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File: 6f00d6096a9e04c⋯.png (431.49 KB, 780x438, 130:73, image.png)

ec6340  No.13493121


>Donald Trump behaves more and more like an African president with each passing day. Ivanka Trump has been in the headlines for being America’s new diplomat because she was seen seated at the front row during a photo op in Osaka, after bilateral meetings that she had attended with President Trump.

>Mostly, such meetings are attended by heads of state and diplomats you know, people who have a background in foreign policy. For this case, it would be Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

>President Trump has been all over the headlines, including the front page of the North Korean government-run newspaper for meeting with Kim Jong Un.

>There was wonder as to why the individual who heads the National Security Council, John Bolton, missed the trip to North Korea, yet Ivanka was present, gleefully behind the scenes as this historic event unfolded.

>For presidents to have close family members in high-level positions linked to State House is not unheard of. We have seen presidents hire their brothers to head certain departments or ministries.

>Most African governments will have the president’s support staff headed by a family member. The thing, though, is that African presidents end up among the wealthiest people in the world. They may not enter power that way, but they all leave power in that fashion.

>Wealth accumulation is intertwined with our politics. Look at Kenya, where some voted for a president based the fact that he comes from a wealthy family, so the corruption in the administration would be reduced… Yet, research demonstrates that this is one of the most corrupt administrations we have witnessed in our time, with one scandal after the other.

>Wealthy people have similar characteristics: They find it very difficult to trust, so they surround themselves with people that they trust and it says a lot about the wealthy — that they can only trust people who have the same blood that runs through their veins.

>Hence, many end up working with children, siblings and in some cases spouses, while most people have to build relationships with strangers in the workplace and hope for the best.

Because they trust few people, they listen to very few advisers and individuals who hold these positions end up being familiar family members. In some cases, even those family members have no say when it comes to forming an opinion – some leaders just do not listen and go by their own gut feelings.

>But just how was President Trump able to hire his firstborn daughter? Even with the Federal Anti- Nepotism Law passed in 1967, because president John Kennedy appointed his brother Robert Kennedy as Attorney General; Trump was able to circumvent the law due to the definition of the word agency, which can be translated to department.

>Since Ivanka is working under the White House, it is not considered an agency.

This is the second journalistic monkey man to come to this conclusion after the mongrel that hosts the daily show did a little shuck and jive on it last May.

Nignogs admit Donald Trump acts just like they do.

Niggers proven smarter than all MAGAtards

bd6130  No.13493128


Based niggers.

c160df  No.13493134

>Literal Africans Admit Trump acts like Nigger because of Ivanka

>by a nigger "journalist"

> Nerima Wako Ojiwa @NerimaW Spiritual / Columnist @The_EastAfrican / CEO Siasa Place / 2018 Obama Fellow/ Grandfather's legacy/ Proud kidney donor

<b-but muh Ivanka

Got it from your twitter friends, nigger?

ec6340  No.13493140


Kill yourself MIGAkike

c160df  No.13493148


Did something of my speech offended you? Outing you as an illiterate dilating nigger or some sort? Tell me, from where did you discovered this African news site? Don't tell me you found it through your mothers laptop.

3fb52e  No.13493150


Unironicly Based

ec6340  No.13493156


<muh tranny

<muh nigger

<muh mommy

<MIGA 2020

The only Trump supporters on pol are shills or retards which are you?

c160df  No.13493170


Look at yourself, every time someone calls you out, you end up crawling at your filthy shed and screech as some deranged fool, thinking again that this might help. Don't tell me that this is some sort of your grand self absorbed narcissistic whoring plan for attention.

Nigger, where did you discovered an African News site?

ec6340  No.13493173


>if you don't MIGA you're a nigger goyim

c160df  No.13493180


Not answering? Is this beyond your capacity for a simple grade school task? Fucking hell, you're beyond hope.

>uses a nigger site

>writes the format like a nigger

>intelligence of a nigger

>the utter denial of a nigger

Such shameful filth.

ec6340  No.13493183


<if you don't support Trump you're a nigger MIGA 2020 I'm paid by the post if you can't tell yet

9f238d  No.13493191


Hello, spicspam. I see you're failing again?

You truly are a nigger, and will never be Aryan.

Give up.

Kill yourself.

Kill yourself.

Kill yourself, faggot.

ec6340  No.13493202


<Oy vey my kike shilling isn't working better IP hop and hope goyim won't notice

ec6340  No.13493217


>Ivanka Trump shut down Melania Trump's worries about the inauguration parade down Pennsylvania Avenue because she wanted a princess moment

>Ivanka supposedly felt that the Trumps were the American equivalent of Britain's Royal Family and her father entering the White House was their 'coronation'.

