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File: 0b84409757ac822⋯.png (893.31 KB, 698x580, 349:290, Untitledsuper.png)

61cfa9  No.13484966

>Is this solely for competing with the EU, or to further plans to divide the world into 4 blocks - EU, Africa,NFTA, Asia and Australasia?

>The Meridian Highway will run from Russia’s border with Kazakhstan all the way to its frontier with Europe.

>But the colossal project is just a small part of a bigger plot by the Russian president and his Chinese counterpart to dominate global trade.

The Meridian Highway forms one section of a huge motorway that will stretch 5,000 miles all the way from Shanghai to Hamburg.

It is hoped the road will shorten trucking routes between cargo hubs in western China and central Europe.


63e71f  No.13484969

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's like anudda Transcontinental railroad!

9b4aad  No.13484972


>RUSSIA has approved


I guess Belarus becoming their own country was just for show.

11804d  No.13484980

What's the speed limit on super highway?

9b4aad  No.13484991


Some look like deliberately trying to cause an accident, others cell phone, drunk, but most are wtf, something is wrong in the head with Russians, fucking brain dead.

61cfa9  No.13485019

File: 2404256544cf382⋯.jpg (53.71 KB, 656x492, 4:3, -001.jpg)

466d29  No.13485034


Belarus isn't independent from Russia, they're in a union state since 1996.

da1992  No.13485035

My question is, "Why are there not MORE of these in Russia, Largest Country in the World?"

Why is it our problem or business if Russia improves its infrastructure?

Heck, make it 8 lanes each way, with unlimited speed in the innermost 3 lanes going each way. Have minimum-speed lanes for trucks, where you have to be going 100mph, minimum, to have your big rig in that lane.

Do it up right.

7e4b23  No.13485060

File: f8a3d5a797e3de8⋯.png (373.26 KB, 640x806, 320:403, russiadecline#.png)

Russia now have road, Russia strong!

179038  No.13485063

Belarus is gonna be full of chinks.

But then again, Beijing is gonna be full of Belarussians.

They will get a taste of multiculturalism.

02a124  No.13485071


You can strike Africa out of your block, because the jews gave it to China, who are now in the process of getting the massive settlement of Chinese into Africa going, for which the jews dumb their slave pets all over the world to annihilate the west. Russia and China are backing the jews to enslave the entire world.

63237f  No.13485442


Is China going to build it? Because Russian roads are garbage and the corruption in maintaining them is insane.

342e7b  No.13485464

File: e0867b6199083fe⋯.jpg (29.98 KB, 596x445, 596:445, napoleon russia france.jpg)


The root rus in Belarus is the same rus in Russia. They are russian in all ways including name.

179038  No.13485469


Also the Bel is the same Bel in bellend.

92d88a  No.13485533


Its ridiculously easy to get a drivers license there. The something is starting to happen in the US too that is why traffic accidents are going up

ae5c48  No.13485563


Chinese roads are any better? Majority of them lack proper drainage

179038  No.13485574


>Be my friend

>Cant drive for shit

>Failed 8 times to get license in UK and gave up.

>Gets job in the US

>Applies for license

>They put him in some massive pickup truck for his test. When he cant even drive a tiny hatchback. He mounts the kerb several times. Completely out of control. Nearly causes several accidents. Pedestrians liteerally running away screaming. By this point the examiner would stop the test.

>Congratulations you passed


753816  No.13485667


>no U-ski

Fuck off vlad.

0e06f7  No.13485676


What, were they supposed to be able to build a huge fucking road without permission?

92d88a  No.13485681


Not even sure what you are trying to imply

ba21d5  No.13485709



The west should stop doing any business with China immediately. Giving them technology in the first place was a big mistake, like giving technology to anyone outside Europe. The western markets dying because of China's flood of cheap crap, most of the pollution for which the west and its tax payers are now supposed to pay comes from China alone. They overcrowd the planet and are already stealing resources from other continents, which means the west will be the bottom feeder in the future. No decent European should to any kind of business with them.

1ca296  No.13485719



Incredible, kike-tier lies. What else you got, Chaim?

40d037  No.13485732


Every square meter of it is monitored by CCTV. I look forward to seeing how the Chinks monitor this highway.

f2e0eb  No.13485744




<NFTA may refer to:

>Naphtha Explorations Limited Partnership, ticker symbol in the TA-100 Israeli stockmarket index

>Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, responsible for public transportation oversight of Erie and Niagara counties in the state of New York

>Nondeterministic finite tree automaton, investigated in theoretical computer science and formal language theory, see Tree automaton#Definitions

>Northern Tasmanian Football Association (1886–1986), a former Australian rules football competition

>Northern Tasmanian Football Association (formed 1996), an Australian rules football competition

>Nuova ferrovia transalpina, Italian name of Switzerland's north-south rail tunnel project NRLA

Which one is it?

