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File: 9faf096d9be186f⋯.jpg (62.12 KB, 625x625, 1:1, holland-flag-std_1.jpg)

8f537b  No.13479275

Let me shortly introduce myself.

I am just a random Dutch guy (dubbed the "Toothpaste shill") who often frequents the /pol/ board on 4chan. This weekend a thread popped up after the news broke out of Jeffrey Epsteins arrest. This thread seemed to be a simple Hollywood/Elite pedo thread in wich i posted images of some confirmed and highly suspected celebrities. Within a short time the tone changed into a volatile SRA thread that had little regard for sense or reason. I tried to adress it by pointing out they were polluting the waters with unsubstantiated claims of satanic pedophilia and pedosadism.

I tried to be sensible and tempted to reason with them. but the more i said the accusatory the posters became towards me. The posts were increasingly getting insane, so i started to make fun of them by pointing out how crazy shit was getting. This prompted one of them to accuse me of being either John Podesta or James Alefantis himself. Naturally people picked up on this and allowed themselves to be convinced that this was the actual case. They called me Johnny and Jamie, no matter how much i simply denied their accusations, all was dismissed.

I should have known something was up right then and there, but i was having too much fun engaging in the insanity unfolding in front of me. Slowly i realized these were coordinated efforts and they were hiding behind dynamic IP's in order the flood the board with all the content they had gathered. They claimed to have over 96 TB of PizzaGate files wich they were going to use to "expose" all the Pedophiles. Them finally deciding on me being James Alefantis they started do directly threathen "my" situation not knowing i wasn't him.

Soon anyone who challenged their actions was called a shill, nigger, kike and ofcourse a pedo. They even said the janitors and the board itself was somehow involved in all of this. Other people were getting accused of being James Alefantis samefagging with a dynamic IP and that there were efforts made to slide their threads. They said they were hackers and either thought they knew all about me, or were simply bluffing, but i could tell that everything that was thrown out towards me and others was complete bull. One mentioned they were involved with GSI as if i was supposed to know who they were, and i still don't.

I tried to warn people, because i know that internet vigilante's are the biggest threat to the freedom of digital information and the access thereoff. People wouldn't have it. Wether their general beliefs are justified or not, acting as change agents outside the law, can only lead to the invocation of law enforcement. This is a threat to us all, for it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the entire crate of good produce.

Wether this is instigated by just a couple of dumb teenagers, or a psy-op intended to create a stirr, the outcome should be obvious for action is met with a reaction, and all causes have consequences.

Feel free to investigate, to do your research surrounding these topics, but do not be led astray into something that is not only illegal, but highly detrimental to the work of serious researches trying to do it right. If you see people going out of their way, trying to incite the mob of the internet, do no participate in their efforts. For all things there is a right way to go about it, and there are many wrong ways to do the same. Consider the reality of things, for the internet is a free and open medium, but not for long if the powers that be get the opportunity to decide that it is no more.

I was dubbed the Toothpaste Shill, and surely i went a little apeshit myself, but that is just the point. I am not dumb guy, but even i do stupid shit, even i face consequences for my actions. As such i have recieved a minor ban from the 4chan site, but their efforts are still going on. Do not waste the precious privilege of being able to use the internet, just because you think you have the moral highground, and that regulations as the law are beyond you. For if you do, expect actions will be taken to subdue and control situations and people.

Do the right thing and do it the right way, or bad things happen. We need to smarten the fuck up before the right to access the internet is no longer a right. I suspect there is an end-game to all of this, and it involves all of us.

Godspeed to all.

0012c9  No.13479322

Nothing is happening it's a slow decline to the bottom.

8f537b  No.13479344


There is a cause to all things, so what is the cause of this decline?

5cf9c4  No.13479349


Entropy is the natural state of living matter.

9dd8af  No.13479353

Your soccer girls are mostly hot. Too bad they lost to the team that lost to U15 boys.

8f537b  No.13479610

The response so far is dissapointing, but i can't say my expectations were very high. Appearantly people cannot profess more then a single sentence and convey something of relevance.

If people are to get anything from my post, it is the idea that people need to smarten the fuck up, for ignorance and stupidity will be our downfall by design.

6a77fc  No.13479629

No, you're a nigger,

b35851  No.13479632


>4chan is a massive disinfo psyop.

Yeah, no shit retard. Go back.

8f537b  No.13479665


The irony of your statement…


Thats not what i said… retard.

8f537b  No.13479684

From here on i will only adress posts of coherance and value, i will no longer wast my time on the ignorant. If i see a quality response i am happy to engage.

f7f738  No.13479700

File: 901f657506de127⋯.png (805.38 KB, 1000x850, 20:17, another crime.png)

Your biggest mistake was thinking 4chan has any value post 2008, when the big boards, such as /b/, were handed over to the FBI so they could troll it for CP whilst doing nothing to moderate the content. Pretty sure the influx of normalfags after the 2016 was the final nail in its coffin. I don't think anything will happen with Epstein's arrest either. Too many powerful people wrapped up in it and only a lynch mob of normal citizens hunting down those to be found involved will pose any long term solution. Of course you'd need to also decapitate and obliterate the ADL as well. who will likely go to his defense, like they have with Leo Frank all these decades, and say all the gentile children at his parties were not kidnapped or abused children, but prostitutes who were asking for it.

79e74d  No.13479720

File: 816ae54668f41f2⋯.png (719.67 KB, 926x451, 926:451, ThisIsProgress.png)

>was toothpaste shill

now blogposter

>pic unrelated, unless op is faggot.

wait, maybe pic related

124019  No.13479773


It's pretty easy to broadcast the no-no's Epstein and co partook in on the world wide web. It would only take a 20-minute video for the minds of many to break in our favor. I'm not talking about showing the full rape and sacrifice, but a lot can be achieved by suggestion, rituals and audio.

8f537b  No.13479786


Do not assume to know what i think, for this is not about 4chan or 8chan or any other board or platform, this is about people and the quality of thereof.

Something always happens, but the world doesn't change according to the will of the people, because people do not act according to their interests, but the interests of those who decide the course of politics.

Everyone is out to change the world, but nobody is up the change the self. People attempting to achieve the impossible, while neglecting the achievable. As such the jews have been given too much credit for what people do unto themselves.

Morality is no longer a concept of righteousness, but a change-agent to sweep the public into a pit of degeneracy and immorality itself.

