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File: 2494c5baca3daef⋯.jpeg (48.41 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Shameful.jpeg)

c861ca  No.13493029

This innocent thread will simply be a discussion of the tidbits of History, and interesting facts about the failing infrastructures of your respective collapsing Aryan Nations.

A discussion for posterity.

Just a simple curiosity of things built by our Ancestors to now feed and sustain the shitskin horde, who is WHOLLY dependent upon such things without any knowledge or understanding of how they function. It would be a shame if these things really started to fall apart.

Poor society.


>The rocky mountains divide the west and east so well that the only efficient passage of goods flows via train over very concentrated system of railways going through and over those mountains

They certainly were courageous!

>6 bridges across the Mississippi carry roughly 50% of the transcontinental freight traffic. And they’re crumbling. And completely undefended.

This seems like poor planning though.

>There are only 9 major arteries in and out of the L.A. Basin. A vast majority of their water flows through an aqueduct through the Owens Valley, from Mono Lake, hundreds of miles away. During the Water Wars, the Valley farmers found it quite easy to "disrupt" the aqueduct and the flow of water.

It seems Mulholland was very ambitious! Almost spreading too thin, one could say?

Now THIS SHIT is very interesting. I never knew these things about my Great Nation. What other fascinating factoids can be discovered about our factory human farming system I wonder?

37441a  No.13493041

File: 00cec4b847894ba⋯.jpg (94.2 KB, 822x569, 822:569, a32d10903b48a7ba6b55c4f130….jpg)

a49ea6  No.13493068


another thing you may have forgot (or are aware of but didnt include) is most of the architects are old dying white men, thanks to muh diversity there will eventually come a time where no one knows how to maintain them (unless kikes decide to pay a lot of shekels)

12c42d  No.13493084

File: 774f2e4faf53ce3⋯.png (268.77 KB, 625x353, 625:353, c319a8d9c44cfcbbb65881cceb….png)


>(unless kikes decide to pay a lot of shekels)

Oh Anon, you're such a card.

9acf63  No.13493085

And you can only blame the crumbling of infrastructure on the Jews, just like almost everything else, dear OP. Since the debt-based monetary system is the root of poverty and economic inequality, the Jews are to blame for all of the poverty in the world since the Jews control this debt-based monetary system. And the lack of money to help build maintain and build infrastructure is due to the Jews being able to magically add or subtract money from a city, province/state, a nation's or the entire world's money supply from just a few strokes of a keyboard. Who would guess that being able to type a few digits on a balance sheet can allow the Jews to wield so much power over whether you are rich or poor? It is funny that something as simple being able to control a balance sheet on a computer could give Jews so much power.

a49ea6  No.13493094


what did i say that was wrong? any huwhite male with knowledge in the trade isnt going to be cheap, can you picture jesus or jamaal fixing powerlines?

c861ca  No.13493105

File: 552f0586c775fd7⋯.png (253.08 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Electrolytes.png)

a49ea6  No.13493122


drink water, like from the toilet? get a load of this faggot

c861ca  No.13493125

File: df06ca1490eb2df⋯.gif (244.78 KB, 812x572, 203:143, DiditMyself!.gif)



Anons, I have a simple request to keep the focus of this OP on the targets, er, I mean sites, and functions of our eroding infrastructure that have such curiosities about them that they could warrant a closer perusal for Historical posterity by the White Man.

Seeing as so many worthless people today, who hardly have the skill and knowledge to put meatballs in the microwave, are so very dependent on this dangerously eroding infrastructure, it would be a real shame if something bad happened to them.

Aryan Men should focus on potential "fixes" for such issues. What are the weakest, most fragile points in our connected and dependent systems.

I can't imagine what would happen to poor Society if we failed to stay on top of this.

Poor Society.

7c8232  No.13493142



12c42d  No.13493177

File: b40da24dd0f28db⋯.jpeg (37.1 KB, 431x450, 431:450, b40da24dd0f28db071d8ffe00….jpeg)


>what did i say that was wrong?

It was the concept of jewish oligarchs being willing to spend large sums of money to restore infrastructure to the benefit of their host nation that was specifically responsible for my current spate of cynical mirth, if you're really that curious.

a49ea6  No.13493193



>spending lots of money

wait what?

c861ca  No.13493204

File: 8fea43a89155f77⋯.jpg (508.21 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, AK-guitar2.jpg)



I'm merely concerned for our failing infrastructure, and the most fragile, weakened, and exposed aspects of it, anon. For it would be a shame if they failed, and the poor people of the Society we live in were to suffer.

Poor, poor Society.

If you're having other ideas, I suggest you quell them.

/pol is a board of peace

and it's crawling with glowniggers.

like this nigger here


What is the weakest fail point in your working knowledge of your Nation?

3d48c2  No.13493214

Ah I love these threads.

There's only a handful of natural gas pipelines that provide all the natural gas for all of Canada and a large portion of America.

I walked over one of them. It's endless miles of unguarded pipeline, trees cleared by agent orange decades ago, and you can just walk along it. I was walking over one of them before.

I could easily destroy it myself. I could even go to each one, place some kind of device that could be remote-detonated, and whenever I feel like it from the comfort of a well-prepped and stockpiled bunker, detonate them at a time when the natural gas is most needed.

Forests are also all very vulnerable. Anyone can just start a fire, especially during dry season, and they're gone.

The electrical grid is very vulnerable.

So much of this could all be destroyed simultaneously through remote detonation charges. So much chaos could be created that the governments forces will be all over the place trying to contain it and you could then use strike teams to cause even more chaos and take over.

Soon you'll have situations where people have no air conditioning, no electricity, no heat, and are just burning whatever wood they can find in decaying buildings like in a typical war zone.

It could all be initiated by one man the only problem is that you need much more than one man to then take over afterwards. You'd need a group of a few hundred /pol/acks to create their own government.

Otherwise all the damage you do will be repaired and life will just go on like before, some inconvenience caused, but that's it.

3d48c2  No.13493231


>And you can only blame the crumbling of infrastructure on the Jews, just like almost everything else, dear OP.

They are 100% responsible for it. If all those billions didn't keep going to Israel and various other shitskin countries they could go towards America's infrastructure.

>Since the debt-based monetary system is the root of poverty and economic inequality, the Jews are to blame for all of the poverty in the world since the Jews control this debt-based monetary system.

Poverty and inequality are caused by the inherent inequality of the races. Literally everyone would be wealthy and well off if everyone had the right genetic traits.

>And the lack of money to help build maintain and build infrastructure is due to the Jews being able to magically add or subtract money from a city, province/state, a nation's or the entire world's money supply from just a few strokes of a keyboard.

They cause this by changing the demography and by taking all of the wealth of America to fund Israel and fund stupid wars.

>Who would guess that being able to type a few digits on a balance sheet can allow the Jews to wield so much power over whether you are rich or poor? It is funny that something as simple being able to control a balance sheet on a computer could give Jews so much power.

They also control the media and legislation and so much more you faggot.

c861ca  No.13493232

File: 29b873207a0f1eb⋯.png (8.79 KB, 225x255, 15:17, be3dd84b7d431287ef95ce19ef….png)


Anon, as much as I appreciate your enthusiasm, I fear you've gotten the wrong idea. This is simply a discussion of SPECIFIC places, with interesting DETAILS, that would be pertinent to an Historical account for posterity, and possible "repairs" in the future.

I, in no way, am advocating for CAUSING any hardship in this Society in which we live. That would be such a shame.

Poor society.

That being said, got the deets and dox, on that gasline, fag?!

3d48c2  No.13493236


>do nothing goyim, everything is a honeypot

3d48c2  No.13493239


Jews are great at spending money.

Other people's money that is. That's how all these billionaire jews stay rich, they never spend their own money.

a49ea6  No.13493240


ya the part that confused me is he said jews spend money to help the host nation

f19e2f  No.13493267

Maybe we should stop giving people and women gibs me dats and start putting men to work to fix it? Naw fuck that, lets just keep giving women jobs and sending israel billions of dollars

c861ca  No.13493282

File: 1ecc89796139b05⋯.jpeg (29.63 KB, 474x266, 237:133, ClownMax.jpeg)


I just want to know, specifically, where the weakest points of our infrastructure are. So I can, um, avoid the danger.

I think we should ALL know this vital information.

For our, um, safety.

f43f41  No.13493318


Fix what specifically?

3d48c2  No.13493321


>That being said, got the deets and dox, on that gasline, fag?!


Go to this town.

Pipeline crosses through it.

Just ask the locals about where the agent orange was sprayed.

c861ca  No.13493327


spicspam is going overdirive sliding threads right now. Everywhere but here, so I can only assume this is one of the targets of the slide.



The fucking mess we're in.

3d48c2  No.13493331





3d48c2  No.13493340

heh this is all you need to find every single pipeline in Canada: https://globalnews.ca/news/2290274/find-a-pipeline-near-you-cepa-launches-new-interactive-pipelines-map/


c7e491  No.13493346

File: 61df96efbbd00f3⋯.pdf (4.59 MB, various-authors-ecodefense….pdf)

You can do it faggots!

I read about someone in Sweden who went around and unscrewed bolts to different antennas and towers then he just waited for the wind and they fell over. TV's, radios and even the military was affected and nobody ever found out who it was

c861ca  No.13493351

File: ad7c3271f52d4b9⋯.png (302.34 KB, 540x338, 270:169, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuckin' ebic kek.

129110  No.13493361

File: f7e94db7b5e9dd7⋯.jpg (495.75 KB, 3000x3527, 3000:3527, Fire.jpg)

Never underestimate how much power a single individual has to bring great damage to the system. Specially with this whole global warming thing going on. Phew. Imagine what a couple of disgruntled men could do?

37441a  No.13493384

File: 2d0adbd9a57c6d9⋯.jpg (123.25 KB, 480x525, 32:35, The_Juwes_are_the_men_that….jpg)


When Trump was running for president he said we needed to renew the aging electrical grid urgently. This would cost $15 trillion. Thanks to JOOZE we've wasted $7 trillion now on the wars of 911 that was staged by Mossad.

e21d63  No.13493415


Go back to voting coward.

20ec6f  No.13493422

All the energy grids of the USA. Powerplants, power lines, oil lines, natural gas lines, and railways.


436c6a  No.13493434


Ah. I remember you.

I still disagree with your thesis.

A year ago or so you posted this idea on /k/ and I stand with the general response; This would not cause significant damage anywhere outside of California and even in California, it would harm White people more than any other group.

If you want to use fire, use it in cities. Not forests.

436c6a  No.13493440


I'm talking about a book, btw. A novel about some communist-hellenic-nationalist terrorists who attack America.

44cbbb  No.13493442


You seem to be forgetting that white people are a main problem.sure the end goal is for bybye shitskins, but the cucked whites in cali are ruining our race.

436c6a  No.13493453


>the cucked whites in cali are ruining our race.

Those cucked Whites are not in the mountains, anon. They're in the cities. White California outside of the cities are nearly White Nationalists in all but name.

c861ca  No.13493455


That's a bit of a strawman.

The point is "FIRE".

The example is the California forest.

Application is ultimately up to you.

I like to keep it contained to my fire ring, myself.

d0c3d0  No.13493462


>global warming

Found the glownigger/trannypol

937bd1  No.13493471


>major country

<leaves military communication antennaes completely unguarded and with no surveillance


436c6a  No.13493472


I agree with you that fire would be an effective weapon for the terrorists in my novel to use. However, (assuming you're the OP of this idea) originally you (he) were adamant in its use on forests rather than cities.

This has coloured my criticism.

Beyond this, I do agree with you/him.

Though I always caveat this with the fact that the communist-Pan-Hellenic-nationalists in my novel would probably cause more damage if the arson attack coincided with a general strike on the electric grid and communications network.

44cbbb  No.13493475


Alright i guess. Fires around cities would stop alot of transport though.

436c6a  No.13493482


I understand you, but I believe that the costs far outweigh the benefits. The insurgent must win the hearts and minds of the aggrieved people (Whites) and being seen as the starter of fires that destroy entire White neighborhoods will cause so much ideological damage that it would outweigh the benefits.

I'm not saying that collateral damage must always be avoided. I'm saying that the costs here outweigh the benefits.

c861ca  No.13493486


It certainly would be a shame for poor Society if ALL the screws were to fall out at once, wouldn't it?

