by the Filipinos during the Philippine Insurrection before WWI. They call it the paliuntod.

So you have the instructions then somewhere for me to go from nothing to have and firing one of these in my secret underground bunker for testing purposes?

0d6685  No.13379224

File: 46fd3cad2ffd717⋯.jpeg (193.37 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 2657FAF1-6051-480E-9A47-A….jpeg)



Basically explains how to put together everything I just mentioned. Remember, check and abide by local, provincial, and national regulations when manufacturing firearms for personal use or for commercial sale.

000e13  No.13379349


Prescott has it's own.

cfd4f5  No.13381039

Bump in order to keep interest - can’t let this become another failed /pol/ project can we?

0f7a95  No.13382079


LOL, fool I built (assembled) my first AR in college on my desk. At the time there was no internet or even books on building them. Just exploded diagrams and part lists. I uses a vice and a big vice grips to tighten barrel nut. NO expensive tools bought. When I started manufacturing (CII) I bought a used mill and lathe, and a small drill press- $10k total. But you children don't have the discipline to save $500 bux. So sad.

cec6b4  No.13382090

I made decent bank last crypto bull run and would be willing to sink several hundred k into this if this gets going

000e13  No.13382097


Great, but that's not gunsmithing, that's assembling a rifle.

Also, no you didn't.

I stated I come from a machinist background above. I also know AR's didn't really exist until after the AWB expired. I know because everybody was into M1a's and bolt actions.

Money loses value if you save it, invest and build wealth.

000e13  No.13382102

I am not taking part in gun or rifle manufacturing.

I am already involved in next generation technology. Rail guns and drone swarms.

cec6b4  No.13382139


>complete AKM blueprints

Stop, you're making me wet

cec6b4  No.13382185

Also, I had a court order to not contact my ex from years ago. Anyway, I live in jew jersey and had my FID taken because of it. Not sure if I can appeal it since this is one of those red flag states Am I still legally able to manufacture personal firearms or do I just make plans to move to a friendly state?

bb8b99  No.13382444


No reason to get at each other - dissent is what those who desire our destruction want. If you have experience in getting ARs together, certainly would be beneficial as I'm sure we'll be working on creating our own AR variant at some point down the line once profitability increases. Why not send me an email?


Send me an email - we can talk more about things and maybe sort out the shekels.


Could certainly use you in this. Having machinists who are /pol/acks will definitely benefit things long-term.


Working on getting the AKM archive into small enough pieces to put on here. May have to MEGA it if need be.


I don't see why you wouldn't be able to appeal it. You should also still legally be able to manufacture personal firearms as long as there is no state law prohibiting the manufacture of firearms for personal use by people without a firearms card. Moving to another state would certainly be the easier option, at least in theory.

b99459  No.13382766


I smell waco texas massacre all over again

0f6492  No.13383606


Would love to be series A funding for some /pol/ack's business. Unfortunately I'd never give my credentials out and network with anyone from this site from the standpoint of not wanting to get wrapped up in some bullshit case because of getting suckered into what sounds like a legitimate business enterprise that spirals into some glow nigger domestic terrorism sting. Best of luck OP. Maybe you're a glownigger or maybe you're not.

Also, there is no shortage of established and reputable firearms manufacturers in the United States, what makes your company different/better? What problem are you solving?

708852  No.13383624


Check auctions in your area for manufacturing equipment especially if your in the midwest. You can snag used machines and other goodies for dirt cheap from companies that are upgrading or replacing their equipment.

708852  No.13383631


if you want them so bad, get someone to go root through the Aberdeen archives. it will cost a lot but they exist there.

d62a28  No.13383754

>muh 2A

Why not just create a new weapon altogether that is nothing like a firearm? something cheap and easy to make in a shed

>legal gun making

thats only really if you want to sell them for profit and only be in the US, you need to give every country the means to defend themselves, laws still get passed in the US that have restricted firearm ownership and you fags do nothing about it.

bb8b99  No.13383764



OP delivers the consolation prize. Here are those StG 44 blueprints.



Here you go.


Then you've succumbed to the feds' deliberate attempts to stir paranoia in anons like you with the resources to help get things done. Again, the very fact that I am promoting a legal company and have not actively advocated for illegal behavior in this thread, contrary to every glownigger who posts on here, should be evidence enough. That said, the company in question is different primarily due to the composition of its employees and the cheapness of most of its product line. The problem solved is a drastic reduction in the minimum price of firearms, which will force the market to either sell at a loss to compete or to rethink their business practices, allowing gun owners across the country to purchase firearms at a lower price.


As is we don't even have a location determined yet. Midwest is certainly an option, but as is I'm just one anon. Getting this sort of equipment would require a U-Haul, a forklift, and at least two or three more anons to assist.


Or rather every _citizen_ the means to defend themselves. Certain countries' governments are shit and as such giving them weapons is just asking for Iraq, Syria, or generally any third world country to turn into even more of a shithole for the people living there than it was before.

bb8b99  No.13383774


That reminds me - if you want to be serious about this, send me an email on a burner and we can talk some more.

d62a28  No.13383789


well yeah not third world nigger shittholes, but actual countries, give europeans the means to arm themselves


citizens are nothing but niggercattle and are no different from subjects or slaves, a citizen naturally doesnt have the means to defend themselves, only a free man has that

565694  No.13383817


And there’s a lot more to do after all. Arming Europeans is exceedingly important in preventing further tyranny by the globalist state through destruction of ethnicity and nation at the behest of Merkel’s Morons. Not to mention South African and Rhodesian whites…

d62a28  No.13383837


its not about preventing tyranny its about killing the jews that have been ruling over us so that it can no longer exist

ab819d  No.13383880


>just like, revolutionize small arms combat bro, like, come on

r/the_donald was a mistake

2dddd1  No.13383914

File: 5ebe2e8db506857⋯.jpg (39.6 KB, 777x578, 777:578, 1512834521136.jpg)


>Show up for court tho so you don't get ruby ridged.

Except when they (((accidentally))) print the wrong date on your summons, as was the case for Randy Weaver.

565694  No.13383915


I mean, whatever you do with such firearms is your business after buying or making them. Just be prepared for any consequences.


Sadly we’re at a point in time where the only advanced one can make in small arms are “cheaper for the same quality” and “higher quality for the same price.” Closest thing I can think of to any sort of true revolution would be “hybrid” metal-plastic guns capable of being effectively put together and sold at a very reasonable price.

d62a28  No.13383935


>yeah bro, just do nothing and try nothing new, stick with the status quo,

you dont need to revoltuionize anything, just come up with a system that can shoot projectiles at a high velocity without the need for shit like gunpowder, even a crossbow would do but in euro countries shit is still regulated to hell .