If the media tells you anything, it is not because it something you need to know, but because it is something to make you move where they want you to go. Do not become a pawn of your own subjugation.

67eba7  No.13479873

Posting about elite pedos on 4chan is best way to win permaban. Be careful.

8f537b  No.13479908


If one is banished for speaking the truth, one has done what is just. But if one banished for causing division, then his banishment is just. I am not concerned with the judgment of the unjust, but with doing what is right.

If a platform is fully corrupted, then i welcome their banishment. Personally i do not think this is the case as it is just yet.

000000  No.13479938

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stop wasting your life here. Join the military. Help Trump secure Israel. Why be anonymous when you could be an hero.

cadcc8  No.13479945

>introduce myself

>i was attacked when i argued with shills



There is no you here. Fuck off and never come back.

022b63  No.13479959

File: cbaf7d18d1d92d6⋯.jpeg (20.54 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 5f07cf939f135e91a47046408….jpeg)


Op, your post leads me to believe you are some weird schizo pedo. Your attempts to cool the fires of National Socialism on the internet also make you seem to be some Mossad agent.

6fde84  No.13480011

File: 96b6d1a2a88717a⋯.jpg (60.63 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 8ch's cringe posts 2.jpg)


Welcome to eight chins. Enjoy your stay.

dcc9f7  No.13480056

File: 5213c79faf4bcbe⋯.png (1.22 MB, 838x983, 838:983, brazilanon.png)


I saw your thread this morning on cuck-chan. It was only the Brazilian anon and an American. He also called me a shill. Honestly if I were you I wouldn't worry too much about it. See pic related how it went

8f537b  No.13480069


lmfao, i regret saying this "tik tok" shit to him.

>img fkkn saved

8f537b  No.13480079


I should frequent more often, it's like equally insane but a little more laidback? I can appreciate that.

a801e7  No.13480083

File: d93e7ee2a36c086⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 590x960, 59:96, d93e7ee2a36c08679eaff9f7f7….jpg)

Is this pasta?

6fde84  No.13480084

File: 8941ab7005c8eb4⋯.jpg (20.99 KB, 339x273, 113:91, 8941ab7005c8eb4437f9944a75….jpg)



Stop reddit spacing.

f81f09  No.13480088





All organic things die out

6fde84  No.13480090

File: 4520d2506f14430⋯.png (1.44 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 8ch GET YOUR LOL ON AT 8CH….png)


We've got all sorts of mad bananos.

8f537b  No.13480093

File: bfc47c4dfc9827a⋯.jpg (71.63 KB, 700x465, 140:93, lord_of_war06.jpg)


I never been on Reddit, they stole my shit if you ask me.

> I prefer it my way.

501e77  No.13480098


I think the pedo hysteria is the "satanist scare" of the day, shills are trolling boomers with that stuff in order to misdirect them from the more important issues. Elites have always engaged in that stuff, this only allows them to scapegoat few less important players to save their face.

8f537b  No.13480103


Society now is like a morbidly obese person who let himself go, but that does not mean it is natural, it is just negligence. If we dont start working out, we gonna suffer what we have done to ourselves.

I dont expect society to be a fucking athlete, lets just be healthy.

8f537b  No.13480121


I absolutely agree with every word you just posted. So how do we counter that shit if at all, because i don't like it when people are tugging at my conscious for their own agenda's.

I make for a bad bystander, if i see something wrong i wanna fix it.

a801e7  No.13480122


>shills are trolling boomers with that stuff

Boomers are the pedos, mostly.

7e1328  No.13480139

>>13480088 (checked and heiled)

"Only fools fear decay."

-Guido von List

76e510  No.13480152

>cuckchan namefag

Tell me again why anyone should care about what you say?

>q led a bunch of schizo boomers to pizzagate and the like and now all the retards are posting everywhere



8f537b  No.13480155


I don't think any generation is beyond that shit, there is something deeply ingrained in human biology that causes it. Females tend to gravitate towards older males, and males tend to gravitate toward younger females.

I think the problem is rooted in the excessive obsession of prawn, and all these loners who can't exercise their sexuality in a healthy way. This society hasn't figured out how to deal with these technological advancements, that have skewed the relationships between men and women.

8f537b  No.13480169


When it comes to all the sexual perversity that is proliferating society, i think they are all victims of other fucked up degenerates.

Perhaps it is easier to believe you are gay, then to admit you have been abused, and as such you become what others have done to you.

ff0708  No.13480178

File: 4f90ca4a985fa6c⋯.jpg (74.56 KB, 844x585, 844:585, bb06e317e378213a5c4f10c501….jpg)

>>get trolled on cuckchan

>>come to the home of Aryan Übermenschen, 8/pol/

>>write giant blogpost about getting trolled by cuckchanners

Get the fuck out of here faggot

7c396a  No.13480180


You are clearly media planting a narrative. Those of us who have been here a long time know the patterns that those such as yourself use and many other patterns connected to various things as you can see the threads about predicting issues based on patterns.

That said, I truly will never understand why you and those like you will not just come right out, say what you are looking into and get down the point rather than waste time with attempting to fit in or attempting to push some narrative. In this case you are trying to push the "don't do this" narrative which is planted just so either you or one of your shithead colleagues can use it to later claim this site is unsavory by pointing out responses that you also plant to make it appear that way.

It's extremely obvious and we have been looking into issues far longer at a much higher level than you and your ilk and we can see things at a much higher or, better stated, different type of level than you and your ilk. You think we don't see you and your table setting and you think we do not have counters in place for such baloney? If so then you are legitimately as dumb as every single member of the media looks like. In truth there is not a single person in the media that I have ever seen that is even at average intelligence. In fact I would wager that the vast majority of media members are nigtier IQ levels by your utterly retarded attempts to push narratives.

Just stop the bullshit and come out with your questions for your soon to be shit on and laughed at story by the monumentally vast majority of the public rather than play this game that is easily seen through.

8f537b  No.13480206

File: fa1df1605884664⋯.jpg (61.88 KB, 771x572, 771:572, 4328765.jpg)



0f21ba  No.13480270

What is the point of this thread? That there are shills who shit up threads regularly taking the most extreme of extreme points and anything that deviates from it is a shill? There are a couple of schizophrenics browsing this board and some feds who like to stir up shit and then of course a bunch of users trolling others for fun.

I really doubt with your writing style that you post here frequently, if at all. I do think you're a shill though not sure what kind of. Are you trying to convince pol that there is no elite ruining their countries systematically? That they do not care about the law and blackmail each other with childporn? Please go somewhere else to reddit.