>On the inauguration weekend she demanded to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House, the upstairs bedroom where Abraham Lincoln used to sleep.

>For his inauguration last January Trump appointed kike Tom Barrack, a billionaire longtime friend of his, to run the event

>White House aides mockingly refer to Ivanka as 'Princess Royal' because of her lack of specific portfolio in the White House.

>She is said to have gotten the nickname after the G20 summit last July in Hamburg, Germany where at one point she sat in for her father, prompting a storm of criticism.


>After Ivanka’s scene-stealing swanning with world leaders recently at the G20, a brazen intermingling of business and politics now intrinsic to the Trump brand, her ascension, while still absurd, is closer to reality. The titles of World Bank head or U.S. Ambassador to United Nations have seriously been floated. That’s not the main prize for a never-elected Upper East Side Princess with a BA from Wharton said to aspire to the presidency. Now it has even been rumoured she’ll replace Pence as her father’s running mate, and ultimately the first female president. Such reports could be totally spurious, of course, or intended to make it less shocking when it happens.

>By then, the sight of Ivanka sitting in on meetings with world and business leaders, including Japanese president Shinzō Abe and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, had become routine. By April 2017, she was subbing for dad at the G20 women’s conference in Berlin, alongside Merkel and IMF head Christine Lagarde. “I grew up in a house where there were no barriers to what I could accomplish,” she told the crowd, apparently unaware of the irony. In July 2017, she championed Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, a billion-dollar World Bank initiative to advance women’s entrepreneurship funded in part by Canada and Saudi Arabia.

>Ivanka was given central place in the G20 class picture, between Abe and her father. Her flouncy pink daughter-wife dress stood in stark contrast to the sea of dark suits inhabited by men; notably, only two women present were world leaders. Ivanka’s tie to the group was less political than business: she has trademarks registered in 18 of the G20 countries, including China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

>Ivanka’s ‘women’s empowerment’ crusade offers another insulating benefit, seen in the response to criticism of her at the G20 by White House Deputy Director of Communications Jessica Ditto: “It is sad but not shocking that the haters choose to attack Ivanka Trump, a senior adviser to the president, when she is promoting U.S. efforts to empower women through strategic partnerships with world leaders.

ec6340  No.13493229


>Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner rose to “extraordinary” power in the White House, is sure to bolster the opinion among President Donald Trump’s critics that his daughter has a princess complex and that nepotism is the only reason she and her husband have their jobs as senior advisors.

>One example of Ivanka Trump and Kushner’s apparent sense of entitlement and rule-skirting comes in the way they have demanded use of Air Force One at times when it was “not appropriate,” Ward writes, according to the Times.

>The couple wanted to control who could travel on trips funded by the State Department, according to the Times. When former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson denied their requests, the couple tried to get around him by inviting along a cabinet secretary, usually Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, to get access to the plane.


>The international project of flattering Ivanka Trump—which some of the world's most notable women, from Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, to Queen Máxima, of the Netherlands, engaged in at a panel discussion during the W20 conference, in Berlin, this week—does not always run smoothly. There was, first, the achingly obvious oddity of deciding that Trump, whose experience on the public stage largely consists of marketing her clothing and jewelry lines, and her efforts to get her father, Donald Trump, elected, was qualified to sit between Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, and Chrystia Freeland, the Foreign Minister of Canada. That was quickly followed by the dispiriting thought that Trump might actually have as much power over people’s lives as the other women, through the influence that she supposedly wields over her father. Why else would the head of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, have co-authored an op-ed in the Financial Times with her, on the importance of promoting female entrepreneurship?

>Foreign countries and companies might appreciate the idea that they can more easily handle Donald Trump if they lavish his daughter with attention; this is a common enough practice when dealing with authoritarian governments. But it should at least cause a little unease here at home. And one saw, again, in Berlin how the perceived need to pander to Ivanka Trump can distort almost any conversation. At one point, Freeland, the Canadian Foreign Minister, while making a point about the important role that fathers play in their daughters’ progress, said, as she looked at Ivanka, who nodded in agreement, that behind “every successful woman” was a very supportive father.

ec6340  No.13493238

Anyone who supports President Kushner and Crown Princess Kikevanka is less than a nigger

9f238d  No.13493245


Less than you, spicspam?

That's impossible, nigger.

