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Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

000000  No.13489009

>German prosecutor Ralph Knispel has claimed that courts in the German capital are so overburdened, they lack the capacity to carry out litigation against suspects.

>In Berlin alone, there are an estimated 8,500 arrest warrants yet to be carried out, according to Knispel who said that the criminal scene in the city is “laughing at the justice system”, German news magazine Focus reports.

>Knispel made his claims on a German television programme, adding that lack of resources meant that things like DNA tests could take anywhere from two to three years to be analysed due to a lack of trained staff and resources.



0966be  No.13489016

Same things in "France".

1f6c30  No.13489023


Because you don't scream JUDE. Your holocaust denial and antisemitism laws are nothing. when you have a thousand Germans on the streets calling out the fucking jewish criminals. You want justice? Decapitate invaders in the streets and show their heads into the cameras. You won't? THEY WILL!

95b5e3  No.13489036


> courts in the German capital are so overburdened, they lack the capacity to carry out litigation against suspects.

>the criminal scene in the city is “laughing at the justice system”

Sounds like America.

Hey, remember all those years when Germans mocked and laughed at America for having a broken legal system? Well now that you have niggers, you are going through the same shit we have for decades.

Not so funny now, is it Germany?

67c27d  No.13489058

lel dysgenic shithole

1f6c30  No.13489069


Fueling division there, rabbi? Stop it, you worthless little genocide jew.

05e2aa  No.13489079

File: 91d9aef82662b49⋯.png (258.01 KB, 1640x982, 820:491, c9044e2a9220711e55e0568673….png)


well maybe if muttmerica didn't force Germany to import thousands of turds from turdgay as "guest workers" this wouldn't be the case, not as much anyway

fc66d3  No.13489092

>It's not the jews

>It's the symptom of jewish power

>It's the mask the jew wears

>It's not the jews

>It's not the jews

>It's not the jews

>It's not the jews

417c64  No.13489100


f7fd49  No.13489106



a404cf  No.13489108


>well maybe if muttmerica didn't force Germany to import thousands of turds from turdgay as "guest workers"

What has the EU been doing, then?

05e2aa  No.13489110


imposing post WWII ameridog hegemony on the whole continent?

53624b  No.13489119

Stop letting them back out to return to the line.

53624b  No.13489122


Because (jew) jews are completely innocent in all of it right? Kill yourself Ari.

05d622  No.13489136

File: 839353b87c31182⋯.jpg (411.7 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190710-145728….jpg)

That's actually an esoteric metaphor, you see, humanity is evolving to a point they don't need law. The Legendary Super Aryan is coming.

05e2aa  No.13489137


nope, but being the kike's mongrel dog army doesn't excuse you either

fc2884  No.13489139

File: 8cfe9a7ed50b952⋯.jpg (51.31 KB, 747x523, 747:523, eostere helpers.jpg)


There is no law for those things who are not your kin.

00556d  No.13489140

Anarchy then fascist soon.

We win, lads.

df67c3  No.13489142


This. It's always the jew.

05d622  No.13489145


>esoteric helpers

I want to esoterically help the people I hate.

7ba7ee  No.13489158

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.




054b32  No.13489173


>German prosecutor Ralph Knispel has claimed that courts in the German capital are so overburdened, they lack the capacity to carry out litigation against suspects.

Fire this guy.

054b32  No.13489175


95b5e3  No.13489177


It was Merkel who invited them in. Then forced the rest of Europe to adopt her insane policies.


>White knighting for Germany

Funny how no one white-knights for other nations.

054b32  No.13489179


514be8  No.13489182


She probably has parkinson's. Don't let that bitch season food.

054b32  No.13489191


9d85f1  No.13489197


The Jew at the end of the video saying it’s racist to make a correlation with the increase of rapes and increase of migrants and then goes on that we have to start giving more money to the migrants in the form of social programs if we want the crime rate to drop.

All my fucking rage.

585305  No.13489237

Reminds me of how strangely in the last 10-20 years Swedes just randomly started raping everybody in public they saw. Must be something in the water turning the West into gay rapists.

875cff  No.13489284


(((unknown reasons)))

560aaf  No.13489298


Get off your high horse.

b6056f  No.13489308


I'm sure "Nazis" who post anti-immigrant sentiments on social media are still drawn and quartered within a single evening though.

Things are looking pretty nasty out there, anons. Be safe, and keep your eyes open.

b5182b  No.13489326


It was America that invited Merkel in.

0c9f48  No.13489379

Clearly Germany needs more arab and Africans in their police force.


14f757  No.13489414

File: 8e31bfa9558bb3e⋯.png (417.33 KB, 428x447, 428:447, merkel_gunpoint.png)


She's afraid a neonazi sniper is somewhere not far targeting her shaking head to put a bullet in it.

8f6bfd  No.13489419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>amerimutts did this

Hello Angela you odious cunt

I hope you feel the fire before you expire

c80e9d  No.13489421


Guess they better import 6 trillion more sandniggers.

Diversity fixes everything.

8f0d48  No.13489423



Do what vlad tepes did. Ahem remove kebab German bros

7d6ca8  No.13489448


spicspamming nigger.

Fuck off again, and again, and again, and…

worthless nigger.


My German Kind!


cf62d9  No.13489454


>Funny how no one white-knights for other nations.

Actually most Axis nations get a pass, because they werent subhumans.

cf62d9  No.13489459


Germany had rule of law. That's why mutts destroyed Germany when 1945 came along.


This, filthy mutts are just paying for 1945.

7d6ca8  No.13489475


Jews, nigger. JEWS!

Nice try, though, nigger.

