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File: 223d42540b594b4⋯.jpg (289.1 KB, 666x1000, 333:500, david icke.jpg)

85425b  No.13434426

so i've been reading and listening to a lot of david icke lately and i was thinking, is he right? he's been going on and redpilling about the jews, the transgender and gay agendas, vaccines, multiculturalism, etc before /pol/ even existed.

The only thing that i have issue with is the reptilian shit, but i've been looking at the jews more and more and noticing how alien they look, how non human they look. Mark zuckerberg is the perfect example of this. The jews don't look like any other race on earth, they're completely alien.

7200ee  No.13434440

his cognitive dissonance is such that he invented a fantasy about reptilian shapeshifters, just so he wouldn't have to blame the jews

I dunno, maybe he's right, but I prefer the simpler solution

5afb14  No.13434460

File: 9038f539193e652⋯.png (314.59 KB, 499x421, 499:421, bill and ted.png)

be4fb6  No.13434463


either this or he's a brilliant propagandist

5afb14  No.13434470

Maybe Icke was right all along…

This was a recent news story in my local area:

>>Navy pilots believe they spotted UFO off Jacksonville coast


UFO's are real, and aliens are visiting Earth, and have been for a long time.

208ba3  No.13434481

He is a funded glow nigger. His job is to discredit leaked info and contain damage.

How it works: Oh, people figure out 9/11 is an inside job– well associate that with lizard people living on earth to make everyone who states 9/11 is an inside job is now a freak who believes George W Bush is a lizard.

This nigger is always well produced and entertaining. He has his fancy watches, clothes, and a jet set yachting lifestytle where he tours the world interviewing other glow niggers and never asks for money to keep his bullshit going (even Alex Jones does this).

He is exhibit A on a textbook glownigger. Doesn't mean that you can't watch his shit knowing this and deduce EXACTLY what they are afraid of you knowing.

5afb14  No.13434494


Anyone who objectively researches 9/11 will know that Israel was behind it…it's undeniable.

But there's more than enough evidence that aliens/UFO's are real; what effect they are having upon humanity is anyone's guess.

5d20df  No.13434497


>bill and ted



068cf8  No.13434504


You know i thought the same. But reptilian shapeshifters is also a roundabout way to name the jew without naming the jew and it tends to slip behind the bluepilled barrier easier. I don't know if hes doing it on purpose though.

cc5f04  No.13434536


the earth is flat and space isn't real, nor are aliens.

If the illuminati is so powerful, why wouldn't they simply kill the "whistle blowers" like David Icke or Alex Jones?

Oh wait because they are both disinfo agents. They both also never mention the jews.

2d3e9c  No.13434557

File: 6f1cdff7e17c06c⋯.gif (488.98 KB, 400x246, 200:123, 6f1cdff7e17c06cfa5ffa5de62….gif)

>CY ∞

>Not knowing lizard people are everywhere

I bet you think that's air you're breathing right now too, hmm? Indaresdig

>Dec 18, 2018 … Pointing to Icke's history of anti-Semitism, observers asked why the … in which she spoke favorably of a book by David Icke, the prominent …

David Icke - RationalWiki


>See the main article on this topic: Antisemitism … Icke claims that he is not anti- Semitic and that when he says "shape-shifting …

Alice Walker, Answering Backlash, Praises Anti-Semitic Author as …


>Dec 21, 2018 … In a statement, the author of “The Color Purple” did nothing to dispel the criticism of her endorsement of David Icke's anti-Jewish book “And the …

Slammed as 'Holocaust denier,' David Icke barred from Australia …


>Feb 20, 2019 … Icke, who denies widespread charges of anti-Semitism and believes the … “David Icke, a well-known British Holocaust denier, should not be …

af602f  No.13434564

You fuckers like to fuck dudes and watch that shit.

ffd955  No.13434570


>Boomer can't accept that jews are evil

>Creates elaborate lizard conspiracy to deal with cognitive dissonance.

cc28f6  No.13434575


He's a bridge to undustanding masonry, at least it was for me. "Reptiles" are REPresentatives. Past masters. Like Dax on DS9.

3b29f0  No.13434592

File: 49e094d9b979f5c⋯.jpg (6.63 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 8725e94d5ef1cf2ba0e8680630….jpg)


He's been on it for two decades. It always was, and still is because you STILL can't name the new today, the tactic to come to the line, but not over. If the play was to make them ridiculous, and easily "debunked", it has backfired horribly. Even Jonestein had an initial impact on every one here, don't lie. If nothing else, these "shills" taught us all to



ffd955  No.13434613


Eh, you're most likely right. I don't know enough one way or the other.

645e15  No.13434660


Reptilians live on astral level. If you imagine some human to turn in to giant lizard, you are wrong.

Are reptilians real? What about all dragons in every culture? Dinousaurs? What about dinosaur people? Well. Nobody will give you solid proof. Just like nobody can give you solid proof of god existence.

I was thinking he is crazy and he is doing all of this for money. But 20 years later i think it very well can be more or less true.


Icke named jews many times.

6e147d  No.13434661


>so i've been reading and listening to a lot of david icke lately

Quit the pot.

a550f6  No.13434816

File: 38320aec0b71b65⋯.jpg (20.66 KB, 324x500, 81:125, The Curse of Canaan.jpg)

File: 3931f1f9c2322ae⋯.png (259.19 KB, 682x1021, 682:1021, David Icke - The Biggest S….png)


>the reptilian shit

It's really just a kind non-racial "spiritual" take on dual-seedline Christian Identity. One of his major works cited in The Biggest Secret, his original "lizard book", was The Curse of Canaan by Eustace Mullins, a watered-down (like all his mainstream works) Christian Identity book.

Instead of the jews being the literal spawn of Satan, all the "elites" are from these "reptilian bloodlines".

ba2fc1  No.13434835

Might as well get into astrology and fucking tarot cards.

b12302  No.13434849

File: b456686ee5d38b0⋯.jpg (109.77 KB, 556x741, 556:741, Kyle Odom martians in gove….jpg)


You want to see some 'alien' looking mother fuckers?

