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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b74ff2  No.13415683

After listening to all of his (((advisors))), after carefully weighing the (((pros))) and cons, Donald Trump has made the decision. He is taking us to war.

It doesn't matter that the facts are bullshit, his mind is made up. It doesn't matter that Bolton and Pompeo and a whole host of other executive swamp creatures are ignorant slimeballs, his mind is made up.

War with Iran will lead to war with Russia. Jews have finally gotten their wish: the white nations destroy each other for Jews. When Russia gets involved, and others close to follow, nukes will be flying.

How are you preparing for the end, /pol/? Are you gonna do whatever you want when we go to war? I wanna *ahem*. When we go to war, won't you join me?

Whatever you do, /pol/, do it gracefully.

2f42fe  No.13415698


How do we know this hasn't been the plan since 732 AD, Battle of Tours type shit.

831cc0  No.13415699

Oh look it’s a datamine thread, weird.

2d10de  No.13415704

There is nothing wrong with war let the zogbots, saudis and iranian shitskins kill themselves the population of the world would be down by a quarter and it will be chaos. That's where we can rise to be local warlords of our county and have a civil war.

b74ff2  No.13415705


Gotta see how bad is the blowback from (((appeasement))), anon. Everybody's curious. With actual nuclear war on the horizon, who are you gonna kill first?

b8a1ec  No.13415706

Trump is so unpopular the majority of the public will at least be anti war from the get go

2f42fe  No.13415710


Implying zogbots won't be police stating us at home if they want it to ensue.

2f42fe  No.13415715


>Implying thousands aren't camped out multiple days before rallies.

2f42fe  No.13415718



The normie-right will absolutely vote hand over fist for Trump again. War or not.

831cc0  No.13415729


Ironically he will most likely be the most popular (even with the un popularity) because you should face the fact that Biden doesn’t even stand a chance with BOTH parties jews’ help.

Just 1 clip of him sniffing kids hair in a anti-biden campaign video and it’s all ogre for him, AGAIN.

Sleepy joe go back to the retirement home.

And let’s not forget the “our low numbers is a source of strength”.


You fednigger

8858a3  No.13415730

File: a2f421ff38b14bd⋯.jpg (61.22 KB, 750x728, 375:364, creative mode.jpg)


The fucking Ender Dragon, obviously.

b74ff2  No.13415740


>You fednigger

I could larp as a government employee, or I could larp as a NEET. Would it make any difference.

When the subs start positioning, and the missiles start a flying, who are you gonna kill?

This is not like other situations. This is end of the world stuff. It's the last chance to make your frustrations known.

Have made a list? Care to share who's on it?



Trump had tweeted that "Iran made a very big mistake" after a top Iranian commander warned Iran was "ready for war."

6f6694  No.13415745


>How are you preparing for the end, /pol/?

The favorable numbers for the camera members are 3 and 6. No matter how small your effort is to attack you with your own broker number. More and more you can use the risk of infiltration.

It is important that outsiders are not allowed to participate in your organization.

Just killed Bob Mar Matthews.

The FBI doesn't know what happened in the Pacific Northwest until Matthew asked pro-Ford not to dream.

Naturally, the man gave a schedule that showed that the FBI had destroyed the only military coup in White society, entering the United States every time for 50 years. Stop doing bad things. Don't bring criminals to their insiders.

Because I am an expert in the asymmetric local war, I will give suggestions to your guerrilla war against the regime.

The ideal would be to focus on important institutions and individuals so that they can attack the system with the small, but they are completely vicious.

For example, the Alphabet companies (because they have control information) and settings like Tim Weisza (who prevent attacks on Whites left). Before the attack, plan a strike in detail, even for a few months. Perform an accurate view of each location and check if possible civilian losses are avoided.

Personally, I think it is best to turn the whole attack on an electronic more powerful than the big American financial centers like New York, San Jose, Washington and Seattle.

Winter storms can also happen. Many people find themselves occupying the streets within a certain time frame. And now you can start the nation-Melei.

