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File: ced97122b0b3e2e⋯.jpg (33 KB, 400x343, 400:343, 1483384927885.jpg)

1f683e No.8695455

WAPO DELETES ARTICLE ABOUT NORWEGIAN PEDO RING BUST: https://web.archive.org/web/20161121114717/https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/norwegian-police-arrest-20-men-in-pedophile-network-probe/2016/11/20/5a6f10d8-af3d-11e6-bc2d-19b3d759cfe7_story.html

NYT DELETES ARTICLE ABOUT NORWEGIAN PEDO RING BUST: http://web.archive.org/web/20161120230530/http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/norwegian-police-arrest-20-men-pedophile-network-probe-43670565

ABC NEWS DELETES ARTICLE ABOUT NORWEGIAN PEDO RING BUST: https://archive.is/http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2016/11/20/world/europe/ap-eu-norway-pedophile-network.html













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1f683e No.8695466

File: 26d4083fcb20382⋯.png (3.72 MB, 1625x1039, 1625:1039, killroom_pegasus.png)

File: b72be7edf13b43e⋯.png (3.52 MB, 1657x886, 1657:886, pegasus_adopts.png)

File: fd88d9d6eeefb5c⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1871x945, 1871:945, pegasus2.png)

File: 07daea79be4e541⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1035x586, 1035:586, pegasus.png)

Google Maps images of the Pegasus Museam having child references (signs and symbols)

1f683e No.8695510

Since the Google pedo's removed the reference from their search engine (yesterday I found it under "Pegasus Museum Washington" and got to Google Maps here is the address:

3505 11th St NW

Washington D.C., District of Colombia

0cbfa5 No.8695531

I recently came over to this shit when I saw that bastard alfentis threatening some youtube guy. What the fuck is going on?

0cbfa5 No.8695533


These motherfuckers are blatant enough to write KIDS on their fucking creepy museums. That doesn't look like a very legit museum either.

90fe48 No.8695547

File: 75cab912f8280cc⋯.mp4 (11.3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Pegasus Video Removed Beca….mp4)

File: 487184970d54609⋯.png (146 B, 1x1, 1:1, 111.png)

JAMES ALEFANTIS THREATENS PIZZAGATER (made small enough to post here in case youtube takes down original)

90fe48 No.8695558

File: 6a1a773df514812⋯.mp4 (10.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Caller ID verification for….mp4)

File: 487184970d54609⋯.png (146 B, 1x1, 1:1, 111.png)


And the caller ID verification related video.

1c7e57 No.8695561


Don't compromise the quality of the video, just upload it in several parts instead.

90fe48 No.8695576


It's originally 111 megabytes or so. Considering I shrank it to 1/10th size it's not even that noticeable. Audio is still clear, all text is readable, even the text messages with photo thumbnails in them are clear enough. I think I did pretty good considering the limitations here, it didn't really lose anything.

Either way, I'm not uploading it in 10 parts. I do have the original mp4 from youtube though and could upload elsewhere it if it becomes necessary for some reason.

If anybody downloaded the original museum video in question, the one that was taken down, they should share it somewhere

1f683e No.8695592


Maybe contact the maker of the vid? Make him give us the vid without uploading it to jewtube again and gettings his family in the killroom.

9b5bba No.8695600


Here is his voat account, don't have one myself and I doubt he'd reply to a fresh account asking him for it.


6af099 No.8695605

i thought this was just a bunch of wild confirmation bias to begin with. i knew it could be possible but i tuned out after the trump victory.

but that phone exchange is extremely fishy, all this new stuff is making a believer out of me again.

27f764 No.8695624


>Im going to kill you

>no wait, im going to sue you

>First Ill sue you, then Ill kill you!

90fe48 No.8695631


There is a bunch of wild confirmation bias stuff that gets posted, and stuff that isn't related in any way to the core locations or people, but it sure does seem like there's something fucky with Alefantis and the people and businesses around him.

I also kind of agree with the people that say that this has been used as bait to further the censorship push around "fake news". Whether or not pizzagate was planned originally for the purpose, or they just spun it that way doesn't really matter.

Anyways people are going to keep digging it certainly just got more interesting again. I haven't really followed much in a long time either because of all of the unrelated crap people post, and nothing stops a shill from coming here and purposefully posting garbage.

Fucking crazy that the "museum" has that "kids" graffiti outside of it. I wonder when the street view imagery was taken? Does the mei 2014 mean it was in 2014?

1f683e No.8695632


Somebody already uploaded it and posted it to voat:


Please backup

9b5bba No.8695644


>limit reached


90fe48 No.8695658

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Isn't this the video in question? Why is it still up?

9b5bba No.8695664


Looks like he reupped, read the description.

90fe48 No.8695667


Yeah I caught that after my reply. Has me a bit worried we could be on a cruise, but whatever

9b5bba No.8695673

File: a8ee3896498fa4b⋯.gif (2.29 MB, 695x392, 695:392, a8ee3896498fa4b44d1a318d08….gif)


Only one way to find out.

e71482 No.8695702

File: 9eafc0e4e02a960⋯.jpg (110.95 KB, 820x1024, 205:256, 1481697626269.jpg)

So who has the mirror for the deleted video?

9b5bba No.8695709


He reupped it.


7d8c4c No.8695745


What a retard, I checked his other videos and there is one where he shows his face. That's a very stupid way to act if you fight child molesting (((elites))).

0dd741 No.8695755

God dammit. I wish this would just all fucking go away. That norwegian/viet fuckboi vid really did a number on me. Keep fucking digging anons. God fucking bless you.

7d8c4c No.8695761


I didn't watch it, how messed up was it ?

0dd741 No.8695764


I stopped participating. Now I can't stomach even opening these threads and I've seen some shit. But that…. fuck these freaks.

876e1d No.8695786

But you yourself pedophiles. You yourself want to fuck and kill little girls and boys. Why are you so concerned about this pizzagate? What, jealous, right?


1f683e No.8695792


We don't let this happen to us or our children you fucking pedophile. You are all going to burn, this life and the next.

fb7a35 No.8695799

File: 9b3610fb8c3bba8⋯.png (2 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, image.png)


Your masters are going to be dragged screaming into the light this year, faggot. Hope you enjoy the show.

0dd741 No.8695800


Fuck you nigger. You will be drug from your bed into the fucking streets and fed your own fucking innards.

313b65 No.8695822


I've been watching pizzagate since it started. I also can't stomach this. The Norwegian bust also included people in Sweden that no one will talk about. And I know one of them. The worst part was I knew something was off about him ever since I first met him. He had that fucking pedo face. HE HAD THE FUCKING PEDO FACE, AND I THOUGHT I JUST BEING PARANOID

9f8318 No.8695826


What makes him think that's a kill room? The trenches could also be for a variety of uses.

0dd741 No.8695831


Kill them. If I knew them and had access to them I'd fucking kill them myself.

>nice try fbi

Fuck you. Another kid just got tortured, sodomized and killed.

0dd741 No.8695839

fuck this shit I'm out.

827b90 No.8695863

File: e4b09ddad350280⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1083x756, 361:252, 1483697428574.png)

313b65 No.8695869


>Kill them. If I knew them and had access to them I'd fucking kill them myself.

>Another kid just got tortured, sodomized and killed.

You think I wouldn't if I saw him again? His arrest happened more than a year ago. He's been gone since you fucking sperg.

>Fuck you.

No, fuck you.

b10def No.8695886

File: c2d4f0482ca4531⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1500x763, 1500:763, IMG_1394.PNG)

So this is where the kids would play, yeah? Doesn't seem much like a park to me, especially the location looking just off I guess. Like it's just awkward to place a playground. But maybe that was the intention all along.

f2f111 No.8695917

File: 39427245df462bb⋯.jpg (176.73 KB, 999x1500, 333:500, 1483016983389.jpg)

Hey fams I didn't follow the whole stuff.

Any famous persons involved?

Any big media coverups?


Preferably Germany related but everything goes

f32976 No.8695926


what video is that?

b99211 No.8695993



Lets make this happen

3adca7 No.8696001

File: bdc8a5f0e6c4894⋯.jpg (353.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, HELL ON PEPE.jpg)



If this is true, Alefantis seems awfully assblasted.


>takes it down

>makes a stink over a threatening call he didn't record

Even if I had no recording software on my phone I would put it on speaker & use my PC microphone. There are plenty of methods that can be set up quickly

>after all that he re-uploads

Y'know he could just be attention whoring & muddying the waters.

1b63e1 No.8696038


>But you yourself pedophiles

I don't masturbate, I don't do drugs, I am becoming more christian without realising it.

Try again.

61c216 No.8696073

File: 4940dd3b951d59c⋯.png (1.73 MB, 2244x1892, 51:43, Untitled.png)

i looked a little into the music video youtube links that were posted on halfchan yesterday evening, this is what i got

4b981a No.8696075


I think this is James A himself, the way he is speaking here is extremely similar to how James spoke to the voatfag he was threatening. Welcome to 8ch, man, you reaaaaaaally fucked up.

1b8932 No.8696092


You should be afraid, James. You cannot escape the retribution that the universe is about to force onto you and you know it. Stop fighting and accept it. You are only making it worse.

56433b No.8696108


>this delusion

What are you doing?

30ee0e No.8696136


pedophiles generally are despised on /pol/ you tremendous faggot kiddie diddler

2e477c No.8696168

catch and kill no release /those faggots in DC deserve to be fucking tortured and hung on times square while we all watch them piss and shit themselves in death throes ….Just my take ;)

c2ca1c No.8696271

I need some help here, who the fuck is Alefantis in reality, I'm pretty sure that's an alias, is his real name Robert A Harris?

1f683e No.8696276

File: 7246bc823c6357a⋯.jpg (100.3 KB, 600x903, 200:301, James-Alefantis-DOFL-TF022….jpg)


It's this motherfucker

1b115e No.8696342


I bet he recorded everything except the first call but is holding on to it or gave it to a friend in case something happens to him. That's what I would do at least.

The fact that he intentionally tried to keep some parts of the conversation going just to get more replies was a good move as well.

I believe we might see the recording later, but it does not make sense to release it now. It would only turn up the heat around one individual to the point where

>they eventually give up Alefantis

>he admits to some of it

>case closed

e0bf01 No.8696346


Must be mixed with kike.

I know that sneering face anywhere. >>8696276

645ac6 No.8696595

You are all reported to the cyber police


d76ae9 No.8696615

File: 153a461e753aa7d⋯.jpg (22.13 KB, 319x282, 319:282, c78d0954e98e188c117337cb01….jpg)



429b55 No.8696632


Always remember to archivate entries multiple times. We don't want them gone.

017908 No.8696663


Why do degenerates like the "Tu Quoque" fallacy so much? Every time I make a valid criticism to libs I debate, one they can 100% not refute, without batting an eye they'll start claiming "Well you do it to/did it first/do even worse, so don't criticize me!" They'll do this with shit that doesn't even make sense, like this pedoshill here. He just assumes all of /pol/ wants to diddle kids as much as his sick mind does, it's like they're incapable of conceptualizing that there are people actually want more than just "muh cummies" in life, and can indeed be disgusted and repelled by their degenerate decadence.

Perhaps it's because it's already difficult to believe that the asshole of the internet has become the defenders and champions of the lives of the most vulnerable and innocent people in our society. You better start believing it, pedo scum.

2c85ef No.8696781


Remember how long it took Dahmer to get his final solution in prison, James. Every day you will be looking behind your back every time you hear a single footstep. Every night you will go to sleep wondering if the guards "accidentally" unlock your cell one night. Every morning you will curse your demonic Baal faggot god for "gifting" you yet another day on this Earth.

And then, one day, you'll find you've been left alone with another special prisoner. He will beat you to death very slowly, being sure to break every bone in your face on the edge of the toilet. After that, your eyeballs will be gouged out of your head and smashed apon the concrete floor.

Have fun James… And think of all the kids' pain when your time finally comes, ok?

9bd786 No.8696820


All the evil they do is justified by it only being a response to some other evil. Thus, to criticize them is to suggest that all the evil they do is simply their own and has no real justification, and that makes them panic.

6f7795 No.8696838



>couldn't record the call

>easily bullied by an impotent psycho

>is a yuge pussy in general

too much reddit on voat




29f96f No.8696849


Not really. I'd rather continue browsing exhentai.

5eb7da No.8696854

File: 20e87fecdcbee42⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 432x301, 432:301, 20e87fecdcbee42d9e8374ccd7….jpg)


Hi James

af2061 No.8696982

Is there anything other than pictures to substantiate the claim that Pegasus has a kill room? There's no links in this thread.

70bc2e No.8697025


it's from the instagram photo of a steel walled cellar with a comment calling it a 'kill room'.

f2240c No.8697050


he shouldve fucking recorded it and taken immediate legal action against that pedo kike faggot.

he probably still can take legal action against him.

0f8dae No.8697054


Glad to see some wannabe Yoshikage Kira is in on this. "Delete it so I can sleep easily". This idiot knows by doing all of that, he is ONLY confirming every single fucking thing we have dug up and suspected about them.

Everyone keep your eyes on the dude who made this. I have a bad feeling he will be v& and suicided by three shots to the back of the head, stabbed, and strangled.

f2240c No.8697073


he should reupload both videos. since its public record now that faggot cant touch him without blowback.

af40a9 No.8697091

File: 5a505b4ef4ed9ef⋯.jpg (544.03 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 322.jpg)

Nothing will ever come of this, fools, don't delude yourselfs.


2e3e2e No.8697096


I will find where you sleep, wherever it is, and cut your throat kike.

70bc2e No.8697100

File: 4bca115f768522e⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1482640720138.png)


oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that

f59e3c No.8697170

File: c6f96a6963a8f45⋯.png (8.86 KB, 338x339, 338:339, 0043 - XGL7Ex6.png)


Rope awaits.

