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File: 0f786a551c36458⋯.jpg (269.73 KB, 927x1023, 309:341, 46088949044_4874f04724_b.jpg)

2b6b9a  No.13464981

Daily reminder that the Jews are the ones behind the decline of the west, and all of this abhorrent degeneracy we see is a result of their subversive plans to weaken and destroy the White race.

Until these hooked nose demons from the darkest pits of hell have been expelled from our lands we will never truly be safe or free from their wicked ways!

2b6b9a  No.13464987

File: d02b03fbaeed405⋯.jpg (1.98 MB, 1880x2880, 47:72, 1562189358670.jpg)

4b0c15  No.13464989

Daily reminder that the premier enemy is the cowardice of white men.

Jews would be nothing if white men rise up violently.

inb4 muh PR, muh fedposting

2b6b9a  No.13464991

File: e4c1232aa36ef88⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 3755x5759, 3755:5759, 1562202281332.jpg)

2b6b9a  No.13464999

File: f12c2e42dd59317⋯.jpg (118.13 KB, 674x672, 337:336, 10363867_244527719083201_5….jpg)

2b6b9a  No.13465001

File: 6d703dd5e41ea54⋯.jpg (287.62 KB, 709x709, 1:1, 10393165_303371163196430_6….jpg)

2b6b9a  No.13465005

File: 4e3eb03d66c363b⋯.jpg (142.9 KB, 445x666, 445:666, 1959742_10204173138162460_….jpg)

2b6b9a  No.13465008

File: 43ba39363ebdaac⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 640x418, 320:209, 1411349941735.jpg)

2b6b9a  No.13465013

File: b7ff01be28f9680⋯.jpg (74.81 KB, 380x471, 380:471, 10489959_741641619215864_3….jpg)

689937  No.13465014

File: b35e8149c005bda⋯.jpg (158.35 KB, 580x811, 580:811, hollywood-jews (1).jpg)

333a27  No.13465023

File: e64a34f55ad2f3e⋯.png (321.89 KB, 487x699, 487:699, ClipboardImage.png)

While Nike is busy cancelling the Betsy Ross flag, based Adidas is doing this.

2b6b9a  No.13465027

File: ea7c42f6aeca98d⋯.jpg (44.55 KB, 500x282, 250:141, 1497300_510646812382097_16….jpg)

File: e0cf2f298bd58b1⋯.jpg (71.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1426742248906.jpg)

2b6b9a  No.13465039

File: 3784e938ffa0dab⋯.png (282.48 KB, 338x666, 169:333, muslim zionism.png)

File: 1c161b5f2d57474⋯.png (308.46 KB, 601x350, 601:350, Capture.PNG)

File: 2d59d38a8cb4899⋯.jpg (160.48 KB, 644x493, 644:493, 1405679245124.jpg)

With Jews you lose!

e12df9  No.13465170

File: e0e72c221373c50⋯.jpg (150.9 KB, 785x767, 785:767, jewish priv.jpg)


and yet they still cry "anti semitism".

Here they are.. the richest ethnic group per capita in the United States, statistically over-represented in all the positions of privilege and power.

and they want to be a protected class on top of that.

I wish I could get those college SJW protesting Jewish privilege and demanding it be dismantled.

b21a41  No.13465934

File: e84dfa180dd060e⋯.jpeg (99.42 KB, 700x665, 20:19, D62B7320-30AA-4E79-A691-0….jpeg)

File: ff9949e1efd0c0f⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1600x1000, 8:5, DA96492F-AB5D-46DC-A5BF-EA….png)

File: 028c12c43cb5497⋯.jpeg (31.99 KB, 448x262, 224:131, 9C93DF2F-AC44-4EB9-B592-5….jpeg)

File: c6dd88c186c655d⋯.png (632.7 KB, 1057x637, 151:91, B5DC8033-B648-4C71-BE49-D6….png)

b93831  No.13468961

File: 132e81bf15b5ae5⋯.png (393.59 KB, 934x730, 467:365, ClipboardImage.png)

9f07cb  No.13469015

File: f09bd5511543dff⋯.jpg (341.06 KB, 1069x1719, 1069:1719, question.jpg)


Is there some webpage or so where I can check the validity of this information? Or am I just going to be called a nigger, kike, or troll for asking?