7b90c0  No.13489500


>blames dehydration

>next shaking episode zooms in on a glass of water

absolute pottery

6dc3df  No.13489532



Ineffectual insult. Western Europe is mutteurope now. Oh well. Don't look for allies here. You wanted enemies of white Americans, so don't expect us to do anything but laugh.

05e2aa  No.13489546

File: 858886eee220221⋯.jpg (91.59 KB, 600x894, 100:149, 1531991949587.jpg)


>Don't look for allies here

don't worry Fernandez, anyone with half a brain stopped looking for allies in your judaeo-negrified hellhole 100 years ago

6dc3df  No.13489550


Hey Ahmed, the original of that picture is depicting French soldiers during WWII. How many times have you prayed today to your lord god Allah? Allah, the glory and savior of Europe!

6dc3df  No.13489551


Oh, and filtered.

a4b2e5  No.13489552

Caused by a lack of diversity I'm sure.

b5182b  No.13489556


If Americans aren't at fault for invading Europe then Mexicans aren't at fault for invading America.

7d6ca8  No.13489561

File: aaca9f45880a65b⋯.png (233.41 KB, 614x406, 307:203, sillynig.png)


Nice try, you glowing spicspamming nigger.

America was LAST to get into the fray, and only after a few years of HEAVY kike propaganda on TV and media, you dumb nigger.

I told you. I'm going to dog you to the end of the internet, nigger.


7d6ca8  No.13489571


And of course



It was a mistake, but many of us are very ready to atone for this heinous crime against our own Blood.

You are first.

Mexico will burn.

6dc3df  No.13489575




I don't think you know what an invasion is, you emasculated cuck. We invaded Europe in the '40s. We shot our way in and with brute force conquered the land. These sub-humans squirm their way in, at the behest of bolsheviks, and leech off us like parasites. No dominance. No force. They're all passive, weak, subservient, parasitic trash, like you. The only masculinity left in the West is in the white American male.

7d6ca8  No.13489577


And your Foreign Horde Invasion of shitskins has nothing to do with proclaimed war, you fucking spineless thieves.

tick tock, nigger.

7d6ca8  No.13489579

File: 642992b40d4e10b⋯.png (14.19 KB, 255x195, 17:13, 7523aae3d8cd917f474d5f3bba….png)


Fuckin KEK, brother!

e5b76a  No.13489580


Shoot that fat childless barren bitch! Her life is fucking forfeit!

cf62d9  No.13489583

File: f4d72520b7bd8ef⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1600x1530, 160:153, Stupid Dumb Mutt Scum.png)

File: 5178e42b5ff26d7⋯.jpg (120.82 KB, 1027x738, 1027:738, mutt larper.jpg)

File: 7c3112ee956654b⋯.jpeg (100.77 KB, 600x471, 200:157, Mutts forced to further b….jpeg)


>America was LAST to get into the fray, and only after a few years of HEAVY kike propaganda on TV and media, you dumb nigger.

What was muh arsenal of (((democraccy))), mutt?


>The only masculinity left in the West is in the white American male.

Nice muttpost.

cf62d9  No.13489585

File: c89e2953d514647⋯.jpg (104.21 KB, 620x486, 310:243, amerimutts whores forced t….jpg)

File: 1c4a3f8228a151a⋯.jpg (225.75 KB, 670x400, 67:40, nigger breeding program fo….jpg)




Stay mad, subhuman mulatto.

fc2884  No.13489589

File: f915179e6e14e9e⋯.png (32.21 KB, 300x271, 300:271, ClipboardImage.png)


<<"And the False Nurse was burned on a pyre nearby."

cf62d9  No.13489592

File: 7575afe6777425b⋯.png (9.72 KB, 216x234, 12:13, Amerimutts.png)

File: ba6edf7532013f8⋯.jpg (105.48 KB, 539x717, 539:717, stupid amerimutt enjoying ….jpg)

Last bastion of "huwhite"ness: Muttmerica

6dc3df  No.13489596


>the limp wristed cuck stops stroking Ahmed's cock long enough to go to his folder of pictures that he saves to help sooth his inferiority complex toward the only men with any semblance of masculinity

This is some disgusting, effeminate bitchposting right here. Filtered.

7e4113  No.13489607


Kuru hits hard, it seems.

cf62d9  No.13489617

File: 954b2051fd081e4⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1271x2235, 1271:2235, Absolute state of muttmeri….png)

File: 658dba713ce99de⋯.jpg (125.42 KB, 1200x585, 80:39, rare mutt 1.jpg)


>Said the subhuman mutt

>Less guns everyday

>More niggers and spics every night

45% and counting, subhuman.

>Muh filter

>La la ing like a damn cunt


Only a half spic mulatto scum.

7d6ca8  No.13489619

File: 9584dc0161b6dcf⋯.jpg (9.95 KB, 255x159, 85:53, 0cf91994f5aa2272829d645813….jpg)


My thoughts exactly. I nearly unleashed, but it's just sad at this point.

This poor nigger is here every damn day HATING all of his Superiors around him, and the very best he can muster is "mutt".

Unfortunately for him, my Ancestors came over in early 1500, and were mostly Quakers. My family has ALWAYS been highly racist.

I look around and see the sad, resentful mutts here, like this poor nigger >>13489583 and I stand head and shoulders, and heavily Chad, over all of them.

The seething hatred for my just existing is so fucking fascinating.

Strange, sad creatures, these subhuman vermin are. I no longer care to understand them.

I want them, and all there jealous, empty mockery, and insult gone.

