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930f01  No.13480263

Vladimir Putin loves the traditional family. It is so refreshing to see a world leader talk about family with such vitality, such dedication, such awe and respect.

On national television, the Russian President said that Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Vladimir Lenin were wrong in their theories about the traditional family. Putin says children need to experience the love of both a mother and a father.

The video includes English subtitles:

>"100 years ago, the creators of the Marxist theory thought that families would cease to exist, and children would be raised by a community, dreaming of a new society."

>"Practice has shown that the absence of a loved one, the absence of a mother or a father, makes a young person defective. Because even though the idea that Marx, Engels, and then Lenin formulated might sound nice, they forgot the essential part of the upbringing of a complete person — Love."

>"When children don't feel loved, its hard for them to feel confident. And confidence — not arrogance, but confidence — is an essential aspect of personal development."

>Historically, the belief in Russia has been that every major social movement, every major belief, good or bad, comes directly from the leader of the state. While it probably seems somewhat bizarre to the Western mentality, it has its benefits.

>Take for example the fact that this one man has done so much to change the hierarchy of values in his country, and bring back Christian morality and pro-family values as major goals of a modern country.


2655f7  No.13480274

Putin is a kike, Orthodoxy is a kike religion for kike slaves, OP is a kike. Fuckoff.

c846ce  No.13480288


>muh kike on a stick

Room temperature IQ detected. Orthodoxy will always be better than atheism – and I'm not even Christian

930f01  No.13480291

File: 63bde4689f01386⋯.jpg (68.75 KB, 655x606, 655:606, 0 putin_and_children.jpg)


You're the one displaying kike behaviour schizo. Putin is far from perfect but he's the only one in the White world to address key issues that the Western politicians would shriek from.

75f089  No.13480293


Shoo shoo jew. Putin was too soft on kikes but hes a much better leader than any the West has seen in decades.

2655f7  No.13480301


Go live in Russia and come back and say that with a straight face you dumb fuck. Where'd you pick up on your

>muh white Russia savior

meme, exactly? Ohhhh right. chans and dreams. Eat a dick.

c846ce  No.13480307


>Putin was too soft on kikes

He's pretty aware though in regards to (((them))) and his country's history though


930f01  No.13480320


Regardless of what you think about him with regards to the pillaging of Russia by the oligarchs, men are still men there who have the balls to stand up to the central Asian immigrants there. And women generally are not as whorest as the Western women in the West that retain many traditional values.

There's fertile ground in Russia and elsewhere for an Nationalist awakening. America is dead but Eastern Europe is far from over.

dd3d17  No.13480327


>t. never been to fucking Russia

dd3d17  No.13480336


The idea that Russian women are not whores is the stupidest, most inane, silliest, least realistic, LARPest, fucking single-braincell meme fanfic shit I have ever read in my fucking life. You are Society for Creative Anachronisming IRL and it is sad and kiked and lol.

e168c3  No.13480337


Moar Atheism Moar Degeneracy, More Homosexuals fucking each others buttholes. Atheism FTW. Beastiality YES!


18bcf3  No.13480338

Absolutely based. It's political theater to piss off Israel and leftists in the US of course, but it's still absolutely based.

ddd116  No.13480348

Listened to this Putin Q/A and it was pretty cool listening to him shit all over liberalism as well as citing how the west is sick of that shit. I have never listened to much from Putin but no wonder why the media and liberals hate the guy so much.

930f01  No.13480354


I don't really need to, I see thousands of Russians on social media from various backgrounds every week. Even the Communists there as no way near as close as being cucked as the liberals that masquerade as Communists in the West. A traditionalist women with flowers singing in studio was behind Russia's famous image of taking Berlin who's more traditional than the likes of Lauren Southern.

dd3d17  No.13480358


<I N T E R N E T

>L O L


18bcf3  No.13480362

File: 13e3db73d7277d5⋯.jpg (85.37 KB, 745x546, 745:546, jews greatest fear.jpg)



The sight of white people angers and terrifies this kike

558ccb  No.13480372

File: f6cdcdbe317af78⋯.jpg (133.23 KB, 800x450, 16:9, f.jpg)

Here's to the old Christian Russian Empire.

930f01  No.13480373


I've thousands of Russians added to me and not just Thots but traditional women that reaches a large audience on TV. Russia being so poor for most has stopped non-White welfare lynches from exploiting the system and flocking there America, Germany & Sweden. That's their saving grace.

dd3d17  No.13480380


Sure thing, pal. Russia and Hyperborea can coexist in your brain as Timeless Perfect White Sanctuaries. I don't give a fuck if you choose to delude yourself. Seriously I don't.

a2d719  No.13480390

itt: low brow bolshevik propagandists

dd3d17  No.13480391








1488 & neck yourselves, you slavic sacks of shit.

d6e03f  No.13480410


The top shekel here is that Putin is making a fool of Western leadership and as well, playing to the 'common man/pleb' on some of the most fundamental and basic concepts of human society and existence. Don't kid yourselves anons, I'm willing to bet many of you would love to have stable environments to raise families, specifically WHITE families, but Putin has been on the offensive with the West on a cultural front, and is making strides. Simply the fact that he is being bashed by the western kike media shows us just how much 'over the target' he is.

Remember, the original Soviets tried the whole 'everyone is equal/Men are women/Women are Men/Family is not the nuclear/central unit' blah blah blah. If fucked them over so hard for a whole generation that they went right back to pushing traditional families, or family raising because it fucked their demographics and culture. How much of a harder time do you think the Third Reich would have had invading Russia had Russia not whacked out half it's citizens/population? Anyway, regardless of Communism, Capitalism, National Socialism, etc. etc, the family has been the center of society for many many many many generations. Deal with it.

fe1a85  No.13480424

File: a92001c1f88a787⋯.png (913.88 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Vladimir Putin hired men hacked in the 2016 election. They wanted to instate distrust in the media in favor for a strong Republican candidate. He isn't acting as a brother of the Pre-Counterculture America, he's acting as a adversary for unstable regimes.

