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File: 7fb5631ff4b1e54⋯.jpg (104.09 KB, 1079x519, 1079:519, Screenshot_20190711-205801….jpg)

460584  No.13489494

>Literally all of his supporters are being completely silenced and banned from social media

>Brown people flooding the border at unprecedented levels

>War with Iran that with result in thousdands of deaths imminent

>Relations with Russia worse than before


>Posts about the fucking DOW

edaf24  No.13489516

It’s the boomer version of “BTC 10k by end of month”

38e1e3  No.13489558


Let's pick apart your fecal fling of a post, OP. The fact that you care about social media says more about OP than POTUS; they want an echo chamber of liberal feels, let them have it. Social media != real life. "War with Iran" has not happened, yet. Relations with Russia being worse is disputable; They are a power, we are a power, we might cooperate and get along but a little sabre rattling from time to time is healthy; otherwise one nation would just be cucked. The only legitimate complaint on your list is the rising tide of mud people. Hopefully the deportations will start soon.

60bd71  No.13489560


Buy me a keyboard now.

26416a  No.13489587

kabbalist says he is going to build a wall and shut the border

kabbalist does exactly the opposite

what a su-prise

9eb6ed  No.13489600


My Boomer Dad is telling me all about it right now as I post on /pol/.

81aa1e  No.13489613


You should bully that old faggot until he either sees past that gay shit or dies willing his boomer treasure to you to exchange for sloots and funs.

892f6f  No.13489626

Imagine caring about the stock-market and Jewish money-shifting. Materialist retards will die on the day of the rope

000000  No.13489631


btc is ~$12k rn


54e6b7  No.13489636



000000  No.13489638


Tell him he should have invested in bitcoin.

Tell him he wasted his monies giving it to jews.

Tell him everything is his fault.

And then ask him to bum 5 dollars.

aba3a5  No.13489715

Wow, American financiers are orchestrating yet another bubble.

42c747  No.13489784


>cope posting this hard

Hahaha you are pathetic.

aba3a5  No.13489856

>Countrywide's stock has been described as the "23,000% stock" by Fortune magazine. Between 1982 and 2003, Countrywide delivered investors a 23,000.0% return, exceeding the returns of Washington Mutual, Wal-Mart, and Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.[11]

It's not too late to get in on this bull market! Don't wait. Don't miss your chance to double or triple your savings.

71ff16  No.13489861



and the DOW is up, you're both missing the point that being so happy about having a bit more shekels while your entire civilization is destroyed around you is fucking retarded

40af0b  No.13489871

File: 1885c43e6edeab4⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1800x1233, 200:137, 1560822679468.jpg)

>what do you mean "things are bad"?

>look at all the money my jewish friends are making! how can anything be bad?!

0d5d24  No.13489872

Plunge Protection Team is buying DOW Jones futures over at CBOT again, at a record pace I see. Somebody check the Fed and see how much money they're printing right now.

4deb8d  No.13489969

All that kike cares about is bailing his kike friends out of jail and giving jews the keys to the country

000000  No.13489981


Private wealth is one of those things "being destroyed around [me]" by jews.

No matter the monies jews fail always.

Only Europeans can use monies properly to create.

Or to destroy.

Everyone who enjoys thinks that the principal thing to the tree is the fruit, but in point of fact the principal thing to it is the seed. Herein lies the difference between them that create and them that enjoy.

-Friedrich Nietzsche

When coin values go up (increase), what equates to the seed ?


1891b9  No.13489983


> posts about the DJIA

Quite jewish if you ask me.

1891b9  No.13489997


My fren

I was thinking, how do we hang bodies from power lines? I wanted to make an artistic statement on DOTR.

d20d89  No.13490001

>WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the jews who run wallstreet just go richer FUCKING BASED what an alpha chad

000000  No.13490022



<hurr durr let's kill peepl with things because they like things

You dumbfuck niggers

Your entire history exists in record because of material things, i.e., art, artifacts, and architecture, not 'despite of'. You wouldn't even know that the tetraskelion/gammadion was a thing if it wasn't for the human (European) love of creation and culture and those sharing that love digging in the dirt and seeking to protect what they find.

db8ec6  No.13490028



>Stock market is your asset goy

03068d  No.13490031


Social media is one of the new mediums as tv / cable dies. That's why you see NBC / CNN / etc anchors and reporters posting all over twitter and facebook.

And to all the leftist trolls who love to spout about how the 1st amendment protects you from the govt not from private censorship.

==Fuck your bullshit. If the roles were reversed you'd be pissing and moaning forever while NGOs paid for antifa protests against such a thing.==>>13489558


03068d  No.13490034


goddamn site is being retarded again

0ac74e  No.13490072


This site used to be fascinating but it helped me be a step above wannabe anarchists, at least.

