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000000  No.13444555

Post all ideas and strategic or logistic arguments in this thread regarding:

- hashtag highjacking

- culture jamming

- pamphleteering

- corporate brand subversion

- chatbot repurposing

- number and symbol resignification, memetics, etc.

It's better to have one thread to combine all efforts and plans than have a couple small threads that don't go anywhere. It's also easier to shoot down shit ideas when not every single one gets its own thread.

Some examples to start with or to continue:

- how to cause conflict between the light and dark blacks

- subverting the pride month/ gay symbols and acronyms

- inventing other fake holocausts

- subverting the "have sex" meme

- reappropriating Ronald McDonald

1dfef3  No.13444559


Usually this shit used to be fun, doesnt feel like that anymore.

150ecf  No.13444573

What’s the point? They’re banning much more effectively now and not making any attempt at pretending to be even handed about applying their hate speech rules which means the reach of any of these campaigns are nil compared to what they used to. The giant orange Cheeto faggot hasn’t lifted a fucking finger to defend my right to speak so I’m going to let him lose 2020.

ea07e3  No.13444574

File: 67fe5cfa2131ac1⋯.jpg (45.18 KB, 560x707, 80:101, Based-black.jpg)


Pose as "people of color" (negreos, spics and so on) online (twitter, faceberg, vk ….. you name it).

And "wake up to the jewish question"

built credibility first and get a following base to maximise your impact.

If done properly it should look like this (actually a true example of a black waking up).

We must think outside our own race to increase our own power against the (((enemy of mankind))).

Do not mix. Each race needs an own home, but if avoidable do not fight against each other either, because this serves only the kikes:

If you are posing as "fellow black person", raise awareness to these jewish tactics which are employed against all non jews:


Operation "fellow black":

1. Create people of color account on social media.

2. Create a user base/credibility

3. Start waking up to the jewish question

4. Redpill blacks, and others.

5. No profit for jews.

6. winning intensifies

7. Read Polyaneus: Stratagems in war and SunTzu - Art of War for more ideas:



6b679b  No.13444585

File: 64f8e1523cd38c2⋯.png (358.83 KB, 515x485, 103:97, breakup.png)


We've all been deleted from the internet proper. We have no voice. No reach. The memes go nowhere anymore. So many normies have shut down, and stopped watching MSM because they aren't getting the "good" news they require. Vapid vacations and parties are back at the top of the priority list as well.

No one is even listening anymore.

d2386d  No.13444586

File: c6062e0acb5dcf8⋯.pdf (822.71 KB, Polyaenus_ Stratagems in W….pdf)

File: c31a14e4b49ba8a⋯.pdf (524.29 KB, Suntzu-ArtOfWar.pdf)


To defeat the enemy, outhink the enemy first.

000000  No.13444597


ok, (((moishe)))


what the fuck, i love israhell now, (((shlomo)))


if (((JEW))) say so.

I know kikes fear, that the non jews could use these tactics with success. Fellow whites, better fight always honorable and without cover, because this will lead to certain defeat.

>Demoralization (warfare)

>Demoralization is, in a context of warfare, national security, and law enforcement, a process in psychological warfare with the objective to erode morale among enemy combatants and/or noncombatants. That can encourage them to retreat, surrender, or defect rather than defeating them in combat.


Ironpilled /pol/acks are no fun for jews

9fd3c6  No.13444615


This is what I think is most effective.

We all know from experience that you only listen to your own race (or people claiming that); jews listen to jews, blacks listen to blacks etc.

When that nigger farrakhan got banned (for a short time) big name niggers were already chimping out and wondering why he got banned.

We need fellow “blacks” talking about how those stinking jews kept the slave trade going for as long as possible, how they made the most money and DON’T pay reperations.

Go for the things blacks find important in this order:

1. Slavery/ “Injustice”

2. Money handouts in the form of reperations

3.Muh dick (pose as sheboons)

4.Other black people

Time and time again it has been proven niggers get mad at being told they are a slave race, now if we can just re-direct this rage in the original and proper direction we can just let blacks do what blacks do best: Escalate

Before you know it there’s nigger student bodies asking to expel jews due to their racism in the talmud.

Personally I think just jewish rabbi/ talmud qoutes about slaves and other races with pictures of “inspirational” niggers like MLK talking about “rights” is all that is needed. Might post examples later.

