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File: b4db069c1f5b9e4⋯.jpg (54.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2b0a47b2-8533-4f65-8ca4-c9….jpg)

File: 87d5a70dff96382⋯.jpg (263.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, n_maddow_bdebate_190214.jpg)

46a95d  No.13437216

NBC is hosting the first debates, and it will be dedicating air time on both of its news channels (MSNBC as well as the main NBC channel) for the debates.

The first debate will start at 9 p.m. Eastern Time and end at 11 p.m.

The first debate Today will feature:

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas

Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota

Former Rep. John Delaney of Maryland

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii

Former Housing Secretary Julián Castro

Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee

The second debate Tommorow will feature:

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont

Sen. Kamala Harris of California

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana

Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado

Author Marianne Williamson

Rep. Eric Swalwell of California

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York

Entrepreneur and UBI enthusiast Andrew Yang

Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado

The two debates will be presided over by five moderators: Lester Holt (of NBC Nightly News), Savannah Guthrie (of the Today show), Jose Diaz-Balart (of NBC Nightly News), Chuck Todd (of Meet the Press), and Rachel Maddow (of The Rachel Maddow Show).

f816a5  No.13437229


Whoever sucks more kosher dick wins


432da1  No.13437271

Any standouts? Besides the child sniffer.

298498  No.13437305

File: 44715125178e477⋯.jpg (114.13 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, katherina sisters.jpg)


I'm tempted to watch this, but then again, I'm tempted not to.

On one hand I know its going to be a fucking trainwreck, but on the other hand, I could spend that time rewatching Kobayashi' Dragon Maid.

This is an age of tough choices.

298498  No.13437325

File: ac330ba0e8b97f5⋯.jpg (111.93 KB, 345x525, 23:35, 2087c000001b4c7cf93a_rosie….jpg)


The roach is still around, so keep those reflexes sharp my dood.

d2cfbf  No.13437348


Wish I had cable so I could see what commercials play. For the Left being mindless automatons who hate white people there sure are a lot of white people debating. "No, I hate white people more." "No! I hate white people more than you!" -says the white Left people. Fucking clown world. When will the Jews say fuck it, kill all the humans and lets just have robots tend to us.

d2cfbf  No.13437355

Thought HRC was going to try again?

3fadd9  No.13437368

Go Tulsi! I want this party to tear itself apart! Fuck the milquetoast establishment Democrats, the only way for the rise of the far right is through the rise of the far left.

5de351  No.13437402


Tulsi is the best of that batch, but she's got no chance. I wonder if they'll even let her speak.

5ee392  No.13437432

I'm very interested in seeing a Yang/Sanders presidency because of the accelerationist implications of their policies. I'm tired of seeing the same shit over and over again, America needs a sharp kick in the arse so that people will be more alert and awake. It would be glorious to see normies be dazed and confused.

f40c13  No.13437465

this is going to be a leftist shit show of epic proportions

298498  No.13437476

File: 3b993c27bc117fe⋯.jpg (118.93 KB, 634x633, 634:633, Australian1.jpg)


So long as the board remains a cuckchan shithole, I will employ cuckchan tactics.

Improve your moderation or stay mad modnigger.

f40c13  No.13437481

File: a2f84226f3b2d0a⋯.jpg (242.3 KB, 800x563, 800:563, howtoneckyourself.jpg)


You should spend the time learning useful skills and then put them to use.

298498  No.13437483

File: e43d9bd5af946d0⋯.jpg (470.21 KB, 1600x1239, 1600:1239, 1421966692642.jpg)


I agree.

dea766  No.13437484

File: d65864e2acfe6fb⋯.jpg (40.93 KB, 800x450, 16:9, nogirls.jpg)


We don't care, we neither laugh nor cry nor curse your little mindedness.

b49cb0  No.13437561

File: 7c3194451c1495e⋯.png (654.58 KB, 1057x995, 1057:995, Screenshot_20190626-190040….png)

DRINKING GAME - wanted to deveopn one, but Rolling Stone came up with a pretty good one even they know it's a farce). Sure, I add "fair"/"fairness" = a shot but RS's includes:

"I'm a child of immigrants" "humble beginnings" "support of my family" "[insert pet here] " "under attack" "children in cages". It even includes what I'd Maddow says …See the full list here:


b49cb0  No.13437564

Seems like they gave Warren no competition. Must be the media favorite.

de2c15  No.13437627



d2cfbf  No.13437694

0725c9  No.13437701


No one gives a fuck

0725c9  No.13437707


Get married and cook dinners for your husband

Put that rifle down you look retarded holding it

d2cfbf  No.13437740

I wonder how many US flags there will be on stage.

779963  No.13437801

File: 8258b1c01cc18f8⋯.png (30.28 KB, 632x305, 632:305, issues.png)

So what happened to all the yangbangers?

04512c  No.13437868


The mission was accomplished once we got him qualified for the debates, the point is to signal boost anyone that mentions white birthrates (and circumcision I guess), not waste our time trying to get him elected when the DNC is just going to pick their favorite like last time. I doubt anyone on this board still thinks democracy is an option.

b90afe  No.13437876


>So long as the board remains a cuckchan shithole, I will employ cuckchan tactics

So this fucking fag admits to being a cuckchanner and he isn't banned?

b90afe  No.13437880


Also fucking this, women don't belong in a mans world

be3ea6  No.13437886


The board owner who did that sort of thing was taken down.

b90afe  No.13437892


Who the roach? If so maybe he should come back

be3ea6  No.13437900


What's stopping you from making another 8ch board with stricter moderation?

02bf07  No.13437971

File: a462d4d76dcb5c1⋯.png (868.21 KB, 1393x692, 1393:692, lol.png)

a75fe7  No.13437982

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

f40c13  No.13437998





37e563  No.13438019

File: c485e415768d89f⋯.png (561.36 KB, 931x723, 931:723, infowars clownworld.PNG)


46c0b7  No.13438029

>they're already complaining about muh trolls and bots

fe746f  No.13438050

Dis gonna be gud.

d00363  No.13438051

File: 22110f607981d7f⋯.jpg (92.82 KB, 1471x1024, 1471:1024, Apu Clock.jpg)

Already getting nostalgia from 2015.

I haven't posted on 8chan lately, but it is good to back.

fe746f  No.13438053


But what's the difference?

f40c13  No.13438057


I just grabbed a couple after searching, I didn't check the other stream, it's a backup

dfa1fc  No.13438058

File: 488be98eb47f43a⋯.png (4.34 MB, 1819x1786, 1819:1786, 488be98eb47f43a77a355bdd00….png)


I'm just glad I can shitpost with you guys tonight

fe746f  No.13438060


Man I feel you, anon. I was in college and too busy to be a responsible oldfag.

d00363  No.13438063

File: 708a66eae0dc06f⋯.png (207.48 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Doomer.png)


Same here.

It is crazy to see how much I've changed since then.

363da1  No.13438064

Warren had a big speech memorized. Like a good native.

b90afe  No.13438066


Who me? I'm not the roach but it was the good thing about the faggot, everything else he did was shit

46c0b7  No.13438070

>yes the economy is doing well


343f8d  No.13438073


IKTF anon. I haven't really posted since the inauguration.

363da1  No.13438077

HOLY SHIT dude is speaking spick

fe746f  No.13438078

File: 6fe521595ac2aa7⋯.png (184.54 KB, 456x480, 19:20, 1468607199749.png)


Same. Man I used to be wide eyed, naive, gave a shit about the world. Now I'm just like. Nah. Leave the fuck alone world.

02bf07  No.13438080

LOL Beto talking Spanish…

2ea97e  No.13438081

>debates aren't even in english anymore


46c0b7  No.13438083


That should get a candidate thrown out

f40c13  No.13438084

wew that beto faggot is speaking mexcrement

298498  No.13438088

File: 4d2ee418e2848cb⋯.jpg (80.57 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Pretty dutch girl.jpg)




>this shit is gay and id rather be watching anime


>nah, I'd rather clean my gun while watching anime



fe746f  No.13438091


He has something on his lip… IS THAT HIV?!?!?!

343f8d  No.13438092

File: 1d515c29a6ab2c0⋯.png (374.65 KB, 641x641, 1:1, 95b0063fbaa4314fc058923348….png)

>spic speak in a presidential debate

b90afe  No.13438094





welcome to the jewnited states where every spic is welcome with open arms

b8b040  No.13438096

File: 79cca473ae975d2⋯.jpg (2.14 MB, 3500x2390, 350:239, 829a0d55-1983-42f0-808c-08….jpg)


Yang support was almost entirely astroturf

363da1  No.13438097

Who let Black Agent 47 on the stage?

02bf07  No.13438098

My Youtube feed to it keeps going down but other sites running fine. Which one of you sneaks are DDoSing. How awful of you to do such a thing so the 12 remaining American Democrats and their 100 million voting foreigners cannot watch this.

d00363  No.13438099


I slept through it.


I used to be a lolberg. Now I'm full blown fash.


Tonsil stone, maybe?

b90afe  No.13438100


To be fair so were the trumpfags

f7ddbb  No.13438101


>i live in a low income black neighborhood

that he moved to when he wanted to do politics

46c0b7  No.13438102

File: af52f9989cbeb18⋯.gif (955.03 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 1467676230066.gif)


There is something off about his eyes. Crerps me the fuck out

f7ddbb  No.13438104

is kiketube shitting out for anyone else?

46c0b7  No.13438108

>>13438104 Hooktube seems to be working for me

1c1926  No.13438109

File: 67c8e17df4f2dc3⋯.jpg (197.29 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1539919936882.jpg)


>le 56% candidate

02bf07  No.13438110


Yes, someone has to be fucking with it. Keeps going down.

f40c13  No.13438111

File: 11f5f8f4a66b4c4⋯.jpg (106.95 KB, 900x935, 180:187, honk honk goose.jpg)

>leftists think they're going to fix wealth inequality

>doesn't mention the federal reserve or fiat monetary policy

652aac  No.13438112


>banned literally everything

>let feds run rampant

>was a sperging autist even on decent days

>was a Turk

Yeah nah, the best thing to happen to /pol/ was watching that Turk sperg out one last time before getting his ass removed for incompetence after hemorrhaging the shit out of the board multiple times.

as for the debates


He probably rents it out to help pay for the utilities for his 5th summer home


Probably another MK ULTRA victim

363da1  No.13438114

Warren going to name the (((Merchant)))?

dfa1fc  No.13438115

File: d4bf4f9e54a8ce7⋯.jpg (66.22 KB, 1066x720, 533:360, D8t2kEzW4AITojd.jpg)


It always looks like they're pointing in two directions

b90afe  No.13438117


I said everything he did was shit except banning reddit fags, not sure why you would defend reddit

f7ddbb  No.13438119


but it was doing that when google launched their online game thing. their "service" is absolute trash.

9ef0e8  No.13438120

Oh shit fellas, duh wayje gapz!

298498  No.13438123

File: 92d86bda10d835f⋯.png (1.72 MB, 2668x1534, 1334:767, ClipboardImage.png)

02bf07  No.13438125

Do you guys notice that they are all running on Trump's campaign right now? All are bringing up "corruption" and getting rid of them. I seriously cannot watch a Democrat speak for more than a few minutes. They never answer directly, they are so clearly anti American, and none of them are in any way likable.

