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File: 7837f2655e2db1a⋯.jpg (51.56 KB, 640x511, 640:511, 1562890755827m.jpg)

e56c0e  No.13490705

This retard is addicted to losing chunks of his base every time he tweets

Even worse, his smooth brain base will actually and unironically rationalize and even justify stuff like this, all to "make le liberals cry"

06bf15  No.13490713


72eff4  No.13490715


>Even worse, his smooth brain base will actually and unironically rationalize and even justify stuff like this, all to "make le liberals cry"

It's a fascinating disparity between the bulk/core of Trump's base and the disaffected margins that actually put him over the top. They have literally no overlap in agenda whatsoever.

86110b  No.13490718

I don't say this often, but he's right

e73c8d  No.13490720


imagine thinking hash power is thin air.

01b090  No.13490731

>muh drug trade

god i fucking hate boomers, thats like saying 1990s internet was all pedo trading

e56c0e  No.13490733


The whole point of cryptocurrency is to keep it from being regulated. He isn't right, he just wants to regulate and tax the only non-Jewed currency available right now

I can GUARANTEE you that it was 100% a Jew that filled his head with anti-crypto propaganda

01b090  No.13490740


speaking of kikes, i recall seeing an article on coinbase about israel deeming cryptocurrency as not physical property, thus untaxable

go figure right?

9d9843  No.13490749

Crypto-jews BTFO

6be893  No.13490771

They’re just fucking numbers. People are burning real electricity and using real natural resources and spending real cash on hardware so they can find imaginary currency.

And crypto that’s issues by a corporation is even worse. It eliminates the only thing real crypto has going for it. And Facebook couldn’t keep its severs secure before they tried getting into crypto. Now do we assume our Facebook wallets are going to be safe?

ce2644  No.13490777


He is 100% correct. END FIAT CURRENCY.

d4d48f  No.13490785

What do you expect from a fucking jew

f15e45  No.13490789


Someone else wrote those tweets, although Trump probably agrees with them. The dude is a tech-impaired boomer, I'll give him a pass on this.

e56c0e  No.13490807


Facebook's cryptocurrency may be bad, but that doesn't mean every other coin is bad


Israel might not tax it directly, but they will tax it indirectly via the U.S. to find aid going to Israel

e363ad  No.13490821


I've paid off $50,000 (51 actually) in student loans from buying and selling Bitcoin and altcoins.

Fuck you.

45404c  No.13490825

File: 51a34075bcb7cef⋯.jpg (377.44 KB, 866x1023, 866:1023, Nigger What.jpg)

>highly volatile based on thin air

>not money

e37d79  No.13490829


>people do bad things with thing

<you cannot have thing because people

We really should start imprisoning people related to criminals upon the criminals sentencing, too. Punish everyone for everything! Fuck it!

45404c  No.13490831

Un(((regulated))) is what the horse's ass meant to type I'm sure.

01b090  No.13490834


hang the entire courtroom after every violent case, they might turn into copycats

e37d79  No.13490848

File: 7892241ce53210f⋯.gif (3.77 MB, 620x400, 31:20, faggot.gif)


>Israel might not tax it directly, but they will tax it indirectly via the U.S. to find aid going to Israel

I honestly feel a bit stupid even typing this as we literally have 4,000 years of recorded history of jews fucking over the west. Again and again and again and again and again…. 9/11, Pollard, USS Liberty, and on and on and on and on…

However, what if Israel and the US are one in the same? It may be that there are 2 halves to the world (literally an us vs them argument. I know) but the reality is when israel falls, Russia and China take over everything that isn't the US and make the entire world dependent upon BRICs. They take over all the worlds oil reserves.

If that happens, the US is gone.

If that happens, Europe is gone.

If that happens, whites are gone.

What if we're married to the kikes whether we like it or not?

af0863  No.13490851


he's a boomer

He can't help it

e37d79  No.13490852


>hang the entire courtroom

Then we gotta hang the hangmen because they hanged people and hanging people is bad.

