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File: 44c74e975309b8e⋯.png (127.17 KB, 731x238, 43:14, Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 0….png)

d725d7  No.13393180

hello faggots. officially hitting 2 years of lurking

the goal of this thread is to give advice to anons who may be willingly homeless so they can use all funds on minecraft preparations

what are some tips you could give? i'll start with a few of my own

1. get a gym/ymca membership. should go without saying but a shower/locker/place to use personal hotspot wifi is surprisingly invaluable.

2. find a city forest park. its counter intuitive to be in a city as a huwhite man but in the off chance your "camp" is detected most people will leave you be (as opposed to a country forest where you will have the cops called almost instantly regardless of foot traffic)

3. coolers can store things besides food. you can use this to store folded laundry or toiletries

4. once your "camp" is established, try to replant tall weeds near the entrance to further conceal, also try to find something bees are attracted to to ward off dogs of your scent

5. try to maintain a clean appearance, in the off chance your camp is exposed and the person does call the police, you will have a better chance of walking away if you look somewhat presentable. play up the fact you are homeless and trying to make an effort on getting back on your feet. you can basically give any excuse in the world for your homelessness as long as you look shaved and clean.

feel free to leave any feedback / tips. i remember reading a "moss posting" thread on here that had some good plant advice, if anyone happens to have a link id appreciate it

<not your blog, get a house

minecraft arrows are expensive faggot

000000  No.13393274


Why don't you live in your mom's basement like a sane person would do anon?

d05fc6  No.13393283


db3aa8  No.13393308


Are you homeless?

d88f83  No.13393323


Rugged individualism

e3a75a  No.13393364


Op here (phoneposting so id should be different)

Another anon had posted tips after BT and had basically said “put yourself in hardship to better yourself for when the time comes”

e3a75a  No.13393374


Yes, but willingly

Cost of living would force me to work 2 min wage jobs for a nigger apartment or roommate with some berniebro on craigslist

I instead decided to use my income on crypto currency and use my spare time on jewish influence books, the chans, and body weight exercise

93479a  No.13393409


>Cost of living would force me to work 2 min wage jobs

You are obviously not homeless or you would realize that being homeless isn't a life of leisure.

000000  No.13393443


Why not live from welfare?

I'm in my mid 20s and have never worked a single day in my life. Again I live with my parents but the state would even pay for a small apartment if I would find a cheap one. Being employed and paying taxes to my jewish government is to much cuckery to stand. Better I take the welfare shekels than these sandnigger monkeys desu.

277b0c  No.13393445


Then how are you eating? Fucking screams of a rich kid who thinks he homeless. Anyway slide threads need to get fucking roped with the (((creators)))

d725d7  No.13393450

File: 7ad6ac800e5f6bd⋯.png (977.25 KB, 672x787, 672:787, 0B95962E-3721-4504-96E9-1D….png)


Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed

Did you think beating minecraft was going to be easy?

d725d7  No.13393461


>homeless in america

>how do you food


Way ahead of you buddy, for a long time i felt guilty about it until i saw how shitskins in the city treat welfare

277b0c  No.13393472


Then retard may be explain you're burger first. This shit doesn't work any where else in the world, hope you sleep on a AIDS needle though.

000000  No.13393476

Sometimes you can rent a campground for 6 months and that works great as it's very cheap and you got running water and a bunch of other stuff you may need.

I got an electric bike and panniers I made myself out of metal hosebaskets and I'm working on getting a cart for it. With it I can get my stuff around easy.

I have a gym membership for showers. 24/7 gym is cheap

If you dig underground (remember you mostly need your camp for just having a place to sleep) you should do it in the side of a hill, in a mound, or make your own artificial mound. Make sure also to have at least two vents, with outlets at different heights, so you don't suffocate.

000000  No.13393481


>You are obviously not homeless or you would realize that being homeless isn't a life of leisure.

