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File: cb1769e2b1281f0⋯.jpg (33.05 KB, 624x419, 624:419, 1.jpg)

fcf072  No.13491165


> (Bloomberg) – The 14 sailors who died during a fire last week on a nuclear-powered Russian military submarine prevented a “planetary catastrophe,” a top naval officer said at their funeral, according to media reports.

> Captain Sergei Pavlov, an aide to the commander of Russia’s navy, praised the heroism of the men, who died as they battled to stop the fire from spreading in the submersible.

> “With their lives, they saved the lives of their colleagues, saved the vessel and prevented a planetary catastrophe,” he said at the funeral Sunday attended by the navy chief according to the Fontanka news service.

> Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he wasn’t aware of the official’s comments but said there was no indication the incident posed a broader threat. “As for the reactor, there are no problems with that,” he said on a conference call.

> Russia broke three days of secrecy July 4 and confirmed that the stricken underwater research vessel was nuclear-powered. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin in a meeting shown on state TV that the nuclear reactor on board the vessel had been completely sealed off.

> ‘Absolutely Classified’

> Russian authorities had previously refused to say whether the country’s worst naval incident in more than a decade involved a nuclear-powered vessel. They have also refused to say what type of craft was involved, with the Kremlin calling the information “absolutely classified.” Neighboring Norway contacted Russia for more details though it said it hadn’t detected any increased radiation levels.

> The vessel is linked to a secret nuclear-submarine project known as Losharik, RBC news website reported. Russia said the sailors died from smoke inhalation after the fire started while the deep-water submersible was exploring the sea bed in its territorial waters. The craft was later taken to the Russian Northern Fleet’s Severomorsk base on the Barents Sea coast.

> The fire was Russia’s most serious naval incident since 20 people died on a Nerpa nuclear submarine in 2008. The Losharik submarine can operate at a depth of 6,000 meters (20,000 feet), according to RBC. The craft reportedly was used to target undersea communications and other cables.

> Russia’s worst post-Soviet naval disaster occurred early in Putin’s presidency, in August 2000, when 118 crew died on the Kursk nuclear submarine that sank in the Barents Sea after an explosion. The authorities were also accused of a cover-up.

Source https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/stricken-russian-nuke-sub-crew-prevented-planetary-catastrophe/ar-AAE1Fn5

Archive http://archive.fo/zsaxC

419fe2  No.13491182


>What did they mean by this

That they prevented the Jews from "Shutting it down" biggly. the hour grows near anons, repent and be ready for ZOG to go full anti chirst.

fe76ad  No.13491197

>what did they mean by this

no underwater chernobyl. ocean ecosystem not facked

fcf072  No.13491215



I think that they closed an inter-dimensional portal.

where are my flat-earthers?

7ed13a  No.13491234


Uh, Fukashima? The Pacific ocean at least is fucked for a long time. They just stop talking about most of the dead ocean life washing up on the shores now.

c8830c  No.13491258

Meaning they kept a floating Chernobyl from happening by getting the fire out.

aa47e3  No.13491263


Fukushima is flushing 300,000 tones of radioactive water through the melted core every day and into the N. Pacific.

3da5ac  No.13491307


The solution to pollution is dilution. The U.S. has lost at least 2 nuclear powered subs at sea: the Thresher, and I forget the other one. Fuckall happened.

01712a  No.13491313

It was an esoteric metaphor that Russia decided not to fall for another of Mossad's sloppy jobs.

3da5ac  No.13491405


The other thing is all nuclear powered naval vessels with pressurized water reactors (pretty much all of them now), surface and sub, no matter what country they're from, frequently discharge reactor coolant (fancy term for pure H20) overboard directly into the ocean.

Ship or boat runs drill at sea (all navies love to drill), reactor gets SCRAMed to shut it down (because that's what you'd have to do IRL for all kinds of different casualties), power for propulsion gets shifted to the battery, diesel, or some other emergency propulsion source. When the reactor shuts down, it immediately starts to cool, so the H20 flowing through it starts to cool too, and begins to shrink. As it shrinks, the pressure drops, so more pure water has to be pumped into the reactor plant to maintain pressure, otherwise the water flowing through the reactor will flash to steam. If that happens, the reactor will overheat, because steam isn't dense enough to soak up even the decay heat from a shutdown reactor. So pure water gets pumped in to maintain pressure and keep the reactor cool. When the reactor is started up again, the water now expands, pressure rises, and all that extra water has to go somewhere or the pressure will rise so much it will break valves, pipes or other critical components, so it gets pumped overboard.