6f7795 No.8697207

File: c5173e0bfaf0909⋯.jpg (67.68 KB, 476x421, 476:421, 1457491806698.jpg)


>implying normie tactics work here

You thought your goon IRC was edgy, I get it, it was 2004, flatscreens became affordable while christcucks were off screaming in the wrong direction and were easy to troll. This is a new internet generation built upon everything you held close to your heart (and considers it all either quaint or downright cringeworthy) so you lash out with what you think carries an edge to this day, but it doesn't intimidate anons who have literally nothing to live for except to see gen X faggots cry.

I might actually be giving you too much credit, alefantis didn't even know what a mod was in his text messages.

df8715 No.8697222

File: 3fc1d1c55e9ad5f⋯.png (1017.76 KB, 1220x1280, 61:64, 14716744910.png)



We have to take things into our own hands because the "justice department" will block, delay and ignore anything that is pedophilia related as they have done for 150 years.

5540bb No.8697328

File: 0e00043ce0807c0⋯.png (26.7 KB, 637x241, 637:241, kill pedos.png)


Trump is anti pedo

2bd422 No.8697378


>goes aboard loli express

>sees how fucked shit is

>inspires him to kill all pedos


>trump goes aboard loli express

>sexes girls about 12

literally nothing wrong with that

29f96f No.8697384

>>8697100 (witnessed)

>>8697222 (witnessed)

Praise Kek.

f59e3c No.8697520

File: 6a57bd6e77a0bf6⋯.png (140.74 KB, 193x356, 193:356, 8a23f7f8ef5c8d75577c585f5a….png)


>power stance

f2240c No.8697543

File: 159541f220a2767⋯.jpg (77.08 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, CIA stance.jpg)


what did trump meme by this?

395f05 No.8697587


sauce on trump quote you don't have one, sinead

f59e3c No.8697601


he is going to crash kali yuga, with no survivors

b47648 No.8697602


You'll be served a Sindona coffee one day, faggot

659343 No.8697633


This post could be a /tv/ thread. Make trump the first pic, CIA the second.

cb86f2 No.8697689

File: c39adcd98478aaa⋯.png (14.91 KB, 510x136, 15:4, ClintonTrump.png)


Learn how to use the internet.

Epstein likes to tell people that he's a loner, a man who's never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy, Trump booms from a speakerphone. "He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life."''


395f05 No.8697835

File: b4a004583d1af77⋯.jpg (100.52 KB, 1032x1437, 344:479, jb1.jpg)


>Trump booms from a speakerphone.

strong evidence

4726cf No.8697917

File: b3b5a51b02edeef⋯.png (180.03 KB, 404x404, 1:1, is this nigger syeerious.png)


>literally nothing wrong with that

afb85f No.8698119

File: c8cb3103d8eb038⋯.jpg (27.85 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 139787272547.jpg)


>Where are the mods?


515f5b No.8698168


Hey, thats my face !

bae719 No.8698207

Think about how fucked up this is: the world is run by child-murdering Satanists.

483fa1 No.8698231


You're a sick fuck. You will die

bae719 No.8698280


Good job, filth: you've actually convinced yourself that it is normal to want to rape and murder children. If you don't suffer in this life, you will in the next.

762b84 No.8698667


Screaming females are a dead end. The lead singer is a lesbo and the song is about parents pressing her to date somebody.

I guess this is redundant to point out since you're a (1) and they're just bands man. Too mature to be playing at comet pizza, but they're just bands.

2565e0 No.8699033

File: ca09b91fdbfefe1⋯.jpg (320.11 KB, 1024x1463, 1024:1463, latest.jpg)


It must take HUGE guts for that level of projection






bae719 No.8699267


What are you talking about?

2f451e No.8699387

File: 71e971c5dfb12aa⋯.jpg (385.4 KB, 800x640, 5:4, 1444241251289.jpg)


>that cushy feel when this will be bigger than Meow Meow ever could be

>tfw we have moved from bullying leftist collage cucks to leftist pedos that left their leftist collage to peruse a life of kikery and pedophilia

2565e0 No.8699614



Kill yourself.

2f451e No.8699720

File: e3ffbc05e4bb502⋯.jpg (27.04 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1299112831632.jpg)


>not glutting the enemy's propaganda machine with furshit and other leftist garbage

It's like you don't even into physiological warfare.

2d4e18 No.8699930

guys this is prbly nothing ok?

3c4782 No.8700085


Blues is right, the best way to disarm the libtard propaganda is to associate it with the crigniest filth that can be found. Even the slowest tv watcher still pulls back in repulsion when shown furries, and will subconsciously pick up on the association, and bonus points for the in-fighting it will create among the left due some claiming furries don't represent them while others say they should embrace their otherkin brethren.

7fdbb4 No.8700408

File: 71f4b31b137336e⋯.jpg (68.32 KB, 1266x1760, 633:880, reapwhatyousewkikes.jpg)



a7a218 No.8700675


Is he gonna die now?

90776c No.8700981

File: 9785330b7e33a7b⋯.png (687.16 KB, 600x766, 300:383, 1469589741465.png)

File: 42490d319731b2d⋯.png (3.59 MB, 5344x3776, 167:118, history of the world 1.png)

File: 1b781ca99d9cbe2⋯.jpg (22.2 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Michael Aquino.jpg)

File: 4c05482906ac5c2⋯.jpg (847.73 KB, 1246x2081, 1246:2081, Sandy Hook.jpg)

File: 0b822d37dadf341⋯.jpg (187.78 KB, 1280x892, 320:223, 1469891704254.jpg)


>You Internet perverts are just like me because you have the basic willpower and decency required to behave like actual humans in real life and just jerk off to naughty things on the internet. This is exactly ethically the same as a 75 year old, international, government sponsored rape/kidnapping/breeding program used to systematically blackmail and condition elected leaders around the world into conforming with the psychopathic machinations of their oligarchical masters and completely subvert basic human freedom. You're just jealous because instead of being an economic wage slave held back from exploring space you could be raping kids with us.

Sure James. Whatever you say.

d14b15 No.8701265

f68640 No.8701483



c91f9f No.8701836

File: 9a188da6e41c34d⋯.png (27.56 KB, 1084x712, 271:178, purely cohencidence, goyim.png)

Hey, did we ever establish if James Alefantis was his birth name or not?

be79ce No.8701926


the heatmeiser?

be79ce No.8701974


>Alefantis was his birth name or not?

his birth name is James Fuckinkidsowitz

c0eaf0 No.8702006


What a pussy.

>Delete video

>Keep video file

>Sockpuppet "Hey, this was taken down for unknown reason. They are trying to SHUT US DOWN! SPREAD THIS EVERYWHERE!"

>I told you to take it down

>Wasn't me. You can download vids off of Youtube easy. Let me explain it to you, gramps.

Honestly, he should do this now to create the most waves after this video.

c0eaf0 No.8702041


Also, anyone can get those photos off Facebook or wherever. If it was candid photos, it would have been another story, but that was shit intimidation.

063d1e No.8702392



22341e No.8702948


what a beta faggot.

>not recording the phone call

yeah, what a faggot.

9caa68 No.8703034

22341e No.8703071


>please don't forget to buy my shirts

Did I forget to mention what a beta faggot he is?

76eaf5 No.8703072

File: f471e7c5b45cb5a⋯.png (61.41 KB, 1222x504, 611:252, pizza poing.png)

d4c465 No.8703156

File: 4ffcddbdbf31700⋯.jpg (328.48 KB, 1600x1092, 400:273, Breitbart killed.jpg)

Voat moderation called into question a week back, few of the posts deleted, some involving Dyncorp https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1529040

Noticed similar on Voat when i brought into question the traffic camera in the vicinity of Comet Pizza being moved a day before the shooting hoax. Mods said it had been discussed enough and mod said one of the posters in that thread was known to be using vote bots to tamper with that specific thread but still reasoned it was discussed enough…

483fa1 No.8703206

Where the martyrs @?

599111 No.8703275

File: cba79d93be8dcff⋯.png (215.81 KB, 370x320, 37:32, aaaa334e23.PNG)


Oh, cute little gas lighting image. Did you make that yourself? How many hours in MSPaint?

90776c No.8703292


That Illuminati lizard Jew is still inexperienced with human food since it is clearly eating a pepperoni and olive pizza and doesn't know any better. That or it's lying smugly to mock its victims.

92594a No.8703356


You are so outrageously boned ahahahahahahahahahaha

a83713 No.8703416

File: f68f82148282b9c⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 444x250, 222:125, IMG_8731.GIF)


Nah. These evil cunts have no guts. We can check for ourselves on the day.

be79ce No.8703650


every time I see Negan I think of Ray's brother from Errbody Loves Rayray

209fbe No.8703752


This is starting to read like the plot to a bad movie.

a83713 No.8703836


Damn, That's some resemblence alright

bc5ffa No.8703993

i call bullshit

89008b No.8704897


sure thing. do you eat away the pain of being brown?

90776c No.8705047

James if you want to larp being a brown loli with Daddy issues getting gangraped by hordes of Nazi frogs you should just say so. It's unhealthy to deny the truth.

9b5bba No.8705097

File: 2b3f63877ce4e24⋯.jpg (712.97 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 2b3f63877ce4e24f5548092f34….jpg)


I don't know what the fuck to think about that post.

ae0bd1 No.8705459

File: 38afe82d532be3c⋯.png (538.03 KB, 771x771, 1:1, 6c2ac9d959b10b31ec786c516b….png)

I feel that these threads are really slowing down and we're getting distracted.



3e8877 No.8705677

do you guys honestly believe this pizzagoober crap?

6cb574 No.8705767

File: c87567e6d6f6ae2⋯.jpg (259.15 KB, 960x1656, 40:69, anime girls up my ass.jpg)




Kill yourself, James Alefantis.

ed7fc5 No.8706005

File: 5b6e82a7c1e55f7⋯.png (107.99 KB, 680x679, 680:679, aa4.png)

7a5405 No.8706017

File: eb358e4e9ef8dc0⋯.jpg (311.24 KB, 634x538, 317:269, 2D6CB92F00000578-0-image-a….jpg)


Your reckoning will come. I'm not talking prison. I'm talking about real reckoning We will torture you and your family then, when it is done you will be ashes, then you have my permission to die.

36fc45 No.8707129

The Beanie Baby Email /pol/.


1223c3 No.8707142


That looks like a salami roll with mozzarella cheese in it.

36fc45 No.8707157

08096e No.8707302


>do you guys honestly believe this pizzagoober crap?

no-oo, I believe (((they))) have perfectly healthy, and innocent massive interest to play with kids all day long, like every normal healthy man never ever does

84954a No.8707450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It is a code name for Jewish Blood Sacrifice, They use the six pointed star. The hexagram is the Star of Saturn (Star of Solomon,Chuin,Remphan) I believe other names/titles are Moloch(king)and Baal (lord), it is the Rothschild's and Israel's symbol, the emblem of modern Judaism. They are an ancient slaver, cannibal, pedophile race/religion, they have many shabbos cucks involved now as well. All we are witnessing is Judaism, this is a main reason they were expelled 109 times, not just usury and subversion.

Think about it lad they got caught doing this shit so much they had to develop a name to shut down any discussion of there 3,000+ year practices.

84954a No.8707471




4ab0a4 No.8707553


If there's nothing here

Why shut down the pizzagate subbreddit when it had nearly 20,000 subs and was growing by 2000 or more subs a day. Why did mainstream news start running "Fake News" headlines the same time to dispell it….the shooting hoax, David Seaman on youtube and other youtubers getting harassed and having their videos flagged. The amount of shills showing up here and on voat, the moderation deleting posts on voat. Washington post and new yorks times before the shooting hoax covering this. Why did Washington Post, New YOrk time and a few other mainstream sites take down their news article about the Elite Political pedophile ring in Noway https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1475488

Why go to all that trouble if there's nothing here.

The shooting is really the only thing you can pinpoint and say they are covering it because of that and danger to the public but the shooting didn't help the people investigating this it only helped to demonize this subject around the time it was growing expressionlessly.

84954a No.8707605


>This Norway pedophile story is THE CENTER of something huge. In addition to NYT, ABC, WAPO, I now see the Guardian (UK) took it down

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1476934

4ab0a4 No.8707652

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

you see similar tactics used by Police to dispell large protests, they will actually incite violence so the media can start running stories to say the protestors are violent, so it needs to be shut down which works as the bad publicity gets the public to lose interest in support

24a046 No.8707681

how many kids go missing every year in the US? like vanished never to be seen again. its easier for me to believe (((elites))) would travel to shithole 2nd world countries to kill children. no doubt they have plenty children to diddle here (through pedo foster families, corrupt day care, pedo parents pimping, etc) but id think most of the killing is done outside of the US where missing children isnt a big deal. only top tier (((elites))) would be able to murder american children because from what little i know it seems like only a few hundred go missing every year and more than half of those are probably lone serial degenerates with no zog ties.

84954a No.8707739


>According to the FBI, in 2015 there were 460,699 NCIC entries for missing children. >Similarly, in 2014, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 466,949

http://www. missingkids.com/KeyFacts

This is only the lucky reported missing kids, many more just vanish into some yid like Pedosta or Epsteins dungeon

4ab0a4 No.8707775

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


if any of the satanic ritual abuse is to be believed it would appear the white kids are used for sex while the 2nd/3rd world country kids are used for sacrificial purposes

6d416d No.8707776


Roughly 460,000 kids missing two years in a row is quite a (((coincidence))), know anywhere to look up the total for other years?

4ab0a4 No.8707830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

84954a No.8708044


I just used searx.me and asked "How many children go missing each year?"

here is something interesting, look at all the jew names of the people working for the government groups tasked with the below statistics. No wonder they never get caught.

>The first National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children (NISMART-1) was released in 1990, and the second, known as NISMART-2, was released in October 2002.

>According to NISMART-2 research, which studied the year 1999, an estimated 797,500 children were reported missing; 58,200 children were abducted by nonfamily members; 115 children were the victims of the most serious, long-term nonfamily abductions called “stereotypical kidnappings”; and 203,900 children were the victims of family abductions.

[Andrea J. SEDLAK, David FINKELHOR, Heather Hammer, and Dana J. SCHULTZ. U.S. Department of Justice.

