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File: 32865933c79cd7b⋯.png (122.42 KB, 1088x476, 16:7, Screenshot (2).png)

cd5a9e  No.13485891

There are actually not one, but 2 posts by someone who lives in Hawaii. They describe how the minority-White population is abused by the angry and resentful Native population, who is fed a daily dose of Anti-White propaganda.

This is not just his opinion as these are highly rated upvoted posts with many anons chiming in.

Hawaii is a real life example of what happens when Whites become a minority. It's a shame no one really knows of the true crimes committed against our people. The sad thing is that if Whites were in control of Hawaii, it would be a true paradise.



"Recently I attended a holiday party back on the mainland and ran into one of my old college friends. He had asked me a question people ask me quite often; “So how awesome is it living in Hawaii?”

Sure it has amazing weather, turquoise beaches, palm trees and rainbows. But deep down there is a much darker layer which is living in Hawaii.

Let’s start off with the architecture. Hawaii looks like a bunch of communist North Korean hybrids on meth built the place on a model of Russian buildings. It’s grey. It’s ghetto. It looks like a goddam third world country.

There is NO aloha, whatsoever. People here are on a completely different level. Call it communism, call it laziness. I call it madness. The locals are for the most part, illiterate and take great pride in being illiterate. To them, speaking proper English makes you a dork. They will laugh at you for being “too proper.” On top of that, native Hawaiians are some of the MOST racist people on the planet. If you are white OR black, you are immediately labeled a “haole.” An outsider, or proper translation; “soul-less”. They want their own country, they can have it honestly. Become a complete third world shithole like Samoa. Not a big loss. Have a monarchy worshipping that overly glorified giant man in a dress Queen Liliuokalani. If you don’t drive a Toyota Tacoma or your name isn’t Lashaun Kapono Ukelele Hapakuelele then you’re gonna have a bad time.

The government is so corrupt it deserves its own post.

Everything is 60% more expensive, but wages don’t match. Want a gallon of milk? You’re paying almost 10 dollars for that, sir.

The cost of living is astronomical. Average shitty Chinese communist era style house in the shitty Honolulu ghetto pisshole is 1,000,000.

The school system is the worst in our country. From bullying at the hands of Hawaiian kids, to hard drug use, to irresponsible teachers, furlough days every single Friday and half days every single Wednesday with PE once a month. What in the fuck?

People act like it’s so great here. Lots of young people (like myself) move here looking to soak up the sun and work an odd job and be adventurous. Meanwhile, an overweight Hawaiian dude in board shorts and flip flops with cracked dried feet and greasy hair will bust your window and steal your aux chord.

Don’t move here. Find yourself a nice place on the mainland and visit Hawaii at best."

a4beb6  No.13485901

The jew poisons everyone against us.

6d1e60  No.13485902

>Hawaii looks like a bunch of communist North Korean hybrids on meth built the place on a model of Russian buildings. It’s grey. It’s ghetto. It looks like a goddam third world country.

That's probably because it's only industry is being a military base. Also Hawaiians are shitty to other asians too especially flips, this is nothing new.

New Mexico isn't bad though despite being a 60% spic majority, although they are extremely racist against oaxacans, hondurans and gutemalans like regular mexicans are. This is a part of the country where people still put swasticas on their doors for good luck and worship Franco (largely because mexico's US-backed regime killed their grandparents at the time for being catholic).

b402d9  No.13485906


Hawaii is also a great historical example of the perils of open borders and unlimited immigration.

In 1776, Captain Cook breaks Hawaii's isolation from the rest of the World.

American Whalers soon make it a port of call for resupply.

Then New England Missionaries start coming.

By 1850, American Whites outnumber Native Hawaiians in their own homeland.

1898, Whites with American roots, overthrow the Hawaiian monarchy, and establish their own government that exists just long enough to ask the United States to annex them.

ffe7c9  No.13485945

The US should expel Hawaii from the Union and deport people of Hawaiian descent back, stripping them of citizenship and canceling all benefits previously promised to them no matter what they paid into it. Execute every last employee of Dole Fruit Company while we're at it. Massive portions of California and Texas should also be expelled and placed outside of the wall to be built after Trump is deposed and executed for treason. Just seize a strip of land that cuts across the Permian to Mountain Pass and blow the water supply into Vegas and LA counties.

deb52c  No.13485953

Hmm I warned my boomer family members not to move there but they didn't listen

20561f  No.13485961

I grew up there in 70s and 80s. They taught me to be racist.

20561f  No.13485964

>In Hawaii's "Rainbow" ethnic melange of peoples, "Haole" is the slang word used to describe Caucasians, and by itself is not a racial slur and has no pejorative connotations. Many visitors are haole, and may be targeted by criminals, but this is because they are vulnerable tourists, not because they are haole. There are rumors that in Hawaii the last day of school is called "Kill Haole Day". According to this rumor, on this day, "local" (nonwhite) children beat up, bully, and harass the "haole" or "white" children in their school. Some residents say there is little to no evidence or documentation of incidents involving "Kill Haole Day" or of Caucasian students being assaulted on specific days. Other residents dispute this. Hawaii schools have responded by saying that they take the initiative to achieve tolerance, safety, compassion, and acceptance for all students.

Right no one says there's a specific day because every day is kill haole day there. kek.

c1a0d0  No.13485979


I lived there for 3 months. I had a bad time. I enjoyed the nature and some solitude, but I didn't want the solitude. The buildings are horrific. The housing is awful. The locals are essentially beaners. Their yards are full of trash and cars. The white women there are the typical liberal skank, waiting to get married as they find themselves, while on prescription meds. Vacationers will fuck to pay for their vacation, as in sell sex. The vacationers are stupid as fuck too, going into the ocean like it's a pool. Trash everywhere. The islands are literally trashed. Windy roads feature tossed appliances, furniture, and junk in the corners. The wild parts of the island are still enjoyable as far as nature is concerned, but good luck going for a drive and not seeing dozens of rusted out, dead vehicles in yards.

Bicycling there was also a nightmare. The streets are never cleaned and the locals drive around tossing out glass bottles, drinking and driving.

Hawaii would be better as the natives used to live or with actual, whole island vacation things. But it's a mishmash of people trying to live, and the support systems that build the tourism.

I've seen so many disabled people wandering in the industrial sector, it was depressing.

c1a0d0  No.13485981


Also tons of drug use. I saw a drug deal go down with a literal infant present in a public parking lot in the front row of the store.

52b7f0  No.13485986

i don't see the big fucking deal. they're natives angry at being replaced in their own land, can you really blame them?

8b8abc  No.13485988

c1a0d0  No.13485989



What are we supposed to do though, give it back?

52b7f0  No.13485996




nah, but don't be surpised that you're treated badly in someone elses land. if europeans started hating immigrants and treating them like the Hawaiians do then we wouldn't have them in our countries

fc9c2b  No.13485999



Lets play spot the jew. Brown people aren't the same as whites kikes

984abb  No.13486004

File: 14e76a91b8365b1⋯.jpg (23.17 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 7_5_full.jpg)

RIP the dreams of my childhood, when I was watching Magnum P.I.

c1a0d0  No.13486006


I wasn't upset about being treated badly. That was the reddit post.