I want them all gone.

cf62d9  No.13489624

File: 8cf608891aede94⋯.png (99.51 KB, 403x334, 403:334, muttscum.png)

File: 2ec2cf08cb40594⋯.png (417.46 KB, 1120x697, 1120:697, amerimutts hate aryan beau….png)

File: 84fb328b3873ff3⋯.png (46.12 KB, 399x670, 399:670, amerimutt_is_found_out.png)


>This poor nigger is here every damn day HATING all of his Superiors around him, and the very best he can muster is "mutt".

>Posting chink cartoon characters LARPing in European ancient symbols.


7d6ca8  No.13489637

File: 0bdbf503e5f83fa⋯.jpeg (34.09 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Mona.jpeg)


You'll never be Aryan, spicspam.

Go away, and await your torurous death for your subhuman subversions against our Volk.

Your resentment and jealousy is so fucking delicious.

I believe I'll make mentally and emotionally torturing you lesser beings the focus of my pleasure.

A simple Smirk is all it ever takes, you shitskin house pet.

cf62d9  No.13489639

File: c6013768ec07940⋯.png (22.8 KB, 216x234, 12:13, Amerimutts.png)


FYI, your ancestors are the kind of "racists" that fucked and bred with niggers. How else would you explain the 45% number?

You are subhuman. Now go LARPing as English while drinking Irish pint and singing feathernigger mumble jumble, you fucking mongrel.

Know your fucking place.


>You'll never be Aryan, spicspam.

<Said the mulatto

>our Volk


I thought you were of "english" ancestry, mutt?

Stop speaking German then, fucking nigger.

d226ee  No.13489645


the mona lisa smirk is a mandella effect caused by us.

cf62d9  No.13489646

File: 08ea946bac47442⋯.png (66.76 KB, 1063x863, 1063:863, mutt coping this is what s….png)


If we were "your" Volk your subhuman kind wouldn't have rejoiced at the chance to fight for communism.

6dc3df  No.13489647


You can always tell who has an inferiority complex by how they try to demean others. White American men boast of our accomplishments and claim supremacy over others. European men never boast of accomplishments, but rather bitch and moan about white American men. Niggers bitch and moan about white American men. Beaners bitch and moan about white American men. One says mutt, one says small dick, one says no culture. They're all effeminate attacks. These are all effeminate, emasculated boys. They have no pride. They have nothing to take pride in. They have nothing to boast about. They just attack us, because they have an inferiority complex toward us, because for the last 200 years, we've been the kings of humanity.

cf62d9  No.13489653

File: 919eb88b8277d8f⋯.png (70.49 KB, 630x630, 1:1, German scientific nobel pr….png)

File: 7b422f4d9dc38aa⋯.png (957.49 KB, 2790x1375, 558:275, choose_your_mutt.png)


> American men. Beaners bitch and moan about white American men. One says mutt, one says small dick, one says no culture. They're all effeminate attacks. These are all effeminate, emasculated boys. They have no pride. They have nothing to take pride in. They have nothing to boast about. They just attack us, because they have an inferiority complex toward us, because for the last 200 years, we've been the kings of humanity.



Your only pride is being bred at gunpoint by niggers. Subhuman fucking mutts. Running out of German/European scientists already?

When is (((NASA))) next launch, mutt?

You are subhumans.

7d6ca8  No.13489655

File: 653d347a29b6eaa⋯.jpeg (32.09 KB, 450x635, 90:127, well?.jpeg)


My Red Hair, Green Eyes, and 6' 7" stature say different, you pathetic stain.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, nigger.

Just enjoy my Superior presence from afar.

Bask in the glow of my Historical Majesty, you rootless street dog. You fucking slave.

Your nothing but a slacking parasite, and you prove it everyday by shitting up this board.


It's the ONLY skill you worthless fucking vermin possess.

WE are done babysitting your worthless asses, nigger.

tick tock.

7d6ca8  No.13489681

File: 9b0180e13464958⋯.jpeg (73.82 KB, 750x390, 25:13, BWAH!.jpeg)


As soon as we don't have to wipe the shitty, worthless assess of the subhuman filth of the entire world, you useless nigger, we'll be going BACK to the stars.


You talk a LOT of shit (it's all you have. SHIT), but has mexico ever even designed a fucking car, let alone a Rocket? South America had beasts of burden their entire existence, and never once even made a fucking WHEEL!

The only reason you have anything to say about the Aryan Man is because our weakness were CAUSED BY YOU! We made the foul mistake of believing you were actually Human, and that we could humanize, domesticate, and civilize your animal asses, you degenerate filth.

You're a worthless nigger, through, and through, and you hate ME for it.

And you think it's funny to try and drag us down to your highest levels of shit tier humanity.

Fuck you, parasite.

Do yourself, and the entire world a favor.


WE are done with your taxing waste.

cf62d9  No.13489688

File: ecac8162f9ca31d⋯.png (190.5 KB, 614x647, 614:647, Definition of race hwhite ….png)

File: 97e036d19c6305d⋯.png (417.69 KB, 1120x697, 1120:697, amerimutts hate aryan beau….png)


>My Red Hair, Green Eyes, and 6' 7" stature say different, you pathetic stain.

Most mudshits in China can claim the same.

How about what you see as "white"?

>WE are done babysitting your worthless asses, nigger.

>tick tock.

Disband (((NATO))) then, mutt? I double dare you mulattos.


>More LARPing with NSDAP soldiers who you killed out of envy

Kek. You need a dose of introspection, mutt?

7d6ca8  No.13489701

File: f1ee71638547b33⋯.jpeg (14.61 KB, 180x255, 12:17, fbd1ae8c2cb4c950cabae2ba2….jpeg)


You're trying so damn hard, you triggered nigger.