Poor Society

44cbbb  No.13493489

If a certain group had this intent,(terrible intent that would be inconvenient to society) they would probably fail to rejuvinate society in their ideal way without organizing online before said collapse happened. This would be good if they were unorganized because society would be sad without order and electricity. Poor society

c861ca  No.13493495

File: c738e69bfc177c1⋯.png (3.52 MB, 1448x2048, 181:256, ClipboardImage.png)


Wipe your White fingerprints off the flames before you leave.

129110  No.13493496


I didn't even use this site a year ago. There's truly a great army of (you)s out there, huh. Anyway, I really recommend anons to read up on the Napoleonic wars. Most specifically, the invasion of Russia. It's such a fascinating story. The Russian army was completely overwhelmed by the Napoleonic forces. For months they retreated, harassing the invaders, burning their own cities, releasing criminals, everything to make the live of the invaders a living hell. Even Moscow was torched by its own people. In the end, hundreds of thousands of invaders had their lives claimed or deserted due to enviromnental conditions alone, and Napoleon was forced to withdraw. It was one the greatest military defeats of all time. And it teaches a great lesson: it's always better to destroy your own cities than to let the enemy capture them.

44cbbb  No.13493498


Understood. Would be Better areas to focus on with less colateral.

436c6a  No.13493525



On a completely unrelated note, here's a list of Minecraft servers that a friend gave me.

37.934300, -122.404521

37.950370, -122.397925 **

37.942617, -122.391103 **

37.945678, -122.381290

37.966727, -122.378495 **

37.756330, -122.381990

37.757313, -122.386652

37.703845, -122.409256

37.657302, -122.398811

37.656792, -122.398216

37.657218, -122.402487

37.656564, -122.402199

37.653827, -122.403205

37.635131, -122.406468

37.626303, -122.403501 A

37.605909, -122.391634 A

37.582832, -122.318911

37.493134, -122.137564

37.473712, -122.127853

37.500911, -121.986648

37.698531, -121.610757 W

37.712083, -121.564769 **

37.789631, -121.601929 **

37.798749, -121.620271

37.797910, -121.580418 **

37.797314, -121.603112

37.220949, -121.746505

37.226143, -121.745955

37.425303, -121.932235

37.420691, -121.960367

37.595366, -122.017745


My mistake. I used to make threads about the IRA and that's where I first encountered fire-anon.

Yes, Napoleon, master of tactics, Alexander I, supreme strategist. Who always wins when these two masters meet?

It is always the strategist who plays the long game.


Certainly, certainly.

c861ca  No.13493534


>If I can't have it, no one can.

Excellent History bump, anon.

adfec2  No.13493540


Everything, if unmaintained, will erode and be forgotten.

About a decade ago I talked to an old engineer and he told me that knowledge on how to make an aerodynamic wing for airplane is lost.

The youngest one only rely on software without knowing if it make sense, and you better pray that no discrete change in some algorithm would fuck the whole calculation without anybody knowing.

Case in point: Did you see how the F35 flew? Like a brick with strapped on engine, and this needed custom aerodynamic.

IMO, rather than lose time destroying other things; keep, maintain, improve what's existing, be it knowledge, family, belongings. This already take time and energy just to do it.

4a08ae  No.13493594

The same spamming faggot that doesn't know what aryan means made a thread about what, how rust exists? How maintenance is important? What a waste of a thread.

8e70c2  No.13493601


you clearly haven't read it

history and architecture are important things to know and remember

c861ca  No.13493610

File: 78394d51f1e1428⋯.gif (783.7 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ChompHonk.gif)




You still haven't cleaned your desk, you fucking slob. Shameful.

2d3b46  No.13493631

File: d665612192c152f⋯.jpg (305.03 KB, 714x473, 714:473, 20190712_171605.jpg)

File: 0da8920d9de4136⋯.jpg (242.93 KB, 720x433, 720:433, 20190712_171541.jpg)

Oh my goodness! You know the prospect of a wild fire starting up is no laughing matter! I'm glad OP made this thread because it really does need to be addressed… just imagine DAMAGE that could be caused if someone's camp fire was to get out of hand? With all the homeless people in California uts a serious possibility..all it would take is for a homeless junkie to drop his drug smoking paraphernalia and the whole state could go up in smoke..heavens.. that'd sure be awful..

c861ca  No.13493652

File: 144e8ea8244c12c⋯.png (479.49 KB, 650x366, 325:183, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ed9922ee645b498⋯.png (177.42 KB, 852x480, 71:40, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh no!! Not the drug addled, pedophiliac, homeless tent camps of Society!

Poor Society.

ce0d49  No.13493683

File: 49925b424f0b36a⋯.jpg (48.07 KB, 640x453, 640:453, 0CCCgNWB4vglq0k7s.jpg)

Water is certainly an interesting problem. The cleansing power of water can only be exceeded by the cleansing power of no water.

Without water a human will die in about 3-4 days. Virtually no one in cities has more than a 1 or 2 day supply. We've all seen the chimpouts when EBT was down for a few hours. I wonder what would happen if there was no water for weeks?

We all know that California has been having massive issues with overuse and misuse of water. Texas and Arizona are having similar issues. Most of Atlanta is fed by a single lake that it shares and people are pissed because they are using it all up.

In their evil genocidal history jews are famous for poisoning wells . How do we prevent jews from killing entire cities with their murderous machinations? I know most municipalities filter the water for poisons and microbes, but how effective is this? The quantities of water we're talking about are vast, but how many PPM of arsenic would render an entire aquifer useless?

be2602  No.13493712

File: 55c0cd6c67d59ee⋯.jpg (163.18 KB, 709x532, 709:532, 20190712_174604.jpg)


I Agree anon..poor homeless, poor society..what if someone actually thought that it WAS the homeless who started it.. "it" being a hypothetical Forrest (or uban) fire that spread out of control. What if the source was one of the MANY MANY MANY campsites they have set up all over? Only thing I can imagine that would be worse than that would be if it was a campsite primarily used by minority homeless groups..you know.. the non white ones..seeing as how homelessness is still ONE thing the whites can claim they are the majority of.

f19e2f  No.13493721


Homeless people can get a job, they just don't want to because they're retards

4e4c79  No.13493730


I'm in favor of an aristocracy, you wouldn't eat with pigs right? That's because superior people are above the average joe.

4f7108  No.13493742

File: 3a5cd0a7f9ed99a⋯.png (321.99 KB, 383x474, 383:474, ClipboardImage.png)

c861ca  No.13493770

File: 1f052fe435c20ce⋯.png (66.01 KB, 1192x670, 596:335, ClipboardImage.png)


National Socialism

spicspamming nigger.

1120b0  No.13493776


>muh dirty piggies

fuck off semite

44a503  No.13493796

I worked on a project to design a system of sensors to measure stress in bridges relative to traffic loads and temp/weather variation so they could keep tabs on when they had no choice left but to repair the failing bridge. Long story short, most bridges are in horrendous condition in this country and the respective managing government responsible for them doesn't have the money to keep up the maintenance, let alone repair them. I'm not sure if such solutions were ever implemented outside of grant proposals, but I doubt it. Crossing a bridge at peak traffic is putting your life at risk.

8e70c2  No.13493826





>Homeless people can get a job, they just don't want to because they're retards

see that shit? that's antithetical to the world that should be ours

the homeless, crazies, druggies and hobos are the final victims of ((( society ))), they're where they are because of the almost complete destruction of the care and health system, of an honest job market, of moral values and of the family by the ((( usual suspects )))

wanting to cause them additional harm because you've swallowed the "just world fallacy" hook, line and sinker is fundamentally immoral

it's rich liberals who should become wary of losing everything they have stolen, not those from whom it was taken

769504  No.13493831


Do you actually hope that people will attempt to poison municipal water?

Or are you just trying to frame a “threat from the alt-right” to create hysteria about poisoned water?


430565  No.13493850


There have been no threats. We're trying to address potential threats to our infrastructure. How will we ever prevent an attack if we don't know where an attack might take place?

c861ca  No.13493854

File: 818cf78ed63017e⋯.png (417.84 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


We're beyond "helping" the rat herd, anon.

I used to be you.

I'd love nothing more than to buy the whole world a Coke.

However, there is far too much rot for one small group of Noble Men with a single mop to be able to make a single dent. Especially when we've demonized as the monsters of the world.

Only a purge will fix anything.

A purge by fire.

Dehumanize yourself, and face to bloodshed.

Your's, or theirs' is up to you.

c861ca  No.13493861



This thread is all about our own personal safety in a dangerous world, filled with loose screws.

/pol is a board of peace

8e70c2  No.13493862


dude, it's 8/pol/, there's a 99% chance it's a fed fishing for a gullible teen he can morph into a preventive victory of the forces of state-surveillance against evil cis-straight-white-male gnatzee scum

61965b  No.13493868

File: 533e5af8ab9293b⋯.png (759.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hamlet,_Act_V,_Scene_I.png)


>What is the weakest fail point in your working knowledge of your Nation?

Probably the power grid because it's unguarded, basically held together with duct tape and hope in some areas, and if the wrong spot breaks, it can trigger a cascade failure. A good example of a cascade failure would be the blackout New York had to deal with in 2002. another major problem caused by the electrical grid was the wildfires in California a few years back We really need to update and harden the grid, but the government is too busy giving niggers and spics free shit.

659d62  No.13493892


The fuck did no not hear of this…. and the fuck did I not think of this first.

659d62  No.13493897


How is into downloading this, so future historians can figure out our long lost settlements of course.

b51ed6  No.13493916


Remember that college bridge that fell that was made by vaginas/kikes who thought math was sexist.

c861ca  No.13493920

File: 1a66b1cbcff2d7e⋯.pdf (2.18 MB, cia-simple-sabatoge-field-….pdf)


The CIA even has manuals for this shit. Sneaky CIA.

Naughty CIA.

731767  No.13493957

File: 721ae34c8fb3cad⋯.jpg (74.97 KB, 549x461, 549:461, mcm-international-womens-d….jpg)

File: c5a011d18578f62⋯.jpg (198 KB, 768x1018, 384:509, leonor-flores.jpg)

9dedad  No.13493962


Considering a MAJORITY if not ALL of the homeles are drug addicts who are beyond any hope of rehabilitation I'm failing to see the problem if they were to suffer erroneously from some spontaneous fire…but I'm pretty much unconcerned with others in society in general so I suppose I might could possibly see how there COULD be someone who would consider their loss anything more significant than just minor collateral damage…but, since I'm not without reason and can easily alter the narrative in such a way as to hopefully please your bleeding heart..I think if…say…some (((jootweb))) prankster was to decide its be a real "hoot" to larp as a homeless and set up a REALISTIC shanty camp in some Woodlands devoid of any actual homeless and then he was to accidentally cause a forest fire.. so long as its source is traced to what Appears to be a homeless encampment would have the desired impact.. hypothetically speaking.. I mean it COULD actually have the effect of causing the government to actually address the homeless population and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT… either by putting them in rehabilitation centers or shelters.. whatever they do.. but I'll be honest.. while I can't really predict what would happen especially in this thought experiment.. it is not going to be nearly as effective as it would be were there to be some deaths involved..

Is it really not worth sacrificing a few poor destitute individuals if a possible outcome is that it finally makes people address the problem? Just asking as a follow up to the initial thought experiment

44cbbb  No.13493976


Just to add to your hypothetical thought Im afraid at this point, death is inevitable. Its just a matter of how and how soon. We will have to clean the closet at some point. But this is strictly to entertain the idea, we wouldnt want anyone to be hurt..poor society

1d7775  No.13493978


Wait until they design nuclear reactors, water treatment plants, dams, flood walls, airports, cars, planes, space ships, weapons, etc.

It will be hilarious. And the right people will be kille by all of this shit.

10f3fe  No.13493983

File: 9929239cb328407⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 570x277, 570:277, source[1].gif)


Poisoning wells is a jew tradition.

731767  No.13493986


People will die. That's guaranteed. They're nonchalant about the details and stand on the backs of far more intelligent men, with no shame. I work in a major metro area construction industry, so I know personally. They're being shoehorned into every role imaginable.

659d62  No.13493988


Don't worry anon, the feds have been adding fucking rpg fencing around key points on electric lines. Since they are trying to keep it on the downlow they didn't do all of those lesser points people might think of, so if you are perceptive, you might be able to notice which points are critical. We should protect them first after all, wouldn't want some random homeless crackhead to go drain some things for his cooking oil.