753816  No.13485803

They have been talking about this shit for over a decade.

b00a99  No.13485842


Those video clips are from all around the world, Italy, Russia, US… It's just a compilation put together by (((an interest))) which wants to dehumanize Russians. There's thousands or tens of thousands of these "Russian drivers" videos, promoted by Youtube of course, but if you actually watch them, they are mostly from other countries.

000000  No.13486022



Better than the jews. If we can't have the world for us, at least we will ensure that the chinese destroys it, so the jews can't have it.

>Giving them technology in the first place was a big mistake

Done by jews.

>like giving technology to anyone outside Europe

Done by jews.

>The western markets dying because of China's flood of cheap crap

Enabled and encouraged by jews in the first place, before their own market was ruined by China.

>most of the pollution for which the west and its tax payers are now supposed to pay comes from China alone

Those taxes are 100% created and enforced by jews, in every single country that pays them.

>They overcrowd the planet

At least they will take away from jews too.

>and are already stealing resources from other continents

As the jews always have done for thousands of years, even worse than the chinese.

>which means the west will be the bottom feeder in the future

Meaning that the jews will lose their control over western trade. That scenario is better than what we have now, so, let China ruin the jews' trade as the jews have already ruined the west.

>No decent European should to any kind of business with them

All descent Europeans must do business with the one plague (China) that will completely destroy the jew plague. It is better to destroy everything than let the jews live and keep controlling trade.

71ee8c  No.13486341

Even if you go back 3000 years or more, China's economy depends on access to the Mediterranean basin ie Europe.

92cce2  No.13486362


lol look at the data yourself

2a6cc5  No.13486403


Not sure russian and automobile were ever meant to join forces

884ac1  No.13486426


Noooo! All this money could be spend on Niggers or Israel!!!

Not based! Not redpilled!

2a6cc5  No.13486446


Or niggers in isreal…not cool, not cool, I agree

9b4aad  No.13486457


>The parliament of the republic proclaimed the sovereignty of Belarus on 27 July 1990,

>In 2000, Belarus and Russia signed a treaty for greater cooperation, forming the Union State.


They lasted as their own country for ten years, now they're just a satellite of Russia with faux heads of state.

2a6cc5  No.13486500


>faux heads of state

Cool job description. I wish to get me one of those.

3dffeb  No.13493429


3dffeb  No.13493432


Probably around 140km/h which means you can go from China to Belarus in less than 6 hours according to OP's genius chart which is measure in meters, rather the kilometers.

d89a86  No.13493524


The bribe from his boss helped.

I got my licence after a test on a closed-circuit course like a go-kart track.

In Ireland they make you change a tire and do simple things like check the oil level and washer fluid, common sense shit that everyone should do, but since burgers get in and push a button and expect a Johnny-Cab by the way they "drive"…

d89a86  No.13493531

File: 1e35e794649654e⋯.png (179.28 KB, 301x377, 301:377, faux heads of state.png)


They're more common than you think.

d89a86  No.13493533


The mountains in BC have varying speed limits based on weather conditions (duh). I suppose everyone is so stupid you need a fucking sign now.

</Jeremy Clarkson>

ca3416  No.13493552


Niggers in Israel would be pretty good though.

000000  No.13502905


>What's the speed limit on super highway?

Probably around three bottles of cheap vodka.

<Everything will be alright.

fb3fb5  No.13502934


>kikes hate the US!

Lmao sure thing schlomo.

8979e3  No.13502993


Ross Ulbricht did nothing wrong!

fdc2b3  No.13503000

Are Russians going to be allowed to drive on this road?

4cf33d  No.13503250


Are Iranians?

3c1c55  No.13503276


No, it's Slav for white, as in White Russia. Also, the only bellends in Slavland are Muslims and Jew.


Did the 'STOP' signs give it away? Or maybe the cries of fuck! and oh my god! in American dialect English?


You too can have a faux head of state if you join an international clique of moneylenders and lop off your prepuce.

179038  No.13504688


>The bribe from his boss helped.

That actualy explains a lot.

He was working pretty high up at a yank company.

8a88b0  No.13504740

File: 181e544d0980b89⋯.jpg (8.38 KB, 206x244, 103:122, 1(814).jpg)

File: 29872079077e7d4⋯.jpg (257.73 KB, 700x526, 350:263, 5bd32603c0d65_5bd0828d2882….jpg)

File: 0869d9b71ed5b2b⋯.jpg (138.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 5bd32602931bb_5bd0821c6c60….jpg)

File: efb2d3a0d0bac9f⋯.jpg (83.4 KB, 651x565, 651:565, 5c94d4fc3cc10_90mp00u3-b0u….jpg)


>russina road





39c4de  No.13504788

File: 34493253ff1fb29⋯.jpg (84.29 KB, 736x1089, 736:1089, Russia_Mother.jpg)

While America is Anti-white and fights for Is-real, Russia is the only country to stand against Jews.

