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File: 8f6515de219f03b⋯.jpg (298.48 KB, 1024x785, 1024:785, 7854_1.jpg)

885a7b No.8509866

Ok anons, I'm just going to give you some straight up intel. How you choose to interpret it and what you decide to do with it is up to you.

A few days ago, Glencore was allowed to purchase a sizeable, roughly 20% stake in Rosneft. BP own a similar stake, leaving the Russian state with the remaining controlling interest.

I've worked with Glencore. I'm not going to elaborate. You should be aware of who Mark Rich was though, in view of FBIVault. If you do some further digging, you'll find that Rich was a Mossad asset whose main role was to ensure Israeli energy security. Iran played a large role in this.

I've also worked with Exxon. If you do your homework, you'll find ties between the two.

Be under no illusion - Exxon is a state-level actor in itself. Today, Mr. Tillerson is one of the most powerful men in the world. Yesterday he was one of the most powerful men in the world.

Historically, Exxon was a Rockefeller interest. I can't speak to that. I've met many senior people at Exxon. Most are southern good ol' boys, salt of the earth patriotic Americans who'd wear jeans in the office if they could. I always enjoyed working with them. There's never any bullshit. They're tough task masters, but always honest and fair.

The great game is alive and well, anons. You could say that I've been a 'soldier' of the great game, though I haven't had to get my hands too dirty. I don't have a lot of time for idealists and SJW's who shed tears everytime bombs start dropping somewhere. Sometimes these things are necessary - the consequences for our nations if we were to leave these regions to others are too dire for many to contemplate. So we fight over them, and innocent locals die. That's life. It always has been.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a sociopath. I don't think it's cool to be international pirates, going around the world randomly killing people for lewt. But if someone else is going to take that lewt and our national interests are at stake, then sometimes that's just the way it has to be.

I was in Libya during the onset of the conflict there. All I can say is that the present outcome wasn't planned. The belief was that Libya would be stablized after a couple of months at most, but we put too much stock in our assets on the ground there. I got reassigned for being too much of a pesemist at the time.

Syria is part of the same game, anons. The primary motive is energy security. That's why you see the likes of France and Germany (and the EU in general) shrieking louder than anyone else at current developments. If it plays into things like the Yinon Plan then all very well, but that isn't why NATO is there.


885a7b No.8509873

This is all part of the plan to contain Russia. There are a couple of problems I have with our recent approach.

The first is that the neolibs/neocons seem to have lost sight of the fundamental difference between an adversary and an enemy. Russia is our adversary (a competitive, rational actor), but these people have convinced themselves that Russia is our enemy. This kind of misjudgement completely fucks up our analysis. It causes us to behave irrationally. The results are there for you all to see.

So problem 1 is the cause of my second problem. We are getting our asses handed to us…

I told everyone that would listen to me 5 years ago that we'd already lost Africa to the Chinese. Now we're losing the middle-east, not to the arabs themselves, but to our competitors, Russia and China, and we're losing them in their entirety. There was no fucking need for this, but we refused to adjust to the new realities. We wouldn't settle for any kind of compromise or carve-up, even when our diplomatic leverage had become exhausted.

I'll sum up with this. The foreign policy consensus has, for many decades, been predicated on the assertion that we will one day have to face China in war. Whether you like it or not, that's a basic assumption, and planning is built upon that assumption.

The next question becomes what to do about Russia? The plan had long been to liberalize Russia; to bring it into the Western fold; to vassalize it. That would happen before any confrontation with China could take place, but it hasn't worked. The establishment began to panic and overreached.

What makes this worse is that China is becoming more powerful all the time, as this goes on. The currently extant plans call for confronting China sooner rather than later, but we're fast approaching the point of no return, where it becomes too dangerous to confront them. More panic thus ensues, and our inept establishment, desperate to co-opt Russia as soon as they can, are making an even better mess. They're once again making faulty assumptions about how secure Putin is and how strong the Russian state is, based on not much more than wishful thinking.

My guess is that Trump is briefed on all of this and is going to try a different approach. Rather than seek to vassalize Russia, I think that Trump realizes that this is now an unrealistic ambition. Instead, Trump will attempt to strengthen relations, with the long-term aim of aligning Russia and the US, and undermining Sino-Russian relations.

I, for one, have always been a proponent of this plan. Again, I would characterize the Chinese as adversaries, rather than an enemy, but if we're to maintain things that way, then we have to be a strong counter-point to Chinese ambitions. We can't do that without the Russians….

The reality now is that Russia has secured further leverage over the EU, so that the latter remains highly reliant on Russia for energy security. This is the reality that has to now be accepted. Despite this leverage, the Russians aren't trying to vassalize the EU in the same way the US has historically done so. The Russians want a bigger seat at the table. They want to be acknowledged as full Europeans, and treated accordingly. They want their widfer international interests to be taken into account and not ignored as if they don't exist, and they want NATO to get the fuck away from their borders. As far as Danegeld's go, it could be much worse…


f8a358 No.8509881

>egofaggging the post

Either give the info or jack yourself off but don't do both at the same time.

885a7b No.8509899


What info are you looking for, specifically?

935783 No.8509906

File: 9313acbe03f42dc⋯.png (223.45 KB, 640x357, 640:357, Look at me.png)


>I don't think it's cool to be international pirates, going around the world randomly killing people for lewt.


f8a358 No.8509914


I was critiquing your writing style. It's shit. You spent two giant posts coming to a conclusion that was an open fucking policy platform. Congratulations.

885a7b No.8509943


>Trump has announced his plans to align with Russia ahead of military conflict with China

I knew he was a madman (of the right sort), but I hadn't realized he'd made that announcement.

Also threw in some info about the Jew for you too, my point being that Israel is very much a cooperating partner in this new policy.

2404ed No.8509955


No shit Trump is trying to ally with Russia so they don't ally with China. Just read Julius Ceasar. A triumvirate is fundamentally unstable as any alliance at all becomes too powerful for those not in the alliance. Choosing not to ally means they will ally together and run train. Russia is closer to us ethnically and culturally than China so it makes sense to ally with them since it is clear we can't conquer them physically or culturally.

90a7f5 No.8509977

What would china do if the west just invaded and colonised africa, then just kinda left the middle east mostly alone?

d83446 No.8509982


Why not just all ally together and rule the world? Every country in the world is under some combination of US, Russian, or Chinese influence. Seems like it would be best for everyone.

As for energy security, if they want that, then why are these retards shutting down their nuke plants? They could invest 1/100th a percent of their GDP into developing thorium reactors and there would be no end of energy.

f8a358 No.8509986


>What would china do if the west just invaded and colonised africa, then just kinda left the middle east mostly alone?

The same thing they'd do regardless of what happens, stew in their fantasies of a middle kingdom and try again in a hundred years or so.


>Why not just all ally together and rule the world?

What do you think has been going on since WW2? The conflicts between the big two powers (China isn't a major power) are essentially renegotiation.

885a7b No.8509987


>Russia is closer to us ethnically and culturally than China so it makes sense to ally with them since it is clear we can't conquer them physically or culturally.

Exactly, but you're speaking as if all this is out in the open, anon. It isn't. You understand what's going on because you're no doubt well-read and can read between the lines.

In any case, you're right to say the post is badly written. The main info I wanted to flag was the Israel/Glencore/Tillerson connection. I'm no fan of the Jew, anon, but Trump is in very deep with them. I don't know what to make of it yet…

0401fa No.8509998


Geopolitics is all fine and good.

But this shit doesn't matter as long as the cabal is in control. At the end of the day, we'll all be mongrelized and our descendants made slaves to the Jew.

Our priority here on /pol/ is first getting the child-trafficking/murding/raping/organ-harvesting cult exposed, it will go a very long way in undermining the credibility of cabal, perhaps even undo the damage caused by their holocaust narrative. Soros and the progressive left will be thrown under the bus, and if played correctly by Trump and his cabinet will allow for a degree of solidarity between certain state actors as they get to the bottom of this issue.

The Russians getting a bigger seat at the table is fine if it puts an end to the degeneracy and civilizational decay that currently grips the West.

So is Tillerson one of them or not? Why was Tillerson soft on letting gays into the boyscouts?

/pol/'s long term goal is The Golden Path. Vassalizing Russia or fighting over terrestrial energy sources just for the sake of being king nigger doesn't matter except as a means to an end.

885a7b No.8510020


Totally unrealistic. Africa today is not the Africa of two centuries ago. It's crawling in arms.

The locals prefer the Chinese. The way Chinese handle investment is they build infrastructure in exchange for wholesale commodities. We saddle them with unserviceable IMF loans, and when we build the infrastructure, we make them buy the materials and labor from us. It's a no-brainer for them - most would fight back with tacit Chinese (& other) support.

The middle-east is more about Russia and China. The imperative is to bypass Russian gas supplies, isolate Russia further, vassalize it, and then confront China. The Chinese are lending limited support to Russia/Syria et al because they're aware of this plan.

f8a358 No.8510027


>Our priority here on /pol/ is first getting the child-trafficking/murding/raping/organ-harvesting cult exposed

No, that's your goal.

0401fa No.8510061


Maybe you should look at what topics have been made regular stickies by the mods the past few months.