Go down the list in Kyle Odom's manifesto and look at the public portraits of the people he listed as being 'alien'. They are not celebrity politicians, but I will tell you right now, there is something WRONG WITH THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS…everyone he listed, none of them are well know in politics but I am telling you those mother fuckers look alien, like they are literally wearing a skin suit. As a matter of fact I am going to post a few of them at random so that you can see what I mean.

b12302  No.13434862

File: 07364d8635b7520⋯.jpg (17.48 KB, 220x310, 22:31, ron Wyden odom manifesto.jpg)

File: df3596113dc4ea4⋯.jpg (322.16 KB, 1200x1520, 15:19, ben cardin odom manifesto.jpg)

File: 983648fb556f0fb⋯.jpg (279.31 KB, 1200x1498, 600:749, odom roy blunt.jpg)

File: cce9ec7082f0ae5⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 2424x2425, 2424:2425, rodger wicker odom manifes….jpg)

b12302  No.13434879

File: df59a2cab41688f⋯.jpg (19.72 KB, 220x330, 2:3, gary palmer odom manifesto.jpg)

File: 3421a7a15448581⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, 1:1, steve scalise odom manifes….jpg)

File: 039cd774ed90c1b⋯.jpg (261.78 KB, 1200x1803, 400:601, Brett Guthrie odom manifes….jpg)

File: 373b338bdce02a8⋯.jpg (27.37 KB, 400x400, 1:1, mike quigley odom manifest….jpg)

File: 1b5995a20795012⋯.jpg (237.11 KB, 1200x1842, 200:307, dan lipinski odom manifest….jpg)

9a9975  No.13434905



No he is not right.

6c5ddc  No.13434907

File: e47cde2e849ee41⋯.gif (929.16 KB, 135x180, 3:4, 1371027186639.gif)


>Kyle Odom

>The guy shot his supposed alien Pastor point-blank in the chest with a handgun multiple times.

>That guy survived

>Steve Scalise shot 2 years ago in the hip, taken to hospital in critical condition

>Also survives.

I'm not saying or believing he's an alien but uh

b12302  No.13434908

File: 8a21ba274699d6e⋯.jpg (48.09 KB, 723x407, 723:407, shual mofaz odom manifesto.jpg)

File: 42469385514c623⋯.jpg (8.08 KB, 320x182, 160:91, lee rosenburg odom manifes….jpg)

File: 1d0db72aa7a4601⋯.jpg (36.88 KB, 250x150, 5:3, afu agberia odom manifesto.jpg)

File: f13a1a7483c2a8b⋯.jpg (60.66 KB, 880x495, 16:9, David Azoulay odom manifes….jpg)

File: 3e399c31d7bed3a⋯.jpg (132.97 KB, 1200x1169, 1200:1169, Issawi_Frej odom manifesto.jpg)

d3cbf6  No.13434920


the pastor was hit in the head. and the news said the bullet "penetrated the skull"

e2c4c5  No.13434928


I bought into the "he's a crazy, there's probably not reptilians, right?" until I realized it was a jewish metaphor, like with vampires.

b12302  No.13434933


I know, poor Kyle. With everything we know about synthetic speech now I really feel for him. But yes, he went crazy because he says he projected into the astral realms on accident and apparently there are these same thoughtform predators in the astral and they 'visit' a body when they want. I guess he said this planet is a slave sex planet for them where they have every kind of sex they could want, voluntarily or not it is basically just a rape prison.

So take a look at any of those faces and imagine being forced to have sex with any of them. Especially if you were a toddler or child and were restrained or forced.

Enoch Chapter 6

>1 And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto 2 them beautiful and comely daughters. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men 3 and beget us children.' And Semjaza, who was their leader, said unto them: 'I fear ye will not 4 indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.' And they all answered him and said: 'Let us all swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations 5 not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.' Then sware they all together and bound themselves 6 by mutual imprecations upon it. And they were in all two hundred; who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon, and they called it Mount Hermon, because they had sworn 7 and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it.

a791b1  No.13434934

File: de6b8a4b6bf5c2d⋯.jpg (232.34 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1519444035161.jpg)


That is almost exactly what I used to think. I remember feeling sorry for my friend who believed in Icke, just absolute pity for the 'oaf.' Turns out they're real, though.

b12302  No.13434944


Something to consider:

Angels are some kind of alien bird right? Not from here, have feathers or some shit like that.

Well both serpents and birds are 'reptiles'. So if they were 'birds or serpents' they would be the same fucking thing. And then historically we have this massive battle on Earth between 'eagles' and 'serpents' in all cultures in all literature and in all religions. So, 'reptiles' just means these alien mother fuckers who illegally occupy this planet and keep it as a recreational sex/rap facility.

1034a1  No.13434954


Kyle mag dumped into that nigger's head with a .45

b12302  No.13434963


a .45? No way is he not an alien then.

4132c7  No.13434966

The movie They Live is so scary accurate, metaphorically, that I'm surprised it was ever allowed to be made.

873edb  No.13434973

No, fuck off shill. David Ike is full of shit and everyone knows it.

5912d2  No.13434978

File: 2b48cf383f10ec9⋯.jpg (516.55 KB, 857x602, 857:602, zion city.jpg)


Exactly. It's used to mislead the more gullible and vulnerable while also working to discredit the movement in the eyes of normies.

You can see this with the fat girth retards. Almost all of them also believe/follow Q, """""Dr.""""" Judy Woods, CGI planes on 9/11, DEW weapons causing 9/11, California wildfires, etc.


Here's a great, now-deleted blog post (which I thankfully archived beforehand) that thoroughly debunks the fat earth PSYOP.


b12302  No.13434987


OMG Do you know where EYEWARNUB4EYE8YOU is now? When they decimated his blog, his YT and everything else I look for him but never found him again.

