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File: 0a115b914057ad9⋯.png (10.69 KB, 307x164, 307:164, e1001.png)

350b0d  No.13489980

Flood of immigrants intensifies; Buddhist "Hoodie Monks" ordain (((Americans))) who turn ancient temple into hip-hop zoo

Within the last 2 years they have brought in 100s of 1000s of immigrants at a rapid clip and keep ramping up. It was reported that there are now more immigrants than farmers. I believe Abe and his ultraconservative cabinet wanted a low/no immigration policy, but the pressure from the diet (need those taxes from working age people to pay for the enormous aged population) and business (need people younger than 80 who can actually, like, work) has been relentless.

So now you get stuff like the "hoodie monks:"

Yes I know the story is not new, but its not like its getting any better


>Could the introduction of hip hop in a Buddhist temple signify a new revolution in the Buddhism religion? One priest has it all. An American Buddhist priest who lives in Japan, Kevin Seperic, popularly known as Gomyo, has made this possible through his movement ‘Hoodie Monks.’ The movement aims at incorporating hip hop into Buddhism to give a larger impact to the Buddhist wisdom a different generation might not have normally be interested in.


e6f089  No.13489993


fuck off duplicate tard. check catalog

24198f  No.13490042


>American Buddhist priest who lives in Japan, Kevin Seperic, popularly known as Gomyo, has made this possible through his movement ‘Hoodie Monks.

Jesus fucking Christ this is so cringe. I'm sorry Japan for this dude.

70cf07  No.13490048


Uh…not seeing it posted elsewhere.

Mellow out Brah. That aggro attitude is no way to fly as a weeb McMonk. Plus hypertension is a killer.

I was thinking there actually is a kind of historical precedent for this sort of thing with the Jodo Shinshu / Ikko-Ikki populast dancing that disrupted medieval life and brought a bunch of grubby peasants into the sangha, pretty much killing stuff like analytic Buddhism, but I this is so freaking lo-brow I just….

7962e5  No.13490053

Hmmmm…. It's almost like these people are more concerned with destroying religions than spread them.

1a007f  No.13490056

4.3.1. Ethics The Shorter Section on Ethics

And how, great king, is a mendicant accomplished in ethics? It’s when a mendicant gives up killing living creatures, renouncing the rod and the sword. They’re scrupulous and kind, living full of compassion for all living beings. This pertains to their ethics.

They give up stealing. They take only what’s given, and expect only what’s given. They keep themselves clean by not thieving. This pertains to their ethics.

They give up unchastity. They are celibate, set apart, avoiding the common practice of sex. This pertains to their ethics.

They give up lying. They speak the truth and stick to the truth. They’re honest and trustworthy, and don’t trick the world with their words. This pertains to their ethics.

They give up divisive speech. They don’t repeat in one place what they heard in another so as to divide people against each other. Instead, they reconcile those who are divided, supporting unity, delighting in harmony, loving harmony, speaking words that promote harmony. This pertains to their ethics.

They give up harsh speech. They speak in a way that’s mellow, pleasing to the ear, lovely, going to the heart, polite, likable and agreeable to the people. This pertains to their ethics.

They give up talking nonsense. Their words are timely, true, and meaningful, in line with the teaching and training. They say things at the right time which are valuable, reasonable, succinct, and beneficial. This pertains to their ethics.

They refrain from injuring plants and seeds. They eat in one part of the day, abstaining from eating at night and food at the wrong time. They avoid dancing, singing, music, and seeing shows. They refrain from beautifying and adorning themselves with garlands, fragrance, and makeup. They avoid high and luxurious beds. They avoid receiving gold and money, raw grains, raw meat, women and girls, male and female bondservants, goats and sheep, chickens and pigs, elephants, cows, horses, and mares, and fields and land. They refrain from running errands and messages; buying and selling; falsifying weights, metals, or measures; bribery, fraud, cheating, and duplicity; mutilation, murder, abduction, banditry, plunder, and violence. This pertains to their ethics.

The shorter section on ethics is finished.

1a007f  No.13490059 The Middle Section on Ethics

There are some ascetics and brahmins who, while enjoying food given in faith, still engage in injuring plants and seeds. These include plants propagated from roots, stems, cuttings, or joints; and those from regular seeds as the fifth. They refrain from such injury to plants and seeds. This pertains to their ethics.

There are some ascetics and brahmins who, while enjoying food given in faith, still engage in storing up goods for their own use. This includes such things as food, drink, clothes, vehicles, bedding, fragrance, and material possessions. They refrain from storing up such goods. This pertains to their ethics.

There are some ascetics and brahmins who, while enjoying food given in faith, still engage in seeing shows. This includes such things as dancing, singing, music, performances, and storytelling; clapping, gongs, and kettle-drums; art exhibitions and acrobatic displays; battles of elephants, horses, buffaloes, bulls, goats, rams, chickens, and quails; staff-fights, boxing, and wrestling; combat, roll calls of the armed forces, battle-formations, and regimental reviews. They refrain from such shows. This pertains to their ethics.

There are some ascetics and brahmins who, while enjoying food given in faith, still engage in gambling that causes negligence. This includes such things as checkers, draughts, checkers in the air, hopscotch, spillikins, board-games, tip-cat, drawing straws, dice, leaf-flutes, toy plows, somersaults, pinwheels, toy measures, toy carts, toy bows, guessing words from syllables, and guessing another’s thoughts. They refrain from such gambling. This pertains to their ethics.

There are some ascetics and brahmins who, while enjoying food given in faith, still make use of high and luxurious bedding. This includes such things as sofas, couches, woolen covers—shag-piled, colorful, white, embroidered with flowers, quilted, embroidered with animals, double-or single-fringed—and silk covers studded with gems, as well as silken sheets, woven carpets, rugs for elephants, horses, or chariots, antelope hide rugs, and spreads of fine deer hide, with a canopy above and red cushions at both ends. They refrain from such bedding. This pertains to their ethics.

There are some ascetics and brahmins who, while enjoying food given in faith, still engage in beautifying and adorning themselves with garlands, fragrance, and makeup. This includes such things as applying beauty products by anointing, massaging, bathing, and rubbing; mirrors, ointments, garlands, fragrances, and makeup; face-powder, foundation, bracelets, headbands, fancy walking-sticks or containers, rapiers, parasols, fancy sandals, turbans, jewelry, chowries, and long-fringed white robes. They refrain from such beautification and adornment. This pertains to their ethics.