000000  No.13480431

B-but leftypol told me family is bourgeois!

I'm not kidding i've seen threads there on the topic.

d5ef3b  No.13480432


Should I hate them or feel bad for them?

f0ec58  No.13480433


Who gives a fuck? You loyal to America's existing political system or something?


Why not both? It will make killing them an emotional roller coaster.

18bcf3  No.13480435


You are paid to post here. You care more than anyone else.

fe1a85  No.13480444


Yes I believe in the sacred Democratic systems that created a equal balance in our country. Are you favoring a foreign government over our intelligence agencies?

8f5c7c  No.13480454

Maybe Putin is a good guy?

b5fef9  No.13480471

Can you guys help me troll the Harlem Children Zone Promise Academy? We can spam their internal tech support with definitely-not-racist tickets like "shiet mane I can't turn this thing on it

ain't got a touch screen" -Jamal Niggers


1ba2ec  No.13480487

Who cares? One marxist, left-wing professor, speaking from his position of authority on knowledge, will socially engineer support for the opposite, because the average person is a sub-human herd animal that needs to be led by authority, and Putin is no authority on this topic. Only "muh intellectuals" are. Marx, the grand intellectual who never contributed a single thing to society. A man who never worked a real job in his life. A man who has zero experience with life. He's a top tier "intellectual" and thus an authority on all knowledge pertaining to society. You can't convince people with words, only titles. The average person is an NPC.

930f01  No.13480492

File: 5ea8e11cbde0c39⋯.jpg (98.14 KB, 720x519, 240:173, Murder of Romanovs.jpg)


>I think Putin deep down knows Russia died in 1917. He knows they can't go to the days of Monarchism but that doesn't you from aiming to revive the Phoenix from the ashes of preserving the basics for a nation needed to survive and prosper.

c396c4  No.13480497

Fuck you, Dugin

000000  No.13480506


>women generally are not as whorest as the Western women

i don't know about that lol

930f01  No.13480515

File: 7ba75b3c84372f0⋯.jpg (73.16 KB, 407x724, 407:724, Obama.jpg)


Facebook advertisements and Seth Rich giving the emails to Wikileaks means Russia had influence in the election. If you knew anything Russia were routeing for Bernie Saunders. Go back to Twatter and never come back, NPC clown.

930f01  No.13480527


They're twenty years behind in liberalism to the West. Easily. Getting your perspective on a few camwhore thots from Russia doesn't give a proper representation of them overall. When do you see the young Brits & Yanks singing traditional songs with flowers on their hair on TV that are one with nature?

2f1094  No.13480531


Vladimir Putin (who spent 26 years of his life as a KGB agent) says whatever he needs to say at the moment.

Educate yourself on the Russian deception (Golitsyn's two books: «New Lies for Old», «The Perestroika Deception»):







Putin talking about how he was (is) an honest communist and KGB agent:



Putin never said that «Russia is for Russians»:


Putin is not «liquidating Jewish oligarchs» as the Russian payed shills would like you to believe — in fact, he is close friends with Jewish oligarchs who rule Russia e.g. Abramovich, and his judo partner, Rotenberg.


«Stop romanticizing and idolizing Russia»:


Thread on Duginism, Russian deception and the «alt-right»:


Westerners are being duped on a massive scale, as Putin sends one sort of message to the outside world, while Russia receives the opposite message. Putin would like for the West to see him as a patriotic, masculine figure — «the savior of the White race» — while he keeps telling Russians (whom he does not even refer to with the ethnical term «Russians», but prefers a word that does not exist in English and merely means «people of the Russian Federation») to be a united nation of Muslims, Christians, and Jews, while preaching about equality for all the ethnicities of the Russian Federation. One can not even create a party that is truly nationalist (i.e. solely stands for Russians, and not other ethnicities of Russia) as it is against the law. Right-wing forums are full of payed shills shilling for Russia. They use basic shill tactics (e.g. calling anyone who points out the truth about their Judeo-Masonic tricks a «glownigger»), they are easy to spot. Do not be a dupe. Do not side with the barbaric üntermensch who were the firsts to establish a communist state and fought against the Axis then enslaved and raped half of Europe.

c8ed58  No.13480547


At least he's promoting healthier values than our shit-tier fully blown aids kike ridden Western ones. The only sad part is he doesn't constantly reference "The West" or the U.S. that has looked down upon the Russian peoples since the Cold War.

I mean fuck it, why not shit on us we would.

000000  No.13480550


i am talking about real life observations and experiences not tv or internet. western women are just more open about it because they feel no one is judging them.

f828ca  No.13480552


This general line of thinking was pretty well established in the Soviet state itself once Stalin came to power. The chaos of the early Bolshevik state left a pretty negative impression and was largely the catalyst that turned the communist party inside Russia into a vehicle for Russian nationalism for factions of the state.

0605b3  No.13480553


Reminder that Cucktin outlawed holocaust denial and any pro Nazi sentiment

930f01  No.13480561

File: 2e9e475a8b9dc73⋯.jpg (54.97 KB, 726x455, 726:455, liberal anti-racist idiots….jpg)

File: a974229a0cd7980⋯.jpg (38.02 KB, 346x230, 173:115, illegals obama.jpg)


The ideal position to take is send 200M traitors to Greenland into re-education camps for at least twenty years. The way we do this is become in-between an National Socialist & National Bolshevik. Have the value of the NatSoc's but have the ruthlessness of the Bolsheviks. We must evolve to our surroundings to win.