I mean seriously throw out the whole politician thing for a moment and just look at these people. They are creepy, all of them. Who the hell would hang out with these people outside of complete goober weirdos…

dfa1fc  No.13438127

File: 90b50f501bb89e9⋯.jpg (104.03 KB, 597x783, 199:261, 90b50f501bb89e975f962cdfcb….jpg)

>muh women get paid less

46c0b7  No.13438128

Ah yes, anyone got the info graphs on the wymin paygap?

298498  No.13438129


>they are so clearly anti American

You mean anti-White, redditnigger.

298498  No.13438131


Do we even have to post them at this point?

Nobody believes that shit except people who have more cum in their brains than cerebral fluid.

b90afe  No.13438132


>Implying Trump isn't anti-white

02bf07  No.13438133


Yeah that as well. Guaranteed all we hear about is racial shit and everything will blame whites.

363da1  No.13438135

Not going to lie–would bone the Brunette. Obviously a cumdump but still.

02bf07  No.13438137

Something is seriously going on with the feed, it just keeps crashing.

f40c13  No.13438138

Is that the standard algorithm? Get asked a question, start answer with bullshit related story to convey understanding, offer vague solution that will never work because the underlying assumptions are wrong.

298498  No.13438139


>Implying Trump isn't anti-white

I never did that.


Checked for Truth.

46c0b7  No.13438140


They're good to have around for the uninitiated


She's pretty, bonus points for at least pretending to be anti-intervention

d00363  No.13438141

File: fd0019051e96fec⋯.png (240.48 KB, 428x456, 107:114, 95 Percent to hit.png)

I'm already cringing.

363da1  No.13438142

>Democrats party of the Working people.

Biggest number on welfare.

f7ddbb  No.13438143

Is that the mayor of NYC? What the fuck is he doing on the stage?

b0d57d  No.13438145


Proof they weren't lies in 8chan niggerfaggots angry that trump supporters came here and now call it home too. There are zero people here who actually support Yang, unlike Trump.

dfa1fc  No.13438146

File: 959a084af8bd6fe⋯.jpg (52.73 KB, 640x972, 160:243, 959a084af8bd6fea5bc30af817….jpg)

>raise wages

>wageslaves get replaced by robots

96dcf8  No.13438148


Tapped out.


298498  No.13438149


>Get asked a question

>start answer with bullshit related story to convey understanding

To convey EMOTION. Your base is low-IQ and female.

>offer vague solution that will never work

Offer emotionally gratifying jumble of words.

>because the underlying assumptions are wrong.

Because you're using rationality and reason, whereas this is an emotional appeal to vaginas and mudfolk.

652aac  No.13438150


He banned everyone anon. Sorry he was a fag, but that's what he was. The only way he could have been any worse was if someone had a webm of him sucking another guy off like another certain board owner.

>how would you help women get an equal pay

>make them work the same amount of time

I honestly feel bad for the dems, they have to differentiate themselves by prostrating to brown people as hard as possible and giving their voter base the same 5 talking points, just said differently.


trying to get another sub 1% of the natoinal vote

363da1  No.13438152

Delaney just looks like your uncle who settled for his middle class life and goes to the lake when he isn't watching dirty videos of underage girls.

f40c13  No.13438154

coal miner kike blasio's solution for weath inequality -> increase minimum wage (price floor). Did none of these faggots even take a basic econ class?

46c0b7  No.13438157


The closest we got to people honestly supporting Yang was people who wanted to accelerate the collapse of america, and understandable reason

02bf07  No.13438158


Correction - China supports Yang since he, like Luei, are Chinese spies.

298498  No.13438159


>He banned everyone anon

No he didn't.

He banned everyone who was critical of the cheetonic zionist of north american israeli-settlement.

747075  No.13438160


King nigger dept of labor admitted it was vaginas fault they get paid less because they choose shit jobs.

de2c15  No.13438162

File: 1a2c993c021173e⋯.png (244.57 KB, 359x357, 359:357, wackyeyesman.PNG)

vote senator Crazyeyes 2020

46c0b7  No.13438163

Oh fuck, its a pro-union faggot

298498  No.13438164


Is that joe biden in a bald-cap?

d00363  No.13438166

Wind turbines cause jobs.

9ef0e8  No.13438167

Inslee removed the American flag at the Washington capital and replaced it with the ChiComm flag.

f40c13  No.13438168



ffa721  No.13438169

>do real things

>just make it easier for students to pay their loans

No one is going to say shit, they're going to keep out virtue-signaling each other.

Hope Beto keeps trying to fit his Spanish bullshit into 60 seconds while Corey Booker visibly cringes.

02bf07  No.13438170

Can't get this shit to keep playing. Someone link the hooktube. The Youtube is clearly being fucked with. Pretty funny as I bet the libtards are blaming us and freaking out.

f40c13  No.13438171

let's invent the future goys!

363da1  No.13438172

Tim Ryan

More like Fat Jack Ryan.

652aac  No.13438173


>you'll never rebuild the Democratic dream by reenslaving blacks by forcing them to build wind turbines for free

why live

298498  No.13438174

File: 88c24df8b7a1a93⋯.jpg (70.82 KB, 833x1179, 833:1179, waat.JPG)


>listen, my brown horde!

>i know you can't do basic math

>and you don't speak english

>but we have a job for you

<in high tech

f7ddbb  No.13438175


>go to college

>get 30-60k in debt so you can get a 30-50k entry level job

>dems force 30k per year minimum wage

>now you make as much as the high school drop out working at McShits

>except you went to school and took on debt


Also this stream is fucking garbage.

46c0b7  No.13438176

dfa1fc  No.13438181

File: 101a8eb1b067025⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1152x1485, 128:165, 101a8eb1b0670259a95b01f93f….png)

>muh turbines

wind turbines are shit and kill birds

t. Electrical Engineer

363da1  No.13438183

Oh look Pocahontas wanting to be one with nature.

f7ddbb  No.13438184


You don't need economics when you're selling bullshit.

46c0b7  No.13438186


Aren't there situations where wind turbines will never make up for the energy used to make them?

f40c13  No.13438187

Watching all these leftists with their shit solutions that completely ignore the real problems is all the evidence required that this country is 200% done.

2ea97e  No.13438190



04512c  No.13438191


Probably selling a book or boosting his reelection funding like most of the other meme candidates.


To anyone who thinks this sounds dumb, turbines have killed off over 60% of several American bird species and we barely even use wind power. Birds are just really retarded.

1c1926  No.13438192

File: 94201eab6572a88⋯.jpg (67.9 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1547957756021.jpg)




747075  No.13438194


Cats kill multitudes more.

298498  No.13438196

File: 77532ebf6dcdf01⋯.gif (998.84 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 1434185691436.gif)


Thats not how it works though.

>go to college

>get 30-60k in debt so you can get a 30-50k entry level job

>dems force 30k per year minimum wage

<market adjusts via inflation so now you're making 70k but it only goes as far as 30-50k did before

>now the high school drop out working at McShits makes 30k but it only goes as far as the 17k he was making before

>"What the fuck is 'inflation'? Isn't that a fetish? I saw some of those vids on PornHub."


298498  No.13438197



b90afe  No.13438199



Both of those are true but it kept reddit niggers away


Also no one here supports the kike anymore and certainly no one supports the chink either and never did

Either way both Democucks and Republifags are complete jews at this point and neither party is worth it

d00363  No.13438200

File: 66990738071ee28⋯.jpg (133.71 KB, 867x651, 289:217, Doom Paul Dear.jpg)



They don't realize that their technophile society won't exist when we're Argentina tier.

92bb6d  No.13438203

This is a bore fest. Only Warren survives from this group. Tomorrows group will be better hopefully.

b90afe  No.13438204


Wind Turbines are shit and don't produce enough energy, we need more fucking nuclear power is what we fucking need

652aac  No.13438205



I wish people would stop vilifying Nuclear power so we can actually start building up our power infrastructure with far more reliable energy, preferably in more environmentally stable areas.


You wouldn't happen to have a source for me to read on that would you, I'd like to get some info on that

1a83aa  No.13438206



Oh man , can’t wait till this shit is afghan tier shit here

02bf07  No.13438209

She is edgy! "All foam and no beer"

Damn, no bullshit, these people are fucking dreadful. I really don't know which will win their party vote as they all are the same thing. Usually in cases like this it's the best looking woman but that ain't fucking happening so, god damn, who will it be… who will be the sacrificial lamb to Trump.

f40c13  No.13438210


>will be better

46c0b7  No.13438213

File: 385661d0cb542e9⋯.jpg (10.18 KB, 177x278, 177:278, 2959c15505f5fc9fc6bd4ca362….jpg)

>healthcare is a human right

dfa1fc  No.13438214

File: c6327c4d6371001⋯.jpg (221.39 KB, 800x750, 16:15, 130210.jpg)


depends on where you put them, but turbines can also turn so fast they tear themselves apart


I have no problems with genociding cats dogs are the patrician's pet

02bf07  No.13438216

Over/Under that Beto really met the kid in Loredo?

652aac  No.13438217


TBH my money is on Biden getting the nomination, with Hillary going for a vice president role. If they win then I'm sure Biden is going to go on a permanent vacation either surrounded by Caribbean loli's or the afterlife

fe746f  No.13438218


Oh look, the new Bethesda game.

ed1e88  No.13438220


nuclear power is great, but it os an existential threat.

The chance it can wipe out all human life on a continent is real. Likely, no, but we already got too close twice. How many more times does some error lead to the complete destruction in a 1000km radius?

298498  No.13438221

File: d8b375d5bcddb6a⋯.jpg (104.66 KB, 2011x1092, 2011:1092, nigger - dont say it.JPG)


>Both of those are true but it kept reddit niggers away

No it didn't you stupid redditnigger, it actively brought redditniggers in because they thought they belonged.


>They don't realize that their technophile society won't exist when we're Argentina tier.

Anon, they don't realize anything.

That's whats so dangerous about this whole thing.

Our opposition is a bunch of IQ 70 squats and hyper-emotional emcel catladies.

These people would destroy the world with bad decisions just like they've destroyed their own lives.

02bf07  No.13438223

Even Hooktube is going down with this. Someone is no doubt fucking with it.

92bb6d  No.13438225


Bernie is the only one willing to attack another candidate on stage, and he's going for Biden. Only way to win and knock down points on the other candidates is when they get attacked during the debate and look stupid when they couldn't hold their ground.

All of these talking points are boring and unless they look retarded, they need to attack eachother.

b90afe  No.13438226


>I wish people would stop vilifying Nuclear power

It's probably the hippy libfags, it's always fucking them because they're fucking braindead. They don't even realize how many current nuclear power plants there are and how few accidents there have been except Chernobyl and Fukishima and three-mile Island maybe. If we focused more on it we'd be better off and have a good stable electrical infrastructure

343f8d  No.13438227

File: 908bead65a4467b⋯.jpg (168.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0104.jpg)

Jones is on fire right now. Calling Beto an autist and saying Warren is a goblin on meth.


f40c13  No.13438228


This stream hasn't gone down once:


02bf07  No.13438229

Dude interrupts Beto and he stops talking immediately and let's him talk over him. What a Chad…

46c0b7  No.13438230


>president biden and vp clinton

I think I got a rush of physical pain from the very idea of it

fe746f  No.13438231


Yes, but rarely. Mostly because they are so fucking expensive to put up that I don't think anyone would ever let one be built in a location that it wouldn't work. Which is the overwhelming majority of land. Wind turbines suck.

