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File: 187f255d5fe780c⋯.jpg (505.22 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, house americana brick.jpg)

File: ef6692e5f3382f6⋯.jpg (80.77 KB, 640x458, 320:229, framing osb aparments.jpg)

File: f57cb30cf1a252e⋯.jpg (589.55 KB, 2400x1656, 100:69, house alpine style chalet ….jpg)

File: 119b6d6222a31bb⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1174x811, 1174:811, house price 1920s sears.png)

File: 53c2937fe881a52⋯.jpg (130.02 KB, 600x450, 4:3, framing osb 2000 McEnhance….jpg)

1f5526  No.13377339

there is a lot of talk about architecture and ugliness of postmodern design, but rarer do people go deeper in that topic and realize the structural stupidity of modern buildings and their toxicity to humans.

ITT Ill present many principles of longlasting and healthy house buildin Ive gathered from researching architecture and all kinds of building technology, Ill touch on (((construction industry))) which is with (((pharmaceutical industry))) one of the most corrupt ones.

To those who doubt that this is a pol thread, ask yourself about the problem of housing and the problem of quality housing.

1f5526  No.13377346

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

these are principles to look for in buying or DIYing, Ill go in details…

1st principle - BREATHABILITY



4th – HAT and BOOTS

5th - if you mix materials mix them HORIZONTALLY (gravity will prevent significant movement), avoid vertical layering of different materials as much as you can

637477  No.13377353

OP are you the builder anon who knows his shit?

ab46fa  No.13377357


anything relating to specific avenues of kike culture degradation is /pol/

9b3c69  No.13377361

I'm going to be building me an earthbag home.

3de3ad  No.13377368


Yup - I remember that thread

Our current cheap construction

buildings made to decompose

1f5526  No.13377374

File: 9629b38f8b601e2⋯.jpg (179.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, wood log cabin american st….jpg)

1st principle - BREATHABILITY

All walls need to "breath" enough so that moisture will never be trapped anywhere. Modern building materials used by contractors are the worst ones to use. They trap moisture and cause problems that ensure job security for the contractors. Vapor barriers rot houses from the inside out simply from bodily perpetration and cooking moisture. Using vapor barriers requires a host of other support systems to ensure the entire thing actually works just enough to keep contractors from getting sued quickly. That's the main reason why you have extremely old masonry houses and castles still doing well today, yet there are so many modern masonry houses that are falling apart, yet both are well kept and not neglected by their occupants.

Ever felt phisically sick in a modern building and felt like it lacks oxygen, but dont feel that way in a stone house or a log cabin? That is because modern houses are (((airtight))) which is related to asthma problems kids devlop.


all diy is implicitly white and if architecture is pol so it construction


I guess so xD

1f5526  No.13377379

File: 05a950c8f2c0862⋯.jpg (321.02 KB, 1300x955, 260:191, swiss alpine house overhan….jpg)

File: 31b4fc71583aed7⋯.jpg (59.52 KB, 736x552, 4:3, framing joinery solid wood.jpg)


all materials need to have similar physical property's

for example a house from bricks with lime mortar is going to last forever because lime mortar and bricks have similar stretch and flex.

now that house gets repaired with cement mortar because its faster and cheaper and the repaired wall is going to get many cracks because concrete is much harder than lime and harder than the bricks.

same with timber construction houses which wood survived the rain for more years than the USA is old get a new coat of paint.

the people use new latex waterproof extra chemical paint and the wooden beams are compost after 20 years.

why? because MC Paint is going to get a small crack and traps moisture behind it and because its water tight it can never leave the wood until your house collapses.

pic rel - notice that its framed by joinery and not by steel screws. that house will last +100 years

1f5526  No.13377383

File: 1eb3f89e4ffc1c3⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 4486x4497, 4486:4497, pantheon1.jpg)

File: 46981d3b5bf5457⋯.jpg (308.22 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, stone bridge2.jpg)

File: 21ed51a44ed1f42⋯.jpg (37.61 KB, 768x432, 16:9, stone bridge.jpg)


Just like God creates man with a brain that floats within the skull in spinal fluid to embrace the impact, house need to do the same. Think judo, embrace the attack, dont fight it heads on.

Earth moves constatnly and McConcrete breakes, McRebar gets wet and enhances braking of McConcrete.

Stone foundations are "flexible" that is why they last so long. Similar principle goes with stone/brick walls.

1f5526  No.13377388

File: dc8a4364fb90d8f⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1280x969, 1280:969, house_Dick Proenneke.jpg)

4th – Hat and boots

self explanatory - rain/moistuere/ice protection, if you are under the rain, you absoltuly need waterproof boots and wp hat/umbrella, rest is personal pref

Same as with protective clothing - most hardwearing clothing are your helmet and work boots, EVERY reliable house build has respected that principle and is built on quality foundation and a roof with a solid overhang

9b3c69  No.13377390

File: 19df902be2faa32⋯.jpg (172.27 KB, 700x525, 4:3, Earthbag Greenery.jpg)

File: 44e1f8441cf8da8⋯.jpg (60.41 KB, 650x413, 650:413, earthbag-home-plan.jpg)

File: ff556d6ffc45b7e⋯.jpg (146.9 KB, 960x752, 60:47, Earthbag-Modern-with-Trim.jpg)

File: 37dd9dc9d03e517⋯.jpg (200.01 KB, 877x825, 877:825, inspirational-earthbag-hom….jpg)

File: 88a4499542161e5⋯.jpg (40.41 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 104a8259bd9d82914aa0d00e85….jpg)


Forgot pic and a few reasons



>keeps cool in heat

>keep warm in cold, if using correct insulating particulates



>simple construction

>devised by Persian Aryan to provide good housing for people

Yeah I think this will do nicely.

1f5526  No.13377394

File: 2940440c97cf59d⋯.jpg (137.49 KB, 500x333, 500:333, insulation straw.jpg)

File: f619ee576640167⋯.jpg (128.56 KB, 400x391, 400:391, insulation rock wool 56.jpg)

File: 0f288c38787fc3b⋯.jpg (110.6 KB, 450x600, 3:4, insulation cavity walls.jpg)

File: b9c68840a37cfe6⋯.jpg (324.66 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, insulation3.jpg)

5th - if you mix materials mix them HORIZONTALLY (gravity will prevent significant movement)

while layering vertically does give solid thermal properties, it is bound to fail since it isnt compressed by gravity but with moisture and expansion its just a matter of time for your facade to portrude.

Building a thicc monowall with double layers of brick or thicc logs is a far superior option.

pic rel are modern options of insulation that are all shortlasting (even the "good ones" like external rock wool plastered on aerated brick will fail after 20-30 years). We should bring back monowall

637477  No.13377396


mods are gay if they trash this thread, because it'll be better than anything in the catalogue for months

c686c9  No.13377408

I plan to build an initial house with cob and eventually build a larger house with stone. Building one out of stone will be an enormous project, and will take many years to complete, but is something that will be able to stay standing for generations if done correctly.

The cob will go up much quicker, and that house can eventually be for other family or be a guest house.

Any anons have experience building their own homes?

a3fedc  No.13377412

Good thread. Bump

9b3c69  No.13377415



I suggest looking into Earthbag designs, friend. It, too, can last for generations, and is easier and cheaper and quicker to complete than 100% stone would be.

1f5526  No.13377433

File: 2df3b5b50748531⋯.jpg (115.97 KB, 735x529, 735:529, swiss alpine house overhan….jpg)

OK, enough me preaching, Im willing to help if you have questions but since DIYism is one of the whitest thing you can do I also want to learn tips from other DIY anons.

Also, last time I started this thread here, I contacted some anons via burner mail for advice etc, so here is a proton if you have additional questions on buying house etc.

housepill (et) protonmail . com


>earthbag/dome house

this are very good, however, you shouldnt do them in high rain area and possible in cold areas (?) and they create complexities in interiors but provide extreme durability for low investment


you can do both possibly, stone foundations, cob upper, but I recommend just using reinfroced concrete for framing + bricks, much more simple and done more times

9b3c69  No.13377441


>shouldn't do them in high rain areas

Nonsense. They're built all the time in tropical jungle nations in Latin America and SE Asia all the time, and they handle the humidity just fine.

>and cold

Just add insulating particulates to the mix, it's no biggie.

b23b3b  No.13377444


>construction industry

>most corrupt ones.

It is.

1f5526  No.13377445

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

also be wary of anyone in construction industry, scams are all over the place, yuppie fags do deserve them doe but everyone without basic knowledge can get scammed heavily


>Nonsense. They're built all the time in tropical jungle nations in Latin America and SE Asia all the time, and they handle the humidity just fine.

Interesting, Im not familiar with dome/earthbaf houses, how doesnt the roof leak?

c686c9  No.13377448



I have considered that too. Once I have land I’ll build some stuff like a shed, kids playhouse, or a root cellar to experiment with different materials. But from what I’ve seen I think I prefer cob. A long term stone project is still something I’d like to do, but earthbags could be good for smaller buildings.

Aesthetically they are rather shit, but I guess with good planning an earthbag home could look less like a turd.

9b3c69  No.13377462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's plastic bags, right? Then plaster is aded to cover the interior/exterior surfaces, so it's pretty damn water-tight. Here's a video that might pique your interest. I got more if you're like.


>aesthetically shit

Different people have different tastes. I personally love the designs and the potential appearances, as well as the undeniable utility.

1f5526  No.13377489

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For some reason, this style of building is standard in continental euope but non present in anglo world, tested with time already and very straightforward to do. No innate problems with it and relativly cheap to do.

Reinforced concrete frame + red brick

>tornado proof

>earthquake proof

>no termite

>solid insulation


>It's plastic bags, right? Then plaster is aded to cover the interior/exterior surfaces, so it's pretty damn water-tight.

do you have video of thar part being build. here is a video of a more conservative approach

2f71a0  No.13377498


>That is because modern houses are (((airtight)))

This is false. Modern building have ventilation.

>which is related to asthma problems kids devlop.

Citation needed.


>notice my assertion with no supporting evidence



>rebar braks (sic) concrete

No. Rebar is used for reinforcing concrete.


This is incomprehensible.


>this works better because I said so

It's like homeopathy for home building. How about some sources. Some numbers. Something that validates what you're saying.

OP has no idea what they're talking about.

c686c9  No.13377500


I can understand the appeal but they look like turd mounds to me. Would probably only use to build root cellar. I plan to build much larger, with two stories, so earth bags probably not my best bet, and I’d like to keep plastic to a minimum.


What about a house that was all stone? Or mostly stone. Have you seen something like that done? I’ve come across one, took the guy 30 years to build though

9b3c69  No.13377514

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>being build

Yes, here this one ought to give you an idea. This one was built in Guatemala, a very wet humid place.

1f5526  No.13377517

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this video is just a scratch on the surface of toxicity of modern house builds, forget about xenoestrogens in food, think about the air you breathe in the house and stuff you touch in the house, its all poly based and toxic


>Modern building have ventilation.

they have to have it since they dont breathe by themselves, they RELLY on ventilation (=another expense) but you dont seem to want to understand it.


>What about a house that was all stone? Or mostly stone. Have you seen something like that done?

had the best sleep of my life in one and in blazing summer heat with no AC or HVAC. They are a logistic nightmare to build doe and probably not ideal for very cold areas (wood is better isolator unlike stone), with stone houses you almost alsways have to go deep to count for high thermal mass of stone so that is another expense.

7cf145  No.13377523

Was there an archive of the last thread? I looked for a while, couldn't find it.


>the people use new latex waterproof extra chemical paint

Need to repaint my 100 year old house. What type of paint would you recommend?

9b3c69  No.13377533

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



In this news coverage, it shows a system with that family-size in mind.

7cf145  No.13377535


>No. Rebar is used for reinforcing concrete

In theory, yes. In practice, if rebar gets wet (any cracks in the concrete, etc) the rebar will rust and expand, destroying the concrete.

1f5526  No.13377541

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>plastic bags

thread carefully, they are not a longterm option, if you want to do it right use RC. Im still sceptical about leakage.


It should be in archive, but Ill post an infopasta some anon did later, for now this video might be usefull, Peter Ward has a great channel.

>what paint

avoid everything that is (((super waterproof))), sure water wont get in, but trough walls, but how will water (=moisture created from inside) get out?

1f5526  No.13377559

File: 22d4c0ff3ad7eb7⋯.jpg (671.66 KB, 2457x2873, 189:221, house_info.jpg)

File: b96ebc145973f47⋯.jpg (326.89 KB, 1280x827, 1280:827, stone buildings bridge mas….jpg)

File: e467c7b2be05787⋯.jpg (621.17 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, stone bridge roman.jpg)

File: ef842bf80e2c3a5⋯.jpg (324.98 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, bridge_Alcántara_tomada_de….JPG)

File: f17913b7f25fa09⋯.jpg (38.4 KB, 474x316, 3:2, bridge_alcantara.jpg)

all of these bridges are +100 years old, trick to longterm durabiltiy is different that the trick to shortterm durability. With longterm durability you have to build structure with "softer" materials to prevent them becomeing BRITTLE, (similar to tempering steel), but today noone seems to give a shit and then you have catastrophies like Mirandi


here is an infopasta

c686c9  No.13377599


Might be fine as a temporary solution, but aesthetics matter, especially if something is going to be around for a long time. Would rather spend years building a stone house with my children that my grandkids could live in, but could live in a turd while doing that I guess, cob just seems more versatile

Girlfriend likes the idea of building our own home, she wants to learn to make stained glass windows for it and do mosaics on the floors.


>wood is better isolator unlike stone

I didn’t realize that, it’s fairly mild here, usually stays above freezing, but it’s very wet.

I’ve looked at using brick instead, might be easier on the logistics but not sure how the cost would compare

ed3012  No.13377609

File: eebbcb5bc835f08⋯.pdf (5.97 MB, Ornamental Drawing, and Ar….pdf)

File: c3d811f47ddf071⋯.jpg (379.87 KB, 788x1252, 197:313, Ornamental Drawing, and Ar….jpg)

Ornamental Drawing, and Architectural Design by Robert Scott Burn (1857)

ed3012  No.13377616

File: 119a7a8b3ce7f02⋯.pdf (15.12 MB, Vitruvius - The Ten Books ….pdf)

File: dc4e7875025c670⋯.jpg (529.54 KB, 853x1359, 853:1359, Vitruvius - The Ten Books ….jpg)

Vitruvius - The Ten Books on Architecture (Translated by Morris H. Morgan)(1914)

1f5526  No.13377647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

the quality of modern materials used in current construction is utter garbage, its not the lack of skill of the carpenter that makes these buildings such crapholes its low quality traditional materials and high toxicity modern materials (osb, poly insulation etc).

Here is a great documentary on choosing in preparing wood for construction, this all sounds like esoterism at first but it makes perfect sense (wood like to water levels is affected by Moon)…question is why have we started ignoring this knowledge?

1f5526  No.13377664

File: b104e427953e5a1⋯.png (757.25 KB, 1304x1304, 1:1, wood quality osb.png)

File: 8de3a125b21a070⋯.jpg (233.51 KB, 1073x1431, 1073:1431, wood pine young vs old.jpg)

File: 25817cd1b641438⋯.jpg (120.62 KB, 500x480, 25:24, OSB ROT STUCCO.jpg)

File: bd369a9e1edc1ce⋯.jpg (256.29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, house_Rotten_OSB_-_no_kick….jpg)


>the quality of modern materials used in current construction is utter garbage, its not the lack of skill of the carpenter that makes these buildings such crapholes its low quality traditional materials and high toxicity modern materials (osb, poly insulation etc).