09f190  No.13480568


Can’t stop loling at schlomo s nightmare meme

9c3b4b  No.13480571

File: 69213280a9e63e9⋯.png (115.16 KB, 1162x624, 581:312, anti family communist.png)

the fucking crazy shit marxists said about family

ec418b  No.13480579

File: 0cf034fa01b1c4d⋯.jpg (88.4 KB, 547x500, 547:500, at least.jpg)

File: 087712c9c59b865⋯.jpg (3.95 MB, 2500x5000, 1:2, burger genocide.jpg)


>Are you favoring a foreign government over our intelligence agencies?

>our intelligence agencies

Wouldn't that imply that they should defend their own people and not help their masters genocide white people?

Western glowniggers are treasonous scum, and it's no way around that they are NOT fucking helping us stop our own genocide, by making sure that pro-whites can get money, since we are all poorfags.

If there had been a patriotic bone in any of the western glowniggers, top social media executives would have started to have accidents the first time a pro-white was banned, so fuck you to all of treasonous glowniggers, for not even helping one little bit. .

1ba2ec  No.13480583


Absolute disgusting, and /leftypol/ unironically agrees with this shit. A lot of leftists do. It's absolutely insane. This kind of thinking should be relegated to obscure cults. Marxism is the biggest travesty of the last two hundred years. It's the worst ideology ever conceived in human history.

2f1094  No.13480587

File: cf54cd5b8983f65⋯.jpg (182.48 KB, 700x485, 140:97, BasedWhiteHungary.jpg)


Well said. Most people on this site are extremely infantile and are led by emotions rather than the ability to understand reality. They hope for a «White sanctuary» so they project it upon Eastern Europe (mainly Russia) ― which is exactly what Putin wants and they have been taking advantage of this for a while now. The Westerners would fled home crying after spending a month in Eastern Europe in the shoes of the average Eastern Europeans. As for the women here, I too can speak out of experience that they are as big of a whores as anywhere else in the world — they simply need more deception here, as they would be socially judged a bit more. It is not a coincidence that most camgirls are from Eastern-Europe — the same can be said about pornographic actresses.

0890b7  No.13480588


t. kike

ec418b  No.13480605

File: bd786bf2a3f82b3⋯.jpg (75.99 KB, 720x909, 80:101, bbc history.jpg)

File: 029efd2f12dc9f2⋯.jpg (118.43 KB, 780x439, 780:439, catlady.jpg)


>which is exactly what Putin wants and they have been taking advantage of this for a while now.

And how is that not good for pro-whites, and bad for the Western regimes?

If E-Europe is the shithole you describe, then it's even more important to remove the fucking elites ruling the west. It also becomes a holy duty to oppose the western elites by any means neccesary, you do get that?

930f01  No.13480612


Try saying that to the Boers who are amongst the strongest of the European people, where university educated people live in shanty towns and face violence day & night due to BEE that reserves the right of 80% of jobs to Blacks, leaving the Coloureds, Whites & Indians to fight for the last 20%. The only thing they won't like is the weather. Russia would be a paradise to them compared to parts outside cape Town.

1ba2ec  No.13480615


I look at Russians as a cultureless, aimless people severed from their heritage by marxism, actually, who are devoid of a true identity. All of their national heroes, their national achievements, traditions, and uniqueness have been erased from mainstream consciousness. The same thing happened with chinks. They're a conquered people. They'll always be a conquered people.

2f1094  No.13480620

File: ac6e01bfca20c5d⋯.jpg (71.54 KB, 582x815, 582:815, kremlinbots1.jpg)

ec418b is a payed Russian shill who comes in every thread where his master, Putin is in danger of getting uncovered. He uses the same pathetic tactics all the time: try to paint anyone anti-Russia as necessarily anti-White and constantly rants about «glowniggers». He is try-hard in proving that he is White — each and every comment of his will containt the word «White»: probably this is the script he has received at the Фабрика троллей (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_web_brigades).

Examples of him from another thread pointing out Russia's deception and Kremlinbots:




2f1094  No.13480662

Always watch out for Kremlinbots and Bolshevik shills. Notice how 930f01 is shilling for «National Bolshevism» («NazBol»): the scizophrenic creation of Alexander Dugin.

Summary on Dugin and Duginism:


c846ce  No.13480667


They talk about that all of the time. I bet they had shitting family lives or something

aecd0e  No.13480671

>all of these anti-russian glowboomers

unless you understand what was done to Russia in the 90s, how it was looted, how it was almost taken over and a Rothschild frontman (Khodorkovsky) put in power, you don't see how


>read this series of articles

>/excerpts from alex krainer's book


>tbh I don't know how corrupt putin is now, but what he did after he took power was very, very good


2f1094  No.13480687

File: 0e9f3bbc7acc53b⋯.png (69.06 KB, 853x183, 853:183, duginmaniacshill.png)

The other Kremlinbot has arrived (aecd0e). Same tactics all the time: try to paint Putin as anti-Jewish because he took out a couple Jewish oligarchs in the 90's so that his other Jewish oligarch friends could take their businisses.

Examples of him:




He tries to discredit the fact that Duginism (Eurasianism, National Bolshevism, Putinism) is just neo-communism as Golitsyn foretold, mainly with namecalling and other shill tactics. He failed though, as he got caught posting a Dugin quote:


1ba2ec  No.13480691


>what was done to Russia in the 90s, how it was looted

Nigger, Russia was destroyed in 1917 and became the center of the bolshevik empire known as the Soviet Union. It was looted of everything, including heritage, culture, and identity. All that happened in the '90s was some poverty. Russia was long dead. The Russian identity was long dead. Marxism killed it.

ddd116  No.13480700


Leftists legitimately are mentally ill. Throwing aside all our jokes and everything that people say about them, they truly are degenerates and mentally ill from broken homes and have such a poisonous view of themselves/the world that they feel the only way they can feel better is by inflicting their miserable existences on everyone else. That is their sole purpose. It is, quite literally, like a virus and the vector is them spreading it to youth and infected more and more with it. That is the best way I think it can be described, a literal virus that is spread from one to another through various means and, from there it's a domino effect. Look at this historically and what happens in every society that was inflected with liberalism. It is destruction in biological form.