885a7b No.8510091


Let me put it like this. The Jews might all want the same thing, but not all of them agree on how to get there. The 'cabal' better describes the neolib foreign policy establishment, including the CFR etc. These are the Soros aligned 'open-society' believers. They're more like Trotskyists.

They're not the same as the neocons, for example. The neocons are sidelined atm, and not a little butthurt (see Frum). The neocons are more "cut the bullshit and let's invade" as opposed to the neolib apprach which, in Syria for example, is to soften us up with heart-rending images and double-think. Neocons give zero fucks.

There are yet others who're quite right-wing, almost neocon, but they don't have a hard-on for Russia like the likes of Frum. Netanyahu belongs to this group. He has good relations with Putin and Trump. He's likely going to play a big role in bringing the US and Russia closer together.

The sticking point is going to be Iran. Russia is going to be offered something in return for dampening its relations with them.

d83446 No.8510097


>What do you think has been going on since WW2

A Cold War is different from an alliance.

f8a358 No.8510110


>A Cold War is different from an alliance.

Not really.


>paying heed to openly hostile mods

885a7b No.8510155


>Our priority here on /pol/ is first getting the child-trafficking/murding/raping/organ-harvesting cult exposed

Don't you get it? It is exposed. You really think something major is going to happen, now that it is? You never heard of the Satanic Panic? Or the three major scandals in the UK during the past 40 years? The normies know this stuff is going on. They aren't passive because they don't know; they're passive because they know they can't do shit about it.

I respect you anons for what you're trying to do, but you're wasting your time now imo. Full exposure of pizzagate would bring down the entire edifice. It can't happen. It won't be allowed to happen. You've done as much as you can do up until this point. It's helped to further erode trust in the establishment, so it hasn't been a wasted effort, but don't kid yourselves that there's going to be a day of reckoning that will mean something. The usual will happen. The truth will be allowed to seep out once this generation of pedo's dies off, and the establishment will cry in unison "never again".

Not knocking you for trying, but the world's still turning and other shit matters too…

0e0928 No.8510186

trump's family represents uniting between russia and germany

friendshiptime between russia and germany would signal the end of the age of eurocuckhood

7e3d8d No.8510187


>The war in Syria is over Russian energy interests.

We're aware of that


It would make the most sense for America to consolidate control over South America and take Africa, and let Russia and China fight it out over Asia. Europe has been cucked to (((American))) interests so that's not worth worrying over.

885a7b No.8510193


Disagree with your dismissive assessment of modern China, but your point about the last 60 years being a renegotiation is exactly right. Everything is a negotiation - even war.

0e0928 No.8510201

most of (You) are missing the key to understanding the modern age, and particularly russia

trump's first appearence in europe must be in portugal; and he be there with the crown/bishop of the land, and with putin


cd38a8 No.8510205

>The belief was that Libya would be stablized after a couple of months at most

Turns out there are few substitutes for strong leader.

7e3d8d No.8510229


don't tripfag here plz

2b432f No.8510251


>We can't do anything about it

Shut up pussy.

885a7b No.8510258


>It would make the most sense for America to consolidate control over South America and take Africa, and let Russia and China fight it out over Asia. Europe has been cucked to (((American))) interests so that's not worth worrying over.

I see you have no real understanding of how geostrategy works and so thought you'd try to say something clever. Geostrategy works on the premise that major powers are essentially balanced off against one another. Many experts believe in upholding that principle, even when starting a negotiation from an advantageous position, because it limits the prospects for future conflict.

You're idea that the US takes South America, and that South America is somehow an equal prize to Africa, is retarded in the extreme.

I'm going to teach you something you clearly don't know. Countries don't generally invade other countries simply because they want more stuff, and those other countries have it. Generally, they invade other countries so that other countries can't invade those countries and get enough of an edge over them that eventually they come and invade them too.

Where things have turned to shit is that the US deluded itself into thinking it had secured hegemon status, and began to act accordingly. It has now been advised that it isn't even close to achieving hegemon status, but the neolibs and neocons aren't getting the message.

2eb191 No.8510262

fucking larpers

885a7b No.8510265


You've already done something about it. I gave you kudos for that.

wtf else are you expecting to happen now? Draw me a picture…

2b432f No.8510293


>bring down the entire edifice

global destruction of their networks and crucifixion of the rothschilds, rockwells, and anybody else who has their hands in shit like this:


49e537 No.8510300


>As for energy security, if they want that, then why are these retards shutting down their nuke plants? They could invest 1/100th a percent of their GDP into developing thorium reactors and there would be no end of energy.


2b432f No.8510306


*rockwells = rockefellers

ae2f3e No.8510321


tell us something we dont know, give us some names of serious power players we aren't aware of, can you elaborate on the nature of the rockerfeller modern family and who runs the show or what their main goals are outside of staying secure in their wealth and power?

885a7b No.8510354


Yeah, a couple of world wars didn't do that, anon, but I'm sure pizzagate will be the hair that broke the camel's back…

887f81 No.8510387

nice thread, bump

14fc88 No.8510437


> I'm no fan of the Jew, anon, but Trump is in very deep with them. I don't know what to make of it yet…

How deep do you think? I personally think he just felt, as you've stated, that the neolibs and neocons have lost sight and control of their hegemony and decided he was going to grab the reigns, hence all the kvetching. Trump also seems to be bring out a solidarity and long lost sense of self respect amongst white people, which I'm sure posses them off quite a bit.

1bcc07 No.8510448



>retards fall for distractions they will never be able to do anything about

>therefor its /pol/s goal

no. /pol/s goal is to take down the fucking kikes, who are the ones who use these child sex rings to keep control of their minions in governments.

Diverting the majority of focus onto child rape rings accomplishes nothing. It shouldnt be ignored but the amount of resources newfags are dumping into something which the kikes have had enough time to remove the majority of physical evidence is foolish. They have had months to move all their assets to another shop and another name with new lackeys.

Focusing all attention on that shit is like trying to win a game of chess by only looking at D7.

6d04ff No.8510465


That's BS lefty, The chinks don't build roads, dams, power plants, give homelands of sovereign governance as voted by locals, give free education, give housing, give technology, give welfare, give free healthcare, give free security (all this happened under apartheid btw).

They don't give a fuck about the Africans. Your comment just shows you how little you know about Africa. Come live here for 20 years and find out for yourself directly from the horse's mouth.

885a7b No.8510471


I'll tell you something you don't know, but good luck in confirming it.

Glencore has direct financial ties to an ex-President of Russia. There has to be a link between that and the recent deal with Rosneft. I can't give you more than that.

I know nothing about the present activities of the Rockefellers. AFAIK, they have no controlling interest in Exxon these days, but I might be wrong about the influence they still might have. I know a lot about the history of the Rockefellers and Exxon in particular, but I haven't made any link between history and what's going on now. All I can add is that Tillersen also has ties to figures at Glencore. That shouldn't come as a huge shock though. They are both major companies involved in commodities.

Where it becomes interesting is with Tillersen becoming SS and Glencore buying into Rosneft. These big deals are more significant than normies realise. When BP bought their stake, that wasn't simply a business deal. Politics is involved too. These deals are still part of the great game, part of a constant negotiation between world powers.

My analysis is that there is some sort of grand bargain going on behind the scenes, which involves division of commodities. The Israeli's are involved, via Glencore. Tillersen is there to represent big oil. My judgement is that these three parties are the ones who're going to push through a new negotiation for control of the middle-east (and likely the caucus too) - one that allows them to put an end to the current conflicts there. Notable is China's absence from the triad.

I think this is the one and only reason Tillersen has been appointed. This will be Trump's no. 1 priority for his presidency. Align with Russia, isolate China.

It's a good strategy. One that many US intelligence people subscribe too, but for the neolibs weird obession with Putin being Hitler reborn.

1bcc07 No.8510490


wew that is some delusion. What the chinese are doing in africa is pretty fucking evil.

1bcc07 No.8510496


>AFAIK, they have no controlling interest in Exxon these days

it was my understanding that Rex strong armed them out of exxon and gave them a big fuck you as the door hit them on the ass

885a7b No.8510497


Where exactly, Anon? I've lived in Angola, Namibia, EG, Senegal, Ghana, fuck even Liberia for a short time. Worked in many more. Cote d'Ivoire, Mauritania, Kenya.

Are you telling me that the Chinese haven't built roads in, say, Angola, for example? You care to explain to me the long empty roads stretching south of Luanda, with their empty apartment complexes?

That's as much of my time as you get faggot.

1bcc07 No.8510533


of course they would build the necessary infrastructure to facilitate their harvesting of raw materials. There would be no point to their colonization of Africa if they werent building what was necessary to bring their spoils home.

I dont give a shit about infrastructure being built in africa by colonizing powers for africans. Doing so is folly anyway.. BUT dont sit there and imply that china is somehow a benevolent force for the niggers. Their purpose in Africa is single fold, gather resources to build their empire for a likely military power move in the future.

885a7b No.8510539


I'm not an apologist for the Chinese. What we've done in Africa is pretty fucking evil too. Grow up, anon. All I'm saying is that they've played the game better than we have. I literally watched it happen in Africa. They just fucking swamped us.

Take Angola. It takes a normie westerner a few weeks to get a visa into Angola, a couple if you're representing someone important. Fuck, it took me two weeks and I was representing a major US interest. The chinks don't need a visa. They just rock up.