873edb  No.13434990



Do you even know where you are? Gas yourself kike.

b086ea  No.13434996


I know presstitutes are really fucking dumb, but the papers really said 'the bullet penetrated the skull'? Its almost like the writer expected otherwise. As in, who gets shot in the head point blank and the bullet ricochets? Of course the bullet penetrated the skull. It must have gone through his face then, and missed the vitals.

be7f5c  No.13435001

File: ef065cb0cb3760f⋯.jpg (219.78 KB, 604x724, 151:181, IMG_3734_-_Milano_-_Stemma….jpg)


i read his book the biggest secret and his research into the ruling bloodlines, their associations with the same secret societies and NGO's like the RIIA, TC, Bilderburger Group etc are spot on. it's the new age shit that is irking. the reptilian stuff doesnt help his credibility either. i guess he could be some weird type of government operative, but i think he's just really doing this on his own. the reptile thing is interesting, but i don't know if its. it is possible though. we have humans and dinosaurs, so i really wouldnt be surprised.

b12302  No.13435006


I am genuinely excited at the prospect of seeing his work again.


His theologica X series and his trump torture video were hands down favorites of mine.

be7f5c  No.13435007


there is a very strange connection between jews and saturn.

873edb  No.13435010


Want to quit IP hopping? We know you are being paid to bump this shitty fucking Qtard tier thread.

b12302  No.13435014


I haven't IP hopped tonight yet. Might be a good idea, thanks for the reminder but I am just not talking much on /pol/ tonight.

e2c4c5  No.13435027


>who gets shot in the head point blank and the bullet ricochets?

point-blank only means close range, not that the angle is a perfect 90 degrees to the skull. The closer to parallel you get (the smaller that angle) the more likely a ricochet. It happens:



> the reptile thing is interesting, but i don't know if its. it is possible though. we have humans and dinosaurs, so i really wouldnt be surprised.

getting flashbacks to that 30 minute TV special from 1985 "Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs" where Gary Owens slowly became a dinosaur. Does anyone know when Icke published his 1st book on Reptilians?

Maybe Icke just got traumatized by Gary Owens' movie?

October 1987 was the debut of Randy McCall's dice RPG "Beyond the Supernatural" which included a shapeshifting reptilian race called the "D'arota" who drank human blood. Wondering if that also might've been what inspired Icke's tales.

All this depends on when Icke started writing about Reptilians. If it was 1984 or earlier that wrecks my theories.

b0977d  No.13435038

File: a71bb5a9009659c⋯.jpg (116.61 KB, 1265x1405, 253:281, kyle.jpg)


Marine veteran Kyle Odom shot Tim Remington twelve times in the head and back at point blank range.

>“I shot Pastor Tim 12 times. There is no way any human could have survived that event.”



>with a .45


>Investigators found that Odom fired 12 times from a .45 caliber handgun. Six hollow-point bullets ripped through Remington’s back and shoulder and shattered his right arm. He suffered a collapsed lung, one bullet pierced his pelvis and another penetrated his skull but missed his brain.

b12302  No.13435051


>All this depends on when Icke started writing about Reptilians. If it was 1984 or earlier that wrecks my theories.

Sometimes cognitive dissonance is too great for people and he never struck me as a person who was very capable of dealing with something like violence or the threat of violence…how do you think he would do with some of the cartel violence images that we show on here of the skinning alive and burning alive videos? He doesn't really seem like he would handle that all that well. So rather than be objective he just 'romanticised' the cannibalism/vampirism of the kikes in his head and made them 'reptiles' that had been preying on humanity for the last 6,000 years. That doesn't seem that far fetched. I wish I could find that image again of the (((islamic imams))) who were ritually sacrificing that Christian girl by draining her blood out her neck into the human sacrifice ritual bowl. Anyone have that? I thought I saved it…but wahwahwah nope.

b12302  No.13435054


IDK anon. I have been on the range when a .45 was being fired right next to me…I am just going to say that I don't think a human could survive that as anything but a potted plant.

edc98a  No.13435069


Hollow points none the less. Story creeps me out.

David Icke is a controlled opposition fed. Why/how is this even a question? Does he have a new book coming out the jews are shilling or what?

Jesus Op there are so many better authors you could spend your time on. Eustace Mullins > Icke all day. If youre into alternative history check out JoshReeves secrets of ancient America, very well documented research.

b12302  No.13435109

File: 595d678d7ed0629⋯.jpg (71.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, frozen ham 45 damage.jpg)


frozen ham and hole.

if it hit his head at all he probably would have been cratered like a melon. I still have a hard time believing that part of the lead would not have peeled back in even a glancing blow and made a nice brain cavity. Who knows.

David Icke book? No idea. I have never read anything of his and I am a poor critic since I have nothing but the faintest idea what his real lectures and writing is really like. Something, something, reptilians.

b0977d  No.13435129


>Does he have a new book coming out the jews are shilling or what?

To be released Sep 11th. 2019 "The Trigger : The Lie That Changed the World"


<reptilians did 911

b12302  No.13435135


Haha…more like the lie that kept the system going. But whatever.

354362  No.13435139

David Icke forums were the original /x/.

750842  No.13435146

Friendly reminder that esotericism is a Jewish diversion tactic designed to discredit the right as cooky crazy schizos.

0370fc  No.13435211

I feel like he wants to say something, but feels the need to speak in metaphors or something of the sort. I've also noticed that he'll oppose things, but give a kind of distorted reasoning in his argument against it. So I have two conflicting parts of me. One says that he's more red-pilled than every /pol/ack; the other says that he's a disinfo agent, and that's why his name is thrown around so much. (not to imply that kikes aren't incompetent enough to popularize an enemy; they made antisemitism immortal, and a return of National Socialism inevitable, by turning Hitler into the new Satan) If you want a real case of "red-pilled but tones himself down to not get suicided" then look into Bill Cooper. The guy put the entirety of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion into his book, and just went "teehee this is just an instruction manual; it's not actually jews." If you're into Miguel Serrano, he follows this same line of reasoning in thinking that Cooper is saying useful things.

0370fc  No.13435227


>Reptilians live on astral level. If you imagine some human to turn in to giant lizard, you are wrong.

Please tell me more.

3173f4  No.13435238

File: c6e87e92cd8c2d0⋯.jpg (7.7 KB, 259x297, 259:297, reptilian.jpg)

5912d2  No.13435241


No idea, fren.