“National Estimates of Missing Children: An Overview” in National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children. Washington, DC: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, October 2002, page 5.]

84954a No.8708055


https:// missingchild.wordpress.com/about/how-many-missing-children-are-there/

6d416d No.8708107


Doesn't surprise me, their nepotism isn't used just gain money and power

22341e No.8708121

4ab0a4 No.8708159

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I should have posted this video instead, didn't watch the other, basically this Cathy O'Brien has a book where she claims she was a sex slave and Hillary Clinton performed oral sex on her and she had a mutilated vagina, at least in this video near the end there seems to be a medical doctor examining Cathy to confirm her mutilated vagina

4ab0a4 No.8708180


okay they actually show here vagina at the end of this on youtube lol

000000 No.8708221

When /hebe/ was here and all the pedos before they where kicked out.There would always be those child models. When the pedos post they often post these pictures of little girls. Often in gymnastics leotards. Not really a fashion model thing. This is what I would imagine the soft-core is of the kiddy porn. You know those pictures of the child models holding onto a little table. Or a kids dressed as little french maids. It is illegal to even stumble upon as far as I am aware but for the sake of clarity I think most old-fags understand what that is.

If you go to masterchan.org there will be a few examples of this on the front page.But there was defiantly these pictures in sets under the title of "Silver Starletts." Now where this gets occult is when you look at the O.T.O. They have this relation to astron argon or the A.A. Astron Argon is latin it translates to Astron (star) Argon (silver) or the silver star. There is almost certainly a connection with the child porn silver starletts and the OTO. I do not feel comfortable searching to see what exactly "Silver Starletts" is. But if it is basically the same thing as "Candydoll" then we have a soft-core child pornography ring within the AA or whatever that relates to in the illuminati structure.

5da9fe No.8708305


>Those MKULTRA eyes

1223c3 No.8708758


Or a lifetime of sexual trauma. Indistinguishable really.


I looked it up and found nothing on it.

7c9380 No.8709852

File: 7240100b6152370⋯.webm (3.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, BLACK BETTY RIDER.webm)


>black and white hankerchief

7c9380 No.8709912


>i looked it up

yeah googling nude pics of kids is a good idea


b8f2e4 No.8710809


go back to the cuckshed, TRS

1b0bea No.8710825



Relax pedo, your days are over.

bf2f5d No.8710933


So this is the power of shill memes.

1223c3 No.8711650


d3cb56 No.8711671


gays are as bad as paedophiles

5cf137 No.8711861

File: 81d2b355e486837⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1881x2981, 171:271, PicsArt_01-07-12.30.10.jpg)

FOIA bro here, there's good and bad news. I got a response to the letter sent back in November in regards to the request for the FBI to make available information pertinent to Epstein podesta Hillary elefantis and the Clinton foundation in regards to potential pedophilic activities. All of the other types of evidence I asked for got dismissed as being non-specific. I may write a repeal but I feel I am being directed towards an important option. If we could put together a case for buying specific sets of crimes to the flight records of certain individuals that may be collected by the FBI or otherwise evidenced in their emails, we could get them to make such information public. I need help putting together the case that it is in the public interest that the FBI respond to an FOIA

5cf137 No.8711870

File: fed7c48c1183eeb⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 2172x2896, 3:4, PicsArt_01-07-12.31.49.jpg)

1223c3 No.8711901


Gays and pedos have a big crossover contingency. Some real research really needs to be done into the phenomenon.

5da9fe No.8712000


>Or a lifetime of sexual trauma

Thats one of the key ingredients for an MK slave

429b55 No.8712055


Nu-ropeans, we're Muricans. We believe in higher powers and act according to evidence. We don't believe that this is real. We know it is.

120ad5 No.8712456


>brand new ms paint memes

whew lad

cd8436 No.8712493


thats not adoption, thats adopt-a-block by sobriety first, common thing for businesses and charity to adopt a stretch of highway or a block to keep it clean.

5cd896 No.8712541

File: 450ef5a3ec358de⋯.gif (50.07 KB, 550x400, 11:8, trash.gif)


They literally paid somebody with a Wacom and an art degree to make this.

They even put gradient on the paint can lmfao

502c8c No.8712598

File: 3044c872261fcb9⋯.jpg (136.49 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, 1448947066254.jpg)

File: cdd866dec9fd4b4⋯.jpg (27.92 KB, 290x334, 145:167, 1449252757217.jpg)

File: 9db80e1179b55f5⋯.jpg (62.04 KB, 924x519, 308:173, mantle of anger.jpg)


Jaime Les Enfants is a fake name and means I love children in French.

We need this motherfuckers real name, now

502c8c No.8712705


>american children because from what little i know it seems like only a few hundred go missing every year

Are you serious?

>According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States – that's roughly 2,000 per day. Of those, there are 115 child "stranger abduction" cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.May 8, 2013


And thats just whats reported, as we know these abuse cases are frequently done by a family member or friend and is often covered up

ca6643 No.8712827


the NCHA is presumably the North Columbia Heights Association, an HOA.

the site for it us down, updated in aug, and proxied through japan


9ad71d No.8712863


reuters report reckons 115 per year by strangers, compared to 58000(!) by non family members

99% return though

http://www.reuters. com/article/us-usa-missing-children-idUSBRE83P14020120426

8b8902 No.8713411

File: 0ff57cbf5aadaf8⋯.jpg (39.15 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 0ff57cbf5aadaf8a7ba24b7d39….jpg)


>reddit cuck with no sack

I'd like to see Alefantis try this shit on one of our hyperneets with no family and nothing to lose.

de1f87 No.8713496


trips of truth about MK Ultra

8b8902 No.8713551

File: 046f203c71bac28⋯.jpg (61.4 KB, 644x362, 322:181, 9cf528a1d06896ec101b40f9d4….jpg)


holy fuck lurk the fuck moar

f8c217 No.8713654


8b8902 No.8713713

File: 4058f40b435989f⋯.jpg (17.02 KB, 309x344, 309:344, broken_shill.jpg)


Hi James.

bae719 No.8713734


Kill yourself.

90776c No.8713735

File: 3e2ddb7beb34206⋯.jpg (105.79 KB, 727x1000, 727:1000, 10th level Wizard 10th lev….jpg)


James, James, it's time to surrender.

Start naming names before we throw you in the blender.

You've lost our game you've lost their dreams.

You cannot subvert justice: We will always defend her.

Face fate with grace or anticipate the render

By an auspicious, anonymous, vrillic victory vendor

Of your legacy and name into immortality in memes.

We'll gobble you up like chicken tenders.

37228c No.8713797

File: f5ad4f44090a5a8⋯.jpg (87.29 KB, 896x582, 448:291, f5ad4f44090a5a80e28403ff3a….jpg)



b8b885 No.8713978


>purely cohencidence, goyim.png

That's a retarded picture. Do you have evidence Alefantis changed his name?

b8b885 No.8714056


>Breitbart killed.jpg

Breitbart's tweet wasn't about the Podesta brothers' possible connection with pedos in D.C., it was a reference to the O'keefe video on ACORN in which he asks about underage prostitutes:


"In July and August 2009, Giles and O’Keefe visited ACORN offices in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Brooklyn, San Bernardino, San Diego, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Miami. Giles dressed as a prostitute, while O’Keefe wore white khakis with a blue dress shirt and/or tie and claimed to be her boyfriend. Giles and O’Keefe recorded the encounters using hidden cameras and pretended to be seeking advice on how to run an illegal business that included the use of underage girls in the sex trade."

b8b885 No.8714147


>Jaime Les Enfants is a fake name and means I love children in French.

Alefantis is a greek name. Do a quick search you'll find more people named Alefantis in Greece for example. Christos Alefantis, Constantinos Caropoulos-Alefantis, Vasilis Alefantis. Stop being retarded and try to find real evidence.

bae719 No.8714179




Get the fuck out of here

69c11a No.8714406

"SUN ARAW" flashes three times at about 2:00 in the video titled "Chapel Perilous".

A simple search of the mysterious phrase led to a suspicious website. The website has a web store which has even more weird imagery.

The main page and the associated web store have been archived.

Please consider this for investigation and aid in archiving the rest of the website if anything significant is missing.

I also suggest looking for hidden links like this in other videos produced by or associated with Alefantis.

"Chapel Perilous":

https://youtu. be/rfwj_SLsG5Q?t=116

"Sun Araw":

http://www.sunaraw .com/ http://archive .is/t1oRQ

http://www.sunaraw .com/main.html http://archive .is/9LCMG

http://www.sunaraw .com/sunarkshop.html http://archive .is/eYVP9

6d416d No.8714519


From the research that has been done it seems pretty apparent that gays and pedos are often one and the same because children molested/raped by gay-pedo, grow up all fucked up in the head, now they're gay, now they're also attracted to children.

That's probably a poor summarization but you get the idea.

b8b885 No.8714530


Shut up nigger. False information is false information, dumb speculations are dumb speculations. Why would you want to include falsehoods and dumb speculations?

bae719 No.8714686


>Breitbart's tweet about a guy who just happens to have clear connections to elite pedophilia was actually about something else

Yeah, and if your aunt had balls, she'd be your uncle

6b1a1d No.8714744



Did they actually remove the reference? The censorship of this shit is a lot weirder than the mountain of circumstantial evidence.

bae719 No.8714843


I once read an estimate that around 1 out of 300 people are involved in this shit (and when you consider that around 800,000 children go missing each year in the US, it doesn't seem that far-fetched)

6b1a1d No.8714876


Fucktons of people go missing in the US all the time. The entire system is totally corrupt all the way to the top, which is why.

9e641f No.8714954


I call dibs on force-feeding him his fingers and toes, severing one joint at a time.

adb1aa No.8715163

So I found this instagram from some other pedo instagram accounts I am following. (https // www instagram com tematruelove) The guy runs a child modeling site and he had a really odd hotdog picture. His site is (http // president-kids ru) Which if you look at the children he models at (http // president-kids.ru/actors) every single kid is throwing up masonic signs, one eye, as above so below, 666 hand sign, a couple have the heart in a heart variation in them. So that site leads to many other sites if you click around. The youtube channel that stuck out to me was a French(?) child fashion magazine (https www youtube com channel UC59KljeYBbLs5L6mFp0BEnQ).

They have videos of children doing masonic hand signs, some videos have the girls always wearing some kind of leopard print which signal MK Ultra sex kitten mind control victims. Perhaps here it is meant to signal they will be trained for that.

936f90 No.8715198

File: f062da759599a44⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 648x8994, 108:1499, cuder.jpg)


Somewhere I saw that name on one of the @jimmycomet screenshots. He either liked or commented on @jimmycomet or @workinonmahnightcheese. He is somehow related mutually in the instagram that is why I had fetched all his pictures to begin with. There is something off here. The very last image is not from his instagram. It is an example of the double peace sign (which is for the photo above that) used in a masonic context.

Also his name sounds and reads like cooter. This could be a call boy.

936f90 No.8715352

File: 9e5dc48db4a0218⋯.jpg (134.29 KB, 700x1050, 2:3, going down.jpg)


I am ecstatic! This is absolutely suspicious.

web.archive.org/save/ those pages and try to archive I will fetch all of the instagram photos. This is huge because these are not sexual child model photos yet they still use the masonic cult shit. Also they are not illegal images so we can really use this as evidence.

d4c465 No.8715399

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


sounds like bullshit and more shills trying to push investigation into shit territories which just shows Pizzagate is real with the type of shillery going on for this topic

0d09e0 No.8715437


it's real, the police report is on the police website

936f90 No.8715589

File: 0ab7523078aab0b⋯.jpg (78.39 KB, 1150x765, 230:153, picolli-2016-07-13-005.jpg)

president-kids.ru is political because its a Russian website with an English domain name. And it is called president kids. It is trying to stir the Russia vs USA narrative. but this is why it is masonic. Divide and rule. Along with the glaringly obvious usage of motif and gesture.

This corroborates an international masonic pedophile blackmail operation.

936f90 No.8715715

File: 8fc6ee3e1aa9735⋯.jpg (401.35 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, cavalli-2016-07-22-001.jpg)


we need more eyes on this.



Clearly this is an abuse of the dreams of children. This reminds me of pedowood.



936f90 No.8715829

File: 1c6ff13f97eec67⋯.jpg (345.21 KB, 1400x808, 175:101, Silver-Spoon-2016-06-10-00….jpg)

Entered apprentice


Master mason

That is the 3 steps. That is why Master masons stand heel to heel with their feet at a 90 degree angle. It corresponds to the way they climb these steps while blindfolded in initiation.

The hand and the feet meet at a 90 degree angle. I believe they are lowered in the lodge and the stance has to do with the whole underground access thing. These are most likely photographed underground. Russia has an expansive substructure like the USA.Also they have to stand like that for hours at a time.

adb1aa No.8715853


Just so you know this is one of the smaller sites/people I have found. I have found numerous english sites that are using masonic signs and are selling children through multiple websites that are hidden as a different kind of store. I only dropped that because the amount of shit I have found and need to sort is fucking unbelievable and I cannot follow that lead especially since I can't read it.

2fba33 No.8715883

File: 01673eba28a4d79⋯.png (841.46 KB, 1240x1896, 155:237, purely cohencidence, goyim….png)


Never let it be said i'm not one for constructive criticism. Is it more convincing now, faggot?

adb1aa No.8715991


archive.is only let me back up the main page. When I try to backup anything else is goes to a not yet submitted page.

936f90 No.8716022

File: df3376fc20f92ba⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 5196x6733, 5196:6733, vogue-2016-05-08-001.jpg)


Kind of the same here. I dropped a list last thread of instagrams that are still public and that is what I have been dealing with. Also I have plenty of meta-leads aswell. This is not slowing down the floodgates are open and I think a bottle-necking is what is taking place. This shit is everywhere. Already that site has shout outs to fellow pedo instagrams so now I am grabbing @tematruelove and @ketione @bibiona. Its pedo overload.

adb1aa No.8716082


Here's the really hard part. I know there are tons of signs that we don't know but through pattern recognition I know they have hidden meanings. We only know for sure about the butterfly, triangle, and heart symbols. I have recognized that different kinds of fruit, dinosaurs, colored beads, face masks which can be superhero masks, and nail polish are just some of the signs they post to signify something but I don't know exactly what.

