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File: 047fb18242ea618⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 206x245, 206:245, WDP.jpg)

0bae1a  No.13394967

In an alternate timeline, the American great depression was much worse, making things so expensive that it costed $20 for a loaf of bread in 1920s dollars.

As a result, the American Silver Legion gains popularity with WASPs, from the working class to the remnants of the WASP elite.

This was all in response to to the degeneracy. You see, in the midst of the turmoil, the Jews promoted 2019 levels of degeneracy in 1930s America. Places like New York were infested with hookers, dope fiends, and trannies, and gender fluid faggots.

All that changed when WWI veterans, who sided with Pelley, stormed the White House and executed him. Jews were dragged from New York, forced to dig their own graves, and shot, just as they've done to Whites in Eastern Europe.

Hollywood's producers were replaced with Anglo-Saxon Whites.

Afterward, to prevent invasion from the British Empire, the newly-formed Silver Legion invades Canada and annexes it and removes all the Jews. In response to the atrocities committed against the Jewish people, Britain, Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union declare war on the Silver Legion of America.

The problem with Nazi Germany is that it wasn't large enough, nor did they have the resources or manpower to sustain itself against the allies. On the other hand, White America would crush ZOG in an open war in an alternate WWII scenario. Top-military strategists said so, when I posed this question.

There never really was any hope Germany could beat the allies at all from the begging.

67107b  No.13394973

German National Socialism can only be enacted by GERMANS. So we would have to get rid of all non-Europeans.

I support this idea.

0bae1a  No.13394980


The American version of it is the Silver Legion.


e56dca  No.13394992

Of course things would be different. Very very different. Fascism would have been the world order.

000000  No.13394993

>Would things be different if America became natsoc instead of Germany?

By any measure, it would be different due to literally being different. This has been explored a billion times in fiction, one repeating theme, even if most of them try to portray it is bad, they almost always portray a National Socialist future as far more scientifically and technologically progressive.

This is what we really lost when Germany was defeated.

67107b  No.13394997


Interesting I have never heard of them. Am reading up on it.

67107b  No.13395010

What is it going to take, I wonder, before we become SERIOUS about these ideas. We are so fucking flighty no wonder people who are serious won't support us.

>By around 1938, the Silver Legion's membership was down to about 5,000.

We need to make an OP about why we are so easy to fracture and why we cannot retain a cohesive fucking unity at any point?

0bae1a  No.13395024


Back then, the US wasn't hit as hard as Germany. That's why the Silver Legion didn't gain any traction. If, however, it was, then White Americans would be right be flocking to them in droves.

At this point, if another economic crisis like that struck the West, Western countries would dissolve into smaller nations. The only thing keeping this shit afloat is economic stability.

e56dca  No.13395029


Because if you meet about national socialism in public, you'll lose your livelihood. The jews also control all our media, schooling and government. I'm convinced we need ww3 to happen before we can do anything about ZOG.

c71296  No.13395041

>America became NatSoc

Israel would be bigger

0bae1a  No.13395048

File: 2a2bc5e80ea6dc5⋯.png (1.68 MB, 761x1076, 761:1076, Right Wing Death Sqauds.png)


Society was more open to that back then, before the kike subversion. In those days, you wouldn't get fired for being a fascist.

Yeah, in today's climate, we need another economic crash, global pandemic, or just a good ol' fashioned natural disaster to destabilize the West enough so White people could fight back or form an ethnostate, and one of these HAS to happen in 10-20 years.

67107b  No.13395052

File: 417ae81bf2212ef⋯.jpg (977.62 KB, 1400x907, 1400:907, path of light playing card….jpg)



Sometimes that glorious path calls to me.

The path of the People of Light.

6ef19f  No.13395144


Yep. And yet we still have people on here defending judeo-capitalism 'til its death.

6ef19f  No.13395155


Third position ideals form in a different way. It must be all at once. Gradual change takes too long, and we are an impatient people due to the nature of our worldview and our times. What we need most is persistence and a collective readiness to pounce on the first legitimate opportunity to take power. My best guess is that this will occur during whatever serious economic depression is heading our way, but you can never know for sure. All I know is that there inevitably must be a window of opportunity, and we won't be the only ones trying to seize control.

c08a55  No.13395164


dumbest argument ive ever read.

498004  No.13395678

File: 689b738e0a22b99⋯.png (7.32 KB, 1079x568, 1079:568, latest.png)

I watch Man in High Castle, they obviously try to make out life in the American Reich is horrid where I just see it as blissful!

8dcf58  No.13395689

Kinda of but the kind of Fascism that would form in the US would be different to German fascism. German Fascism was the invention of Adolf Hitler to fit the needs of the German people post-WW1 who were divided, starving, and in poverty.

The US at that time wasn't like that and American's aren't too excited about getting rid of things Hitler got rid of like Freedom of Speech, so if Fascism rose in America, I'd have to be a very American branch of Fascism. So basically pre-Civil War America with some elements of the 50s thrown in.

5f5fb1  No.13395738

File: 53bf53ac79aa7ee⋯.png (118.52 KB, 800x580, 40:29, deutschland.png)


No back in the 1940s it wouldn't have been possible with the high amount of pure-bred Anglos and their adherence to "Constitution". Over the years though Germans have mixed into the Anglo stock bringing about the possibility of a new Realm.

The German Broodmare has always been superior to that of European stock. Deutschland über alles.

67107b  No.13396036


If you are too stupid to tell the difference between the perversion that the NEOCohen present as 'national socialism' and the perversion that the muzzie goat/boy fucker present as 'national socialism' on this board


67107b  No.13396043


I don't like Man in a High Castle because there are FAGGOTS in it that didn't get exterminated and are fucking living in the kikes imaginary 'National Socialist' world.


6e9406  No.13396054

File: cfc195b1a13deac⋯.jpeg (13.93 KB, 227x222, 227:222, images.jpeg)


>pre-Civil War America with some elements of the 50s thrown in


a67fa9  No.13396062

Another Jew promoted thread for the stupid stormfag

df2954  No.13396510

America couldn't have gone NatSoc. There were too many ethnicities and Americans in general were/are too financial, ie kiked, to embrace a racial philosophy.

67107b  No.13396580


>There were too many ethnicities and Americans in general were/are too financial, ie kiked, to embrace a racial philosophy.

Just curious, why are you tying these things together.

67107b  No.13396596


Spoiler your chimpanzees anon.

0bae1a  No.13396606


I know. The only way an organization like the Silver Legion could've taken over America was—as I stated—if the economic situation was so bad that White Americans couldn't afford a loaf of bread. This would've only happened if Americans had to pay $20 US for bread in 1930s wages.

The Jews also would've pushed present day degeneracy in 1930s American cities. William Dudley Pelley wouldn't have beaten Franklin Roosevelt in an election. Under these conditions, he'd have an army of White Americans who would storm the White House and kill that crippled commie fuck.