000000  No.13377675


Here is an explaination of barrier classifications:

Type 1 (Barrier)

>Impermeable (≤1 US perm, or ≤57 SI perm) - such as glass, sheet metal, polyethylene sheet, rubber membrane, oil-based paints, vinyl wall coverings, etc;

Type 2 (Retarder)

>Semi-permeable (1-10 US perm, or 57-570 SI perm) - such as unfaced expanded or extruded polystyrene, asphalt or bitumen coated kraft paper, plywood, some latex-based paints, etc;

Type 3 (No Real Protection)

>Permeable (>10 US perm, or >570 SI perm) - such as gypsum board, plaster, fiberglass, cellulose, or wool insulation, board lumber, concrete block, brick, etc;

1513bf  No.13377698

File: b024312a6612d46⋯.png (78.03 KB, 517x483, 517:483, download.png)


HEY! That book is covered in Hortlers!

000000  No.13377785


>modern building

Is called 'Platform Framing'. It followed 'Balloon Framing', logically, as it makes little sense to hang the floors off of the walls.

>All walls need to "breath" enough so that moisture will never be trapped anywhere

This is what windows and doors are for, to air-out the moisture that builds up in the living space.



Air sealing (walls) reduces heat flow from air movement (convection) and prevents water vapor in the air from entering the wall. In a 100-square foot wall, one cup of water can diffuse through untreated drywall (without a vapor barrier) in a year but 50 cups of water can enter through a 1/2-inch diameter round hole. You do not need to worry about diffusion through materials like you do actual holes into your (modern) walls.

000000  No.13377853


>all materials need to have similar physical properties

>have similar stretch and flex

>framed by joinery and not by steel screws

>will last +100 years

How do structural screws, which are made to be flexible like nails, not last 100yrs, especially if you cover/plug your fastener holes and frame with structural logic, making sure the fastener isn't the only joinery ? Hardwood dowel as fasteners is pretty based imo but nobody is doing it really yet, or anymore.

>timber construction houses which wood survived the rain for more years than the USA is old

Also used mud and clay with organic filler as chinking to seal the gaps, which kind of counters your claim here. wikipedia.org/wiki/Log_cabin wikipedia.org/wiki/Log_house wikipedia.org/wiki/Timber_framing wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodworking_joints


You have to keep painted. Let no cracks or peels.

Stain is better imo but I am unsure about the polymer used to seal it liek with Sikkens semi-transparent. You don't really need plastic sealer from moisture only uv protection, unless you are in the water. Pro timber restorers use an epoxy (plastic) to repair old wood and stop decay. This may cause more issues down the road idk.

dca1a9  No.13377951

kys croat retard

432372  No.13377994


Wasn't there a issue for a while where the drywall being used was cheap shit from china, and after a while it started stinking like ammonia really bad

1f5526  No.13378091

File: 8b6af82dd3c84da⋯.jpg (2.89 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, house stone sweden 11th ce….jpg)

File: 2d4c5727da4f41e⋯.jpg (165.69 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, house adobe.jpg)

File: d77790f3541b746⋯.jpg (312.36 KB, 1000x665, 200:133, reinforced concrete house ….jpg)

File: 43fa085751d4d09⋯.jpg (66.83 KB, 800x531, 800:531, osb plywood framing mcmans….jpg)

File: f7af379336c80a8⋯.jpg (46.08 KB, 474x353, 474:353, FRAMING OSB WALLS.jpg)


>This is what windows and doors are for, to air-out the moisture that builds up in the living space.

if that were true, you wouldnt need expensive HVAC systems.

>Air sealing

many modern homes have major issues with moisture, this whole (((air tight))) construction is overdesign stupidity


>kys croat retard

go eat some OSB for breakfast


regarding joining 2 pieces of wood its like this:




Joinery takes a lot of time but bolts can last a lot as well since they account in wood movement unlike nails or even worse screws that dont allow much movement.

>Also used mud and clay with organic filler as chinking to seal the gaps, which kind of counters your claim here.

it supports my claim if anything, mud is softer than wood and with expanding it wont damage the wood, you just re-chink it from time to time.


yes, many modern materials have longterm issues that they werent even tested for before selling them

a5b2c2  No.13378095

File: 549e3ebc4c6097a⋯.jpg (209.92 KB, 464x657, 464:657, SmartSelect_20190610-14181….jpg)

People can't fly, so don't forget your Moat.

24501f  No.13378165

File: 70834c1683737a9⋯.jpg (775.15 KB, 2000x890, 200:89, csm_Vita_147_DJI_0330_CMYK….jpg)

File: d8db4c75542e2ac⋯.jpg (685.95 KB, 2000x890, 200:89, csm_Cubus_162-fertighaus-f….jpg)

File: 01dc84debb1937b⋯.jpg (79.2 KB, 920x690, 4:3, fertighaus-hauslinie-new-d….jpg)



Yes these pictures in your posts used to be the way we used to build here in central Europe. But now everything looks like this. Fucking shoe boxes. They plop them between those beautiful old houses everywhere, making the entire townscape look like shit.

I was asking if some jew designer is behind this new style in a similar thread about a year ago, but apparently it's just a sign of the times.

1f5526  No.13378199

File: daa6f3c41130ff6⋯.jpg (28.24 KB, 595x449, 595:449, maxcompact venilated facad….JPG)

File: 16b60662e093f52⋯.jpg (144.38 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, maxcompact.jpg)

File: 291dd3dfdcdc0a6⋯.jpg (33.39 KB, 375x500, 3:4, maxcompact venilated facad….JPG)

File: b62c11e5eb4bd71⋯.jpg (25.67 KB, 474x339, 158:113, maxcompact2.jpg)

File: bc3508e889ff776⋯.jpg (146.37 KB, 700x400, 7:4, maxcompact3.jpg)


>Yes these pictures in your posts used to be the way we used to build here in central Europe. But now everything looks like this. Fucking shoe boxes.

what is worst is that I can get on with that shoebox design if it werent such a crapbox structurally speaking

>no overhang

have you seen the water build up on the walls? you can usually spot the water stains

>maxcompact mega maxy poly gypsium 2000 pannels

I simply cant stand the look of that shit plastic maxcompact panel or any king of ventilated facade, such a gimmicky system that changes it colour or warps after 20 years from sun, still better that foam insulation americans use but europe as well is being cucked by gimmicky construction. ventialted facades became a thinkg just because it requires less skillfull labour and time

68e711  No.13378243

File: ea9f79b9737e8aa⋯.jpg (72.45 KB, 526x350, 263:175, underground_house_1.jpg)


have any information on cave houses or recommended books?

I want to build a decent timber frame home but next to or above bedrock so i can extend into it and shaft the property value jews.

d99618  No.13378266

Using natural and sound construction methods is bascially going stealth with nature

818f90  No.13378313


The Inca empire and the Roman empire didn't used rebar in their masonry

3c9da4  No.13378319


I live in an earthbag house I build illegally in Western Oregon. Rainy as fuck. Build in a flood prone river-bottom. The building is … how do I say this… EXCELLENT. I spent less than $4000 building the entire thing. One guy, 2 months, plus a month solid of cement work (ugh) got me 310 sq feet of warm-in-winter, cold-in-summer earthbag goodness. I fucking LOVE my little house. My wife and baby son live here with me. We pay $200 a year in taxes on our land since it is (((unbuildable))) due to flood zones and ag zones and building codes and other fake bullshit. I have to fall, saw and split 4 cords of firewood to stay warm each winter. I do about 10 cords a year by hand and keep all the good straight logs for poles/sawed lumber. Anything really nice I paint the ends and stack it to dry for a few years under some big trees. Iv got quite a pile now so I gotta get me a little sawmill…


I lost 25 lbs. I dont have to have a real job any more. I spend every single day with my wife and son. I havent missed even half a day with them in 2 years. Needless to say there is a new baby on the way soon!

Keep each building small. I have a shipping container for a kitchen. A little log cabin for a bath-house, A backup stick-build cabin for guests or just when one of us wants to get some space. I have a shop made from a few containers with a roof over them for equipment maintenance and tools and such.

This is in western oregon on the coast range. It rains A FUCKING LOT here. As I said before it is in a low-lying flood prone area and I have had zero water problems. The walls are 2 feet thick of packed clay earth. I shot them with my .357 as well as emptied a mag of 5.56 into them and not a single round penetrated I have since cemented them and painted them.

The hardest part is getting about 10 acres covered in heavy trees. If you can get that you are golden as the trees can hide your place and will provide fuel for your home.

Quit being a wage slave.

Quit working to end the white race.

Quit committing suicide every single day.

Quit the fucking world. Its fun, healthy, cheap and fucking AWESOME.

74cc81  No.13378329

File: 6b247035004d257⋯.png (60.3 KB, 805x795, 161:159, 6b2.png)


Engineer here.

The way you prevent rot in your walls is by looking at the moisture and temperature profile across the wall cross-section. Different materials in the walls will have different thermal and moisture resistance properties, and you need to make sure that the moisture/temperature profiles will not cause there to be a dew point. Its especially bad if there's a dew point subjected to freeze/thaw.

You need a psychrometric chart for this. There should be metric and standard versions.


1a332e  No.13378336

Someone wanna tell me why we abandoned roman concrete and are apparently not using it today? Is it cost or planned obsolescence?

94e9d2  No.13378349


What is your average yearly expenditure? Where do you get that money? Where did you meet your wife and was she open to the idea of what your life is now? What do you do for fun?

3c9da4  No.13378355


Reminds me of SLIPFORM STONE. Slipform stone is a building method using only rough stone and some boards and cement. It can be reinforced with steel as well if needed. It is a very low skill form of stone construction and is also very forgiving to the novice. I was originally going to build with slipform but there are absolutely zero stones on my property ha ha. Not even ONE. So I did earthbag instead since the place has tons of high-clay soil in some areas. Sure, one can have stone brought in but it takes A LOT to do something like this. Look into slipform if you want an extremely high quality building for the cost of time and cement only. Make it with curves and rebar and slight inward tipping so the walls are self-supporting and you will be looking at an AWESOME building that will last 1000 years if you keep the water off those walls. If you soak the walls they will frost-wedge in the winter and it will all come down but keep it dry and it will last forever.

1f5526  No.13378359

File: c558942d09e23bd⋯.jpg (200.15 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, house half timber pier 15t….jpg)

File: 480f559074a6ea0⋯.jpg (135.78 KB, 1200x860, 60:43, house alpine style chalet ….jpg)

File: 2fc4472badecb4e⋯.jpg (117.76 KB, 800x600, 4:3, croatian shit shack red br….jpg)

File: d9663898eeb0844⋯.jpg (504.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, house_norway.jpg)

File: 7a64e0f93b31892⋯.jpg (611.48 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, house_standard_europe.jpg)


>This is in western oregon on the coast range. It rains A FUCKING LOT here. As I said before it is in a low-lying flood prone area and I have had zero water problems. The walls are 2 feet thick of packed clay earth.

here is what I would like to know, how do you protect the top of the earthbag building to not leak or simply get wet? Is the top treated with heavier clay? Im thinking in hat and boots paradigm of having a roof and overhang so what is the trick?


>Someone wanna tell me why we abandoned roman concrete and are apparently not using it today? Is it cost or planned obsolescence?

official version - we cant into vulcanic ash, no way, its impossible

most likely - other types of cement offer a better profit margin

1a332e  No.13378363


>we cant into vulcanic ash

That sounds retarded as fuck. Thanks for the info.

e6983a  No.13378372

Houses like cars are designed by (((bankers))) and (((lawyers))). Red tape is the new HB graphite pencil.

818f90  No.13378376


So you're saying you need an expert before you build… and even then you are FUCKED if the climate changes.

3c9da4  No.13378421


Ok, some more background so you have a clearer picture. I bought A TON of land. It took every penny I had to do it and I got a slammin' deal. for a rough estimate it is more than a mile walk to go all the way around my property. This is not really necessary but it worked out good in this instance because I have been leasing out about 80% of it. I get about 1k per month for this with no end in sight. The remaining land I live on, do my firewood and soon sawn lumber on. I have 2 farm stands. since I have a road to the north and a road to the south. They have small solar systems and a few AGM batteries to run a small fridge for eggs and stuff like that that I have extra. I make a couple hundred bucks a month off of those with no effort.

We have bee hives… Like 30 of those goddammed thing I think? I hate bees but we get thousands of pounds of honey so Its worth it. I sell some of it. I brew up some of it into mead which I (sell/trade in minecraft cough cough) along with a small pot still for … (Distilling "water "in minecraft). I collect rainwater off my roof to drink since I have no well or the power to run a well pump. I do have a solar system that I use for computers and such. A backup generator for the winter that drinks about 30 gallons of gas a year.

I do some work on the side for people and also make stuff out of wood. I make chairs and tables out of huge slabs with mortise and tenon construction all by hand with chisels and axes. Its kinda rough looking but you could park a dumptruck on the table and it woudl be fine. I dont sell many but when I do they are like 3kusd.

I raise pigs and chickens. I dol 10 pigs a year on partially forested pasture. I never buy pig feed and dont breed them. I just buy new piglets from another lady up the road every fall. Usually in September. I move them every few days with electric fences. With no grain they grow slower and are leaner but after a year they are usually 200 lbs of fatty baconey goodness. I sell them for about $800 on the hoof. Sometimes I cant sell them all and take a cut but usually they go pretty well. Yay craigslist! I barely keep my chicken flock above replacement levels because the hawks take them all but I get eggs CONSTANTLY and I think my newly crowned rooster (i ate the old one as he didnt keep the hens alive) is going to be a fucking winner… He has a black stripe accross his beak so I name him Hitler and we salute him when he crows. Its pretty fun. I pretty much never leave this place. Only when I need a quick run to the store to get something like cheese, milk, flower, coffee, that I can't make myself.

I have a cellphone bill which is my internet. I have car insurance. I am a (slightly) disabled vet so my medical is trhough the VA but honestly I havent gone in 5 years. They will just try to pill me to death. Not thanks. Private medical insurance is the real killer. 1k/month for my wife and son. That is the murderous expense that I can't avoid. There is no lower cost option. I tried to get the free shit a few times but I am never approved or I fuck up some paperwork or something. I gave up. Its not worth the time. Easier to just go do something. I hope it all explodes and burns down so I can just pay a witch-doctor in moonshine or something but the goddammed economy will never die.

I still file taxes but never owe anything since i have nearly no income that touches the levels that require payments. I met my wife in a huge dumpy city in the south-west. She is a city girl through and through. This was about 10 years ago. She was VERY hesitant to do this.

I told her she would hever have to work again and could stay home with her kids and get rabbits. She quit the next week. Women LOVE rabbits… even though an owl ate them all in the middle of the night. :/

3c9da4  No.13378453

File: 5292744a47eeb07⋯.png (324.01 KB, 648x383, 648:383, looks like this.png)


>here is what I would like to know, how do you protect the top of the earthbag building to not leak or simply get wet? Is the top treated with heavier clay? Im thinking in hat and boots paradigm of having a roof and overhang so what is the trick?

I just put a roof over it. The building is round. There is a central post that is 10 feet from all the walls and " 12 feet high? I forget. The walls are 7 feet high. I got 16' 2x8 dimentional lumber and made 12 beams running radially off the center post to an outside post. This gives me a 4 foot porch all around the building and a slightly sloping roof that is about a 2-12 pitch. It looks like a china-hat sitting on a cylander if that makes sense. see the pic. Mine is bigger with a 12" diam tree truck as a center post. It looks cool and I put a table hanging off of the post as well.

3c9da4  No.13378460


Portland is WAY cheaper… That stuff was from some local volcanic ash stuff i think.. Not common.