AND YES FUCKING MORON USE A DYNAMIC IP / TOR WHEN POSTING! If you haven't read feds browse this board, log IPs regularly and so on it was proven through leaked court records with agent Michael J Rod.

ff0708  No.13480353


>>If you haven't read feds browse this board, log IPs regularly and so on

And? Don't post illegal shit and you're fine. If you aren't already on a watch list you're doing it wrong anyway

7c396a  No.13480361


Basically this. No reason to IP hop if you aren't acting like a fuckhat.

8f537b  No.13480402

File: 5425d2840902db1⋯.png (725.18 KB, 864x576, 3:2, an-angry-mob.png)


Not every thread is a fucking crusade of organized shit detectives trying to cause a political stir by doxxing random people who look a little bit off…. *inhale*

7f8e2e  No.13480631


Well even if the feds didn't do this, ADL, Antifa and SPLC do do it every thread. I was fighting with this fucking faggot once and he pulled up and posted a comment of mine from a previous thread like three days before in about 5 minutes…so they have files on all anons even if the feds don't.

7c396a  No.13480680


Not really true. People come to this site for either direct news, investigation of issues that other sites deem bad for their bottom line, shit posting (usually takes place more on halfchan), and a constant game of cat and mouse between getting data out versus a shit load of groups that do not want said data known to the public.

The mere fact you think this is a doxxing site or even a part time doxxing site reveals what you are and how little you know about this site.

b38435  No.13480891

File: fdca3011450073f⋯.jpg (303.14 KB, 1005x1196, 1005:1196, Attomwaffen edge shadow 01.jpg)


Bro, you just posted cringe.

b38435  No.13480900

File: 6a5dce45cc208ac⋯.jpg (87.44 KB, 1080x723, 360:241, b65a914fef63c59366bfb0e033….jpg)

19b8aa  No.13480936



Except for the fact that anyone who replied at all in a certain thread was ordered by the court to have their IP turned over. Regardless of whether they did anything illegal or not. Please reply back because I don't want to assume that both of you are feds yourselves and trying to enforce a narrative. I want to believe that you're just naive and don't know the risks associated. Please explain your reasoning for not using a VPN.



19b8aa  No.13480939

File: 5e34584dc3c8107⋯.png (118.79 KB, 800x199, 800:199, 8chan warrant_0.png)


Picture related.

f76ad5  No.13480941

File: 54bc008b5774e23⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 461x487, 461:487, 2a9c552e0482c0e6bacf8a8fd6….jpg)



Fuck off reddit

f76ad5  No.13480951


I do use a VPN. I just don't understand why the fuck you're so scared of the feda having your IP if you didn't post illegal content or threats. They can't charge you with shit. You think they're going to kick in your door at 3 am and drag you away to a CIA black site? No, you'll at most be put on a watch list. As I said, we are probably all on watchlists at this point. If you're not you're doing it wrong.

f00fb0  No.13480954

File: ccf8f9fb577c7af⋯.jpg (3.95 KB, 255x203, 255:203, 66de03003d74b2ceafbc9eeb99….jpg)

19b8aa  No.13481000

File: 6db741cd4a6f7bf⋯.jpg (157.5 KB, 800x1036, 200:259, right of lead shadow.jpg)


Attomwaffen is kinda cringe though.

fc1fe9  No.13481004

Hi Jimmy! I know you’re reading this

Last I heard you were in Belgium? Well , anyway , take care and see ya real soon!

19b8aa  No.13481005

File: 6eabea4f94b261b⋯.png (148.18 KB, 557x438, 557:438, CIA Spook shrek cringe 1.png)


>Hello fellow kids.

>Just give up and join our - I mean, their watch list already.

>It'll be fun trust me!

19b8aa  No.13481016


You won't so shit.

f76ad5  No.13481047

File: e4a2675a905b4c7⋯.png (1.84 MB, 978x1164, 163:194, 8UQKuFm-1-2.png)


Nice trips. Yes the core group led by Rape that got busted after the murders were faggot Sanatic degenerates. HOWEVER this in no way discredits their propaganda pieces which were all top fucking notch. Pic related, done by the same artist who did most of their propaganda.



I see you're also an enormous pussy

68e9be  No.13481059


It makes me feel illiterate to read their non-sense so filled with the expectation to be entertaining.

fc1fe9  No.13481084


Nigger you don’t know me

89e825  No.13481896

File: ec230bcb77e11d8⋯.png (717.21 KB, 917x774, 917:774, Macron.png)

>internet vigilante's are the biggest threat to the freedom of digital information and the access thereoff

Although the rest is interesting, this is you towing the official party line. After all, who on Earth else is to blame for wrongthink being illegal but the criminals that engage in it? The difficulty for the government to control the internet isn't due to a lack of justification: there is more than enough of it for the next couple thousand years. The difficulty to control it is to do with the fact that people engage in these activities in large enough number despite legal status.

For example copyright is incredibly difficult to enforce on the internet because of how many people go against it. The fact that you would need to be able to find the content first is not actually that big of an issue since there are plenty of tools and methods to get around that, it's the fact people go against it in such a large number that it is near impossible to enforce. Same goes to DDoSing and hacking overall: in fact authorities don't actually catch suspects by looking at the code and IP address under a microscope, authorities catch them as a result of other activities being tied to their identity (usually dumb shit like boasting on IRC or being a repeat offender that got caught the last 20 times for using a compromised VPN service) or people they know simply snitching on them.

So in conclusion, internet vigilantes have their place the same way insects have their place in nature despite them being incredibly irritating when you want to just relax in the shade.


>> I prefer it my way.

Well others don't, there is nothing meaningful fulfilled by putting two line breaks between each sentence. The OP you made is a much better way that allows for greater readability, although it still has line breaks between text consisting of only one to three sentences.

8be322  No.13482071


Fuck off jamie

653418  No.13482082


>Slowly i realized these were coordinated efforts and they were hiding behind dynamic IP's in order the flood the board with all the content they had gathered

You didn't say anything in your post about the goal. 8chan is pro pedo.

ab6b64  No.13482098

File: aad43909e3484e1⋯.jpg (120.75 KB, 450x436, 225:218, cf8d5170f1f79695041a793b8e….jpg)



> do nothing, goyim

> everything dies/decays/ages

This is normalfag-tier "civilizations rise and fall," but never wonder why. Understanding the world through intellectual-superstition is a one-way ride to being bluepilled:

> it's not the jews, goyim! it's just entropy

Bluepilled level speak. You should be ashamed. I hope you're just a FUD shill.

