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File: 5c6d65d8cf3a35d⋯.png (515.87 KB, 579x358, 579:358, Capture.PNG)

395eed  No.13399764

If any of you lads havent yet seen the warrant: https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.casd.626722/gov.uscourts.casd.626722.1.0.pdf

Scroll down to the bottom and there are a bunch of screencaps of the thread in question. Within those screencaps are a whole fucking lot of samefagging glownigger (((you)))s. Do any of you lads know how to implement machine learning algorithms? I think from that warrant alone we have enough input to make a glownigger detection bot.

I haven't fucked with ai since guacman and Im not sure that guacman would be up to the task.

1bcc19  No.13399771

File: f41cc7f908ec01a⋯.jpeg (230.65 KB, 760x760, 1:1, B5DCDFB5-4006-4AC9-A82C-3….jpeg)

This is a good idea, but /pol/ hasn't accomplished shit lately.

Let's watch glowniggers derail this thread.

000000  No.13399774

Why rely on AI when our collective intelligence works just fine at detecting them?

395eed  No.13399779


1) lulz

2) if you havent looked at that warrant look at it, the amount of glownigger (((you)))s is impressive

That whole thread is a case study in glownigger activity.

000000  No.13399784


Why are you so eager to have me follow that link, officer? Where's the archive link, officer?

395eed  No.13399808


I am in the process of making a screencap of all the (((you)))s Im holding off on posting the archive link so that it is not taken down before I finish. gimme like 10 minutes and I'll be done.

00f146  No.13399839


You always know when you can safely filter a nigger.

00f146  No.13399874

I read it. It's a tarrant shitposting thread and everyone is celebrating while a glownigger is trying to bait anons into making compromising statements and lead them into reading T's talmud er manifesto. Whatever is triggering them enough to ask for a warrant isn't in the caps. Shit tier shitposting and the judge is just rubber stamping the requests if he doesn't actually look at the FBI's evidence for requesting the warrant.

Glownigger is likely a shitskin faggot.

395eed  No.13399876

File: 99678a1b41a5899⋯.png (540.02 KB, 1544x1926, 772:963, GlowNigger.png)

File: 3cd732ce1647ce5⋯.png (134.79 KB, 648x520, 81:65, Capture.PNG)


Archive of actual thread in question:


The page that the warrant is on is not archiving correctly, the text of the warrant is but the all the posts in the pdf are illegibly corrupted:



Good Afternoon, Special Agent. Are you THE Special Agent Michael J Rod, or just one of his glownigger buttbuddies?

da5ed3  No.13400033


How about a little stylometry?

Reminds me of 52ad59 who's very interested (107) in this, ahem, particular thread:


>use of all caps

>use of ellipses

>lots of anon this and anon that (trying too hard)

>habitually drops punctuation

>"Not a jew" reads very much like "Not mossad" (again, trying to hard)

I could go on, but that might take all the fun out of it.

5e89d3  No.13400053


>glownigger detection

this makes no sense

since they cannot be killed immediately after detection

ff6285  No.13400058

File: 96870fe74e997df⋯.jpg (63.54 KB, 791x700, 113:100, ▄█▀ █▬█ █ █ █ █ █ █ ▀█▀.jpg)


Special Agent Kangz confirmed for 87 IQ

10214b  No.13400060


>That whole thread is a case study in glownigger activity

Maybe the whole event, eh?

10214b  No.13400075


That depends on what he means by (((Russian))) I suppose. You do know that the Bolshevik kikes invaded the USA and have been causing problems ever since.

395eed  No.13400081


A lot of those Russian kikes went to Israel. And his only mention of kikes is "it's not mossad, fellow goys"

10214b  No.13400082


Rod is a spic faggot, short for Rodriguez and Aric Victor (Colin) is probably Aric Victor Blackwood (not a real name; satanist) There are only two Aric Victors in the USA and one of them is a pen name while the other is like 7 years old.

10214b  No.13400086


A lot of them ended up in Vegas as well (imagine that) kosher nostra is alive and well in the US completely allowed and encouraged by the current kike government. See Adelsons control of US politics and active role in terrorism in Syria. I believe dead fucker McCain was one of his gimp puppets and did a lot of recruiting of psychopaths out of US and other jails; setting them free in Syria (and now in Europe) with no repercussions for their actions and free reign to ‘do as they will’.

64a921  No.13400089

Wow, a thread with good Intel for once.

395eed  No.13400095


>T-thats not his r-real n-name

Idk, I seem to have found a Michael J Rod in his 40's living in California.

>inb4 special agent

>his dox are the first link that come up

Not too shocked seeing as how he couldnt understand how fucking id's work.

10214b  No.13400098

What is that stupid fucking retardation the kike faggots always quote/

“Do what thou will is the whole of the Law.”

This is a perfect example of how they can justify turning fucking legitimate physchotic murderers loose in societies they want to disrupt with the garuntee that they will never be prosecuted for the crimes they commit. Typical kikes, who are also never held accountable for the crimes, terrorism (Vegas) and murder (Italian snuff porn murder of infants and little boys) that they commit either. Only the cattle still abide ‘by kike law’.

7f45d8  No.13400102


>our collective intelligence

Good joke. Nu/pol/ thinks everyone is a fed or a shill if they do anything more than suggest "let's make people think pencils are white supremacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

0c1099  No.13400103

10214b  No.13400107


No fag. It is his legal name now. But ‘rod’ is not a common spic name. It is the legally shortened version of Rodreguiz…he is a fucking spic whose only real goal is the betrayal and overthrow of the USA by his fucking part nigger kin. So this (disarming American citizens to facilitate the invasion) fits into his modus operandi COMPLETELY. He is following the genetic program that his own part nigger people should be victorious over European Whites.

ff6285  No.13400108

File: bb81a36e21f93c2⋯.png (282.07 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

So do we have this FBInigger's street address yet? It would sure be a shame if somebody posted a derogatory meme on his front door.

395eed  No.13400112


He MAY be a spic. I have not confirmed that but there are only 6 Michael J Rod's coming up for me. 4 of them are in their 50's, 1 is in his 60's, There is only one Michael J Rod in his 40's and he is also the only one in California.

