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File: d6001f2d5cbbc54⋯.jpg (77.5 KB, 579x579, 1:1, nigkanda.jpg)

84eb1e  No.13489038

How do we respond effectively to anti-white sentiments in a way that boosts the mental health of the self-hating whites around us? I think answering that question is going to become increasingly important as time goes on (especially for zoomers), as I'm already starting to see people lose the will to respond because they don't know what to say.

I'm looking for answers that are suited to defending yourself and helping others without revealing your true powerlevel, as the time for showing what we really think to everyone has not yet come.

Mainly responses to the common:


-racist/nazi (I know it's easy for us but it causes a lot of everyday whites to run away)

-claims of fragile whiteness

-whites have no culture

-whites are the ultra-oppressors and should be made into a minority (sadly I see this mindset infecting more whites as time goes on)

If there's any other common attacks I didn't mention please put them with a good response.

fbbcdd  No.13489047

We don't. The cucks will never change, it us up us who know the truth to save our race.

ba9b0a  No.13489049


Don’t play their games. Just tell them to fuck off. Assert yourself as the alpha and if they start getting in your face beat the shit out of them.

edb336  No.13489080


This. Don’t even try if you’re beta though it will just embarrass us

f7f13f  No.13489097


Correct. Show no fear.

Some nigger tried shaming me, threatening me to change my tone towards him.

I told him: “I’ll say whatever the fuck I want.”

2289ea  No.13489109

'whites have no culture' is an easy one - a fish can't see water. Speaking European languages, celebrating European holidays, using European inventions, living in European countries - our culture is supreme.

973c02  No.13489120


Pretty much this. They prey on you to either apologize or at least submit to their projection of authority. That's what their real goal is. By responding in a way that indicates apathy and resolve (like you don't care and won't yield), they'll freeze up at the audacity of it. Helps to have a few friends around to also react the same way to them when it happens.

000000  No.13489132



>hey everybody tell me what you would do to help the normalfags so we can counter it swiftly

okay, let's begin then


<why do you want to live with evil oppressive whites


<you say that about everything

>claims of fragile whiteness

<how are evil nazi racist conquerors so fragile if they've oppressed everybody everywhere

<how are they still oppressors if they're so fragile just go shout at all the bad whites at the top then

>whites have no culture

<why do minorities abandon their stolen culture for evil capitalism's commercialization of it

>whites are ultra-oppressors and should be made into a minority

<why would an evil genocidal race of nazis keep everybody they hate alive

>Middle Earth must accept Mordor refugees

>The Shire is going to go through a transformation and the White Wizards are going to lead that transformation et cetera

9a4d77  No.13489162

Just scream at them that they're racist and throw gang signs.

10b672  No.13489165

Anything less than a formal White Liberation Army is an attempt to steam valve you.

783c84  No.13489174


As Yuri Bezmenov said, the demoralized pushers of communist revolution are set in their ways. Just avoid such people and congregate with the like-minded. The divide is too large at this point and most of them are totally sold out to satan at this point. Just avoid.

d4e937  No.13489186


Listen to this https://whiterabbitradio.net/podcast-2

f5a806  No.13489193

How about you go fuck yourself OP. No one gives a fuck what you think.

637836  No.13489194

The only response is to say: You are welcome.

c93d2c  No.13489205


while i don't agree with the sentiment as stated, i recognize it as a misguided way of saying 'americans have no culture beyond that of consumption'

we speak european language, celebrate european holidays etc etc but we are not european and we do not share their culture - our culture is directed by marketing/advertisements and fueled by consumption of whatever we're being sold. America has no culture beyond this, not anymore.


identity politics have absolutely nothing to do with communism. Read Lenin. Do not engage with idpol'ers

e7f39f  No.13489210


Nah gas yourself as usual OP.

a503f1  No.13489213


In either case, the same is true for all other mutt-races in America. If Eurpean whites have no culture, then neither does anyone else.



637836  No.13489214

File: 228dca441063cdf⋯.png (17.39 KB, 203x204, 203:204, 1340663741400.png)

>identity politics have absolutely nothing to do with communism

It's how communists ferment a revolutionary spirit in the niggers and other assorted lesser races, you fucking idiot.

b45a92  No.13489224


Good topic OP.

Answer: Never ever go on the defensive.

Simply say: "I am worse than that". With a blank penetrating stare.

The blks were called a certain word for years and now they own it, we need to do the same.

6c2a50  No.13489235


Wrong. We need them. We need the numbers.

