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File: 80bccc7e0dfa0f0⋯.png (556.24 KB, 625x936, 625:936, ClipboardImage.png)

432e00  No.13489707


300,000 people plan on storming Nellis AFB's northern R&D areas to find aliens. This type of insurrection hasn't happened since the American Civil War.



Facebook condones this planned terrorism event.



ad0d6e  No.13489716

So, what will happen if someone makes a "They Can't Stop All of Us" post for a storming of the ATF?

7e59cd  No.13489717

If they light them up, it looks suspicious right?

e6e527  No.13489722

File: 173639d2cc40bbc⋯.jpg (17.19 KB, 340x340, 1:1, 1470289131451.jpg)

>300,000 people plan on storming Nellis AFB's northern R&D areas to find aliens. This type of insurrection hasn't happened since the American Civil War.

<Hosted by Shitposting cause im in shambles and SmyleeKun

<We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens.

432e00  No.13489723


Yes. It looks like they are hiding aliens, ufos and milk carton kids.

799ed8  No.13489727

I'd like to see at least 10000 show up for keks.

c552ff  No.13489729

LOL good luck.

cb23e0  No.13489734

>If we Naruto run

Alright, I'm calling it now, these faggots aren't going to do anything.

b5321b  No.13489735


pretty sure the gov niggers are shitting themself right now and are moving away all they can

01b608  No.13489738

Why don't 300k people storm the Bohemian Grove or some other Kabbalah evil being worshiping site instead.

cb23e0  No.13489740


Oh yeah, I'm sure that Agent Smith is shaking in his boots that some faggots with shit taste in anime are going to pull out some sharingan bullshit.

bdf998  No.13489744

I'm scared. Some things are better left unknown.

e97958  No.13489747

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The truth is getting out and people are pissed about it.

01b608  No.13489750


Fuck off nigger kike.

217b10  No.13489758


how many of those 300k people are also just shitposting?

e97958  No.13489763


We will have to wait until the deadline.

e97958  No.13489768


More balls than those Bundy Ranch fags.

1edf04  No.13489783



f9862d  No.13489793


You're going to see maybe 19 people.

b3a1c1  No.13489801

Pretty sure they can. They have everything they need to end each and every one of their lives if they don't want to use denial devices.

b3a1c1  No.13489806


No different than if 300k people showed up at another base and attempted to storm it.

bcc26c  No.13489821


Everything is wrong with this post i dont even know where to start. How do those things get through.


Its better for everyone if you fuck off back to jewTube where you can enjoy as much joe rogan psyop as you can take.

ee797d  No.13489822

>300 thousand retard boomers show up

>storm the facilities like Black Friday at Walmart

>scientists inside are just about to complete reverse engineering project for alien space travel tech to allow humanity to travel the universe

>gets trampled by Larry in a bowling league T-shirt

>humanity extinct by giant asteroid circa 2100 AD.

79fa3c  No.13489831


You actually believe that, don't you? What the fuck are you even doing here, nigger?

1433e3  No.13489839

File: c1caf2cfb3c0711⋯.jpg (36.04 KB, 320x333, 320:333, holla.jpg)

Reminder that hundreds of thousnads signed up to put up flyers around their town for the Kony 2012 event. Less than thousand showed up all together

29e000  No.13489840


Promoted by the mainstream mafia means soros funded climate change liberals getting directed at another political stage act. Gotta admire those kike beast for staging global wars, economical breakdowns, migration warfare, and the downsizing of capitalism, and still having the time to play all the religious angles, all the political circus events, all the entertainment avenues eating themselves up, doomsday climate hoaxes, outrage propaganda, and now they even prep up some good ol fashion alien invasion narrative. Shame that it's all so fucking obvious for anyone with a functioning brain…oh wait, those are a minority these days.

287d17  No.13489841


>glow blowgan


9a6ce4  No.13489850

File: f893c74c31b6714⋯.jpg (4.59 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 49281702_353395455252403_3….jpg)

its like 470000 now

897648  No.13489851


>300,000 people plan on storming Nellis AFB's northern R&D areas to find aliens.

Best of luck with that. 300,000 obituaries incoming.

9a6ce4  No.13489855

File: c0de7badabaa892⋯.jpg (8.49 KB, 254x198, 127:99, 1223345.jpg)

470000 people being terminated live on cam

i cant wait

0662b2  No.13489873

File: d0c8d4b8eebe161⋯.jpg (476.18 KB, 650x989, 650:989, trash_panda_bots.jpg)


mfw when all the liitle green men turn out to be raccoons in mechanized trash bins.

79fa3c  No.13489882

File: fc9bae485b256e3⋯.jpg (16.61 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 1fce5d01f3a31ec48f2ae5e5ed….jpg)


This is actually a serious issue. This is how it starts.

This is "Shock Testing" the system. Shit like that WalMart "Flash Rob", and the "AfterSchool Special" that happened a couple months ago. We are being normalized to seeing massive mobs of subhuman filth, and then one day they will be armed, coordinated on a particular date, and EVERYWHERE!

Bolshivik 2.0 is coming, lads. Do not hesitate to take these fuckers down.


Do not allow a single mob to rage through your zone without putting a few down out of sheer principal. Let it be known NO ONE will stand for this shit any longer! If they get the balls, the slog will be that much harder when they hit.

This is the beginning of the next chapter.

I hope you're well read, and up to date, lads?!

It's coming.

It's fucking here!

83b148  No.13489895

maybe 4 or 5 people show up. its goy book, its all bots and Indians anymore.

0662b2  No.13489910



ee797d  No.13489913

File: e0e168669ca4840⋯.jpeg (63.07 KB, 584x573, 584:573, 6D9E143B-A1C1-4972-9691-D….jpeg)

79fa3c  No.13489915

File: 719689e3f521369⋯.jpg (133.66 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, D82RJ3CUwAMAt3R.jpg)


I went out there once with some friends in my early twenties, in a shitty little car, in the middle of the night. We drove for a few hours to get there. We got about 300 yards down a dirt road in the direction of the site, and the sagebrush came to life all around us.

Hummers and spotlights, and men with guns.

We smiled, waved, and left.


I hope these morons really do try this shit. I hope even more our pozzed military doesn't cuck, and just watch them crush the fence like our fucking border. Those faggots better unload on this horde.

If not, controlling this Nation will definitely be up to us at that point.

It already is.

