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File: 412600b95e9a592⋯.jpg (147.26 KB, 634x1248, 317:624, 15863868-0-image-m-5_15627….jpg)

efc281  No.13485077

>Iris Annabel Goldsmith was killed in the crash at the family's home in Somerset .

>She was one of three children from the marriage of environmentalist Ben Goldsmith and his society former wife, Kate Rothschild.

>Teenager was heir to two of Britain's, and the world's, most powerful dynasties, the Goldsmith and Rothschild families.


43e0e5  No.13485082



red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination.

she was beautiful.

i'd rather 1,000 million shitskins had died than her.

efc281  No.13485089

File: 07df14819e25d02⋯.jpg (1.96 KB, 50x50, 1:1, 0x50.jpg)

2c4f83  No.13485093


Dont be too upset. Rothschilds are scum, this is great news

339599  No.13485096


It was a fucking jew you disgusting jew lover

77c06d  No.13485130

Shame. She would have been a nice sex slave after the DOTR.

1c806c  No.13485138


Somerset is too good for her and her ilk.

6be0d4  No.13485178

she wasn't black enough

43e0e5  No.13485184



so you'd rather have 1,000 million shitskins on the planet than her?

8b7f4b  No.13485191

File: 47e2887cd4c2209⋯.jpg (162.92 KB, 1243x1232, 113:112, 0554a13d3757207739d968d418….jpg)


All jews are shitskins, no matter what genes they've stolen.

563a06  No.13485192


Yea but I think hes saying would you rather have 100 million of them or 1.

43e0e5  No.13485196


1,000 million.

almost the entire population of africa could be purged.

it would waste 100 years of their 'project' in terms of bacterial-like population expansion in the dark continent.

rolling to change the timeline.

b166ed  No.13485215


>red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination.

We are a hot as shit. tnx

8b7f4b  No.13485217

File: 9081c1a3d809268⋯.png (2.98 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>would you rather have one intergenerational shapeshifting parasite, or the Flood?


bcad0d  No.13485240


>Annabel Goldsmith

This is a huge waste anons she looks good and is redheaded

1c806c  No.13485242

Remember that any jew supposedly exhibiting white features is using a facade of biological and supernatural magnitude. It is no more authentic than a party mask.

f7d3c2  No.13485250


What a young cutie. I wonder if this was a cleanup detail.

4b8a8e  No.13485265

Let's hope she suffered tremendously. Rat faced demons of despair.

43bf4c  No.13485266


>pity that a kike died

It is a pity that no one has been killing these genestealing kikes already.

To the topic of the OP, this is good. Killing and ridding the world of these kikes' inheritors makes more sense, than just killing those old dying kikes. May the accidents continue.

bcad0d  No.13485267

Everyone knows quad bikes are killers. Paying a safety specialist £1000 fee to tell them something they already should know would have saved her life.

efc281  No.13485288

File: 7c7781f4f958d17⋯.png (490.96 KB, 624x580, 156:145, mola.png)


Quads, bikes, cars……….pic related.

>old news but inderesting nonetheless.


0cdb7f  No.13485295


Knowing the RKM, they probably raped and sodomized her and tortured her to death and then ate her.


>"neither" isn't an option

With jews, you lose >>13480013

c2c4bc  No.13485305

File: 3653ce6d4338c9f⋯.jpg (20.37 KB, 278x420, 139:210, soviet rape germans 8, wwi….jpg)


You have to target their breeders since this is what they have done to us and our people. When their breeders are gone they will no longer be a 'people'.

c2c4bc  No.13485313

File: cdd25b0ca50cd55⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 700x410, 70:41, pamela m killed and eaten ….jpg)


It would be poetic justice since they have imported cannibals and rapists into our nations. But seriously, what is wrong with people; bullet to the head and move on.

1d6ff9  No.13485328


Agree, I hate torture. I dont want to teach the next generation torture, its degenerate semetic dirty joy.

43bf4c  No.13485331


Yeah sure, for the plebkikes. But those are not the priority right now as it's simply too unrealistic (but in the future it might be a viable thing to work towards, I certainly hope so. I hope my children will have the honour of partaking in the fizzling out of their unnatural blood)

If you get rid of the old wrinkly kike in charge, a younger kike will take over. And that won't really do anything, it could be worse or it could be less bad. Never "good."

Better to stick with the kike you have and kill all his inheritors so inheritance conflicts can boil up when the wrinkly kike dies. I'm real fucking sleepy so I apologise if this is incoherent anon. Going to head to bed now

43e0e5  No.13485336


i can restrain a single, attractive shapeshifting monster, with an ankle chain and a remote cabin. there to be used as my fleshlight.

i can't restrain 1,000,000,000 negrus criminalus bio-weapons that replicate like bacteria on dogshit.

neither is not an option because i stated a 'i would rather', instead of asking you what you want, you self obsessed faggot.

0cdb7f  No.13485342


The little jewess didn't rape or cannibalize anyone though, but it most likely happened to her as a stantic pedo-rape mind-kontrol ritual and she might've wanted to speak out against her attackers in the age of "metoo" and was punished for it (killed and eaten). Imagine her going to the cops to report being drugged and raped for hours in a dungeon by her own family, but almost the entire police dept where she tries to report it is human-corrupted or threatened with their or their family's death by the RKM so the head jew of the cop dept just narks on her to her abusers and they give him cheese pizza in return.

c2c4bc  No.13485345



It was fine.