3c9da4  No.13378471


Wow. This post is what is wrong with the world… NONE of this shit is necessary. Just roughly follow a functional design that is not expensive. If it goes bad just burn it down and do-over better. If it wont burn make it a chicken coop and do-over. The problem is that people think a house needs to cost half a million bucks when you can build a house for like 5k on 5k of land if you want to be a cheapass.

Oy vey, the engineer won't agree with me but he has to go to work and I have to go water my garden. simple as that.

31152d  No.13378472


>even though an owl ate them all in the middle of the night.

Did you eat the owl so you could get the rabbits back in nutrient form or does your wife like owls even though they eat rabbits?

3c9da4  No.13378479


Motherfucker got away… I wouldda fed him to the pigs but im not getting outta bed at 3:00am for that bullshit.

3c9da4  No.13378526


Yeah... If you are a poorfag then you are fucked. I worked for like 15 years as a heavy equipment mechanic. Miserable work but it pays OK. Shouldda got into being a roughneck in North Dakota or something like that... You will never ever EVER find worthwhile land that is reasonably priced. I bot mine after the '08 housing collapse. What that means is this. YOU BETTER BE GETTING READY FOR THE FINANICAL RESET. Get some silver. Get some skills. Know your local realestate like the back of your hand. I spent 4 years, every single night with almost no misses tracking every property in an 8 county area. When I saw the place I bought I was on it with an offer about 2 hours after it was posted since I knew the area and the property as soon as I saw the pictures.

You can do this all from mom's basement. I also bought my tools but there was really not a lot to that. Hammers, axes, chisels, a chainsaw, rusty old truck etc. The LAND is the trick. That is all that matters. WIth a pile of good land in a good climate with year-round water and heavy trees you can live forever for free.

As for my wife ha ha... Yeah she is a great woman and I am lucky to have her and treat her as such. I have heard that there is a MASSIVE shortage of worthwhile young clean hard working men in the Mormon Church lately because they all leave or end up chasing the ((($$$)))


lease is to a farmer.


You are going to die soon. Enjoy your last days of the modern world.

69037d  No.13378545


"Oh hey, this sounds a lot like the hat and boots ano-"


oh fuck it's you. I love you, keep posting.

68e711  No.13378598


pls don't forget

000000  No.13378600

I live in Tobermory way the fuck up North where the growing season is very short and it's cold all the time and the trees are all evergreens (mostly cedars) and the ground is rocks.

What should I build on my 85 acres?

000000  No.13378608


>Ever felt phisically sick in a modern building and felt like it lacks oxygen, but dont feel that way in a stone house or a log cabin? That is because modern houses are (((airtight))) which is related to asthma problems kids devlop.

Yeah I feel that in the shitty mansion my parents built and I grew up in. Costs millions of dollars and is garbage to live in.

000000  No.13378615


>earthbag house

Did you use burlap or plastic for your bags and why ?

Also what are they filled with ?

3c9da4  No.13378635

File: 26ad065ae86b7d4⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1026x888, 171:148, slipform.png)


I used the standard white poly sandbags. The bigger sized ones that are like a pillow case. I filled them with local soil that I dug by hand (making the foundation and drainage ditches… UGGGH. If any of you fuckers actually choose to do this … RENT AN EXCAVATOR OR BOBCAT TO DO THE DIGGING. My god it was a lot of work.


18a65a  No.13378641


OK, so I own 150 acres, get $4,500/YEAR leasing to a farmer (temporary). How are you getting 1K/MONTH?

Walking the perimeter of 150 acres is 6 miles… correct? 150/6 (to solve for 1 mile) means you own 25 acres.

I've seen you post in the past; some of the details just don't add up, but you are giving anons good advice. Owning and working the land is a fantastic goal. 5 acres = Valhalla for most normal people. That's the target amount.

I've been effortposting irl as hard as is humanly possible for nearly a decade. Still not off the grid, but the quality of life is 50X better.

Please don't exaggerate, that's all I ask. I have also been keeping bees for several years. Have 10 hives. Spent $4,200 so far… I let the bees have the honey to overwinter… still have 30% losses. Maybe the Varroa Destructor mite isn't in Oregon (LOL).

>We get thousands of pounds of honey

Infuriating. Internet sensations (fakes) claim 80lb. per hive. I am certified, sub to 2 periodicals, have read The Hive and the Honeybee, The Beekeeper's Bible, etc. (the classics) and am a member of 2 clubs serving 3 counties. 50-70% losses (mainly to mites) this winter. The only people that get thousands of pounds of honey have hundreds (1,000 typically) of hives.

PLEASE ELABORATE ON YOUR ZERO INCOME, WILDLY PROFITABLE HOMESTEAD. I'm all ears. Teach me. I'm obviously doing something wrong.

Post pics and spreadsheets or stop LARPing. If you're off the grid, you have nothing to lose by posting a few pics for me. I'm clearly on the wrong track here.

000000  No.13378650


>if that were true, you wouldnt need expensive HVAC systems.

You don't. Code-wise, the energy code unconstitutionally requires a heating unit scaled to the space and windows scaled in the same way for ventilation and, in some cases, emergency exit.

>many modern homes have major issues with moisture, this whole (((air tight))) construction is overdesign stupidity

No, it's underdesign stupidity. The entire reason there is moisture is because it collects but dooesn't vent; labor doesn't seal the walls properly. Either vent it (old style) or prevent it (new style) or, most logically, depending on context, a bit of both. All the pics you are posting of underlayment siding rot and mold look like what vinyl or composite siding does to wood underlayment with a type1 vapor barrier on the interior walls: collects moisture, holds it, and decays the organic materials. If they had used actual stone on the one pic in >>13377664 they would have no rot, as you can see best in pic related 4. This airtight approach is also why fags use spray insulation fill because it seals and fills and doesn't sink or soak like fiberglass or rockwool. Actual wool is good tho, as long as it stays mostly dry. I use no insulation fill but mechanically and chemically seal my seams to stop airflow. Since insulation is describing only the cavity, it is insulated.

For the record you are correct about timber framing tho good thread. Thanks Anon.

c226f4  No.13378658


It honestly does come off larpy. The whole wife and kids thing gives it away.

349bf7  No.13378674



The bunny and owl story was also a giveaway (aside from the exaggerations: a ton, etc). Also, no (((city girl))) will quit her job just so she can trust a man who has nothing society (women) think worthy.


Where can I find young women who don't know English in my area? I'm ready to settle down.

000000  No.13378676



I use bolts for gates and fastening structures to foundations but it seems ikea has the right idea using bolts for usability (assembly and integrity). Timber houses, and ones fastened with bolts, can be disassembled and relocated like the old days but it is so much faster to put up a structure with screws. Nails are faster than scews bu tare made so soft that they bend and often the effort removing one is equal to driving almost a hundred, no matter the size of your claw.


6b4827  No.13378678

File: b5e2820e06b6aee⋯.jpeg (41.98 KB, 500x500, 1:1, crusaderbeerd.jpeg)


>I get to live my dreams by jewing out my land

000000  No.13378680

>5 acres = Valhalla for most normal people. That's the target amount.

10 or go home.

18a65a  No.13378686


Fine, just remember that 11+ is a tax problem unless you defer it (full time agricultural use). I'm on 150 and NOT larping.

7940e2  No.13378695


> No. Rebar is used for reinforcing concrete.

Rebar is often installed with rust already on it.

As other anons have mentioned, when the concrete cracks, the rebar rusts.

That rust expands and further cracks the rebar.

Basalt rebar is a major game changer in this regard.

It doesn't rust, and doesn't degrade.

But it's expensive.

7940e2  No.13378698


> further cracks the rebar.



517cbc  No.13378734



we need this shit

2000f0  No.13378745

Oh, this thread again. I approve

cd6374  No.13378794

File: a0bd9189e47d459⋯.jpg (36.46 KB, 231x458, 231:458, Capture.JPG)

File: bd610774a141873⋯.jpg (61.69 KB, 570x253, 570:253, log-homes03.jpg)


These are custom manufactured log homes. They are good. How does the cost /sq compare to a modern american canned home? without many construction skills, what will it cost to have comparable natural solid home built?

3c9da4  No.13378796


Barn and water rights (that I claimed and lease since I have both sides of the stream… flood land is all of a sudden valuable now right? It is when it is the headwaters of a stream and the previous dude was not paying attention when his ex-wife was raping his ass in a divorce. meanwhile I was talking to the water master weekly… Remember, I did my homework on it for years. Water is a big fucking deal and many people don't understand how fucking powerful water rights are. You can change the point of draw for water from anywhere in the watershed… think about that… So GET the water-rights and then perfect them then shop them around. Various public and private entities will buy that water. The last scrap of allodial title left in the US is water and mineral rights. Surface rights are pozzed as fuck.

Land is a quarter mile on a side… Relatively square so about a quarter section. Section is a mile on a side which is 4 miles all the way around. so 640 acres. I have about 1/4 that much. So half a mile on a side. That makes it +-160 acres. Did I fuck that math up? Its all bottomland that is super likely to flood and thankfully I have not flooded yet but tick tock ya know? Much of the reason I could afford it is because it is SUPER wet. I just deal with it.

I mess up the details a bit from time to time to stay safe. My home is not legal. I dont want to be homeless and take environmental fines for an outhouse and stuff like that…

Hives are spread out across the whole property. (why does everyone group them?) many on the periphery… makes me smile to sell honey to a neighbor… I never move them. They are 10 frame boxes (the deep ones) with 2 supers. Each frame of 20ea/box is like 10 lbs. x30 I don't take them all. We rob them kinda when we feel like it throughout the spring and summer. I have never lost a hive to disease. Been runnign them for 5 years. I bought 3 boxes from a guy on CL. Bought bees. Then copied the boxes using cedar and a nailgun. They are ugly and sometimes suck but they work more or less. I put a piece of aluminum roofing flashing from the dump on the top with a staple gun. some have roofing tar stuff. one has a piece of rotting plywood and a rock as a roof. Most everything around here is straight up junkyard wars. Its UGLY. I think a bear attacked one recently because it is smashed and gone. They swarm from time to time. We try to catch them and stick them in a new box. Wife took some bee class at a college online and sticks this shit (forgot what its called) in the hives to make them make a lot of queens then we get them and stick them in nuke boxes. Again, I hate those fucking things but a thousand pounds of honey is not really a lot in good conditions with a bunch of hives over an entire year in zone 8b. selling it is the trick. No one will pay the high-ass prices and I dont want to get fucked with a wholesale price hence the mead… If you only get 1 lb of honey from a hive in a year… !!! whew why bother? that is like what? a pint? not even a full frame? You should be able to get like half a gallon out of a super right? couple times a year?

I don't know/understand how to strip personally identifable info out of a image so sorry… no pics.

I don't have any spreadsheets. I quit my real jobs remember? To be honest the only real trick I have up my sleeve is that I have no bills. this means I can make 1000 bucks and every penny is free and clear. What is killing you is your house., your student loans and Your bills. Your wifes hairdresser, gasoline driving to work over and over and over and over. Income taxes to feed niggers. sales taxes to feed niggers. that shit adds up. Its not perfect by any means. I get hurt A LOT. I do a lot of duct-tape and paper-towl bandaging of wounds. I have 3 missing teeth right now and another one that is going to go this year. I will likely never be able to afford to get them fixed at this point and will look like a meth head in 10 years. I just don't fucking care any more. (im late 30s) I am not really super profitable i just have no expenses so its easy as hell to get like a couple thousand a month extra by doing small stuff. . I have maybe 5k a year extra? if that? I live really cheap. I dont have a lot of stuff that is mandatory for modern living. You still do. That is why you fail.

3c9da4  No.13378822


5 ac is pretty tight. You will not firewood forever on 5 acres even with top conditions. Maybe if you started with huge trees and could cut into them slowly or something. Fuel is a big fucking deal doing this off the grid stuff. Fuel and power is TOUGH. Hot water is TOUGH. In the winter a shower is a fucking luxuary. wife and I share a 10 gallon water heater full of lukewarm water in the winter… OR we make coffee on the coffee maker in the morning instead of on the wood stove… good times. You are all so fuckign soft. That is why things are so fucked up. Not kidding. Go shit in a flooded outhouse and when the filthy shit stained water splashes on your ass… and you dont have the power to run the water heater in the winter … well, you harden up a bit. Then you shove some sticks in that motherfucker so it doesn't splash.

I am trying to dispell the larp tag with some details are real experiences. Had you done this type off stuff you would be laughing and know that I am right. Who the fuck would larp about a flooded hand dug outhouse in a flood plain? really? I couldn't make this shit up.

Owls did eat my fucking rabbits. right after making a big new pen for them and boom… 2 are gone… I spend the day looking for the hole in the new pen… find nothing. next day boom more gone. I just gave up and let him have them. Fuck'em if they won't even try to hide at night.

If you think I am fake thats fine. Instead go TRY IT. Its not beyond the scope of most people here. Hell get some friends and divide the costs. Go really cheap on a remote acre or something and see if you can do it. Its good for ya. Ok, its a nice day. im going outside.

554877  No.13378829



>Owls did eat my fucking rabbits. right after making a big new pen for them and boom… 2 are gone… I spend the day looking for the hole in the new pen… find nothing. next day boom more gone. I just gave up and let him have them. Fuck'em if they won't even try to hide at night.

you need a mound of dirt with a log on top so they can dig a den

if you and try and dig a den for them they will act like tards and get eaten by owls

000000  No.13378831


>tax problem

In what way other than the tax itself ?

000000  No.13378840


<shit in a flooded outhouse

>shiting into water

>not into human-sized litterbox

Why lib.

f9b436  No.13378844


uhh what will you do if a boulder rolls in front of it nothing you will be trapped and dead.

18a65a  No.13378872


Thanks. This is helpful. I do group my hive together in one beeyard. My grandfather didn't.

Then again, I work 60 hours/week. I have two different strains… but I really think the key may be to kick the farmer off and plant crimson clover, for instance.

If I can just convince the Ag Extension that this still keeps the land in current use. The system is kind of Jewed… in that you have to show a certain amount of profit.

Still intrigued. I just want to be left alone by ZOG and still profit. Which is nearly impossible.

8805f1  No.13378873


Ctrl+F "Palladio", 0 results.

Oh well, at least >>13377616 got Vitruvius in there.

18a65a  No.13378896


I said 5 ac for normal people. You can't see your neighbors, can garden, do livestock, shoot guns. I'm trying to help the normies.

It's way better than confined urban life and you can sell it for a profit 9/10 times.

I bought a huge chunk of land, the seller was under duress. Without infinite money or 4 generations of experience, it's been a tough road.

I'm not 1000% convinced you're larping. Owls ate all my guinea hens, too. My wife really did side with the owl.

So I switched to chickens and their run is completely screened in, now. Owls attack at night, so I learned to protect them. I thought fencing in the sides would work but the owl plucked them from the top. All solar… ventilation and a gate that closes the coop door automatically at night. Haven't lost a chicken in 5 years to a predator.

Keep spreading the truth. My questions aren't D&C or sliding… I'm being serious. Like I said, you offer sound advice. I'm just not as lucky as you, I guess. 9 years and counting. Doing well, but still a wage-slave.

f9bbed  No.13378898


Are you implying that rabbits can act as not tards? I thought they were the niggers of non-primate mammals.

000000  No.13378905

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You know how bad the quality of work has gotten with all the spics. There is opportunity here. Focus on learning as much as you can about your trade and master it. If your foreman or superintendent is old, pick their brains as much as you can. The quality of work was different in the 70s and 80s. They were craftsmen. If you serve them loyally and don't bitch out when they yell at you, you will earn their respect and they will promote you fast.

