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File: 49b91e11f3b2a6c⋯.jpg (65.63 KB, 1240x744, 5:3, 5568.jpg)

b2f194  No.13478655

Throw water at antifa masks

Bandana mask gets wet, becomes extremely annoying to wear, mask comes off. Milk or juice works too. But water's cheap so you can carry more.

Don't be an idiot and throw something actually dangerous. We don't need "Trump supporters attack protesters with acid" headlines.

Again, it's not clever to add something that could actually hurt someone. Water will do the trick.

9964d4  No.13478660

Do as the Left likes to do and use butyric acid. Not dangerous but stinks to high heaven.

101f22  No.13478665

File: 99ba6eee9996056⋯.gif (426.62 KB, 406x320, 203:160, silence jizz.gif)

No Antifa here, too many people armed to the teeth.

d08f1a  No.13478675

Instead of throwing the milk just drink it and work on your boxing.

I could chin those pencil neck faggots easy.

bcfeca  No.13478676


> "Trump supporters attack protesters with acid" headlines.

Trump is a kike so if he won't get reelected it might be good.

4b5ab3  No.13478686


Water..pfft yeah that's great Sally, why don't you throw your panties at them to? YOU PUSSY

7589e3  No.13478692

Vinegar would be better and super cheap. You wouldn't have to soak it and the smell would be unbearable.

e03456  No.13478693

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That would be legally considered assault.

4771f8  No.13478697

>go out and assault kike lawyer protected zogbots who go around and acid attack the retards dumb enough to think protesting will get them anywhere

Naw, I think I'll just enjoy watching cop trusting (((conservatives))) and literal gook faggots get concrete thrown at them instead.

000000  No.13478702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Can it also work with piss?! if you through a bottle or something ?

ee9591  No.13478710


Stupid idea.

Antifa is zog-protected and so they can throw literal cement and acid at people with no problem. Try that as a right-winger and you get assault charges thrown at you, maybe even with a deadly weapon because you could drown someone in water.

Either do something that makes going to prison worth it, or don't bother.

292d21  No.13478719


Why do they call themselves "antifa" if they look like Italian blackshirts in the 1930s?

c69317  No.13478720


Yea, but if you get caught make sure you look like an even farther left lunatic with no social media trail. Yell some shit about Biden needing to support reparations for his support of KKK senators or some shit.

e62635  No.13478721


I'd just use a skunk

000000  No.13478722

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You right that's stupide and unecessary… Or if you search some trouble.

Or through directly sh**t on them with a "cacatov".KEK

Like some of the yellow vest have do in France. I'm not sure but i think they where inspired by Venuzela.

__OFC don't dot it. It's for fun morron.

You make you own choice.__

e62635  No.13478723


You having a stroke or something?

000000  No.13478728



Speak for yourself, faget. I like vinegar smell. I use it to clean/deodorize my house.

8217a0  No.13478734


Leave it to French to throw shit at each other

19db25  No.13478735


This would probably still be considered assault, depending on which state or country you're in.

d29ff2  No.13478757

File: a37595ac5ef05fa⋯.jpg (303.75 KB, 927x1433, 927:1433, a267f295e6f7da29cc9294dd7b….jpg)

Honey pot thread. The Cops are in bed with Antifa.

Why fight the lefties when they're constantly shooting themselves in the foot?

000000  No.13478780


always fight antifags cuck

db6c3f  No.13478783


Don't interact with them, don't mention their masks and don't mention their weapons. They are payed agitators that are right now baiting you to outrage about them so that the jew politicians can use this outrage to ban anything that could be seen as a weapon or a mask. You are shooting yourself in the foot by interacting with them while they are under the Antifa flag. If you want them, get them in private, but never on the public stage. For your own interest.

1fca8d  No.13478785


Are you White today?

Today I'm a Jew and boy oh boy are we Jews terrible people. Just like Nazis. So I suggest doing what I'm doing and support BDS which is becoming more popular!

Stop Racist Nazi Apartheid Israel


https://boicotisrael.net/ (ES)









5e856f  No.13478791


Cowardly White Nationalist retards meme violence 24/7 yet now say do go near antifa.

000000  No.13478795




ef5661  No.13478805


This totally isn't a shit idea.

Zion Don is totally the only politician in the entire campaign scene that supports Israel. It's not like electing the dem will get us the same shit with the added bonus of even more open borders and welfare.

8e2ea9  No.13478806

That's called, assault.

db6c3f  No.13478809


By all means slaughter the shit out of these race traitor jew slaves…but not while they are on their "jobs" as political agitators. Antifa couldn't piss in the loo without a jew shoving money up their asses, which means their gatherings are orchestrated with certain purposes. This time it's masks and weapons.

cab180  No.13478814


THIS. The correct method, if you want to disrupt Antifa in this way, is to infiltrate their protests dressed as one of them. It's easy, because Antifa appears to be 98% white anyway. When everyone's wearing masks and carrying "milkshakes", it's really hard to tell who it was who threw something at you. And Antifa are always ready to turn on each other anyway. As soon as they suspect one of them might be a "nazi", watch a massive brawl break out and they turn their weapons on each other.