783c84  No.13489236


>identity politics have absolutely nothing to do with communism. Read Lenin. Do not engage with idpol'ers

Engels had a lot to say about the patriarchy. Don't sit here and lie that idpol has nothing to do with communism. You'll certainly use the divisions to overthrow our benevolent system. Fuck off

6c2a50  No.13489239


This. Absolutely this.

Western culture has so dominated the planet is't the water we swim in.

220871  No.13489240

783c84  No.13489251



6074c3  No.13489260

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



But not so much this


That curly haired, drunk nerd who claimed "I LOVE WHITE PEOPLE! WE BUILT THE WORLD!", held his ground VERY well, and went global, WITH RESPECT! Something to think about utilizing.

The "beta is cool" meme has been pushed so hard in (((entrtainment)), while scaring normies off of strong, "toxically masculine" men, that nerds now have high social status.

There is a way to weaponize our incels for today's politics, I'm sure.

I'm Chad, so I can't relate. Got any ideas, anons?

6074c3  No.13489273

File: 91e6ab446af503c⋯.png (49.43 KB, 700x900, 7:9, StandYourGround.png)

File: ff35480ee5fdfa7⋯.png (10.1 KB, 343x222, 343:222, JustTheSmirk.png)

File: 7ea11448eeaabda⋯.png (123.61 KB, 500x509, 500:509, ClipboardImage.png)


And of course, don't ever forget your most powerful, and easily wielded tool in our box


This decimates any miserable faggots day without even trying.

21b7d2  No.13489292


Just show them the "hello my fellow (((white people)))" caps from Twitter. It's very very effective on normalfags.

783c84  No.13489293

File: 92f722873bd22a3⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1024x792, 128:99, 92f722873bd22a35ea4e9a70bc….png)

File: f4b13b9ac942e31⋯.png (1.44 MB, 5052x2526, 2:1, blue checkmarks.png)

File: d0ac6b821071c98⋯.jpg (250.45 KB, 974x928, 487:464, d0ac6b821071c98f01507e16ae….jpg)

File: 2b72ad65d1027a1⋯.jpg (157.32 KB, 708x928, 177:232, Jewish_shapeshifting.jpg)


Share your Twitter caps

6074c3  No.13489354


f4e306  No.13489383


Lmao this

f93f9b  No.13489389

e8da77  No.13489394

Avoid all interactions with non-whites outside of professional expectations. If you are forced to interact then be polite but if they show any level of disrespect just tell them to fuck off.

Don't be friends, buddies, or go out of your way to help them. They get enough from affirmative action. Don't eat at restaurants owned by them.

185a36  No.13489400

File: 4e7ab94cb7d6054⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1241x956, 1241:956, jews pretend to be white1.png)

File: c2a74914f0227cc⋯.jpg (422.96 KB, 1242x2082, 207:347, jews pretend to be white2.jpg)

File: 7434719cc09fe26⋯.jpg (342.67 KB, 1242x2077, 1242:2077, jews pretend to be white3.jpg)

File: 1e27dd6b79ed776⋯.jpg (391.99 KB, 1242x2079, 46:77, jews pretend to be white4.jpg)

File: 56fa77d37059685⋯.jpg (344.58 KB, 1242x2085, 414:695, jews pretend to be white5.jpg)


I have 7.

185a36  No.13489401

File: 2de1c98a55a1d4c⋯.png (454.5 KB, 1242x1009, 1242:1009, jews pretend to be white6.png)

File: 991b1b054e3fd6b⋯.jpg (313.63 KB, 1242x2085, 414:695, jews pretend to be white7.jpg)

c93d2c  No.13489404


It's one thing to establish the existence of something, and entirely another to focus on it ahead of class. Idpol is liberal shit and has nothing to do with communism. The only identity that matters is class.

>our benevolent system


i'm sorry, are you a part of the ownership class? whose system are you talking about? wake up

6074c3  No.13489409

File: 498419e1b2b0b52⋯.jpg (85.65 KB, 500x733, 500:733, Sirene.jpg)


You have no class, commie faggot.


All that matters, EVER!

