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File: 9301a0c432c2c4a⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1411x666, 1411:666, tower_of_basel.png)

397403  No.13493404

The Tower Of Basel

Based in Basel, Switzerland, the BIS was established as a way to ease the process for Germany to make their reparations payments to the Allies after the first World War. Shortly after its establishment, the Great Depression and accusations that the BIS had laundered money stolen by the Nazis led to demands to close the Bank. Yet, as no concrete date was set for its dismantlement, the bank survived and shifted its focus to a more general technical cooperation amongst banks. From managing the reparation payments, to paving the way for the introduction of the Euro, the current role of the Bank is now to act as a forum for central bankers to meet and to serve central banks for global financial stability. In other words, the BIS acts as a bank for central banks.

The BIS has only 140 customers, consisting mainly of financial institutions and private entities, and the 60 central banks it serves account for 95% of the of the world’s GDP. These shareholders include the Federal Reserve, Sveriges Riksbank, the Bank of Japan, the Bank of England and many other giants of the global economy

Aside from its elite exclusivity, what makes the BIS particular is its hybrid nature, with the status of an International Organization and the make-up of a commercial bank. The Bank is allowed to grant short-term credit to central banks, as well as to buy, sell and maintain gold on its own account. Its dual status benefits its operations and yields. The BIS was created based on an International Treaty and Swiss company law; the latter ensuring its inviolability. Even the Swiss authorities are not allowed to enter the Bank without permission from the BIS management, guaranteeing the Bank and its members complete autonomy.


576811  No.13493417


A lot of people hate the Swiss for some reason however I never fell for that. Not only do I remember what the jews did to Switzerland in the 90s & 00s, but I remember that Switzerland was one of the few actually neutral states in WW2. They dealt with both Germany and France completely fairly and didn't turn on the Germans and confiscate their money even after they lost.

4dc923  No.13493424


Horseshit, they were jews wanting to keep the appearance of being neutral so they could play both sides.

397403  No.13493436


Switzerland is obviously jew subverted.

They are however much more secretive and hidden than jews elsewhere.

Maybe it's because they don't want people to think shady offshore finance = jewish finance. Maybe it's because a lot of them are very high level operatives. Idk…

Nat Rothschild is living in a small town in Switzerland btw. in case you want to have a "meet and greet" ;)

7f7077  No.13493705


>(((the Bank of Japan)))


1f6031  No.13493915


The BIS/Swiss in general are knee deep in Iran & have been since the Germs cultivate ties with Muslim powers around WWI & prior. If there is a corporate finance geopolitical power presence of Nazi loot capital flight post-war, this entity is a big swinging dick of it, untouchable.

948e05  No.13494185


The fuck does BIS stand for? FINE. Looking it up still OP is getting his ass fugged. The Bank for International Settlements is an international financial institution owned by central banks which "fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks". Wikipedia

087d93  No.13494190

Why does Israel exist again? The kikes always had Switzerland.

948e05  No.13494194

File: 9a3cbcaa880cfd9⋯.jpg (67.15 KB, 638x359, 638:359, bis-intrnational-finance-1….jpg)

File: 0a4755e9c049511⋯.jpg (480.58 KB, 1811x340, 1811:340, BIS committee.jpg)

File: 2102694def2c38d⋯.jpg (198.31 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, bis_management.jpg)

File: d434e5cd4d45d7f⋯.png (64.9 KB, 1366x581, 1366:581, Screenshot (13088).png)

File: fb03c13e1c5e871⋯.png (22.96 KB, 1366x213, 1366:213, Screenshot (13089).png)

948e05  No.13494200


So in other words…no one knows what the fuck they are doing. It aint good, tell you that much.

576811  No.13494276


>Jews are open everywhere yet for no apparent reason they need to play super-doper secret in Switzerland

That's silly. If the Swiss were jews, the jews wouldn't have unleashed their attack dog Clinton on them in the 90s.

>they don't want people to think shady offshore finance

Again, that's silly. Kikes operate in the open in America. Why the fuck would they need to trick Americans who don't even know where the fuck Switzerland is, nevermind care that jews exist.



>spews horseshit.

734b3c  No.13494592


to bring about the apocalypse

47675d  No.13495571


>Judging a country by its people 100 years ago

Pls do some research on the BIS organization, it is a private organization that invites the heads of large state banks to discuss and organize the "future" of the banking world. BIS has stock holders who sitt like kings in their office, not elections not investigations. How is it that this organization is heavily tied with the Bildenberg group. How is that this bank of the banks is so heavily tied in world politics.

7362cc  No.13495605


>they were jews wanting to keep the appearance of being neutral so they could play both sides protect their banking capital



576811  No.13495661


I agree with you that judging a country by its actions long ago is a poor metric and that Switzerland's banking system is not a paragon of virtue.

However I fail to see how their behavior is any worse than the behavior of the states around them.

6d698a  No.13495788



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