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File: 7003627bc0252c1⋯.png (323.84 KB, 718x1027, 718:1027, ClipboardImage.png)

c97d32  No.13489676


05:43 GMT




dedc5b  No.13489692

File: 121bb8ae2970ce9⋯.png (1.37 MB, 793x960, 793:960, rampage.png)

bump because fuck the w33d thread "discussion"

b4cf0f  No.13489713



7975d0  No.13489730


>wtf I love neo-nazis now

Reminder that (((Rita Katz))) (((monitors terrorist boards))) and (((just so happens))) to get (((advanced information))) on pending (((terrorist attacks))).

It's probably nothing, but OP is doing good work watching the (((watchers))).

efc004  No.13489751

It would have been nice if Duterte agreed to attack China first. This would have provided the pictures of dead brown babies Trump would need to nuke China.

Since that plan didn't go as planned, brown babies in America have to die. Sorry, Florida.

06ccd9  No.13489753

Patterns aren't happening at this time. In the thread last week we discussed the distinct patterns and they have not shown up yet. They always do the same things first to set the table for their narrative. Besides, that site is complete shit.


3193a0  No.13489759

People are once again taking Atomwaffen shitposts too seriously

7975d0  No.13489762



You can't skip a line, anon. Like this:



06ccd9  No.13489764


Yep fucked up, thanks anon.

d84afd  No.13489765

>implying we shouldn't actively be engaging in activities that wreck the infrastructure that keeps the feral government humming

1d1762  No.13489772

>attacking the electrical grid first

attack communications then the electrical grid followed

d84afd  No.13489776


Absolutely. Remove the ability for cellphones and tv or radio to operate. What are they gonna do without their smartphones/tv/internet/nigger music? If there's no more breads and circuses, how long until people stop being cowed?

9e8e7d  No.13489847

Most neo-nazis are undercover feds.

so we know who to blame when it happens.


b927b8  No.13489860

File: eccf0c6d0eaeafd⋯.jpg (631.21 KB, 2816x2112, 4:3, SAGE.jpg)



This is the only weed I need.

ebc817  No.13489889

File: 2ae9f927091edf9⋯.jpg (21.26 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Q350TuF_d.jpg)

Post .pdf plx

e6462c  No.13489914

To be honest, the degradation and destruction of infrastructure is the way to go if you're serious about terrorism.

6cb87b  No.13490046


Biological warfare is the way to be a serious terrorist.

Easy. Cheap. Scary AF.

d592b8  No.13490109


It's cool, you glowies are still learning. It's why you shine so bright.

e46747  No.13490124


>Implying ZOG would destroy the very infrastructure that it relies on to oppress the people.

If Mossad is stupid enough to actually destroy the infrastructure that keeps them alive, then there really are based jews.

e46747  No.13490131


It's not very effective and either is too weak to seriously affect the power structure, or is so strong that it will literally just wipe out our race.

411012  No.13490152

File: b41fbba4b39d6b7⋯.gif (632.81 KB, 320x240, 4:3, glownigger.gif)

>this whole thread

ebc817  No.13490190


>never do anything, just wait for your race to be exterminated

Bomb a power substation today.

39ca7c  No.13490211


Probably that same copypasta that glownigger has been posting here for months

411012  No.13490225


Hard to believe you glowniggers get paid to do this shit. It's even harder to believe how fucking ignorant and oblivious you all are to how fucked this country is in every way imagineable, your entire existence is being a ZOG puppet brass polisher. Completely and utterly meaningless life. I can only imagine most of you are drug addicts (legal or otherwise) and alcoholics to deal with it.

8406b3  No.13490240

As long as it happens and causes chaos I don't give a shit who did it.

But it won't because OP is a lobotomized niggerfaggot.

c64287  No.13490274

File: d4d3544db4b8b3b⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 519x428, 519:428, pol .jpg)


If it was me that they referencing, goodness are they slow. Bolton's nearly World War 3 is ancient history in the speed of the internet. They've probably been dude where's my weed for the past week while the world continued to spin.

92bbe9  No.13490306

>muh everything is false flag

a9979c  No.13490434


Sage, so tasty on chicken.

f1d7ae  No.13490510


The weed thread is a very lame attempt at data mining.

f1d7ae  No.13490518


>Most neo-nazis are undercover feds.