I was upset that the place was trashed.

Vacationers shouldn't have open access to the island. Every morning on Maui, there's is an insanely long conga line to travel the north 1 lane windy road to Hana for no real apparent reason other than restlessness. There's nothing out there except more island.

They hit campers really hard. You can't camp in the same place for more than 3 days and can't return for 30 days. And there's only like 3-5 campgrounds on the whole island. Car limitations, rental limitations, and even tourism limitations should be put in place.

ffe7c9  No.13486009


>What are we supposed to do though, give it back?

Yes. Hawaii is a drain on White America.

52b7f0  No.13486016


>dude it's not like the kikes want to forcibly mix everyone together into one mongrel 56% race

dumb kike lover. forced mixing of all races is what the kikes want, retard. i care about whites the most as they're my race but it's not a good thing having niggers and brownies get forcibly mixed by the kikes

c1a0d0  No.13486017


The natives were just the "first" to colonize it. Humans didn't sprout there. Or did they?

We've got layers of compounding colonization taking place.

The natives aren't exactly going to go back in time to when they didn't have cars.

And they weren't exempt from conflict with neighbor tribes.

fc9c2b  No.13486021


I never mentioned race-mixing you jew

ffe7c9  No.13486023


What the fuck are you babbling about?

c1a0d0  No.13486027

I say fuck the Hawaiians.

Get the drugs off the street and off the island. Clean up the tourism nonsense. Organize the tourism much better. Give the locals a better model for living as cohabitants. The trashing of the houses is just ridiculous. The cheapness of the housing is absurd. The price to rent/buy vs the cost of the materials is absolutely ridiculous. Cheapest shit buildings worth double your monthly income.

I saw a group of 6 guys sitting in the front yard under a tilted ez-up smoking bongs, drinking beer, and playing cards or who knows what.

There's too much foreign money from other countries dicking over what should be a specific model.

000000  No.13486029


Correction: that is what happens when white people don't genocide jews and shitskins.

c1a0d0  No.13486030

There's no reason to sit in your car ripping a bong when you're literally 20 feet from the ocean. Go out and sit on a rock and feel the sound of the waves and the myst of the water.

ffe7c9  No.13486031


This post is pretty much textbook as to why conservative, imperial trash aren't allies of White America. Just non-stop solutions to problems that go away if all you do is cut them off and stop pretending their a functional part of the nation. We don't need pineapples, even if Dole's shareholders do.

4509d8  No.13486032


>yield land not quell hoard, fellow Whites!


ffe7c9  No.13486033


Useless land that hurts more than helps. Dumb as a box of rocks.

248906  No.13486039

What about the minority black population?

7885bc  No.13486041

Honestly, I'd give Hawaiians back their country. It was only consumed for strategical purposes by the U.S. in Asia and it's perfectly situated and center in the pacific ocean. Besides that it's nothing more than a retirement vacation spot by white people that's now turned into some silly idea of a state. It's no more of a state than Puerto Rico is. More of a territory than anything else only held onto and supported for those very military strategic purposes. We'd actually gain far more respect if we pulled all non-hawaiians out of place, gave it back to them to run, and dealt with them on a friendly respectful basis. The people themselves do not matter with regards to our people. The idea of having to dominate all these races physically is what got us into this mess.

If it turns to Haiti so be it but good relations nonetheless. I'm sure they'd be happy to have their royalty back and no longer having to deal with European multiculturalism that was forced on them. What makes me so sure they're willing to take such an olive branch? For the same strategic purposes mentioned. They may be tired of the U.S. as most people are by now, but they also realize their importance and Asia is desperately looking at places such as Hawaii. They wont be allowed to go too off the walls for fear China gobbles them up and if they think China will be a good long lasting partner they need only look to Africa who are desperately calling for white relations back.

c1a0d0  No.13486042


There's an entire swath of Maui that is wild sugar fields because the farms were abandoned due to Thailand's cheaper sugar production. It wasn't cost efficient. They couldn't out compete them. So there's all this wild sugar swinging in the breeze.

52b7f0  No.13486043


kike shill

ffe7c9  No.13486048


Nobody fucking cares.

c1a0d0  No.13486051


I suppose you think we should all move back to Europe and give America back to the natives?

I think we need to kick out the foreign money.

How are foreigners able to buy US land?

Makes no sense to me. You should be a citizen to be able to buy land here.

So many nations have their hand in Hawaii. 99 year leases are very common. You can't buy some hotel rooms in Oahu. You buy a lease holding. Japs buy a hotel building property and they sell leases to individual rooms. So if you buy a lease, you have to rebuy it at the end of its term.

So people buy the lease and rent it out to pay for it. It's layered sales.

6ad3b6  No.13486057

I hate all brown islanders: filipinays, samoans, tongans, Cambodians, Puerto Ricans, hatians, etc etc. They are all fucking scum. There are many samoans in my neighborhood and they are a different breed of nigger, just as lazy and dumb, but from the islands. The churches vouch for these "people" to immigrate from the islands and when they get here they don't know how to behave, be useful, decent, or anything worthwhile. They becomes niggers in every respect because whitey gave them a better life, so fuck whitey. I say kill all Jews, then muslims, spics, black niggers, then island niggers. Whoever is left also gets free lead shots.

ffe7c9  No.13486060


>I suppose you think we should all move back to Europe and give America back to the natives?

No one thinks this here. See, once you start understanding the motives of conservatives, their arguments take on a very different color. It's always about making sure Whites cannot consolidate and form brotherhood, which would lead to closer community and better living standards. You can't look at conservatives the same way once it really clues in for you.

0dcad4  No.13486068


Hawaiians want to work like Hawaiians but consume like Europeans. Hotbed of communism.

762a02  No.13486071



ffe7c9  No.13486072


Who cares what they want? Cut the cord and stop worrying about it.

c1a0d0  No.13486083


We dispersed to survive from corruption.

ffe7c9  No.13486085


More nonsense from a subversive conservative.

c1a0d0  No.13486092


I'm all for what you seek. I legitimately don't know how to attain it. Where are we supposed to go back to? Europe is browning as we speak. Are you suggesting we go back without speaking the language and kick them out? England is a start?

ffe7c9  No.13486097


>Where are we supposed to go back to?

Nowhere, you dumb fucking muppet. Filtered.

0dcad4  No.13486098


We should have just bought some naval port footage in exchange for beads and liquor. What fucking bleeding hearts decided we should try to uplift them?

c1a0d0  No.13486106


You assume they're an innocent object without any desires or will.

ffe7c9  No.13486108


We don't need a fucking naval port in Hawaii. For what?

c1a0d0  No.13486111


For cush station duty

7885bc  No.13486123


>I suppose you think we should all move back to Europe and give America back to the natives?

That's a little melodramatic. It's about learning your role in the geopolitical sense and America has blundered it from the start trying to have it all. Hitler was even smart to realize our true geopolitical interests were predominately in the Americas North and South and Asia, but we decided to try and do all of that and then Europe and Africa. No nation can hold onto that much long term and your assets in one place will ultimately weaken you in another, which is exactly whats happening.