67666b  No.13482124


Life is the only force capable of fighting entropy. Even simple bacteria can terraform an entire planet leading the way for more complex life forms such as ourselves. The body grows in strength and wisdom for decades before wearing down to the force of entropy. We are able to organize inanimate substances whose value is greater than the sum its parts. Life is a very powerful force my dude do not be so dismissive of it.

8f537b  No.13482645

File: 404705c97ce4238⋯.png (39.6 KB, 298x233, 298:233, 13312454.png)





Privacy is non-existant on the internet, a VPN is a minor obstacle for those who have the means and the intent. If you really want to bypass unseen eyes, pigeon post is your only option.

e99ebc  No.13482662


To spare you much time in the future…all political or law enforcement related actions against child abuse are a smokescreen for something else, as long as the jewish mafia is operating the global distribution of child abuse material from the Ukraine, using European serer farms , while being protected by Interpol and FBI, as well as the European governments, the Russian government and the US government. This is been going on for over two decades undisturbed, while other jews have sacrificed their own child abuse production studios to rile the populace against CP, which then was used to to further the draconian jewish copyright racket, which led to the even more draconian censorship that is threatening the existence of the internet today.

In short, while the Epstein circus preaches about helping children in need, the jew mafia is happily distributing child abuse material all over the web, protected by our tax money…well, our debt laden usury fiat fantasy money. Anyway the whole celebrity child prostitution racket is a smokescreen for something way bigger.

083033  No.13482664

This guy is definitely james alephantis, formerly known as james rothschild

e99ebc  No.13482670

File: 127d88c9011bca7⋯.jpg (193.9 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, goshawk.jpg)


>pigeon post

Anon, I got a goshawk spy for those.

8f537b  No.13482737


I think of it like this, if the media tells us something, it is not because we need to know it, but because they need us to know it.

The question should always be: "Why are they telling us whatever it is they are telling us?"

8f537b  No.13482739

File: 932d0c7b88660ef⋯.jpg (739.04 KB, 3000x1688, 375:211, roasted-chicken-1.jpg)


I got only got one of these.

e99ebc  No.13482745




Did you at least took the message off?

8f537b  No.13482753


It is stuffed like a christmas turkey.

e99ebc  No.13482759


So you read it, then you eat it? That's some top spy protocol right there.

e9ecaa  No.13482767



8f537b  No.13482768


Grandma's recipe for security.

e9ecaa  No.13482779



But really though… I would not want to be on @5cf9c4's side in a battle. Dude just gives up. What a pussy.


f00fb0  No.13482781

File: 747fb3253649a51⋯.jpeg (53.26 KB, 600x613, 600:613, gotmail?.jpeg)






Very kek, lads, but not far from what WILL be utilized again soon. I'm building a pigeon coop on top of my chickens as we speak, actually.



8f537b  No.13482783

File: 57176a7a19e1ee5⋯.jpg (159.86 KB, 1408x1408, 1:1, qewyfdus.jpg)


Shit my cover is blown!

f00fb0  No.13482796


How about a Honeypot?

f00fb0  No.13482799

File: d610bdfb97ae2df⋯.jpeg (293.76 KB, 1479x1080, 493:360, HattaMari.jpeg)


Forgot pic.

<Going out to KMS now.

8f537b  No.13482800


Aviculture is the key, i'm also considering the Lyre bird to transport audio recordings.

f00fb0  No.13482802

File: 4413047e0cdb1ab⋯.jpeg (128.33 KB, 1920x1492, 480:373, NaturalOrder.jpeg)


Don't want to dox myself, cuz not too many are into it, but I have falconry exp.

After the pigeons are squared, I'm building an accipiter muse, and getting back into it.

8f537b  No.13482808


We should keep this lowkey before soon everyone with a bird will be rounded up and stood up against the wall.

f00fb0  No.13482810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Will that shit work?

You're ahead of the game, Katniss!

f00fb0  No.13482812

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They can try.

8f537b  No.13482813


Just make sure to cook it afterwards.

8f537b  No.13482817


I don't wanna mess with them chickens.

e99ebc  No.13482821

File: 8d02a67f55db69b⋯.jpg (59.64 KB, 640x808, 80:101, foghorn.jpg)


Let's just say my goshawk doesn't fall easily for tricks.

f00fb0  No.13482829

File: 208e36ac9aa3a1d⋯.png (126.67 KB, 320x240, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



8f537b  No.13482833

File: d4221316a1ee1f0⋯.jpg (77.28 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 4328746.jpg)

Just keep an eye out for these cats.


89e825  No.13482847

File: 0e85a2089c8bf75⋯.png (39.25 KB, 926x716, 463:358, Good VPNs.png)

File: d2f5dff5d0ae4c4⋯.png (30.81 KB, 670x698, 335:349, Bad VPNs.png)

File: 2bbf06a67d12dae⋯.png (109.17 KB, 1385x729, 1385:729, Untrustworthy VPNs.png)


The point is to make it require more work. No shit that at the highest level of power they can read anything you have ever written at will. But you as an individual aren't being prosecuted by the highest level of power. In fact, the FBI being put on the job to do it and still needing to get a warrant to see IPs on a singular thread is more than enough evidence of this. Which is why I am going to conclude that they are correct in their assessment that you are simply a shill, since you are simply engaging in FUD. But at least you are the not-so-obnoxious type of shill so there's that.

A simple VPN is sufficient for the lowest levels of law enforcement, assuming you didn't pick one that is very obviously compromised. And that is ignoring the fact that there are Anons in multiple countries, which makes it more difficult for all levels of power. And all you need is very basic opsec like not giving identifying information such as your name, face, location and overall profile (like >>13482802 who stands out like a sore fucking thumb for anyone that wants to find him). If you are sufficiently paranoid then you can simply leave red herrings on top of that like saying that you have an important meeting in three hours, that the weather outside is sunny when in reality you are in a rainstorm, that you are Hungarian when in reality you are Malay. You can also simply switch character (along with name, profile and location, all of which are fake) when you are having different conversations and change up your writing style while at the same time intentionally adding grammatical errors. All of these things you can do that work exceptionally well against law enforcement and instead you choose "b-but the government man" blackpill bullshit.