287d17  No.13489919

File: 87360a6453485d6⋯.webm (1.67 MB, 352x288, 11:9, ayylmao.webm)

6a616a  No.13489923


ayy lmao

c4cbf9  No.13489927

They wont occupy the border or the aipac building or fedres buildings but area 51 - for aliens?!

I'm a human being and there's only so much of this I can take

75b27c  No.13489929


>The truth is getting out and people are pissed about it.

Bring out old Cold War Bob "we have alien tech and the Russians don't" and erasing a few of his files makes for an interesting story. However, he made an error suggesting the crafts can manipulate gravity, and thus time itself, meaning that any aliens would be humans from the future. Too tall a tale. Bringing him out today, to likely scare the Chinese and Russians that they still have alien craft and collaborated a few past claims that signify nothing much i.e. predicting element 115 is no different than I predicting element 123– sometime down the line, it will happen. If Bob wasn't in on it, he would be long dead, Knapp too because they can do that and make it look like an accident or suicide as everyone here knows. Bob tried to run an illegal brothel, the morality of manipulating other humans for personal gain is not past him. Bob is back because China has been at war with the US for about ten years and things are heating up and there is now a POTUS who actually isn't helping them for once.

2acf8b  No.13489934

File: 21cf19d5f5f9e05⋯.png (78.66 KB, 504x563, 504:563, reptilian.png)


>oy vey

bcc26c  No.13489937



Those kinds of posts give me a momentary migrane followed by an uncottolable jaw lock. I wish i could slap faggots like you with the back of my palm so hard that you forget your silly cartoons that made you the little bitch you are.

63f670  No.13489941


cry more

5ef153  No.13489952

File: 6d3e9ac2c4a84e1⋯.webm (4.99 MB, 304x376, 38:47, ayyyyyyy.webm)

alien dance club is at area 51

f58049  No.13489953


I would pay solid money to see 19 crazy potato people retard rush Area 51

79fa3c  No.13489963






What an insufferable, angry, miserable little shit smear you are.

You aren't the boss of this board, jr.

Here's a

>/no u

for you, bitch.

cry moar.

6053b0  No.13489965

It was very kind of them to share this information with the government, so they can prepare just in case it actually happens.

6a616a  No.13489966


Don't worry those idiots won't actually show up

8ba445  No.13489973

Sad truth is you could probably get 300K to storm Area 51 but you can't get 30K to storm the white house or federal reserve. The priorities of normalfags is really off the charts.

287d17  No.13489986


If we can get flat earthers to believe they're hiding evidence in Area 51 they might launch that guy over the mountain on a rocket

8ba445  No.13489996


Might be worth it. At the very least we'd get to see whatever kick ass tech they have to take it down.

79fa3c  No.13490008

File: 44456a58273b1a4⋯.jpg (21.42 KB, 375x420, 25:28, ToxicMasculinityHAHA.jpg)


spicspam nigger is so fucking triggered now.

This is fucking hilarious.

I own your tiny brown balls, bitch.

cry moar

e65269  No.13490017


they won't though because the us government are optics cucks

79fa3c  No.13490018

File: 88a6be35e117a73⋯.jpg (260.36 KB, 553x900, 553:900, We'reBack.jpg)





IP hopping spicspam nigger isn't fooling anyone by agreeing with herself. Fucking so pathetic.

Are you even capable of seeing how fucking retarded you are, nigger?

No, subhuman filth have no self awareness.

Who is paying you to embarrass yourself like this every damn day?

79fa3c  No.13490020


You'll never be White, nigger.

000000  No.13490025


Where were you when >>>/fringe/ managed to social engineer / magick the normies into doing their work of exposing and fighting the alien agenda?

79fa3c  No.13490032

File: bc1ea6453d6bf8f⋯.jpg (15.84 KB, 170x255, 2:3, 1da784bed0776b748733251163….jpg)


I'm going to say you will never be White, you IP hopping spicspamming niggerbrained street dog.

Why are you even here?

79fa3c  No.13490038

File: 604c806fa25ccfe⋯.jpg (349.19 KB, 1280x1483, 1280:1483, 9e936a7bca901ba473c5f4aae4….jpg)


>no u

79fa3c  No.13490050

File: 4e9198bbdcb318b⋯.jpeg (54.44 KB, 506x297, 46:27, Bros.jpeg)


You refried beans, taconigger. You bring nothing to this table, and you are uninvited from shitting up every fucking thread you infect.

I will dog you to the end of the internet until you're dead.

000000  No.13490066


That's a pretty big turn out.

I've been experimenting with trying to get people to be activist and even paying them to do so and have had such things happen as I gave them stuff and then instead of actually putting it out I found it in the nearest trash can. Completely rused, sigh.

It's hard to find people that give a shit.

79fa3c  No.13490069

File: 18536edd4043495⋯.jpg (188.45 KB, 510x717, 170:239, 18536edd40434954b52cb6118e….jpg)




IP hopping spicspam nigger glows without shame.


You actually believe this shit works, don't you, niggerbrain?

I gotta tell you, I used to give beaners the seat over niggers, but you rapidly making me change my order.

You fucking roaches are the lowest species on this planet.

And you will be eradicated like roaches for your parasitism of my people, and this kind of bullshit right here.

You will never be White, nigger

000000  No.13490075


Except no one is going to show, because that means actually doing something. Out of 400k registrations, all of 10 people will show up.

713729  No.13490076

WHo fucking cares about area 51? Alien stuff is just disinformation to distract people from the jews

ed23e9  No.13490081

File: 7b5c278ebf5aa55⋯.jpg (70.81 KB, 400x479, 400:479, 1439915826263.jpg)

rolling and bumping for space niggers getting pwned.

000000  No.13490095


Fucking this so hard. If there's a narrative we need to push in every thread on /pol/ for the next couple months at least it's that WE MUST TAKE THE INITIATIVE and WE MUST HAVE THIS WAR ON OUR TERMS.

If we play moral high ground faggotry we'll go the same way as Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Germany. We must not let them escape, we must not play fair, we must find them when they are weak and wipe them out like how George Washington did when he created America. George Washington was very aggressive and just attacked many of his enemies completely unawares.

Always the initiator wins the wars.

3d0edc  No.13490110


This base is a lot less talked about, even avoided in most discussion, so this kind of stunt brings attention officials don't want. Should be funny to watch online.