I agree and it is a punishment on them for what they have done to the Earth to take away their inheritance one by one while they are still alive and can witness it.

0cdb7f  No.13485347

File: f692bedf1fe5fff⋯.jpg (92.64 KB, 590x644, 295:322, zs.jpg)


>actually wanting to fuck a jew

43e0e5  No.13485354


if she wasn't adopted, she has about 10% juden-strain in her at most.

i'm willing to take that chance.

c2c4bc  No.13485358


Still not understanding that it is a genetic programming issue? She hasn't get but when that moment comes and she can make decisions, she will make the same decisions as all her predecessors did on this planet and make a mockery of Life because it is her DNA/genetic program to fulfill the role of parasite, murderer and sexual deviant on the Earth. She would have voted for the continued rape and murder of your own people.

Your compassion is utterly misplaced here anon. It does not belong when we are dealing with genetic programs.

c2c4bc  No.13485361


>She hasn't get

*She hasn't yet

8a2cf0  No.13485362



Fuck you, clown world, if the jokes come already written it's not fun.

c2c4bc  No.13485364


You can be murdered with her then. Look at her father…that man is fully jew. I wouldn't be surprised if she had plastic surgery to 'correct' her natural dysgenic looks already. They are undergoing facial circumcision at younger and younger ages now to HIDE in plain sight from the goy.

0cdb7f  No.13485380


I'm just calling it as I see most likely. Anyone who speaks out against this cabal is brutally murdered by these people and they always make it a heart attack or crash or accident or suicide with the help of corrupt coroners and police depts. Look at what happened to Amanda Bynes and she wasn't even close to the RKM upper echelons from what I could tell, just another victim to the satanic mind-kontrol employed by the cabal which permeates throughout pedowood.

1c806c  No.13485382

That isn't her actual face, so don't be fooled.

563a06  No.13485393


According to survey data theres 700 million Africans who would move to Europe today if they had the opportunity.

Thats around the same number of people who are in europe at the moment.

732746  No.13485402


The same can be said for Keanu Reeves, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Momoa, Evan Ross, Wentworth Miller, Jeremy Meeks, and other abominations. Subhumans will burn in hell. Heaven doesn't allow animals to pass through its gates.

c2c4bc  No.13485414


Little girls like this would make that all possible in a few short years. People in this thread should be celebrating that she is dead and that another heir has been taken from our mortal enemies future.


I live in a place that has ticks. Every time I crush one I know that I have ended the life of 10,000 future ticks. I get great pleasure from destroying parasites. There is nothing different between this and that on a fundamental level. This was a parasite who would grow up to murder our people and ticks are bloodsucking disease bearing parasites as well. End the line of a breeder and you end the line of many future offspring who are going to genocide our people.


0af3a8  No.13485423


>s-she was probably a good jew who wanted to speak out!


1c806c  No.13485436


Her outward appearance isn't even real. It's a facade to trick us into not harming it until it grows into a full jewess. Not anymore.

efc281  No.13485441


>Good Jew- You are what is wrong in society

>You are why we repeat the same shit over and over again.

>You are a fucking booming imbecile and should go back to whence you came.

9fa15a  No.13485443

She's probably the most attractive jewess I've ever seen.

Some of those jewish women must be screwing the Aryan pool boys or UPS deliverymen or something. Those jewish guys are getting cucked!

1c806c  No.13485449

File: bce7b88f395ff32⋯.jpg (55.31 KB, 540x540, 1:1, PRI_75172728.jpg)


No, anon, it's magic. An illusion. Besides, this is her until becoming a quad pancake. I wonder why they keep using her younger years disguise photos…

efc281  No.13485451


>restrain a single attractive shape shifting monster who happens to be female and 16 years old



You are a nigger so fuck off.

efc281  No.13485468

File: 232fa23a62f7b57⋯.jpg (123.05 KB, 634x863, 634:863, article-2329289-19D27B2C00….jpg)

File: c55efa03592d0db⋯.png (668.54 KB, 703x552, 703:552, green.png)



pic related - when it comes the time for making the big decisions, they will step up for the good of their tribe only.



b5cd3c  No.13485474

File: 7d85cf3ed6296ff⋯.gif (195.59 KB, 290x290, 1:1, 7d85cf3ed6296ff7c6ad37a33f….gif)

0cdb7f  No.13485476



Learn to read, shill.

efc281  No.13485481

File: 6e36016b94b4068⋯.jpg (89.07 KB, 634x1009, 634:1009, article-2568763-1B9A3D3B00….jpg)

d7e727  No.13485484





You kike loving scum should be castrated with a rusty screwdriver.

0cdb7f  No.13485495

File: c9005b33928457b⋯.jpg (22.65 KB, 281x396, 281:396, 7c9bf7b5486f72deec4659b6f6….jpg)


I'm not a nigger, I don't believe in animal cruelty.

80602f  No.13485506

File: 8e0f983b3c87ee7⋯.png (165.39 KB, 417x458, 417:458, (((Rothschild))).png)

File: 1471f633d5a88c0⋯.png (385.42 KB, 532x640, 133:160, (((Rothschild))) iii.png)

File: 07955f3e19d39e1⋯.png (587.36 KB, 768x513, 256:171, (((Rothschild))) ii.png)


6c5360  No.13485510


no searches come up with anything

9fa15a  No.13485522

Anything economic related on the planet is basically controlled by the Rothschilds since they were the ones who established central banking throughout the western world. Their total worth must be in the trillions, they're more financially powerful than most of the nations on Earth.