All we need is a quick, efficient, easy to produce device that could either stun or kill a grown man so we can take his gun


>Just be prepared for any consequences.

civil war is worth it, the problem isnt making or getting a firearm but acquiring the ammo for it, theres no point in making your own when you can just raid an armory or kill a man and take his gun, less chance of your factory built gun blowing up in your face compared to a homemade sten

> Closest thing I can think of to any sort of true revolution would be “hybrid” metal-plastic guns capable of being effectively put together and sold at a very reasonable price.

As long as it isnt another AR or AK clone

565694  No.13384036


Sounds like what you need is, for all intents and purposes, a black powder single shot pistol. It honestly is the simplest solution I can think of for such a weapon in a place like you’re suggesting. Something in any of the traditional calibers there, though, could also work - even 6mm Flobert is lethal at close ranges.

And it most certainly would not be either. Something like a new TEC-9 would certainly appeal to the market.

d62a28  No.13384092


not viable, every cop wears body armor and has a pistol, by the time you get a shot off you're dead

19b7c2  No.13384179


We should have stuff like what the North Hollywood shootout bank robbers had rifles and really good armor the cops could not do shit!well then they started to shoot them in the feet and that is how they where stopped also they didn't have a get away van or anything

565694  No.13384192


Ah. Didn’t make it clear as to such a purpose. I suppose the solution to such would be a compact submachine gun-like weapon in an intermediate caliber - something like the P90, for example. I suppose there is something I might have that could be useful for such…

d62a28  No.13384224


wont work, there are loads of cops on standby with rifles, bulletproof cars,etc thats why people use guerilla warfare



no point when there is an abundance of AKs and M1 garands just lying around

565694  No.13384272


Actual AKs are very hard to find in the US. Most real Garands are museum pieces, and reproduction Garands and their M1A brethren are exceptionally costly to say the least, certainly with regards to rifles. It would be cheaper to make an AR-10 than to get what you’re suggesting. At least AP ammo for such a gun is relatively available.

Of course, not suggesting you use such against human beings. That would be illegal.

429a2c  No.13384274

File: 6c1bd1cfa43fd71⋯.jpg (39.16 KB, 380x250, 38:25, ArmedPigsUK.jpg)

File: 9cbcf030540bccc⋯.jpg (10.3 KB, 150x260, 15:26, kitchener3.jpg)

File: b95a457aebce812⋯.gif (34.51 KB, 200x150, 4:3, bsp-animation.gif)

File: 38525aa03953e97⋯.jpg (5.14 KB, 251x150, 251:150, banner251x150.jpg)


old site about homemade guns



565694  No.13384285


Luty’s designs are certainly a place to start, especially given 9mm ammunition is still very prevalent in the UK and around the world. They are however extremely inaccurate at anything past point blank range due to their lack of barrel rifling. This is an issue with most homemade weapons that can be mitigated by rifling the barrel yourself. It’s a time consuming process but will make your weapon far more capable. Consult rifling manuals to determine the twist necessary for a barrel of your weapon’s length and the type of ammunition you intend to be shooting.

8e8221  No.13384304

File: aa197d34e068bec⋯.png (16.78 KB, 1210x689, 1210:689, 1546817309618.png)

File: b25209cf5841b94⋯.png (294.79 KB, 1371x731, 1371:731, 1546817241442.png)

File: 5aa0725adcbe079⋯.jpg (56.46 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 49501656_729621327412088_5….jpg)

File: 12a67fe38b281b7⋯.jpg (258.5 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1476539356331.jpg)


565694  No.13384559


Lightning Link is an effective if crude way to make a semi-auto AR fully automatic, but you still have to either make, assemble, or purchase an AR to do such.

708852  No.13384883


>As is we don't even have a location determined yet.

That's not just for you but everyone in the thread. I hit a jackpot last summer and scored a mill, a lathe, and a welder for just under 5000.

f38f21  No.13384897


Your guns cost nothing in the USA, I don't see the point.

Just buy buy buy and stockpile all you can. We don't even need full autos or other shit for 4th gen warfare.

565694  No.13384991


The cheapest semiautomatic gun I’ve seen in the US is a Hi-Point 9mm pistol at $195. We can do better than that. No reason we can’t put a pistol together in 9mm, .380ACP, .32ACP, or any other pistol caliber for dubs instead of trips.

708852  No.13385028


it'll be hard to push lower than hi-point.

I think there is room to improve the bullpup concept by using a hydraulic trigger linkage if you're feeling innovative.

b99459  No.13385047


True tbh

565694  No.13385125


It’s doable with sheet metal - only way realistically to make a handgun or other gun cheaper then the Zamak casting Hi-Point uses. Another possible option is to look into revolver shotguns and rifles - the former could prove useful in a bullpup configuration(similar to the Pancor Jackhammer and, in standard config, the Striker-12/Streetsweeper), and the latter could be quite a reliable and easy to maintain rifle.

4d5063  No.13385183

File: e54812b534de0ec⋯.jpg (115.99 KB, 736x541, 736:541, DMEQvSUX4AA6y5E.jpg)


You've clearly never run a business. Take whatever you estimate your expenses to be or the time do complete a project and double it. This is what it would take if everything goes right. Things wont go right so double it again and this is realistic.

Do the same with your income estimates.

Your first year cost is going to be closer to $12k per year just for licenses, insurance, bond etc.

Now how are you making back that money? Almost all successful businesses start with clients already lined up. Who are you selling your full autos to? Do you have an in with police or military in your area?

My suggestion for anyone who wants to do this (or run any business for that matter): Get a job at a local gun store. Work there for at least a year, try to become the manager, learning the ins and outs of the business. What guns are the best sellers? how do you get dealer prices? what kind of advertising is effective? What's the phone number for glock and how should I ask to talk to? How much does rent/insurance/etc cost? Learn about payroll taxes. Do you have trouble finding credit card processors because you sell guns? How much does a gun shop actually make? What percentage of your sales come from having a booth at gun shows? Get on the mailing lists of all gun shows in your area. etc etc etc.

After you've learned the business now set up your own competing gun shop. From there worry about expanding into full autos or whatever.

000000  No.13385197


Isn't the point of this whole matter getting guns into the hands of revolutionaries not merely running a business?

8d11d7  No.13385396


This is the best post in the thread. OP seems knowledgeable about manufacturing firearms but not running a business. Two very different things, it’s the the difference between the guy who works in the business vs the guy who works on the business.

708852  No.13385419


i forgot about sheet metal options.


He has a point. Running a business puts you in position to be a provider, the extra fudd sales are gravy. And from the standpoint of capturing an existing establishment and inheriting it's wisdom vs needing to go through the rigors of learning how build and maintain one from scratch, its got the better time preference.