It's adorable.

Doesn't change a damn thing, you endangered subhuman filth.

…tick tock, beaner.

7d6ca8  No.13489711

File: 98fc0094a625750⋯.png (260.46 KB, 450x300, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Behold! The masses of Red Haired, Green Eyed, Chinese Giants!

You are so fucking pathetic.

We really do need to just put you worthless fungi out of OUR misery already.

Be patient, spicspam. You'll get your turn on the RollorToaster.

You'll never be considered Aryan, nigger.

cf62d9  No.13489719

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Subhuman mutt calling anyone a filthy spic, which is the majority of it's subhuman nation

I'm sorry, are you german/english/indian/irish/french/marrocan/nigger/spic or what?




cf62d9  No.13489724


>subhumans gloating about ZOG victory in ww2

>nothing happens




7d6ca8  No.13489732

File: 1b159094831cb0a⋯.jpeg (55.65 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, tardgloat .jpeg)


Nah. Point them out, mock them heavily, and chase them off. Take the board back.

As you can see, this beanigger has finally reached a breaking point.

Triggered to the point of total loss of cool, and sperg tantrums of ad hom and lame mockery.

If we were in the same room right now, this pathetic beaner would go outside before my living eyes locked with his subhuman holes in his head.

Full blown, unadulterated



We get it, you pitiful nigger. You can't exist unless you believe that we are as mixed, mudded, and lost as your worthless, rootless species of street dogs.

We're not. So you hate us. So you come here to show your resentment by projecting your ugliness, and weakness onto your Superiors. You're literally like a bitch who wants to get fucked, but you're far too fat and ugly to even look at, or consider.

You want what we have. We want nothing to do with you.

Your weak emotions can't understand, and you have no identity without our praising you for something.

It's literally like being the StepDad to massive family of retards, all vying for attention by shitting in their pants, and spitting on each other.

You're fucking disgusting, nigger. You know this better than me. You have to live with yourself.

All of you are fucking despicable.


Did you see what I did there?!

Fucking kek, faggot. See, even when I'm not even trying I'm automatically more creative than you, nigger.

Cry moar.

cf62d9  No.13489739

File: 9fee442b6996aec⋯.jpg (61.27 KB, 638x648, 319:324, Hitler lächt.jpg)

File: 80ae89ee57f0655⋯.png (305.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, retards of the nation of s….png)


>onto your Superiors


>muh SPIC

Pretty sure the only spic here are you amerimutts. At this point you might actually have more spics than mexcrements do. Just like how you somehow have more kikes than pissrael.

Stupid fucking mutt, lel.

cf62d9  No.13489745

Why do the mutts keep inisisting people are spics when they are the spics?



cf62d9  No.13489774


Hey, shitskin, did you run out of (((creativity))) again?

7d6ca8  No.13489780

File: 7991899c6e372ca⋯.png (236.91 KB, 578x325, 578:325, ClipboardImage.png)




You're still here whining, bitch?

BWAHAAAHAA!! I've got you by the tiny brown balls now, you triggered nigger.

Keep hurling your empty bullshit. Throw your little tantrum.

Your tears are delicious. I love watching you squirm knowing full well that we've had enough of your shit, and when that happens.

Religions die. Maps are redrawn. And subhuman species of scum humans go extinct.

You are already extinct, nigger.

cf62d9  No.13489789

File: bac722d6feb87c5⋯.webm (2.96 MB, 636x360, 53:30, Amerimutts BTFO.webm)

File: b89d2d0ffb52608⋯.png (258.31 KB, 610x440, 61:44, Wehrmachtballen.png)


>Now the subhuman muttspic is larping with vidya likely depicting savage shitskinned marauders


>Religions die. Maps are redrawn. And subhuman species of scum humans go extinct.

>You are already extinct, nigger.

Indeed, the menace called amerimutts are already extinct at 45%.

Too bad these subhumans have to spawn extra spicniggers though.

4ab6bb  No.13489799


>(17) posts of desperate D&C

Wew boy, this board really has become a shithole.

cf62d9  No.13489804


>(17) posts of desperate D&C

>Wew boy, this board really has become a shithole.


Talk shit get hit, mongrel.





7d6ca8  No.13489819

File: c03223d7736b686⋯.jpeg (180.95 KB, 1452x920, 363:230, thisfaggotspiccunt.jpeg)



Self Portrait, 'tard?

Did you just upload that vid from your phone, niggy? Because that's about the level of sperging I picture when your trigger tantrums are shitting up the board all day, every day. Is this why you're so hung up on the Chinese? Did I peg you wrong as a beaner, beaner?

You'll never be Aryan, nigger.

(you actually have this shit saved to your drive)

You REALLY resent and fear the Superior Race, don't you?

Sad. Get a fucking hobby, you slab of shit.

cf62d9  No.13489833

File: 9e2045bc165420d⋯.webm (2.77 MB, 960x540, 16:9, dead amerimutt zogbot.webm)


>muttscum keeps insisting anyone but itself is a spic subhuman


cf62d9  No.13489837


>You REALLY resent and fear the Superior Race, don't you?

>said the mutts who destroyed and are still locking up Aryan art


7d6ca8  No.13489842

File: 52e23544b0c123a⋯.jpg (17.41 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 07058cab2d4a259726d8b996e0….jpg)


Triggered nigger. Do you know one of the main reasons you're never be Aryan?



cf62d9  No.13489849


I see the well of your (((creativity))) has ran out as if you ever had any, mutt.


What is that? Something your mutt grandpa shouted when he was killing Germans alongside commies and spics?

9a1638  No.13489857


Pools of liquid shit forming at the cuff of her pantleg, when?