Blow leaves.

ec6340  No.13493249


<ur a nigga if u don't MIGA


<ur a nigga if u don't MIGA


<ur a nigga if u don't MIGA


<ur a nigga if u don't MIGA


<ur a nigga if u don't MIGA


<ur a nigga if u don't MIGA


<ur a nigga if u don't MIGA


<ur a nigga if u don't MIGA


<ur a nigga if u don't MIGA

3 IP's 1 Shill

Cry harder kike no one MIGAs here

63984f  No.13493250

File: 6b857c542815145⋯.png (70.42 KB, 360x361, 360:361, FB326D32-ADD9-4663-BD8B-85….png)

ec6340  No.13493254


<ur a nigga if u don't MIGA

4 IP's 1 Shill

a7b697  No.13493256


I don't support Zognald. I support messing with Jamal whenever I see him.

ec6340  No.13493258

African niggers proven smarter than DACApedes; MIGA eternally BTFO'ed

ec6340  No.13493264


<I shit up every anti Trump thread with spam but I don't support him; trust me goys I just shit up threads that are anti Trump threads because everyone who isn't me on an imageboard is a nigger. see my fellow white goyim i'm just one of you I called him Zognald.

a7b697  No.13493268


Ok little buddy

9f238d  No.13493273






Triggered, nigger?

You aren't fooling anyone, spicspam. The fact that you're now so pissed about getting tagged with permanent glow paint is making rapid post like a drunk bitch at the bottom of my stairsa at 3:00 am, begging for me to let her suck my Superior Aryan cock. You've never experienced such a thing, because you'll never be White, nigger.

And clean up your desk. You're a fucking slob.

6faed2  No.13493289


<I haven't offered a single constructive on topic post but OP is spamming his own thread

Hiya kike you aren't fooling anyone here.


>Now it has even been rumoured she’ll replace Pence as her father’s running mate, and ultimately the first female president. Such reports could be totally spurious, of course, or intended to make it less shocking when it happens.

Kikevanka G20 attendances 2/2 Pence attendances 0/2

36a20d  No.13493299


Epstein i Q

e6a7b9  No.13493300


<drunk bitch at the bottom of my stairsa at 3:00 am, begging for me to let her suck my Superior Aryan cock. You've never experienced such a thing, because you'll never be White, nigger

<And clean up your desk. You're a fucking slob.

<ur a nigga if u don't MIGA

Schizopost much?

6faed2  No.13493302


Double dubs confirm the truth of your statement anon.

d7ee3c  No.13493306



tell that faggot david the schizo line is blowing your covers. it's worn thin

139a5f  No.13493308


Anon he is an inbred neurotic kike what else do you expect. He is trying to derail a thread that is calling out Jewvanka by accusing everyone else of being a nigger FFS how much more proof do you need.

6faed2  No.13493311


Did you forget which IP you were replying from dipshit?

c76012  No.13493314

>how to make your insignificant thread significant

>step 1: make a complete fool of yourself

>step 2: repeat

9f238d  No.13493315

File: 3a4e3bc0995bda1⋯.png (399.5 KB, 500x716, 125:179, gamesnigger?.png)






You're so organic. You NEVER do this every day in every thread. Ever. Do you, spicspam?

I wasn't going to, but just because of YOU, I'm going to vote.

I'm going to vote TRUMP in the name of my favorite IP hopping spicspamming nigger!

Just because you're trying so damn hard to steer me away from it.

Just for you, spicspam.

For you.

58bc4c  No.13493317

The shill can't even hide itself across multiple IPs because it has to make the same puerile ad hominem that anyone who disagrees with it is a nigger over each one. This clearly delineates him from those who are paid that have at least a 2 week training course and a modicum of opsec.

Forensic Linguistics - the more you know anons

58bc4c  No.13493319

>he's a glownigger

>on the internet

>on an anime imageboard

>he shills for ZOG for free

>he takes his "job" very seriously

>he does it because it is the only amount of power & control ZOG will ever give him in his pathetic life

>he begs /ourmods/ to delete threads he doesn't like because whenever he gets upset he has an asthma attack

>he begs /ourmods/ to delete threads he doesn't like because they interfere with the large backlog of interracial cuck porn he has to watch

>he will never have a real job

>he will never move out of his glownigger bunker

>he will never be at a healthy weight

>he will never know how to cook anything besides a hot pocket

>he will never have pure 2D waifu

>he will never have any frens

58bc4c  No.13493324


<vote TRUMP

36a20d  No.13493328

File: 887ac0f797e3bce⋯.jpg (9.06 KB, 187x269, 187:269, Qanon.jpg)


You are Q?