000000  No.13385469

How the fuck are none of you dumb niggers mentioning Deterrence Dispensed and the new 3D printed guns gang like Ivan the Troll? They're advancing homemade firearms manufacturing by leaps and bounds; they've released full 3D models of the AR-15, magazines, the Glock; you can now print your own Glock/pistol frames and they work, and much more. Twitter and other pozzed tech are doing all they can to censor them to prevent the info spreading, and judging by this thread it's working. A 3D printer costs like $300 and you can start making your own guns from parts and even designing new ones yourself (like that TEC-9 that takes Glock mags) whitout the need for a gorillion dollars in CNC equipment.

If you already have metalworking experience and equipment and combine it with this new technology, and/or if you have 3D design experience, you can be churning out high quality weapons, even brand-new designs, in no time. But even a total retard could figure out how to print his own Glock frame and fit it out with a parts kit.

Jesus christ are any of you even trying?





https://www.reddit.com/r/Defense_Distributed (yes i know, yiddit)

Rifling a barrel for $150: https://gunstreamer.com/watch/how-to-use-ecm-to-rifle-a-barrel-diy-barrel-rifling-project-butwhatabout_CTunXq6iNHxthLg.html




A few 3D gun @KeybaseIO teams: freemendontask, fosscad_org, det_disp






3ac076  No.13385500


sounds extremely comfy. besides myself being nogunz and broke, isn't this exactly too late with steeper regulations being just around the corner?

Also from what I understand the AR platform is so dominant that if you were a new manufacturer you would either be involved a race to the bottom to supply AR parts or you would have to find a niche which may not happen.

814a34  No.13385513


This guy gets it. The newer versions of 3d printed guns actually work right out of the box with the new harder plastic that didn't exist couple of years ago. At least for some. Even vids on youtube showing the newer versions even if they almost removed all of them.

Some 3d printed guns even holds for more than thousand rounds. Some just for couple of shots.

3386e0  No.13385522


Fuck yeah dude, i bet you could easily further this by sand casting aluminium parts from print molds, this would allow for fully fledged weapons.

3d printing is the future correctly applied with casting, if not casting just as a reference point to make your own designs in metal.

814a34  No.13385525

But fair warning regarding the 3d printed guns. The guy who tried to sell them the last time who became well known. they went after him hard even if he did nothing illegal. They of course keep pushing allegations against him over and over. Making him and forcing him to go to court all time. Draining his energy and time and his life is fucked up now. So be wary and be prepared.

000000  No.13385559


Because he was a namefag

814a34  No.13385564


He was horny for attention so might be valid point indeed. Keeping it lowkey might work.

cced26  No.13385747


I'm experimenting with brass-casting from 3D print at home and I only have a cheapo printer and like $200 of equipment and a drill press.

So guess who's gonna have a gucci brass glock17 in a few months?

This guy.

3D print-to-cast is the future of home casting and manufacturing.

bb8b99  No.13385906


This is a capitalist venture. I wholeheartedly understand the cost of operating is far more than $3100, and I also understand that the most important portion of this entire project will be what resources we have to work with initially. Have already done my homework - pistols are the most commonly bought guns, mostly in 9mm. Rifles are almost as popular as pistols, with AR-type rifles in .223/5.56 as the best sellers and pistol-caliber carbines below that. Shotguns are significantly less produced than rifles and pistols, with most being pump-action and 12 gauge being unanimously preferred over 20 gauge. Revolvers are the least popular, with most revolvers being sold in .38 Special and .357 Magnum. Dealer prices typically require proof of an FFL and are typically 30% off manufacturers' suggested retail price. Gun advertising of today focuses on dealing with threats, new technology, and anti-regulationism. The headquarters' phone number for Glock US is, per their website, 770-432-1202. I know about payroll taxes. There are multiple credit card processors who work with firearms companies. Gun shops make enough money to stay around and pay the bills, primarily in the form of used gun sales and more. Booths can be beneficial so long as the money made is more than the exhibition fee for your table space.


To get guns into the hands of /pol/acks who can legally acquire them, who can as such stockpile them in the event of the SHTF situation everyone believes is going to happen. There are also plenty of other potential buyers - hunters, preppers, civilians, police and military, and even potential international sales depending on the types of equipment produced.


But you're also initially involving yourself with people who don't share the same ultimate goals as you, and who might oppose the direction you end up going - which is potentially problematic. I doubt the average gun shop employee has any desire to go full scale "gotta prep for the riot/race war/destruction of society" in the company's intent.


3D printing is good for making individual units, but for turning out firearms at any sort of reasonable rate? Not a chance. We'd need to invest in ABS or Nylon injection molding machines in order to create these guns at any reasonable production level - Nylon 6 is in particular a potentially suitable thermoplastic given it's the same material actually used for Glock frames.


Not really. Pro-gun states are going full scale Holocaust on gun restrictions. Missouri's about to nuke all firearms regulations within the state, and Montana's already made quite a few strides in letting its citizens get suppressors and other NFA items without all the paperwork and restrictions.


Depends on the plastic. ABS is the most common. Nylon is also somewhat common depending on the type. I've never seen a gun printed out of a carbon fiber-based filament(NylonX, CarbonX, Markforged Onyx), so can't speak to its effectiveness. Current models like the PM522 Washbear certainly do last longer than their earlier Grizzly and Liberator brethren.


Double dubs spells truth - 3D printed molds with aluminum casting is certainly an option. However, the problem with this is that there are already companies casting parts from molds using even frailer metals. Zamak 3(an alloy typically compared to pot metal or white metal) is what most of Hi-Point's weapons are made out of and they're currently _the_ bottom of the barrel when it comes to price points.


If you're referring to Cody Wilson, he fucked an underage girl and that's why he's where he's at now. Yes, there was all the other bullshit he went through that was unwarranted, even though he wasn't actually selling any guns, just releasing the blueprints for one that could be printed. or are you talking about someone else?


Brass frame may or may not be a good idea depending on how rigid it proves. Brass slide would certainly look pretty badass. Go for it and post pics on here and /k/ once done.

1fbb1d  No.13387109


"If you're referring to Cody Wilson, he fucked an underage girl and that's why he's where he's at now. Yes, there was all the other bullshit he went through that was unwarranted, even though he wasn't actually selling any guns, just releasing the blueprints for one that could be printed. or are you talking about someone else?"

The underage accusations were all fake as I understand, one of the unwarranted accusations to drain his life away and to be humiliated forever and associated with bad things even if he never did it. He won the court case regarding it.(((They))) often do those framing methods against people they dislike. Since even you now think hes a child molester so it seems the (((their))) plans worked out nicely. People are now programmed to think of him as child molester so he can never do honest things again associated with his name. Even if its all lies. I wonder if that ever happened before. . . .

Nylon pipe for lower calibers, steel for higher. Nylon pipe and stronger might even be enough for shotgun shells, since low pressure like lower calibers.