395eed  No.13400117


Possibly, I dont post dox until I am sure its the right guy. Feel free to help if you want, he seems to have zero opsec

10214b  No.13400118


I would look under Rodriguez as well. I would bet you that he uses that off the job and in legal documents. Just to verify that it is him the right fucking part nigger invader posing as ‘federal agent’ if you can find the address. He will probably have used both names, one professionally and one privately.

da5ed3  No.13400120





(and he's already in this thread under at least one IP)

10214b  No.13400129


You know this is interesting to me because a significant number of faggot part nigger spic ‘identify’ as kikes. They do a DNA test and suddenly that 2% kike blood in their mongrel DNA makes the ‘light of god’ shine through them and all manner of subversive and deviant behavior becomes ‘par for the course’ according to whatever percent of nigger blood they have in them as well. Spics are 10-30% nigger DNA mongrels.

10214b  No.13400133


Look at their photos though. They are all spics (non-Europeans and not part of our nation), so Rod is the shortened version of Rodriguez.

395eed  No.13400139


The only Michael J Rod that fits the bill shows no connection to any family with the surname rodriguez


Most of them, but I've seen a couple that look white. Also, spanish surname is not 100% indication of spic, spaniards do exist.

10214b  No.13400150


It is not the name that indicates his ethnicity. It is the fact that he spent time infiltrating gangs in Cali that indicates he is not a European. They don’t send White boy down to the spic ghetto to infiltrate unless they want to find his skin sack taken off by a blowtorch in one fell swoop. This faggot is a spic and traitor to our nation trying to implement gun control on Europeans so that they can slaughter us easier and faster. How many gang (((CIA))) connections do you think he made while he was ‘infiltrating’ them?

People make ‘governments’; God makes nations.

He is a part nigger infiltrator and not part of our nation.

da5ed3  No.13400157



You looking at cali here

0c1099  No.13400158


I really like you, anon.


1be999  No.13400160


Wow, and here I was thinking fedposting was just a meme of days past, and now I get a front row seat.

da5ed3  No.13400166


So you like yourself. How earth shattering.

ff6285  No.13400171

File: 77c13fddde88413⋯.png (202.27 KB, 1054x701, 1054:701, 77c.png)

10214b  No.13400174


We are not the same person anon.


;) Pretty sure you have a front row seat every day you are on /pol/ anon.



000000  No.13400182


Maybe your mods should not delete any interesting threads daily.



146894  No.13400184

>when your glownigger is such a nigger they release information that compromises their activities

0c1099  No.13400189


Please explain the reason that this would even enter your mind?

What would be the goal here?

Are you really this retarded, or are you hoping we are?

What's your angle, nigger? I just went through the thread, and you haven't contributed much.

Have another


and a (You).

10214b  No.13400193


I am going to have to look into the ‘previous locations’ and see if I can correlate them to his past history that was listed in the warrant. Just to make sure…also, 40 seems a bit old, but maybe not. I was imagining mid to late 30 something based on his listed work history.


B-b-b-b-but gun control for Europeans is more important that one part niggers life, anon. THE INVASION MUST CONTINUE ACCORDING TO (((CIA))) PLANS. Open borders for the USA, underage sex slavery, drug addiction, death and organ trafficking for Europeans. NEOCohens want the Ukraine model for the USA, nothing less will do.

10214b  No.13400194

File: eea20c1fd369252⋯.png (616.59 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 7C2C9E00-2CF7-495C-9A04-29….png)


395eed  No.13400195


It's hysterical looking at the screen cap I put together… Glowniggers warrantlessly accusing anons of samefagging while samefagging on a warrant application. Fuckin pottery.

146894  No.13400200


This. The CIA is just a drug cartel at this point.

da5ed3  No.13400201

File: 3fadc08654cacc6⋯.gif (728.69 KB, 422x750, 211:375, 8.gif)


>We are not the same person anon.

Yes you are.

And you're 8f4812 here:


As well as 52ad59 (107) here:


/pol/'s not stupid, retard.

Would you like some more?

395eed  No.13400202


If it is indeed the right guy he would be 43 according to those docs. Considering he spent time in the military, according to his blogfest of a warrant application, 43 might not be that old.

2e1d4a  No.13400205

i don't think stylometry is good enough to detect samefags from the typical length of shitpost here

It is extraordinarily easy to alter the grammatical style and diction of a short post such as this one, after all.

lmao how cant u niggers see that imagine being that fkn retarded

395eed  No.13400208


Michael, at least try to not post almost verbatim like you did >>13399876

395eed  No.13400211


Then you shouldn't have a problem with us trying it.

2e1d4a  No.13400215


>assuming i have a problem with you trying it

That's your first error.

86ba34  No.13400218


Should I order him a pizza?

da5ed3  No.13400219


IP switching won't help you.

2e1d4a  No.13400222

Check out www.fast.ai

It's a python AI neural net library made by SJW faggots. It's dead simple to use and open source so there's no excuse not to use it against them.

395eed  No.13400225


I can't believe they pay you faggots for this

da5ed3  No.13400227


Sorry, I meant him not you.

0c1099  No.13400250

File: 55982542d914c50⋯.jpeg (14.07 KB, 300x231, 100:77, roped.jpeg)






You actually believe this is working, don't you?

You're funny.

da5ed3  No.13400255

Look, it's really simple:

Lay out


in one tab and


in another tab next to it.

Click on 52ad59 anywhere in the latter such that all of the 52ad59 posts show up in pink.

Compare the posts of 8f4812 in the former to those of 52ad59 in the latter.

They're the same person.

0c1099  No.13400273


You're trying way too hard, glowy.

That's the tell.

000000  No.13400281

Never interrupt your adversary when he is making a mistake.

928781  No.13400282

didnt read. so youre saying i cant tell people to kill politicians, zogbots, kikes, shitskins, race traitors without saying “in minecraft” like a castrated faggot? and if i do a bunch of kikes are going to call me a glownigger? all you faggots want to do is type things online. i knew this day would come and youd cuck out. you deserve this hellscape.

a86e7b  No.13400287


>/pol/'s not stupid, retard.

Yep, if you are /pol/ 'one person', it is DEFINATELY STUPID

da5ed3  No.13400313

File: 6930419105dba84⋯.png (3.7 KB, 457x88, 457:88, (a).PNG)

File: 849e19b80b3287d⋯.png (19.52 KB, 632x228, 158:57, (b).PNG)


It was you I was thinking of when mentioning IP switching. Pic (a) is you in this thread as 0c1099. Pic (b) is you in the above-mentioned thread as 52ad59 (107); so much to go on, thank you. You are also 10214b ("Cali") in this thread as well as 8f4812 in the 04/27 thread under scrutiny. Enjoy telling your handler what a retarded fuck-up you are.

da5ed3  No.13400319


You switched again.