9f238d  No.13493338

File: 1ebfa3b05a62fc7⋯.jpg (11.5 KB, 153x255, 3:5, d417122b5c0e133b8b81c7f012….jpg)




You're really incapable of seeing your own glow? REALLY?!

Well, you're alone in that respect, spicspam.





03946d  No.13493339

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Goodbye Paris! Goodbye France!

89931d  No.13493355


Are you going to make another 50 posts about spicspam?

a7b697  No.13493364


>accusing everyone

Everyone, hmm?

9f238d  No.13493365


Only if spicspam persist with 51 posts, nigger.

Why don't you faggot grow some balls, and take your fucking board back from these glowing niggers?

Funny how you would come at me, and not spicspam?


you stupid nigger.

6faed2  No.13493366


shills gotta pay bills anon

9f238d  No.13493368

e31429  No.13493373

Not a single post on topic by the faggot accusing everyone else of "spicspamming" and being "jamal/nigger" really makes you think considering he's spamming the fuck out of thread if he also is a half spic half nigger named Jamal.

Gas Trump Gas Ivanka

9f238d  No.13493380

File: 5098d9147e7c5c1⋯.jpeg (35.28 KB, 474x584, 237:292, whiterabbit.jpeg)

6faed2  No.13493383


You forgot IP hopping Anon but you clearly are on to something about him being a half bean half nog named Jamal. At the very least we know he isn't white.

9f238d  No.13493386

File: a845d1f412ac591⋯.jpg (13.17 KB, 244x255, 244:255, EbbaLOOK!.jpg)


You fool no one. EVERYONE here is sick of your shit, nigger.

We're coming for you.

56e99b  No.13493398


Kike we already caught you on 5 IP's in this thread alone.






56e99b  No.13493399


<You fool no one. EVERYONE here is sick of your shit, nigger.

<We're coming for you.

Secret king much beta faggot?

9f238d  No.13493400


This is where the spicspammer retreats to the Supervisor for support.

I can now expect to be copypastad, and blamed for being the spicspams IP hops.




You're so fucking predictable, glownigger.

Fuck off, spicspam


Everyone sees you now.

9f238d  No.13493405

File: ba206ce4755175b⋯.png (19.07 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1bd980ffc1ed9ed1850a6d32b8….png)


We're coming.

56e99b  No.13493411


>Are you going to make another 50 posts about spicspam?

He's only got another 30 posts to go Anon.

9f238d - 11

c160df - 4

a7b697 - 3

d7ee3c - 1

c76012 - 1

20/52 replies not one post on topic

c76012  No.13493414

>the state of this thread

It's like watching some failed abortion of /cow/ and nu/pol/ bastard child.

9f238d  No.13493419

File: fa237e0981bd698⋯.jpg (14.03 KB, 205x255, 41:51, fugeeswelcome.jpg)


I'm not playing. Are you, nigger?

YOU are my only topic now. I told you that.


We're coming.

134d89  No.13493423


Be careful Anon don't want to poke the jew it may call you a spicspamming nigger.


What particularly about the state of the thread do you mean the 1 shill poster trying to derail to help Ivanka and Trump save face?

9f238d  No.13493428

File: 6c401d470069bdd⋯.jpg (132.25 KB, 750x552, 125:92, 11320e7a2cdf54c17a91a16840….jpg)

7fdc75  No.13493430

These poor niggers don't understand that's how real Aryans chivalry works, that's why we gave women's rights to vote and lynched niggers #ListenAndBelieve (even if she's on top).

134d89  No.13493431

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Official whitehouse Video on G20 features Kikevanka OP is over target with massive shilling in this thread.

134d89  No.13493435


>Aryans chivalry

Kill yourself kike; Ivanka is a race traitor and dirty jew.

c76012  No.13493441

File: 17827f2426b580f⋯.jpg (92.03 KB, 1000x532, 250:133, 77394930.jpg)

>actually trying to use the liberal meme

Desperate. Is this his job or is he that obsessed?

9f238d  No.13493444



Hop, little bunny. HOP!

This is the ONLY way you can attempt to Manufacture Consent for your bullshit,


Keep' em coming, bitch.

I know EXACTLY which thread you're trying to slide, you fucking pedophile traitors!

73ee96  No.13493450

ITT 1 Trump shill = 1/2 posts; the absolute state of /nu-pol/

7fdc75  No.13493452

>>13493444 (MAGA check em)



Stop trying to hate an Aryan woman. You're probably an illegal.