I do agree. The only The Silver Legion could've gotten into power was if the Jews became arrogant, overconfident to the point where the thought they were invincible in some alternate timeline. In this timeline, Germany's economy would've been stable.

However, Jews never become so overconfident that they think their invincible. They're careful, cautious, and prefer the long game. We're the only ones who seem to take our mortality for granted, I'm afraid.

67107b  No.13396617


>They're careful, cautious, and prefer the long game.

I prefer the short game where we kill all of the subhuman mortal enemies and we are finally done with their 'games' and their 'entertainment'.

c4a072  No.13396649

File: 781a6fd0621ee02⋯.png (184.44 KB, 612x792, 17:22, my supiriority england.png)


>implying german mutts are better than the anglo stock

0940c4  No.13396661

File: 3f3e85e054e48e6⋯.jpg (63.07 KB, 542x461, 542:461, nazfags.jpg)

c053bd  No.13396683

Yes, simply because if we had become our own people, instead of a financial colony of City of London, we wouldn't have interfered with troubles overseas. At least not on the same side we wouldn't. There wouldn't be an invasion either, unlike 1812, because we would be too strong and too dispersed. I think the Anglosphere would be healthier for it, and I think there's reason to believe Central and South America would be too.

44ce3a  No.13396689


There is no reasonable context where the US would have been NS pre-war.

f4f284  No.13397030


This for the most part. Maybe if the Bonus Army had been an actual communist rebellion and contained a substantial number of non-whites, creating backlash especially among Southerners already accustomed to Jim Crow.

That said, if the US did go fascist it had a third of world GDP and was fully self-sufficient in every resource but rubber. Especially with some concessions to Japan to get them on our side (Philippines) odds of survival and even victory are decent.

Nukes might be harder to come by though.

b57553  No.13397046


Ok, the U.S. National Socialist.

To begin with:

If the jews were an evil organisation, more or different as anything else it would have ended with Trump.

Or you say it would not?

National Socialism is all-encompassing. Enormously radical. While that about the jews and many more things.

How is this ever going to bring anything? Unless you want your own business. In fact your own country.

Compared to how things are now this objective is not going to bring anything. In any case. If you would want to willfully scam everyone, maybe it will seem it will.

In that case some victims now:

>use Tarrant

>use John Earnest

>use Trump

So please a reply to this

b57553  No.13397057


We are all making a mistake here. Let's say hes a lefty. Still it does not mean you have the same interests. Which is all a bit difficult now. Though all these dogmas, what has anyone got to do with it? Where they fail?

But answer this >>13397046

b57553  No.13397067


I'm not a jew and I have no real interests about jew.

You even calling me that. I now need to holocaust you. Not quite a monstrous post this. Looks deceive

>calling me a jew at this point

[not exaggerating one can take things too far as well, or either I forgive]

b57553  No.13397071


Reply link doesn't work in the other post.

I'm not a jew and I have no real interests about jews.

You even calling me that. I now need to holocaust you. Not quite a monstrous post this. Looks deceive

>calling me a jew at this point

[not exaggerating one can take things too far as well, or either I forgive]

b57553  No.13397077


Again the reply link

But please an answer to this >>13397071

b57553  No.13397084


No, that is total nonsense. And everyone can see that.

This reply link I have no idea there is nothing wrong with my post. That it is greentext instead of a link.

<maybe I shouldn't forgive

80465d  No.13397085

You don't even know which bathroom to use>>13394973

>German National Socialism can only be enacted by GERMANS. So we would have to get rid of all non-Europeans.

>I support this idea.

b57553  No.13397097


>It reads like a cross between a true word salad and a half-baked AI’s ramblings. There’s nothing being said there. There’s no question.

Ok, it looks like it you ARE a scam. Really, I don't know what type you are. Could be I'd like to holocaust you right now.

b57553  No.13397099



What is this with reply links? Scamming about some more?

I hope everyone sees this conversation, last few posts

b57553  No.13397123

What is I make some threads about what I mean?

But first I must hear that they won't be deleted.

Or there could be some stupid reason we could discuss.

So please reply to this.

b57553  No.13397126


>What is

*What if

d53ccd  No.13397193

File: dc110e597bd8395⋯.jpg (3.47 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, timestamp.jpg)


I have a 1933 edition of his book No More Hunger (pic related) before it got zogged. Pelley's Silver Legion looked nothing like National Socialist Germany. Pelley was heavily in favor of USSR-style nationalization of all private assets in America run by a theocratic CEO, so the US wouldnt be democratic in a sense, however all citizens would be shareholders in the great corporation so they would vote on who the CEO is. He even promoted a yang gang style UBI proposal (Pelley is more generous than Yang, his proposal was $86 a month in 1933 or about $1500~ a month in modern USD) because it is his belief that the hunger principle (having to work to not starve to death) is against God and biblical values to keep it brief. However for those that would like more than this bare minimum, the resources allocated to you by the state or "corporation" in this case would go up. Farmers and miners would have the most as they take the resources directly from nature/God's bounty. Because all people in the state essentially just have a chequebook with a credit limit set by the state each month Pelley figured this would also be the end of money but really he just predicts what we do with modern credit cards instead of cash.

Pelley was a racist but he was pro-segregation as well, not genocide. He mentions what are called Beth Havens, which are basically labor camp cities where the mostly useless assets of society (as he specifies, southern negroes, lazy people, jews, the disabled, gypsies, Mexicans, and the mentally ill) are segregated to serve as a work force for the most menial, low IQ tasks possible. They are given a state dividend just like everyone else's $86 a month, however theirs is reduced and can never go up.

Pelley's America is heavily inspired by Marxism and christian teachings because he was a theocratic communist before he had a near death experience and became fashy if I'm remembering correctly. He is staunchly more left wing than the NSDAP. They also wouldn't be invading anybody since he's not an imperialist.

7ac7ba  No.13397199


>Am this also what are to have then…


For yes, certainly. Of brain is hurt.

<without some sorry.

256188  No.13397230


The reality is that plenty can be done about ZOG on a hyper-local, clandestine basis. The rub is that it will take real risk of prison time and death, the latter of which may be preferable to the former. Being openly National Socialist and meeting up in this climate is the absolute worst idea in the world.

The real problem is every one in the country who is "right wing" is essentially a shrieking harpy letting out blood curdling screams about "nazi islamo-fascism", democrats being the real racists, faggots being "natural conservatives", the satanic origins of environmentalism, and how much better Iran would be with democracy and miniskirts.

The unprecedented information about local subversives and widespread availability of weapons are completely wasted on this dog shit country.

941d95  No.13397245


>Would things be different if America became natsoc instead of Germany?

