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File: 2e15f711b9701fc⋯.jpg (85.96 KB, 885x516, 295:172, 20111212-205632-pic-260632….jpg)

c7476c  No.13414044



Trump better get back on his A game and do something ASAP. Email the White House fellow pedes!

MAGA 2020

f9c29a  No.13414051

Ho ho, op has me in stitches.

91ae3f  No.13414059

At this point, Trumpniggers are worse than the Obongoniggers, who had the excuse of being actual niggers.

4a20b0  No.13414092

File: 3b63c33b8ab769f⋯.jpg (102.42 KB, 625x455, 125:91, 3b63c33b8ab769fd67cec8fe5a….jpg)

File: ffdf1c2291c0922⋯.png (5.79 KB, 187x255, 11:15, 635ca4a532cda4783cbd070b16….png)



4a20b0  No.13414108

File: 140e06872e94e52⋯.jpg (44.01 KB, 654x368, 327:184, 140e06872e94e525b7ee7790be….jpg)

Something tells me Weiner thinks he's doing just fine.

097dc7  No.13414114

We should start some online do not vote in 2020 or Stay at home campaign since election shills will soon flood this place.

c6a534  No.13414148


trumps a yamaka head now. he was the best during the election but its been all down hill ever since

a76d19  No.13414215

File: 3735e71befd1d95⋯.jpeg (961.06 KB, 743x1150, 743:1150, nazi.jpeg)


Tick-tock kikel, tick-tock.

91ae3f  No.13414246


You can't pretend to hate jews while supporting a president whose secretary of state compared him to Queen Esther, the kikess who facilitated the slaughter of over 75,000 goyim in the Book of Esther.

Replace "nazi.jpeg" (you're trying to hard) with pictures of people who are more your speed, like Churchill and Rosenfeld.

b94614  No.13414691

File: febecb828a219ed⋯.jpg (14.66 KB, 320x191, 320:191, Comments.jpg)

Some people who aren't supporting Trump, just think about how crazy the democrats are. They have literally been having official talks about reparations.

Good things Trump has done: worked to promote campus free speech, legalized industrial hemp, made public statements in support of free speech on social media, has called out mainstream media as fake news.

Imagine getting some leftist in office who is gaslighting everyone telling people that mainstream media is real news, and that free speech is hate speech, and how we need reparations.

As for accelerationism, things are accelerating fast enough without having a leftist president. Do we really want a leftist publicly shaming white people for our race?

d349bc  No.13414723


There is nothing more embarassing than the Judas that is trump

b94614  No.13414734


I would rather be embarrassed by Trump, than listen to a democrat talk about white privilege. Trump has literally never mentioned white privilege. Beto O'Rourke apologized for being white.

142d4a  No.13415853


accelerationism means nothing. if people were going to do anything at all they would have done it at least 40 years ago. there's no magical point where people just suddenly do something. it requires a leader for something to happen - and anyone who is willing to act will act regardless of how "accelerated" anything is. all it does is give less time for a leader to act.

69bc4f  No.13415866


Savage has been compromised by Never Drumpf kikes, he can fuck all the way off

0e01d0  No.13415918

JIDF and FBI are like tag teaming every fucking board right now.

ac8e07  No.13415966


No, it requires inspiration, which is why people haven't done anything to steer this country away from it's death.

9f6708  No.13416022


Why do people think Accelerationism is violence? It will result in violence, most likely, but only as a side effect. The point isn't to commit violence, it's simply to accelerate the agenda. Events and change occur at a very specific, managed tempo. This is to keep people from "doing something", as you put it, while still advancing their agenda.

Accelerationism seeks to increase that tempo until it becomes unmanageable, and it all falls apart.

c7476c  No.13424381


>Savage has been compromised by Never Drumpf kikes, he can fuck all the way off

no he hasn't you brainlet, dr savage hates ben shapiro and those types, he was trashing neo cons and neo liberals just this week!

6950e7  No.13424384

He's also Jewish

e7ced5  No.13424889


Don't get all based jew on him, being a less slimy jew is still being a jew

a24f3f  No.13428015


> They have literally been having official talks about reparations.

I don't understand how they think that is going to work when 75% of White Americans families probably didn't come here till the 20th century.

54c844  No.13430481


You have fucking google backing you on this. How in all of fuck are you managing to fuck up even now?

54c844  No.13430482



b93469  No.13430626


Eat shit and die, faggot.

f2d222  No.13430647



>not NatSoc

What a soygoy

c6ec45  No.13430710


Also total falsehoods. Just another excuse made for Savage's radio show to be stolen away and given to Shapiro.

b25dc4  No.13431760

Call him by his real name OP you faggot.


b2e2fb  No.13431836


Inspiration doesn't come from out of nowhere. Crowds aren't inspired by the lack of a speech, audiences aren't inspired by an empty stage, and groups of aggressive political dissidents aren't inspired by compliments and prosperity.

323136  No.13432787


Assuming the majority of blacks in the US aren't descendants of US slaves. But immigrated from the caribbean and south america. With obviously the vast majority being after slavery was ended.

Families were most likely somebodies slave though. If reparations are pushed make israel, spain, portugal, latin america, or the western african countries that captured them and received money for their sale.

860ab8  No.13432857

I heard Michael Savage was like 5 ft. 2 inches tall or something.

Sounds like a real tough guy on the radio!

d711b1  No.13433968

File: c032eb9aec398dc⋯.jpg (199.04 KB, 1023x1071, 341:357, 1518107690476.jpg)

Trump telling colossal behemothian lies to entire nation in strange semitic golf-cheat dialect.

88d280  No.13433981

<Trump better get back on his A game and do something ASAP. Email the White House fellow pedes!


ad538b  No.13436653


That's probably because you're a nigger and are dumb. I generally dislike and distrust kikes but Savage Weiner has been solid for a long time. I'd take that loud mouth kike over 1,000 niggerloving white traitors.


91dccf  No.13437209


Yeah, because you can't wake someone up by banging a trash can next to them while they're sleeping. Daily reminder that you subhuman filth post here, putting your "thoughts" into text.

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