188e39  No.13435242


>the earth is flat and space isn't real, nor are aliens.

This is exactly the sort if thing >>13434481 is talking about.

000000  No.13435261




I like Icke but he's delusional when it comes to race reality and genetics. He literally thinks a nigger is a equal to a white man in ability, intelligence and consciousness. That is just a blatant provable lie. Its denial of reality. He does call out Zionism and Israel but like so many other cowards in the truth movement he puts it all down to the right wing "fascist" regime of Netanyahu and not the biological psychology of of Jews themselves. I will give him credit for one thing though, he called out Trump as a fraud during the Trump hype of 2015/2016 and received a lot of flack for it, but turned out to be right about him.


Yeah he's a shekel grabber who has done very well fleecing the gullible goy without actually exposing the (((real problem))) to his audience. Much like (((Lauren Southern))) and the rest of the alt kike. Its just a giant money making racket. Having said that he does call out Zionism and Israel on occasion to maintain some level of credibility.

000000  No.13435278

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>He is a funded glow nigger.

Seem's plausible to me. He pushes the same race mixing egalitarian bullshit they all do. He just coats his shit with a bit of sugar.

He basically says we're all niggers in a meat space suit lol.

800a58  No.13435279


Ive heard that he got the idea after reading Cathy O'Brien's books / listening to her testimony about her being an MK Ultra slave. She explained how the elites at some points appeared like lizard aliens in order to traumatize her but to her it was nothing but an illusion done with the help of drugs and hypnosis. Icke got the other idea though that it actually was real and that they took off their masks and revealed themselves.

bccdc6  No.13435328


Bill cooper said those UFOs are filled with human body parts. Cows aren't the only ones being mutilated so are humans.

73b359  No.13435329

He's another controlled op nut you idiot.

36b234  No.13435338

File: a3fd1b2a57fdd14⋯.jpeg (5.69 KB, 300x168, 25:14, xfiles.jpeg)


I was where you're at about 3 or 4 years ago. I've come to believe that some form of beings on this planet definitely live longer than we are led to believe our life cycles to be. That's all I can really confirm. By longer, I have surmised ~600 years'ish.

Couple that with the revelation that child ritual sacrifice actually take place and yeah, I have adapted a mentality that allows me to accept a different reality than I formerly enjoyed.

on the subject I think I'll watch some xfiles and go to sleep. I loved that damned show!

9077d6  No.13435360

goodnight and yeah misdirection is one of the principles of magic.

db44bf  No.13435384




Some creepy looking motherfuckers.

I thought Steve Scalise looked fairly normal, then I saw this


db44bf  No.13435392


Aren't they doing a remake of that? I guess there is gonna be a Trump rip off who is the leader of the aliens, and they steal the NPC meme to suggest the "alt-right" are NPCs. (Which they probably are as are the lefties.)

85aff9  No.13435394

Can anyone summarize Icke's claims about Reptilians? I've heard it thrown around a lot but never explored the issue. Does he think they are a real physical species living somewhere on Earth?

92d2c1  No.13435459


I think you are onto something. Remember the devil and his angels fell to Earth; they lost their wings/feathers, and now are the serpents/'reptiles'; bound to this planet/realm/whatever where their non 'fallen' (very interesting word) brethren are in the heavens with wings.

I had never really considered the implication of the stories or the wording like "fallen" before.

f83b63  No.13435465

File: ea6e4b75058a6f9⋯.jpg (184.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, icke.jpg)


I always thought it was just a euphemism that all of his followers understood.


Maybe there's a reason for it. Kind of like how spammers and scammers intentionally misspell words to weed out people too smart to fall for their scams.

Like "ok it's clear that he's going to great lengths to not name the jew, so don't go all Paul Nehlen when you start getting redpilled."

b12302  No.13435558

File: 11de8eed4e22314⋯.jpg (205.91 KB, 418x600, 209:300, Jacob Wrestling with the A….jpg)



In a way he is naming the jew though. You have to remember in jewish literature that their bloodline has always mated with 'angel/reptiles' at critical junctures when the main brood would die out if it wasn't for 'angelic intervention'. So all their 'visitations' from God where the woman got pregnant afterwards even though she was 90 or so or infertile or a virgin are a records of the mail bloodline breeding with the angels (or demons depending on how you want to look at it technically in poo literature demons are or can be 'good guys' as well).

Remember the character of the angels that they are sexual deviants and you see why these grotesque alien qualities of sexual perversion are passed onto their children and why things like homosexuality are so prevalent among them. They refer to themselves as 'god's wife' even though they are male, which obviously means that they are homosexual by nature since they would have to take it up the ass to be 'god's wife'. This would also explain why they, in turn are rampant pedos to their own children (incest pedophilia). Let's put it this way, Jacob didn't wrestle with an angel all night long when he sent his children and his wives away.

Anyway as the 'bastard offspring' of the fallen doesn't their behavior make sense and wouldn't you want to purge the earth of them to ever know peace or normalcy (since they are simply the castoff bastard offspring of aliens)? Also, humorous because that pict is how they imagine themselves, since they are 'god's children' they imagine themselves as us even though they are weak and basically a deformed parody of that image.

ef63ea  No.13435565



He had me for a second, but what you said made me realize he's on their side for sure. Sad, really.

b0977d  No.13435567


No biography of Icke is complete without his pizza connection.

>David Icke has built a career in part by championing himself as a pedophile exposer. He claims he is one of the best. And now an associate/friend of his – who he has promoted and been promoted by over the years – has confessed he spent 27 years, many of them in a leadership position, inside a notorious pedophile cult. And David Icke has remained silent on the issue.

>If so-called pillars of the alternative community refuse to deal with difficult issues, and attempt to bluff and misdirect, what hope is there for the alternative media? These ‘gurus’ must be held accountable for their actions, and not be allowed to get away with covering up each other’s misdeeds in the same manner as the elite they claim to oppose.



0ea9ff  No.13435572


Talking of that place, Jimmy, gonzo, few others I can't recall user names of, if you're here, I know now you were right. Tried telling me about the jews and I denied it, couldn't see it back then. But you were right. I see it now

3fe9ae  No.13435602

Reptilians have been here for centuries. They are in EVERY cultures history.