There are some ascetics and brahmins who, while enjoying food given in faith, still engage in unworthy talk. This includes such topics as talk about kings, bandits, and ministers; talk about armies, threats, and wars; talk about food, drink, clothes, and beds; talk about garlands and fragrances; talk about family, vehicles, villages, towns, cities, and countries; talk about women and heroes; street talk and well talk; talk about the departed; motley talk; tales of land and sea; and talk about being reborn in this or that state of existence. They refrain from such unworthy talk. This pertains to their ethics.

There are some ascetics and brahmins who, while enjoying food given in faith, still engage in arguments. They say such things as: ‘You don’t understand this teaching and training. I understand this teaching and training. What, you understand this teaching and training? You’re practicing wrong. I’m practicing right. I stay on topic, you don’t. You said last what you should have said first. You said first what you should have said last. What you’ve thought so much about has been disproved. Your doctrine is refuted. Go on, save your doctrine! You’re trapped; get yourself out of this—if you can!’ They refrain from such argumentative talk. This pertains to their ethics.

There are some ascetics and brahmins who, while enjoying food given in faith, still engage in running errands and messages. This includes running errands for rulers, ministers, aristocrats, brahmins, householders, or princes who say: ‘Go here, go there. Take this, bring that from there.’ They refrain from such errands. This pertains to their ethics.

There are some ascetics and brahmins who, while enjoying food given in faith, still engage in deceit, flattery, hinting, and belittling, and using material possessions to pursue other material possessions. They refrain from such deceit and flattery. This pertains to their ethics.

The middle section on ethics is finished.

They should probably read this before calling themselves buddhists. (Sāmaññaphala Sutta DN 2)

70cf07  No.13490063


If this was a lyric I might approve. But probably not.

I doubt any of these folks have cracked a single volume from the Vinaya.

c5221d  No.13490080


> the pressure from the diet (need those taxes from working age people to pay for the enormous aged population

It's almost like (((social security))) and (((social safety nets))) exist only to scam countries into becoming africa.

really makes you think

70cf07  No.13490082

File: 8da3118546077f3⋯.jpg (335.97 KB, 1752x750, 292:125, ener.jpg)

Dignity is the quality most conspicuously lacking from public life. Religion is an institution that is very good at imparting dignity and turns cheezeball very quickly when it leaves that path.

Buddhism was the last religion to cultivate dignity.


bea263  No.13490091


>(need those taxes from working age people to pay for the enormous aged population)

Boomers are the same selfish cunts in every country, in every culture. I'm starting to think better of nigger countries where they're all dead by now.

0f575f  No.13490099

File: 3d5d58b139465a6⋯.jpg (254.25 KB, 1200x732, 100:61, Abe-in-Israel-Main.jpg)

70cf07  No.13490100


There are going to be 4 billion Africans in 2050. I don't think that necessarily means less gibs than a pack of wheezing boomers.

70cf07  No.13490118


This is kind of true but Japan's GNP/Debt ratio is edging up to 300%…that is getting to be Zimbabwe territory. Plus they have the lowest worker-to-retiree ratio in the world.

I don't condone mass immigration or cultural destruction but its not like the Japanese boomers are calling for bigger McMansions…they just don't want to be stacked up like cordwood in hospital hallways. But yeah, there has got to be a better solution than the freaking hoodie monks.

ROBOTS. Aren't they supposed to be good at robots and shit?

1a007f  No.13490136

File: 05b976fe38530c5⋯.jpg (64.5 KB, 908x577, 908:577, 549e6e20ecdee7d6d23b422355….jpg)


>ROBOTS. Aren't they supposed to be good at robots and shit?

70cf07  No.13490142



Still better than hoodie monks tho.

bea263  No.13490154

File: 0ded4c5b9c302a3⋯.jpg (15.9 KB, 300x180, 5:3, GoyimBot_3400.jpg)


>ROBOTS. Aren't they supposed to be good at robots and shit?

Any excuse for this image.

2c6158  No.13490426







This is the end for Japan. Their country is completely dead to us and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Their culture shall forever be lost to the sands of time, never to come back again.

The most appropriate course of action is to surrender them to the kikes and never fight back against this. The nips sure as fuck won't do anything about it.

e20b46  No.13490444

File: 808510bc691ec9b⋯.webm (72.14 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Mario.webm)


Asses and elbows


933291  No.13490452


I thought you went to buy soup, spicspam?

When does your fucking shift end, nigger?

The entire internet is sick of your stink, bitch.

933291  No.13490453

File: f5e71249d8657ac⋯.jpeg (7.44 KB, 255x152, 255:152, 1f70eb42b4c13a50460064f35….jpeg)

933291  No.13490457


IP hop spicspam fools no one.

Who the fuck is "we", beaner.


b8f968  No.13490471



236f39  No.13490477


>but its not like its getting any better

It will never get any better anon. Japan can not and should not be saved.

Their time is up. Their culture is finished. Nobody is going to do shit about them now. Nips love this shit. They embrace poz with open arms and legs.

236f39  No.13490478

933291  No.13490486





Are you seriously this incapable, nigger?

Or is this just the latest bot tech?

You fucking suck at this.

933291  No.13490490


spicspam bot

313b3b  No.13490493


Stay mad weeb. None of us should be having hope in this country anymore. There is no reason to bother with them. Nips won't do shit about the brown hordes and they never will.

They are fucking doomed. OP is proof enough of this. End of story.

e20b46  No.13490496


Try harder, spic, you'll never be white.

9e1e4a  No.13490508



Give us three good reasons why we should believe Japan's condition will get any better. You can't.

e20b46  No.13490515

File: c8df5561a5e9816⋯.jpg (114.67 KB, 845x740, 169:148, smug17.jpg)


Spic keeps hopping VPNs, probably due to bans kek

bb2574  No.13490533


Reminder that >cuckime is the reason Japan is so feminized. Japan is nigger territory now and forever.

2771df  No.13490541


I just went and looked at the twitter feed of the guy this article is talking about, he's just some kike grifter with less followers then me and I'm fucking nobody.

460b09  No.13490552


most normal japanese fucking hate the otaku.

011ad0  No.13490553


That doesn't invalidate the fact that Japan is rapidly letting in hundreds and thousands of immigrants per year. This will get worse very quickly and nips will never do anything to stop it.