150ecf  No.13444620


Listen man, if you’re a sub 18 year old kid overdosing on redpills and wanna feel like you’re helping out then by all means go ahead. But as it stands, Orange Cheeto faggot is not worth defending and should lose 2020 for all his betrayals so if you’re above 18 you should spend that time building yourself up and taking a break from the hard redpill because it eats away at your soul looking into the hurtbox every day. I know this because that’s what I did for many years.

Take what you learn here and start building your own life and avoiding the pitfalls without making the mistake of wasting your youth solely on /pol/. Go get fit.

6b679b  No.13444621


It's called realism in strategy, son. Are you not paying attention to what's happening right now? Our tactics have to change with the environment of the evolving Info/Techwar.

I'd love to play meme games with you, anon. I have zero internet presence anymore to do so. Most leftists have turned completely off, and sunk further into mindless debauchery.

Again, are you incapable of seeing the reality of what's around you?

IRL shitposting is the only option.

000000  No.13444634


based information!

fellow blacks must push the truth of Jews owned the slave ships and 43 percent of all jews owned slaves, while only 1 percent of whites did .

Operation: "fellow black" is a go


>Orange Cheeto faggot is not worth defending

We do not fight for Trump, we do it for our blood. Trump may be kikes, but he is still better than Hillary. (((Democracy))) has failed to begin with. It is just jewish rule by proxy.

> redpill because it eats away at your soul

Everyone is different. Some crumble under the weight. Some strive to live. I guess i am the 2nd. I love this fight.

>I know this because that’s what I did for many years.

Well moishe, than what are you doing here? Why are you not listening to your own words? (((Hypocrite))). Just go out, built that house (= remain passive)


>IRL shitposting is the only option.

based and true.

We need both. Electronic PsyOp and real life PsyOp. Redpill wherever you can, with whatever you have!

150ecf  No.13444682


I pop in from time to time. This board died a long time ago but this is still the only relatively uncensored website on the internet

2bd98d  No.13444719


jesus christ what a heavy demoralization presence here indeed, things are looking somewhat good, we have more influence than ever, good alternative platforms, lots of members, lots of willpower even.

I think that we have a list of evils that we must address, or at least I thought of them based on how much evil influence they have on society

>1 women

>2 white leftists

>3 jews

>4 degenerates

>5 niggers

I thought that one should see problem solving in order of this. If you control the sex, you control the mostly dull and stupid population of men. Women vote leftists, women think leftists, women are infiltrators, destroy women lol

0df533  No.13444722


The thing that made memes work is that we make normies laugh or get angry and they share the memes with their friends and their friends share them, etc. We don't have to even be on Facebook or Twitter for this system to work. We make the meme and deploy it to cuckchan or leddit and it trickles down into Facebook and Twitter organically. Banning regular people will not stop thi's phenomenon. They have no defense against us.

000000  No.13444727


No. Organize massive militia groups to retake the country through violence. Anything else is useless while jews and other subhumans are allowed to live. Kill them all first. Anything else comes later.

747436  No.13444769


>Not putting jews at #1

C'mon, anon.

2bd98d  No.13444991


white leftists are by far the hugest thing that is pulling us back. The jews dont have cops killing us, or enforcing rules, or putting on some smiling face telling us that multiculti shit is good. Just look at sweden. A fuckton of effort is being done by whites, to other whites to fuck them over, to make them comply. Yet the shits, muslims and other assembly of retards basically get a free pass to do whatever.

And the majority of them are jew friendly, or white owned leftist friendly corporations. We have far more enemies within our race than outside of it, who do far more harm as well.

7011b8  No.13452240


feds are not even trying anymore

f9d576  No.13452332

I always want someone to bring public executions back. Crime rates would go down noticeably.

37bee5  No.13465877



Yeah it's easy enough. Most (shit) memes are also spread through Discord now.

fcef00  No.13478112

This is online only, correct?

87e3c1  No.13478138

File: a597c281de86775⋯.jpg (45.48 KB, 520x547, 520:547, a597c281de86775233aca9cddb….jpg)

>>13444555 (checked)


>jesus christ what a heavy demoralization presence here indeed, things are looking somewhat good, we have more influence than ever, good alternative platforms, lots of members, lots of willpower even.

It's thanks to kikemonkey's moderation rules. For some (((inexplicable reason))) /pol/ is mandated to be hospitable to all kinds of obvious shills. Kikemonkey will sooner cater to shills than he does us. Cyclicals like this and the religion one are just breadcrumbs tossed to us to make us ignore the real problems.

