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File: daa908bc6657730⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20190711-153333.png)

83ec8f  No.13489616

Don't listen to Israeli or western glowfaggots on here spewing shit like "the Jews want marijuana legalized and hook our kids into it and turn them into coal burning tranny niggers" the Jews own the pharmaceutical companies and their in bed with Mitch McConnell. If this hopefully gets passed through the Senate and signed by dondel drumpf then those Jews will cry.


ff002f  No.13489622

Marijuana is a sure-fire way to become a low-IQ lazy nigger. All drugs and alcohol are poison.


e3ff8f  No.13489629

Yeah, becoming a retarded lazy nigger is definitely gonna BTFO those jews right?

8a591a  No.13489633



Also sage

125414  No.13489640

>if eating our own shit makes the kike flinch, then let's eat our own shit heh, that'll show 'em

Act out of love of your own people, not with perverted intentions of simply hurting your enemy.

fcb464  No.13489654

Marijuana is for subhumans, (((they))) probably want it too.

dfa213  No.13489665


Dubs of truth

75fe1b  No.13489669


Not all are lazy. I have smoked weed for years and I have a job.

e3ff8f  No.13489675


You only think you're better then everyone else but you're really not. Weed smokers are all losers and always will be

125414  No.13489677


>not all x


ff918e  No.13489678


I'm canadian and legalizing marijuana has, if anything, reduced marijuana consumption amongst my peers. No one goes to the legal store and the illegal trade of weed has continued completely normally.

ff918e  No.13489682


Yet I bet if 100% of society operated at the same level of utility, intellect, and proactivity as you, we would have no society, and you would have no job. You are for all intents and purposes very likely a drag on society.

6c92f5  No.13489687

File: 167d4da1ec88fa9⋯.png (394.57 KB, 368x489, 368:489, boy genius.png)

Not gonna even bother to make a proper "post" in this obvious b8 duplicate fuck your thread regardless of opinion:

It's seems to me da marijuana discussion always seems to bring out the most cretinous "posters" from all corners to spread as much disinfo as possible and shoot down any differing opinion on the matter in typical jew ways and aren't here for discussion nor educating others but just to smear shit on the walls and tell others "THIS STINKS"

Fact of the matter is weed should be legal like most things, why are most things illegal? Partly because our (((modern society))) can't deal with people dropping out of it entirely and needs young good goys to buy dumb shit and fight ZOG wars. Partly because dumb niggers and irresponsible fucktards who haven't been raised right can't exert the a modicum of restraint in the face of temptation just like how 80% of the population can't exert restraint when it comes to alcohol, TV, and other forms of escapism (on a side-note why do you faggot shills think that people wanna escape thinking about how fucking terrible everything is?). If everybody was a responsible person this wouldn't have been a problem just how it wasn't a fucking problem thousands of years ago, just like how FUCKING EVERYBODY used opium and poppy products but only 1800s it became a (((problem))) when everything about society turned to utter shit. But in current year everybody including adults are coddled childeren who need to be hand-held and need some kike to tell them: "THIS IS BAD BECAUSE I SAY SO, HERE DRINK THIS FLUORIDE WATER" and refuse to investigate on their own with a hint of intelligence by staying the fuck away from (((modern))) drugs and extracts by using common sense. Instead it's alot of unfounded screeching.

semi-psychedelics (weed) and actual psychedelics are about as Aryan as it fucking gets if you know your history and realize that ALL ancient societies with Aryan traces not only did a form of psychedelics but were heavily spiritually connected (see ancient pre-nigger Egypt, Greece, America, China etc)

I'm not gonna spoonfeed you summer fags anymore but anybody who spends 15 mins on youtube can find this shit out on his own, do your own research before you decide to post something in public and make a fool out of yourself.

I think you need to smoke 1 marijuana and chillax for a bit re-consider your life and life-choices realize sitting around all day smoking weed doesn't solve anything but smoking it once in a while is fine.

Don't even get me started on psychedelics and how many retards ABUSE it cause 'lol high ayyy lmao imma get high at a festival and take like 4 tabs (bad choice of (((extract))) drug anyway) and turn themselves retarded.

The issue with all drugs and "hallucinations'and (((mentall illnesses))) lies within YOU and what's in your head 90% of modern woes caused by drugs is due to people thinking they are special and nobody giving them a reality check and telling them NOBODY CARES and instead get told 'you are sooo sick here we'll help you' and get put in a place with actually mentally ill pseudo-science kike psychologists

Not defending indulgent drugs or behavior of any kind but realize when you're a hyperbolic retard you look fucking retarded spitting your retard juices all over the place. Anybody who cares THIS much about what other people do with their life just might be a mega sperg and underage and miiight deserve a ban. fucking niggerfaggot go back to your discord circlejerk fest ok?