The problem with the electronic stations can create an American catapult and transformers in front of the Molotov cocktail Rob.

This is a noisy, clumsy and tested option when someone can make a transformer, which is done again in a sub-position before knocking on the door, and perhaps if they used to be two or more than two, you can download the rest of the road and lead the power cutting cascade.

b74ff2  No.13415752


He doesn't want it, but the war hawks do — and they're more clever than he is.


831cc0  No.13415762

File: f39284374fd588d⋯.jpeg (121.29 KB, 1080x576, 15:8, the glow is too strong.jpeg)


No it wouldn't make a difference if you ironic LARP'ed, because you glow irregardless.

b74ff2  No.13415769


Crippling the U.S., bridges, transformers, etc. is gorilla warfare. Many of us has paid our dues learning how to stop a society from functioning, but is that where the (((problem))) is?

Target the hardened. Be specific.


Hello hypocrite.

ec1131  No.13415781

File: daad001fbc0fa55⋯.jpeg (161.29 KB, 784x510, 392:255, .jpeg)


>War with Iran will lead to war with

shiit terrorists. in the usa probably too.

1bf420  No.13415783


The hardened will be targeted when their toys are destroyed.

cdbad6  No.13415798


>He is taking us to war.

Trump isn't doing anything other than what his masters are ordering him to do. I guess you still haven't figured that out yet.

4d10be  No.13415799

I'm a peaceful mans, probably go to my uncle's farm and wait for the niggers and spics to run south for the winter.

What makes anybody think they would go to war now and not after the elections? Do you think that Trump needs to give Israel a war to win their support again, or do you think he'll do it because he doesn't give a shit if he's the fall goy and Buttgiggity wins?

b74ff2  No.13415833

File: 191de2c011ad9eb⋯.jpg (198.07 KB, 1486x993, 1486:993, flowers for the dead.jpg)


America has so many fucking guns, the heavy armaments sneaking up from our chino-mexican border will barely make a dent in the grand scheme. M-60's can mow down scads of civilians, buckets of them, but the (((Islamic tools))) barely know who to point them at. In truth, it only takes one bullet, and the Winchester model 70 is very common.

You just have to know who the target is.


Why wait?


his (((masters)))



>I'm a peaceful man…

That you may be, but the pieces of shit that are doing everything they can to destroy you and everything you stand for… doesn't care about peace.


Could Trump Use the Sept. 11 War Law to Attack Iran Without Going to Congress?



b74ff2  No.13415846


Any anons here within easy driving distance of Washington, D.C.?

Inquiring minds want to know.

c5c6c2  No.13415869

b74ff2  No.13415890

File: aa90c5b18aaa388⋯.jpg (93.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Serveitup.jpg)


How fun

8a6022  No.13415893

File: 1168482295b52ab⋯.jpg (138.92 KB, 1237x638, 1237:638, bulgarianwojak.jpg)

Do you think the Balkans will be any different after such a war?

b74ff2  No.13415901


start a war to prevent one

6 one way, half dozen the other

'cept one doesn't involve nuking the planet 'til it glows

885b61  No.13415915


>I could larp as a government employee

isn't this illegal?

That's why I'm confusion on the Q shit

Isn't pretending to be a .gov a federal offense?

b74ff2  No.13415929


Here's a clue: I'm not breaking any laws. I'm just asking: when we go to war with Iran, what will you do?

/pol/ knows the full score, no one is denying that anymore. The only question is, how committed are you?

4d10be  No.13415941

File: 75257c513e05281⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 6,000,000.png)


>Could Trump Use the Sept. 11 War Law to Attack Iran Without Going to Congress?

I fucking hate the nyt. Where have they been the last 20 years at least. That's not a question, because I know they've been up their asses.

b74ff2  No.13415947


Now that's what I call a target.

