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File: 769c6277a4d2883⋯.jpeg (14.75 KB, 350x248, 175:124, serveimage.jpeg)

02b6d4  No.13489415

So this is a theory I have.

>Russian sub adverts "planetary disaster"

Cobalt bomb would be just that. Especially one planted in the sea.

>Senior officials only

Points to Putin being worried about spies screwing with the mission. Who is the best in the world at spying? Mossad.

>Russian sub then gets hit possibly by a DEW (Israeli?)

So Israel's Samson option was real and it was a massive undersea Cobalt bomb.

Some good info here (doesnt mention Israel at all):

https://gizadeathstar dot com/2019/07/concerning-that-russian-submarine-thing/

This is just my theory, what do you guys think?

02b6d4  No.13489424

FUCK. I would fuck up the title.

4d865f  No.13489432

unfounded paranoia much?

e83dbc  No.13489437


I definitely think it has something to do with the Samson option, and if true we owe a lot of gratitude to russia.

d3a06d  No.13489469


Russian here. Certain non-mainstream sources and local /pol/iticians claim the sailors in that sub were attempting to destroy an optical cable laid across the seafloor. Probably part of the plan to cut the country off the interwebs. So it's anyone's guess.

We won't know until 25 years later, and that's if the archives are ever opened to begin with.

02b6d4  No.13489477


Why did they need so many high ranking officers to do that? And wouldnt that be a hostile act?

d3a06d  No.13489490


>Why did they need so many high ranking officers to do that?

Probably trust issues. Higher-ups in our military are selected by their loyalty to Shoigu/Putin, not by their capabilities. The bald midget was likely afraid of an info leak, I think.

>And wouldnt that be a hostile act?

If you can't prove that was a hostile act, it was just an accident :^)

And now we have 14 people dead and a damaged nuclear reactor at the seafloor putting out shittons of roentgen every minute.

d3bcc8  No.13489517

File: e3bafc5d8c9732b⋯.jpg (102.42 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Gay Vampire.jpg)


Don't fuck with the Jews… They plan on ensuring mutually assured destruction.

Jews > Muslims

Food for thought.

b55086  No.13489599


>Just let jews turn reality into a living hell


acca19  No.13490138


This is actually not believable and I read this shit when trolling the QTards so you're clearly A QTard. Putin serves the Jews just like Trump

c38795  No.13490166

Jews are retards who crash landed on the moon. What the merchants are good at is lying to sell a product.

b972a3  No.13490203


Ultra-large and ultra-radioactive mass that was planted around or was part of the bomb killed the Russians tasked with wading through the cloud of radation to attach a tow-rope to it after disarmament?

b972a3  No.13490212


Possibly the most intelligent poster I've witnessed on /pol/

Roentgen? Really? Impressed.

But, a nuclear blob puts out x-rays? I never researched that much.

bd2f5a  No.13490593

As good a theory as any, I suppose

d4f5f9  No.13490647


>Don't fuck with the Jews

>ensuring mutually assured destruction

You don't seem to fully understand the definition of such a plan of action. Someone has to be fucked with first in order to ensure the MUTUALLY ASSURED bit, particularly where the jews fucked with everyone on the planet thus ensuring their destruction.

6d2730  No.13490666

File: dda4094c2b942cb⋯.png (818.7 KB, 1022x731, 1022:731, ClipboardImage.png)


You worthless nigger.

So you really are going to make THIS your new game then?

Anons, I think these are bots, and they are now simply mimicking everyone on this board.

What the fuck?

I don't know what else to do or say.

Everything is copypasta from what I told this bot in another thread, and it has now posted it verbatim, except for the added bullshit last line.

This IP hopping spicnigger isn't even human.

The entire internet is fucked.

How do we beat this shit now?

6d2730  No.13490675

File: e8a57a60f292bf1⋯.png (229.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


> Putin serves the Jews just like Trump

This is obviously the part this bot is trying to undermine here.

There is no

White Nationalists kill Whitey for jews

bullshit to even call this post >>13490138

the spicspammer.

What do, anons? What do?

Shit is getting wise.

Skynet becoming self aware?

6d2730  No.13490678


>Remember me, spicnigger because real Aryans support Israel

Jesus fucking christ.

It's pulling this copy pasta FROM ME, and puttin it in multiple threads now.

What the fuck?

802ecf  No.13490691

>Russian Sub Removed Israeli Cobalt Bomb A Cobalt Bomb Planted Into America's Sea Bed

That's a bit clickbaity anon. I opened the thread hoping for fried yids and got some Game Theory crap.

>Israel plants a Cobalt bomb in a Russian sub planning to detonate it near America to kickstart world war 3

There's just one hole there: they don't want Russia involved in the war. If Russia got involved, Iran and their BRIC allies would jump in the fray.