I agree we need to kick out foreign money and any assets owned by foreigners should be returned at the price bought and them prevented from buying future assets. An easy solution to all our problems with foreign assets is to nationalize them if push comes to shove, but the downside is you're going to burn every bridge by doing so, so simply returning their investment and taking them is much more practical and has been done numerous times in history. You can move entire populations out of places like Hawaii by returning their investments to the purchaser. The only complaint is not making a profit off that investment but the funds can safely be returned. At that point whether the Hawaiian people wanted to let other nations invest would be up to them. At the end of the day anyways all investors risk losing all their assets in a foreign country. It's a matter of gambling and not being the guy left standing when the musical chairs end. That cycle is repetitious and every investor knows, or should know that.

ffe7c9  No.13486141


The solution to all our problems is severing unproductive, parasitic, and entirely non-national appendages of this faggot nigger empire with zero regard for what effect it has on entrenched capital.

c1a0d0  No.13486146


>At that point whether the Hawaiian people wanted to let other nations invest would be up to them.


They'll take the money every time.

813fe5  No.13486156


>How are foreigners able to buy US land?

Free trade. The jews sold it under the disguise of getting global access to all the goods for cheap, and now you're finding out that human labor is also a commodity that can be freely exchanged for cheap. Voila globalism and the extermination of all all nations, countries, cultures, religions, family units, bloodlines, freedom and safety in exchange for the race to the bottom of slavery.

5db752  No.13486172


It's all true. The people there are the absolute worst kind of lazy. It infects people that visit because it's acceptable.

I never like being trapped in the tourist areas. Exploring the island was kind of a wake up call. I really think the only 3 things prevents every brown from chimping out are the welfare, inability to hide, and pleasant heat.

I'm in Seattle a lot and I'm seeing the same trends. Wealthy liberals hide in gated communities and are never effected by the policies they vote in.

c1a0d0  No.13486183


It's fucking hawaii. The food grows wildly in your yard, every kind of fruit. The storms are rarely life threatening. You don't even need mud housing let alone sheetrock. You spend so much time at the beach or in the soft dirt that your house gets wrecked anyways. And the constant wind destroys your paint.

Up higher on the mountains are the nice houses which are like another world.

0dcb0e  No.13486216



Why are all you cancerous faggots posting here? Lurk more you fucking faggots. You've already ruined this board and its gotten 5x as worse in the past 3 months.

bd9574  No.13486218


Hawaii has never had a white majority, from when it became a state to now.

There are areas that have become completely nonwhite that are good for looking at what happens when whites leave, but Hawaii isn't one of those areas. If anything, Oahu has a fuckton of white homeless from middle America on its beaches.

73603c  No.13486224

If it wasn't for Captain Cook arriving in Hawaii, those dumb pineapple eating niggers would still be eating each other instead of eating their precious spam.

6e79a1  No.13486227

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ha, I just watched this video interview of Laird Hamilton the greatest surfer in the world just five minutes ago on this very subject.

6e79a1  No.13486240

I have met beautiful Hawaians that went out of their way to be kind to me. I've met a few assholes for sure, but they're nowhere near as bad as West Coast Canadian Indians. Nowhere near as bad. There used to be this six foot tall 300lb Hawaian drag queen that hung around Ala Moana that would giggle and bat his eyes at guys he fancied.

Nothing like hearing screaming late at night, and then gunshots with the bullets ripping through the air out to sea and then the sound of tires burning out with a roaring engine as someone escaped the scene of the atrocity. Ahhh Honolulu…..so romantic.

cafc75  No.13486280

File: 15b352121a7a173⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Do not forget;

High Crime n drugs (Meth/Ice)

No "Lost Dog" signs, pooch was Bar-B-Q.

Everyone on Dole to tune of $65K average.

Train to Nowhere.

Democratic Run.

No Jobs.

Every Month a Cop gets arrested for smuggling drugs.

Haole is not a term of endearment, it is Racist.

Sex Trafficking rampant, Illegal Prostitution rampant.


9837ab  No.13486283


This. Imperialism = whites babysitting nonwhites who will hate and resent us and drain our resources while never thanking us for making them better than they would have been.

Hawaii is pretty, but we don't need it. Fuck Hawaii and fuck the Hawaiians. If you can't stomach conquest, i.e. taking land and killing the inhabitants, that's fine. But don't take land, then. Either kill them all or pull out entirely and let them regress back to whatever mean they are capable of sustaining on their own.

Nonwhites do not have a right to have access to white people, and whites do not have some moral duty or obligation to permit that access or babysit nonwhites.

In an age of aircraft carriers and long range tactical deployment of aircraft, we no longer need strategic islands to project power, assuming we even care to project. There's certainly no reason to own Hawaii when Australia exists and is actually our land and part of the anglosphere.

Fuck Hawaii. Unilaterally pull out and let them rot. "Muh they need to follow a system," no nigger you need to put your own people first.

ffe7c9  No.13486285


Nobody wants the US empire more than jews and their servants.


Seek union with Canada. Everything you push is just more niggers, more niggers, more niggers, more niggers. Anything to keep soaking up debt. Anything to move more units of brand names shoes and paper towels and toothpaste and ray-bans. People see through it now, conservative subversive.

c1a0d0  No.13486327


Hawaii needs the same fixes as the rest of the world. End the reign of the secret Jew. Many wrongs will be righted in Hawaii after that. End the Fed.

1d7e8d  No.13486342


that's fine as long as they are all nuked.

a4b323  No.13486345


You're confusing "has never been white" with "when white people leave". Hawaii has always been a sleepy little archipelago, regardless of how much money is being made or how many people are there and that's how the people there like it. Would a little civic pride and a functioning government make things better? Most assuredly. Would it change the whole "island living" paradigm? No. These complaints are from upper middle class white kids who have never lived around the poor of any race (ugh, a truck on blocks in the yard and the fence is falling down? I can't even right now) and go to Hawaii (probably Honolulu lmao) expecting it to be this Disney-esque tropical wonderland only to find out that it's dysfunctional, insanely expensive and full of working-class people on welfare unless you have enough money to live on top of a mountain or on a farm.

1d7e8d  No.13486346


yeah, can't give up the 100s of military bases all over the world.

the US is cancer.

ffe7c9  No.13486351


If you didn't want to give it up, you wouldn't have given it up.

ffe7c9  No.13486353


You're filtered, too, by the way. Engaging with you multicult milshills is a waste of time. Feel free to reciprocate.

c3351e  No.13486354


The real question is why an "independent" group of people believes kike shit on TV. Sage because you niggers anchored my thread on the Odinist lady who was almost killed from how shit Hawaii is, and how no one cared and it (((wasn't important))) then.

Kikes drilling for oil set off a goddamn giant volcano which created a literal apocalypse. She was sick and broke because kikes had pushed her out of employment, and no great White heroes would do anything about it. I saved her because I am more of a man than you gay faggot mods. Daily reminder that the real heroes among us are few. If you are a regular here and you just let all the pro-whites die, how are you any better than the enemy?


This is a very valid point. Too bad "Whites" don't do a Gods-damned thing anymore.


