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File: ad86e3ad297f8cf⋯.jpg (44.3 KB, 800x533, 800:533, unz.jpg)

0c0813  No.13383263

What are your thoughts on this man /pol/?

Ron Unz is a (((Jew))), and an extremely intelligent one at that. He's most well-known for being the founder of The Unz Review, but it's his own writings that I'd like to discuss if possible. He's written a number of articles recounting how his views on certain historical events have changed following his own research into them. Of these articles, it's probably those dealing with events related to Jews and Judaism that've been the most eye-opening for me personally.

This is the first article of his that I read. TL;DR Jewish ritual murder probably happened.



This is his latest article, and is what prompted me to make this thread. Can't even begin to summarize this one.



On the Holocaust.

>I think it far more likely than not that the standard Holocaust narrative is at least substantially false, and quite possibly, almost entirely so.



000000  No.13383283


I've read several of his American Pravda articles. Some of them are interesting. At the end of the day, though, you said it yourself: Ron Unz is a jew. Don't put too much faith in him.

7ca064  No.13383297

He's got a good website and many anons post in the comments

b7ae29  No.13383425

Whatever. Just remember that there are no good jews.

719b38  No.13383437

Look at that face; that's the face produced by thousands of generations of cannibalism.

719b38  No.13383442

Limited hangout; when the time comes, inevitably for the jews to once again get wiped out there's a stay behind force of "good honest jews" who we shall spare because they're honest ones.

000000  No.13383444

The first article is amazing, it's clear he redpilled himself like the jew that made that "Defamation" documentary after being redpilled on how dishonest and evil the ADL and general jewry was with his own eyes.

a1595a  No.13383465


Unfortunately, that's a mistake Uncle Adolf made with his concept of the "noble jew". Let's not make that mistake again.

0c0813  No.13383486


>The first article is amazing

It really is. Before I read it I considered blood libel to be just that, libel. Realising that there might actually be something to it was quite the experience.

0b28b5  No.13383491

Why are you spreading info about this useless parasite here? Go to your synagogue and tell about it there.

0c0813  No.13383522


I'm just interested in what /pol/ thinks of him really. I had to include more in OP or the thread would've been 404'd cause "low-effort".


Is he though? Was his work on Jewish overrepresentation in Ivy League universities useless? I think maybe it would've been to someone who was already convinced of Jewish domination in such institutions. For someone like myself though, seeing the data he compiled was eye-openening.

Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely a question surrounding his motivations. Why would a Jew be so openly and devastingly critical of Jewish behaviour? Does he foresee coming strife and so wishes to be seen as one of the good ones and be subsequently spared? (Like what >>13383442 suggested.) Does he simply not care what happens? I have no idea. Like I said just above and in OP too, I'd to see what people here think.

ec3fba  No.13383527


Is he a religious or racial jew? Religious jews can NEVER be trusted. It's possible for a racial one to dislike and even hate his own people, or at least have enough honour to reveal their evil to the ignorant. I still wouldn't trust any, but with the religious variant they have made a choice to follow those demonic tenets and thus must have an agenda besides the truth.

672e98  No.13383851

File: 671b8af2a598517⋯.jpg (775.17 KB, 1366x2048, 683:1024, Jumpsuits-Rompers-Playsuit….jpg)


>Why would a Jew be so openly and devastingly critical of Jewish behaviour? Does he foresee coming strife and so wishes to be seen as one of the good ones and be subsequently spared? (Like what >>13383442 suggested.) Does he simply not care what happens? I have no idea. Like I said just above and in OP too, I'd to see what people here think.

Ok, there is a thing called the 'silent holocaust' where jews get too ingrained into their host society and become assimilated. The Michael Kaydar threats were an attempt to decelerate jewish assimilation. We don't have to hang them all from the neck until death. Putting our energy into ourselves to ignore "the jews" while opposing their porn, usury, etc will starve them of the goy energy they rely on to live.


da84d0  No.13383855



Don’t put any faith in em. Fuck jews they’re all subhuman trash

672e98  No.13383858


this is an anon message board, we assign value to a message based on its content. don't lose that spirit with unz review. the ADL is SEETHING

4af7bc  No.13383866

File: 8f44e495b2f1c5c⋯.jpg (16.66 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 13277275900f6cd9af623d293e….jpg)


Could you be any more jewish?

None of you vermin will be spared. You know this.