7d6ca8  No.13489858

File: 2aa2d84ab2a9627⋯.jpg (15.42 KB, 182x255, 182:255, 6a51bbbf3d3581ae352b53b433….jpg)


Too fucking subhuman retarded to even understand that as long as I have you here, sperging and throwing your tantrums, the rest of the board gets at least an hour or two of respite from your fucking mental infection, you worthless, fear driven, resentful, jealous, nigger.

THIS is why it's going to be so damn easy to eradicate your filth once the REAL show starts.

You'll be falling for honeypots, and "easy" victories left and right.


Retarded niggers.

Cry for me, leaf blower.



cf62d9  No.13489880

File: b99f9f7ee3e6e39⋯.mp4 (8.46 MB, 426x240, 71:40, le greatest subhuman mutts.mp4)



This must be what it was like when your grandpa forced your subhuman "parents" to breed with niggers at gunpoint.


Top mutt.

a7f01f  No.13489881

File: a4c1f651085daf2⋯.gif (53.45 KB, 375x63, 125:21, stawp_poasting.gif)

Quality thread.

7d6ca8  No.13489899


You'll never be White, nigger.

Blow leaves, Jose.

cf62d9  No.13489904


>mutt calling anyone a spic jose



7d6ca8  No.13489928

File: a170f9eb2eeb8c3⋯.png (593.76 KB, 465x700, 93:140, ClipboardImage.png)

File: feabf282c905587⋯.png (1.3 MB, 970x1375, 194:275, ClipboardImage.png)


100% Aryan


100% spic

It will never even be a contest, nigger.

Stop hating yourself for not being White.

Let me do that for you, subhuman filth.

cf62d9  No.13489933

File: 4aada1038e16db8⋯.png (190.64 KB, 614x647, 614:647, Definition of race hwhite ….png)


Left: Nordic Viking. Europeans. The kind that the subhuman amerimutts massacred, with the help of their subhuman commie mongol horde.

Right: According to official census definition of "hwite", that thing is hwhite.

Stay mad, mutt.

000000  No.13489938


I'm going to send this to a friend as "my views on World War II in a nutshell". This literally sums it all up.

Btw that video should have ended with a quote from General Patton saying we fought the wrong guys.

cf62d9  No.13489940


Becareful not to trigger low IQ amerimutts.

dade98  No.13489955


>She's afraid a neonazi sniper is somewhere not far targeting her shaking head to put a bullet in it.

in minecraft of course.

c718f3  No.13489958


>french soldiers wore campaing hats

Jump in a furnace, faggot.

7d6ca8  No.13489959

File: 7125f144c15dd86⋯.jpg (10.29 KB, 255x170, 3:2, [[[RR]]].jpg)



TOR Hopping spicspamming nigger has to create the illusion that ANYONE agrees with her schizophrenic ass.

You're tricks are old, and tired, sweetheart. You glow.

You're retarded. You're shit's all fucked up, and you talk like a fag.

You'll never be White, nigger.

37dae3  No.13489971

File: a6b8f1e8e1c950d⋯.png (35.52 KB, 255x255, 1:1, the_domutt.png)


So you agree with the outcome of WW2, right, mutt?

cf62d9  No.13489976

File: fb42a02c0c9f127⋯.webm (6.18 MB, 480x360, 4:3, German Youth.webm)


>stupid fucking mutt SEETHING at people shitting on the commie loving allied subhumans




7d6ca8  No.13489987

File: f4eee94bde0d7ec⋯.jpeg (39.63 KB, 560x373, 560:373, Red-Ryder-AR-15-Christmas….jpeg)



MORE IP hopping, you fucking retarded nigger?

I get it. You're a spicnigger. So you somehow, no matter what, can't seem to grasp that no one here is as fucking nigger retarded as you, you subhuman beaner.

But keep them coming. You're almost entertaining, and if you're throwing a tantrum here, then you're not shitting up the rest of the board, and the REAL anons can talk in peace without yet another nigger crawling up their ass out of jealousy, resentment, and fear for what's coming.

Cry moar.

You're a bitch in my arms, lil niggy.

000000  No.13489991


Dude, I just saw the video while scrolling past the first page, there is literally nothing wrong in that video. All those Allied Soldiers died so their countries could be handed over to poz and niggers and jews and commies. That's a fact.

Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It's said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed." -- General George S. Patton (July 21st, 1945)

cf62d9  No.13489995

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Look at how mad, you are, mutt.

The truth will come out, and you subhumans will suffer.

7d6ca8  No.13490004

File: 356be7aac601897⋯.jpg (76.17 KB, 900x808, 225:202, LiberalsgettheBullettoo.jpg)



Keep 'em coming, you retarded glowing nigger.

Subhumans are incapable of learning anything quickly.

We'll do this all day, you fucking triggered faggot.


cf62d9  No.13490009

File: be735ade182c5ef⋯.png (170.8 KB, 911x545, 911:545, subhuman mutt zogbots gett….png)


>Revealing the truth of WW2 is being a cia spicmuttnigger with fluorescent


Reminder, subhuman spic mutt:

Your grandpa was a shitskin, and it fought for communism and liberalism

000000  No.13490011


Listen dude, I don't know what your beef with the other anon is, and I'm not claiming Americans are mongrels or whatever else. I have only one viewpoint I wish to express ITT which is that the America should have ALLIED with Germany not fought against them. The real enemy was the soviets.

