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File: b33aff8333d9b5d⋯.jpg (28.26 KB, 480x427, 480:427, antifa israel.jpg)

090c3d  No.13457861


Boomer conservatives are running with the angle that "antifa = white identitarians". You guys were digging into arrest lists/mugshots after the DC J20 thing, let's go over that stuff again.

>how disproportionate compared to US population?

>how disproportionate compared to university attendance?

>how disproportionate among identified leaders?

>how disproportionate among PR wing (i.e. big media / big activism)?

090c3d  No.13457913


2393ef  No.13457926

Get ANTIFA talking about Israel. They will inevitable support Palestine, and Soros will stop funding. ANTIFA dies.

0383a3  No.13457932

It's kind of the same thing with anything /pol/ would or could be or is associated with. It's all glowniggers and jewish organizations tryping to co-opt.

It's why /pol/ is 100% anti any named organization. It will inevitably be partially or fully controlled by some progressive group of elites.

The average antifa is extremely anti israel and pro Palestine.

bf1fae  No.13457933


Imagine thinking something this retarded

e910dc  No.13457946

antifa was created by german jews in the 30s

e910dc  No.13457949


>ANTIFA are bad!

>If they hate Israel…

>then israel must be good!

fuck off with your psyops moshe

090c3d  No.13457955


Some antifa groups openly support Zionism (see pic originally posted). Some groups see Jews as white oppressors of brown Palestinian bodies. That's possibly a good guide as to which groups are the most heavily infiltrated by Zionist-aligned state and non-state intelligence operatives.

926ecb  No.13457956


This has already happened with Femen and Black Lives Matter.

This is a working tactic.

090c3d  No.13457962






Ok but my original request:


000000  No.13457970


Nah, he's right. Remember what happened to FEMEN.

AntiFa Infiltrated by /pol/ and finds they are led around by the (((JDL)))

1 hour & 40 minute tape of two /pol/ Anons undercover at a local AntiFa meeting where they planned to shutdown a "white supremacist" rally. The audio is very clear & loud & would only need some editing to be useful for propaganda purposes. Highlights of the tape include them admitting affiliation with the JDL, admitting being a violent organization & going beyond a "peaceful vigil" with confrontation. They discuss logistics and shutting down the event with intimidation and by drowning them out with noise and chanting.






Please be kind and try to transcribe and write some kind of a subtitle if you can.


Transcripts courtesy of TripCode Autscript:








This. Commie kikes started the revolution then made antifa only to get BTFO by the Freikorps and later the Brownshirts.

09a661  No.13457975

ANTIFA are majority lost kids who have good hearts but completely mindfucked into oblivion. The Palestine route as others suggested is the highway to destruction of ANTIFA .

9db89b  No.13457982


Worked at least for pussy riot.

090c3d  No.13457987


>Highlights of the tape include them admitting affiliation with the JD

Thank you anon

926ecb  No.13458003


The whole anti-racist schtick is at the heart of anitfa. Surely they would turn on an ethno-state like Israel in a heart beat.

090c3d  No.13458022


This is my experience too, with the little contact I have had with these people. They are people who care greatly, often intuitively, but that energy has been misdirected by a counterfeit intellectual cabal, and it's kind of like they've been psychologically abused. The basic question "where is power?" is answered in the wrong way. You had mostly white guys going to Occupy Wall Street - and it's after this that the campus-left and media-left culture dramatically shifted.

bf1fae  No.13458033


Pussy riot retards tried to start an -israel chapter-, there is no need for antifa starting any chapter in israel, have you givent htought why antifa does not attack the very conservatives in likkud and kulano or beitenu? there is no antifa in israel because there is no need!

090c3d  No.13458055





What I'm really looking for, though, is:


000000  No.13458089


I was there. It got fucked up by progressive stack bs. Whether there or Portland it's white af hope they wake up soon.

8923af  No.13458099


>It's kind of the same thing with anything /pol/ would or could be or is associated with. It's all glowniggers and jewish organizations tryping to co-opt.

Kikes join ALL groups to gain intelligence, just like the bikers do. Often they are both. Passive organization like the masons with their Damok and Jalad initial isms/metaphor code. Learn their comments to disrupt them.

090c3d  No.13458102


So what happened at OWS? (NY?) How many days did it go on before the "progressive stack" people completely took over? Was there any sense at the time that it was an organized attempt to disrupt?

8923af  No.13458118


I used to be one. Eventually ended up here when I faced up to the JQ. Far too many cohencidences to ever fool me again.

090c3d  No.13458132


How did you come to join them - were you actively recruited? How would you describe the demographic makeup of your particular group?

8923af  No.13458135



This is data mining folks.