The ones that aren't are cops selling cocaine. "White power," get it?

ad6484  No.13490519

Fake and gay with a non-credible source that's (((conveniently))) direct-linked and not archived.

0ae480  No.13490538


i would check all mossad candle factories behind this!!!

ef86b4  No.13490573

>neo-nazi group suggests

>guy on reddit named (((Hitler1488WhitePower))) started a thread where he suggested this

c52755  No.13490577

File: 3f6f5faca2f3db1⋯.jpg (75.02 KB, 618x804, 103:134, 3f6f5faca2f3db11e3d7a0cc85….jpg)


>boo hoo hoo I'm so skerd of feds

I've been saying this shit for years and the Feds haven't stopped me yet. Why don't you pull your mom's dick out of your ass and be a man?

4ba4b6  No.13490585


You're such a strawmanning faggot. You glow nigger. Do you know why?

c52755  No.13490596

File: dd1aa75e5e91fc6⋯.jpg (20.7 KB, 294x286, 147:143, 1146427759424.jpg)


Been here longer than you, Ahmed.

36b8aa  No.13490597



Take away people's bread and circuses and they'll get pissed off at YOU. Drop a few FBI agents and normies will get scared of you instead. How are the feds going to protect them if they can't even protect themselves?

4ba4b6  No.13490603


Does't matter. You're still a worthless dick.

"NUH-UH!" isn't an argument, nigger.

bf4c44  No.13490624


How in the hell do these (((religious leaders))) practice for this procedure? Do they bite the foreskins off of baby animal cadavers? (lel, probably) I wonder how often the noob duck-biters fuck up and bite the infant's entire dick off. Why do we tolerate these things?

bf4c44  No.13490636

File: aea41e983c3aff8⋯.jpeg (40.84 KB, 680x928, 85:116, 2FFD0A8A-3356-4A9C-B607-7….jpeg)



Checkt. My bad.

4ba4b6  No.13490651


Do everything, nigger. Don't project your cowardice on me. I've been waiting for years for the rest of you faggot to wake up, catch up, and step up.


2a6219  No.13490686


c4fc1b  No.13490711

So someone mentions targeting areas of opportunity and soft targets and that's a big news development? It's common sense if you're going for the bigger bang for your buck. Infrastructure is key and the weakest element. Electrical, transportation, and water supply can easily affect hundreds of thousands to millions with minimal personnel.

The problem is always access and identifying weak spots.

08bafc  No.13490742



dc2554  No.13490744

trust the plan fellow nazis

17306f  No.13490828


Who's got the screenshot of how easy it is to cut power/internet? If they want to knock out a little power to prove a point, why dont we knock out a shitload more power, and then use their bullshit as free momentum?

4cca25  No.13490835


Fuck off, schizo.

090413  No.13490836

>tfw nationalists are good people.

>tfw nationalists being framed as terrorists

bd8036  No.13490876

File: 1fa7ab801482048⋯.png (586.84 KB, 1920x1053, 640:351, powergroidz.png)


Actually the controlled-media suggested this months ago.

071f82  No.13490900

File: 6590aba1510d45a⋯.png (97.09 KB, 1787x921, 1787:921, Comms.png)

ad6484  No.13491086


>he can't read

Calling something obviously fake "fake" isn't remotely the same as all the feds saying to never do anything.

c6214e  No.13491769


How to without getting electrocuted or blown up?

fffe40  No.13491858


probably not caused by the big jew attack mossad is planning but the transformer outside just blew. now i gotta post on shitty mobile and use a candle. jack shit will happ

9409d2  No.13492251

File: f8cde7567117ba7⋯.jpg (9.85 KB, 225x225, 1:1, f8cde7567117ba7a62611b1cfb….jpg)


But jews do not control the world using jokes.

b80323  No.13492516



116ff6  No.13492541


Shut up Kike, filtered.

973eca  No.13492603

enjoy your summer holidays, kiddo

a3b398  No.13492627

not a target "new-nazis" would be interested in, sounds more like an antifa/anarchist shitjob.

d84dc2  No.13492648

File: 8d17c26cf81d8f4⋯.jpg (135.73 KB, 942x1300, 471:650, 82007590-cartoon-hillbilly….jpg)

File: 5c045823aa2ee47⋯.jpg (42.94 KB, 397x599, 397:599, 397px-Polemount-singlephas….jpg)



If only there was some sort of device that could cause damage to things at a distance? But how would such a device even work? Surely the only way to damage things is to run up to them and hit them with a stick. If only there was some sort of technology that let us damage things from a safe distance.