783375  No.13469022


doubt any of them? look it up. you'll find their information

6277a8  No.13469030


pretty good

84689d  No.13469153




links in the image

74e9cc  No.13469181



b93831  No.13469187

File: a0299ec0a1dab48⋯.png (87.33 KB, 663x601, 663:601, ClipboardImage.png)

proud of it too

e5fecd  No.13469201


I can almost see the children of Hitler bunched up in their hauses down in Argentina seeing this and laughing like hyenas. "Fazzer wuz ggghiiite!"

bb5141  No.13469205


>Daily reminder that the Jews are the ones behind the decline of the west, and all of this abhorrent degeneracy we see is a result of their subversive plans to weaken and destroy the White race.

Daily reminder op, they're collaborators with the white elite, as you yourself area white elite shill.

465207  No.13469212

b93831  No.13469218


I can see skinny faggot kikes clenching and shaking the their fists and scrunching closed their eyes in a fit of rage.

They scream "Fucking Nazis!"

549b2e  No.13469238

File: 65d5067a3281867⋯.jpg (271.26 KB, 1165x1749, 1165:1749, andrew-jackson.jpg)

9f661d  No.13469576


This is the thread (((shills))) and nu/pol/ doesn't want you to see.


7940c4  No.13469593


Let me guess… its the templars.


I wish

7940c4  No.13469597



okay Im autistic and misread the post nvm

d60919  No.13479742

File: 4c7607c33cce06e⋯.jpeg (125.22 KB, 750x736, 375:368, bq-5ca688da4021b.jpeg)


db1db2  No.13479944

File: 1f3776fd3238c8f⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 2832x3916, 708:979, 8acbbc1ef32a76b0ebac3e5f41….jpg)

File: 515cfc546504844⋯.jpg (52.14 KB, 448x394, 224:197, 45b5e567c461a4240998e5e9ce….jpg)

File: 96460cf3c712f00⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1560x1830, 52:61, 96460cf3c712f00508a6b23dc2….png)

File: 1f7f264b14b1374⋯.jpg (498.87 KB, 1524x1262, 762:631, 1473026139100.jpg)

File: 03f944783ae6a74⋯.png (1010.36 KB, 952x1103, 952:1103, 1473393854308.png)

db1db2  No.13479952

File: 2ac7a7b17cc2953⋯.jpg (129.84 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 2ac7a7b17cc2953a7ce89ec046….jpg)

File: 51ea860e4075fdb⋯.jpeg (45.74 KB, 700x365, 140:73, 51ea860e4075fdbf576932d3a….jpeg)

File: ed76e4e10efae1e⋯.png (654.86 KB, 921x1171, 921:1171, ed76e4e10efae1e77e1bbff47b….png)

File: b4cfc80b7ee7bb6⋯.png (173.4 KB, 553x562, 553:562, fc51cce5139a0f7618600d399e….png)

db1db2  No.13479993

File: e6b9e566f5ce4b2⋯.webm (11.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pax judaica.webm)

534a08  No.13480010


I don't care about refugees… I want Amnesty for our DACAbros

db1db2  No.13480013

File: 2a5838a4de4f956⋯.webm (9.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jewish rabbi jews and mus….webm)

db1db2  No.13480019

File: 0bc93206cfeb866⋯.jpg (16.84 KB, 252x291, 84:97, jg.jpg)


>I want Amnesty

534a08  No.13480023


Shit the fuck up, kike puppet. I know what I want, unlike the NPC scourge.

042409  No.13480050

File: ea25f376c70dafc⋯.png (563.46 KB, 1066x1486, 533:743, definition of insanity ein….png)


>expelled from our lands

Expelled from planet earth is what you meant to say there.

1b98ae  No.13480141


Jews are in the middle of it, alright.

No shit. Right smack fucking dab in the fucking middle. Of these two religious expressions of Jew religion, Abraham/YHWH/Jew Theology Religion.

db1db2  No.13483854


You want to keep illegals because of some leftist ZOG program, yet I'm the kike puppet. Right.

b9d812  No.13484493


You have to be white to post here.

4b0c15  No.13484504



Ban schizo nigger.

6b0c83  No.13484533

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2ae1b1  No.13484560

04c54f  No.13484794



This is where transgenderism started. This is who started it. These are the books that were burned. This is who spread it to the US.