79fa3c  No.13490116

File: 7e7146369a78590⋯.jpg (10.66 KB, 197x255, 197:255, 2aa1f76076a0ed923a0775048e….jpg)






Give it up already, you retarded nigger. There isn't an anon left on this ENTIRE SITE that isn't wise to your beaner bullshit.

You actually believe you can pin your campaign of dipshittery on me? You truly are an Alinskyite commie shit smear.

You're getting BTFOd all over this board, and THIS is what you resort to?


IP hopping isn't fooling anyone. The dumbest Aryan will ALWAYS be ten times smarter than the smartest spic roach street dog.


7caffc  No.13490119



Yeah right lmao

79fa3c  No.13490121


If I wasn't concerned it could be manipulated into another Charlottesville, I push for some kind of March.

Planning one without planning, maybe.

Flash Rallies, with pushing SERIOUS Historical redpills and propaganda might work.

In & out, quick like, with a trail of information behind us.


3466f9  No.13490122


don't you have better things to be doing? call me a shill if you want but arguing with retards on a japanese ice fishing forum isn't going to start a race war.

118633  No.13490127

People have tried this in the past. Won't end well.

79fa3c  No.13490140


Clean your board of subverters then, faggot!

You don't get to talk about anything with these fucking niggers shitting up every board!

Learn to identity their patterns, call them out, and report them.

(of course the mod don't do shit because half these shills probably are the mods)

But do it anyway. If you don't fight for what's yours, you have nothing. You don't deserve it.

This is the entire lesson of even coming to this board.


…or roll over and get repeatedly nigger raped in the ass for the rest of eternity, bitch.

76d0f2  No.13490143

File: 9ad71a329a44eb1⋯.png (164.54 KB, 1394x690, 697:345, n2.png)


shut up nigger

e2e6a9  No.13490148

Will A51 be putting up a live stream for the event?

3d0876  No.13490153

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



000000  No.13490164


People are too busy working their jobs to do these protests.

All the fucking protests we see around the world are usually the same bunch of people at every one of them.

Other people are either NEETs who isolate themselves in their parents homes and can't drive or people who work and are too busy working.

It always just comes down to a few dedicated individuals to get shit done. Adolf Hitler had a very hard time getting his party started.

Most people on this planet may as well just be a resource since all they want is to work and to be left alone and they will follow whatever is imposed on them if it means they don't get into any trouble.

39966a  No.13490188

File: 1de1677d1ccfaeb⋯.jpg (81.28 KB, 760x583, 760:583, 160829-zuckerberg-pope-mn-….jpg)

This is hardly news. 300k likes on facebook is garbage… u probably don't realize Facebook has already banned about 2 BILLION accounts so far this year

You can buy Facebook likes easily, I got 250,000 for about 150$. I friended a bunch of ther accounts…mostly teenagers and preteens responded from South America and I think they somehow get some sort of compensation from looking things

000000  No.13490213


>line of dead

>better than bundy family

Faggot I don't have to pay fees to graze on public lands because of them. And one of them is fucking ded.

What have you done, fednigger.

79fa3c  No.13490218


spicspam nigger.

As long as you insist on shitting up OUR board, this is my new job, nigger.

Continue, useless beaner.

92ab01  No.13490222

File: 4660b0a97c83c48⋯.jpg (347.16 KB, 1015x923, 1015:923, 1419402354010.jpg)

One round of tear gas and the whole lot of them will flee.

000000  No.13490232


Sure but not the mayans who think they are Spanish or Portuguese okay.

bdb4f4  No.13490259


I remember this event. I dug a little to understand and told my friend it was all a scam. She called me an asshole lol

741043  No.13490264

File: 63dc1ee89b8ffbc⋯.gif (4.65 MB, 320x363, 320:363, 06fbd73572f8cd3053ae94c996….gif)


How the fuck do you get 300k people to do this dumb shit, but you can't get 100k people to give a fuck about white people being exterminated?

99ea51  No.13490296


And what will they do when they realize aliens are demons?

e97958  No.13490381


Worse than Jews??????

f58049  No.13490395



f58049  No.13490398


Feloniously non checked dubs

61c5c0  No.13490406


Why is Richard Spencer stinking up that room with his presence?

dbaa8c  No.13490418

File: 99dbecd7c0e89ad⋯.jpeg (264.37 KB, 646x1284, 323:642, bundy ranch standoff.jpeg)


this is a massive faggot who hates White people, men, our rights and loves being buttfucked by the federal jewish plantation. filter this kike

dbaa8c  No.13490419


checked. saving that. lel

dbaa8c  No.13490433

File: 8a97d28196f9195⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 320x179, 320:179, popcorn gif 2.gif)


>boomers and new age freaks who failed to ascend in 2012 posture on faceberg

>300,000 people want to watch them yell at a fence on livestream with the hope of some MP opening fire

it's not the worst thread i've ever seen

9f5b99  No.13490439

>it's a fucking facebook meme

Literal fucking spam. Do your fucking jobs, mod team.

86fcc0  No.13490451

File: d417122b5c0e133⋯.jpg (29.33 KB, 340x565, 68:113, d417122b5c0e133b8b81c7f012….jpg)

>Kony gets millions of people pledging to go around their own towns and put up some fliers to save muh children from a warlord

>Less than 1,000 people follow through

>Now less than half a mil people like a meme page on facebook about Naruto running at Area 51 to find Aliens

>People would need to physically drive to the middle of nowhere

>Bringing their own food, water, and gas

>To go commit a crime

>That is being publicly announced ahead of time


Proof /pol/ is populated almost exclusively by retards.

9f5b99  No.13490464


It's nu/pol/ now. Real anons began dying off after codenigger took over, and started really going extinct after christchurch and its aftermath revealing most anons are cowards who want to win the race war by posting memes on facebook and think anyone that does anything at all is a mossad agent.

211eb4  No.13490467


You don’t understand. These are members of the very dangerous extreme right who oppose our open borders policy.

618506  No.13490494

I hope the national guard is called in and we get to see a skirmish between schizophrenics and zogbots

5055cf  No.13490604


To be fair the soviets used fewer men in small offences against similarly armed opponents.

☭Many will die, for the motherland! ☭



b3a1c1  No.13490633


They get attention on the fucking television you god damned nigger.

4e927e  No.13490702

File: 29611bd3c0da36b⋯.gif (124.74 KB, 280x210, 4:3, classic.gif)

File: 8d5e2884da48cca⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 480x361, 480:361, pumping front.gif)

File: 3a6fad8f55e5564⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 500x288, 125:72, pumping side.gif)

>If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets

which kind though

f78362  No.13490736


The fact that there haven't been numerous official statements condemning this shit leads me to think that this glows even more than it seems to.