89e825  No.13482854


Oh and you nicely confirmed it yourself with >>13482833 less than a minute in between. How many fucking cats do you have crawling inside your house? How many of those cats are ones you have never seen before? How many of them have a microphone shoved up their ass?

f00fb0  No.13482865

File: ba49b68ad60b1d1⋯.jpeg (77.38 KB, 500x534, 250:267, Sonnenrad2.jpeg)


>still needing to get a warrant

Damn, you're naive. How long before these commie shits do what they do, and denounce Rule of Law all at once? I'm hardly trying to hide. You're a fool if you believe you can without innawoods completely. You're already on many lists. I'm daring these cowards to come fuck with me.

I'm tired of dicking around with this fungal infection. Time to drag them into OUR Light!

6cffeb  No.13482878


>tfw my cat is a glow nigger and the CIA is listening to me calling them a pretty kitty every day

f00fb0  No.13482889

File: 6ebf86658a1f188⋯.png (140.42 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm bummed we derailed this thread a bit, but a Revolution without laughing is not worth fighting.

Kek, lads. Kek.

5b37e8  No.13482905


nice blogpost faggot

11f2f2  No.13482922


Don't be so dame sensitive a'lefantis.

6cfd4f  No.13482928

File: 5d4a8d9bb95888d⋯.png (354.39 KB, 644x693, 92:99, Toopasta.png)


I once had a roommate that I discovered wanking off with toothpaste in the bathroom one day.

You remind me of him.

124019  No.13482935




You know that Hitler hid his whole life, even when he was in power.So logically, by remaining anonymous and keeping in the shadows, we will win this war, it's true!

7c1beb  No.13482979

File: b91cb2183cee9ed⋯.jpg (45.17 KB, 700x700, 1:1, b91cb2183cee9ed3bad4a05c21….jpg)


>Within a short time the tone changed into a volatile SRA thread that had little regard for sense or reason.

Welcome to every single thread on /pol/ now. There's like

>8 or 10 people here for actual discussion

>10 or 20 who are angry and hateful about everything and everyone and come here solely to call everybody kike

>anywhere between a hundred and two hundred actual shills and professional thread derailers

>two hundred newfags and/or 4chan refugees who refuse to lurk for two years and make threads/comments for every random thought that pops into their heads who basically do the work of the previous group for free out of sheer stupidity

f00fb0  No.13483022

File: 3b87465ede6463a⋯.jpeg (16.65 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Sonnenrad4.jpeg)


Hitler lost, bruh.

We're doing shit different this time.

We win.

Try and keep up.

89e825  No.13483031

File: b14795b6a259b13⋯.jpg (501.03 KB, 2648x2004, 662:501, pol guide to fashion.jpg)


Yes, on lower levels they need a warrant. Higher levels do not need a warrant, they simply do as they please. So as long as you aren't a threat to the higher levels, a warrant will be necessary to get you. So if you wish to be a threat to the higher levels, it would make sense to not be caught by the lower levels before you can become a threat.

>You're a fool if you believe you can without innawoods completely. You're already on many lists.

Right but putting a GPS tracker on yourself and broadcasting your location for everyone to see is probably counter-productive. You can operate in real-life without leaving a massive fucking trail of your activities online, anonymity and real life aren't mutually exclusive concepts. And if we are talking about parallels to the commies then how about the fact that they wear matching uniforms (ie. taking up a profile that allows them to blend in) and hide their faces while doing the shit they do? They engage in their criminal activities but they are still maintaining anonymity as best they can when it comes to shit that can be used against them. Want to know why they do that? Because they can do jack fucking shit while locked up, giving a very good incentive to avoid unnecessarily tangling with law enforcement. Same goes here, you still want to maintain anonymity online even if you do shit in real life. That is why you and toothpaste shill are retards, especially you since you're willingly identifying yourself.

32bef9  No.13483059


Checked. He won but posthumously

Sieg Heil

32bef9  No.13483068


Fuck off glownigger

89e825  No.13483071


Also since it will inevitably reach the topic of antifa

>"b-but antifa use masks and others don't"

There are reasons to use and reasons not to use masks. Obviously you need to adapt to the situation. In their situation, they wear masks even if they do not commit crimes because it allows them to protect the identity of their more criminally inclined friends. Even if they admit to having committed crimes, they can still have a certain degree of plausible deniability as long as they do give away too much information regarding what they did.

>"b-but antifa brag about it online"

Shit opsec is better than no opsec. They think that what they post between their friends does not spread outside of their friend circle and that is what makes it incredibly easy to dox them.

>"b-but they are protected by the government, c-checkmate"

And yet they still have masks on because they know that being doxed isn't exactly desirable even if the government protects them. Since they can still get fired from where they work, they can have their reputation tarnished and they could potentially have their protection revoked. They are doing at least something to prevent that from causing problems.

9fcc88  No.13483082


It's amazing how many dense faggots fail to understand this.

f00fb0  No.13483138


>dense faggots

Yeah, no shit…



1695a6  No.13483193


I don't hear others about this much. Intelligently. As OP seems to be saying. Just arrived on /pol/ after being on /b2/.

Have hardly read the OP. Doesn't seem to be the exact same thing. I said before on /pol/ someone is staling me on the internet.

1695a6  No.13483217

>I don't hear others about this much. Intelligently. As OP seems to be saying. Just arrived on /pol/ after being on /b2/.

>Have hardly read the OP. Doesn't seem to be the exact same thing. I said before on /pol/ someone is stalking me on the internet.

8333f8  No.13483242


thanks for the pasta material

000000  No.13483411


The new bunch of disinformation shills are composed of many brazillians. They are infiltrating boards and social media with fake IPs to try to divert any attention to the jews' crimes, even though some of those brazillians don't associate the crimes with jews, but only with their idolized celebrities. You have to take into account what is happening in Brazil:

- The new brazillian government, although being openly anti-leftist, is being backed by jews (as always, the kikes play both sides), which made the leftists become increasingly aggressive towards anything perceived as being jewish.

- Those leftists retards are the same bunch that also worship jewish entertainment, without associating it with jews. To them, it is just "the show business". So, they dismiss anything pointing the jewish control as "conspiration theories". Those leftists are the ones who would literally die to protect any entertainment celebrity that they worship, be it Pedowood's actors, musicians, western game developers and so on. Each leftist has their particular idolized celebrities, and they can't imagine living in a world where those celebrities are out of the business for being exposed as criminals.