04c54f  No.13484795

File: d573ae857854dca⋯.jpg (258.25 KB, 1131x1599, 29:41, IMG_1928.JPG)


Pic didn’t upload fsr

6c743f  No.13484819



db1db2  No.13485106


>doesn't read thread

>acts like a dumb kike to ignore proof

typical tricks

74b029  No.13485552

File: 1ac2a874237cdbb⋯.jpg (303.23 KB, 720x722, 360:361, 1ac2a874237cdbb652b0b60c4f….jpg)

File: 1374f827b1ad8b8⋯.jpg (54.32 KB, 885x503, 885:503, 6a81ea0913aa51f96b4655e6bf….jpg)

File: 424275f25ddc9d6⋯.png (703.37 KB, 909x923, 909:923, abf18e213087fd7f7d7de9f575….png)

74b029  No.13485565

File: fb50ca9821be1c8⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1438x1018, 719:509, fb50ca9821be1c80c4e84f2190….png)

File: 1a635bed00f88b0⋯.jpg (23 KB, 480x368, 30:23, 1a635bed00f88b0091e7f2b684….jpg)

File: 549c7d7b6735fe9⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 720x710, 72:71, 568a31f955206a9266db70642e….jpg)

196f3c  No.13485591

File: 5fb88f7320f5126⋯.png (469.1 KB, 640x427, 640:427, (((Thylmann))).png)


74b029  No.13485625

File: c826f3969e69ea7⋯.jpg (84.43 KB, 800x495, 160:99, 42996888_480182935794036_4….jpg)

File: 4b855f5fb7aec6c⋯.jpeg (36.82 KB, 524x585, 524:585, 4b855f5fb7aec6c1029b8c19b….jpeg)

60c52d  No.13485638

File: 8de72150cda7a15⋯.png (243.41 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 8de72150cda7a15a5962995ec0….png)


>(((Magnus Hirschfeld))) was born in 1868 into a Jewish family in a town in the Prussian Empire that’s now part of Poland. He studied to become a physician and eventually moved to Berlin.


What a surprise.

d8a709  No.13485641

File: 0ce0897e0890ba3⋯.webm (5.35 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ( ( ( intolerance cause v….webm)

File: 9e91287d3d7a9d3⋯.jpg (77.49 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, loli dabs on anti pedos.jpg)

Daily reminder this place is infested with normalniggers, who are born to be slaves and should never have their opinions heard. Their weakness taints the moviment.

>As director of propaganda for the Party, I took care not merely to prepare the ground for the size of the Movement in its subsequent stages, but I also adopted the most radical type of propaganda in order to make sure that none but the best would enter the organization. For the more radical and stirring my propaganda was, the more did it frighten away weak and wavering characters, thus preventing them from entering the first nucleus of our organisation.

>This was all to the good. If all those men, who in their hearts did not approve of the Revolution, had joined our Movement as members at that time, we could regard ourselves to-day as a pious confraternity and not as a young Movement inspired with the spirit of combat. The lively and combative form which I gave to all our propaganda at that time fortified and guaranteed the radical tendency of our Movement, and the result was that, with few exceptions, only men of radical views were disposed to become members.

-Page 659 of Mein Kampf, Stalag Edition.

>By being a Nazi, with the Swastika, I would also gather the only kind of people I wanted around me: the tough, dedicated idealists ready to fight for those ideals and give their lives, if necessary. And even more important, I would automatically scare off the millions of blabber-mouths, cowards, fools and crackpots which infest the rest of the ‘movement’. The Swastika would probably not bring me many supporters, but those who came would be men.

-George Lincoln Rockwell, This Time the World, Ch12

Kill or enslave all women and lesser men.

e168fa  No.13485800


>implying that you can actually overthrown the all-mighty Jews who are completely invincible and these Jews can do whatever they please because the Jews control all of the media and monetary system.

Just fyi, your utopia National Socialist society will never come into fruition because the Jews will overthrow your utopian society, and turn it into the dystopia that the Jews always want. Whatever the Jews want the Jews will get because the Jews are God's choosen people. And bawwwing on the Internet about how You want to overthrow the Jews is a complete waste of time.

417b08  No.13486044


God has a surprise for you Jew. You and your father.

b07709  No.13486067

Join gg /v9gqxU got nsfw

db1db2  No.13486084

File: a75fc4db829bc9d⋯.jpg (135.35 KB, 756x960, 63:80, pull the trigger.jpg)


nobody's going to give you their IP retard

54aa1e  No.13486109


kikes only control lies, and illusions. You lies and illusions have run their course. You have a failing agenda.