What a stupid question. Of course things would be different is we lived in an alternate history!


>Afterward, to prevent invasion from the British Empire,

There would be no fucking invasion from the UK, idiot. The UK cannot conduct a massive invasion of a country that dwarfs it in military might, resources, and manpower over an ocean 5,000 miles wide!

Gods, people who don't understand basic military concepts should not be allowed to post about military history!

>In response to the atrocities committed against the Jewish people, Britain, Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union declare war on the Silver Legion of America.

This is idiotic and represents your hopeless misconceptions about world politics at this time. Jesus Christ.

If America had become Fascist in 1929, then the world would just sit there and get over it. Just like they sat there and got over it when Italy became Fascist or when Germany became Fascist or when Spain became Fascist or when Portugal became (sort of) Fascist. They wouldn't conduct a massive and impossible to achieve invasion because this isn't HOI4 and you don't know jack shit about politics or military history. You fucking idiot.

The only thing you got right was

>There never really was any hope Germany could beat the allies at all from the begging.

b57553  No.13397258


>Of brain is hurt.

It's just like you say it. This is all your business not mine.

>>13397097 (Me)

>It reads like...

Don't start interfering with mine.

Or better even away with this * . Because of this I doubt whether or not I should really take you seriously. Could be you are a mod or talk to them.

But a reply please, this is wasting peoples time, effort and morals.

( >>13397123 >>13397126 Me)

I didn't really make threads so far. Threads are deleted here, so I would not start it. >>13396965 I am or can not be intended here in any way.

I would have to start referring to another board. And then back to this board.

67107b  No.13397263


>You don't even know which bathroom to use

Did you have a point or were you simply begging for a (you)?

941d95  No.13397293

By the way, for those few, those precious few of us who do actually care about history, please look up Huey Long. He was one of those men who was fascist in all but name and yet actually came very close to running for president (btw, he was a state governor).

His ideas were absolutely third positionist and he openly opposed both parties and their corruption, was very racial, and anti-semitic. Naturally he was assassinated by a jew in 1935.

Funny how that works…

b57553  No.13397340


( >>13397258 )

( >>13397123 >>13397126 )

Two random other posts

>>13395041 >>13395155



Post gone all together

b57553  No.13397353

23ed82  No.13397442

File: f9fcbbfff41ab40⋯.jpg (131.48 KB, 1024x809, 1024:809, 1516071347925.jpg)

File: e2319eab6685220⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 900x474, 150:79, american_fascist_flag.jpg)


America's brand of fascism I see as follows.

1) the president would be given the power of all branches of government, but would still need to be elected

2) the government would take a carrot and stick approach to controlling Corporations, where they would be punished for acting against the national interest and rewarded for progressing it.

3) 13/14 through 19th amendments would be repealed.

Something people tend to forget was how libertarian America was back then. We didn't have an income tax until 1915.

21c070  No.13397458


Most White Americans have at least partial German ancestry. The Mid West is practically German clay.

67107b  No.13397465


>Naturally he was assassinated by a jew in 1935.

It is remarkable how that does work, isn't it. I was talking with people the other day about the fact that DNA fulfills its programming and that there is no such thing as 'individualism'. If people could just understand that DNA ALWAYS fulfills its programming we might finally be able to get our people to understand the jew. Orange trees don't suddenly start bearing apples. They always do exactly what their genetic program specifically states.

67107b  No.13397474


I know. Only the kikeniggerFED's talk about how Amerimuts inhabit the entire USA. I am 100% German and my family has been in the USA practically since it was discovered. Still 100% German.

67107b  No.13397479


>We didn't have an income tax until 1915

Two years after the kikeniggers really got their hands on the US Government. They have been running it for over 100 years. Amazing that it takes that long to run this beautiful nation into the ground.

5d067c  No.13397488

File: 5e7ef80bf0c49af⋯.png (98.47 KB, 455x607, 455:607, 5e7ef80bf0c49afd48219e9746….png)

Natsoc Germany was lighting in a bottle, it was the first and only time the humanrace tryed to throw off the shackles of Jewery and start a new civilzation, that would have set Man's reach for the stars. It failed, but hit so hard and fast, the embers still burn where it left it's mark.

But there no such thing's as Beer Halls, today. This is pretty much what we have now. Fucking rice burner boards. And how long before this shit is gone? Fuck am proply being spooked right now, logged on some file, then I get kys 2 in the head.

Burgerland is no where near the state Germany was in before Hitler tryed to help his people and race. Fuck, German's where eating there Zoo's to stay alive. Not only that, the world wasn't a consumerist hellplane back then, man wanted more!

Why do you think Nazi's are still the big bad evil guys, even to this very day in Jewywood? (((They))) will never allow that shit to happen again, its why goverments bail out banks, its why (((Google))) and (((Amazon))) and the (((Rest))) of big business, don't really pay taxs. It's just bread and circuses for us goy, till they either breed us into fucking mutts, or mass civil wars weakness our race to extinction.

When the good goy of the world, stop worshipping money, and it (((God))) maybe then something will stir the people of the West. Until then keep tuning into this wild ride.

Sieg Heil

21c070  No.13397499


Jews have had their hands in the United States since its founding (see Haym Salomon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haym_Salomon ) But the subversion didn't really begin to accelerate until after Eastern European Jewish mass emigration in the 1880s, and then of course since 1913 on.

df2954  No.13397505


>Just curious, why are you tying these things together.

Because deracination and fundamentalist capitalism go hand-in-hand.

23ed82  No.13397510


I think you mean they got there foot in the door. They didn't have full control america back then. ie. Walt Disney was an open anti-Semite and still built the largest media company, he could do that if Kikes were in full control.

64f0b8  No.13397543

My knowledge of Pelley and the Silver Legion isn't great. They were inspired by the victories of Hitler and Mussolini, so if they failed in gaining control of their respective countries it might cause less respect for non-Anglos, especially if we were at war with them. This could lead to WASP suspicion and discrimination of Catholics and non-anglos, causing them to turn their loyalties more towards their motherlands. Additionally this would cause the problem of Latin American countries, with their own nationalist Catholic factions waxing strong at the time, becoming alienated from the US. It's important to remember that many of them were still white and wealthy at this time. There's also France, Spain and Portugal to remember.

Now the US looks less like a unassailable island and more like a beseiged fortress with enemies within and without. If no other countries join them, they'll join against them like a domino effect to quickly end the war and regain access to the US economy, as well as carve out pieces for themselves. So, the US will be eventually overcome. The Soviets take Alaska, the islands are split up and Japan takes a good chunk if they decide to join. The upside is, with the Jews gone, the US is quickly able to fix it's post war economy, though the relatively undevastated Europe is still the economic center of the world.