2f42fe  No.13415951


Since when is law required at all anymore

8a332c  No.13415960

File: 6c9b7c3cf4d1378⋯.jpg (45.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 6440c01858e0c020798a5461c7….jpg)

Reminder if you don't attack a synagogue when this starts you're a soy eating faggot who will never do anything no matter what. May as well put on a fag flag and carry splay your asshole to the first Shmuley you see. Maybe he'll take pity on you and make you his third wife.

b74ff2  No.13415971

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good advice.

e4034d  No.13415990

fight your own wars yid.

b74ff2  No.13416009

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Accept reality as it is: Donald Trump has spoken. We are going to war.

What will you do with the time you have left?

2f42fe  No.13416016


So all the D.U.M.B.s are done, huh?

b74ff2  No.13416026


The battle for the mind of the President is done.

b74ff2  No.13416063

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How do radioactive corpses decompose?

f199c4  No.13416065


>Are you gonna do whatever you want when we go to war? I wanna *ahem*

*ahem* but I've been yearning for the right moment to *ahem* since the late seventies.

f199c4  No.13416080


>These weapons systems also render aircraft carriers and submarines obsolete. One is a drone, in this case a nuclear-powered underwater drone. It can travel 100 mph and descend to a depth of 3,000 feet. Its nuclear power unit is 100 times smaller than the ones that power submarines. This 75-foot-long submerged drone can carry a 100-megaton thermonuclear cobalt warhead, one that is 5,000 times more powerful than the atom bombs the U.S. dropped on Japan. Detonated off the coasts of North America it would create a tsunami wave 1,500 feet tall washing over cities on the east and west coasts. The drone also comes in a form carrying a conventional warhead for use as an anti-aircraft carrier weapon

Late one night as you lie in bed sleeping peacefully, you will be engulfed in icy black water and drown. Even at 600ft elevation well inland from the coast I still expect to go this way.

e4034d  No.13416089

File: 0b8bc6ee73ffd3f⋯.png (338.05 KB, 800x550, 16:11, Gass Ze Bikes.png)

b74ff2  No.13416107

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If we attack Iran, you won't get any more opportunities to procrastinate. Whatever bucket list you've got, this is your last chance to bring bring fulfillment and meaning to your life.

Take some advice from a death doula: practice dying before you do it. It helps clarify things: what's really important to you personally and what's just fluff.

7639af  No.13416160


why *ahem* after they've already shipped you to the middle east instead of doing it right when you get notified that you're getting drafted?

b74ff2  No.13416323

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

When faced with societal annhilation, it helps to take a longer perspective. Life never stops, you might as well live fearlessly.

If you have the time left, dying can be really quite fascinating.

Michael Newton explored death in 'Journey of Souls'.

part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLAOOElNUlk

part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozy885cpulM

Societal death, the ultimate Shock and Awe, is just another scale of death. The process is the same.

daad58  No.13416365

File: 8f7331463b6394c⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1024x702, 512:351, tucker.png)


>When Russia gets involved, and others close to follow, nukes will be flying.

Why would Russia do that? If Russia had cared a lot about the Ayatollahs surviving, they would have sold them anti-air systems.

Russia's long term plan is for the USA to go majority non-white, so it stops being able to project power, and that plan looks to be working perfectly.

541982  No.13416372

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b74ff2  No.13416382


During a marathon, four-hour call-in show, Putin warned the US that an attack on Iran would have enormous consequences, adding it would trigger an escalation of hostilities across the region.

“It would be a catastrophe for the region as a minimum…”


Russia will back its ally. We've been threatening and instituting (((sanctions))) against Russia for years now. In a real pissing contest, no one expects them to back down. And this time it's no mere pissing contest.

9696d4  No.13416404

There's no evidence that trump is taking us to war, its almost his second term and he hasn't expanded the areas of responsibility for the military at all.

OP is a giant fat faggot.

daad58  No.13416420


>Putin warned the US that an attack on Iran would have enormous consequences, adding it would trigger an escalation of hostilities across the region.

There is nothing in what Putin said that indicated Russia would get involved. If Iran is similar to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Syria, it will end in a bloody civil war to keep the old power structure from regaining power, and that means more rapefugees for Europe.