363da1  No.13438233

Bald Biden comes in with a trump card.

dfa1fc  No.13438234



It's damn near impossible to get new nuclear plants because of how vilified it is and the cost of the plant. We can even recycle nuclear waste into new fuel.

d00363  No.13438235


Reminder to get guns, anons.


Please don't crush my soul anymore.

f7ddbb  No.13438236


Wow. One DNC faggot actually bring facts to the table. He's done.

298498  No.13438238

File: 9e3762ea7b48368⋯.jpg (68.01 KB, 785x657, 785:657, CyberHonk.jpg)

File: 5f0e52b5bfeb6ee⋯.jpg (81.77 KB, 758x574, 379:287, cyberkek.JPG)

File: bc76b1349aa7a57⋯.jpg (170.21 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, cyberpunk nightmare.jpg)


>baste tranny-lover is shitting on the libcuck racists who oppose (((president trump)))!

b90afe  No.13438240


>We can even recycle nuclear waste into new fuel

It's amazing how far we've come with that and no one seems to know

Also these fucking fags are retarded, free shit is always a goddamn scam because it's coming out of everyone elses pockets

2ea97e  No.13438242

Goddamn the NBC stream is unwatchable, anyone have one that works?

753d88  No.13438243


He didn't attack Hillary at all during the last election. I doubt he will go hard this time.

46c0b7  No.13438244

File: b690b723efbc7f6⋯.jpg (170.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, smugnort.jpg)

>poor healthcare causes nigger deaths

>not their shitty lifestyles

de2c15  No.13438245




b90afe  No.13438247

>We need free healthcare regardless of the cost

>But fuck actually building more infrastructure or god forbid actually fixing broken shit or sending men to mars or anything dumb shit like that!

dfa1fc  No.13438248

File: 7bd61aad7c4430d⋯.jpg (14.04 KB, 600x367, 600:367, 7bd61aad7c4430d9dbbbcb444f….jpg)

>healthcare is a human right


298498  No.13438251

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Also these fucking fags are retarded, free shit is always a goddamn scam because it's coming out of everyone elses pockets

IOW: There is no such thing as 'free shit'.


ed1e88  No.13438252


except it only takes one fuck up irradiate everything. Nuclear power allows no room for mistakes, because every mistake has the potential make large portions of earth uninhabitable.

The risk is too great.

02bf07  No.13438254


TV, Youtube and Hooktube all going down over and over for me.

46c0b7  No.13438257


Knives did nothing wrong

b90afe  No.13438258


There's already people back at Chernobyl

9ef0e8  No.13438259

My brain functions are shutting down.

652aac  No.13438260


That's what drives me up a wall. The only real accidents we have had? Some commie plant built with tech two decades too early and crashed because some idiot decided to stroke his ego with a badly planned experiment. The other? An island nation that experiences tsunamis with relative frequency. The United States has plenty of places where weather isn't completely balls fucking crazy. We can easily build them there with solid tech, good engineers, and more up to date material if we actually can afford the research.


It hurts just how tough it is to get it across to people that cartoons from the 80's aren't exactly the best source of info for nuclear energy.


Don't worry, if that ticket were to win, I'd push a bet that Biden wouldn't see the inauguration before committing suicide with 15 staples to the back of the head

dfa1fc  No.13438261


>It's amazing how far we've come with that and no one seems to know

Last I checked, France is so good at it that it imports nuclear waste

46c0b7  No.13438262


Get off McDonald's wifi

2ea97e  No.13438263




298498  No.13438265

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



b90afe  No.13438266

womens fucking coverage


f7ddbb  No.13438267


no fucking kidding. youtube is a goddamned mess. what happened to the anon who would stream shit

753d88  No.13438269



fe746f  No.13438270

Did this fucking rando brown man really just make an argument that CHILDREN WITHOUT HEALTH CARE cannot succeed in school? Where the fuck are we? Detroit?

ed1e88  No.13438271


you completely miss my point.

1ce7eb  No.13438272


Slavs aren't people anon

363da1  No.13438275

A Transfemale

d00363  No.13438276


02bf07  No.13438277

Reproduce justice lol… these people… fucking so bad.

dfa1fc  No.13438278

File: 79fc997e3f06794⋯.jpg (42.9 KB, 400x500, 4:5, 79fc997e3f067947102f48f3d6….jpg)

as long as we make sure the shitskins are killing their children, I'm fine with abortions

46c0b7  No.13438279

File: 4327d452c40c345⋯.png (409.28 KB, 833x899, 833:899, 4327d452c40c345f55d837a27f….png)

>reproductive justice

>pregnant trannies

1a83aa  No.13438281


I bet I could make a device. A reactor at least or a pile moderated by graphite blocks

Some milled rods mad of boron to control the neutrons and sheeeeiittt

740e8c  No.13438282


dfa1fc  No.13438283

File: 03952e3f9c66145⋯.png (192.28 KB, 644x745, 644:745, 03952e3f9c66145526aecb3758….png)


de2c15  No.13438284

File: 7cb751ff0e3368c⋯.png (230.35 KB, 291x404, 291:404, downsyndrome.PNG)

this manlet wants to make sure trannies have abortion rights? Did I hear that right?

f7ddbb  No.13438285

>not only do i support abortion, but i support trans-abortion

I support aborting trans too.

1c1926  No.13438286


>manlet goblino is canceled

f7ddbb  No.13438287


You did.

298498  No.13438290

File: ff8763e18206ece⋯.jpg (2.77 MB, 4632x5080, 579:635, US Abortion.jpg)


>as long as we make sure the shitskins are killing their children, I'm fine with abortions

And this is why you keep losing – you would sacrifice you're own children, perpetuate such as a societal norm, for the sake of pest control, while ignoring that, absent that control, the pests would swarm even more and you'd have a greater number of people who are aware of the pest problem and willing to eliminate the pests – through peaceful deportation, of course – instead of merely controlling them.

1ce7eb  No.13438291


>we all suport niggers…

>but what about GAY NIGGERS?1!!

<hollering applause

Dude knows how to play to the clown crowd tbh

1a83aa  No.13438293


Same here

Anything that takes future enemy combatants off the battlefield is a ok with me



de2c15  No.13438295


and they clapped for him. kill me



f40c13  No.13438297


It's hard to believe this is reality.

02bf07  No.13438298

Another Trump narrative. He is the one who first brought up the opiate issue, he is the first person to start going at it, and of course the Dems jump on.

Heeeereeee comes Beto!

f7ddbb  No.13438301


go away faggot. don't try to hijack accelerationism to push your christfaggotry

46c0b7  No.13438302

Nigger 47 still freaking me out

ed1e88  No.13438307


uuuuuuuuuuhhhh I guess female to male who gets pregnant? This shit is clownworld as fuck.

f7ddbb  No.13438310

this stream is a mess

b90afe  No.13438312



No I get your point and I agree slavs aren't people, but nuclear has such a stigma on it for a few accidents meanwhile every other energy production industry has had far more accidents and loss of life and property. That's kind of the point, plus standards now are much better then they used to be plus Russia isn't exactly what people should be looking towards for reliability

dfa1fc  No.13438314

File: 17db58510e1b172⋯.png (255.91 KB, 391x352, 391:352, 1a5b3c70c2be8ba627d597cd14….png)


You have it all wrong; due to historical injustices, we would make sure the women-of-color would have easy abortions to make sure they can have appropriate representation in the workforce while white women wouldn't have those privileges.

fe746f  No.13438315


… But… That thing is ugly… The comparison is bad.

1ce7eb  No.13438321

lmao someone give this guy an oscar

298498  No.13438322


Thanks mods!

02bf07  No.13438323

File: 5afef8a1a3e6b15⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1301x745, 1301:745, DNCCrowd.png)

Are they in a movie theater?

46c0b7  No.13438324

File: a2ad167c8c0d930⋯.png (623.25 KB, 1024x1127, 1024:1127, 5b82e4fa8610de69763333a041….png)

>muh undocumented children

>all that dramatizing over specific cases

I hate these people

f7ddbb  No.13438325


This anon understand how to apply social justice. White women are far too privileged. We need to ensure minority women have access to all of the abortions they can handle.

9054b0  No.13438326


363da1  No.13438327

muh poor brown invaders.

We should be pissed

>no response.

b90afe  No.13438331


Sad part is most white woman wouldn't even make a counter argument

46c0b7  No.13438334

>spics play stupid games and die over it


f7ddbb  No.13438335

>invaders drown in the moat trying to invade the castle

Seems like the moat did its job. What's the problem?

02bf07  No.13438336

Holy fuck another one….

363da1  No.13438337

OMG Can I get subtitles–in ENGLISH!?

46c0b7  No.13438340

Oh fuck more spicspeak

d1cbc0  No.13438341


f7ddbb  No.13438342

LOL! I fucking love these faggots trying to out spic each other! This is great!

004910  No.13438343


>So long as the board remains shit, I will contribute to it being shit.

You do see the flaw in that logic right?

298498  No.13438344

File: 3d97609a903e9b7⋯.png (808.03 KB, 1998x1213, 1998:1213, ClipboardImage.png)




>pic related


04512c  No.13438345

File: b87797d59ca74f8⋯.png (104.14 KB, 279x279, 1:1, whatever.png)


>Tulsi stands out in the first debate for being the only anti-interventionist, doesn't come close to winning the primary but might be a VP/cabinet pick

>Biden embarrasses himself tomorrow since he's senile and can barely make coherent sentences

>Yellow money man gets a lot of nonwhite supporters because gibz

>All the <1% meme candidates' supporters consolidate on bigger ones, Swalwell somehow manages to poll at -1%

>Bernie loses most of his remaining non-hardcore supporters to Yang and Tulsi. Eventually drops out and endorses Tulsi.

>Warren wins the primary but loses the election to Trump because she has autism and can't handle bantz.

>Trump doubles down on globohomo and continues to gaslight about immigration

I don't even know who the accelerationist candidate is anymore, does it matter?

f7ddbb  No.13438347

>we need to invest our money into other countries


10a9da  No.13438348

d2cfbf  No.13438349

Nigger Booger has a lazy eye.

85df60  No.13438351


27c2f1  No.13438352

Somebody convince me this country is still worth saving. I'm nearly blackpilled at this point but still holding on to hope.

298498  No.13438354


>You do see the flaw in that logic right?

Not in the least.

298498  No.13438356


>Somebody convince me this country is still worth saving

Go back to reddit if thats what you want my man.

46c0b7  No.13438357

>american children


Fuck off faggot

d2cfbf  No.13438359


de2c15  No.13438360

File: 39079aa9427a736⋯.png (191.93 KB, 235x367, 235:367, nigger.PNG)

lazy eye obama

753d88  No.13438361

>the 1% did that to you

oy vey!

d2cfbf  No.13438362


There is more to life than life on Earth.

d00363  No.13438364

File: 4d6b86de451ef20⋯.jpg (101.32 KB, 1066x600, 533:300, Hitler All So Tiresome.jpg)

"We need to be the party of working people."

t. neoliberal

fe746f  No.13438365


It's like every single candidate is this kid and nothing else.

02bf07  No.13438366


363da1  No.13438367

There is no fucking subtitles in this bullshit

d2cfbf  No.13438368

Speaking spanish!?!?!?! I hate this world.

46c0b7  No.13438371

>yes yes you are suffering

>which is why you must help the people stealing your jobs and committing crime

343f8d  No.13438372


Balkanization is our only hope. America is canceled.

ed1e88  No.13438373

>american presidential debate needs subtitles

The absolute state

10a9da  No.13438374

the guys polling at .5% are taking shots. Let's see some testerone

f7ddbb  No.13438375

File: 9bedbf815e4e051⋯.gif (912.15 KB, 500x281, 500:281, crazynips.gif)


It's not. Enjoy the decline.

