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File: d1bec2a045bd031⋯.jpg (4.89 KB, 227x222, 227:222, hitler beer.jpg)

6c8014  No.13490772

Heil Hitler, goys!

Here's the problem with /pol/ culture:

70+ years of highly sophisticated brainwashing have turned the average person against the ideal of Hitler. Oh, you want to preserve the white race? You're a Nazi! Oh, you opposite Bolshevism? You're a Nazi! And as we all know, Nazis were bad.

>muh holocaust!

But you and I know Hitler was right, don't we? However, the majority holds the opposite opinion. We may be very passionate about our belief in Hitler's ideal, but consider the general public is equally as passionate about the belief Hitler was wrong. Everything we are now fighting again, even our own fucking genocide, is dismissed by invoking a single name

>Adolf Hitler

And when Hitler is dismissed so are our ideas! This is the PSYOP. This is how NLP works: associating ideas or philosophies with words or names. This is how Jews have maintained their power: HITLER killed Jews, therefore, Jews have the RIGHT to rule.


And no one is telling you this. TRS, DailyStormer, StormFront, Renegade Tribune… they're all responsible for "/pol/ culture." They each want you romanticizing the past so you're not focused on how to win the present, and with such a victory, to secure the future. What is their response?

>optics cuck!

Just more NLP. I implore you to realize that Hitler created his movement, and his symbols, in such a way that would convince the people of his own time to embrace his philosophy. And I challenge you to do the same thing. You may invent new words and new symbols or you may be drunk on the words and symbols of the past right up until the very last of your People is destroyed.

e0794d  No.13490778


Beware, shills incoming. By the way, invoking NLP is in itself a form of NLP, if the glowniggers so choose it to be.

>le 1984

6c8014  No.13490779


wtf is even this response?

9ab59c  No.13490788

File: d5264c83bd54e28⋯.jpg (146.88 KB, 601x750, 601:750, Can You Believe This Shit ….jpg)

f6ec9e  No.13490790


If you advocate for white survival you will be compared to Hitler. Your only defense is to restore Hitler's image in the eyes of the general public so that the comparison will be harmless.

This is why we advocate for Hitler and National Socialism and debunk the jews' absurd claims of genocide at every opportunity. We will always be seen as nazis so nazi must be seen as a good thing.

6c8014  No.13490798


>If you advocate for white survival you will be compared to Hitler.

Everyone advocating for white survival also advocates Hitler.

f6ec9e  No.13490803


No, many don't, but they are accused of it anyways. Even asking for the immigration rate to be reduced a bit gets you accused of being a nazi.

9ab59c  No.13490809

File: 3a3a2712dfd797c⋯.gif (987.28 KB, 500x170, 50:17, Ze Kek.gif)


Hitler dindu nuffin.

8a60a4  No.13490810

File: a0b679b4324658d⋯.jpg (29.13 KB, 560x291, 560:291, mrbeanplantman.jpg)


We should just say we love Horticulture.

Heil Hortler!

9ab59c  No.13490814

File: cb458fecbfaa40a⋯.png (157.58 KB, 283x299, 283:299, Spezieller Zweig.png)

6c8014  No.13490815


That's the PSYOP, man. You wanna stop white genocide? You're a NAZI! I would love to see, as an American, Americans using American symbols and rhetoric to restore the glorious image of National Socialism. Instead, we see fat retards using Rune symbols which have nothing to do with America, or dressing as Brown Shirts. And, even worse, those who try to do what I say above not only reject Hitler in spirit, but they promote some Bolshevik nonsense. Controlled opposition is controlled.




heil hortler!

addda3  No.13490817


I almost never talk about Hitler with people I get to become open Nationalists. I rarely even bring him up when talking about the jews. It's simply not necessary nor relevant for most people. People live today in 2019, not in 1933 in Germany. Americans have real problems in the real world right here in America. And there is no shortage of jews right here in the now to talk about.

So no, I don;t really talk about stuff that happened 100 years ago because I have enough to talk about today. Hitler might as well not exist for me.

6c8014  No.13490822


man, good on you. keep doing that

33f8a8  No.13490827


I've thought the same. Perhaps we need to use the techniques of PR (((http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/bernprop.html))) for our own cause. That is: don't approach the goal directly but, rather, target something tangential. In this case we attack public education: why does everybody need taxpayer-funded university education, you ask? Because the taxpayer funded K-12 system is an absolute failure/joke and, after having our children for 13 years, produces useless individuals. Public school, in many cases, is a Lord-of-the-Flies prison where children learn nothing useful and are turned against their own people via propaganda. If we can make harsh criticism of the public "education" system mainstream then we can ask the public to question the subject matter they have been taught. Holohoax narratives were forced into us more powerfully than anything else. Bingo.

Attack tangentially.

33f8a8  No.13490832


The (((parallels))) between Weimar and today are shocking enough to be helpful. If you deny this then you are (((you))).

de263d  No.13490838


>Instead, we see fat retards using Rune symbols which have nothing to do with America, or dressing as Brown Shirts.

Holy shit where do I start:

1) England founded America. England was founded primarily by Anglo-Saxons, as well as Frisian and some Norse settlers, who all used runes. Thus the runes are a part of our history.

2) america has a massive German population, thus direct lineage to the runes.

3) read about Thomas Jefferson. He was a massive fan of the pan-Germanic identity. He was a very well read person, as were most of the founders. They rooted the current government we have on the ancient Germanic formulation referred to as the “thing”. It is described in the work of Cornelius Tacitus from the 1st century AD about Germanic tribes (the guys who came up with the runes). The founding fathers even almost made German the primary language of the US.

Don’t try to divorce the US from its ethnos and it’s history. We need that as a binding tie

addda3  No.13490845


>If you aren't a carbon copy of me YOURAJEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111

Go back to reddit, retard. Only shills and newfaggots act this way.



Thanks. I've already converted (most of) two workplaces except for the boomer bosses whom I rarely spoke with anyway. They're invulnerable to arguments in my experience anyhow. Maybe others have had more luck than me with boomers.

6c8014  No.13490846


fucking this


>Don’t try to divorce the US from its ethnos and it’s history.

Bro it's already been divorced. Jews did that. I agree with you but the problem is the majority, whom we need to be successful, don't. They dont understand what you just said. So we can either be bitter about this fact or work around it.

95d8b1  No.13490870

File: 0029a0c4e0e164f⋯.png (305.24 KB, 1423x806, 1423:806, benis.png)

No one outside actually does that. We simply say the holobunga never happened.

6c8014  No.13490877


>We simply say the holobunga never happened.