3fe9ae  No.13435609

david icke is based


ef63ea  No.13435667


>mail bloodline breeding with the angels (or demons depending on how you want to look at it technically in poo literature demons are or can be 'good guys' as well).

What you're referring to are the so called 'fallen angels' that sided with satan. Thus why jews - or, more specififally: edomites - are known to be the seed of the serpent.

335ad7  No.13435679


>No biography of Icke is complete without his pizza connection.

How strange that when (((Louis Theroux and the BBC))) did their expose of David Icke and his anti-semitism that they didn't find this out. They investigated everyone to do with him apparently.

fb7635  No.13435682


no, he's a disinfo agent.

645e15  No.13435755


Ok. I read lot about reptilians and all other theories like illuminati, Montauk, UFOs, jews etc. For me is like cool sci fi. All of this stuff have something that is real and lot of blurry shit that could be real but you can't prove it. So i can only offer my own experience.

This reality is like reality we all share. But what happen when you sleep? You also experience some reality, basicly same as your daily life but you have more freedom to create what you want there. Because it is not shared reality with whole planet. I will just tell my experiences and you can call it bullshit or not.

One night i had mushroom tea. That kind that is like light LSD. I sitting in basement with jewish dude and playing xbox360. Suddenly i hear god's voice and connection to god and basicly everything. That last for hour and slowly fade out. I don't even dare to ask "god" any question. I just apologize that all i can show him is this dirty basement and some stupid videogames on TV. So we are playing Gears of War and Mortal Kombat 9. That voice tell me these are representations of this reptilian stuff. That is something i already know from Icke at that point. Than he said these beings are around me right now. That they live outside our reality. In walls and shadows. That they control that jewish dude. That i will never find them in this reality. That was all from that experience.

After this i learned how to make these fuckers angry. I just talk to them when i am with this jewish dude. Like if he was human and this reptilian/demon was behind him. That jewish dude allways start act aggresive if i do that. I did this other people too. Seen reptilian eyes on that jewish dude sometimes.

Next step are dreams. I noticed that there are always 3 other beings with me in dream. One that speak to me. Other that sometimes speak and 3rd is like dude in background. They can look like anybody you know. And usualy try to scare or attack me sometimes. Usualy not too much. I take it friendly but i already cut throat of one of them during on fight in dream. Seen their reptilian eyes at least twice in dream and one time even face morphing from human to reptilian.

So my theory is they live here with us but are invisible to us. Like ghosts. They enjoy when you are in fear. That is explain or these jewish, satanic rituals. I could wrote whole blog about stuff i read but you can also read it somewhere else and i don't know if it is real.

Also i wake at least 2-3 times in sleep paralisys. One time dark hand holding and choking my neck. I can't prove or disprove anything that Icke say. But i can't also prove or disprove jews run world. But we all know they are at least very greedy and infuencial motherfuckers.


Icke is still Eternal Anglo Boomer. Loving Niggers and hating Hitler is base of their identity. According hinduism everything is part of god mind. But just because we are all made by atoms doesn't mean we are all same. Dogs, humans, plants etc. But Icke is still redpilled on other stuff.

a29eec  No.13435768


The beings are demons anon. The people they control are possessed. Many of their curses carry on through the bloodline. Generational curses.

I've once seen a man who was trying to destroy me, how his eyes flickered into slits for half a second. I was a strong Christian at the time, and I was later told by a friend that God told her their prayers saved me. Before that I had received prophetic dreams that showed me the future and warned me of things. If I ignored them I would always suffer adverse things. It all began when the day before my old dog died, who lived with my parents, he came to me in a dream, I petted him, loved him, and said farewells. It was all white surrounding us. The next day I get a call that he's dead.

Then months later I was visited by an old lady in a dream, she called herself Met. Met told me to be kind to others, to reject the material world and focus on the spiritual world. Then she disappeared, and I was awake in my bed, but three shadowy figures were above me. They tried to hold me down and suffocate me, I managed to sit up, so they pulled the blanket over me and took out chains to keep me down. I said the name of Jesus over and over and I broke free. I ran out into the living room, where it was night. It was vivid as real life. Then I woke up again and it was daytime.

I looked up the name Met that morning. What did I find? The Archangel, Metatron.

I don't tell people this because they say I'm crazy, but these are not coincidences. Being able to predict the future and see it come to fruition, know the names of Angels, and see your loved ones before their death is no accident.

There is a whole other world out there anon. Our war is not in this one.

3fe9ae  No.13435794

File: b571575126b5855⋯.jpg (152.27 KB, 624x387, 208:129, 90789bb881b15c1f738d0126fb….jpg)

The truth is literally out there if you just look

1dd935  No.13435799

No he's a science fiction writer, people are just too dumb to understand.

645e15  No.13435810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Demons/reptilians. Just name. Interesting you have 3 demons/reptilians handlers as well. I don't fear them. I am not christian and never called Jesus to help me or anything. I respect New Testament but old Testament is just jewish stuff. Also christianity, pope etc. Jesus legacy have nothing common with this.

I read lot about budhism and hinduism.

Interesting channel about religions and god.

ef63ea  No.13435826


>Also christianity, pope etc. Jesus legacy have nothing common with this.

You've got the right idea. Have you read Septuaginta LXX?

a29eec  No.13435836


>asking a guy who can't spell properly if he's read the Torah

ef63ea  No.13435842

File: ad459d8d736f4a1⋯.jpg (101.95 KB, 300x500, 3:5, ad459d8d736f4a105e7f06aeaf….jpg)


>If he's read the Torah

I presume that you're merely pretending to be retarded?

645e15  No.13435846

File: a716ca8be019de1⋯.pdf (5.25 MB, Septuagint.pdf)


>Septuaginta LXX

Not yet. It is this PDF?