6faed2  No.13493456


Hey dumbfuck you can never escape this


>vote TRUMP

6faed2  No.13493460


<MAGA check em

<Ivanka is an Aryan woman my fellow white goyim

The fact you think anyone will buy the shit you are selling here is a testament to your insanity.

9f238d  No.13493465

File: a5e97100c356698⋯.jpg (456.48 KB, 1685x1779, 1685:1779, a5e97100c356698cd42c494256….jpg)


and repeat

Here we go for another round of hops, and Manufactured Consent.



If it wasn't so personal, I would assume its a sophisticated chat bot. But bots


Fucking useless spicspamming nigger.

9f238d  No.13493470

File: 98446dc76be95ef⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 246x255, 82:85, RotherhamRape.jpg)


>shifting tactics


Try again, spicspam.

You already burned this ID above, nigger.

d0b4af  No.13493474

File: 4bcb67a0e9a8283⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1296x730, 648:365, image.png)

Wanna really watch this shill go REEEEEEEE



9f238d  No.13493481

File: a585fb416f128c2⋯.png (828.02 KB, 970x546, 485:273, ClipboardImage.png)


After the G20, this became highly obvious. She was a fish out of water on that stage.

She will be place on the Paper Throne.

…if we make it that far.

c76012  No.13493487

Meanwhile you niggers bitch at each other like some pigs in a mud pit.

Elite Pedophile Blackmail






Elite Pedophile Blackmail

d60a8d  No.13493490

>why the fuck did you need to greentext the whole damn thread

627445  No.13493491


627445  No.13493499


Oh my imagine my shock the elite use sexual blackmail. Do you even lurk faggot? What's more important is how niggerfied Trump acts and why we need to stop him in 2020 to send a clear message that this banana eater republic shit won't be tolerated.

9f238d  No.13493501


Is this phrase going to be your new glowing feature, beyond your forever tattooed glow, spicspam?


Apologies for being part of the derail, anon.

But I can't stand this fucking nigger shitting up the boards with this PATHETIC glowing tactic.

It's fucking embarrassing.

It's an insult that THIS is what they throw at us.

0dfebe  No.13493505


Back to your containment board tranny

627445  No.13493506


Why don't you reply to yourself some more please make it obvious for even those who have only lurked 2 months.

6faed2  No.13493510


<MIGA 2020 fellow white goyim don't attack princess ivanka

9f238d  No.13493511

File: 234734ae56bb4ed⋯.jpg (13.55 KB, 255x192, 85:64, b35dc380ab40699bbaf2ad8afc….jpg)



>What's more important is how niggerfied Trump acts and why we need to stop him in 2020


Alright, spicspam. You've had your fun.

If you honestly believe that Trump being your President one more time is more detrimental than a Global Child Sex Trafficking, and Satanic Cannibalistic Ceremonial Death Cult, peopled by the world's most powerful psychopaths, then you get the ROPE first, nigger!

You're done here, faggot.





The spell is cast upon you.

9f238d  No.13493514

File: a924c4efa07dfde⋯.jpg (19.49 KB, 255x176, 255:176, 53edf2840511a02ec47b280015….jpg)



Keep hopping little bunny.

I'm blatant about my mark on this board, nigger!

You're a fucking glowing weasel!




>hop hop hop

e9b4dd  No.13493515


>Support Trump

>The other Anon is the shill

You can only chose 1.

c76012  No.13493517

File: 1211e200507f44e⋯.jpg (45.73 KB, 550x383, 550:383, the prayer for traitors.jpg)


>yeah, b-but muh drumpf

Kill yourself, nigger.

I pray for your inbred family to be exterminated with you watching them all being killed one by one, leaving your degenerate last to die next to all of the traitors. I fucking hope not one single soy filled virgin sperm of yours will ever create another nigger spawn of yours.

9f238d  No.13493518


Nice strawman, bitch.

I'm only voting for Trump now because of


If he keeps your tasty tears flowing like this for another 4 years, I AM IN!!

6faed2  No.13493519


>>Global Child Sex Trafficking, and Satanic Cannibalistic Ceremonial Death Cult, peopled by the world's most powerful psychopaths

Wanna throw in any more buzz words for the Qtards shill?


>my mark on this board, nigger


9f238d  No.13493523

File: f56ff2e5993581e⋯.png (5.91 KB, 198x255, 66:85, 3e78e8c79ff088837e34952165….png)


At least your niggerishnes is contained here, and you aren't fucking up the thread you're trying to slide.

We're having quite a nice, and organized conversation.

Fuck you, spicspam.

Trigger more tears for me!

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