Actually, an even better method might be just to make Antifa THINK that we're going to infiltrate their protests in disguise, to convert them to national socialism from within by using facts and logic. They'll just start punching each other for being "too white" or because one of them said something "far-right" like "maybe we shouldn't kill old ladies".

000000  No.13478851



9f259e  No.13478891


This, this is how it's done. This Anon is using his brain. Good work brother.

cea075  No.13478912

File: 98e8ef928f712e5⋯.jpg (19.57 KB, 239x211, 239:211, dealing with commies.jpg)


throw piss and shit at them

>inb4 hurrdurr monkey turd flinging

eat shit faggot, this is war and stink bombs are as a good a non lethal weapon as any other

if you have something that'll stink worse than a festering coctail of piss and shit then throw that to

you can use unfrosen blood from chickens and cows if you work with meat

stink them all like the garbage they are

if you are just throwing water at them then at least make sure the water you throw is stagnant

000000  No.13478923



Nice falseflag by antifags.

Gonna blame everything on /pol/ when you beat up another journalist again?

83a6a7  No.13478925

An even better idea is to infiltrate the organization and encourage the elimination of targets which would benefit whites. Use them to do the dirty work. They exist for that exact reason.

4b5ab3  No.13478936


>Cowardly White Nationalist retards meme violence 24/7 yet now say do go near ant

This….you are all just cowards. Everything else is just bullshit to excuse your cowardice

f5e310  No.13478941


Already infiltrated my nearby Antifa. A few months of my Anti-Zionist and Pro-Palestinian rhetoric and I know the few crypto-jews who attend are becoming visibly afraid. A shame the White Women of those circles are worthless but they can be useful sacrifices.

83a6a7  No.13478942


Nice work anon, this is exactly what needs to be done

85c1a2  No.13478945


You are correct. Throwing any bodily fluids (or solids) at, or spitting on people is, state by state, treated as felony assault. DON'T BREAK LAWS, DON'T STOOP TO THEIR LEVEL.

cea075  No.13478954


this is dumb and a false flagg

remember sneaky pete, or whatever that uni profesor was called, the one who split someones head with a bike lock during an antifa protest and ran away

how long did it take /pol/ to find that guy?

hours?, minues?, it was less than a day of that i'm sure

we found him so fast there was even a commie sperging out in reddit about how scared he was that anons managed to find and trak down a masked guy who told nobody he knew that he was going to the protest

imagine if that had been an anon mole trying to false flagg antifa instead of the commie profesor it turned out to be

the media wouldn't have let it be memory holed and he would be used as the go to example of why the goverment need to crack down on us

000000  No.13478961



ffc40d  No.13478962


If you're going to throw water at least get it out of a cow pond. Then it'll have plenty of bacteria and fecal matter while still being water.

cab180  No.13478965


They probably would if they thought they could get away with it.

Actually, what if there were a highly visible internet campaign encouraging "evil nazis" to infiltrate Antifa? Something like:


>Antifa are winning over the public and taking away their hate

>with their peaceful protests! We must stop them!


>We will disguise ourselves with masks, blend into Antifa, and do violence!

>We will attack innocent citizens and cops, and make people think that Antifa are the bad guys!



Antifa trying to use /pol/ as an excuse for their bad behavior is one thing. But what if the stupider members of Antifa could be lead to believe that anyone who wears a mask or attacks an innocent bystander is a secret nazi? What if the journos, desperate for an anti-nazi story and desperate to make Antifa look good, picked up and ran with it? Antifa violence might actually decrease because they'd be afraid of being accused of being a nazi if they did anything evil!

Though, sadly, this probably wouldn't work as they lack any self-awareness. Antifa basically act pretty much like the "hollywood nazi" to begin with.

3b09a9  No.13478972

File: 5927a27d023940f⋯.png (933.92 KB, 776x795, 776:795, 8ecc9933eb963b7012f36c1327….png)


>Throw water at antifa masks

Leave antifa alone. Until they try to hurt you or your family. Then shoot them in the head.

8e2ea9  No.13478981


In self-defense of course. They swing, make sure you remove the mask when you're trying to remove their teeth. Do not put your hands on them first or you will be the one the cops are thumping.

57aad7  No.13478983

File: b1b6ff9c5bf954d⋯.png (567.72 KB, 596x596, 1:1, goldenone.PNG)

File: b318ea49ace9dca⋯.jpg (172.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, golden one.jpg)

File: 15b4ce83992d5c7⋯.jpg (67.41 KB, 1280x544, 40:17, ppdm russia.jpg)

just beat them up you pussy. throwing water? wtf? throw punches and rocks and bottles at them

8e2ea9  No.13478989

File: 4e728155588a52c⋯.jpg (31.06 KB, 609x343, 87:49, 1018316866[1].jpg)


>t. yid

bcbc7b  No.13478990


>Then shoot them in the head.

this is the endgame of their leadership, if not their braindead footpads:

escalate the violence until an armed citizen is forced to ventilate a half dozen of them. The agitprop media is fully poised to use this as leverage to demand gun confiscation in areas controlled by the left, the "stories" are already written.