It absolutely can be.

t. homeless landscaper (I don't consider my work hard)

4d28d7  No.13393501


Unironically based.

d88f83  No.13393505


>Then retard may be explain you're burger first



d725d7  No.13393511



I didnt even consider this. I figured thanks to tourists and yuppies it would be MORE expensive to camp than rent (kinda like hotel rooms)

I’ve thought of a bike but thanks to mass transit in the city $36/m basically gets me anywhere i need in the day time

277b0c  No.13393512

File: 6c41bfb5ce085e6⋯.jpg (6.08 KB, 275x183, 275:183, diejew.jpg)


Nigger your Larping as fucking homeless man, kys

d725d7  No.13393522


>no goyim homeless is impossible, better to devote 70% of your income towards living with section 8 shitskins

Nigger you aren’t even (you)’ing me anymore

f207b0  No.13393524

File: e2cba72029bce78⋯.jpg (360.04 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, k innawoods 1.jpg)

File: 1cf2b18c969b996⋯.jpg (367.53 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, k innawoods 2.jpg)

File: 7da519a4a13d3d1⋯.jpg (384.2 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, k innawoods 3.jpg)

>listening to some homeless faggot still living in an urban shithole

I hope you get gang raped and pozzed by homeless niggers OP.

d725d7  No.13393534


I already explained why i chose the city but thank you for the infographs

277b0c  No.13393560

000000  No.13393572

Save up for a van if you can afford one and sleep in the back. Its a lot safer and warmer. The gym membership is a good idea for having showers and washing up. Im a rentcel right now but things are getting so expensive im thinking of getting a van and living rent free.

d725d7  No.13393591


What am i sliding? The iran attack that every non-shill know is a FF? you kys


Thought about this aswell but walmart parking lots are cracking down on squatters in my area, plus gas/insurance/possible zogbot ticket would almost negate the savings


This shit unironically makes me want to relocate to somewhere deeper, start a self sufficient farm and you’re basically set

cef392  No.13393596


You're in every goddamn thread. Fuck off already.

Polite sage.

d4bcd3  No.13393622

277b0c  No.13393626




b70b9f  No.13394512


>Why don't you live in your mom's basement like a sane person would do anon?

You are funny and dumb. Lurk the moar for two years.

32346c  No.13395129

>be white anon

>support Trump in 2016

>fasy forward to 2019 8ch/pol/

>White Trumpnigger is homeless

>But that record Hispanic and black unemployment!

88eb48  No.13395138


>its counter intuitive to be in a city as a huwhite man

Someone missed the memo.

9ca866  No.13395522

File: 5f1bf4a4c2d60af⋯.jpg (155.7 KB, 558x1024, 279:512, 8225837656_e32b935475_b.jpg)

Good thread.

Renting a campground for 6 months is cool, but what would you do in the winter? Where would you take the electricity (inb4 you don't need it - not vital, yes, but having it may cover for several issues that you might encounter).

All the info mentioned assumes that you are not a jobless penniless faggot, but rather a man caught with the jaws of fate, and just trying to fight his way back.

This is a mix of stuff I've been using myself when I had it hard, some stuff I do now, and some stuff I think that is a good idea overall

In general, you just have to follow several principles:

1. Food and water - water can be either cheap or even free in some places, mostly in places that have underground creeks and stuff like that.

Frequent malls often for promotions, don't be afraid to steal a minor item or two from big grocery stores, prefer (((multinational companies))) if you can, just be extremely careful about it, and if caught once, apologize, deflect, pay for the item, and never attempt again in the same place. You can visit it, just never steal anymore.

Buy yourself a pack of vitamins - go to the mid-to-expensive drugstore and ask for multivitamins and tran that are about to expire, and you can often buy them for very cheap - I got some vitamins for as low as 20% of the price, and they had a whopping month until expiration date still. Vitamins and tran are vital to not get damage from a shitty diet that you will be having almost guaranteed.

Some places sell mre main courses or other canned meals for not so big prices. I have bought some calorie-dense military grade foods for very cheap (a 400g portion of pasta a la bolognese for 1.2 dollarydoos for example, or a pack of mre crackers for 20 cents). Not a sustainable solution (although vitamins may help), but may work out for surprisingly longer than you think.