I see it like this. You have chance to escape this earth after you die if you get connection with god and return to source. If not you will be reaincarneted again. And collect bad and good karma to keep this karmic machine working. But next life it will not be you. Just your energy in some other body. Like if you put battery from flashlight to xbox controler. Yet that karma decide your reincarnation and things that will happen in your life. In the end god agree with all of this. He may not like if we hurt each other. But to eat you have to kill something.

a29eec  No.13435849


Are you attempting to pilpul me with a technicality you greasy kike?

ef63ea  No.13435884


Apologies, but your pdf doesn't open for me. Just make sure that it's the Brenton (1851) translation to avoid blatant

kike tampering


I get where you are coming from, but don't let rage cloud your judgement and keep in mind that the "jewish" people we're dealing with now are in fact subhuman khazars/edomites that have nothing to do with what we're led to believe. They're using jewish identity as a cover for their criminal activity, and these vile fucks are no semites, too. It's all fucking smokes and mirrors and the HQ of the HQ's is in fact in the Vatican City

645e15  No.13435892


This one?


85425b  No.13435905


the reptilians are another wave of sound and can control soundwaves and lightwaves that we can't physically see and hear (and live there) the moon is a mind control base for them and so is saturn

99ff23  No.13435996


I hate David Icke.

When I was in college 15 years ago I tried to get discussions going on globalism, the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, Central banking, The UN etc.

Everytime, every single time I got the same response. Everyone started laughing and said "Oh yes, David Icke. They're all reptilians". Every single time.

Now of course things are much better and people will discuss these things seriously.

But back then David fucking Icke was ruining every attempt to deal with these issues.

He would appear on television and 99% of his interview would be excellent stuff.

Then the interviewer would say "And finally, you believe that our leaders, such as Queen Elizabeth, are actually reptiles?"

Icke would reply "yes" and the whole audience would go into hysterical laughter.

So the 99% truth would be poisoned by the 1% bullshit.

Totally useless idiot and if not a mental case who was co-opted, then a glow nigger from the start.

ef63ea  No.13436126


>So the 99% truth would be poisoned by the 1% bullshit.

This is controlled opposition's 101 m8. ALL the gatekeepers, such as alex jones, joe rogan or owen benjamin or juden peterstein do exactly that.

019efd  No.13436820


The most interesting thing about the reptillian shit is that if you study enough world religions you'll find that most of them talk about these snake like entities.

Specifically look in to the Naga in Hindusim

5086cf  No.13436858


Read most of his books years ago. Read Carlos Castanda next…wait until you get to the mud shadows and that thing about "our" minds.

0d8737  No.13436921

There aren’t shapeshifting reptillians in power YET.

5086cf  No.13436953

File: 437c708bd50cb56⋯.png (122.46 KB, 500x707, 500:707, sauron-has-regained-much-o….png)

6028f1  No.13436972

File: 861d7927a1840fe⋯.jpg (58.7 KB, 750x490, 75:49, Don't hold your hands behi….jpg)


The problem with using this method of doing it is that you are intentionally feeding blatant falsehoods. And if you feed them blatant falsehoods, there is the possibility that they become jaded after finding out that what you told them is bullshit. What that means is that reptillians are a great short-term solution but a horrendous long-term solution. You effectively need to barrage them with redpills non-stop before they snap out of it to get any long-term benefit out of it.


Handguns very often require a lot of fucking shots to kill someone and in almost all scenarios the cause of death is either getting popped in the head or blood loss. Handguns aren't exactly made for inflicting organ damage unless it is a fairly large caliber.

b12302  No.13437011


Yeah, but anon, he got popped in the head with a hollow point.

4d75a4  No.13437020



if by reptilian you mean actions dictated mainly by the lizard section of their brain then yes, it could be said that jews are reptilian, but still a bit of a stretch even if the fact that said trait is not exclusive to jews is ignored.

92d2c1  No.13437035


>those faces

We English aren't all ugly. Honest. I personally think the deformed faces of the majority of my kinsmen comes from the fact that most mothers drink whilst they are pregnant here.

6028f1  No.13437040

File: 82f6e0f7ad19d7c⋯.png (350.94 KB, 861x860, 861:860, Here comes the train.png)


Hollow points simply increase surface area to reduce the penetration distance, which ensures that it punctures more blood vessels and that the bullet doesn't simply go through. That means that if it gets into the brain, it could potentially do more damage, but only if it has sufficient energy (ie. gun being fired from close enough). The effectiveness falls off fairly quickly in terms of distance: at a certain point the round being a hollow point causes it to do less damage. Which, given the effective range for pistols, is not going to be very far. This isn't a videogame where buying the more expensive ammunition is simply going to give you +5 attack rating with no downsides or conditions.

85425b  No.13437045


tbh its very class based. the lower classes are ugly as fuck, middle classes are probably the most attractive, upper classes kind of have an inbred looking look. rural people can vary.

042bcb  No.13437050

File: 3de503d85eca808⋯.jpg (54.51 KB, 620x387, 620:387, nat-rothschild_2463174b.jpg)


I refuse to believe this kike (who dated Yael Kushner) is human.

f4fa9d  No.13439429


Jews worship the serpent, it's in all their literature. It's symbolism right from the kikes themselves.

f4fa9d  No.13439439


That's Nathan Rothchild and he is a SHE. Take another loom and you can see the old woman. Those kikes worship evil, they are trannies and now I've mentioned it if you cant see it there is no help for you.

1f0f87  No.13439520


One time when I had mushroom tea TDKR had just started and I channel surfed into the plane scene.

91a934  No.13439870

The original plot of the Super Mario Bros. game is that Reptilians from another dimension invaded the mushroom kingdom and used black magic (that's the actual term used in the instruction manual) to turn the mushroom people into coins and bricks. You're killing mushroom people every time you collect coins and destroy bricks in the game.

The whole struck me as weirdly esoteric.

903cb5  No.13439901


so much this.

and Icke is one of the original conspiracy theorists.

He might think that his work is helping, he might've seen the truth out there and set up to fight as a lone wolf but this problem remains.

Why would he divert relevant discussions to his reptilian crap ?

Why would any policy debate degenerate to: "accept it or we make fun of you for believing in reptilians"

And he did notice this yet kept doing it.