45404c  No.13490856

File: 54e5e2164de6d91⋯.jpg (56.26 KB, 448x409, 448:409, craigslist.jpg)

e37d79  No.13490859


I said people anon


e60ec8  No.13490879


crypto currency IS fiat currency retard, only difference is the USD ultimately defended by the US Armed Forces

ea1115  No.13490886


Fucking tweet is cucking for the Rothschilds so hard, why not die like a man, be remembered like JFK instead of a trifling trick? Pathetic.

ea1115  No.13490893


Bitcoin is decentralized money which is a major difference from central banking. It's like Freedom vs Kingdom, the Kingdom\Empire will crumble if we all use bitcoin, which has mathematical certainty in the limit on its supply and guarantee of its transactions.

c3e70c  No.13490901


Its worse, its wasted CPU cycles, wasted energy, to encode transactions for absolutely no reason.

e363ad  No.13490904

The QTards will claim the Deep State is behind cryptocurrencies now….

Despite Iran, Russia, AND Venezuela able to sidestep US Sanctions with Bitcoin.

This Boomer fuck stick has to go. I'd rather vote for the Jew Bernie Sanders than this fucking kike cock sucking fraud and that's saying a fucking lot.

e363ad  No.13490907


Protip: invest in privacy tokens.

e37d79  No.13490911


>mathematical certainty in the limit on its supply

yes, but there is no limit to fractionalization. People can still get poor as fuck if bitcoin becomes the world currency.

I do have a solution, though. I'm actually looking for a crypto-fag to work with on my idea.

e60ec8  No.13490913


Centralization offers less costly transactions, and decentralization offers no tangible utility beyond useless platitudes. Crypto can be stopped by a single regulation, is too volatile to be used in real business, and is relegated to drug traffickers and other criminals.

2c1b4d  No.13490922


you know they PWN your country when they no longer require passports, visa's or permission to enter the united snakes, but citizens of the united snakes must still apply for visa's and can be refused entry to Israel for any reason deemed applicable by the Israeli's. That pretty much tells you who PWNS the united snakes, huh?!

5b56ae  No.13490927

He's right though. You still can't buy anything in real life with bitcoin. It's literal only use is for drugs. Not only that but the mining warehouses are accelerating global warming/climate change from all the electricity they use. Unless they literally move them off-planet there is no way bitcoin mining isn't going to boil the oceans within a few decades.

c6ec44  No.13490932

File: c40931a68da4a46⋯.webm (4.51 MB, 512x288, 16:9, SoyPro camera footage.webm)


2c1b4d  No.13490936

File: ca6c0327389f194⋯.png (139.7 KB, 397x400, 397:400, AKSUkki.png)

another house on Mayfair

527b34  No.13490958

File: f8f07fb54b790da⋯.jpg (51.58 KB, 970x546, 485:273, phonesystemhackercreep.jpg)


>crypto facilitates drug dealing and fraud

well he's not wrong that's what I use it for

e37d79  No.13490961


> Crypto can be stopped by a single regulation

Yes, because history has shown that laws stop activity.

e37d79  No.13490966


>you know they PWN your country

I'm not talking about the obvious.

Beyond that, what if the option is either sleep with the jews or world-wide communism and a Holodomor2.0 which wipes out 100 million whites?

israel has to know that their existence depends on the US. They aren't stupid.

e60ec8  No.13490975


Legitimate businesses, which account for most currency transactions are certainly beholden to the law. If you're talking about drug and human trafficking, sure, you're right, bitcoin is used for that sort of thing.

e37d79  No.13490987


>Legitimate businesses

So you're argument against me saying/implying laws don't stop activity is to say that laws stop legal activity?

Please tell me you're smarter than that. Please.

You did not just somehow think that saying making things illegal makes the legal aspect of them discontinue, did you?

Because that's literally what you wrote.

45404c  No.13491020

File: e523ffb04f391c0⋯.jpg (238.24 KB, 780x834, 130:139, Skooma is the Answer.jpg)


So is cash.

68ef75  No.13491046


American's don't use Twitter.

Even thinking so means your a poo.

His base is not so shallow.

>Laborers don't have time for social media other then facepage

97ca8f  No.13491053

Trump is such a fucking dumbass. I can’t tell if Jared isn’t operating his twitter account.

e758a1  No.13491054


>laws work in situations where people follow them!!! we can just ignore all the other times.

Ignoring the fact that any (((regulation))) or (((law))) against cryptocurrencies will only ruin the (((dollar))) economy more as people more and more need to leave that economy. It will cause the value of cryptos to sink greatly which will cause more people to buy into them.

000000  No.13491078


<4,000 years of recorded history of jews

<even though the first record is by Josephus

<2,000yrs later

Nice try jew.

e7f10a  No.13491083


Anything can be money. Money is just a concept developed in the iron age by jews to enslave everybody.