To mass-produce aluminium frames seems to be ideal. But seeing the few casting vids it seems to be tricky to do detailed hollow shapes with aluminium, needed for actual frames. Wood and metal steel work I do think would go faster in reality. Why create fancy looking when you just need functional. As long you got the proper pipe strength you are good to go.

cced26  No.13387218

File: 4ef2ab0461b6dd8⋯.jpg (127.58 KB, 1259x839, 1259:839, 3dprintedantenna.jpg)

File: 43c9640e4526ee3⋯.jpg (71.63 KB, 794x635, 794:635, lostwaxskull.jpg)


3D Printing is the future of all manufacturing. We're getting to the point that industrial ($150,000) printers can print STEEL into highly defined shapes. A company that gets cheap 3D metal printers first will be able to print out gun receivers with almost ZERO machining other than some hole reaming and rail polishing maybe. Imagine printing out a pistol

>Zero waste metal

>Zero man-hours (Printer runs by itself)

>Just pic up, clean up, assemble and BOOM

$195? Try $19.50. I'm telling you, you go to ANY Machining expo an engineering conference around the country and all they're talking about is additive printing. Norsk Titanium is even printing TITANIUM for Boeing wing parts. The turnaround went from 6 MONTHS to 48 Hours, nearly zero machining costs, and is just as structurally sound.

I'm telling you, in 15 years when metal printers are available to the public for less than $10,000, shit's gonna get reeeally fucking retarded.

Today, we can use NylonX or any of the carbon embedded filaments to make fairly strong parts. WE can print in wax and cast in scrap metal, aluminum, whatever. Casting aluminum isn't difficult and if you have a simple vacuum pump and a lost-wax process you can make incredibly detailed shapes (picrelated2) even without a centrifuge.

Manufacturing is becoming accessible. What a time to be alive.

c7a590  No.13387224


3D printers are still slow as fuck compared to CNC machines though. It's not economic to make guns with them. Antennas and other super complicated, super custom, super expensive items are perfect for 3D printing though. That's where 3D printing shines, the customization. Guns are template made, they're all the same bits, nobody needs to order a slightly different shape on demand. There's no advantage to use 3D printing for guns over more traditional large scale machining.

f1c616  No.13387238


(((They))) will introduce a 3d printer loicense which only the goodest of the goodest and most boring goys get, and industrial printers will be watched by (((officials))).

f76ede  No.13387265


I don't think 3D printing will be economic for any kind of mass productions

3386e0  No.13387421

File: 757ae00b2ea4332⋯.jpg (529.78 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 7365746374636534.jpg)


>the future isn't economic

That's the same thing retarded naysayers like you said about airplanes, motor cars, industrial robots, computers or any other high end/cost manufacture materials that has improved life and is highly valued today.

The future(under whites) isn't driven by pure profit motives as much as accelerating standard of living and doing it technological pursuits so that our own society can advance in prosperity despite complexity and cost. But i get it, since you're used to the whole jewish idea of profit over innovation, let me just remind you these kind of sick ideals are semitic not white, and not how we used to run things.

If it were for jews still only the top 1% rich would have such things as computers or motorized veichles while the rest slaved away without anything, thanks to people like Henry Ford, his pursuits, company ideals and wolkswagen this, thankfully, never happened.

f913f4  No.13387878


You have a source where the accusations were proven false and he was absolved of the BS? You know the old maxim - trust, but verify.


It’s good, but we aren’t starting 15 years from now - we’re starting now, and as such need to prepare our initial production lines based on what’s available now.


3D printing does at the least have the ability to serve as a means of testing prototypes of plastic firearms. From there one can make molds for injection molding after several prototypes have been made and tested.


It wouldn’t shock me if a certain group within the government actually tried to do this. That said, trying to do such would be a pretty big redpill given you’re literally banning a printer and rolls of plastic from the hands of any unlicensed individual.

cced26  No.13388050

File: 0917d6fc27d02bc⋯.jpg (93.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, gears.jpg)

File: 95bf3e074e0640e⋯.jpg (77.29 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, turbonigger.jpg)

File: e29dfe6325ddd84⋯.jpg (95.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wheels.jpg)


>new technology currently isn't as good as decades old refined technology


>isn't economic

You cosmically ignorant sluts. 3D printing is slow today, but ITS THE FUTURE. CNC was garbage compared to manual mills when it first came out too. But you're missing the point here. 3D printers can make LOSSLESS MANUFACTURING. Steel costs per LB. If you can reduce loss, guns get cheaper. There's no milling bits to replace (Milling bits, drill bits, are fucking expensive. You don't need jigs, just a fucking flat plate, you don't need coolants or chip removal vacuums. No need for tooling engineers, just slap a 3D print file on the machine and press GO. You think 3D printers are slow? Try getting a new design engineered and it takes 6 months just for the tool and die engineer to finish his work, and then the machine sends it back because he's an idiot. In that time a 3D printer could have cranked out hundreds of parts. Automated plate transfers mean that you could print for DAYS without a single human in the room.

>but it's a gimmick, for customization only

Nigger listen to me: There isn't a SINGLE manufactured piece that couldn't be improved aesthetically, functionally, or repeatability by 3D printers. NOT ONE. ALL manufactured goods today are designed around the limitations of the machines and materials. Now we can create with ZERO limitations to machines, only considering material weaknesses.

I'm telling you, everybody is investing in lossless, additive manufacturing.

3D printing is the future, it's the NEAR future. Even for mass production.

Stamped and milled receivers will never go away, but in terms of cost, quality, and repeatability I would bet all my money into 3D printers.


Nobody sees it clearer than people IN the industry. It's going to turn manufacturing upside down. It's going to upset the entire market. It's going to change the way we see things. Instead of casting/parting lines you're gonna see print lines. Instead of milling marks you're gonna see filament changes. Now is the time to (((invest))) in it motherfuckers and ride this wave all the way up.

f913f4  No.13388078


This does ignore misprints, nozzle jams, malfunctions, and a wide variety of issues that can arise during a print. Not to mention the fact that as the parts take much longer to make, there’s more time for a malfunction to occur.

3D printing only becomes lossless if you have a filament recycler. Chop old parts up and put it through the recycler to have effectively infinite filament. That said, mixing filaments together could weaken your plastic and make otherwise usable guns dangerous to manufacture. You can effectively do this with aluminum and steel filings already - melt them down and cast them into ingots, then mill or stamp them out and continue to recycle as needed. It’s just a time consuming process for either. Efficient recycling of material, though, can prove very useful.

8ff9b0  No.13388101


He is saying that there is no scrap material in the print, not that there is no loss in any material period.

f913f4  No.13388190


I know, but there can be waste material from misprints, printer malfunctions, nozzle issues, or other problems that can essentially render the print of a part useless and create waste.

1fbb1d  No.13388226




9a738f  No.13388232




Enjoy having your guns break easily.


What's the workflow behind designing a new firearm?

a00ebd  No.13388253


Not really. Shuty AP 9. According to testers never had a failure even after thousand rounds. But sure some older printed models are fragile. Newer are more reliable since modified upon older models for years now and tested like the Shuty AP9.