Now i like hitler and stalin and castro lel

a07bf1  No.13490077


>i have opinions


000000  No.13490120


<Stock market is your asset goy

<t. jew


<he has opinions

<i don't

Welcome to being a jew.

000000  No.13490130



I forgot. It's a fact.


>constitutional limitations

Only applies to gvt.

The law that says otherwise is unconstitutional tbh.

169a53  No.13490158

File: 95d2e8de95b74f1⋯.jpeg (197.86 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 95d2e8de95b74f15e3f9b4202….jpeg)

tfw at least you got some tax cuts

307946  No.13490167

>artificial inflation for absolutely nothing from orchestrated events like kaeperdick's shoe protest


cc3fb8  No.13490812


to be fair id rather have btc than stocks in a SHTF situation

6fea36  No.13490820

his tweets are funny though

976ad7  No.13490971

Most Aryans are born tanned… that's why white women (I hope (((you))) are not MGTOW) call it Brazilian tan!


5eda19  No.13490973


Fuuuukk. It was 10,400 just 3 days ago. I fucked up once again.

e6d77c  No.13490982


>id rather have nothing than nothing

56545b  No.13490993


>Most Aryans are born tanned

I was born white. Must not be “Aryan” then. Based Brazilian master race when?!?

906660  No.13491013

File: 6c78ccb7b4089c5⋯.jpg (4.98 KB, 210x230, 21:23, mwo,210x210,samsung_galaxy….jpg)


>Most Aryans are born tanned…

bb15db  No.13491118


Some rope, a snatch block and several years of rigorous back exercises. Remember only touch one cable at a time and stand on several inches of rubber. It's the extra effort as well as the increased danger that adds to the beauty. You could just simply hoist the Jewish parasites onto street lamps but that is nigger lazy and uninspired.

df2a96  No.13491281

It's very simple. To destroy the virtual prison, take out the wardens and guards.

75279a  No.13491288

File: 9b4e907634615f4⋯.jpeg (455.8 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 337E920E-8DFE-4BFD-82E2-B….jpeg)


Don’t post here again retard trump cuck

185f01  No.13491296


spicspam nigger wants to be White so bad.

f5c4c3  No.13491303


This, I know my wife did.

185f01  No.13491308

File: 29188bbfe8a97f5⋯.jpg (69.71 KB, 952x1024, 119:128, 29188bbfe8a97f56e75dfbf0d0….jpg)


IP hop spicspam agreeing with itself is definitely a fucking bot.

You fucking Fedfags are so retarded.

Are you scared yet?

36ea50  No.13491312


>posts cuckjak feelshit

i want you to know that feelshit was always gay and retarded, but you're just a newfag zoomer who does whatever murdoch and murdoch tell you to think. newfags being led by newfags. sad!

080a06  No.13491315


DACA check em

185f01  No.13491320


pathetic, spic spam.

1498e5  No.13491357

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And you're still likely going to vote for him. He's going to build that wall, deport some immigrants, and finally get himself re-elected while continuing to undermine the U.S. high-tech sector and kissing BiBi's feet.

49bbe2  No.13491381


Fuck of fedfaggot. Which one are you, an idiot or a fed? D&C. Lets just generalise an entire generation of our own people? Gee that sounds EXACTLY like jewish D&C thats destroying europeans ability to create solidarity and organize a defense.

185f01  No.13491528

File: a0af6ca110783ef⋯.jpg (333.25 KB, 1408x1202, 704:601, Rules for Radicals.jpg)


>identity theft

Aren't you clever?

I'm not you, spicspam. You're fucking ridiculous. It's a real shame you can't even see how fucking silly you look. Everyone else does.

875d2c  No.13491530


Found the boomer

d0af28  No.13491649

Are blumpf boomers just as bad as kikes, if not worse? Day of pillow soon gramps

a5cd6f  No.13491684

File: 4a92b6fcbbad1e0⋯.jpg (100.52 KB, 990x659, 990:659, pope_frank_hides_cross_for….jpg)

File: f158a8795f958d6⋯.jpg (671.87 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Jew IQ.jpg)

File: 38d2ca7f349759a⋯.png (246.39 KB, 890x493, 890:493, jew wants to beat a white ….png)


Projecting like your Talmudic master would have you do in creating more of a dog eat dog world where no one has a true purpose in life? Of being part of a cohesive group with pride, understanding & solidarity in a true community spirit that can only happen through a biologically & culturally intact people. Not people within certain groups at each others throats through a constant barrage of disinfo & distractions that you pass the buck kind do so well.

>Spicspam you've been BTFO out of everyone.You're a laughing stock.

We at least not by you, you inconsiderate fool.