The radicalized Sunni cannon fodder the West and the Gulf states had created for first Libya and then Syria, was to be used against Russia's southern republics and Iran next, so both chose to fight in Syria, rather than get the terrorists later on their own turf.

The Sunni cannon fodder are no more, so Russia might as well just help a side win in the civil war that will follow, since Russia would have the home advantage here.

b74ff2  No.13416423


Trump Might Not Want War, but the Military Is Steering His Iran Policy

- The Atlantic Monthly


Iran's downing of a US drone takes the bitter foes one step higher in a cycle of escalation that could soon overwhelm each side's reassurances that they have no desire to tumble into war.

- Washington (CNN)


daad58  No.13416442

File: 9e4e576549ab5b9⋯.jpeg (184.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, clark2.jpeg)

File: 1d1bc21e05bffd6⋯.jpg (517.94 KB, 1049x1643, 1049:1643, clark ME wars.jpg)

File: c7fbb9701e10018⋯.jpg (39.19 KB, 594x396, 3:2, clark anti-white.jpg)


>Iran's downing of a US drone takes the bitter foes one step higher in a cycle of escalation that could soon overwhelm each side's reassurances that they have no desire to tumble into war.

The Iran war have been planned since before 911. The USA was the sole super power, so they decided to regime change the old Soviet satellites in the Middle East, before a new group grew strong enough to keep puppets could emerge.

b74ff2  No.13416451


>If Iran is similar to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Syria…

Iran is NOT similar to other goat-fucking countries.


"Iran is home to one of the world's oldest civilizations…"

In its entire history, the Iranians have never started a war. But they have ended a few.

Attacking Iran is NOT the same as attacking Iraq.




b74ff2  No.13416461


Prime Targets.


daad58  No.13416467


>Attacking Iran is NOT the same as attacking Iraq.

The USA have planned this for 20 years, and starting a civil war is quite doable if you have a really big budget for mercs, and have leveled the playing field by bombing the government and their military.

The USA have managed to create civil wars in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Iraq and Syria, so they'll probably manage it in Iran as well.

b74ff2  No.13416504


Oh, well, that's makes it all okay then.

Iran and Russia join forces for joint war games in Caspian Sea


c2e690  No.13416508


Bump. Reported. You are powerless.

236d6a  No.13416523

the US military will make sure to put all the White men on the front line too.

b74ff2  No.13416552


Yes, well, it's probable that they will put their best men up front, to fight and die for Pissrael.



…but the Pentagon is America First, right?


541982  No.13416562


Oh look, a moderator doing damage control,

daad58  No.13416570


>Iran and Russia join forces for joint war games in Caspian Sea

Russia needs to build relations to the ones that will fight the civil war later?

Friendship with Iran is probably in Russia's long term interest, but that does not mean that they would not find that easier with the Ayatollahs gone.

What is important to Russia, is that the USA don't pivot to Iran as their new BBF in the ME, and that won't happen if the USA are seen as responsible for destroying Iran by the Iranians, so Russia only give the Ayatollahs enough support that a type of regime change where the Iranians don't end up hating the USA, won't happen. (type public protests)

171774  No.13416640


and this time. I'm sure it's true mr. shill


63f044  No.13416646


Can confirm

The Winchester model 70 comes in all sorts of flavorful calibers of choice too

Kek guess what a .30-06 does to an elk? Now picture that against a beaner or chink. Please please please let this kick off

171774  No.13416657


reported for promoting acts of terrorism.

admins what the fuck are you doing letting these fbiniggers raid this place left and right?

b74ff2  No.13416672


In minecraft, everybody acts of their own volition. This is just a discussion of the facts and implications of Trump's preemptive war against Iran. If he takes the U.S. to war, how long before our society breaks down? Will it be a DOTR? Or will it be mass chimpouts? This thread explores what will happen in the next few days, weeks, or months, when we attack Iran.

daad58  No.13416698

File: a25dfa5de695749⋯.jpg (133.45 KB, 960x678, 160:113, russia.jpg)


>reported for promoting acts of terrorism.