Yes, and that's the truth. But how far, in 60 years, has it gotten us? Surely there's a better line of attack when it comes to the Hoaxocaust?

a90727  No.13490884


This tbh. OP is either a glownigger or retard. There isn't even a point making normies accept us, they never will with the brainwashing. We only need the right people, not all of these hoopleheads.

de263d  No.13490891


I understand what you are saying. Simply posting swastikas around or runes or whatever likely will fall on deaf ears. The majority are too stupid to get it. Personally I’m not sure they are worth saving but I get your argument.

I personally CANNOT let that shit go though. It’s way too tied to my identity. As you say they stripped it from us, but I refuse to adopt the McAmerican zombie consumer identity they want us to adopt.

America was once the truest and purest expression of the Germanic soul. The first libertarian spirit in the world. There has to be a way to reawaken that beast, but in a racially conscious way.

e4ff8b  No.13490896


We need some sort of solution on the matter, a conclusion on the matter that will end it for good

e8c167  No.13490899

File: 2bd15fc543e25e5⋯.jpg (3.37 MB, 1338x6212, 669:3106, PeakKikery.jpg)


One of the things that can really get to people in today's world, is the sexual revolution and the results of that. Take the Transgenderism and 'whore culture' and whatnot. Want to try to get Hitler's name (in a very subtle way) in a positive light? See attached. Keep hammering Weimar. Keep hammering all the pedo filth, the transgenderism (extreme/sex change, etc) and compare that to today. Give them a little eye opener stuff to at least get the 'seed planted', and let them associate what is going on today with the filth of that era, so at least they can somewhat 'understand' why Hitler/DeutscheNatSoc did what they did, and why.

e0794d  No.13490910

File: 3db5ffd52ad264a⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2660x1590, 266:159, harold.jpg)


This, alongside subversion of standards (not subversive tactics, I mean undoing the typical inversion of values that people undergo growing up in society) and basic revelation of contradictions tend to all that's needed. Each person has their own concerns; use these to your advantage.

e0794d  No.13490919


bruh, this is CY+4, amerisharts don't think about fookin runes

e0794d  No.13490926



Jesus Christ, at least the digits were blessed. What a cursed post.

Bottom text.

8a60a4  No.13490939


You ever watch that jewtube channel where the German doctor is in Uganda and pulls countless maggots out of dogs?

That dude said it best, in a manner, that got me to really look into who Hitler really was.

Nignog brings in a dog named, HItler.

German Doctor: "Oh yes, here is Hitler! You are a misunderstood dog, aren't you Hitler? Well, maybe Hitler thinks he is a good dog and maybe Hitler will do bad things to protect his owner? You aren't such a bad doggy, are you now, Hitler?"

That subtle innuendo made me curious and curiousity killed the holocaust.

192891  No.13490956

File: 04d80546316154e⋯.jpg (93.71 KB, 675x900, 3:4, 77d.jpg)

How do we convince the masses then? Well, I suppose we could start with organizing ourselves to do mass and sustained shilling campaigns. I'm sure every single one of us was once a goyim. Only "awakened" by certain circumstances. So here is what I suggest.

1) Organize.

2) Gather useful memes and propaganda pieces for other goyims to follow.

3) Sustain that campaign.

Even just 100 goyim converts is better than 0.

Bombard Redpills in twitter, reddit and 4chan.

bdfcd7  No.13490962


I agree anon.

Our biggest task today is demystifying Hitler, and completely obliterating the postmodern founding myth (that of National Socialism being the metaphysical equivalent of Devil-worship) by using factual historiography and reason. Since you're active in this thread and clearly know what's up, I'm excited to share my thoughts on the matter with you.

In my mind, the mythology works in a very subtle way which many in /pol/ seem to be unaware that they are even a part of, which you outlined in talking about "pol culture".

Unless we have had a remarkable upbringing, we here in the West have been conditioned to hate Hitler ever since the time when we were first being taught right from wrong. If your parents, the TV, or even school didn't teach you, eventually you would get the message through interactions with your society that this Hitler character was an evil man, more evil than anyone or anything that we could ever imagine, and that we should be careful to talk about him in hushed tones lest we unknowingly summon him.

Most people get the message, and leave it at that.

Some, through one avenue or another, become initiated into the Hitlerian mystery cult, and learn an equal and opposite mythology. They learn to see it like this:

"If loving your people is what Hitler did, and Hitler did evil things for the love of his people, then so be it. The love I have for my people, and for the truth, far exceeds the love I have for non-violence, the status quo, and the good opinion of sheep. If I must become evil in order to be good, then I shall embrace it."

Thus, those who care about the truth are placed in a convenient category for the system to make use of. It needs a scapegoat, and these principled fellows gladly fill the role, thinking that they are doing the right thing.

de263d  No.13490970


Unfortunately you may be correct, although I wouldn’t discount us in our entirety

1abb28  No.13490976


A reawakening can happen. There is some insight into how the party started in MK. It will take a very well spoken and charismatic leader. One that speaks from the heart, is fearless and loves his racial identity. Such a leader is rare. AH talked about leadership. Some can be learned but it is mainly born in a person. That inner strength. That is what is missing, a leader.

192891  No.13490983

File: f7c3dc938b5fe92⋯.jpg (116.97 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 1501799439979.jpg)


The best way to show the truth is to regain control of our cultural epicenters

Whoever controls the central bank, will control the military. And therefore the government and its cultural institutions:

1) education systems

2) media

3) food industry

4) technological sector

Regain control of the central bank, and the rest will follow. It's that "simple."

753930  No.13490985

why do you have to utilize hitler in order to push an anti communist / anti neocon philosophy. this shit is reading like a larp

c27893  No.13490986


Unironically, jews are the new Hitler. Trying to literally genocide a race that they feel threatened by (Whites). Th6y openly admit it, on many, many videos.

753930  No.13490989


mhm. lots of us believe the jews secretly love the guy. he did have an instrumental role in israel creation as well as england

5ff744  No.13491005

>However, the majority holds the opposite opinion.

citation needed


But the old Hitler didn't attempt to genocide Jews, you lying shitbag. He simply relocated them out of Europe.


But if hitler had attempted to genocide the Jews, then it would be irony. You unironicposters have gone from misusing that word to improperly misusing it.

Entire thread is FBI agents talking to each other. Next time post a news story in the OP. This is dogshit. Sage.

004a21  No.13491008


Only way I could see this happening anytime soon is USD hyperinflation or with direct violence and I see neither as being a possibility at this point in time.

192891  No.13491012


Stop replying to these ZOG bots. Their paid to disrupt, or productive conversations like OP. Simply report them for their well deserved 88 year ban, and move on.

192891  No.13491018


No, it is possible. I have already thought of 2 realistic ways to take down our cultural controllers. If an 18 year old, dropout Filipino like me could have thought of this. I'm sure there are others as well. It's only a matter of time.