White people were still around 1/3rd of the world population back then, so many felt they had less to loose by fighting against each other for their own ethnic interests. Now that we're all equally under siege, we are becoming united as a race. For every closed door there's an open window.

5d067c  No.13397559


>zoomers so young he still think there can be a Natsoc anything

67107b  No.13397564


It is a political party you big fag.

21c070  No.13397580

>>13397488 (heil'd)

Hitler's National Socialism has basically gone through the three stages of truth:

#1 First it is ridiculed

During the time of the Weimar Republic, when the NSDAP was trying to gain power, the Jewish press was mocking Hitler and making caricatures of the people involved and the movement itself

#2 It is violently opposed

From street brawls by the communist KPD, to coming into power and being violently opposed from the outside during World War II to finally being destroyed (in its original manifestation) by the Allies of World War II.

#3 It is accepted as being self-evident

This is where we're at now. After over 70 years of postwar rule, with its social order as contrasted with pre-war Natsoc Germany's, it's clear that the better side did not win out. Now the question is, how does one get all or most of humanity to accept what is clearly self-evident? This is the fundamental question of our time.

c4a072  No.13397747


sucks, i know.

but seriously though, pure europeans are better than mutts, irregardless of where the mutt came from.

b57553  No.13397753

File: ee1359b883566a0⋯.png (9.24 KB, 139x210, 139:210, fas.png)

File: 25a5b1d8753a6b3⋯.jpg (26.26 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, 508.jpg)

Why would anyone want a fascist government in the first place?

Considered how the word fascism is interpreted now. There is more then one choice about how to interpret fascism.

At least: Fascism from faces. Also the symbol. I can't find the fascist symbol I am used to. Only in this flag. A bundle of branches, like from a tree used to either do school corporal punishment with like used to exist.

Or to sweep with. Like with a broom.

To me it seems people want to restrict themselves. Become poorer in a number of areas. Like erotisism, less immigrants- and in a sense of a less friendly policy towards Foreign nations, foreigners, less of an international position that is given. Though it is not an only option that immigrants are taken into the country itself.

How will it work out on money? A more spartan lifestyle, also for health. Though here lies a great problem a misinterpretation, lightly said.

All in all how it is pictured, it can be different. No one would probably choose fascism as it is regarded now. In no way such case. No one disadvantages self.

67107b  No.13397782



5d067c  No.13397792

File: 0957520cf0eacce⋯.jpg (30.91 KB, 600x243, 200:81, ExpandingBlackHoleIn_web_6….jpg)


Go into the street you faggot and ask for a natsoc vote then. The world thinks altright cucks are Nazi ffs, you think actually NatSoc ideolgy is allowed?


>This is where we're at now. After over 70 years of postwar rule, with its social order as contrasted with pre-war Natsoc Germany's, it's clear that the better side did not win out. Now the question is, how does one get all or most of humanity to accept what is clearly self-evident? This is the fundamental question of our time.

It I beileve can only be birthed through the same conditions as before, the breaking point of a Western Country. But 70+ years of (((Victory))) on top of that, is a different beast in itself.


>All in all how it is pictured, it can be different. No one would probably choose fascism as it is regarded now. In no way such case. No one disadvantages self.

That why you don't get a choice, it's fasism. >>13397777

Heiled and checked

67107b  No.13397819


If you won't do something for your people, who will? I know people around where I am and I might just do that anon.

67107b  No.13397821


Disgusting…fucking spics are 10-30% nigger.

Fucking DISGUSTING, anon.

67107b  No.13397905

File: 8b1f39814d4e0b0⋯.jpg (217.92 KB, 1553x713, 1553:713, just another white boy cop….jpg)


Not even close whyte boi.

I am 100% European. You are part nigger, amerindian and whatever else felt like fucking your mom the day you were conceived.

21c070  No.13397911

Eventually, any non-White admixture will be able to be erased using CRISPR.

53a358  No.13397918

I hope that Russia tries to invade the United States so i can rig some explosives down my street and take out a patrol and loot myself a AK 107 and a bunch of other cool shit.

6b7bdb  No.13397922


You're putting so much obvious effort into this pathetic shill, beaner. What do you expect to accomplish?

You will never be White.

Go away. Find a spot on the internet where you can be with your people, and good luck to you in the coming race war you created by flooding our borders with your shitty skin, and filthy, degenerate culture, nigger.

67107b  No.13397924


Except that the soul can't be modified using CRISPR anon. Subhumans will always be animals and they will never be White.

Remember the analogy of mixing races where race mixing was like taking two 5 gallon buckets of paint and mixing them together…it is not something that CRISPR is going to be able to 'undo'. Mitigate maybe, but just like GMO's you are talking about the destruction of your DNA FOR-E-VER.

21c070  No.13397944


I dunno, I think we're just scratching the surface of what genetic editing can possibly do. Stuff that would make something like Aktion T4 look like stone age methods in comparison someday.

67107b  No.13397978


Hmmm do you like the things that the jews have done with DNA so far? Like GMO's etc? Do you think they are improving the planets DNA or causing it to degenerate?

0bae1a  No.13398000

File: 4f85e18525baaca⋯.jpg (9.01 KB, 236x227, 236:227, sarcastic pepe.jpg)


If you turned non-Whites White with CRISPR or any other type gene-editing, you wouldn't get Western culture. For example, if you turned East Indians into Nordic or Celtic analogues, well, you'd just get a first world version of East India and vice versa.

2c5e4e  No.13398021


That's actually not such a bad thing.

0bae1a  No.13398047


I'm not against CRISPR or genetic engineering, I just have mixed feelings about it. It's just that these super Whites created wouldn't create a whole culture. Instead, they'd build off of the previous culture that came before.

Essentially, it's a question of why reinvent the wheel. You have perfectly good foundation to build off of in front of you.

67107b  No.13398048


I don't want to see White Europeans taking 1 billion shits per day in the streets anon…fuck there are a lot of things I want to see in this life, but that isn't one of them.

67107b  No.13398049

21c070  No.13398059


Not entirely, but the Jews don't deal in much of gene editing science, at least not first hand. My worry is how it will be applied, not its possible amazing potential. Since there is a wide gap between what can possibly be done, and what is allowed to actually be done.

21c070  No.13398069


Why would that happen if they also have the capability, and ingenuity to have modern plumbing available for all those 1 billion?

67107b  No.13398076


Wellllll how do you know they won't use it to turn you into niggers? They could lower your IQ as easily as they could raise a nigger.

67107b  No.13398082


The day when 'aryan' has no fucking meaning at all…that is where we are headed.

21c070  No.13398084


That is true, but then if all Whites in the world are turned into niggers, then the Jews will have no one to parasite off of, and end up killing each other.

67107b  No.13398101


I think they planned for that already. Besides you don't understand how debased their desires are, they run towards things like child rape, drinking blood and human sacrifice; all of which they will be able to do to (your) nigger offspring as well.