So it's not enough with the glowniggers and law enforcment, we now also have the no fun police invading our board?

171774  No.13416705

File: 780e063c15c1ca4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 215.81 KB, 312x460, 78:115, disappointed man.png)

daad58  No.13416707

File: 2ab492af756f90f⋯.jpg (37.32 KB, 472x456, 59:57, brazil.jpg)


>If he takes the U.S. to war, how long before our society breaks down?

Brazil have not collapsed, it's just too diverse and filled with low IQ people to be a player on the global stage.

b74ff2  No.13416730

File: 3719ba163054a26⋯.jpg (75.75 KB, 680x496, 85:62, Your patriotic duty.jpg)


What you should be so disappoint about is a insular cabal of hardcore Zionists at the top of the U.S. government, controlling the U.S. media, subverting the U.S. intel system, threatening to use the might of the U.S. military for their own foreign purpose. Be dissappoint about that, and your righteous condescension will cast a more powerful shadow. This is not a game, well it is, but the only sociopaths, and neither of us purport to be that.

Peace or military chaos. Let's raise the stakes to where they belong, shall we?



The 'Law' has no weight in mass crowd psychology. If we go to war with Iran, it will be our last war, you can be sure of that. How much do you want it?

171774  No.13416771


what are we supposed to do? assuming there was a way to unmask someone even through their IP alone, whatever someone says here, whether they admit to it or whether the glowinthedarks can it someone said it beyond reasonable doubt, CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST HIM. The "muh minecraft server" bullshit isn't going to fly in a court of law.


this is a cancer post.

b74ff2  No.13416776


>this is a cancer post.

says the cancer

e60316  No.13416806


May I move my dog face to the banana patch or want I should bucket my own repast in the temporal?

b74ff2  No.13416839

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Reminder: love is the whole point of life.

But you'll figure this out for yourself when you get nuked for Pissrael.

ff42e0  No.13416846


> things that will never happen

daad58  No.13416865


>what are we supposed to do?

Learn to live with it.

I don't have a problem with anons venting their anger, since we are already discredited to the max, and seeing that Whitey really are getting mad might actually wake some people up.

I'm also way past to care if some pro-white become a terrorist, since it what they should expect to happen. I know they envisioned this peaceful population exchange, but it's too naive to think that their propaganda apparatus would be enough to keep the genocided passive.

171774  No.13416877

File: 5d4daa66b69ef52⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 759.52 KB, 731x756, 731:756, the last thing a glowinthe….png)


hmmm… you've given me something to think about. So no amount of statistics showing that whites are discriminated against or how whites are the majority targets for violent hate crimes matters?

pic related

b74ff2  No.13416901

File: d8a70cd8c242955⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.92 KB, 1200x1333, 1200:1333, Parabin free.jpg)

171774  No.13416914

File: bf5db684352a857⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 818x519, 818:519, democracy.png)

b74ff2  No.13416929


L’arbre de la liberté… croît lorsqu’il est arrosé du sang de toute espèce de tyrans


a8c8d7  No.13416939

File: 5858f908413fce4⋯.jpg (48.93 KB, 579x819, 193:273, CnWvfDqXgAAGhMK.jpg)


Got a link to a source there, nigger? What war is the U.S. supposedly going into?

54cfbe  No.13416959

File: 6af0b9e87f32223⋯.png (244.56 KB, 750x1624, 375:812, 5286A42E-7F7C-4E52-BC2B-E2….png)

Special Agent Michael J. Rod is watching you as we speak.

171774  No.13416975


I don't understand much french. sorry


He's trying to sell the idea that Trump is leading us into war, which there's no evidence to suggest that he is.

2e7e2d  No.13416988

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I see you've been paying attention. First few minutes of video are directly related.


LOL, no doubt.


Your lack of intellectual curiousity is quite telling.

a8c8d7  No.13417026


I know this. I just wanna hear what the faggot has to say. They're ramping up the Iran false flags because a war is the only thing that will stop what's actually coming. They're terrified, and It's beautiful.