8a60a4  No.13491021




What's the plan, man? Or can you not share?

c27893  No.13491028


OK, Hitler put the jews to work to help the war effort. Jews are putting the g0y1m to work to futher th6ir goals, also want us to go fight Iran for th6m.

876da0  No.13491038

File: a31a26dbb676c27⋯.jpeg (194.64 KB, 1080x703, 1080:703, go be a kike somewhere el….jpeg)


>shills call you an optics cuck if you don't use demonized symbols of past regimes

this is a bald face lie. said shills call you a wignat if you don't vote for trump and want to join the cucked civnat proud boys, and they whined about swastika flag guy at Cville and all forms of action other than trolling fax machines

>you aren't making your own culture

go back to reddit nigger

192891  No.13491039

File: 05f1111dd2eab61⋯.jpg (261.7 KB, 800x612, 200:153, black.jpg)



It doesn't matter now does it? The jew has made one big miscalculation. He is not only hated by the European race, he is hated by every race of every color.

The only way to beat the jew is a united font of all races.

A new term not found in history. Therefore it shall be made.

National Globalism.

e0794d  No.13491068


>National Globalism.

Is this the new NazBol?

NatGlo Gang Gang?

c27893  No.13491079


Youre onto something there. Get the higher IQ ,Redpilled members of every race together and start protests, have redpill/Unity-themed signs. Antifa will run back to mommys' basements Fast!

192891  No.13491087

File: c1f1c046826f899⋯.jpeg (419.89 KB, 1208x950, 604:475, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)


I have already told you too much. However, for people reading this. I hope you understand for what is coming.

8d820e  No.13491091


>Everyone advocating for white survival also advocates Hitler.


133045  No.13491093

>opticskike is posting again

Kill yourself. They'll call you "racist nazi" for supporting 1980s democrat policies.

8a60a4  No.13491122


>Antifa will run back to mommys' basements Fast!


search "islam, muslims, terrorist at border" and get your head around what's waiting for us. Also, search "terror camps in the US" and see that as well.

Antifa is simply the (lol, I get to use it in its original context…) faggots to the bon fire. They're hoping to spark the inferno.

Yes, everyone who doesn't want white civilization to end needs to collectively work toward that effort because everyone who does, is.

addda3  No.13491147


>Keep hammering Weimar.

I've never encountered anyone other than history buffs who cared about Weimar Germany.

Transgentardism and pedophilia on the otherhand; people get really emotional about that because it affects us all. Then I can start pointing out all the jews in the media and Hollywood, how they're constantly dehumanizing White men and promoting this utter filth. It clicks.

Alternatively I have focused on IsraHell. How IsraHell gets 5 billion (+) dollars every single year and uses this ill gotten money to fund genocide and terrorism. And how even questioning this is defacto illegal if you want a government job (unless you're a privileged shitskin).

>Gee I wonder why this is?

Hmmm. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that EVERY single media outlet in America is either run directly by jews or is staffed from top to bottom by jews.

Or one can simply start pointing out the hypocrisy. White people more than any other race despise hypocrisy. I've even convinced Bostonian Socialists to admit that there is a racial double-standard when it comes to White people. Jews can spew vile hatred all day long about White people, they can organize nationalist political organizations, and even have an ethno-state. But if a White child even suggests doing any of this shit, he is hounded and abused and attacked by these (((media organizations))) and (((human rights organizations)))

How is this fair?


I say that Hitler is the God of the jews. Not Yahweh. Not Moses.


No really, anon, who is more important to contemporary jews? Moses or Hitler?

It's Hitler.

The entire jewish religion is based upon Hitler and his alleged actions. Jews think about Hitler 24/7 and use him as their tool to force their atrocious policies upon the rest of humanity.

Hitler is the God of the jews.

98215e  No.13491153


>And no one is telling you this. TRS, DailyStormer, StormFront, Renegade Tribune… they're all responsible for "/pol/ culture."

I think it's more derived from the old National Alliance and VNN, but maybe that's picking nits.

addda3  No.13491162



Alternatively, if you're dealing with someone who already hates the democrats (and btw, I've gotten actual democrats to understand not only the racial question but the jewish one. It's actually easier to work the latter with them than the former because liberalism.) one can simply point out that despite being less than 4% of the population, jews constitute HALF of the financial support to the democratic party. And they're responsible for the republican party's worst qualities though their insane lobbying organizations.

The avenues of talking about the JQ these days are endless. They're endless because the crimes of the jew are so all-encompassing and so far-reaching in our society that there is scarcely a single part of government, economy, and society that is unaffected by jewish poison.

9ba99a  No.13491176

Y'all are fucking retarded down syndrome people who rant about facts that happened long ago get a grip reality is gay so fucking do something with your worthless lives other then reading shit on the internet because let's face it your wasting your very time just to read what I have to say and you're probably thinking I should counter this comment with my own because my opinion matters and I don't give a fuck if you like it or not. Now listen here you fuck heads understand that your trashing your own time just reviewing this gay shit comment anit gonna help you do anything best you can do is spew your shit here and there. I get it your a loser who wants to wither away like the rest of this shitty life we called humanity. Congrats your dead inside, how you feel? Powerful? Prideful? The best in the entire world?. The one who is about to fuck this guy up for not respecting this community?

Let me tell you this y'all shithead's Don't waste your time spewing your ideals in here rather you should spew your shit towards facing yourself asking how the fuck you got down here and why the fuck am i here.

Sure history is something we can learn but learning shit and spew shit anit gonna help you fam so just get a grip get your ass where you need to be and don't fucking waste your pointless time in reading this shit.


e8c167  No.13491179

File: f8e9fa5a901e80a⋯.jpg (2.37 MB, 3755x5759, 3755:5759, JewMediaConglom.jpg)


>Hmmm. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that EVERY single media outlet in America is either run directly by jews or is staffed from top to bottom by jews.

See attached.

>The entire jewish religion is based upon Hitler and his alleged actions. Jews think about Hitler 24/7 and use him as their tool to force their atrocious policies upon the rest of humanity.

The Holocaust is a post WW2 creation myth for today's 'Jews'.

33f8a8  No.13491246


>don't share the truth about history, not even with those you trust, goy!

You glow so bright we ought to strap a solar panel to your forehead and solve the world's energy woes.

33f8a8  No.13491250


>knowledge isn't power

>atomize and live like everything is fine

O hai, Mark.

cc3579  No.13491257


The greatest tool at our disposal has been and will always be the truth. Just as the enemy can bombard people across its media empire with lies, we can shine a light on the truth which cannot be hidden completely; no matter how hard they try.

Information is persuasive but knowledge is power. Knowledge differs from information in that the former is a richer, deeper, more holistic understanding of something; in contrast with the mere retention of facts, figures and formulas. True wisdom can only be born of knowledge, which is information filtered down to the truth.