4c0090  No.13489689


>Legalizing marijuana will stick it to the jews

1. Give society still another means to numb itself into apathy.

2. Give Jews another profitable product to sell.

Yeah that'll show'em.

e3ff8f  No.13489694

File: 0402faa3b4dd049⋯.jpg (94.76 KB, 750x703, 750:703, 1561788684363.jpg)

File: 5f847eda6b5a106⋯.jpg (45.13 KB, 438x368, 219:184, the fuck is that shit.jpg)


>Just drop out of society goy

>Don't even attempt to fix anything

>Don't attempt to invent, discover or create anything

>Just get high all the time and drop out

Weed fags are also all notorious feminists

4c0090  No.13489697

File: 400424ff55798fd⋯.jpg (159.11 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, burger king.jpg)


>Not all are lazy. I have smoked weed for years and I have a job.

He does have a job. He's been there for a decade now. (see pic)

000000  No.13489699

Federal legalization would negate state taxation on the product.

Many states charge 50%+ tax.

An unconstitutional restriction of speech and unlawful search ans seizure.

75fe1b  No.13489700


I never said I was better than everyone just that lots of people smoke weed and still work not all are lazy. But I know there are people that do smoke and are lazy motherfuckers but just not all of them

328f21  No.13489703


Smoking anything is generally a stupid thing to do. Breath is the basis of most spiritual practices.

Impeding your breath and damaging your lungs is the mark of a stupid individual.

Cannabis is best used for treating cancer and painkilling.

The jews wanted cannabis used improperly. Using it to treat cancer and as a painkiller threatens their pharmaceutical empire.

75fe1b  No.13489705


Totally this. Idiot

000000  No.13489706


>t. tucker "goodjew" carlson

75fe1b  No.13489708


As if you could do any better.

000000  No.13489718


Be sure not to cook on an open fire, anon.

But you are correct that smoking is bad. The heat causes more damage than the smoke in most casual smokers. Dry herb vape (which is still smoking since oils have a smoking point even though you avoid combusting the plant matter) or decarb and convert into butter.

000000  No.13489725


He can't. He is jew. He can only project his own failures onto others and pretend they are not his own. "Oy vey" they say.

328f21  No.13489731


I just said cannabis is best used for treating cancer and painkilling. You don't need to inhale it for either of those things.

000000  No.13489742


For lung or throat cancer you do. The oils work best topically. Otherwise you need tons of it pumping through your system.

f5ccd2  No.13489748


>our (((modern society))) can't deal with people dropping out of it entirely and needs young good goys to buy dumb shit and fight ZOG wars

Holy shit this

530618  No.13490013


You posted this same pasta in the other dudeweed thread. If the mods weren’t dopey niggers too you would already be shoahed.

530618  No.13490021


>potheads don’t spend money on stupid shit like everyone else

Big brain thinking on this thread

9d5c5e  No.13490023

As a Jew I strongly endorse legalization of weed.

427a7a  No.13490342


>As a Jew I strongly endorse legalization of weed.


Good Jew, here's a shekel

e3ff8f  No.13490450



Or you could do the right thing and just die and stopped using up resources

cd8ebd  No.13490455

>uuhhhurrrr hey guys im dudeweed if u huhuuuuhrrrrr dont like duh jews u shud sport legalizing murwana! uhhuuurrrrrr im dudeweed dude bro! do u think im cool? blaze it 420!

e9d52d  No.13490460

I am seriously in need of pot right now and I have never smoked. Every fucking day… literally every god damn fucking day this guy with tourettes comes walking by and screams "Hey ruffleduffpuff hey". I am not even fucking kidding. Just happened as I opened this thread and thought to myself if pot would help the headache from the daily ruffleduff (whatever the fuck that is) barrage.

cd8ebd  No.13490472


Yeah, deal with a loud retard by becoming a super hip and trendy cool 420 dudeweed blaze it 420 hella rad guy!

530618  No.13490474


Since weed can trigger latent schizophrenia, you should probably avoid it.

e9d52d  No.13490482



Oh I don't want it and was being facetious. Just rambling due to that shit daily and wondering what being high is even like. Frankly I prefer control of myself so wouldn't touch it but, god damnit…. every day.

cd8ebd  No.13490521


Give his retarded ass weed and maybe he'll be too lazy to walk past your house.

1f2167  No.13490536

Psychedelics should be the only psychoactives you consume, sparingly

6ecaa8  No.13490543


…with guidance.

1f2167  No.13490580


A shaman, if you will i definitely recommend a trip sitter for newbs

50940e  No.13490582

Jews just don't want you to grow your own weed or buy it from someone who grew outside of jew overreach.

The same can be said for any self reliant actions, think guns, growing your own food, and rainwater collection as well as any other form of self medication that keeps you from seeing the (((doctor))).