>yea we looking right back at you mr feds, we are going to help!

>keeping society going is good and wholesome after all.

f19e2f  No.13493990


>women are able to add an "artistic touch"

Yeah no, that would be men adding the artistic touches

1d7775  No.13493993


Ahahaha, I can't wait for the screams of agony coming from the urban elites, kikes and liberal cockroaches when their infrastructure has been completely fucked by diversity quotas. Cities will literally become death traps, even without niggers.

731767  No.13493994


History, a small detail. A trifle.

731767  No.13494020

File: 64a600b82bee9a2⋯.jpg (207.76 KB, 714x1024, 357:512, 267e1a09-99be-4480-8017-5f….jpg)


The only reason why the infrastructure is hanging on by a thread nowadays is because it was generally built so well by the massive legions of unknown european white men who soldiered through the ages to get to this point. Nuclear engineering has been particularly handicapped. Dams and hydro power are also dangerously understaffed by capable engineers.

00305c  No.13494028


That is the weakest guitar gun I’ve ever seen

00305c  No.13494030

Trump sucks putin’s Dick

1d7775  No.13494041


From my perspective… dams are the biggest ticking time bombs, together with most bridges and tunnels. The reason why so far no big disasters happened is due to the incredible effort of the people who are manning them. However, these are mostly boomers and they will retire soon. The systems will fall apart in 15+ years. That's what you get when you push an entire generation into liberal arts, humanities and gender studies. Kike sophistry ain't maintain your highways, power plants and other shit you need in your comfy inner city apartment…

It will be absolutely incredible how fast the infrastructure will collapse, to the point the kike sockpuppet sitting in the WH will claim it's terrorists that are doing this. From then on the collapse will be the new norm. If some anons blow up high voltage power lines with thermite will be small blimps on the bigger picture.

c861ca  No.13494046

File: 36d7cb9e8802b05⋯.jpeg (64.75 KB, 500x443, 500:443, monkeywrench.jpeg)

10f3fe  No.13494053


jews are terrorists anon.

731767  No.13494057

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I'd say nuclear facilities are a bit higher on my list, only because the nuclear loop could have been closed back in the carter years, and now we've got tons of radioactive material unused sitting in cooling pools… but dams and tunnels are in bad shape.

The kikes don't care about infrastructure failing because each one that fails is another hegelian dialectic point to institute another control scheme to "fix" it.

7e2583  No.13494061

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Those bridges are highly susceptible to minecraftian sabatage as well. I used to do concrete work a few years ago, master finisher who trained me would talk about all the ways you can fuck concrete to make it fail. He said these bridge designs in particular could have tiny "problems" either designed, built into, or sabataged, to make them fail, days/weeks/months later so no one would be able to pin blame. Pre stressed concrete is the key! a little chemical reaction, or saw damage i suppose if you got balls, and the "tendons" on it are super fucked, and unless major repair is underwent TIMELY (aka sooner then any of this boomer monstrosity shit we do nowadays)…boom

731767  No.13494065


Definitely, the design itself is as -bare minimum- as it can be to support the desired load. The margins of error are comparatively minuscule to that of older designs

f19e2f  No.13494067

File: 648512ee50e5f0d⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2268x1536, 189:128, under-the-dome-credit-to-p….jpg)


Yeah I know right, obviously it was a sassy woman who designed this

f297ca  No.13494076

File: 20a043168ffc8d3⋯.png (39.92 KB, 324x324, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't think he would have asked if he was anything but curious, you nerd.



1d7775  No.13494080


Well, there are ~100 nuclear reactors in the US, and the institutions operating them will (hopefully) hire the right people to man and maintain them. It is correct that nuclear waste is an issue. But that is very, very localized (compared to a meltdown which may or may render several tens of thousands of km² uninhabitable for generations).

But there are well over 80,000 dams in the US, of all shapes, sizes, water volume. That number alone makes a disaster a very real prospect for the near to mid-term future. And there are secondary consequences of failing dams. It will affect water supply and water regulation, obviously. To the point that other parts of the infrastructure fail or have to be shut down. It's just insane and horrifying to even think about it.

731767  No.13494083

File: 6ccf68249240ec0⋯.jpg (439.75 KB, 1000x1238, 500:619, b25 esb.jpg)


Here's the entirety of the damage from a B-25 crashing into the side of the empire state building. Did they design the building to withstand that? Nope. Just overbuilt.

7e2583  No.13494086


but if I don't design it to the bare minimum, where am I gonna get my extra budget to do whats really important? make it look pretty, tee hee. (seriously had a "project manager" do that on a job site when we were pouring a parkinglot, just about the most basic fucking project you can get with concrete imo lol)

996b9f  No.13494093

File: f135343a39b5624⋯.png (708.47 KB, 640x640, 1:1, f135343a39b56242dea7eeab58….png)

Could the money be spent on military items instead of infrastructure and healthcare? Hmmm.

731767  No.13494096


but that stamp textured concrete LOOKS JUST LIKE BRICK! omg.

c861ca  No.13494097

File: 926888ed8fc8f63⋯.png (706.74 KB, 976x500, 244:125, sosad.png)

7e2583  No.13494102

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



The historic beauty, and functionality. The "best" job I have worked on was putting up a modern insurance company headquarters in my downtown. I was excited as fuck, felt like shit when it was the same assembly line bullshit that we were doing everywhere else, just 10x as many spics on my jobsite (((fucking subs))).

Just wait till all these boomers, x'ers, and even older millenials like myself find out that (((100 year))) construction done by illegal lowest price brown labor with lowest price yellow materials doesnt last 50 years, much less 100!

4af97f  No.13494107

File: bdd62e10de55e8d⋯.png (8.3 KB, 435x401, 435:401, NO WELFARE.png)

File: bf08b56d4fa8724⋯.jpg (843.24 KB, 1550x1033, 1550:1033, cooling rods.jpg)


dont worry. Whites have a failsafe. if we die, so do they.

f19e2f  No.13494112

File: ebed63b75935516⋯.jpg (72.92 KB, 463x640, 463:640, 4247b4fb6e936f92c9180546bb….jpg)


Yeah but at least you're not wasting your time designing some gaudy monstrosity like this!

408d35  No.13494118



A factoid is something presented as a fact which is actually false.

a49ea6  No.13494126


homeless anon here

>Considering a MAJORITY if not ALL of the homeles are drug addicts

#notall lol

but i do agree, burning down a homeless CAMP would be worth it, as the homeless that group together tend to be the drug users. the lone homeless guy in the middle of a forest should NOT be a target however

16e393  No.13494156


Then what's a negroid?

c23561  No.13494158


The whites in the city stomp junkie niggers nodded out in alleys. We all do our part.

df1549  No.13494160


>6 bridges across the Mississippi carry roughly 50% of the transcontinental freight traffic. And they’re crumbling. And completely undefended.


>There are only 9 major arteries in and out of the L.A. Basin. A vast majority of their water flows through an aqueduct through the Owens Valley, from Mono Lake, hundreds of miles away. During the Water Wars, the Valley farmers found it quite easy to "disrupt" the aqueduct and the flow of water.



>most of the architects are old dying white men



>concerned for our failing infrastructure

Don't be concerned



>There's only a handful of natural gas pipelines that provide all the natural gas for all of Canada and a large portion of America.


>Soon you'll have situations where people have no air conditioning, no electricity, no heat, and are just burning whatever wood they can find in decaying buildings like in a typical war zone.



>Jews being 100% responsible

Not really. We let them into our country in the first place. We are so altruistic and nice to all the other races that we forgot to take care of ourselves because of virtue signaling niggers, kikes, spics, fags, and women. Everyone else except for white males, basically.




>cucked whites

Yes sir. (see above)


>Everything, if unmaintained, will erode and be forgotten.

Niggers are unable to perform maintenance.


>Crossing a bridge at peak traffic is putting your life at risk.

I would love to see the George Washington Bridge (Manhattan/New Jersey) Bridge collapse - leaving only the Lincoln and Holland tunnels available.


>dude, it's 8/pol/




In order to accelerate things more quickly, I am going to do my part and milk "The System" for all I can.

436c6a  No.13494168


Good man. I do not mean to overlook those of us doing God's Work in the heart of the beast. You're tougher than me if you can stomach life in a living hell like San Fran

000000  No.13494186


Ok this is fucking retarded. The GDP of the U.S. is in the trillions and Israel gets what 3.8 billion in aid. This is the cost of Jews getting hit with rockets so that Americans don't have to and is a hell of a lot cheaper than having buildings knocked down by airplanes. Maybe if you fellow white Aryan FBI workers did your job instead of harassing white people then we could relax and have a beer or two.

Hey other anons, did you know that Mueller (yes the same one) was in charge of the FBI at 9/11?

df1549  No.13494189


>Israel gets what 3.8 billion in aid.

They are getting or have gotten over 8.1 billion this year alone (last count I made)

f861a5  No.13494193

File: a26530fab62d3ba⋯.mp4 (740.21 KB, 400x300, 4:3, laughing.mp4)


>This is the cost of Jews getting hit with rockets so that Americans don't have to


000000  No.13494195


>9/11 staged by Mossad

So what you're saying is that Mueller and the best of the FBI was beaten by a bunch of joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos? Maybe I'm on the wrong team then!

61965b  No.13494196

File: e5e7302c0bc8d59⋯.png (332.86 KB, 1023x885, 341:295, 6540ad7b6db09e3432ae736467….png)

File: 93f93fe9ed479ad⋯.mp4 (12.79 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Stop Watching Porn.mp4)


>This is the cost of Jews getting hit with rockets so that Americans don't have to and is a hell of a lot cheaper than having buildings knocked down by airplanes

I know of a better and more definite solution, but people aren't comfortable with it and instead want to import the fucking kebabs. I also don't care if they get pelted with rockets

000000  No.13494211


>8.1 billion



>21.3 trillion

This is 0.04% based on your number and 0.02% based on mine. The TARP bailout was 700 billion. The cost of the GFC was in the trillions. I think you have bigger problems to worry about than Israel.


Colonialism muthafucka, do you speak it!!?


I don't think anyone here except for the shills would disagree with you.

1d7775  No.13494212

File: f042e72583a3d44⋯.jpg (28.75 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 1480882081001.jpg)

File: 470cf4602828b9d⋯.jpg (64.81 KB, 680x1000, 17:25, MV5BYWMwZGU5NWItYmZkNS00YT….jpg)


>cry for me, goy, and pay more shekels, you don't want to get bombed, do you?

f19e2f  No.13494220


>3.8 billion in aid

It was 38 billion you fucking kike rat

000000  No.13494235


Like I said, trillions of dollars are siphoned off from productive people and given to parasites in the United States every year and you are worried about a few billion. If I'm getting mugged for $200 then I'm not going to worry about a nickel I left on the ground.


38 billion over 10 years is 3.8 billion per year you brainlet. The absolute state of /pol/.

f5d0e9  No.13494239


Meanwhile 9/11

>both buildings fall into their own footprint like a controlled demolition

>building 7 catches fire and falls down for literally no reason either also

44cbbb  No.13494247


Guys guys, this is diverting from the OP topic

We are curious of SPECIFIC locations that represent vulnerabilities in the infastructure we rely on so we can PROTECT society from the devastation tampering these could bring.. Poor society

731767  No.13494255


I feel your pain anon. The boomers are sitting dumb fat and happy running companies making money on ultra cheap subs, propping up muh diversity muh leed and shitty glass steel and drywall quick construction methods. Architecture is also to blame, the art is lost. Its literally CAD cut and paste. Even for the text. With typos (I see them all the time)

bc86b4  No.13494259


Low effort post.

>Interesting facts about our eroding infrastructure

What Anglo Christian men built for their children's children has been stolen and parted out by kikes. Instead of keeping it up, the kikes stir up muh racism in low IQ high emotion darkie trash because for kikes it isn't enough to steal from a people and leave them destitute, they MUST ALSO have a blunt enemy golemforce on the standby to fight against the host which the kike has parasitized.

That makes for the easier getaway and in the next cycle is just propagandized as 1 of 110 countries the fake chosen were "hunted in".

000000  No.13494266


And just to put this in perspective, the cost of food stamps is $68bn per year, so almost 18x what aid to Israel is. Israel is arguably the most cost effective possible FOB for the United States in the Middle East.