5a0870  No.13478994

File: 322f3dadba7bc55⋯.webm (1.8 MB, 960x540, 16:9, repent sinner.webm)


this but also do what op says, the most important thing you would even be doing against antifa is learning how to fight and becoming strong, even if you cant go to the gym you can still do bodyweight exercises and learn how to fight online or something, these fags wont hesitate to just fight you for no reason

5a0870  No.13479003


by "what op says" I mean just throwing water, fight them if you want if not theyre just gonna start more fights since nobody is fighting back

3b09a9  No.13479007

File: 4d0ff38c3ceec42⋯.jpg (76.41 KB, 776x584, 97:73, 1eb3e85249c5f5afbc367a8137….jpg)


Somebody should write a fictional story about doxing and stealthily assassinating those leaders before it gets to that point. I love stories.

83a6a7  No.13479008


You need to be the hidden hand not the minion.

52b294  No.13479009

what antifa needs is someone to put the fear of God into them.

a990fd  No.13479012


I was totally thinking that skunk smell stuff that hunters use.

But yes, antifa is zog protected, throwing water or anything will guaranteed land you an assault charge.


>repent sinner antifa fist catcher guy

I can't see him enough.

000000  No.13479016


>Antifa trying to use /pol/ as an excuse for their bad behavior is one thing. But what if the stupider members of Antifa could be lead to believe that anyone who wears a mask or attacks an innocent bystander is a secret nazi?

Commie antifa scum probably already have blackmail material for every one of their disposable cannon fodder, I mean, fellow comrades.

Elites are safe, footsoldiers are fed to the FBI.

It's the commie way.

000000  No.13479025


Just walk near them. Antifa scum will try to beat you up right away.

1dfd3d  No.13479053


Looks like you want folks to attack in pulic instead if seeking them out privately…

Why are all if you shills so fucking stupid?

Oh, right…

Because if you had any real intelligence you would be one of us…

What is it like to be such an idiot follower with no emotional control?

2bffdf  No.13479061

Throw some liquid testosterone

3a8f73  No.13479114


>repent sinner antifa fist catcher guy

>I can't see him enough.

Beautiful response. Couldv'e destroyed that kid with one fist, instead stayed level headed and probably caused lifelong emotional damage

d9f07a  No.13479140

Hold them down and waterboard them, they already did half the job by putting the cloth over their mouth and nose.

429f6a  No.13479377


That's how waterboarding works. Leftypol does not approve of this conservatard torture.

339b05  No.13479388

Don't even bother going to protests unless you plan on being a hero and killong 150 antifa or so, in mindcraft of course.

2397f3  No.13479412


This might not work if you look like you lift.

000000  No.13479441


No throw high corrosive acid at antifags. Kill antifags.

7e193f  No.13479473

Portland shows that the best option is not even to confront them and they'll end up attacking random citizens of the city and journalists when they don't have you to be outraged at. That was some huge redpilling on normies of how they're just a violent mob. Just keep exposing their violent tactics and not doing anything that might give leftist propagandists a way to justify them and they'll be forced to capitulate (or just keep lying then you expose the lies). You might even want to dress in disguise (all black like a faggot) to record such acts. Another option is to try interviewing them, but then you become the subject of their violence (they never have a real answer for any questions, they're just dumb brainwashed soy-sissified commie revolutionaries).


How the fuck are you even getting paid for that? You're not even fucking trying.

9fe9a7  No.13479541

Just fucking shoot them. They'll have a remembrance/solidarity riot or some shit and you just shoot them again, they'll stop doing anything and wont come out they're houses

>Don't be an idiot and throw something actually dangerous. We don't need "Trump supporters attack protesters with acid" headlines.

okay cuck

9087dc  No.13479562


how much would a police grade water cannon cost? asking for a friend

9597d9  No.13479587

File: e360cb350bf000c⋯.jpg (86.51 KB, 1024x484, 256:121, Keks from Forests Unknown.jpg)


>let's throw stuff

How about we don't act like niggers?


>mfw I try to imagine the conversation the director had the practical effects crew for this shot

48e566  No.13479597


I remember one anon telling us he did the same and ended up cucking one of the antifa guys

377344  No.13479605



So fucking what? They bring weapons along, that's the result. Stop being such a bunch of faggots about whether shit is legal or not. If you get it wrong and get charged who gives a shit?

c2c0e8  No.13479606

>muh neocon boogeyman

377344  No.13479617


Who gives a shit about the media? Any retard dumb enough to still believe the mass media in 2019 is a worthless lemming already.

da6eaf  No.13479642

File: 80454f882430b23⋯.jpg (100.02 KB, 1199x661, 1199:661, antifa-terrorist.jpg)


>Throw water at antifa masks

<Not bullets

This fucking place has an illegal immigration problem.

000000  No.13479698


Water also impedes their ability to breathe behind the mask. So it forces them to take it off anyway.