The Rothschild agent, Adam Weishaupt, started the Illuminati organization which eventually was broken up. Later on, former Illuminati members infiltrated the Free Mason organizations and eventually took them over entirely, creating a secretive society within an already established secret society, and they also infiltrated and took over many college fraternal organizations like Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key, etc.

They have control over most of the important educational institutions, the media companies, the banks, and the governments – since govs are beholden to the banks. They essentially control the world.

6c5360  No.13485525


Was this one caught hanging out with the black niggers too?

0cdb7f  No.13485547

File: 6563f0459a2508a⋯.jpg (7.3 KB, 195x209, 195:209, 850a890172cc78b80210b9605a….jpg)


>black niggers

c2c4bc  No.13485548


In the old world before we were invaded by the semitic trash people we would have called that 'a glamour'. It is a specific spell that keeps men protective of it based on an unnatural attraction to it and loyalty to it. I understand men can't help themselves when they experience a glamour and it really pisses me off that we have to be slaughtered over and over because they are so susceptible to MINOR MAGIC and cannot even work their way past that.

c2c4bc  No.13485550


Yes, the best face and body money (and other means) can buy.

c2c4bc  No.13485554


She was abducted killed and eaten by niggers…yes. I guess some people might qualify that as 'hanging out'.

181d7e  No.13485561


One down; how many to go?

How accessible are they in Bongistan, anyway?

181d7e  No.13485573


What you want:


What you will get:




1c806c  No.13485578



I'm more referring to actual magic, rather than physical alteration, but that too is common.

b166ed  No.13485585

File: 476c7878979cf1b⋯.jpg (103.43 KB, 1206x678, 201:113, pinookeeoh.jpg)


Just realized I've never heard of a Rothschild dying before.


50d93e  No.13485590


People like you are the reason jews survive. She's a shape shifting chameleon descendants of the inventors of islam, communism, and christianity, but as long as she looks sufficiently Aryan you give her a free pass. Goodbye white race, youve always been retarded.

df64d9  No.13485597


She's not even cute.

181d7e  No.13485620


>kikes send all niggers to Europe from Africa

>Whites retake Africa after destroying own infrastructure In Europe and btfoing prematurely celebrating chinks

>whites farm furtile land, mine all the minerals we could need, cure ebola but spread it to non-whites, reclaim desert turning it back to forest/farmland, and built whitetopia

>reinforce continent due to hostile shitskin threat after they realize we have the only decent, well-fed society

>use materials from reinforced continent and weaponized ebola to take whole planet from shitskins


This sounds fine by me. I can't stand the heat for anything, I sweat profusely at 80°F let alone 100+, but if whites get a chance soon to take Africa, somebody get me a ticket, I'm in.

ce3001  No.13485671


Good news, it WAS a shitskin.

f60b64  No.13485679


Iran executed one for Fraud.

fc3585  No.13485686


they die

especially the young bastardish ones that they dont wanna give any money to



isnt he the one who got ousted by the rothschilds and married off to some pakistani royalty or something? all these names are "gold" or "stein" or "smith" it gets really confusing


youre forgetting that shes a literal spawn of satan

that family is one of the biggest scourges to the planet. if any of them are still around, there will be no change ever. theres too much money and power there and someone will just hijack it. its like an invisible monarchy that spans the entire world

edf423  No.13485688

File: 087c2e33657cd32⋯.jpg (213.18 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 087c2e33657cd32ef3c5e3e415….jpg)


Everyone loves redheads you midwit, but it's a god damn Red Shield we are talking about here and nits grow up to be lice.

ce3001  No.13485694


Horseshit, they nailed one of their own, Mahafarid Amir Khosravi, not a fucking rothschild.

ce3001  No.13485698



ac0a12  No.13485704

First of all consider that all you know is that she's dead.

1) It may be a real car crash.

2) They are known for Human Sacrifice of their own. A car crash would cover for that.

>But muh dick gets hard at red hair and blue eyes.

We're so fucked if we have to depend on guys like this to save our race.

ce3001  No.13485705


You're fucked if you think you can depend on anyone but yourself, nigger.

7e911d  No.13485708


The Fuhrer did it.

1d3b0b  No.13485729

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fc3585  No.13485733


the influence of cuckime


im interested in how easy it is to commit fraud within the iranian banking system. i was under the impression that their banks operated quite differently from the rest of the worlds

wonder where that money went after they lopped his head off?

14b351  No.13485734


Most Jews are white, no matter how much you don't want it to be true

244471  No.13485736



eee034  No.13485748


Poor girl must have been too kind hearted/naive/honest to be allowed to inherit anything. Or maybe she just didn't want to whore herself or otherwise be an asset.

f60b64  No.13485754


Kate Middleton is a goldsmith. That is why William married her. Other than them being kikes and corrupt as fuck (and now bankrupt due to the Queens fiscal malfeasance with the City of London; so technically completely irrelevant now) I know nothing else about them.

ce3001  No.13485757


Beats me but he was trying to bring the jews (and their banking) into the country which is why he was killed. Sadly they didn't actually get one of the fucking jews. They all operate the same way and the only reason they don't want the official jews there is because they are just another tribe and they pull the same semitic games.

ce3001  No.13485764

File: 510367d6f8a6aed⋯.jpg (41.17 KB, 500x408, 125:102, Ashley.jpg)


Remember to say a prayer at temple.

ce3001  No.13485766


No jew on the planet will ever be white, yid.

f60b64  No.13485768

File: 4a62700e7ea8e49⋯.jpeg (2.4 MB, 2732x1818, 1366:909, 948E3578-5A91-4B4D-9292-7….jpeg)

e7b9cd  No.13485770



Daily reminder we don't have decent mods that ban and delete 1st-post-derailers. Daily reminder that kikemonkey prevents the mods from doing basic cleanup. Daily reminder that kikemonkey's rules have done more damage to /pol/ than ~4 years of kikefy and coonman.