Alas I do not think such a device will ever exist.

ab7773  No.13492654


Based and transformerpilled.

973eca  No.13492659


full retard

d15103  No.13492668

File: 951c121f6c80e19⋯.png (44.96 KB, 540x515, 108:103, penis sizes.png)

File: 7c48a4e825000dc⋯.jpg (125.55 KB, 970x1460, 97:146, thrones20f-4-web-thor.jpg)

File: 304442cb4e0f224⋯.jpg (248.85 KB, 1280x947, 1280:947, south african knife wieldi….jpg)

File: ee154ed5dd24aa7⋯.png (151.18 KB, 569x405, 569:405, nigger gene.png)


>Muh dick

>White females find me attractive not because of a constant barrage of 24/7 propaganda aimed at young fashionable women, that prop me up as I don't have the intellect or self-restraint to maintain a family in my ghetto but cause of my superior Black genes. Black power, crackas!!!

Funny even in today's climate it's proven White female marry White men 90% of the time & only go with Black bulls 3-4% of the time. Raising children not your thing I heard?

1728c3  No.13492678

File: d117ea9d121e4e4⋯.gif (983.31 KB, 445x250, 89:50, GivingFrequentEsok-small.gif)

d15103  No.13492715

File: f3803d33818f29f⋯.png (24.01 KB, 642x198, 107:33, Straw man arguement 2.png)

1728c3  No.13492731

File: 431f81f85809ac8⋯.jpg (933.37 KB, 1262x620, 631:310, Screenshot (13085)_LI.jpg)

1728c3  No.13492734


But can I cash in my straw man account?

1728c3  No.13492738


Oil is in that drum.

e29988  No.13492750


Then considering the nigger factor in what is targeted, and you've got yourself major riots/looting in the areas disrupted long enough. I would bet drafts of infrastructure cyberwarfare/physical sabotage plans by state actors take such things strongly into account.

fa56c7  No.13492787

File: b6bf45c49f304d4⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1468x7317, 1468:7317, 1469209061043.png)

I think that ZOG fears nothing less than losing bridges, railways, banks, ships, nuclear power plants and skyscrapers.

it costs them more than some synagogues/mosques.

a8e50d  No.13492822

Look at that, nothing happened.

000000  No.13492867


t. everything is a glow op, do nothing goyim

000000  No.13492887



There's your problem.

You'll wait forever.

Brenton and many others already have done things.

What's your excuse? Oh you'll just keep waiting until EVERYONE else has acted first?

0eff43  No.13492965


The rocky mountains divide the west and east so well that the only efficient passage of goods flows via train over very concentrated system of railways going through and over those mountains

4ba4b6  No.13492984


I'm not impulsive, lil niglet. I can see the horizon. I know our moment rapidly approaches.

I'll be ready. Very.

Will you?

>already done things

SSSSHHHhhh! You'll spook the herd. Project your cowardice elsewhere, little one.

4ba4b6  No.13492991



There are only 9 major arteries in and out of the L.A. Basin. A vast majority of their water flows through an aqueduct through the Owens Valley, from Mono Lake, hundreds of miles away. During the Water Wars, the Valley farmers found it quite easy to "disrupt" the aqueduct and the flow of water.

d15103  No.13493028

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Constant fixation on money is usually someone with no principles who stand for nothing & change like the wind on things they do, but with you I'll reserve judgement.

1728c3  No.13493067


I ain't no damn Jew. Take it back!

1728c3  No.13493090


Judge not or ye be judged.

16b1a0  No.13493251



>5.1 inches

x to doubt, otherwise im +3 above average

dd466c  No.13494340


That's how they operate, isn't it? Turning snippets of nothingness into full blown (((national))) emergencies that conveniently prompt a fresh outpouring of (shit) articles on the evil white man across their shillizines.

441c82  No.13495439

File: 14ceb3f86d362b2⋯.jpg (43.48 KB, 346x518, 173:259, 1800294_551499648290233_21….jpg)


Is that a threat? Funny the last time I checked you social liberals are already putting my behaviour under the microscope and using whatever you find, while taking it out of context or being inconsiderate, as a way to defame like the cowards you're.