10f381  No.13480705


>OP opens up with Putin giving a thoughtful, heartwarming point

>first reply is a mindless, aggressive nigger take

Take a hit of Zyklon B and rethink your arguments.

7e8bff  No.13480706


Dugin is literally a meme and was never taken seriously bu Putin.

aad563  No.13480707

File: 29a18cc2d82525b⋯.jpg (188.91 KB, 480x319, 480:319, image.adapt.480.low.russia….jpg)


Baste ZOGbot! Russia is truly the last hope for the white man! I want to move to Moscow! Right next door to one of the largest mosques in Europe! Pic related is Moscow! BASTE!

1ba2ec  No.13480709




96be46  No.13480714


This is why we need kike free first posts.

ddd116  No.13480718


Liberalism is the child of Marxism so, yes, you are right but I just consider them one in the same. Since very few assholes in the western world even know what Marxism is it's easier to just call it liberalism and ease them into the bigger picture.

96be46  No.13480721


I was wondering when the feds would show up. That didn't take long.

96be46  No.13480730



Not arguments. Try again but cite your sources this time.

2f1094  No.13480732

File: 81e8697abe0a189⋯.png (562.19 KB, 627x739, 627:739, BasedMulticulturalPutin.PNG)

c8ed58  No.13480733


It isn't the last hope that was literally a Stormfront meme. I remember when it began. Nobody believes that shit or that Putin is some grand wizard whose not still answering on some level to the kikes. Perhaps not internally as much anymore, but externally he is just like every world leader.

Continuing this meme is pretty retarded when you can literally pull up an image of any Western nation and expose how they're just as shitty as the other in slightly different ways.

ec418b  No.13480736

File: 96984d43aeb5e8b⋯.jpg (92.7 KB, 640x607, 640:607, sassy cat.jpg)

File: d40d5d0c39c50af⋯.png (357.5 KB, 728x825, 728:825, stop being cucks.png)


>Examples of him from another thread pointing out Russia's deception and Kremlinbots:

What kind of specialized shill knows Russian?

Should /pol/ be honored?

Why is Russia supporting pro-whites in the west a problem, if you oppose genociding white people?

Glowniggers are called glowniggers here, just like nigger are called niggers, fucking newfag specialized shill.

fe6669  No.13480740

Nice, he's still a kike puppet though.

2f1094  No.13480748

File: f13dcf712b420fa⋯.png (504.19 KB, 1080x691, 1080:691, putintardlogic.png)

1ba2ec  No.13480752


All bad, actually.

2f1094  No.13480755

File: 1a4cbf1a3b44337⋯.png (5.24 MB, 2481x1600, 2481:1600, BasedAntiZionistPutin.png)


Do not forget that he is «literally Hitler»!

ec418b  No.13480765


You don't get the anti-white aspect?

Russian media don't hate white people, so white people like it better.

Why can't Western regime media not hate white people?

96be46  No.13480769

File: 9ff1f53285f8085⋯.jpeg (76.97 KB, 960x720, 4:3, serveimage (69).jpeg)


Now you've crossed the line and posted cringe.

21b763  No.13480776


Dunning and Kruger called with a message for you. You made the allstar team

2f1094  No.13480778

File: 53f1fca079b4c4f⋯.png (516.3 KB, 603x768, 201:256, BasedRussianSoldiers.PNG)

96be46  No.13480789


>Are you favoring a foreign government over our intelligence agencies?

I haven't been on /pol/ for a while. Is this comment supposed to be parody or something? What the hell happened to this place?

2f1094  No.13480790

File: 8f3c9f17630620e⋯.jpg (164.8 KB, 960x720, 4:3, BasedRussia.jpg)

5126d7  No.13480808


Putin has pillaged russia as much as -all- of the jew oligarchs combined you stupid putin shill.

2f1094  No.13480813

File: cf70ac8f62e1910⋯.png (244.57 KB, 476x347, 476:347, BasedChristianSaintPutin.PNG)

2f1094  No.13480821

File: ae6c935e8c299b8⋯.png (99.21 KB, 250x229, 250:229, niceThread.png)

02f2e8  No.13480824


What the fuck, do you think he will just piss off the millions of muslims in his country?

2f1094  No.13480837

File: d3cba20cdaafc25⋯.png (206.28 KB, 682x767, 682:767, JewsVoteBasedPutinManOfYea….PNG)

2f1094  No.13480849

File: e5df9911525e3de⋯.png (594.2 KB, 1184x989, 1184:989, Screenshot_2019-07-09 Pres….png)

>Based Putin is Macho Man, Savior of White Race and Christianity!

>What the fuck, do you think he will just piss off the millions of muslims in his country?

2f1094  No.13480858

File: f0458ad11e710f6⋯.png (282.75 KB, 1020x676, 255:169, BasedMuslimTerminatorPutin.PNG)

2f1094  No.13480870

Oligarchs / Tycoons (mostly Jewish) in Russia.

Abramovich, Roman (net worth - $9.1 billion as of 2014). […]probably one of the most famous "Russian" oligarhes in the world. Jew Roman Abramovich is one of the richest (or probably the richest) thieves and criminals in Russia, close friend of Yeltsin and protector/curator of Putin[…]Duma member […] President Vladimir Putin changed the law to abolish elections for regional governors, and on 21 October 2005 Abramovich was reappointed governor for another term." […]

Vekselberg, Viktor. Jew […] the richest man of Russia 2012. $15.1B as of 2013. This oligarh of mixed Jewish origin is the owner of numerous oil and metallurgy plants of Russia […]On good terms with Kremlin and personal frien of Vladimir Putin […].