21c070  No.13398236


How the hell would it work? There's no modern world, there's no modernity as we know it without Whites. Even if things could be automated, the automation needs maintenance, repair and innovation in and of itself.

67107b  No.13398268


You don't need automation to be a parasite anon. I think that might be White's biggest misunderstanding. Kikes don't give a fuck about a lack of progress because it has no meaning in a parasitic world. What has meaning is ritual human sacrifice, raping children and drinking blood. They did those things in ancient times and in modern time. Don't be fooled into thinking that a parasite has the same values as a European or that we have the same wants or desires. A tapeworm in a cow cares nothing for modern life or progress or technology as long as it can suck the blood of its HOST. Kikes are the same thing. They are parasites.

67107b  No.13398274


Bring on the nigger-aryans and the kike-aryans as well.

Globalism for everyone; we are all equal and the same.

You are a fucking retard.

90d3ae  No.13398306



You two are doing God's work!

Any tips on growing avocados?

67107b  No.13398315


You will never be White anon.

90d3ae  No.13398321


Whiter than you, Mohammed!

8029ae  No.13398324

File: 931718aca5577ac⋯.png (648.53 KB, 7500x3600, 25:12, usa ns2 flag.png)

67107b  No.13398325


Only a retard would think they can be Whiter than 100% White. You will never be white anon and neither will your part nigger friends.

90d3ae  No.13398328


Sure thing, semite

67107b  No.13398329

File: 47276ef281d9419⋯.jpg (79.8 KB, 813x600, 271:200, first kosher people black ….jpg)

e56dca  No.13398344


You're right. The worst thing is that the American "right" still identifies as American, when america was a Masonic invention based on enlightenment ideals. If you are an American (((patriot))) you're the enemy, and an u sitting ally of the Jews. The same applies if you identify with a "nationality" other than your race.

e56dca  No.13398347


America was never good.

000000  No.13398425

We would have flying cars if Germany ended jewry. We would be flying to work on the moon today. Things would suck in such a wildly different way.

b84acf  No.13398510


it's comfy to think about a natsoc america being allies with their german brethren instead of the british cucks we were forced to side with.

>natsoc USA officials posing in paris in front of the eiffel tower along with Hitler

why'd things have to turn out like they did, bros?

b84acf  No.13398515



funny how shortly before the income tax was implemented, you had the federal reserve erected :)

e4f261  No.13398966


So basically an american Stasserist?

cfff8f  No.13398977




Is this a fucking bot?

8dcf58  No.13398984


t. Brit

75f2b9  No.13398988


Cause north america is euro mutt. I say this as a north american. We are a fuckload of different european villages, germans, french, british, irish, italian etc. Some of us maintain our original language but generally its all english. Hasn't been enough time to properly collapse into a single nation. Even our caucasian majority dominating the empire is a subtle patchwork empire in and of itself. It fucks with unity. North american nationalism is in a few ways civic nationalism. Unstable and weak nations that have been preyed upon with immigration over multiple generations.

67107b  No.13399475


IDK I filtered it a long time ago.


I think people would be surprised how little Europomut it actually was before the pill. After the pill women didn't have the ability to smell the pheromones of their own kind anymore so they just married anything.

27c907  No.13399624


Implying anglos arent a type of german.

e56dca  No.13399795


t. Freemason

c57e01  No.13399866


That would be great considering the good parts of Indian culture are of white origin anyway.

8dcf58  No.13404547

File: b000524189ed99f⋯.jpg (377.95 KB, 628x625, 628:625, 843hg4398hg39488.jpg)


>Doesn't even denying being a Brit

000000  No.13416224


Jews would have pushed communism and Americans, the byproduct of a mix of cultures and blood, would have had a hard time mounting a political program on a racial basis, it would have been harder because the common element would have been much less obvious: being white.

This is also why white nationalism largely rose in the US because you can't really be pro Irish, German, English, Russian or Italian there.

With much irony, the US being ground control of the world plague, it is now fitting that the revolution for white survival mostly based on whiteness and not geographical boundary largely grew there.

A good question although offtopic is where in Europe would this broader white nationalism would better take root and grow.

b480b4  No.13418297


Early 1935, William Randoph Hearst medias started the ukraine famine bullshit that dissolute, unthinking boomers loves so much, no coincidence there…

1) He would have needed to be aware of the JQ, have solid organization and a good understanding of how to appeal to people to seize power and keep it.

2) Anglo-French alliance might have launched a Pearl Harbor style attack…

3) …but in the positive note, they would likely end up fighting the Soviet-Union over advances in eastern europe and Imperial Japan would likely side with the US to get Anglo-French colonial possessions.

dcb211  No.13418303


Been playing a lot fo HOI 4, huh?


Pelley is a terrible example of American right-populism. Look up Father Charles Coughlin instead.

b480b4  No.13418333


< Muh communism

1) Not with Pelley leading things. Then, they would appeal to the greater number of opponents.

2) "democratic" weimar german republic was (((their))) proudest creation. http://archive.is/uieRL http://archive.is/MK2jq http://archive.is/ZRYMg London and New York were important financially but Berlin was important socially. http://archive.is/MGQYn

This is why part of why the NSDAP rose in Germany, (((their))) influence on society wa much, much more visible to German normies than US normies, starting with the 1918 revolution.

Some equivalent hardship would be needed and that would be a civil war rather than losing WW1 after massive losses. Workers movements have massive strikes but without Teodore Roosevelt, the national guard is sent and end up shooting many workers, albeit at the cost of disrupting coal production. This radicalize the unions and worker, justifying greater and greater repression.

Not unlike Ireland during and after WW2, the US erupts into a civil war in the 1910s but the workers rebellion isn't like the Bolsheviks in 1917-1923 and doesn't take over the whole country and establish a dictatorship.

Instead, around 1918, the US becomes a "democracy".

b480b4  No.13418335


Trips checked! During and after WW1, not WW2.

bdfa20  No.13418389


>The only thing you got right was

>>There never really was any hope Germany could beat the allies at all from the begging.

If America fought against Germany. If they stayed neutral, Germany would have won, and America First was likely the largest antiwar movement in history. It simply lost due to British spying, Republican backstabbing, and FDR's goading various factions into way. Even with America's existing system, if they simply prosecuted FDR for his known illegal activity at the time we would have avoided world war.

b480b4  No.13418416


Operation Pike would have been launched in mid May 1940, if Case Yellow had happened just 1 week later, the dynamics of the war would have been completely changed. ht tps ://en.wikipedia.o rg/wiki/Operation_Pike ht tp s:// www.amazon.c om/Operation-Pike-1939-1941-Contributions-Military/dp/0313313687

K of Italy not invading Greece, this was almost prevented according to Leon Degrelle's 1969 book (if I remember correctly), would also have lead to Operation Pike in 1941.