011ad0  No.13490557


Most normal Japanese fucking love niggers and pajeets, what's your point?

e20b46  No.13490570

File: e4cd4144b3c3077⋯.jpg (48.47 KB, 900x810, 10:9, tomato.jpg)



Keep buying VPNs, it helps my dividends grow :^)

34968e  No.13490601



Their condition is already terminal so there's nothing we can do.

933291  No.13490614





EVERYONE is on to your stink, bitch.

Get the fuck out

000000  No.13490622


The Yakuza will kill all of them systematically, by creating "accidents". The japanese don't operate openly. They do things the way that it works: they pretend to obey, while backstabbing all niggers and other undesirables. The japanese will do just fine, and we will never hear of the large amount of deaths of invaders (all by "accidents"), until it is too late for anyone to stop their massive killings.




The jews lost. You lost.

You can never win, as you are born to fail.

The jews lost. You lost.

Stay mad and powerless as you always are, watching our victory over all of you.

The jews lost. You lost.

0f996d  No.13490645


>The Yakuza will kill all of them

lol organized criminals are the biggest human traffickers

17af43  No.13490665


Jews force immigration. They are the human traffickers.

e63ba0  No.13490692


The (((Yakuza))) is just as cucked as the rest of Japan and is filled with (((based))) Zainichi gooks. They will turn a blind eye to the nigger hordes.

008573  No.13490698


ask me how i know that you are a jew

0f996d  No.13490701


How did you know?

4cad7b  No.13490912




Do you know who yakuza really are, weeb?

bf19d1  No.13490930




Weebs can't think. That's why it's so fun to blackpill them, despite how sad it is to see Jaoanese culture die forever.

d540fc  No.13490934


There isn't nearly enough


in the world to describe this sad situation. Goodbye forever Japan.

64ade8  No.13490938



Japan is Sweden 2.5

5bff38  No.13490944

By 2040 nips will go completely extinct. Nobody will do shit to stop them.



Reminder that the "spicspammer" faggot is a fedposter.

8297c8  No.13490950



Reminder to cancel your Japan trips. They are more fucked than we are. Their condition is already terminal as OP proves.

2e3c92  No.13491019



I can't fucking believe the land of the rising sun is forever no more.


>he doesn't know about the (((yakuza)))

2d4a21  No.13491102



It's best that we let the rising sun set forever. The state of Japan.is terminal.


(((Anime))) is degeneracy funded by jews. It promotes trannyism, pedophilia, and feminization of society.


cc68dc  No.13491114


Could it be worse than this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O88Dh0YkTHo

ff013e  No.13491201


000000  No.13491242

Buddhists are killing muslims as we speak. Maybe they should add wiggers and niggers to their kill lists, for world peace and stuff.

8dc27f  No.13491253

Well I like coffee and I like tea,

But I don't like jews, no-siree…

The only two things I REALLY don't like

Are a hog eatin' slop and a god-damned kike.

63b613  No.13491266

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The jews were already doing this years ago, acting like Shinto was derived from Judaism. The jews have to align all parts of the world with the jewish stories anything escaping that plantation is a problem which could escape jewish control.

Good luck nips, the jews still fear the Samurai.

7c820f  No.13491523


What is he doing at the wall?

7c820f  No.13491532


>Weebs can't think. That's why it's so fun to blackpill them, despite how sad it is to see Jaoanese culture die forever.

Yep. I have a lot of blackpill for them, but I am not sure they will be able to hold it.

Also thread theme.


7c820f  No.13491538


>Good luck nips, the jews still fear the Samurai.

Judging by >>13490099 picture, it's the Samurai fear the Jews.

72a32e  No.13491702

I was in Tokyo recently. Every second 7-11 is staffed with turd world south east asians.

Disgusting monkey women with mustaches and the like.

10 years ago there were barely any western tourists and sure as hell no turd world people working in convenience stores - just the lone street shitter with his curry store.

Now Tokyo is a fucking zoo flooded with the lesser races.

464eab  No.13491883




Based blackpillbros spittin' the truth anout Japanistan. It's sad to see this culture go, but it's way fun blackpilling the fuck out of these pathetic weebs. Can't wait till they commit suicide!




Wrong. The Samurai fear the jew. Read this post >>13490099 for the ultimate blackpill.


That's a Japan is now. A turd world shithole whom will


81e512  No.13491884



Holy fucking based. Most Chaddest anon of 2019! Keep it up my anonbro, the weebs will be completely insane soon.

4fb753  No.13491886






And nips will never ever ever ever


do shit to reverse this. Japan loves niggers and poz. That's just the ultimate blackpill of it all. You cannot save Japan.


b489b7  No.13491890


Confirmed by based Chad anon that Japan loved niggers. Weebs deserve death lmaooooooooooooo

933291  No.13491894

File: e8c5b71a9b11192⋯.jpeg (78.94 KB, 640x495, 128:99, honoraryAryan.jpeg)


spicspam nigger HATES the Japanese. Why, shitspamming nigger? Why do you HATE the Japanese so very much?

More resentment because


IP hopping spicspamming nigger manufactures consent like a schizophrenic whore begging for crack!















I didn't even go to the top of the thread, nigger!

You even pre empted me showing up to point you out. Fucking glowing nigger. >>13490944

Damn near EVERY post on this thread is you, faggot.

What the fuck are you doing here?

You're making it very easy to want to kill you.

We're coming.

b489b7  No.13491896







Holy fuck this thread just got filled of so many Chads suddenly! Keep BTFOing weebs and exposing Japan as the pozzed shit it is anonbros, we should have no reason to have hope in this new African/Indian colony.

933291  No.13491899


>Holy fucking based

cringe, bruh. cringe.

You don't belong here.

933291  No.13491903


Do you even know what a Chad is, you glowing spicnigger?

Fuck, you're lame.

933291  No.13491904


What the fuck is an "anonbro", you retarded nigger?

778599  No.13491907


We don't hate Japanese. We pity them because they enjoy the fuck out of getting cucked, as confirmed by this Chad >>13491532 who showed further proof of Japan's niggerloving. What we truly hate is weebs who think Japanistan is worth saving (lolololol). Its our civic duty to blackpill the fuck out of them until no one fights for Japan anymore.

933291  No.13491908


>based Chad anon

You're a fucking joke, fedfag.

f5ccd5  No.13491912





We have IDs here weeb. You are literally the only one ITT who doesn't give up on Japan like we did.