You mean definitely stupid, retard.

078a6f  No.13400320

Discovery should be interesting. Watch it turn out that John Earnest was inspired by feds.

a86e7b  No.13400321


No, it is proper to say, "Meincraft"…this mitigates fuckery completely and renders you immune from federal vindictive persecution of the subhumans that have infiltrated and overthrown our nation.

They do. /pol/ is a fucking shitstorm of leftist faggots today. It started early this morning.

>you deserve this hellscape.

It is actually your Constitutional DUTY (and your duty as a HUMAN being/child of God) to overthrow a corrupt and oppressive government.

da5ed3  No.13400324


Can't resist lapsing into those all-caps, can you.

b426a1  No.13400325

Someon1 gimme a quick rundown on the fedposting

Are these glowniggers literally getting paid to shitpost??? Why have i not been recruited yet

6d8a1b  No.13400328


didn't check the board for like 10 hours

and it appears

The hunter becomes the hunted


a86e7b  No.13400330


My spellwrecker is all fucked up.

Shove it up your ass, faggot.

If you weren't a fucking retarded faggot you would shift IP's as often as I do for a number of reasons, from Moderation 'issues' to the fact that there are so many of you spicnigger glowfaggots on the boards.

da5ed3  No.13400331


Keep giving yourself away. Haven't had this much fun in ages.

a86e7b  No.13400335


Not trying to 'hide' like you faggots are.


a86e7b  No.13400337


There is no 'giving anything away' anon. You are playing with yourself because you are an idiot.

da5ed3  No.13400339


Yes you were trying to hide, until it became obvious what you're up to.

a86e7b  No.13400348


Chit chatting with other autists? Ok, wow, let me know when you fags figure out all my 'evil plans'.

ff6285  No.13400356

File: f70c9f6dfdc7fb9⋯.gif (269.35 KB, 480x270, 16:9, f70c9f6dfdc7fb9d84f80450ea….gif)

Boo hoo hoo my government is collapsing and all I got was this lousy chinkshit.

da5ed3  No.13400364


Well, holding yourself out as something that you're not in order to inform on and rope people into very long prison sentences is pretty evil. Don't you think?

000000  No.13400378


They do look like the old indians with additional tattoos on it.

Now imagine a bunch of true vikings (white people still have it in them with a little training) - these criminals would shit in their pants.

Bottom Line: Eat helathy, work out,


as it is foretold in the prophecies














a86e7b  No.13400380


The fed are laughing.

They don't like me anymore than you discord trannies do.

Still haven't made another thread about the golden age of Swifts Manifesto and your plans of raping men, little boys and infant boys have you?

Still reduced to following me around /pol/ and counting how many comments I make in threads?

You need a life anon, but since you butchered yourself at the kikes 'tranny' call of hedonism, that is never going to happen for you.

Can't say I am disappointed that your genes will never pass on to another person.

da5ed3  No.13400386





0b9f23  No.13400401


/pol/ Gestapo should conduct it's own investigation based on the provided.

Some interesting findings based on a quick skim through the document:

- It takes 21 weeks of training for someone to become an FBI agent (that's pretty low even for regular police investigators, including previous experience in related field)

- Shooter had a GoPro, was it used, was the video streamed and is there any official way to request it to be released to the public (I did not follow the whole thing)

- SDSD system data miner, any info on this tool, is it integrated with PRISM etc? Can someone file a request for public release of declassified information?

- Additionally, he wrote I spray-painted on the parking lot. I wrote 'For Brenton Tarrant -t./pol/. (false flag alarm point)

- FBI Special Agent Maria (((Solomon))) (family background inquiry)

- "FOR BRENTON TARRAN r/pol/." then setting the mosque on fire (+1 false flag point, or just extremely stupid, you never know with Americans)

- Additionally, the spray painted message left by the mosque arsonist was not released to the media (false flag pretty much confirmed at this point)

- and the postings of all of the individuals who responded to the subject posting and/or commented about it (irrespective of the post substance, giving a (legal) framework for collecting information of the people who criticized the attack and were against it)

- Based on agents' training and experience, following attacks such as those conducted by Earnest, other individuals are inspired by the attacks and may act of their own accord. (We are going into psychopass territory now)

- Based on our (((experience and training)) - this is stressed out too many times indicating the lack of genuine arguments and leads

a597ee  No.13400402


>it's Russians

>it's putin

Holy fuck our government officials are maliciously stupid. Thanks a lot intelligences. You are the biggest assholes in the world worrying about the truth on a fucking imageboard. Pathetic.

ff859d  No.13400418


OP on a new IP here. That's nothing, read all those posts and then look at the ones in this thread that are almost 1:1. This shit is hysterical.

da5ed3  No.13400467


>- and the postings of all of the individuals who responded to the subject posting and/or commented about it (irrespective of the post substance, giving a (legal) framework for collecting information of the people who criticized the attack and were against it)

>- Based on agents' training and experience, following attacks such as those conducted by Earnest, other individuals are inspired by the attacks and may act of their own accord. (We are going into psychopass territory now)

>- Based on our (((experience and training)) - this is stressed out too many times indicating the lack of genuine arguments and leads

Yes, this, all predicated on that fucker talking to himself. Rotten to the core.

069048  No.13400469

Yo, russiafag here.

You guys don't cease to amuse me and here I was thinking that russian shill posting is something on chinese scale of fucked up lol. Well in russia they are very shit-tier and our glowniggers can only operate on some bullshit social media, if the person they're glowing for lists their full name and residency info (yeah retards do that on social media in russia too). So yeah, go cia I guess, but you look fucking pathetic even for a russian tard here.

Also, enable your palantir boolshit already jezus h christ on a bike. I've heard about it years ago and you still use fucking boomers to influence and target people online? Pffft

da5ed3  No.13400504


He got extra kibbles from his Jew handler for (((muh russians))).

a86e7b  No.13400507


>Holy fuck our government officials are maliciously stupid.

Technically, he is a spicnigger, so not really 'our government'. More like ZOG.

a86e7b  No.13400511


You would know, wouldn't you tranny.

da5ed3  No.13400519


Hit a nerve I see.

ceca7e  No.13400523


I just came here to say hi to the FBI.