Mikhelson, Leonid (net worth - $15.4B as of March 2013). Jew. He controls Novatek - one of the most important natural gas companies in RF. . Deals and partnership with Kremlin-controlled Gazprom is a source of much of his fortune.

Prokhorov, Mikhail Dmitrievitch . multibillionaire (net worth - $13B as of 2013) of Jewish-Russian-Osetian origin, jew by mother's side […] politician, and owner of the American basketball team the Brooklyn Nets, and different nickel and gold producing factories in Russia. He is well known for his contempt towards workers and awful working conditions in his factories. On decent terms with Kremlin.

Aven, Pyotr. Jewish oligarch banker (Alfa Bank, Alfa Group), controls Russia's largest private bank. (net worth - $5.4 bullion as of 2013). Connected to Putin and key Putin's administration officials since early 1990s.

Deripaska, Oleg (net worth - $8.5B as of 2013). Jew […] member of the Board of Directors and CEO of United Company RUSAL, the largest aluminium company in the world and a President of Enplus Group[…] Vladimir Putin with Oleg Deripaska, said to be the richest man in Russia and a member of the Kremlin elite. A known buddy of Nathaniel Rotschild. Deripaska is often described as "100% Putin loyalist", "Kremlin-friendly", "closely connected to the Kremlin" and even "the oligarch closest to Putin".

Fedun, Leonid. ancestry unclear (though sometimes believed to be a Jew). (net worth - $7.1B as of 2013), owns one of the most popular football clubs in Russia. Anti-White. Likes Jews, finances campaigns and drives against "xenophobia" and "anti-semitism" in sports (among football fans).

Fridman, Mikhail Maratovich. Jew […] Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Alfa Group Consortium, which is now one of the Russia's largest privately owned investment groups. In 2011, Forbes assessed his wealth as $15.1 billion, making him the 7th richest man in Russia […]On excellent terms with Kremlin, member of Putin's Public Chamber; […]one of the founders of the Russian Jewish Congress[…]large contribution to the work of the European Jewish Fund […] developing European Jewry and promoting tolerance.

5126d7  No.13480872


No,m he will just pay them like he does the chechens,

2f1094  No.13480912

File: 7537cf202ceccd8⋯.gif (3.31 MB, 500x300, 5:3, BasedMuslimKillerPutin.gif)

09f190  No.13481067


>the family will wither away once we deprive you of property rights, hack your culture, destroy your ability to marry legally and teach your kids to snip themselves and become faggots

>it will wither away (((naturally)))

>totally natural goyim

See how mentally ill these people are?

a5b812  No.13481069

File: a5b5edec9cf8016⋯.jpeg (38.45 KB, 460x460, 1:1, EBA680CC-5391-487B-B7DF-C….jpeg)


>The oligarchs use the public treasury like a slush fund, and they can rape your daughter after murdering your wife without being charged or even worrying about the story being printed in the paper, and the average person has zero ability to make any impact on the direction of governing or formation of laws, and your average prospects for material success are practically zero unless you’re born into the oligarchy, but I think there are less ethnic people there so Putin is the best world leader in the world

This is why I will never support the right wing. Too many of them think being cucked by oligarchs and bureaucracy is awesome as long as they have a government that pays lip service to white culture. White culture is only improved when the white man’s social and material conditions are improved.

09f190  No.13481082


Fuck off back to leftypol than nigger

36884f  No.13481107

File: 4676ff094f4ec3e⋯.mp4 (8.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, hackerman.mp4)


>Vladimir Putin hired men hacked in the 2016 election.

Hackerman wouldn't leave such an important job to a mere lackey.

000000  No.13481126


Amen, brother. He's been quoted saying wierd things like, "some people consider Russia to be the Mother or Fatherland (can't remember which" and stuff to the effect of "and are willing to fight for it." Well, der, they're Russian. But he typically doubles back to some nonsense about how there are many different types of people in Russia.

As for Jews, his wife's father's name included Abramovich (various spellings). This is a very Jewish name. Also, she taught and learned several foreign languages, indicative of the ole verbal IQ and divorced him once he started moving the country in a more nationalist direction. His daughter married an oligarch son of a banker (who divorced her). In addition to coming from a (((banking))) he had ties to Jew centers of Belarus and Germany. His last name was Shamalov.

53572e  No.13481284

File: bddb077f30c685c⋯.png (812.32 KB, 720x960, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


>Why is RUssia supporting pro-whites in west

Easy, Putin is the front man "leader" of the Ziocon faction of the Hegellian Dialectect. He gets to openly promote Russian pride, just like other (((conservative))) factions across the world, long as they still always answer to their (((advisors)))




>promotes multi-ethnic

Of course, you don't get to run a (((modern))) country unless you down with creating the new ideal "human"


>daughter married jew

TBH this is all anyone should really need to know about Putin and whether he is a truly free leader of a free people. Face it, you don't let your daughter marry into the tribe, unless your planning/already are joined to them.

Anon's really need to get with the 21st century, the "war" is over. All governments are owned properties, this is now a attrition conflict, they are breaking down all peoples, ethnics, religions, INTO ONE…with them conveniently placed on top.

a5b812  No.13481361


Typical troglodyte right wing response.

2c24e9  No.13481375

File: 8abd6a51025d91d⋯.png (9.64 KB, 415x67, 415:67, ere.PNG)

File: 7172028e6394ee7⋯.png (873.02 KB, 1285x655, 257:131, gfrg.PNG)

Look at this disgusting street shitter pedo,not only he thinks he Russian, he has a profile pic of a Russian girl and subscribed to little Russian girls too, fucking living turd, he makes my blood boil.

a5b812  No.13481393

File: 58591515bf5c406⋯.jpeg (74.44 KB, 691x691, 1:1, 22795103-D0F2-4CE9-81D0-6….jpeg)


>Yes oligarchs fuck white people in the ass and talk dirty about niggers

>I won’t let other white people who don’t want to get sodomized by oligarchs get between us and your dirty talk

>You don’t want the public treasury being a slush fund for oligarchs in exchange for them to talk dirty about niggers? F-f-fuck off back to leftypol loser!