936f90 No.8716107

File: 8e9ad24baac1b89⋯.webm (557.39 KB, 352x288, 11:9, Andrew Breitbart makes tu….webm)


I suggested having https://web.archive.org/save/ before the url you want to archive like https://web.archive.org/save/http://president-kids.ru/actors/

I felt like I should have to archive shit before I dump the instagram usernames and I just fetch the photos with 4kstogram as a backup. there is so much to go through.that site is giving web.archive.org/save/ errors for some pages too.

d4c465 No.8716154


Link? And whats the report say exactly? i can call the police to and make a report, whether or not they investigate (they are busy) and if my claims area real is another question.

2fba33 No.8716314

File: d658d91e2110c02⋯.png (841.87 KB, 1240x1896, 155:237, purely cohencidence, goyim….png)


Ok, final draft.

2fba33 No.8716326

File: 8dae648d31c0467⋯.png (840.76 KB, 1240x1942, 620:971, purely cohencidence, goyim….png)


Posted wrong one.

936f90 No.8716330

File: b19d0df7b6c83e7⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1003x1203, 1003:1203, Whos jewin who.png)


The masks are a rabbit hole in and of themselves. I agree totally about the blinding aspect of this. However if it looks masonic, it almost always is. There has been literally no exception to this for me.That has caused me to have quite a bit of confirmation bias. The beads are for sra. They make the kids hold a glass bead as they are molesting them. They then take it away from them. Its like little pedo dragon balls. They charge these beads like crystals. and make jewlery with it. the fruit is the sex trafficking. Like produce its an in and out high velocity market with a demanding time frame. The dinasaurs are the reptilian part of the brain. The rex mundi pedo sadist moniker. Imagine rush limbaugh ripping a baby's legs apart.that is the reptilian lower primordial urges. The urge to molest children is demonic they call it reptilian. that is their way of trying to say they can't help it the sinister urges. Most reptillian disinfo and reptoid tinfoil shit is promulgated as an inside joke by freemasons. The same with the flat earth it is the layout of the lodge. the masks are how they get away with it. They will molest a kid in a Micky mouse mask and then the kid says Micky mouse raped them in a satanic ritual.

adb1aa No.8716391


Damn. So is David Icke in on it? He pushed the reptilian conspiracy and they say the only reason they let him live is because he makes it look ridiculous but I'm wondering if he is part of a disinfo campaign? Also flat earth was hinted at in the Illuminati card game before there was even a movement so flat earth is just more disinfo?

9caa68 No.8716456


Get your fkin spelling correct


936f90 No.8716490

File: ab53d95e389ea3c⋯.png (379.39 KB, 618x584, 309:292, 60ce0ad114c4d18ea99c771ec2….png)


They both could be true for all I know. That is another issue the worrying of what is disinfo. Icke clearly says some things like alex jones that really resonates with people. He may believe it I dont know. I have seen some convincing reptilian shit there is even supposedly a reptilian in this photo. Icke has published like 5 books on masonry so there along with his talks stuff to be gleaned from him.The flat earth also ultimately could be a reality. I can not say it is disinfo but it is a suspiciously deceptive conspiracy in its own right.

adb1aa No.8716503


Also I just found a victim saying exactly what you described. This is terrible, we arrest victims and we adore the abusers.


0d09e0 No.8716774

File: 9b98f3704b6739a⋯.png (89.19 KB, 764x655, 764:655, alefantis number.png)


936f90 No.8716820

File: 38e019a1b26b8a8⋯.jpg (179.49 KB, 700x994, 50:71, 2_jpg_700x9999_q85.jpg)


when she told the cop "You already took me there" at the police station. That was chilling. I am not real confident she went to a mental hospital either. the vehicle they crammed her in had no windows. She was taken to a place to be tortured and not able to say where it is. Like an underground entrance.

pic related was on the president-kids.ru website.

9caa68 No.8716835


His number is shown in one of the vidyas

36fc45 No.8716892


Any anons brave enough to call him?

936f90 No.8716949


That statue is also an alter by the way. Notice it is 2 cubes stacked vertically. That js from solomonic magical texts. A double cubed alter is also used by the Golden Dawn and the oto.

d4c465 No.8717003

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



ACORN was involved with underage sex slaves…. 2009 article and FUCK YOU for spreading disinfo, that article tries to smear and move the conversation away from what happened and say no Breitbart didn't know, he fucking knew almost a decade ago.

"Plus, unlike Mr. Clinton’s war-room blame-the-messenger excuse – “it’s just about the sex” – this year’s ACORN scandal won’t be pushed aside, because this time it includes 13-year-old sex slaves from El Salvador."

adb1aa No.8717462

Here's an mk ultra victim. Just look at her artwork.

The kids in costumes reminds me of the elite hunting parties I read about where they hunt down and rape and murder the kids.


b5a34c No.8717629

File: dcf80504b125539⋯.jpg (34.02 KB, 452x241, 452:241, p-I-DONT-LIKE-CHILDREN.jpg)

936f90 No.8717741

File: ebbf1f377e49956⋯.png (453.48 KB, 934x599, 934:599, y44ZQR.png)


yea that is called fox chasing. The sad part of that is the fact that they think they are being set free. That is why Teddy Roosevelt did so much "African Exploring". I think there is even a thing called the royal huntsmen. These are done at castles. the police and other security personnel are at various ranges guarding the hunts. This is also what happens in rituals they have the police or some security at varying perimeters just guarding pedophila and violence. The controlled act of violence without repercussion. Children are bred for these things that have become incorporated and franchised. That is pagentry, Where there is pagentry there is the outlet for more violence, That is why the really try hard cultists choose to engage in mechanical torture. Like a dentist of death. The kill room is more brutal than a fox chase. They get out the power drill. They stitch genitalia on the victims and humiliate them mortally. They also have medics. These people will bring you to the edge of death and revive you. Non stop. They feel if you lose your will to live you give your soul to lucifer. They will make them beg to lucifer for their life. Then when they do this they kill them. Or they make them beg to be murdured. That is what pic related is in reference to. That is why the child would beg for the sword.

adb1aa No.8717754


Where did you learn this?

936f90 No.8717997

File: c65d7dfd2a2d1e8⋯.jpg (100.51 KB, 544x604, 136:151, 1248638765573.jpg)


you pick these things up in some of the shit that is out there. Its hard to find. But I mean there is music about these things. I also am a former satanist. I learned that in order to become a satanist that was taken seriously I had to join freemasonry. That is when I stopped thinking satanism was any kind of liberation or path of choice. I got out. I was basically into shamanism and never a part of any occult order. So some of this is received memetically. I believe in the meme magic more than I do the structure of freemasonry and and I learned about masonry. Satanism is professional through freemasonry. I had been in rituals that I do not want to describe. I have had repetidly recounted blacked out memories. All from early childhood. I remember a man with big gloves pouring what looked like flour on a mans face that was writhing in pain and choking on blood. I have been underground. This shit is huge. but its all fun and games until you realize its a disgusting masonic cheating at life by doing things that make you dead inside.

you listen to some of the shit that is accounted in this playlist. There is so much and its coming from the victims own mouths


53e9eb No.8718104


Do you think the being Lucifer or Moloch, whatever they worship, do you believe it to be real or just an egregore made by yid/masonic memetics? By understanding our enemies "god" we may better deal with them.

b5a34c No.8718135

File: 5a9caee6125b419⋯.jpg (129.71 KB, 453x260, 453:260, p-I-DONT-LIKE-KIDS.jpg)



quote accurate

936f90 No.8718191


They exist as fallen angels. demons without form. Eyes without a face. when god kicked them out of heaven or they left they can not have their angelic form.They can posses someone. Most of the best "Minds" of the ages are the same beings possessing people. I have seen bestial apperations and I believe they can manifest as any pokemon so to speak, But they are profoundly evil. And that is almost a verification your stomach sinks when they summon these things. And if anyone acts scared you are to be murdered. It could just be this thing they hype up. But there is a very real interference with demonic entities. There is something that keeps the violence going. spirits are being fed by these heinous acts.

53e9eb No.8718306


Assuming that to be true how can we fight something formless and spiritual besides trying to thwart their emissaries in the flesh? Any good places to learn about these things? We would also probably need a counter power, in addition to our dank memes and truths.

Also you say demons,angels and heaven, can you elaborate? Thanks.

adb1aa No.8718320


I have recently come to believe in meme magic. I understand how it works, how energy and memes affect us mentally and unite our will into a singular goal but I am so new I do not know where to begin. I have been completely absorbed by wanting to learn what I have been missing out on all my life. I really feel like I swallowed a real red pill and I can't go back.

53e9eb No.8718328


Also Anon they do seem to be creating all this suffering to feed energy to something more than their perverted desires, it is as you say guided self perpetuating cycle

89405a No.8718329

File: c9422e35c87780e⋯.jpg (265.66 KB, 625x465, 125:93, 625x465_17073954_9984921_1….jpg)


Study the Kybalion, learn the runes that were suffered for by our ancester the allfather, and Praise Kek our smug champion. Also, do not forget to learn the signs of the enemy, such as the phrase Tikkun Olam, which is their phrase from lurianic kaballah that is the name of their plan to "destroy everything holy" in an attempt to literally destroy the world.

89405a No.8718387


See >>8651150

Podesta is on the fucking mailing list for lurianic agenda, as in the mailing list of tikkun.org and constantly spouts lurianic bullshit. They are the creed behind all this jewery.

53e9eb No.8718431


Thanks, I know about that faggot jew Sabbatai Zevi. The original kabbalah was stolen from our Aryan ancestors by kikes and masons. I just feel that by their use of Minerva's Owl, and Moloch and "Lucifer" this is much older than the 1600's, even predating the Talmud. The Kybalion is one of the books I currently derive my understanding of the Eternal from as well, damn fine boo It would, be even better to get an old uncensored version than the modern shortened version.

1c7c96 No.8718436

There's too much information in these threads for me to understand but I'd like to personally thank you for spending so much time on this?

Are you actually getting anywhere?

53e9eb No.8718440

53e9eb No.8718465


check out voat.co as well lad they have done excellent work on Pizzagate surprisingly

>Pizzagate Wiki being hacked from our DynCorp page by an IP in Waltham, MA, home of Raytheon/DynCorp - Round 2

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1528966

1c7c96 No.8718505


Is it safe for me to do so without internet concealment?

53e9eb No.8718526


If you are here without Proxies or a VPN you are already on a list probably. Go to /tech/ and ask them about VPNs and proxies, get one at the least, this world is only getting worse.

89405a No.8718591


Of course luria got everything from his predecessors, but still his group is the identifiable surviving legacy of the old enemy, and must be eradicated to the last! We cannot allow these worthless fucks to prance around in the open with their skinflaps wailing about social justice. These are the zogs responsible for the entire sjw bullshit! If they go, it all fucking crumbles for them!

PRAISE KEK! Zap the kikes Mage War Now!

936f90 No.8718592

File: 730605af35ea118⋯.png (22.7 KB, 464x391, 464:391, oblation-dictionary-defini….png)


spiritual warfare. I would suggest using the power of the cross and the power of prayer.


The demons and angels are essentially the spirits and beings associated with the spiritual warfare on other planes.


Mimetic magic by packwood is great.


/horror/ is a board I made on endchan to explore the occult deception and I link a lot of shit there. Also anyone can dump leads and shit there about the occult deception.

in my experience the creation of oc is an act of memetic divination.


Yes it is a lunar cyclical offering. A chain of union.


f2240c No.8718644


>spiritual warfare.


>I would suggest using the power of the cross

the cross is a saturnic symbol directly related to the demonic shit these saturnic kikes worship, as it is just a variant of the cube/lesser key of solomon which is all just representative of the storm on saturn, which is linked to this demon worship. wearing a (((cross))) and praying to any god that represents saturn (such a yahweh) would be a critical mistake.

the only organized religion that is currently large and widespread that can fight this (((saturn))) cult would be buddhism.

029a19 No.8718692


Intl again… here we go…

936f90 No.8718708


Jesus died on the cross so we do not have to. If the satanism is real so is the Christianity. Also it is not a critical mistake. The power of the cross is not tied to its symbolical form. The spirit of the cross is the power of the cross. The power of jesus christ compels these demons to stray. Do not observe times or read the stars. that is a critical mistake. Yea I talk about meme magick that is hypocritical. Not if it is for the glory of god. The satanic monopoly on culture makes memetic Christianity a reality. Its how we can spread the gospel in dark times. god pulled me out of this shit and I will never doubt the power of the lord. The bowls of wrath are filling in heaven. The line is being drawn in the sand.

91347e No.8718716

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


not disputing your claim,

just questioning why Christianity is such a thorn in the sides of the kikes, given what they say about Jesus in the Torah/Protocals. the fact that they created modern Porn movement to destabilize WASP upbringing, not to mention their wholesale attack on Christianity in Mainstream media; attached somewhat related. given that the outcome of what they are attacking is wholesome Christian upbringing (believer or as tradition) is irrelevant this still springs from Christianity.

lets just say this post is playing devils advocate; don't want to derail or cause dnc etc.

f2240c No.8718721



>1 post

nervous im telling them how to beat you, james? meditation, buddhism, gnosticism. kekism seems fine, but for the most part just throw deities out, most (((deities))) were planted by these saturnic kikes if you dig deep enough. its their way of tricking the dumb goyim into inadvertently worshiping (((their))) saturnic "gods".

why do you think the church is so deeply connected to pedophilia?

bae719 No.8718750


>the only organized religion that is currently large and widespread that can fight this (((saturn))) cult would be buddhism.

Modern Buddhism is corrupted. Miguel Serrano's Esoteric Hitlerism is the way.

"Jehovah needs a new World War, where the

Aryan blood of goyim is massively spilled. Instead he is running the risk of disappearing

as Satan, Saturn, the Archon imprisoned by

the Demiurge."