You understand how significant that is? Chevron has practically annexed Cabinda, has been there for 30 years. The Chinese have been there maybe a decade and get treated better…

1bcc07 No.8510587


what I was implying was that there is no room for morality in africa. I give a shit not who is doing what evil there.

we are arguing a non point. And I havent been there so I cant definitively say that the chinks arent building schools instead of just building what they need, which i could careless either way.

But everything ive seen of the chink involvement there is that they treat the common niggers like shit and make the right niggers rich where as the west swindles, uses threats of military intervention while pandering to the common nigger there with gibs.

You are right, and its like Trump has said, the leaders of China are much more worthy of leadership than the leaders of the west.

6d04ff No.8510589


Keep enjoying it faggot. Try to make society better under Chinese rule.

885a7b No.8510590


Yeah, if you want to have that conversation then suggest you go to /leftypol/ anon. I already laid out my attitude to these things. Geostrategy isn't about feels. It's about real, tangible, empirical data. The goal of the chinks is the same goal we have, only they beat us to it.

6d04ff No.8510598


Thank Communism for that.

885a7b No.8510607


You haven't read the thread, have you? I'm a patriot. I'm fucked off because we're losing the great game. I'm hoping that Pres. Trump can turn things around. WTF makes you think I like what the Chinese are doing to Africa? You sound like an SJW ffs.

1bcc07 No.8510612




I should have fleshed out what I was saying better. Im not arguing with you.

885a7b No.8510624


Do commies still have that old rule that you don't need a visa to be in another commie country, and you can carry a gun too? I knew about that in the past but assumed it fell by the wayside when the eastern block did.

6d04ff No.8510636


I was born in Africa with the wrong skin colour in relation to the geographical location. As a white, we have to answer for things that we were guilty of and even more so, things we were never guilty of. I'm not accusing you of being anything. I'm merely pointing out to you that the Chinks do not give a fuck about humanity, the biggest mistake the Europeans made was set foot on this continent, and vice verse.

Doesn't mean we aren't proud. All i'm trying to point out is that things are not that much rosier. Not when you look at the local populace in some of the higher tension areas.

Glad you are a patriot. What brought you to Africa besides oil? Hope you haven't got the jungle fever.


IDK, but they are honorary niggers in many countries based on the money that talks. Money makes all your problems go away on the continent. Anybody is bribable. Botswana is probs more based amongst the lot and 8/10 would reside.

6d04ff No.8510643


You can buy a used AK47 for $2 dollars equivelant in local currency. Laws don't stand in the way. You can take em out of the bush, you can't take the bush out of them.

7b5306 No.8510653


Loot. It's spelled loot.

16a4b0 No.8510674


The big conceptual blunder in the calculation is the idea that a 64% white country is capable of just as much as the 90% white country USA used to be. It's the type of error ex-slavers make.

885a7b No.8510678


Saw it. You made some good points about the differences in approach. Chinese give zero fucks. I think that's what Trump admires.

I was watching the UK parliament earlier today, and some bitch came on shrieking about how her humanity doesn't stop at Dover, that every human being blah blah…These people are fucking mental. I don't know how much more I can take of them. In the old days, we would have called them traitors…

9e18f6 No.8510696

File: 61169f3e5b6dcd9⋯.png (84.87 KB, 293x343, 293:343, 015078a0937243513703f2d3ec….png)


>Monumental events in the past didn't utterly destroy the elite so thus they're immortal and will remain in power for a million years

885a7b No.8510701


I remember stopping at a gas station in Luanda, and the guard's AK was held together with ducttape. He let me hold it lol.

1bcc07 No.8510710


>implying pizzagate is what will do it

>implying pizza gate isnt a complete dead end at this point

they fucking cleaned everything up there is nothing that can be done with the information dug so far. The only good thing about pizzagate is it quasi-redpilled a lot of normies. But the fucking retards still havent made the connection of it being the fucking kikes.

>its satanism

satanism is a red herring of a misnomer designed to draw attention away from the kikes since "satan is anti-kike" meanwhile if they would call it fucking moloch worship like it is the connection could be fucking made.


7cc05b No.8510718


Do you have any career advice for those of us who are looking to get into the Great Game and help win it?

16a4b0 No.8510728

885a7b No.8510749


I've no illusions about the chinks anon. I wasn't trying to say that they were on-balance better for Africa. It's just that they'll fuck up your country and then leave once they've gotten what they want; the IMF will fuck up your country and charge you for the privilege until the end of days.

Some of the outreach stuff we do DOES have good outcomes. I used to do a lot of that stuff in my time off. Call me a hypocrite, but with my world view, it felt like the best I could do.

What brought me to Africa (or kept me there rather) wasn't so much oil itself but the adventure. Africa is wild-west. You mention the bribery. I've done some fucked up shit over the years, involving low-flying airplanes and all kinds of shit. Shit you just can't do in the developed world. There were no SOP's. Bosses just expected me to use my intiative and get things down. Pure freedom and I miss it a lot.

Have never tagged a local. I saw some in Cameroon that tempted me - asses that looked like I drew them in my imagination - but I was able to resist. If I'd been drunk I'd probably have done it…

9e18f6 No.8510775


Just like GamerGate opened up the wound that allowed Thiel and Hogan to rekt Gawker we've again opened up the wound that would allow certain groups/interest to royally fuck the pedophile rings.

We'll just have to wait and see if anyone takes the opportunity.

9e18f6 No.8510788


So a middle class dude can actually work his way up in the world to a point where he can fuck over the Rockefellers?

That makes me feel better about the world.

885a7b No.8510802


Try to get into commodities. That's where it's at. Ultimately, the intelligence guys support us. They give us the freedom to operate, and make problems go away if needed. I did comp science and ended up a suit working with probabilities, monte carlo etc. so my role was risk analysis, strategy, and make things happen on the ground - gladhanding, barcrawls, favors etc. My bro took a more direct route and went in at the finance side of things but he doesn't get to travel much and is still a bit of a normie. He gets the big picture but he doesn't understand how all the little outbreaks and conflicts tie in to it.

7cc05b No.8510816


If I could go to an ivy would it make a difference nowadays with the SJW flood, or is finance/accounting from a state school good enough?

885a7b No.8510938


My experience is that they look for people who're a little more 'worldy' than your average college graduate, anon. The last thing they need is an SJW.

I went to a good college, but not ivy. I wasn't exactly planning to end up where I was. An old boss told me he liked me because I usually said yes to shit others would say no to, and made his life easier. My trick was that I always found someone else to do those things…

My bro went to a really average college because he's a faggot and didn't want to be too far from Mom's cooking, but he works for a big player now and I didn't help him out. He just went looking for it and they like to see that.

Glencore were all cowboys back in the day, btw. Some of them had no education to speak of. They'd just done Rich favors over the years and kept their mouths shut. They all got rewarded when the company was floated. Look it up. Secretaries got 6 figure share issues and shit.

I would say, get the qualifications, but learn about commodities in particular. What are they? Where are they? Read The Grand Chessboard by Breisjkjh…that kike whose daughter is on Morning Joe. If you get a foot in the door, put your viking helmet on and try not to be a bitch. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and your mission is to make sure we don't get eaten.

7cc05b No.8510967


Thanks man. I've had a bit of a varied life in the past, fair bit of time abroad in the seedier bits of the world, just heading back to college since I realized being a poorfag with no demonstrable skills beyond "surviving in weird places" isn't a good long term plan.

951c7f No.8510981


Tillerson literally took Exxon away from the Rockefellers. Trump is going to open the flood gates on oil production and make the US an exporter. The jobs and wealth that will flow in will put Saudi Arabia to shame.

a116c3 No.8511079

You seem awfully sure that Russia is just going to take your hand and be buddy buddy now after we have been fucking with them. What if they you know tell us to eat shit and die. After the last 4 years im seriously doubt anyone in washingtons ability to win the game or negotiate such a deal with russia . You lost africa you lost the middle east if you dont un fuck the migrant situation in europe you are going to loose there in a second.

f8a358 No.8511155


Indian or Chinese?

7cc05b No.8511156


Putin has been begging us to work with them instead of fucking around with arming terrorist groups and missile shields to upset the power balance for the entire time he has been in office. Russia would benefit more from having a positive relation with the US than the US would - in many fields the US has much greater human resources and technical expertise that Russia would love to be able to use. We've been losing so badly because we've had leadership that was a joke, but even 8 years of Obama hasn't completely destroyed the very real advantages the US has geopolitically. I doubt they'll just say "Oh it's all good now, no hard feelings" but Putin isn't stupid or proud, he's going to take an opportunity to better Russia's position when he sees it.

885a7b No.8511275


That's the common theme, and the one I tend to agree with, but the conext is that Exxon is one of the most powerful entities in the world - look at its turnover compared to most nation states. So what Tillersen did was effectively mount a coup in a country not much less significant than the US itself.

The Rockefellers were traditionally the second most powerful kike family in the world, who vied for the position of King Kike with the Rothschild's for years.

That's why I'm not certain that they're as diminished as it appears, or that they've got no stake at all in what Exxon does.