Hi FBI guys!

000000  No.13400532

Pretty sure special agent glownigger "Michael J Rod" is having a major panic attack right about now, trying to purge the internet of any pics of himself before some anon doxes his ass.

8f6137  No.13400533

File: 64f709dc6b260d1⋯.jpg (8.09 KB, 429x271, 429:271, 64f709dc6b260d1008402b7bc5….jpg)

Reminder that high level individuals in the FBI/CIA/NSA are all sodomites, pedophiles, or both. Your bosses are the scum of the earth, glowniggers.

c0ab62  No.13400575


Nope he is in this thread trying to distract and discredit the people who are exposing him. Go back and read through the whole thread. Hint: he is right here. >>13400519

He is probably permanently assigned to monitor /pol/ and so trying to stop the people who are exposing him.

f474ef  No.13400582

File: 3b234633043baa8⋯.jpg (39.89 KB, 389x409, 389:409, What does a police man do.jpg)

Imagine spending your while life wanting to be a cop because, muh daddy and granddaddy bullshit. You get to the academy that's now infested with shitskins, dykes and trannies. You graduate and get put on 8ch duty bawhahaha. Fucking kill yourselves pigs. It's the only time you'll ever use your firearm we paid for you fucking faggot.

b7277d  No.13400590


>No, it is proper to say, "Meincraft"…this mitigates fuckery completely and renders you immune from federal vindictive persecution

Uhh, as someone who used to frequent bluelight back when John McAfee posted from belize as stuffmonger detailing MDPV extractions, SWIM(someone who isn't me) doesn't hold up in the court of law, and neither will Minecraft references especially if you get the heat on you

3f4631  No.13400594



i was detected as russian when i posted ernest singing a jewish comic song oc in russian

now i understand that it was fednigger

b7277d  No.13400603


You're that same faggot from the RAM thread who talked about nothing but rape and faggotry when discussing Nuremberg race laws, aren't you?

da5ed3  No.13400620


Project much.

c0ab62  No.13400640


Link to comment?

293ba4  No.13400661

>glowniggers dox themselves and then make countless posts in the same style as other posts confirmed to be them running damage control


Seriously now, this is the Big Bad CIA everyone was so scared of? The rough, tough men-in-black everyone was so afraid of for the past 50 years, the ones people said would infiltrate any RL activism?

Very underwhelming.

c0ab62  No.13400667


I noticed that the anon who was exposing you was the same one you are trying to discredit.

da5ed3  No.13400682

File: bcb9559a5ac2d4b⋯.png (22.67 KB, 642x313, 642:313, 6.PNG)


Oh yeah, he littered up that thread with degeneracy, too:



Ask and ye shall receive.

da5ed3  No.13400686


Did you. Based on what?

da5ed3  No.13400696


>See you soon anon.

>See you soon anon.

>See you soon anon.

>See you soon anon.

>See you soon anon.

c0ab62  No.13400698


That doesn’t mention Nuremberg race laws. I prefer a link.

c0ab62  No.13400712


I agree with that anon. I don’t think non-Whites belong in our movement or government. Especially not jews or part jews.

da5ed3  No.13400723


The link is already there fucktard. Look at the post below it and your response to that. The reason for picking the post I did to start with is your earlier post in this thread mirrors it. Goddamn you're fucking dumb.

ff859d  No.13400726

In a couple hours I'm gonna see if I can't sit down and write an analysis program.


Kikes are absolutely never to be trusted.

c0ab62  No.13400733


I will reiterate.

As I see it ‘your issue’ is with that anon on whether or not jews belong in our nations and in our government. I agree with that anon. Non-Whites don’t belong in our movement or government.

8f6137  No.13400753


>our movement

You out yourself every time

da5ed3  No.13400765


Now who's trying to, in your words, "distract and discredit" here?

This guy calls you out for being the samefag from the RAM thread.


I post evidence you are in fact that samefag, after switching IPs again (which you admitted to earlier), and you sidetrack about Nuremberg Laws. Fuck off.


c0ab62  No.13400779


Exposed as what? Someone who doesn’t want non-Whites or jews in our movement?

Wanting non-Whites and jews in government or our movement is going to be a hard sell on /pol/ anon.

da5ed3  No.13400803


No motherfucker. You are 8f4812 from the affidavit and 52ad59 from the search warrant thread and 542b90 from the RAM thread and a number of IDs in this thread as anyone who cares to take the time to compare can see for themselves. Get a different job, because you suck at this one.

c0ab62  No.13400811


It’s not my job.

000000  No.13400838


You don't have to worry about SWIM or meincraft. Making threats is protected speech (look up Brandenburg test) so long as they meet the criteria of the test. You can pretty much say whatever you want online. That said, you WILL be visited by glowniggers who can't do anything but try to get you to self-incriminate. If they're asking you questions it's because they have nothing and they need your help to build a case against you.

That's how they get you (like that fucking retard who admitted he had CP on his computer). Simply don't talk to them and you'll be OK. I reiterate: say nothing to them no matter how much they press you. Just tell them you would rather them communicate with your attorney, ask for their card and ignore all of their pressure games, their tricks. Give them fucking nothing. Even the most innocuous seeming question can give them information for their investigation. Give them nothing. Give them nothing. Give them nothing. Repeat yourself if you have to. Meet them outside your residence, tell them you will not answer their questions, and then close the door in their faces.

Lying to the glowniggers is how they catch you.

c0ab62  No.13400839

You discoed trannies and alt-kike e-celebs are pretty easy to wind up using the TRUTH. Give you enough rope and you will educate anons for me.

Excuse me while I laugh at you. lel

Thanks for the fun!

God, I wish I got paid to troll your kike and mongrel asses. Instead I do it for fun and laughs.

ff859d  No.13400856


What 'movement'? You filthy fucking glownigger

da5ed3  No.13400872


So you're the /pol/ "reader" who called it into the FBI and later spoke to BuzzFeed. Nothing like beating around the bush.

c0ab62  No.13400877


Discord tranny!

Time to dilate you vagina and take whatever pharmaceuticals keep that abomination open for ‘business’

c0ab62  No.13400883


Nope I’m Robert Sepher.

da5ed3  No.13400892


Oh do go on.