Whites will give up land. They aren't doing anything more aggressive, and it's the least aggressive option. Learn to spell "kike."


This is correct. Hawaiians are entitled to their own area and we are entitled to ours.

dc9211  No.13486371


>Hawaii is entitled to fixes

Not if they can't implement them by themselves they aren't, niggerlover. Stop advocating for whites babysitting shitskins and trying to hide it behind non-existent rights and fictional entitlements. Not one further penny or single minute of a white man's time should be spent on them. Kick them out of the union, pull out and forget about them. Any solution that is any variation of us paying for their shit, giving them something, or running their shit for them, is boomer cuckoldry.

99fb35  No.13486449

File: f52d1d47a9a5adc⋯.png (460.04 KB, 422x640, 211:320, J.Q. Higgins III_classy.png)


Higgins classy af. Niggger flying a helicopter => bad idea.

a26916  No.13486482


well what do you expect, /pol/ is full of reddit, Physical work is always more tangible than armchair doomsaying.

/pol/ has a better time applying stealthy redpills to juvenile detention centers with predominantly white kids. If you show them that the system feeds off of their suffering they might just turn their life around. A little goes a long way, but redditshit always stays the same.

6793fb  No.13486486

6793fb  No.13486488


Someone make this man president

984abb  No.13486544

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I remember the episode when they were fighting in the jungle, it was great. Also the classic in vid related.

6d83c8  No.13486581

You know I never really thought of Hawaii even having a significant amount of natives. I guess that's what happens when you give lower races the benefits of modern agriculture, and welfare though…

e77492  No.13486606


whites do not control and never will control, the US government, whites are giving up nothing

e91c47  No.13486618





































99fb35  No.13486634

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Feed them to the fishes in the Oceans. They all have to be put back on their own evolutionary timelines. Tikkun Olam kikes, virtue signaling Churches and Globo-Homo Democracy have done the same here with Mesolithic Red Injuns and Eskimos. They aren't more than 400K in population, but monopolize hundreds of millions in tax revenue, land holdings, juridical expenses and policy exceptions. I wish the Occident were more aggressive on these demographic burdens. Clawing back gibs and capitalist access to western technology would be a good start.

c1a0d0  No.13486644


All we're talking about is functional law enforcement. We're not even babysitting them properly. Sex trafficking, prostitution, and drugs are off the charts active.

e2b83b  No.13486702

>>13485999 (checked)

You know what's weird? Every time I encounter anti-Slavs who say that Germany should ethnically cleanse Poland because German borders aren't what they were in 1905, I point out that for the most part, European borders match ethnic majorities to a tee for White people, anyway. Their next response is to scream about how that means that detroit belongs to blacks. When I point out that White people are different than blacks and thus deserve more considerations for where we live, the anti-Slavs act like I am being ideologically inconsistent.

e77492  No.13486704


nah here's your (2)

cd5a9e  No.13486716


What's funny is that we dont really own the land. They do, they elect their own representatives. Especially considering that Whites are a minority anyway.

99fb35  No.13486729

99fb35  No.13486741


Thx, anon.

db0a1f  No.13486808

Whites on Hawaii are tourists, deep state, or rentier class. Should any be allowed to escape the lava?

6e79a1  No.13486965

No discussion of Hawaii is complete without mentioning the Mormons. The Mormons seem deeply tied in with the entire Captain Mahan imperialistic domination of the Pacific plan. And that is all tied up AGAIN with America's energy demands. It was the age when coal was king. And as Captain Mahan said in his famous aphorism; "whoever controls Manchuria, controls the world". Manchuria was to coal what the Middle East is to oil. There was actually a "we're running out of coal" scare in the late 1800's just like the scare that we're running out of oil. So the US had to control Manchuria. The japs felt the same way, hence WWII in the Pacific. Hawaii is vital to that.

It's not so much the tourists that have fucked Hawaii. It's the military in Pearl Harbor.

2f508a  No.13486970

Hawaii doesn't have a good climate for white folks. The UV ray index in Hawaii is in the danger zone for most of the year. The humidity is usually over 50% for most of the year, combined with 80+ degree temps for most of the year as well. If you aren't swimming in the ocean, then you'll be hot, sweaty, and miserable. And due to the fact that it's a damn island in the middle of the ocean, everything will be astronomically expensive because it has to be shipped there by boat or plane. Eventually a massive volcanic eruption or super-tsunami will wreck much of the islands.

6e79a1  No.13486993


YOu left out one important ingredient though; the constant trade winds which are totally refreshing and blow away any insects. I spent 5 weeks there one January and every day was like Labor Day, a gorgeous Indian Summer day with a refreshing breeze snapping the flags on their flagpoles. The best thing to do is avoid Honolulu except for the weight room at the YMCA gym. Breakfast at Duke's Barefoot Bar on the beach (get there at 7AM for a beach front table) and dinner at Smorgy's. Spend the day at Waimea Bay swiming in huge surf. Swim out of the bay to the outside reef surf breaks. Wear stubby fins with velcro ankle straps so you don't lose them in the surf that will otherwise rip them off your feet. Amazing.

If I ever fall ill I'm going to Hawaii to get cured by that amazing atmosphere and sunshine.

bd9574  No.13487022


>insanely expensive and full of working-class people on welfare unless you have enough money to live on top of a mountain or on a farm.

In the last few years, it's also full of homeless on the beaches living off welfare kek

e14d83  No.13487027


You're either a kike or a boomer. The US has always been a kike golem. Kys.

5809ff  No.13487028

File: 2565b693cfb8b5a⋯.jpg (46.98 KB, 545x549, 545:549, 8-Idiocracy-quotes.jpg)

The locals are for the most part, illiterate and take great pride in being illiterate. To them, speaking proper English makes you a dork. They will laugh at you for being “too proper.”

Sounds like a scene from the movie Idiocracy.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py37IFuKxYw Fag-talk

Guess Mike judge was ahead of his time again.

508e44  No.13487065

Hawaiians are a global minority so they are higher on the reactionary stack

deb52c  No.13487083


Oh shit is Odinia okay? I forgot she was out there

258ab6  No.13487118

>unironically linking to reddit

>quoting a reddit post

kys and reported

8ab68b  No.13487142

File: da2a9366aa5675a⋯.png (565.2 KB, 1024x776, 128:97, coon bomb.png)

File: 0aec2f84b4a240d⋯.jpg (165.07 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, royal palace.jpg)


Stop giving up the best land. There is no shitskin locals on Hawaii those are invading samoan scum that need to be tossed back in to the ocean and told to start swimming back to their shithole. Whites won the land and the only reason why all these shitskin pineapple niggers didn't get cleansed by the Japs a hundred years ago. So the islands belong to Whites even in these shitskins own rules the only thing we didn't do is genocide and eat them like the shitskin islanders would do after a tribal war. So by shitskin islander law Whites must cleanse all the shitskin islanders.