That said, I agree with your take on Trump's energy policy, and it ties in with what I'm saying, that there's a triad (US, Israel, Russia) involved in negotiating a new grand bargain, where almost everything's on the table. I see Trump giving Russia a new stake in the west, in exchange for distancing itself from China and Iran.

The FP establishment are acting like Trump's torn up the entire plan, but all he's really doing is aiming for the same thing, but adopting a different strategy - one that doesn't see the US become a hegemon but allows Russia to become a partner. The end result is still an isolated and hopefully contained China.

60779e No.8511319


Hello there Hillshill.

I have to admit though, you've gotten better at this.

885a7b No.8511323


Russia is a rational actor, perhaps the only rational actor playing the game at the moment. Putin doesn't care about feels. He wants a deal that's good for Russia.

As for the situation in the EU, that isn't in Russia's interest either. Russia wants a friendly EU that it can trade with on equal terms. It's the neolibs who've put Europe in the situation its in, not the Russians. A fucked EU is not a win for Russia. It creates instability in the neighbourhood, and unforeseen consequences could follow. Russia doesn't want to see Europe revert to its 1930s structure and politics.

2f0856 No.8511332


>gain, I would characterize the Chinese as adversaries, rather than an enemy

>Russia is our adversary (a competitive, rational actor), but these people have convinced themselves that Russia is our enemy.

Who would you classify as an enemy of the US?

885a7b No.8511339


Hillshill? I've spent the entire thread shitting on neoliberals and lending my support for Trump's plan. How the fuck am I shilling for Hillary?

a116c3 No.8511384


And what about the Ukraine and Syria? Syria is just going to have to be a US loss if you decided to work with Russia. But the Ukraine? What do you intend to do there? NATO getting so close is a problem for Russia not just militarily but culturally

885a7b No.8511386


Actors who wish to do us harm for ideological reasons, rather than for national security reasons, are enemies.

An adversary is an actor that competes for the same resources as you. You can cut a deal with an adversary.

ISIS are an obvious example of an enemy. The neolib one world government/new world order crowd are enemies. They seek to destroy the institutions of the United States on ideological grounds. You can't cut a deal with an enemy.

a116c3 No.8511404


lets just get down to the brass tax of it are you guys racialists or not? If you are south american marrying jeb bush goblin wife tier faggots you are not among friends. How do you feel about the US being Brazil in the future?

7e3d8d No.8511405


>You're idea

learn to spell and maybe I'll take your criticism seriously.

e32751 No.8511439



Thanks for the posts. I learned a lot. Where else can I study to get a better idea of geopolitics.

5f7de0 No.8511450


So, we create three unconquerable superstates: One in East Asia, one in Eurasia, and another spanning the oceans. Internally, these will be self-sufficient blocs, though they may squabble over resources and cheap labor in the tropics. Each will have its own elaborate propaganda machinery and secret police force, but externally they will be unconquerable except for nuclear war, which none will dare use.

Fucking brilliant. I see no way for this plan to go horribly awry.

cc0f2a No.8511466

bump for high-quality LARPing

885a7b No.8511470


Everything will be on the table, and they are bargaining chips. Russia has won Syria. Ukraine isn't resolved yet.

Trump wants to isolate China. He has a big card to play if he offers a NATO withdrawal of some sort, removal of missiles from Romania and so on. But they won't come cheap. Putin will have to put something down too.

The European vassals will be the big losers here. My take is that Trump will give Russia a bigger stake in Europe. There will be no new pipeline from Qatar, obviously. The Ukronazi's will be cut loose. It's easy to deal with them - cut the money supply and the locals will cut their throats. The EU will cry but they've no one to blame but themselves. They allowed themselves to become vassals, mere chips on the table.

Other chips are on the table too. Resources in the Golan, the caucusasus, eastern med, Cyprus, the Aegean. I'm saying that what Trump is setting up here is unprecedented since the end of the second world war. He's going to put these people in a room and say, "everything's on the table, let's work this out and stop all the nonsense in the ME." It won't last forever, ofc, but what he's trying to do is ballsy as fuck and it's going to cause insane amounts of shrieking. There will be losers too, and they'll try to start some shit of their own, but they may well face an aligned US and Russia if they do.

e33981 No.8511526


Your larping is ace, mang. Inspiring, thought-provoking, full of historical references. 10/10.

885a7b No.8511528


There are a shit load of think-tanks out there - most publish their studies, but most have an agenda so consider where they get their funding. One example would be ISW - run by Robert Kagan (of the CFR and husband of Vicky Nuland) sister. They're pushing the confront Russia agenda.

I like to follow non-aligned think-tanks, or individuals from quasi-neutral 3rd countries. Indian Punchline is a good blog written by an Indian ex-diplomat. India traditionally has a foot in both camps, so you tend to get a more balanced perspective from them.

Private intel companies tend to offer subscription services, some more expensive than others. I get access to shit on corporate license that I wouldn't pay for as an individual due to cost.

The Grand Chessboard is both a cancer on the world and one of the best books you could possibly read to get an understanding of western geopolitical strategy. It does a good job of explaining why the most important geostrategic area in the world is the caucasus, as it was in the days of the Silk Road.

John Batchelor is the best podcast you can listen to imo. That dude has on a wide range of guests who bring different perspectives and ideologies to the table. He'll have Stephen Cohen on pushing the east-west accord stuff, and then he'll have on a guy who thinks Putin is the leader of the Golden Horde.

Nothing beats talking to the locals…

a116c3 No.8511555


Im breddy sure you are a neocon nigger faggot who thinks he is in good company

4ea443 No.8511619


Good thread. Question. How does the mass immigration and open border policies in the west correlate with geopolitical interests of the elites? And why have the neoliberals been so keen on being anti Russian as well as supporting the Iran deal?

cc0f2a No.8511667


here's a somewhat puerile question but the best I have at the moment: what are your thoughts on solving the JQ?

885a7b No.8511701


I'm a patriot. I believe in upholding the constitution of the United States. I don't believe in shared sovereignty, period.

I'm a racialist in the sense that I believe we're best sticking to our own, that America is a white country and everyone else is just visiting at our discretion. (I don't give a shit about the natives. We beat them.)

Most people I work with in the field are racialists. Put yourself in our shoes. How else are you going to get to sleep at night? Plus I have experience of real niggers, whereas most of you only have experience with the domesticated type back home. I've met niggers who I'm pretty sure wanted to eat me. I've also seen niggers get massacred, which wasn't very nice tbh but at least it had nothing to do with me or the work I was doing at the time.

For obvious reasons, almost all of the people I work with directly are white. There are shitskins and niggers in the offices, but they have no fucking clue how we make the wheels go round - they're just good for the marketing brochures.

5f7de0 No.8511734

File: fd607fcb51bc91c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 85.88 KB, 480x320, 3:2, austrian_chef.png)


My thoughts

cc0f2a No.8511758


t. not OP

885a7b No.8511815


I'm not a neocon. I'm a pretty one-dimensional unreformed nationalist. My only strategic ambition would be to ensure the national security of the US (there's no such thing as permanent allies), which includes its economic security i.e. quality of life. I don't want to hand my kids a poorer future, which would be the consequence of the wishes of most faggots who cry about the future of humanity at every opportunity. There's no such thing as humanity in my view. There's my tribe, and my tribe is the United States.

The whole PNAC adventure has been a disaster. It's weakened us substantially. The neocons and the neolibs got way ahead of themselves in imagining that America was a hegemon. It's by far the most powerful country in the world, but still not close to being a hegemon.

I've no wish to see us become a hegemon either. The world would be one fucking shade. That's my idea of hell. I'll be happy with ensuring that no one can become a threat to us or our way of life. The neocons and the neolibs have became a major threat to our way of life, not just by their warmongering, but in their race to hand over US sovereignty piecemeal to one international org after another.

I told you, I enjoy the chaos of Africa. My favorite movies are westerns. I enjoy playing the game. Neocons/neolibs want a world where nothing is unpredictable. A miserable sterile world where everyone looks and sounds the same. To hell with them all.

72aeef No.8511822


>A Cold War is different from an alliance.

thats just what jewmericans say to make themselves feel better for annihilating europe

>b-but muh marketplace

885a7b No.8511884


By adopting Hitler's early strategy of moving them all to Palestine. Taking my /pol/ hat off and putting my realist one on, I don't foresee gas chambers in our future. Rising anti-semitism in Europe will push more to Israel. The US is a tougher nut, but let's see.

Point is, I'd want as many of them in one place as possible before I decided what to do next.

Once that was done, I'd weigh up my options. Simply pulling support from them and closing off all our borders might see the problem dealt with for us.

This is long-term shift though, anon. It's not feasible to confront the Jew right now. He can bring everything down around us. This has to be done very carefully. If the Russians are given a bigger stake in the western order, that could also be used as a pretence for making some changes that result in diminished kike power. Putin has handled the kikes with amazing skill. He's got most of them out of his business (and off to Israel) but he remains on good terms with a lot of them. That isn't a betrayal - it's the caution of a master strategist.

f71b00 No.8511909


>>I don't think it's cool to be international pirates, going around the world randomly killing people for lewt.