708852  No.13388289


it usually starts with choosing a purpose for the firearm and then choosing a caliber based on the purpose. the feasibility of the other systems and design choices stem from those two decisions.

f913f4  No.13388427


It can be very short or exceptionally long. The simplest solution is to build around a caliber or series of similar calibers, then determine the weapon type, the action(moreso necessary for pistols and rifles than shotguns and revolvers, as there are more possibilities), then build multiple prototypes until you have an example of one that works just the way you want. Then that example becomes the production example and all versions you produce aren’t based off that. Turnaround time really depends on what you have to work with.


The Shuty AP-9 is IMO the quintessential example of where we’re at now. It’s a hybrid weapon, comprising a mixture of metal critical parts and plastic non-critical parts. It’s where I could see us being with regards to bulk use of plastic parts in a firearm.

a57f89  No.13389053


What's the Chinese status in terms of metal printing? If anyone is going to produce cheap machines, it's going to be the Chinese.

f913f4  No.13389084


Piss-poor IMO. The closest thing to any sort of real benefit to 3D printing I’ve seen is Creality. You can get their Ender 3 DIY printer kit for less than $200 right now and have a decent running 3D printer together in a couple hours. China has not made any real strides in 3D printing metal parts - why would they need to when prices of raw materials are so cheap?

a57f89  No.13389116


We're talking about metal printing, which is extremely useful.

Chinese are good at knocking stuff off. A metal X printer could be shipped to Shenzhen and cloned easily, could it not? I expect the chinese to start selling clones in the next couple of years

9a738f  No.13389119


Are firearm parts handcrafted or precisely built in a factory?

f913f4  No.13389306


Perhaps. Still would cost a good bit of money - around 10k compared to the 100k of current-Gen American printers.


Depends. For some of what the /pol/ firearms company would make I’m sure a lot would be handmade, but if we went the proper company route, we could always make the lower receivers ourselves and simply outsource other parts like the barrels, hammers, triggers, etc. out to other local machine shops as they are not considered to be firearms.

bb8b99  No.13390974

Bump with a question. Should I crosspost this to /k/, /halfpol/, and /halfk/, try to drum things up from the people over there too?

0d95d8  No.13392613

M249 receiver


ab3e18  No.13392921


Only the receiver though. Not the rest of the gun.

fc6c30  No.13395776

File: d48930294364542⋯.jpeg (19.34 KB, 255x191, 255:191, A093F96D-0907-48A2-902C-7….jpeg)

cced26  No.13401418

File: a607600f2baa5f4⋯.jpg (61.89 KB, 1080x809, 1080:809, BLOCKY WAL MART SHIT THAT ….jpg)

Build this and people will buy it

49be93  No.13401460



17bb86  No.13401698

File: a31eb96c495a5d9⋯.pdf (844.3 KB, 12g-pistol-schematics.pdf)


Speaking of which…


Better yet, why not do a town dedicated to gun manufacturing?

17bb86  No.13417714

To whoever sent the tutanota email, I don't have the password to access it.

db4e01  No.13417851


Many (most) gun companies outsource large portions of the manufacturing process. From what I understand most of these gun companies that outsource only actually manufacture a small percentage of the total assembled weapon in house. And, from my understanding what they do is, say we are talking about a company making AR's, they design their receivers and send the designs to a third party for manufacture. They have that third party do a "rough mill", i.e. they do all the cuts but the product that arrives to our AR maker needs to be hand tooled for fit and finish.

So all the major tooling requiring expensive cnc machines is done out of house, the company gets the rough parts and does the finish/polish hand tooling, and the cerakoting in house.

BUT, if you wanted to do shit in house I have seen some real nice used industrial sized 5 axis cnc machines going for $8-9k on ebay

db4e01  No.13417865


Ive sperged into injection molding.. It is not impossible to make a proper DIY injection mold setup. In my opinion the hardest part would be making the prototype from which to make the cast, which is something that the 3d printer would be useful for.

For injection molding all you really need is a cast and a means to influence the flow of your epoxy via vacuum.

9a738f  No.13417907


They all fail like nambia, at it takes is a single hit piece and you lose everything including your money.

17bb86  No.13417971


Was one of the things I actually figured - the ATF deems lower receivers to be a 'firearm' within the gun. We could outsource manufacture of literally every other part within the gun to a variety of local machine shops, then assemble the completed firearms. Might even be simple enough to electropencil on the serious numbers.


I'd like to see examples of 3D printed guns made instead out of injection-molding. Would potentially make the Washbear a firearm worth making.

000000  No.13418037

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Ive sperged into injection molding.. It is not impossible to make a proper DIY injection mold setup.

You mean with plastic or metal? In theory many parts within a firearm could simply be made by creating your own little mini steel foundry. Obviously its a lot easier if you already own firearms then u can use the parts for impressioning in sand. It wont be perfect but you could use a regular hand file to get parts perfect and polish by hand (all theory of course, dont try this).

FYI for anyone interested in becoming gunsmith you can actually model any mechanically functioning firearm out of paper and glue and in theory it should work in metal form too (including your own designs). Of course you should have the appropriate (((licensing))) before attempting that however

000000  No.13418088

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9eb57a  No.13418302

File: 0e73517c4bfb318⋯.png (2.8 MB, 1732x2228, 433:557, sexy.png)


It's not about just any guns

You have to build the correct guns:


Drones are strategically and tactically superior. It is a matter of cost. But if you want to make firearms they must be optimized for this new battlefield we are in today. Yes guns still have use, just like knives.

I agree with your philosophy of making the best guns available for there lowest price to further proliferate arms to the masses. However it is just as important to develop the most cutting edge technology and to publicly demonstrate its effectiveness. Watching a couple dozen wild pigs get slaughtered in under 30 seconds with flying spikes might change peoples minds about how effective firearms really are.

Sorry about the shameless self promotion, I'll be reading through this thread now; always love a good gun design thread.


9eb57a  No.13418356


Thank you this guy knows what is going on!

1fbb1d  No.13418446


It's easy to talk. Sounds like a teenage fantasy you have. Its noble tho. But real life videos showing drones shooting does not seem to effective or exotic as you make it sound. At least with modern technology as it is today.

1. The aim is not accurate. Shooting one bullet thats it. Even with a glock attached to it the recoil and pushback is just crazy and it will take time for it to recover. One bullet is not much at all.

Considering the wind, and all factors taking to get a pinpoint target stabilization and all that automatically, I just don't see it.

You are basically telling me the master swarm drones you are planning will be better than any military drones today in targeting mechanics and flight handling.

Drone shooting with glock:


2. You would have to get really close with a nail drone and hoping the targets are mentally retarded and standing still. Like innocent pigs. Even using OpenCV modern neural network tracking for Cameras which takes a lot of energy (battery drain) even to use are not the best to target moving humans.But your machine will be better than the most advanced neural network detection techniques on market today. I get it.