29679a  No.13485772


"potato nigger" "sand nigger" "fag nigger" "cucknigger"

eee034  No.13485775


Whatever, kike. We know, that you intentionally post retarded extremism to make us look bad.

For them to bump off one of their own family, she must have done something really nasty.

ce3001  No.13485776


Now read it. Their "rothchild billionaire" is the fucking shitskin I named who was working for them.

It's a fake news blog sensationalizing the story.

ce3001  No.13485777


Eat shit and die you jew sack of shit.

f60b64  No.13485779


Still not understanding genetic programming, are you? There is no such thing as a ‘good jew’. This is why Jesus called them the sons of satan. They are all evil, every last man woman and child. If they were fucking evil as sin, they would still be our MORTAL ENEMIES who are doing everything they can to genocide our people and destroy our nations. FUCK THAT BITCH I AM GLAD SHE IS DEAD AND NO LONGER CAPABLE OF SPAWNING MORE JEWS.

ce3001  No.13485785


Careful, your "extremism" is making the jews look bad. kek

f60b64  No.13485811


Give me a reason that jew should live and spawn more people who murder our people…do you argue that because she doesn’t strangle people with her own hands (similar to that kike Ivanka who only orders her daddy to murder people based on YT videos) that SHE IS NOT A FUCKING KILLER and running the program of her DNA which is to facilitate the murder, theft, rape and torture of our people. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH TOO YOU FUCKING KIKE.

ce3001  No.13485817


>nigger can't into context

Don't come back.

f60b64  No.13485820


>not an argument why that kike should live.

Fuck off kike.

fc3585  No.13485821


shes basically for all intents and purposes a bastard to the throne. no doubt they saw her has nothing more than something that must be eliminated at all costs

just take a look at what happened to her pops

>ben goldsmith is the son of intl financier james goldsmith

>goldsmith family is a very old jewish line

>considered german jews obv this was simply the first time they started using surname

>kicked out of frankfurt in 1614

>they went around europe and set up several prominent banks all throughout europe over the next centuries

>ben goldsmith was the heir to the goldsmith throne

>catches the eye of the red shield

>they offer a daughter, kate rothschild as a way to join the two very powerful families

>kate likes to LARP as a music producer to sleep with niggers on the side

>whole marraige turns into a UK tabloid/twitter war tier shitshow

>greatly embarrasses the rothschilds, who prefer not to be even spoken of, let alone have it be known one of their heiresses is sleeping with UK hiphop nogs

>ben ends up being unable to elevate his family to red shield tier due to this debacle.

>marries some ex lingerie model jewess beneath his class tho at least shes not a literal satan spawn like the last one whose family owns a catering business

womp womp

lol press S to spit on the broken cucked shambles of bens life

f60b64  No.13485838


>satan spawn owns a catering business


99f48a  No.13485844

File: 0bcb95a31a5123c⋯.jpeg (46.36 KB, 475x380, 5:4, SpiritCooking.jpeg)

71b8a8  No.13485849

Not surprised it was the most eco-fascist Rothschild whose child got assassinated.

f60b64  No.13485853


Frazzeldrip roasted leg of goyim…delicious.

99f48a  No.13485854

File: 0c163c1aa87c6a9⋯.jpeg (65.19 KB, 400x300, 4:3, catering.jpeg)

fc3585  No.13485898


>the most eco-fascist Rothschild


kate was a wannabe hiphop producer who liked to get BLACKED, and bennyboi was just some heir to a banking dynasty that got cucked

c2c4bc  No.13485925


I though David was the eco-fascist.

854635  No.13485926

File: be250665a54cadf⋯.jpg (30.1 KB, 500x436, 125:109, smile.jpg)


Wealthy kikes' kid dies!

All their money, conniving, thievery. deception, depravity, exploitation and pure wickedness won't bring their beloved daughter back to life. Their lives are forever blighted

Fucking great start to the day

c2c4bc  No.13485934



b902e4  No.13485941


>implying kikes ever cared about their pawn bitch

fc3585  No.13485949


i mean theyre all fascists

they control the world with an iron fist. they just have good PR


youre totally missing the point

she was a loose end

an heir to the red shield fortune

she needed to be taken care of. they probably paid for it to happen in the first place

18646a  No.13485985


>red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination.

The only study ever conducted on this says otherwise. Stop repeating tumblr facts made up by landwhales to make themselves feel better.


>Red hair with green/hazel eyes showed the weakest correlation (-0.14)

5494d8  No.13486025


>so you'd rather have 1,000 million shitskins on the planet than her?

Jews ARE shitskins, you boomer nigger.