In another thread:

>I'm a mod

>Nope jk

ff859d  No.13400896


What movement?

c0ab62  No.13400906

note to self: discord tranny requires /sarc

43b153  No.13400919

File: 80c79d43e46d90b⋯.png (78.24 KB, 1087x276, 1087:276, glownigger housing.png)


Motherfucking FBI glowniggers getting paid to post on japanese cartoon forums are out in california buying half a million dollar houses wtf

c0ab62  No.13400926


Half a million is a shit shack in Cali

d58841  No.13400945


How stupid do you have to be to compromise your identity during an undercover op on an anonymous imageboard?

43b153  No.13400963


It is, the house looks like total garbage, but still the fact that the faggot is getting paid that much money to post here all day is infuriating.

c0ab62  No.13400966


You know what to do anon. I would prefer that you post here and get paid for it than that spicnigger. :)

c0ab62  No.13400979


NSA was recruiting off /pol/ when purple anon first showed up. Maybe they are still hiring? Who knows?

b7277d  No.13400991




Look here:





b7277d  No.13401005


And I'm the anon in that thread with quarter kike on father's side. The only reason I brought it up was cuz someone else tried to discredit the RAMs attorney letter to the feds.

85603b  No.13401028


>muh AI

Thou shalt not make a machine in the image of the human mind. Anyone who advocates for more AI instead of destroying to preserve individual freedom it is a CIA nigger and a useless idiot of the technoindustrial system.

dba169  No.13401039


So this is you 'being loyal' to the European race?

b7277d  No.13401054


All I did was point out the similar posting styles

dba169  No.13401058


Oh, my bad...you kikes are not loyal to the European race, you are loyal to the whole 'human' race.



I don't give a fuck about the other races anon.


Why shouldn't there be similar posting styles in two different threads? Each thread receives a different ID. Each individual is anon in each different thread. You might know this if you were a regular poster on /pol/.

b7277d  No.13401068


Well since I'm a hohol, my priorities are with Ukrainians, though I want Europeans to succeed in general. I want the Muslim and kike filth out.

dba169  No.13401071


>I want the Muslim and kike filth out

Including yourself since you are also a semite?

0b9f23  No.13401077


>Trust me goy, I'm a federal agent :>)

Anyone else wants to try to find more coheincidences in that document?


It looks like all the quality cold war era glowniggers died or got pensioned, being replaced by semi-retards due to nepotism, kikes not wanting people asking too many questions around and women/subhuman quotas.

b7277d  No.13401083

dba169  No.13401090


Back to the criminal hangout in Israel, right anon?

b7277d  No.13401100


Nah I actually plan on finding a wife in Ukraine without any jew blood in her to dilute that shit out further and teach my kids about Uncle Adolf and national socialism, and there isn't a single fucking thing you can do about it

dba169  No.13401120


You are just like a nigger who thinks he should put his contaminated subhuman dick in European women as well. Truth is, you don't have any love for Europeans at all or you wouldn't condem one to the same fate you were condemned to; YOU WOULD STICK WITH YOUR OWN FUCKING PEOPLE, instead of 'love' for Europeans, you simply hate your own wrecked blood.

b7277d  No.13401144


Whatever helps you sleep at night.

000000  No.13401145







ENTRAPMENT. literal entrapment by the FBI. This material is gold for a legal defence team cos it shows that glowniggers are always active on 8Chan, encouraging people to say (and do?) Crazy shit.

And this is just ONE of the many alphabet agencies at work! I wonder what actual percentage of the total posters here are glow in the darks? …and then theres all the potential foreign police/security services shitposting on here to help protect the world from the perils of (((white terrorism))). Literally gold for a defence team.

I'm sure I remember a trial collapsed against the SPD in Germany when it turned out that all the prosecution witnesses were either undercover glowniggers or their informants. This info needs to be saved as it could help anons to get the same result.

dba169  No.13401153


Why would it help me sleep at night to know that another European was going to be defiled by you kike cock? And that even more of my people are going to be destroyed by you kikes?

43b153  No.13401164


Pulling up how much a spook paid for his house on redfin by typing the address into google and clicking the second link is entrapment? I'm just pointing out that these people are retards getting paid too much to post on this forum professionally.

395eed  No.13401181


jej apparently stupid enough to go to college just to be an fbi agent.

b7277d  No.13401193


Dude get over yourself. I have a foreskin and my mother had me baptized Russian orthodox (though I don't really subscribe to Jewish fairytales), and sent me back to her family most every summer in kiev growing up. I know who I am and I know what group of people I want to succeed. I hope Iran and Russia glass Israel. And I'm not going to not reproduce just because it upsets you. I'll raise em right. I'm open about my genetics because I have nothing to hide.

395eed  No.13401199

El OH FUCKING EL at these pathetic derail attempts in this thread.

dba169  No.13401205


oh right. You kikes have every reason to genocide our race by any means you see fit. I wonder why we don't like you or trust you.

643818  No.13401233


92bf41  No.13401241

File: 2f0de1ed4631acf⋯.jpg (181.4 KB, 600x886, 300:443, have a picture of hitler.jpg)



Kikes get the fuck out.

b7277d  No.13401262

File: f565374293114a2⋯.jpg (107.18 KB, 363x747, 121:249, Screenshot_20190616-201904….jpg)


Pic related


Who's being genocided? I have 1/4th kike ancestry, my children would have 1/8th

b7277d  No.13401272


Also Hitler was a great man

92bf41  No.13401294



One drop of nonwhite blood is too much. Get the fuck out of Europe before we gas you.

dba169  No.13401296




f8468e  No.13401313




Be hard to prosecute a guy for taking part in a film.

c8b334  No.13401391


>Oy vey, fuck these cattle. I'm angered by these cattle being disobedient enough to devote my entire life to creating angry cattle, poking and prodding them enougg that eventually gut me alive with their uber horns that I secretly fear.

d8c816  No.13402452


If they provoke people to do illegal things, but don't prevent them from actually doing them, can they be held liable? I mean, we might have traces pointing to a group of federal agents causing (or permitting) a troubled individual to actually kill several people. I assume that in the US they are pretty much de facto above the law (just like everywhere else in the globozog), but there must be some legal (de jure) venues to put the entire operation to scrutiny. If this was a false flag, they were not too pedantic about covering their traces.

>I wonder what actual percentage of the total posters here are glow in the darks?

It's enough to see the postcount during the holidays, there are actually very few genuine posters here.

9de086  No.13402466


>can they be held liable?


Will they be held liable?