2. Shelter. Try to get something semi-permanent. If you live in a mild climate, buy yourself as good of a tent as you can afford, and try to rent camping grounds as was suggested. It is often cheap. Do not use it to store anything that may be attractive to be stolen, just have your basic stuff in there, and maybe a few inexpensive things hidden that you can't afford to carry around. Layers are important, use a foam underpad to not freeze from the cold soil. You can try to make yourself a thatch and mud hut, if you will be allowed to do that - excellent sleeping aid, and is usually fire-safe, so you can have a firepit in there.

3. Basic (and not so) needs: showers (possibly, a locker as well) can be covered by gym membership. Can't find a cheap gym, go for a cheap pool - good exercise all around an hour every other day will help you keep yourself in human shape. Showers every other day are also well advised.

Laundry - there are laundromats, possibly the cheapest option.

Toilets - try to find a place where you can go to the toilet without much of a fuss, and bonus points if it is kept relatively clean.

Clothing - relatively easy nowadays. Visit outlets, visit second-hand clothing shops. Take clothes someone left behind, inspect them for biological material (lik blood, etc) clean them and wear them.

Always have good shoes and socks!

Those are the most important part of your wardrobe (second are weather items like plastic poncho, coat, hat, etc). Try always to get the best protection that is the most convenient. If weather is appropriate, use military clothing, it is usually cheap / durable.


9ca866  No.13395526


4. Keeping yourself entertained: try to have a semi decent cellphone so you can shitpost. Chargers are usually available in malls, and you can spend 1-2 hours in the mall, shitposting, and using internet for whatever vital activities you may have.

Frequent the gym / pool that you have applied for, this allows you to 1. Have a reason to have another shower 2. Stay in shape and entertained 3. Possibly build up some human interactions / friendships. Never overwork yourself. Do not lose more calories that you can afford. Treat it like it's a gym snack, not a gym three-course meal.

Once a month do something funny and inexpensive - like spend an hour in the arcade, or buy a loaf of bread / pack of seeds to feed some birds. Things like this will allow you to be more human.

Never drink or smoke, no matter how hard you're having it, and no matter if you did before. Both activities only lead down (dependency on endorphine source, more fatigue, money spent all the time for useless shit, etc). Do not do drugs of course. If you feel a need to do it, go to the gym / pool instead, and work out until you stop craving.

5. Human interactions. Be clean, do not smell. Be polite. Always show with your behavior that you are only mildly in trouble, this will both get you some sorry points and some appreciation of how you're holding up. Try to befriend people that ate close to amenities you're using (gym admin, the cashier guy in the small shop that you go to pee, a lady from a cheap diner, etc), and be friendly and honest, you may get some shit for free. Try to not share a lot of information about yourself, until there is a real need in it. Always politely accept everything you're given, with a courteous refusal once or twice, if a thing is significant enough, but

Never accept any money from anyone that is not your direct relative or a friend for ages without financial struggle attached

If someone insists on giving you money, ask them to buy something for you instead. If it's not possible without significantly wasting their time (i.e. there's no appropriate shop nearby), just refuse it outright.

Never do anything more illegal than stealing a minor food item from a bit international grocery store. When encountered by cops, be friendly, comply with their demands (unless complying threatens your or someone else's life). They have all the means to make your life hell, try to avoid contacting them unless they are already your friends.

Overall, your goal during the phase of being poor / homeless is to save as much of a human in you as you can, and possibly gain more. Accept it and live through it. Things will get better if you will work for it.

If it doesn't work out, try again. If doesn't work out still, go effortpost IRL. Never lose your life over nothing, bargain for it as much as you can. I wish you would not need to do it though. Stay safe, anon. Hope I helped.

32e159  No.13395549

Fuck off you reddit jew cunt.

32e159  No.13395553

Look at the shit these jew cunts try and slide past everyone. Don't fall for it.