645e15  No.13440112


Not just Mario.This plot is realy common in movies and videogames.


Problem is that people expecting giant lizard in human skin. He shoot himself to foot by reptilian stuff. He toned it down. But people are not able to accept jewish power. How should they accept that real source of this is in another dimension. He should use term demons. Christians would eat it without problem.

ab9e41  No.13445878


The Curse of Canaan is a seriously good book, even better than the Protocols of Zion. If you want to learn about the kikes or just want to scare yourself read the Curse of Canaan.

b47ab8  No.13449218


Earth is a sandbox environment. No sane and logical civilization would be anything like what we have here. It doesn't matter what shape it is, and nobody gets out of here alive.

842bd0  No.13449243


He has been controlled opposition since before the www almost.

At first he was speaking about normal stuff, real red pills, then he was (((disappeared))) for several months, and when he came out he was talking about reptile aliens etc.

It is done to discredit by assosciation all the previous red pills he dropped, so anyone agreeing with any of the truths is immediately laughed at for believing in shapeshifting aliens.

This is a common tactic that has been known about for decades. I don't know why you haven't learned this yet.

There are tons of others that this happens to too. Alex Jones is a pre-made version, who drops a few scattered red pills of truth among a flood of ridiculous banana-shit designed to discredit.

Look up the FBI/CIA protocols on destroying opposition.

Discredit, deny, disinformation, controlled opposition, character assassination via humiliation etc.

tl;dr; he was (((fixed))) and turn into controlled opposition after he dropped red pills publicly, and has been a fraud for the last 25 years.

842bd0  No.13449251


in reality, whether shooting with a hollowpoint or not, if you are using a handgun it will be within effective range because no one is taking a shot from 200 yards away with a fucking pistol.

842bd0  No.13449257

842bd0  No.13449300


>can't name the new

not even with phone-posting wordfilters.

08bec3  No.13449323

File: 422134ccdffc8d5⋯.jpg (52.59 KB, 545x677, 545:677, 1556822072387.jpg)

Richard Dreyfuss: "Maybe It's Us Who Are the Aliens"


e5c41c  No.13449357







d3cbf6  No.13449399


I find it very interesting he claims a large majority of these aliens are jewish

d3cbf6  No.13449403

File: 0f95a396568749a⋯.png (78.25 KB, 487x654, 487:654, Capture.PNG)

08bec3  No.13449437

File: dba015d387dff8a⋯.png (90.86 KB, 586x616, 293:308, C5267B57-28EF-4E77-A4CC-EA….png)




620d45  No.13450320

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

620d45  No.13450326

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


there was a point where he was one of us

1f58e4  No.13450529

File: 112165c78222f2c⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 590x607, 590:607, 1465147339804.gif)

There's a bunch of stuff to cover here, dimensional overtones and ayys and simulation theory and pedo cults and Saturn cults and ancient Aryan history, etc. Sometimes I feel compelled to try to explain things, but I don't usually make too much progress, and honestly I doubt it matters very much anyway, I just like stating things. But I'm going to do this instead, I'll just stick with advice this time.

When the whole 'ayyy saviors' swing through right ahead of the planet getting pulverized, don't go with them. Even if you end up getting vaporized you probably won't, who cares TBH. Now I'm not sure how many non-NPCs are left around here, but there are a few. If you're one, we need to get rid of the excessive fat of the land and at the same time make sure it's a win-win for the involved parties NPCs by definition cannot be involved parties. So if/when you see something about to whack the planet, and if/when you get invited onto an ayy colony ship, just don't accept. You don't really need to know more than that.

If anyone feels excessively curious for more lore, whatever, I'll probably reply. But don't just say "tell me more" because that's like saying "tell me the encyclopedia", the request itself is nonsense and if you were unlucky enough to actually get what you asked for you'd go insane or in our case you'd just be wasting my time by not reading it anyway, or if it was a random passage it would be essentially meaningless to you.

The planet needs a good reaping, as we all know, so wu wei, just let it happen. Once the planetary trash is taken out, it's easy to deflect the cosmic trash, and if not then getting smoked by a meteor is a god-tier way to die regardless. Don't whine at me right now, just watch for it. Eventually you'll be like "holy shit that's anon on TV the crazy fucker was right", but I'd rather die infinitely than let a kike out of hell, so this is the route I'm taking. If I die again then I'll try again and eventually, inevitably, I'll succeed. I get to thinking we can wake up for real this time, but until we perfect planetary mastery there's really no point in it. I assure you it's worth the extra effort up front to get your build right, if you don't build your foundations absolutely crystal-perfect, it ends up falling apart near the end. We don't want that so whatever rules I feel personally like breaking, I'll break them, including this one where I spoil the finale for you.

Whatever you think you know about ayys is probably retarded, so if the thing you're shown makes any sense at all, it's probably bullshit.

baa5a6  No.13450682


All I know is that aliens are not our friends. At least the grays aren't. I haven't encountered any reptilians, mantis or nordic type ayys. But grays? Fuck 'em. I know most people laugh off encounters, and especially abductions, but only I know what I've been through. Never been abducted, but encounters are harrowing enough, I can only imagine the terror abductees go through. Encounters with those gray bastards leave one feeling dirty and violated. At least that's how I've been left feeling.

03824a  No.13450820

reptilian might just be a code word he is using

021649  No.13450825


He just thinks like a good Christian does with his GODLY niggers. It's a trait they all share.

5bd99a  No.13450846

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It isn't.

0104c9  No.13451007



e0d25a  No.13451075





schizo vs schizo

645e15  No.13451596


I don't want to be asshole but…

WTF are you talking about?

e9af2b  No.13451699


this, but I don't mind at all

382084  No.13452976

File: e2b78249592bd89⋯.png (1.08 MB, 636x845, 636:845, 1520884732276.png)


Met gave you some very good advice anon, do you think you'll end up taking it? That's amazing that you have those dreams without any spiritual training or guidance…. and where's my good-advice spirit?!