Do you not understand why things like Pizzagate exist? Feds are merely there to cover up for their masters while giving the pretense of a justice system. If there was a justice system they would have incarcerated their bosses long ago and have no need to do illegal things while lying to themselves it is justified.

9de086  No.13402467


*the irony is Feds would see that post as naive - when it is their naivety and hunger for a paycheck that keeps them blind to what their masters do.

e76dc1  No.13403509

File: e98d0ea9b11244e⋯.png (144.89 KB, 401x316, 401:316, rchive.4plebs.org_dl_pol_i….png)


What scripts are you running

760cf6  No.13403554


>NSA was recruiting off /pol/ when purple anon first showed up

I'm not sure why they think this would work. Unless there is a blackbook concerted effort in the NSA to kill high-ranking kikes, no one would ever join them.

835284  No.13403561

File: 5ab084d5cea3620⋯.jpg (440.09 KB, 1024x943, 1024:943, 1560792764386.jpg)

File: 5f419b8d095b96c⋯.png (353.66 KB, 607x791, 607:791, 1560792298629.png)

Posting this here because I haven't seen I here yet

4340e3  No.13403573





I don't think you get how machine learning works. The sample size is too small for it to work effectively.


Colin didn't post in the archived thread. He posted in Earnest's thread.

f5b7ed  No.13403585

File: c644dbbb9fe4338⋯.png (182.74 KB, 758x427, 758:427, 9e1f91ab5179a48154b6ff5da6….png)


I think every legit anon here would appreciate a general government/mil net range ban, same as a general Israeli or Chinese range ban. Not that most of us didn't enjoy blowing those ignorant niggers out the week or two after but this shit is so bad its hilarious. Clown world indeed.

300fc3  No.13403602


They get federal immunity like that nip sniper at ruby ridge and those at waco.

6bc9ed  No.13403626



f5b7ed  No.13403629

File: 2a905b79398028a⋯.jpg (178.89 KB, 665x1024, 665:1024, 1560789641336m.jpg)


Kek, fair enough. Either way this sort of incompetence is what memes are made of.

I always wondered how the whole ID thing gets skipped during shill training since it's so fundamental to any chan working but when your FBI, understanding your target/perp isnt even a priority. Just get straight to the entrapment/seeding they are so well known for.

300fc3  No.13403659


Funny how they think that they are anonymous when they try responding to their own posts, but then think there are 8chan accounts, and then try to use id's for evidence all at the same time.

0a3571  No.13403806



2b6cfb is also same fed

e66e94  No.13404079

File: 0ed94d83e09be00⋯.jpg (53 KB, 634x544, 317:272, 0ed94d83e09be00be06c9fd30a….jpg)


dat filename

top kek

also, fuck the FBI

040d7f  No.13404188


Keep quiet so (((they))) don't ever learn how to be less of a glownigger

f5b7ed  No.13404655

File: 2c8c1380f62da32⋯.jpg (87.69 KB, 1024x692, 256:173, 1560463435121m.jpg)

>>13404188 (heiled)

It may sound naive, but if they haven't figured it out in all the years since the exodus, they may never.

I suppose there is a moment for every newfag when they think they have finally pinned some extra squishy shill down only to discover that very shill doesn't actually know how IDs or filters or other basic features work. A different experience certainly from catching your first bot or dealing with imkikey.

The point is, the feds are not sending their best and if we take advantage of their degenerated state via propaganda, we can further nail their legitimacy in the coffin within which it belongs.

Once that legitimacy is gone there will quickly come a point where force is the only methodology by which these traitors can wield power. Without any legitimacy or understood good will, the public literally will not see any difference between 'fbi law enforcement' and rwds.

000000  No.13405541


I wonder if the print/scan was incompetence or an attempt to minimize the possibility of things like this.

f0e86f  No.13405553


Yeah, well, no BioChem division so I wasn't interested.

a89039  No.13405564

even if you spotted them (it's not hard) they control the board as well

I don't hate Jim or whatever but that essentially is what it is

you only have to see when a saucy topic comes up, talking about a specific person for instance that you aren't supposed to or point out the obvious that the NZ shooting was totally staged and whalla

5a66de  No.13405567


>NZ was staged


a89039  No.13405572

a bot might be more usefull to actually mimic yourself or something, because if they're harassing a bot instead of you, that could be useful

a89039  No.13405576


look this nigger is right on Q

5a66de  No.13405598


It's spelled "cue", faggot.

a89039  No.13405652


i think you;re the old queen, sure do !

9ea367  No.13405664

File: 9a32d572e0c90ca⋯.png (80.14 KB, 1082x647, 1082:647, Yuu8b8q.png)


The affidavit alludes to a screen cap by a participant.

4d3217  No.13405699

File: 2ebcd1743f66e55⋯.gif (718.65 KB, 500x478, 250:239, 2ebcd1743f66e559e97727bb74….gif)



>shitty grammar

>shitty syntax and spelling

>overuse of memes

>random dropping of "muh russian boogeyman"

cf1c48  No.13405776

File: c4f86c1c0d6918c⋯.png (162.51 KB, 689x513, 689:513, heyfbi.png)

Dear Glowniggers,

Can you please make your next false flag a bombing of your 1950's xerox machines?

Thank you

f0e86f  No.13405977


Took me a while, but I got that. Funny anon.

000000  No.13406117


Checked for truth. You wouldn't need a massive data set at all to get rolling initially either, not since we've now got a nice initial dataset of known glowing posts. I'd start by scanning the archives using keyword clustering techniques to identify probable hits, using common errors (like those you mentioned) to flag the posts. Especially look for ids that then also use entrapment style terms & phrases like "our movement" in conjunction. While some might just be newfags, most would be glowniggers. From there, you could either build the autodetection script directly, or use the corpus you've identified to train a ML algo. Or use em in conjunction if that yields better results. Test it using the threads with these known glowing posts (but don't train the ML algo directly). Once it reaches a decent level of accuracy - glowniggers btfo!

f0e86f  No.13406208


You can't use 'our movement' because then it is going to simply return the anon that you fed fags are already gunning for who exposed Michael Rod in this thread.

>most would be glowniggers?

That doesn't even follow logically, you are basically telling it what to look for rather than using the data on hand in the warrant picts. Use clean data or don't bother. If you want to accuse the anon who exposed Michael Rod in this thread then just come out and say it, why waste your time and deceive everyone with lies?

bc70b0  No.13406339


Looks like glownigger doctrine is to imitate /b/ users from 2012. Note the utter commitment to poor grammar and punctuation, the frequent and insistent use of "imageboard lingo" in an attempt to blend in.

