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6ec99d  No.13488754

One of Merkel's mudskins going on a destructive rampage:


This happened near a migrant center in Germany, the guy caused $50,000 Euro's worth of damage.

*Sage thread, no need to bump.

a7c884  No.13488769



Do these faggots know something else than chimping out?

791fac  No.13488965



ba26f4  No.13489164

If you had more Hindus this would not have happened.

afc4ca  No.13489170



you would have feces everywhere instead

5d5e28  No.13489176

>nigger KNOWS it's a shit fucking thread

>makes it anyway

Kill yourself.

000000  No.13489208

Normal real men would kill anyone who would even so much as scratch their ride.

afc4ca  No.13489225


fed post

b6460f  No.13489545


Everyone is missing the point. The gold in this post is OP's use of the phrase "Merkel's Mudskins". How fitting. Should be standard phrasing.

276e9d  No.13489726


Its just part and parcel of living in a big city. Try posting a webm next time faggot.

8f301b  No.13489733

It's good for the economy. This brings in prison construction jobs, security guard jobs, and more windshield repairmen. Trust the plan.

8bc8be  No.13489782


Go back home you nigger scum.

#For a brighter tomorrow

22c3da  No.13489790


domesticated post

218943  No.13489812



292986  No.13490300

File: 36ed60916e8367b⋯.png (48.42 KB, 843x537, 281:179, yur.png)

think anyone's keeping a folder of such footage?

000000  No.13490354


6d8c10  No.13492770

Using darts could be better than using bullets, no one hears a thing and you could also dispose him at your wish.

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