Probably deleted my video showing you've no true motivations for fighting for a better but rather using the fallen one to your benefit.

b4e072  No.13495561

Back when bin-ladden was alive I used to talk about how if terrorists were really such a serious threat worth fighting a war over, Taliban in particular they wouldn't be trying to just do sky-jackings, they'd be trying to decommission infrastructure; this was back when I was a bit left libertarian about 10 years back.

Think for a few moments about what would happen if you destroyed one small city or town's economy by taking down all of the overpasses leading into the city or out of the city. Sounds mighty hard to do right but if you have the resources to train hijackers you could do this somewhat easily; we're talking about taking down 2-3 over-passes at about the same time. Now obviously 9/11 was a home run for Al-Qaeda: some martyrs thousands dead, massive historical event making the organization famous the world over, led to similarly spirited copy-cat orgs, and put the US into it's longest most expensive wars in history, that's a victory considering OBL said he wanted to replicate what the muhj did to the soviets. How does dropping infrastructure compare to that? firstly, re-usable assets, your men will survive to pursue other targets and that will create a persistent fear and paranoia, all of these bridge collapses can be done at range, theoretically you could hide the very intention by stalling out tankers on the bridges and using high caliber rifles to cause spills and then ignite the spills with incendiary rounds, any efforts in prevention are going to be short term, regional or obscenely expensive.

The cost: Building a new highway overpass in my part of the US takes 4-8 months, without traffic and while doing two at once I suspect it could be rushed in 2.5 months but considering niggers, paranoia and if the bridge is actually dropped from it's support we are adding maybe a whole month.

Only 2 highway entrances to a town with ~90,000 pop would cause an economic crash in that small town, essentially you'd be creating an economic regional bubble like flint Michigan and that will cascade outwards but slowly, people's take home will plummet because about 40% commute to work, imagine then if you had also destroyed a great number of the transformers in the town before isolating the stretch of highway before and after the town's exit. you can create a localized economic depression and if down in harsh cold or heat could cause environmental deaths and the deaths of the elderly and infirm. long-term national consequences would be contribution to an insufferable police state causing social tensions and regional wealth disparities that make national economic difficulties in pricing labor and goods but also in wealth inequality.

If sand niggers were serious they would have played the infrastructure game but once you understand industrial accidents your sense of scale changes drastically. Like causing industrial accidents that can literally destroy a whole town in an evening, sugar, manure and certain chemical plants along with oil infrastructure or just causing rail accidents or rail hijackings; simple wildfires, tainted water supplies or pipelines in the middle of nowhere.

You can figure out what sort of hazardous materials are in a train by the signs on the cars, a chlorine tank could wipe out a 5 mile radius easily. All of this is Why I firmly believe we should end immigration and kick out all of the sand niggers.

Starving whole sections of the country and fucking the economy could be done just by destroying sections of east-west rail lines, more targeted abuse could be done DC shooter style but instead of hitting people you take out power infrastructure.

All of this fragility is why a homogeneous society is SO important.

4178cc  No.13495643



Kill yourself zeemaps meetup boomer fed kike kikestian schizo niggerloving ban evading shill.

f355e6  No.13497005

File: b82a9b4e93eef10⋯.jpg (133.32 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 5d2a6ed2dda4c8be6f8b458b.JPG)

bump for NYC blackout,

70b0db  No.13497047


Nothing ever happens. You should know that by now

5aaa8c  No.13497083


>Reports of an explosion

Pure coincidence.

77f0cb  No.13497088


what are they planning for 4th of july?

0ebd94  No.13497089

File: 979ffb683e47464⋯.png (59.17 KB, 194x190, 97:95, caseofthemondays.png)



c9454a  No.13497213


wait is it actually happening?

3193a0  No.13497229


Probably not, unless some information comes out that indicates that it's not just a transformer fire. There are reports of an explosion noise but unless it turns out to be a bomb it's probably not happening

9ffdd4  No.13497293


was OP right?? Major blackout in NYC





they have had an agenda to go after internet freedom by staging false flag "hacker" events…

9ffdd4  No.13497300


yes. see here


front page on (((drudge)))

9ffdd4  No.13497307


>NEW YORK (AP) — Authorities were scrambling to restore electricity to Manhattan following a power outage that knocked out Times Square’s towering electronic screens and darkened marquees in the theater district and left businesses without electricity, elevators stuck and subway cars stalled.