185f01  No.13491703




Ip hopping spicspam nigger.

Run around fucking up every thread. You suck at life, faggot. I can tell you're a very miserable person. I'm so glad I can contribute to your anxiety.

You really should kill yourself already. You know you want to.

Go for it. Use a shotgun. Quick and easy.

No pain.

Kill yourself, spicspam.

Kill yourself.

Kill yourself.

a5cd6f  No.13491712

File: 9c937115c971e1e⋯.png (98.31 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Hacker punk.png)

File: 8c75cd981569324⋯.png (487.49 KB, 1309x946, 119:86, hacker punk 2.png)


>Identity theft. It's in you head goy. Take your meds or we'll deprive you of your freedom for another 6 months by ever so slowly destroying every aspect of your life for daring to question your history books, Hollywood, fakebook, academia & MSM and having a conscience to what the future may look like if not stopped. It's your head there's no such thing as community gang stalking or zersetzung where we use useful idiots for our goal of maintaining our control over the dumb sheeple by distorting your kinds message to stop momentum of your movements.

Well done, you arrogant kike you exposed yourself.

185f01  No.13491742


Exposed myself as your bulldog, chasing you around this board as you shit up every thread with your blatant glowing patterns of idiocy?


71bc4b  No.13491824


Felate Dotard Chump harder faggot

b800c9  No.13492322

File: 1ece370ddc8f736⋯.jpg (64.6 KB, 346x388, 173:194, Freemasonry is a Jewish or….jpg)


Damn right, you're a bulldog or some pitbull just look at you. I can see that drool coming out your mouth from here from foaming at your mouth, Dave. I thought you maybe was Maximus at first but now I see you're way too animated to be him. Remember the time you started yelling at yourself in the park waking everyone up 6am for being kicked out at a certain place for people seeing your true colours, hahaha. Now that was funny.

You felt hard done by for being deprived of aiming to character assassinate someone with who has more integrity in his finger than you have in your entire body.

b800c9  No.13492342

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I'm so glad I can contribute to your anxiety.

cd9ae4  No.13492355

>trump posts a tweet


Everyone, even infowars-tier people, already knows Trump doesn't give a fuck about anyone that helped him win the presidency nor about actual censorship, otherwise even middling places like infowars and gab would be allowed in. Everyone already knows his immigration stance was a lie. Nothing you're saying is new or interesting. Kill yourself.

bb31cd  No.13492369


I love how he only drew white people.

fc8395  No.13492404

If Trump didn't win in 2016 a Civil War would have been gauranteed for any number of reasons – The economy (or at least the perception of the economy) being one.

Trump wasn't elected to save you or "your country", or to reaffirm your "rights", he was elected to save the government and restablize it before it brought about it's own destruction. Very little has changed behind the curtain. The only thing that has been righted is how the citizenry perceives its government. And again, thanks to Trump, the perception is adequately favorable.

3d4a72  No.13492877


You guys are so bad I'm strating to cringe every time I see POTUS written

b15467  No.13492900

The only people that Trump cares about are zionists. If you think otherwise then you are going to be perpetually dissapointed by his actions in reality.

558a3e  No.13493114


its because its more or less true, apply for section 8 as a nigger with muh children and you pretty much get streamlined

i like how they are still fairly well dressed despite being homeless

558a3e  No.13493117



lets say the next democrat president decides to do a 2008 bailout, would you rather have boomer stocks or deflationary "meme" money?

353f05  No.13495472

File: a576836c40c045d⋯.jpg (49.25 KB, 405x432, 15:16, antifa.jpg)

File: 0f5f7ac26f06384⋯.jpg (17.3 KB, 480x332, 120:83, antifa.jpg)

File: cf792ad56bafd00⋯.jpg (53.1 KB, 598x495, 598:495, antifa scum.jpg)

File: 3f83d0977ddf013⋯.png (422.27 KB, 599x775, 599:775, femininst bitch.png)


>Exposed myself as your bulldog, chasing you around this board as you shit up every thread with your blatant glowing patterns of idiocy?

Who are you trying fool, fool? You are an errand boy for the status quo, you've no sympathies for us WN traditionalists you abhor such an idea. Your ideal world is bossing, partying, taking all types of class A drugs, being a menace to society by being loud & obnoxious for someone having a difference of an opinion & lounging at them with such aggressive like you belong in a zoo.

Remember that time, you sent me that message 5yrs ago of waiting to chainsaw me, stamp on my head, stab me until I beg for mercy (I wouldn't give you the satisfaction punk)? 40 lines of the most intelligible gibberish packed with should bile & hatred of your betters I've ever read but what I expect nothing less from antifa scum like you. Every line packed with death threats & infantile insults. How many bottles was you drinking out of?

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