> hidden mod names

> mods not allowed to use poster history

> shills don't exist, just "dissenting opinions"

> /pol/ board culture is not important

This is the price paid for kikemonkey making /pol/ a global board.

0c39b4  No.13478565


minecraft only

d8ccc9  No.13478905

Put all extra resources into cryptocurrency. Safe bets are BTC, LTC, and ETH.

975692  No.13478999

hi anons i know personal requests esp if for an army are frowned upon but alas my memory is damaged greatly due to much poison consumed unknowingly over the yrs

but basically i'm looking for information about a particular bill passed long ago about countries designated for war, which, the last 2 on that list are Iran and Syria; I use to see it posted a lot in a thread an anon would make bearing lots of great information about particular goyim like Clintons or Bushes, or Rumsfeld, etc. He would talk alot about that Weather Underground group, but, that isn't my point. I bring that up because it is the threads that brought someone else along who had good information on old bills, resolutions, legislation, etc, from the past.

000000  No.13480664


IRGC. Get with the times, anon.

0b05ef  No.13481649

Lets make an 8ch meme about a NEET basement dweller shut in, with a huge cock.

66a1e6  No.13481720


>make successful twitter accounts(This is the most difficult part)

>post pics of cute white babies

>see white women's urge to have babies kick in

This method is in need of URGENT adoption for the countries whose native birthrate is less than the immigrant birthrate.

like I said, making a successful twitter account with tons of followers is a difficult task. I advise LARPING as a young attractive girl in late teens, which would initially attract thirsty men and once the no of followers increase, women would follow you as well. Our main audience is white women. So the content should be white baby pics, occasional pics of a gorgeous woman that you are LARPING as, cute dog/cat photos, cute memes.

Rest, use your brain and instincts. I'm a volcel so I have limited understanding of the female mind. You people who are more intimate with women might understand it better and use that to your advantage.

Ideally, there should be many accounts shilling the cute white baby pics, so as to give the perception to an average woman that more and more white women are having more kids. Since most women(infact most people, in general) , have herd mentality, this plan should, in theory, work well.

Now get to work, Lads.

074b38  No.13482178

File: 77483a9f0a3a38f⋯.jpg (61.84 KB, 640x796, 160:199, D4_atuHXsAEdPfT.jpg)

how do we psyop shills and feds?

5d5d87  No.13482406

File: 925d08ced392968⋯.jpeg (167.99 KB, 748x489, 748:489, A0E69573-F5FF-48A6-B28B-8….jpeg)


If you would ask me how I would fully subvert the LGBTQ and confuse the populous is to blatantly escalate their pedophillic agenda. Why?

Because not all gays are okay will pedophillia, especially considering a good portion of them are gay because of previous rape. Making the pedophillic part of the LGBT stronger, weakens and divides the community in a really passionate and in-reversible way.

My idea is to get out there in LGBT boards, discord’s, and gay forums and completely subvert then and redirect their agenda to quickly adopt pedophillia. Once that happens, the LGBT community is finished. They will passionately fight for pedophile rights while being attacked by people even more passionate to stop it.

Controlling a populous’s emotion means you control them. We can already easily subvert them. It just takes turning them against each other and dragging their reputation through the ground, and boom. The LGBT community hates themselves and are hated. Even shitskins will hate them. Shifting the LGBT community to a pedophillic defending position will call on swaths of self righteous niggers to attack them, further helping us. They will do the attacking for us, because what simple minded “good” person isn’t going to attack a pedophile organization?

I call this plan

>Jewing the LGBT

000000  No.13482658


Hail my sisters and brothers

It's all in the title we want to fight for our rights! It is a play on words between race and nation to express rationality. * RAce-naTiONALITY *

For the 'RQ (racial question) is taboo and illegal in our countries as the JQ?

As long as this subject is denied, the speech (below) will always be perceived as such:

(((They say that the natsoc is a message of hatred but it is the opposite ! it is a message of peace and love = because we recognize the existence of the different human races and we respect them in the opposite way.)))

As long as this subject is denied, this discourse will always be perceived in this way and by a majority.

Help us to change mentality, it is the right to freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

Fight for your rights !

Spread and propagate this message of peace. Inform people if you can about the RQ.


NB :

Sorry no image i'm not a graphic designer but don't hesitate to contribute if you wish!