Military would already be using drones for close quarter combat if they were so effective end of story. They use them for spying.

I can see drones being effective at dropping or shooting pepper spray, area of effect methods. But not single projectile.

Drones would be good as backup to immobilize the threats at distance.

Try to create them for realistic situations instead of wasting energy on teenage fantasies.

9eb57a  No.13418464


Thanks I really do value your critical feedback. Drones have massive vulnerabilities due to the reliance on outside processing and communication lines as well as the potential for hacking. If you don't care about clean kills or morality then just dump high molarity hydrofluoric acid on your enemies. Shit if you bait them on to land you control just run it out of a sprinkler system, otherwise run the same drones they use to put out fires…. And the spike/nail drone does not work alone. Here have a song I wrote about them:

5 part team

3x Attack

2x Surveillance


Attack #1 runs visual distraction by flying directly

at targets face causing a reflexive dodge.

Attack #2 runs audio distraction by flying in

unpredictable and inconsistent circles around target.

Attack #3 "Killbot" intercepts dodge incited by #1 and

and will target the medulla oblongata from any vector

outside the visual field of the target.

Surveillance #1 and #2 are redundant and primary

purpose is to detect and track humans and weapons.

Secondary purpose is to add to audio distraction by

moving in unpredictable and inconsistent patterns.

While Attack and Surveillance are both specialized

they can each perform the functions of one another

if needed.

If target does not dodge Attack #1 will execute.

Attack #3 likes to use gravity to its advantage

for speed and silence bonus.

1. If your CCW does not include a .410 pistol IDK what you are doing with your life.

2. Run. Animals are harder to kill than humans because they are not stupid enough to stand and fight.

9eb57a  No.13418469


The military doesn't run this because they still want human trigger pullers. They don't trust software to decide who and when to kill.

db4e01  No.13418638


> the ATF deems lower receivers to be a 'firearm' within the gun.

only when fully milled. Another option would be to have 80% lowers milled so that all the difficult externals are milled but the inside of the block milled out in house. Would probably be the absolute cheapest way to do it.

17bb86  No.13420949


No complaints here regarding castings. Only issue is the need to polish the thing down, grind off the spur from filling the mold, and make sure the part is fully formed with no air bubbles.


Drones lack in capabilities when compared to your standard infantryman. I'm not sure what you're working on, but there's always room for something like that. That said, >>13418446 does a good job of explaining the issues with drones long-term.


My issue with regards to that is everyone and their grandmother is making AR-15 lowers. There's no reason to just add to the pile with something hardly distinct from the rest of the companies churning out the design.

9eb57a  No.13422046


> I'm not sure what you're working on

I love you anon~ <3 <3 For real you all are the best. My life would be nothing if I didn't have anyone to share this with.

What I am developing is a drone capable of the following under ideal conditions:

Step one: Game.

A drone with a fencing sword and plastic props. You fight the drone and it learns to fight back. You try to break the props with your sword and the drone tries to stab you.

Use this as the base in developing a weak AI. With more funds build faster drones.

step two: Weaponization.

Once the weak AI and the expensive hardware is capable of defeating the most talented swordfighters alive then it is ready for weaponization. Replace the plastic props with

titanium or mini jet engines. Use redundant hot swappable fuel source either batteries or removable liquid fuel tanks. Develop refueling stations ground and air based. Replace

fencing sword with Titanium Carbon Nitride plated steel spike.

Step three: Targeting software.

Once the drone hardware is combat ready and deomnstrates consistant ability to impact targets and return to flight without damage it is ready to become a hardware periphrial.

THe targeting software is designed as a universal fire control. It uses 3D image recognition to identify and track humans and weapons. The rules for when and who to kill can be

selected by the end user. Some options have ambiguity such as; Only kill when a weapon is pointed at allied troops. Others are not ambiguious at all such as: Kill this person

that you are tracking and kill them now. That one is easy. The universal fire control software can be used in firearms with an electronic fire control group. Basically you can

say: Gun only fires when pointed at a human. Now you can not miss because you can hold the trigger down but the gun will not fire untill it is pointed at something which the

software has identified as a human. You can be more specific: Only fire at the brain, spine, or heart. Now you can not miss or even fail to kill. Easy. Before you pull the

trigger you can see what has been IDd as human, you can see the predicted locations of vital shots. The rules can apply to anything from artillary to firearms to fencing drones.

Who do you want to kill? when do you want to kill them? How certian must you be that they will die? These are the basic questions that determine the behavior rules of the

fire control software. In an ideal world we would never waste a bullet again.

9eb57a  No.13422061


I'm sorry forgot to spell check please forgive me I'm having too much fun








db4e01  No.13422142


>everyone and their grandmother is making AR-15 lowers

just used AR's as an example because of the fact that so many are doing it and only a very few amount of companies actually produce their rifles entirely in house.

If I were going to put in the effort to start a gun making company I would want to go for broke and try my hand at designing something innovative.

006a32  No.13422153


Ak 47? SInce it has many hammer systems? So it always fires.

006a32  No.13422180


Very strong spring leverage. The secret of this is to bend the springs according to the material and the stretching point so it gives the best performance.

297d9c  No.13422460


Good luck with that when the power grid is taken down and you run out of fuel for your generators.

Not saying having drones and railguns is bad, but don't put all your eggs in one basket. Some days you'll find fuel. Some days you'll find a large stockpile of bullets. Make it so you can use both.

9eb57a  No.13423900


And some days you'll have to mine sulfur and saltpeter, make your own charcoal, cast your own balls, and forge your own flintlocks. Best to be prepared for any situation yes? Who here knows how to make a spring?

006a32  No.13423910


Is this passive aggressive posting?

9eb57a  No.13423975


Sorry anon-kun, I was just pointing out that nobody has yet to explain how to make the key component of any firearm, the spring. Yes you can outsource, if you have communications and trustworthy suppliers. But if you want to bring up the whole "What if the power grid fails?" scenario then making your own lower for an AR while outsourcing literally every other part is not going to be very helpful. Study everything from drones to the matchlock if you want to really understand weapons and what role they play in society and politics. <3

17bb86  No.13424383


Send me an email and let's work things out. This isn't honestly that bad of an idea, though it is admittedly somewhat implausible.


Regardless of what we make, outsourcing a good deal of the design to other local manufacturing shops is essentially an inevitability. After all, how better to shill such products to the masses than to point out the gun's American-manufactured by local companies?

facd25  No.13424402


I am a machinist.


Anybody that can build a railgun can build a generator to run off grain alcohol and still put rounds through your make shift bolt on armor.

17bb86  No.13424435


Send me an email then and let's discuss stuff.