5856a4  No.13452983

No, Jews aren't reptilians. They're a stupid fucking cult made up of mongrels who wish to bring everyone else down to their level.

b3e90e  No.13453005


>He is a funded glow nigger. His job is to discredit leaked info and contain damage

Im convinced Owen Benjamin is the exact same thing. For a comedian, he is monumentally unfunny.

645e15  No.13453520


Reptilians are not in this reality. Damn Icke. Jews are not reptilians. Reptilians control them. Moustly jews but also others.

8ab379  No.13453635


How big was the aliens dick?

db197f  No.13453641

0097e1  No.13454366


a real insider wouldn't be alive today

alex jones

bob lizar

jullian assange

edward snowdon

dave ike

a2fcb2  No.13455261


Yup. He's a confirmed glowie.

b59d1e  No.13468154


it's true. every ancient society has tales of dragons and some have tales of lizard people. i guess the rational explanation is tales of the dinosaurs from ancient ancestors.

b59d1e  No.13468159


not a sound argument. thats like saying, "you havent been arrested yet so you are a kike fed" its just not a true statement.

938e75  No.13469969


He clearly is a globalist for open borders in the least, and a gate keeper

938e75  No.13469987


I've seen Owen Benjamins eyes turn reptillian, not hard to find in his videos

34598c  No.13470080

The kikes have rejected spirituality. They are complete materialists. That is also why they look so much like lizard. Because that is all a lizard is capable of. Let's not forget that all peoples have the lizard brain still intact in their more developed brain.

However i looked into this "lizard people" phenomenon a couple years back. The best proof i could find was an official video from cnn website or some other mainstream newssource where they were interviewing - lol - a banker… This guy was intervied for like 4 minutes and the dude literally had lizard eyes… It was not a flash or something like that. The lighting was perfectly clear and the video was in high quality. Iv'e *heard* this is a recognized phenomena though and it is called "cat eye syndrome": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat_eye_syndrome

If i recall correctly a couple years back there was another picture there than the shitty they have now. They removed the image that used to be there of a dude with perfect slit eyes… These people are real and they walk among us… And some of them are bankers, lol.

d81aca  No.13470170


Or it is a projection of our brain outwards. Some live by the most archaic part, some are Angels.

2d8997  No.13470735


Please, do go on.

Or, if you do not wish to elaborate, where would one read more?

755fa2  No.13477389

This genius thought 2012 was going to be magical and shit like the Mayans said and then completely denied he ever said any of it

645e15  No.13477426


>not hard to find in his videos

can you find some examples than?


I seen these eyes in real life. But it usualy last realy few secons.


Icke will take anything that is popular and add it to his mix. Matrix, Avatar, 2012 whatever. In the end you should not belive everything he said because he is bit crazy.

e2c4c5  No.13477537


We're all corruptible, what % of pol if offered 10 million by Jews to STFU wouldn't?

ea8c0c  No.13477597


no. David Icke is a schizo faggot that said he was the son of God- who was laughed out of the public sphere. Then he pops up years later talking about fucking reptilians without ever saying why he thinks this.

You know he has made millions on this horseshit? >>13434426

388f7b  No.13477615

File: f74105ad3640e3c⋯.mp4 (10.74 MB, 720x480, 3:2, https://seed28.bitchute.co….mp4)


It's not that he sold out, it's that he was trying to mislead a more intelligent audience at that point, namely the early 9/11 truthers. These days, the so-called "truth movement" is infest with so many low IQ individuals, that he can show his allegiance to Israel openly, so long as it's mixed in bullshit about how Trump is fixing everything and pseudo religious rants.

I don't know when in 2006 that clip is from, but here's another from the same year, where he called into Michael Collins Piper and told some truth, much more than he would today, while still trying to downplay jewish power. But the really significant thing is, at the same time he made this call, he was trying to get RBN microbroadcasters to drop Piper's show.

That clip that gets posted time to time of him saying "I'm jewish" is out of context, and he doesn't look it, but with how devious and manipulative he is, I wouldn't be surprised if he has some yid DNA in him.

175b53  No.13480144


I've literally launched weather balloons with go-pros from my back yard you kike shill, it's fucking round. You can do this yourself using shit you buy off ebay. Kys, well poisoning faggot.

b356f7  No.13480182


Hmm.. Asteroid hits, but many thousands of smallish bipedal dinos (raptors & such) are down in massive caverns, with plenty of spring water & food, just relaxing out of the desert or tropical heat. Millions of years pass. What do they evolve into?? Probably fuckin genius, 2 legged reptilian beings. What else?

0cc934  No.13480184

UK's Jimmy Saville = US's Epstein

interesting to hear Icke describe Saville as a "procurer of children" for the "elites". he was someone with unaccounted great wealth, with access to the Royal's inner circle, despite lacking worthy credentials

b356f7  No.13480224


Wow major slide-age habbening now. Must have struck a nerve. But what would the dinos that were in caves ( when the big asteroid hit) ecolve into after millions of years?? Geckos? Nope. Xtremely intelligent sentient beings.

b356f7  No.13480254


Well no shit. Hal1burt0n was co-owned by Ch3n3y. They got ALL the iraqi rebuilding construction contracts. Lets move on, and figure out how to stop them NOW

0a023b  No.13480260


David Icke is fucking lovable, even though he is batshit, the man is worth his weight in gold.

b356f7  No.13480278

so maybe 70% of the cabal happen to be jewish, no denying that. But, Im sure there are lots of patriotic, good jews, just like at least 60% of catholic priests are inherently good.

000000  No.13481843




>UFO's are real, and aliens are visiting Earth, and have been for a long time

I built a parking lot wide enough for their glowsaucers but they never land there, them outerspayss smugtards.


>"Reptiles" are REPresentatives.



I see now.

ty anon

kys brainless moron



Like when he's analyzing shitty low-res videos and uses compression artifacts as evidence of lizard eye slits or something?

No, he's just a moron boomer or a very entertaining glownigger.


the state of burger conspiracies


>retarded fan fiction

8fd0b6  No.13488185

He's an arthritic, former soccer goalie. The dumb motherfucker does TEN HOUR shows without making a point. It's all circular, fruity bullshit. Stop being a lazy nigger watching jewtubes and just read good books.

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