11e1f8  No.13489416


this for sure

aswell as >>13489049 (if youre not a pasty skinny faggot)

or out-autism them like >>13489224

b1f47c  No.13489450


Dont go that far as to get a battery charge, but be assertive and have examples ready to go. IE just ask them to explain how something is racist and watch them sputter. Once in casual conversation I had a middle eastern girl tell me that I could look like "any random white guy." I told her that she could look like any random brown girl. She responded OMG, that's so racist! She wasnt super offended, just surprised. When I asked what was racist, she said calling her "brown" was racist

I reminded her that she just called me white, and white and brown are just colors and she was the one who started naming them, so dont be a hypocrite. Totally blew her mind and shut her up completely

0d798e  No.13489453

TBH I usually just laugh, (((they))) and their pets and golems get so fucking pissed when you just treat them like the joke they are. Sometimes, they will proceed to violent action/talk, this is where you stop unless experienced in such matters, I usually just pull my carry knife and…well thankfully usually they are pussies too cuz I've never had to outright "use" it. Amazing how many parasites will just back off when they realize you arent a mental/spiritual/physical pushover. This is also how you find allies! either broken spells golems or bystander apathetics, eventually we all gotta choose a side.

6074c3  No.13489473

File: 56bae70619f5432⋯.jpg (105.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Smirkpremecy.jpg)





Works every time. I got into a physical altercation with my boomer neighbor the other day over a beer and a smirk.

Everyone who is not ready for what's next, is totally losing their shit.

0d798e  No.13489495


nice pic anon, and agreed on strat, but be easy on the boomers. they usually are so pathetic in body shape that you could easily hurt them! Few month ago one was getting in my face ass hurt pissed because this drunk zoomer bitch kept yelling out my name, I had her convinced it was kike, this dude drunk enough often enough he can barely stand and i prime age lifter and carpenter. A fight would have landed me pointlessly in a prison cell, your lucky your neighbor didnt do the same, cops are just (((ITCHING))) to throw white males in prison, my buddy got 3.5 years full time for weed!

0d798e  No.13489501


and i should add, the nigger next to him in docket, dealing crack, only got 6 weeks.

878daa  No.13489521

>normie friendly

Why? If a nigger shits on my people, I'm going full balls to the wall. I don't give a shit. I don't care if he just says some dumb shit like "white people can't dance, white people got no rhythm." I'll go straight to him being a genetically inferior evolutionary throwback. I don't fucking care.

f3dda9  No.13489527


Gonna agree. When I worked customer service positions and it was a nigger, poo, spic, or slant, and I carded everyone equally. Most went to a high brow college nearby. It felt exhilarating when you could tell the certain ones why there no I'd crap wouldn't work for booze. Especially when it's spics and you can respond quickly in broken Spanish and stay smug back at them

6074c3  No.13489541


He talked shit. "Boy" this, "Nazi" that. He roached me around the waist, scuffled on the ground til I maneuvered a full body Nelson, and told him to cool the fuck off or I would snap his spine. He sprained my finger like a bitch, so I clenched him harder and told him that was a really dumb idea.

"You're a bitch in my arms, old man."

"Are you sure you want to keep doing this?"

He got scared, and softened.

I rolled once down the hillside, and then launched him with the momentum into the scrap pile. He cooled off. Called the cops in his drunken state, and once I told them my side, they laughed. This was all because of a single beer I drank on 4th of July that belonged to his White Trash, piece of shit, alcoholic son. THEY INVITED ME OVER FOR A BBQ!

Fucking schizos. He looks like he has some kike in his blood.

We'll see where it goes. He's an ex cop, and in this new world, it's solely up to the D.A. to decide to press charges either way.

I still think I'm looking much better though. It happened on my property. HE attacked ME. I made sure to go to the hospital for the record.

All I know is, I'm getting damn sick and tired of the delusional psychosis of OTHERS being turned, and blamed on me all the time. I can't tell you how many times I've sat in a cell for this same kind of brainwashed bullshit.

The Aryan Blood will only take so much more of this scapegoating.

a5f57a  No.13489643



We should start 'Fellow Jews, we are filthy vermin for what we do subverting every nation that allows us to live there and prosper, which is why every nation until recently kicked us out or exterminated us…. or we are filthy kikes for what we do to Palestine…or we are filthy kikes pretending to be white when it suits us and we enjoy making racist, subversive statements against whites, or we are filthy kikes, look at these pedophilic, predatory, racist Talmudic laws that we live by

6074c3  No.13489690

File: 53acb81e40336fe⋯.jpg (14.02 KB, 255x233, 255:233, 8d58e05ed240c8ba5fa574aec8….jpg)


THIS is serious meme magick


Get on it, lads!

fac9b0  No.13489754

File: ec1baa8488bacf5⋯.jpg (10.91 KB, 255x120, 17:8, ec1baa8488bacf5376a287d8e3….jpg)


This. I barely hide my power level at work. Obviously I can't be overtly racist but literally everyone in the factory knows I hate Jews and am more than willing to tell you why. There's two Mexican guys (I'ma burger) and they talk shit behind my back but it always gets back to me from other whites and they never say anything to me. Talking my younger coworker into leaving his disloyal beaner girlfriend, hitting the gym with me and picking up a nice white girl.