Imperial Japan also received intelligence from Germany. ht tps ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_auxiliary_cruiser_Atlantis ht tp s:// en.wikipedia.o rg/wiki/SS_Automedon Without it, Pearl Harbor might not have happened.

7bce19  No.13418418


No because fascism is a dead ideology. It's worthless, it's time to move on and find something else.

b480b4  No.13418422


Come to think of it, the Soviet-Union of December 1941 would never have settled for unconditional surrender of the axis powers without the United States had not been in the war. Historically, there were peace negociations between Berlin and Moscow following Stalingrad, the breaking point is that Hitler wanted the "ukraine" as a buffer state.

000000  No.13418440


Governments are the same as gangs, and government officials are just as motivated by self interest as gangsters. The only reason to support a government is to prevent a worse government from taking over. Any ideology that advocates for increasing the power of government, like Natsoc, is harmful.

b480b4  No.13418462


< Muh bug gubbermint!

Low-effort shilling.

bdfa20  No.13424663


The Soviets would have collapsed multiple times without American supplies shipped in through the Arctic & Iran. The amount of trucks, planes, and tanks they received was truly mind-boggling, and that's not even counting the industrial equipment, technology, and nuclear material our state department shipped to them "legally". The plan had always been to hand over Eastern Europe, because they had to restrain Patton from taking what they had promised to them. I think war between Germany and USSR was inevitable (even with Operation Pike, the USSR might have just chosen to ignore it), but if America's help was toned down even a little it would've been at least a stalemate.

Another interesting thought. Germany's greatest weakness was its lack of oil, and they had to drive all the way to the Caucuses to get it. But Libya discovered the start of one of the world's largest oil fields only a few years later, in 1956. They were an Italian colony before the war even started. How different might things have been if they had discovered oil there in 1939?

542ba7  No.13424670


Italy couldn't even hold onto Libya, it was literally the first piece of land they lost to the Western forces.

609b7b  No.13424772

File: 3b627b8c3520023⋯.jpg (258.78 KB, 900x660, 15:11, Jersey Boys.jpg)

The world would be white now.

941d95  No.13424969


Maybe… but then again, even without America, the best Germany could have hoped for realistically speaking, would be a draw. Russia is unconquerable. Way too vast a territory and the longer the war went on, the worse and worse things would become for Germany. And it's impossible for a non-naval power to conquer Britain.

So the best that Germany could have hoped for realistically after 1939/1941 was a negotiated settlement like normal wars end in.

Which could be considered a victory. Just not the total-victory that people envision. It was a stupid war.

Declaring war on America on the otherhand was among the dumbest single actions in military history.

America with her vast resources entering the war shifted the scales so stupendously against a nation on the brink that after 1941, all hope of any kind of victory was lost.

> if they simply prosecuted FDR for his known illegal activity at the time we would have avoided world war.

Only if Hitler decided not to declare war on America in order to appease his worthless ally; Japan.

>InB4 all the historically illiterate newfaggots start screeching over this

78425a  No.13425182


1930's America was completely fucked by then, we would have to go back to before the jews started flooding the US with micks and wogs.

89cda4  No.13425850

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Silver Legion fascist and not NatSoc?

Anyways without the US support Churchill never would have dared agitate and advocate for WWII, and just imagine all Germany could have accomplished if it hadn't been shackled in war. But if we consider the fact that the US was back then still just an isolationist American power with little power on other continents, if it had gone natsoc and Germany hadn't then the USSR probably would have annexed most of Europe, and we would still probably be better off under hardcore Stalinism than Jewish faux-democracy.

f02fca  No.13425888

File: fd3d8bd801af8da⋯.mp4 (2.52 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Fat Cup of Piss.mp4)




HE AINT MY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9a9ffb  No.13425942


Hitler didn't get rid of freedoms at all I got a redpilled document in a pile of redpills, at this point nsdap is more free than america could ever be at this point and time.

bdfa20  No.13426001


America was already waging an undeclared war on Germany. Its destroyers were actively hunting German subs, they were supplying vast amounts of weapons to Britain and the USSR, and their soldiers were occupying seized foreign territory like Iceland and Iran. At least with a formal declaration he could shoot back (without the US crying victim). The problem was that the Americans who didn't want war were toothless, they just accepted FDR conniving them into a war, then accepted their sons getting drafted to die for his lies.

9dc053  No.13426020


When I look at the images of New York in the First World War I'm impressed. It looked like a normal white state, not chaos like now and then a lot of power.

Today, I laugh at New York. It's a lousy mess.

616ac7  No.13426025


>what is the most common nationality of white ancestry in America

Take a wild fucking guess, schlomo.

0c19a6  No.13426773

File: a4dff3c1cf52808⋯.jpg (14.96 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1507467330252.jpg)



d1cde1  No.13426795

Before speculating about this, I would like to know why the anglos hate so much non-anglo whites. You seem to hate more non-anglo whites than blacks, browns and sandniggers.

941d95  No.13426837


>America was already waging an undeclared war on Germany

I've explained this so many times but I'll explain it again. But this time I'll let YOU explain why declaring war on a superpower that can squash you like a bug is stupid. Yes. YOU will explain this to yourself.

The USA bombs Syria and has committed numerous hostile acts against Bashar Al Assad.

Yes or no;

Should Assad declare war on America?

Now explain why.

There is your answer.

8064e0  No.13426888



American is a diverse country, even in its european population. The first colonies had a mix of different european peoples and religions, thinking national socialism will work in america is a bit naive. Not only do we have the issue of nonwhites and whites living together, but the differences between the whites are large as well. Driving through America will show you a mix-n-match of weird government rules, weird customs and weird religions. The amount of sectarianism in american christianity alone is enough to demonstrate this. America only functioned as a lolbert state because of the common white values of decency and respect, like just doing business with people who's lifestyle you disagreed with.

The one thing white americans hold the most in common is distrust of the government, the only whites who trust the gov't are typically shitlib faggots anyway. No one has a crystal ball to see the future, but any nationalistic movement in america will propably be in bed with capitalist interests. Not the worst thing in the world, but it could be better

d1cde1  No.13427004

You americans need to define things first.

Nationalism and racialism are two different things.

In racialism, white is a broad term, it includes mediterraneans and slavs. The ones amongst you who hates meds and slavs cant be racialists. Racialism is a global ideology, and it can lead to new nations where people might be speaking three or more languages.

Nationalism is entirely different. You americans have this habit of confounding white and anglo, you use these terms as meaning the same thing, and for this reason, anything which is non-anglo is non-white. So you have "white nationalism" which is, in fact, "anglo-nationalism".