2cd3ea  No.13490849


I support this activity. The need to go to Ft. Meade next.

a56205  No.13490857


Can any of you honestly not say this shit isn't glowie as shit? I've seen like 1 post recruiting for this on 4chan, and it got like 70 posts and died, I've seen nothing on any social media platform.

You expect me to believe 300k people organized in private?

2cd3ea  No.13490868


>I'm white

>I support ZOG killing white people

79fa3c  No.13490875


I support anyone killing retarded treasonous commies, you piece of shit.

2cd3ea  No.13490928


The people like you who prop up the Jews are the true traitors.

ec25cf  No.13490929

50+ years of le aliums to distract the normie brainlets from real problems such as the federal reserve.

storm the fed hq instead

4b0dc7  No.13490946


>which kind though

Probably the first, its the most iconic.

57c110  No.13490963


Just shows how hopelessly fucked up this country is. How many people are stopping 1 million from storming our border? OH NO they're too busy looking for little green men.

No wonder I've given up on this country…

990e14  No.13490964




(((you))) tried.

2cd3ea  No.13490969


>The US Government and its installations exist for the benefit of Whites

Hi, Jew

990e14  No.13490978

>(((he))) implies the filter function isn't working

6539bb  No.13490979

File: 9e1ebf91342cea1⋯.png (76.9 KB, 570x406, 285:203, f09633e474ca2954fd6b599fb1….png)


That image is the most retarded fucking shit I've ever read. That's not how any of that went down at all.

3fe48b  No.13490991


If this is like any Facebook event, about 0.5% of the actual attendees will show up

bbc560  No.13491009


aside from the finicum portion lacking in a lot of detail, it's exactly how it went down.

Everything written on that sheet happened.

And it will happen again if you fucks keep it up.

e4c78f  No.13491016


tO bE fAiR

b2897f  No.13491022

File: ce0019f1d9190bb⋯.jpg (55 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1562640041343.jpg)


Most of that was slacktivism, sure, but a major component to the campaign's decline was the campaigner having used the platform for personal gain. Remember the naked breakdown of his?


6539bb  No.13491024


I was there tard. That's not how it happened.

b2897f  No.13491029

File: 6b01d83909afe38⋯.jpg (20 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1541028832498.jpg)


>the soviets used fewer men in small offences

>being so new you don't even know that the only reason they beat the most technologically advanced power in Europe was because they zerg rushed with shit tanks and cannon fodder

bbc560  No.13491031


>I was there

Me too

That's me there on the right in the black shirt.

That is how it happened! We stood down the pussies hiding behind their little truck.

54b80d  No.13491041


The entirety of the Soviet's tactics is basically why Russia is such a low-pop shithole now. People forget what a domineering superpower it used to be.

b3a1c1  No.13491047


Mongols gotta rampage.

983682  No.13491048


Oh no!! Th6y only have 2 months to completely replace all the good shit at Area 51 with a rusted out Ho-229 and say "Oops! You got us!"

b3a1c1  No.13491060

File: 4b0eb37d54fabe7⋯.jpg (56.53 KB, 700x463, 700:463, Rowboathanging[1].jpg)

6539bb  No.13491061


I live and work in burns. Half hour drive from the refuge. Can't speak for the stuff that happened out of state on Bundy ranch but I'm more than familiar with the hammonds and the bundys time in Oregon. They over stepped hard and ended up being a cautionary tale in how to embarrass yourself on a national level.

8dd7f8  No.13491063

File: 4e16fc289e5ce2b⋯.png (62.51 KB, 1066x812, 533:406, Fedsguidetothechans.png)


>fed confesses to upholding ZOG laws over his own Constitution


Listen to the recording of those in the car when the Feds shot up unarmed children. When your organization is rotten at the top - you're either working for your country, or your paycheck. Choose one.

c836ca  No.13491067


Id estimate this board is 80% people that literally use reddit and have a goybook account.

also, nobody is going to show up to run at an air force base. A handful of people will stand around outside where they are allowed to, then e-yell at everyone on twitter for not showing up. just like every single fucking thing like this.

d1baa9  No.13491084

File: c7d0753c2cc76f3⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 480x360, 4:3, wanna-take-a-ride.gif)

if i ran Pentagon psyopss i would open up Area 51 and welcome the 300,000 revelers to a heavily choreographed mock parade of fake UFOs and grey space alien ambassadors waving on floats. half of winning wars is giving the people what they think they want after all. this would defuse one of the biggest domestic rebellions in US history and turn it into Burning Man with a billion dollar air show instead of weird hippy art.

the rebellion will get drunk and high, party and dance and engage in degemerate race mixing promiscuity, then after a few days get tired of camping in tents in the desert and all go home.

the Pentagon wont even need to move its Archilean Battlecruisers from the DUMB hangars.

bc363e  No.13491097

This is a d/c tactic from people hunting down pedophiles and hanging them in the streets.

Kike distraction. Stay on course. There are child murderers and defilers that live among us and they must be removed.

c78b2e  No.13491160


Must be sheltered if you think A51 gets no attention.

09e99c  No.13491206


It's already well known that most of the interesting stuff from Area 51 has moved to different locations. It would be funny to see them breach the compound, just to find nothing inside but boring shit. After the Bob Lazar incident most of the ARV's have moved to different locations across the country from what I heard.

>mfw they find a TR3B, attempt to pilot it and they crash it into the black cube of Mecca triggering WW3 for the lols

220fb5  No.13492042


Being so politicaly incorrect that you have to establish your earthly dominance by jerking off to japanese cartoons made by perverts. And yes im angry and i cry its called having emotions. Ibet your only reactions in life are limited to: 1.lul 2.OMgud 3.reeeee you castrated mutt

b0fef0  No.13492174




Samefagging kike. Fuck off shill

6b5c77  No.13492194


If (((they))) want to bring down world government via Epstein and pizzagate videos that show unbelievable satanic actions of high level people in order to form a jew led one world government, this will lead to MK Ultra, aliens and subsequently military bases that aren't Groom Lake.

Storming area 51 in a jew led operation will keep the memory in people's mind that there is really nothing to it.

Remember, regular joe doesn't organize at all these days and any large scale protests / operation that comes to fruit is CIA, mossad and jew approved.