Also yes, unquestionably and without hesitation. A million niggers or pajeets are not as dangerous as a single Jew that can passably present as white.

c2c4bc  No.13486026


Interesting, thx

ac0a12  No.13486047


>I'm gonna save the white race. or maybe just myself.

Hopefully, there are still a few better men in the white race than yourself.

94d73e  No.13486058



That's an idiotic question you posed, thus your post is idiotic.

854635  No.13486059


>she needed to be taken care of. they probably paid for it to happen in the first place

idgaf, a dead kike is a dead kike. They target our children, so let's rejoice when one of their's dies whatever the reason

000000  No.13486062


Good. All jews must be killed.



88d0b0  No.13486063




1000 million is written as one billion you moronic retards.

c2c4bc  No.13486069


jews don't 'math', anon. also that is all the same ID

edf423  No.13486091


>Why won't hotpockets save my sensitive eyes

How about you either out-banter the retards or learn to filter by ID instead of crying for some shitskin mod to swoop in and start censoring the place like some kind of reddit mod spazzing out over wrongthink? You will never be a hotpocket again. Drown yourself in semen

b05bc9  No.13486126

Counter attack/ warning?

"Intruder broke in to Buckingham Palace while the Queen slept just metres away in huge security breach."


d41bd8  No.13486128

ITT a bunch of fucking anons who think the PEOPLE WHO LITERALLY PRINT OUR MONEY BUMP OFF THEIR OWN FAMILY FOR MONEY. Fucking hell the stupidty is strong. There are 3 likely scenarios how/why.

1. 33.3% genuine accident, when you live life on the edge, have everything you could possible want at your fingertips, you do crazy shit to feel alive.

2. 33.3% sacrficed, all here at /pol/ should know that the "religion" has lots of esoteric occulted practices, many involving sacrifice. Sacrificing your own is top tier level "magic" to getting what your family wants. NOT SAYING I BELIEVE IN THEIR MAGIC BUT THEY SURE AS FUCK DO.

3. 33.3% fake story to change the sex of the child. The elites are very much into tranny shit, androgenos creatures as they are. You "kill" the female, she undergoes transition, you "find" a "bastard" 4 years later…you now have an operative with a clean name. Some say Rockefeller was a bastard Rothschild, and some say Clinton is a bastard Rockefeller.

Either way, quit fucking clowning on guys for appreciating good looking thots, even if its jewish puss.

edf423  No.13486138

File: 332b50baffb7217⋯.jpg (43.63 KB, 780x760, 39:38, 1450791306704.jpg)


Who said they did it for money?

d41bd8  No.13486154


>who said for money



Not nearly as many as i thought, my bad anons.

73ecaa  No.13486157

File: 436ec975a31937d⋯.jpeg (349.11 KB, 1280x1017, 1280:1017, 911.jpeg)


nice post anon. I hadn't heard of that. I assume we're in for a hell of a false flag next. one that tops anything we've seen before. I assume that they'll need a big show as patriotism (wanting to die in the military) is low.

b05bc9  No.13486159

File: b30627f828d24e1⋯.png (67.12 KB, 726x581, 726:581, fgtry.png)

>may not be coincidence; but, it is close.

>'He could help convict'

>implying that he could be a saviour of children as opposed to a pedophile where the headline should had stipulated this.

<Andrew fucks children


a573e2  No.13486161

lmao #wrekt

73ecaa  No.13486163


exactly. they already have mountains of money. it's not about them having more, it about US HAVING LESS. plus yes, ritual mass murder and rolling out further control mechanisms over society

9d3f1e  No.13486168

There's not millions to kill.

edf423  No.13486171

File: 03cb6197799ad5d⋯.png (120.2 KB, 286x355, 286:355, andre.png)



>Relentlessly push niggerfucking on the goyim

>Your heiress accidentally drinks the koolaid and gets caught cavorting with a hip hop nigger while wearing sweatpants like some kind of fucking peasant.

This will always be funny to me.

121612  No.13486178

b05bc9  No.13486181


Or does it show how far they are prepared to go to promote niggerfucking?

Someone had to authorize the publication and continued exposure.

They do not lose control or expose themselves like this just because of some nigger.

121612  No.13486184


Right. >How Prince Andrew was the one who reported Epstein.

121612  No.13486186


When pizzagate came out what false flag did they pull…? school shooting, vegas?

edf423  No.13486190


>the myth of jewish omnipotence

Or perhaps she is just an amoral, nigger fucking adulteress?

b05bc9  No.13486196


Agreed, that they are not God; however, the are Gods when it comes to the media.

732746  No.13486226


Exactly. The Jews don't wield a mythical source of power. They're just annoying, ugly ass fucking faggots.

43e0e5  No.13486258


you can't catch me, i'm the gingerbread man

43e0e5  No.13486267


you forgot the part about them replicating like bacteria.

they've doubled every 20-25 years since the 1950s, and will continue to do so.

even if 700 million went to europe instantly tomorrow, there would still be 600 million in africa, and in 20 years there would be 1,200 again.

estimated population of africa for 2050 is 2,400 million, 10 times the amount that there were in 1950, which was 240 million.

it is an exponential bio-weapon.

6704cb  No.13486288


Lots of red haired freckle faced jews you know. I went to a 30% jew high school in a rich neighborhood and there were plenty of them.

821b79  No.13486289


Beggers can't be choosers.