25c04f  No.13479702

ANTIFA is Jewish controlled opposition used to distract you from the Zionist takeover of American politics via Trump.

000000  No.13479707


>[fedposting intensifies]

If you want them dead so badly, glownigger, then do it yourself! Most anons prefer not going to jail as a sacrificial lamb for your kike handlers.

000000  No.13479713


>muh blumpf orange man bad

Trump literally has nothing to do with this thread, but you retarded kikes can't stop obsessing over him.


polite sage for being offtopic

25c04f  No.13479716


>Trump literally has nothing to do with this thread

Did you read the OP?

<We don't need "Trump supporters attack protesters with acid" headlines.

Shill harder rabbi.

da6eaf  No.13479717


>I'm scared to get arrested. Just like Charles Martel was afraid to get poked with a sword!

If you're so scared, you may not have quite the steel we're going to need. Anyway, you can just do the job with a cheap piece-of-shit knife you bought with cash from a store with no cameras. Slip into the crowd while wearing all black and a mask, stick a random antifag in the liver three or four times, then quietly drop the knife and disappear into the crowd like they do.

Bonus: If the cops see you and try to get at you, a fat girl who thinks she might be a lesbian will barge into their way to help her fleeing "comrade," i.e.: you.

c2c0e8  No.13479722

File: f7bd306e3a30637⋯.jpg (100.03 KB, 866x900, 433:450, 5aabafda8d8a6227c961b5743f….jpg)


A magapede appears to shit up the thread.

000000  No.13479735


I did you dumb nigger. OP is accurately predicting what the fucking headlines would be if even a non-trump supporter attacked antifags. The US president literally has nothing to do with the topic as a whole. YOU shill harder, Chaim.


>we need

Who needs? Who exactly are you speaking for? And if you want it done, then do it yourself. That you're giving direct instructions makes you glow even brighter.


Only one shitting up the thread is the faggot not contributing to the actual topic. But you niggers are like clockwork in the predictability of your responses.

Politely saging for being offtopic again. Other anons would be wise to ignore and filter the retards bringing up Trump in an Antifa thread.

000000  No.13479759


Your post is the same as here >>13479715 kike.

e7b35b  No.13479772

File: 79aa2270aac223a⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1000x600, 5:3, serveimage.png)

Don't use water. But.

bc7fe9  No.13479791


ye buy em some flowers too while they crack ur skull open. love not war <3

000000  No.13479796


>give the commies the 'golden shower' they claim they love so much

I like it.

aebda8  No.13479800


we aren't niggers, anon

9ec812  No.13479805

Here's a better idea, just wait till one of these retards assaults someone with a weapon and then shoot them in defense of a third party.

e03456  No.13479816

File: 40da34efecca153⋯.png (589.14 KB, 836x720, 209:180, 1544326285982.png)


>bring water while antifa brings batons and acid

If you're going to fight a real battle in this racewar, you don't want to blow your cover by getting arrested for rinsing a tranny's face. Furthermore, I know it's easy to 'see red' while these antifa trannys mutilate defenseless whites in the streets, but there are other combatants who deserve vengeance much more than the trannies. Hint: it involves screwing optics.

352100  No.13479820

What is this strategy shit. If they approach you, just yank the mask down which will throw them off balance and then throw a straight to the nose. If there are a group of more than five than don't be an idiot and engage unless you have to. If there are less than that just buckle one with a knee buster and go from there as most people flee when they see their "comrade" keeled over with a collapsed knee.

This whole "water" and "honey" is retarded. Just tear right into them if you are left with no choice and don't be a hero if there are a shit load of them and walk away unless you have friends and if you do then go right into them. They are weaklings and complete pansytards who repeatedly get smashed into oblivion whenever someone actually knows how to defend themselves. Best option is not to bother with them of course unless you have to.

8b5ade  No.13479823


Antifa got their asses beaten down and chased off in Portland 2018 and Berkeley 2017 and it changed nothing because the media just refused to cover it or tried to spin them as victims. I'm starting to think it is more productive to just let them rage and attack random people and destroy shit for no reason, just use it to redpill the public on them without giving them any opposition in the streets to blame or smear might actually be the better tactic

c2c0e8  No.13479825


That was on purpose, kike.

02cf20  No.13479832


They need water, it's summer and they need to stay hydrated.

352100  No.13479843

On a sidenote I noticed a really funny (and awesome) moment at the first "battle" in Berkeley. One of the Trump supporters grabbed one of those douchebags by the hair and controlled him/her, whatever it was, by the back of the head by the hair and everytime one of those idiots reared up to attack with a club he just positioned the person by the hair right infront of it by yanking them by the hair infront to take the hit. It was pretty awesome. The bastard took about five shots by his/her own "comrades" just because the guy kept yanking him into the shot by the long crusty ass hair.

e7b35b  No.13479844


I was going to suggest feces. But I felt kind. Water? yea that will really scare them . Adorable.

e7b35b  No.13479848


Actually throw feces at them. They behave like shit so you give them eye for an eye. Shit for shit. Shits need feces on them to be harmonized.

c2c0e8  No.13479850


>zionists and antifa duke it out

wow sooo based

3ecf32  No.13479858


>so yellow its almost orange

anon drink some fucking water for fucks sake

000000  No.13479869


So you admit to shilling then. Good to know.

c2c0e8  No.13479871


Counter-shilling, magapede.

e03456  No.13479877


If only you knew how bad things really are.