8435d7  No.13492202


They want shots to be fired, anon

think critically

66f763  No.13492206

I’d be surprised if more than 5 showed up

e90087  No.13492209

Flashmobs are conditioning the people.

>thousands of niggers arent scary, its a flashmob

8c8909  No.13492217

Most likely scenario:

>A thousand or so (being generous) show up

>95% of them just standing around a crowd not knowing what they're supposed to be doing

>a few more ballsy ones start trying to walk in

>probably some resistance from much tighter security since they made this a public fucking event

>a chunk (say 15-20%) start to have second thoughts and leave

>a chunk of them actually do storm in

>there's nothing here lol guess we're done here, no aliens guys

>arrests commence

But why would they expect to find anything anyway? If the government were storing ayy lmaos there, then they'd be sure to hide it even more than usual if they know people are coming…

e837af  No.13492227

File: eedef2e0abac58f⋯.png (607.32 KB, 640x427, 640:427, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 158197609bfacc9⋯.png (282.8 KB, 550x366, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 094bf60eb935d49⋯.png (243.28 KB, 412x310, 206:155, ClipboardImage.png)


How many Porta Potty will be there?

c79cc0  No.13492241


>Don't wanna leave your tent/RV/cosmic biodome/sleeping bag under the front bumper of your neighbor's car?


7f41c9  No.13492244


i want this as a desktop background, do you have one with the welsh flag?

e837af  No.13492289


All pics from Burning Man


b12ad1  No.13492306

If this actually happens I hope some faggot livestreams their own an heroing.

65a0e1  No.13492320


>Can't speak for the stuff that happened out of state on Bundy ranch


Then why are you even responding glowfag?

b12ad1  No.13492328

When are they supposed to storm the beaches?

59aece  No.13492340

Literally facebook group meme spam. Why is this thread still here?

b12ad1  No.13492353

File: 5c84c8e322e75d4⋯.jpg (157.26 KB, 576x768, 3:4, turkroach.jpg)


>No fun allowed

Fuck off roach.

824381  No.13492371


probably a couple of guys will show up desperate and then they will either give up or get shot.

81f865  No.13492418

If there's nothing to this, expect this bit of news to fade into obscurity fast because there'll be literally nothing happening.

If it actually amounts to something, expect the news to be conveniently silent on the matter as the poor sods all get gunned down. But even so. If this was real you'd hear something other than a facebook event about it.

You have to be an utter newfag to believe this shit will actually happen though

b12ad1  No.13492424


It'll be operation chanology 5.0.

People show up, do nothing, fizzles out after a few weeks/days.

Still, the shitposting should be decent.

55b74f  No.13492430

File: d69a43ab01d56f6⋯.jpeg (52.59 KB, 640x430, 64:43, d69a43ab01d56f6ad3863b801….jpeg)

>if we naruto run

14365e  No.13492438

>Facebook fags can't into target selection


We should start getting jobs at this resort Fight Club style.

a59b75  No.13492537

Ive said it before and I will say it again. This would be a great psyop done by a foreign goverment to storm a military base and use the confusion to search for any secrets.

b12ad1  No.13492585


Why? Isreal already has access to everything anyway.

000000  No.13492808


>>>13490066 (You)




>>>13490164 (You)

720c45  No.13492849

Heres the deal.. If we dont bring some organization to this, it will be nothing. Do we not want a happening? This will either be a pathetic non event, or the start of complete collapse.. Why have so many people signed up to go? Sure most are larping, but many genuinly hate the state of the union. If we want to change this country, lets make this be a catalyst for something big. Someone make a planning thread.

d94682  No.13493098


Less than 50 will show

9348bc  No.13493133

File: 6328d0030156d12⋯.jpg (129.9 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 6328d0030156d128f763d0eb10….jpg)


And they already warned the army that they would be passing months in advance.

>>300,000 people plan on storming…

300,000 plan on taking a casual walk in an army base that was emptied of all secrets prior to there arrival

I hope the us Army deploys 30'000 MG's and tells them to fuck off from the army base.

9348bc  No.13493158

File: d621167abb8014e⋯.jpg (69.46 KB, 425x315, 85:63, 0aaawrwanwarnin.jpg)

File: 3f9f55dead98021⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 3920x2653, 560:379, Foxhole_-_Lebanon_-_Beirut….jpg)

File: 937ca3ed55bdc47⋯.jpg (114.39 KB, 1024x665, 1024:665, The_black_smoke_by_thebige….jpg)


use of deadly force authorized

5566aa  No.13493226


Hi lying fed, please, and I mean I am begging you, kill yourself in the most painful way possible as payment for your betrayal of your people.

But you probably aren't of my people anyway, so just do it for being a sleazebag traitor to justice.

You are nothing, you are already going to hell and there is no revoking that sentence.

f3bf40  No.13493791


>space niggers

always preferred laser-chuckers in terms of alien slurs tbh

8392ba  No.13493975

>300k planning to storm Area 51


<For Ayys

<300k narutards

I stopped reading when it mentioned ayy lmao shit.

92fa08  No.13493985

Did anyone told them that Area 51 is a distraction? They should ask what S4 is and storm that installation instead. It's not far away from Groom Lake either.

719407  No.13493992

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>It's fucking here!

719407  No.13494006


Kevin hardy livin large

cab3d5  No.13494021


>a few more ballsy ones actually walk onto the base

>all the doors are locked

>feds try and get some people to plant explosives

>arrests commence

a1e4fb  No.13494025


if dan akroyd steps on a landmine im not sure if id be sad or laugh my ass off

cab3d5  No.13494033


Honestly it's the best way for him to die that he could possibly ask for.

He'd be a legend

a pretty goofy fucking legend

but a legend.

3670eb  No.13494170

File: 3f8a99710d031a2⋯.jpg (30.84 KB, 889x811, 889:811, 1010173_174444676063489_10….jpg)

>either the world finds out about aliums and secret US military tech

>or 300,000 californians die

Win/win situation.

92fa08  No.13494179


Damn, I don't want him to get hurt, but on the other hand… someone has to film it when it happens.

fc708c  No.13494209


German technological superiority was an illusion. Even in 1939, more than a third of Germany's divisions were considered by their own command to be "seriously under-equipped"

The entire German war-effort was a comedy of errors, bombastically over the top quotas and goals that were never met, and overcoming astounding technological disadvantages. For example, the original plans for 1939-40 had called for the production of 61,000 Model 34 machine guns, the new light machine gun that was to provide the infantry squads with their basic firepower.