05e2aa  No.13490014

File: 520d16d646f64e7⋯.webm (2.97 MB, 720x480, 3:2, el_corrupto.webm)

hadn't seen this much mutthurt in years

as a rule of thumb though, all former allied countries, not just mUttSA, should wash their mouth before talking about former axis countries; at least they tried

cf62d9  No.13490019



>washing their traps


7d6ca8  No.13490026

File: 6eb98491a2f71c2⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 343x516, 343:516, BabyEater.jpg)





Pathetic schizophrenic. Keep 'em coming, nigger filth!

000000  No.13490027

You read strange news in germany everyday. Die Dinge beschleunigen sich.

823b49  No.13490040

File: 6bf699ecdf52b6a⋯.jpg (524.38 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190614-213232….jpg)

>the amerimutt sperging itt

823b49  No.13490043


>shitskin statue

f6605e  No.13490055

I am going to get my WBK and start "visiting" random muslim community leaders to show them my toys.

7d6ca8  No.13490060

File: f3af73732b18b1a⋯.jpg (12.54 KB, 255x177, 85:59, 4f90ca4a985fa6c5876c2d14c0….jpg)



IP hopping beaner.

Yep, this is the result of allowing you shitskins to infect our Blood and Soil.

We will remedy that very soon, nigger.

VERY soon.

823b49  No.13490064

95b5e3  No.13490067


>America is responsible somehow for Germans voting for a woman.


>Ignore everything happening today and worshop the most possed nations in Europe because of 80 years ago.

7d6ca8  No.13490074

File: 726a886bc611402⋯.png (1.24 MB, 835x1140, 167:228, 10dbbe89fd1e0db694931499cc….png)


Scared? You should be.


9cb204  No.13490098


I usually filter that faggot before I even finish reading it's first post, it has too many tells. Thank you for verbally abusing the mexcriment, it is amusing.



6fa802  No.13490104

File: 7c080dccbcbc883⋯.jpg (26.47 KB, 480x448, 15:14, 1521168689449.jpg)

cf62d9  No.13490123

File: 16ff8eb505de371⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1600x1530, 160:153, 20190712_002608.png)





>what happens today

(((NATO))) ferrying shitskins into Europe, mutt.

7d6ca8  No.13490125


Someone has to do it. This board will learn how to spot the shills, and beat them down before I'm done here.

This will translate into real world politics when the time comes too.

Subverters and infiltrators, BTFO!

cf62d9  No.13490126


Do it, mutt. Stream on ninecraft too.

7d6ca8  No.13490128



Spicnigger, shut the fuck up.

WHITE MEN are talking!

cf62d9  No.13490129


This board will also learn to spot subhuman shitskins who antagonize European Axis nations for trying to bring the fight to communism.

05e2aa  No.13490132

File: 0b2447a73a441b4⋯.jpg (103.57 KB, 615x900, 41:60, 0b2447a73a441b452199df5d12….jpg)


"80 years ago" is the defining event of this era, it's not just a date; everything that happened afterwards has been 99% in reflection of those events and of those who won that conflict

can't exactly blame modern Germans too much after bloodily losing two world wars and going through decades of american sponsored de-nazification after having the asiatic and afro-judaean hordes from east and west rain deep into their country

meanwhile, americans have not had a war on their soil in centuries, nobody forced to you to turn into israel's favorite golems

cf62d9  No.13490135




Are you of North African blood? They are huwhite according to your shitskinned nation.

95b5e3  No.13490141


You're forgiving Germany for being under jewish influence whilst simultaneously condemning Americans for being under total jewish occupation.


Fake and gay. It's Germans who are ferrying shitskins to Europe and punishing the nations who fail to accept enough of them.

e3f5fe  No.13490144


Unknown reasons, huh? Niggers.

a42965  No.13490147

Germans don’t deserve this.

c718f3  No.13490150

File: ed82a9cc6a21048⋯.mp4 (6.97 MB, 450x360, 5:4, Hwhite and brotherly ameri….mp4)


>Germany is not a state-vassal to USA/ZOG

>germans don't pass through state sanctioned brainwash

>voter matter, not the vote counters

>germans deserve it for mocking you for having a lot of wetbacks in your country, destiny you would have avoided if your forefathers just had allied with the said germans' forefathers

>absolute muttposting

Hang, draw and quarter yourself.

05e2aa  No.13490151


stupid mutt, I'm saying that while Germany is under kike influence after losing TWO bloody world wars with them being at the center of it, and largely because they actually REACTED to kikes middling in their affairs, amerimutts went through nothing of the sort and in fact seem to love it to this day

d2b775  No.13490159

Great. The more law and order breaks down, the more leeway we have to operate. The more racially German pigs get disillusioned and quit.

7d6ca8  No.13490162

File: 4c333e7aadc1ee7⋯.jpeg (3.88 KB, 195x259, 195:259, download.jpeg)


No shit, spicnigger, but that's not what you're doing here.

You're a usurping, subverting shit skin parasite, here to fuck up the conversations of White Aryan Men and our goals for OUR future.

You are not even welcome here, you useless fucking nigger.

You know deep down, that you are nothing. That's why you're here. Getting the attention, ANY attention, that your absentee nigger father wasn't around to give you, and your mom's nigger one-night-stands, raped out of you.

cf62d9  No.13490184


>White Aryan Men

So no amerimutt included.

cf62d9  No.13490187



Germany actually waged wars against kikes.

Spic blooded subhuman mutts never did.

95b5e3  No.13490193





>Germans dindu nuffin!

>Sure they're all degenerate cucks but it's America's fault!

You're all a bunch of women.

7d6ca8  No.13490196

File: 232fcef70ebd5c7⋯.jpg (12.49 KB, 255x159, 85:53, eb0810cb67ae9b82bd0f3f98ff….jpg)



That's not even including your many IP hops, nigger.