- Miguel Serrano in his book Son of the Widower

53e9eb No.8718760




Thanks man, I will watch them now. So many questions and the answers are so obscured. I could believe in a man like Jesus who came to enlighten folks(Aryan means Noble afterall so we are pre-disposed to good deeds) but not a vicious blood thirsty demon like Yahweh, Jehovah, or El(Elohim/Saturn). The dude in the video: https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=NTkYkknnGmQ

is talking about praising Yahweh?


Yeah man the kikes even use the Star of Saturn as their rothschild(german for Red Shield) they stole it from ancient Satrurn Cults. The hexagram or Key of Solomon is the Rothschilds(Bauer) and Israel's emblem. The blood sacrifice and cannibalism were being done by Saturn faggots thousands of years ago as well.

f2240c No.8718771


>Jesus died on the cross so we do not have to

stop worshiping a 2000 year old saturnic kike psyop.


>just questioning why Christianity is such a thorn in the sides of the kikes

its not, they fucking control it and have controlled (the catholic church) since its inception. christianity is just their old psyop, they are phasing it out since they can more efficiently trick goyim into worshiping saturn now. for example, 1500 years ago (((they))) wouldve had a hard time convincing goyim to abort their children en masse and get transgender surgeries.

christianity and islam are both 2 sides of the same coin, the kikes created both to feed the same saturnic 'demon', through manufacturing massive bloody conflicts between them. thats why the symbol of islam is a fucking cube/the star over the horns, while the symbol of christianity is a perversion of a cube (the cross is a deconstructed cube), and a human sacrifice. its always why christianity cannibalizing on effigies of jesus every weekend. its basically just spritingcooking for goyim.

gnostcism, buddhism, kekism. meditation. are the keys to beating them.

d8ce63 No.8718794



53e9eb No.8718801


Thats my logic on the Bible as well man it seems to be a Psyop or Proto-Communism made by jews to neuter Aryan man. I could be wrong.

f2240c No.8718811


i agree with you, and so did himmler. read himmlers speech to the SS about homosexuality, its available online, himmler dives deeply into the subject of the (((church))) being a homosexual kike psyop. he was dead right.

bae719 No.8718821

f2240c No.8718845


oh i agree with you. its clear that was hitlers end goal and is the right one, the swastika was a pretty blatant move on his part in that regard.

4b2ce0 No.8718860

File: f63f54640e54b88⋯.jpg (365.08 KB, 879x476, 879:476, screenshot-www.instagram.c….jpg)


Fuck, there's the weird pupil thing again!

bae719 No.8718877


Yes and studying Hitler's life without any of the Jew/Allied propaganda will show you that he was no ordinary man. Carl Jung's (while he had his faults, he's worth studying) essay "Wotan", 1936, is fascinating.

936f90 No.8718886

File: 007022cb45e4045⋯.webm (7.3 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 007022cb45e4045300c31c5c2….webm)


There is a perversion of Christianity to the point it tests my own faith. however yaweh means orgasm as a satanic perversion. But I call it jesus and christ means anointed. Anointed by oils. this of course is Yahweh or cum in the satanic perversions. Do not mistake the worldly Christianity and the living church which is the body of believers. Look at the pope he is literally talking shit and making shit eating jokes. There is a humility that comes with this. A real humility and god protects you. Bill schnebolen is a good man. I do cringe when he calls god yahweh though and jesus yeshua

91347e No.8718888

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> church is the Christian movement and not new age Pharisees.


if this is the case then ignoring it and allowing atheism to prosper would be a smarter moved then whole sale attack that just digs believers in deeper trenches. I can see a renewal in Christianity happening, however it would seem to be "churchless"

ef9556 No.8718909


The way christianity is taught today neuters people, I agree, but the way it's taught today intentionally glosses over half the bible, especially anything with strong language or anything unpleasant.

That sort of cherry-picking is what has lead to the christcucks of today.

Time and time again in the bible, Jesus called people out on their shit when they fucked up, but christcucks today think that "turning the other cheek" means to not criticize anyone for anything and let anyone do whatever they like to you.

91347e No.8718923

f2240c No.8718958


>if this is the case then ignoring it and allowing atheism to prosper would be a smarter moved then whole sale attack that just digs believers in deeper trenches.

1st thing, they want D&C, so if they can keep the christcucks and gaythiests fighting each other, nobody will call out the saturn worshipping kikes who are pulling the strings. you need to remember these subhuman saturn (((cultists))) have been running this shit since fucking babylon. theyve been doing psyops since before recorded history, they have a high understanding of what they are doing.

>I can see a renewal in Christianity happening

i cant, considering their number of 'true believers' is dropping like a rock and they cant even contain their (((chruch))) pizza-related pedo scandals. i mean they just had to have pope bentdick resign since his brother got busted eating pizza.

this is the time of the illuminatti goy, we will redpill everyone. they cannot contain the truth any longer. the demiurge will be BTFO.

adb1aa No.8718978


Just noticed the spade symbol. That's a pedo symbol too.

f2240c No.8718980


> illuminatti goy

*illuminated. kek but same difference. all of (((their))) age old secrets are coming out, its over for them.

adb1aa No.8719015


so does this mean they are the enlightened if they have all this understanding and have enslaved us this far? This is very disheartening.

f2240c No.8719047


the subhuman saturn (((cultists))) are 'enlightened' which is why they mockingly call themselves 'illuminatti', they are just evil by their subhuman nature. they saw the truth, and instead of fighting against the evil in front of them, they were seduced by it. all of this clearly goes back before recorded history.

bae719 No.8719052


No, they serve the Demiurge and therefore by definition have nothing beyond the material world.

53e9eb No.8719053


I do find the Gnostic texts about Christos to be fascinating (Apocrypha, Nag Hammadi texts,etc.) they have a hermetic quality about them. Even though I am not a Christian anymore, I will pursue truth to its conclusion. I know without doubt these good and evil spirits, entities, consciousnesses exist. I feel a deep need to understand their TRUE nature so as to better my peoples lot in life and free us from yid shackles permanently. All the kikery seems to tie in to Saturn, and that is without doubt.


>"Saturn, the Archon imprisoned by

the Demiurge."

There it is again fucking El/Saturn. Much to be learned from true Gnosticism and the pursuit of Logos as the highest motive of our lives. Zoroastrianism and Gnosticism talk about the Demiurge quite abit. Fuck masons and kikes.

53e9eb No.8719071

> John Podesta is behind Scalia murder plot

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1545981

53e9eb No.8719096


Forgot to add I thought the Demiurge was Saturn, as it is described as corrupted and insane.

bae719 No.8719140

File: 0b082c430723ae0⋯.jpg (4.47 MB, 3888x2592, 3:2, Big_green_flash.JPG)


Serrano claims that what he calls the "Green Thunderbolt" is the Aryan world outside the Demiurge's realm and that "avatars" such as Hitler come from there to do battle.

The green flash phenomenon is related to this; pic related.

bae719 No.8719236


I've concluded that Saturn is in fact possessed by the Demiurge in the Kali Yuga, and that's what Serrano meant by "imprisoned by the Demiurge". This is why Saturn (or equivalent) is spoken of highly by ancient Aryans (such as Rome and India) and yet is clearly of a Demiurgic nature now.

f2240c No.8719280

File: a80f41e2df16397⋯.jpg (12.36 KB, 500x283, 500:283, big guy.jpg)


seems likely. the aryan has been the enemy of these subhumans since at least the wars between the aryan indian peoples and the subhuman (((cultists))) of babylon/persia dating all the way back beyond written history. would explain why the roots of the swastika go back beyond history.

we are clearly fighting in a proxy war between 'otherworldy/interdimentional/ET/whatever' entities. and we /pol/acks are on clearly the pure and good side of it. we will win, redpill everyone, and destroy the monsters on ALL levels of existence. (((they))) grew complacent, now they WILL pay for it.

bae719 No.8719282


What's your ID there? Mine is 0d50d0

bae719 No.8719334


Serrano and others like him believed that Hitler, as Kalki, will return and wipe out most of the population. Given how incredibly degenerate post-1945 humanity is, it doesn't seem unreasonable.


Ok, I'm on that thread

53e9eb No.8719349


That begs the question as to what Saturn really is? What is (((Saturn))) and why are these jews offering so much blood and suffering to it? These jews and masons are all up its ass for sure. The Key of Solomon/Hexagram is used to summon Goetic demons/inhuman entities and other cocksuckers.

If jews realy wanted Tikkun Olam they would lose their greatest power in the world, money, and their priVILEged status as slavers right, if everything was destroyed they would have no "goyim" to lord over? At this point I would not be surprised if there was a real Yiddish S.E.E.L.E.


I will have to check out Serrano's works


We are indeed the anti thesis of the jew. Truth , honor, family, love, knowledge. We have probably been fighting these fuckers since caveman days. As you say we are the proxy of creation and light and the jew is the proxy of entropy,death, and degeneration. Like that fat cuck mason faggot Albert Pike said, "Lucifer what a strange name for the spirit of darkness" or something along those lines.


dubs confirm, didn't mean to slide the thread but its a multi faceted battle against these pedo Neanderkikes, moving this to the thread you linked

53e9eb No.8719365



f2240c No.8719369


9658af obviously.

7a2025 No.8719469

File: fe704b2f421f42f⋯.gif (5.93 KB, 250x156, 125:78, scopolamine_molecule.gif)

File: 4cbbd5094d32eb9⋯.jpg (5.48 KB, 291x232, 291:232, Converted_10649.jpg)


Operation Pegasus is a neutralization campaign utilized by CIA to gain control over political up-and-comers, as well as other possibly influential members in politics and media.

This "James Alefantis'" operational security as well as his actions on social media were horrible. He probably thinks himself to be untouchable, which he may have been. However, if his cover is blown, which it seems to be, that makes him a security concern, since the SVR, FSB and Chinese MSS likely have Alefantis under surveillance.

The amount of resources to conduct full scale counterintelligence to protect Alefantis, both through technical and teams of firms operatives, which have to be extremely large teams that can leapfrog each potential SVR or MSS asset/agent is likely not worth it.

The fact that "Alefantis" (has to be a fake name) was so sloppy in leaving texts with the guy who allegedly was threatened by Alefantis means Alefantis is scared that he fucked up in concealing the Comet Pizza operation. If the guy is telling the truth and not lying, Alefantis is probably in fear of his own life, since he has become a liability for his protectors. Seems like Alefantis is very stressed out because he sees poor sense in running the sick Comet Pizza operation. If he isn't already, Alefantis will likely end up "missing" or have a "heart attack" if Pizzagate doesn't blow over.

This idiot had the audacity to name his "museum" after the actual neutralization operation: Pegasus.

Excerpt from Nexus Magazine: http://www.whale.to/b/guyatt.html



>Mr X was a leader of one of the largest CIA-backed Contra groups. He recently testified before the US Senate Intelligence Committee. Formerly, X was a senior executive in a South American subsidiary of a leading US soft drinks corporation.

>In 1990, when Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega announced there would be "free elections", X was ecstatic. He began jostling for position and asked President Bush to ensure he be given a prominent position in the new government - in return for his years of toil at the behest of the CIA and the Enterprise. The pressure came in a form that Bush could not ignore. Failure to help his friend would result in X's intimate knowledge of Bush's involvement in the dope trade being made public. His threat left Bush with a sour taste. A Pegasus team was assigned to "neutralise" him in early 1990.

>They chose to use the drug Scopolamine, which also went by the nickname "Burundanga" or "the Voodoo drug". The drug is extracted from the pods of a flowering shrub that grows in remote regions of South America. In its processed, powdered form, Scopolamine is "void of smell, void of taste". When properly administered "it causes absolute obedience" without this being "observable by others". Importantly, the target will not recall any of the events that occurred during the period they were under the spell of the drug.

>Tatum states that X was invited to spend a relaxing weekend at a luxury hotel as a guest of his friend George Bush. His host for the weekend was a trusted 18-year veteran field-intelligence officer. The evening started with cocktails and was followed by a fine meal. "'Nothing but the best' were the orders."

>Following the meal, he was ushered into the suite of a "blonde bombshell" supplied by the CIA. Mr X had already ingested a dose of Burundanga during pre-dinner cocktails. X was gallant with the blonde as they both moved into the bedroom where video cameras were already set up in one corner. In short order, the blonde had X standing naked in front of her and began to indulge his desires. All the while, the video cameras whirred. Slowly stripping off, the "blonde" revealed his manhood in all its glory. Mr X was instructed to reciprocate the favour and perform fellatio. He obliged, his intimate activities recorded at 24 frames a second on videotape.

>Tatum says the male prostitute was hired from a bar in New York and killed that same evening.

>Two weeks later, X - wholly unaware of the events of that evening - was visited in Nicaragua. He was presented with a copy of the video footage, along with instructions. Tatum says that X can never allow that video to be seen: "Not only does it reveal his homosexuality, but it also reveals his bestiality and satanic worship rituals." As frame after frame flicked by, X reportedly wept, forced to watch himself kill his homosexual "lover" and then engage in the most grisly cannabalistic ritual imaginable.

>Neutralised, Mr X became a leading member of the Nicaraguan government a few short weeks later

56ff53 No.8719475



Welp, we're getting close to breaking these freakshow homosexual paedophile murderous necrophiliac psyhcopaths

89405a No.8719518

File: f20cafb25777729⋯.png (311.21 KB, 442x656, 221:328, figures.png)


We have MANY gods on our side! Kek, Odin, Ugallu, those horned lion things, and Uncle Adolf, of course. Also these weird dudes in pic. We already meme them.

Praise Kek!

89405a No.8719620



>They chose to use the drug Scopolamine, which also went by the nickname "Burundanga" or "the Voodoo drug". The drug is extracted from the pods of a flowering shrub that grows in remote regions of South America. In its processed, powdered form, Scopolamine is "void of smell, void of taste". When properly administered "it causes absolute obedience" without this being "observable by others". Importantly, the target will not recall any of the events that occurred during the period they were under the spell of the drug.