And we will NEVER stop digging into your secrets, you destructive parasite!

27b3e8  No.13383875


And if it comes from a jew it is guaranteed TRASH. They need extermination anon. Not coddling on your fucking titty.

4b5ea2  No.13383898

File: 23e6016c6ae68b1⋯.png (552.94 KB, 782x782, 1:1, 23e6016c6ae68b1ed76afba82a….png)


Every once and a while a jew mischling is born with too much host DNA in his brain that separates him from his broodkin. Having a foot in the world of light and one in the world of darkness drives him mad, to the point where he can't keep silent.

The other kikes honor the code to spare all broodkin for the sake of the tribe, but letting the goyim know is one of their most serious crimes, and they will kill these mutants before they go too far.

27b3e8  No.13383905


>Having a foot in the world of light

Can kikes have a foot in the world of light?

I doubt it.

f1cabb  No.13384052



This essay is not trash, though. Even if Unz gets the rope out of necessity to prevent the kike plague from rearing again.

27b3e8  No.13384881

File: 20b3f0668989bdd⋯.jpg (83.38 KB, 969x683, 969:683, parasitic kike.jpg)


DO NOT BUY INTO THE TREE OF 'GOOD' AND 'EVIL' ANON…it is not the Tree of Life. If you think there is anything good about any kike, you are sorely mistaken and deserve the death they will give you.

27b3e8  No.13384885


Also it is only parroting in the hope that you will not recognize its NATURE. This is common among parasites when they think the host has discovered them.

543ada  No.13385015


Box Day/ Ted Beale promotes him. That makes me suspicious.

543ada  No.13385021


Which is why they hate me using anonymous boards.

000000  No.13385056




Seems to make it clear he isn't religious at all as he speaks of his own life and background. He's Jewish by blood yet had little full understanding of it until later in life when he started searching for his roots and found only rotted tendrils of evil.

000000  No.13386591

Pretty cool guy and doesnt afraid of anything

67c959  No.13386598

#1 He's a Jew, so I don't fully trust him. Otherwise, he does quite decent 1970s type of real actual journalism when being a journalist actually gave a person the facts, and it wasn't a bunch of anti-White kike brainwashing. He's a dying breed, though. I also like the guy who runs the Moon of Alabama blog, and they have some good stuff there too, even though they're anti-Hitler/Axis, they still don't like Israel.

000000  No.13387047

My impression is that Jews who criticize Jewish subversion (Bobby Fischer, Aaron Schwartz, etc.) are just taking subversion to the next level. They're still shitbirds even if they're shitting in their own nest.

Gentiles don't feel the need to pick apart, smear and destroy everything beautiful and unique. Concentrate on listening to good Gentiles instead of bad Jews.

I do read Steve Sailer's column on unz.com because he has a good memory for names and an eye for coincidences. I don't think he's the greatest spokesman because he's a narcissist (posts his face everywhere) and a pearl-clutcher (he'd give up all his crusading for a million bucks). This may or may not be why he's on Unz's site in the first place.

000000  No.13389312


Considering how Fischer ended up, I somehow doubt this.

0c0813  No.13391809

Last bump from me. I'd like to see what a few more people think, hopefully.

febb79  No.13393091

File: 9f9e258174841c5⋯.jpeg (34.89 KB, 750x547, 750:547, D3U-2jDU0AE4Hf7.jpeg)

The subject of right leaning Jews is pretty interesting. It seems that there are three types of them - subverters, self-haters, and helpers. Subverters are those like Ben Shapiro and Goldwater who distract the movement from real issues and make it so that the right only serves Jewish globohomo interests. Self-haters are those like Billy Fischer who, in a manifestation of Jewish mental instability, suffer from profound physiological illness and, in the process, lash out against the tribe. And lastly, helpers are those like Unz who, in my mind at least, have applied the Jewish sense of ethnocentrism to the (white) goyim, and work for white interests as a normal Jew would Jewish interests.

That being said, we must recognize that these are a minority of Jews, and the majority kikes are, for obvious reasons, shitlibs. When we win, we must kick the good ones out as well, for their descendants will, inevitably, act like Jews always do - an anti-white hostile elite.

5c220c  No.13394602


He seems to be pretty based, and somewhat compelled to truth telling. You can just tell he is under immense internal struggle. I would say, read his material and decide for yourself. pol-tards struggle with bitterness too much, and it puts judgment in a haze.

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