Now, America would have several hypothesis:

>defend homecountry/attack russia but leave Israel to fend for themselves because they're fighting on 2 fronts already

>defend israel, homecountry gets fucked, Russia is not attacked

>try to fight on all fronts, lose badly because they're fighting on 3 fronts now

Europe would be a lot harder to pull either way. At best, some special ops here and there to help the yids, but not full-scale war effort.

The first option fucks over Israel, they'd never go with it.

The second option fucks over America, and they lose their paypig, they'd never go with it.

The third option fucks over everyone EXCEPT the BRIC alliance.

None of these are options they'd pursue.

If you want my gay theory about shit that I have no evidence on:

>remember those SKYKING signals that most likely meant the US has lost 1 or 2 nukes in the middle-east last year?

>remove all markings on it that could identify them

>carry them over to Iran

>launch them at Paris/Germany

>time it so it hits a few hours after Europe signals a new wave of sanctions on Iran

>"Oh look, those sandniggers are taking revenge! We should kill them!"

>Get the US and the EU involved in killing their enemies

>Russia stays out because they don't fear neither the US nor the EU, but might not want to risk it against both together

>Iran turns to glass, Sunni's are blamed, Shia's in Saudi Arabia claim a "reform" of Islam, which gives it such a positive image, it spreads like wildfire in first world (more than now)

>world turns into caliphate, except for Israel

802ecf  No.13490694


Mate, fair warning:

When you respond to bait THAT obvious, every anon that does a filter+ will hide him AND your posts.

You'll soon end up talking to him alone because noone else is biting except your dumb ass.

I know it's delicious and just dangling there, but for fuck sake: don't bite.

466f79  No.13490700


Mutually assured destruction sounds good as long as the jews die.

4e2d26  No.13490723


Now that society is desensitized to a nuclear holocaust, and in fact wants one seeing no hope or thousands of years necessary to reverse the damage worldwide, I can only think of one reason why they aren't dropping nukes. It's not about fear anymore, it's that they don't want to for some greater reason.

Although I'm at a loss for what that reason is exactly. I can only assume its something along the lines of jews are created to destroy and cannibalize life, but if you nuke the fuckers you will kill all life and thus the jews will win a spiritual victory. Perhaps that's why our cock sucking (((elites))) are so desperate to escape the planet so they can nuke it and avoid a Pyrrhic victory.

6d2730  No.13490728


Totally missing the point.

With this new ChatBot tech literally committing a time of identity theft, this board is fucked.

Good fucking luck. Like most things, you won't even realize it until it's done to you, and then you will stand alone with no support, like you're doing now to me.

We have to fight this shit when it hits, and pull it out by the root somehow, or let it take over.

You idiots constantly roll over and choose the latter. That's why this place is this fucking bad already.

Good luck.

Have fun.

I can't be the only one who bulldogs our enemies out of our spaces.

67863d  No.13490756


i think the samson option is a nuke(or a device of equal or more power) inside the israeli embassy of each country that can be detonated remotely from israel.

eb10d7  No.13490758


Kikes are better than muslims. A semite is a semite is a semite.

3c31a6  No.13490765


>It's not about fear anymore, it's that they don't want to for some greater reason.

If you have lurked, researched, or read around this site for a few years, you would realize part, or at least a theory is, that the Third Reich did get away to Antarctica, has already created a type of 'Breakaway Civilization', and has already let the worlds powers know if they push the WW3 Nuclear option, they will make themselves known and pretty much 'gas the kikes/race war now' full throttle. Literal purification of most of humanity.

And hey, it just might end up being the truth.

d64004  No.13490768


Sweaty jew?

802ecf  No.13490804


>new ChatBot

Take your fucking pills, retard.

A chatbot would take posts, iterate them on a Dvorak algorithm to "learn" and then generate answers based on another input.

This is easily spotted because Dvorak algorithms and their like generate "patterns".

They'll post some 100 posts in 30 minutes, and half of those posts will look a lot like others.

Kinda like when you read Lovecraft and you start noticing the same words over and over again arranged in the same syntactical structure.

But notice the number: you'd see HUNDREDS of posts like this. That's the point of a fucking chatbot, noone develops some sort of Neural Network algorithm and uses it to post half a dozen times per day.

What you are seeing is a retard, laughing at you because you're dumber than he is. And you're easily recognizable. I could point right now to 10 posts of you on other threads, and I'd get at least 8 right.

Get it in your fucking thick skull: you're being trolled. Hard. And you're sperging in response, making the troll all that much happier.

And the more you do it, the more I start siding with the troll.