4150c6  No.13424452

File: 074dc7f4c4951b0⋯.jpg (4.25 KB, 400x400, 1:1, efg.jpg)


epic fed guy spotted

006a32  No.13424461


I simply outlined that i think that the success of the ak47 is because of the correct springs in the trigger mechanism.

17bb86  No.13424473


Literally put my email up in the first post, you mong. Have already had about a half-dozen other anons email me over this shit, and the fact that you assume this is fedposting when I've been advocating for nothing but a legal firearms manufacturing company in the US makes me question how much you're being paid to disrupt worthwhile ideas like this in order to keep /pol/ ineffectual on a world scale.

f81c78  No.13424566


nah it looks about right

4150c6  No.13424572

File: 6e6f3b1a215e4b4⋯.jpg (10.62 KB, 245x251, 245:251, sayittomyface.jpg)

17bb86  No.13424970


And reported. Autism terminated.

d5d614  No.13425175


Hey German fag… Just build an AR clone. You get a plate kit and a router from a place like 5d tactical. Then get an 80% lower blank. And mill it. Then get a parts kit and put it together. None of it is anything special. No license no number no nothing. If the companies won't ship to ya just pay a UPS store for a month for an address and set up re-mailing. They will even repackage it for a fee if you do (put a box in a box).

80fdbd  No.13425187


Good luck making precision rifling on a lathe with worn out ways. The right way to go if you are very serious would be machines that cost as much as a small car if you are going manual.

CNC you are talking about 40k for simpler turning and milling centers. 100-400k for the really fancy shit. These companies all offer payment plans like car dealers do.

Remember that the firearms market is very saturated right now and I really would not recommend going into this if that is your primary goal. If you want to start a business make other stuff and do the firearms stuff on the side.

80fdbd  No.13425206


All this shit looks like a pointless overpriced boonogle.

80fdbd  No.13425217


Notice there is one thing in common with all those printed parts. The surface finish is shit. Anywhere where finish matters printing will not be good enough. Also powdered titanium tends to burst into flames.

9eb57a  No.13425806

File: 077b7a3bc0c2eed⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 2464x2272, 77:71, ait crop2.jpg)



>Gun weighs sixty pounds and can blow the head off of any animal known to exist on the face of the planet.

>Like innocent pigs.

Look OP I don't like your posting style

You clearly don't know what damage feral hogs do to livestock and property. How fucking innocent is the bacon you cook or are you some….

You keep asking people to email you

>Send me an email and let's work things out.

Work what out? What could you possibly have to say to me that you don't want everyone else here to see?

You know all these designs? You know all these projects? You are looking through my fucking WASTE BACKET!

Look, this is what caused all this to happen. If you look at my youtube channel from GATETAP EP to now every video I make is my final fucking testament to the world. I got really sick. I spoke to death. I did not think I would live this long. I am doing this because I want to let EVERYONE know what I have gone though. I want everyone to know the thought processes and philosophical revelations I have had because it cost me a LOT of fucking suffering. IT COST ME MY FUCKING LIFE. I am dying right now and no one will help me. I have no job and no money. That is a lie I have around $60 between cash, change, and my bank account. I am hungry. And I am branded a fucking NAZI. No one will help me. I will never trust a doctor. I will never trust you OP. You want to talk in private? You send me a fucking email and then if it is something juicy enough sensitive enough If i believe you are anything but what you present yourself as I will respect your request for a private conversation. But if you expect me to switch from public weapons development back to private development you better make it worth my while. DO NOT MAKE ME RELEASE THE NO SCAN PAGES. I have created things I would rather take to the grave. By created I mean rediscovered. This super weapon already exists. Nobody remembers how to operate the thing or those who know how to run it don't want to use it. Probably for the same reasons I don't want to share it. It serves us no good to destroy the ONLY FUCKING PLANET we have. When the time for this weapon is needed I believe it will present itself

to us again. Right now let me say the most powerful weapon is communication and a group of like minded individuals. That is all.

If anyone in this thread needs any help with weapons design feel free to contact me.

Hey OP why does your ID keep changing? I'm just giving you trouble but still it rubs me suspicious. I already linked my youtube channel any of you could dox me if you actually put in some effort. I am not afraid of you anymore. I am only afraid of letting EBOLA-CHAN down. All I ever wanted to do was be her channel, to be her human body to do with what she wants. You talk to me you talk to HER. You work with me you work with HER. You kill me, you kill HER. You kill yourself…. You kill HER. She will be waiting for you on the other side. You take your chances, you live with the consequences, you die with the consequences.


Sorry I wasn't picking on you I was speaking to the thread in general. IMO the reason the AK pattern is reliable is because of the overgassed long stroke piston and the taper of the 7.62x39 casing. Many firearms have spring and hammer FCG like the AK and they are terrible. Now there is nothing wrong with the AK Fire Control Group it is very dirt tolerant and more than sufficient but it could use some minor improvements for even greater reliability. The fact is the AK is not the most reliable gun out there. The TKB-517 was proven to be more reliable and durable than the AK but was not chosen simply because of the need to retrain soldiers. For those who do not know the TKB-517 is roughly a

famas style accelerated blowback gun that shoots the 7.62x39 bullet.


Yes it is a painfully expensive line of development. But if you want to fight a war with (nearly) zero casualties on yourside and the psyop of brutal mechanical efficiency of execution for any enemy combatants then you have to pay to play. If you want to fight a cheap war I hope you have a lot of human fodder to throw at the enemy. Hey it worked for the Russians in WWII maybe I have been developing in the wrong direction this whole time.

<3 <3

With love Anons~ Never stop shitposting! It is the only way to take this place back and to crush the moral of our enemies.

17bb86  No.13427440



You work for USA Network?

>You clearly don't know what damage feral hogs do to livestock and property. How fucking innocent is the bacon you cook or are you some….

Wasn't even the anon who brought 'innocent pigs' up. Could care less about innocence of bacon or some other ALF talking point.

>Work what out?

Well, if we can get this company off the ground, I'd certainly be interested in seeing if we can't get some of your designs constructed in prototype form in order to adequately test them and see if their capabilities are truly what you suggest they are or can be.


What are the no scan pages?

>Hey OP why does your ID keep changing? I'm just giving you trouble but still it rubs me suspicious.

Deliberate move

>I am only afraid of letting EBOLA-CHAN down.

…Ebola-chan is a meme, though.

9eb57a  No.13428010

File: e31595b2af34de1⋯.jpg (319.17 KB, 1700x2338, 850:1169, 007.jpg)


I live in usa, I make emails on mail.com and I like the @usa.com suffix because I like the USA we are one of the last places where you can purchase a firearm with no paperwork at all and you can go to a 24/7 walmart or mcdonalds and have pizza delivered to your home at 1am. USA is the fucking best place to live.

Sorry hard to follow you OP when your ID keeps changing.