090c3d  No.13458157


I'm not asking anyone to give away identifying information. I want to understand antifa and other fake-opposition groups that suppress dissent on behalf of elite factions. What happened at OWS needs to be explored more. This was a 80% white movement against Wall Street, and it's during/after when the SJW-antifa thing was made mainstream. The timing is interesting, as Steve Sailer points out: https://www.takimag.com/article/the-great-awokening-conspiracy-theory/

4e6d31  No.13458165


OWS was literally hippe and sitting it out.

They weren't as violent as the antifa.

090c3d  No.13458181


Sure, but there was a period before the progressive stack groups took over, and before they started to bus in lumpenprol homeless/gangsters etc. OWS may have been hippies, but it was important and threatening because it more correctly answered the question "where is power" than what we have to suffer through now, i.e. the mainstreaming of minority grievance studies and critical race theory.

000000  No.13458192


Read this image to get a general idea https://i.4pcdn.org/pol/1549415965839.jpg (sorry can't post images). A combination of shrill af lunatic women, stupid af whiny niggers, and glowniggers fucked it all up for us. We were on track at first and everything but soon you'll find out why /pol/ is always right and why corporations are so into supporting fags and shitskins. After that bs corporate media even the ones traditionally deemed left|liberal attacked us for going after their hooked nosed money masters including that traitorous kike at the kike viacom corporate comedy central's dailyshow (((Jon "Stewart" LIEbowitz))) and that's where the redpill begins. Because who the fuck is LIEbowitz's brother? The fucking kike piece of shit who literally ran wall street (((Larry Leibowitz))). Everything was all lie, there's nobody "liberal" or "leftist" or "socialist" on the tv who isn't a greedy lying kosher fuck even if they pretend to be your friend. If the common man knew the truth all the executives on wall street and politicians in DC would be hanged and full of bullet holes.

090c3d  No.13458203

File: a10b8c0e1c1fa87⋯.jpg (665.26 KB, 1568x2146, 784:1073, SJW protects wall street.jpg)


Thanks. I'll post the image here for others:

090c3d  No.13458213

File: 2b12b0b0f2d804c⋯.png (401.99 KB, 747x855, 83:95, adbusters neocons jewish.png)


The other thing to remember is that OWS was originally seeded (or at least promoted) by Adbusters Magazine, which crossed the line on the JQ in 2004 regarding the neocons, see attached image:

000000  No.13458214


antifa are controlled useful idiots for wall street. They'll attack trash cans and working class people all day long but you never see them beat up or kill some fuckin corp execs. Only good thing this time in Portland is that they beat up a journalist and all journalists and the media deserve to be dead.

9d597b  No.13458242


Knew plenty of those types of kids and even adults.Antifa serves as a gatekeeping group, it always has. The anti fascism stuff is just to cover up the fact that it is a gatekeeping group, jews do this constantly.

e03228  No.13458253

GO TO LIBRARY OF CONGRESS and search the Soviet Union archive.

e03228  No.13458257

I used to be a leftist, i guess i still am. Anyways I can see things from both perspectives we're not as dif as you think.

92b4f7  No.13458263


They are not anti-Israel like BLM

09a661  No.13458268


It's said that when you are young you lean to the left "acting on emotions, sympathy inexperience" but as you grow older into the 40s you turn right as you got more life experience and understand the world better.

3997c6  No.13458314


>Boomer conservatives are running with the angle that "antifa = white identitarians".

No amount of evidence you ever dig up on this issue is going to change the conservative mind. People need to understand that conservatism in the United States is NOT pro-White. It is genocidally anti-White. They are incensed and enraged that White workers actually want a decent life instead of indentured servitude. They are apoplectic that America's burr-headed hordes don't give them the proper credit for mass murdering White America.

a94dde  No.13458496


Being anti-zionist wouldn't necessarily mean they aren't controlled. I'm sure there's no antifa that actually pushes the hardcore issues with Israel, like the assault on the USS Liberty, Palestinian organ harvesting, etc.

Toothless anti-zionism from the left is generally fine with the jews, the same as how the impotent "anti-globalism" is tolerated from the right.

926ecb  No.13458604


Toothless anti-zionism from the left is generally fine with the jews

Bullshit.. the slightest criticism of Israel draws out endless screams of anti semitism;'

Look at how hard they are freaking out over mere boycotts in Germany.

9af62f  No.13458611


there was a list when they got arrested in DC during Trump's inauguration.

they are about 1/2 kike. one was the soon of one of the kikes in the house.

d49823  No.13458724

File: 29b708c95ed0711⋯.png (704.21 KB, 858x1199, 78:109, ClipboardImage.png)


Keep an eye out for incoming dump

Twitter account was nuked by mods within the last hour. Idk where he's going to dump it, but it will almost definitely be dumped regardless.

cd7361  No.13458725


global report

cd7361  No.13458742


0hour1 is a Q shill/spammer that says this shit to get follows. He larps about how he has massive important info but never dumps it. Just ask yourself, if he really had the identities of all members of rose city antifa, why didn't he post them immediately? He's a fraud, and a Q shill.