731767  No.13494267

File: b71a447e6e62550⋯.jpg (337.2 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 151514-full.jpg)


I'd put the Oroville Dam at high up on that list. Shitty design on the main spillway, de-rated on reconstruction to 25% of its initial design capacity, earthen dam with many inherent structural weaknesses.

000000  No.13494280

The interesting thing about infrastructure today is that nobody needs to do anything to take it down. If a cohesive group of intelligent people just stopped doing what they normally do then society would grind to a halt within days and dams would collapse within weeks.

44cbbb  No.13494283


White moves first

4792dd  No.13494290

File: 9d9d90bfacbeba3⋯.mp4 (8.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Hong Kong is DANGEROUS_ 7m….mp4)

Hong Kong, California, and South Africa are going to face the same issues regarding infrastructure.

4792dd  No.13494293

File: 53cc45f3b0c2d19⋯.jpg (858.2 KB, 2188x2272, 547:568, sddsdsdsds.jpg)

File: abdead6ab2ad9c1⋯.jpeg (123.6 KB, 578x563, 578:563, 1a849637a6a6dee3532a57bee….jpeg)

731767  No.13494294

File: 03c1b7cd0601b82⋯.jpg (3.54 MB, 3961x1777, 3961:1777, 20190321_101028_CROPPED.JPG)

File: 3dd9b7a4a372bb7⋯.jpg (110.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



Everything is fine, trust us.

c861ca  No.13494295


Poor Society

b51ed6  No.13494307


A base that costs even more money and floods white countries with people that don't deserve to be here.

4792dd  No.13494312


Three women and a jew in that first picture

bc86b4  No.13494330


Gold rich area, recent improvement contracts going to company with experience only in mining not damn building, planned failure, massive mining project during clean up, recovered gold whisked away quietly.

000000  No.13494337


It was the Neocon interventions (Iraq, Libya, Arab Spring, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt) that did most of this. Israel is not to be blamed for Russian intervention on behalf of Assad (triggered the 2014-15 European invasion spike) nor for Europe's leaders trying to kill off their own peoples and I don't think Israel has much to do with the Hispanic invasion of the United States nor the war on drugs.

I can think of a few people who might profit from these things though.

3.8 billion for a FOB with a few million logistics staff and its own military. Looks like a good deal to me.

bc86b4  No.13494338


Also a tiny beaner and token cracker.

bc86b4  No.13494341


>Israel is not to be blamed

>I don't think

Checks out, faggot.

c861ca  No.13494347


lies. You're still glowing.

731767  No.13494352

File: afdeefe4eaf2767⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1897x1525, 1897:1525, Manhattan-faucets-will-nev….jpg)

File: 3a3139c08d6a3d1⋯.jpg (36.57 KB, 400x300, 4:3, valve_chamber_1990.jpg)

File: ce17bb4de26c9ab⋯.jpg (52.34 KB, 606x480, 101:80, ee2e9069aceb063c2943796c18….jpg)


The entirety of the water supply to NYC is supplied by two tunnels running from upstate NY reservoirs. Water tunnel 1, Water Tunnel 2 and water tunnel 3 (under construction- est complete 2020) run to a valve station located in the bedrock 600 feet below Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx.

Tunnels 1 and 2 are why NYC water tastes so shitty. They're lined with masonry brick if I remember correctly. Nicely designed system though, because it's completely gravity flow from upstate NY.

c78ec3  No.13494357


oh thats a good picture next time someone says no-planes sept. 11th, shit were tehy say planes can't fly into buildings.

000000  No.13494367


>SPECIFIC locations

If you have technical skills you can literally pick any job that will have you and you are set. On all the projects I have worked on in the last five years I have not seen a single one that is not held together with duct tape.

Isn't it strange that the worse an organization's infrastructure is the worse they treat their engineers?

000000  No.13494376



Oh hai FBI!!!! Maybe u shld make a newww israel is dee worst!!!!!11 thread so we can stop shitting up this one!!!!!!!!! :)))))

727aa9  No.13494377


IIRC NYC sewers need to be constantly bilged or the sewers would back up and flow out into the streets. There is no method of drainage, they literally have to constantly bilge pump the sewers of NYC to prevent backup and overflow back out onto the street. I have no idea the size and magnitude of the industrial equipment that must be necessary for that, but if that machinery was every to be compromised or malfunction it would be extremely bad for the biggest and most important city in the USA.

c861ca  No.13494387

File: 52df08a1528805d⋯.png (315.87 KB, 500x726, 250:363, f'realdoh?.png)


Oh, hi, spicspam. Your shift is over soon.

You going home?

731767  No.13494390


Yes, this is absolutely correct. There are dozens of pumping stations scattered all across the city with massive capacity but much of it flows to the newtown creek wastewater treatment facility. It can be seen when driving on 495.

000000  No.13494397


Why did Mueller order the FBI to ignore Arabs who were learning how to fly but not how to land?

c861ca  No.13494420


To blow up buildings, spicspam.

4792dd  No.13494428

File: 292950312a73226⋯.jpg (105.86 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, paris_sewers-scouring-ball….jpg)


The Paris sewer is unclogged with a giant iron ball.

000000  No.13494436


So we both agree that it is the FBI and not Mossad that caused 9/11?

731767  No.13494439

File: 40c7f0f0e6c7010⋯.jpg (276.24 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, london-fatberg-autopsy-dru….jpg)


Simple and elegant is the name of the game. Nowadays the biggest problem with sewers is the fact that all the (((prescription drugs))) arent filtered out and that fatbergs are a constant problem with women flushing literal tons of wet wipes and other feminine hygiene shit into the pipes.

4792dd  No.13494450


I've heard of an incident where a naval vessel had plumbing issues due to women.

731767  No.13494454


"a" problem…. its a constant problem. Tampons overload the beefiest of macerator pumps. Women are seemingly incapable of understanding why that shit cant be flushed into a gravity flow sewer system.

c861ca  No.13494464


It was both, spicspam. Everyone knows this. Now fuck off. You're off topic. You're always off topic, you subversive nigger.

f5d0e9  No.13494466


I wonder when the water will turn is into real actual traps

731767  No.13494471


Birth control hormones like synthetic estrogen are being found in increasingly high concentrations in estuarys near wastewater processing facilities and in wastewater effluent as well. It is actually a non joke real problem that is being looked at. If you piss it out chances are its not getting filtered post wastewater treatment.

000000  No.13494511


>It was both

>Everyone knows this




>multiple times this thread


Are you reading from a script? You sound like it! Like a glow-in-the-dark, freshly divorced, paying alimony to his ISIS-fucked wife, looking for ebil huwhite nazis to stop for a budget increase and a payrise.

>You're off topic

So let's get back on topic!

The problem, my fellow white nationalist Aryan patriot, is that my brothers and I don't have to do anything in particular to make things fall down, but rather have to do everything we can just to make things stand up. We are not paying obese women to flush wet wipes and grease down the drain. We keep the drains flowing! So it won't really help to attack us now, will it?


000000  No.13494519

I learned that, in addition to humans causing most wildfires, immigants are the majority of those causing fires.

Sanctuary city illegal immigrant sparks $61M fire in national forest



>Angel Gilberto Garcia-Avalos

>26,135 acres burned

>Sentence: 13 months jail and pay $61 million in restitution

Wikipedia article with no text:



Spring Creek fire suspect reported blaze and had burn marks as he spoke to authorities, arrest documents say



>Jesper Jørgensen

>108,045 acres burned

>Sentence: Still pending trial (Aug. 2, 2019)

Wikipedia article with text:



I am sure this is the case for freedom-hating leafs, since their BC fire caused most of the smoke in the US last year. But as you can expect, if you imagesearch each of their names, you will find images of only one.

1e4180  No.13494539


Hey everyone. Glownigger posting. If you are evem serious, you should at least do some research yourself into where these types of pipelines are instead of asking anons to spoonfeed your ass. Fucking FBI shitlord.

c861ca  No.13494548


Yeah, dick. If a spicspamming nigger wasn't spending every day shitting up every thread, I wouldn't have to point it out.

Blame the actual problem, you spicspamming nigger.



000000  No.13494554



Then you probably know they run internet cablealong pipe with reflector at the end and ping for vandals like you, and leaks.


0a4f72  No.13494563

File: d72b4e442f7c752⋯.jpg (65.54 KB, 1020x915, 68:61, mandatory.jpg)

File: 5c4680f79c3b77c⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 498x362, 249:181, image04.gif)

Reminder that 75% of your taxes goes to giving money to people.

Not construction

Not research

Not industry

Not education

Not nationwide mega projects


37441a  No.13494572

Thing is, it's not just the major infrastructure but it's other stuff that may seem insignificant, stuff like snow removal in the NE. White people thrive on this, and it's a marvel to watch a well administered big city run without a hitch through a major snowstorm on weekdays. But…and it's a big BUT…put niggers in charge and what a disaster. Planning for and executing snow removal in a timely manner does not compute in the minds of shitskin city administrators who see their balliwicks as gold mines for their own personal graft and nothing else. Putting shitskins in charge of a major city is far more devastating than any sabotage you can think of.

12057e  No.13494579

000000  No.13494593


The worst part is that property tax, most of which is land, doesn't fund public lands. In my state they even have a fee to access parking at such places, as if there is any other way to get to the desert, the forest, or the mountains. jews gotta go tbh. A jew runs the department of natural resources and only talks of them as ways to generate monies, not enjoyment or Europeans' religion.

fe5ac1  No.13494685

It's just like when the Roman Empire collapsed all the bridges and aqueducts they built started to decay because the knowledge and technical skills required to maintain them was lost.

74c238  No.13494694

File: dc989c5dc6bca02⋯.jpg (22.4 KB, 236x334, 118:167, vintage le 56% clown world.jpg)


Man, I am just living in your fucking head rent free at this point aren't I?

Feels good.


When the Western Empire fell, the Catholic church was there to snake up anything of worth or import. We need to be in position to do that when the time comes.

c861ca  No.13494703

File: 37361833ceccaed⋯.jpg (544.28 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, jeweledsaint.jpg)


I already told you, cunt.


You think you can mimic my style, and no one will notice?

(i'm stealing that clown.)

You're at home on your own computer now.

Sleep well.

f19e2f  No.13494729


>It's just like when the Roman Empire collapsed all the bridges and aqueducts they built started to decay because the knowledge and technical skills required to maintain them was lost

What about the Byzantine Empire? Weren't they there for some time beating Vandals and Goths and shit?

bbbf24  No.13494841

File: 091da48f688862d⋯.jpg (483.8 KB, 1024x716, 256:179, 3875.1442160339.jpg)

File: 441eea8c223ba3e⋯.jpg (616.06 KB, 1000x708, 250:177, CPSPSD45.jpg)

File: 5592bdf3bd1a2be⋯.jpg (40.23 KB, 727x450, 727:450, southern_pacific_daylight_….jpg)

File: 9dc428d177cef53⋯.jpg (922.55 KB, 2592x1936, 162:121, Tehachapi_Loop_seen_from_N….jpg)

That half of California's GDP and 30% of America's GDP moves through three mountain passes outside LA?

Anyway, attempts to unfuck infrastructure always get stuck in the mud because retards come out of the woods and get upset that the government might spend money on things other than freeways. Oh shit all of our bridges are crammed with traffic, better build a new bridge for freight trains - nope might hurt some bird, might trim some tree, might upset some cow therefore five years of litigation and appeals until preconstruction can commence.

You think I'm joking, but I'm not. Especially in California, Republicans talk tough about supporting Industry and Work until someone wants to do some mass transit within their county and suddenly we all have to stop because cows might be upset. Ditto for liberal concerns over trees up the peninsula, these are all actual lawsuits I'm referencing against the state's high speed rail project. Each tacked on an extra $50 million dollars that was pocketed by Jewish attorneys.