53a40c  No.13479903

File: f8c1470e5f103a9⋯.jpg (218.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sverige.jpg)


>he doesnt know water dehydrates you

Absolutely vegan

27c8da  No.13479936

File: eadbbe417502a83⋯.gif (8.04 MB, 720x404, 180:101, Rotten Crotch Rosie.gif)

To the people saying "just punch them" this probably the right answer.

Any touch or contact (including throwing water) is misdemeanor battery if it's done in an aggressive or threatening manner. This qualifies. You know what else is misdemeanor battery? Punching someone in the face. Pic related.

Battery, in most jurisdictions, is what's known as a "wobbler" this means it can be charged as a misdemeanor (yawn) or felony (bad news) at the prosecutors discretion. There are no set rules for this, but typically its based on the level of injury. No injury or minor bruising is a misdemeanor. Cuts can go either way depending on severity and broken limbs or concussions are often felonies.

If you don't have a criminal record you'll often be able to plea a misdemeanor battery down to a disturbing the peace or similar charge even if you are obviously the aggressor. Even if convicted you'll probably only serve a few days in jail at most and pay a fine. Misdemeanors are not a big deal, this is why antifa has no problem committing them. Felonies can ruin your life.

The main defenses for battery are self defense and mutual combat. Mutual combat is a kind of a shit defense, it requires consent to combat and commensurate force. You can enchange puches, but if you respond to a punch with a lead pipe you're fucked. Self defense is based on a credible fear and also commensurate force. Self defense is the best defense. Again your force must be on a similar level, you can shoot someone who kicked you in the shins, but you can shoot someone waiving a baseball bat at you. Credible fear is the important part. You don't have to wait for them to hurt you, you just have to believe they are going to hurt you, then you can use the necessary force to prevent that. If they point a gun at you that means you can shoot them dead.

Any lawyer will tell you never to talk to cops. This is partially true. If you ever are in a situation where it is at all possible that you'll be charged tell the cops you feared serious injury or death. Tell any medics or bystanders you were afraid you might be killed if you didn't fight back. Antifa, by being violent terrorists, have put themselves in a position where their mere presence is a credible threat of violence.

Because most of the law is up to the discretion of cops and kike lawyers, you can expect travesties like we saw in Charlottesville if you are in a cucked area. In a red state they'll likely follow the rules.

This is not legal advice, it is my observations from working in a court and being run through the system myself. While this above is going to be generally true of all jurisdictions it's a good idea to read your laws and talk to a criminal defense lawyer. If you are planning to attend an event where antifa terrorists are likely going to commit violence I highly recommend talking to a defense lawyer before hand and having his name and number with you in case you do get arrested.

160187  No.13479979


>muh PR!

Sarcasm: Oh noes! Because the (((mainstream media))) currently loves us. What will ever do with them as enemies?!

cfe624  No.13480142

I don't live in a shit-hole diverse marxist city with a white population that's 50% or more jewish. There's no anifa around me. And there never will be, because they're too scared to leave their safe zones.

cfe624  No.13480158


>water dehydrates you

Shut the fuck up, nigger. You're so stupid.

b8428d  No.13480244


yeah, that's the problem. they stay in the major cities because that's where they can have the greatest effect. remember, those major cities are hubs, people are always coming and going. there will be some people who were passing through portland during the terrorist attacks and they will be influenced by that experience and carry it with them back to their home town. they're in the cities now, but what if they start spreading? how do you know who's one of the terrorists? they're all wearing masks, they could be anyone. terrorism only needs to be seen, it doesn't necessarily need to have any direct effect. those terrorists in portland have, undoubtably, had a psychological effect on people from florida to maine to southern california. that's the point. they attacked a gay asian guy, it could happen to anyone. and nobody is stopping them.

1f9634  No.13480317


Use chlorine gas or DIY flamethrowers, or fucking anything else other than guns to ventilate them instead.

cfe624  No.13480318


I didn't see the attack, nor do I really care. It's bad press for them to attack anyone, and the effect is "I hate those people." How the hell are they going to spread anywhere? They're not organic. Antifa is an arm of the bolshevik movement, created by bolsheviks in Germany 100 years ago, and since then, it has always been used as a domestic terrorist force. They're not winning favors. They're not popular. They're not organic. Their existence requires planning, money, and organization.

160187  No.13480331


"But social network analysis couldn’t find snipers who were not part of any network. That’s when we began to hear of “The Militia of One.””


d9c943  No.13480366

Or you could just rip their mask off. If its knotted it'll work as a muay tthai clinch and drag them to the ground face first.