California doesn't belong to the beaners either it has the best weather and the best landscape with the largest coastline of any state. With some of the only ethnic British towns in the USA

California and Hawaii are worth fighting over its just a bunch of shitskins artificially placed there recently by a few kikes. Guess what its much easier kicking people out then it is feeding and tolerating their subhuman antics.

picrelated for the average shitskin islander

fb96a2  No.13487247

>Let the Hawaiians have Hawaii

How about no. I don't see any difference from subjugating Hawaii to colonizing America. Both were inhabited by foreign races and not all of them belonged to the same tribe but that's not the point. The nature of this world is conquest and struggle; there is no reason to want to willingly give up land because another race is squatting on it.

In an ideal situation our birthrates would be high enough to completely overtake Hawaii as inherently white lands.

0c49ea  No.13487264


Good, no native deserves any modern technology. They need to be punished for using any modern day creation.

83e019  No.13487614


They are a conquered people, spared extermination by a gracious European Christian civilization, which invited them to partake in the peaks of human advancement. This is better treatment than their ancestors ever gave to a foreign people. They are savage ingrates.

fd0f6c  No.13487634


The first picture is funny.

If the Jews wanted Iran out of the way extremely quickly all they would need to do is import millions of niggers into their country.

f7d3c8  No.13487642

>multi kulti mutt not welcomed in native ethno quasi state

Who would have thought?

f7d3c8  No.13487654


Stay mad. Alohaniggers had nothing to do with Europe, and Prussia is German land.

ffe7c9  No.13487666


You are an absolute moron. Southern California is a parasitic DESERT that can't exist without huge amounts of water being pumped in from far away. Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific ocean, it can't sustain itself without an extreme importation regiment, and is full of people who are a net negative.

I can't fucking STAND nigger lovers like you. Miss the forest for the trees EVERY TIME. Thinking like you do nearly destroyed the Turks until they got a guy into office who consolidated the core territory and ensured the survival of their state.

859bcb  No.13487668


Sounds like an Indian Reservation in the USA.

7bf416  No.13487677

File: d70da09bfbb2459⋯.jpg (69.99 KB, 750x739, 750:739, ouzwlxm8qiez.jpg)

File: c7542f1412d0928⋯.jpg (272.21 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, t3_6ragh2.jpg)

File: 2204c0acc09891a⋯.jpg (393.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2204c0acc09891a825e0d4d19d….jpg)

File: fb808c3dacd467c⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 5116x3410, 2558:1705, fb808c3dacd467ca35a5ad1cb2….jpg)

"Tropical paradise" is a nigger brained boomer meme in the first place. We weren't built to thrive in equatorial mosquito pits or volcano turd islands.

45d3eb  No.13487678


>bullying at the hands of Hawaiian kids

<Kill a Haole Day is an actual thing there

3bc1a6  No.13487686

File: fc5b754a1675d54⋯.gif (921.21 KB, 480x360, 4:3, radiant cool nightmare man.gif)


>complete sentences












7bf416  No.13487690

File: b87f177feedd809⋯.png (223.47 KB, 500x472, 125:118, b87.png)


<Why cant I ban what I don't like REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

If you didn't want your mod powers taken from you, you shouldn't have been such a nigger loving faggot.

d3f81f  No.13487691

File: 25d0705d6fb28fe⋯.jpg (26.4 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 4_19_w_full.jpg)




Best Magnum Pi ep is "Death and Taxes" se7 ep5

Was like Miami vice vs the joker.

Obama brought the magnum pi mansion used in the show and knocked it down last year to build a new home

b2caf4  No.13487707



Oh come on there's gotta be some type of bioweapon or other plan that can be used instead of fucking nuking things.

Destroying beautiful areas in nature (I.E. Hawaii) just so you can remove shitskins is a horrible tradeoff.

b9432b  No.13487730


From what I heard from Mike Rivero, it was never even properly ratified (or something) and shouldn't even legally be state.

75b359  No.13487758


>Too bad "Whites" don't do a Gods-damned thing anymore.



kill yourself faggot

75b359  No.13487778

File: 797b71b74a0090b⋯.jpg (75.16 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, hes right you know.jpg)

75b359  No.13487792

File: 48c203484b7380a⋯.png (18.54 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, puerto rico.png)


no states will ever be given up. the US is a plantation and citizen are tax slaves. why would the plantation want to give up taxpayers? if anything, we'll probably just gain more states.

75b359  No.13487832


no one cares about niggers in hawaii. stop spamming this

75b359  No.13487842


found out today this movie was co-written by an israeli kike. true story.


642277  No.13487928


>You can't camp in the same place for more than 3 days and can't return for 30 days. And there's only like 3-5 campgrounds on the whole island.

Because people move down there and live on the beach. I understand that one completely.

d0771e  No.13488018


Fucking this

fad02c  No.13488021

File: 9bf3ce5cde8e137⋯.jpg (75.05 KB, 650x480, 65:48, mw-paina-tanioka-nw-1.jpg)


Went there (Oahu) for a couple of weeks recently, and it was quite pleasant. Though, it was rather overcrowded for my suburban sensibilities. Everything is very expensive over there too. But, we got free food from Tanioka's Seafoods & Catering just for clearly being from the mainland (Most of us are white). So, we went back and he gave us even more free food. He just kept giving us extra stuff. Great guy!

Though, I do seem to remember being told not to go to certain places after night. Naturally, we avoided those places, and had no problems. Definitely not third world conditions anywhere I actually got to see. It was rather quite nice. Not many toilets though. I was informed about the corrupt government by the people there. Worth visiting, but I personally wouldn't live there either. Maybe a different island.

1fa241  No.13488088


>native hawaiians forever hostile to foreign interlopers

implying this isnt based

>virgin skinny white resort dweller, the chad obese hawaiian shrimpshack/poke hut restauranteur

1fa241  No.13488095


>northern climates arent covered in mosquitos

t. future west nile victim

b1297f  No.13488115


This but Puerto Rico instead, fuck the ricans into the dirt. Mulatto Island takes and takes and takes, and gives nothing in return despite not even being a fucking actual state.

The only reason Cuba had any chance in the first place is because it was populated overwhelmingly by Mediterranean immigrants for hundreds of years before Castro forced them out to make way for Angolan,Nigerian, and Hatian comrades.

b1297f  No.13488124


It took me a few years to realize sparing a group of extermination was a cruel act. All it does is make them grow bitter that they could never defeat you in the first place. It would be better to absolutely obliterate sub-humans in the first place. You let them stick around, and suddenly they get to own massive chunks of un-taxed land for free.

42bf1f  No.13488152


Interesting. And a bit sad to see what greediness causes.

42bf1f  No.13488167


Cambodia isn't an island though (if they still are niggers, then they still are), and haitians are black niggers.

fc9079  No.13488733


Don't Hawaiian whites have the 2nd amendment?

d3e814  No.13488741


I was just there and I have family that lives there and works there. Obviously, island niggers want their own island. The Hawaiian separatist movement could be used as a Trojan horse for introducing the idea of ethnic homes for every race back into the American psyche.

Otherwise, yes, whites are second class citizens along with niggers. There are „haole“ areas and developed areas, and then there are shitty island nigger areas.

We have three military bases on Oahu alone….

801164  No.13488763


Puerto Rico actually gives back more to the U.S than what is given to them

d70efb  No.13488790


>found out today this movie was co-written by an israeli kike. true story.