0383a3  No.13458747

File: 06f10a6711c7359⋯.png (8.78 KB, 632x504, 79:63, Capture.PNG)


That didn't take long.

047c15  No.13458750



These faggots are literally protecting Antifa as well as 1984'ing everything in sight. This is not a joke, they are going for a full crack down using these faggots as their useful idiots.

cd7361  No.13458752




0hour1 is a fraud, retards. He doesn't have any info on antifa

0383a3  No.13458757


That doesn't matter.

The mere assertion that public information of a terrorist cell will be posted got him suspended.

0383a3  No.13458761


Reported for what?

What are (((you))) on about?

cd7361  No.13458764


wrong thread. some fag was posting cp

cd7361  No.13458766


he said he was going to dox antifa 2 years ago


0383a3  No.13458771


And how do you know he didn't?

It would be shit opsec to drop the info on that same account.

cd7361  No.13458785


Because he didn't.

NOTHING useful has come from this guy. He's actively acted like a kike, and has no credibility, shills bullshit for money. He also larps as a member of anonymous and makes empty threats.

cd7361  No.13458789


fuck tagged incorrectly

cc4663  No.13458793

They're all jews and shabbos goys. That's why they belong in body bags.

090c3d  No.13458900



yeah this is the thread I'm looking for, anybody archive it?

f2f925  No.13459097


Your logic is flawed


Here’s “(((john Stewart)))” defending occupy wall street. I’m all for blaming Jews if you can do it coherently. When you just blame everything on “(((Jews)))” you sound like a victim cuck.

491242  No.13459108


ANTIFA is a boogey man puppeted by jews to keep you chasing ghosts while the real jews in your country continue their criminal acts against your people.

Get a clue retard.

ee137d  No.13459194


Maybe try to see Antifa as a method, not one organized group which need huge financing.

568580  No.13459213

File: e32f01d6dfb115f⋯.gif (2.43 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 1558833355700.gif)


occupy wall street? that was a much simpler time. here is a jew attacking occupy wall street and telling them it should be occupy washington and they go insane

not going to lie the way he calmly talks his points through about capitalism for almost 2 hours to these communists is part of what woke me up

I would like to debate peter schiff on the jews one day, his jew dad died in prison for trying to prove the jews cant tax income, the jews kind of banished him to purgatory, like bobby fischer but because bobby's IQ was so high he actually identified and named the threat before he died


db2ebc  No.13459214


Over 6,000,000%

fa1eee  No.13459228





Here are some lists of antifa I managed to find, if that is of any help.

090c3d  No.13459266


here's a shekel, you did good

c9a865  No.13459277

File: 2394a5edbe75281⋯.png (257.41 KB, 614x625, 614:625, vintage antifa.png)

>I've been searching for years for some link of jews to antifa but can't find anything to connect the two, is antifa jewish in any way?

Seriously after the last few years of endless sucking of neocon jew dicks on here this is what /pol/ is reduced to?

173234  No.13459455


>File has expired

Do us all a favour and upload it here:


(signing up is ez)

0ac754  No.13459461



at this point the hasabara shills call you 'moishe' and deny they exist.

Turning antifa against Israel is natural because Israel violates their spirit of social justice.

<the worst thing you can have is an enemy.

>antifa can be your ally

Open your minds to possibilities, anons.

0ac754  No.13459463

File: ee23030e3e2e8a6⋯.png (3.71 KB, 295x346, 295:346, 114b047b7a3f1e0ee67c269b48….png)


antifa is a distraction from the jews. fighting antifa is a waste of energy.


There is only one parasite.

173234  No.13459471

File: 6254a843a3e60e5⋯.png (49.39 KB, 600x350, 12:7, jon stewart.png)


>(((Jon "Stewart" LIEbowitz)))

I just looked this up and


173234  No.13459475



>At the Conservative Political Action Conference in March, Trump said we need less Latino immigrants and more European immigrants

f397ce  No.13459503


Zundel predicted this

75c38c  No.13459514

File: 21b73aed3cd6cfb⋯.jpg (32.35 KB, 250x400, 5:8, Antifa_The_Anti-Fascist_Ha….jpg)

File: c1571ffb319d1f5⋯.png (153.02 KB, 1080x1275, 72:85, Screenshot_20190702-093420.png)

>How Jewish is antifa

Well, a kike did write their handbook

000000  No.13460318


Kill all antifags and all jews. There is no need to do anything else than this.

e18feb  No.13460442

You don't need data. We've already seen antifa make a lot of fracture points with the left. As boomer conservatives noted, antifa is heavily white. Antifa also enjoys a lot of benefits, like

>police give them preferential treatment

>police let them riot

>media treats them like darlings

There are a lot of liberal groups who have a reason to be jealous of antifa. And antifa is mostly white males. I feel like I'm just touching the tip of the ice berg. But I can guarantee you there's things antifa gets away with that groups like BLM don't. And Antifa is filled with whites. It's not hard to see a ton of facture points here.