000000  No.13491085


which ones and why?

Monero $87.74

Dash $144.42

Verge $0.006459

Zcash $87.67

Bytecoin $0.000790

Bitcoin Private $0.507836

PIVX $0.519653

Zcoin $10.11

NavCoin $0.164867

Enigma $0.573166

9f1433  No.13491089




d3b562  No.13491094

Bitcoin is a giant ponzi scheme! We already have a cryptocurrency… its called the USD!

d407e5  No.13491098

>turmp tweets

<this is worthy of a thread!!!!!!

Traitor trump is a cunt, we already know this.

c0e90f  No.13491170



bitcoin is a waste of electricity thats right

and yea thin air is what federal reserve debts notes worth is

744fcc  No.13491183

Smooth talking OP

9e82cd  No.13491185

File: e3de5e6cb0e5f31⋯.png (412.1 KB, 1607x787, 1607:787, jerome powell jesuit feder….png)

File: f10c7652c6fb0b1⋯.png (222.24 KB, 929x228, 929:228, fordham trumps jesuit coll….png)

File: 65a5397df9e14d4⋯.jpg (877.17 KB, 4074x2716, 3:2, pope frank and arturo sosa….jpg)

File: 48b152f8e1e98b9⋯.jpg (142.35 KB, 990x659, 990:659, pope frank hides cross for….jpg)

File: 7acc3806e9a2f84⋯.jpg (55.91 KB, 975x630, 65:42, trump pope frank.jpg)


shocked that jesuit trained zion don wants us using the federal reserve usury system the kikes made and that jesuit trained jerome powell now runs.


558218  No.13491205


Nuke the planet from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

8f0398  No.13491249


This Tweet really pissed me off probably more than his Anti-Gun bullshit. Seems like he just now today learned about Bitcoin from one of his Jewish advisers who told him it's only used for illegal (not CIA) drug trafficking . Entirely seems like it came out of no where and is ill-informed.

The only people I've seen be anti-Bitcoin who were not from a government were old people who didn't understand it. Everyone else is blown away by it and think anyone who has it is rich if they are naive about the subject.

63b7c4  No.13491255

File: a7c1f9bfbe0c324⋯.png (19.13 KB, 381x353, 381:353, 1525235942362.png)


>find imaginary currency


2dbf6e  No.13491256


>What if we're married to the kikes whether we like it or not?

The jews laid China low with their opium trade. Thanks Sassoons. Then the jews sucked all the money and industry and technology out of the USA and sent it all to China to build it up. It's called arbitrage. It's what they do. Learning to live with tapeworms in your guts is not a good long term plan for your good health.

1016e9  No.13491262

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>muh cryptos

d3b562  No.13491267

I hate the big banks and the kike dons as much as the next person…. but crypto is just as scam and makes profits for Kikes and shitskins… if someone wants to create a Aryan currency backed by a gold or silver standard then I would be interested!

ddd6c7  No.13491269


Enigma because it’s a Jew coin, and only things allowed to get big in modern clown world are things that advance world Jewry by either giving jews more money and power or things that weaken us goyim.

1016e9  No.13491270

File: 308200bf4b8bb21⋯.jpg (124.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault(5).jpg)



And what are those unregulated goods you are exchanging foe your unregulated coin?

Child pornography? Assessinations? Drugs?

Can I buy some tomatoes with dogecoin?

4913ed  No.13491271


Regardless of whether he was genuine in his aspirations or simply playing the people for his own benefit, it's beyond dispute that Trump is being heavily influenced, if not controlled, by the enemy; who are all around him and by far the closest. His statement about crypto-currencies could be applied to conventional money. The damning thing about his tweets isn't the generalisations or vagueness often exhibited, but the uncertainty as to whether he will have the same view next week. Tell tale sign that he is being led by the collar and has disconnected from reason.

a0034a  No.13491285

How many of "OMG, Trump tweeted this" threads are you going to spew on daily basis, OP?