9278e8  No.13491922






Dude, Japan's condition is fucking terminal. You can't deny the facts.

3f0aa2  No.13491923

wow it's fucking nothing

933291  No.13491926


Who the fuck is "we", you BLATANTLY IP hopping spicspamming nigger?!

Go the fuck away. You're mission is compromised and dead. NO ONE will ever follow your backwards memes, and paradoxical concepts to the tenets of National Socialism.

If you're going to attempt to subvert a thing, or a people, you should know what the fuck it, and who it is before exposing your self to them, moron.


There is no "we" you IP HOPPING glownigger! Are you truly this fucking retarded? Your patterns, signatures, and repetitive language, along with your fucking assbackward agenda, fucking


You know this.

Your one, single, sad, lonely, nigger, wishing you had friends, and dreaming of being Aryan, and getting hated by Aryans seems to be the closest you can get.

Did you not know your father, nigger? Are you gay?

You're a complete loser.

I'm not kidding when I say kill yourself.

You'd be much better off.

Kill yourself.

Do it. It's easy.

Take a rope into the woods, and go to sleep on a tree.

Kill yourself.

3f0aa2  No.13491928

File: 9053394bcf2d757⋯.png (37.48 KB, 584x746, 292:373, 1512514108069.png)

@We have IDs here weeb. You are literally the only one ITT who doesn't give up on Japan like we did.

933291  No.13491929


Japan is 98.5% Japanese still, you fucking mouthbreathing beaner.

fc3318  No.13491930


Lesser races compared to who?

6ad793  No.13491941


It's as it always is, the Jew fears the Samurai.

933291  No.13491943

File: 834ce628f1f6ca4⋯.jpg (91.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, HonoraryAryan.jpg)


A LOT! Kek!

e52e9b  No.13491948


It just recently became <98% Japanese with that number expected to drop exponentially in the coming decades but I guess you can kesp being uninformed.


Read >>13491538 you fucking weebtard

72a32e  No.13491950


Compared to nips and whites.

Nips are a bit weird but honorary people none the less.

933291  No.13491955



You're not LARPing, huh?

You're really this retarded aren't you?

Fucking niggers.

72a32e  No.13491956


>And nips will never ever ever ever EVER do shit to reverse this.

They are racially cohesive and DO NOT ACCEPT FOREIGNERS AS THEIR OWN KIND

They are the only first world country that has a chance against the jew. The samurai spirit isn't dead yet.

As Tokyo turns brown, the countryside will turn ultranationalist and eventually banish all foreigners again for good IF the media can stay out of total jew control.

Japan Times is a jewish mouth piece for example.

9b989d  No.13492099


>American Buddhist priest who lives in Japan, Kevin Seperic, popularly known as Gomyo, has made this possible through his movement ‘Hoodie Monks.


What the is wrong with you burgers? Do you have to poison everything with your degeneration? Do you have to destroy last based religion? This is too fucking much.

ea56a1  No.13492113


why are you blaming us? blame the fucking niggers and kikes who put us in this mess.

ae0afe  No.13492117




Pick one

7c0f31  No.13492169





9b989d  No.13492170


Kikes and niggers are part of USA. Fucking babylon project. Nothing personal. Europe becoming same insanity.


Whatever. Budhism survived muslims invasions and communist invasion. But now some idiot blasting ghetto beats with sutras.

881aab  No.13492187

>it's another Japan is doomed redtexting schizo spammer episode

These threads always exaggerate shit to a ridiculous degree. Just another garbage tier d/c attack vector.

f09c33  No.13492238


>They are racially cohesive and DO NOT ACCEPT FOREIGNERS AS THEIR OWN KIND

I don't think you understand the situation. Foreigners don't have to be accepted in their society to occupy Japan. In Tokyo alone the number of hapa being born and the number of foreign workers will overcome native. And if you think the countryside will save them, I have a bridge to sell you. It is still better than a lot of places in the world but it wont last.


>What the is wrong with you burgers? Do you have to poison everything with your degeneration?



>Japan: 98% pure.

I think you are forgetting something. >>13488617

73ae00  No.13492343

Terrible. Simply terrible.

13fbdb  No.13492669


It's all true. It's never not true. Japan simply will not last longer than 10 years now, let alone 20.


This. It's depressing to see but we have to give up on Japan. They will get pozzed no matter what happens.


Another based anon with the hard truths. Japan is completely fucked and there is nothing we can do to save them. We shouldn't bother.

1889da  No.13492677


Japan's condition is terminal.

They simply cannot be saved. You are absolutely right anon, we have no choice but to give up on Japan. They are as fucked as us. Simple as that.

The downfall will be inevitable. They will never, EVER recover.

6cd53f  No.13492688


Cope harder weeb. If you don't want to accept the truth, leave now. Japan is a lost cause no matter what you say.


>In Tokyo alone the number of hapa being born and the number of foreign workers will overcome native.

This. Native Japanese will become extinct in a shockingly short time. There is nothing we can or will do about it. Japan lost and the jews won. We hereby surrender them once and for all.

fe92f6  No.13492694


> Budhism survived muslims invasions and communist invasion.

It won't survive this. Everything about Japan will be subverted for all eternity. See >>13492238

The Japanese will go extinct by 2040. This is something everyone on this board can guarantee you. We have all but completely given up on them.


You sweet summer child…



eceec3  No.13492702


The scariest part is that once Japan inevitably gets pozzed, there is no country on Earth that won't get pozzed except Israel. This gives kikes full reign to control everything and everyone.

We cannot stop it anons. We already lost. Abandon hope. Start writing your suicide nores now before its too late.

e20b46  No.13492703

>niggerpill is so schizoid he can only barrage thread with his headmates in a lazy fashion, hoping to astroturf

Not a day in this world, shall you be white.

Your anger climbing, shitting your pants - what a sight!

You pretend to have a whole team, when truly you are just a lone bean.

You try to comprehend a white man's meme, a familiar scene.

Follow your own advice, and give up!

Your entire life was a fuck-up!

If you end it yourself, redemption and salvation await.

f692e3  No.13492712



Stay deluded kiddo. Us adults were here discussing facts like >>13492238 while you're here whining like a child. You simply will never understand.