I started my drywall career picking up scrap. I was always on time and I worked hard. They promoted me to assisting the hangers in less than 2 months. In less than 3 months, I was one of the crew members. 3 months later I was leader of my own group of 3. It will be a year this August when I started drywall and my company wants me to shadow the foreman. I'll do it but I also want to learn how to sand and mud drywall. This part is dirty as shit but I want to master this trade. When work starts to slow down again during the winter, I'd like to pick up painting and master that. One day I will own a drywall installation and painting business.

My advice to anons who want to be promoted fast:

-Be on time and professional. You can have fun but remember to be working while having it. Don't show up hungover or high. If you have a bad attitude then use it to make you work harder!

-Your image is everything. I don't have tattoos, my hair is neat, I speak English like a White man and I dress professionally with a polo tucked into my jeans with a belt. People mistake me for the foreman sometimes.

-Work hard. I jog around the room moving a sheet of drywall. I come early and I make sure my area is clean before we leave. My foreman knows to give me overtime whenever there is any. The other guys complain about having to work overtime and pass on it sometimes but the times they want it, they can't get it. Too bad niggers. More money for me.

-Learn everyday. I watch youtube videos on drywall installation so see if I can learn little tips and tricks. I also pick my foreman's brain. I even helped the caulkers put fire caulking on fire walls a few times. It's boring and tedious but I understand the trade more.

If you faggots take your job seriously, you will be promoted before the old fucks and spics. Save up money and start your own company. I sometimes patch up walls for slum lords and home owners on the weekends when there is no overtime. Cash money baby, I'm not subsidizing no niggers.

Anyone else living the dream in the trades?

000000  No.13378907


>Marcus Vitruvius Pollio's 'De architectura'

>Andrea Palladio' 'I quattro libri dell'architettura'

Don't forget Sextus Julius Frontinus' 'De aquaeductu'

And since you go middle ages why not go modern with:


who made stuff that goes in house.

18a65a  No.13378911


Again, this may vary state-by-state. If you own more than 11 acres in my state, and it's not zoned as agricultural… they tax you like you're going to build a subdivision.

You have to do your research. People who own a lot of land near a major city are getting taxed like its all a homesite. 10's of thousands/ year. I pay $900 on 150 ac. The 5 acres (my house sits on) are billed at over 2K.

Good question. Again, it's all Jew-avoidance at this point. I don't want any anons to buy 20 acres near a city and pay 20K in taxes their first year.

fa0639  No.13378914


>moon wood

Holy fuck you are retarded dude.


>The building is … how do I say this… EXCELLENT

>got me 310 sq feet of warm-in-winter

>I have to fall, saw and split 4 cords of firewood to stay warm each winter

That means it is complete and total shit. My house is 1600 sq feet and I go through 1 and a half to 2 cords a year. And I live in Canada, where there's actual winter.



>way the fuck up north

Well, which is it?


>still have 30% losses.

Stop using foundation. Better yet, stop using all the stupid shit modern (((beekeeping))) promotes and follow Warre's method. And stop feeding the troll, he posts his queer roleplay fantasy in these threads all the time, just ignore him.

000000  No.13378919


Oh shit. In my state they tax all land the same (~1% of the "value"). You can set the value tho. But they don't use the monies for public lands and instead give it all to marxist schools full of mexicans. Then they charge monies to acces your public lands. Fuck jews btw.

7940e2  No.13378938


> You will not firewood forever on 5 acres even with top conditions.

Pollock, nigger.

If you have water, grow apples and pears.

They grow what's called water shoots every year, and those can be collected for fuel.

The main issue is that this takes a ton of phosphorus out of the soil, but that can be replenished by spreading the ashes back into the orchard.

000000  No.13378943


>drywall career

Don't die of white lung, Anon. I love you.

Wear a pink colored respirator plz.


7940e2  No.13378946


I forgot to add that hazelnut is another good choice, but it's prone to disease.

18a65a  No.13378950


Nice post. Same for me, kind of. For over a decade. Then I went into 3rd party MEP certification. Everyone I know who isn't a tard makes 100K in the trades. Honestly don't know why white men aren't still carving out a niche in this huge industry. I hate to be judgmental… but it's really about effort vs. phonefagging on the job. I know so many 20yo guys who got fired for hiding in the porta-jon (texting).


People will always pay dearly for a quality product, but you'll be dealing with rich douchebags. If you're high IQ this will mean nothing to you. If you're <85 IQ - you will lose money building HUD homes. Cheap is shit.

If you get gud, can build a website, market yourself, etc… holy shit… custom trade work? You'll never run out of work. If you're the based old-world brick mason in the video posted earlier… or the moon wood guy… you'll make a fortune.

I paid a WHITE MASTER $900 for 20 sq. ft. of kitchen backsplash. I don't do tile. Well… not 1cm art glass with the kraft paper on the front. After picking his brain, I think I could do it next time, tho.

I do 90% of my own work… but even I'll pay for perfection. Depending on the time line and the learning curve.

18a65a  No.13378960


OK. I'll look into Warre's method. My USDA inspector said 100% of US hives suffer from Varroa Mites, though (Feb. 2019). That seems to be the primary issue. I think selective breeding for mites will do the trick inside 10 years, based on what I've read.

18a65a  No.13378980


Quick same-fag. It took me 2 years to find a guy to do the tile. Zero Mexicans could comprehend it. So $900 was a bargain… I met him doing an inspection. It's fucking beautiful.

A nerdy white guy with attention to detail can become a living god. I probably shouldn't be this honest. A lot of people get upset when it's framed like this. It's the truth, though.

000000  No.13378988


Are you saying I should use slipform stone masonry?

fa0639  No.13378998


They still have mites, but it stops being a problem. You can go with small cell foundation if you really want to stick with foundation, but I like to go as natural as I can. Most foundation is printed with cells that are too big. The bees adapt to this by growing bigger. But that takes longer. The longer until the cell is capped, the more likely a mite is to get in there. And the longer they are in the cell, the more likely they are to die from the mites.


That website has a ton of good info on more natural beekeeping. And you can download an English translation of Warre's book here: https://warre.biobees.com/methods.htm

000000  No.13379024


Safety is important! I do wear a regular white mask when there isn't a lot of air circulation but I'll do research on that pink mask. I know there are different levels of dust for masks but I admit I just grabbed whatever seemed standard.

I love you too bb <3



>it's really about effort vs. phonefagging on the job

>People will always pay dearly for a quality product

>A nerdy white guy with attention to detail can become a living god



You also get to socialize. The other two people in my crew is a 20 year old White kid who I am slowly red pilling and the other is a mestizo who is pretty based not going to lie. Of course he has to go back but while he's here he can help me do good work and tell me what the other spics are saying in Spanish.

22ec5e  No.13379142


I kind of like the first one, somewhat at least.


>I live in an earthbag house I build illegally in Western Oregon.

>I brew up some of it into mead which I (sell/trade in minecraft cough cough) along with a small pot still for … (Distilling "water "in minecraft).

Glad to see other anons suspicious of this guy. I suggest any anons looking to build their own house look up not just good building techniques, but what is legal and to follow the law. Don't break the law, that's for niggers.

000000  No.13379149


I'm trying to figure out how to build a simple cellar to store food in and take shelter in if need be.

How to do it?

5c115e  No.13379183


Owning structures on the land = paying for non Whites to take over your country with property tax.

Just own property and technically RVs. Building things to fit the definition of an RV doesn't mean you have to build it shitty, can build it better than regular home construction, but stick to the RV define so you do pay for the spics and nogs with the big structure tax, only handing over a pittance for the land.

5c115e  No.13379203



3c9da4  No.13379210


I have never heard this shit but damn… Thats cool. I have some semi-wild apples around and tried to grow some cider strains but they died because the fucking gophers murdered them. Pocket gophers are literal jews… underground JEWS… Im not kidding. I even tried to gas them and they didnt die.


Thats 2 cabins a bathhouse and a kitchen all separate buildings… September until May. I usually dont finish the full 4 but that is the size of my woodshed and I never emptied it.

2 cords a year in Canada for 1600 sq feet… Whats that gas/electric bill look like? 8 months a year fires off of 2 cords. you know that is only 3-4 sticks of wood per day right? or less? 2 cords is an 8x8x4 pile split and stacked. Pretty slim! I bet you got some cool looking sweaters up there in the great white north.

Lets see what we get here…

"Assuming your five room house is around 2000 square feet, you’d probably need something like six cords of wood. Again, it’s better to overestimate than underestimate.

Overall, you’ll need multiple cords of firewood to make it through an entire winter. You might need ten cords or more, or you might only need a few.


Dat Glow-bull Warming! Canada is now like Florida!


Naw, you are right 5ac of good treed land very well managed will last more or less a lifetime without too much suppliments. I am sloppy in many ways. I respect your skepticism… I want to prove it up since I like this thread so I am going to see if I can get a unique funny picture that NO ONE can possibly fake that will prove up some stuff without outing me. Keep an eye out here and I will try to deliver if I get it.

Fucking guinea hens. My mom had those goddammed things when I was a kid. She went to visit her dad and me and my dad caught them and ate them before she came home. We acted shocked when she came back. The coyotes must have gottem them… so sad…


We visit a hive maybe 3 times a year… Spring… Go raid them so they won't swarm. leave like half a super of honey. high summer. Take all the frames minus 2-3. Thats the big harvest. September, take all the frames in the top super and leave the entire bottom super slam-full. never bother them again. Weeds grow all over their shit. tree branches fall on them. I never spray anything ever. I never plant anything for them. They work for me. I leave them alone they work and I get their honey but leave them enough so they can work again. I keep them spaced like hundreds of feet minimum. Those fuckers with the monoculture field, the spray and the grouped hives that they move all over the country are what is making bees go extinct. Hell I have wild bees in rotten hollow trees that I find. :/ leave them alone.

d569d1  No.13379215


1) What is the estimated cost of building a house in USD? Materials and labor included? What is the estimated time to complete a small house?

2) Is building a house an endeavor that can be realistically completed by a single family without extensive professional aid?

3) Would you be willing to provide online lectures for this content? I'd be willing to pay a small fee for the opportunity to learn more.

4) How long would you suspect it to take a person to go from zero-knowledge to capable of building a house?

5) What is your opinion on AirCrete and Rammed Earth?

6) Do you think that Japan's ongoing akiya-housing crisis could provide ample opportunity to construct houses in Japan?

7940e2  No.13379347

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I have never heard this shit but damn

16 apple or pear trees planted in full sun can give over a yard of faggot wood every year or two depending on water. If you keep the trees under 6' it's ezpz.

Embed is a fag because he didn't keep his tree short.


Apparently I'm a giant faggot that forgot what the technique is called.



The idea is you take a natural bush shaped tree that has a "medium" growth rate, and keep it from forming a leader.

Fruit trees tend to work well, as do nuts and maple.

Cherries and hazelnut work extremely well for this.

f194ac  No.13379353

of all places, croat brick merchant shows up on 8pol

7b661a  No.13379369



Just build a rocket stove, this will cut your wood burning use by 2/3's.

3c9da4  No.13379425


Rocket stove, I built 3 of those now. all to heat water. all out of cob. They heat water pretty well in winter but I just got sick of taking hours to make them work. Then it froze and busted the pipe on a really cold night because it had a tiny bend in it and held a bit of water in the copper tube and cracked it. No way to get it out and I gave up. Too much trouble and asspain. I just pussied out and got a little 110v water heater and that works way better.



Coppicing! yeah I know what that is! My trees do quite a bit of that actually. Many will re-shoot from the roots after I cut them. It takes about 5 years until they are wrist thick though. I want to get some of these American Chestnuts going which will coppice like crazy without any troubles with rot. Sadly they are nearly extinct from that blight but I guess the damage is minimal in my area so it may be possible if I can get them going. Anyway its an interesting read and if you are on the west coast it may be something to try for yourself. Also there are differing groups making back-crossed varietials and GMO ones that are blight resistant.

Anyway This has been a fun thread and I hope you all go out there and do this shit. Its hard, its expensive to get the land but once you do it it will change your life for the better and will make you look at the world in a different way. Its worth it if you are truly sick of the world and its bullshit. People will hate you though. I lost all my friends and family over this place as people hated what I built and shit all over me for various things. How I just stay anon because I don't want the RL drama anymore. Go somewhere and get some land if you can . Build a small building on it and see if you can live a month there. Then take a break and try for a whole summer, then take a break and try for a whole year. You will be hooked after a few months and will forget all about all the bullshit you left behind. The houses and paved streets and useless robot people will disgust you after a season. Its like Fight Club… The scene where the guy is in work and his boss accosts him about having blood on his shirt. He says fighting makes all the worlds problems fade away to where you can barely hear them… Thats exactly what this will do for your. It will make all the bullshit you used to care about fade away and you will care more about the state of your chicken coop and water tank than the state of your lawn or how clean your car is. … People will think you lost your mind and its funny as fuck. I highly recommend it. Get a woman on lockdown if you can and if not then bring girls out to your cabin and tell them all about it. Bitches love rabbits and baby chicks. Any woman who will suffer an outhouse to play with baby chicks and rabbits is a keeper. ha ha . Good luck and dont get hurt.

000000  No.13379487


Get a reusable or halfmask and the appropriate cartridges/filters. Since your breathing gypsum you just need a simple organic (black) or combo organic (pink) cartridge/filter. Also good if you have to escape a forest fire.



d5f060  No.13379564


This is an interesting topic, thanks OP.

1f5526  No.13379625

File: c78759264916d81⋯.jpg (319.42 KB, 800x600, 4:3, framing osb sheat damage.jpg)

File: ffa35877215e3d1⋯.jpg (31.74 KB, 300x225, 4:3, OSB ROOF QUALITY.jpg)

File: 6d7fbbcbd07dd08⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 2202x1489, 2202:1489, stone foundations stave ch….jpg)

File: 5a20af8bd13282d⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1952x2608, 122:163, stave wood church 1100AD.jpg)

also, guys, OSB shit should be banned or mocked into obsolence.

Its just a shitty material that dissolves when getting wet (unlike wood which gluecompound like OSB isnt), noone tells you about major offgassing this chink crap produces, compare that to almost a 1000yo stave churches.

Trick is in cutting lumber according to moon phases and using old growth obviously with joinery and not nails without any stupid plastic wraps or aditional insulation to allow wood to self dry >>13377647


kudos bro!


>timber framing

I hope we didnt have a misunderstanding about timber frame, that can be excellent if done by mortisse tenon and big lumber not mcmansion style timbe frame


> drywall

you have good advice about milkin knowledge but drywall is just meh shortlasting technology.


>mcconstructor detected

what is the OSB type? I want to build a stave church of best quality OSB


>brick merchant

I was here some time before

1f5526  No.13379638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1) hard to say, depends on legality etc

2) yes! however thread lightly, regardless if diy having knowledge can help you buy used qualtiy used or new, but if you diy it, TAKE TIME, account for at least a year or two to not rush it

3) contact me on housepill et protonmail com if you have other questions that arent answere in the thread

4) not much if you have the feel for it highly depends on the project

5) RC frame with red brick is a superior option to aircrete imo since materials are less toxic, about rammed earth Im also not sure about its longterm durability, I like to stick to tested methods. going full hippie is often risky

6) not familiar

7ab32b  No.13379661

File: 10500e5bb3f3df4⋯.jpg (44.61 KB, 352x499, 352:499, 519gp6VmgdL._SX350_BO1,204….jpg)


>That pic.