If they're unable to talk like a normal human being, they're probably a glownigger.

ead2e1  No.13406559


well played

000000  No.13406615


>t. Obvious Agent.

<N..no, all real anons use phrases like "our movement" that could be used to indicate criminal conspiracy…

Sweating are we officer?

Let me repeat those steps:

1. Textual analysis on the known-glownigger posts. Look for known non-anon language (like "our", "pol") as well as any other nice little clues that you fuckers like to leave behind.

2. Use said analysis to identify other probable glownigger posts in the archives.

3. Train a ML algo to tag glowniggers, using the processed archive (NOT the known glownigger posts). Use the known posts to test against instead. When the algo is consistently picking the known glownigger posts (WITHOUT needing to be trained on them directly), then nailed it. Adjust parameters & do standard preprocessor stuff as required.

Is that clear enough for you officer? Do you understand it, or should I say it again, so other anons that can grok machine learning algos can to get it working as well? Do you understand that this will allow ANY anon to expose your entrapment posts in court?

a8acf7  No.13406656

All popular forums are (((Controlled))) Honeypots. This is not new. In the end it doesn't matter. As long the real facts gets out there. That's all that matters.

The true facts about history is the key. Stupid fucks who talks about anything else just have to blame themselves for being stupid fucks.

Truth shall set you free. Even if the glownibbas read and AI digest it all. As long its the true facts and history that goes into the subconsciousness of the glownibbas and AI logic algorithms. Then it is all fine.

(((They))) put warfare on truth and our history. Lying about all. Key to success is righteousness, truth and history. Don't be a stupid fuck.

0471c5  No.13407095

File: b74c968c1dde941⋯.jpeg (803.32 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, stylometry 8.jpeg)

File: f7d7e1f3b8c0a5c⋯.jpeg (846.01 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, stylometry 9.jpeg)

File: 79c3b9c72617451⋯.jpeg (851.26 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, stylometry 10.jpeg)

File: dca3de333dd02b4⋯.jpeg (835.86 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, stylometry 11.jpeg)

File: 36452ab364ba783⋯.jpeg (667.84 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, stylometry 12.jpeg)


>couldnt understand how fucking id's work

>Agent Jimenez assigned to monitor /pol/

>lurks for two years

>gets redpilled

>has to submit screencaps as evidence

>leaves in (You), knowing his bosses won't catch it but anons will

Unlikely but possible, right?

>>13400033 (checked)




>word choice

Do you even into syntax, bro?

First step would be to categorize the stylometrics you're assessing (from general to specific):


>>pushing muh Russia

>>knowledge of Chopin


>>Reddit spacing vs. exaggerated lack of line breaks

>>(lack of) of caps

>>percentage of fragments/run-ons/grammatical sentences





>>(lack of) semicolons, colons, em dashes, parens, etc.


>>(not) using /pol/ lingo

>>redflag outsider speech


>>sentence patterns

>>levels of embedding



>>ratios of parts of speech

>>distribution of embedding of different part of speech phrases

Syntax is the big one: no one (especially Agent Kangz) would think to cover their sentence patterns, etc. even if it wasn't ingrained in their brain.


>The sample size is too small for it to work effectively.

True that the larger the sample size the better it learns, but we can identify an outsider by one wrong word or one extra line space—it all depends on how rigorous the program is. There's enough here to build a profile on this glownigger, but not necessarily all glowniggers by extension, although, from a quick glance, the low ratio of commas (indicating a low level of embedding) indicated a low IQ nigger who can't hold two simultaneous thoughts. I don't really care to do this, since, if you just call everyone a fed, you'll be right 90% of the time.

0471c5  No.13407134

File: 3974e88352a8e35⋯.jpeg (708.36 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, stylometry 13.jpeg)

File: 686b80f8faf9869⋯.jpeg (765.77 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, stylometry 14.jpeg)

>>13405699 (checked)


Posting the rest of the stylometry paper and tagging other styleanons after I actually read the whole thread.

395eed  No.13407162


and it seems like they use a provided format from which to structure their posts. Seems more evident when they make posts consisting of more than a short sentence.

0471c5  No.13407177

File: b126c83c977bdee⋯.jpg (34.99 KB, 640x376, 80:47, grammar Nazi.jpg)


>a provided format from which to structure their posts

I've always wondered if .mil, jidf, shareblue, who have the resources, have a custom frontend that has stuff like templates, boilerplate comments, and word/grammar filters to automatically conceal style while protecting them from certain particularly offensive/true images and text.

Friendly reminder that, if we all use impeccable grammar and formatting, we can't be singled out on style.


Not a real board…yet

0471c5  No.13407264

Bump because we're onto something with the GlowBot and there's a lot of sliding for a weekday morning.

If there are any computational linguistics anons that know Prolog, let me know and we'll get this idea rolling.

a86e7b  No.13407388


I have an idea, why don't you retarded fucks be responsible for what you say here (and do IRL) instead?

>Sweating are we officer?

No, not an officer (it is a lot more likely that you are the officer, TORFAG).

In my opinion you kikes have decided that you want to control the opinions on /pol/ further (having been completely unsuccessful with your alt-kike and e-celeb retards) and you are going to start implementing the steps to do so.

This is the first step to controlling those opinions that you don't like on /pol/ because the truth is that you hate free speech and this is simply a step to keep people on /pol/ corralled and focused away from the TRUTH about you and your government institutions and directed to where you prefer on (((your leadership which intends on genociding Europeans))). Given enough time and money I bet you could stifle all of the free speech on /pol/ like you would love to do now.

This will also work to isolate and marginalize anyone who is new to /pol/ just because they didn't get the 'lingo correct'. Great job fucktards.

a86e7b  No.13407409



>>pushing muh Russia

>>knowledge of Chopin


>>Reddit spacing vs. exaggerated lack of line breaks

>>(lack of) of caps

>>percentage of fragments/run-ons/grammatical sentences





>>(lack of) semicolons, colons, em dashes, parens, etc.


>>(not) using /pol/ lingo

>>redflag outsider speech


>>sentence patterns

>>levels of embedding



>>ratios of parts of speech

>>distribution of embedding of different part of speech phrases

And when you are done with all that /pol/ will be an echo chamber of you three Federal niggers going, "whazzup, nigger?" I was against this for its potential to limit free speech but /pol/ has already been ruined by kikes so, on reflection, this should be funny.