04512c  No.13438377

File: edef986fa9f4e5a⋯.png (508.94 KB, 568x545, 568:545, ay caramba.png)

What the fuck is this lmao

f40c13  No.13438378

rofl wtf is this pandering to mexcrement

fe746f  No.13438379

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's like every single candidate is this kid and nothing else.

02bf07  No.13438382

They are teaming up on faggot Beto right now. He is the only one getting shit so the DNC must want to get rid of him for some reason.

d2cfbf  No.13438385


They are the new demographic.

b90afe  No.13438386


d2cfbf  No.13438387


A new fucking low.

b90afe  No.13438390


What even is this fucking country anymore jesus christ lol

f40c13  No.13438391


This country is done, that shit should be blatantly obvious at this point. I'd even go so far as to say humanity as a species may be done.

f7ddbb  No.13438392


It's fucking awesome! More division!

1ce7eb  No.13438393

File: 43e286d9c2285d0⋯.jpg (80.38 KB, 838x719, 838:719, 43e286d9c2285d03d73a35cdbf….jpg)

lmao all this spic pandering

46c0b7  No.13438394


Its over, the dream of a city on a golden hill is dead

dfa1fc  No.13438395

File: c78a861fffd07da⋯.webm (9.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Generation_Revenge.webm)

>giving illegals amnesty

298498  No.13438396

File: 0152863683e2f20⋯.png (191.32 KB, 236x327, 236:327, ClipboardImage.png)



d2cfbf  No.13438397

The chink and gay beto have the same tie.

753d88  No.13438398


gotta get that brown vote

2ea97e  No.13438399

File: 119d8c13ae5cd24⋯.png (1.27 MB, 868x835, 868:835, elcandidato.PNG)

d2cfbf  No.13438400


Most definitely.

02bf07  No.13438401

You know what guys…. this is a fucking glorious opportunity here for an operation. Look at them pandering to the beaner population and not one of them has once brought up the black community.

This right here can be used for a big operation to make vids and spread to the nigs that they don't care about them and completely fuck with their bean plan.

f40c13  No.13438402

f7ddbb  No.13438405


Only those who are asleep believe in dreams.

298498  No.13438406

File: 5434c65836ff02b⋯.png (772.41 KB, 1129x973, 1129:973, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f22bc60b532a852⋯.jpg (43.23 KB, 486x728, 243:364, Australian7.jpg)

b90afe  No.13438407


No need niggers will hate it on their own

10a9da  No.13438409


If the election is framed as immigration (again) Trump wins easy.

Hell Trump reached out the the blacks way more than Clinton did.

f40c13  No.13438410

Oh now it's our responsibility to fix other countries.

46c0b7  No.13438411


Not a bad idea, especially since niggers and spics hate each other and constantly have mini race wars among gangs

04512c  No.13438412

File: 83216fb2ea2fac1⋯.png (159.02 KB, 435x419, 435:419, BLACKJACK.png)


>an asian man named Julian Castro is arguing with a white dude named Beto

What even is going on?

85df60  No.13438413

File: 51e9129d32fc7c6⋯.png (289.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 632.png)


>You know what guys…. this is a fucking glorious opportunity here for an operation. Look at them pandering to the beaner population and not one of them has once brought up the black community.

>This right here can be used for a big operation to make vids and spread to the nigs that they don't care about them and completely fuck with their bean plan.


d2cfbf  No.13438414

"Immigrants ARE America"

b90afe  No.13438416

>Immigrants are America

Oh boy here we go with this shit again

f7ddbb  No.13438418

>we need workers in our fields and factories


9054b0  No.13438419


We're less than an hour in and none of the major REPARASHUNS candidates are on stage tonight.

d2cfbf  No.13438420


Ha. IDK man, fucking clown world on meth.

02bf07  No.13438421


Exactly. Turn the two communities against each other and the DNC suffers, everyone wins.

1ce7eb  No.13438423

>oy vey more cheap bean people labor for the fields

f40c13  No.13438425

File: 96ea17298cbd566⋯.jpg (82.89 KB, 1024x917, 1024:917, honk watch.jpg)


d2cfbf  No.13438426


Yeah sure, lets get distracted from the problem making jews.

b90afe  No.13438427

File: 19c4eb64a2a45df⋯.jpg (504.3 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, treasure.jpg)


Both parties just want illegals and foreigners so they can pay them all shit wages and kick out all the pesky Americans who want decent wages

04512c  No.13438429


Also the only two black candidates are Kamala Harris and Corey Booker, the former is a prosecutor and the latter has absolutely no chance.

f7ddbb  No.13438430

>there are terrorists who get better healthcare

Wait, who asked for that? Oh yeah, democrats.

068f6f  No.13438431

File: 1ae1a6777bc1515⋯.gif (587.17 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1ae1a6777bc15150295dee61eb….gif)

>tfw the Republicans all start speaking Spanish in their debates too

85df60  No.13438433

SNOT lmao

d2cfbf  No.13438434


Will anyone be a hero and press the fucking button already???

46c0b7  No.13438435


Its not distracting from the jews, its about getting their golems to fight each other

02bf07  No.13438436


Who do you think owns and controls the DNC and the DNC media? Everyone wins, turn them against each other and the DNC suffers… thus the Jew

753d88  No.13438438


100k illegals are crossing the boarder each month and no wall has been built. The only way the democrats lose is if they throw the victory away

298498  No.13438439

File: 457fdacb0483295⋯.jpg (60.29 KB, 640x434, 320:217, these-are-the-10-sexiest-c….jpg)



>wouldn't it be BASTE if we could get non-whites voting for the republicucks fellow migapedes!

<it sure would fellow white person!

d00363  No.13438440

File: cf4665bfe0ecbbf⋯.png (149.42 KB, 624x399, 208:133, Doomer at Night.png)



This is a nightmare.

377576  No.13438441


Those retards defending immigration when the overwhelmingly majority of people are against it.

Dumbasses hanging themselves, giving 2020 to Trump for free.

dfa1fc  No.13438442


Sounds like we should be giving the terrorists worse care or just a bullet

85df60  No.13438446

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



d2cfbf  No.13438447


I thought the Left hated white people…sure a lot of white people up there.

10a9da  No.13438448

File: eb7ba1a53afaee5⋯.jpg (56.87 KB, 1199x809, 1199:809, D3ybj3PUEAIDCow.jpg)

i want trips

f7ddbb  No.13438449

Why is booker's voice quivering?

298498  No.13438450

File: 624f78ae1c6facf⋯.jpg (4.32 MB, 3664x7456, 229:466, Hybridization.jpg)

File: c0c6ab1817e644f⋯.png (695.57 KB, 732x447, 244:149, austrian42.PNG)



d2cfbf  No.13438451


We need to go to the source. Where does satan live?

f40c13  No.13438452


probably swallowed too much cum before the debate, and his boyfriend drinks too much caffeine

d1cbc0  No.13438453

File: 60801aa8066be9e⋯.png (47.56 KB, 545x396, 545:396, ClipboardImage.png)

f7ddbb  No.13438455

On day one I would kill every white traitor and tell minorities that they have 48 hours to exit the country.

d2cfbf  No.13438456

college education for illegals? fucking done. Not watching anymore. see ya boys.

f7ddbb  No.13438457


Did he make the next debate?

46c0b7  No.13438458


d00363  No.13438459



f7ddbb  No.13438460


You rage you lose.

f40c13  No.13438461

>let's make sure kids get college educations so all their future earnings can be taxed away

46c0b7  No.13438462


this should be good

d00363  No.13438463


He did.

068f6f  No.13438464


God I can't wait

02bf07  No.13438467

Never trust the nig but especially never trust the nig with colored contacts to be a blue eyed nig.

f7ddbb  No.13438468


>donald trump

>donald trump

>but donald trump

>so donald trump

d1cde1  No.13438469


f7ddbb  No.13438470


That's going to be interesting.

298498  No.13438471

File: 9cf9f779618d9d8⋯.jpg (210.26 KB, 502x1576, 251:788, Diversity - No Thanks.jpg)

File: a67c1e3f42b0b79⋯.png (6.33 MB, 2642x1536, 1321:768, Diversity - Not A Strength.png)

File: 47b963542d16483⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1416x858, 236:143, Diversity Is Our Strength ….png)

File: 05f6e58ae7eeddc⋯.gif (3.99 MB, 544x408, 4:3, Diversity.gif)

363da1  No.13438472


This. The only one's mouth I want to see.

068f6f  No.13438473

does anyone have a link for a stream that doesn't crash every seconds for someone who doesn't pay for cable

dfa1fc  No.13438474

File: ad4c2f1591087e7⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1431309344761.gif)

298498  No.13438475

File: 070dd0347177f87⋯.jpg (154.44 KB, 2648x1525, 2648:1525, Disdainful Glare.JPG)


>this mongrel is hot!

f40c13  No.13438477



02bf07  No.13438479

She is so full of shit, she never served in the war. She was a fucking paper pusher, fuck you bitch, you know nothing about an active theater.

0a5454  No.13438480



753d88  No.13438483



068f6f  No.13438484


Holy shit thank you so much, didn't know they started airing these on Jewtube

377576  No.13438485

File: 03e5a58d5f8a160⋯.jpg (926.28 KB, 864x1112, 108:139, EuropeanSubSpecies.jpg)

f40c13  No.13438486

>implying american troops would willingly die for israel

02bf07  No.13438487

"If there an attack against the American…. err…. our troops"

2a327d  No.13438489


"No war with iran"

isnt this the entire fucking point of a trump presidency

343f8d  No.13438490

File: 28995aaf0678c84⋯.jpg (78.38 KB, 885x516, 295:172, AP_104281239272_c0-409-441….jpg)

Cool it with the anti-semetic remarks Tulsi.

d685cb  No.13438491

>Put the american people first.

Shut it down

d00363  No.13438493

They just cut that faggot off. kek

10a9da  No.13438494


Easy point score

f7ddbb  No.13438495

File: 8f2035294cf9e46⋯.webm (6.17 MB, 850x480, 85:48, Trump the Musical.webm)

>every response involves Trump

Obligatory. This guy is getting free press coverage because they can't keep his name out of their mouths.

f7ddbb  No.13438496


Oh they would.

343f8d  No.13438497


What do you think has been happening in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last 30 years?

fe60ac  No.13438499


He wears contacts?

9054b0  No.13438503


Tonight is basically the B-team + Warren; tomorrow has Yang, (((Sanders))), Biden, Harris, and Buttgag.

f40c13  No.13438504



I don't think it would happen again, too many goyim are aware compared to then. If there was a war, it'd be all drones/missiles/nukes, but no troops.

2a327d  No.13438506


>Yes but trump

>trump said

>trump did

>I will



1ce7eb  No.13438507

File: c574e4997edadb0⋯.jpg (318.9 KB, 1000x624, 125:78, 1546039447.jpg)


ZOGbots do what they're told

f7ddbb  No.13438509


That's not a war.