As Bob wisely said: "fuck'em if they can't take a joke".

dffe90  No.13493522

Alright, what's the possibility that russia was DISARMING the bomb on their end? That the Americans placed the bomb there on behest of Israel after the 2015 sabre-rattling that was occurring because of Ukraine. That was around the time the "leak" of the sub appeared and it seemed to be very acted.

dffe90  No.13493527

Also, what is this? https://voat.co/v/8chan/3329341

128c3c  No.13493529

Q bredicded dis :DDDD

92ab05  No.13494182

File: c9d9aa13310d30c⋯.webm (3.49 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Spurdo Spärde Time - Cand….webm)



23a9b3  No.13494299


Mutually Assured Degeneracy

ddfbf9  No.13494316

> Who is the best in the world at spying?



634984  No.13494679

File: 34f14d51c399c84⋯.jpg (56.63 KB, 295x766, 295:766, ci0f06objmn21.jpg)


Putin is a Jew and Russia is more Jew-owned than the USA. There is no news here. The Sansom "Option" is not an option. Israel plans on nuking the world. Mohamed (God bless him and give him peace) said 1400 years ago that the Malhama ("great war" preceeding the second coming of Christ) would kill birds out of the sky and result in a 99/100 fatality rate for mankind. Hope neither of us see it happen m8.

It says in the Quran that you're my greatest ally and that the Jew/Pagan is my greatest enemy.

Al-Maaida (5:82)


>Latajidanna ashadda alnnasi AAadawatan lillatheena amanoo alyahooda waallatheena ashrakoo walatajidanna aqrabahum mawaddatan lillatheena amanoo allatheena qaloo inna nasara thalika bianna minhum qisseeseena waruhbanan waannahum la yastakbiroona

>Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, "We are Christians": because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant.

Al-Maaida (5:83)


>Waitha samiAAoo ma onzila ila alrrasooli tara aAAyunahum tafeedu mina alddamAAi mimma AAarafoo mina alhaqqi yaqooloona rabbana amanna faoktubna maAAa alshshahideena

>And when they listen to the revelation received by the Messenger, thou wilt see their eyes overflowing with tears, for they recognise the truth: they pray: "Our Lord! we believe; write us down among the witnesses.

75961f  No.13494718

Remember; it was the USSR (Russians) that saved the crew of the USS Liberty from being wiped out. The IDF hit the Liberty with napalm, and then the captain ordered all hands to abandon ship. They got into the lifeboats and cast off only to have two IDF PT boats race up and start machine gunning the survivors in the water. Then the USSR spy ship sailed up and the cowardly murderous kikenvermin got scared and fucked off before they could finish the job.

000000  No.13494751

A lot of usually reliable intelligence sources are claiming Russians are trying to stop the Israeli Sampson option from fucking the planet. I guess if true Russians are unironically humanity's ultimate good guys trying to defuse the evil doomsday weapon of the diabolical ultimate villains the jews.

3ecb1f  No.13494762

1223d1  No.13494787


Believe that’s the term they use in the Chernobyl miniseries.

7d5da5  No.13495310


>>Russian sub adverts "planetary disaster"

>Cobalt bomb would be just that. Especially one planted in the sea.

lrn 2 science before making threads about it.

727f09  No.13496190

File: bf4bab42ff9eb92⋯.gif (898.51 KB, 600x600, 1:1, HMM MAKES YOU THINK 02.gif)


>attempting to destroy an optical cable laid across the seafloor.

OK, plausible but…


>damaged nuclear reactor

…How does that happen when you're on a "cut ze kable, komerad" mission?

675c33  No.13496259


kikes are worse than mudslimes

mudslimes don't disguise themselves as you

8f10ac  No.13497518


>Russian Sub Removed Israeli Cobalt Bomb Planted Into America's Sea Bed

i wanna believe, i really do

>https://gizadeathstar dot com

pls gibs sauce i has herd of

b22f1a  No.13498776

Any retard can be sent to cut cables. More difficult to drop a sniffer. Massive secrecy needed to pick up a bomb. The side attachment shown on pictures on the sub could do all three. Seems like overkill for the first two. It would make sense the "bomb" would have it's own security measures. It would defend itself to a degree without going off.

b22468  No.13498786


How's it feel to get your gates opened juden?

addd17  No.13498970

File: d303d10b6f72b4a⋯.png (169.24 KB, 454x345, 454:345, WomanOPFaggotZeroDays1.png)

Yeah, because countries always store their cobalt bombs at the bottom of the fucking bering strait. And cobalt bombs, made to spread nuclear particles work great through 20,000 ft of water.

OP need to take his head out of his ass. You think any nation would give up custody of a fucking bomb like this? So some third party could come along and scoop it up?

cd3f35  No.13499270

>schizo shit with no proof

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