Gas yourself faggot.

f1fcfb No.8511913

File: 1b43b16f68e4f29⋯.png (284.15 KB, 496x764, 124:191, The future is now 2.png)

File: ecbd6e4952f61ad⋯.jpg (176.35 KB, 977x768, 977:768, The future is now.jpg)

File: 443319bf88a9a49⋯.jpg (693.64 KB, 900x1519, 900:1519, french genocide.jpg)


>The great game is alive and well, anons. You could say that I've been a 'soldier' of the great game, though I haven't had to get my hands too dirty. I don't have a lot of time for idealists and SJW's who shed tears everytime bombs start dropping somewhere. Sometimes these things are necessary - the consequences for our nations if we were to leave these regions to others are too dire for many to contemplate. So we fight over them, and innocent locals die. That's life. It always has been.

You great game guys are too cucked to understand the old game ended when the white genocide meme went viral.

Unless somebody in the Trump administration understand that soldiers will not fight so their children will be a hated minority in their own countries, USA will cease to exist as world hegemon.

a116c3 No.8511918


Are you aware the deomographic change in the US is irreversible now. How does that factor into the game? Very soon this countries political landscape is going to mirror a south american shithole. Socialists minority rights kill whitey all that. How are you going to protect "americans" when white american identity doesnt even exist anymore

f8a358 No.8511935


>Are you aware the deomographic change in the US is irreversible now.

Nothing is irreversible. What you mean is difficult to correct.

a116c3 No.8511957


100 million people is a pretty tall order. The cultural trends amoung the youth has no sort of white unity and the great game players have made sure of that to maintain stability at home.

04d237 No.8511963


With deportation of illegals and shutting off the flow of new subhumans, and continued legal abortion, the only group in the US that is increasing in size is conservative whites. The decline in the white population size is much more prevalent among cucks - the gap is about 1 child/woman by very liberal vs very conservative.

I projected this out for 6 generations and by that point liberals were less than 5% of the white population and conservatives more than 45%. Total white population growth resumes in one more generation. Basically, abortion is proving to be extremely eugenic. Been meaning to start a thread on it.

And politics are genetic. http://www.matthewckeller.com/16.Hatemi.et.al.2010.Nuc.fam.ajps.pdf

fcda7a No.8511964


>I don't think it's cool to be international pirates, going around the world randomly killing people for lewt.


What do you think of the Petrodollar?


>I'm a pretty one-dimensional unreformed nationalist.

>my tribe is the United States.

>Nationalism = tribalism.



a116c3 No.8511985


I dont believe that every trend have have put has hispanic and muslium populations exploding. They dont get abortions and they have 10 fucking kids.

2f0856 No.8512005



I want to remain hopeful for the future, but you can't really play a great chess game if all your pieces aren't even the same color, and belong to your opponent.

04d237 No.8512008


First generation hispanics do, but once they're in the US for a generation they start to mirror the liberal group very rapidly. Hence why shutting off the flow and deporting as many as possible is critical.

Muslims are about 1% of the total US population. They are growing, but not fast enough to be a threat as long as you cut off the flow - and they suffer the same second and third generation effect.

I'm not saying that we should relax or anything, just that the war is far from lost, and that whites are improving in quality rapidly. /pol/ is the manifestation of the white population 2 generations after abortion became universally legal. 2 generations down the line, the population will have far more right wing genes.

d18136 No.8512032


>I'm gonna tell you something you can't prove

Kill yourself.

f1fcfb No.8512060

File: af2d65172eb1c8b⋯.png (39.26 KB, 266x368, 133:184, fire cock.png)

File: e9b8de84daecc00⋯.jpg (43.67 KB, 600x414, 100:69, white people.jpg)

File: 7d823109d6073ea⋯.gif (6.15 KB, 350x269, 350:269, 1478216791703.gif)


>I want to remain hopeful for the future,

Well, I don't think you'll have to worry about white people surviving, since that has been settled. The question now is more if the western governments survive, as nobody seems to understand that integration breeds racism, rather than tolerance and understanding, that is the mantra of the Western elites.

Next year is the year of the Fire Cock btw.

885a7b No.8512080


>USA will cease to exist as world hegemon

USA has never been world hegemon. That delusion is what's got us into our current mess. There's a difference between being the toughest dude in town, and being able to take on the whole town single-handed.

Trump understands this. The whole thrust of my thread is that Trump is proposing a grand bargain, a new carve-up of resources, so that these conflicts can be put to bed.

That said, I don't know how far Trump is willing to go in terms of taking on China. I'm hoping he's focussed on containment, but there will be some around him who will say that we have to confront them and that that gets harder to do with every passing day.

For the social Darwinists of the FP establishment, it's us or them at the end of the day.

I'm not negating the JQ btw. I've said further up that Israel is part of a triad here, with the US and Russia, and I don't know what to make of it yet. My argument is that these Jews have the same end-objective as the Kagan-followers, but they have a different strategy to get there. The obvious assumption is that they figure they'll deal with Russia after China instead of before China. Netanyu is a representative of these Jews, and their neither neolib nor neocon, but probably closer to the latter.

35a7aa No.8512103



russia is neither an adversary or an enemy, as far as you should be concerned; adversary is synonymous with enemy, and id imagine that there's been an agenda at work to make people view adversary in a non-hostile way ENTIRELY because satan means adversary

call russia competition instead

furthermore, the "game" being about energy is just a coverup for its real purpose

the "game" is actually one in which one side futilely attempts to eradicate Christianity from the face of the Earth, then go after Heaven and you should know whats planned to come after that

you've seen enough the stuff about international satanic pedophilic blood magic cults on /pol/ that you should've known that weeks ago

its not about energy or survival, its about Christianity versus everyone else

if it was really about survival then they wouldn't be flooding europe with islamic barbarians; they want to wipe Christianity off of the face of the Earth, and Europe is a major Christian continent, and they have THE VATICAN in their country

you're probably too much of an unfaithful atheist to believe that anything at all exists that a hardcore atheist wouldn't believe in anyway, just like alot of other guys on /pol/

even most of those obnoxious frog-worshippers on /pol/ don't genuinely believe in that thing; its just another meme

inb4 derailing

a116c3 No.8512108


You replied to the wrong comment or you didnt read it. I never said world hegemon. I said the american people will cease to exist

885a7b No.8512125


>What do you think of the Petrodollar?

short-sighted. We rely on it too heavily now. It was a tool of the hegemon seekers, in furtherence of world order. It'll be fucking painful when it collapses, but we'll get through it.


You didn't get it then?

e0606b No.8512186

>>8509866 (checked)

>I've worked with Glencore. I'm not going to elaborate.

>I've also worked with Exxon.

>I was in Libya during the onset of the conflict there.

Let me guess, your dad works for Nintendo too?

885a7b No.8512196


>idd, i was just using common parlance

>furthermore, the "game" being about energy is just a coverup for its real purpose

Yes and no. The game will always exist in some shape or form. It exists at every level of society. The way the game has been played has been to further the agenda of hegemony. It doesn't have to be played that way, and I don't think it should be.

>you're probably too much of an unfaithful atheist

am a practising Orthodox Christian, anon. Feel free to try me out on Orthodox doctrine. As for how I resolve that with the life I've led, that's between me and God. Idd with your analysis but neither do I think the alternative to playing the kike game is not to play the game at all. That's not my idea of martyrdom.

f1fcfb No.8512199

File: 5c4dc2281f18461⋯.jpeg (95.84 KB, 980x816, 245:204, piebald bird.jpeg)


>they want to wipe Christianity off of the face of the Earth,

What is wrong with that, since Christianity are one of the biggest supporters of White Genocide?

9dc0ed No.8512210


And reported for not even trying.

a116c3 No.8512242


No one gives a shit about outdated dying religions

f1fcfb No.8512254

File: 6e7a591aa72b1d6⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 602x680, 301:340, wg texas.gif)


>And reported for not even trying.

It's a serious question, that you guys that see Christianity as the single important issue never wish to answer.

885a7b No.8512275


thanks for pointing out anon. Was in reply to >>8511913

My reply to you is that I'm aware of the problem but disagree that it's irreversible. That said, I'm not sure what the best way to handle it is but one thing we have to start doing now is give big incentives to two-parent families in majority white states to have large families. That can be done with the tax code.

You might say that the lefty mixed states would just follow suit, but the prospect of a proliferation of breeding plebs goes against kike eugenics policy. They don't want to make more of the fuckers - they just want to bring more of the fuckers here from elsewhere. Ultimately they want to see a big population drop.

6de4dd No.8512276


John D. Rockefeller wasn't Jewish; he was a devout Christian whose charities actually got shit done. Also, he and a few other Gilded Age men are who made America great in the first place. Nominating the current CEO of the direct successor to Standard Oil to be the Secretary of State is simply Trump fulfilling the great prophecy. However, I will agree that the Rockefeller family has recently fallen into depravity, but that's been a trend ever since Jr., who managed the aforementioned charities of his father, married Aldrich, who was responsible for creating MoMA aka the last bastion of degenerate art.

a5691f No.8512326

>the USA/Russia/China talk

I've been interested in this for a while now. Assuming USA allies itself with Russia (and we're talking alliance, not just one-time deal or something), how do you see the situation between Russia and China take place? Russia has been historically a very defensive country - last time they tried invading, Finns kicked them the fuck out. However, if (or when, assuming your assumptions about China are true) China escalates, it would pressure Russia to take action - and they cannot allow USA to gain any territory there.