Fucking pathetic. Your brain is mush, your ideology is being a cuck for lip service and you’re literally walking proof that evolution works backwards. You’re the reason the world is so stacked against the average white male, and you deserve the wall.

aecd0e  No.13481406


>All that happened in the '90s was some poverty

lol glownigger please, educate yourself

000000  No.13481410

I love the way Stirner and Bakunin trashed Marx.

aecd0e  No.13481420


oh shit it's this glowfag. The "Golitsyn" theory they're pushing is that the Soviets just went into hibernation and they're preparing to take over the world or something. Yet the international (((gangster elite))) attacked Russia in the 90s, looted it, and almost took it over. Putin ended up imprisoning and exiling most of their frontmen. The main frontman literally transferred Yukos to Jacob Rothschild after Putin had him arrested. It's the same (((gangster elite))) we're dealing with now who attacked Russia in the 90s, and we're supposed to believe Russia is still the real threat!


000000  No.13481451

How long until Putin is made God Emperor of Mankind? He knows liberalism is in its death throes and says what everything is thinking.

aecd0e  No.13481452


>Putin has pillaged russia as much as -all- of the jew oligarchs combined

The chutzpah actually trying to get people to believe this. Most of Russia's assets were STOLEN in the 90s. Read the chapter on Russia in the 90s in Alex Krainer's book:


eaf2df  No.13481459


> Putin found one point to attack whole ideology.


We can play that dumb game. Putin god isn't real.

Now Putinbots get Putin to denounce Christianity and Orthodoxy.

eaf2df  No.13481462

The founders clearly thought the community would behave as a family.

0f34c2  No.13481472



Nice but kinda embarrasing.


It is not "traditional values" that are needed, it is Turner Diaries values. Read the Turner Diariers, read Hunter, stop being a conservacuckold!

869adf  No.13481485

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

aecd0e  No.13481529


This documentary is kind of the "official" history of Russia in the 90s and the oligarchs. Some useful moments but it omits/reframes more than it reveals.

48ed75  No.13481705


<but muh kgb

<but muh dugin

Shills BTFO.

c87a9e  No.13481719



2f1094  No.13481926

File: a8ac0e40b86b564⋯.jpg (565.44 KB, 1676x1316, 419:329, BasedNationalistPutin.jpg)

2f1094  No.13481949

File: 847495044078195⋯.png (1.03 MB, 847x477, 847:477, Screenshot_2019-07-09 Muku….png)

2f1094  No.13481952

File: 71defa48e3d1910⋯.png (983.74 KB, 847x477, 847:477, Screenshot_2019-07-09 Muku….png)

2f1094  No.13481957

File: c1ededd524a2bd5⋯.png (503.1 KB, 847x477, 847:477, Screenshot_2019-07-09 Muku….png)

2f1094  No.13481958

File: eee40c081e040fc⋯.png (548.71 KB, 847x477, 847:477, Screenshot_2019-07-09 Muku….png)

2f1094  No.13481961

File: 4fef92b9192c13c⋯.png (508.83 KB, 847x477, 847:477, Screenshot_2019-07-09 Muku….png)

2f1094  No.13481962

File: e5cb41368e5e859⋯.png (602.72 KB, 847x477, 847:477, BasedKGBmanVSoligarchs.png)

beed58  No.13481964

File: 5310eb60dce9afe⋯.png (288.62 KB, 500x500, 1:1, article 13 compliant pepe.png)

I don't have any doubts that shills infest this board, after scrolling through this thread.

2f1094  No.13481967

File: cc44dd8612e3cc3⋯.png (630.3 KB, 847x477, 847:477, BasedJewTerminatorPutin.png)

2f1094  No.13481969

File: 1563d3f3c744432⋯.png (395.92 KB, 847x477, 847:477, WokeHolocaustDenierPutin.png)

2f1094  No.13481970

File: cae8d5091dcdc84⋯.png (430.95 KB, 847x477, 847:477, LiterallyHitlerBasedPutin.png)

2f1094  No.13481986

File: f77a8dbc3d59173⋯.png (174.13 KB, 660x477, 220:159, Screenshot_2019-07-09 Ward….png)

Watch the first 20 minutes, so you will not get duped by Kremlinbots into worshipping a KGB agent and his Hegelian pseudo-alternative:


9ce117  No.13481993

>here's an idol for you goyim the post V45435345435342343

9ce117  No.13482001

the main issue I have is when listening to some orhodox christians, they tend to demonize certain basics of western democracies

they seem to have a cerain amount of hysteria over it and seem to think going back to some kind of feudal monarchy will be great for the people - it is my view that it won't

Putin himself talks about not having ideological blinders and maybe soemthign is lost in Russian to English translation however I get pretty wary at the whole liberalism=bad nationalism=good argument, because who does the conservatism belong to ? Who does the monarchy belong to ? Who owns the country ? Who owns the government ? Does everyone really think it's a good idea if it just gets bigger with the same people in contorl of it ?

96be46  No.13482306



Found the boomers.

96be46  No.13482307


Where are you people coming from?

4f7bfd  No.13482319


>first image

we should just accelerate european history videos to only have niggers, mudshits, and chinks, make people realize that's the future they're headed towards

96be46  No.13482341


>They hope for a «White sanctuary» so they project it upon Eastern Europe (mainly Russia) ― which is exactly what Putin wants and they have been taking advantage of this for a while now

<Putin's master plan is to convince a bunch of basements dwelling autists to like him.