8975ff  No.13492719


you know im for real cuz i type everything in redtext

just give up

its ogre

ed19bb  No.13492752


Japan will be fine. If Japan runs out of people they will replace them with nearby Koreans and Chinese and make them Japanese, only white niggers fall for Jewish tricks, keep them out and we'll be fine.

0f996d  No.13492802


>number of hapa being born will overcome native

This isn't even happening in shitholes llike the US

7fc2b5  No.13493698


Nigger, what is African American? Protip: Real africans don't look like American Niggers.

0f996d  No.13493717


>bumping this thread to post something that stupid

7fc2b5  No.13493761


>Being this stupid.

d31730  No.13495388


They wallow in admiration for beings which have no thoughts, while excusing anything that is done humans.

Ask a Buddhist why someone should not kill themselves, and they will give you opiates to help them do it.

It is an empty religion with no soul. They have given up shallow materialism, for even more shallow virtue signaling.

61416b  No.13495821


This was inevitable following defeat in WWII. The trajectory has always been to Americanisation and with it the trappings of the jew. There wasn't much to save anyway, unless you're a weeb who pretends to be a decent white man on here.

223975  No.13495845

Haha Japan awarwasy a win!

Japan isrh the besta coountrie!

223975  No.13495866

File: f4e032c48773b67⋯.png (503.46 KB, 527x447, 527:447, dumbass.png)

Imagine being such faggot weebs that you mourn the loss of a random gook country.

>ohrmgerd tha culture!@!1

Why do you care? You gonna take up the sword and fly to japan fag? None of you care at all. Stop larping.

>the jooos!!!!111!

Yeah, no. You guys love to forget that their are governments in each country all vying for control over their own lands as well as foreign elements. You all must be dropouts to hold such shallow world views. Stay mad lard ass weaboos.

000000  No.13495869

>>13495388 (checked and reichpilled)

Buddhism is a Vedic heresy, folks. The Buddha was the original kike (literally) weeb and an Aryan traitor and should not be emulated.

<life is good

<struggle is good

<strength is good

933291  No.13495885


This shit doesn't work here, kike.

9b989d  No.13495889


98% homogeneous country will be lost in 21 years. If that is true America will be lost in 3 months and Africa in 60 years.

223975  No.13495891


What was the most interesting thing about participating in these threads is how often the kike card is pulled. It really drives home the whole schizo meme. You guys are fighting a nearly invisible enemy that is more influence than it is material. It's almost like, dare I say, you're being brain washed.

9b989d  No.13495901


>Budha was original kike.

Just stop. Your shit is too stupid for this website.

ec7e66  No.13495906


My face when anon think a bunch of sandniggers are not in Japan to plunder it, but to ‘work’…

223975  No.13495915


I really don't get this. The only point in time when America could be considered mostly white was when it was originally settled. Even then there were native americans everywhere who had been living there for thousands of years. Then there was the streets of gold and land of the free meme that brought all of the different cultures to the states. It's always been like this. Immigrants have always been flooding America. It's such an integral part of our history. Nothing is being lost nothing has changed.

Should have studied harder in history.

000000  No.13495916


Stay mad weeb.


223975  No.13495923


Haha retard. They are literally deciding to import workers because they don't have enough laborers.That's the exact reason.

000000  No.13495927


>You guys

ec7e66  No.13495929


Nigger who thinks that foreigners ‘work’…hahaha…you need some more foreigners in Israel faggot (besides your own people, I mean).

ec7e66  No.13495933

933291  No.13495937



You will be dragged to a slave pit in our wilderness, and fed to our bears, rat filth.

223975  No.13495941


If you were a foreigner and someone wanted to bring you out of your shitty country and environment and give you a stable job in a nicer place with some land you're telling me you wouldn't take it?

That's exactly what their doing btw. Try doing some surface level research.


Epic meme


Mommy didn't give you enough attention when you were younger.

ec7e66  No.13495959





9dd602  No.13495963

File: fe0e662def3f5d5⋯.jpg (360.57 KB, 1306x944, 653:472, c64195bfe847ae7c9f9b2fdebd….jpg)

I wonder if these legions of shills (probably just a single faggot subhuman spic hopping IP's) realize that the inundation of blackpill posts only fuels my absolute hatred and strengthens my resolve to fight, exercise, and prepare. Just more motivation.

It is truly amusing how the fruits of these pathetic shills actually have the opposite effect from their intended demoralization. Every shill post nowadays is merely the enemy laying themselves bare.

933291  No.13495966


Daddy gave you too much love, didn't he, cocksucking shitfucker?

You're sill going to die, rat.

933291  No.13495977


Strange how they don't get it. I can only imagine that they WANT us to keep Lone Wolfing (which we should). What they don't quite grasp is, for every Lone Wolf sperg, there are ten more organized, and highly trained groups of men waiting for that perfect moment. Itching for it.

As long as (((they))) keep pushing, this moment is inevitable, and rapidly approaching.

And the entire world will finally understand who holds the demon possessed blood on this world.

000000  No.13495988


>the absolute state

You're fucken delusional, bruh.

223975  No.13495992


How dumb are you lol . The land won't be expensive for long if the governments infrastructure begins to collapse. They are running out of labor. That's why they are importing immigrants. Man, I can't believe I have to repeat myself lol. How uneducated are you?



8f18d6  No.13495994

File: 9a931212677dbda⋯.png (123.59 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 01.png)

File: e647ffabd31294c⋯.png (636.37 KB, 525x569, 525:569, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 02.png)

File: 0b5d935bb0d7e2a⋯.png (548.41 KB, 668x1652, 167:413, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 002.png)

File: efe02d45a71c409⋯.jpg (64.65 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 03.jpg)

File: bcb8da2eb49574f⋯.png (23.08 KB, 569x343, 569:343, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 03.png)


>there is no country on Earth that won't get pozzed except Israel

You slay me

8f18d6  No.13495997

File: f34bbc158786f3f⋯.png (177.34 KB, 476x280, 17:10, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 04.png)

File: 500936fde75f179⋯.jpg (98.28 KB, 620x620, 1:1, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 05.jpg)

File: efe07aec769c529⋯.jpg (692.55 KB, 600x401, 600:401, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 06.jpg)

File: 6d4087c1e2e5f71⋯.jpg (664.85 KB, 600x399, 200:133, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 07.jpg)

File: 172895485b2c7ed⋯.jpg (608.8 KB, 600x401, 600:401, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 08.jpg)