885a7b No.8512372


>Let me guess, your dad works for Nintendo too?

My Dad is retired, but he used to work for Exxon in the oil patch. I never worked 'for' Exxon. I worked 'with' Exxon. I'm upstream of what they do. I do more of what Glencore used to do (before they got involved in downstream stuff too) but, again, I wasn't working 'for' them. I took part in a fairly novel deal that involved an unusual exchange of commodities.

As things are now, I'm semi-retired. I receive small stipends for giving advice to some old colleagues, but now was a good time to step back anyway. The commodities business has been a bit volatile, in case you hadn't noticed?

Btw, a decade or so ago, Glencore ops was little more than a pirate crew of reprobates, not the sharp-suits you probably have in mind…

3904ce No.8512382

File: f8b0e229f145546⋯.jpg (58.39 KB, 720x529, 720:529, typo.jpg)


>learn to spell and maybe I'll take your criticism seriously.

60779e No.8512419

885a7b No.8512430


I don't believe we'll see a permanent formal alliance. That implies a degree of shared sovereignty that neither party could agree to. It would be something close to the agreement we had with Stalin, and it would focus on containment first. It would be dangerous for Russia to try and extracate itself from all its deals with China. The more sensible approach is to take advantage of Russia's role with China. Trump will want a piece of the one-belt-one-road project - he'll want access.

This is a plan for the next century, anons. Not the next 4 years. Trump will try to shift things in that direction, but the effects probably won;t be really obvious for a generation.

885a7b No.8512460


>John D. Rockefeller wasn't Jewish

and John Kerry is Irish…

The Rockefellers and Carnegie shilled the Social Darwinist meme that underpins kike/satanic philosophy - evil is good if the outcome is good for us. Rockefeller was the main player in the CFR and instrumental in the establishment of the FED.


6c5ac2 No.8512469


No, I got it. You're an "American" nationalist Zionist.

301280 No.8512527


There's still around a billion whites in the world today. And for the moment the vast majority of


You're a simple fool or a shill if that's all you got out of his post.


What would you say the main players different goals are? Is energy control a means to an end or just a way to maintain financial hegemony? Are there even end goals or is it just an effort to hold power?

885a7b No.8512550


I'm not a Zionist, but I prefer a Jew in Israel to a Jew in the United States. Step 1: Containment…

Oh, and Avram, I'll let you in on a little secret. I don't have anything to do with advising US policy, but I know a bit about one or two people who are, and they see things the same way I do…

94c3ce No.8512574


/pol/ is not a personal diary OP

delivar or provide links

9d0d0f No.8512595


>Trump wants to be friends with Russia and cuck China

Jesus Christ OP, you could've made your whole point in 10 words.

319de4 No.8512614

This propaganda gets stale after some time.

In Russia they talk about how (((US bankers))) built up Germany to destroy the up-and-coming Soviet Union. What they forget is that the Soviet industrialization wouldn't have been possible without American investments and technologies.

And now this. China will be America's primary enemy… So why did you invest billions into China in the last decades?

USA vs Russia is D&C.

ebc5c7 No.8512694

Is China a real world power or just a paper tiger? I know they're expanding their influence rapidly, but it seems like they have feet of clay in many respects. Their land is only 18% arable and they're poisoning it very fast - there was an article that described China as "a country with 1000 Flints and no free press" (referring to the water problems in Flint, MI). They depend heavily on food imports, much of it from the US.

Their whole financial system is an obvious con game and I recall they recently sacked their pro-reform finance minister and replaced him with someone who's going to keep the games going. The manufacturing industry that's made them so much money is getting moved to even cheaper countries like Vietnam, and there's also the possibility of the US onshoring some of it with robots to offset employment costs. China's whole culture is to cut corners, push blame onto others, grab the money and run. I don't see how that gives rise to lasting world power.

ebc5c7 No.8512741


They also have a terrible military record and very little ability to project force beyond their borders. If the US really wanted to topple them it doesn't seem like it'd be too hard. Fucking with their food supply alone would devastate them, and if their house of cards started to come down they wouldn't have money to bribe Africans or Filipinos or anyone else to be their pals. And all they can offer to non-Chinese is bribes; one of the things that made the US stand out as a world power was its ethos of freedom and democracy, but China can't delude anyone into thinking they have any ethos other than Chinese supremacy.

I partially suspect China is propped up because it's useful to other powers. At the rate they're going, within a few generations the Chinese will be too chemically poisoned to be a functional nation-state.

885a7b No.8512769


As things stand, we can contain them quite easily, but we wouldn't prevail in a land invasion. They're on the cusp of certain developments that will complicate things considerably though, particularly in terms of their missile tech, their electronic warfare capabilitieis, and their subs. That's why there are a lot of people advocating for doing something now, before a time comes when they can't be contained.

885a7b No.8512777


>What would you say the main players different goals are? Is energy control a means to an end or just a way to maintain financial hegemony? Are there even end goals or is it just an effort to hold power?

One of the really cancerous memes that persists in the minds of the neoliberals is this semi-nihilist extremist ideology of taking social Darwinism to it's logical conclusion, which is that if I don't kill you, sooner or later you'll kill me. Commodities are seen as chess pieces in a zero-sum game.

Everything that could give an adversary a theoretical advantage is in play in these calculations, so it encapsulates energy as well as finance. That said, finance belongs to the world of the surreal. When you get down and dirty, the financial reality can change over night. Commodities stay where they are.

The kikes have the idea that some other group will kill them eventually (for them, this is a kind of PTSD left over from the creation of the Pale), so they have to kill or subdue them first. This kike ideology has infested a lot of our own.

There are some (who I subscribe to) that agree that the game is inevitable, but that our aim should be to balance all of the pieces on the board as best we can, so that no one group can achieve hegemony. The neolibs and the neocons reject that. They want hegemony.

At this stage, there are three main players: the jews, the russians, and the Chinese. There are a plethora of bit-part actors, but these are the main antagonists. The anglos are largely subservient to the kikes. We have no choice. They have way too much leverage over us. My analysis (and it might contain a high dose of wishful thinking) is that Trump is going to try and reduce the leverage the kikes have over us, without overtly falling out with them. To do this, he's going to strengthen ties with Israel so that it'll be difficult to accuse him of any anti-Jew sentiment when he takes action in the US. I'm not entirely happy about the prospect of bolstering Israel, but if it's a temporary measure that enables us to take action at home, I'll buy in.

885a7b No.8512821


>Fucking with their food supply alone would devastate them

a billion starving chinks…think about it anon. We don't want that. We want the chink problem to stay in China.

The chinks aren't in a position to challenge the US militarily, but they can make life very difficult in other respects, while they bide their time and strengthen their military. They have a number of attack vectors and these are only growing.

No one in the FP establishment is as complacent about the chinks as you are anon. Can they be overhyped? Sure. But, make no mistake, if we went into a conventional war with them, a lot of Americans would die. The things you're prosing would lead to a conventional war anyway.

198fcc No.8512845


>That said, I'm not sure what the best way to handle it is but one thing we have to start doing now is give big incentives to two-parent families in majority white states to have large families. That can be done with the tax code.

You are completely delusional. The other guy is right – nothing you are talking about is going to matter for much more than one or two presidential terms.

77ad57 No.8512956

Enjoy securing commodities for jamal, pedro, pajeet, and muhammed, cuck.

The "great game", HAH. Its like that meme with putin playing chess with obama, doesn't matter if "America" wins if america is no longer america.

ebc5c7 No.8512971


I don't want to be complacent but I'd like to know more about these attack vectors they have, what the foundation of their strength is. Even if they boost their production of war material, it's going to be hard for the Chinese factory owners to resist the temptation to cover the tanks with spraypainted cardboard instead of armor and pocket the difference in cost.

Taking direct action to starve them would be politically infeasible, naturally, but their system is precarious enough I would guess there are many ways to topple it. Find the scammiest Chinese financiers, the Bernie Madoff types who are running Ponzi schemes on the verge of bursting, then give them a bunch of investment to bail them out and make them look legitimate. Allow them to grow their Ponzi bubbles to a much larger size than they could naturally achieve, meanwhile becoming dependent on the outside investment. Guide them to absorb many of China's legit enterprises, then abruptly stop giving them the outside funding. Bye-bye Chinese economy.

Of course I haven't considered all the whys and wherefores of this method either, and nothing is that simple. But the US and Russia seem to have much stronger fundamentals than China.

885a7b No.8513073


Jewgle Chinese hypersonic missile tech. Both they and the Russians are developing an edge over the US.

Granted, their tanks are shit (really shit) but they don't need tanks atm. The Russian tanks eat ours for breakfast btw. The cardboard meme is tired though anon. China's scientific output is now greater than that of the US. They aren't putting out the cutting edge tech yet, but they're improving at a terrifying rate.

It used to be that we wouldn't touch Chinese steel because they would forge all the certificates, but these days we not only buy it but we build with it in China using chink labor.

China has a great disincentive for Bernie Madoff types. It's called the noose. The chink economy is highly controlled. Soros had a go at it earlier this year and ended up with egg on his face.