Scopolamine is my specialty, I will add more detail. The plant they mention is called Brugmansia, aka the Angel Trumpet. It is a cousin to the datura of europe, though grows on average 6-8feet tall at maturity. It's use is prefered, as it has the highest scopolamine levels vs other alkaloids.

The effects of scopolamine are not quite as described, although it's understandable why they'd simply explain it as such to their boss. Note I have personally ingested large quantities of scopolamine in the manner described in this post, I am proud to state that I have learned to entirely see through it's effects. In reality, the closest I could come to stating it's effects would be to simply fade into a dreamstate. The edgesof your perceptions fade out and the object of your focus shifts slowly into the object of your expectations. Whatever uou expect to see, is what you will see. If you are free of expectations, you will have no hallucinations. Now, this does NOT make people easier to control, but it does make them completely confused beyond belief. I'll give an example of dealing with a person on scopolamine. You drug them and wait hours for it to kick in, convince them to hallucinate you are their landlord and demand rent. They turn to the fridge, type on the door and insert theirdrivers liscense into the ice dispenser, and then hand you some ice cubes if you're lucky, air if you're not, BUT, not after anally counting the icecubes or invisible money, while squinting to read the nonexistent letters. Ah, I love you Brugmansia.

936f90 No.8719722

File: 7cedcb172e90566⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, debunked.png)


Yes as a shaman I took this from the datura plant. There is a total loss of willpower and you are in a trance. I can barely remember any of these trances. Which unlike dmt which you can recall the most sensational visuals and moments.

This is also why in the oto and memphis and mitzream they give the initiate absynth they take oaths of death only a hoodwinked retard would take. They are also suppose to act as an initiate a judge in the trial of your uninitiated self. when you slam the gavel blndfolded it is actually a ballpine hammer and you hear a child screaming. Then you are allowed to take off the blindfold.in fact gloved hands do it for you and you. You are illuminated and the gavel hoodwink has made it where there is a screaming problem in front of you. They make you murder the child. That is the initiation into the sanctum mundi. This could be in a museum easily. And these inner orders pop up out of nowhere. There is a whole blackmail thing out of these things. They record you blindfolded hammering a kids skull in. That is not necessarily a kill room scenario. A kill room is like they will give them a drug like rophonol or roofy them and give them a stimulant and then they are shown what they did in the kill room. Works every time they get duped by the initial oaths on absinth. And then they are dragged further and further into evil.

I believe the rituals are scenically layed out to correspond to these dream-states. You know follow the candle and so on.

89405a No.8719759

File: 787f3c821e7a54c⋯.jpg (325.81 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, 1024px-TarsusCaracallaBron….jpg)


Apparently some people don't handle this as well as I do… Glad I'm a Man and not some autistic oathbreaking shaman. Grow a pair and take another dip, and this time, hold onto your ego. Truth does not die.

6f7795 No.8719824


I hate to break it to you, but VPN users aren't fed-anonymous anymore at all, it can hide you from website admins, though.

7a2025 No.8719917

File: 1f9b17455e337d2⋯.jpg (85.57 KB, 380x255, 76:51, 1286549446mossad.big.jpg)

File: b22e6fb6e54bb79⋯.jpg (14.68 KB, 320x240, 4:3, surveillance-video.jpg)

File: 7eddd1c7ffeb4f4⋯.jpg (15.56 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 1483723.jpg)

File: e3066a884f5340b⋯.jpg (8.93 KB, 236x236, 1:1, c3fb57dd5848e27bc0149e7a59….jpg)


CIA synthesized scopolamine specifically for the purpose of trance induction of the target. It is used extensively in Colombia to rob people, etc.

(((VICE))) did a documentary on it: https://youtu.be/ToQ8PWYnu04

89405a No.8719947


Vice is full of shit and ran by bernouts, why the fuck would you cite them. AND

>cia synthesis

There is no motherfucking synthesis you fucking dimwit. They dropped plant material in a jar of solvent, shook it up, and dried the shit out. It's as mysterious as making a cup of tea.

4ab0a4 No.8720011

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

53e9eb No.8720071


I know, no one is truly anonymous anymore thanks to the NSA, PRISM, etc. I was just helping the newfag get some security.

53e9eb No.8720078


>that last pic

>welcome to Silent Hill

b8b885 No.8720646


>president-kids ru

>child modeling agency

It certainly wouldn't be surprising to find a pedo running a child modeling agency. This one was running a child actor agency:


other websites:




Everything is in russian and I can't read russian. I'm not sure what kind of forum massovki.net is but it looks like there's a 5 pages long thread about the President Kids agency:


b8b885 No.8720658


>Breitbart's tweet about a guy who just happens to have clear connections to elite pedophilia

Was it also clear 5 years ago? Do you have evidence Andrew Breitbart actually investigated pedos in D.C.? I posted a link, go read it.

b8b885 No.8720979


>ACORN was involved with underage sex slaves…. 2009 article



the reference to "13-year-old sex slaves from El Salvador" is a reference to the O'Keefe videos, not a reference to evidence that ACORN was itself – as an organization – involved with underage prostitution. Project Veritas asked about bringing very young girls from El Salvador to later use the profits to fund political campaigns and some ACORN employees weren't bothered and gave them advice:


My guess is that they were probably instructed not to turn away anyone and that included pimps and drug dealers who could later send money to the Democratic Party, either local or national. Something like that.

>and FUCK YOU for spreading disinfo,

>he fucking knew almost a decade ago.

Unless you can show evidence that Andrew Breitbart actually investigated the possible connection between the Podesta brothers and some kind of pedo network in D.C. then you're the one spreading disinformation. Until then his famous tweet about Podesta and underage prostitution that has recently resurfaced is a reference to the O'Keefe / Project Veritas videos on ACORN and it has nothing to do with this 'pizzagate' stuff and and you should stop pretending that it does because when you do that you're just giving ammo to those who say this whole thing is just a conspiracy theory without evidence. You should try to raise the bar not lower it.

b8b885 No.8721028




Autistic conspiratards like you are lowering the bar for no good reason. I don't speak greek very much but I speak french and I can tell you greek and french are two very different languages. If there's a connection between his english first name combined with his greek last name and the visual resemblance between that name and the sentence "I love children" in french – J'aime les enfants – it's some kind of irony. Do you believe the gay bar L'Enfant was founded when Alefantis was born for the sole purpose of being visually connected to his name and accusations of pedo activities 40+ years later by an autistic guy on a philippino image board? You think everything is written in advance down to the very little details? Hello?? That's not how reality works. Try to use your head or go do something else elsewhere.

b8b885 No.8721036


>The flat earth also ultimately could be a reality.

>The flat earth also ultimately could be a reality.

not that shit again

ca7f51 No.8721148


>greek name

>DOESN'T sound like "j'aime les enfants" (I'm french

kys, burger retard

the pizzagate thing is fo full of counter-productive retarded claims like this (seems like 90%) that the whole thing will soon fade into obscurity

maybe it's shilling, as well (that's how you bury a story, by overwhelming it with stupid crap)

cd07e3 No.8721153


it's not far fetched that it's a fake name

alefantis is one weird ass surname, basically doesn't exist anywhere in the world

ca7f51 No.8721168


greek alphabet :


try typing that in google.

cd07e3 No.8721182


7,640 results? Is that supposed to be a lot?

ca7f51 No.8721225


7,640 proofs that it's a greek name are not enough?

b8b885 No.8721228



Forced meme. Be suspicious of anyone who jumps on any occasion to say HaHa! Reddit spacing! when it's not even Reddit spacing to begin with because it's just too short – one line only – to be able to say whether it's Reddit-like spacing or not.





ca7f51 No.8721273


don't know anything about this saturn/cube bullcrap but i agree with your last sentence, always was instinctively attracted to / helped by those. LARPaganism is cute but is not a spiritual practice - if anything it is the worship of once alive / now dead and corrupted forces according to René Guénon.

cd07e3 No.8721303


should be millions

7640 is insanely low, considering after the 2nd or 3rd pages the results are usually similar words no the exact words

1f683e No.8721382


Then please do some studying because the Saturn/Cube connection is basic knowledge right now.

b8b885 No.8721386


>should be millions

Shut up you fucking retard. You can find other people named Alefantis in Greece, whether you use the english alphabet or the greek alphabet. That's enough to conclude Alefantis is a greek name and that the visual resemblance "discovered" by some autistic american guy on a philippino image board between that guy's name and the sentence ''I love children" in french is meaningless and irrelevant.

bf2f39 No.8721401



b8b885 No.8721418


>maybe it's shilling, as well (that's how you bury a story, by overwhelming it with stupid crap)

That's the biggest problem with this whole thing, too many autistic speculations but very little evidence that could be used in court. Whether it's deliberate or not it doesn't matter at this point because it has attracted too many autistic loners who don't have much of a life outside of the internet. They do it for free and they don't even do it on purpose.

I said it before: it became too big too fast and the attention brought to these places in D.C. means pedos in that area are on alert and they probably destroyed most of the evidence and what's left is just pictures and photos that can't be used as evidence to convict anyone. There's a fucking good reason why police investigations are not done in public on the internet.

5fe2ef No.8721659

File: 590cdf074d39248⋯.jpg (24.55 KB, 384x397, 384:397, 087943.jpg)


>That's the biggest problem with this whole thing, too many autistic speculations but very little evidence that could be used in court.

>in court

Sorry Shlomo, you obviously don't know how this works.

>Whether it's deliberate or not it doesn't matter at this point because it has attracted too many autistic loners who don't have much of a life outside of the internet. They do it for free and they don't even do it on purpose.

Yup, baby's first shilling. Lel.

Breitbart also knew much more. They wouldn't kill him otherwise. ACORN was already water under the bridge. Look:

>In 2010, Andrew Breitbart recognized Clinton campaign chair John Podesta as one of the biggest, most corrupt figures in Washington, D.C.

>“Fuck you, John Podesta,” he told journalist Dave Weigel, who then wrote for Slate. “What’s in your closet, John Podesta? Big Podesta? Big Soros? Do you want us to play these games? Because we’re playing to win.”

>What’s in your closet


b8b885 No.8721713


>What’s in your closet

Oh wait… What’s in your closet – in bold – OMG! …that that can only mean * one * thing: Breitbart knew everything about Podesta! E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! He probably knew the Podesta brothers kidnapped Madeleine McCann in Portugal too! Here's a tip moron: if you don't want to be considered a low IQ conspiratard who's more interested in shitposting than investigating then just stop acting like one.

a61a97 No.8721783


> That's enough to conclude Alefantis is a greek name and that the visual resemblance "discovered" by some autistic american guy on a philippino image board between that guy's name and the sentence ''I love children" in french is meaningless and irrelevant.

All it means is that James Alefantis decided to express himself with a message in French as a way to make himself known with and identify his kind and maybe even to stylize it, Greek does not need to come into the picture just because his name is of Greek origin although the resemblance between the two is uncanny, it could be intentional.

9a6491 No.8721825

File: 13018adcb24312e⋯.png (42.21 KB, 671x604, 671:604, ClipboardImage.png)

5fe2ef No.8721839

File: b5d45e24a43bc08⋯.jpg (17.17 KB, 552x365, 552:365, nope.jpg)


Let me explain, brand new Shlomo: "your closet" means a personal closet - with its own personal skeletons. You don't say that to the guy who's merely running public interference for the real culprits. ACORN happening was over and Breitbart was digging up much juicier stuff. Then he died.

2fba33 No.8721946


lurk moar.

2fba33 No.8721973


Listen, fucker. I'm not saying it's proof of anything, i'm saying we need to look into whether or not Alefantis is his real name. If it is then ok, it's just a weird coincidence. If there's a public record available somewhere showing he changed it, next we figure out why. It could very well be he was trying to be a cute lil faggot and wear his degeneracy on his sleeve as a funny secret code to all the other sickos.

Him posting someone wearing a shirt with the exact same damn phrase strongly suggests there may be some fire behind this smoke.

9a6491 No.8722014


>Multidimensional Child Sex Rings

>These cases involved and continue to involve

unsubstantiated allegations of bizarre activity that

are difficult either to prove or disprove.

01f285 No.8722041


> Alefantis


There's a handful right there. Took me literally 20 seconds to find.

01f285 No.8722069



It's a famous DC hipster cafe.

Stop trying to get caught up in esoteric conspiracies on cover identities. How about we focus back on hard evidence on child sex rings?

2fba33 No.8722104



So there was a post I read on cuckchan that stuck with me. Supposedly some doctor on the dark web was selling "perfect" sex slaves to ultrawealthy clients. He removed their arms and legs so they couldn't escape, blinded them and destroyed their hearing so they could never identify you, so all you'd have to do was feed them, clean them and fuck them.

It seemed like disturbing fanfic bullshit but now this….

9a6491 No.8722154


>In 1983 and 1984, when I first began to hear stories of what sounded like satanic or occult activity in connection with allegations of child sex rings (allegations that have since come to be referred to most often as "ritual" child abuse), I tended to believe them. I had been dealing with bizarre, deviant behavior for many years and had long since realized that almost anything is possible. Just when you think that you have heard it all, along comes another strange case.

>The idea that there are a few cunning, secretive individuals in positions of power somewhere in this country regularly killing a few people as part of some satanic ritual or ceremony and getting away with it is certainly within the realm of possibility.

>But the number of alleged cases began to grow and grow. We now have hundreds of victims alleging that thousands of offenders are abusing and even murdering tens of thousands of people as part of organized satanic cults, and there is little or no corroborative evidence. The very reason many "experts" cite for believing these allegations (i.e., many victims, who never met each other, reporting the same events), is the primary reason I began to question at least some aspects of these allegations.

f20759 No.8722371

File: 49b46f9c9741e98⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 002465-scopolamine-hydrobr….jpg)

File: c1bc1ac7c53a04f⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 4368x2912, 3:2, ap091029073128.jpg)

File: 0cb4852db19cb66⋯.jpg (106.38 KB, 600x914, 300:457, tumblr_na4tu5rK5Y1tih1zto4….jpg)


You sound green, anon. The active portion inducing the hypnotic effect of scopolamine was isolated and synthesized by CIA long time ago, to enable predictable results, since targets acted erratically or died. If the target dies, they are of no use anymore. The medical industry isolated other parts of scopolamine to use in therapeutic drugs, pic related…

Also, your lack of knowledge regarding the administration of a poison or drug, which can be administered in two parts, one in a punch bowl at a party, and no effects felt, then the accelerant is administered when the target is in a completely different operational environment, like dosing a bottle of vodka with the accelerant a week later. No one except the target feels the impact of the poison or drug, because only the target ingested both portions of the drug within the given time limit between initial benign dose and the accelerant.