Just as 'little' lies can snowball into significantly larger ones and the problems which follow, the white man incorrectly applied the utopian notion of equal worth among all humans; and accelerated with this falsehood into WWII. We know where the main drive for conflict with nationalism originates from, yet the majority were ignorant on what their Abrahamic religion and so called consensus on right and wrong really meant.

National Socialism was and still is powerful because it is based on the truth and manifest in the immeasurable love of ones people; consequently the nation. Those who try to normalise and naturalise perversity by claiming "Love is love" do not know the meaning of the word. National Socialism is by its nature an ideology of love and good. No amount of lies can dismantle that truth.

Each nation in the West has its times of light and darkness, its heroes and villains, its honor and cowardice. At the heart of each is an identity that will never be changed, irrespective of how many foreign hordes are allowed in, nor how many foreign or domestic terrorist attacks aimed at quashing dissent occur. That, my friends, is a treasure that our enemy cannot ever obtain or destroy. Not ever.

Truth is our greatest weapon and it is truth we must fight with, no matter the opposition tactics. They succeed because they are relentless in their attack. The West has fallen because it was infiltrated but also because its own people let their misconceptions ferment a tolerance that eroded its strength like acid.

Controlled opposition wants you to second guess your love for your people, your nation and committment to the cause. They are almost as destructive as the enemy but act out of pure fear of the unknown, for what they do not want to understand; for what is beyond their narrow comprehension. e-celebs, larpers, populist politicians profiteering from the persecution of their people; all are hampering what needs to be done. Yes, they can do good things but they lack drive that can only come from love.

The Fuhrer began something that nearly toppled the enemy from its throne of Europe and it is our duty to continue that fight, that transcends individual wars and continents, each and every day. Remember, hard work makes you free.

8ffe08  No.13491274

File: 3792dddb104c34b⋯.png (194.03 KB, 377x484, 377:484, 1562107906756.png)

b74068  No.13491284





Goyim is the plural of goy you stupid fucks and the only way to stop being one is by joining the tribe (i.e: betraying your culture).

Fuck this thread.

73f185  No.13491289


This makes me realize at some point in the future we will co-opt the "current year" meme to our own advantage

We'll say something like "It's the 2030s, not the 1930s."

Hell we could do that now. "I'm just like Hitler? Try living in the now, okay?"

983186  No.13491300


>I would love to see, as an American, Americans using American symbols and rhetoric to restore the glorious image of National Socialism.

Sounds like NAZI TALK to me, NAZI!

See why your idea is retarded? You can wrap yourself in as much anti-Anglo-Saxon, judaized nu-merican imagery as you want, you'll still be called a nazi.

053e3a  No.13491301

File: c988003aeda3963⋯.png (314.71 KB, 684x811, 684:811, 64505935_548592245545170_7….png)

Standing up for your people and forcing unproductive parasites into work?

<bad goy

Shit definitely got out of hand tho, and now the rest of the germanic people are bound by shame to welcome victimized asylum seekers.

The higher victim status the better!

>majority opinion

IMO welfare and political correctness is holding back the mainstream opinion.

It's amazing how national sovereignty appears evil nowadays.

ac8a7d  No.13491327


Exactly it really depends who you’re talking to, the beauty of national socialism is that it is it’s own third route between left and right ideologies. This makes it extremely versatile as you can choose which side you want to start arguing for it from depending on the person and their beliefs. I’ve done this more than a few times and it generally works.

4a41fc  No.13491345

File: f745804f7cf372a⋯.jpg (72.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1421965449659.jpg)


>listen here goyim, we went through all this effort to create a narrative basis which made explicit White advocacy IN ANY AND ALL FORMS equivalent to Nazism – with the holohoax as the central pillar

<the answer is to embrace and internalize that narrative

<that's how you'll win goy, trust me


==So long as the holohoax narrative remains intact, explicit White advocacy will continue to be verboten. Period.

Anyone telling you otherwise is lying to get you to give up on the deconstruction of the holohoax narrative and thereby the central pillar of the anti-White synagogue system.==

4a41fc  No.13491355

File: 8455a15be70d1a2⋯.jpg (64.77 KB, 354x553, 354:553, 1436522140833-0.jpg)


>You wanna stop white genocide? You're a NAZI!

>I would love to see, as an American, Americans using American symbols and rhetoric to restore the glorious image of National Socialism.

Nigger, it literally doesn't matter at all.

Its not about how you're dressed, its what you're SAYING and DOING.

If you are engaging in explicit White advocacy, that IS equivalent to being a National Socialist in the eyes of those who will seek to paint you negatively.


>People live today in 2019, not in 1933 in Germany.


Jesus Christ you faggots really are not sending your best, are you?

2019 America has more in common with 1933 Germany than just about any other place or period in history. Fact.

4a41fc  No.13491364


>Yes, and that's the truth. But how far, in 60 years, has it gotten us?

Its gotten exactly as far as it could get us.

Its like you're pretending you don't understand the fundamental connection between these issues. And let's be honest: We haven't been pushing this narrative for '60 years' – almost nobody has been, certainly not in the US.

Its only in the last few decades that this narrative has caught on in significant number, because people have the internet and access to information in a way that has NEVER been the case before. We can spread information now, can spread narratives now, in a way that NEVER existed before.

So why do you keep coming back to this "ITS THE CURRENT YEAR MAN! WE HAVE TO FIND A NEW WAY!" when THIS way is proving very, very, very, very effective, to the point that entire internet is being throttled to try in desperation to keep our narratives under control?

>Surely there's a better line of attack when it comes to the Hoaxocaust?

No, there is not. So long as the holohoax exists as a narrative foundation, explicit White advocacy will remain verboten. Period.

6c8014  No.13491371


let me know how far you advanced by saying

>hitler was right

>the holocaust didn't happen

>and we must save our race from the jews

let me know.

053e3a  No.13491444

File: 8668fc1a326ab42⋯.png (341.51 KB, 778x435, 778:435, Hanussen.png)


>2019 America has more in common with 1933 Germany than just about any other place or period in history. Fact.

<Is theosophy mainstream in America now?

7a36b2  No.13491457

go back into the kosher sandwich goyim.

053e3a  No.13491488

File: b890494d0fce2bd⋯.jpg (69.93 KB, 600x450, 4:3, US.jpg)

File: f74b02d31e71c47⋯.jpg (107.81 KB, 930x324, 155:54, NZ19.jpg)

File: dc68e6149029a84⋯.jpg (228.38 KB, 1196x648, 299:162, AU.jpg)

File: f0a5110a3a57f87⋯.jpg (137.83 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Logo.jpg)


Not just in America, as it turns out.

e3e32e  No.13491494


No matter how many times you nigger try to convince Whites to abandon Hitler, it's not going to happen. We're not going to abandon heroes of our race because some people find them uncomfortable.