What the fuck do you even think you're accomplishing here, you stupid mexican shit smear?

000000  No.13490198


Vielen Dank. Wir sind auch nur Menschen. Das ist echt nett <3 I think actually we paid a lot of reparations and indeed have a lot of memorials for everything. If someone calls you Nazi, that does not mean what it did back then. The left and the right wing of this bird are more stressed these days. Stressed birds, we are.

5031f7  No.13490204


>muh correlations does not equal causation muh goy

427af1  No.13490207


We expect you to bomb white countries for Jews, actually.

7d6ca8  No.13490208


spicspam nigger fools no one with IP hops.

c718f3  No.13490209


>doubles down

>protects ZOG's image

>you are the pussys afraid of ZOG!

Watch the video again >>13490150. What do you see?

000000  No.13490216


Ich bin jemand anders.

05e2aa  No.13490217

File: e55c3b564f64e53⋯.jpg (106.57 KB, 766x991, 766:991, 1531324946025.jpg)


>dindu nuffin

the fucking irony coming from the coward golems doing kikes' bidding not once but TWICE after actual Europeans almost got rid of them for good

go handle another couple of billions to israel you jew loving abomination

95b5e3  No.13490223


Germans are not fighting the kikes. Instead, germans jsut like to shit all over White people whilst praising non-Whites. Fuck em. Why should I lift a finger to support such treacherous scum?


> kikes' bidding

Thata'd be Germany

5031f7  No.13490224



The people in this thread who are doing the D&C are not German. They are jews playing you all for fools and winding you up.

cf62d9  No.13490226

File: 3d302d7a9b54c84⋯.jpg (140.45 KB, 1024x691, 1024:691, just-a-goy-serving-zog.jpg)


>stupid mutt

cf62d9  No.13490227

File: 359d29988dfdff1⋯.jpeg (115.84 KB, 800x627, 800:627, 800.jpeg)

File: 247793bfb60d6af⋯.png (259.19 KB, 526x569, 526:569, 247793bfb60d6aff4c375ba229….png)



>Thata'd be Germany


cf62d9  No.13490233

File: 94fba190d56f983⋯.jpg (213.07 KB, 856x738, 428:369, Mutt_Posting.jpg)


Sprich mal was, mutt.

6fa802  No.13490235

File: 2257f4199229903⋯.jpg (32.38 KB, 440x329, 440:329, volkstod.jpg)


>so mad he quoted me twice

95b5e3  No.13490236


>The people in this thread who are doing the D&C are not German.

Very well.

I shall hold my tongue.

I've been very pro-German in the past but seeing non-stop masturbation to Germany whilst shitting all over the rest of Europe is starting to make me dislike Germany.

I hope you're right and I'm just being gullible.

7d6ca8  No.13490237


spicspamming nigger is still, and will always be a spicnigger.

13f0e2  No.13490241

It all stems from the jew parasite. Once Germany rids itself of the jew, all will return to its natural state. I believe in Germany.

c2ca74  No.13490242

This thread is literally 99% D&C. The third post fucked it.

This is why mutt posters and europe haters should be banned on sight. This thread right here.

cf62d9  No.13490244

File: 9bb425e257ea907⋯.png (50.34 KB, 1172x1182, 586:591, fb2dfb69b98e217734de63f10f….png)

File: 097c550e34cc343⋯.jpg (92.43 KB, 594x576, 33:32, 097c550e34cc34356ad66513c9….jpg)

File: bdfd5b0435a0529⋯.jpg (48.06 KB, 720x347, 720:347, 1198ca0592bfce76f28b9652df….jpg)



Wieder in die Ecke, mutt.

000000  No.13490247


> they lack the capacity to carry out litigation against suspects.


>In Berlin alone, there are an estimated 8,500 arrest warrants yet to be carried out


Therefore the kikes first create a problem for which they already have a solution (dictatorship and goyim slaves)

>Knispel made his claims on a German television programme

(((GERMAN TELEVISION))) = if you can watch it in TV, then the jews want that you get the inforamtion.

They want that the germans demand more police. More and harder laws and so on.

Funny thing is, the germans do not need harder laws or more police, they just need a police and a justice system that do their job based on the existing laws.

Germanys laws can be really hard for any given crime, if the judge wants it.

But the kikes who infested the jewdical system are systematically releasing all the shitskin criminals and jailing all the germans who fight for their people.


7d6ca8  No.13490249


spicnigger has nothing but shit to spread on OUR board.

You'll never be WHITE, beaner.

cf62d9  No.13490253

File: 24f025e659e72cc⋯.jpg (76.06 KB, 960x687, 320:229, b10674034af4db453aca7e07b0….jpg)


Dont talk about yourself like that, mutt.

5031f7  No.13490258


I am correct I have seen them do this before many times. Many jews claim they are 'german' because they have stolen DNA but in the end they can't help themselves from following the same program that all jews follow.

In this case though, it is not Germans at all but rather JIDF who is doing D&C right on schedule like they always do. It is their way of keeping us from uniting and killing them all. Remember they are a tiny minority in our nations and so they have to D&C everyone constantly to stay alive. Otherwise, when we saw them, we would kill them.

8c02c0  No.13490261

File: 5361e4463424a39⋯.jpg (188.33 KB, 470x586, 235:293, americans.jpg)


>eureka I've got it I shall stop the jews by calling everyone a beaner and directing my efforts toward d&c

Yeah you are much smarter than muh amerimutts for sure. You are probably some retarded Turk or just a jew from leftypol.