-Those leftists are dreaming about turning Brazil into the next main entertainment creator of the world, all because of their vain worship of celebrities. They think that, if Pedowood or other western big names of entertainment fall, then Brazil can take their place, as every single one of the cattle and leftists always dreamed of. Since they couldn't be a part of it, they want it to be a part of Brazil now, disregarding (in the case of the masses) all the truth about how entertainment is used to brainwash people, or (in the case of some leftists) precisely because of that.

-Then, you have the majority of brazillians, that aren't leftists, that support the current government. They are in full "nothing can stop us now" mode, disregarding any suspicious activity or infiltration by jews. Everything wrong is just automatically attributed to the leftists. Jews are never mentioned in crimes that they take active part on. It is all "the leftists' fault". Coupled with the open "help" offered by jews both to the current government and to some aid during "natural" (probably caused by the same jews) disasters, and you have the majority of the population starting to idolize jews as "our greatest allies against the leftists". Exactly the same trap as always.

-So, you have a country of millions that are actively engaging in either dismissing any proofs of crimes committed by celebrities on one side, and dismissing any proofs of crimes committed by jews on the other side.

-That is guaranteed to be the jews' plan all along. Manipulate one side to ally with themselves, while manipulating the other side to ally with their paypigs, the celebrities. In this way, crimes committed by jews and their celebrities are directly or indirectly dismissed by more than 90% of Brazil's population, and said population actively engage in coordinated attacks to dismiss anyone that exposes the truth about the jews (or their celebrities) participating in any form of crime, to the point of accusing others of the same crimes, to try to divert attention from either the jews or their celebrities.

By knowing all of this, i urge you all to always fight back and expose those shills. Especially the brazillian ones. Their coordinated attacks are all abrasive, emotional, and therefore, dumb. They can easily be exposed as liars, and as being shills trying to dismiss and spread disinfo. Always question their attacks. always expose their disinfo and joint efforts to dismiss, and above all, always name the jews, and always name the celebrities involved with jewish crimes. always point out how the shills are covering those two groups, while trying to falsely accuse anyone else in a vain effort to divert attention from their crimes.

d0f63b  No.13483511


hey toothpaste, im another dutchfag. would you be willing to post the information or atleast names of the dutch celebrities who have connections all of this. thanks in advance

42adba  No.13483842


You are right. I got permabanned on 4pol about that same time- right after Epsteins news broke and the thread about the weird bathhouse he has on his island that looks like an egyptian building, for linking the last webm Isaac Kappy dead man switched after his "suicide". 4pol is filled with shill mods abusing their powers. On Isaac Kappy, He made a point to say on video multiple times those last few weeks that he wasn't suicidal. Yet he ends up suciding. Just like that senator from Arkansas….. Hmmmm.

e72196  No.13483867


>The response so far is dissapointing,

no bites after a couple hours sometimes happens with all the slidethreads on here OP, at least you didn't get some infantile TLDR response.

I don't know how revelationary your story is, isn't it common sense that any legitimate measured form of discussion will get derailed by shills who want to pollute the conversation and distract from legitimate points with red herrings?

21c30f  No.13484249

File: a1c347d54c1303f⋯.png (827.78 KB, 854x1723, 854:1723, shitposters.png)


>change agents

i need a RUNDOWN on what the fuck this is. u seem to be putting some type of authority on their dumb crap, because this has pretty much happened to me. .And i see it as the shills literally. IF it is a bunch of typical cianiggers or if its just retards shitposting like morons, i dont know.

point being they made the end goal to disrupt information and exchange of ideas. they kept saying you were someone you werent. the big thing about that is, thats a large statement and they need to do more than be just accusatory about it.

they way I have seen they react is by using MOB tactics. they gang up on you and others who agree with you. Ive seen it. it can be very aggressive. Thats how theyre trying to destroy (free speech) the internet.

21c30f  No.13484250

File: 3f8dc8be75e3516⋯.jpg (47.36 KB, 600x338, 300:169, rundown.jpg)


>my point tho is.


how do I not know your a shit poster?

268c0e  No.13484270


most of the "satanic ritual abuse" stuff is a lie going all the way back to the 80's. it sounds real but it's usually bullshit. Law enforcement has cleared lots of famous and rich people who were targeted for money or revenge. Of course, child sex tourism is real. But it's not a "rabbit hole" or some conspiracy. They do that shit openly and in the past police in places like khmer taiwan etc did little or nothing. But things are changing. Foreigners are being arrested for visiting certain countries just to have sex with minors. The kids are poor and the parents often are complicit. Another non-secret part of the child abuse is online webcam stuff. According to organizations like CEOP its a problem. And im sure there are USA prostitutes that are underage….and cops that look young posing as such. A lot of the morons on youtube go after "exposing" youtubers for making lewd comments etc. But those assholes are always online and i notice they speak spanish a lot. Paedos deserve to be hated. And the police can deal with it. A lot of those youtubers and nonce hunters just screw things up probably some help but a lot of them are trying to copy TV shows and so fourth. I suspect some are kids themselves living at mommy's house. If i see anything fishy i flag it but its not some big ring and if it is let the police deal with it

21c30f  No.13484979


cammers is not prostitution and take your thot patrol shit and go kill yourself with it.

21c30f  No.13485057


most of the satanic ritual abuse stuff is condoned and done nothing about by the persons in government elected. they use it as a pay off and a blackmail against them. ever since they shut down the slave trade, aka black market, everything has been turned into a black market, another black market for them to sell to you with and to uise against you telling you and everyone else you cant do that.

the fucking PROBLEM is that the real pedophillia is left alone too because only the super degenerate go along with that

and if you think this is all made up then fuck you. ever heard of the ..that fucking nebraska or something or the little boys town what the fuck it was called, thing for homeless boys in nebraska or something that they were using to get kids at.

if a cop poses as a young person online it doesnt even matter. time stamp and tits or gtfo

so fuck you with your underage cammers problem you stupid fucking faggot, noone cares, its not a prostitute and that thot patrol is a fbi honeypot to turn regular everyday activity into some crime so they can shut down free speech

fuck you go kys.

8f537b  No.13485311


Perfectly valid question, the only perfectly valid answer is that you don't know.

Let me put it like this, i consider myself a man of God, this not to say i am some fucking saint, just that i believe in a greater power. Someone could pose the question and ask me how i know the bible isn't just a gigantic ancient collection of shitposts.