Anyone who denies Hitler or tries to skirt around supporting him will never advance because they're trying to appease the lukewarm instead of appealing to the most radical elements.

Fuck off with your defeatist retardation, and read Mein Kampf.

053e3a  No.13491500


No matter how many times you (((outgroup))) try to convince (((ingroup))) to abandon (((idol))), it's not going to happen. We're not going to abandon heroes of our race because some people find them uncomfortable.

Anyone who denies (((idol))) or tries to skirt around supporting him will never advance because they're trying to appease the lukewarm instead of appealing to the most radical elements.

Fuck off with your defeatist retardation, and read (((holy scripture))).

e3e32e  No.13491508


Not an argument. No one in this thread has put forth any legitimate reason to abandon Hitler and the idea of Nationalsocialism, and your shitpost which basically amounts to

>hurr u just like da religious ppl

least of all.

053e3a  No.13491514


Fine, then here's my argument:

>The nazis constructed a religion.

Hey, I'm all for religious freedom, as long as it includes freedom from religion.

b67af2  No.13491536


Can you link to that vid? I watched some of that guy's stuff a while. Had no idea he would say something like that.

4a41fc  No.13491544

File: 5cae89fc8820dba⋯.png (2.45 MB, 6968x1936, 871:242, Magnus Hirschfeld - Weimar….png)


>let me know how far you advanced by saying

>>hitler was right

>>the holocaust didn't happen

>>and we must save our race from the jews

What a fucking strawman you have there, and you know it.

let me know how far you get NOT saying that… Oh, wait, you've been NOT saying that for 30+ years!

I don't need you to let me know, I'm living in the manifestation of your utter and complete failure.

Meanwhile, the entire internet is being heavily censored and policed to the point of inanity because people won't stop saying "Hitler was right. The holohoax didn't happen. Gas the jews".

What does that let you know, loser?


><Is theosophy mainstream in America now?

Dunno, but transexualism and child-fucking are.

4a41fc  No.13491552

File: b4ba0e536a13403⋯.jpg (63.81 KB, 804x917, 804:917, why should i worry.JPG)


>Hey, I'm all for religious freedom, as long as it includes freedom from religion.

I'm not, and I'd gladly kill you over it in CyberMinecraft 2024.


>oy vey i'm an atheist and you're just like those religious people who are all jewish all religion is jewish JUST STOP SUPPORTING HITLER DAMN IT!


053e3a  No.13491599

File: 2bb792aa9523606⋯.png (81.38 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, RDF.png)


>oy vey i'm an atheist and you're just like those religious people

<so far so good

>who are all jewish all religion is jewish JUST STOP SUPPORTING HITLER DAMN IT!

<autistic screetching

82602c  No.13491601

The problem is some dumb whites are D&C retardos

4a41fc  No.13491608

File: 2c866d456ef5ae6⋯.jpg (148.05 KB, 1893x1022, 1893:1022, why should i care.JPG)


Bro thats literally the argument you made.

And you just admitted to being a subversive atheistic faggot so who cares what you think anyway? Kek, fuck off.

e9df0a  No.13491620


You're halfway right, anon. Hitler isn't the problem, idolatry is. We are facing the side effects of false idol worshiping coming from the indoctrination of the abrahamic religions. That's the reason the jews have such an easy time using symbolism, idols and morality against us. And this indoctrination didn't just affect the followers of judaism, Islam and Christianity, but also everyone falling into the atheism trap, as well as the few who can see through all these deceptions, because the world around us, and the laws within, were build on lies we cannot escape.

053e3a  No.13491626

File: 7279833682ce337⋯.jpg (41.42 KB, 1000x973, 1000:973, Infidel.jpg)

(((outgroup))) identified.

Commence jihad.

If anything, you're the one being subversive.

>sub·ver·sive (səb-vûr′sĭv, -zĭv) Intending or intended to subvert an established order, especially to undermine or overthrow an established government.

<oy ve

7c73a4  No.13491644

Optics means lying and being deceitful

053e3a  No.13491659

File: b3b3f40ee89824b⋯.jpg (35.33 KB, 474x452, 237:226, Subversive.jpg)



This is me being a subversive atheistic faggot.

<triggered yet?

8a60a4  No.13491687

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Apparently youtube didn't like his comments because here is the follow up video but he doesn't say anything about Hitler the historical legend. Shame.

dce686  No.13491750

You'd be surprised if you knew how many people out there doesn't give a shit about the roller coaster, natzees, and other jewish propaganda bullshit. The ones who do are too far gone anyways, the only way to save them is a swift bullet to the back of the head.

773176  No.13491765


Environmentalism really gets the retards. "Did you know India and China pollute the oceans at an astronomically higher rate than the US does? There's over a billion people in each of those countries and the US has less than 400m, isn't that crazy? Africa is going to have exponential growth in their population based on U.N. predictions, have they ever cared about the environment? It's just nuts."

3564af  No.13491813


The Left really cannot meme, really strange.

e9df0a  No.13491879


The left has to masquerade their lies with text, to deceive the masses. The right has to cut their truths down to the lowest common denominator to not overburden the masses with too much knowledge. That's why the left (or the satanic jews) can never be creative, because creativity requires truth to work.

e3e32e  No.13491887


Strasser was a pawn of the jews and actively sought to undermine the NSDAP on the eve of the elections. Neither the strasserites nor the bolsheviks are true socialists. The Nationalsocialism of Hitler is the only true form of socialism. Read: http://archive.fo/KdvV6

9b7b44  No.13491971

File: b7bb0dca113be6d⋯.png (146.72 KB, 1793x313, 1793:313, symbols.png)

File: 5fc6fc9754a0069⋯.png (250.92 KB, 1021x1224, 1021:1224, optics acceleration and fa….png)


>optics cuckoldry

Read 'In Hoc Signo Vinces' by G L Rockwell this then kys you festering tranny faggot.

9b7b44  No.13491990


Its like someone tried to construct a may may from an instruction book written in engrish.

e14168  No.13492215



Eternal september in the flesh. The entire catalog filled with entry-level pills presented as something amazing. ie

>I have to breathe to live - woahhh

83d735  No.13492252


Excellent message OP, people are putting all their effort into rehabilitating national socialism as a brand, while they could be expending that effort into becoming community leaders, and engaging with the white working and middle classes in a way that is infinitely more productive. To waste your time talking about the how the holocaust is fake is retarded, you look like a kook to the average person and all you needed to say is "who cares about the holocaust" because most people these days genuinely don't care.