China policy will probably continue down the cointel path, with Hong Kong already in play and Trump adding Taiwan (Republic of China) into the mix. The neolibs have been fucking around with the Uigurs too but hopefully Trump puts a stop to that. Using mudslimes for proxy wars has had its day I hope.

These will be used to try and cow China, with the remote possibility that they kick off wider political dissent on the mainland. America is highly dependent on the Chinese economy, so there's no sense in trying to crash it overnight.

bfcbe7 No.8513144


Aside from our country and the EU, what other countries on the planet are the most subject to kike influence? Zuckerberg has a chink/gook/whatever wife, does that mean they moving into Japan/China/some other slit eye country?

c27199 No.8513230

>Most are southern good ol' boys, salt of the earth patriotic Americans who'd wear jeans in the office if they could.

They're assholes who brought all these shitskins into the country to bring wages down. There could be white people earning livable wages pumping gas. But why go that route when some shitskin whose rent, food and healthcare are paid for by tax payers will pump gas for just enough to get some drugs for the weekend?

885a7b No.8513255


Very difficult to penetrate Japan. There's an old conspiracy theory about some Ashani (kike tribe) going down to Japan in the middle-ages but hard to know if there's anything to it. They'd look thoroughly Jap by now. I doubt it tbh.

Japs are racist af. I don't fault them for it. They're beholden to the same international finance Godfathers as the rest of the west, and they get pressure to liberalize from outside just so they can stay in the club, but they're pretty independent besides that. They do their own social engineering and its a bit different to how we do it.

The chinks aren't completely free of kikes. The Rothschilds have major holdings there. Chinks and Japs are well schooled on the protocols, but the chinks have this weird kind of admiration for them at the same time. Chinks are also racist af ofc.

There are also chinks who're on the payroll of the kikes, but God help them if they get found out.

No where is safe from the kikes, ultimately. They want hegemony so, wherever you are, it's just a matter of time for them.

885a7b No.8513285


Dude, you seriously blaming Exxon for shitskins? Becuz gas station attendants? You really think that made a big difference to Exxon's bottom line? Blame big agriculture for that shit, and blame the neolibs who wanted it purely to dilute the Conservative white majority. It has nothing to do with who pumps your gas. I daresay Exxon hires a few shitskins, but I never met one.

c27199 No.8513295


>You really think that made a big difference to Exxon's bottom line?

Yes, getting labor that works for free helps the bottom line. Same for McDonald's.

1322bd No.8513793


Explain why we cannot go after Saudi Arabia. It seems that they are weaker then Iraq was in 2002 and way weaker than Iran currently and they have all that oil. Does it come down to Israel being their allies?

f8a358 No.8513843


>Explain why we cannot go after Saudi Arabia.

Why would we? Everything they do our government(s) are part and parcel of. It would be like stabbing your gun.

09e639 No.8514218


Econ major from a very well-known state school here, what companies/positions would I need to apply to in order to do what you did? This isn't the first time I've seen someone talk about Africa as the real last frontier and it always piques my interest.

3c7921 No.8514303


>He has good relations with Putin and Trump.

That's not because of like ideals, but because Israel is totally dependent upon Russia for an influx of "jews" (they now make them take DNA tests after he was informed of some things) for demographic reason: American jews don't like it over there, and European jews don't really either. Palestinians have a lot of babies and that terrifies Netanyahu.

All the rest of your analysis and statements are spot on. Do you read The New Great Game blog by chance?

5b8fcb No.8514350


dubs appear to lend credence. pic 100% related.

5b8fcb No.8514353

File: 8aee84749de8e2e⋯.png (387.78 KB, 678x766, 339:383, tfw it all becomes clear.png)


lmao fucked that up hard.

ffaeee No.8514473

about how much oil is left? just gimme a ballpark

ac964c No.8514486



>last frontier of anything

Yeahno. Whoever said that was a race-blind retard who sill believes in that economic policy will uplift a people from the gutter. Africa will only be relevant once all the niggers are exterminated.

db8fba No.8514511


Current estimates put it between 50 and 250 ish years.

bfcbe7 No.8514522


>last frontier

He meant in terms of a wild west society, as in you can shoot a nigger and nobody's gonna say boo.

ffaeee No.8514538


what about raw materials for lithium batteries? where are most of them located, and in what quantities?

76d023 No.8514750

File: 83162b43706628b⋯.png (312.49 KB, 640x553, 640:553, fun while it lasted.png)


>and likely the caucus too

a9fcd2 No.8514857

File: 142300dc801c4ab⋯.jpg (79.48 KB, 307x500, 307:500, bs.jpg)


This is a fucking whitepill if I ever took one, thanks.

Many here will disagree I'm sure, but at historical levels of immigration the genetics of nonwhites are simply absorbed within two or three generations. Take for example pic related, a half-Chinese sniper in the Australian army. Looks pretty clearly mixed, but his kids would look almost unrecognisably white despite being quarter Chinese. It's the same for the aboriginals here, there's a common joke among Aussies about claiming welfare benefits by pretending to be 1/8th abo, simply because by that point it's often impossible to visually distinguish between an octroon and a white and it's "insensitive" to ask for proof. Of course, nobody in the west is experiencing normal historical levels of immigration, but the death of SJWism within the next generation is going to help immensely.

I personally see greater internal conflicts on the horizon, but I don't see whites being completely displaced for a long time yet, especially not if we start asserting ourselves more strongly which is already happening.

5b8fcb No.8514908


holy mother of trips of truth connected to solid content

198fcc No.8514942


>but I don't see whites being completely displaced for a long time yet

Depends on what your definition of "completely displaced" means. If you mean being totally wiped out, then of course that's accurate. That's a far cry from having virtually no power inside our countries which is RAPIDLY approaching without drastic and radical corrective measures that include active removal of illegal and legal citizens alike.

Trump's margin of victory in Texas was just over half of what Romney secured just four years earlier. The trend is very clear and the current generation of children is ~50% or more non-White already. We already know from the complete failure to deal with this reality as it was happening and its conclusion was obvious to all, that any form of conservative "resistance" is not going to happen.

8254dc No.8514945

File: 6ff4561da402142⋯.jpg (38.02 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 6ff4561da402142ecdaae7ff7f….jpg)

considering the supposed geopolitical shift of the US towards Russia and away from China, what would be Australia's role in this situation? China is currently our largest trading partner, and their movement into Africa for the sake of cheap resources puts a big question mark over our already dwindling commodity economy in the face of reductions in Chinese growth. Not to mention China's jostling and posturing to take over more of the South China Sea places our trade routes with Japan and the South East Asian countries at serious risk. Will the next decade finally give Australia a serious economic incentive to industrialize? Or is Australia set to join the list of vassal states that are only there so that a Russo-American brigade can trundle in and assfuck China from all directions in the situation they decide to not play ball? I know for a fact some of our more blatant leftist shitheels in parliament are vocalizing for a stronger connection with the chinks in the face of a Trump presidency

t. Australian

a9fcd2 No.8515104


You're describing a Rhodesia type of scenario, or maybe softer like South Africa. I hope the USA doesn't have to become another example, and you're right there needs to be a demographic reversal at this point. Don't get me wrong, I'm not living in the expectation that I can put my feet up and let everything correct itself. But I think that demographic reversal is gestating, and I do know that leftism has reached a mentally crippling level and is now completely stopping its proponents from breeding. Like the post I quoted previously ( >>8512008 ) stated, nonwhites are coming under the non-procreating leftist mania within a generation or two, the very same psychological eugenics program that is so effective with whites.

I have the honesty to admit that I wish the solution was easier, but what's the gameplan for the lone anon apart from shitposting, redpilling and breeding? Nothing else seems to have been working.

ee8b4b No.8515114


you know, playing a shitty simulator game, by buying Russian's oil for a cheap price, USA's GDP will increase by a lot.

TL;DR just fucking look for an alternative energy resource.

bfcbe7 No.8515161


Shove the Overton window to the right. It's easy to do nowadays-speaking truth is enough to drive lefties berserk.

198fcc No.8515171


>But I think that demographic reversal is gestating

Yeah.. I don't. There's pretty much no evidence for it, either, outside of Trump winning one election against a historically bad candidate. If the Democrats had run a non-White, they probably would have won.

Your whole argument rests on a nonsensical scenario in which "leftism" is infecting non-Whites and they'll stop breeding. Are you somehow unfamiliar with the present political leanings of the exploding third world? Whites aren't breeding because they are being frozen out of more and more career paths and advancement in their own countries while being murdered right out of the gate with crushing student debt.

You have no idea what you're talking about at all.

570a69 No.8515263

>No goy, China goy attack china for me, Russian is our friend, we was saying it all along, you must be mistaken.

>Pay no attention to your population displamnet, goy!

>it's iriversable.

>Just watch the "game" our game is all that matters.

e98098 No.8515291


any tips to an anon that is interested in acquiring your mindset? At least in terms of strategy and analysis?

570a69 No.8515398


What I want to know from OP is who is going to inherit this world people are playing the game for?

He talks like he's playing for the "home team" but when most of the people running these efforts, the people at the very top are actively trying to wipe out the people that live there and bring in there own shitskin pets, who dose he think these efforts are for.