88179d  No.13438510

File: 3c6822e4c375e5f⋯.jpg (87.7 KB, 980x742, 70:53, zog killer.jpg)


46c0b7  No.13438512


As much faith as I have lost in the guy, he really does live rent free in their heads

f40c13  No.13438515


I don't give a shit what you call it, I just hope Iran can nuke Israel first.

f7ddbb  No.13438516


I'm surprised how poorly Tulsi is doing. She's not confident at all and keeps trying to play the military card. That lost all power when she said "national guard".

f7ddbb  No.13438517


He truly does. He's a deceptive piece of shit, but he's not dumb.

f7ddbb  No.13438519


Me too.

04512c  No.13438521


I hadn't seen her actually talk before but expected it to be more like Mike Gravel in 2007, trashtalking warhawks without restraint.

753d88  No.13438522


* #MeToo

1ce7eb  No.13438524


>The United States’ relationship with Israel, she said, “must rise above the political fray, as America continues to stand with Israel as her strongest ally.”

363da1  No.13438525

Guns time– here we gooooo

d00363  No.13438529

They're wondering why Trump won when he was "unlikable."

Almost like the average low/middle class white American votes based on what they think will improve their situation. Nobody spergs about the banter except the media.

04512c  No.13438530


The cringe has only just begun

10a9da  No.13438531

lol (((echo)))

d00363  No.13438532



de2c15  No.13438533

File: e00167ba82bab00⋯.png (439.39 KB, 568x381, 568:381, hawaii.PNG)


milf though. democrats need to stop trying to push hags into the oval office if they really want a woman president

f7ddbb  No.13438534

He stared with Warren so you know she's the one they want to knockout or uplift. The rest are window dressing.

6cb64a  No.13438536

File: 97222f4514db7e4⋯.jpg (110.79 KB, 1200x1147, 1200:1147, Aggressve.jpg)


this is eery, I went to the welfare office today and there was a sign on the front of it warning people about Canadian Geese attacking people

068f6f  No.13438537

Anyone notice how all the white men are on the edges of the stage? (Beta doesn't count)

363da1  No.13438538

Hot mic

02bf07  No.13438539


Never trust a woman who has her hair greying in only one area. Can't be trusted.

88179d  No.13438540


10a9da  No.13438541

Dropping the ball MSNBC

dfa1fc  No.13438542

File: 7baf615124b2a70⋯.gif (118.48 KB, 475x304, 25:16, 18ac412265ff867618bbd319b2….gif)


46c0b7  No.13438543

>gunz are bad you goys

The Mic is the best part of this stream

02bf07  No.13438544

Someone is fucking with their control room. GLORIOUS!

ed1e88  No.13438546

I am not a fan of infowars, but these clownworld bantz are top tier. Its like I am watching mystery science theater in real life

f7ddbb  No.13438547

Very professional. How hard is it to unplug a mic?

6b4094  No.13438548

>Hire minorities

>Why isn't it working properly?

ffa721  No.13438549


He looked defeated when it started. Did he find out he's going to get the 2016 Bernie treatment or something?

377576  No.13438550

Diversity hire for sound control at NBC showing their strength.

971ec9  No.13438552

She's full of shit, she said she would respond militarily if troops were killed. Ok mossad can handle that. She's a product of the MIC.


343f8d  No.13438553

File: 4a3949accd44427⋯.jpg (165.45 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, q898yOk.jpg)

>hundreds of millions of guns on the streets

b90afe  No.13438554

Oh what happened? Shit I missed it and can't go back on the stream

f7ddbb  No.13438555

>muh popular vote

They're still mad about this.

f7ddbb  No.13438557


They couldn't figure out how to turn mics off.

363da1  No.13438558


they had a hot mic had to cut the stream.

88179d  No.13438559

File: da398cf57b73c0b⋯.png (28.48 KB, 591x239, 591:239, blumpf.PNG)

Trump wins the debate

0a5454  No.13438560


Tulsi shit talked the kikes and they started taking the audio out

46c0b7  No.13438561


Nice trips, if you really want to make them mad then remind them that millions of Hilary's votes should be rendered null and void because they were voted by illegal

d00363  No.13438562

File: 8c04bf5bb0d1c2a⋯.jpg (120.77 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Traintracks.jpg)

Oh no, he can't hear us! The mics are still on! Control room!

b90afe  No.13438563

10a9da  No.13438565

068f6f  No.13438568

Hahaha they need a 5 minute commercial break to unplug an aux

f7ddbb  No.13438569


He should have bantz about the mics. Something like "very unprofessional/disgraceful".

7fd3cd  No.13438570


What'd she say? I missed it

418774  No.13438571


Wait, really? What'd she say?

2a327d  No.13438572


this "debate" is such a fucking mess man if any of these clowns make it past January 2020 I will be surprised

46c0b7  No.13438575


Well hey, having an inanimate object in the white house would unironically be an improvement

753d88  No.13438577



She said that we should avoid going to war with Iran

ffa721  No.13438578

File: 2af87787e09759e⋯.png (376.43 KB, 450x623, 450:623, ClipboardImage.png)

23be88  No.13438579

Attention muzzies: Now is a good time to step up your game! soft targets

068f6f  No.13438580

Guys what if the mic thing is on purpose to sabotage the chances of every candidate in the first debate? They definitely did not choose these line-ups at "random" like they said.

46c0b7  No.13438581

File: 160623de2706ea6⋯.png (35.66 KB, 339x476, 339:476, le happy rodan.png)


Such a bad goy, glad they shut her up

f7ddbb  No.13438582

>>13438577 (checked)

I'm almost to the point where I want the US to try some shit with Iran and get bloodied.

d1cbc0  No.13438583

fe746f  No.13438585


Indeed, a foothold in the middle east is a foothold i the middle east. And we keep our footholds.

85df60  No.13438591

File: 2421856c9a1b1af⋯.png (307.71 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1367695628885.png)

Come and take my guns, Commies.

f7ddbb  No.13438593


Nah, they're just incompetent, but they had to cut because they were talking and didn't know they were on. You were going to hear some real shit.

10a9da  No.13438594

File: 8e2fd2ee174e42f⋯.png (1021.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8e2fd2ee174e42ffa3642d9a2a….png)

>little boy

>little girl

Did she just assume their genders???

f40c13  No.13438598


binary no less

f7ddbb  No.13438599

>gun violence is a health emergency

Niggers are health emergency.

343f8d  No.13438600

File: 190d38f1314294b⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 2592x1456, 162:91, CZ.jpg)

Post guns boys

be4033  No.13438601

File: 569e973c5ec5052⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 2048x1486, 1024:743, 38904023489043.jpg)

File: 0a2d36263a04699⋯.jpg (199.25 KB, 1600x1092, 400:273, 2089334802380.jpg)


>Voting for a woman who is pro diversity, pro feminism, anti gun, anti nationalist.

Kys you cuck subhuman. I am a Fascist and I could care less if some roastie whore is anti war.

War is good if we are led by based and redpilled white men. Who wouldn't want to conquer the savages of the world in that scenario?


753d88  No.13438602



go back about 16 minutes. Sorry I didn't clip it

f7ddbb  No.13438603

File: 49dafe1771e260e⋯.jpg (15.79 KB, 320x371, 320:371, triggered.jpg)

000000  No.13438604


is it just me or they're giving Warren more airtime than anyone else?

02bf07  No.13438605


You made my point for me anon. She is the ultimate black widow.

f7ddbb  No.13438608

>you can have your guns if you don't use them at all


e6ff37  No.13438610

File: 5ab95afb6da74f9⋯.png (190.04 KB, 434x832, 217:416, 1515555124304.png)


Im anti-'murkin niggerfaggot.

85df60  No.13438611

File: d7cceb4f07970b5⋯.jpg (14.1 KB, 335x363, 335:363, 1345705782209.jpg)

Come and take them, fucking hag commie bitch, I will throw my Nugget at your jackboots when I'm out of ammo.

9054b0  No.13438612

>Warren dodging the question

Saw that coming.

02bf07  No.13438613


Yeah they are giving the majority of time to Booker and Warren without a doubt.

363da1  No.13438614

gunshots in muh neighborhoodz

96de15  No.13438615

File: 8dab40713cab442⋯.png (916.35 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_9197.PNG)

File: c49cd1afddfa0d8⋯.png (1.09 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_9195.PNG)

File: 1fa1326025435d7⋯.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_9196.PNG)

1ce7eb  No.13438617

>you can keep your guns as long as you don't actually use them

fe60ac  No.13438618

File: 2c7839e1a555a50⋯.png (106.26 KB, 617x699, 617:699, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

10a9da  No.13438619

>I hope im the only one that had people shot in my neighborhood.


f7ddbb  No.13438620

753d88  No.13438621


oh shit another CZ owner?! Nice! I have a P07

f6c430  No.13438624

>assault rifle

85df60  No.13438625

File: 29853a252e5f304⋯.jpg (25.03 KB, 600x394, 300:197, 1349843472953.jpg)

Vote from rooftops if these commies come to take our shit, boys.

46c0b7  No.13438626


She got more coverage before the debates too

02bf07  No.13438628


Haha oh shit he did it. So awesome, love that SOB.

9054b0  No.13438629

Oh look, another non-answer.

10a9da  No.13438630



CZ-75B reporting in!

Slavic technology.

f40c13  No.13438632


if when

f7ddbb  No.13438633


>very bold

>using bold words to highlight the boldness of your bold ideas

>it's a bold tactic

dfa1fc  No.13438634

File: 761de90b77d76d4⋯.pdf (1.37 MB, Complete_Machine_Plans_for….pdf)


I won't post mine, but I'll do you better

700bbf  No.13438635

C Book lives in a ghetto lol

dfa903  No.13438637


dont have the gun but i have that keyboard….

8c799d  No.13438642



d00363  No.13438643

Stop bullying Jeb or he's gonna do it. Good call.

9054b0  No.13438644

>0/4 for actually answering the question

46c0b7  No.13438645

Oh look, someone who actually wants to address mental illness, still a kike for anti-gun fuckers

f40c13  No.13438646

>emotional based learning

wtf does that mean

f7ddbb  No.13438647



Trump or someone close to him is watching this thread. Get this message to him:


2a327d  No.13438648

Dead children, Monetized and sponsored by NBC and CNN


96de15  No.13438649


FBI pls go

f6c430  No.13438650


it means leaning for women



f9be08  No.13438651


Model M's are a White man's technology, along with hard drives and CRT monitors. Robust, simple and two of them are repairable. sage for offtopic

700bbf  No.13438653

Tulsi is getting bamboozled

24e209  No.13438654

How's Tulsi doing?

f7ddbb  No.13438655


socieo-emotional learning/development


363da1  No.13438656

We don't want hunting rifles….yet

f7ddbb  No.13438660

>kids getting shot is just like buttfucking


9054b0  No.13438661

>Weapons of war have no place in our communities

Friendly reminder that the entire reason that the NFA exists is to ban weapons that weren't weapons of war.

46c0b7  No.13438662


They are keeping her from speaking

dfa1fc  No.13438663

File: 4797792f1e32c4b⋯.jpg (38.12 KB, 560x249, 560:249, 1438111507983-1.jpg)


b90afe  No.13438664

>Getting bested by 17 year olds is a good thing

These fucking jews man

ffa721  No.13438665


Remind him the Jews always flip.

10a9da  No.13438667


They pretty reliable? ps/2 only right?

f7ddbb  No.13438668

>you need a license to buy a gun

Until 90% of the people who can't get guns are niggers then it's racist.

c5b0ab  No.13438669

File: 13179ee6fd6c290⋯.jpg (376.67 KB, 1076x962, 538:481, 0368d31fe88d974c4a72919052….jpg)

b90afe  No.13438670



85df60  No.13438671

File: 83cb3c49537efd9⋯.jpg (23.88 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 1350532448079.jpg)


753d88  No.13438672


She isn't getting to speak a lot.