1f5526  No.13379680

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


compared this timelapse to the previous from latvia boys Ive linked. Both have a pretty high quality timber frame but rest is very different.

notice how much more gimmicky this one is and how much more expensive prefab materials and heavy machinerry (also very expensive to rent) is needed for inferior results. While I admire the effort of these 2 this is a great example of over-design which is the MO of technology these days.

968d00  No.13379694


WTF? Who the fuck builds a house out of particle board.

10ff59  No.13379698

Oh, now see, THAT is an OP. I may have to torture myself properly with this thread. Crap it up, gulls; you know my name.

7940e2  No.13379705



It also degrades house wrap because of the glue and acidic wood.

It's garbage in anything other than pallet corner blocks.

It's obscene how shit the modern house is.

The shitty vinyl siding melts in the summer, the OSB disintegrates when it gets wet, the house wrap is broken down by the OSB and cannot wick water which collects on its surface, and the fiber glass insulation retains moisture. And then there's no overhang.

5cc42f  No.13379708

File: bf5a507f1417067⋯.gif (363.13 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 3Wvr.gif)

File: 120051cefffb6bb⋯.png (1.32 KB, 400x400, 1:1, seekrit fag symbol.png)


>Hat and Boots is back


That reminds me, there should be a little obscure symbol for white tradesmen so people can identify them. Fags have one, kikes have hundreds, there should be one for people looking for a man willing to do good honest work for white families.

P.S. If you ever see one of those equal symbols on the back of a car, then that means you should write down their license plate number so you can follow them home and torch their house in minecraft

1f5526  No.13379717

File: c5b07aee787bf08⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, osb luxury apartment befor….jpg)

File: 5855731feab45a1⋯.jpg (210.81 KB, 700x483, 100:69, osb framing meme.jpg)

File: 744ee50dd65c571⋯.jpg (127.56 KB, 640x447, 640:447, framing osb building.jpg)

File: 634e8f0e805e82e⋯.jpg (152.44 KB, 800x600, 4:3, framing_osb.jpg)

File: 0bb91d00b9cd09b⋯.jpg (217.88 KB, 1300x866, 650:433, framing OSB dios mio.jpg)


>WTF? Who the fuck builds a house out of particle board.

you mean OSB? Technically speaking OSB is particle board and yes, they do build houses from OSB, like 90% of new houses, they even make 4 floors with that crap, Imagine how much of offgassing you have with it even without cancerSprayFoamTM insulation and TyvekCondomWrapTM


>It's obscene how shit the modern house is.

>The shitty vinyl siding melts in the summer, the OSB disintegrates when it gets wet, the house wrap is broken down by the OSB and cannot wick water which collects on its surface, and the fiber glass insulation retains moisture. And then there's no overhang.

it really is surreal, almost as if someone design it to be the most toxic to people living in it and to desintegrate as quickly as it can

7940e2  No.13379730


>it really is surreal, almost as if someone design it to be the most toxic to people living in it and to desintegrate as quickly as it can

I see new apartments spring up every year that are built like commiefornia houses and it's all the same shit.

Of course it's also the fault of the city planners, but there's such a pervasive fear of earthquakes that no one builds brick buildings or anything taller than two stories in my region despite the being numerous 100 year old brick buildings three stories tall.

5cc42f  No.13379732


>build "house" out of particle board using wetback labor for $10k in some location where real estate prices are artificially inflated i.e. pretty much anywhere in california

>insure house for $500k

>"house" is 90% complete before an (((accidental))) fire occurs from one of the spics leaving something plugged in or whatever and the builders get $500k cash from the insurance company

>insurance inspector is in on the scam so he'll fuck with the paperwork and will get a cut of the payout

>rinse and repeat

now you know why home insurance costs so much

1513bf  No.13379742

File: 7867aeec1e98738⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Brosher.jpg)

000000  No.13379751

Oriented Strand Board

~7% glue

No surface strength

Made with scrap wood shards

Swells more when wet

Weighs more

Costs less


~2% glue

Surface strength

Made with peeled trees

Swells less when wet

Weighs less

Costs more

1f5526  No.13379752

File: c8cdf663bf202a9⋯.jpg (29.44 KB, 600x450, 4:3, croatian shit shack red br….jpg)

File: 83858d8cca3fe61⋯.jpg (328 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, croatian shitshack red bri….jpg)

File: 22d4f64c2b3313a⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 20181017_101249.jpg)

File: 3c8182539b06652⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, sykscr.jpg)

File: dc0cffbf9f817f1⋯.jpg (67.86 KB, 600x450, 4:3, croatian shit shack red br….jpg)

>timber frame VS Reinforced concrete + red brick (RC) frame

another thing you guys should capitalize on…(proper) timber frame is a great method to make a house with but since quality wood and high skilled woodworkers are hard to find you might find use in doing houses with RC frame which is standard in continental Europe and way less labour intensive than timber frame.

These type of houses rarely have any problems, they arent a head turner like a Swiss challet but are meat and potatoes type of build. Ill post a timelapse

pic rel - the yellow stuff on walls in external rock wool being put on


> fear of earthquakes

total red herring isnt it? if they really want to stop they would use RC beams or (proper) timber frame not the mcmansion framing method

1f5526  No.13379771

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>timber frame VS Reinforced concrete + red brick (RC) frame

here is the timelapse of a Reinforced concrete + red brick house, it does require more special skills like all concrete builds but notice how much less human labour and heavy lifting you need and in the end you get a very reliable house

5cc42f  No.13379794


You funny, I was thinking of something like a "I Donated to the Isidore Weiss Memorial Fund" bumper sticker or something. Maybe just a simple eight of diamonds card placed in the rear window. The card is easy to remove just in case some kike bureaucrat comes along.

7940e2  No.13379815


>rock wool

Is incredible, however it might have long term health risks similar to asbestos.

I've done informal water tests, and it does in fact wick water, which means that if it does get soaking wet it will dry out if you take care of the water source.

It takes a few days but it eventually dries.

>total red herring isnt it?

Yup. The region has earthquake building codes which are generally more shit than anything.

000000  No.13379862

Look up "The Owner-Builder's Guide to Stone Masonry" on LibGen. I took the trouble to scan and upload it to save you youngsters the indignity of a "tiny house".

Start building your wall off a foundation or underground 1/4 the height of your finished wall.

Pick your stones by hand and make sure they are at least somewhat square. Round or wedge-shaped ones will pop out of the wall under pressure. You can use mortar or cement as long as it's softer than the stone you're using. But the wall should stand on its own without mortar - that's just for sealing cracks. If your wall is in contact with the earth, you cannot use mortar or groundwater pressure will build up and topple it.

Insulation goes inside the exterior wall and is covered with sheetrock, wood, or another layer of brick or stone. If you live in the Everglades you may need a vapor barrier. But most condensation is due to sloppy walls with cracks that let in exterior air.

000000  No.13379867


> there should be a little obscure symbol for white tradesmen so people can identify them

That would be the "My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter" bumper sticker

1f5526  No.13380041

File: cdd435c1028eb2e⋯.png (26.95 KB, 540x317, 540:317, isolation red brick.png)


>Is incredible, however it might have long term health risks similar to asbestos.

definetly, rock wool already should be treated carefully when cuting it not to get in the lungs who knows what will we discover regarding its health effects in the future - apperently its insulative properties are lower than spray foam but its much more safer than foam. It definetly has its risks like all insulation, but if you have to use insulation, use rock wool. Regarding drying of rock wool, ventilated facedes with external rock wool have become a thing, together with maxcompact panels that are the outer shell >>13378199

, I absolutly hate the look of them, again its a shortlasting system

f5c734  No.13380057

File: dfa4b149eb308b8⋯.jpg (143.09 KB, 991x2048, 991:2048, 52364115_419509435451630_4….jpg)


What books/PDFs do you most reccommend for someone like me who has zero background or knowledge in construction? I need some good begginers reading for familiarization.

7f5246  No.13380082

File: 8aed86988dca49c⋯.jpg (104.35 KB, 623x415, 623:415, Traditional-Scottish-Stone….jpg)

File: 348d4980aa9c07b⋯.jpg (111.95 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 43907101.jpg)

File: b362b5075268d2d⋯.jpg (85.09 KB, 600x450, 4:3, edinburgh_newtown_14.jpg)

Good thread OP.

All the oldest and strongest buildings in my country are made with massive blocks of granite or limestone, then panelled with wood on the inside for insulation. These are all 150+ years old, built at the height of the British empire. What do you think of the possibility of self-building using just huge blocks of stone?

Would be time consuming but since they're large, you have less to cut. Weather just cannot penetrate or shift it. Maybe you have to be in a 100% earthquake free location though.

1c7b9b  No.13380126


I'd say its possible but ludicrously expensive. Also good luck finding builders who can do it.

Also if its done properly you won't have to worry much about earthquakes unless they're extremely bad.

1f5526  No.13380130

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What books/PDFs do you most reccommend for someone like me who has zero background or knowledge in construction?

Its pretty fragmented all around so I cant recommend a book but there are plenty good diy channels you can learn from, most of quality information is censored as much as race differences in sociology and all mainstream construction has major shilling in it.

Look up these

-Mike Haduck masonry -10/10 channel

-Peter Ward - british restaurator that exposed modern construction stupidity

-Fred Dibnah "Building of Brittain" watch the hole series


>All the oldest and strongest buildings in my country are made with massive blocks of granite or limestone, then panelled with wood on the inside for insulation.

brillinat! Ive always wondered when watching British shows with scenes that were filmes inside those big rock buildings, why was the interior wooden? Those wooden interiors are high quality as well - price for them was also sky high I assume.

what I always found interesting, how doesnt the wooden lining swell in those big buildingns (water might travel from outside rock gaps)? How about casual citizen stone buildings, Ive seen that most dont have inner wood lining? are they cold? In Dalmation enitre rock buildings are god tier but its a very different climate.

7f5246  No.13380132


>ludicrously expensive

Almost every building in this country is built that way. There's thousands in every town, so I'd imagine it would be pretty easy to find reclaimed stone. I've seen some old plots for sale that have massive piles of them left over from demolition.

>good luck finding builders who can do it

It's a lot easier than building with brick. I can do it myself.

74cc81  No.13380138


>If it goes bad just burn it down and do-over better.

Are you too much of a stupid nigger to do a little math before you spend time, money, and materials? Its not that hard and if you can't do it, I'm sure you can find a friend to do it for you. With the internet and public libraries, there's no excuse not to make sure the physics checks out on your structure before building. Rot and freeze/thaw can be serious safety, insulation, and structural integrity issues.

7f5246  No.13380149


>why was the interior wooden?

Just for insulation and something to paint. A lot of residential/lower tier ones have simple plasterboard linings on studs. I guess in the past they would have just been stone and plaster and been pretty cold, but they had fireplaces in every room that were on almost 24/7. For the same reason, most of the old castles don't have timber linings apart from in their great halls. But nice rich buildings like the Caledonian and posher houses, from 1750-1900 or so, use panelling.

>how doesn't the wooden lining swell

I honestly don't know, but they do use mortar. Because of the weight, the gap is tiny, maybe literally 1mm or 2mm at most. With a foot thick wall and overhangs, it probably doesn't get too moist inside.

Maybe the wood does swell and it just doesn't matter because the stone is so massive it doesn't move it. Or the stone is so breathable the wood never gets very moist.

fb68ab  No.13380154

File: fc22313c2cb3601⋯.jpg (10.91 KB, 220x311, 220:311, page1-220px-Profil_holzver….jpg)

I love threads like this. Keep it up!

I also just wanted to dump a vid about how efficient such a simple thing as wood stoves can become if you plan your building tech accordingly.

Up to one tenth of wood used compared to usual stoves.. Rocket stoves!

Basically they're insulated burn chambers to reach temperatures burning the smoke particles and gasses combined with a massive intake thus the rocketry sound it gives. In effect it gives one gasifying burn and further down the heat riser it burns the gas, giving an almost complete burn and temperatures that can melt steel.. Use fire bricks!

fb68ab  No.13380158

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


forgot link duh

809618  No.13380164

File: 64930b09f2d3516⋯.pdf (8.68 MB, beekeeping_for_all.pdf)


>Stop using foundation. Better yet, stop using all the stupid shit modern (((beekeeping))) promotes and follow Warre's method. And stop feeding the troll, he posts his queer roleplay fantasy in these threads all the time, just ignore him.

1f5526  No.13380166

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>rock wool

another alternative to that shitty plastic might be mud mixed with straw as an additional external layer, Im pretty sure it would perform better in summer as a cooler and in winter it would perform at least as good as rock wool.


>someone like me who has zero background or knowledge in construction

another tip, watch old stuff and look how they age, that way youll see just how much forward thinking the desing was. Watch how they accounted for water damage and how easy is to repair the signs of wear. This video by Haduck is ABC of forward thinking >>13377346

Watch restoration videos since time is the best test of quality and non-quality cant be restored (because they didnt plan on it).


>I honestly don't know

they probably had a secret. Its quite a task to do vertical layering in a very moist climate and not create moisture problem between the loading wall and lining wall and that it stays in good condition for 300 years…do you know is there a gap between or had they uses special kind of wood? Anyway that is a fascinating way of building if you find out please inform me.

1c7b9b  No.13380174

File: 9395ffc303da3b5⋯.png (200.7 KB, 680x772, 170:193, EarthChansGravity.png)


Almost every building in your country was built that way when it was common to do so. You'll find fucktons of buildings like that throughout the UK, whole villages and towns even.

But barely anyone does it anymore due to costs.

What this means is that those costs are now much higher.

Getting the stuff quarried and shipped to you is gonna be a nightmare because it will all need to be done specifically for you. Theres no real infrastructure or existing supply chains to absorb some of that cost.

Course I don't know what country you're in. So maybe that infrastructure exists there. But I doubt it. Brick infrastructure at best.

Now as for lots with old stone on them. Yeah you can use that but it'll never be enough. You think it's like a jigsaw for a house but it ain't. Bits will have been thrown in a skip and you won't know exactly what the original house looked like plus key structural stones have been broken up.

Which brings us to another issue. Doing this properly isn't as easy as laying blocks on top of each other. You need to do it properly to keep the load properly balanced and ensure proper compression force distribution. It's not a game for amateurs.

That lets us segue into the next major problem. There are not many people with the skills to properly do this. At any level. From the gruntwork to the coordination/planning. I've heard of one construction crew in the UK who do it on the regular but they're booked years in advance.

aca6e3  No.13380178

File: beeb1667c83592c⋯.jpg (223.37 KB, 1066x800, 533:400, 9cbabd6d6a1c18e84b06619825….jpg)

Pros and cons of geodesic dome homes?

1c7b9b  No.13380201

File: a48b217de88b970⋯.png (228.45 KB, 1192x830, 596:415, cyka.png)


Many cons.

They tend to have serious damp problems and they run afoul of legal requirements in a number of nations where building standards just aren't designed to accomodate them.

Also expensive to make.

It's the damp that is the main issue though. Since you will typically use wood for the frame the weird way the damp and air stratify will start to degrade the upper part of the dome pretty quickly. Now proper venting at the top of the dome can fix that, one design slaps a cupola on the top of the dome and that supposedly fixes it.

The second worst problem is materials. You have to use plastics. Lots of them and leave them exposed to direct sunlight and rain. We all know why this is bad.

Finally divvyin up the space inside them is a bit messy. Never really works out as intended.

1f5526  No.13380213

File: 05e00091ec84634⋯.jpg (25.55 KB, 740x447, 740:447, house dome rc.jpg)



>Many cons.

all the mentioned cons are correct, exept that you have to use plastic, you can do a domehouse from RC, but I still wouldnt recomend it since its a high risk high reward build, if you are doing house for yourself you should go with safer, more tested option… and they just look whack.

fa0639  No.13380216


>2 cords a year in Canada for 1600 sq feet… Whats that gas/electric bill look like?