>Trump even says he doubts the attack is legit as provocation


Literally the first minute of the video. I smell a rat and a false flag with this. I looked up this Joseph Guastilla, and it says he's been in the Air Force since the 80's, and last rank-up was last year in August. I'm gonna keep watching the video though. I paused it to remark on this.

daad58  No.13417044


>So no amount of statistics showing that whites are discriminated against or how whites are the majority targets for violent hate crimes matters?

That matters, but not as much as the change in language we managed(and still manage) to introduce.

People talking about cucks, NPC, clownworld, orthodoxy, anti-whites, pro-whites, the great replacement, etc etc in stead of the words they used to communicate with lead to different conversations that again leads to red-pills.

This is what is happening now, and it's the reason for the latest shut downs on social media. They have shut down the meme pipeline and expected results, but instead they still see our worldview spreading.

832f84  No.13417068

File: 618b9e2a535fa02⋯.jpg (50.55 KB, 425x609, 425:609, 1296975093681.jpg)


Hi Mr. agent Rob! I bet you're very satisfied with your job right now, getting paid to watch us shitpost. Have an anime girl to brighten your day!

2e7e2d  No.13417070


You've had your 13.5 minutes. Seen enough yet?

a8c8d7  No.13417097


Enough of what? No one is declaring war, and no one outside of the kike-paid Neocons were wanting war with Iran. That Trump is opening the option of negotiating rather than warfare is telling as well. And the timing of it ramping up with the election around the corner is convenient. I sense a false flag, and I sense kike involvement.

a8c8d7  No.13417100


Iran also doesn't have an IMF bank there, and was listed as an enemy of Israel to be dealt with.

2e7e2d  No.13417133


Well, that part's honest at least.

51c86e  No.13417143


We have to go to war with Russia before their hypersonic weapons go into mass production.

fac039  No.13417175

File: 54768188b5bc4e1⋯.png (799.15 KB, 550x656, 275:328, allhailthegodemporer.png)


Ok, but what if he doesnt.

This is the thing i really want to get god damn cristical clear before tomorrow.

If trump DOESNT do what the kikes want and get us into war…

What will you say about him then?

Because i have a sneaking suspicion

That even if trump tells the isralis to bite a dick

and goes and sits down with Rouhani

securing a peaceful end to the conflict and at least not letting the US fall into war with iran under his watch.

You fucking black pillers will still be calling him zion don the day after.

Lets make one thing clear before we se the facts come out shall we?

IF trump DOESNT go to war with iran, and finds a peaceful solution to the conflict.

ANYONE calling him zion don afterwards is a fucking shill and probably JIDF.

2e7e2d  No.13417195


So we aren't going to war with Iran, then? We are just gonna attack their military with a massive aerial strike, killing a few hundred officers and civilians, and blowing to bits some important element of the country's infrastructure. But don't worry, goy, it's not all-out war. And besides Iran can't retaliate anyway.

That's what I'm hearing.

Which is war.

54cfbe  No.13417198


Le Nguyen Paul is now the leader of /pol/ don’t forget it faggot.

fac039  No.13417211


What you described sounds like war to me to anon.

If that happens,

trump is a fucking shill.

But if it doesnt

and he sits down and makes peace with someone the jew marked for death,

DEFYING the jew itself by nature.

Then he isnt.

2e7e2d  No.13417244


That's the vice (((they've))) put us in. Either we go with

Door number one: international war, probably nuclear, or

Door number two: civil war that devistates the United States, which in truth is gonna happen anyway at this point.