Not the best, not the worst though. Nothing super standout that is

700bbf  No.13438674

They afraid to say they are taking the guns

dfa1fc  No.13438676

File: 001bf4febf1e400⋯.png (2.28 MB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, 001bf4febf1e400a2c25015958….png)

>delany getting cucked

d1cde1  No.13438677

Take a drink whenever anyone says bold

54ebb5  No.13438678

How’s Jeb doing?

f7ddbb  No.13438679

Delany is the one they want out. He's the one who is supposed to say "bad" stuff and be silenced so viewers know not to repeat what he says.

363da1  No.13438680


Holy Shit LOL

9054b0  No.13438681


d00363  No.13438682


8c799d  No.13438683

I raised a NIGGER!


Vote for me!

700bbf  No.13438684

Castro looks like an evil dick

46c0b7  No.13438685


Ready to seize control of the White House and bring about a new age of armored reptile rule

f6c430  No.13438686

>my black son

what an absolute faggot

377576  No.13438687

>raising a black son


85df60  No.13438688

File: 68df078c8aedb98⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 482x1372, 241:686, ban-everything.jpg)


93f607  No.13438689


>Model M

A man of fine taste

b90afe  No.13438690

my black son

46c0b7  No.13438692




f7ddbb  No.13438693


ffa721  No.13438696

File: 207ded956bf6d40⋯.png (766.06 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw Corey Booker can't claim a black son

f7ddbb  No.13438697

>warren back again

They want her to win.

700bbf  No.13438698


dfa1fc  No.13438699

File: f8a8e48a02e250c⋯.jpg (324.89 KB, 1296x730, 648:365, nyc_mayor_inauguration.jpg)



He's an oil driller

88179d  No.13438700


5a8563  No.13438702

Where is yang?

7fd3cd  No.13438703



753d88  No.13438706


This is the B team. Don't get cocky

700bbf  No.13438707

another question for fucking warren.


a9fd8a  No.13438708


At the main debate

f6c430  No.13438709

Mitch McConnel is apparently the big bad wolf

b90afe  No.13438711


Wow what a fucking race traitor

6b4094  No.13438712

>Do you have a plan to work with Republicans?

>I do.



f7ddbb  No.13438714

Warren is the face Delaney is the heel. This is staged as fuck.

fefee1  No.13438716

Why are Democrats having a presidential debate 17 months before the election?

7cb36f  No.13438717


His wife looks more tranny than Obama's.

46c0b7  No.13438718

Jesus Christ they really have it out for Tulsi, does her anti war stance piss them off that much?

7fd3cd  No.13438719


the big bad *turtle

d1cde1  No.13438720

I love all the non answers being given here

b90afe  No.13438723

File: 7d93cc60d0b3c50⋯.jpg (112.56 KB, 749x499, 749:499, dfgfghfghfgdhgfdhfghdfgh.jpg)


Holy shit look at the daughter, fucking giant ear gauges and a cattle nose ring

753d88  No.13438724


Because they have 20 people running for the nomination for their party. They have to start weeding people out

f6c430  No.13438726


The democrats havent had a platform other than "trump is bad" for the last 4 years

be4033  No.13438727


>another question for fucking warren.


Women shouldn't be allowed to speak. Good

f7ddbb  No.13438728










753d88  No.13438729


its just a cohencidence




d1cde1  No.13438730


b8b040  No.13438731

File: a66d62fdc0ea5d8⋯.jpg (66.61 KB, 750x763, 750:763, c7ce67b9ea9641c3560ff0c303….jpg)

Pour one out for muh niggas in jail - booker

f7ddbb  No.13438733


Tulsi is out.

a9e167  No.13438734

File: 1f6b6fe372ebaaf⋯.png (465.62 KB, 586x680, 293:340, thatboomer.png)

File: 536df922afe1355⋯.jpg (39.32 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, MV5BMTQ3Nzc0MDQ2N15BMl5Ban….jpg)


04512c  No.13438735


>being surprised by this

Anyone here should know exactly why Israel would want to shut down an anti-war US politician.

b90afe  No.13438736

LMFAO this isn't the first time you jew rat that kike politicians have pulled the climate change shit, it was big in the 70's the 80's the fucking 90's

e6ff37  No.13438740

File: 101da9a0f9512ca⋯.jpg (18.64 KB, 255x191, 255:191, a32800698ec4cdbabe4d640e8f….jpg)



If I catch anyone harming a cat,I will X them out.

Genetic works of art.

700bbf  No.13438741

when Tulsi finally gets another question, Maddow is gonna ask her why she hates gays.

0a5454  No.13438743


Holy fuck top kek

46c0b7  No.13438745


Yeah I know, but she hits all the other marks: non-white wymin who's anti gun, and its not like she'd be actually anti-war when in office

f6c430  No.13438747

File: f2c75e8abe58b9f⋯.png (6.5 KB, 236x213, 236:213, gudj gob.png)

d28b51  No.13438748

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It rains in some places!

f7ddbb  No.13438749


>bold mobilization

>of sustainability

>and services

04512c  No.13438753


If she runs and wins on anti-war then Americans will become more anti-war and it'll be harder to maintain the charade.

1ce7eb  No.13438754


She's practically a non-poller

5b93c4  No.13438755


Is this the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome trio?

b8b040  No.13438756

File: 375545124296e71⋯.jpg (96.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Why is the fucking elf from oblivion on stage?

dfa1fc  No.13438757

File: ce33a7d019835f0⋯.jpg (29.16 KB, 612x345, 204:115, 1439588115330.jpg)


I kill feral cats all the time on my father's farm what'll you do about it faggot?

b90afe  No.13438758



The beaner didn't go to Vermont or Maine he went to puerto rico lmfao wow I'm completely shocked guys the beaner went to bean town

f7ddbb  No.13438759

>solar vs coal


>we switched to an inferior production mechanism and put the strain on someone else

typical lefty bullshit

1ce7eb  No.13438760


>If she runs and wins on anti-war then Americans will become more anti-war and it'll be harder to maintain the charade.

You mean like Trumpenstein?

88179d  No.13438761

This debate is just pushing black pills and accelerationism

8b6402  No.13438763

File: f70cad31c8a9aa0⋯.jpeg (90.38 KB, 577x432, 577:432, 2A2C5434-3D05-4B3F-A9CD-6….jpeg)

>invest memes in 2016

>receive dividends in 2019

I’m fucking dying, lads. Meme magic is fun, but only now is it clear that we control the social fabric of reality.

This is ridiculous. I am laughing harder than I have in years.

753d88  No.13438764

>the forgotten communities

Look guys! I found the Nazi! Get him out of here!

f7ddbb  No.13438765

Working class means white people. No one is willing to say it.

6b4094  No.13438768

>We need to reconnect with working class white people

>And show them that we're working to help them

>Also we need to replace them all with Mexicans lol

88179d  No.13438769


dfa1fc  No.13438770

File: 5b6356f40d0cee5⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 5b6356f40d0cee527d8566ef2a….jpg)

>dems trying to help working class whites

they'll never do that now with the intersectional faggots they gave power to

f6c430  No.13438771

>they actually asked he the gay rights question

363da1  No.13438772


Wrong moderator but you called it anon.

ed1e88  No.13438773

They shit on delaney so much, why?

04512c  No.13438775


And Americans have become more anti-war, people are significantly more skeptical about Iran than they were about Iraq.


Well done

f7ddbb  No.13438776


There you go anon. Nice call.

eabf18  No.13438778

File: 012a2d43696a208⋯.jpg (24.07 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 300px-Democrat-medium.jpg)

Doing well:

- Elizabeth Warren

- Amy Klobuchar

- Cory Booker

Doing okay:

- Bill de Blasio

- Jay Inslee

Penalty box for fighting:

- Beto O’Rourke

- Julián Castro

Should just drop out now:

- Tulsi Gabbard

- Tim Ryan

Demoted to audience member:

- John Delaney

2977f6  No.13438781

File: d516a317bb0c452⋯.webm (2.75 MB, 576x432, 4:3, King Of The Hill - I'm So….webm)



6b4094  No.13438782

File: 200861f9f27989a⋯.jpeg (402.24 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 0d6ef99c7e00800ec008a05c6….jpeg)


Bravo, m8.

b90afe  No.13438783


Well it looks like your injun womyn cucked out, are you shocked lol

4b2ace  No.13438784

File: 5066f1ad3e87746⋯.png (48.07 KB, 800x345, 160:69, yang.png)

f7ddbb  No.13438785

Tulsi just has no fight in her.

dfa1fc  No.13438786

File: a977a245fa9c807⋯.png (6.72 KB, 1000x876, 250:219, 233f652d0a859952a9e6ab2627….png)


8c799d  No.13438787




6b4094  No.13438788


She doesn't want to send Americans to their death for Israel.

f7ddbb  No.13438789


>nigger trannies

b90afe  No.13438791


She's a fucking woman, what did you expect

4bec72  No.13438792

>we don't talk enough about trans americans

I really feel like we do

also: why do all these people look wall-eyed

10a9da  No.13438795


Death march to defeat in 2020.

Joe Biden better start cursing like Yosemite Sam

88179d  No.13438796









000000  No.13438797


This seemed so implausible to me when i read your post, but you totally nailed it.>>13438776

1d5ca7  No.13438798


b90afe  No.13438799

Who is this fucking rat faced jew woman

46c0b7  No.13438800


MK Ultra victims

b8b040  No.13438801

File: 89546f2ebc4adc8⋯.png (195.6 KB, 734x455, 734:455, 89546f2ebc4adc8d1bfb1c5558….png)


nice work calling it

f7ddbb  No.13438802


Yeah but warren is even showing personality. To be fair though the moderators are being friendly to her. Tulsi knows they're out for her but she has no fight.

753d88  No.13438803


A rat faced jew woman. You answered your own question

343f8d  No.13438804

File: 7fd1b4903f385f4⋯.png (715.17 KB, 857x776, 857:776, 15557073490050.png)

>we need to teach africans javascript

ed1e88  No.13438805

96dcf8  No.13438807


Woman without fight?!


be4033  No.13438808

File: 7586e4f27878540⋯.jpg (50.76 KB, 700x400, 7:4, 308402398423.jpg)

How can anyone vote for these clowns? What the fuck has happened to this country. Fucking kikes and their degenerate good goyim

f7ddbb  No.13438809

Dylan Roof?

b5f956  No.13438810


>blacks blacks blacks

and no workers were saved

1ce7eb  No.13438811

>trannies and fags are zogbots too


a2d034  No.13438813


Esther Goldberg-Schlomosteen

f7ddbb  No.13438814

Didn't Sandra Bland hang herself? What does that have to do with the cops.

>be dumb niggress

>get arrested

>hang self with trash bag

>it's the cops fault

d1cde1  No.13438815


A fucking lemur could do javascript. It's the retards programming language

4bec72  No.13438816


f7ddbb  No.13438817

Holocaust question.

04512c  No.13438818


Because you won't shut the fuck up dude, calm down.


I'll ironically rejoin the Yang gang if he keeps up the bantz

fe60ac  No.13438820

Question by a(((man))) from newyork.

f7ddbb  No.13438823


I want my $1,000.