Don't go on the attack, don't let your emotions come into play so that you're using no no words that can get you into trouble, don't come out as "racist" but don't be afraid to talk about your idealogy. I'm constantly arguing with my boss about the Holocaust and why black people act like they do. Use words like "demographics" or "communities" instead of race to soften it up when you talk about the Bell curve or crime stats. I dispute misinfo about Hitler's Germany such as the gun band or religious persecution. I talk about Holodomor and The Weimar Republic. People cant dispute objective facts without looking like emotional retards, use that to your advantage. You are far more educated on the subject than they are, or you should be. Use that.

857ded  No.13489769


Where would one learn about the Weimar Republic?

9a630d  No.13490343


source of webcomic, OP?

not gonna lie, thinking of this qt saying "what makes you think your disgusting white dick can make me cum, colonizer" as I ram balls-deep insider her. The way she's drawn she basically looks 1/2 to 3/4 white (facial features and stuff) which is probably why my brain is confused into such degenerate imaginings, but I want to read this comic anyway.

84eb1e  No.13490498

File: 1d1b5392865d4d4⋯.jpg (118.89 KB, 900x600, 3:2, nigger.jpg)


Sorry to destroy your fantasy, but this isn't a webcomic.

It's a drawn version of a nigress quote from WE WUZ KANGZ the movie.

d4a85d  No.13490646



f454d5  No.13490679

I agreed with the anon that said

Learn to Speak

If you can articulate yourself properly, it will shock them. They don't know "Nazis" are intelligent well adjusted people. Just read, become knowledgeable and articulate, then redpill the people who seem like they'll take it. Why disguise your word and be indirect? They will only become more suspicious of you.

3c4095  No.13491506

File: 874ff9b92e66ec8⋯.jpeg (191.38 KB, 687x457, 687:457, DC07FD28-DC10-4914-88B8-6….jpeg)


Not from a Jedi

5c8055  No.13492827


<identity politics have absolutely nothing to do with communism

>class is not a form of identity


<It's one thing to establish the existence of something, and entirely another to focus on it ahead of class

>It's one thing to invent bullshit but it's another to focus on it over my bullshit.

<The only identity that matters is class

<but i'm not part of idpol

>Money overrides blood

>a poor nigger is my friend because he have no gibs

You should go back to your brainlet faggot board, leftypiglet.

648473  No.13492839

File: 8a103e3aac8233c⋯.jpg (37.81 KB, 500x338, 250:169, straight_white_male_2019.jpg)

Basically you could start by telling them that hating straight white men is exactly the same as what black people went through before 1960s. Now the racism is directed against white men and for some weird reason it seems to be OK.

Ask them "Do you hate other groups of people also?"

648473  No.13492854


Identity politics have everything to do with communism. For reference please see Yuri Bezmenov's lecture and interview. He explains in detail how communists attacked countries by first causing conflicts with different groups of people (straight/gay/young/old/leftist/right/race/women/men/etc.). This causes the people of that country destabilise the country. Then it's easy to cause a crisis which makes the country quickly spiral into chaos. Then the Soviets came and took over (after killing the ones demanding rights to minorities).

This is well documented history. Be sure not to repeat the history. "Those who don't understand the history are doomed to repeat it."

c4d43d  No.13493908














6437bf  No.13493913


based af, should never forget it

198d19  No.13494425

File: 8837d460d3f763c⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, thegoyimknow.webm)


My immediate reaction to "colonizer" would be to take a position of strength with something like (smirking) "I can't help help it. It just comes naturally." I used to mention (to normal whites) how Europeans conquered and colonized just like everyone else, but with two differences. (1) We were the best at it. (2) We decided to play nice after we completely won. I do that less now, unless they are almost radicalized whites. With browns/liberals I would not engage unless it was to spread a message, or create a spectacle for people who are actually salvageable. However, keep in mind anyone might repeat a useful message if it's the right one. Vid related.


I would absolutely *not* do this. Hate and Racism are for "evil white people" and civil rights are for blacks. Never use hate/racism in your talking points.


Literally replayed the FTWR podcasts on a whim yesterday, and listened to that exact podcast before seeing this thread. Here's some spaghetti notes I was taking, to give you all an idea of what Horus is about. There's some gems if you pay attention.

Follow the White Rabbit

CIA: Are you an anti-semite?