Also, funny how you happened to show up on this thread when I spoke the truth.

"Alefantis" was not disciplined and professional about his responsibility running the Comet Pizza operation. Now, he is likely a liability because of his poor operational security and tactical discipline.

With SVR, MSS, DGI and other intelligence services likely surveiling him, one has to ask if he is useful to Pegasus? He fucked up in his duty to serve the strategic interests of his protectors.

You also have never had the joy of killing a man. Seeing their eyes gloss over as you take a photo to confirm your kill. Innocents don't count, but standing over a scum warlord in Afghanistan, watching him sleeping in his bed, and finishing the job with a suppressed FN SCAR is a real rush.

Everyone is expendable. Even me. The human ego is a great enemy, anon. Alefantis had the audacity to bring attention to himself.

Also, it is sick what politicians do. Don't even imply that there aren't the live human amputee "fuckdolls" fed through tubes. Disgusting human beings the lot of them, all blackmailed scum who can not exhibit self-discipline for their depravity and harm they do to innocents.

39ec19 No.8722393


You posting porn on /pol/ bro?

Your not some kind of degenerate are (you)?

a7c768 No.8722420

File: 7bc2171ffe1bb55⋯.png (188.92 KB, 254x337, 254:337, 1393806000271.png)


It's always nice for anons like this to bring me back down to reality and remind me that there are legit crazies posting in these threads.

f20759 No.8722445

File: b03c82dc36e474b⋯.jpg (49.34 KB, 564x453, 188:151, 3ae8379b45b97cb7d1db67576d….jpg)


I couldn't find a suitable way to show the sickness of the child sex ring operations. It is not porn, since I believed the photo hid the vagina and nipples.

Sickening as the photo is, it is close to what a sick pedophile ring like the purported Alefantis and his minions likely did to children. It's disgusting man, and don't change the subject to porn to turn away from the real message.

Alefantis is likely very scared that the operation was found out. Especially Pegasus.

My apologies to the mods, but that sickening picture is not porn, it's who you are fighting to free. These are the helpless you are fighting to escape. Honestly, they are expendable, but the more you shine a light on blackmail operations using innocents, likely the better.

Keep doing God's work, anon.

f20759 No.8722519

File: d3685ec5f2524c4⋯.jpg (170.73 KB, 1024x493, 1024:493, Team-Six-SEALs-1024x493.jpg)

File: 6003094bb62a015⋯.png (232.78 KB, 627x350, 627:350, podestafish14.png)


Don't change the subject or smear me. See my post above as an explanation, it is at http://8ch.net/pol/res/8695455.html#q8722445

There are sick people who keep people alive like this for years. You are fighting evil with these folks, but they see it as operationally necessary to blackmail people under the auspices of operation Pegasus. Read the entirety of my posts to understand how scopolamine, sex slaves and video recordings meant for blackmail come together in a very well devised neutralization operation.

The world is cold. It's a sick place when it comes to people who consider themselves above the law, like Alefantis, Podesta, etc.

I'll see you guys later. Believe what you want to believe. It is Pizzagate exposed an intelligence operation. Wake up.

a7c768 No.8722548


Here's an honest question, anon.

I want to know if a certain thought has ever entered your mind. It's a very simple thought that most critical people learn to love, and live by - to really test with a skeptical eye the words of other people and the information they've accrued. "Okay, but what are the chances that I'm wrong?"

I want to know if you ever have actually asked yourself that question.

b817aa No.8722743

File: cb04185824b4393⋯.png (107.43 KB, 663x559, 51:43, 1437540700862.png)


Are you ready for medieval torture, shill? We're bringing it back just for the pedos.

2fc3bb No.8722809


Suzuka-Sama's Servant | Suzuka-Sama No Geboku is the source before someone asks

89405a No.8722884


Yes! Gondola is an ancient saxon meme!

More on topic, found a known nigger rapist who may be connected to dnc in wa state. Candylane modeling, nig specializes in raping white women and doing cocaine. Has connections with seattle real estate and police department, I think the niggers parents are the political link though.

b817aa No.8722891

File: e3333439313b7d1⋯.jpg (86.67 KB, 600x800, 3:4, nightcrawler62.jpg)

File: 71f81a0739adbe5⋯.jpg (116.82 KB, 564x758, 282:379, fresnoalien.jpg)

File: 1aaa24704c45f1f⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 250x187, 250:187, nightcrawler.gif)

File: 255ae7d0c81b6eb⋯.gif (242.5 KB, 300x220, 15:11, Fresno-Nightcrawlergif.gif)


Do you know what this things are? They're in some Native American cultures in their woodlands. They've been caught on camera on more than one occasion and it's super weird every time, gifs related.

Natives claim they're an alien species from a swamp-like planet (hence their weird long legs to move through swamps) that are here to help raise the vibrations of Earth.

They're kind of cute little guys. Praise Kek. I am glad they're considered on our side.

be79ce No.8722905


it's the PATRIARCHY!



13f990 No.8722916


>Literal gondolayys

89405a No.8722953


There aren't any "native americans" they're called fucking INJUNS, and the gondolas were brought to north america by our ancestors, europeans, along with the swastika. The gondolas are ancient spirits who walk tall among us, manifestations of the great Irminsril, the world pillar.

9b5bba No.8723108

File: c1fb048f3c6973f⋯.mp4 (995.42 KB, 700x500, 7:5, 1451620165664.mp4)

File: f4b22196b2c1fa9⋯.jpg (385.59 KB, 704x2936, 88:367, f4b22196b2c1fa922937be2268….jpg)

8a0c22 No.8723592


I've always been highly skeptical of Pizzagate. It definitely relies heavily on confirmation bias and blind dot-connecting. But then there's always those few extremely bizarre synchronicities, like that graffiti "kids" tag. So fucking weird and perfectly conducive to a pedophile ring conspiracy theory.

Now Alefantis is losing his shit and making threats. You could easily interpret that as an innocent man who's at his wit's end because he's facing extreme and baseless allegations. You could also easily interpret it as a monster afraid of being exposed.

I just don't know.

b817aa No.8723711


Yes, this too. Everything comes from a much older source. The more recent sightings were just by injun tribes and around Fresno California.

1b115e No.8723797


To anyone that's skeptical I usually advice them to look up how it all started and draw their own conclusions. I watched some of the videos released early and everyone talks about Comet Ping Pong and the connections but it all comes off poorly (like explaining a big infographic all at once). I suggest you go look up cheesybay and make up your own mind about what the outcome would have been had there been emails sent to hollywood or other places instead. We could have ended up with a goldmine or we could have reached a dead end at that point. But we got Comet Ping Pong and are doing what we can with the information available (dot-connections because they have been sloppy but perhaps nothing alarming (I am not fully up to date) on its own had we not been redirected here).

f04b35 No.8723844


Find it yourself you lazy fuck. The charges will stick no matter what his name is.

588d49 No.8723946


>They chose to use the drug Scopolamine, which also went by the nickname "Burundanga" or "the Voodoo drug". The drug is extracted from the pods of a flowering shrub that grows in remote regions of South America. In its processed, powdered form, Scopolamine is "void of smell, void of taste". When properly administered "it causes absolute obedience" without this being "observable by others". Importantly, the target will not recall any of the events that occurred during the period they were under the spell of the drug.

Having done delirious drugs, this is complete and utter bullshot. I have fought with shadow dragons for gods sake. Its not like you wouldnt notice that.

588d49 No.8724078



It is formed in plants naturally you idiot.

588d49 No.8724115


Show me the fucking in vivo synthesis of scopolamine by 2 precursors catalyzed in the human body. Show me the fucking reaction. Dont talk about anything you dont have knowledge about,

b5a34c No.8724122

File: 50cdbd6b10315b3⋯.jpg (137.72 KB, 576x315, 64:35, p-Follow-The-Money.jpg)

89405a No.8724141


Fucking fag, I have done every step of scopolamine extracts. I've grown and harvested brugmansia from the wild, I can identify the fucking alkaloid contents and the levels within 5% margin by motherfucking scent, and I have learned to be completely impervious to the dark lady's distractions through personal trials on myself and others. Everything you say is bullshit, kill yourself shill.

89008b No.8724152


David brock always looks high as FUCK. gays are super degenerates and love crystal meth. I imagine rich gays prefer crack or cocaine. I bet it's drugs.

89405a No.8724162


The sightings of our ancient familiars, the gondolas, the tall walking kinfolk of the pillarmen of the saxons to those who serve the pillars of jupiter, have been angered by the redman's INSOLENCE! These horn-nosed fucks who can't even grow a chest hair have been desecrating and hiding the burial sites of ancient aryans. Our tall kin though have been set to protect our ancestral heritage since the times before even the allfather walked this earth, and are the earth manifesting to aid us, the only kind with the baring to keep a damned oath to it.

b5a34c No.8724178


Brock is notorious for both his drug abuse AND mental illness.

36fc45 No.8724807

File: 2cddffefc47b8b7⋯.png (844.63 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Podesta IP Geolocation.png)

File: 6b2bf1ec9072d76⋯.png (47.61 KB, 1017x722, 1017:722, Podesta iPad.PNG)

File: eb98e73688bdbd9⋯.png (85.72 KB, 788x837, 788:837, Podesta ISP Extras.PNG)

File: 9d5d3c3002d4a39⋯.png (28.45 KB, 640x723, 640:723, Podesta ISP.PNG)

File: f3e45bbd1181068⋯.png (170.32 KB, 1192x497, 1192:497, Podesta's Public IP.PNG)

Podesta's Public IP

299cf6 No.8724883

Y'all should watch the new episode of Sherlock. The main baddie of the episode is a thinly veiled Jimmy Savile mirror. It kind of implies that Jimmy Savile may have been murdering people, not just diddling kids. The guys who write the show are very involved with the BBC so its very possible they know details about Savile that the general public does not. The show hinted at a bad guy being involved in kids TV in 2012 a full 8 months before the Savile sexual abuse news broke.

863bfd No.8725528


saged and reported

b5a34c No.8725749

File: 3be1f39f0cbfe5d⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 600x546, 100:91, p-Through-The-Ages-1.jpg)

7d8c4c No.8726539

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sun Araw, like the guy whose song was used in Hotline Miami ?

7d8c4c No.8726543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

53e9eb No.8726561




3e635f No.8726762

This thread is getting sidetracked on purpose

3e635f No.8726830

File: acb7035992a6a7b⋯.png (923.81 KB, 994x693, 142:99, Yyv2lu.png)

I suspect that this kid may be a missing children

>lives in a farm in the year 2017

>that hair yet new clothes (buying clothes is easy, taking him for a professional haircut? no way)

>looks like he was beaten (lips / nose)

>they make him hold a chicken (you know that's codeword for boy)

I also suspect this farm is Alefantis' farm

e66fb0 No.8726859


Someone should start looking into potential organizational crossovers between homosexuals and pedophiles. there is a group called Mass Resistance which is trying to combat the homosexual agenda. I bring them up because they are fairly comprehensive in documenting deviant behavior in homosexual groups. It might be helpful to reach out to them for help particularly in generating new leads.

5228ef No.8726911

File: ac123821d2c9e91⋯.png (94.6 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 718aa77c3b6c592b6b7589c487….png)

Whole lotta (1)'s in this thread. Be careful with shills, comrades.

e478a4 No.8727045


I remember that post as well. After reading it, I popped over to jewgle and looked up eastern European orphanages, specifically in the area specified, the border of Hungary. The post talked about all the teeth being removed and only feeding them liquids, right?

Couldn't find anything via computer.

e478a4 No.8727100


Sorry, off-topic

36fc45 No.8727257


>Alefantis' Farm

Any geolocation here?

b5a34c No.8727501

File: d45b25b11c788dd⋯.jpg (143.61 KB, 453x260, 453:260, p-Everything-They-Say.jpg)

5e95a9 No.8727541


The girl on the left is such an eyesore.

53e9eb No.8727659


Holy shit these fucks even have pictures of them with Pedo Joe Biden.

https:// archive.is/2Fc6W

>PizzaFuckingParty-"Pizza party every day no regrets party hardy pizza sacrifice slice and dice party USA."

https:// archive.is/RPA2q

>Photo of children on the floor picking up condoms and little liquor bottles.

>PFP-"That piñata was filled with condoms and alcohol."

https:// archive.is/8Gquf

>PFP"Child strangulation to wrap up family dinner."

https:// archive.is/zFezY

I know Alefantis was gay grids pals with Brock, and Brock is Soros' puppet who runs MediaMatters. All these humble pizza merchants are acquainted with these politicians. Also many of them make sexual comments with pictures of kids, this shit is hiding in plain sight.

>Strange coincidences between @jimmycomet @pizzafuckingparty and @werkingonmahnightcheese

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1549220

3e635f No.8727866

17b9d7 No.8728118


>that pic

What exactly am I looking at? >>8719722

3e635f No.8728272

File: a8e79fd8125946d⋯.png (232.27 KB, 611x316, 611:316, CAR 001.png)

This is Alefantis car

Can anyone decipher the license plate number? What state? D.C.? Virginia? Maryland?

39ec19 No.8728320


It is a Volvo car though idk much about the makes and models of them.

I can only see the first 5 numbers it doesn't look like the last letter has enough information but it is a skinny letter judging by the distances.

0 0 4 9 4

It also looks like the name of the State is on the bottom of the license plate.