It's a shame we're beggers tho.

b05bc9  No.13486404




4f2fbd  No.13486424


>wanting to fuck a Jew

>rape is normal and fine

>believing a million sub-70 iq monkeys that can't even use guns properly is a difficult or impossible fight

You keep outing yourself, yid.

462ccd  No.13487372


Where'd you find that picture?

9fbf3c  No.13487412


>jewess gets killed

>oy vay it's anoddah shoah!

hey moshe, pull yourself together man

8ff5c6  No.13487559


Sure, there's some jew in her blood, but those are European genes you dumb nigger. Red hair and blue eyes are exclusively European genes. Don't ever fucking attribute European genes to jews.

9fbf3c  No.13487708


> Don't ever fucking attribute European genes to jews.

(((She))) looks h'wite to me!

7faa97  No.13487737


>jew with red hair and blue eyes

Those are stolen genes anon. you should be infuriated.

7faa97  No.13487741

File: 3c36e4931f5c99b⋯.jpg (188.73 KB, 1024x704, 16:11, Jewish problems jamal.jpg)


the memes are slipping into reality…

ed9bb2  No.13487748


oh god i kek'd

d8c89d  No.13487773


She a jew

000000  No.13487780

Didn't a rothschild cuck a goldsmith for a nigger lmao

6704cb  No.13487785

File: fc472341bdfbc68⋯.jpg (14.27 KB, 220x317, 220:317, 220px-Emilia_and_Karol_Woj….jpg)


>>actually wanting to fuck a jew

You might end up fathering a future pope.

8ff5c6  No.13487788


>you should be infuriated

Instead of rightfully viewing those as stolen genes, these dumb niggers on here look at those features and attribute them to "jewishness." These cucks just cede everything on a whim. It's pathetic. Imagine you built your own home, and the moment you finish it a niggers come in and sits on the floor. You say "get out!" He just sits there and says "no!" I imagine these fucking cucks would have a tantrum and just storm off, never to return to the house they just built, because after all, their stupid fucking emotion overrides everything.

6704cb  No.13487793


I thought red hair and freckles was a recessive gene thing attributable to inbreeding. But what do I know? I'm not a geneticist.

ddaac5  No.13487796


lovely news, if any of you decide to go full terrant please consider targeting the weak point of the rothschild and soros: their future, aka their children.

8ff5c6  No.13487808


Recessive genes have nothing to do with inbreeding. The most inbred people on the planet are Middle Easterners, and they ll have black hair and brown eyes.

000000  No.13487838

Shut up, a genestealer is a genestealer. You should be partying with one less in the world.

>two of Britain's, and the world's, most powerful dynasties, the Goldsmith and Rothschild families.

Notice how the MSM just nonchalantly says this and denies it as anti-semitic conspiracy in others.

9fbf3c  No.13487844


>ashkenazi jews are alright because they have some european DNA and therefore are based!

yes moshe, ashkenazi jews are based

33a3af  No.13487935


I have VikingCelt 1 red gene 1 blonde gene and deep Germanic blue eyes, and I say fuck her–the only good rottenchild is a dead one. Even if she were a purebreed convert, I would gas her ass and keep the lowest of our own kind who was loyal and decent. Grow up nigger.

9fbf3c  No.13487956


>I have VikingCelt 1 red gene 1 blonde gene and deep Germanic blue eyes, and I say fuck her–the only good rottenchild is a dead one. Even if she were a purebreed convert, I would gas her ass and keep the lowest of our own kind who was loyal and decent. Grow up nigger.

just filter these gaslighting kikes fren

33a3af  No.13487959



What a fucking retard. Gas the kike race war now, niggerfaggot. There is no such thing as muh extremisms. It's made up kike bullshit like raycisms.

33a3af  No.13487971


>this dumb faggot

Anon was saying that our genes are ours and that you should hate them more for stealing their genes, not that you should excuse it. 0/10 reading comprehension.

9fbf3c  No.13487985


>d..don't hate ashkenazi jews that have some european DNA, it's not their fault they married into some european families

sure thing shlomo

99f48a  No.13487993

File: 782ed7759cbd27a⋯.png (243.54 KB, 525x475, 21:19, GastheBikes!.png)

7ac405  No.13488039


Mel Gibson has a movie coming out about this.

ae3223  No.13488063

File: f9de28b0958ad62⋯.png (1.91 KB, 208x208, 1:1, i_am_alarmed.png)

Iris Annabel Goldsmith is the grand daughter of Amschel Rothschild and his wife, Anita Patience Guinness.

Anita Patience Guinness comes from the line of Samuel Guinness.

Tom Guinness, husband of Rachel Chandler, the leaker of the Epstein island security panel photos, comes from the line of Arthur Guinness.

99f48a  No.13488068



Anon uncovered an important lead!

Good job.


c5929e  No.13488198

I've rolled a quadbike on a sharp corner before, they can be pretty dangerous and roll fast. They are pretty heavy too.

c5929e  No.13488202


The kid didn't do anything wrong though, she was probably unrelated to the family business.

b3170d  No.13488206

Hahahahaha get fucked hope she suffered immensly before she died

9fbf3c  No.13488219


99f48a  No.13488351


Are you joking? Anon, they sent that faggot into Comet Pizza itself with his Fully Semi Auto Pedo-B-Good Stick, and put a single round through that defenseless computer screen, giving the media a field day of pointing and reeeing about "Ebil Nodseez", and "'spiracy turdists".

Shot all the research and meming we did to shit.