But despite this, progress continues. Real progress, not the faggot newspeak definition of it. California's leadership is at least somewhat aware that they require infrastruture to have an economy, and it's no secret that Caltrans' new traction power grid can be repurposed if PG&E (perhaps the only entity more Jewish than Sacramento, short of Israel and Trump Tower) is determined to be unusable. Similarly, we can charge the Rust Belt's decline in part to de-electrification which occurred in the 1980s because Ronald "die for israel" Reagan didn't want to pay for it. And to give California's regime credit, they didn't cuck out when it came to China. Instead of asking the Feds to let them import cheap Chinese trains and co-ownership, they told them to fuck off and used American sourced steel instead. The same can't be said of the new Eastern Span, which is falling apart because it uses Chinese steel. I legit feel safer on BART than the new bridge for this reason, because it's easier to survive a nigger attack than falling ten stories.

bbbf24  No.13494844

File: 055ddb153f98f68⋯.jpg (45.51 KB, 276x547, 276:547, cs_map.jpg)

File: 96741a8105a04d5⋯.png (98.5 KB, 586x541, 586:541, 586px-Cahsr_map.svg.png)


Maps, current and under construction, for reference. Even on it's own CAHSR will finally divorce passenger and freight, a welcome change that means industry can shove longer trains in while people can get to work without giving AIPAC's #3 donor and Fienstien's #2 donor (Chevron) their money.

493c45  No.13494891



001b1f  No.13494894


Don't contribute:



742e61  No.13494909

File: 6bfbf22282e50bd⋯.png (30.58 KB, 786x145, 786:145, No one should take this se….PNG)

File: 1e75110a64398a5⋯.pdf (11.8 MB, switching-operators-manual….pdf)

File: 142d7e7c7e3ad23⋯.png (1 MB, 1243x667, 1243:667, Basic Substation Layout.PNG)


These guys were living in Clownworld by the 1980's. Kudos.


Well, if you want to know what is crumbling, why don't you watch this video of a substation worker performing switching operations, by hand, in (CURRENT YEAR). If that doesn't scream "THIS IS OUTDATED AND UNMONITORED," I don't know what does.


Also, here's some PDFs on how these things work. For science.

742e61  No.13494912

File: 73540ec69df3df5⋯.pdf (5.58 MB, switching-operators-manual….pdf)


And the other half.

bbbf24  No.13494915

File: 26489f48e9c2a2b⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 592x920, 74:115, 920x920.jpg)


>If that doesn't scream "THIS IS OUTDATED AND UNMONITORED," I don't know what does.

What you posted is extremely typical for all high-power infrastructure, a better example would be Mr. and Mrs. Moshe suing PG&E for trimming their trees and getting upset that a power line does in fact need 20' of clearance so it doesn't start a fire if it shorts. It's not the substations that kill people or the huge transformers requiring poles, as those have required abatement around it. It's the random power poles on streets that blow up because the power company went cheap on them since they are small enough to be replaced in a day. My point with this is that electrical accidents are never obvious.

By the way, PG&E's "fine" was allowed to be transferred directly into increased customer bills because the court system is run by Jews who all collectively decided that PG&E's investors mattered more than their goy customers or their employees. This shit will eventually kill the state, if not through blackouts than through a fire that burns down a synagogue and suddenly PG&E becomes worse than Hitler, committer of sixty million holocausts. It'll be too late then though, the deaths will either spawn rope day or will fuck up the banks because PG&E will skip their usury payments and crash the entire economy into the ground. Much like Enron did with the first dotcom bust.

(the fucking kikes never learn, but we do)

bbbf24  No.13494928

File: 6b6b8dc3fccaaf3⋯.jpeg (59.69 KB, 413x619, 413:619, dt.common.streams.StreamS….jpeg)

File: f025171c4cabb99⋯.jpg (762.38 KB, 696x463, 696:463, 1746Upfront-696x463.jpg)

File: 6c2eb9f6b50267d⋯.jpg (49.46 KB, 450x434, 225:217, treetrimpruningpractice450….jpg)

File: a2452cbf7a87149⋯.jpg (118.28 KB, 618x619, 618:619, 4e937a2a19be4.image.jpg)


Just so that we're on the same page. And there is no shortage of complaints when tree trimming crews come round:




77441c  No.13494974


Send please

More information to UserXVIyahoo.com.

Please return email adress. and I will Send you 20 GB of history.

It might be 50GB il send You everything.

These shits have gone to far… dont rhink about it

1f74e2  No.13495027


Hope no-one falls for this glow in the dark alphabet nigger.

ec0102  No.13495044


My boss told me about it a while back, it didn't get much media attention probably because they didn't want to give anyone else ideas.

He specualted that the guy who did it was involved in some telecom company and just wanted to show how fragile their systems was in hopes of increasing the security

505534  No.13495082


People that die from 4 days with no water are weak

I just did 30 hours with no water and no food as part of my routine

There are russian fasting centers where the standard procedure is to put people on 14 day dry fasts

ef49cc  No.13495101


I think we've proven the phrase:


37441a  No.13495106


No I'm saying the top dogs in the US intel community were either in on it or just let it happen because they knew better than anyone else who owns and runs America.

Hint; Al Quaeda couldn't possibly infiltrate America's command structure to shut down NORAD for an hour and forty minutes. AIPAC/PNAC/Mossad could and did.

c74bb9  No.13495138


>But that is very, very localized (compared to a meltdown which may or may render several tens of thousands of km² uninhabitable for generations).

Meltdowns in nuclear reactors that use water as a moderator are also very localized. That which fucked Chernobyl was that the moderator was graphite and not water. It was designed without the option for semi-controlled failure. This was with intent since Chernobyl-style reactors can use uranium with no or very little enrichment.

In order to sustain a nuclear reaction you have to brake the neutrons so that they are more easily caught by the uranium nucleus, and water boils away if the reactor goes beyond normal operation interrupting this process. Without water no slow neutron fission but the fuel rods will melt from decay and resudial heat and you will get a big puddle of nuclear fuel in the bottom of the reactor vessel.

c74bb9  No.13495153


Money taken directly by Israel is only a small part of the overall aid taken by Israel. American companies controlled by jews invest tons of money in Israel for no good reason, an example being Intel which has a very expensive microprocessor factory in Israel. These factories use very large amounts of fresh water, and placing a chip foundry in a desert region with scarce water is not a rational choice, but it was done anyway because Intel is jewed.

Another angle is the military subventions that Israel gets, such as free R&D and rebated weaponry. The greatest cost of Israel isnt in the stuff they loot from Uncle Sucka but the insanity that their ambitions cause. USA has spent multiple trillions as in 1000's of billions for the security benefit of Israel (real or imagined, mostly the later). All these wars in the middle east are not for the benefit of America. If you factor in these wars the total aid to Israel is perhaps 5-600 billion dollars per year - if you count low. Half a trillion dollar per year isnt chump change. Thats ~1500 dollar per american per year including illegals. Since this is a lowball estimate i would guess that the true cost of israel to every american including non-tax payers is about 2000 dollars per year. That aint chump change.

742e61  No.13495160

File: 637e7d74f25b2e9⋯.png (71.77 KB, 495x258, 165:86, I wonder.PNG)


I wonder if this works on cameras?

c74bb9  No.13495165


It was just one tower and it was partially felled - the upper half fell off. He disconnected just one cable on the leeward side and when the wind changed the tower broke in middle several days later.

508db3  No.13495183


I love how you jews just pour cement all over yourselves, then roll into the sea when it comes to trying to defend yourselves to those who aren't completely brainwashed.

Hitler was right, no segregated people could ever fall for your typical tricks. You're fucked, honestly.

1f74e2  No.13495188


Not gonna work on CCTV.

b464fd  No.13495280

File: 21114531afae0c8⋯.jpg (392.9 KB, 1024x717, 1024:717, Imperator Augustus.jpg)


Another thing you forgot is that the waning decades of the SPQR saw Roman infrastructure decay, until Imperator Augustus Caesar fixed everything.

54a41b  No.13495308

File: 2eb89f6e76dcd9f⋯.jpg (85.78 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, IMG_451911.jpg)



Niggers don't give a fuck. Period.

You put niggers in a culture where there feral nature is rewarded appropriately and they will respond accordingly.

The best best will rise to the top, the rest will fill their roles.

Disparity with other races but essentially equivalent.

You have to grind that motherfucker down to the source of the fucking problem.

The infection.

Your welcome,

_Jamalberg The Mighty

8473b8  No.13495337

File: a04461f86f01f22⋯.png (404.83 KB, 2200x968, 25:11, blood mushrooms.png)

000000  No.13495338


I'm fucking glad it's failing. By maintaining it, all we're doing is keeping the seat warm for our replacements. And when these failures start to cascade they will blame Whitey (I wouldn't kick at the rot, let it happen organically. Our people need a clear conscience)

54a41b  No.13495368

File: d50207377edcc4c⋯.jpg (30.86 KB, 350x453, 350:453, ca purpose.jpg)


You know I'm right.

Argue with me.

b14de0  No.13495392

File: 5ea9f1cc5924228⋯.jpg (782.67 KB, 957x902, 87:82, HuelsenRecTemplumDiviIuli2….jpg)


By building temples dedicated to his worship? He built some aqueducts here and there, sure, but you're giving him too much credit.

8c6bb4  No.13495401


>dont worry. Whites have a failsafe. if we die, so do they

What kind of feel good nihilistic bullshit is this? Have you not noticed that Africa is still rife with niggers, even the parts that don't receive white man humanitarian aid. That's because they breed like rabbits without a care for the duration of said offspring. Shitskins are much the same, multiple wives, lots of offspring, no plan for the future. Like cockroaches, rats, lice, fleas, ticks, and mosquitos, these subhumans will proliferate even after the white race is nothing but corpes. They won't accomplish what we have due ti their low iq's and lack of forward thinking and planning, but that is not required for just merely surviving. Do not give up with an "oh well. At least their life will be harder without us" cucked-ass bullshit. Set your mind to utter domination and subjugation of all other species.

4792dd  No.13495413


thanks brother.

421924  No.13495749

File: fbe084b3512ce03⋯.jpg (86.6 KB, 719x720, 719:720, the-left-will-summon-the-r….jpg)



literally pic related

f735dd  No.13495770


Accurate summary of what's going to happen within the next 20-30 years to the infrastructure.

5ef51a  No.13495782


Morganza Spillway / Old River Control Structure might fail one day and there would be a breakdown which would even affect the whole world, because of transportation of food and other goods: https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/ongoing-flooding-may-threaten-mississippi-rivers-old-river-control-structure/70008430

>The system is designed to prevent the Mississippi River from permanently altering course down the Atchafalaya River, bypassing Baton Rouge and New Orleans, but current flooding could put a strain on the system and in a worst-case scenario make it fail, causing the Mississippi River to change course down the Atchafalaya River.

>"If the Mississippi River changes its course during a major flood, it would be a disaster for shipping and economic impacts in New Orleans and the lower end of the waterway," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.

That aside I also wonder what would happen if there were a solar storm. Which countries are prepared for that?

107773  No.13495993

that was a depressing read through. I know its probably just some foriegn alphabet trying to sucker us into attacks but it is really depressing to know so much of the world is run by morons.

d37d88  No.13496027

Interesting thread *golf clap* I look foward to the inevitable chaos

35c7da  No.13496041


iFunny is cancer

c861ca  No.13496111

File: 31cc53927e84a0d⋯.jpg (83.83 KB, 500x756, 125:189, CDS.jpg)


no glow here, anon. Apologies for harshing your mellow. I'm oldfag, and now fully understand there is no political solution.

Do what you deem necessary with this information. You will eventually come to the same conclusion eventually.

It's inevitable. Nothing can stop what's coming. Your best play is to get ahead of the wave, and ride it. Tread deeper waters. Do

The tide is already sucking out to sea, and only a few of us knows what that means. There will be no high ground sanctuary.

Surf the Kali Yuga, lads.

b25991  No.13496132

Generally speaking the USA hasn't put any effort into infrastructure in a long time and on the government level has pretty much forgotten it all exists.

c78ec3  No.13496146


quit acting like you all are going to defeat them by doing more of nothing like you are doing right now.


b25991  No.13496157


The F35 flies the way it does for a number of reasons.

Most of them relate to sacrifices made for the inclusion of stealth capabilities (which are obsolete now anyways)

Its VTOL capability is another reason since that required further aerodynamic sacrifice.

Finally the fact that modern US made fighters aren't intended to be aerodynamically stable. They run on the idea that its better to have them be unstable but controlled by computer since this supposedly makes them able to perform more extreme aerial manoeuvres.

c861ca  No.13496172


Stop pretending you know shit about anything or anyone on this board, lil nigger. You're embarrassing yourself.

6d40e4  No.13496247

Learn how to do electrical work, welding, wood working, and mechanical work. In about 15 years you will considered the most valuable human asset as society degrades.

Invest in firearms, ammo, and quality materials. Just fine deals and stash stuff away as you go through life.