3ab80f  No.13460467

Dox of Portland Mayor, Portland Police Chief and Johnathan Evans the Antifa member with the cement milkshake


000000  No.13460637

This won't work well. The (((media))) is now attacking antifa for being too white. Written by ???David Marcus???

>One thing that both of these groups had—and continue to have—in common is that they are mostly young white people.


>oy vey! the goyim know what (((antifa))) is about! project my fellow jews! project onto the white goyim!!!!

d371ef  No.13460763



ee79f0  No.13460772


So? Do what the FBI did for COINTELPRO – Show up in the crowd wearing a mask and hurl a molotov cocktail at the cops. Antifa gets the blame and even the police union leans on the Soros ambassador in the mayor's office to crack down. Win and win.

00d584  No.13460846

Fuck off, another don't losten to your elders fucking brainwash! I wonder why the JEWS dont want us learning from our elders like they do. Shit, how would blaming our elders and not the JEW possibly help the Jew?? Fuck off, all hate the boomer threads are filthy jew posts. If you do this yourself your brainwashed and fucking stupid to not see the angle.

e31c49  No.13460858

Antifa are inadvertently serving our cause. I have more in common with those faggots than the milk toast cuckservatives like Shapiro.

ee137d  No.13460875

File: ed1a1f426c1e291⋯.jpg (111.57 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, fbi.jpg)


By my experience from Europe they are also often manned with children of politicians or similar influential persons, and to some extend related to workers unions, churches, political parties, youth organizations of such organizations, government funded organizations against 'racism' and such. Fur sure also groups organized in and around universities or colleges (socialfags, culturefags, …). The more hardcore militant ones of course are rather like political hooligans with some militant socialist ideology.

Trying to fight them as an organization is pointless, you might rather wanna make sure your president which wants to be reelected promises to try to defund these organizations (tax deductions, privileges, tax money) and makes it a federal crime to attack people which are holding a rally within the law, so these localfags don't get to decide who is being prosecuted and how.

I'm not endorsing militancy, but given the list of backers above there are enough targets outside of those rallies on which police is around. And people might run into someone who tries to rob them and it's not working so well or whatever, no reason to go after white nationalists while having bad press… At least don't be to stupid and driven be emotion.

090c3d  No.13461196


lol relax moishe, we are assembling evidence to counter the "antifa are white identitarians" narrative. The arrests lists/mugshots/details are useful.

090c3d  No.13461199


"only fight us on one front, goyim"

000000  No.13461209


I agree. They beat some non-white sub-human queer to death. That's more than the KKK has done in forty-fifty fucking years. They're already us, they just need direction.

000000  No.13461229


This antifa Europe has an absurd number of bourgeois brats, kosher noselings, and children of politicians (explaining why they get away with everything through their rich connections) misdirecting and making sure we don't fucking kill them and the rest of these wealthy shekel hoarding pig shits and achieve real revolution just fucking street squabbles and violence against proletariat burning cheap cars of proles who the bourgeoisie fool people into believing are fascists. This is the reality we are and comrades must be made to wake up and kill the kikes.

000000  No.13461273


Divide and conquer antifa over the palestinian right to live is a genius idea, because Israhell is actually doing imperialistic politics. Something that the left claims to hate

We must use every angle possible to weaken the (((enemy)))


870704  No.13461694

Antifa is entirely jewish. Not the people on the street, the funding, every ngo who has funded antifa is staffed and boarded by 90% jews. It doesnt matter if youre talking about immigration ngos, civil rights ngos, lgbtqp ngos they are all traced on IRS form 990s to jews, with wanton over representation. This is what judaism is, it is theocracy, the capable destroying the incapable. Even BAMN that shut down milo at berk and is currently running migrants into the US is primarily funded by the jew that owns 7/11 chain. Its really quite absurd. They have ridiculously long paper trails. The goyim are going to figure it out at some point.


090c3d  No.13461793


I hear also Green Party in Germany funds Antifa over there

>7/11 owner funds BAMN

>paper trails

Can't find. Is any of this stuff compiled anywhere?

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