We know Blood and Spirit. We have a purpose.

We can not survive while your cancer is among us. You can't survive without us.

The only reason you're here is desperation.

You will not stop what is coming for you.

You're already extinct, and you know it.

tick tock, yid filth.

a6da58  No.13486165

>Daily reminder that the Jews are the ones behind the decline of the west, and all of this abhorrent degeneracy we see is a result of their subversive plans to weaken and destroy the White race.

WTF I've been lurking for 8 years and this is the first time I've seen this.

54aa1e  No.13486188


lurk 2 moar

13e80b  No.13486232



13e80b  No.13486241


Heil checked

7f79d7  No.13486259


Muh fed posting… But you're still right glownigger.

f4777a  No.13486284


True. Also fuck boomers! Pussy generation that allowed Jews to gain an extremely strong presence in our lands.

54aa1e  No.13486305


>victim blaming the Aryans again?


f47976  No.13486915

File: bf385a0721e5efa⋯.jpg (3.89 MB, 8000x5798, 4000:2899, jdooz (((media))) 8chon ve….jpg)

Here's one I made not too long ago…

c39dfb  No.13486940

>their plan

Some of them do have a plan but its generally just their instinctual drive toward narcisstic nihilism. Look at all the people suddenly discovering they have large jewish ancestry from dna testing. Every one of them are subversive douches.Jewish degeneracy is hardwired.

c47d1a  No.13488474

There is nothing new in this thread

98001f  No.13489371


oh fuck off, if I could id kill a million jews. dont even think of grouping us with these stupid nigger kikes. long live a prosperous jew-free white europe, and long live a jew-free arab middle east inshallah

54aa1e  No.13489399

File: 73cd8fa7456b4fa⋯.gif (14.86 KB, 255x255, 1:1, detected.gif)


Doh! The Arrogant Pottery Cunt is here to tell all us toxic men how horrible we are for fighting for our People against the genocidal Bolshevik assault, and our very existence into the future.

What's on the menu today, bitch?

Another sammich?

8fcbac  No.13489433


underrated video man

96868d  No.13489767

File: c9d57fb949a487d⋯.png (54.29 KB, 300x321, 100:107, Germanic languages in Euro….png)

White people/Germanic people!

f3afa3  No.13489785


So much truth in that picture and then he destroys it all with bringing (((einstein))) in the same sentence with Tesla.

E=MC(2) ~ Einstein=Married Cousin (twice)…it's all relative.

4cee5f  No.13489886

File: 4fcadd1738ba909⋯.gif (213.96 KB, 167x200, 167:200, 1536181184504.gif)

5b94e8  No.13490275


Harry benjamin, the founder of transsexual therapy lived to 101. It says he also worked on life extension - clearly it fucking worked for him. try to find any of his writings on any topics online though… it appears he has been scrubbed

5b94e8  No.13490284


Harry Benjamin was born in Berlin, the eldest of three children. His father, Julius Benjamin, was a prosperous stockbroker, initially Jewish, who had converted to Lutheranism, and Harry was raised in the latter, and his family never spoke about sex. From early childhood, Harry wanted to be a doctor. His parents were among the first to own a phonograph, and he developed a passion for opera that he retained all his life.

f87c7f  No.13493946


west is a cardinal direction unless being used to limit the scope of the world. For the anons who consider themselves nationalists most seem too keen to use this term the west in place of their nation. Is it subversion? After years of witnessing the course of discussions on this topic I cant see it any other way, this entire concept is a gaslight for nationalists to put them at a communicational disadvantage and those who speak to this ideology are rewarded by economic incentives to do so, If a concept is worthwhile by economic incentive why would it oppose the world agenda?

2bec9a  No.13495362


Those are germanic languages you retard.

000000  No.13495465

Hello Neo Nazis!

We are a group of Jewish Rabbinical Students looking at POL on a BIG screen.

And we approve of this thread!

Keep up the good work. We believe Nazism will save the White Race. Here's a helpful tip. Instead of drawing text and a swastika using a marker just print it on Avery full sheet labels. Attach them to the signs out front so the traffic can view the message. Looks better, much faster to apply and a real fuck to remove.