"whazzup, nigger?" (got to say it while I still can).

0471c5  No.13407431

File: bd6cc776129417a⋯.jpg (802.09 KB, 2480x3509, 2480:3509, Pages from almind_et_al.jpg)



>with good ideas

>and contributions

>and actual steps toward productive, peaceful /pol/ projects that depend on hard-work, ingenuity, and expertise

I don't trust TorPedos either, but the best way to identify genuine vs. disingenuous posters is the amount of knowledge, useful info, and encouragement they contribute.

>description and analysis is control

>d-don't lurk for two years

>we should be more inclusive and accepting

>unironically using marginalize

This is a /leftypol/ "adademic" who is threatened by exposure and because he can't correctly use commas.

Three missing commas and double spaces after periods prove your in university somehow.

I'll do a stylistic analysis of the glownigger from OP right now.

Your vehement resistance only makes this seem that much more worthwhile.

0471c5  No.13407462

File: 752ea182e4d39e5⋯.jpg (26.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, zinc suicide.jpg)



Oh fuck. I deserve all the bullying that's coming my way.

a86e7b  No.13407542


>Your vehement resistance only makes this seem that much more worthwhile.

Like I said, when there are only three of you Fedniggers on /pol/ in an echo chamber, it is going to be funny. This is what happens when you try to limit free speech and ideas. Eventually you limit it down to the point where you are the only one talking to yourself (probably a good thing grammar nazi). I think on reflection, that an isolated echo chamber of you and your grammar nazi friends is a good end to your /pol/ 'career'.

If you are as good at programming as you are at 'guessing my career and agenda' your ZOGbot should work like a dream. LMFAO

a86e7b  No.13407544


Like anyone (but you and your three friends) cares. It is not a research paper, its an image board.

c3a9a5  No.13408454

File: e02d52433f59046⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 179x179, 1:1, mmmhh... that p0$$y sure i….jpg)

And to think that posting the search warrant on cuckchan gets your post deleted

6e2fff  No.13408498


000000  No.13408611


Good one.

000000  No.13408712


Another useful identifier is the incoherent points glowniggers make. They don't actually have anything to say, just throw together as many buzzwords as they think will get past the filters, as though only lingo identifies anons.

>Great job fucktards.

Try harder, kike slave. This is no fun if you out yourself in a single post.

000000  No.13408771


What a waste of Hitler dubs.

You still misunderstand. I don't care about censoring /pol/ - it's good for newfags to learn to spot glowniggers in the wild. The bot would just help that process along. Anons could filter (or not) as they like. And yes, Torpedo posts should rightfully be under close examination. But no, you can't have my clear net IP, so go dilate lmao.

No, the real reason in so anons that get v& can have glownigger posts reliably tagged in court depositions, so the whole world can look at Special Agent Fuckface advocating violence against Jews & encouraging terror attacks. In fact, why not wave for the camera right now? Reply with "In the name of God I disavow Israel". Let's see that "o" in the middle!


Not enough Prolog sadly (it's been on my todo list for a while though, this might be a good excuse to deep dive). I was planning on just using Python, since I'll be wanting to use PyTorch for ML stuff (or that lib posted earlier). Maybe start a thread over on >>>/tech/ about it & set up a GitGud repo?

e4a5bd  No.13408916


Nah mate, order him a pizza and a cola, and a little paper with written "with love, by 8chan"

a3e591  No.13409197

File: 2b9fddbcf607ac9⋯.jpg (110.11 KB, 850x1511, 850:1511, 2b9fddbcf607ac94cfaa6c74e3….jpg)



Is this FBInigger still alive? If so, why?

9edc0a  No.13409662


We call them zogbots for a reason.


Not all boards have IDs, they probably subvert other boards as well (not sure on this site, leftypol does seem quite pathetic in terms of actual activism and impact).


I don't expect many anons to live in a below third world state such as California.



Lol it won't work. You need many data points and language detection is still kind of hard. It has a decent enough accuracy to send influencing messages, advertisement and such to facebook normies and boomers. The more uncertainty and different patterns there are the harder it is to do anything with language. Besides 20-30 posts most which contain little amounts of texts are not enough at all to train any algorithm

Also it is more important to be aware that those threads were you see multiple posts of 2 people insulting each other over something retarded, calling each other kike shills are usually done by feds or similar to derail a thread so discussion is killed. These feds were having discussions with each other to put up a front. It just shows you really should be skeptical about any movement that gets started, it usually is controlled in some way. Though anons should know the biggest subversive element are American intel agencies. They manipulate discourse constantly, wherever they decide to plant their presence they incite and motivate others to create conflict. Look at what they did to Yugoslavia for example. There really is no reason to ever cooperate or assists these zogbots for any reason whatsoever.

How to actually fight them? Good question, even the president of USA doesn't really know how to considering what a pain Strzok and Comey their fake Russia story were to him. And still the agencies aren't whiped properly as they keep going with their Russia fearmongering even on 8ch of all places. However these people from intel agencies are the biggest paws of the elite. Slaughter Europeans through forced multiculturalism? Sure! Slaughter arabs to please jews interests? Sure! They don't give a shit about any ideal or morality except getting an above average paycheck (what, 2x median or so? Lol) for their family and pleasing their kike overlords.

55212e  No.13414832


>20 to 30 sentences

He said he'd train the algo on a much larger corpus though - there's a ton of shill posts that can be used as examples. Like you say, there's a lot of threads with obvious IP hopping, samefagging and such. Having these known posts would be for testing. And if they're going the Prolog route it'll be a lot more rule based anyway than just relying on machine learning (and thus won't need anywhere close to the same size). We'll see anyway, it might simply evaporate into nothing like a lot of /pol/ projects haha. I still just want someone to make Tay 2.0.

983f1f  No.13414969

File: 62519ec9a050758⋯.png (714.56 KB, 1024x736, 32:23, ClipboardImage.png)

You here agent boomer?

401942  No.13414996


You here anti White Stormtard?

000000  No.13429392


> I still just want someone to make Tay 2.0.

Anons are on it. It's been growing. Fully distributed. Security is big problem. Need to autokick cancer nodes.

364289  No.13429441


Make sure he owns it you can look up who owns the deed.

364289  No.13429444


Oceanside is filled with island niggers and niggers though.

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