835a21  No.13417269


Now I don't know which scenario is better. Iran war that destabilizes the US or the US NOT going to war and continue the status quo.

fac039  No.13417270


And which would you prefer trump choose?

c77b25  No.13417271


Putin was referring to Iran's warfighting strategy of expanding the conflict beyond their region and attacking US troops in other regions that they are bogged down in.

eeaa20  No.13417747

File: 42706c764e14e42⋯.jpg (45.05 KB, 1199x151, 1199:151, gen. smedley butler.jpg)


not likely that they are awake anon. hence why they joined in the first place. i already knew about false flags when 9/11 happened so i didnt fall for it, many of my peers did, and didn't listen to me. now it's too late. likewise, i tried to tell the alt-right about how trump is a philo semitic jesuit, and that the federal government has been the enemy of America since before lincoln. alas, no one listened.

the woods is the only place for those that can see.

2e7e2d  No.13418074

File: 274ee85b07d6399⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 240x180, 4:3, quick kitty.gif)


My goodness, do I hope you're right. I'm really not looking forward to World War 3. Let's have a laugh about the (((stupidity of it all))) instead.

58a2d9  No.13418339

File: 897e46f82c65e39⋯.gif (832.96 KB, 286x204, 143:102, Fuck_Off.gif)

There will be no war, because Trump was always /ourguy you gormless faggots.

OP is a kike that sucks the herpes out of the centre of his mother's arsehole.

f3c472  No.13424042

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Let not the divisions divide us. Let us heal from our discord.

f3c472  No.13424464

>Bothering to check the news

It's somewhat yellow, but that's to be expected since we were scant minutes from World War 3.

Whistleblower Who Warned About False Flag Attacks to Justify U.S. Invasion of Iran Found Dead, YouTube Channel Removed

Posted on June 20, 2019 by State of the Nation


"The bottom line here is that If Trump does not fire Bolton by Election Day, war with Iran is guaranteed if he’s re-elected! The worst case scenario is that Trump will bomb Iran on the basis of a patently false pretext this year in the fall; or, as early as this summer."

Murdering an honest Jew to shut him up, the neocohens are not gonna let this one slip away without a fight. Sharpen those lists, you beautiful autists. You may yet get to use them.

f3c472  No.13424481


Iran and Turkey signed a pact, a strategic agreement. Of course, they can't trust the Turks if things get hot, but this does make the prospect of waging war on Iran that much more complex.


923b00  No.13424483

can't wait to see all these liberal cunts get drafted

e35da7  No.13424485


Persians aren’t shitskins you dumb stormfag

923b00  No.13424493


He said Iranians. Persia hasn't been a thing for 2000 years.

6daf08  No.13424546


and who cares if they are, no wars for sauds and israel, this tactic of saying we should go to war because 'the iranian shitskins' is classic shill shit. that being said ive known lots of persians over the year, some are dark some are white, most of them were pretty chill, their women are hot

8c7d03  No.13424590

How else is he supposed to get his name in the history books?

I'd sum up his presidency as a vain attempt at putting his name in the history books for strictly fame purposes.

I'm not joking, I voted for Trump and HE MADE me think this. I was not thinking this at all before.

a8c8d7  No.13424620

File: 33709b6fffbe0df⋯.jpg (33.27 KB, 600x457, 600:457, disgust.jpg)


What the fuck are you even talking about? No one has declared war with Iran, it's literally there in the video YOU linked. Did you even watch it yourself?

f3c472  No.13424623


With a few notable exceptions, I generally don't assess President Trump by his words, but by his actions. If he takes us to war for Israel, then I'll know exactly who he is. If, under so much pressure and misguidance, he doesn't, likewise. However, I know Trump thinks in terms of the oil economy (because he has said so many times). Apparently President Trump relies upon the misguidance of his (((staff))) to inform him geopolitically. Still, he sees Iranian oil, in time of probable peak oil, as a factor in this conflict. For that reason, I wonder if this assessment bears merit:

This Is How The U.S. Plans To Cripple Iran’s Economy

By Simon Watkins - Jun 20, 2019, 5:00 PM CDT


000000  No.13424627

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

if president will not change the course to war someone else will act

just listen to this heap of jewish bs

a8c8d7  No.13424630

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


By the way, the base that was going to be struck had 150 people in it. The drone wasn't piloted by anyone. Take your disinfo and go elsewhere. There's no war happening. Have the Cike News Network kvetching over it.

f3c472  No.13424638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What the hell do you call this? Or do you have 'declare' a war to start one?