After being on this website for 4 years now I can't enjoy anything : /

22710c  No.13489008


Bacardi rum doesn't count

e2b83b  No.13489029


Come and take it, kike.

010e44  No.13489032

The Hawaiians finally figured out that the only way to drive out the Jew is to drive out the "white." Based and taropilled.

0c6fc8  No.13489223

File: f7192c8cfeedac9⋯.jpg (22.75 KB, 500x330, 50:33, mahimahi.jpg)


I have to agree with this.

Those fat pineapple/spam eating lazy faggots rip the haole off daily, and they sell bunk weed to the tourists

They get their children in on the scam as well. The children will encourage the tourist to buy the weed because "it's so good!" Why do these scummy faggots let their children smoke weed, and probably use other drugs, and participate in fraud?

I can speak from personal experience

Their people's history isn't like the movie Moana; it's more like a jungle mass-pedophilia kikewood wet-dream

These obese nigger samoans should have been shoah'ed a long time ago.

83957d  No.13489242

Hawaiin locals have always been like this, literally always. To be honest I have no problem with Hawaiins hating on those who aren't their own but up until the 90s it was mainly predicated on mainlanders and foreigners. They weren't terrible to them but they just preferred to be left alone and took care of their own. However after that time period Hawaii changed massively… significantly…. just monumentally and that would be an understatement.

Everybody points to California as the biggest den of the libtard HQ but it is actually Hawaii where the "progressives" moved in around the late 90s, bought huge plots of land displacing the local populace and building massive structures both above and below ground on the main island and the smaller chain islands. Oahu is still pretty much as you would expect and is a good tourist destination and mellow overall but it is all a front to hide what goes on with the other islands (big island and smaller ones). The fact that Obama, Zuckerberg, Podesta and Bezos all live in the same area next to each other should speak volumes to people along with their construction which moved massive amounts of earth from the ground and build downward.

What it is I have no idea of course but they spent billions upon billions in contracts mostly to Chinese companies to build something under the ground. This isn't some secret thing either as the contracts were well known across the islands and the amount of steel, fiber optics and everything else brought in for the projects was just massive. In Hawaii you can't really hide things coming in that well since everybody can basically go to Waikiki and see the ships unloading. Again, no idea what they built but they spent a lot doing it and brought in a huge amount of materials. Like next level huge amount. More than the amount of ships you saw with China when they built those manmade islands. Just a fleet of shipping containers.

8fc021  No.13489297

File: a75ca9764f80823⋯.jpg (47.8 KB, 840x630, 4:3, Gerald 'put-a-slug-in-ever….jpg)


>They describe how the minority-White population is abused by the angry and resentful Native population

This is why I won't live in Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan.

8fc021  No.13489306

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





>mfw I'm actually Magnum PEI

8a9aef  No.13489309


>boomer posting

i hope your tour guide unironically spit in your "free" food

8fc021  No.13489313


>It was only consumed for strategical purposes by the U.S. in Asia and it's perfectly situated and center in the pacific ocean.

They kicked the locals out of Diego Garcia and thus don't have a camp follower problem. Nor a bunch of Q-LARPers looking for underground child rape dungeons with wifi.

8fc021  No.13489315

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Their people's history isn't like the movie Moana; it's more like a jungle mass-pedophilia kikewood wet-dream

Will there be long grain rice that's ready in five minutes?

0d851f  No.13489324


>kike posting

I'm just relaying my experience. Plus, we didn't have a tour guide.

ff052a  No.13489975

File: ee6e587b51a9574⋯.jpg (36.47 KB, 480x719, 480:719, sentence_after.jpg)


this is like the same as teaching niggers to read. they cant and it dont belong

cef9b9  No.13490201


if you care about the medium, perhaps you should go back to halfchan.

it doesn't matter that it's from reddit, what matters is the message being said.

6104f9  No.13490231

>If you are white OR black, you are immediately labeled a “haole.”

So basically they're a bunch of Nationalists and you don't belong there in the first place. Kinda like Uncircumcised Korea.

fb631e  No.13490311


Why not? We'd lose a blue state.

fb631e  No.13490315


>I suppose you think we should all move back to Europe and give America back to the natives?

You say this like every inch of NA was occupied by natives. America and Hawaii are hardly equivalent.

dce40f  No.13490330

Hawaiians are justifiably upset that we removed their awesome hypersexed culture that had constant blowjobs from girls all the time. No wonder they think we lack soul.

adc66f  No.13490341


Gonna need some proof on that one m8

919679  No.13490363


>give up MORE WHITE LAND, you fucking goyim!

What is this obsession with marginal lands full of brown people? And then trying to turn it around on someone else? If you have the Bakken, the tar sands, the Great Lakes, the Mississippi, the St. Lawrence, what is the obsession with podunk Hawaii? Are you literally a Dole shareholder? Or just a niggerskin mil-shill?

26e8b9  No.13490371

File: 40c1de4fd0d4a9c⋯.jpg (13.24 KB, 181x203, 181:203, 8f0.jpg)


LOL, and you people call yourselves ethnonationalists?

Hawaiians were living just fine before Europeans.

>waa, it costs a lot to live here

It's a fucking bunch of islands. Want milk? Go raise a cow. See how easy it is on a bunch of volcanic rock. Want gas? You'll have to import it.

What a bunch of whining by a bunch of travelling hippies who don't have a job. Hawaiians telling smelly hippies (who expect to finance their surfing trip on love and friendship) to suck their dick is fucking BASED.

OP, you really do suck.

0c6fc8  No.13490512

File: 05842a409e5deeb⋯.png (1.19 MB, 942x661, 942:661, civilization.png)


>Hawaiians were living just fine before Europeans.

No, they weren't. Pedophilia is not "fine" you faggot retard

All land belongs to whites, you shit-eating cucklord nigger

37ba61  No.13490607

File: fcded8e6738c1d0⋯.jpg (39.88 KB, 545x290, 109:58, a2cdcc5529f678b24a0dd6283b….jpg)


You are clearly delusional, at this case you are advocating for a war with an ethnic group of naitives in Hawaii for resenting whites living in there. The solution of nature is simple, leave the Island or conquer the people, there are no other alternatives, personally Hawaii is unimportant but for U.S military it is a strategic military base and location.

37ba61  No.13490616


>All land belongs to the whites

>All land belongs to the chosen people

Are you Jewish?

0c6fc8  No.13490626


White != Jew


37ba61  No.13490639

File: b129f6db4abffb5⋯.jpg (37.56 KB, 450x450, 1:1, image0123.jpg)


You clearly resent the people of Hawaii and want to conquer their land without them defending themselves. Own identitarian view while not perceiving of the other sides prespective. I don't know if that is your typical american culture to not view other peoples interest in understanding the patterns than to kill everything you see like in Vietnam, go and serve israel you like the goym you are with no national identity or heritage.

0c6fc8  No.13490670

File: 0d75e315f754d36⋯.png (1.03 MB, 634x1643, 634:1643, illegalsgoback.png)


Fuck off with your milktoast views, you faggot retard

Conquering lands for whites, because whites own the world, does not equate to fighting wars for jews you shit-eating retard

09f1de  No.13490676


Sounds like a typical nation state in the internationalist post modern world

960ea8  No.13490707


kikes aren't White, nigger

ee6c86  No.13490818


That's why it's called Best Korea

ee6c86  No.13490841


Which of these lands are controlled by Whites?