#Sieg Heil

975692  No.13482705



3fce0a  No.13482718

File: a5d87eaffc40f74⋯.jpg (129.76 KB, 550x722, 275:361, 20190709_141443.jpg)

Wouldn't mind seeing the chans get off the Dorito laden couch and snatch up and leak the pedo videos one of the defendants claims to have on Epsteins and other cucks.

b0fc12  No.13482790

In well-known movie ads and trailers, black the villains rather than the protagonists. Ursula, not Ariel, for example.

000000  No.13482797

>"Don't worry about a thing,

'Cause every little thing gonna be "Alt-Right"."

b0fc12  No.13482807


>subverting the "have sex" meme

Respond with "Freeze your eggs."

37b90a  No.13482939


28ae4f  No.13482982

India fresh to the meme game but very naive and ignorant. Like they have to send a hello image every morning or else you get bad luck and this caused a lot of network issues. So just insulting them with memes could probably easily get them all aggravated and if you act as if your from Pakistan amd you were in control of Kashmir shit would be hilarious.

912d5d  No.13483023


What if we used Jew accounts to convince Jews to suicide?

ef504b  No.13485165

Based on his ideas, wouldn't Marx be opposed to modern social "justice" which seeks to take away from white people the thing that their ancestors created? I believe there would be a good argument here if logic applied to memes. I've never been very good at the emotional aspect of it.

Anyways, attach Tarrant's manifesto to QR codes and sticker them around universities.

b0990e  No.13485430



Let me check those digits.

8410d7  No.13485500



Current Year Plus Four

It's been shit since Kamfy niggered the board up with (((ZOGnald))) faggotry. Kikemonkey punked the last remaining semi-decent polvols and let in every normalfag imaginable after this place was already mostly retarded T_D faggots that couldn't find all the other imageboards or voat where everyone else went, and they couldn't into "becoming Russian Hacker" and bypassing the (((junk))) wordfilter to virtually zero risk of ban. Anyway, without rambling for paragraphs about shit in the past, this board has experienced many deaths, they always create a vacuum that sucks in more newfaggots than before and it slowly becomes less manageable.

526899  No.13485631


White leftists invited the jews here and continue to support their domination. Even on their own their own, white leftists would be able to do most everything the jews do almost as well. Without traitor whites, jews would be regarded as the occupying force their are and their time of rule will be very limited. Occupation governments never succeed without cooperation from the ruled, especially the native elite, which is what these yankee liberals are.

3f52aa  No.13488937

Convince people that fighting climate change is racist

I propose that we start a campaign to convince elements of far left Twitter, Mastodon, Tumblr, and Reddit that attempting to reduce or stop the warming of temperate climates in Europe and North America is racist because many of the refugees those places are taking in from Africa and the Middle East are adapted for warmer climates. Since leftists are always looking for a new boogeyman to chase, we could even likely convince them that environmentalists are secretly crypto-nazis who want to make Europe and North America less comfortable for third world refugees.

+ Get the left to admit to biological differences between ethnicities

+ Get leftists to start attacking those who campaign against "invasive species" in the local environment as racists or xenophobes

+ Increased leftist in-fighting and general paranoia

5d5d87  No.13488956


This, sound genuine and passionate, the emotion will spread like dominos falling.

37f2ee  No.13498018

Nothing interesting has happened round here lately. Let's start a trolling campaign. I am about to start a petition to free Nikolas Cruz saying he was arrested for exercising his Second Amendment rights. Here is the troll petition:


We will also start a hashtag.


e74e43  No.13498021

File: a7e532b22be5cb3⋯.png (525.86 KB, 1282x680, 641:340, terrysrazor.png)


What proxy services do any of you know of that offer proxies that aren't blocked by 4chan? I don't want a VPN service, because I need preferably many (dozens) of IPs.

I've heard socks5 proxies are mostly undetected by 4chan, but not sure. Any recommendations? no problem with paying.

2de520  No.13498026


who's telling you you don't have your right? pussy faggot

e74e43  No.13498046


I imagine the type of feds who get assigned to shill on chans aren't really feds at all, but shitty companies hired by them.

Find out who the companies are, find out who the employees are, and gaslight them irl, turn them into the schizos.