02bf07  No.13438825


Nice anon, very nice lol.

d1cde1  No.13438826


46c0b7  No.13438827

>trump has embraced dictators and strongmen

Name 3, the only one I can think of is the Saudis

2977f6  No.13438828

File: 43101f2b1f0846f⋯.webm (991.32 KB, 640x480, 4:3, King Of The Hill - We Are….webm)

Oh boy a holocaust question.

b90afe  No.13438829


I guess I did lol

02bf07  No.13438830


>warren is even showing personality


b90afe  No.13438831

There's a fucking white genocide going on now

4bec72  No.13438834


Bill's eyes are drawn better. Dude looks like a fucking muppet.

10a9da  No.13438836


thats dem speak for talking to other countries.

f7ddbb  No.13438838


>my dad works at nintendo and walked 15 miles uphill on one leg until he killed himself because he had a dream that i married a black woman

f7ddbb  No.13438841


Personality for Warren. She's bland as fuck but she had a few moments of life.

08e357  No.13438842

File: abe25e9d9c7723f⋯.jpg (334.1 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, kobayashi39.jpg)


>but on the other hand, I could spend that time rewatching Kobayashi' Dragon Maid.

Good taste.

be4033  No.13438843


>I'll ironically rejoin the Yang gang if he keeps up the bantz

Muh bantz. Lets just ignore the fact that the Chink is pro diversity and pro everything that will lead to white replacement. Kys nigger

d28b51  No.13438844


dems think he's in bed with putin and kimbo remember

10a9da  No.13438845


ed1e88  No.13438847

>we have to continue endless war for israel


105f4e  No.13438848

b5f956  No.13438849

tomorrow is going to be a showdown with bernie vs biden trying to take over the show

88179d  No.13438850


46c0b7  No.13438852

Oh shit, Tulsi showing backbone?

b45356  No.13438854


literally all of them are, what difference does it make

f7ddbb  No.13438855

>the drone was shot down because the president was distracted

Does he think Trump has the controls for the thing and plays it like a flight sim?

2ea97e  No.13438856

Ron Paul is the best Democratic Candidate.

700bbf  No.13438858

>pointing out only congress can declare war


46c0b7  No.13438860

>this fag trying to save face after getting called out by Tulsi

Fuck, I'm warming up to her again

10a9da  No.13438861





b5f956  No.13438862


d28b51  No.13438864


Tulsi is getting points for playing the military coward lmao

93f607  No.13438865

White ZOGbot BTFO

ed1e88  No.13438866

They are keeping warren quiet now. Maybe her pro israel stance will poll badly, so they shut her up and let the b team argue.

04512c  No.13438867


>posting memes in a candidate is the same as actually supporting them

So is everyone else, I'll vote from the rooftops with the rest of you when the final election starts.

aef49f  No.13438869




4bec72  No.13438870

one guy please speak up and say who did 9/11 really, you'll get my vote

b90afe  No.13438871



You know, please don't fucking shill for any of these kikes man, Tulsi is a gun grabbing fucking cunt injun just like they all are

068f6f  No.13438872

She's THIS CLOSE to saying ISRAEL

f7ddbb  No.13438873

She just bent him over.

343f8d  No.13438874

This ZOGbot is out of the race


f7ddbb  No.13438875


Never seen a grown man get fucked that hard on TV.

b5f956  No.13438876


46c0b7  No.13438878

Wait, did they just pass over Tulsi?

b90afe  No.13438879







you're not fucking shilling this fucking rat cunt here

10a9da  No.13438880

File: 7fed6f7866309c5⋯.jpg (12.07 KB, 210x240, 7:8, bill.jpg)



f7ddbb  No.13438882

lol beto went full limp dick

10a9da  No.13438884

Finally got good.


f7ddbb  No.13438885


46c0b7  No.13438886

>more trump is a russian agent

No one believes this anymore

88179d  No.13438887

Thank you David Duke for endorsing this beautiful candidate!

ed1e88  No.13438888

meme answers for geopolitical threat receive all the applause. People are actually this stupid. And they have degrees. Fuck its all too late isn't it.

10a9da  No.13438889

File: 1558d3c846bdd2f⋯.jpg (149.99 KB, 850x1139, 50:67, __angel_the_king_of_fighte….jpg)


4bec72  No.13438890

finally they're talking about dup

10a9da  No.13438892

f6c430  No.13438893


d28b51  No.13438894

Tulsi thinks there will be a nuclear war. She's not naming Israel, she has a mouth full of Bibi cock.

753d88  No.13438896


No the crowd was just cheering over her. She said the biggest threat was nuclear arms

b5f956  No.13438897

russia has not sucked american cock. we will fuck it to death until its gay as us! USA USA USA

216f2b  No.13438898



You better believe it

46c0b7  No.13438899


Ah, so she cucked out, got it

e15d57  No.13438900

File: cf1afe782948470⋯.gif (2.06 MB, 378x285, 126:95, Reich_Card2.gif)

b90afe  No.13438902


Yes, yes it is too late, no politician is worth anything anymore and every single rat fucking kike on that stage right now wants to genocide white people

dfa1fc  No.13438903

File: 7b479891cbc092e⋯.png (128.64 KB, 333x470, 333:470, 0d2b8bb2a8dd3a97cd60cda4d6….png)

>complaining about russia interfering and not google

96dcf8  No.13438904


checked and blackpillbaste

105f4e  No.13438905


it's almost like importing millions of 80 IQ mud people who have never created a half decent country wasn't a great idea….

068f6f  No.13438906

File: 432d5529b6a33f2⋯.png (66.97 KB, 247x248, 247:248, 432d5529b6a33f273e35bd374c….png)


Checked. Currently trying to vape myself to death because the world is fucked.

10a9da  No.13438907


(((google))) is pro democracy sir

f7ddbb  No.13438908

File: fe28bb89c7d608d⋯.jpg (143.97 KB, 1544x1049, 1544:1049, hitler heil.jpg)

>>13438888 (heil'd)

It's been too late for almost 100 years.

fc8ca6  No.13438911

Does Cory Booker Have a Wife? No, He's Not Married

Jersey, is currently running for office as a single man because he's not married, and he's never had a wife. ……FAG

216f2b  No.13438912


Google funds the dems

a2d034  No.13438915


Democracy was a mistake.

f7ddbb  No.13438916


Stop being a pussy and get ready for fun time. Shit is going to be wild.

02bf07  No.13438917


Not even attacking you here with this but, seriously, that woman has the personality of a wall. Point being, that she could rip a fart and that gives her personality.

She is the candidate I have always laughed at the most and really hoped wins a chance to face Trump because it would be so damn hilarious to watch him break her. You know as bad as HRC was most of her answers did not come out as if she was reading from a teleprompter and even though she was a liar and played it nice and proper you could just see a seriously deadly person in every remark she made/makes. That was a woman who would kill you, wanted to kill you to take the power seat and WOULD have you killed to do it. She was dangerous, literally dangerous.

These people here today? Not even fucking kidding when I say this reminds me of a college student council Presidential race with them all having premade statements, not being able to think on the fly and preplanned combinations to go after preplanned candidates.

It's like a fucking episode of the Apprentice except with low IQ morons. I mean we have a fake Indian, a black guy from the highest crime area in the nation, a beaner who wants to give trannys "reproductive justice", a goblin looking lady who wants to get rid of ICE, a Cruella DeVille looking bitch claiming she fought in a war when she was in admin, a balding weirdo, a tall loud guy who yells at Beto, an Irish guy pretending to be Mexican and speaking Spanish, a moderator speaking Spanish, previously mentioned bald black guy speaking Spanish…

Can't make this shit up… it's a fucking gong show of epic proportions.

753d88  No.13438919


It was all because the guy before her said "orange man bad" and the crowd wouldn't shut the fuck up and stop cheering. What a fucking joke

2ea97e  No.13438920

File: 48e669f4ae5c4fe⋯.png (183.45 KB, 1818x1854, 101:103, 2F1534820523582.png)

fc8ca6  No.13438922

File: e4511ae7f71d5c4⋯.png (704.42 KB, 734x768, 367:384, honkhouse.png)


Welcome to clown world

343f8d  No.13438924

File: bc8771b8e76dc8f⋯.mp4 (1.43 MB, 640x800, 4:5, Donald J. Trump - https -_….mp4)

Looks like someone in Zion Don's campaign has been lurking webm threads.


10a9da  No.13438925


He's dating Rosario Dawson.

068f6f  No.13438926


What evidence do you have that it will be?

fc8ca6  No.13438927

File: e63f4ac7094ab28⋯.png (663.46 KB, 800x445, 160:89, Pocahontas-warren-calls-fe….png)

b5f956  No.13438928

ah democracy, the more democratic, the more communist it become ay comrades.

04512c  No.13438929

File: 68931f54ac65826⋯.png (149.44 KB, 633x487, 633:487, when all else fails.png)


>too late

Democracy hasn't been an option for a long time

d95e1c  No.13438931

File: 68e9c9f248a06fd⋯.jpg (21.78 KB, 474x179, 474:179, consider suicide.jpg)

f7ddbb  No.13438932


>she has the personality of a wall

Yes and tonight she put a picture on that wall for a few minutes.

>She is the candidate I have always laughed at the most and really hoped wins a chance to face Trump

She's going to get close. They're trying to push her through tonight.

d1cbc0  No.13438934

anyone have a rundown on tulsi's policy?

30af0a  No.13438935


>still worth saving


that's funny, you're a funny guy. Best thing that could happen to this country is for it to fall apart because only the whites in "flyover country" will be left after everyone else kills each other and starves

b90afe  No.13438936

File: 4b14df230071e0c⋯.jpg (226.9 KB, 736x545, 736:545, c1aca91b8061899f877472fa35….jpg)

File: 4b38d2074951eb1⋯.jpg (424.21 KB, 1593x1001, 1593:1001, Charles Willson Peale - Th….jpg)

File: c09fddb54dda761⋯.jpg (466.21 KB, 1815x1500, 121:100, TheNewBonnet.jpg)


Gee, who would've known. These are the fags who founded America, there's nothing of them left in this shithole

e6ff37  No.13438937

File: d9f6b5b729be705⋯.png (13.5 KB, 206x255, 206:255, 94fcd11ce842c5963f2160e98f….png)

File: 825390b16bd0729⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 255x213, 85:71, bba3fadaeb1374167fe232f89d….jpg)


Jonestein literally on fire would be really lulzy.

b5f956  No.13438938


f7ddbb  No.13438939


It couldn't be any other way. Collapse is always wild.

e15d57  No.13438940

File: 722a3090672013a⋯.gif (701.41 KB, 549x658, 549:658, 0bb374deca8ea55fcdfda1802b….gif)

343f8d  No.13438941


Same as the rest but isolationist

f40c13  No.13438942

It's moments like these I regret existing.

753d88  No.13438943


Be the change you want to see in the world :)

ed1e88  No.13438944

Trump is a shoe in anyway. Thank fuck against these clowns, even though don is a zionist shill.

d95e1c  No.13438945


>except with low IQ

She's female anon. That goes without saying.

068f6f  No.13438946


I'm concerned there won't be a collapse but instead a slow descent into a Brazil tier country

b5f956  No.13438947

>we conquered the world

f7ddbb  No.13438948


Brazil is a pretty wild place.

5af0f1  No.13438950


02bf07  No.13438952


Same woman who punched two people in the face and was arrested back during the Bush era when she was protesting. From there her then shitty acting career took off, she got roles, then fell off the table. Then she reemerges and starts dating a guy literally a month after /pol/ started discussing him being a faggot.