This is the most pathetic shilling I've ever seen. Nobody in the wedt likes Putin besides us and he doesn't even know we exists.

18bcf3  No.13482358



>leftynigger samefags and forgets we have IDs on this board

96be46  No.13482391


Are you a fed or Qcumber?

feeedb  No.13482701


>All of their national heroes, their national achievements, traditions, and uniqueness have been erased from mainstream consciousness

The same is true for America. Very few white normies even know who Andrew Jackson is, let alone what he did in his lifetime.

4e8be2  No.13482762



You know that Putin made his first millions running contraband of precious metals in ST.Petersburg sea port during teh 90s, right?

4e8be2  No.13482774


> and he doesn't even know we exists.

Go watch RT.

ab92b3  No.13483112

File: a523baa64b13d29⋯.png (268.12 KB, 680x486, 340:243, FamilyGoodBased.png)

da73fb  No.13483228


yeah, but have you SEEN the latest details on Kim Kardashian's gigantic gluteal store of muktuk?

And, how many niggers here sisters are all servicing?

And the endless parade of heartwarming lore of the spook babies they are squirting out?


Gee, who owns the media, again?

da73fb  No.13483231


>You know that Putin made his first millions running contraband of precious metals in ST.Petersburg sea port during teh 90s, right?

Were the precious metals platinum blonde and gold hair?

d6b4a3  No.13486938

Russia crying about a statue like niggers.

>Estonia’s plans to bring back a monument to a soldier dressed in Waffen SS uniform is a provocation and affront to the memory of those who died fighting the Nazis, the Russian Embassy has said.

The stela with a bronze bas-relief depicts an armed trooper in Nazi gear, and a tablet reading: “To Estonian men who fought in 1940-1945 against Bolshevism and for the restoration of Estonian independence.” It caused a lot of controversy after being erected at the cemetery in the town of Lihula in August 2004.

>The government ordered its removal less than two weeks later, saying that the memorial created unnecessary links between Estonian independence fighters and the German invaders. Nazi sympathizers staged rallies on the spot where the stela once stood. Last year, one such demonstration attracted around 200 people.


Lots of censored comments on the page too. Sad.

52559c  No.13487018


Waste of dubs, also false dichotomy. Esoteric Biomemetics, aka paganism, is much better imo.

42c372  No.13487112

42c372  No.13487136


It's jews being jews.


Leftypol should a research paper about the family status and relationship of leftypol users.

1f14d5  No.13488248


>third highest suicide rate in the world

>men are still men

eb486e  No.13488277


This, and also homosexuality interpretation is skewed.

In Russia, you are a faggot (peedor) only if you are the bottom. Who does the fucking is still considered a normal person, as long as he does not accidentally interacts with victim, apart from the rape.

So we have lots of boy rape, which are part of prison culture, church culture, political culture, and sometimes even work culture (if a rapist thinks he can get away with it). This is why HIV levels are also booming. Girls being whores just serve as a transmitter for the disease of faggotry culture. Russia is a future of Weimarica.

957fef  No.13488325

This is also the foundation of racism, it's extending the love of family to those of your race. Which is called kindness.

22736c  No.13488327


He sure likes his kike oligarchs though.

957fef  No.13488336


That doesn't discount what he said here though.

eb486e  No.13488347


Are you by any chance a Trumpnigger?

See what he does, ignore what he says. Russia has been dead for more than 100 years. He's just making good face with a bad hand. It's all posturing and bullying. If today bullying his political opponents means pro-white dogwhistles, he will do that. If tomorrow this will mean deepthroating a circumsized cock, he will do that (and will encourage every Russian to follow his example).

957fef  No.13488589


Russia might be a restrictive authoritarian state with high corruption but so is the US. At least they don't have faggots and niggers everywhere. Their country will get better, while lives in America will get worse.

cda340  No.13488598


Putin is the saviour of the white race. Embrace it!

1550a6  No.13488600



>I'd much rather be murdered by Jamal than lose some shekels

I'll never understand the left's fascination with money. As long as I have my health, aren't starving, and my community is safe for my children I can be happy.

1550a6  No.13488613


We have confirmation that feds are posting here, there was always justified suspicion but now its merely a confirmed fact. There were court documents where an agent had screenshots he had taken of posts and they were responding to his own, even had (you)s left in. Combine that with all the shill groups we already know about that have been confirmed and you're just as likely to be interacting with someone like that as a regular /pol/ack.

24b47b  No.13488658


>b-b-but they are lynching negroes!

Russaboos, never change.

4e24be  No.13488704

File: f2157b909f5230c⋯.jpg (102.56 KB, 673x1000, 673:1000, paulrevere.jpg)


Ever notice when influential people say basic-bitch bullshit it sounds revolutionary?

Has it always been like that? Have "leaders" always just had to say common sense shit to be revered?

429508  No.13489381


youtube .com/watch?v=gt_EK0lT49U

Program to intermarry Russian women with Chinese men.

984b24  No.13489429

In the name of Marx, the Engels and the Holy Lenin, Amen.

(((Leftypol))) disapproves of this thread.

247e44  No.13489544


>at least they don't have faggots and niggers everywhere

No, they get asian muslims to replace them instead. They'll be erased by them just like burger is being replaced by beaners.

I'm fully convinced Europe will be where everything is decided.

4d9b3b  No.13489576


Believing in nothing will always be better than bowing to a dead rabbi and brainwashing yourself with his teachings. You kneelcucks are so far gone you don't even see how insane you sound.

524e55  No.13489752

File: e8a2e0fd54d2846⋯.jpg (119.21 KB, 1200x794, 600:397, A Lobster 1.jpg)

9ab323  No.13489944

RT surprisingly has an article by Zizek considering if the "anti-semitic" label is hindering free speech.