30fc88  No.13492288


>let's fight Jews

>but don't use a successful ideology like National Socialism because Jews don't like that

>"work" with white people instead, but don't mention Hitler or the Jews!

bf617b  No.13492321

File: 1d049dd141f6748⋯.jpg (72.61 KB, 960x960, 1:1, do a flip.jpg)


bf617b  No.13492333

File: 91187e151af40dc⋯.png (656.96 KB, 800x502, 400:251, (You).png)

File: 10cf4f51b610ddd⋯.jpg (802.63 KB, 896x667, 896:667, deceitful nose.jpg)

File: f85d74c650729a0⋯.png (627.99 KB, 1280x620, 64:31, sekibanki noose.png)


Have a cry faggot. No-one cares about your bitchy shit. Fuck off and don't let the noose burn you on the way down.

59fada  No.13492339


>TRS, DailyStormer, StormFront, Renegade Tribune

No, they exist as deradicalizing agendas.

They first try to approach natsocs and then will back down

bf617b  No.13492345

File: a577db6f9e8fd37⋯.jpg (74.14 KB, 646x680, 19:20, gaydigiridoome.jpg)

File: f57ca815ac3cfab⋯.png (300.77 KB, 621x706, 621:706, rimming faggots.png)



bf617b  No.13492357

File: 37c756a6e4b427a⋯.jpg (28.15 KB, 499x499, 1:1, smug17.jpg)

File: 58f319a5b73289b⋯.jpg (103.14 KB, 907x718, 907:718, smug14.jpg)

File: fd8472816ec786b⋯.jpg (81.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Smug index.jpg)

File: b8625d1f90b00e7⋯.jpg (17.49 KB, 480x360, 4:3, smug4.jpg)


e8c167  No.13492360


I just woke up, and made my coffee. Open your mouth, so I can have my morning bowel movement.

bf617b  No.13492368

File: e1db7829d80fdab⋯.jpg (68.22 KB, 717x698, 717:698, smug16.jpg)

File: cf16e9877ca90a0⋯.png (235.79 KB, 598x564, 299:282, Smug15.png)



bf617b  No.13492374

File: 348feffeeba3c52⋯.jpg (16.74 KB, 256x256, 1:1, smug11.jpg)

File: 83a7dddfa7907d7⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 353x453, 353:453, smug12.jpg)



bf617b  No.13492377

File: c116156ea3d7207⋯.jpg (65.91 KB, 960x540, 16:9, haruhi computer smug.jpg)


Sure, do a flip faggot, give the human race a prize.

9445ff  No.13492383





Yo bro, would you be so kind as to head to >>>/cute/7278 and dump your collection? Thanks, man!

bf617b  No.13492384

133045  No.13492396

>deradicalization opticskike that wants /pol/ to turn into basic bitch cuckservatives is STILL up

77905f  No.13492405

File: eaca1c2769c5c7c⋯.png (291.33 KB, 634x394, 317:197, 1441171801145.png)


This doesn't feel like the /pol/ I remember

bf617b  No.13492419


Just post smugs until nupol fucks off.

bf617b  No.13492427


There, happy?

e8c167  No.13492439


Waste of dubs, but if you don't like a thread, feel free to 'collapse' it with that little 'negative' sign next to the R/G options in the catalog. Then you don't have to see it.

Or, just stop by in a thread and whine about how things were better 'before all these kids crapped up the place'.

I thought you /pol/ veterans at least took the time to lurk and learn the site. Or is that just advice for everyone else, but you?

bf617b  No.13492445


There were always fags on /pol/, some just got older.

77905f  No.13492451

File: b55fb1b0db27235⋯.jpg (482.7 KB, 1941x1259, 1941:1259, 1457533456345.jpg)


Ignoring the problem will just make these faggots feel welcome as more and more retards begin to believe that /pol/ is being ironic in its beliefs. No the only solution to an infestation is a purge but the retard mods seem to agree with the newfags. Maybe a short sighted belief that these niggers will bring in more traffic to the site by diluting its message.

bf617b  No.13492458


We traded the turkroach for some Q-Larpers.

bdfcd7  No.13492464


In order to actually make a difference for our people, we have to realize a few things.

National Socialism is dead. T-o-t, d-e-a-d

DEAD. I might get called a kike shill for this, but I don't care.

I don't mean that the spirit that animated it is gone, or that the general goals it advocated for can never be realized, that the symbols it made use of can never be rehabilitated, or that we should defame the movement or its participants. What I mean is that we cannot consider ourselves National Socialists in anything but a spiritual sense. Unless you are a member, current or former, of the National-Sozialistische Deutsche Arbiter Partei, you are not a Nazi.

In order to destroy this odious myth, we must be fiercely objective, slaying the falsehoods that birthed the myth, bringing the truth to light, and creating powerful memetic constructs rooted in the truth that are such that even a small child, and certainly the average adult citizen, can understand and promote them. Just like we have now, except it makes whites want to fight for their survival instead of accepting the engineering of their demise.

The trick is to not consider ourselves disciples of Hitler. We can understand and appreciate the man and what he did, but the minute we refuse to criticize a single thing about him for fear of upsetting the spirit of our dear leader, we have already lost. Unequivocal support for the man only made sense if you were a German in the 1930's.

Next, I will detail a few concepts/memes that we would do well to promote.

bf617b  No.13492469

File: 068d612237d33c0⋯.png (321.06 KB, 640x639, 640:639, kanako kek.png)


>I might get called a kike shill for this, but I don't care.

If you didn't care you wouldn't put a disclaimer on it kike shill.

77905f  No.13492479


At the end the jews (and their pets) will simply call you a "nazi". Thus all your opti-cucking will be for naught. All the people that you will have alienated because of optics will not lift a finger for you as you and your ideology rot away.

bdfcd7  No.13492480


Only current and former members of the National-Socialistche Deutsche Arbiter Partei can rightfully be called Nazis.

Even then, "Nazi" is an ahistorical slur. Does anybody seriously call communists "Commies"? Anybody using it is disingenuous and has a childish hatred for a legitimate historical movement.

The Communists were far more murderous than Hitler and his Party.

There was a very real threat of Germany succumbing to the murderous ideology of Communism, and National Socialism saved the country from that fate. There is an argument to be made that Hitler saved Europe from communism.

Antifa are not "the real Nazis". They are the direct continuation of the Communist perpetrators of street violence, whose actions led to the formation of the Sturmubteilung, or Brownshirts. If we continue to let antifa run rampant through the streets, there will certainly be a backlash. Antifa and its supporters should know that they are repeating history- and that the "real antifascists" are those who don't want to meet violence with violence unless it is absolutely necessary. The minute it does become necessary, these lovers of goodness, freedom, and The American Way will abandon all thoughts of peace and civility and strike without mercy.

