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File: f78f56e1298818f⋯.jpeg (139.85 KB, 1078x794, 539:397, f78f56e1298818f6c99109a84….jpeg)

41159b  No.13429582

Hello, just a quick heads up. We are currently encountering an incredible amount of shilling for anti-natsoc topics:

>X is not white

>Y is really at fault, not jews

>I am from Z, I want to rape your daughters, hate me and my country

>(1) and gone OP on unimportant yet controversial bullshit, like a minor pro-Trump post.

Those are to be hidden and ignored. Mоds are complicit in this infestation, and won't do a damn thing.

We are also seeing lots of bots and copypasta which attempt to mimic anon's behavior in a way that if something is repeatedly introduced to a person, he will eventually accept it (be that redpill, blackpill or a shillpill).

>wall of text, conclusion is nonsense

>wall of text, conclusion is anti-natsoc

>wall of text, conclusion is incitement to unlawful actions

>wall of text, conclusion is bait and switch

Those posters are to be filtered. There are often many of them, and they do hit and run with (1) or (2) posts - do not engage, filter and ignore. They only win if you engage. They may be arguing with each other, if you see one and gone reply, filter it as well, they are forcing you to take made-up sides so you join the shit discussion.

That's it for now, stay safe, anons. Stick to good threads, bump them with quality posts, post redpills, the shills will eventually damage their brain from all the cognitive dissonance they're seeing.

Stay strong.

92d6aa  No.13429589


agreed. There's like 5-6 slide threads running atm.

Good threads:




92d6aa  No.13429593


More good threads





92d6aa  No.13429596

I designate this thread as a thread to link to good threads, and post threads that need to be filtered and/or saged

a05314  No.13429605


t. rotter pro

92d6aa  No.13429611

shit/slide threads:






low quality threads:


80cc75  No.13429613


>We are currently encountering an incredible amount of shilling

>newfag detected


92d6aa  No.13429616



054e18  No.13429626


>We are currently encountering an incredible amount of shilling for anti-natsoc topics:

Its only going to get worse, though it will be replaced by 24/7 US president shilling as the election season picks up.

92d6aa  No.13429627


I might make a /filtered/ general to list kiked/slide threads in the future

054e18  No.13429632


If it goes anywhere, you'll wind up being banned for meta, but good luck sir. You're going to need it given the chucklefucks current running this joint.

92d6aa  No.13429635


will just hop on a vpn and recreate the tread

3c2da3  No.13429637

Definitely a lot going on here with the shilling. Given recent events it's likely five different groups all converging to push different narratives.

efc035  No.13429681


At least from my experience the feds have slowed down on some of the more retarded ops like the exposed anti-Russia misdirection (to clarify, Russia is generally neutral to WN; mostly good geopolitically while also somewhat Jewed internally).

The DnC is forever though. I try to make a point of only bumping relevant posts to a specific topic (whatever NS theory, druid, IOTBW etc) at least as opposed to inane (and in particular frustrating) BS tactical posts which are ALWAYS shill swamps. Don't give benefit of the doubt.

3c2da3  No.13429701


Well we know the exact posts that have been slid so that has given us a clue who exactly it is. The NXIVM post specifically and given the connection that has to the DNC it is obvious that the major push of late has been coming from them.

I also think that a big push might be coming from normies who might be flooding these boards looking for information on recent events. Noticing an odd panic of late about that which usually comes from normalfags.

5d278c  No.13429715

>when youre natsoc lurker that 1 and dones threads all the time

sometimes its not the jews, but most the time it is

<first post in almost a week just being contradictory and feels like ima dnc shill

Oh well keep up the quality detective work, i doubt theres a lot of posters like me \_^-^_/

92d6aa  No.13429737





>>13429198 tl;dr "eat borax"








>>13429209 (funny tho)







>>13428734 (kiked OP tho)












a0a250  No.13429748

mods are doing a pretty good job this weekend I have to admit

0429cb  No.13429757



Always remember an0ns, FILTER is your greatest weapon against faggots

e8348d  No.13429771






ff3229  No.13429787

File: 3ae4dc2c6d8fddc⋯.png (114.42 KB, 1292x364, 323:91, captured mods.png)


the capture/corruption of mods here is also continuing. this is how tranny fucking goons destroyed 4cuck, they got mod/janitor powers and started killing any good threads and boosting shit ones.

c389ba  No.13429788


Add South Africa thread to the important ones.


92d6aa  No.13429796

Moderators are usually good about things, this thread isnt about politics, so i understand why they anchored it.



>over half of the threads that i pointed out were shit/slide threads got deleted

aef98a  No.13429808

>mods anchor important PSA concerning the sudden increase in shilling

Really makes you think.

93d9e1  No.13429915

File: c50708b7227cffb⋯.png (182.51 KB, 628x356, 157:89, B9DA19B6-F3E6-4A02-80EA-01….png)

JIDF is working overtime on 4chan it was only a matter of time before they found 8.

33bc7a  No.13429967

They will run the 2016 playbook here again. Anti-Trump and Anti-Jew posters will be banned as before. Daily Stormer and other ZOG fronts will be directing traffic here and from here to their own websites, forming a pro-Jew propaganda circle. Try unz.com, zerohedge.com, and youtube.com comment sections. That's where all the redpilled people are, not here.

a274e0  No.13430300

>shill makes concern troll thread

cb0056  No.13430302

Am I the only one who finds it somewhat depressing to see things like >>13429771 for years without anything happening from it?

Something happens, someome mentions it and says "they're scared!"

Scared of what? This thread? I agree with OP but this thread in no way challenges the mods' power nor does it challenge the jews' power. Jews may be scared or paranoid or just plain psychotic. But if I were in power right now, I would not be very intimidated by a small gaggle of dissatisfied posters on an obscure internet forum. I'd be much more frightened back in 2017 when the alt-right was organizing actual street demonstrations than I would be today when the White Rights movement (at least) appears to be much weaker than 2 years ago.

Sure, call me a kike and say I'm from /liberalpol/ if it makes you feel better. I'm just expressing a legitimate opinion.

0c0bbb  No.13430307


Time to make a new one

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