They're not perfect, but they put their people first and not Is-real and Blacked.

c7ca75  No.13504827

File: eec69778ba43fd3⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)




Do not forget all the worldwide projects China is building, and Manning, with their families dropping spawn in said countries… (see Jamaica Highway, etc.)

f9fe50  No.13504853


>Russia Mother

>communist sickle

Pretty much.

39c4de  No.13504887

File: 11ee2152639919b⋯.jpg (58.14 KB, 606x643, 606:643, kiked.jpg)


The JewSA way that's good, right?

f9fe50  No.13504888

File: 31f35505a50272f⋯.jpg (162.94 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, putin-bibi.jpg)


So JewSSR is good right?

39c4de  No.13504895

File: 43afd4b0c256d77⋯.png (630.91 KB, 852x465, 284:155, ZionDon.png)


Now find Putin saying this.

I can wait.

f9fe50  No.13504904

File: 61096b259f99cd4⋯.png (694.02 KB, 1337x790, 1337:790, Vladimir Putin Gives His F….png)


Well hello there my old friend.

39c4de  No.13505009


I asked for a quote, glow.

f9fe50  No.13505016


And you get a gift, yid.

39c4de  No.13505026


By the way, that article is from the (((msm))).

Even Yahoo has published it.


Just pay the Moshe for your Blacked it's done.

You kike's bodyguards know I'm right.

58c8b6  No.13505060


>Americas owner is selecting a new leader

>pay the likely winner money

>he keeps his mutt out of your shit

Not like it's complicated tbh

f9fe50  No.13505092



Yeah, I still don't see how the JewSSR is good.

fb3fb5  No.13505293


Not even close to comparable.

1d6eb6  No.13505310


>omg they took picture together!

Attacking Israel all the time? Yes.

1d6eb6  No.13505313


>By zev

>paper name cut off

Gee, i wonder why, you dumb kike

92d88a  No.13505328


Holy shit lol that almost makes the US seem like a devolved country

2b50b9  No.13505331

File: 915ccd4fe513e35⋯.png (257.17 KB, 411x568, 411:568, Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at ….png)


Zev Chafets is a journalist and author of 14 books. He was a senior aide to Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and the founding managing editor of the Jerusalem Report Magazine.

f9fe50  No.13505341


Show one time JewSSR attacked and attacks Israel?

f9fe50  No.13505344


Those images are not from the US.

92d88a  No.13505357

File: 22388776f2769fa⋯.jpg (40.73 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 5f08a7ad8971062a5b2597c7d0….jpg)


I know, I thought American roads were third world tier but those pics were something else

2b50b9  No.13505371

File: 9a22d727c615921⋯.jpg (59.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, retarded.jpg)


>a kamaz truck

>a fucking lada

>russian plates


92d88a  No.13505376





000000  No.13505529


But they auto-heal during summer.


Try again moron. Your sentence makes no fucking sense.

92d88a  No.13505551


Remember to filter torpedo

1d6eb6  No.13505575


Thanks. Surprise surprise.

cdea48  No.13505762


>Oy vey

>Trump is absolutely not most pro-Zionist leader.

9aec69  No.13505896

"The chinks are gonna take over europe, fellow white natzies! We need (((NATO)))!"

Cyberpunk, here we come!

512896  No.13505913


and Russia was born in kievan-rus

3cce0e  No.13506098


Look at where the stretch of highway they're talking about is actually located. It's in Russia.

dc4cdc  No.13523307

projected growth in Russia's lot lizard economy is approaching double digits

badb39  No.13523353


Are they going to make highway a toll road? It is quite expensive to maintain the roads.

2b3db3  No.13523359

File: 9a4893b8c8eb780⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.21 KB, 191x255, 191:255, E0D79C36-06B9-44E7-AC73-B….jpeg)

>Muh russia is the best.

>Shit up 8ch with russian shill posts to please putin

>Hey buddy, we want you to keep your guns, don’t worry.

Keep up the putinposts you tranny smegma sucking faggots. Maybe you can radicalize one of us into shooting up a synagogue again.

ef74c3  No.13523463


How's your tanker, guvna?

963888  No.13523541

This thread shows how fucking stupid pol fuckwits have become (always were?). For the uninformed this is not a Russian project, it is a combined Israel Chinese proj called.the One Belt One Road project. That's3 all I want to say to you morons. This once great forum is now actually worse than watching normies watch tv.

327d51  No.13523626

Road never happening. Just like all public spending projects this one will get looted by oligarchs and government officials, and Russian will get jack shit, as usual.

68c570  No.13523708


Can't spend money on infrastructure, gotta spend it on EBTs and gibs.

5a4430  No.13525928

File: 4cee19fee949e0c⋯.jpg (112.9 KB, 679x900, 679:900, 417129_900.jpg)

46ecc2  No.13525946


Lol. This is what it's like under jewish control. Why improve the roads for Christians when a new road can be built in Israel? The chosen need a lot of money for their reconstruction plans in Palestine.

e9712e  No.13525958


cars are a blight among mankind simply for our own user error

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