My answer would be, i don't know that. I know it is a source of great wisdom, but it also contains demonstrable bullshit. I only put faith in those things my spirit confirms as truth, so in the same manner i suggest you use your brain to seperate the truth from the lies, to keep what is beneficial and discard what is detrimental.

As such my post may contain what is questionable, but also contains what useful. Wich is what is something you have to decide for yourself cause nobody can do this for you.

8f537b  No.13485344


It's fine, i just wanted to put out some food for thought with my original post. To be fair when it comes to these things we are kinda fishing in the dark.

Laughter is a blessing, i rather see people laugh then fight.

21c30f  No.13485367


fuck off christian larping faggot

one thing i do consider you a shill. 2nd how are you going to show otherwise, it is the ONLY bad thing about posting online is that you are attempting to convince others to do something that leads to nothing good. that was teh question and you failed just fucking great

so now shill, since yo8u answered it and all shills do this as you have to have an opinion, everyone has an opinion, just your always outted, as you claim you have no opinion and your just always stating observible events.

as far as the bible goes, its a history book. and maybe the old testament was how people interpreted events. but you dont have to interpret anymore.

so we dont care what you think. just go kys.

8f537b  No.13485381


I get your point, i just found it rather suspicious, as this was a little more then just trolling. These guys seemed to have made preperations, and the timing considering both the coming elections as the news of Epsteins arrest i find unlikely to be coincidental. I try to maintain a healthy dosis of scepticism, but that doesn't save me from making the wrong assumptions.

Hence the title of this post; "Something is happening", because i don't know exactly whats happening on the other end of the internet. Maybe we are being played, maybe i just played myself.

Here's to hoping i'm wrong, and i'm just being a bit schizo myself.

21c30f  No.13485386


shills, always use a little bit of truth to push their lies. ur pushing your bullshit on people with a litle bit of truth which you have to do to get people to go along with you.\

now go and spout those but i have to dur durr shit, and blame all you do on those stupid sheeple that we should all go against and go with you on.

my point is all the idiots niggers retards will all do what theyre useful for. or die or whatever, either way i dont care. so it doesnt fucking matter to me. but im not going to intentionally bitch and gripe about shit as you have done here attempting once again to get ppl to follow you


f00fb0  No.13485397

File: bd174bc39d1ba65⋯.png (245.76 KB, 628x316, 157:79, ClipboardImage.png)


>fishing in the dark.

So a glowing cat could actually be of benefit then?

8f537b  No.13485405


If you don't care, then you don't care period. But obviously you do care considering you cared enough to respond. If you want to fool yourself, that is fine by me, nothing i can do about that.

You would do yourself a favor, if you stopped pretending to be so certain about everything you concluded. There is a great discrepancy between what people really know, and what they think they know.

But hey, you do you if you think it serves you.

79f0c9  No.13485411


>Stop reddit spacing.

This is just another gay way to hide from anything you cannot to rogue against or here. This gay sh hit along with "muh gownigger" is the ultimate cuckold faggotry

8f537b  No.13485415


>but im not going to intentionally bitch and gripe about shit

So you are doing this unintentionally?

8f537b  No.13485421


Change agents may be both willing and unwitting participants. Many bluehaired homosexuals are being employed to further a communist agenda, that doesn't mean they are informed of the agenda that is actually being furthered, it only means they have been presented with an agenda designed for them, that will lead to the same results.

ee13c3  No.13485427


>roommate that I discovered wanking off with toothpaste

I prefer to go at it alone, personally

ca3350  No.13485429

If you are denying that there is an occult aspect to organized pedophilia, then it doesn’t matter if you’re actually a shill, because you’re still spreading misinformation out of ignorance or an unwillingness to face facts.

f00fb0  No.13485450


Damn, why are chcristcucks so fucking arrogant? Oh wait, I remember.

8f537b  No.13485456

File: 21bf1981e6daa5e⋯.png (135.07 KB, 300x287, 300:287, demmink-ad.png)


I don't know any direct connections, i all have is my suspicions. Demmink is on top of my list of suspicious actors.

8f537b  No.13485461


The occult aspect is meaningless, because there is a political aspect, a religious aspect. Outward appearances are meant to be used a front, even if it is one you oppose from your position.

The Lavender Maffia are not occultists, at least in out in the open.

21c30f  No.13485470


out of everythign i say you take one thing and attempt to take it out of context without even giving your self anywere to have ground to even stand.

this doesnt support your case. as being a total 100% shill. attempting to subvert what we all know from seeing it and hearing it

21c30f  No.13485472




this is called an ACTOR. crisis actors if to be used in any context

8f537b  No.13485473

People have to excuse my writing, i often get visual migraines preventing me from seeing properly.

8f537b  No.13485488


>out of everythign i say you take one thing and attempt to take it out of context

Wether you are aware of it or not, this is exactly what you are doing yourself. By your logic you are shill and have outted yourself.


21c30f  No.13485508


i never made any statement but to you stop pretenidng you have even conjured any strawman. im still confused what you are pointing to, besides the illusions in your head they have told you to refer to since u retard shills on the internet have no place

000000  No.13486054


>posted by an exposed redditor

e32d3d  No.13486274


damn this is cringe

035c9f  No.13486463


blah blah blah….

>I'm a woman and I'm mad

>someone fix the internet for me

>people aren't paying enough attention to me

b9b491  No.13486535


some are paid to do it, they spur on the mentally ill low iq freaks, and then peer pressure takes over.

it is deliberate.

this site has been subverted for 3-4 years now, anything real that is said is destroyed by the same packs of dogs.

all that is pushed is disinfo crap about aliens, satanists and fictional, disconnected crap.

the same tactics are used by (((alex jones))), rense and the other major disinfo sites.

halfchan bans for everything now, the mods are all sjws, TONS of chinks, trannies and lots of other sickness sourced from tumblr.

do you think they filter out all of those? those are the rabid freaks that will apply 100 times just to be accepted, then they start purging anything that resembles normal thought.

i was banned for a month for "breaking US law", when all i had been doing was normal discussions in some light threads.

they mustn't have liked what i was saying.

banned for "posting garbage", because i told a tranny to fuck off. banned for saying "nigger", and so on.

don't expect any decency or real discussion, just make sure you don't reply to obvious paid posters more than once, and keep it brief.

if you respond to them it, especially when they ask you to 'explain' something, in a seemingly innocent way, it will result in you spending more and more energy to defend your entirely clear and rational position. they'll drain you completely, fill your thread with shit, often flood with images if they are completely losing and you've pointed out something particularly clear, and report any post you make as many times as it takes to have you banned.

there are no real alternatives that i know of. not sure what comes after, but something should come up. becoming harder and harder to have a real discussion or reveal any real truth.

people used to really lurk for years without making a single post, learning some of the background knowledge to understand and join in with a discussion without sounding like a retard and wasting the thread. endless millions of newfags diluted all of that.

e3ded9  No.13486875

File: cc96c7d50139770⋯.jpg (340.2 KB, 604x2096, 151:524, 1562340921712.jpg)

e3ded9  No.13486887

File: 4cd17dfcc34f509⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1166x924, 53:42, ff1221794531725c4e765de599….png)

You derailed NXIVM threads along your /b/uddy for W E E K S on end

Not a shill though right?