0c1257  No.13424651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


f3c472  No.13424675


That is one scary faggot. He's been on my own shitlist for ages.

944ad1  No.13424692

File: b3b75f26981538c⋯.jpg (19.78 KB, 696x366, 116:61, bullseye.jpg)

f3c472  No.13424705


careful anon, that'll get you arrested

f3c472  No.13424709


even if you are a fed…

f3c472  No.13424819


If anyone here can make a quick gif of Tucker's interview about Bolton from 11:05 to 11:23, I would be quite amused.

f3c472  No.13424834

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here is Bolton's reasons, from his own mouth. It's interesting because it shows his audacity.

How cleverly they always turn the conversation away from the 6 gorillion pound elephant in the room!

c8e0f7  No.13424837


Hes still Zion don until he deports every nonwhite

056119  No.13424841


that would be epic

c5220c  No.13424842

Putin; "For those who might make such attempts, the consequences would be very sad too"

I hope they nuke you cos otherwise you won't stop voting for democrats/republicans.


21e3d5  No.13424845

((( >>13424837 )))

Hispanics are white

f3c472  No.13424855

File: 3e21666791a6432⋯.jpg (7.8 KB, 400x332, 100:83, an analysis of the bait.jpg)

c8e0f7  No.13424864



The best case scenario for us is that the ZOG empires of the world destroy each other and we can form natsoc enclaves after global infrastructure has collapsed.

4e9e4f  No.13424883


You are getting annoying.

478c69  No.13424921

Trump won't join the war, this is just a tactic, a classic delayed "no".

He's basically saying "Sure honey, I'll take the trash out before next week" but sure as the monday's sun raises the trash will still need to be taken out.

104fd5  No.13424926

File: 46fdf8715cdefb5⋯.jpg (435.25 KB, 1920x816, 40:17, tater vader 1.jpg)

104fd5  No.13424933



f3c472  No.13424939


If Trump doesn't do anything substantive during his term in office, that will be something.

f3c472  No.13425085


Maybe Trump can reassign Bolton to be U.S. ambassador to Iran. Let's see how long the post stays filled.

f3c472  No.13425274

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

President's Trump's tone has more common sense now, thank god. Still, we'll see come Monday.

And of course the (((Media))) will spin it.

49738f  No.13425405


Right. The real question is "what should you have done, but failed to do". You failed to do the right and honorable thing, face facts and think logically about them, appreciate life and justice and do the right thing by them, and failed to be a dignified and honest human being. Now you have a glimmer of how fast your ZOG-whore world can end, and you still can't get off your hands and knees. Just look at you, here groveling for information about those you pretend to disdain, wanting to know the inner secrets and intents of those who are presumably nothing but weak people who can't deal with "the real world". Just go back to your zio-tit and suckle the remainder of your days away, dreaming blissfully of being pampered forever for obeying Big Schlomo, and happily take your bribes and blackmail to serve him well.

f3c472  No.13425576


I was hoping you were accurate, I do love good criticism, and the most biting, cutting critiques are the best. Alas, you really weren't even close.

But do try again, good sir. I relish seeing how much you can cut to the quick. It's been awhile since anyone could do that. Good luck.

000000  No.13428135


rats aren't scary

f3c472  No.13428598

File: 6743be7e7815b54⋯.jpg (311.04 KB, 1100x970, 110:97, Cirrus-Angels.jpg)


They are scary when they are all allowed to run around unimpeded in the shadows, spreading lies and disease in thier wake.

They aren't scary when confronted.

000000  No.13429086


I've got a 25 inch long memory.

f3c472  No.13429159


That'll do, min broder

000000  No.13429319

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5dd927  No.13429381

File: 2bfd0fdce496fde⋯.jpg (161.24 KB, 675x450, 3:2, 22879-1823241444.jpg)

Sadhguru is a Masonic Jewish shill .



Nothing to see here goys

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