Nationalism was very prevalent in the 19th century, a century full of wars between white nations, with the highest point being the second world war, which claimed thousands of dead people. So nationalism implies in division among a single race, between nations fighting with each other.

Define what you want first. The US have a large non-white population, and whites which are not recognized as white by anglo nationalism. Italians and irish were considered second class citizens until some decades ago.

Nationalism, socialism and liberalism are the three byproducts of the French Revolution. There were no nations before that revolution, instead we had kingdoms. See the case of the UK, it have four nations inside a single country, so you cant have "british nationalism" without sparking sentiments of separatism among the scots. In past centuries it was common to have several nations in the same country: Austria-Hungary, for example, or the First Reich under Charles V.

999245  No.13427575

File: bd29e83f4ed1716⋯.png (161.29 KB, 912x1531, 912:1531, government.png)

One thing I can never get a clear answer on from supporters of Fascist forms of government, is:

>How do you handle the transition of power from one leader to another?

People who are put in places of great, consolidated power often do not foster a suitable heir as the heir would pose an existential threat to their own power. This paranoia fuels a horrid culture of ass-kissing and incompetency


>If the new dictator/leader/etc is a bad one (corrupt, a giant faggot fucking shit up, etc), how do you remove them without an explosive, destructive revolution?

The power to "vote of no confidence" or "impeach" a bad leader from power is an amazing asset of more democratic societies because it ensures the peaceful transition of power from a bad leader to a more preferred one. Yes, there are tons of abuses that come from this, but it's far better than having a shitty King lord over the land for a lifetime

pic unrelated

941d95  No.13427653



I'm not an Anglo, so I can't say whether Anglo-Americans hate me and everyone else. But I am a German by blood and an American by birth so I am sort of what you're talking about and I must disagree. In my experience, Americans (And that is to say White people as ONLY White people think of themselves as Americans) do not hate other White people. Indeed, Americans are less likely to have intra-racial hatred than Europeans are. And this excellent quality is a result of the lack of pointless brother-wars with our immediate neighbors.

If more White people had this mentality, WW2 wouldn't have happened and the kikes wouldn't be able to play us off against one another.

7dbc01  No.13427830


>Indeed, Americans are less likely to have intra-racial hatred than Europeans are.

False. All the "it's okay to kill nazis" stuff comes from the USA. Americans are fully exposed to this propaganda like no one else.

d390ef  No.13428297


That's hatred of an ideology though, not of Germans.

7dbc01  No.13428354


>That's hatred of an ideology

It always comes down to hating white people who take care of their kind, especially Germans.


gr8 b8, m8

bdfa20  No.13428624


Syria is not Germany. Germany was 80 million people and one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Syria is a 3rd world client state of Russia. Germany could not defeat the USA, but if they could keep them out of Europe they could force a stalemate. But you can't keep them out of Europe if you allow them to build up in England unmolested, nor if you allow them to act as quartermaster for the Soviets. They had to shoot back, therefore they had to declare war.

941d95  No.13428633


>Germany was 80 million people and one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.

Did you suddenly forget that Germany was in a three front war against states that dwarfed her in every department?

Also, Germany was by no means the most technologically advanced nation on earth. You're falling for a Hollywood meme. Germany was woefully under-developed and unprepared for a war of attrition.

Please take some time to read books on the subject of Germany's pre-war economy and military. Then listen to some actual lectures by knowledgeable people.

>Germany could not defeat the USA, but if they could keep them out of Europe they could force a stalemate

Welp, they couldn't and if Hitler thought he could, he didn't know anything about warfare in the 20th century. Sea-power grants you the ability to appear almost anywhere at almost any time.

>They had to shoot back, therefore they had to declare war.

And what happened when they acted upon this childish impulse?

They lost.

Again, explain why Syria should not declare war on the USA.

Do it.

Once you explain that, you will explain why Germany should not have done that.

941d95  No.13428635


>>13428297 is correct.

Visit America and say you're a German. No one cares.

7dbc01  No.13428659


>Visit America and say niggers should stay in Africa…

941d95  No.13428670


>Moving the goalpost

c5fd16  No.13428694

yeah we wouldn't have faggots or dirty mudskins

c5fd16  No.13428697


called it, you're a dirty nigger

abe0c4  No.13428785


The faggots are in on the Jap side of the country and in the neutral zone.

d5af92  No.13428789

btw, any thoughts on Francis Parker Yockey or Huey Long?

the latter was assasinated by FDR vis a vis an actual fucking kike. Dr. Weiss.

2765a2  No.13428795


Why don't you guys go check out >>>/vril/ ? They're having a discussion of sorts on similar political aspects, along with lot's of other National Socialist aspects. It's kind of a small board so you could easily have a discussion without it being flooded by bullshit.

b5284e  No.13428796


If america had been natsoc, the world would be natsoc now. OF course the modern era is shit, but the freedoms enjoyed for decades before america degraded were a precious, near utopian vision for how a free ethnostate could live.

2765a2  No.13428807


Go play stellaris to see what the long term outcome of a HOI4 game would look like

ef8536  No.13428814

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon Jews use to exterminate Whites.

No matter how many times Jews remove this truth

1d3f21  No.13428849

File: f6a438dd441f3f1⋯.jpg (39.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 65fbfce9399631cc7e69a7e93a….jpg)


If both expelled jews and crypto jews? Yes.

c5fd16  No.13428850

the board is being raided by marxism losers again

650041  No.13428870


it's not an either or faggot

bdfa20  No.13429318


>Also, Germany was by no means the most technologically advanced nation on earth. You're falling for a Hollywood meme. Germany was woefully under-developed and unprepared for a war of attrition.

Those aren't the same thing. They absolutely had the industrial capacity, but did not have the resources to maintain mass production. Meanwhile, they managed to develop ballistic missiles, space flight, guided missiles for anti-air and anti-ship applications, jet fighters, rocket planes, assault rifles, shaped charges, RPGs, and they were close to nukes. Much of the cold war arms race relied on German tech that was in development or captured German scientists. The right force multiplier could have changed battles. For example, if the anti-air missiles were just a little more effective, the air raids could've been shut down entirely.

>But they couldn't

Brilliant analysis Patton. You're a real genius at predicting the past.

>Explain why Syria shouldn't declare war on the US

Because no one declares war anymore. Explain why North Korea, Vietnam, or Afghanistan shouldn't. You lose the will to fight, you lose the war.

05351c  No.13429325


You have to have a white-nigger-tier-IQ to think national socialism is the next step for the U.S.

If you want to see our future look towards Russia.

941d95  No.13429944


>Explain why North Korea, Vietnam, or Afghanistan shouldn't.

<You lose the will to fight, you lose the war.

You've barely explained this properly even though you know, I know, and everyone else knows the answer.