0c6fc8  No.13490941


I said owned

Learn to read

ee6c86  No.13490949


Which of these lands is owned by Whites?

180ace  No.13490977

File: 5cd5364e59715a7⋯.jpg (212.27 KB, 640x826, 320:413, Kill_the_Fly.jpg)



Get out, you fucking nigger.

37ba61  No.13491040


Keep telling that lie to yourself when you sleep at night on foreign soil.

8ee166  No.13491111


Yeah, there is: it's called conquer and then exterminate the people.

0c6fc8  No.13491137


I'm white, and you are defending a liberal shit eating faggot; your brother

8ecc7b  No.13491756



He's right. Same thing with New Zealand. Their "natives" had only been there a few hundred to a thousand or two years. They are shipwrecked chinks who get revered and babied like those who worship "Native Americans" and "First Nations" people in North America.

They're literally nothing special, just a group of people who lived on an island. They did nothing else. Just existed barely.

60f99c  No.13491781


There were Native empires that knew how to build pyramids - something we can't figure out to this day. It would have been nice to learn that before killing them all.

a8375d  No.13491796


My roommates brother was killed around a decade ago by a drunk driver in Hawaii (he had a contracted job there). This enlightens me as to a possible cause of why his older brother died there. Fuck Hawaii.

6e79a1  No.13491810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's all volcanic. If you buy a really nice home there it could wind up being in the way of a freshly erupted lava flow, or just as bad some leaking hydrogen sulfide gasses from volcanic fissures could make the entire side of the island you're living on a hellish nightmare of foul smelling air.

6e79a1  No.13491821

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6e79a1  No.13491830


Western Civilization has truly ruined the entire South Pacific. Look at Bikini Atoll. It's a nuclear wasteland that was originally a paradise on earth.

b1f735  No.13492634


>It's a shame no one really knows of the true crimes committed against our people

Darkies love raping wanderlust white girls and throwing them into the ocean.


>Whites with American roots, overthrow the Hawaiian monarchy

You mean unaware Marines used as goons by the Dole family.


This anon knows.


>Western Civilization

Or what kikes did to it?

c1a0d0  No.13492670


Wow, dude, happy to help with the resolve.

Yeah, you can see it in their eyes when they're driving, they hate the tourists that don't know the roads.

I talked to a state park person about getting around the island and time it takes to get around, she gave two completely different times for average and "if you whip it." lol

The more you drive a road, the more practice you have on it, the faster you can take turns and corners.

When you come around enough corners where there isn't oncoming traffic (talking one lane roads about 1.3 to 2.5 car widths wide), you get over confident. Then when you're stuck behind a slow driver, it's like being in hell because that person doesn't know the roads at all, doesn't even know windy road courtesy to pull over and let faster cars pass.

So you've got these locals that have mastered island living etiquette that are constantly bombarded with moron noobies. It wears people down to the point that they get self-destructive because on island world, there's nothing to do, nothing to build up to when your basic life is blocked by constant flow of noobs.

Drug use and boredom activities rise up.

Bike shop guy told me flat out and early on that glass was a problem from locals driving around drunk. Cops barely slap their wrists I guess.

I got 2 pieces of glass going up the main mountain, not even near civilization.

I got some flats rolling around in town, and another on the 60 mile loop around some mountains. I was always dodging glass on the road in town. It was pretty stressful to ride around, always thinking I'd get a flat.

Always patching, pumping, and replacing tubes. Clockwork.

c1a0d0  No.13492675


Something we can't figure out to this day?

What kind of horse shit is this?

We build high rises now.

c1a0d0  No.13492682



I think I have or had a book somewhere that talked about American natives coming from Japan, that it's possible to ride some golden current/wind from Japan to America in like 23 days.

There were probably many people that set out to sea to get away from bad folk where they were and died. The few that found the land simply found the land and started new. It's a great story, and I'm sure none of us are up to it to reattempt it with their materials, but the world moves on.

20561f  No.13492749


We should have just built a new island where we wanted it like the fucking chinks.

20561f  No.13492769


Not theirs when they sell it. Fucking poiniggers tried to pull the "who can own land" crap the feathers tried with their beads. Guess what, WE can. We have the strength to do so.

932ba2  No.13494750


> Indian Reservation

My friend lived in Hilo for a year and that's exactly how he described it

ec73f1  No.13494786


The Jews only accelerate the process. Imagine if you lived in a society where everyone was smarter, richer, and more attractive than you, and there was no way for you to ever be like them. You're nearly certain to become bitter. The proper thing to do is kill them all. This world would be a paradise if it was filled only with Whites. We don't sit around discussing the crime rates of Homo heidelbergensis and what should be done about them, because our ancestors wiped them out with sticks and stones. Surely it can't be so hard to repeat this with modern tech.

341e33  No.13495299


Fucking moron, Hawaii is strategically valuable. We took it for the islands location, and we'll never let it go.

341e33  No.13495301



45d3eb  No.13495772

>be me

>7 years old on Oahu

>living in a termite-infested house

>little holes dot the wood-lined walls

>outside and inside

>way up on a hill

>ocean-facing side on stilts

>last in a row of homes

>facing another row of homes

>across a rough, concrete driveway

<nearly vertical it's so steep

>lizards, guava and papaya everywhere

>flattened, dried toads litter the winding asphalt streets below

<their bloated dead red tongues all slopped out

<glistening, baking in the sun

>we'd fling these pancakes at each other like Frisbees

>when we weren't playing Smear the Queer (tackle-ball)

>the Samoan giants always seemed to hold onto the ball the longest

>school's out, it's summer

>bored as fuck

>spend time wandering the woods

<when i'm not tracking deep red dirt into mom's nice clean house

>an isle known as Chinaman's Hat near the horizon

>literally looks like a China man's hat

>behind its perpetually blue distant haze

>run into a pack of locals i'd sort of gotten to know, ages mine to twelve

<"haole crap" i'm affectionately known as

> they're packing BB and pellet guns

<let's go, haole crap

>so i follow them down the hill

>winding here and there

>after a while it flattens

>where are we going? i asked

<shutch yer trap, haole crap

>we're now nearly at sea level

>coconuts dot the street

>their hairy husks splitting under the sun

>the sound and breeze of the sea grows louder

>the scent of salt strengthening in the air

>we reach the main highway

>our slippers slapping the road as we cross

>another street on the other side

>this one now lined with beachfront homes

>my peers seem to know exactly where we're going

>i follow as they open and pass through a side gate

>still not a word is said

>a wide, raised wooden deck spans the back

>right up on the beach

>windblown sand is speckling my skin

>the offshore wind feels unusually strong

>something doesn't feel quite right

>no one's saying a word

>my pulse quickens

45d3eb  No.13495773

>there's a large, well-maintained pool

>its pumps humming away

>there's a big covered patio

>light fixtures everywhere

>must have looked very Hawaiian at night all lit up

>but it's not night now, for we're in broad daylight

>the biggest local raises his pellet gun

>taking aim at a lamp just outside a sliding glass door



>the other locals follow their leader







>one by one every light fixture in the patio, pool and deck areas is shot out

>loud as fuck

>"someone's going to hear" i'm thinking

>"someone has to be hearing this" i want to scream

>but dare say nary a word

>with more light fixtures and bulbs to shoot up

>they set to work on the back windows







>until there's no more unbroken glass at the back of the house to shoot

>apparent "mission" accomplished, the locals pause to admire their work

>and then start to leave

>the same way we came in

>i can't move

>can't speak

>i'm transfixed

>i'm numb with stupor

>the last of the locals to leave turns and looks back at me

<let's go, haole crap!