32e159  No.13395555


You will never be white kike.

32e159  No.13395560

Awful funny, foreign cunts are pushing this pissraeli garbage.

a1bc8e  No.13395561


shut the fuck up boomer

d056c3  No.13395620







don't get any survival experience goy

homelessness should be seriously avoided though. if you hate your area move somewhere else/cheaper. once you are homeless it is extremely difficult to get yourself out and get a job. homeless generally congregate in large metro areas because that's where the service are (food/showers/etc), but this is also the worst area for finding a job to get you off the street.

have a significant savings built up before intentionally doing this so you can get the fuck out of it when you feel like it.

9ca866  No.13395644


Reported, /pol/ is a board of peace.

3df188  No.13395661

Easier to blend in as homeless than something else if you want to go off the radar but not grid.

2d1c65  No.13395663


Ok, but you need barbell training. It is a good investment.

9ca866  No.13395696


Good shit, but if you're going for the bare minimum advice, you should add getting good shoes and socks, and by good I mean weather-appropriate, clean, cleanable, durable, and no holes. It is a top priority if you live in a cold climate.

35901f  No.13395843

File: 704c5b53df2e3e3⋯.jpg (54.6 KB, 333x500, 333:500, 84609a608a7569c543210752c8….jpg)


35901f  No.13395847


started sleeping in hammocks 20 yeas ago when i was squatting.. if you have a good crew without hard drugs you are really in a good place

35901f  No.13395877

i dug holes, put in revetments, a wooden lid and carpet/leaf litter over that. Watertight drum inside floated the lid off during a downpour and soaked the gear inside.. you gotta consider stuff like that with your cached gear. other than that caches are valuable part of your tool box as a homeless cunt.

35901f  No.13395907

File: c6cdceeaab0bc64⋯.jpg (145.07 KB, 929x557, 929:557, mapz.jpg)

Still keep my hand in the game, its a hobby of mine i suppose. Accessing local government maps is a next level homeless cunt trick. the last thing i found was a unconnected sewer manhole near to my "shack" i 'm gonna inspect it tomorrow.. might be a good dump point for my overnight collected urine.. using wag bags for your ablutions instead of cat holing is necessary to avoid behaving like human vermin.

e3a75a  No.13396235


>implying im a trump supporter

fucking kill yourself


>living next to all these viable targets and seeing pure degeneracy on a daily is a bad thing

>>13395522 (checked)


thank you for taking this thread seriously, i will read through this





>being this desperate

dont worry kike, part of my training is tying kosher knots


this guy gets it, apparently a bunch of (((users))) think sitting inside is better preparation than being in the thick of it

>>13395633 (checked)

sorry i have no idea what you're talking about


>satan getting philosophical



steel toe water proof boots and diabetic wool socks at the moment


completely solo, i know the advantage to grouping up but i dont know anyone i could trust with essentially my life belongings

thanks all for posting

32e159  No.13396412

>spam still up

da4564  No.13397248

24 Hr. Fitness is cheap but a good gym with showers, pool, sauna, jacuzzi.


University libraries. Most are open 24hrs. Some, not all, do security checks after a certain time, so get a student ID. I know of 1 uni library in my state where you need student ID after 9pm to get in, but if you are already in the facility they don't bother. Dress like a student, blend in.

Some unis have 24hr. computer labs, many buildings stay open all night. Have a laptop + student ID janitorial staff will leave you alone assuming you're a student/grad student.

Good hygiene is a must. Keep essentials in backpack/university locker/gym locker.

Get a hotel a few days a week, catch up on sleep, if camping or university options are limited.

2cf846  No.13397346


Take it from someone who lived out their van in the city for almost two years. Assuming this isn’t a slide thread.

Quit being a faggot, grow some nuts, and get a job.

Find the nearest oilfield, apply for whatever job you can get, and within a year you’d be able to buy a home cash.