000000  No.13490266


Sprich Freund, und tritt ein.>>13490242


I am german but not op. I think op did not reply yet. I do not think peace is achievable, unless you understand that you only achieve it when you die, and until then, have to fight. Everyday a little bit, hehe.

5031f7  No.13490268


This as well. But I doubt that this is anything but jew manipulation as well to stay alive.

08fbea  No.13490277

File: ef2c4e7f947980d⋯.jpg (237.62 KB, 1400x1068, 350:267, rabbits 1218 vs rabbits to….jpg)


based fellow rabbitposter

cf62d9  No.13490281

File: b9b12b399a423a5⋯.jpg (87.82 KB, 720x1102, 360:551, bdd616133e506ca88d4a6f75d8….jpg)


>mad little mutt

Tell me how you feel about the outcome of WW2, mutt.

95b5e3  No.13490282


It's certainly an effective tactic. Nothing is more infuriating than believing that the people who you thought were your friends betrayed you.

Thankyou, anon. I was beginning to lose myself in reactionary hate. I will refrain from responding to """German""" supremacists other than to point out that they're jews.

7d6ca8  No.13490288


spicnigger has lost her mind, and will probably never leave. This is more attention than she's ever gotten from men in her life.

She's here forever.


Whoah! Nice, anon. Here to back me up, or are you the spicspamming nigger testing out a new glowing tactic?


You're far too stupid to be here, bitch.

c718f3  No.13490290


>this post

First, why germans are like this, today? Who gagged them? Who murdered their best stock, calling them war criminals? Who stompped them until nothing that could be used against the jew was left? I tell you who— golens did!

Who were the golens?

And today if the germans were to rise against ZOG, who would the kikes employ to crush them once and for all?

>germans jsut like to shit all over White people whilst praising non-Whites.

Are your masters in your country any different? Are their slaves different?

>Why should I lift a finger to support such treacherous scum?

Okay, then…

Why don't you lift a finger to save yourself? It would actually be the biggest thing you could do. It would almost save everyone. It would even save the germans. Why don't you save yourself?

bc2a16  No.13490293

File: 51b936dd85735aa⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 213x255, 71:85, 596778f0d8b84720dcaae7de99….jpg)


It's Eosteric, I'm pretty sure. Eostre is the dawm goddess namesake of easter.

cf62d9  No.13490298

File: 550e1b574eb4065⋯.jpg (232.55 KB, 1144x888, 143:111, 226b43a9946aed139900fd0861….jpg)


>Incel amerimutt

7d6ca8  No.13490302


Chad Aryan, spicnigger filth.

Don't be so jealous.

Just accept that you'll


and move on with your shit ridden life, you vermin filth.

cf62d9  No.13490303

File: 8b28c6fe0e5ef1c⋯.jpg (205.79 KB, 984x1200, 41:50, 8b28c6fe0e5ef1cff1c3e2fb08….jpg)


>low IQ mutt retort

6398a2  No.13490314

File: 34a91c8a9e465bc⋯.jpg (101.89 KB, 844x467, 844:467, 7c080dccbcbc8830aaf86fbd2b….jpg)

5031f7  No.13490324

File: 7c8d7b29c4ba1c9⋯.png (1023.44 KB, 1136x668, 284:167, JDIF isreal propaganda onl….png)

File: cc11cc991f12a42⋯.jpg (64.88 KB, 1000x1294, 500:647, jewish objectives march 8 ….jpg)


No problem.

000000  No.13490325


my bloodline is very old, and fam had to prove we were whatever was called aryan later back then, due to a probablz suspicious name in the family tree. I am likely a dead end for this bloodline. Might be just me, but I think people get more emotional overall.

000000  No.13490326


>unknown reasons

what's the amount of white people working in the "justice" system there anyway? this sounds like some flimsy excuse to let shitskins go free but that it is ineffective is interesting… amazing how they caught that assassin so quickly, isn't it?

cf62d9  No.13490329


The difference is between 90% ethnic European vs 50% spics and other assorted north Sahara huwhites in muttmerica though :^)

7d6ca8  No.13490331


spicspam doesn't belong among Aryans.

cf62d9  No.13490337

File: 61b2729c8bfd8f4⋯.jpg (60.33 KB, 680x537, 680:537, jkk.jpg)


That means you, spicmutt.

d2b775  No.13490351

Wow, this thread is completely unreadable.

Thanks you retarded niggers. Of course the mods are busy getting banged in the ass and taking massive yid loads too. Just great.

5031f7  No.13490373


Did you report them for derailing and ask the mods to B&D them? You aren't going to get them to 'behave' any better unless you begin burning their IP's.

Don't complain and then just sit there with your thumb up your butt at the same time.

d67d80  No.13490386


Thank you, if nobody else did it, I was going to do it.

b9c79e  No.13491918


Well, something like 370 online hatecrimes have been reported to police this year.

180 got investigated and 77 faced charges.

numbers from my memory

51759d  No.13492020


How to out the hasbara shill:

Ask: Do you agree with multi-culti and unrestricted immigration of Africans to Israel?

Anything other 100% Yes agreement = Shill

fc7376  No.13492039


"Same" thing "in" sweden.

Same "thing" in england.

"Same thing in" the netherlands.

"S" "a" "m" "e" thing in the US, with the largest prison population on earth.

fc7376  No.13492053

Wonder why there are so many obsessed burgers on a thread about Germany.

Meanwhile, 49% and 25,000 black on white rapes a year. Don't think about your own problems, just attack Europe. There's a good golem.

fc7376  No.13492065


the insectoids mistakenly took a human back into their hive and left it in an egg clutch.

we need to form a rescue mission, and then nuke the bugs from orbit

2653c0  No.13492568


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