They don't look like, you can't get power or phone out here much less natural gas.

>8 months a year fires off of 2 cords

A little over 2 months. I don't start bringing wood in until January, this is the point of thermal mass. The south wall is all windows, so it is warm again by march without any extra heating.

>Assuming your five room house is around 2000 square feet, you’d probably need something like six cords of wood

That is an estimate for modern shit houses dumbass.


>>mcconstructor detected

Why do you get stupider every time you start this thread OP?

>what is the OSB type?

No. It is a stone floor, timber frame with hempcrete fill and tile roof. Don't insulate under the floor, insulate around the walls. All that dirt under your house is free thermal mass. There's no excuse for a tiny shack to burn that much wood, that's 100 million BTUs. He's either got the worst shack in history or he is getting 10-20% efficiency from his wood.


>white people

>promoting the kike lie that Jesus was a yid

Kill yourself.

33ae2f  No.13380217


The aesthetics are butchered because architecture schools teach young architects that it is part and parcel of their proffession to use only the most modern and "high quality" materials. Which is why almost every major city in the world has buildings that look the same, the advent of cheap steel, cheap glass and cheap plastics has caused a complete abandonment of "old" materials, in favour of arbitrarily defined modern ones.

1c7b9b  No.13380224


Yeah you got to use professionals if you go for concrete.

That being said a properly done RC dome can be a great option in an area that suffers frequent tornadoes and hurricanes.

I've seen one RC dome quite happily sit through a direct tornado strike multiple times.

1f5526  No.13380233

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Why do you get stupider every time you start this thread OP?

hi to you as well, I would like to hear your opinion on OSB and spray foam first before continuing.


>I've seen one RC dome quite happily sit through a direct tornado strike multiple times.

they are basically a bunker that could survive shells being fired at them as well, but they just dont feel right, they dont feel "homely" + horrible interiors + leakage risk

fa0639  No.13380237


I would like to hear your opinion on eating lead paint first before continuing.

1c7b9b  No.13380242


The interiors can be made quite nice. They're just not something people are used to though.

23e9d9  No.13380248


you're an idiot asshole tranny

the guy stored his excess labor as monetary wealth. he converted his wealth into a real estate investment and is getting returns on that investment.

should he have donated his money to the international workers? if he bought and sold gold wouldn't he be jewing the buyer at a higher price? If he bought and sold weed or stocks or bags of corn or Sega cartridges wouldn't he just be jewing the next guy?

There is nothing wrong with being a landlord and hearing the lamentations of the too-stupid-to-suceed tenants is just a bonus


A Landlord and a Renter

1c7b9b  No.13380256


See that argument would hold water if your housing stock didn't wind up in the hands of your offspring who will never contribute to humanity and instead be rentseekers their whole lives.

1f5526  No.13380300

File: 1e60ec66c272a94⋯.webm (688 KB, 192x240, 4:5, osb walls burning by chad….webm)

File: 86fe095734b66a6⋯.jpg (80.94 KB, 500x500, 1:1, OSB ROT FUNGI WALL.jpg)

File: 5864da040916f14⋯.jpg (44.66 KB, 600x338, 300:169, framing-osb-exterior-sheat….jpg)

File: bcd02c5b1410e38⋯.jpg (814.03 KB, 2272x1704, 4:3, framing with osb smh.jpg)

File: 89f5a2518782b17⋯.jpg (157.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, OSB ROOF ROT PERFECTLY SAF….jpg)


>I would like to hear your opinion on eating lead paint first before continuing.

Lead is bad for your health as is using OSB and sprayfoam, can your mccontractor ass say the same?

1c7b9b  No.13380331


Oh man that yankee doodle housewrap shit.

I've started seeing it being applied permanently in the UK in new builds.

Used to be the stuff was temporary and only used during construction to keep the rain off stuff.

But now they're following american ideas and leaving it on there.

3de3ad  No.13380363

just archiving this thread again.


1f5526  No.13380395

File: 14b66ba1cf7b1ac⋯.jpg (104.56 KB, 800x600, 4:3, slate roof raw install wit….jpg)

File: ffcad56ea999406⋯.jpg (262.59 KB, 866x1392, 433:696, roof stone arches.jpg)

File: 5843a40bf49b663⋯.jpg (40.03 KB, 474x316, 3:2, house_castel_wood_roof.jpg)

File: d1e3b0d3d4395cb⋯.jpg (3.56 MB, 3696x2448, 77:51, concrete roof.jpg)


>yankee doodle housewrap shit

ayy lmao, the condom wrap, Tyvek2000, Ive never seen in here but I have no doubts it will creep in.

I have seen it on roofs, probably a different type, but is there really a need for it on roofs, what have the old timers used? Ive seen some old roofs and its just tile on wood beams and it doesnt leak, so what is with those stupid wraps these days?

Some even put that wrap in concrete, what is that supposed to do? it will just dissolve with time within concrete roofs

4b3d1e  No.13380397


No overhangs and very small slope on roof. If water pools anywhere, it will eventually get in. The bigger the roof slope, the better.

1c7b9b  No.13380410


They think it keeps out moisture.

Which to be fair it does. But it also keeps it in which is where the problems emerge.

If its damaged thats even worse because then you have moisture getting in but not getting out.

Old roofs just accept they'll get damp and rely on airing out the moisture.

fa0639  No.13380475


>there's nothing wrong with being a kike

Nice try rabbi.


>states the point verbatim

>still doesn't get it

Seriously, have you been smoking crack since the last time you made this thread? You seem to be completely retarded now, calling stone and timber frame "mccontractor" and spouting "OSB OSB OSB" because you can't explain how timber framing is bad.

1f5526  No.13380497


>They think it keeps out moisture.

>Which to be fair it does.

it does in the shortterm but not in the longterm where it causes problem, people these days mix those 2 requirement, RC is strongest possible material shortterm but not longterm where stonemasonry is far more durable.

if I was building a bunker for a year the wrap would suffice but not as a permanent household.

1c7b9b  No.13380502


Like I said. The problem is always longterm where it keeps moisture in. Which leads to damp which leads to all the many joys of damp

1f5526  No.13380678


let him be, he is probably involved in that scamming industry, I think its the same retard from Florida that was in the last thread I opened

c36c1d  No.13380978

File: 56918347bc288be⋯.jpg (19.69 KB, 536x397, 536:397, 474567.jpg)


>We should bring back monowall

3f25e0  No.13381007

>/pol/ - architecture

1f5526  No.13381518

File: 16049738ec092b0⋯.jpg (212.25 KB, 800x534, 400:267, half timber tudor mortise ….jpg)

File: 1cdd63147e6290a⋯.jpg (158.54 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, house half timber krauts.jpg)

File: 4c4dc7a64ab79e6⋯.jpg (335.04 KB, 1065x1300, 213:260, house_half_timber2.jpg)


Adobe/straw walls seem to perform pretty good and Im a big fan of Tudor builds, but even if they werent that good of an insulator, I wouldnt complain about having to wear a sweater indoors in winter.

Have you noticed how today people arent happy with thermal properties if they cant be in a t shirt during winter? so many housing problems would be solved if we just tought people to wear sweaters inside in winter…

6928fc  No.13381810

File: 5181e6aaf6b758b⋯.jpg (351.74 KB, 900x506, 450:253, Skeleton.jpg)

File: db1f338f75feb58⋯.jpg (147.05 KB, 1305x1074, 435:358, HalfTİmberHouseSkeleton.JPG)

File: 971f44db3aadaec⋯.jpg (33.67 KB, 905x201, 905:201, RomanSecret.JPG)

File: 019995eb68ffb69⋯.jpg (124.3 KB, 916x595, 916:595, VictorianInnovation.jpg)


Good thread

8e6f61  No.13381847

File: c4d762afd36439b⋯.png (123 KB, 1148x652, 287:163, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9de6b6dd6bd10b6⋯.png (117.8 KB, 1165x575, 233:115, ClipboardImage.png)

So many WHITE SUPREMACISTS here. I don't even.

000000  No.13381851

Monolithic concrete domes are the master race of architecture and housing. All the lies people make up about them being dank and whatever else are just that, lies. I've been in one and looked at many over the years and read a lot about them. Properly constructed and with the interior done right you will have no issues with them.

8ed549  No.13381862

i just call it all "The demoralization industry" it lumps it up all fine:

The degenerate art/Music

The degenerate race mixing movies/Tv shows

Retarded ugly demoralizing Architecture

Mass-migrating cuck politics

Total white genocide propaganda

etc etc… all serving the grand purpose of demoralization on an industrial scale. Thus demoralization industry. Or "The demoralization complex".

000000  No.13381872

I like the idea of concrete roofs. Are they good?

6205ea  No.13381892

File: 900a427e1d0ccf2⋯.png (53.04 KB, 251x275, 251:275, ooooooooo.png)


> Bring Your Own Brick house kits

I could dig that.

000000  No.13381904


>concrete roof


>t. Brutalist


Maybe for a dirtbag hive houe but idk.

Def not for a stone or wood house.

Too heavy.

Skinning your house in crete is proly good tho.

Seems jewish tbh.

1c7b9b  No.13381905


Not really.

000000  No.13381910


I'm poor as fuck and just want my off-grid cabin/home/bunker to function well. I can decorate it then in all kinds of cool ways to make it beautiful. I bet I could do a concrete roof that looks as if it's shingles or something else if I just shape it right and paint and polish it.

000000  No.13381912


>boomer farmers

>and their boomer parents

>hire exclusively mexican migrants

>this is white supremacy

The absolute state of the left.

000000  No.13381917


Functionally? I don't care about aesthetics. Would the roof just not last long?

My current plan btw is to just go with a metal roof. All the abandoned structures I've explored that still have a roof, have metal roofs. All the asphalt roofs, even though they're on structures that are the same age or newer, just collapse in. Metal roofs last soooo long.

1f5526  No.13381928

File: f932fca73bc2cc6⋯.jpg (56.55 KB, 600x450, 4:3, croatian shit shack red br….jpg)

File: 8a43c1158f6b111⋯.jpg (111.38 KB, 747x1328, 9:16, croatian shit shack red br….jpg)

File: c20d1f9359fdd91⋯.jpg (75.73 KB, 800x600, 4:3, croatian shit shack red br….jpg)

File: 32773fc0768faea⋯.jpg (102.82 KB, 600x450, 4:3, roof terracota tiles red b….jpg)

File: 1d42aa09d091d40⋯.jpg (57.46 KB, 640x478, 320:239, terra brick tile concrete.jpg)


>Monolithic concrete domes are the master race of architecture and housing.

They are good they are not mcconstruction, but thread lightly with them since they are a new design (in this age at least), I recomment a low risk high reward conservative approach if you are building for yourself.


>The demoralization industry

I used the term "technological nihilism", it implies that STEM suffers from the same degradation humanities and art do, that is why I dont like when people complain exclusivly about "architecture", it goes way deeper than that. Ted was right, STEM is as cucked as well.


>I like the idea of concrete roofs. Are they good?

you bet! Ive never heard of a roof change on those houses, but more expensive and require a stronger frame and foundation, which doesnt mean there is smth wrong with a wood roof, wood is just a more complex material and people often use it in a way that is self destructs by not allowing air drying of wood. Ill try finding more pics of concrete roofs


>>concrete roof


its quite good actually, lasts a long time as well, take the good throw out the bad from brutalists

000000  No.13381932


Then buy a code book and use wood. 2x4 16 on center, since "advanced framing" (2x6/24onC) is more wood and money to get more space for insulation fill and is shit tbh, and side it in reclaimed materials if you can't afford new. How are you staying warm, washing your ass, and processing turds, my dude ? That is the real question and will be where the real monies goes. And to windows but you can build your own reallllly.

1f5526  No.13381934

File: 11501e771f2eb1c⋯.jpg (233.73 KB, 1300x889, 1300:889, house alpine swiss wood ch….jpg)

File: fec4e24e68b5f0a⋯.jpg (208.84 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, house with slate roof.jpg)


>metal roofs

good choice! if you are on a budget and have accest to stone you can just do slate tiles yourself but house has to be very strong to bear the load (and proper wood frame is strong).

Regarding roof covers its

good tier





dogshit tier


1c7b9b  No.13381985


They go one of two ways.

They either last as long as the building but are often the reason the building itself has to be demolished.

Or they collapse in on themselves.

8ed549  No.13381991



>technological nihilism

The problem with that is that nihilism has some quality philosophy behind it going all the way back to Nietzsche (Beyond good and Evil) and Shopenhauer (Art of Pessimism). But when you make it look like some plastic annoying shitty industrial complex, thats when it becomes really nasty. I'm sure you could call it Technonihilism yes, but Demoralization is the word Yuri Bezmenov used when exposing the commies, so I like his chain of thought on that point.

000000  No.13381994


For the record. While a ceramic/clay shingle/shake/tile roof is fireproof from the outside, it will collapse with a fire on the inside. Metal is best, even as a tray for Norse grass roofs, and comes in shapes like Spanish and Roman cermic tiles but is less weight, costs less, can be made from recycled materials and recycled after use, and is easier install. Good for tiny houses that need less weight and may be towed through a fire during escape. If you are doing the "cementing" Gaudí style with limestone then it's probably okay., but the rest should be slate and old growth wood for authenticity.

Roofing Weights:

Metal (1.2 lbm/ft2)

Wood (2.4 lbm/ft2)

Asphalt (2.7 lbm/ft2)

Ceramic (5.8 lbm/ft2)

Concrete (9.3 lbm/ft2)

Clay (10.8 lbm/ft2)

Slate (12.8 lbm/ft2)

0ce517  No.13382012

Single pour concrete, with rebar and chain link fences and higher sand content.

There's a technical term for them, but they have stood up to category 4 hurricanes. Use slate roofing and these houses should last hundreds of years easily.

000000  No.13382015


For context, the typical US roof (asphalt shingles) is ~200lbs/100sqft (10'x10'). A metal roof would be a quarter to half of that, depending on the material (steel, copper, etc..) and gauge (thickness); ~50lbs/sqft.

1f5526  No.13382018


>They either last as long as the building but are often the reason the building itself has to be demolished.

I havent seem much problems with concrete roofs, but your point stands, its hard to replace it, they are usually overengeneered on smaller houses so they have plenty of loading…in worst case scenario, how hard would it be to replace just the concrete roof after 50 years?


> While a ceramic/clay shingle/shake/tile roof is fireproof from the outside, it will collapse with a fire on the inside.

prime advantage is that it doesnt rust with time and arguably more waterproof, but metal roof is still a great choice especially when you count in the extreme differences in weight and easy instally if its a gable roof.

0ce517  No.13382019

the alternative is like what Cody Lundin did, built a house out of a preexisting stone structure.

He runs a desert survival training camp in Arizona.

0ce517  No.13382022


At that cost point, slate would be far better.

1f5526  No.13382048


>Ceramic (5.8 lbm/ft2)

I dont know much about these, they seem expensive…how much do they last compare to terra tiles?

0ce517  No.13382056

Ceramic is moduluraly porous, which means in extreme cold it will fracture. Enough temperature swings and your roof will start leaking.

000000  No.13382063


>concrete roof

>no rust

Only if no rebar or non-rusting rebar is used.