1f0ac9  No.13491290

File: 3599ea2e1a66bae⋯.jpg (102.97 KB, 591x561, 197:187, another big win.jpg)

Trust the plan

70c187  No.13491291



849757  No.13491292

So Trump is a jew for pointing out the flaws in crypto currency and everyone starts calling him a Jewish shill? Guess we just gonna ignore the fact that libra is proposed by Facebook owned by Mark Cuckerborg..I'm SURE (((HE))) is absolutely trustworthy and we should all invest in (((libra))) immediately. Stoopid smoof bain Trumph gud ting we 2 smrt 4 tht twick

731e5e  No.13491316

Cryptocurrency is a scam. Once the electricity gets knocked out how are you supposed to mine for your precious coins? The only thing cryptocurrency is good for his conditioning the human populace for a One World Currency

655522  No.13491337


Because his "bulk/core" you refer to are cuckservative normies that were ready to vote Jeb! until Trump clearly was the leader during primaries.

They have no agenda other than voting for whatever their brainwashing device (phone or tv) tells them to.

c2cf94  No.13491350


>I've paid off $50,000 (51 actually) in student loans from buying and selling Bitcoin and altcoins.

<Using imaginary money to pay off imaginary debt of imaginary money to perpetrators of imaginary money to live in clown world of those same types of perpetrators.

Make your head spin too, Anon?

0709f3  No.13491370


If this guy wins re-election, I will be convinced that the US is a completely lost cause and move back to my ancestor's homeland in Switzerland.

0709f3  No.13491385

File: 610dff1ab09fbfb⋯.jpg (10.5 KB, 300x200, 3:2, ShavedApe.jpg)



>Cryptocurrency is a scam.

>Once the electricity gets knocked out

<he thinks cash will be accepted in the context of "once the electricity gets knocked out"

2be0cb  No.13491390

File: dbe2e111b1415b3⋯.gif (3.2 MB, 400x224, 25:14, hakase and sakamoto.gif)


>his smooth brain base

d4dd06  No.13491442


No, I wrote that myself.

9d9843  No.13491460


You dumb shekel nigger, a law-abiding business by definition won’t illegally use internet money if it’s illegal. Only a small minority of people will knowingly and willingly break the law to trade shitcoins in that scenario.

9d9843  No.13491465


Yes people are going to rush to purchase invisible shitcoins which have just been criminalized and are rapidly declining in value. Makes sense.

000000  No.13491471

Can't have anything competing with fiat currency goy

d4dd06  No.13491476


You should do so regardless and rid Switzerland of the Albanians, Kosovans, Turks and other mongrels that infest it.

4362b6  No.13491478

>support FB currency

Fuck you #MAGAwithDACA

6863dd  No.13491491

Boomers universally don’t understand crypto

go ahead ask your parents anon

e37d79  No.13491493


holy shit we have a successor to the throne of king retard.

Perhpas you want to work on your reading comprehension instead of calling me a dummb shekel nigger and proceeding to regurgitate exactly what I said?

6863dd  No.13491497


bro ur Id is hexes

nice and checked

0709f3  No.13491498


Seeming more realistic than reclaiming the North American continent with each passing day.

0338e2  No.13491501


Is that all you've got, gimp? It's like a daily routine to attack the noble & righteous as something to be seen as just in your eyes. Total sly fuck with such cowardice might I add.

c0e90f  No.13491504


>(((")))huhuh good thing theres no such thing as gold(((")))

d4dd06  No.13491505


Lindt Nationalism

0709f3  No.13491519



Oh jesus… people like you are why the West was enslaved by jews.

e56c0e  No.13491529

Remember when I said that his smooth brain base was gonna rationalize this?

Well you can tell who supports him ITT by seeing how cryptocurrency is useless

The whole point of it was to work as an investment. You buy low and then sell high. After a while, some companies began to adopt it for practical purposes because of how much money is behind cryptocurrency. The whole purpose of crypto was to start the framework for a decentralized currency that could be used practically while also being used for investment purposes

The only "regulations" that can come out of this are heavy taxes on cryptocurrency. Jews HATE cryptocurrency because it cannot be taxed heavily and that means less money for ZOG.

c0e90f  No.13491535


>just ban slavery and there never would of been anyone use the blacks for slaves

explain what good purpose the niggers serve

explain this infallible depending on human man made concepts that will fly along with nature that you have invented in your illusions in your head of utopia with everyone else.

fuck you your the little nigger loser who sold out the country thinkjing you can get money to a bunch of would kill their own selves if noone ewas left jews

d25e93  No.13491539

File: 119cd2a2df7e75b⋯.jpg (39.92 KB, 537x508, 537:508, 1552551260456.jpg)

Oh so thats why it dropped…

What an absolute retard.