24/7/365. It's going on right now somewhere.

6e6fb3  No.13491427

One day without Russian cunts clogging up /pol/ with their inane shill bullshit. Just one.

607dc1  No.13491459

File: 6ab1a214935d0c7⋯.jpg (361.19 KB, 800x600, 4:3, cthulhu.jpg)


Probably this or they killed

b4dfbe  No.13491747

Some industrial-strength speculation here: https://gizadeathstar.com/2019/07/geophysical-warfare-in-california/

Is someone really trying to nuke the ocean/sink California? Idk…

863e4d  No.13491774


An active nuclear reactor exposed to the ocean which in effect would emit massive amounts of radiation for thousands of years. Given where the incident happened it would have effected millions considering the Barents Sea fishery is one of most productive in the entire world.

500d1c  No.13492330

File: 35a34d65481775d⋯.jpg (331.17 KB, 518x756, 37:54, animorphs horse feminist.jpg)

This story makes me wonder if ZOG lies about military incompetence. No doubt ever since they have too push DIEversity in EVERYTHING it has definitely taken a toll on the US military and probably one of the main reasons why the US can't even take out the Taliban or Assad

72a44b  No.13492395

File: 95fa873468db7b0⋯.jpg (12.2 KB, 191x255, 191:255, animorphs.jpg)


Animorphs memes are god tier.

b0e005  No.13492613

File: 763e763b5d31cb7⋯.jpeg (63.12 KB, 539x681, 539:681, 03FDB16E-DE52-4C45-8FEB-4….jpeg)


The Jews rely on the (((system)) NOT being shut down… the best thing that we could do to fight them is to blow it all and shut it down, their surveillance, their financial apparatus, their propaganda… all of it RELIES on the internet.

We NEED someone to SHIT IT ALL DOWN!

2e3f63  No.13492626

Some anonsaid they were dismantling part of the Samson Option.

2e3f63  No.13492639


It’s actually a serious threat to have leftist shitskins in high positions of the military. Not to mention Chink spies.

Makes me wonder if the old white boomers ever complain about it.

2e3f63  No.13492646


Shut up glownigger.

c8830c  No.13492730


There is one in the Norwegian sea from 89 as well that is actually leaking radiation but they don't give a fuck because of how deep it is.

c8830c  No.13492733


Well the russians lost one in the Norweigian sea.

c8830c  No.13492736


Some jew was larping you mean.

66e614  No.13492756


So they didn't blow up an enemy sub? I thought it was about a torpedo exchange.

Also why no oxygen masks for the crew?

66e614  No.13492757


why is this legal to use them? this literally is ending the planet with this pollution.

c8830c  No.13492792


Higher PP Oxygen and saturation at depth causes flash fires, nigger. Oxygen FEEDS fires, nigger. They don't want to add even more oxygen to the fire, nigger.

c8830c  No.13492798

Just open a window mane!

8b5b3d  No.13492810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I could have sworn the Sanford Option was either mostly bullshit, or small dirty bombs that embassies could deploy.

Cobalt bombs? That's a new wrinkle. But aren't all Tesla vehicles equipped with Cobalt-59 batteries that turn into Cobalt-60, or is that just another a Tim Tafir story from Jeff Rense?

a3c223  No.13492813

Obvious. Both preventing nuclear disaster and preventing accusations from flying and starting wars.

8b5b3d  No.13492817


>but anon, the west coast has big trees

And degenerates who will die early from cancer. Sweet.

8b5b3d  No.13492829


Time equals dose, so therefore the sooner it was retrieved, the better for everyone, except the recovery teams, provided they're not robotic.

BTW anons, why don't we have the fucking Terminator or Robocop yet? I would perfect cybernetics before I would fuck with ionizing radiation. Make Data go in and fix the warp core, you know?

1f27b5  No.13492831

File: 7cc8e55eb99354a⋯.png (105.38 KB, 264x200, 33:25, 1470059710592.png)


>the Sanford Option

I should not have laughed as hard at this as I did.

c8830c  No.13492832


Cobalt doesn't change the size of the bomb, just how dirty it is. You can make conventional explosives dirty bombs by packing xray radiation sources around it which is why they tend to keep track of the old equipment.