056961  No.13397412

>>give advice to anons who may be willingly homeless so they can use all funds on minecraft preparations

Riiiight. So your either using a (((bank))) (while waiting for the financial system to collapse) or living under a bridge with your pockets stuffed with hundreds. What could go wrong?

4ba1dc  No.13397781


you talk like a fag and your shit is all retarded

35901f  No.13397807

File: 6838e698993a9fb⋯.jpg (9.56 KB, 255x191, 255:191, abbo pissed puddle.jpg)


this guy was interesting. I learned about the microclimate inside a sleeping bag from this story. I think the issue was that in sub zero temps overnight, his sleeping gear would ice over and the R value would drop thus freeze to death. his solution was to get up at two in the AM. In sub zero temps put your waterproof membrane bag next to your body -not over the top of your bag.

Sleeping in your car is for beta homeless cunts.

a23aab  No.13397859

literally just go kill politcians or zogbots if you become homeless.

b22401  No.13397929


you first tyrone.

febe25  No.13397967

I have a job but also have a ton of debt…I've been considering giving up my apartment and getting a gym membership and such in order to save $11,000 a year.

a7ed75  No.13398003

File: ad2b817f2d6c95c⋯.png (289.72 KB, 724x489, 724:489, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 0….png)


>buy a home

>dont play minecraft

>support clown world by doing nigger work and buying inflated (by mass immigration) house

not all of us are destined to raise white families

<why wont somebody do something

<why wont somebody do something?!

why dont i do something?

a7ed75  No.13398010


>1 or the other

im dumping all extra funds on crypto

a7ed75  No.13398024

File: 3008a7bc087c306⋯.jpg (73.29 KB, 640x657, 640:657, bd0fe97a33aebb5c90a992e050….jpg)


its not just about saving money, a life of leisure will make you next to worthless when a SHTF scenario finally arrives

463ea6  No.13398145


All the homeless around here go to Victoria BC in the winter and work for bikers.

35901f  No.13398277


my uni library has cunts sleeping in it overnight, apparently. I never go there because of the unwholesome environment generated by the preponderance of foreigners, who are the self same cohort sleeping there. Pathetic cockroaches such as they are..

hygiene can be satisfactorily attend using baby wipes however its your clothing that smells. some laundromats will do bag washes and you can use them to store as well as clean your gear.

I think you are missing the point of homelessness which is to be free of the constructs associated with being enclosed, be that a car or shabby motel room.

35901f  No.13398288

Networking can turn homelessness shit fight into home-free lifestyle. i kicked it with yank hobos on cultural exchange in aus.

*suggest* /hobo/ when the fag pol mods bin this thread

fae0ae  No.13398974

File: cbc810021e121a4⋯.jpeg (139.19 KB, 749x730, 749:730, image.jpeg)

This requires some tools, know how to scuba dive, a few bro's. Find a salvageable sailboat , file for a salvage title. Get it afloat, pumped out, and leaks plugged. Live on board while you continue repairs. A buddy of mine did this down in Florida. Lots of boats sink, they are free if you go about it the right way. Once it's fixed you can stay on it for free for ever. Possibly moonlight as a smuggler? Contacts in the international underworld never hurt anybody wtf? Plus living on a boat is way cooler than a tent. Get a good dingy and maybe a moped/light motorcycle and rock and roll.😎 🇺🇸👌🏻##88##👌🏻🇺🇸😎

92e45d  No.13401898

>>13393524 very good list for campsite life but not foot mobile bugout. 1/4 bodyweight (includes food and water) is all most fit men can carry indefinitely over mountainous terrain 12 hrs a day without significant risk of injury.

fc8177  No.13402263

You have to lurk for 4 years before posting nigger faggot.

52d038  No.13402272


buy a piece of property for $10k or so and stick an RV on it. https://voat.co/v/news/3215895/18578992/10#18578992/

4e1d02  No.13402318

Ok so, I've been planing on attempting this sort of thing like OP as well, but in a car in smaller, sub 80k-150k people places.