Cool, we'll have to keep in touch if you follow my youtube channel I plan to be doing a part for part gun design series where I actually complete an entire gun design. If you want a partial gun design you can watch my 9 millimeter mini prosciutto video where I show all the progress I made on the 9MP design before scrapping it for various reasons. Mainly because Polymer magazines are shit. There are other bits of gun design hidden in other videos on my channel too.

The NO SCAN pages are things between me and a pencil and a few pieces of paper. They describe weapons for interplanetary warfare. Nobody needs them and I use them as a -mostly- empty threat. You would have to kill me and fail, or worse to piss me off so much to motivate me to make those weapon systems public. I wont talk about them any further. They are between me and god, and they are so simple that anyone can figure them out with basic observation skills/ watch an apple fall from a tree. Watch it again and again and one day you might get it.

…God is a meme, though.

<3 I'll probably be lurking here for a while, but I get tired of politics fairly quickly. I am just who I am. I do what I do. Sorry if I seem crazy or angry, I have suffered a lot at the hands of anti gun and anti white and anti male politics. I don't take kindly to being targeted or manipulated. I never compromise on principles and that limits me greatly. I'd rather suffer and die than to life the life of a traitor.

e272a4  No.13428276



On a scale from 0 to 10, how much schizophrenia or other mental conditions do you have in your head?

17bb86  No.13428934


…so you never made a prototype of the 9mm Mini Prosciutto?

9eb57a  No.13428976




No. If someone wants it as a novelty I will build one on request, but life is too short to spend on obsolete designs. The current ideal firearm system uses proprietary magazines in the calibers 6.8x28 FN and 9x75 BMG. Also now over under instead of SxS

9eb57a  No.13428990


ffff Really tho the 6.8x28 FN is just a temporary filler position which will be replaced with a multi material semi cased square round something between the G11 caseless and the dardick tround.

9eb57a  No.13429081


Why the 9mp is what it is:

Originally intended to fire the 5.56mm nato round from the STANAG I realized that I was spending too much time developing the gas locking system and the developments I made there needed to be isolated as their own project "ideal lock delay system for self loading firearms." So I went ahead and designed a firearm around nothing but the boiled down concept of the prosciutto: A gun that could be reloaded while firing. I wanted the cheapest and most commonly available centerfire round in the most popular magazine: 9mm glock. Also the most simple system possible, straight blowback. Therefore I could focus exclusively on the prosciutto system without the need for any extra innovation. It was a fun and educational experience and the system was never completed until later I went back and built it around the 1911 magazine to reduce excessive width and solve the issue of the polymer magazines.

There are more prosciuttos than I can count anymore. I made one as a drop in upper receiver for an ar-15, I made one that uses AK-47 mags, I made them in countless variations around every caliber from 14.5x114 to .22LR. I even made a 4 barrel double OU shotgun that technically meets the requirements of a prosciutto. If you want a prosciutto I'm your guy.

A Prosciutto is nothing more than a FN BRG-15 that has two additional features: 1. Each side can be loaded independently. 2. When one side runs empty it will automatically start feeding from the other side.

17bb86  No.13429219

File: 83fe5639f8b24be⋯.jpg (35.69 KB, 750x450, 5:3, WinchesterLiberator.jpg)


>I even made a 4 barrel double OU shotgun that technically meets the requirements of a prosciutto

Like this?

9eb57a  No.13429275

File: 14d3a0f76947661⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 3188x1820, 797:455, v2-cover.jpg)


Close, but split the action in half so you can load one side while firing the other. Don't mind that thing on the left, if anyone can explain it please do because I have no idea what it would do and I'm sure other people have built them anyway. The over under prosciutto is just a proof of concept it is totally impractical and pointless, nobody needs to reload a shotgun like that. A magazine fed system on the other hand has some practical applications. If you want to get technical the old school muzzleloading SxS percussion shotgun is a prosciutto because you can fire one barrel while reloading the other if you needed to.

9eb57a  No.13429282

File: ff40c1eb6bb8bac⋯.jpg (20.57 KB, 600x227, 600:227, howdah-hunter OG prosciutt….jpg)

The original prosciutto

17bb86  No.13429359


Make a prototype of this and let’s see it work. It has the potential to be a vey interesting design if it functions as planned.

36ccc9  No.13447484


5091b9  No.13447628

File: 9149591233f6a36⋯.png (893.04 KB, 1988x1948, 497:487, leaflet dispenser.png)

/polfuns/ is every anon getting 80% lowers dremelling them in their bedroom. Or with a drillpress if you don't live in an urban shitbox.

17bb86  No.13447791


Beneficial for individuals, but it's not sustainable on long-term, especially if they're going to be making guns for more people than themselves. This company idea gets around that.

137075  No.13447815

Personally I'd love to have a single shot pistol with a threaded barrel, something minimal and easy to carry. What you could also do is build a pistol/rifle body that can use standard off the shelf parts, like a glock barrel, using an ar trigger group instead of building your own, etc. This way you could sell a husk of a personal protection device that would still meet the ballistic requirements of spitting lead while being useful to the lego builder out there.

17bb86  No.13449174


The issue with that is the variety of different barrel types and other components. Said components are almost always incompatible with similar components designed for another gun, so creating a takedown kit would be quite problematic.

4cb467  No.13449182


A glock even though i never touched a gun in my life will lay smoothly in your hand. And it works like your smartphone and even looks like it, it gives you safety and control. You can feel her parts, and it gives power and it always works.

4cb467  No.13449190


I think its secret lays in its pull back mechanism along with the plastic/metal consistancy. It is all that matters for a gun. Get it right a million times, get it right a million times. And then optics. Like tits, tits got that right,.

6ddb8a  No.13449201


Good luck with the op, op.

It's a good idea and can work as long as you stick very carefully within the laws, in fact, well within the laws.

Keep in mind that any licensing required is often dealt with through the police, and the police are well known to obstruct lawful license applications for as long as they want to. The process itself could be delayed for years if you have ever made any kind of complaint against the police, or have any publicly visible presence of defiance in any way.

The best bet is to be as gormless and normal as possible, with no intention other than personal wealth or to fill a gap in the market.

d31cea  No.13449234


Why don't we start an ICO for this

df81b4  No.13449424

How about just making the parts that a 3D printer can't make, things like receivers?

Since you aren't selling a gun you could ship them out or sell them to anyone even via mail or online. But check the law first, some gun parts might actually be legally restricted for sale etc. But it's an idea.

257c8b  No.13449484

File: 6eb0fc361a8bfd5⋯.png (80.43 KB, 406x376, 203:188, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 77646000303cff9⋯.png (74.8 KB, 406x376, 203:188, ClipboardImage.png)




Ideal Conceal .380 cell phone pistol.

Get u one, anon.

17bb86  No.13450699


An initial coin offering isn't that bad of an idea.


That's the plan.


I like it, but tbh there are purpose-built firearms in .380ACP that are smaller and more easily concealable than that. Even pen guns are .

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