The Swastika does not belong to Hitler; he simply borrowed it because it resonated with people. It has a varied history, and associating it with the NSDAP and them alone is a real shame. Many Indo-European cultures made use of it, and we would do well to learn the deeper history and meaning of this beautiful symbol.

Dresden was a Holocaust. It was a burnt offering of innocent men, women, and children. Anyone who says otherwise has a blind hatred of Germans.

Many patriotic Americans were NS supporters, and non-interventionists before the war.

America is a Pan-European nation (without which White Nationalism would have never been possible), with a strong Germanic heritage.

Jews died in work camps. But what do you expect when the general German population was starving, and the supply lines to the camps were cut off?

Hitler had a legitimate claim to Danzig and other such places. That city was over 98% German at one point.

96d55e  No.13492484


>I never talk about the greatest man in European history whose ideals and struggles are 100% relevant today because I am intellectually retarded

Breaking the “Hitler is pure evil” myth is necessary. This modern age is built upon this massive web of lies, and thus, for the modern man, this myth is his very life, whether he knows it or not. Destroy the myth and all the illusions will begin to fade away.

If you’re talking to open-minded people, it isn’t even that difficult to plant a seed of doubt since the vast majority of the propaganda about Hitler is so far beyond the realm of reality and sanity.

bf617b  No.13492486


This. Look at the alt-lite.

e3e32e  No.13492489


Hitler and Nationalsocialism aren't dead, they're still alive and will experience a glorious renaissance.

>waaaah don't uphold brave White heroes

If you deny Hitler you don't belong here, period. He's the savior of our race.

8e54bd  No.13492490

File: b96306bd1f4b051⋯.jpg (49.48 KB, 500x362, 250:181, tl;dr.jpg)


Concern troll elsewhere, you perfidious kabbalist. You have no power here.

bc4b34  No.13492496


>you opposite Bolshevism?

Why are you anti-Communist? Engels was white.

e3e32e  No.13492500


How does a single communist theorist being White negate the fact that it's a jewish ideology? White communists are race-traitors by definition.

8e54bd  No.13492519

File: e55c0006ce6ddb6⋯.jpg (27.89 KB, 600x499, 600:499, 1342New.jpg)



Yeah, we get it, Imkikey turned /pol/ to shit years ago. We know. Making the exact same complaints about it on a daily basis isn't exactly helping raise the quality back up.

77905f  No.13492553


Imkikey was a problem but it could have been fixed however the globalization of /pol/'s moderation is absolute shit. Watch as those three race-mixing threads stay up for longer than 30 minutes. At this point no fucking different than 4cuck.

bf617b  No.13492561


Nah, most of my nodes seem permabanned on 4chan. They ban all IPs of VPNs and proxies when they find them. What's the point of an anonymous image board if you're not anonymous.

77905f  No.13492571


I meant post quality not method of posting

bf617b  No.13492577


Well, it's summer atm.

bc4b34  No.13492586


"Because the Red Army was composed mainly of peasants, the families of those who served were guaranteed rations and assistance with farm work.[6] Some peasants who remained at home yearned to join the Army; men, along with some women, flooded the recruitment centres."

Sounds white to me.

bc4b34  No.13492588

File: 662b2418f3b97b3⋯.png (290.75 KB, 1024x403, 1024:403, 662b2418f3b97b384387c39ca4….png)


Never forget

bf617b  No.13492621

And here comes the nigger cock spam.

e3e32e  No.13492625



Kikes ruled the USSR and its' founding ideology was jewish. Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky were kikes, as were countless others in leadership and officer positions in the USSR, including during Stalin's time.

Go back to /leftypol/ with your low-effort shilling, niggerkike.

a02e27  No.13492632


>optics cuck! Just more NLP.

Go buy your chink made Betsy Ross shoes you pathetic civcuck

77905f  No.13492633


End yourself faggot.


Theres 4 theads on it if you check the catalogue most are over 20 minutes old. I reported all 4 of them and Im sure others have too. Yet they remain.

bf617b  No.13492641


They're covering the spam with vertical text… thereby defeating the entire point.

4324a9  No.13492649


>as an American, Americans using American symbols and rhetoric

I'm not a ancap or a free Mason no American symbols appeal to me

bdfcd7  No.13492658


Why is this the case, anon?

It's because the Jewish pets have been conditioned to parrot this myth. I'm more than ready to get called a Nazi, but I'm not going to call myself one, because that would be shooting myself in the foot. Don't you think I know that as soon as I mention the names of the people in charge of the banks, or the media, or academia, or whatever, I'm automatically going to be called a onei? Of course I do. I don't much care. It's not about optics cucking per se, but moving carefully so as to not set off alarm bells and trigger programmed responses of the masses. We must bypass the fear and hatred people have for NS by being factual, kind, and reassuring, and speaking to the masses where they are at. From what I can tell, this will be necessary until the public is informed as to the true nature of history. I'm going to embody the spirit and values of National Socialism, but in a way that will resonate with modern-day America.


I agree. We must tread carefully, but it is important to remember: when we set out to save our people, we weren't even thinking about Hitler. Being compared to him and exposed to so much hatred for him and his movement piqued our curiosity, and here we are today.

4324a9  No.13492663


Last I heard they had all got off the Trump train except the stormer so if anyone's getting kushner bux my guess would be them

1b059e  No.13492732


Poorly made meme, go back to leftypol and inbreed some more

cc724d  No.13492754

File: c65a9f83bc9fff2⋯.png (120.15 KB, 644x598, 14:13, c65a9f83bc9fff277b697ff1df….png)


c02229  No.13492775



57 IDs

144 replies


Fired up shillbots ftw

8c4f20  No.13492823


>Oh, you opposite Bolshevism? You're a Nazi!

You must be a really young kid to have missed the cold war

addda3  No.13492840


>If you’re talking to open-minded people

Even those few who I have talked to who I would define as "open minded" (and MOST people are not open minded, including here) generally are uninterested in events that took place before their grandparents were born. Maybe you live with a bunch of historians and reenactors who discuss history as if it's happening today. I envy you that because I myself am a historian.

However that's not where I live so I talk to people about what is important to them.




Indeed. I would indeed call myself a third positionist or even a fourth or fifth positionist. I believe that it is important to base one's ideology upon a firm foundation of one, all encompassing issue and then build onto that like building a house. Start with the stone foundation and then build many rooms. For me, that foundation is race. For me, that foundation is racial survival, our people must survive. If a policy strengthens our people, if it increases the survivability of our people, it is a good policy. If it weakens us or puts us at a disadvantage in the struggle for survival it is a bad policy. Racial survival, racial victory in the struggle for life and dominance, must be the goal of every plan, of every policy, of every thought and action.