>Kushner say no tax on crypto, crypto bad

>MIGA goys

beb26e  No.13493078

What trump says here does not matter. There is no move by the state that would delay hyperinflation. A ban would be a pretty clear admission of btcs superiority as a store of wealth (triggering capital flight from dollars into btc via intermediate channels) and the threat posed by btc to the state’s ability to fund itself. The two limiting cases available to the state: 1) do nothing and btc will inexorably engulf all global wealth; 2) ban btc in the West and watch its nominal value skyrocket in other currencies. Capital flight out of the US would accelerate through the usual channels and find its way to btc. Any option in between would accelerate the inexorable trend in proportion to its severity.

555fda  No.13493087


You are absolutely delusional.

4e1a92  No.13493099


>you whites are helpless without us jews

kill yourself kike

4e1a92  No.13493102


>thats why it dropped

it dropped because it doubled in price in the last month, only brainlet boomers let some faggot on twitter dictate price points

11ec40  No.13493112


I'm not a fan of the American dollar and other fiat currencies, which are not money, and whose value is entirely manufactured and based on thin air.

Does this dude even think when he tweets?

a83160  No.13493115


Miss Harris and Butterbutt, what a team, ehh?

000000  No.13493163


10 years ago it was delusional to think that this would reach a 200b market cap with billions in daily volume. But here we are

45404c  No.13493218

File: cbe47b369c34077⋯.gif (1.43 MB, 246x196, 123:98, Judging u nigga.gif)


People made exchanges before there was electricity. Hope you can do the math on paper without too much difficulty.

45404c  No.13493230

No one is gonna carry around 20 fucking chicken eggs and a goat to trade ever again. They will find a way to make some form of promissory note just for fucking convenience until there is a complete global collapse and you're eating each other to stay alive.

Just get rid of the jews. The rest sorts itself out.

4e1a92  No.13493243


i hope you posted this ironically

e37d79  No.13493257


> It's called arbitrage

Arbitrage is me selling your item without taking possession of it. which they did, but you should know the definition and use it accordingly.

45404c  No.13493262


Like amazon/ebay/ali/etc. drop shippers.

01b87c  No.13493286

File: c68ea2be8982994⋯.jpg (50.5 KB, 400x300, 4:3, trump_Israel_qoute.jpg)


Everything Trump touches turns to shit.

He even made a parade on the Fourth of July unpopular.

I hope he does more for Israel.

8ec4b6  No.13493337


>facebook shill

Go away Zuckercuck. I don't mind Trump putting a boot on your neck to stop your world currency bullshit.

bdd19b  No.13493409


<Crypto is used for drug dealers and other illegal activity

<t. Trump

Yet the same fiat money also is used in drug deals as well. Trump is using the same excuse that the left uses when it comes to guns. Inb4 the Zionist in Chief starts banning crypto too.

aacdb3  No.13493412


Cash can be used to fuel the drug trade too! Ban cash!

aacdb3  No.13493426


>I'd rather vote for the Jew Bernie Sanders than this fucking kike cock sucking fraud and that's saying a fucking lot.

No it's not and we're not going to vote away this problem unless our vote is happening from the rooftops.

544dec  No.13494009

He's right. Gold standard forthcoming. Now you know. You're welcome.

69b6e4  No.13494024


>kill a bunch of white kids that hate israel

>becomes new hero for ZOG Boomers afraid of getting killed by young white kids

1b5fa1  No.13494051

>whines about fiat currency being monopoly money

>whines that trump is against crypto, which is even more imaginary and based on even less substance than fiat currency, which at least has cultural trust and an economy built around it

I don't give a fuck about cyrpto. The only worth crypto has is buying low and selling high.

002239  No.13494141


Nice argument.

abc110  No.13494150

The "based on thin air" and "buy drugs with it" arguments are more applicable to the dollar. An alternative is needed. China is a working on a cryptocurrency according to a new rt article. The world will use theirs like they will use China's real 5G. Waiting on the nigger majority in America to come up with a solution is not the answer.