I warned you faggot

e3ded9  No.13486892

File: f95bb0a8a6156fe⋯.png (620.5 KB, 674x922, 337:461, b18e388705f3adcbb22b1e56dc….png)

Your dox is up at the pizzagate thread, go check it out

If you're not Alefantis you have nothing to be worried about do you?

3e9a54  No.13486900


This. Fuck OP.

28e436  No.13487406


>surely mass shooters and pizzeria invaders are real people and not operatives seeking to Port Arthur up some panic legislation

c31f08  No.13487502



alefantis is a glownigger too

they were part of the glowies along epstein that were in charge of the mossad pedophile blackmail operation

c31f08  No.13487506



8f537b  No.13489310

File: e0db10a0241796a⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 500x334, 250:167, military-salute.jpg)

I never been banned so much and fast in my life. I figured this be a nice alternative to 4chan, got some nice responses if i ignore the complete batshits, but moderation is absolute cancer and makes 4chan look like paradise. This has been the most insane fucking week i ever spent on the internet. Also /christian/ is fucking doomed, worst christians i ever met in my fucking life. How fucking depressing, i'm so over this shit.



Eat your fucking meds retard crusader.

To the good folks, bless you and by God i wish upon you all the strength you can muster because your gonna need it for the fucking decades to come, to the rest go fuck yourselves for having nullified all righteousness. Right now all people do is pissing me off with their (un)intentional stupidity. I don't think there's anything more contagious then the absolute decrepit retardism i've seen going about. I need to put on my spiritual hazmat suit, cause this stupid shit is getting to me.

If there was a pill to make people intelligent i would forcefeed them all, but every pill that is going around is goddamn poison. I'm gonna take a mental vacation from the fucking internet, probably the best fucking thing i'm gonna do ever since i got connected 20+ years ago. Digital human interaction is absolute shite, i'm better off just talking to my fucking glow cats.

Cheerio motherfuckers, i'm out.

1e6ec5  No.13489343


>The posts were increasingly getting insane, so i started to make fun of them by pointing out how crazy shit was getting. This prompted one of them to accuse me of being either John Podesta or James Alefantis himself.

FWIW I've experienced this very type of "no u on crack" shilling here for the past few weeks and months.

1e6ec5  No.13489345


>Too bad they lost to the team that lost to U15 boys.

Hence the ticker tape parade and that pink haired dyke everywhere. They're insecure.

1e6ec5  No.13489352


>the pedo hysteria is the "satanist scare" of the day

I used to think this as well, until I discovered the biggest shill of the "satanic panic" I knew IRL was involved with underage latinas.

1e6ec5  No.13489358


Facing the truth that your rapist implants you with demons is hard, anon.


They fuck little kids up the ass at 3 or 4 so they become "child prodigys" who are easily controlled.

14b0e1  No.13489947


The Brazilian has some good pic, but he's also sharing tons of fakes. I bet he's a shill. The "oh look! I've found Epstein in this soft-core BDSM video!" was at first hilarious, and then I started to think that this chan is infected by shills. Right now, some of them try to push the "NYPD leaked videos clips on Twitter, that's why it was down" shill.

061fdc  No.13490853


Wait, which one of you is this? I recognize your typing style anon.

061fdc  No.13490864


What's the best way to go about this? Falconry / raptor keeping has been a subtle interest of mine for a while, and considering the circumstances, they might have more than one use in the coming times.

061fdc  No.13490869


Goddamn I love crows and ravens. Based birds, only good black things out there.

fb666a  No.13490880

Is this satire? How can any retard still use 4cucks pol for anything other than telling the Jews you will imminently attack them?

061fdc  No.13490889


Goytalk.com has a nice store to use. Also, read siege faggot.

f00fb0  No.13490905


You know who, who HATES Nature, and our relationship with it, have passed so many ridiculous laws about it, it nearly impossible to get into.

You need to find a licensed falconer. Here's the hard part. You have to convince these loner types, who know the difficulty in this art, to apprentice you for two years straight. Then you can get your own entry level license. And every time you level up, you get access to more technical birds. A Master Falconer's license gives you access to shit like Snowy Owls, and Bald Eagles, and shit.

The guy who I finally found to agree to apprentice me, died right before we got started. I'm looking for the other guy around here I met who also said he'd apprentice me. I'm actually at a point now where I'm just gonna say fuck it, and go catch a hawk, and do it again myself. I used to hunt rabbits with a RedTail Hawk.

I'm done with (((Man's))) Laws against Nature, and my Blood. This is MY world.


I had a Raven once. Great companions. Had a MockingBird once too.

f00fb0  No.13490918


Another way to get into it without licensing is volunteering, or applying at a Wilderness Rehab outfit. You get hands on experience with EVERYTHING that comes through the doors. The smaller the outfit, the more freedom you'll have to do what I did as far as hunting. Larger places have more animals per year, but the hierarchy and laws that continue to creep in, make it hard to get up the ranks to Raptor Handler. You'll be feeding hundreds of fucking screeching Starlings for 5 years before ever seeing a single Hawk feather, while some arrogant thot strolls around with a Great Horned Owl on her arm.

553dcd  No.13491026


Beautiful OC.

4189f1  No.13491062



Follow @TruthHitsEvery1 on Twitter.

He works at the justice departement and names the deepstate pedo niggers on a daily basis.

4189f1  No.13491074


They're shilling you.. again. Niggers like that work by psy-opping you with their feigned stupidity.

>I'm gonna take a mental vacation from the fucking internet, probably the best fucking thing i'm gonna do ever since i got connected 20+ years ago.

Actions speak louder than words, faggot.

If you've read this, it means you have failed.

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