<Let’s take the case of anti-Semitism: so we should take seriously the complaints of those UK Jews, who feel offended. However, are they ready to take seriously the complaints of the West Bank Palestinians, or is this considered a different case of a complaint where the victim’s word is not to be trusted?

<We can see this clearly, right now, as the unwritten rule which determines the limits of what is acceptable is breaking apart, and different visions compete to impose themselves as hegemonic. Years ago, Noam Chomsky caused a scandal when he followed Voltaire’s maxim to its extreme: he defended the holocaust denier Robert Faurisson’s right to publish his book, and his argumentation even appeared in Faurisson’s book as an afterword.

<Today such a gesture would be immediately identified as anti-Semitic.

inb4 Zizek accidenting incident.

62c339  No.13490393


I think we should avoid using the term 'whore', the correct term would be 'promiscuous'. Selling sex for resources is basically part of basic marriage, our problem with women is who give away sex with low standards, to disgusting men, often several (dozen?) of them.

If we want some neutral data on this…


>Unlike most countries, Russia’s HIV epidemic is growing, with the rate of new infections rising by between 10 and 15% each year. It is estimated that over 250 people become infected with HIV every day.

>The continued shift away from progressive policies towards socially conservative legislation is a barrier to implementing HIV prevention and treatment.

>Russia has the highest number of people who inject drugs in the region (1.8 million) - about 2.3% of the adult population.

Not sure how much of this is due to muslim/chinese immigrants on the southern half though. HIV is probably rampant in china / india too but they'er so uncivilized they probably can't even monitor their STD spread properly, and likely suppress the truth about it more than Russia would, since Russia would care more about fixing the problem.

62c339  No.13490442


I wonder if perhaps Putin is hoping for war with a nation where he can kill off the muslims infesting the nation and say some foreign nation did it and then 'avenge' them. This would be a great idea to go to war with China over.

62c339  No.13490458


>RT surprisingly has an article by Zizek considering if the "anti-semitic" label is hindering free speech.

RT surprisingly has an article by Zizek considering if the "anti-semitic" label is hindering free speech.

>, are they ready to take seriously the complaints of the West Bank Palestinians, or is this considered a different case of a complaint where the victim’s word is not to be trusted?

>Noam Chomsky caused a scandal when he followed Voltaire’s maxim to its extreme: he defended the holocaust denier Robert Faurisson’s right to publish his book, and his argumentation even appeared in Faurisson’s book as an afterword.

>Today such a gesture would be immediately identified as anti-Semitic.

This 11 July 2019 piece by Slavoj Zizek is a lot better than I've seen in any major western paper lately. Can anyone find an equivalent?

Putin may be reciting the reTORAHic of the 6 million (find a US president who hasn't?) but if major Russian press is allowed to say this stuff, it speaks well for the culture and lack of censorship in that nation compared to ours.

Russia may actively suppress media in more obvious ways than US does but where it doesn't, free speech seems to flourish more than the soft censorship that US does.

6b69cb  No.13490564

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

106eba  No.13490579


Damn. I just remembered something I read as a child (that I probably shouldn't have) when I was studying "magic".

Some creepy dark spells regarding children, and touching of their stomach.

Damn, I just remembered Carlos Castenada had a "spell" in his book for an unruly child. "Make the child put his hand on the stomach of a dead body, etc.," I think.

I'm so tired of all of it.

Reset by Blood, when?

64d0e8  No.13490592


Fuck off kike

106eba  No.13490638

File: 3e3788c205d813c⋯.jpeg (165.26 KB, 604x652, 151:163, Blood.jpeg)

b1f225  No.13490673


Wtf are those runes supposed to be saying? The only intelligible word I can pick out is “mit” presumably German for with

b79a37  No.13492446


>t.accusing kikel

c5097e  No.13493101


Nobody gets dubs by accident you mouth breathing athiest

1523b6  No.13493922

File: 762aeb609e17868⋯.jpg (94.48 KB, 773x960, 773:960, family.jpg)

1523b6  No.13493929

File: ae0ec62f983f8ce⋯.jpg (45.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, porn 5.jpg)


Jews dindu nuffin

1523b6  No.13493930

File: 2b109e9c1538077⋯.png (15.43 KB, 1297x187, 1297:187, 6 of 7 famous Austrian sex….png)


Stop noticing goyim

7c8917  No.13496416


What sort of brainlet are you? Nothing said even hinted at atheism. Learn how to fucking read shit-witted cock-goblin.

7bead5  No.13496972


People who pollute threads with kike accusations and poison the well of discourse on /pol/ need to be banned for say a month. I'm tired of low-iq untermenschen like you derailing threads into vulgar and contentless shitflinging fights.

f00d99  No.13496976

Are nuclear families important for the survival of a nation?

6dce03  No.13496993


Putin is the only major leader whose character has 20th century gravitas.

000000  No.13497006



Use the propaganda but don't rely on Putin as being based.

cc932d  No.13500211

<#SYRIA: President #Putin delivers today first shipment of #Russian S-400 Missile Systems to #Erdogan, the worst enemy of Syria, which is Russia's closest ally. What a great paradox!


It's as if jews are playing both sides. After WIII, the winner will be jews and someone else.

216078  No.13500217


Astute observation, anon.

4db54a  No.13500262

File: e07bf2d68e9c676⋯.jpg (23.9 KB, 655x252, 655:252, Blank _2ce49edb069a597a481….jpg)


>believing in a fairy tale will always be better than believe in objective reality

94a737  No.13500286

File: 65883a3d70eeb2c⋯.jpg (40.67 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Great_fire_kudesniki.jpg)

>based juedo-christianity

Fuck off boomer.

5cd745  No.13500402


first post best post

fuck christcucks

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