Yet less than a fifth of that number could be produced due to Germany's critical resource shortages and factory deficiencies.

The meme that Germany was a super-duper well equipped mechanized army from techno-hell is mostly a video-game myth backed up by a few highly advanced weapons like helicopters and jets that never played any significant role on the battlefield.

98f0ad  No.13494244

File: 041b12ff9efafa1⋯.jpg (55.87 KB, 645x412, 645:412, 041b12ff9efafa1f4522efa61d….jpg)

>naruto run

these niggers..

f42cab  No.13494251

File: e6730116294232d⋯.png (277.78 KB, 482x484, 241:242, 43265476587435.png)

3670eb  No.13494414

File: b2b03c45add5e99⋯.png (14.58 KB, 550x543, 550:543, 044794866ee37a7d0efb3a3c4e….png)


>level of qualitative technological sophistication and advancement is the same as quantitative production capacity

f14d8c  No.13494465

File: a6efd87dbc079b4⋯.jpg (92.59 KB, 502x556, 251:278, reptilian thoomin.jpg)

fc708c  No.13494475


Nice self portrait. See >>13494209 for your thurough debunking.

>a few highly advanced weapons like helicopters and jets that never played any significant role on the battlefield.

f14d8c  No.13494493

File: 357634b4c08c8d1⋯.mp4 (7.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, donald trump is a shapeshi….mp4)

4f86d9  No.13494544


Thanks Genius

4f86d9  No.13494553


Have you been living under a fucking rock? Literally everyone knows about A51.

f66088  No.13494570


Some of us are still here, watching and waiting. 15 years my guy, maximum. They aren’t going to replace us in 15 years, but everything will fall to shit by then. Just keep pushing and waiting, our time will come.

also maybe buy some SARMs from a site like provenpeptides. New age roids. I’m stockpiling some so when shit goes down I can be at my genetic best

4eaeca  No.13494571


Methinks this might be a psyop made so they can have an excuse to test out crowd control tech. Do you think they're going with the heat beam or the sonic cannon?

5debfd  No.13494880

File: b06a67353af0172⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1600x1549, 1600:1549, b06a67353af0172719e1798cc6….jpg)


Would be nice if 300,000 people could get together to drive out the invaders. No wait, that would be productive and pro-white. Lets worry about ayylmaos instead.

5debfd  No.13494885


You are a fucking moron. This place died in 2016 when kampfy started passing out 4 week bans for saying just about anything his warped little mind thought was "subversive". Which meant not sucking Trump's cock unconditionally.

930f89  No.13494930

all the good shit is at the dulce base anyway

425867  No.13494960


Breaking News: 299,738 bots click Facebook link

1abd3b  No.13494978


This is a horrible idea, for a couple of reasons.

>They will have all the "secret technology" moved off base before they get there.

>The Base will be completely empty

>They will most likely have it moved to the closest base, Area 52.

You all will waste you time, either getting a fine for trespassing, or get killed. Either way, going to be "fun" to watch.

1abd3b  No.13494981


If anything that would prove, it's meant to set up something far more "sinister". For the actual few that do decide to go/clicked it.

432e00  No.13495001

A really good way to keep people out is to announce some nuke tests.

a748e2  No.13495005


Who needs to keep people out when they give you months advance warning of their intent to do it.

Also, all they have to do is tell people the ground around the base is mined and its game over, everyone go home.

b69f75  No.13495007

How to dispose 400k shitlibs using lead pellets

This is hillarious.

39ade9  No.13495018

someone post this for Palestinians in Israel

>they can't stop us occupying the golan height if there is 300000 thousand of us

000000  No.13495041

>be area 51 gate guard

>usual shit of nothing happening

>wish I could at least see what the fuck i'm guarding in this hot and sandy shithole

>M16 is getting heavy and hot to the touch because i'm a wimpy zogbot bitch

>suddenly hear the sound of fags roaring my way with their mufflers removed off in the distance

>probably just some VIPs fucking around

>they round the corner and come into view

>it's a goddamn battalion of Priuses and the lead car has a fucking cardboard redddit logo duct taped to the front

>oh god what the fuck

>their occupants are shouting "uraa" over and over in unison

>the lead cars crash into the first gate, probably killing everyone inside

>the others start piling up behind them, some swerving to avoid the carnage and crashing into the fence

>guys in the front guard towers are visibly panicked, don't know what to do besides sound the alarm and take potshots

>redditors start spilling out of the cars, some with fursuits and others with body pillows or go-pros in hand

>half of them aren't even armed

>they breach the first gate from sheer numbers and start spilling in

>some start shooting

>they're hip-firing larpers but there's a chance a shot might still hit

>nope the fuck out of there and haul ass to the facility

>some higher clearance bros had vacated the hangars and started forming a defensive perimeter in the parking lot

>realize this is because the car's engine blocks are our only cover since the place is flatter than the tits on that one redditor's anime pillow

>one of my bros heads out of the staff building carrying a fuckton of mags

>he dives for cover and throws everything at our feet

>we stay low and start distributing the ammo

>there's only seven 30rd mags for each of us

>the redditfags had taken this opportunity to assemble their numbers properly in the meantime

>they get up from prone and start charging down the road towards us

>you could hear their voices cracking from 20 miles away as they let out their battle cry

>we light them up

>some immediately turn cheek and get picked off by what can only be their furry commisars

>the rest keep charging into our hail of bullets

>get flashbacks to the eastern front, despite not being alive at the time

>they just keep coming

>they just keep fucking coming

>the fact that suicidal people gather on reddit isn't surprising but holy shit

>what seems to be an endless mob pouring from behind the wreckage at the front gate keeps advancing towards us

>the road to our parking lot quickly becomes a river of blood, guts, piss, shit, cum, and every other bodily fluid under the sun

>it starts pooling towards us faster than their lines are advancing

>mfw this is where I die

432e00  No.13495047

5fd5e4  No.13495057

File: 58f2c5039281090⋯.png (29.88 KB, 128x160, 4:5, ha nice.png)


"glow blowgan"

756e78  No.13495061


All of them retard, people might actually turn up for shits and giggles though.

3660ae  No.13495066


Theirs alot of badly programed zog bots so who knows!