8f18d6  No.13495999

File: 5ed648070855064⋯.jpg (692.58 KB, 600x425, 24:17, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 09.jpg)

File: b4f33551f8b2103⋯.jpg (664.97 KB, 600x405, 40:27, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 10.jpg)

File: d0d44058488a58b⋯.jpg (134.57 KB, 1050x550, 21:11, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 11.jpg)

File: 375cb8babd4c777⋯.jpeg (83.05 KB, 1242x2027, 1242:2027, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 12.jpeg)

File: befb8c1b23f50d7⋯.jpg (214.61 KB, 550x413, 550:413, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 13.jpg)

8f18d6  No.13496002

File: f593693ad44d6ef⋯.png (718.61 KB, 817x576, 817:576, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 15.png)

File: 6f94e501e8ffff6⋯.jpg (68.51 KB, 470x709, 470:709, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 16.jpg)

File: 023990c8b85a96e⋯.jpg (58.38 KB, 534x401, 534:401, ISRAEL IS POZZED LOL 17.jpg)

ec7e66  No.13496007


These invaders don’t offer anything but the destruction of the civilization. They are not a benefit to the nation. THis is an invasion of Japan.

933291  No.13496008

File: 3d9ef7c3ed0f20c⋯.jpeg (94.51 KB, 467x700, 467:700, YourPerfectDeath.jpeg)



I get so fucking excited when you pathetic slime suckers squirm.

Nothing you do will stop what you've created.

We are your perfectly designed Death.

Thank you for making me who I am, parasites.

I can't wait to meet you.

223975  No.13496010


You're delusional. God forbid anyone challenge your think tank ideology. Honestly, you can't challenge your own perspective and in that way you're already doomed to fail. But go ahead buddy. Keep prepping for that totally inevitable war that is coming.

1a0c6f  No.13496011


I never, ever expected to see someone quoting the Digha Nikaya on /pol/

But yeah anyway Jap Buddhism is not the Buddhism of the Buddha Gautama. It got all Chinked up on the way through China before it got to Japan.

223975  No.13496016


*unsheathes katana* Me too bro….

000000  No.13496020


>read evola once


<the absolute stateeeeeeeeee

223975  No.13496029

File: 8e3c6a94e19f29c⋯.jpg (181.49 KB, 1120x840, 4:3, warmonger.jpg)

9dd602  No.13496033


Where do you think you are nigger? Reeks of boomerposting

1a0c6f  No.13496042

File: f384e2eb12845e2⋯.jpg (2.96 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, IMG_20190713_211915.jpg)


I don't need help with my library on this subject

223975  No.13496045



000000  No.13496046


A Fresh Breeze in Washington

Bhikkhu Bodhi

The midterm elections last night brought a mixture of good news and bad news. The Republicans still won too many contests for comfort, but the Democrats did take the House, creating a roadblock against the Trump administration’s toxic policies. An unprecedented number of women were elected to Congress, among them Native Americans, Latinas, Muslims, and African Americans — a fresh breeze blowing through stagnant chambers.

“Somebody has to take a stand for peace. If not Buddhists, then who?”

—Pablo Das

The election underscored the widening gulf in this country between those who adhere to monolithic fantasies of an America whose essential identity is white, patriarchal, and Christian, and those committed to a pluralistic national identity — a colorful tapestry grounded in changing demographics. It pitted hate and bigotry against compassion and mutual respect, and the latter side is clearly ascending as a shared affirmation of our common humanity.

Nevertheless, it won’t suffice for the Democrats to complacently celebrate their moderate success at the polls. The days of congenial bipartisanship are over. In the months ahead, they have to be bold, they have to be fighters, and they have to let the younger, more progressive wing of the party set the agenda. Along with them we must valiantly pursue a vision of social and economic justice, fight against corporate dominance, and advocate for a foreign policy of peaceful global collaboration. With utmost haste we must cut carbon emissions and usher in a clean-energy economy. Resistance from the right will be strong, but we have the future on our side. With trust and determination, we can make the pivotal changes this country needs to realize its potential greatness.

933291  No.13496047

File: d74ab4f18c1b8ef⋯.png (523.3 KB, 500x508, 125:127, feedme.png)


You still can't meme, nigger.

223975  No.13496048


whats this post a joke?>>13496008

if so its pretty god damn good. actually had me crying

933291  No.13496054

File: d2d520411b49b05⋯.jpg (17.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, ChestyPuller.jpg)


>nervous giggling


223975  No.13496057



Come on now boomer. Who's your enemy.

1a0c6f  No.13496073

File: 5b57cd18fdcc6b8⋯.jpg (1016.44 KB, 1177x1787, 1177:1787, Portrait_of_Ajahn_Mun.jpg)


He's a scholar, not a forest monk. His translations are accurate (I studied Pali myself - enough to know that his translations are good) I could debate the specific wording used in the descriptions of the Jhanas, because they are too Vipassana centric and are (IMO) misleading - but generally they are good translations.

Why he has to open his venerable mouth and shoot off about social issues is beyond me though. The Buddha did not give a prescription for improving society - it is a celebate, monastic religion.

Here is a true Bhikkhu.

000000  No.13496087



<on /pol/





1a0c6f  No.13496090


Well yeah.. I did start by saying here was the last place I expected to see quotes from the Pali Canon.

000000  No.13496100


Doesn't it bother you in the least that the Grand Exalted Shit-Eater Sakyamuni (Sage of the Kike Clan) helped to bring down the Brahman caste, perversely re-work the meaning of "damma," and turn whole nations into inert slabs of willingly unconscious meat?

933291  No.13496114

File: ee558d76770aea5⋯.png (498.71 KB, 480x480, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Your choice, nigger. Choose wisely.

1a0c6f  No.13496120



He did nothing of the sort. Buddhism was an insignificant movement during his lifetime - It was kings like Ashoka who "turned whole nations". The Buddha lived and died in the forests and mountains - and is not responsbile for the mis-grasping of his teachings by future generations.

Have a rare Ajahn Chah.

1a0c6f  No.13496121

File: 97fe7057deebbb6⋯.jpg (181.18 KB, 900x1293, 300:431, ac.jpg)

000000  No.13496125


fucksake anon have some upaya and post ghandaran busts at least


223975  No.13496133


Why is it my choice I don't see a conflict. I see morons running rampant in my country. The LGBT parades, pedoshits, degeneracy. But morons have always been morons and change will always be change.