And no, your batteries aren't converting cobalt-59 into cobalt-60 without a god damned neutron source.

c8830c  No.13492836

The russian sub spewing radiation into the Norweigian sea is spitting out radiation 800k times greater.

c8830c  No.13492841

From the snownigger sub we have:

>The radiation leak found this week came from a pipe near the reactor. It was 800Bq (becquerels) per litre, while the normal level in the Norwegian Sea is about 0.001Bq.

c8830c  No.13492847

File: 61997a3e3830b66⋯.jpg (109.12 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 21220_IND-2017-10-20-India….jpg)

It's funny how they hand us the dilution line when it comes to government nuke fuckups but not more mundane shit.

8b5b3d  No.13492852


A special forces guy I used to know once told me about how they would be tasked to collect such items like watches and medical equipment in cases where they would build a dirty bomb.

aa47e3  No.13493089


I grew up on the west coast. It's my home. When the reactor at Fukushima blew I immediately was overwhelmed with dread and knew I had to escape. It took several years to tie things up but I did and got out a year and a half ago. When I was a little boy the Pacific Ocean seemed to me to be the epitome of vast pristine purity. Now it's permafucked by humanity. I am so ashamed to be a human being.

aa47e3  No.13493096

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

66a944  No.13493111

File: 99e8ac093e1f9ec⋯.png (45.33 KB, 409x270, 409:270, фсб.png)



Lied. As always. LKGBT/FSB never changes.

t. russian-slavian

41f787  No.13493130

File: fd3f781c78956cd⋯.png (301.72 KB, 5000x3489, 5000:3489, shkph2exh__wspzgoc6uwthncp….png)


The Losharik being a experimental sub, it used a weird hybrid dual nuclear/Li-Ion power generator, the Li-Ion battery caught fire, the crew did what they could and succeed in completely shutting down the reactor, but the smoke in the sub still killed them before they could surface.

c8830c  No.13493147


That's why everyone flips the fuck out like when mexicans make off with a truck full of xray equipment being salvaged. They're dumb and will likely just melt a hole in their ass when they put the pretty blue marble in their back pocket but shitskins are always looking to buy the crap.

c61e5b  No.13493160


Since Fukushima (which was a result of an offshore nuke, there was no "earthquake") was part of that option, I think it is likely Russia found and disarmed a dirty bomb as someone said in an earlier thread.

If Chernobyl was not a "Planetery catastrophe" and Fukushima was not a "Planetary catastrophe" then "Planetary catastrophe" has to be something that is not just a lump of nuclear anger belting out beta cucks, er, I mean beta particles.

Thus, the logic that it was a large, but particularly dirty bomb courtesy of the Synagogue of Satan. The people that died got killed by the radiation poisoning while disarming the bomb.

THAT would be a "Planetary catastrophe."

Hey, the Bikini Atoll H-bombs were not "Planetery catastrophes." This was geopolitical, not radioactive as the basis of its hazard.

Just some conjecture. If you are not a shill or a bot, then begin any response to this post with "The synagogue of Satan was revealed by Jesus himself."


5a4028  No.13493176


You're a right queer, aren't ya? That's plains madness for ya.

5a4028  No.13493179

Come out to the coast, you'll find some motherfuckers that really know how to disappear themselves or anyone in general.

b8039f  No.13493359


So basically, operational nuclear submarines, are already an ecological disaster that never stops.

e98893  No.13493395


>neutron source

Such as?

23b006  No.13493397

So far what the news said, it was possibly about the internet cables.

7ed13a  No.13493433


It's a shame really. The West Coast is absolutely fucking beautiful, especially California for the most unworthy assholes to live there and shit it up with their degeneracy. If the entire place was purged the real tragedy would be the loss of ecosystem not the human populace which can easily be replaced.

c8830c  No.13493437


Neutrons produced in the fusion reaction of the nuke transmutes it to 60 and the dust would be spread far and fucking wide.

b73eff  No.13493448

>annual Russia strong thread

>annual Russia good thread

>annual Russia nuclear power thread

c8830c  No.13493457

File: cfc70f4cce3feec⋯.jpg (52.78 KB, 426x458, 213:229, shig it.jpg)



f643de  No.13493538


KYS Faggot

There's no measurable radiation in the pacific from the jap's hottub overflowing.