5e6588  No.13494163


68b613  No.13494167


There is literally nothing wrong with loans. If you sign an unfavorable contract, it's your fault.

e11950  No.13494172



> which at least has cultural trust and an economy built around it

>le trust the ZOG meme

This post was brought to you by a redditor

1b5fa1  No.13494176



So if I hand a random person $100 bill, they won't find value in it? Wrong. They will. Why? Cultural trust and belief in the value of established fiat currencies. Now if I set up an account for some bum on the street and send some crypto to it, he won't care, he won't find use in it, and he will see absolutely no value in it. I can offer a bum a bitcoin, or a $100 bill, and he'll take the $100 bill. People inherently believe in the currency they use every day. That's not crypto. Crypto is non-existent for all intents and purposes, and will never draw the trust of everyone in this society. The only thing it's good for is using its small pool of trusting traders to trade up and make money. Christ, the backbone of crypto is fiat currency. If you remove the fiat element, crypto has no worth to 99.9999999% of people. What the fuck kind of system relies that heavily on a fiat currency to garner worth? If you don't like fiat currency, you're a hypocrite for supporting crypto. It can't exist without it. There's no economic system on earth to prop it up, only the fiat system.

dea9e8  No.13494238

Trump is going after pedos everywhere, and you wonder why Crypto is his chopping block? At the same time, fuck the federal reserve.

f6abb6  No.13494272



It's all fake money created by lying kikes anyway so mass economic collapse that would kill millions of people is worse than saying anyone owing this fake thing doesn't owe it anymore, right kikes?

Force the global debt forgiveness question and watch the kikel spiral.

dea9e8  No.13494285

File: cfd6571ddc34153⋯.gif (52.02 KB, 129x111, 43:37, 1558690944677.gif)



86110b  No.13494350


I made money on it too. (More than you) It's still just gambling.

319ac0  No.13494547

>>This retard is addicted to losing chunks of his base every time he tweets

90+% of his base doesn't use Twitter, but am glad his shitting on your fake money has made your faggot ass hurt worse then the time your mom's black boyfriend went to town on you.

f7cd13  No.13494556


That is unironically part of their endgame

eeebe7  No.13496051

d5b524  No.13500265


Why do you type like a nigger talks?

e1e64f  No.13500277

fundos are safu

a9b1e3  No.13500315


>South Africa

Holy shit, we need to fucking free them to our side before they get used more.

9cf597  No.13500364


is it weird that i agree with the bottom post, but not the top? i mean, i suppose it matters whether faceberg is engaging in something that looks like a "loan," but the first post is just pure fantasy. BTC etc are just people trading stuff for other stuff. There are currencies all over the world that are volitile, and all currency values are technically "based on thin air" (ie. trading in FX markets).

300b4c  No.13500398


>They have literally no overlap in agenda whatsoever.

Their overlap was how much they hated Hillary Clinton and feared her potential presidency. Of course that's no longer in play.

9cf597  No.13500444


>Their overlap was how much they hated Hillary Clinton and feared her potential presidency

wait… I thought we were just getting trump elected as a joke… there were people who had srs bzns concerns?

300b4c  No.13500460


>Even worse, his smooth brain base will actually and unironically rationalize and even justify stuff like this, all to "make le liberals cry"

Yep. See this asshole >>13494547

7cb608  No.13500637

Also 90% of republicans approve of Trump You fucking Idiot. You can say all the bs you want Trump is gaining more pedes and will win 2020. Y'all some retards.

2bce52  No.13500647


>Highest popularity ever

>Losing his base

He's getting re-elected almost certainly. Don't let your love of one kind of fiat currency over another make you upset.

81fc9c  No.13500667

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>cryptocurrencies are not money with higly volatile value based on thin air

how is cryptocurrencie different from regular (((dolars)))?

e155b9  No.13500730


That’s awesome, man. Good for you. But bitcoin is still bullshit. People say fiat currency is based on nothing, but it’s based on the strength of the issuing nation’s economy. What’s crypto based on?

e11950  No.13501714


Seems like they use reddit instead

17f6ab  No.13501758


This isn't a Republican board you nigger

29d377  No.13501781

File: 3d3388cbc6954d6⋯.jpg (9.81 KB, 234x250, 117:125, 1563192296944s.jpg)

4f611f  No.13501785

File: a83911ed6e71356⋯.jpg (7.11 KB, 192x187, 192:187, smirk.jpg)

I have many problems with cryptocurrency in general.

Mainly because I have considerable doubts about its longterm viability on a technical level.

Facebooks libra however is a serious threat that must needs be razed even unto its foundations.