Society tends to sort itself out in time. For every culture there is a counter culture and to the counter culture waits another counter culture. It's the way it's always been in the US.

Although the conspiracy of Jews running the government and controlling the populace puts a dent in that theory.

I wonder. What is the best way of dealing with that situation.

3b33ad  No.13496134

e1311f  No.13497098



Being this ignorant of how immigrants live. Mattaku, weebs are the worst.





Anon you should post more niggers and jew mix. Homosexuality corrects itself. Anyway,

Open Borders for Israel

616e5b  No.13497115


daily reminder that women can't reach nirvana.

Buddhism is pretty based for the next white nationalist movement. Viking Paganism + Buddhist non-jewry.

933291  No.13497160


> I don't see a conflict.

Then you have already made your choice, coward.

Good luck to you.

616e5b  No.13497179


>Society tends to sort itself out in time

Say that to all the whites in Haiti that got genocided. Say that to all the whites in Rhodesia, all of them in South Africa. Say that too all the families being forced to move in white flight all around the world.

WG is real and it is happening right now. Resist or die, natural selection demands it.

07abc3  No.13497694






Everyone ITT is now accepting the death of Japan it seems. As a Japanese person myself I can't help but laugh at the whitepillers who still have hope in our doomed land. Baka gaijins… when will they learn? We already surrendered our land. It's all over.

Kore de watashitachi no jidai no owaridesu!

07abc3  No.13497699

ebf93b  No.13497705


>Mattaku, weebs are the worst.

This. That's why its so fun to blackpill them. Japan will accept these immigrants with open arms.

I sed you are also a Japanese. I'm so sorry for you, but nothing can be done for your land anymore. It belongs to the immigrants, now and forever.

7f4621  No.13497725


>>Could the introduction of hip hop in a Buddhist temple signify a new revolution in the Buddhism religion? One priest has it all. An American Buddhist priest who lives in Japan, Kevin Seperic, popularly known as Gomyo, has made this possible through his movement ‘Hoodie Monks.’ The movement aims at incorporating hip hop into Buddhism to give a larger impact to the Buddhist wisdom a different generation might not have normally be interested in.

In the U.S this could potentially rehabilitate niggers like that Malcom X Islam thing and possibly make them less violent. But because it's in Japan…

7f4621  No.13497726


Oh, shut the fuck up already.

7f4621  No.13497765


Nice IP hopping Zon

ecd142  No.13497830


>can't into the vedas

Uhm no, sweetie.

81996e  No.13497849

File: 0aeb83f9d5f6389⋯.jpg (34.74 KB, 400x307, 400:307, k1.jpg)

After the WW2, American Jews and commies started to prop up Koreans as Jews of Japan.They gave Koreans special treatments just like Jews in West, then they took over all the medias, education,porn industry etc.. just like Jews.Koreans always work with Western libs and Jews.

Koreans are Jews of Asia they have slimier proverbs and fucked up views, they lie, there are really modeled after Jews to create divisions in Asia. google "乳出しチョゴリ"

40297c  No.13497854


>But because it's in Japan…

Nips will embrace nigger culture wholeheartedly. They are far too cucked to fight back.


Imagine thinking that anyone should have hope in Japan. Majime ni, weebs can be so delusional.

40297c  No.13497860


And nips do jack shit about it. Koreans basically have the entireity of Japan under their thumb and there is nothing anyone can do to save them. Japanese culture is effectively dead now and will never come back.

d60e36  No.13497864


It's already dying you stupid jew, the chinks got to them, and they lie WAY better than y'all ever could. They still think nanking happened.

d60e36  No.13497869


If you were a true Japanese, you'd die fighting. You're not Japanese, you're jewpanese.

000000  No.13497899


Jap monks have always been pozzed. Gautama and his followers didn't marry for a reason. Buddhism has been always a pozzed religion anyway.

Sorry weebshits.

I only feel sorry for the foreigners who have been tricked to visit that shithole and get expoed to all the radiation.

000000  No.13497905


>Just completely glossing over the fact that (((Ameircans))) literally developed nips by throwing money at them

>Just completely ignoring the fact that nips are the second best goyim behind amerimutts

>Just completely ignoring the fact that nips take command from American generals

Gee I wonder (((who))) could be behind this post.

0b4a44  No.13498053


Sadly you're right. Chinese and Koreans will soon take over Japan. Weebs are delusional as fuck thinking any hope should be had in Japan.


No can do bud, we lose either way. This is the end of our culture. There will be no more of it for the rest of eternity.



As a nip, we honestly deserve to be made fun of for cucking out this hard. Siiiiiigh, y'all go on without me.

084a9a  No.13498056


>If you were a true Japanese, you'd die fighting

There is no point in fighting for a dying country. Japan will never come back it's best we surrender them. Goodbye forever Japan!

44f8a4  No.13498066


As a Japanese, you are sadly correct. Our country is being taken over by chinese and pajeets, and our culture is being erased. The normal thing to happen is that when a culture dies, it'll never come back ever again. We already lost the war against the immigrants and our culture will be gone forever.

Watashi wa jibun ga korosa reta koto o negatte imasu!

666bca  No.13498279


They destroy whatever beautiful and well-structured they can. Jews are like that nasty kid at the beach that ran over other people's sand castles. They are vermin and pests.

b1dd35  No.13498283

>the pressure from the diet (need those taxes from working age people to pay for the enormous aged population) and business (need people younger than 80 who can actually, like, work) has been relentless.

The wealthy/old have always pushed immigration for this reason and it's why I hate them. The only solve is to raise minimum wages to the point where they simply can't afford to pay immigrants, and will favor the more skilled native workers.

b1dd35  No.13498287


The Yakuza will 100% take the money of invaders to sneak them in, but then they will also take a contract to kill those very same invaders by people who don't want them around.

b1dd35  No.13498297


>Data published for the first time by the Japanese Ministry for Health, Labour and Welfare shows that 22 foreign 'trainees' working in Japan as part of the Technical Internship Trainee Programme (TITP) died in work related accidents from 2014 to 2016. One of those deaths is from 'karoshi', or death from overwork. This amounted to a rate of 3.7 deaths per 100,000 workers - over twice the rate for Japanese workers.