6ecaa8  No.13490590

File: 0fcb41209a4e1d3⋯.png (435.31 KB, 500x780, 25:39, Casting?1.png)

6acbf4  No.13490602

Now I know you are a faggot because you cant even say Donald Trump correctly. You are a hipster faggot that just wants to do absolutely nothing but drugs all day and spout communist faggotry. Eat a fat dick. If you cant even say someone's name right, you have no room to even try to debate anything.

891756  No.13490623

File: cabec49e4bbc29c⋯.png (70.08 KB, 801x1001, 801:1001, 2C36B703-D207-4FC0-B1E7-B4….png)

(((Angelica LaVito)))

05a032  No.13490650

What makes you think that Jews won't take control of the Weed industry moron? All they have to do it buy people out, and boom. They have yet another monopoly.

Legalizing weed will make people even more stupider. It isn't cigarettes, weed is way more intoxicating. Weed should be treated as any drug, not because of the physical danger, but because of the danger it has mentally on the user.

I don't want whites to get any more comfortable than they already are. If they keep up the hedonism it will get harder and harder to convert people to our side.

071b2a  No.13490654






Taking a lot of cannabis during adolescence can reduce your IQ by 12 points, almost a standard deviation. It puts you in the same bracket as negros.

If all whites were smoking it heavily during their teenage years, then the average IQ of whites would fall to 88, when the negro IQ in the US is 85.

'Turn them into coal burning niggers' sounds about right, in a neurological sense.

1768bf  No.13490657


Does that study account for nignogs dropping by 12 IQ too?

05a032  No.13490658

forgot to sage

232ff7  No.13490663


>you cant even say Donald Trump correctly

You mean dup?

3b4883  No.13490667

Legalize marijuana? Fuck no. The drug that should be legalized is LSD and it should be sold fucking everywhere. Pharmacies, gas stations, fast food joints, police stations, and wherever else.

Truly the best.

05a032  No.13490669


What about niggers on LSD anon?

232ff7  No.13490671


le cringe

cfe045  No.13490688


Fair enough


This though is a shot tier argument. They also probably have stake in the companies that will produce the legal weed once it’s legalized. It’s a potential multi billion dollar industry, you can bet your ass mr. Goldstein has his grimey hands in that business

971886  No.13490717


drugs in general are ways to become low-IQ lazy niggers. Weed is cheaper than perscription drugs so I understand the concern with availability, but if people are going to get stoned, they're going to do it one way or another, so I'd rather big pharma not get wealthy off it. Weed also gives a "I'm keeping it natural" thing which is good for anti-drug in general, good for purifying our food supply.

e3ff8f  No.13490726




Lets just legalize every drug so the retards who are druggies will die off

cd8ebd  No.13490729


I don't know what would be funnier, these dudeweed faggots going to jail for being super hip and trendy and cool with their 420 blaze it, or it being fully legalized and regulated and them having to pay and arm and a leg to feed their addiction.

071b2a  No.13490732


nignogs are pronounced braindead when they hit 50 iq.

1f2167  No.13490738


>What makes you think that Jews won't take control of the Weed industry moron

They already dominate it, i have friends who know old money kikes who own plantations and dispensaries throughout the states

1f2167  No.13490739



And actually seems they launder money through investing in random business ventures

cfe045  No.13490748


So all nig nogs are braindead?

1f2167  No.13490750


>Taking a lot of cannabis during adolescence can reduce your IQ by 12 points

Gee, its almost like you shouldn't try drugs, ethanol included, until ypur brain is fully developed

1f2167  No.13490753


Polymerase chain reactions were thought up of on LSD

bd1d96  No.13490754

Smoke meth, it helps you get shit done faster.

e3ff8f  No.13490781


And everything else wasn't thought up while drugged out so shut the fuck up druggie

1f2167  No.13490792


I never said people should do drugs. Merely, if you're gonna be a degenerate, might as well take something that helps with personal issues and is non addictive, so nah get fucked

0d1a54  No.13490811

I live in Colorado. Every dispensary is owned by Jews.

b7d97d  No.13490830

It's going to be legalized whether Jews or conservatives like it or not because it just makes sense.

971886  No.13490840


regulated meaning government would prohibit people growing in their own gardens for their own personal use? If it gets white people into doing their own gardening it might be a good thing. Learn to grow potatoes to feed your munchies, reduce dependence on mexican imports of guacamole.

542935  No.13490850


All you anti-weed anons are faggots, there is nothing wrong with occasionally having a beer or smoking a joint on weekends or whatever. Not everyone who uses marijuana is some chronic pothead, just not like everyone who drinks a beer on weekends with his bros is a raging alcoholic loser. I would vastly fucking prefer people smoked marijuana they grew in their back yard to taking anti-depressants and opioids and sleeping pills manufactured by (((big pharma))). If you are a teetotaler that's fine too, but at least understand how much fucking better, or least significantly less harmful, a little locally grown weed is vs. actual fucked up drugs grown and harvested in shitskin countries and then pimped on the public and sold by kiked healthcare and insurance corporations. Compared to that weed is fucking harmless, and nobody should be in prison for weed related shit.