>and back across the highway and up the hill we went

9ebc72  No.13495831



Fuck them

fb4bba  No.13495867


I'm noticing something strange with how niggers and whites are more and more lumped in together to have our ass kicked by the jew, maybe its because the nigger has or can have similar emotional responses to whites (at least for their own, although all similarities stop there, like when they stressed out white, negro and bug children to find bugs have no emotion).

6e79a1  No.13495899


sounds like a hell of a lot of fun frankly. Us? We stole green apples and plums off of back yard trees, loaded up on them and went to the graveyard or preferably the golf course to pelt passing traffic. First buses, then later on trucks then finally passenger cars. Once, one Halloween, me and my friend Rick pelted a cop car then ran screaming like demons into the forest. Ah Junior High…when the thrills were cheap but damn, they were good. Looking back now it might just as well have been the era of the ancient Greeks.

fb4bba  No.13496026


Your post highlights that all races now more than ever should have their own land and people. Niggers et al may return to rape and cannibalism but that is THEIR way and everything is happier with whats in their own dna. White people shouldn't be responsible for nor live with these races. We are literally aliens compared to the rest. We were given innovation, intelligence and empathy so we could survive on this planet with the animals. Before white man entered the lands of all the other races, their lands were literally zones of war, famine, cannibalism, rape. Liberals have this idea that they were islands of continental utopias. But they were so far from it it's horrendous. India was tribal and cannibalistic, so was africa, mexico, the native islands around australia, the aboriginals, the indians… All of them. The jew media paints these places as 'developing' but since we have been oppressed by the jew and can no longer take care of the third world, it is returning to its former state. India is literally collapsing. As europeans fall, the world will not only return to the super violent, man eating war zones they once were, it will be exponentially worse. The populations of these animals have quadrupled. India for example had ~350 MILLION when the British arrived now India has close to 1.5 billion. India since the British left has been in continuous decline in every way. The european IT revolution (late 80s to late 90s) gave all third world countries the illusion of progress. The only country of the third world to do well is china, which skews the data and makes the failing rest of the third world look passable, but only ON PAPER. The sad reality is these countries/nations/shitholes are failing, badly. The higher IQ of these 'people' can see the rise in corruption, coming large scale famine, corruption and collapse of their countries all around them. To escape they are junping on the immigration bandwagon to avoid the imminent downward spiral they see all around them. Its a perfect storm, the only people who could help prevent collapse (theoretically) like the doctors and politicians, the ebducated, are all leaving for white countries which just catalyzes the problem.

000000  No.13497130


Still teaching kids that grow up here today the same

000000  No.13497142


Try again, they aren't natives. They wiped out the natives full genocide when they immigrated from Tahiti

6d6f37  No.13497163


WG in havaii. never heard of that before…

45d3eb  No.13500104

File: 720f95eed6e2281⋯.jpg (145.07 KB, 779x896, 779:896, haole crap.jpg)

94675d  No.13500143




lol fucking hipsters watching old tv shows to act old and be retro


>The solution of nature is simple, leave the Island or conquer the people, there are no other alternatives

are you purposefully leaving out "genocide" as a possibilty, or is it implicit in "conquer the people" ?

d34683  No.13500147


Genocide is a form of conquest.

94675d  No.13500184


>Genocide is a form of conquest

Agreed. Do you think we can arrange a major war to cull the herd, in general? I mean, could we use our billions beaners against africas ebola niggers and make sure tons of them die in the conflict? Could we do the same thing state-side in order to cure Detriot of its infinity niggers?

6ec780  No.13500189


>they're natives angry at being replaced in their own land, can you really blame them?

No, in fact, I empathize with their plight. It doesn't help that the one solution, i.e. drastically reduce the foreign (mainly Asian and White) population and institutionalize miscegenation controls for the Hawaiians, is rejected by the liberals running the place.

I would, however, maintain the military base there, on account of its strategic location and the fact that China or Japan or Australia would conquer the place in a half century if we weren't there already.


To project power over the largest ocean on the planet.


>In an age of aircraft carriers and long range tactical deployment of aircraft, we no longer need strategic islands to project power

False. But I would like to see Anglosphere relations warm to the point of reunion in the future.


>everything will be astronomically expensive because it has to be shipped there by boat or plane

Except for, you know, the native flora and fauna that the natives ate before modern shipping.


>The Hawaiian separatist movement could be used as a Trojan horse for introducing the idea of ethnic homes for every race back into the American psyche.

What's this? Tactical intelligence on a shitposting board? I didn't think it possible.


>literally spouting century-old trite Boasian talking points from the sex fueled fantasies of Margaret Mead

You don't belong here.

94675d  No.13500198


there's no going back for Hawaiians or Hawaii. its a tourist destination and therefore needs businesses, and therefore needs competent whites and asians to run them, and hard-working whites to man them. What you're saying is that we should somehow turn Hawaii back into a tribal jungle, except with a military base on it, which is preposterous from a practical perspective. the natives would probably starve to death without McD's

1d8501  No.13500247

File: 2b961ce26957fa2⋯.jpg (50.76 KB, 600x375, 8:5, get reaady to die for isra….jpg)

>Invade a country

>Kill its people and rape its women

>Set up bases and fuck the natives

>Abuse the country to be a tourist destination while screwing the natives even more


Judgement day is coming for you, you fucking retarded pieces of shit burgers. No wonder you support the occupation of Palestine by sending in your young as a sacrifice to the kikes. You like to conquer shit but you don't love to be conquered when Jamal and Tyrone fucks your women. You might win in the court of kikes and greedy fucks, but the court of God is waiting.

327398  No.13500268


>revisionist "muh poor 'native'" history


dfa265  No.13500274


>A loose assortment of fat cave niggers subsisting on an island is a "country"

Protip: if your species never developed the wheel, it isn't a human one.

327398  No.13500283


>Protip: if your species never developed the wheel, it isn't a human one

b-but muh pack animals. haven't you read Guns, Germs and Steel?

1ce226  No.13500369

File: 96c1ead046e80d4⋯.webm (4.6 MB, 450x300, 3:2, oh_deer.webm)

>Tulsi Gabbard fo prez!

366dda  No.13500407


That explains why while some of this rosy take on the future is apt, he somehow mysteriously failed to mention the part where all those idiots are black.

1ce226  No.13500410

File: 585a0e1c0dc7118⋯.gif (786.62 KB, 616x900, 154:225, e204343300d91899.gif)

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