Got a second chance now with Epstein, and other drops.

..until the pending false flag hits, screwing the pooch again.

Won't be long til IRL effortposting becomes a past time.

df9ac8  No.13488383

File: b2926d159c4db6c⋯.jpg (188.49 KB, 709x489, 709:489, hallelujah.JPG)


>The kid

no, a jew kid

> didn't do anything wrong though

it was a jew and would become an adult jew. I expect you think they weep as they corrupt and kill goyim children.

A white angel gets its wings whenever a jew kid dies. Tis a time to rejoice

b81e7c  No.13488430


>Those soulless eyes in both

Anons are easily deceived by outward appearance. Race means nothing for a kike, it's a sentient virus. They stole white genes because they were infiltrating and parasitizing on whites, now they will racemix to adapt to the world which they are creating. A kike can never recognize beauty, they were just trying to copy what goyim found beautiful in order to control them. Never make a mistake of thinking that a kike has a same consciousness as you do, their minds are entirely different. They have no personality, they are golems, biological robots, operating on a very primitive, but highly efficient instruction set.

c3e13a  No.13488460


Probably just a kike blood sacrifice

1d8a27  No.13488464


Not all the Jewish people are the enemy, only the parasites and marxists/communists infesting our country.

6901c4  No.13488467


There we go. This is the reason she died. Good job anon.

c3e13a  No.13488486


I have no desire to protect her so that spell shit sounds made up as fuck. Do you have any actual proof of magic?

c3e13a  No.13488510



So is this why the nigger worship is pushed so much? Because their offspring likes the fetish and wants it more accepted? I mean these are top tier jews with the miscegenation with average looking coons they could just buy a Chad looking nigger at the very least. Then some of the royals like the Norwegian princess marrying a nigger bisexual shaman aka nigger faggot conman then Prince Harry and one of the other Princes.

The women just seem they are getting manipulated by a nigger conman but, nigger conman are rather low tier in skill or smoothness from lack of knowledge and intelligence works more on acting aggression. That it would only work on someone thats a leftist retard that would just repeat to themselves that shouldn't question a nigger to not look racist.

When both sexes marrying a nigger among society are already quite rare.

1d8a27  No.13488520

Wasn't a quadbike, apparently it was souped up golf cart with a roll bar.

RIP shit sucks but I guess not even elites are invincible.

also to add more fuel to the conspiracy flames

>Last year Kate suffered a £500,000 break-in at the London home she shared with her current boyfriend, entrepreneur Paul Forkan.

fc3585  No.13488764




underrated posts tbh

c2c4bc  No.13488783


>Keen for his children to also enjoy the advantages of an English upbringing

These sandnigger are never going to get it. There is no advantages for them in an 'english upbringing' because they are part niggers they will never have the genetic code that controls impulses.

I am not sad at all to see these fags dead they will never be White or understand our culture at all.

fc3585  No.13488794


>So is this why the nigger worship is pushed so much?

no i dont think the children have any say whatsoever in what happens to the family.

fuck the royal family for a variety of reasons, but bear with me here, the rothschilds are the royal family. they operate exactly like one and have existed as a house for literally hundreds, maybe thousands of years. i imagine the only one who has final word on what happens is the head of the house at any particular time. undesirable future heads of house, as during medieval times, are dealt with in manners not unlike what happened to this gril in OPs post. they likely kill their own more than any outside influence ever does.

as for the degeneracy itself, this operates a few ways. for one, degenerating society and all entertainment is something that affects all people who live/consume it. these kids grew up in this world as did everyone else. further, they are filthy fucking rich. any degenerate thing they could think of is only a possibility till they decide to plop down the nigh infinite cash they have and fucking buy it outright. with no rules/boundaries, and nothing stopping you, any one would degenerate similarly.

but the important part is the control

think of epstein and his private island.

how has he gotten away with the scale of what hes done for this long? even in the age of cellphone cameras?

simple: he records all of it, himself

invite over your powerful friends, give them every illegal degeneracy they could ever want in life, record the whole thing, and then keep it as a way to coerce them into doing what you ant them to do. they all have dirt on each other. but its a pedophillic detante. mutually assured destruction. i eagerly await to see what surfaces in the coming months/years once we get into this court case of epsteins here.

51e87d  No.13488848


>red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination.

fairly sure this isn't true

green eyes alone are rarer than blue eyes, so i am very doubtful of this

i imagine it's actually green eyes and black hair

edf423  No.13488863

File: 275fec893b66a6a⋯.gif (106.56 KB, 227x199, 227:199, 275fec893b66a6a39fe8585396….gif)

43e0e5  No.13488923


well researched.

spread it.

43e0e5  No.13488926


1,000 million is known as an "american billion". In the rest of the civilised world, and in other languages, a true billion is 1,000,000,000,000.

Americans just wanted to call themselves billionaires when really they are still just millionaires.

You fell for the kike lie.

fc3585  No.13488932



b2bfee  No.13488940


The fanstastic thing about this is you can just recognize Jacobs face in her face, and then realize his face when he saw this picture


c9a4a7  No.13489271


1 dead jew is the equivalent of 6 gorillion shitskins.