And resistant to wind. Metal sheets with fasteners are strong but can leak if the gromets fail and metal shingles blow off in heavy winds but are not reliant on eals but material overlaps and leak less to not at all. I have a wood lumber roof (modern norse) with a steel metal tray with side drains and 2" walls with soil holding barley grass on my house (old norse). Took some time and custom fabrication of the trays but it fucking works and looks great. The grass will catch on fire but the roof is metal sheeted and safe with an insulated gap for temperature control so as not to ignite the lumber roof.

94e9d2  No.13382130

How can I learn everything you guys know about building traditional houses from the foundation up? I am willing to read a few book on construction. Have any recommendations?

8a96d5  No.13382154


Better yet: Start a free online course for house building, so nationalists can get true independence off the grid.

1c7b9b  No.13382174


You don't replace concrete roofs.

If they fail or otherwise need replacing you replace the building.

This is why nobody really uses them outside of extremely large buildings which have a host of protective measures in place to protect the concrete roof.

1c7b9b  No.13382177



It's not that easy.

Construction requires a lot of manpower, specialists and money.

To do properly that is.

48847e  No.13382183


About double, unless you hire the Amish who are incredible builders and will barter or you are given land. Building yourself one is a huge undertaking and requires ALOT of rentals.

TLDR> Its more but worth it just like anything in life. Best case is finding a nice used one (I'll be doing the same)

8e6f61  No.13382194


>Start a free online course for house building

Where can I find those?

000000  No.13382198


>build houses

>many men and monies

Not true.

Especially if you forego modern sheeting, then you can do everything with one person and some ratchet straps. Have a second person for roofing if you fall to take you to hospital but otherwise all can be done for cheap by a single person, especially if you are only building for one or two. Building for a family is different and will cost more because more materials.

000000  No.13382230

Watch Next Step Ministries Construction videos on jewtube for an idea and good simple tutorial on a small modern building.


1c7b9b  No.13382611


Sheeting? You mean that yankee wrap garbage?

Also I'm talkin a real house not some american matchstick abomination.

082bbe  No.13382642

Funny, a whole thread about people discussing buildings they can never afford.

If you live in Western Europe, you have to be a millionaire to buy a house. I'm sure it's the same in many parts of North America.

A house used to be something everyone had. Now it's only for millionaires.

6205ea  No.13382674

File: 0ccf6817c605ab7⋯.jpg (111.64 KB, 1026x474, 171:79, NipHousingCodes.JPG)


American / Western Europe tend to use Exclusive zoning in which an area can be used for only one type of construction.

Nips however, allow housing, schools, and clinics everywhere and anywhere making housing not as stupid as other countries.

Grab a baseball bat and gently remind your local city leaders of the wisdom of a Maximum Use zoning system.

000000  No.13382711


Then all you need is 100 young trees, a chainsaw, and clay for chinking, unless you do a scribe-fitted log house, then no real chinking required. But you said you had no monies so hardwood in't in your budget. Do a platform framed house (modern) with wood joinery where valuable and don't use plywood or osb, use 1x lumber for your siding and do board/batten.

000000  No.13382719


<we should let jews build everywhere

Fucking no.

>t. r35 land owner

000000  No.13382735


<a real house

<not some american matchstick abomination

Platform framing and it's predecessor, Balloon framing, are a mix of French and Norse building techniques you uneducated tard. Only ply and shard sheeting are shit because fuck glue for permanence.

6205ea  No.13382740

File: 9f2e0335989d53d⋯.png (985.85 KB, 1004x508, 251:127, MainStreet.png)


> There will never again be mixed residential-business use buildings like every local Main Street across rural America because of muh property values people like this.

wattafag I bet you live in the coasts too.

000000  No.13383324


There is a difference between 'Euclidean' and 'Land-use' zoning. Land-use zoning can address all issues and there is no need for Euclidian zoning.


The 'r' means residential. This is only for the main use. You can use it how you want so long as primary use is living. You can change this zoning with 'conditional' permits.

The 35 means one dwelling unit for every 35 acres of land. This is because the secondary use is agriculture. It can be zoned dual res/ag but it doesn't have to be because of






>coastal insults

>from a desert rat

No I am not allowed near the coast I will be jailed for thought crime.

000000  No.13383375

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

> And I’ll fry you eggs early in the morning, and butter you a thick piece of cold bread, and I’ll slice the bacon myself, and bring you hot chocolate, and you’ll sit on the wood rail fence in your nightgown, and I’ll put my jacket over your shoulders, and we’ll balance our plates on our knees and watch the sun come up while we eat. And when I have to leave the house to go work you’ll wait for me, won’t you? You’ll sit on the fence and watch the dirt road till you see me coming back home to you.

9bd670  No.13383420


quit calling me a Jew, you faggot

f79b08  No.13383439


>Maybe you have to be in a 100% earthquake free location though

No such thing. Best you can do is making large granite slabs, get bores at the axis, pour same density concrete mix, rebar, lay foundation on beams. And because weight and soils, use long deep piles.


>Also good luck finding builders who can do it.

>there was a time when masons used to do that thing


cce6ed  No.13383446

There was also a time when I wasn't targetted by faggots and laughed at by trash.

3de3ad  No.13383580

archiving again…


3de3ad  No.13383583




8bcf0d  No.13383590

Can you do multiple floors using Inca construction?

843bca  No.13383594

File: b297a83d0dc1509⋯.png (65.66 KB, 720x350, 72:35, Butt-and-Pass-Log-Cabin-No….png)

I know someone who swears by the "butt and pass" method of log cabin building, saying that it doesn't suffer problems from settling.


1892ca  No.13383600

House threads. Best threads. Better than space elevator threads, which we don't get anymore.

Learned about wood100 and moonwood from these threads.

497b45  No.13383602

File: 6e6ad0883a8ae26⋯.jpg (282.81 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, croatian shit shack red br….jpg)

File: db0df812d280e80⋯.jpg (85.14 KB, 740x459, 740:459, concrete roof site build 3.jpg)


we should keep /housepill/ as a general, follow the thread and especially check the links I posted and youll learn a lot


>This is why nobody really uses them outside of extremely large buildings

they are quite common in mediteranian area, probably because wood would get quickly damaged from water salt, regarding replacing them, I dont think you have to demo the entire house, if you can do a foundation replacement with modern machines, you should be able to replace a concrete roof


handmade houses by Noah Bradley but its no free, but dont rush, research stuff on your own first before paying


look how cute those houses used to look, quality brickwork as well…what is the trick of stoping that flat roof from leaking? taring it combined with draining systems?

497b45  No.13383604

File: a0a2bd17c052e6f⋯.jpg (4.38 KB, 275x183, 275:183, thoma wood holz 100.jpg)


>wood100 and moonwood from these threads.

that austrian guy is building 4 story hotels out of wood now

19026f  No.13383726


>mestizo is based

Thats the thing about all these spics theyre flooding the US with. If we can convince the roman catholics to hate jews again all those spics would happily whip out their pocket knives and saw off 6 million jews heads.

Glad to see this thread again I am building a cabin in remote alaska. Out of pallets, no real trees here. And I'm in over my head lol

b74ea7  No.13387492

File: 4e4a59483b4c80b⋯.jpg (39.55 KB, 499x514, 499:514, f64abcbe9bee4287b5655c037e….jpg)

My fiance and I are looking for a mobile home as a stepping stone to buying or making our own house. Any recommendations in what to look for? Right now our upper limit is $200,000 due to several other expenses. I'd rather buy a house, but time is tight with a baby on the way and all we can find in the budget are not live in ready.

1c7b9b  No.13387607


Mobile homes don't hold value very well.

So its not likely to be worth it.

6205ea  No.13390907


If a mobile home payment is the same as renting it's not really worth it.

If a mobile home payment is the same as purchasing a home it's not really worth it.

468eee  No.13391070

These are my favorite threads.

dd91ad  No.13391800


so if your kids want to raise their family on the family land they will usually have to extend on the same building?


you wanna spend 200 grand on a depreciating in value mobile home?

why not just live in with your parents?

200 grand in extending your parents house would probably get you plenty of living space and then you can also keep an eye on your parents as they age and they can help you raise your kids

fa0639  No.13391918


>There's a technical term for them

Yes, "temporary". If you put steel in concrete, you make it a fragile temporary material. Concrete on its own will last centuries, rebar filled concrete won't make it a single century.


Ceramic porosity depends on the clay used and the firing done. If tile works fine in northern Scandinavia, I think you can relax.



The only reason this is a problem is because of overpopulation. Stop trying to help overcome the problems caused by importing subhumans.


There is no such thing as moonwood dumbass, it is just a scam to bilk hippies.


Move somewhere not retarded. You can buy 50 acres with a late 1800s farmhouse and barn for that.

b15085  No.13391935


There is a book, available for like $1 second hand, called The Geometry of Design (First Edition, not the Second one, which isn't as architecture focused), that you'll really enjoy, on the subject of the golden ration in classical architecture.

9ad13b  No.13391952


>rebar filled concrete won't make it a single century

My brother is a project manager for a structural concrete builder and he says you're literally wrong

fa0639  No.13391962


Well my dad works for nintendo and he says the super duper nintendo will be 128 bits and have a new metroid!11

1892ca  No.13391976


>There is no such thing as moonwood dumbass, it is just a scam to bilk hippies.

Okay, I won't take your word for it.

b15085  No.13391977


After 80 years the chemical bonds start to break up. If the concrete is isolated from outside it'll last longer, but it won't be much over 100 years.

2a081c  No.13392508

File: 1223903c7121525⋯.jpg (299.06 KB, 1800x1012, 450:253, stone_pantheon_no_rebar_20….jpg)

File: dc3ae20cdfec141⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1455x970, 3:2, concrete reinforced rebar ….jpg)

File: cfceba5694245bd⋯.jpg (147.27 KB, 760x487, 760:487, concrete mcrebar mirandi b….jpg)

File: 08f0c6bd4bafc04⋯.jpg (123.37 KB, 900x675, 4:3, concrete mcrebar explosion.jpg)


>Concrete on its own will last centuries, rebar filled concrete won't make it a single century.

concrete on its own wont last centuries - its porous for one and chemically based (modern concrete) so it cracks with long sun exposure etc, rock masonry will last for centuries or millenias.

regarding RC, many floors on older buildings Ive seen IRL are RC and are close to 100, but RC when exposed is far less durable than people think if that is what you tried to say

>There is no such thing as moonwood dumbass, it is just a scam to bilk hippies.

is water level rising according to moon changes a scam as well?



>After 80 years the chemical bonds start to break up. If the concrete is isolated from outside it'll last longer, but it won't be much over 100 years.

100 is a good number for RC, its usually floors that can last that long, but exposed RC degrades "quickly"

2a081c  No.13392642

File: 1a969903159cb2c⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 2000x2667, 2000:2667, sidewalk granite.jpg)

File: 643979344fa7443⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2000x2667, 2000:2667, sidewalk preformed concret….jpg)

File: 59e6dd4d56dc374⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 2000x2667, 2000:2667, sidewalk reinforced concre….jpg)

regarding reinfroced concrete durability, these are 3 pictures of sidewalks I took:


2.preformed concrete

3.preformed reinforced concrete

age is not equal but you get the point. 3 pictures=3000 word essay on RC water damage.

Also, in defense of RC, RC is probably the most durable material SHORTTERM since its impact durability is better than that of drystone masonry (which is more durable LONGTERM), so like with all technology its horses for courses, no technology is obsolete despite what bugman with switches tell you.

2a081c  No.13392666

File: 048cd9518dc72b8⋯.jpg (3.63 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181120_132130.jpg)

File: 7abbefca595ea1d⋯.jpg (50.3 KB, 640x430, 64:43, download (1).jpg)

File: cd772747fed3676⋯.jpg (71.47 KB, 906x690, 151:115, download.jpg)

File: 480758ab48641ef⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, maxcompact isolation.jpg)


>Yes these pictures in your posts used to be the way we used to build here in central Europe. But now everything looks like this. Fucking shoe boxes.

I dislike this look, but I think no overhang might be functional here because it has an external or ventialted facade and needs to be dried that way. It simply wont last because water will affect the concrete walls, but its still a solid build despite that there are better options out there.


>cave houses

I recommend avoiding this entirely, very risky in terms of choosing the right rock and moisture is a big problem, guys who built Petra knew smth we dont - look up ancient archeologists video on it, best I can do.

000000  No.13392735

ebd9c5  No.13392829


Buy a property for 50-100k, then get the book "The Hand-Sculpted House" and make your own cob-building.

It's got some quirks, but it's cheap and very easy to make. If you want to replace it, you can always set it somewhere besides the place where you want to build your real house afterwards and use it as a store-room later on.

94e9d2  No.13393668

What kind of wood should I use if I wanted to build a small chicken coop? Solid boards (of what tree?), plywood? Would it need a brick or concrete floor? I want relatively inexpensive but also traditional.

Also, what is your opinion on building with cored brick vs. solid brick vs concrete bricks?

518fa9  No.13393690


If you're raising chickens for meat I'd recommend a chicken tractor.

Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it that much. It doesn't need to be big and won't be under much load.

94e9d2  No.13394042


Okay, how about a shed?


This guide recommends building plywood floors for sloped ground, and OSB siding. Is that reasonable because it's not living space and saves money, or should OSB be banished in all circumstances?

Also, I have no idea what many of these terms are like 'trusses', 'framing', and 'studs'. I have no building knowledge so would I start out with woodworking basics or some kind of carpentry book?

18abcd  No.13394184


nice posts anon

I'm a scaffolder and own a small scaffold mob. I plan on getting into envelope work. I'm young (39) but look at what are supposed to be my seniors and wonder what the fuck are they doing?

In the 80's where I live we had a leaky condo scandal costing a fortune. This booms poor work and materials choice will ensure the next scandal is entire apartments riddled with mold.

Exteriour sheathing in MDF wrapped in plastic…. What could go wrong?

18abcd  No.13394192


>That is because modern houses are (((airtight))) which is related to asthma problems kids devlop.

Code was just changed here a year ago so that all bathroom fans need to run full time due to houses being "air tight".

Are you suggesting we go back to tar paper for enteriour vapour barrier?

18abcd  No.13394215


oil based as close to old style paints as we can legally buy

i did mine in a linseed oil based paint

not sure if it's better but i saw it recondition the 30 year old cedar siding a bit

90bdba  No.13394946

File: 60a4bf12b1afcf1⋯.png (271.89 KB, 770x1734, 385:867, The Sims Apartment Life.png)

Bless this thread

14fd52  No.13395151


I built my chicken coop out of garbage plastic and random sticks from the woods. Been holding chickens happily for 5 years now. Cost me about 20 nails 4 hinges and a dozen or so screws.

14fd52  No.13395153


Build an earthbag house or a log cabin for like 5k… What the fuck would you spend that kind of money for a fucking big car to live in…

14fd52  No.13395154



Butt and pass is legit. You have to set pieces of rebar in the logs… not all the way throug but HALF WAY THROUGH so the log swells and shrinks aroudn the steel peg and the movement is absorbed by the chinking not raising the roof.

7c8491  No.13395203


Fuckin' hoser, good to know there's some rural Ontario lads on here

c39df7  No.13395232

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>what is the trick of stoping that flat roof from leaking?

The guy's channel is gold.

518fa9  No.13395308

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just don't build this


Seriously though, I'd rather avoid using OSB because it's really shitty. It won't last long. Sure, you won't live in it, but that doesn't mean you don't want the shed to last several years.

Start with a good foundation to avoid the shed sinking (make a big hole, pour broken bricks or gravel, put a concrete wire mesh, and pour concrete over it). You then make a timber frame (1st pic) which isn't really that hard and shouldn't be as complicated as the one in the pic. You also make the floor frame (second pic). Over the floor frame you nail the wooden boards that are going to act as the floor. Plywood is probably fine for a shed.