133d31  No.13495170

File: 4a9188ebdb7f6b3⋯.jpeg (78.45 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 01CE1F6A-08C2-48B7-B149-8….jpeg)

I think we’re missing the REAL question here. Why aren’t they calling upon the skinwalkers for help?

a192f3  No.13495434

File: f8cf71d662506ab⋯.png (77.84 KB, 888x444, 2:1, TypicalCommunistTranny.png)


This garbage sounds exactly like what a discord tranny would say.

Promptly get off this board and go shove more dragon dildos up your ass.

in b4 sherman was better than any german tank

bbc560  No.13495438


I don't think the dipshit even understands what you said.


To explain what my /b/rother has pontificated upon you, let me say the following.

The amount of a thing =/= to the technological degree of said thing.

424db9  No.13495588

File: bf5ea33a603a7fd⋯.jpg (68.97 KB, 750x737, 750:737, thanose.jpg)

id eat my own foot if more than 100 people actually showed face at this shit. this (((facebook))) event reeks of larping and faggotry.

b3a1c1  No.13495626

File: a9eeea839d13cf5⋯.gif (562.59 KB, 500x187, 500:187, giphy[1].gif)

407b76  No.13495637

look at that literal spam is STILL UP

3670eb  No.13495674


>See >>13494209 for your thurough debunking.

Ah yes I'll just read the post I was debunking to be thoroughly debunked. Retard.

5055cf  No.13495703


>reverse engineering project for alien space travel tech

I think you mean stolen German research, no worry though, they will return. I for one welcome the return of our German overlords in the saucer crafts.

3670eb  No.13495725


Heat beam

5055cf  No.13495743


That was kind of the point. The strategy is to send so many men that the defenders don't have enough time to shoot them all, even if they had enough ammo. Thus minimizing casualties as one boolit = one comrade.

Hence the part where they use fewer men (as in dead men) against a single target/base (small operation)

it was just a shitpost bro, calm down

433741  No.13495746


This is expolvol2, also known as Jamal. Do not reply to it seriously, every post it makes is disingenuous.

643788  No.13495849

File: 67b4f7895d02f60⋯.jpg (207.57 KB, 1366x734, 683:367, bugs-incoming_0.jpg)


Soldiers vs. bugmen. Where have I seen this be… oh really, Verhoeven, you fucking genius.

3c83d5  No.13495871

File: f2b15e1b6b3b28a⋯.jpg (158.29 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, epsteingold.jpg)

all those people are going to be mowed down by automatic weapon fire unless they're just shitposting

f8d377  No.13496923


What all of you fail to understand is that, if there really are 300,000 people showing up, then they will probably bring their children. It's going to be a spectacle. Hell, if that occurs, they don't even have to Naruto run. They could just walk up to the gates of Area 51 and get in.

It's the same principle behind why America isn't shooting every illegal immigrant that walks over the border. How could you justify that many casualties? It no longer matters if breaking into Area 51 is against the law - the military would immediately be painted as an enemy of the people, willing to kill countless civilians to guard…a spot in the desert. Why?

If something exists that is that important, then it belongs to the people, right?

91343c  No.13496948


do it for the sake of keks

90d976  No.13500174


all these slow fucks are going to get shot, I'll get there with WR time by running with a knife.

5debfd  No.13500182


>How the fuck do you get 300k people to do this dumb shit, but you can't get 100k people to give a fuck about white people being exterminated?

Because its not organic. Its bullshit meant to keep people from paying attention to the real problems.

6ea6cd  No.13500920



they closed interesting shit at Area 51 closed down at least 10 yrs ago, in my understanding, and moved to like Utah, iirc

79682c  No.13500966

File: de39ad934b41732⋯.jpg (53.74 KB, 638x528, 29:24, D_SVig2XUAAQVsn.jpg)

File: 7954c5a4fd9cc59⋯.jpg (380.21 KB, 1857x1208, 1857:1208, D_SVig2WwAE3MwL.jpg)

File: 6ba5ea24af64c1c⋯.jpg (462.79 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, D_SVig2W4AAtsZz.jpg)

File: dcf3de7dcfb8c0a⋯.jpg (134.74 KB, 1125x679, 1125:679, D_SVig1XUAYpcLg.jpg)

395e87  No.13500977


Right, because this will totally happen. 300k at least will show up and not just 8 guys.

ec25cf  No.13501016


>and not just 8 guys.

The 8 undercover glow in the dark niggers that are stirring this shit up. It reminds me of that KKK offshoot that had only undercover feds and sheriffs in it. Clown world

4c75c4  No.13501051


Breaking News: people clicked a button on fb

~1-3% will show up and “protest” in front of the gates on stream, literally nothing.

000000  No.13501995

Who buys this?

It's the last card they have, to unite all people against an alien threat. Just a piece in the Blue Beam project, whatever this entails.

Do you really believe that 300000 people could combine and even go as far as to storm a military base? That's stupid. For something that's a fringe theory worth of Coast to Coast AM. You have far more chances of seeing the non-voting mass organizing and storming the congress for not representing the majority of Americans. You have literally tens of millions of Whites who get betrayed by Trump and would all the reasons in the world to storm the White House.

But ayys? This is so hoaxy. They'll conveniently "find" alien tech, solidifying the alien threat narrative.

This is Independence Day, with 200% more Goldblum, berg and stein.

I actually can't fucking believe I live in a world and age where an internal cabal of kikes could really that desperate to achieve its One World Government as to literally put a low-budget cable program propaganda about aliens from outer space about to kill us all if we don't UNITE.

This being said, we know 9/11 is shit but since we're fully kiked, nothing has been done in 18 years because we simply do not have any power at all.


Take your pills moron.

70d5e2  No.13502091


What happens when 300k morons go through 'Deadly force authorised' signs and get to great big fuck-off bunker doors? How do these arseholes plan to get into the facility?

10893c  No.13502735

I think it's planned and it's part of the plan that once-hidden technology is released into the public.

bbc560  No.13502745


>once-hidden technology

what if it's not hidden?

what if it's just laying around but we don't recognize it because we aren't looking for it. Like suddenly Idaho turns into a transformer and goes all fuckey on us. You know?

a5a704  No.13502908


>they can't shoot us all

How many of them have the stones to rush the minefield? Do they even know about the minefield?

d6fe72  No.13503281

File: 02bb7623c9b1296⋯.jpg (20.12 KB, 400x466, 200:233, poolsclosed.jpg)

>area 51 guards kill thousands of numales and trannies

>area gets contaminated with AIDS

>Area 51 is closed

f87b36  No.13504541

File: 71378033db588c8⋯.jpg (640.22 KB, 1280x850, 128:85, Sheriff Trump.jpg)

I know this "storm Area 51" thing is just a meme, but if the normal fags had any functioning brain cells, they could use it to cleverly apply some political pressure on the ZOG.