40c2b5  No.13480377

7.62 from 200m rooftop ambush with planned egress route in minecraft.

352100  No.13480382


Don't care about the clearly set up narrative (which I agree with you on) but it was pretty smooth to grab one as a dummy and let his own people crush him while directing him by his shitty hair.

b8428d  No.13480383


so. they're terrorists. they don't want to win hearts and minds. the way they recruit is by threatening violence. 'join us or die'. yeah, you might hate them, but what are you going to do about it? are you inclined to commit preemptive violence against them? because if you don't kill them first, they'll kill you and use your death to show everyone else what happens to anyone who opposes them.

the antifa movement is in its nascent form at the moment, they've only killed a few people at this point. they are growing.

cfe624  No.13480387


>rooftop ambush

>buy 10 5 gallon buckets fro Lowe's and fill them with urine over the course of 2 months

>seal them off and wait

>next time antifa marches, find a high position, and dump 50 gallons of aged urine on them

352100  No.13480388


If someone is attacking you then you attack back and not stand there worried about a fucking assault charge. This is pure retardation to stand around letting people beat the shit out of you because you may be worried about a charge. I am not saying go out looking for a fight but if people attack you then you defend yourself, period.

cfe624  No.13480405


>the way they recruit is by threatening violence. 'join us or die'

They're too weak to have that effect though. They're not ISIS tier terrorists, they're grumpy-little-suburban-kid-having-a-temper-tantrum tier terrorists. Black middle schoolers cause more violence than these sign-wielding, masking-toting, effemanized, estrogenic faggots. On the internet, where most of their exposure is, they're a meme. The meme is them being exactly as I described.

>they'll kill you

They're not going to kill anything. They're an inorganic movement of highly emotional faggots, a large percentage of whom are women, who are organized by well-paid individuals who troll college campuses and the like, looking for unstable people. No one who's not predisposed to that instability, and who's not directly recruited, will join their movement. The only way Antifa will grow is if they reach out to shit-skin La Raza tier beaners, but that will chase 90% of the white people away, and it'll just be engulfed by the beaner supremacist movement.

df8edd  No.13480430

File: b51472525334bde⋯.jpg (36.86 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 31-150.jpg)

Water Balloon.

I know it is Crazy, but they are Crazy.

Any court of Law will say it is not a Weapon as long as it's only Water.

So make it only Water. They may claim it's more think it's more but serious it's only water.

A Water Balloons sole Purpose is to be Throw at Someone.

If you get Attacked for throwing a Water Ballon they will seem Childish.

You got Wet Big Deal. It's only water.

How Funny in Media to watch people be Mad & trying to Press Charges for getting into a Water Fight. It's a Water Balloon, you got wet grow up.

Easy to Mobilize rolling Coolers, wagons, or Pickup Box, Full of them.

When they are Wet….of course Dox them

(hope the ladies are no Bra - Antifa Wet T Shirt Contest)

Turn them into the Children they are. Cause its only Water grow up you crazy kids.

And of course at the End of the Day.

It would be Fun for Everyone.

ae61a2  No.13480437



Not my problem. I don't go outside.

da6eaf  No.13480440


This has potential. Milkshakes are also ridiculous, as were cream pies 20 years ago. Anybody got squirt guns?

Note: This war has been ridiculous since at least the WTO protests in the '90s. This fucking timeline, I swear.

a8c311  No.13480480

Can you guys help me troll the Harlem Children Zone Promise Academy? We can spam their internal tech support with definitely-not-racist tickets like "shiet mane I can't turn this thing on it

ain't got a touch screen" -Jamal Nigrson


66e632  No.13480485

File: 514c8d6b9a89109⋯.png (135.49 KB, 924x750, 154:125, for you.png)


I don't think it would just be annoying, wouldn't it actually make it hard to breathe? They're basically waterboarding themselves unless they unmask.

cfe624  No.13480493


>supersoaker filled with super glue

That'd be funny.

b61702  No.13480524

How about Lemon Juice or Alchohol? Create immense eye pain

a06fd7  No.13480545

File: f52ec16927c5266⋯.jpg (34.1 KB, 606x456, 101:76, super_soaker.jpg)




reminder that a cia nigger invented the super soaker

cfe624  No.13480569


Well I thank him. Me and my friends had a lot of fun with those things when we were kids. Although back then we weren't social media and video game addicted niggers, so we had imagination, so we had just as much fun with the dollar store cap guns.

0650f7  No.13480617

File: e2ecd40434a2796⋯.jpg (81.67 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Jenkem-Myth.jpg)

abcad8  No.13481122

File: e9d85bcf996c590⋯.png (26.13 KB, 200x218, 100:109, thumb_when-your-hands-keep….png)


The key is thick syrupy sugar water. As that shit spreads so does the maddening stickiness of everything touching your body. As it dries the stickiness remains, especially if folks are hot and sweaty, and the sugar crystal's may as well be irritating sand in every crack and crevice of your body.