For the walls you can try several things. You can either nail wooden boards (I'd avoid OSB just because it's really low quality, but other types of wood are fine) or, if you want to be a little bit fancier, try doing wattle and daub, which is a really easy technique that doesn't require much technical knowledge and looks great, but it's more time consuming (embed related). For the roof just do a metal roof which is probably the easiest.

Although if you have absolutely no experience in carpentry maybe try with a smaller project like building garden beds, a bird box, or things like that.

Can't tell you much about books since the only one I've read is one about Japanese joinery but other than that I learned from trial and error.

Best of lucks anon.

518fa9  No.13395312

File: d65047021432724⋯.jpg (82.96 KB, 960x747, 320:249, 1.jpg)

File: e374d28337c332d⋯.jpg (117.55 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 2.jpg)


Ok for some reason the pics didn't upload, here they are

be9183  No.13395397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What the Bleep Happened to Architecture?

d301ed  No.13395598


The only legitimate source of property is through labor. A trader can labor to create wealth. A rent-seeking land owner offers nothing to society, and is only a parasite stealing the fruit of another mans labor.

f52c54  No.13395706

In classical Roman religion, a genius loci (plural genii locorum) was the protective spirit of a place. It was often depicted in religious iconography as a figure holding attributes such as a cornucopia, patera (libation bowl) or snake. Many Roman altars found throughout the Western Roman Empire were dedicated to a particular genius loci. The Roman imperial cults of the Emperor and the imperial house developed in part in connections with the sacrifices made by neighborhood associations

Alexander Pope made the Genius Loci an important principle in garden and landscape design with the following lines from Epistle IV, to Richard Boyle, Earl of Burlington:

Consult the genius of the place in all;

That tells the waters to rise, or fall;

Or helps th' ambitious hill the heav'ns to scale,

Or scoops in circling theatres the vale;

Calls in the country, catches opening glades,

Joins willing woods, and varies shades from shades,

Now breaks, or now directs, th' intending lines;

Paints as you plant, and, as you work, designs.


2a081c  No.13395977

File: 0c547b3e301035c⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 20181012_155601.jpg)

pic rel is an example of a build from early post WW2, these are pleb temporary apartments, but notice the high level of build that was normal then - terazzo stairs which are so rare these days, legit wooden railing (with curvature!), this is smth like 60yo and still, they really made with higher standards before, even shacks


so its torchdown tar? How long does it last? We use torched tar for proofing basements and it works well.


>I'm a scaffolder and own a small scaffold mob.

what a cool job anon, Fred Dibnah was a scaffolder as well. Give us some stories.

>Exteriour sheathing in MDF wrapped in plastic…. What could go wrong?

erghhh! I just watched how a local apratment building was repaired on outer shell changed…changed with laquered OSB panels, it is what it is…



the simplest solution is make the bathroom from bricks and tile it, why complicate with wraps etc?


uk pic?

2a081c  No.13396848

File: 0c7cdf967bc0a75⋯.jpg (156.13 KB, 900x642, 150:107, house southers raised pier….jpg)

File: 8dc368718f88e7d⋯.jpg (44.6 KB, 599x448, 599:448, wood piling foundation hou….jpg)

File: e3b666792d1a74f⋯.jpg (37.7 KB, 369x249, 123:83, foundations pier house flo….jpg)

File: bbcfeb19b73cd04⋯.jpg (175.21 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, house swiss alpine wood 4.jpg)

>Meanwhile, however, a lot of damage has been done. While a renewed interest in circulating fans could save large amounts of energy when cooling buildings, there are limits to what can be achieved because the widespread use of AC has had a profound influence on architecture. Before the advent of air-conditioning, buildings in hot climates were designed in such a way that they were comfortable during summer months without the use of energy. They encouraged natural ventilation by, among other things, large porches, high ceilings, roof vents, sash windows, ventilation shafts, transoms over interior doors, and courtyards. Some houses were even built on stilts to allow for more air circulation. 16911

>Traditional buildings in hot climates kept solar radiation out by using heavy construction materials, big eaves, reflective tin roofs, and growing shade trees around the house. Air conditioning did away with all these building elements and stimulated the use of lighter and cheaper building materials. Office blocks with H, T, and L-shaped footprints, which facilitated cross-ventilation, were replaced by massive, square blocks with very deep floor plans. Completely new building types emerged, such as office towers with fully glazed facades or enclosed shopping centres, which would be simply uninhabitable without air-conditioning because of the greenhouse effect. While fans could somewhat lower the energy use of air-conditioning in such buildings, energy consumption would remain very high.

from low tech magazine

94eb97  No.13398733


>so its torchdown tar? How long does it last? We use torched tar for proofing basements and it works well.

I gather it's a tar and rubber composite sheet.

fa0639  No.13400235


You don't need to, do some basic research. Everything in that scam video shows it is bullshit. Of course his wooden walls did good in a burn test, wooden walls always do good in burn tests. He is simply lying about how they didn't want to test it. There's hundreds of published results of solid wood walls doing just as well, and none of them are magic "mood wood". Every special property he tries to claim is unique to "moon wood" is a property of ordinary fucking wood.


>concrete on its own wont last centuries

Yeah, those concrete buildings that are over 2000 years old certainly prove you right. Retard.

>its porous for one and chemically based (modern concrete)

What kind of idiotic non-statement is "chemically based"? Everything is chemically based you fucking moron.

>is water level rising according to moon changes a scam as well?

Are tacos a scam as well? Stop with the non-sequitur idiocy and make an argument if you think the stupid hippy scam is legit. If it were legit, why does he have to lie about normal wood and say it is shit and rots instantly and normal solid wood walls burn up in minutes? He is just cashing in on people's complete and total ignorance of normal wood, since his customer base is entirely people who grew up in houses made of glue.

94e9d2  No.13400472


>9:30 AM no neighbors

>"You bought an adjustable bed with all the disposable income you have from not having a kid"

(((They))) are truly everywhere.

55207f  No.13400660

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm thinking right now about building something like house shown on vid rel. It has recently started to become more popular in central Europe. I'd like to build something like that, but with additional attic of the same size (35m^2).

This is one of very few options for me to get a home without getting into many years of debt slavery to a jew. However most people do it using OSB which this thread convinced me not to use so i'm thinking whether it's possible to build similar, cheap small house which will last at least my lifetime without problems. Changing OSB for plywood prob wont be enough so i wonder what else need to be improved?

How to choose correct materials of such kind of house? How to insulate it? Condom wraps seems to suck. Would building this kind of house with 35 m^2 (~375 square feet) bottom floor and 35m^2 attic be much cheaper than let's say 50m^2(~540 square feet) bottom floor and 50m^2 attic?

No tornados and floods here at least so it should be doable.

258ee5  No.13400757


>Yeah, those concrete buildings that are over 2000 years old certainly prove you right. Retard.

exept that is Roman concrete and today we use "Portland" cement which is completly different, not that you would understand that or how the wood grain changes acording to water it has…your total stupidity reminds me of specific anon…tell me are you the guy from Florida that bragged about building a house in the last thread?

c06c7a  No.13401112

found this road building manual


fa0639  No.13401447


>exept that is Roman concrete

Which is concrete. It is right in the name and everything.

>today we use "Portland" cement which is completly different

So you can go right ahead and explain how portland cement makes concrete that doesn't last, but every other cement ever in history makes concrete that lasts. Or you could quit being a fucking retard and realize the cement used isn't the problem.

>how the wood grain changes acording to water it has

It doesn't. It also doesn't change how long it takes to burn. And you would know this if you took the two seconds to do basic research and see solid wood walls always exceed every fire test in existence. It doesn't matter what the fucking moon is.

9f0477  No.13401699



This family has a lot of good videos on building earthbag dorms for each of their kids that don’t look like turds in the slightest. It’s all about vision and the competency to see it through.

9f0477  No.13401714


Simpson Strong Ties literally has an equals sign with a slash through it for their symbol. As a guarantee that no product is equal to theirs.


ZIP board, a type of plywood, from Advantech is some pretty durable shit. It’ll last for years without any additional siding over it, so you don’t have to use Tyvek housewrap. But the sheets, and the ZIP tape that goes with are pretty pricey.

258ee5  No.13403016


>makes a speech to himself

Yep, its the same idiot from Florida.

000000  No.13404086


>central Europe

>t. Walser

Your build should look something like links related:

https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-and-plank (Bohlenständerbau)

https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Timber_framing (Ständerbauweise, Firstständerhaus, Gefügebauweise, Geschossbauweise, Rähmbauweise, Stockwerksbauweise)


Or mix it with log frame:

https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_Lusatian_house (Umgebindehaus)


See >>13379751 for infos on sheeting.

Use thin lumber to "sheet" your frame if you do a modern platform frame (2x4@16 or 2x6@24) with insulation cavity. If you do the material layering correctly it will block all air draft. Link related:


>without problems

You can get plywood with natural non-toxic glues if you choose plywood.

>what else need to be improved

Airflow is more imprtant than anything. In a 100-square foot wall, one cup of water can diffuse through untreated drywall (without a vapor barrier) in a year but 50 cups of water can enter through a 1/2-inch diameter round hole. You do not need to worry about diffusion through materials like you do actual holes into your walls.

>How to insulate it

Insulation is defined as the cavity that equalizes temperature, in a log house there is no "insulation" in this sense. In a modern house the cavity exists and is intended to be filled with some sort of insulation "fill". Actual wool, not rockwool, from sheeps is the best and most resistant to mold and gravity, is the least toxic and harmful to the world, and costs the most. Worth it. Or just go with no insulation fill.

>Condom wraps seems to suck

See >>13377675 for info on barriers.


Larger house costs more in materials and in heating.

>no tornados or floods

Look into snow load requirements.

fa0639  No.13414649


>no argument

>reddit spaces

Yep, its the same idiot from Florida.

29876b  No.13416085

File: e9afb4288f3982c⋯.jpg (168.36 KB, 760x628, 190:157, dutch colonial roof brick ….jpg)

File: b644c6155f9986d⋯.jpg (170.05 KB, 619x1024, 619:1024, dutch colonial roof brick ….jpg)

File: 71a2d56ef54258a⋯.jpg (370.48 KB, 1200x745, 240:149, dutch colonial roof brick ….jpg)

File: fe1139f97dfc173⋯.jpg (210.42 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, dutch colonial roof brick ….jpg)

File: cb50e0c1ca3f3e5⋯.jpg (110.72 KB, 517x330, 47:30, dutch colonial roof brick ….jpg)

any dutch anons familiar with this type of "wall over roof" build?

Are there any functional reason for basically compromising structural stability of the wall and putting the roof inside? Was it to create less shade on the streets?

I know that its a solid build and walls dont just collapse to the street but it creates a water damage risk…does this type of build have any specific problems? thanks!

887783  No.13420160


What is an OP approved way to insulate my cuckshed? Modern materials offgas and apparently trap too much moisture, so what is the alternative? More importantly, what is the affordable, non labor intensibe alternative?

6b72e3  No.13420680


straw and mud mix is an excellent choice (cob or adobe wall basically), another simple solution is putting plastic bags between the wall instead of wool (but high risk of flamability!), you can use leftover lamb wool between walls, leftover wood (without glue offcourse) etc., there are so many non toxic solutions, its best to stick to already tested ones like adobe/cob, but you can go to more extravagant ones if the risk is calculated

b46755  No.13420685

Goddamn, you guys are really trying with this necrothread shit lol

6b72e3  No.13420688


> is putting plastic bags between the wall instead of wool

*instead of mineral wool if you cant afford it

78426c  No.13420861

What about Roman concrete?

7ddb31  No.13420945


is there any of this info for free? i dont really want to pay $1k and wait another couple months to learn how to build a log cabin.

38ec78  No.13422763

File: 183e9a61d039661⋯.jpg (410.17 KB, 750x733, 750:733, E.jpg)

000000  No.13423553


>obsession with ded things

>t. jew

000000  No.13423565


They are simple facade. The western style buildings in the US are influenced by these and other Dutch styles (reinterpreted Roman styles), as are most farm houses and barns.


You can extend the timbers into the bricks though.

e380f7  No.13423610


Yeah in bits and pieces. The key word is 'Butt and pass' log construction. best free stuff is cob/adobe/earthbag.

4ed6d6  No.13423781

What about new graphene-concrete?


Is it being used yet for anything?

20979e  No.13425052

Nice, this thread again. (((Modern architecture))) is disgusting.

508970  No.13427554


how about slate over a thin sheet of reinforced concrete? it would look nice and be super strong

818b7c  No.13428813

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>reinforced concrete?

Concrete does a poor job at moving water.

It absorbs and holds water instead of wicking it like terracotta, wood, earth, or even plaster.

You would ideally want an impermeable outer sheath like tile, stone, or metal followed by a less permeable surface like tar paper, followed by a wicking surface like wood.

The reason is that you want to create a gradient which allows minor leaks and man-made humidity to quickly dry by increasing the surface area of the trapped water.

And what do you know, you've made a traditional roof.

Concrete is pretty shit if you want something either water tight, or good at wicking.

If you read through this thread, there's an anon who points out how shitty concrete mortar is, although for different reasons.

15f2d7  No.13429995

File: 323646f88a9d0d7⋯.jpg (107.87 KB, 780x520, 3:2, croatia_house_shitshack_co….jpg)

File: 00602dcfaedfd1c⋯.jpg (185.32 KB, 950x647, 950:647, roof koreansJjRj.jpg)

File: bb6fef8e3776690⋯.jpg (441.44 KB, 1600x1167, 1600:1167, roof concrete tarra.jpg)


>how about slate over a thin sheet of reinforced concrete?

that might work, Ive seen plenty of RC roofs with Terracota tiles over it and it works very well, but be aware of significantly bigger mass that needs stronger foundations and beefier structure all together >>13381928


>Concrete does a poor job at moving water.

he said hell cover the concrete with slate, not put concrete as outer layer - that way hell basically have a concrete loading for roof that hell cover which is a solid option.

other anon mentioned that its very hard to replace it unlike wood beam for roof loading but problems of destroyed RC roof loading from moisture only come after 60-100 years if you use proper cover like terracota or steel

15f2d7  No.13430002


>You would ideally want an impermeable outer sheath like tile, stone, or metal followed by a less permeable surface like tar paper, followed by a wicking surface like wood.

how needed is the tar layer between the wicking layer surface (metal, terra, slate, shingles…) and roof loading system (wood beams, steel beams, RC). Ive seen that some people put "wicking layers" directly only loading without tar and it creates no problems, tar layer is a must in the basement wall. Im talking about atticks that are the living spaces

825805  No.13430020


How many freaking times are you gonna copy/paste this thread? You’ve already been debunked. There are reasons US builders build the way they do. Dumb, autistic thread for the ignorant.

612d36  No.13430180

>What are vented cavities

>what are vapour barriers

>what is ventilation

>what is reinforced concrete

The only reason old constructions were "ventilated" was because the technology of the time could not completely seal the house and the natural ventilation occurred. This was not something that anyone thought of, because it was never a thing until modern building started to happen. What you had though was people huddling in one central room of the house every winter night because it was so cold and because heating was so inefficient.

If properly built and maintained, modern construction house can last a century or so.

You may idealize old construction, but it was not perfect. Most old buildings being lived in today have some sort of insulation added on to them, and every space is being refurbished to improve conditions (at least here in Europe).

Material-wise, most old construction was not as sturdy as you imagine either, with lack of consistent material control, general expense and lack of skilled builders. Majority of old remaining construction is in big public buildings or private residences and those are usually built to last on purpose.

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