It could be like "Hey let's make a deal, you stay away from Iran and we'll stay away from Area 51". I guarantee that shit would be far more effective than city riots.

a82f59  No.13504601


but op isnt real

84704b  No.13504755

this is zoomer memeshit you fucking idiot

c421b9  No.13504780


gay and a psyop

storm Epstein's island then we'll talk

6913ec  No.13504824


keke next time they will storm fort nox to "see" the gold

c3cea4  No.13504885


I hope that it happens and they all get gunned down, it would do wonders for the gene pool.>>13489707

099f25  No.13504891


thorn elemental is that you?

1c6d26  No.13504903

File: 2d886a18c2ab1b6⋯.png (34.73 KB, 1066x259, 1066:259, 23535646436.png)

6913ec  No.13505125




you can see the same shit over here

they have all those hip flash mob crap it all has some communist glownigger handwriting probably sponsored and encouraged by some moles , also they ( the moles ) are doing serious buiseness from time to time to acquire shekels for financing their crap

its state of the art neo-cold-war staybehind agitation…

definitely convinced by a high probability that shit like previous post can happen / or is very likely being prepared.

all this and again the main stream doesnt cover anything at all , no outnumbered cops at rallies getting overrun no certain identification symbols being hidden / or being shown from being actually present at coverage about said events , no comments on narratives used by them against the others… if you open your eyes and watch the right places it still is clearly visible but i assume this wont be like it for long since they monitor themselves very closely …. they are professionals and the other side ( if there is anything comparable ) is definitely not as spohisticated , even if the first impressions tend to point out at degeneracy par excellance they have some serious logistics and trained minds behind this

never underestimate the enemy !

its always good to be prepared even if apprehensions turn out to be false in the end

better safe than sorry…

6913ec  No.13505144



also i forgot they will just note if you are to be considered hostile

they will shut the fuck up and remember you , put you on their watchlist and thats it, maybe you can convince those around you from being not what they thought of you initially but you will always be tainted.


f10b17  No.13505251

It was a mistake setting the date so far ahead, the hype will die down and everyone will forget about it. Maybe if it were happening around now some people would show up.

73354f  No.13505260


Stands ready for what, Vietnam ended because a couple people were shot, Bloody Sunday in Ireland was 14 people and it made thousands take up arms. Theyre just going to kill 300k people? They would lose, they would completely lose and have to bend over, let them see every inch of the compound. They likely will transport anything secret in there away to another place because they know if it actually happened, they would have ZERO defense.

f58049  No.13505262


The more I research the more this seems like a good idea

See you fuckers down there. They can’t stop us all

f58049  No.13505269


WANNA BET FUCKER???!???!?!?!?

dead87  No.13505272


Says (((CNN)))

35c4aa  No.13505290

File: 8c72dfb27845c19⋯.png (248.81 KB, 483x530, 483:530, 8c72dfb27845c1940158b0994c….png)


Oh sweet summer child.

Why do you think the date for it is so far ahead?

They shot a guy trying to break in earlier this year. Caused a bit of a stink and only encouraged speculation about Area 51s contents.

So they're starting to look at ways to defuse the speculation about Area 51.

What better way then to "reveal" everything thats in it during an event like this?

Everything in there will be moved or hidden away so that when the crowds do come rushing in, they'll find nothing more than a fairly normal airforce base and a few public secrets (meaning things everyone knows about but have no proof). My money is on some new stealth bomber drone.

And after it all the USAF will go "oh those darn kids showing the world we have this super amazing stealth bomber drone that can carry nukes" we totally didn't want everyone to know about that.

f10b17  No.13505298

73354f  No.13505306


>Everything in there will be moved or hidden away so that when the crowds do come rushing in

I actually said that.

35c4aa  No.13505315

File: 133743529c7621e⋯.webm (791.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fiddle.webm)


My implication is that those who put up the facebook group are actually G-men.

This whole thing is a planned op from start to finish.

They're playing the aliens crowd like a fiddle

79fa3c  No.13505316


You are a stain on this entire board.

73354f  No.13505334

File: afef210b8971712⋯.jpg (78.09 KB, 545x409, 545:409, probably-true-bypass.JPG)


Could be, but Tucker Carlson has been pushing alien stuff openly for a couple months now too, and Im definitely not one of the people who spends time on that crap but there was the former Canadian defense minister who said they are real and in contact with humans, years ago. I think its largely irrelevant, unless the aliens (assuming they exist) want to stop white genocide and are some kind of astro-conservationists who dont want earth to be dumbed down by Jews, they are sort of irrelevant.

000000  No.13505342

The current AG Kike Barr approves of Ruby Ridge and Waco. I can't wait for the Happening that ends the USA for good.

2a7017  No.13505350


It’s a meme and 99% won’t actually happen. Even if it does happen they’ve announced their plans and all the extreme top secret stuff most likely already got transported elsewhere or hidden well in advance.

4ca6d1  No.13505358

File: 338ebd5509d8453⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 66.85 KB, 128x128, 1:1, spoiler.png)

Why the fuck is this obvious bullshit not anchored?

73354f  No.13505360


Bill Barrs father hired Epstein for a teaching role, theyre all fucking kids

73354f  No.13505362


Address questions like that to chodeniggers email

35c4aa  No.13505363


You always have a few former government guys going "ALIENS ARE REAL!"

Or little reveals that governments/airforces are very interested in aliens.

f58049  No.13505364


Nuh uh u

73354f  No.13505373


I know, I think its something they abuse, create disinformation on like when they had William Cooper "leaking" shit he thought was real, which he admitted was most certainly bullshit at the end of his book if I recall, or at the end of his "career"… but I also could see there being other complex life forms on other planets, especially ones *not* capable of space travel, or any technological advancement. The chances of there being some kind of space gorillas and space horses and space cows or whatever is pretty high, in my mind. The question is - does it matter to white genocide? No.

000000  No.13505384

Still not sure about the whole aliums thing but it sure is fucking weird how governments around the world in their official capacity are now admitting UFOs are real. Hope to God it's Antarctic Nazis who'll save mankind from the eternal parasite.

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