Well said. Bottom line is marijuana legalization will keep people out of prison, which will hurt the (((prison industrial industry))), it will give people alternatives to controlled substances produced by (((big pharma))), and even if CEO Shekelstein decides to get in on the weed agri-business it will be easy to just dodge his kike ass and grow it yourself or buy local. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but really legalizing marijuana is a blow struck against kike empire, damaging multiple industries they own at once.

fa6824  No.13491104

File: 42f182014eb59a1⋯.jpg (34.24 KB, 438x438, 1:1, call_the_adl_idgaf.jpg)


this also brings to question that, " the slave trade was run by the jews" thing. lets you know that it may be true but that just being spewed is a scare tactic

841863  No.13491429


Weed is for niggers and Israel wants to become the world's foremost medicinal marijuana producer; while other kikes are gobbling up the small players in the dispensary and cultivation sectors.

e3ff8f  No.13491451

File: 961ae006e10fbc7⋯.jpg (57.55 KB, 660x436, 165:109, 961ae006e10fbc702747fa22f5….jpg)


>Well said

Nigger you replied to copypasta and you're expecting us to take your opinion seriously?

a32a73  No.13491481


And whatever mass-produced, chemically altered garbage is passed off for food to sate those munchies. Make you a low-t nigger as well as a low-iq one.

fa6824  No.13491513



just a logical fallacy

fa6824  No.13491517


retarded logical fallacy your in a should be banned if its the way you say topic, fuck you fucking drug sellers. you know you wont ban the shit you only want to monopolize everythign thats the point and the main enemy.

76b2c8  No.13491527


>when the kush hits u hard

fa6824  No.13491546


go sell drugs for your cops you bootlicker. claiming to go against somehting that doesnt hurt you any is just you attempting to make organized crime.

59ac86  No.13491560



I occasionally smoke Cannabis and often find myself more connected to the land and have a better appreciation of it; if I smoke I always go on nature hikes. Also I find that classical music is the most rewarding to listen to due to the depth of the instruments. Frankly Cannabis is what you make of it, most people don't get drunk everyday and so you shouldn't get high everyday. However some people do, and that's what makes it destructive.

fa6824  No.13491594


>smoke everyday

depends on what you think being productive means. if you can't slave away for 60 hours a week after seeing how easy oging everything is with weed and you call that being unproductive, thats your take. i dont know how you can call it unproductive when your probably claiming they have the ability to do that, smoke weed all the time, on other things like having free food stamps or something. which is more desctructive? the food stamps or the guy who smokes weed since he doenst have to do nothing beucase someone else gave him the welfare/food stamps?

9aeb0a  No.13491657

You all are retarded. The only way Drumpf will win the next term is if he moves THC off schedule 1. It will guarentee his victory. I and everyone I know will vote for him if he does that.

Im sorry none of you square faggots have a serious illness that takes weed to find relief. Nationwide legalization is happening soon, deal with it.

10acf2  No.13491669

File: bf5a6dfb6f3ca28⋯.png (482.4 KB, 986x281, 986:281, 000.png)

File: c40b3d6e66d646b⋯.jpg (150.91 KB, 745x496, 745:496, 1.jpg)

File: eda25ab5e0f1def⋯.png (498.13 KB, 592x509, 592:509, 0.png)


Evolutionary path addict:


One day, all addicts will end up at health-labor preventorium.

15760a  No.13492248

File: 22652abe24478a7⋯.png (332.19 KB, 640x426, 320:213, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3c351af5e328679⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1000x667, 1000:667, ClipboardImage.png)

File: df0c8f5303b1b0b⋯.png (197.15 KB, 474x237, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Key Note Speakers…

0fb94f  No.13492253



a scotch drinker is more likely to turn to heroin than any pot smoker ever would. Your logic is flawed sir.

and where does crystal meth fit in your gateway? My state has the dubious honor of being the countries capital for meth users. a test of the sewage water by the Man, found so much in the waste water they concluded that 75% of the state is on the shit

6c92f5  No.13492323


>actually retarded

>doesn’t understand I WROTE the original post in response to a samefagging retard, and I wasn’t gonna re-type/ re-formulate the post because somebody made a ‘duplicate’ weed discussion thread.

Check the posting times dipshit.

If YOU weren’t a dopey retard I wouldn’t have to explain this to you, but here we are.

Go back to 4chin

071b2a  No.13492324

071b2a  No.13492325


gee; ypur brayne is alredy braken

ffe7a3  No.13492420



fucking idiot doesnt know their, they're. there


e96f89  No.13492444


>kikes own big pharma

>they won't be owning big cannabis though!

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