REMEMBER: Super Soakers full of sugar water with GALLONS AND GALLONS of refill ammo at the next rally/confrontation. Trust me. Use sugar water and you will never here a group of people bitch and moan about it as much as ANTIFA[G]!!

abcad8  No.13481179


By the way, carry fresh clean water to keep your Super Soaker from clogging. Because it will throughout the day.

d9c943  No.13481215


Oh man the totse jenkem days. Bringing back memories. Surprised people still remember.

6d33b1  No.13481367


Funny you should mention this, because a couple of boomers did exactly this last year during one of the larger boogaloos, were caught by the police, and let go (since what they were doing was perfectly legal, and the guns were cased and locked up). The leftist butthurt about this has been off the fucking charts, and it gets brought up at literally every opportunity by Portland leftists as if they actually did open fire, blaming the police for practically supplying the weapons, and other such whining.

The local commie rags reporting on the subject:



33ef77  No.13481383


zok is a nigger

270b2c  No.13481401

File: 65499eb6321d3d6⋯.jpg (3.73 KB, 200x192, 25:24, 65499eb6321d3d6e036451cb69….jpg)


Use Karo syrup, it gets sticky as fuck, but mixes well with water and will stay in it's liquid form inside the gun longer.

47a775  No.13481429

What about rancid chips grinded to dust and mixed with water?


How does that work with rancid oil?

78cb44  No.13481548

File: 4047ec830373ae4⋯.png (36.94 KB, 500x301, 500:301, fascism as anti-fascism.png)


Ironic isn't it.

Shit,, who are they against? It's not like there is an actual fascist movement in the United States. We don't have a legion of black shirts marching on Washington to install their leader.

I think "Fascist" is just anyone they want to silence.

Don't like Drag Queens hanging out with your children.. You're a fascist.

Don't want to support Israel for another 70 years. You're a fascist.

Don't want open borders and unlimited immigration. You're a fascist.

Fascist has no meaning anymore except as a targeting label.

This is a very dangerous thing.

66e632  No.13481549


that is eerily close to a model I owned for at least 10 years but sold last year to some kid. Only difference I can remember is the handle/barrel being red instead of orange/purple

9e1f6a  No.13481587


It is more effective to film it or send agitators to push them to just loot while antifa has its sissy fit. Its their own neighborhoods and corporate sponsors they attack anyway.

Getting them to rob the bank or even the local starbucks with someone their to secretly film them doing it.

Or just start your own leftist rally for blm niggers only to be on the same day would also be smart.

352100  No.13481662


What the hell, looks just like something I bought for my nephew a few years ago. They altered it?

30754a  No.13485124

>Throw water at antifa masks

No. Use a hunting rifle with suppression and concealment from a distance.

f8242b  No.13486256


Why not acid?

b9f41d  No.13486337

If you take these “protests” seriously or think Antifa is a valuable target worth spending time and resources on, you are basically a dumb dog chasing after a laser pointer on the carpet.

39471f  No.13486434


Anyone who isn't a brainwashed cuck is already tired of their anti American bullshit.

dcc4fb  No.13486448

>Don't be an idiot and throw something actually dangerous. We don't need "Trump supporters attack protesters with acid" headlines.

If I ever find some antifa I'm throwing molotovs and similar at them.

>Again, it's not clever to add something that could actually hurt someone. Water will do the trick.

Fuck off pacifist cuck.

dcc4fb  No.13486461

>be me

>go to a retarded migabots and other pacifist cowards vs antifa and other vermin rally

>throw molotovs at both sides



dcc4fb  No.13486466


They are very much worth targeting. Especially their lawyers and the groups like SPLC and ADL backing them. The antifa has effectively shutdown and destroyed the lives of many white nationalists that would have otherwise been out there spreading redpills and taking back the country.

dcc4fb  No.13486468


This. American anons should get on this.

18facc  No.13486635


Piss balloons, you can dry off water, but drying off piss will just make the smell worse

bc5ffe  No.13486660


That's a felony. Go back to Langley.

daa74f  No.13486664


fuck up glow nigger

78edd9  No.13486692


lol retard boomer/ or twitter activist. the water is always a better option. you can trigger a semi water boarding effect with wet masks.

Only subhuman leftists use piss and poop because they have disgusting homos willing to do that job for them.

50bbbc  No.13487851

I haven't been stockpiling HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of weapons for TWENTY YEARS, to use 'water' you giant, retarded faggot.

2d6414  No.13489957

OP is a faggot.

I will never go to mass protests or such, I'm not a nigger.

However, if I'm ever forced to face off antifa or such it won't be batons and water for sure.


aeb0ab  No.13490537

what about liquid rocks?

4e356b  No.13492988


motherfucking water balloons

please let me die having seen atleast one antifa faggot getting hit by a water balloon

25e34c  No.13493018

File: fa86a72a7293437⋯.jpeg (36.98 KB, 564x418, 282:209, (.jpeg)


Boiled starch+water is better.

b1ad74  No.13493276



>on /pol/

>not being full accelerationist

eb4a4b  No.13504076

doi, doc, dob- lol

000000  No.13504256


1) Join Antifa

2) Astroturf and kill kikes, shitskins journalists,, and especially homo queer faggots like they did recently (subconsciously they are already /ourguys/).