>The New York City Fire Department said a transformer fire at West 64th Street and West End Avenue affected more than 44,000 customers along a 30-block stretch from Times Square to about 72nd Street and Broadway.

9ffdd4  No.13497312


>The outage comes on the anniversary of the 1977 New York City outage that left most of the city without power.

42 years to the day. and the weather was fine today.

f6e727  No.13497321

File: 256eb3e8b3e0107⋯.gif (135.5 KB, 1373x1369, 1373:1369, nyc-black-2000.gif)


>blacking out jewyork

and all the animals came out to play

that's pretty good actually, getting the cityfags to face reality and their diverse neighbors

431bba  No.13497575

File: 63d544310360fc8⋯.jpg (65.19 KB, 497x540, 497:540, the end.JPG)


Why would Current Year NatSocs want to take down Electricity and thus the Internet? The Internet has allowed the growth of NatSoc far beyond the Mailed Newsletters and VHS tapes of yesteryear. Now a single JPG can do more for the survival of the White Race where it'd take a whole Platoon to do the same decades ago.

9855ad  No.13497608



ad6e24  No.13498096


deal a blow to comms in black cities and let them take care of the rest

3a5941  No.13498150

Well. I have seen this suggestion/scenario from preppers in case of civil war 2 electric boogaloo. They believe that it will be an asymmetric conflict, in which they are going to use guerilla tactics to make government use up resources on the bigger towns rather than frontline. It's a war game scenario, in which there are thousands of on YouTube, a highly censored platform, which still have actual calls to terrorism.

You glowniggers choose to waste your time here on 8 chins rather than getting rid of all the sarin gas, mustard gas, and bomb making tutorials on facebook and google's platforms. Here you have "Nazis", while on mainstream platforms you have a much larger base of people, who could potentially use these recipes for some absolutely random reason.


c4fc1b  No.13498188

File: 57c6895085a0169⋯.gif (763.46 KB, 500x275, 20:11, aiEJH.gif)


We did it guys! We managed to false flag ourselves before the crime was even committed.

4ba4b6  No.13498228

File: 57ace47ac2a67b8⋯.jpg (7.23 KB, 203x255, 203:255, 64c9056a7457ecc6ebe036308f….jpg)


checked and megakek'd

4ba4b6  No.13498246

File: cee87413110085a⋯.png (165.37 KB, 1135x173, 1135:173, coinkydink.png)

File: 463c95b626c3d68⋯.png (109.49 KB, 255x193, 255:193, ClipboardImage.png)


We're all so totally busted. Mom's gonna be pissed.

55fe3f  No.13498253

File: e5e1dae4a96c45b⋯.jpg (38.95 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1435867409936.jpg)

File: e0c614d88ce0acd⋯.jpg (141.41 KB, 768x768, 1:1, KgkAlyNBpRDEZ1j_YVbSJjduMB….jpg)

File: 0bb669624c8de7f⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 2988x3000, 249:250, mCcBcWY.jpg)


Now that's interesting.

How many other honey pot threads are on /pol/ currently besides that surpressor thread?

750e4f  No.13498265

b3fb0f  No.13498490

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't bother; eventually the niggers will knock those down for the PCB mineral oil to fry fish at the side of the road once most of the whites are gone.

ff5f51  No.13498524

That fed faggot youtuber "nowhiteguilt" has been on the "oh the wignats wanna bomb the bridges and roads" bullshit for months, when nobody ever organically suggested it.

f9b740  No.13498532


>Hungary 6,5 in

>hung aryans

efc975  No.13498663


>using self-reported dick sizes

Get out niggerlover

33b448  No.13499680


You guise need to realize this is a socio-political action, not necessarily a false flag or whatnot. They want to delegitimize "right-wing" or "alt-right" or whatever opinions by equating them with "extremists." You could damn near extremize "drinking water" with this tactic by associating strong love of h20 with some sort of criminal water-hoarding gang. People would all be buying gatorade bc… oh shit. it really is like that movie Idiocracy

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