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File: ae8141ad442a4b3⋯.png (151.2 KB, 620x430, 62:43, low-testosterone-soy-boy.png)

322fb1  No.13491099

There's no thing that anger me more than the current attack toward the concept of masculinity. Actually we're under a heavy attack from all sides. A fucking witch hunt are being carried out against western men nowadays.

In reality we have no value to this modernized society, we're pieces of junk with the only function of being part of a machine and to keep a daily live of hard working.

If you look carefully at the TV or mainstream media they all dictate how we should build up a family (of course by the progressive model), how we should exercise our corpses (not for healthy issues, but to boost our work skills) and finally, they dictate how we should treat women well and not been "toxic".

We're fucked up friends! If the life was hard before that will become harder indeed.

f220f6  No.13491109

You don't sound very masculine

ad8a09  No.13491121

File: 58a4f4aee1bb1b5⋯.jpg (26.02 KB, 414x297, 46:33, slackjawed.jpg)


>concept of masculinity

Only a limp-wristed faggot would describe being a man as a concept.

55173c  No.13491126

Real thing i don't like is the open mouth like they're seconds away from turning gay and sucking dick

100e85  No.13491127

File: 22f583422349568⋯.mp4 (3.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, When Johnny Comes Marching….mp4)


>attack toward the concept of masculinity

It's separating the wheat from the chaff just like how right wing whites are the only ones with an above replacement fertility rate ~2.7

f40b7c  No.13491275

Clint Eastwood was right when he defined us as the "Pussy Generation". In order to stop the war on masculinity we must act like men and force a return to normalcy. Take back the asylum.

6f5227  No.13491326

The horrifying thing about these times is, although they are hard, they're also soft. These times are unfulfilling, but they're full of fun distractions. These hard times are not making strong men. And I'm questioning if this system can really be expected to collapse.

688fd9  No.13491434


In comparison to other hard times in much less technologically advanced eras, these times are fairly comfortable. So take your soma and soylent green and stop worrying, anon.

6f5227  No.13491453


>these times are fairly comfortable

Exactly my point. It's a fucking nightmare.

688fd9  No.13491472

File: 6405d83b14ad4d9⋯.jpg (8.88 KB, 310x240, 31:24, hs.jpg)


There are ways and means.

9337b1  No.13491479


Poison the buffets.

Poison the fast food joints.

Bomb the local transformers

Take down electrical poles

Bomb signal towers

Burn down trendy materialistic shops

Vandalize cars so people can’t drive

Assassinate prominent people so people are afraid and confused

Kill as many as you can so the media will know

Try to speak to the demoralized whites through death and destruction

Make your enemies see you in their gentile slave’s eyes

Make your enemies lash out at their pets

Let their pets be untrusting of their owners.

Let their pets find a new owner.

For you have to know first, that “pets” are merely tools.

Tools with a simple mind that can be easily corralled.

018f52  No.13491827

dietary/environmental hormone imbalance

fatherlessness and atomization of families

forced, excessive and prolonged noncompetitive/feminine education , child labor laws,

pseudointellectual conflation of healthy masculine behavior and antisocial/psychotic/criminal behavior (toxic masculinity)

acceptance, tolerance and even celebration of weak, corrupt and perverted forms and expressions of masculinity under the pseudointellectual pretense to do so will lower male suicides and mental illness

international commercialization, and thereby sterilization and death, of hero stories (if everyone's equal and good, no one's bad and heroes can only be superpowered mary sues who beatup men for catcalling)

and lastly, because i can't be fucked writing more, the forgotten ancestors upon whom man has long prayed to in lifelong hope his life is worthy of their legacy, in return for their faith in him, in turn in faith to his descendants will too be worthy

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