I'm just not sure how to go about getting the gimmiedats as homeless white folks in libtardia don't get shit beyond that as far as my understanding.

ae5a2c  No.13402345

"Cant you goys, sorry, guys voluntarily destroy yourselves, lol"

32950c  No.13402351

File: 952dc8531a867ba⋯.png (701.42 KB, 1080x1069, 1080:1069, 1517626813714.png)

So what percentage of gym people are homeless?

f4a8e7  No.13402761

File: 8477b80f5192bcf⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 400x400, 1:1, feds on 8chan w archive po….jpg)


if this isn't a FED thread, it'll do until they finally get Tyrone to post one.

6ca9a6  No.13416515



<voluntarily destroy yourselves

>implying the kikes arent already doing this

this topic is simply for poorfags to play minecraft


>what percent

all of them



/pol/ is a board of peace, im just addicted to vidya :^)

1d0c0d  No.13416526



SOSUS anon. Only big tankers and container ships haul drugs now.

a1c1d0  No.13428970


ya cause working for zog will make you a survivalist.

5d483d  No.13429151


OP I doubt you're able to pay for VPNs being homeless and you're not using Tor so I hope you're being careful about your fedposting. But I hear libraries are a great tool when homeless either for internet use or for reading to pass the time.


Care to go into detail? Sounds interesting

65e634  No.13429430

Go live in Canada during the summer. That is if you want to live in a shelter. Ontario is easy for welfare even if you’re not Canadian, show up and cry and they’ll give you a debit card that gets loaded every month with 300 bucks.

Medium size cities are best if you want to live outside and not in a shelter, and busk for money. less other homeless people to worry about.

Never give your id or real name if you go to a food bank or service. Rotate and give a new name every time.

Be polite and talk white with cops, but keep a serious face and avoid talking to them, this is important because if other paranoid homeless people see you talking to cops… then 1. they may stab you with a pencil or 2. rumours will spread that you talk to cops and see 1.

Bear mace is the best weapon, and the only one really. Knives are too personal and intimate. Guns are too loud and expensive. Bear mace and a 12 inch metal bar are good. The mace can take on multiple attackers, and doesn’t call for retaliation like other weapons might. The bar is good for knocking a knife out of someone’s hand, or inflicting damage. As soon as you pull a knife or gun, you are escalating things to a place you may not want to go. Don’t pull a knife unless it’s to go into someone’s eyes or throat. Sometimes a wide cut across the chest is enough to scare someone. Slashes are better then stabs. Adrenalin can keep you going through a stab, but an effective slash really sobers a person to death. If you do cut someone “battle” someone, leaving town is safe, but not always necessary.

If you are going to fist fight. Use gloves. Don’t want to get pozzed.

selling hard drugs can be profitable for a few days if you know runners who can’t hold themselves, though you must hide the money you make, and keep enough to give the people that rob you… which will happen.

Don’t ask questions to other homeless people, and don’t try to be friends badly… this is what cops do.

Understand that any interaction with other homeless people or drug people, or any time spent in shelters, soup kitchens, or any other service for the homeless has a mental cost that isn’t always immediately measurable. This can be offset by socializing and having normie conversations with wage cucks, as well as going for a day out in nice clothes and buying normal things.

Go through the steps to get the government to pay for your house and food. If you need more then work a cash job.

The needier you come off, the less people will want to give. Don’t ask for things directly, just tell people what you don’t have, and if they can offer it they will.

If you see a respected or violent homeless person, do them a small favour if the opportunity arises, like finding them someone who sells something. Nothing is free on the street, all favours create debts.

Never let anyone handle your problems for you. Pay them. A little money goes along way if you know someone that is numb to violence and is seeking opportunities… 40 dollars goes along way to dealing with trouble makers.

take huge floating shits at Starbucks and don’t flush. Hang out there all day. Hit on the workers, they’ll give you free shit at the end of the shift.

Cops have good teeth.

Libraries are nice.

db4d06  No.13429446


homelessness will make you into a white nigger. find a job and play the long game.

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