Succouring Energy for

the west, for the future is a big deal but when it's only going to be the kike masters and thire new brown pets in that future, we have a major problem.

a9fcd2 No.8515473


Calm down brother, you've missed my point. The third world has stopped knocking on the door and is bashing it in, yes, but the people telling us to let them in are becoming increasingly suicidal and normies are starting to see it. Very soon they're not going to be around to guilt the rest of us into submission. What you call the exception of Trump winning an election, I call the first fork in the road of turning public opinion back to sanity. There are a lot more such opportunities coming up and the worse things get, the more appear, but it takes perception to make the most of them. It takes effort to continue pulling opinion our way, and that's what I'm counting on, because that's what I'm personally committed to doing.

I'll admit I'm not right about everything, but it's way too easy to point out the problems and offer no solutions. The failure of too many posters is to get depressed and point out the problems with the world. Start thinking about solutions and start counting on them, otherwise we really are fucked.

Sage because this is now offtopic bickering

95e4a7 No.8515681


>China's scientific output is now greater than that of the US.

This is verifiably false nonsense. Fuck off LARPer.

95e4a7 No.8515690


> America is highly dependent on the Chinese economy

Another bullshit falsehood. The US trades more with fucking Mexico than it does with China. You're an imbecile.

88cccd No.8516230


>Do you have anything to back it up.png


>what would be Australia's role in this situation?

Better prepare for warfare.

b67968 No.8516326

File: 33080dbc70e62e3⋯.jpg (58.58 KB, 599x675, 599:675, karen booty.jpg)


>I don't think it's cool to be international pirates, going around the world randomly killing people for lewt.

Gas yourself, queer.

885a7b No.8516348


The relationship with Saudi is predicated on the relationship with Iran. Israel is the main reason our relationship with Iran is so hostile. The Saudi's are useful fodder and have been supplying the bulk of Jihadi's.

The alliance with Saudi goes back to the culmination of the OPEC crisis, after which we were energy dependent on them until fairly recently.

I don't see Trump changing the relationship with Saudi to any great extent in his first term. His focus, rightly or wrongly, is on Iran at this time.

885a7b No.8516366


>China's scientific output is now greater than that of the US.

>This is verifiably false nonsense. Fuck off LARPer.


No u

95e4a7 No.8516392


Like I said, verifiably false, LARPer:


b478a3 No.8516395


Does that article have a follow up proving its assertion? Otherwise it's just bluster, like how Brazil and Nigeria were supposed to become great powers in the 21st century because according to analysts they're the exact same as us and therefore their access to raw material means they'll be put on the same tangent as our civilizations.

Honest question.

95e4a7 No.8516402




Notice to lower ratio of published article/citations for China. Much lower than the US, and much, much lower than the UK.

You are completely exposed. Next time you play pretend, do your homework.

885a7b No.8516425


>Do you have anything to back it up.png

archive.fo/QZlbM – China's New Hypersonic Missile Can Scream Past US Air Defenses (Gizmodo)

archive.fo/4k43s – How Hypersonic Missiles Push America and China towards War (National Interest)

National Interest is one of the best, most impartial US foreign policy outlets around…

archive.fo/qGa90 – Chilling Air Force report warns Russia and China's hypersonic missiles 'may endanger the United States' (Daily Mail)

archive.fo/RNnr2 – China accuses George Soros of 'declaring war' on yuan (Guardian)

archive.fo/WpemN – George Soros can’t do to the yuan what he did to the British pound (Marketwatch)

archive.fo/70Zh3 – China warns George Soros against going to 'war' on its currency (Business Insider)

P.S. I'm not doing this for every question. The rest of you faggots have jewgle. There's some good articles up on National Interest that tie in to exactly what we're discussing here. Expand your minds anons.

885a7b No.8516462


You're taking a rather narrow definition of science friendo. A sizeable chunk of the scientific papers published annually are verified dogshit (and China is one of the worst offenders).

If you think you've derailed the entire thread by raising one contentious point then you carry on LARPing faggot.

Below is more of a holistic overview:

archive.fo/dd0k2 – China’s rise as a major contributor to science and technology

You'll notice that even though this article is written in 2014, it still mostly cites the 2011 figures.

By your measure (and I'm not saying there are much better ones), the US is still slightly ahead of China. You linked the figures for 1996-2015 in their entirety. If you just look at 2015, for example, you'll see the chinks have closed the gap. In fact, if you were to take a plot of that gap closing over those years, you'd see a pretty clear trend.

885a7b No.8516495


You'll do fine with an econ major, anon. Maybe write a thesis on commodities markets? Look into getting into doing an internship with a commodities broker or something like that. Look into companies in general. Look up some commodities maps (I have them posted all over my home office walls). See who has what (this'll show you why Africa is such fun).

885a7b No.8516507


>Do you read The New Great Game blog by chance?

Amongst others, yeah. It's a good read most days. idd with your Russia-Israel take btw. The normies have no idea just how 'Russian' Israel is, and it got a lot of the worst Russian kike mafia types too.

885a7b No.8516522


>about how much oil is left? just gimme a ballpark

That's almost impossible to say because it really depends on pricing and R&D. There's a fuck load of oil left in the ground because it's too expensive to get out.

Good example is the UK north sea say 10-15 years ago. A lot of fields were becoming unproductive. Then along came APache with some new tech and those fields became very viable again. There's stuff like the pre-salt reservoirs in Brazil - Petrobras literally invented the tech to get that stuff out (and this is ultimately why there was a coup recently).

You'll find probably a dozen different figures on jewgle. Take your pic. Point is, we'll still be drilling for oil somewhere or other by 2050, and it will probably become a much more valuable commodity than it has been historically.

95e4a7 No.8516552


Nice moving of the goalposts faggot. Fuck off already. 4chan is a more appropriate venue for larping.

885a7b No.8516557


Australia is going to find itself in a really awkward position over the next decade. Like you say, there's real economic pressures to strengthen ties with the chinks, but that flies in the face of 5 eyes thinking and Oz is going to be pulled in multiple directions. The chink lovers might be allowed some leeway just so the west can have some more eyes in China, but any serious moves to shift loyalties will be dealt with harshly. Australia isn't independent mate, and I think you know that. Fuck, the UK isn't really independent but it has a damn sight more leeway than the ozzies do.

My take is that there's going to be a lot less warmth between Aus and the US, because Aus is going to be expected to take one for the team and its economy is going to suffer.

One thing about Australia I think you should know though is that there's no intent whatsoever for the west to defend the ozzie mainland should world war iii breakout. You're way out in the middle of fucking nowhere there Bruce. You'd be expected to retreat to the interior and run interference until the rest of the west could do the business.

885a7b No.8516855


Become an expert player at risk

144e90 No.8516994


Excellent analysis, geopolitics is only a hobby for me, but this is also my own gut feeling about the recent developments.

a74118 No.8517076

some questions i had during the thread if OP is still reading

how do you think the falling EROEI is going to impact the great game, regardless of total reserves left if you it costs more to pump out oil the growth effects on the economy aren't limited and so will be the fancy military gizmos that could be produced, something akin to the failure of the soviet state in the late 80's

and second how does one handle africa nowadays

i was mostly under the impression that after the massive population growth in the past century the place is largely ungovernable, we here all know the shall we say feral nature of the dindus, how does a colonizers deal with that, wont the nogs grow resentfull of anybody over there today

or do you see the emergence of an aristocratic class of niggers that keep their own dindus in line, so business can keep turning

3c7921 No.8517495


>The normies have no idea just how 'Russian' Israel is

and just how not-jewish those Russians are. That's why they now have to take DNA test to immigrate kek. Do you know about when Netty summoned Putin? That's a funny story and related to why they have to now be tested.

> it got a lot of the worst Russian kike mafia types too.

A good deal of the Russian mafia are kikes, same with the oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine, and even in US for that matter (oligarchs, and mafia in NY and elsewhere-The Purple Gang fe).

3c7921 No.8517537


>Ignoring the massive amounts of cheap imported product from Chyna

1e0c0a No.8517561

File: 07161057d319d01⋯.png (268.74 KB, 560x560, 1:1, 1481706373156.png)

File: cde115f51f1690d⋯.png (371.16 KB, 800x525, 32:21, 1481651699486-0.png)

File: 638ecf9281aabd6⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1566x879, 522:293, 1481651228946.png)

1e0c0a No.8517569

File: 25ebdfb952b8b67⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1817x1297, 1817:1297, 1481045525465.png)

File: 32c2da4f90273ff⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, 56756756756756575765.png)

885a7b No.8517573


>>Ignoring the massive amounts of cheap imported product from Chyna

That's precisely what I'm not doing. Low income Americans rely on that cheap product from China. You can't just turn the tap off overnight and expect things to turn out all right. The situation has to be turned around over time, and Trump has the right ideas about how to do that. Chinese product has to be made more expensive, yes, but wages of middle-americans have to rise in relation to that. That's a simplistic way of putting things.

5d2d85 No.8517634


still at it eh? in regards to ausland, what should the average worker joe do to insulate himself against australia getting buttfucked economy-wise, especially if china gets financially rekt? And how many more months/years until something happens to change that?

Is australia ever gonna start drilling its own oil in West aus? i remember chatting to a texan oil guy years ago who planned on drilling there before the oil wars started.

3c7921 No.8517693

Posting 100% bug



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