3) Celebrate, you'll get away with anything because you'll have establishment backing.

Remember to call and start shouting anyone who even questions you a fascist.

Heil Victory

c40633  No.13504285


False flag attacks are probably the best warfare method in history

617e40  No.13504292



I cracked a big dumb smile. Its perfect. Water balloons for a clown world

8447b5  No.13504306


>"migabots" get out their guns and ventilate you

>you bleed out and die

Nice plan

b65593  No.13504438


Or you could hypothetically run them over. (and no James Fields wasn't trying to run anyone over)

7e7fad  No.13504786


Get at it then, glowkike

a74ec2  No.13504800


Hm, I wonder if there's some cultural group that has an infatuation with scatology who would suggest this kind of biological warfare.

Water is good enough. These are pansies in question, getting attacked with water will cause them to melt(down).

000000  No.13504818

Just join antifa and astroturf it to hell doing whatever you want that will advance our cause. Go out and buy pool acid or bullets and dump it over some jews as an antifa and when they try shit say the kikes were being evil white fascists and the pozzed DA will let you go. The media will back you up too. Trust me.

614e98  No.13504836


Does anyone have that video montage of trump supporters getting assaulted and cops just standing by watching? There was one where a guy asked the police why they weren't doing anything and they replied with "That's a great question for the chief of police."

d38a90  No.13504845

File: a5c796797f09b77⋯.jpg (73.13 KB, 454x718, 227:359, 50696431.jpg)

make sure to throw stuff like gasoline too

it smells bad & stains your clothing!

make sure to put some stormmatches or a burning rag on it too, that was incase its night time or if theres suddenly dark clouds, you won't loose visability!!!!

you wouldn't want to miss your shot!

e72d1a  No.13504854


wow I can see you glowing at 9am

295719  No.13504861


Glownigger is the best meme the left has ever invented.

Completely shut down the right.

9fa97c  No.13504890


A good hit in the eye in minecraft could cause them to have a significant eye damage

3fb2b1  No.13504892


Castle Law, my nigger. Castle law. I am well within my legal rights to kill any commies once they enter my property.

3fb2b1  No.13504896


Water is a powerful, devastatingly toxic weapon, you bbc nigger.

d38a90  No.13504936

File: 030debdfebd658d⋯.png (244.55 KB, 497x465, 497:465, 030.png)


look, buddy

i ain't a mirror

12605b  No.13504939


1. Fill water balloons with vegetable oil.

2. Throw on road at feet, so not battery.

3. Banana peel hilarity ensues.

e72d1a  No.13504961



What is the point of these street skirmishes? This feels like divide and conquer. Those antifa are simply proud whites like you and me the difference is they do not yet understand how great the white race is and what our accomplishments are.

6fb5c6  No.13504976



943d58  No.13505069


A lot of states don't enforce Castle or Stand Your Ground, and a lot of those states that DO have little to no Antifag presence - so that's a moot point my jiggaboo. (and also why you don't see these retarded faggots getting shot in droves whenever they start throwing quick-dry concrete and piss at people)

e72d1a  No.13505080

File: b0d39c22508d4cb⋯.png (122.63 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 2d2e1a3da6f2d6a9b491c725eb….png)


Militant leftist Terry A Davis, a man with all his mental faculties in place, said that "Trumpniggers glow in the dark".

6fb5c6  No.13505095


don't be silly.

I want the real answer

8a5b03  No.13505132


Yeah, seems that states with "stand your ground" laws have less of an issue with these retards.

6fb5c6  No.13505135


because they're armed WITH retards

7fe0fc  No.13505143


That's more or less it, faggot.

21ed5e  No.13505154

throw fireants

6fb5c6  No.13505161


I recall the term existing before trump was in office. Glowposting referred to honeypots back in the day

d23875  No.13505182


throwing water at someone is still assault, OP. I don't think you're a faggot or a shill, but you need to be more careful. Thanks for running this by us first.


Castle Doctrine varies by State AND it only refers to self-defence, which those laws also vary by state. If you throw water at someone, it will still be considered assault because since throwing water at someone will not kill them, a critical thing in considering a case as to whether or not you were truely defending yourself, it thus reasons in a court of law that you were not truely in any danger and thus, you assaulted that person.

d23875  No.13505186


>infiltrating a group, gathering information and using that information before disappearing or accusing other in the group in order to foment chaos.

This reminds me of old /pol/

e909be  No.13505199


oh man that high pitched squeal.

000000  No.13505494


hysteric vagina on legs just urges me to put a bullet in her head, for her own sake

600655  No.13505531


Then kill them, don't throw water on them.

I want dead antifa, not slightly soggier antifa.

51216b  No.13505611

File: 3c7e2eff2935a21⋯.jpeg (119.22 KB, 711x783, 79:87, infrared-sees-through-clo….jpeg)

10 day old thread

186 replies

ctrl+f infrared

0 matches

>what is infrared camera?


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