2831dd  No.13493543

ee906a  No.13493579


>Prevented ‘Planetary Catastrophe’


Anyway, eyes on the san fran bridge or diablo canyon power plant next month or two.

99c013  No.13493674


How's the weather in your prefecture, anon-san?

1aa032  No.13493898

File: e7471631b2ad7e2⋯.jpg (218 KB, 1200x1033, 1200:1033, a587493d466b8b71c5f8936db9….jpg)

Banker Crack Arc (7/10/19):


"The MSC Gayane – the world's second-largest container ship – owned by (((JP Morgan,))) has been seized by US authorities with $1.3 billion (20 tons) of cocaine. The ship is operated by Switzerland-based Mediterranean Shipping Co, MSC., registered in Monrovia, Liberia."

West Coast Drug Submarine Seizure (7/12/19)


"The drugs represent 14 separate suspected drug smuggling vessel interdictions and disruptions off the coasts of Mexico, Central and South America by three Coast Guard cutters between May and July 2019,"

Vice president [sic.] Pence to participate in $569 million cocaine offload in San Diego (7/11/19)


–Same Pence recalled from speaking engagements in New Hampshie by POTUS on an emergency basis during the deep water 'research vessel' fire in the Arctic [in shallow water w/ max dive of 3.7 miles – or (((3333.33333 fathoms)))], occurring at a mere 300 meters?





Speculation On Mission/Causes:


– 1. The Planetary Catastrophe Story; 2. The "Internet Cable Cutting Mission" Hypothesis; 3. The "U.S.-Russian submarines in secret fire-fight" Theory; 4. The Doomsday Cobalt-Bomb Theory . . . [5. Rogue 5th column agents'' disposal/secret extradition, or disruption of an operation thereof]

"Families of the 14 dead Russian servicemen who were killed on a nuclear submarine were eulogized by "a high-ranking military official" that their relatives averted a “planetary catastrophe” by their actions during this "military operation" in St Petersburgh, days after the 'accident' in the Barents Sea earlier this week. Seven of those who died held the rank of first rank captain [this is like having 7 Vice Admirals flag officers on a tiny ship, extremely suspect.] One of the survivors on this 'military operation' was a civilian.

The incident remains shrouded in mystery after the Russian government refused to reveal the submarine’s name and its mission, claiming them as state secrets."

Closer to Norway, non-related wreck (7/10/19)


~between elites fascination with the polar regions an these submarine incients cropping up, maybe some connection with the flurry of seismic activity in CA?

a35722  No.13493904


Fossil fuels release more radiation you dumb nigger.

1aa032  No.13493906



It would enhance both yield & dirtiness in combination with the water (think thermobarics on land); apropos Nazi red mercury research, the mercury leaking U-boat (an Soviet sub firing up radiation all of the sudden) in tandem with this is highly sus

37273a  No.13493928


That's not a thing. Fukushima is a meme, not a threat.

You don't realize how massive the ocean is.

This was probably an incident that could have triggered MAD.

c61e5b  No.13493943


>This was probably an incident that could have triggered MAD.

Ding Ding! what do we have for Johnny!?!

678f6a  No.13493963


>This was probably an incident that could have triggered MAD.

Here we go, finally a straight forward answer.

Just like the whitbey island (((launch))), there was a massive false flag in motion.

bea1fa  No.13493982


because seawater actually helps isolate and cleanse irradiated material due to saltwaters properties and the sheer volume of the sea, check out stuff on bikini atoll, the problem would lie in overburdening the ability to preform such causing the average radiation of the sea to rise to harmful levels. Not to mention the larger stuff will need time to break down or else you may as well swim in liquid polonium at the local beach.

c8830c  No.13493996


Location plays a big role.

57066b  No.13494003


That, or it could have triggered their very own doomsday mechanisms. Perimeter is still active, as far as I remember.

1f27b5  No.13494191

File: c3272948e697f70⋯.jpg (111.04 KB, 736x810, 368:405, Slav friends.jpg)

>The 14 sailors who died during a fire last week on a nuclear-powered Russian military submarine prevented a “planetary catastrophe,” a top naval officer said at their funeral, according to media reports.


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