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File: 70b792f8e766cac⋯.jpg (59.81 KB, 680x818, 340:409, Born To Feel.jpg)

43dc9a  No.13489648

The poor bastards. War is Hell, and war will always be Hell.

Fighting for who you love and what you love is glorious in the moment; but afterwards you get a feeling of "Oh shit" after realizing that you have become death; destroyer of worlds.

Veterans - especially Vietnam and before - never asked to fight for what we have today. A lot of kike shills who want to destroy what we've built and weaken us uh I mean BaStE 1844 nAzIs (No hate to actual wignats but a lot of kikes larp as you guys. Write some shit down and say "This how ideology go.") say that the men who fought in World War 2 were monsters, disgusting abominations who went to their ancestral homelands to slaughter their brethren.

I want to remind you that back then, America had a national identity; it wasn't flooded with Blacks and Hispanics who diluted the culture of White America, it was a collection of Whites who fought off those who they didn't like and created their land as their own. There was an American identity. They viewed themselves as different to Europeans. They didn't know their leaders were kikes and would destroy that which they fought for.

01c95b  No.13489651

Only moralfags feel bad about committing murder during wartimes.

11efcb  No.13489672

>be high school dropout

>1.5 GPA and only passed PE

>have felony drugs possessions

>2 DUIs

>can't find job cuz criminal and dumb

>gummymint offers thousands in signing bonuses

>free room

>free board

>free funs training

>retards and criminals preferred

>volunteer cuz there's no draft

>go overseas

>there's no war

>drink Jack every night

>shoot hajis

>fuck diseased roasties and rape local fatimas

>get back

>wife you married as a sham for the bennies has (not your) half-breed kids

>get free medical care for life

>get free college anywhere

>get preferential treatment for jobs

>still complain about something you willingly chose to do and got compensated handsomely for

Yeah, poor ZOGbots.

43dc9a  No.13489712


>literally every war before the turn of the millennium doesn't apply to that story.

remember that if shit goes south you will get drafted.

dfee63  No.13489736


Never feel sorry for Vets unless they have taken live fire in combat something 95% of the military will never do. Military and their dependa families get more social welfare benefits than niggers for being willing to die for ZOG. Even fucking spouses and children get college benefits and other heinous shit for life because you are paying for it in taxes Anon.

bb155a  No.13489756

The only good reason to serve is to open up contracts, which are, on the whole, the most

<A C C E L E R A T I O N I S T

way to be.

0ca18f  No.13489852


Not him but if I get drafted I'm shooting my CO. Not fighting for a government that wants to wipe my people out.

425a86  No.13489864


Murder is backstabbing and killing of an innocent. In war there's no murders (unless you go out of your way to screw with civvies but no disciplined soldier would do that).

095257  No.13489869



Nope. Get fucked they can get fucked too

c8587e  No.13489877

>tfw in the military

>tfw getting free college and a comfy salary

>tfw getting trained by the government on how to shoot and get /fit/

>tfw out soon

Thanks ZOG.

3cfc0e  No.13489885


>Fighting for….

Vet here, never happened. At best one could say they thought they were doing so, but not that that is what they were actually doing

3cfc0e  No.13489892


>. Even fucking spouses and children get college benefits and other heinous shit for life

Gotta be 100% disabled vet for that.

4b3ed4  No.13490061




I feel for those who thought they fought for blood and soil, not for kikes and oil.

358358  No.13496112


That is how good the brainwashing is now. So few ever figure it out.

Gas the bikes, race car now!

e875ae  No.13496419


Didn't Texas courts just rule that the draft can't only draft men, without drafting women too? No one has to worry about a draft anytime soon.

b482a0  No.13496428


>They didn't know their leaders were kikes and would destroy that which they fought for.

Neither do antifa. Why distinguish between useful idiots?

2e9346  No.13496438

File: b9275fbdce89b06⋯.jpg (32.45 KB, 500x614, 250:307, 1448774764725.jpg)

File: c10860a373881e1⋯.jpg (20.55 KB, 236x317, 236:317, 1453234204440.jpg)

File: 50866df72faa24c⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 1600x1159, 1600:1159, Gallic-Warriors-of-Middle-….jpg)

LMAO at the soyboys tallking about "Muh war is hell"

This is why the west is dying, because you're too fucking weak, domesticated, civilised to pick up a gun or do anything. because you prefer decadent peace instead of warfare. The whole foundation of Indo European society and the tribe in general is built on war and the mannerbund.

You really think the Taliban go on about war being hell and PTSD and all that bullshit? nope, they fight against foreign invaders with tenacity and courage. i don't like muzzies but they've been fighting against the ZOG with inferior equipment for years.

809a0e  No.13496446


Texas courts also recently ruled a man can't teach his son about parts of Christianity because his mother is hell-bent on making the 7 year old kid a chemically castrated tranny. I wouldn't put too much faith in them courts.

e7a7d1  No.13496450


Untrue. A family member of mine is able to pass his GI bill down to his children within a certain time frame if he doesn't use it himself. Considering that he was an officer who already had an engineering degree and got a good job after retiring from the military, there is no incentive for him to use it for himself.

f28553  No.13504183

I know there is underaged lurker anons on this board. I will tell you guys something. Find experience. College is overpriced shit, so you need a internship/tradeschool/whatever. I joined the military after highschool because I am a /k/fag. I am not saying you have to join the military, I am just going to make a few statements about it (for clearance I was a gunnersmate in the U.S Navy)

>Niggers are there

>Spics are there

>Faggots (literal and hypothetical)

They are gonna act just as stupid as the spics and niggers you already know. Faggots include gayboys and people who LARP as special ops to everyone they know back home. Hopefully upper ranks discipline them for what they are.

>shit is boring as fuck

Sometimes there is something cool to do. Most of the time for me was Skyrim on a laptop I bought for free time, and other times to hang out with my friends.

Through all that time though, I am basically a qualified gunsmith +more.

I am not advocating for anons to join ZOG or not join ZOG, I am just giving details of what its like. You won't commonly find the common poltard like me, I only knew one of those guys.

e2abc7  No.13504235


4b4aa4  No.13504241

File: 6795b964502241b⋯.jpeg (115.86 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, Hitler_styling.jpeg)



Someone has been reading their Evola, good work anon. I agree with you and the mannerbund should return! Sieg Heil!

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