68a321  No.13501792


No value has been generated. You have made money by impoverishing others. Any non-productive avenues to make money should be punishable by death. Tired of parasites.

b77e90  No.13501800


The problem with niggers is that they're incapable of thinking outside their tiny world view. Raw honesty is what got the fuggen guy elected in the first place, saying shit that no other pol says cuz they're afraid of what cnn will tell you to think.

29d377  No.13501818


My aged father loves the show American Pickers. Do you know it? Cosmopolitan vultures preying on the rural. The phenomenon is everywhere, leaking out from the bureaucrat-class of HR sheboons in academia and government, all throughout the rest of society. Ragnarok cannot happen fast enough.

e11950  No.13501819


>oy vey, anti-semitic, evil hating goyim scum

>how dare do you hate evil, you will make evil feel persecuted

>ban this anti-evil hate-speech right there


26bec7  No.13501861


You mean his kids? Fag.


Fuck that. If I was 100% guaranteed to die for removing the kikes, I would do it with zero hesitation.

86b3eb  No.13501878


Anon, you fucking retard, crypto IS NOT REAL MONEY. Crypto is more fake than Fiat - at least Fiat can be held, is more stable, and is universally accepted. Lolbertarians are hilarious - I want REAL money, but invests in magnetic blips with no faith. BTW, Crypto is a dry-run for the cashless system, simp.

50e2ee  No.13501880


Fuck off kike

50e2ee  No.13501883


This, if cuckchan faggots think they're Trump's base they're retarded.

c00ee5  No.13502130

File: 59cfec819bf93b4⋯.jpeg (55.82 KB, 616x608, 77:76, 59cfec819bf93b4c427f7e0fa….jpeg)

So how did those big ICE raids go

b77e90  No.13502253


Not that bad, killed an antifa faggot in Tacoma.

50e2ee  No.13502462


The us is not something we want to preserve. US patriots are not national socialist, as national socialism is race based and the US is a masonic enlightenment post-racial state.

c09fe1  No.13502482


Somewhere around 0 deportations.

3ec224  No.13502498


Don't forget who owns the rights to the CPU and GPU architectures which mine those coins and make the real money.

3ec224  No.13502500

What I'm saying is that selling CPUs makes a lot more money than mining crypto.

c6a534  No.13502509

File: 222f7c708b7e482⋯.png (112.03 KB, 740x773, 740:773, bsd.png)

>if you hate jews you're a communist

50e2ee  No.13502519


Trump is the quintessential boomer, nothing more.

c63eab  No.13502528

File: a37d724312090eb⋯.jpg (132.33 KB, 756x750, 126:125, 1858pennyshekel.jpg)


Hes not even wrong. Hes just blind to the fact that the US dollar is the same way. Digital fiat money is just a step down from physical fiat money.

ed34f2  No.13502529


sounds like your handlers are on a meltdown

e37d79  No.13502533

File: 1aa55f1089c0e40⋯.jpg (22.58 KB, 474x355, 474:355, commiejew.jpg)



don't tell him, but dem commies might be luwes

413333  No.13502536



50e2ee  No.13502538


He's right. Fuck off.

5b78d6  No.13502592

Trump is right again. You can’t trust internet currency. What will you do when the NSA use their quantum supercomputers to steal your life savings? How will you use your Bitcoins when the Deep State pushes their internet kill switch? What happens to your internet shekels when a blackout, computer virus and/or EMP attack crashes the grid? Your internet currency will disappear with the internet. What will you do when new internet currencies make Bitcoin obsolete?

4bb9fc  No.13502607


Yep, probs kushner. This guy is so gulliable it's incredible. Boomers gunna boom

3b7079  No.13502651


crypto shit is even more of a fiat than fiat.

at least with paper money, when it lose it's value, you can still wipe your ass with it.

with crypto, you're left with electric states.

it's literal belief, however i'm perfectly ok with crooks fucking over retards who think they can outsmart a system they didn't made themselves.


it's an easy, simple justification.

reminder that the "drug war" was never waged, and that's why it failed.

if you liquidate druggies, the problem goes away, permanently.

see: phillipines, or just simple, plain common sense.


>understand crypto

>isn't completely retarded

>has crypto

pick 2 and only 2.

e37d79  No.13502664


japanon, why you bad mouf crypto?

the ledger is the value. It's better than paper currency.

130f9f  No.13502675

what would Hitler say about buying something you can never hold or look at I wonder

367ea1  No.13502749


What they smuggle in drug trade, life saving drugs or entertainment drugs?

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