2de520  No.13498047

File: 251271b5cb9482b⋯.jpg (170.21 KB, 1001x686, 143:98, unions.jpg)

File: cbbd4e757920d68⋯.jpg (39.47 KB, 640x495, 128:99, slaveryshitdone.jpg)

i know guys

tell everyone who hates slavery that it was the norths fault

and its 100% true. just redpill the fuck out of them. they always blame the south, but show them it was the NORTH who benefited from slavery. while the south didnt really give a fuck.

tell me, how did slaves build america as they always claim? wtf, picking cotton built america? thats right they picked the food the northerners ate to continue doing their industry non-able to be kept up with on its own without the food making, which was totally funded by, slavery. also ran 99.999% by the jews, totally from getting them to them being used.

the jews were the ones who were running it, and thats another thing. you cant ban shit cause it just turns into a thing that people use against you. shows you the real jew problem anyway. even tho i dont care one way or ajnother and us as americans decided that useless niggers should be used for slaves. when they attempt to claim that there would of been no slavery if noone bought slaves, tell them that noone cares one way or the other. and the jews would of done it without them. how much you want to bet jews dont care about our laws today and probably have hidden nigger slaves? is that why all these idiots want to suck on jew dick so much? they all want to be kept up with and be slaves? yes.

anyway so you cant ban slavery or any other substance (slaves) because it will be used against you, black market

2de520  No.13498049


what company would want to censor free speech tho? that just doenst make sense

e74e43  No.13498050


>what company would want money wtf

2de520  No.13498058


yea you explain that. give me some money. we'll see all that work you claim needs to be done done. GO ON EXPLAIN YOURSELF RETARD

2de520  No.13498091

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>you work for the destabalization of america

whos paying for that?

go to 7:00 about, a little after in this video. watch 35 seconds of it

2272a3  No.13498144

File: 35b61b1b1ff3cab⋯.jpg (101.9 KB, 526x455, 526:455, emma.jpg)

Nothing interesting has happened round here lately. Let's start a trolling campaign. I am about to start a petition to free Nikolas Cruz saying he was arrested for exercising his Second Amendment rights. Here is the troll petition:


We will also start a hashtag.



e74e43  No.13498154


My thoughts is to ban you for posting that link you dumb glowie

2272a3  No.13498198


Are you retarded?

f5f9b5  No.13502640

File: e3ef404ebcc9abe⋯.png (3.28 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, e3ef404ebcc9abe514b80e93b6….png)

A computer science project where a code converts any instance of the name Mohammad to Moshe.

82e263  No.13509698

has anyone tried creating fake English twitter accounts (with IRL jews/liberals) with pictures from facebook (it would be necessary that they don't have twitter) and posting hate speech under these and reporting these to English police? It is also possible to use TOR and VPNs to fake an English IP and you can post as much as information as you can get from facebook/instagram.

eeef46  No.13510016


This guy is a journo shill

06164d  No.13516590


Anything that creates visual depictions of Mohammad.

b37c41  No.13516605


27d3ad  No.13516726

File: e8c6610ddb261a7⋯.png (703.54 KB, 1480x605, 296:121, Article 13 (1).png)

File: 903aab4e989b06f⋯.png (329 KB, 465x720, 31:48, Article 13 (2).png)

File: 7a6c70194f378f2⋯.png (498.34 KB, 405x860, 81:172, Article 13 (3).png)

here's an idea I had, I've been spreading it among my meme circles

27d3ad  No.13516729

File: 624eb813e8507cc⋯.png (714.95 KB, 600x1030, 60:103, article 13 (5).png)

File: 9d3ce18a6802749⋯.png (539.45 KB, 600x930, 20:31, article 13 (6).png)

File: c727df6ff938b3e⋯.png (651.08 KB, 600x860, 30:43, article 13 (7).png)

27d3ad  No.13516730

File: 3ffcc5fc389f49e⋯.png (51.42 KB, 500x468, 125:117, article 13 (8).png)

File: 5cbd5fa8d9dff88⋯.png (437.87 KB, 600x950, 12:19, article 13 (9).png)

File: e7a055152354488⋯.png (774.06 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, article 13 (10).png)

File: 500134fd5c71cca⋯.png (922.71 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, article 13 (11).png)

172d6b  No.13516847

Pretend to be one of (((them))) on the internet and try to get normies pissed at you by basically rubbing it in their face that you control the world around them via nefarious methods.

People are resistant to other people directly saying these things about (((them))), but if you pretend to be one of (((them))) and indirectly "admit" to all of your evil doings and basically tell people "We're better than you and we control you without you knowing it"… people will start to get really pissed at "(((you)))".

A good place for doing this is actually online gaming, because most boys/young men are highly competitive, and get extremely mad at anyone challenging them. Plus it might even wake some of these young men up (so many need waking up these days) and maybe some might even do something good with their lives besides playing video games all the time.


This is actually another really good idea, because it is the truth.

113c84  No.13525839

aoc tits or gtfo

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