The reason why it is a shit-for-brains idea to declare war on America is because that is what the American (((government))) wants. If you're stupid enough to declare war on America, then this allows the US government to claim, once again that it's fighting a defensive war and all the little lemmings will rally behind this great patriotic war.

Furthermore, declaring war on a country that you can't even attack is so fucking stupid that even YOU know that it's dumb.

Do I even need to explain in baby-talk why declaring war on a state that you can't attack is dumb?

>Germany was teh most technologically advanced country because they produced a lot of irrelevant toys that they couldn't ude because their under-developed economy couldn't support them.

Uh huh.

What a fucking waste.

I exaggerate for effect but a lot of Germany's technological efforts were wasted on ridiculous ideas like the Mouse Tank. Oh sure, let's invest desperately needed manpower and resourses into a tank that would not only be utterly useless on the battlefield, but that we couldn't even drive very far due to our complete lack of fuel.

That's forgivable because at least they were trying to be clever.

But this niggerish idea that you need to go declaring wars that you KNOW you can't win against enemies that you KNOW you can't even reach is so bone-headedly stupid that I have always questioned whether such posters are real. But unfortunately the dumb personality cult around people like Stalin and Hitler causes people to defend every dumbass action these leaders made.

Not everything Hitler did was dumb. Neither was everything he did smart. If Hitler had played his cards a little better he would have won the "war".

I put quotations around war because the most smart thing any political leader can do is win victories without going to war and Hitler had every opportunity to go by that rout.

Instead he declared one war after another and doomed his nation. Germany was incapable of sustaining a war of attrition and always has been (at least within recent history). Yet every single one of his plans other than the French invasion involved a war of attrition.

If Hitler had been any other historical character, we'd laugh at the stupidity of declaring war on America like that. But since he is a God, people are expected to overlook his dumb decisions. You make this asshole >>13428814 appear to be correct. If you were a political leader of White people, you'd kill us all because you're too stupid to think ahead and would declare war on the world, thus uniting the world behind the jew. Stop being a tool.

Use your brain

8d2b36  No.13430272


Good job on using a Jewish character against them.

b421ef  No.13430301


>Something people tend to forget was how libertarian America was back then.

It wasn't libertarian, it was socialist since utilites were government owned. Gj kike and white collaborator revisionists.

bdfa20  No.13441693

File: d8bf9001db91c96⋯.jpg (76.9 KB, 500x504, 125:126, painting-the-standard-bear….jpg)

File: dac2fd2df819492⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1359x1938, 453:646, serveimage (1).jpg)

File: 0de6825ac804b17⋯.jpg (501.32 KB, 793x1263, 793:1263, Karl_von_Müller.jpg)

File: a29007e452b5924⋯.jpg (110.03 KB, 1280x785, 256:157, Laconia Incident.jpg)

I've been busy and unable to reply. Polite sage to avoid necroing an otherwise dead thread.


>The reason why it is a shit-for-brains idea to declare war on America is because that is what the American (((government))) wants. If you're stupid enough to declare war on America, then this allows the US government to claim, once again that it's fighting a defensive war and all the little lemmings will rally behind this great patriotic war.

That hasn't stopped them in any of a dozen other times from going to war. Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, Iraq, none of them declared war on the USA. Neither did 1812 Britain (the US unilaterally declared war on them), nor did 1898 Spain, and none of them were even considered as threatening American vital interests, it was merely stated to be beneficial to America (1812 they could take Canada + expand west; 1898 they could dominate the Caribbean and Pacific). But the most relevant example is WWI, where the US declared war on Germany after the Germans started sinking war materiel that was shipping to England. This is almost the exact same situation as WWII, involving the exact same countries, and what do you know, the US declared war on Germany and fought until the close of the war. So if you think it matters that it was Germany declaring war on the US rather than the inverse, you have to explain why it didn't matter a mere 24 years prior with the exact same people, especially when the US government has neither before nor since particularly cared what the casus belli is nor who started the fight. It's useful for propaganda, but if that line doesn't apply, they'll find another one, just like they've done in every other war.

>Furthermore, declaring war on a country that you can't even attack is so fucking stupid that even YOU know that it's dumb.

Like in 1776? There is such a thing as a defensive war.

More to the point, in a war of attrition, would you rather sink a million rifle rounds at sea, or face a division equipped with those rounds? Clearly it's better to destroy materiel in transit, but that requires sinking American ships. Even when it requires sinking British ships, the Americans may still consider it an act of war like the Lusitania. But, in order to sink ships, Hitler has to command his navy to start sinking vessels. If you say, "well why don't they just sink the ships without declaring war?", but that's simply not how the German mind works. You might get a few commando types to do it, but certainly not the whole German military.

The Germans highest ideal was the noble knight, like Lohengrim or Parcifal. Someone who fights to the death for honor and glory. The greatest naval hero of WWI was Karl von Mueller of the SMS Emden, which alone raided commerce in the Indian Ocean against a vastly superior enemy force but constantly put itself in danger to avoid civilian casualties. The man didn't even write memoirs about his exploits because he thought it would be too vainglorious.

The U-boat crews followed this logic, as demonstrated in the Laconia incident. U-boats by their nature are not ideal for rescue operations, but after sinking a troop transport the u-boats stopped to help survivors and told the Americans where to find them. The Americans send a bomber to attack them, and after the first one gets attacked and is forced to dive, a second one, assuming no one would be crazy enough to shoot at a rescue operation, proceeds to surface and again gets gunned at while rescuing sailors while under a red cross.

You may call this behavior crazy, but this is precisely the ruleset that Europeans were supposed to follow in war. More importantly, it was this heroic ideal that allowed the Germans to win constantly while outmanned, outgunned, and surrounded by enemies. The Americans and British, composed of Germanic stock themselves, couldn't even come close to matching the man for man fighting qualities, and even after the Russians copied their tactics they still had to outnumber them vastly to win.

You may consider it obvious that numerical advantage would win eventually, but in 1941 that theory had already been tested and found wanting. Perhaps the superior fighting spirit and innovation would overcome the material advantage of the allies? Obviously it was a gamble, but on the one hand, they might win, and on the other hand, what choice did they have?

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The propaganda against Germany had already been turned up. The Germans had already captured and published intel that proved FDR was trying to ignite a war in Europe, and FDR still won re-election to a populace that he had promised peace to. He could have told the Americans that the sky was purple, and with his control of the newspapers, enough people would've believed it that he could shape policy on that. The last thing preventing war was the honor of the American military, and with them openly engaging in hostilities while shouting peace, it was clear that their military had no honor whatsoever. Britain had already turned down numerous peace offers, including even ignoring Rudolf Hess, so by now it was quite clear that peace was not an option. So they could either accept defeat, or keep trying and hope that something paid off.

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One last thing. The American bomber crew was awarded a medal for attacking lifeboats. Let that sink in.

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