6d40e4  No.13496254


Thats worse than any gore thread i have seen on /b/ going back to 05.

c861ca  No.13496283

File: 0224641fd7e622b⋯.png (999.22 KB, 1170x680, 117:68, ClipboardImage.png)


Got a good scrap pile of steel going, and a few vehicles ready to breathe life into (and armor).

Welding Shop is almost done. Etc.

Deny the easy world, and find the ancient ways in todays manifestations.

The themes of the Natural Order never change. Only the resources.

699b89  No.13496341


<hurr u didn't read

Your thread is shit and is about rust and erosion existing. Absolute garbage.

b25991  No.13496355

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Theres much better ways to target the ruling class.

Did you know mercury fucks up aluminium?

c861ca  No.13496360


Very aware. Do both.

You better up your ManGame, child.

b2d976  No.13496373


interesting weapon. Could this be used on tanks? and armored vehicles during the day of the rope? Perhaps on bridges or other structures?

8473b8  No.13496383


It doesn't work on steel.

f735dd  No.13496384


Well, the M2 Bradley is made up of… aluminium (and magnesium). If in doubt, just use flammable liquids on them. These vehicles don't like that, at all.

acb474  No.13496398


So are M113's and probably Humvees to some extent. This is the kind of science I like. Wish more nerds would help us out in the cost effective easy solutions department.

c861ca  No.13496418


I'm having a hard time finding my 'chemistry' files that go over this.

I'm about ready to dump my entire 'insurgent' folder, and let you guys find it.

b25991  No.13496430

File: 46a9ab171db007c⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1552880900.jpg)



You'd be much better off using it on aircraft.

You could shut down a major airport for good with an attack using this.

Outfit a load of drones with bottles of mercury and have them just ram into aircraft parked at the airport.

They'd need enough weight to smash through the outer hull or at least damage the paint enough for the mercury to get in.

But you could easily repurpose model aircraft for this.

Maybe add small explosive charges to further damage the aircraft and spread the mercury.

Every single airframe would need to be first checked to ensure its not going to collapse then decontaminated (since mercury is toxic to humans)

After that you'll have to begin the process of scrapping them. Because you can't fly them. You can't guarantee you got all the mercury, that there aren't compromised structural or control elements.

And you'd have to scrap them AT the airport.

So imagine that. Maybe fifty or so big jet liners all being torn apart at the airport. It can't run flights in or out because of all the FOD hazards those scrappage operations will create. And thats even if theres physical room to get aircraft in and out.

And once the scrapping is done and everythings carted off? A thorough and I do mean thorough check of the airport for any potential pieces of metal or whatever from the aircraft.

A private major airport like you see in countries like the UK would be bankrupted.

A major publicly owned one like you see in the USA would be shut for a year or more, and during that time be a gigantic money sink.

To get an idea of how it would fuck things up in the USA.

You'd be paying for the scrappage operation with no parts resale (they can't be trusted).

You'd be paying cleanup.

You'd be paying for security staff for the entire duration.

The airport would be making no money off fees during this time.

You'd still be running the air traffic operations. Costs money.

Facilities would need to be maintained even though they're not being used. So that means cleaners, maintenance staff and people to just run through the place and make sure power outlets still work and flush toilets/run taps a bit once every week (yes you do have to do that sort of thing)

Now where it gets real fun in terms of time and money wasted is that they won't be able to keep all the staff on during this time.

A major airport can employ thousands if not tens of thousands of people. Who are mostly related to passengers in one way or another.

So you won't keep them on payroll during all this, they'll lose their jobs causing a sudden unemployment shock in the area.

But then when you are ready to reopen you'll need to hire new staff and many of the former staff will have fucked off elsewhere. So you'll need to pay for training and schedule time for it. But due to potential health hazards you may not be able to do any on-site training until after the scrapping operations are finished.

The costs would be astronomical.


Oh cool you got the old /k/ megafolder too?

c861ca  No.13496453


>/k/ megafolder

I do not. I pieced mine together myself.

I'm sure there are holes in my collection.

Got archive?

b25991  No.13496463


It was a torrent I shall see if its still up

b25991  No.13496485


A brief search has yielded no joy.

8473b8  No.13496486


The hard part would be getting the mercury.

b25991  No.13496501

File: 45ff59f65e59731⋯.png (390.23 KB, 650x556, 325:278, dc2e63ad3399970a088c82f2fd….png)


Not really.

Depending on what country you're in its pretty easy to acquire.

Not sure on US law but here in the UK for quantities a half kilo or under (I think thats the amount) you don't even need to provide ID. Being readily available for purchase online.

Chemical supply companies are quite numerous and fireworks supply stores often carry it too.

b2d976  No.13496523


Perhaps if you mix up the mercury with something it could work on steel too?

b2d976  No.13496529


Spain and Italy produce about half of the world's supply of Mercury.

Perhaps they are good countries to start the mercury revolution?

b25991  No.13496568


This more a property of aluminium than a property of mercury

You get similar but much less pronounced and dramatic results with gallium on aluminium.

7550ce  No.13496681

File: 091e4a92807f106⋯.jpg (83.17 KB, 798x602, 57:43, sheeeit317.jpg)

Thermite and the 2 compunds, (there are much more than 2). Spread upon Light Fixtures !!!

Spreading 2 compounds can cause tires to burst. Bus and car transportations ends.

Trains, Same exact 2 compounds.

White cops will run to White Neighborhoods….. You all See 20-30 million * *****S Will Capitalize on this.

Yes A Civial War… Well

Destroy and hold = you know what

Anger the Niggers to attack

5fd666  No.13496694


I've seen the hair grease and soap bond together where it looks like slimy veins in residential drains. Most pulls were in the 2-3 foot long range. Thankfully no fucking blood tampon sausage with hair veins. The smell is horrendous though.

de803c  No.13496714

File: 26dad5e15a66b04⋯.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1728x2592, 2:3, 0A78953F-449B-4201-9BEE-B….jpeg)

If you want to make sure that the infrastructure in your area stays safe, you can go to your local United States Geological Survey office and buy some quadrangle maps that show where electrical substations, water treatment facilities, and gas pipelines are located for about $7 each.


Or you can use this website and browse the Quad Topos at your leisure. The cost to order a physical copy, which you would surely want if you want to discuss defensive strategies with your boys, is about $15 each.

cf0339  No.13496719

File: fd63907355f9b83⋯.mp4 (1.12 MB, 360x360, 1:1, Found the kike.mp4)

14bb85  No.13496753


Inciting people to blow up bridges is the most cliche agent provacteur move in the book mate, that said i'm an anprim, so I hope some insane nazi actually does this, it would be hilarious.


>Poor, poor Society.

Based jokerposter

37441a  No.13496794


I knew a guy who did big sewer mains; it's pantihose. Women flush pantihose down the toilets and they are like sausage skins that pack in shit, tampons, running shoes, hair curlers, q tips, wet ones butt wipes, and diapers. They get packed with this and then get tangled and tesselated together in huge skeins that can block up 6 ft dia. sewer mains and go on for a hundred yards. He'd have to put on a CBW or hazmat suit and go in there with these big billhook/halberd poles to cut them up into manageable chunks and then drag the slimy pantihose shit packed chunks out of there. Fucking nasty.

c861ca  No.13496841

File: 44664d0f3cf8add⋯.png (71.93 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Anon, I would never!

With as many morons as this place has attracted, I wish I was getting paid by our tax rape sometimes.

There are some days in here I almost want to change sides. lmao

You know as well as I that there WILL come a time when knowledge like this might be beneficial. However, I wouldn't trust me either. I won't hold it against you, lad.


Bummer. I was trying to recall what the mixture was that erodes steel, and other ferrous metals.

Rust powder was one ingredient. Don't remember the rest. Maybe it was aluminum.

Am I thinking of homemade thermite?


cd215a  No.13496845


>The only reason why the infrastructure is hanging on by a thread nowadays is because it was generally built so well by the massive legions of unknown european white men who soldiered through the ages to get to this point.

I found some old landline telephones in my garage. GTE and ITT. Both identical, both have weight in the proper places (no sandbags or metal bars) and both would still work if I dropped them off a 10 story building, well, probably.

They stopped making them in the 80's. It's more (((profitable))) for the telephone company to BYOD so we got thousands of telephone models, mostly shitty.

The wires have been replaced by fiber and ONTs where I live simply because too many people were stealing copper wire.

cd215a  No.13496883

File: 40b71f3b18d9dd5⋯.jpg (46.98 KB, 701x394, 701:394, fatcom.jpg)



I always called him Fatcom.

b25991  No.13496928

File: d9ebd64447b36cf⋯.png (26.7 KB, 1247x309, 1247:309, Contento.png)


You are thinking of home made thermite.

But the megafolder I was on about was a huge collection of about 80 gb of materials covering all sorts of subjects.

Since I have a copy I might have to redo the torrent for it.

Pic related. It all comes in these RAR files.

7550ce  No.13496939

File: b1f820a29020188⋯.jpeg (261.9 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, bq-5bf41771466f4.jpeg)


If an Actual Racewar breaks out***

I have no problem Placing thermite on electrical Wire and Roads.

Its OK that You Niggers dont know How to make the actual subject Effective.


Whites Find it unifyingly funny

cd215a  No.13496991


We've been talking about dedicated high speed passenger rail from Detroit to Quebec City in leafland forever, and it never works for the same (((reasons))). Can't remember how many times I've had to wait for a freight train to pass.

7550ce  No.13497017

File: 72458a566b441a7⋯.png (258.12 KB, 616x906, 308:453, 72458a566b441a706acb6b5b1a….png)

Keep the destruction around … the City

This is where the Niggers Live

We can get so Many when it all falls down


2f0033  No.13497124


I should get on /k/ more often

436c6a  No.13497137

The recent power failure in NYC was caused (according to unconfirmed reports) by a single transformer failure at this location

40.7692, -73.9948

aee5ee  No.13497155

I remember one time I passed by a semi truck that had flipped over on the opposite side of the road on I10. I can’t say for sure how long that blockage was there, but the traffic I passed after that was truly shocking. It must have been 20+ miles of completely stopped traffic. People were out of their cars laying on the grass. It really impressed upon me how crippling any concerted effort from a hostile power could have on our country given the right pressure points. Imagine any cartel targeting these spots, which we know they would, the havoc caused would be irreparable.

7550ce  No.13497188


Get the fuck out of here Nigger

We wont miss You

94d8f5  No.13497194


Serves her right for gloating, amirite?

94d8f5  No.13497220


The sewers are sexist. Fucking patriarchy.

c861ca  No.13497231



Yeah, what I'm thinking of popped up when the commies were pulling down statues, and anon posted a mixture that corroded many different metals quickly. My Steel Trap is breddy gud, but it ain't photographic.

>might have to redo

I, and many, would be stoked if you did, lad.

Thanks for looking.

be2602  No.13497233

File: 76074daa125c9f4⋯.jpg (415.08 KB, 689x830, 689:830, 20190713_212136.jpg)

>>13494126 Technically there wouldn't be a "target" at all least of all some down on his luck dude fucked by the (((jude))) and if a fire was to start I'd hope he'd be smart and caple enough to understand the danger and to also know the best possible methods of escaping the blaze.. as one who may be camping out alone in the woods.. which honestly sounds like a paradise compared to the daily grind I know it's NOT.. I was homeless myself for about three months couch surfing when I could and living out under the sky when I couldn't till I finally had enough to buy a car I would hope any anon would be sufficiently smart enough to have made an effort to study up on that sort of fire safety because it really doesn't need help for a fire to start in California.

>>13494519 This is what I was saying above.. it's just terrible that these poor migrants and refugees are being blamed for causing a massive Forrest fire or six that's so bigoted and racist! Its probably white nationalists fault for not providing fire safety pamphlets in Spanish as to better accommodate our dear and valued guests…no wait, Brothers and Sisters.. and any other gender identity they have.. I hope no one took the report seriously and actually BLAMMED the migrantsa for the fire? The LAST thing we want is for normies and NPCs to start and harbor resentment for the refugees especially not if it was somehow predominantly black owned property that was damaged.. I admit I know little to nothing of the actual layout of any California city because I never cared enough to look.. but wouldn't it be bad if a confused and culture shocked migrant, overwhelmed by the sheer wonder that is America, somehow caused a massive fire in some bushes or park near a heavily populated black neighborhood? Through no fault of their own having suffered from the white man's oppression the average urban black youth can be extremely volatile and unpredictable and is often armed.. let's not give them MORE reasons to believe that the migrants are not here to enrich our lives culturally and economically… migrants are our only hope to save this poor society

f85eba  No.13497676


no wait this one goes in your mouth, this one in your ass

659d62  No.13498008


fun fact, extreme aerial maneuvers main limitation is the human element, and hidden faults that come to light when extreme stressors hit an fracture in the machine somewhere. being unstable while flying does nothing but make you unstable. at this point I wouldn't be surprised if they cannot even design fighters with actual solid systems anymore in the west.