This foundation distinguishes us from conservatives or communists or capitalists or liberals. These people base their morality not on race but on money and materialism. Both communism and capitalism views materialism as the primary good. And this, I believe, restricts their argumentive positions in many ways. Meanwhile we can talk about issues that trandscend "left" and "right" politics.

I have found that once you can find out what a person holds dear, unless it's money, you can bring them over to the light-side without too much effort.

Money seems to be the antithesis of race. That's why I struggle with boomers more than others. They seem very materialistic. If only I could offer them economic advantages for being pro-White, I could bring them over.


I actually have been experimenting with this. Generally, some libshit will say something like

>"errrhmmm muh jim crow, muh slavery, muh kkk! eeeerrmmm"

Yeah sure but in case you haven't noticed, it's the current year and today the state actively discriminates against ONE race and ONLY one race. That's innocent White children. Are you okay with that?


That's my favourite .jpg

133045  No.13492873


>just let spam and garbage that was NEVER accepted on 8/pol/ flood the site

Go back to reddit you absolute newfaggot.


Thanks for outing yourself, kike.

000000  No.13493473


Killing all jews solves that. And it is the best and easier option.

a9ea97  No.13495262


>Go back to /leftypol/ with your low-effort shilling, niggerkike.

Read the quote until you remember what it says before you type next. You have to understand what each sentence means.

c4181a  No.13495286


Minority knowledge and beliefs can turn to majority knowledge and beliefs.

Kids are making jew and nigger jokes.

60fab9  No.13495316


>Americans using American symbols and rhetoric to restore the glorious image of National Socialism

Good idea, lets ask walmart and mcdonalds if we can use their logos for a fundraiser to send the niggers back to africa with a free bottle of coke in their hands.

f62626  No.13495334


>open the thread

>great, another TRSodomite OP, right under the leftycuck nazitards OP, nestled in with the DNC shill OPs that have almost completely drowned out whatever actual /pol/acks might have felt like posting

>but its hard to look away from a trainwreck, so here I go

>see an actually coherent non shillpost

God bless you my man, praise Kek. Also you're right, but everyone involved knows that already

000000  No.13502646


>Americans using American symbols


Are you some kind of moron by chance?

What symbols? Anything outside of America Fuck Yeah maybe? This country was assembled on the murder of countless white free men and its inception doused in masonic imagery in a time it was already rotten. How can you have any proper symbolism in a country that lacks sufficient history and a solid spiritual tradition? It was never founded on a proper order to begin with. In other words, it pretends. It usurps any true authority by using the most degenerate forms of violence to enforce its rule. It always was an illegitimate super bully. So what kind of specifically and exclusively American symbolism do you plan on using, genius?

Pepsi Cola?


000000  No.13502649


>>Reminder that White Nationalism…

Mods, please.

466c8e  No.13502715

File: c1627d221be6648⋯.jpg (58.26 KB, 550x426, 275:213, 22859.jpg)


To make a culture your own you must never bend the knee, if more people bend knee to such a culture it gains legitimacy and once legitimize it is prioritized. So what is the solution to an already rooted culture that is developed in everyone's everyday livelihoods? Its quite simple, daring, and not new what so fucking ever, but bringing such an idea up over and over again to places like this is required, due to the sheer bullshit and cia niggertry that occurs here daily. Replace it with your own.

Now I know that makes it sound easier said than done but in reality its not that hard to achieve if you have found the formula to achieve this culture shift, which many great men have done before you in the past. People from Bavaria and Pommerania were considered Bavarian and Pommeranians, until a very special someone, Bismarck, changed all of that in his quest to unite these cultures under one. The German culture, that I am sure all of you are aware of, is a combination of germanic cultures into one, creating the people Germans. This idea on paper seemed easier said than done and many deemed it impossible, I mean just look at a lad from Hamburg and Salzburg and you tell me if they look and sound the same, but it was done through the three things preached here. Blood, Iron, and Brotherhood.

Blood is basically genetics related, you know; what makes a German a German! The tall skeletal structure, the common Blonde and Brunette Hair, anything you can think of when you look at a German and compare to him to, lets say, a Frenchman. Iron is what you are made of physically and mentally, what will it take to bring you down, and how do you plan to keep the steady supply of iron to continue flowing, propaganda, truth, knowledge, training yourself through every stage of your body, and sharpening your craft, and your craft is that of warfare/commitment to your goal.

Finally brotherhood, the very thing that even makes us unique from each other besides our genetics, our culture, language, society, civilization, advancements, innovations, the whole lot! This thing that separates us also unites us all in the end, countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, all have Latin roots, Sweden, Norway, England, Germany, Austria, all Germanic roots, so now instead of at least 10 different countries with different cultures, you now have two sides with two different cultures, both living harmoniously, then you have that one culture that separates a nigger from a gook, and a kike from a white. Europeans!!! Huzzah we have reached brotherhood, we are all Europeans we are all white, and we shall be the bulwark of anti white phenomenons, because anti white means anti European, and we don't like that one bit! Turks aren't European and aren't white, Berbers aren't European and aren't white, Kikes aren't European and guess what? They aren't white!

This is the culture we must revive, enforce, and center ourselves around and how do we achieve it? Say it with me gents, Blood, Iron, and Brotherhood!

f62b02  No.13503847

Oh Daddy Hitler, please come back!!

d400a5  No.13503867


>More traffic

>1990 ips


4a94e2  No.13503883

File: e2589d8b1384da5⋯.jpg (596.59 KB, 1014x1883, 1014:1883, whties.jpg)

4a94e2  No.13503886


This is MK-ultra-tier disinformation brainwashing, obviously by a (ID: 000000) kike

df1314  No.13503891


>TRS, DailyStormer, StormFront, Renegade Tribune

Only stormnigger shit. If you weren't a shill, you would've namedropped /n/ and /new/, but most /pol/tards nowadays are legit zoomer newfags alien the actual chan culture to begin with, so there's point in even mentioning them.

4a94e2  No.13503895


I'm heavily steeped in a passionate desire to retain worldwide white supremacy through any and all means possible. If the term "blood, iron, and brotherhood!" makes me cringe and want nothing to do with you, imagine how unattractive it is to the average uninitiated white? This isn't 1920 and optics matter

df1314  No.13503901


>wikipedia namedropping

actually embarrassing

f62b02  No.13503907

Amon Goth

cee128  No.13503914



>No constructive suggestions.

Go the fuck away.

cee128  No.13503915

File: 95ca30d3a35328f⋯.jpg (10.69 KB, 255x255, 1:1, WeWhitePeople.jpg)

273b25  No.13503947



>Optics fag

Don't be retarded, American anon.


I like the idea of uniting nations based on their roots, how would you go about forming such an union?

How would you deal with countries like Argentina or Brazil that have clear European roots and ethnic groups but continue to decline culturally and demographically?

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