Bob to CIA interviewer, "I dont like being Judiased. By definition that makes me an anti-semite" He was hired!

[You're/that's racist.]

"In your opinion I'm a racist. You're just saying that because I'm white. Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white." …

Never let the enemies define themselves, you define them.

Opinion on Obama: "Africans have 50+ countries on the planet, half the worlds natural resources, largest population the world has ever seen, greatest piece of farmland the world has ever known, Africa. They live with us as a minority, even though we are a minority, there's not much more I can do for them other than make them president." [That's racist.] "Well, in your opinion I'm a racist. Your just….." [Blah blah not anti-white.] "Well sure it is. No ones flooding Mexico with non-Mexicans, and giving them affirmative action, special rights and privileges, and free-healthcare. No ones flooding Africa…etc. Only white countries are doing this only white leaders are doing this, and only self-hating white animals like you think this is wonderful. That's genocide. [That doesn't have anything to do with the economy.] "Well sure it does, what do you think would happen to China's manufacturing if they replaced the 90% chinese with non Chinese.

Whatever shuts down the "lone ranger" (boomer/ a John McCain/the anti-white, white) and lets you speak is good.

Mulattoes probably know more about race than anyone, possibly useful. White women who adopt African are probably the most unstable and dangerous.

The race problem can only be solved in white countries and only white countries -by flooding white countries with non Europeans and giving them af ac, priv…..heathcare. Your solution to the race problem is simply genocide under international law.

N-word and epitaths are a waste of time. Anti-whites want that.

This stuff/talking points should not be illegal to say, and that's what makes them so dangerous.

Regarding racial issues, freedom issues… the more obvious the point the better.

Always bring it back to white people. Direct and control the energy flow. Channeling energy down to mantra style thinking. They wanna argue about Latinos or Turks and talk about racism? Well it's not really a Turkish/Latino problem – they don't have their countries flooded with non-…….etc.

Don't make yourself a target or say anything illegal. Do not advocate violence - they want that. They (CIA types) *would* worry about monkey wrenching or taking out (not necessarily violently) a high profile target. Taking out an average nigger is just part of the ethnic conflict model. They can have that all day long.

Why talk out about rabbits, and hippos? It seems harmless. People tune you out (standard white nationalist talking points), they've been demoralized (cue Yuri Bezmenov ). True information doesn't mean anything to them. People have been moralized to "little white rabbits". Young boy doesn't care about taking out the terminator, but a little white rabbit, he does.

TV program about killing white peolpe, jokes about white people, even white people laugh. People are demoralized, placed into a consistant trance.

2b3577  No.13494443

"“We were never more free than during the German occupation. We had lost all our rights, beginning with the right to talk. Every day we were insulted to our faces and had to take it in silence. Under one pretext or another, as workers, as Jews, or political prisoners, we were deported en masse. Everywhere, on billboards, in the newspapers, on the screen, we encountered the revolting and insipid picture of ourselves that our suppressors wanted us to accept. And because of this we were free. Because the Nazi venom seeped into our thoughts, every accurate thought was a conquest. Because an all-powerful police tried to force us to hold our tongues, every word took on the value of a declaration of principles. Because we were hunted down, every one of our gestures had the weight of a solemn commitment… And the choice that each of us made of his life was an authentic choice because it was made face to face with death… And here I am not speaking of the elite among us who were real Resistants, but of all Frenchmen who, at every hour of the night and day throughout four years, answered 'No.'"

- Jean-Paul Sartre.

3e8d6c  No.13494535

>>How do we respond effectively to anti-white sentiments in a way that boosts the mental health of the self-hating whites around us?

You don't. Those people are already lost. GET IT? They're GONE. Just call whatever anti-White piece of a shit a nigger and be done with it.

All that shit you mention is either childish or outright retarded. You don't engage with such freaks, You want to have fagbook and plebbit battles??? Do something useful.

9a630d  No.13494597


>Sorry to destroy your fantasy, but this isn't a webcomic.

>It's a drawn version of a nigress quote from WE WUZ KANGZ the movie.


Damn… you know, that Letitia Wright doesn't look 100% black. I can't find info on her parents, but those guyanese, they look like maybe 3/4 white genes 1/4 nigger. She's attractive for a nigger, one of the big threats to the white race is niggers with lots of white DNA already in them so they don't look as baboonish. I could totally see myself resorting to this in a horny act of DNA ennui. She's dangerous.

c2356d  No.13494606


Nope. We need real revolutionaries

17be6d  No.13494687


You need some nofap in your life

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