No, totally normal. I am sure they really are dating…. lol…

It's amazing they think we don't see through their shit when they match Hollywood with their politicians.

b90afe  No.13438953


Basically but the problem is because trump has been such a disappointment and a complete jew fag failure there's going to be a shift back towards democucks and when that happens forget it, we're done here

d95e1c  No.13438954


You can buy fresh lolis for a few hundred American dollarydoos.

ed1e88  No.13438955

This, everything will just get more shit, and usa will be a third world country with an elite top while the rest wade in mud and violence. This is your fate. Those wealthy days of the 50's will be a myth, denied by incumbents and criminals fucking your daughters.

46c0b7  No.13438956


How is Brazil doing now a days anyways? I remember a Brazilian anon being real excited about Bolsonaro but I haven't heard about it since

f7ddbb  No.13438959

>$15 for sweeping floors

>why is my sandwich $30 dollars?

5af0f1  No.13438961


I think Bolsonaro ended up cucking out.

f7ddbb  No.13438962


Bolsonaro is like the Trump of Brazil and by that I mean he's in bed with kikes.

b90afe  No.13438965


>I want to look them in the eyes and tell them I sold their country to beaners and jews and there's nothing left for them here

4bec72  No.13438966


>*swipes EBT card*

46c0b7  No.13438967



Disappointing, but not surprising

10a9da  No.13438968


pure coincidence.

b5f956  No.13438969

>america will be the weather people that controls the weather obey us

04512c  No.13438970


If nothing else the entertainment factor of this election will be pretty good.


Anti-war, pro globohomo, supported muslim ban but is otherwise pro-immigration, didn't vote for some of the assault weapon bans but voted for others. She's also a Hindu mutt and is married to a Jew.


You'd be right if it wasn't for automation. Prices won't go up much, robots will just make the burgers.

ed1e88  No.13438971

PErsonally I want to see what happens if they save the last two minutes and say, "Last two minutes, free for all" Then just let them go at it and yell at eachother. Maybe cory booker will pick up a flag and stab someone.

f7ddbb  No.13438972

Jesus Inslee that was fucking morbid. No one wants to think about you on your death bed with your grandkids there. Fucks sake man.

10a9da  No.13438973

Ryan looking rough

b5f956  No.13438974



f40c13  No.13438975


Booker would start sucking dick.

10a9da  No.13438979


Of course it'll be entertaining. The shitposter in chief is going to go ballastic.

f7ddbb  No.13438980

>I'm ready to play some offense!

>Get's beat by a girl.


e6ff37  No.13438981


I'll peel your face off with a linoleum knife you fucking bug.

A more beneficial animal on a farm is hard to think of.

b5f956  No.13438983

>im brown and i know what the founding fathers experienced and thought

d28b51  No.13438984


>Booker would start sucking dick.

And steal their wallets with his free hand.

46c0b7  No.13438986


Yeah, I'm pretty sure this debate sealed any chance Ryan had. He's just another face in the crowed now

f6c430  No.13438987


04512c  No.13438989


I hope he loses by a small margin and refuses to leave office, maybe it'll even spark a civil war or at least a couple deadly protests.

f7ddbb  No.13438990

God damn it Tulsi looks like she is trying to recite this monologue from memory. It's so unnatural.

ed1e88  No.13438991

They're speaking spanish again…

b5f956  No.13438992

>speaking spicish

HAHAHAHAAH the fuck is this clown shit

5af0f1  No.13438993

We're about 50 posts away from limit. Someone should prepare to make a new thread.

d00363  No.13438994

File: cde665ad6ed506b⋯.png (28.69 KB, 680x359, 680:359, This is a Dream.png)


I can't even laugh anymore. These things don't even seem real. It has made it impossible for me to be a skeptic. Every time I see an absurd headline, I don't even waste a second considering the possibility that it might be an Onion article. It never is. Poe's law doesn't exist for me; if you assume politicians, social commentators, or even the majority of people on social media are being sincere, you'll almost never be wrong. The things that have normalized to the average person is too hard for me to even begin to comprehend.

Imagine going to see a movie with friends and afterwords you say "That was the scariest film I've seen in years." Your friends turn to you perplexed. "Anon, what are you talking about? That was an inspiring documentary! Not a horror film."

There is no navigating the modern social landscape of Weimerica. There is no understanding what kind of bag has been pulled over the head of modern man. All I know is that whatever is inside that bag is no laughing matter.

46c0b7  No.13438995





343f8d  No.13438996


02bf07  No.13438997


>Trump pulls financial aid from Israel

>Trump refuses full engagement in Syria after obvious flags

>Trump pulls US troops (majority) out of region leaving 1500

>Trump refuses attack on Iran after obvious flags

Yes, Trump is totally an Israeli puppet. Every single POTUS for the past 20 years have attacked countries for less and for that very thing and this guy comes in, takes aid, takes troops back, doesn't fucking attack them and you think he is some zionist.

He is simply pro Israel as an ally, kept a promise the US has made for 50 years and nothing more. There is nothing wrong with that

dfa1fc  No.13438999

File: 5e7488568e392d1⋯.jpg (63.82 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 1447717978878-4.jpg)


f7ddbb  No.13439000

I'm amazed how all of these 2nd gen immigrants manage to get to run the government just by showing up.

30af0a  No.13439001


he lives in Israel with his children

068f6f  No.13439002

File: b853b87ffaf95f3⋯.jpg (19.37 KB, 387x398, 387:398, b853b87ffaf95f3e4175d7f708….jpg)


d1cde1  No.13439003


b90afe  No.13439004

File: 3613da309134dbc⋯.jpg (36.18 KB, 483x607, 483:607, No hope.jpg)


I fucking wish

5af0f1  No.13439006

File: d401f1262e59c3e⋯.jpg (76.46 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1336887721200.jpg)

>I can beat Donald Trump

02bf07  No.13439007


What did I miss about something about memes, had to step away?

5b93c4  No.13439008


>People are actually this stupid. And they have degrees. Fuck its all too late isn't it.


2.)Many of those degrees are garbage. Also, this is the fucking Democrat debates. What are you expecting? This is all just re-hash White and Man hate that hasn't already been shilled to death and also already cost them the last election. Let them put the gun of their Kike-Marxist ideology in their mouths and blow their own brains out. Outside of the useful idiots that are already committed to this garbage mind, body and soul, most of us are laughing at them anyway. They are already lost and have nothing but hate for you in their hearts. Bear them no more attention.

Also, it's never too late. Get outside, get sun, get in shape, take care of yourself and let the ship of fools sail into the sunset. You are not apart of that ship.

46c0b7  No.13439009

>literally running on the basis that she can beat drumf


f7ddbb  No.13439011



b5f956  No.13439013

i hope our first jewish president speaks hebrew

d1cde1  No.13439014

America should break up into 50 countries.

b90afe  No.13439015

Booker has a fucking dead eye, he's literally retarded

f40c13  No.13439016

File: 255a91fea0c4805⋯.mp4 (5.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, wake me up shittyflute.mp4)

f7ddbb  No.13439017

>white people giving shit to niggers is what America is all about


f6c430  No.13439018


shhh that goes against the trump=kike narrative

bf0456  No.13439019

File: 1277a7f8c48b4b8⋯.jpg (84.65 KB, 453x439, 453:439, 1540680095415.jpg)

The levels of sophism and demagoguery and actual cuckoldry are so high in this crowd, it's an actual freak circus. I cannot believe this insane clown posse are the "people" if you can call them that, who are trying to become the most powerful political frontman in USA.

4bec72  No.13439020


He looks like a malfunctioning android, the type they scrapped before they rolled out Romney

d28b51  No.13439021

Where's his skateboard?

ed1e88  No.13439022


Thanks anon.

6b4094  No.13439023

Tulsi got 2 questions the entire debate. She didn't even get one that half the group got asked.

>Why do you support the terrorist state of Iran?

>Why do you hate my poor innocent transexuals?

d00363  No.13439024


>Imagine going to see a movie with friends and afterwords you say "That was the scariest film I've seen in years." Your friends turn to you perplexed. "Anon, what are you talking about? That was an inspiring documentary! Not a horror film."

Nevermind. Switch out "an inspiring documentary" with "the 2019 Democratic Debates."

10a9da  No.13439026

Anyone hear that hot mic during Beta's closing comment?

b90afe  No.13439027


Are people born with dead eyes the product of alcoholic parents?

b5f956  No.13439028

Will action take place before or after the White House is called the Colored House?

d95e1c  No.13439029


That's already the idea though.

State's rights was that in essence and meaning. But… yeah.

Also if that happens CA would die off in a few years.

d1cde1  No.13439030

"I'm black"

Is whiter than many white people

1a83aa  No.13439031


I would pay in Btc to see that

I would perosnally fund the niggers’ run if it stabbed someone on stage with a flag

10a9da  No.13439032

Mention how you said you were cherokee to get into college dummy.

f7ddbb  No.13439033



10a9da  No.13439034


She could have gone full fake news.

46c0b7  No.13439035

They even let Warren have the last word, guess she's who they're going with

b90afe  No.13439036


It's no different then fucking injun Tulsi doing it

5af0f1  No.13439037

It's over already?

46c0b7  No.13439038



a7e8df  No.13439039


>Imagine going to see a movie with friends and afterwords you say "That was the scariest film I've seen in years." Your friends turn to you perplexed. "Anon, what are you talking about? That was an inspiring documentary! Not a horror film."

I had this idea of downloading Schindler's List and adding a laugh track to it.

f7ddbb  No.13439040


It's been on since 9.

753d88  No.13439041


That is it for tonight. Tune in tomorrow for the next shit show!

4bec72  No.13439043

Whenever Castro smiles, he looks like he's judging a bodybuilding competition with one hand down his pants

377576  No.13439044


He's right. This shit was pretty fucking boring.

f7ddbb  No.13439045


If you do that do it right. High polish. That would be amazing to watch.

d1cde1  No.13439046

So from all of that we learned that Tulsi is hot and orange man bad

46c0b7  No.13439047


Yeah, the only genuinely entertaining moment was Ryan panicking over Tulsi calling him out

d28b51  No.13439048

The format was completely shit.

068f6f  No.13439049

Holy fucking shit everyone they put on TV is a godforsaken mutt. You would think this country was Brazil just looking at our media, fucking multi-lingual as well

a7e8df  No.13439051


Not sure if i'm that good, I might make some clips though.

000000  No.13439052


02bf07  No.13439053

They are beefing up Castro now lol…

46c0b7  No.13439054


Gotta try to get another king nigger

94742a  No.13439257


>trump 2020 jewin or flavor of choice

>"Oh purgatory nah, muh voice is herd"

>civil unrest.jpg - filesize 1776 TB

>subscribe to pewdi!!!..

>(Avian madcow influenzebola cough*)

>"My great nation we are in the gravest of dangers, and must stand together"

>"le white doods are primary carriers of ndjcihfhdj".

>Martial law.webm

>Wallmart fema caskets deport/bugman white helmet import.

>"Today we arise from our terrible struggle as a new nation moar ready and wisey than ever to stand ready and heed the warnings. We shall vow to never stand and let this happen again under a united world hoarder".

>1,2,3,4,6,8,12,16,24,31,48,62,93,124,186,248,372,496,744, and1488 blurried pixels of mongoloids saluting and cheering a future of solidarity.

Did i miss anything?

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