659d62  No.13498013


armored vehicles and tanks are better taken out by other means. a few ounces of special 'that done burns good' material transported by an drone and landing on top of the vehicle before cooking off is an better option. MBT's are especially weak to such due to cook offs and fuel, if you can get wedged in close over the actual engine its an permanently dead tank. wheeled vehicles its harder since most of the part you could land on only gets thru to an human rather than critical component.

50b748  No.13498045


Scared child posting is not welcome here.

4792dd  No.13498256

File: 20e8d4e4912dade⋯.jpg (65.75 KB, 640x480, 4:3, QVUMtdOl.jpg)

File: 7bd6cee81e8331d⋯.jpg (150.96 KB, 1011x720, 337:240, RnoZ3.jpg)

File: ee2b2cfadc5d4a6⋯.jpg (135.21 KB, 750x989, 750:989, t3_5cktmc.jpg)

File: d1566eb373f69ea⋯.jpg (778.06 KB, 1536x1439, 1536:1439, t3_5el3hq.jpg)


So this is a honey pot thread.

c861ca  No.13498276

File: 6de931336f09edf⋯.jpeg (79.25 KB, 534x494, 267:247, iRule.jpeg)


Uh oh. This is my thread. I'm in trouble now. I'll have to take the blame for the collapse of civilization, lads.


c861ca  No.13498285

File: 243c19a8f9b6dd9⋯.png (413.28 KB, 519x481, 519:481, ooops.png)

5ef51a  No.13498476

File: f6b1b413bd63eb9⋯.png (908.33 KB, 834x834, 1:1, doorkickers-indiecron-bzdr….png)


I thought this thread was about infrastructure at risk and the need to improve it, not about going to war.


This is was I was going for in >>13495782 at the end. Solar storm are able to destroy the electricity system.

6448e8  No.13498495



>iFunny is cancer

Looks like someone redid the meme and slapped an iFunny logo on it. Good stuff either way.

ab7741  No.13498617


great thread and some great conversations. But why the loop on that railroad? couldnt they have saved time and money by not having the loop or am i missing something?

8e70c2  No.13498626





Here is The Ar/k/, which is the newest /k/ mega torrent intended to supercede the old /k/ mega torrent, the Do/k/ument.

The torrent file is actually too large for piratebay to handle, so here's the torrent file to download the full torrent file: https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/13561569

if piratebay is blocked by your commie ISP, use a proxy, or use the magnet link here: http://pastebin.com/uF0NV5Nf

from the TPB description:

>File size is 285.6GB

>This torrent includes:

>The Do/k/ument

>AGI Videos

>Fosscad Mega Pack 4.7

>Field Manuals

>Firearm Manuals

>Firearms Tactics 3.0

>Klaus' Minimalist Do/k/ument

>Mega Folder

>Upotte!! + OVA

>Quickload 3.6 + 3.8 update

>and a few surprises

also check https://the-eye.eu/public/murdercube.com/

d37d88  No.13498631



8473b8  No.13498636


He's an expert in gorilla warfare.

8e70c2  No.13498637


also check


626192  No.13498645


Probably too steep of an angle to go straight my guess. They'd have to take account of the momentum of the train itself.

d380ca  No.13498658

c00129  No.13498671

File: a58ffeea241455c⋯.jpg (114.69 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Concrete - Rome.jpg)

File: 8822e568dc48060⋯.jpg (172.95 KB, 800x908, 200:227, Concrete - Rome 2.jpg)

Evolutionist morons think we're on the "cusp of technology"

c00129  No.13498674

File: 7185c367e711aa4⋯.jpg (72.82 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Concrete - today's.jpg)

f19e2f  No.13498678


>But why the loop on that railroad?

To slow it down. Pain in the ass but you have to when you got that many tons rolling on a track, the gradients on train tracks have to be gradual

267a33  No.13498681

File: 427b6d4015ed37f⋯.jpg (71.07 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 8d9f13024b9ab44b42f4d56ddb….jpg)


>needlessly bringing up "Evolutionists"

>in a thread about infrastructure

Rent Free.

318451  No.13498689


None of the concrete used in that dome is reinforced. Modern concrete degrades like that because water moisture gets to the steel rebar.

b25991  No.13498694


Neat they expanded onit. Good ol' /k/

62d8b2  No.13498742


It really pains me to see these structures knowing that they now exist in countries that will soon be a Muslim majority. Just look at what happened to Notre Dame.

bfbaf0  No.13498755

File: db0a0aa82f38372⋯.gif (7.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, mylar-balloons-and-power-l….gif)


always use caution with mylar balloons.

do not use copper wire to attach them together and do not let them fly freely.

c74bb9  No.13498756


If the fighter is unstable in pitch up/down you wont need to use the tailplane to pitch, this saves movement energy and energy is life in fighter combat.

c74bb9  No.13498761


>Probably too steep of an angle to go straight my guess. They'd have to take account of the momentum of the train itself.

This is correct, trains can only handle very shallow gradients, if you want to go straight up a steep hill you will need a special cogwheel track betwen the main tracks for the locomotive to grip to.

c74bb9  No.13498766


>Modern concrete degrades like that because water moisture gets to the steel rebar.

When steel rebar rusts it expands and cracks the concrete from the inside.

62d8b2  No.13498767


Whatcha' thinkin' 'bout, Skelly?

b25991  No.13498771


Of course in the case of modern US fighters. This is irrelevant as they have been revealed to be utter gobshite at dogfights. Losing out to Eurofighters consistently and even their vaunted stealth capabilities not being capable of evading detection by Eurofighter wings either.


You may also require an assisting locomotive to help push all the carriages up.

There are sections of track where this is commonly done to the point where there are locomotives that exist entirely to do this and will sit off on a sidetrack waiting for the next train to come then once its been aided up the track return to that waiting spot.

b01431  No.13498852


Substation transformers are built as needed and the lead time is high, 12-18 months. If someone were to put some holes into some select sub transformers down low and drain the oil out over a long weekend when rain was in the forecast, to disguise to oil slick, it would put a fucking on everybodies favorite utility. It is a very important security flaw that needs to be looked into.

bfbaf0  No.13498940


and what is the potential of >>13498755 done in multiple locations by careless participants of childrens birthday parties on a single city?

57d01d  No.13499106


Of course there are spares, but not enough for multiple sub transformers burning up. There would be a call for any other utilities to help and send their spares, and portable substations brought in. It all depends on how many and where. A small rural co-op would be fubared with a couple out. Larger jew owned companies would take more.

And location is the most important part. Many parts of the distribution grid can be backfed so if someone traced circuits and used that research to hit subs that would support each other…well it would take a while to get everything back up. In minecraft.

3fd8c8  No.13499111

File: 23a8e7ab112c897⋯.jpg (70.56 KB, 423x527, 423:527, eb8ac2b50f8d89f6292a386d40….jpg)

almost as if it's designed to fail and need replacement in a few years.

3fd8c8  No.13499128

57d01d  No.13499205


Well back to lurking. I didn't look at the comment referenced.

Mylar balloons would cause multiple outages that would be quickly fixed. Would just cost some overtime and lost revenue for the downtime. Nuisance for sure but not worrisome.

Sage for double nigger posting

0043e3  No.13499235


Roman concrete was as good as it was because of the volcanic based pozzolana sand and volcanic tuff used for aggregate. Gave the concrete extremely good weathering properties. Its impressive, definitely, but very much a product of the location

5ef51a  No.13499237


You want us to overlook the fact that we can build that much faster and cheaper today? And buildings may not be the most important thing.


> muslim mayority

This really is an exaggeration.

0043e3  No.13499286


In this case the transformer would most likely be safe. It looks like the center primary shorted to the pole if it was grounded (or arced to the other phases) Transformers have a fuse to protect them for inrush current.

c9295b  No.13499420


The cost is much more than just what is directly sent to Israel, the majority of our "defense" budget is used to fight Israel's enemies for them, and send young American men to die so the jews don't have to.

61567f  No.13499516


>8pol has 1 thread on Pizzagate

>ifunny has been talking about Pizzagate nonstop for the past week or so, and probably will continue until a month or 2

>"but vro, ifunny has normie memes in its normie section, that must mean all of it is normie."

Every.damn.time. Yes, the Featured section is really fucking normie-tier, but if you overlook that and look at it's communities, you'll see a lot of "alt-right" content. Lots of redpills,too. But sure, keep on thinking ifunny is only for normies. Keeps the community pure.>>13496041

b25991  No.13499673


We talked about pizzagate thoroughly long ago.

We have evaluated every piece of evidence and long ago drawn the correct conclusions.

All thats left on that front is to spread it to normie sites

3fd8c8  No.13499677


You bring up a good point, I hadn't thought of that but I still think there's got to be something practical that's better than rebar.

94d8f5  No.13500007


>faster and cheaper today?

Regulations and labor law would like to have a talk with you.

>And buildings may not be the most important thing.

Yeah, where we live and work just isn't all that important. Let's just wrap balloon frames in Tyvek, stack em like legos and call it done. Watch out for tree branches!

2a928f  No.13500093

File: 71ce029f805f2f3⋯.jpg (72.14 KB, 960x960, 1:1, water-contamination_fluori….jpg)


>Forests are also all very vulnerable. Anyone can just start a fire, especially during dry season, and they're gone.

Someone doesn't know much about forest ecology. Fires are absolutely necessary to the wellbeing of forests, and I'm not even talking about controlled ones, which are human substitutes for the real deal, the ones started spontaneously by mother nature (or Zeus).


>poison municipal water

Oh noes, what will those 74 million Americans without access to fluoridated water do?!

cea32e  No.13500400


the fbi started the thread newfag, just play along

79b5f0  No.13501080


just took my belt off

3c0919  No.13501185


I was at dinner with the head of my state's bar association and his wife and son. They mentioned pizzagate with immense smugness and immediately dismissed it based on the non existent basement. Thanks to 8chan I immediately slapped them down by mentioning James Alefantis' facebook post about canning tomatoes in the basement. They were discomfited and chose not to proceed. I also decided not to be pedantic since it was after all a friendly dinner in a nice restaurant.

8chan has nailed pizzagate. But there's a lot of willful ignorance out there thanks to powerful jew media and social pressure.

43f518  No.13501348

File: 94085960248d884⋯.jpg (109.53 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 88c96a7321c1497d433722beff….jpg)


/pol/ needs to promote less Infrastructure spending. Why spend money for roads driven by Illegal Mexicans and International jew-Owned Businesses? If the roads stopped, then the Trucks carrying degenerate items stop and White People will have to work together to survive. Races will divide themselves up to covet nearby resources and the best Whites will be the best at obtaining what is needed to survive.

4a7a74  No.13501665

No ifunny has been constantly on top of this. Stop acting like 8chan is superior because it manages to have a Chan in its name and sperg on about some dumb stuff every once and a while. Just lol

b14de0  No.13501668


>muh illegals

c74bb9  No.13501917


We had a thread of this before. Roman concrete was/is some kind of limestone concrete that is far weaker but much more elastic than modern concrete. It means that it doesnt crack from thermal expansion/contraction when adhering to other types of material.

000000  No.13501934

You goyim are being very antisemitic because why would you bother building infrastructure at home when you can send all you tax shekels to israel and destroying the infrastructure of the enemies of israel and then rebuilding them so they can be destroyed again by israel to the tune trillions of dollars?

Besides think of the benefits like having the russia/china whom israel regularly sells US secrets to target easily shattered American infrastructure to destroy America so as the PM of israel has said "Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away." – Benjamin Netanyahu

So don't worry about the crumbling infrastructure goy. All civil engineers are slaves and antisemites.

c74bb9  No.13501938


>You bring up a good point, I hadn't thought of that but I still think there's got to be something practical that's better than rebar.