244471  No.13489274


>oy vey ONE of god's chosen is worse 6 MILLION of goiym animals

c9a4a7  No.13489277


It doesn't bother me that they exist, it's that some exist in white nations.

c9a4a7  No.13489282


This retard actually thinks he can count.

df9ac8  No.13489491


You're so wrong on so many levels that I won't bother correcting you, I'll just assume you are one of an infinite number of monkeys who got their hands on some phones and then got lucky

6b4504  No.13489519

File: 75ae9469a0267e3⋯.jpg (183.47 KB, 1200x928, 75:58, fellow_whites.jpg)


most jews can disguise themselves as whites, while hastily mentioning they are not for the necessities of current propaganda operations

you wouldn't want to oppress this poor minority by placing upon them the burden and necessity of privilege-checking of real whites, you filthy antisemite you

8fcc66  No.13489570



f45490  No.13489612

File: c8c5f04dc9e73b9⋯.jpg (340.23 KB, 780x836, 195:209, whorholtard.jpg)

5f03e7  No.13489749


>no good jews

>jesus was a good jew

christcucks are irredeemable

9ca4d3  No.13490672


>Just educate yourself bro

Great rebuttal

b81066  No.13490699

File: 14b156f0e058ccc⋯.png (5.27 KB, 232x266, 116:133, 16a640f284da2da9d7b0c7d8af….png)


what the fug :DDDD

78d47b  No.13491243


Gas yourself

235ed3  No.13491279

File: 284748eefc2c756⋯.jpg (10.62 KB, 269x187, 269:187, disturbed.jpg)


Good find.

Do you have evidence to back this claim up?

65e2d3  No.13491282


She was a Kike, and a (((Rothschild))).

Shut the fuck up.

1d2fc6  No.13491365


Grande dia! (thumbs up)

Wait, aren't you supposed to like Jews, Mr President?

1d2fc6  No.13491372


Go back to bronnen.

32b25b  No.13492132

Quad bikes seem to be very risky. Ozzy Osbourne almost got wasted too after riding one. Broke his back but made it.

e80144  No.13492180



fucking kek

8b6165  No.13492828


Have you a credible source for the Jew claim?

4720f1  No.13493062


lol, I remember when I got temp banned for shitposting about seductive jewess and wanting to hate fuck them, newfags don't know how good they got it.

462ccd  No.13493780


It's not about money, it's about ownership. Think of it like dynastic succession, or a corporate takeover. Someone who's spent their whole life building a business doesn't want to split their company between the responsible heir and the deadbeat drug addicted black sheep.

a5e961  No.13493794




Isn't it MI6 (Mi6)?

4fc667  No.13494165

Interesting timing with Epsteingate. Maybe Epstein got the wrong dysfunctional girl from the Hamptons on his flight and the Chinese father called the Chinese mafia to take care of things.

a5e961  No.13494199


Dye job, nose job, and hell knows what else.

a5e961  No.13494204


I raise you a ball-peen hammer.

121612  No.13494210

Anons talking shit on their twitters about it? Post it.

43e0e5  No.13494214


Don't speak ill of the dead.

I know you negroids have trouble adapting to human behaviours, culture and morals, but try your best.

43e0e5  No.13494219


>(((american))) detected

does having a foreskin bitten off by your rabbi cause such trauma that division becomes too taxing?

poor things.

43e0e5  No.13494223


I'd set the house on fire and build a new one elsewhere.

worth it

43e0e5  No.13494226


inbreeding occurs with a population smaller than 50.

perhaps you were looking for another word, kike.

5d9bfc  No.13494365








000000  No.13494557


She looked kinda cute as a little girl. Her mom is the Rothschild coal burner?

b2b8ee  No.13494758

File: a4ac5a384e81ffe⋯.jpg (181.5 KB, 1000x1415, 200:283, smug53.jpg)

File: 0b190f925271197⋯.jpg (476.84 KB, 800x1005, 160:201, smug42.jpg)

File: 57c2787e999dedb⋯.jpg (804.41 KB, 1500x1061, 1500:1061, smug38.jpg)

File: d2ba5b4c13b50d9⋯.png (889.32 KB, 799x600, 799:600, smug61.png)

File: 767e3c5b4b97a6e⋯.png (803.27 KB, 906x1080, 151:180, smug29.png)

Kikelord dead

8d9196  No.13494947



000000  No.13504001

Are these people even right pretending being Jews if they keep marrying with Whites to the point of erasing, all by themselves, the figments of Jewish DNA they still had?

Also be careful with Jewish traits, they're hard to spot in young women, but reveal themselves quickly around the late 30s or earlier.

That said, I have seen uglier White girls.

But it's also a kikeshield that's gone down. Hurray!


Put that way…


>Knowing the RKM, they probably raped and sodomized her and tortured her to death and then ate her.

Don't forget the acid in the vagina and roasted ovaries on a spike with a dash of honey near a camp fire.

000000  No.13504022



Hail Jah! Hail Jah!

O Lord, God of Jews,

A Jew is dead!

Verily, hail Jah!

'em cucks

000000  No.13504031


Proof of this troof?

6b0e5b  No.13504069


Neither of them are jews nor do they deserve to be designated as such - lest you be arguing against Hitler designating certain jews as "Honorary Aryans".

49b6af  No.13504113

Was this an intentional killing (framed as an "accident") or a legitimate accident? I find it suspicious in any case.

72be92  No.13506123


What is subject verb agreement?


Middletons genealogy is publicly available if you're curious. You can go back generations on any side and you will find nary a Jew in her line, in spite of your wishes to find cryptokikes lurking around every corner.

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