Excluding the overwork/karoshi a rate of 21/year isn't particularly impressive though. Step it up, Yakuza. A mere 0.0037% dying, even if that's more than double the fatality rate of native japanese, is nothing compared to the 135.9 fatal accidents per 100,000 for loggers (0.1359% per year). You should at least get it up to that, fuck.

b1dd35  No.13498302

*reads closer* that was over a span of 3 years too, so actually the Japanese annual rate is 1/3 that… ugh


>The Yakuza will kill all of them systematically, by creating "accidents".

It occurs to me however that the rate of "on the job" accidents would only include deaths while at work. It wouldn't include, for example, someone who falls down stairs while leaving home in the morning, accidentally ingesting poison, dying from a gas leak, etc.

Is it possible Yakuza might be taking THAT strategy, and those deaths aren't showing up as workplace fatalities, so foreign workers might be dying at a much higher rate than the WPF rate implies?

e68a44  No.13498314


i think you guys dont understand what yakuza do. they sell molly in nightclubs, run massage parlours, and push around business nerds on behalf of more powerful business nerds. they arent doing anything about foreign workers in japan.

2d14bc  No.13498317

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b1dd35  No.13498356


are you implying that Yakuza don't put out assassination/hit contracts on people?

I think they would, although the main problem would be that if middle-class Japanese started paying them to kill immigrants, you might have the rich/retiree japanese pay them to protect the immigrants so they can get their cheap retirements / business workers.

d29b14  No.13498386

So they are pulling the bullet there too? The final act after they begin stripping people from souls and dignity. You can see the results eyes staring vacantly devoid of any soul, it's kind of like dolls, dolls with a coinslot, you put the right amount of coins and they start doing what they are supposed to do, be it a stripper or a druggie or a worker.The women have so many hands passed off them and the men are slaves to pleasure to the point of becoming completely docile to enjoy their 10$ drink with some company. All at the same time open up faceberg to maybe starve some attention and try to fill the blank they will never fill. We've seen this before it's what they do everytime. So many times this cycle has complete. We need to make our own.

002c77  No.13498935


Fucking jews, i believed that they only wanted to destroy white people, but reading this threat, now i start to believe that they final plan is a world where all the people are mixed, where there is no race, look at the white countries with niggers and muslims, look at japan, even in spic countries like México, Chile or Argentina this fucking parasites are bringing niggers. The african population is exploting demographically and this fight at the end is not only of white people, is all the races against the greatest danger of our history, the jews and his nigger golem.

551c20  No.13498957




More and more people are conceding that it is over for Japan. There is literally nothing that can save them from this.

They are officially done for and their people will go extinct in a mere two decades. Their culture will never be brough to life ever again, so it is agreed upon by /pol/.

1770b9  No.13498968


> they arent doing anything about foreign workers in japan.

No one will do anything about it. That is why we surrender. Japan's condition is terminal and it is only a matter of time before they're completely pozzed.

I should know, for I am a Japanese myself!

61b0bb  No.13498989


Sadly there is nothing we can do about it. Everyone is a soulless husk now and jews have effectively assimilated control of the world. They won, anon. There's nothing we can do anymore except A) grovel or B) kill ourselves.

462838  No.13499012

Sayonara, my homeland. Forever!

e68a44  No.13499162

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you should watch some swedish music videos so you'll know what to expect when your country becomes multicultural.

d29b14  No.13499173


It's not that grim at least yet, the war is still going while battles have being lost and casualties have mounted, we need to plan and look forward on how to fight and then it's important to fight.

e5c4b3  No.13499179


Nip here, this type of shit is inevitable for our country and I am sad to say that we no longer have hope in this world. I pity my fellow nipponese who think there is still hope where there is none. I surrender already.


5aa044  No.13499186



You wanna know why? Because they are smarter and more cunning than we could ever hope to be. We simply cannot outmatch them ever. Their IQ is no fucking joke. Natural selection will let them become leaders of the world while we are killed.

5eb138  No.13499196


That kind of attitude is the reason there is no hope, fight against it you damn jap.

fe92f6  No.13499509


>fight against it you damn jap.

WW2 destroyed our masculinity. The brown hordes would kill us all no matter what. Many of us have just come to accept that our race is coming to an end, this is our last moments.

ab02dc  No.13499529


Oh look it's the same kike who's spamming every thread with red text, you filthy jews are so predictable and pathetic hahahahahahaha

dc9dfe  No.13499610


Anon there are actual Japanese people ITT admitting that the situation there has become terminal. There is no saving them, that's just the facts.

f567c9  No.13499641


>they took over all the medias, education,porn industry etc

<porn is illegal in Korea

lol gotta live the try hard weebs

a917e3  No.13499886



2771df  No.13500207


>Should have studied harder in history

America was 90% white only 60 or so years ago and before that it never doped lower than around 80%.

Maybe you should have studied history harder kike.

Then again,


>knowing real history

I can only pick one.


>I am a Japanese myself


Sure you are shlomo.

efef13  No.13501582



Kill yourself delusional kike shill no one is falling for your shit operation to derail this thread and every single other one you post in.

a7c2b9  No.13501998







Can you at least change your typing style if you really want to pretend that you're not just one retard talking to himself? Though why would I ask, I know your goal is just to shit up threads with minimum efforts to get easy as fuck money. You know, this is the exact reason why your employer will never ever allow you to work on actually high and meaningful positions, like every single pathetic leech vermin that are just shitting on the Internet, you'll never get a real promotion.

I hope you're suffering from being treated like a waste by the people whom you consider "your side", even though to them you're just an expandable tool.

f619af  No.13502181

2fa4ca  No.13502414

Its no use, its over

Japan truly is lost, their culture cannot be saved, immigrants might be coming in low numbers now but soon the number of foreigners in Japan will increase and within several decades they will be at less than 50℅ Japanese, just like Americans are less than 50% of the population now in the U.S

4120d4  No.13502436

File: 8a88cfc0ad27592⋯.jpg (97.78 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 55dea16e52bc251c6a525bbf9c….jpg)


Sauce ion their immigration stats nigger?




>now introducing abe walltouch, the new trump walltouch

This is getting really sad…

924c77  No.13502489

File: 66419f813ce83d2⋯.png (126.85 KB, 618x424, 309:212, cbvcvcbvcbv.png)


>There are going to be 4 billion Africans in 2050.

That assumes whites are going to keep feeding them. Protip: we're not.

4af43e  No.13502654


Read the whole thread again.

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