Sure there is, but are you willing to pay more? The buyer does not have the competence to specify non-rusting reinforcement and the contractor does not care - when it falls apart in the future they get to not only build a replacement building but also the contract to demolish the old one. This doesnt work out too well when you build enormous arch dams and bridges. What are you going to do when the Hoover dam fails? Empty the gorge, demolish the old dam and build a new one?

Free market economists have this idea that the market has total information permeance but in reality both buyers and sellers always have a limited information horizon which means that the most cost effective or useful alternative seldom becomes the #1 alternative because the buyer doesnt know that it exists or doesnt want to pay more than absolute minimum and the seller isnt interested in offering it, does not know it exists or does not care. Economics is not a science but a kind of racket-cult.

c74bb9  No.13501964


>Of course in the case of modern US fighters. This is irrelevant as they have been revealed to be utter gobshite at dogfights. Losing out to Eurofighters consistently and even their vaunted stealth capabilities not being capable of evading detection by Eurofighter wings either.

Bullshit. F-22 is the king of dogfights because of its superior aerodynamic abilities and powerful engines. It doesnt mean that it is invulnerable, just a damn hard opponent. The F-35 is aerodynamically gimped because of the need to incorporate space for an internal lift fan. It is as manuverable as an older jet but slower in horisontal flight. I would take superior climb and horisontal flight abilities over dogfight abilities because that allows for controlling the battle. You go in at high speed, let lose your missiles with off-bore lock or lock-after-launch, then disengage while the slower, clumsier opposition gets rekt because it cant get out of your missiles engagement zone while you can get out of theirs. Look at the chinks and their J-20, its long and narrow and made to do exactly this. It will eat the F-35 in both simulations and real life, if it comes to that.

b25991  No.13502065

File: 8127a75cf85dcf6⋯.jpg (15.23 KB, 160x182, 80:91, youjosenji_smile-01.JPG)


And yet the F22 has consistently lost in wargames that aren't specifically designed to gimp the Eurofighter. The most common gimping being "You can't deploy countermeasures"

Because that is literally the only way the BVR airwar doctrine the F22 is designed for can work.

Once it gets to dogfight territory the F22 is revealed as a bit of a brick.

Fast yes but only in a straight line.

I get that the yanks love the idea of BVR airwar.

They've tried it again and again and again.

But every time the reality of war has slapped the USAF in the face and gone "lol fag"

4792dd  No.13502162


>The most common gimping being "You can't deploy countermeasures"

Why can't they do that considering the Chinese & Russians would?

cc13f1  No.13502166

File: 530aece80f4444f⋯.png (164 KB, 1897x849, 1897:849, seed bomb the ghetto.png)

File: a0fa6029c7dfd18⋯.png (606.19 KB, 982x786, 491:393, b5f6965c308a34155f4ca16adb….png)

Anybody post plants VS niggers recently?

Tree of heaven (stinks/wont die, sends runners like grass), Kudzu (grows too fast to manage, wont die), Japanese knotweed (particularly rough on infrastructure like foundations, wont die), bamboo (sends out runners and grows voraciously, will ruin a niggers yard, the neighbors too).

Chigger weed (big white round flowers made of dozen s of smaller buds, 1 foot to 5 feet high, home to burrowing insects that will live in your skin called chiggers) and thistles/brambles (prickly) on roadsides where niggers walk. "moon flowers" (super poisonous, very pretty spreads like wild and easy to grow: collect seed pods and throw)

A good combo growth of easy to find annoying bullshit is a thorny rosebush with a tree of heaven, good luck cutting that stinky ant attracting mess down while navigating a thorny rosebush, perfect place for spiders.

Real fun is any degenerate anons who smoke weed can pick out some seeds to grow ditchweed along country roads and grow chigger weed in with the ditch weed and any niggers who try to get some free bud get chiggers too, they are weeds they grow without care.

b25991  No.13502188

File: e5f7f9c9b23cadd⋯.png (583.29 KB, 1111x1111, 1:1, e5f.png)


Because if they did then few if any of the F22s missiles would actually hit.

And the USA can't bullshit the specs on their missiles for the purpose of the wargame as most of them are widely used among NATO nations.

The purpose of these wargames is not actual training but to showcase the superiority of US military equipment and how much everyone needs the USA.

Problem is the USA can't actually meet these goals.

So they got to use political leverage to set the rules of the wargame in such a way they always get the outcome they want.

0af996  No.13502197


Should've used bluescope mate.

1cbd44  No.13502245

File: d9e0bd5e99816d2⋯.jpg (163.96 KB, 744x461, 744:461, 1543723404550.jpg)


>forgetting about radical islam, commies, etc.

>who are alllowed to be openly militant without consequences

It's only a matter of time before they figure something like this out and attack us. The only thing that's stopping them is their own retardation and knowing the state is on their side as long as they don't try to sink the boat.

Knowing how vulnerable you are is also a good motivator for prepping.

75bc1e  No.13502260


>buyers and sellers always have a limited information horizon

Yes, but buyers are particularly succeptible to insufficient knowledge. And markets in which any given customer buys only once or twice in his lifetime, sellers are invariably swindlers. Real estate sales, life insurance, annuities, high-end art, pianos, cars…

Even worse are buyers who buy for someone else: government. Noy only do government buyers lack the experience of many transactions but also they don't actually care all that much because they have no skin in the deal.

618b16  No.13502279


Just about any city that packs its' people into high rises like sardines are gonna be increasingly fucked in the future

c74bb9  No.13502280


>And yet the F22 has consistently lost in wargames that aren't specifically designed to gimp the Eurofighter. The most common gimping being "You can't deploy countermeasures"

Countermeasures benefit the F-22 more than the Eurofighter since the F-22 is designed to be stealthy. There is simply less for a missile to lock on to while the countermeasures are as conspicious as possible. A F-22 doesnt belong in close range dogfight because being within visual range negates it stealth abilities. Since it has the speed and acceleration to avoid dogfighting it wont be found at ranges < 10 km unless its moving in for the kill. Both the F-22 concept and implementation is excellent, but there were only 187 built and there will not be any more. Its the swan song of the USAF - the F-35 will be the death knell being designed to maximze defense contractor looting of the public coffers. The future brasil-america will not be able to build a replacement.

c74bb9  No.13502297


>Because if they did then few if any of the F22s missiles would actually hit.

A missile shot has the missile turning on its radar at the last second for terminal guidance. The long range tracking can be done by the firing aircraft or a supporting aircraft with shot data transferred via digital link. The russians also have amraam-eqivivalents that use lock-on-after-launch infrared guidance, two of these potted an F-18 in the 91 gulf war. You dont see these until they hit and firing flares doesnt help since they are limited and you only blow them when you expect an attack or have identified an incoming attack. You seem to think that air combat is like some kind of console shoot em up game. Its not.

b25991  No.13502314


The problem with that logic is stealth is a meme.

Everyone knows how to detect stealth aircraft now.

The EU found out by accident, the Russians and Chinese found out by studying US stealth aircraft that got shot down. And in the case of the Chinese putting study/theory into practice forcing the USA to cease using F22s to buzz their border patrols.

75bc1e  No.13502316


>the lone homeless guy in the middle of a forest should NOT be a target however

I often imagine that such homeless guys are the men who most resist society's never-ending theft of individual (and family) autonomy – the avant garde of preservation of Ted's "power process." If I didn't have a family I might choose to be homeless in order to preserve my sense of self worth.

c861ca  No.13502374

File: aa00195ca994c6a⋯.jpeg (971.06 KB, 1200x776, 150:97, uBetcha!.jpeg)


Much obliged, m88. Good on ya.

c861ca  No.13502466

File: 29b76515de833ee⋯.png (624.54 KB, 700x467, 700:467, ClipboardImage.png)


Golly. I Imagine it would be highly problematic (my favorite word) for the authorities to identify a bunch of painted clowns whose balloons seem to be just to wiley to wrangle amongst a spider web of power lines.

Poor Society.

c861ca  No.13502476



03e54b  No.13502565

If you have a possible target don't discuss it in public. It gives people a chance to respond to it and prevent you doing anything.

323a65  No.13502800


I've noticed this. The demise of that infrastructure could be accelerated. It's a form of economic warfare with the "New Americans."

However the merchant will hire specialists to keep economic output humming along. Mexico has awful infrastructureanf they still managed to run factories. How many municipalities in the United States have city managers that are Jewish that run every ?

c861ca  No.13502912

File: fbfb4757bae2ab6⋯.jpeg (36.06 KB, 500x508, 125:127, WeHaveEnemies.jpeg)


Yes. However, how much degredation and destruction of our Heritage, Culture, and Higher Civilization are we willing to suffer before we truly identify the reason, AND PLANNED PURPOSE, behind such "shoddy" work and maintenance.

The entirety of the past 150 was designed to be blown away like leaves.

The Aryan People along with it.

Does anyone see what's coming yet?

The last Purge of Whitey by the Shitskin Horde?

What do, anons?

What do?

c861ca  No.13502914


*150 years

aa9bbd  No.13503032


Well, every piece of modern infrastructure without maintanance falls apart in around 50 years because:

>Wood materials rot

>Metal materials corrode

>Plastic materials degrade

>Organic materials decompose

And so on. Modern Architects knowingly build everything with minimum requirements and limited lifespan.

77f365  No.13503626


>Nuclear engineering has been particularly handicapped

Nuclear engineering is one of the most compromised fields in all of society. People need to look back to the early days of the technology, when the original (German) inventors had visions of large-scale electrical plants that would be so efficient that the electricity flowing out of it would literally be too cheap to meter. Free energy, able to be used for formerly unprofitable enterprises like 100% recycling of scrap materials, water cleanup far beyond what we consider acceptable today, and electrical transportation systems crisscrossing the countryside at little to no cost.

Of course the banker jews couldn't have that.

c861ca  No.13503731


THIS is an interesting point to turn this thread towards what could have been/what should/could be.

Any thoughts on this MudFlood thing that is suddenly getting very shoah'd from the webs?

Were we once on the cusp of Free Energy, and they gave us a taste at the World's Fair, and then capped it with a big middle finger, and a meter on our consumption through J.P. Morgans copper mining investments, slowly raping Tesla to death and obscurity along the way?

b25991  No.13504454


It is important to remember that those designing those early reactors had little idea as to the eventual costs of nuclear energy.

Certainly not waste management or the high complexity of the reactors that would become ubiquitous.

f297ca  No.13505703

File: 7b4be00327b1e32⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1536x768, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fb9644570cb011a⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1381x837, 1381:837, ClipboardImage.png)

Internet Backbone

8e70c2  No.13512405

File: 2ac55030b2dddea⋯.png (413.56 KB, 678x481, 678:481, 2019-07-17_19-57-20.png)

guize, be careful next week-end


if something happened to everyone's ability to have AC in some strongly colored city, there might be trouble

1da1aa  No.13512410


I really need to go to South Nebraska where there's no internet.

0762a1  No.13512802


what a great society we have. just a little hiccup in the system could trigger nationwide chimpouts. can you imagine the grid going down for just a couple weeks? No AC, no internet, no EBT, no SNAP, no gibs me dat at all, empty store shelves because trucks need electric pumps to refuel, power is also required to make fuel for trucks, gasoline would be nearly impossible for an average person to get. This is why every able bodied person in your house needs to have their own firearm and be trained to use it. Just a couple of weeks is all that seperates us from a monumental chimpout weve never seen before.

dd3cc5  No.13513096

File: 41a9b4ba56a53eb⋯.jpg (162.25 KB, 394x1044, 197:522, Grail Icon.jpg)


Nuclear energy is cursed. You are breaking apart stable forms of matter that are left over from the formation of the universe and the remnants of stars to run vacuum cleaners and get to places that should have been designed within walking distance to begin with.

This thread is all about how fragile modern infrastructure is without the willpower, culture, and demographics to maintain it. Free energy would have become the force to erode those things forever, and permanently trap mankind in a self-important delusion that would make liberal progressive ideologies look SANE. Everything noble in the human spirit is born from struggle and the limitations imposed on us, and this would divorce us from our nature forever. Prisoners of our own technology we would have become, and we would sacrifice our children on the alter of the very thing that was suppose to ensure their future.

be69d1  No.13515360

File: d6f0e7bf3e25766⋯.jpg (695.97 KB, 1111x946, 101:86, Siege-Drop-Dead.jpg)

do none of you remember cablegate?

wikileaks released a state department memo circulated in 2009 listing "critical infrastructure and key resources located abroad"


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