Heil Hitler!

862550  No.13495471

didn't know that, really informative stuff

a662f1  No.13495479

Daily reminder that newfags from cuckchan plus shills are responsible for shitting up the board with low quality garbage threads.

ae89e6  No.13495480


>blaming a generation like a jew instructed you to

Nigger, Woodrow Wilson wasn't a boomer and he fucked us all over far more than the Boomers did because he set all of this up to happen in the first place.

Traitors are always the highest priority.

41b652  No.13499044


there's not one bit of proof of any of this.

jews are only 0.5-2% of civilised countries, and even though they happen to be in every single western country, and that they are heavily overrepresented in the media, politics, law and the upper-strata of 'education', there is no proof that they exert any particularly bias control.

nor is it strange that they only deal with their in-group, or are unusually wealthy despite not actually doing anything or creating anything.

although nearly all rabbis are vocally and actively involved in the mass immigration of third worlders to european countries, it doesn't mean anything, and anything you say to the contrary is an adhominemstrawmanlogicalfallacy.

george soros is just a philanthropist who helps good causes and has no agenda behind anything he is doing, despite him openly stating his agenda.

i'd like to see you post one shred of evidence to support your ludicrous claims. you are all paranoid, wear tinfoil hats and live in your basements, no matter whether the country you live in normally has basements in houses.

865ab8  No.13499087


>and even though they happen to be in every single western country, and that they are heavily overrepresented in the media, politics, law and the upper-strata of 'education', there is no proof that they exert any particularly bias control

This combined with the reality of the continuous left shift in politics and socials norms is proof enough. Kikes are loud and proud of their efforts to make these things happen. And you say there is no proof?

000000  No.13499096


True, but they can't because the Jews are always protected by White Nationalists. And they will always show up at any White meeting for the Jews to derail the event with Natzess.

There is no hope left in saving Whites

Whites refuse to move one inch to defend themselves. No one has made any effort to create anything normal in real life while the albatross of the White Nationalism/Alt.Right psyop continues unabated.


I think by now one can clearly see nothing will ever change under any circumstances. Most Whites will never publicly defend other Whites suffering from the planned ethnic cleansing. As long as they get their scraps of meat.

Bye bye White people

5c31b2  No.13499369


>implying the white race isnt already full of Jewish blood mixed in the white race's gene pool.

White people are already highly mixed with Jewish blood, so you have no reason to treat the Jews as a seperate entity from the white race because Jews are a part of the white race.

54aa1e  No.13499428

File: 10c316d3f35f6d4⋯.png (281.67 KB, 762x328, 381:164, ClipboardImage.png)

5de634  No.13499669


This Kike is posting on every thread, copy pasted the entire text too.

Keep in mind that if that filthy Jew didn't feel threatened he wouldn't come here, makes you think.

d5f56e  No.13500870

File: 01862cfa0b2af7c⋯.jpg (33.11 KB, 332x203, 332:203, crying jews oiorfb.jpg)



71b6cc  No.13503199


Ha fuck, try that today. My gold is going nowhere.

At that point the US government is the enemy of the people… And here we are

98f58e  No.13503223


prove it wrong. Go in to prove any of these memes incorrect. Go try to explain Why Bronfman Rothchild holdings are into the 1.3 trillion (diclosed) and Bronfman was recently convicted of running a child sex trafficking cult. Rothschild Lynn resigned immediately after. Epstein arrested for running a child sex slave operation.

Everyone I mentoned is proud politically jewish. Just go prove any of this wrong.

cb8924  No.13503492

File: c8b20604902a6bb⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 1500x1730, 150:173, LarryJoker.jpg)

e060b4  No.13504900

Jewish people are just White. Stop trying to separate. All the same.

ed582f  No.13505305

File: 9e9bc84a27771da⋯.png (306.11 KB, 1487x781, 1487:781, mj.png)


So I just got banned from half chan for posting truth. That place is glowing hard lately.

ed582f  No.13505309

File: 03f0bb24b1ab194⋯.png (1.24 MB, 3822x1656, 637:276, satan.png)

966f90  No.13505393


>Jews are always protected by White Nationalists

sup polvol2?

446863  No.13505829



Many of these have Jewish Surnames, however there is a distinction from being a semi or full religious Jew and having a Jewish surname. Carl Azuz for example has nothing stating his religion.

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