09e427 No.8728462


what the actual fuck is that on Podestas left

3e635f No.8728490


a statue, look it up, it's on the washington life article

it's a man made of circles

09e427 No.8728543


trippy shit

bcc742 No.8728832

File: 269527f6578b77f⋯.jpg (497.72 KB, 1200x1780, 60:89, lass_.jpg)

9b5bba No.8728948

File: 08e4275764d6bd2⋯.gif (739.36 KB, 161x120, 161:120, 1453374448435.gif)


This shit is only serving to convince me we are on to something. You don't come out to shill against something that isn't true. Good job James.

1b0bea No.8729140


Sun Araw a musician, some random ass hippie.

1fee5b No.8729149



Simply the gold standard metaphor for an erect penis. Only a sick mind would equate it with murder.

523d89 No.8729509


>someone finally reposts some of my OC, and its (one of) the most retarded screens i've ever created.


so this thread has … changed.

I want to know more about this museum/killroom

can somebody post or link me to the comments on the killroom and its links? i'll happily make an infographic putting all the info together.

so far all i have to go off of is




but this leaves some pretty big holes for me. if it was discussed elsewhere please direct me. i mean, i cant even find how we found out about this place.

89008b No.8729766

89405a No.8729945


Kill yourself nigger. Break links, dont spoil, fucking dumbass.

523d89 No.8730234


holy fuck. that brick is an exact match. and its in the basement of a sketchy museum in a residential neighborhood with no posted visitation hours and no publicity?


while i agree, its important to mention why. alot of anons on here, though helpful, have no idea why theyre not supposed to post links. just like many anons dont know theyre not supposed to click links.

we dont want websites getting traffic from us. it makes us and our posts known. this especially goes for youtube and links of (((enemy))) websites. its important they dont know where the traffic comes from. breaking up the links forces users to copy/paste the text thus removing all referers. but even if you see a link, do the same.

cee6d5 No.8730748


Sure looks like it.

Check out his Wikipedia page:

https://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Sun_Araw

From the "In popular culture:" section:

"The tracks "Horse Steppin" and "Deep Cover" were featured in the 2012 video game Hotline Miami.

Sun Araw stars in the 2013 short film Chapel Perilous, which won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival."

b8b885 No.8730777


>that retarded shit again

Can you count to three? How many times do you see the letter A in "James Alefantis"? How many times in "J'aime les enfants"? Are you going to say the extra A is some kind of clue?

e75436 No.8730866


the rules can be bent

you were on the right track long ago. comet ping pong is just a piece, find the others

5228ef No.8730922



0b8793 No.8730985


A pic of the back would be better. It looks like a Connecticut plate to me.

7d8eab No.8731156

File: 0391bdea122af75⋯.gif (27.81 KB, 293x151, 293:151, baynew.gif)


Those are Maryland "Treasure the Chesapeake" plates.

89008b No.8731271

soяяч guys I thot spoiling might make unclick lesson learnt

c1bdfc No.8731499


spoil (or italics, bold or whatever) part of the https




0cced9 No.8733353


Fucking cuck should have recorded it god damn

5f95da No.8733367

Pedo coded message at the trolley park. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1550573

c91096 No.8733648


He didn't record it because it was fake. People like myself have been requesting proof and he hasn't responded, other than with a video showing Facebook chat which has been shown to be easily fakeable by numerous people.

The guy is nothing but a grifter looking to sell shirts and wants exposure. Fuck him.

0cced9 No.8733721

Has anyone made a dedicated website to properly discuss and organize all this information? If not, I'll go ahead and do so.

0cced9 No.8733782


Yeah until he posts proof I think it's safe to assume that's the case. So many lying opportunists right now. Don't trust anyone.

dd17cd No.8733862

File: bb4a48d9d151071⋯.jpg (673.6 KB, 3000x2400, 5:4, 0042.jpg)



that statue is of a diablo cojuelo (limping devil), from dominican folklore

in fact the kid is probably at a resort or something

here's a mask, worn at carnivals, usually made from paper mache

62b2ab No.8734087


Lol have you been following it all? It's too damn much man! But if you think you've got all the info, then hell yeah! But new info keeps popping up!

88643d No.8734143

File: bd84b6eec165997⋯.jpg (310.68 KB, 1200x1169, 1200:1169, C1wY4bVUcAADKyR.jpg)

Saw this in Twatter.

bc3117 No.8734239


check the sidebar at voat.co/v/pizzagate

68e46c No.8734412


Even without pointing out occult symbolism, that is one fucked up picture to celebrate a 10 year old's birthday.

d14fd7 No.8734742

e31006 No.8735193

File: a7e126f1cdd45a8⋯.jpg (34.38 KB, 540x589, 540:589, menacinglyrare.jpg)


We're getting stronger

7c8187 No.8735330


"Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure."

000000 No.8735369


Oh look someone who isn't an absolute faggot by revealing the source. Thank you and godspeed.

5985c9 No.8736618


at least the fucked up world makes sense now.

6a1f49 No.8736676

File: 3bf1dd062d612f0⋯.jpg (161.88 KB, 750x960, 25:32, C1ypMBLVQAAgae8.jpg)



7464a6 No.8737759


Looks like GD4541 to me

029a19 No.8738742


Hi intl!

918a37 No.8738825

File: 0b08fa64b52f9e3⋯.png (490.99 KB, 476x492, 119:123, 0b08fa64b52f9e3b8b61e2ad18….png)

>sister moved back into parents place

>she's always been the stupid one

>there's a fake cows skull, drawing of a skull, a dream catcher and all this other weird bullshit

>mfw women must think meme magic is literal ritual magic

Why are women so stupid and gullible?

918a37 No.8738830


forgot to mention that stuff was in her bedroom.

491fa7 No.8738996


Because he really really liked them when he first heard them.


Ideas won't clean your house, raise your kids, or suck your dick in the shower. Don't marry them.

63d4c4 No.8742211

File: 9a34b141f078c51⋯.png (564.46 KB, 1440x994, 720:497, Screenshot_2017-01-10-16-4….png)


Uhhh, guys?

What did the Russians mean by this?

b5a34c No.8742460


"blood libel" is the original "fake news"

0cced9 No.8742562


Like all women, they're not actually interested in it. They just want to look a certain way.

d172e4 No.8742644

Guys VOAT.CO made a huge breakthrough and linked an underground tunnel to alefantis's properties.

The Wokening is happening.. slowly but surely.

d172e4 No.8742647

e6bae5 No.8743425

File: e659af491e88a37⋯.png (16.77 KB, 828x152, 207:38, Screenshot_2017-01-10_19-5….png)

b92b31 No.8743726

File: dbdca8f7c86dc32⋯.png (415.04 KB, 526x362, 263:181, dbdca8f7c86dc325f3498155cf….png)



e6bae5 No.8743877

File: 4f143769a25f5de⋯.webm (5.24 MB, 352x288, 11:9, UndergoundDC.webm)

e6bae5 No.8744066

File: 4999ac3a52340f4⋯.png (11.75 KB, 528x127, 528:127, Screenshot_2017-01-10_20-5….png)

de1f87 No.8745098



369fd0 No.8745899

File: d47c17575db01f5⋯.png (487.86 KB, 748x367, 748:367, 0y5io9yh0a3f5fhj72g08kb53d….png)

This company might be worth checking out and its CEO. Notice the logos.

d47717 No.8745949

File: 98d45d1479c492d⋯.jpg (13.25 KB, 400x225, 16:9, Nightbreed 1990 movie pic9….jpg)


He reminds me of the psychiatrist from nightbreed

d47717 No.8745953

File: b1fa1e7123503cb⋯.jpg (43.25 KB, 1074x483, 358:161, nightbreed-main.jpg)

afa5ea No.8746864

File: 76ca4230c0464f9⋯.png (525.05 KB, 500x480, 25:24, IMG_1458.PNG)

Possible feminist jew kiddy fiddlers featured in this thread >>8746484

2f9faa No.8747891


Swirls around the word a coincidence?

Notice the main guy upfront on the stage 'handles' 2 different kids - I assume neither of these are probably not his.

1:17 & 1:32

2f9faa No.8747903


YT bringing up a lot for this place

6d952b No.8748357

Is there any briefing document with what has been found so far?

bf52a8 No.8748434

Listen to words and facial expressions of this woman.

sleep tight anons :)


6c648e No.8749036

Listen guys, we need to be organized, scientific, and methodical about this.

Somebody needs to compile all of the information and evidence collected so far and put it together along with explanations of each bit and how they're connected.








Ignore memeing. Call out shills, bait, and distractions. Don't devolve into tinfoil conspiracy shit. We need to figure out a way to market/present final info into a compelling argument to the general public, maybe a ad/video or something. If we make a really compelling video about cracking down on missing children in relation to human trafficking, pedophilia, and organized crime and purchase video placement or whatever, we can get a lot of attention and support.

If 800,000 children a year go missing, sure some of it is Dayquan borrowing little Jamar from Laqueesha fo dat child support or just retarded parents not being able to find their children, but there's a whole hell of a lot of potential for organized crime in that number.

8e7468 No.8750948


don’t know why you guys trust this faggot.it may be true but i don’t believe him.

he supposedly is afraid, takes down video then uploads this one.

>also i don’t think the pedo faggot is dumb enough to contact him directly. dont think he would expose himself. he probably has grunts for that.

what i believe is this faggot giving disinformation to profit from his shit t-shirts. obvious con

e56a3a No.8752426


Did you happen to miss when Mr.Alefantis himself graced us with his presence?

851721 No.8753397


Is there some deeper meaning to what this guy is saying?

851721 No.8753419

851721 No.8753449

First time I've seen a 5 year old kid say he feels "bars are prejudice against kids"


b8b885 No.8753573



>trying to poison the well by injecting nonsense

go away retard

3a8cfb No.8756962

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

subliminal message in music video Sia - The Greatest

(those damn art directors dunno if they're redpilling subconsciously or they're MKUltra'd illuminati cocksuckers)


Around 4:00 the video turns from grey to red.

Red room / Jail bars and thick cement wall - looks like killroom and all of them are children.

3a8cfb No.8756974



Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video)

10192a No.8758176

File: 645a9d508d6c1ec⋯.png (154.5 KB, 680x470, 68:47, Debate Forum.png)



We already established the fucktard mod calling himself "Millennial_Falcon" is a Jewish shill through his actions in https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1557190, which was completely wiped from the frontpage of the board late last night and is now only accessible through searching. This faggot thinks he owns the place deleting threads left right and centre, all the while his loyal plebbiturd army from r/td keep trying to aut-right the place up accusing us of being shills for some random kike named Amalek whenever we bring up the JQ.

I'm not PA requesting or anything, but all I'm saying is 10 anons are all that's required to sacrifice some time of their week to help steer control of the narrative. Once you get 100 CCP (easily accomplished within 2 weeks max if you circlejerk each other's posts), you can epically downvote posts and threads, and help redpill the masses away from the compromised JIDF moderation team.

92cd01 No.8758608


God dammit they must all be connected to this shit.

8ebb13 No.8758633


fun fact: anything who resists jews is automagically an amalek

92cd01 No.8758648



I read that as Dalek.

Also fuck them, they don't seem to understand that their memes made them what they are today.

92cd01 No.8758691

Btw there was this thread here that mentioned IPs connected to an email. >>875806

Not sure if relevant.

Archive is here. https://archive.is/YB8qO

Domains claim to be connected:




However an anon checked and discovered they probably weren't there. So it could be false OR it could be deleted.

aaecac No.8758964


Go on youtube right now, if there's a video with just someone saying witch, you have all these ugly fugly obese white women in the comments going, "IMMA WEAL WITCH HUNNEAY!!!" talking like dumb fucking niggers and then hordes of them flock the comments circle jerking about how their 'magic' is real and how they're 'goo boys' and then you get the autistic tumblr whore lite kiddies flocking to them going haha my mommy a witch too!!!

Like seriously, can we get rid of those fucking retards next?

065653 No.8759268


>women must think meme magic is literal ritual magic


aaecac No.8759420




This bull isn't going to go easy on your kind buddy, nor will my friends.


aaecac No.8759529


And you have the vernacular of a cuckold and a shitskin playing pretend in a fucking sticky thread.

How old are you kid? 10? You enjoy being a little fucking night crawler thinking you pretending to be like your groid mother is going to make you white?

d60fe6 No.8759610

File: 23e27e9f0d40457⋯.jpg (79.14 KB, 319x319, 1:1, 14695600_1268142623225550_….jpg)




541047 No.8759631



541047 No.8759657


I call bullshit on this dude. The convo is anything but convincing. He's just adding shit to the story that no one needs, he's adding to the problem if you ask me. Trying to divert us

d60fe6 No.8759705


yes, I agree anon. We must not fall prey to these distractions.

c54b73 No.8761004



bc5ffa No.8761407

File: 309e30e0102c02e⋯.png (772.19 KB, 900x1034, 450:517, SHITMYPANTS.png)

36fc45 No.8761613

File: f47259aec87fe91⋯.png (619.42 KB, 2662x1831, 2662:1831, Here Ya Go.png)

Hmm very interesting. Worth taking a look at /pol/.

18d353 No.8762366

File: eddcd7bb967c30b⋯.png (621.84 KB, 956x540, 239:135, Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at ….png)


Anybody who looks even a little bit into Pizzagate can clearly see what has been going on there. People need to be executed or locked up for a very long time. This goes even beyond a political issue. This directly concerns justice for the countless children that were preyed upon. Most disturbing is the people with "inside connections," such as actors, politicians, and the MEDIA who rush to the defense of the accused despite mounting evidence. That should give you a good indication of exactly how deep this mess goes.

0b1349 No.8762830

File: 2f526ce6c515066⋯.jpg (126.14 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 1hk8xq.jpg)

0c91cb No.8763485


what could that mean

0b8ff4 No.8763668

So I was wondering if anyone had thought about seeing if James was his real name. You can have your name changed for legal reasons and his name just seemed to odd to me.

James Alefantis

J'aime les enfants

I love Children in French. It just seems like another "Unfortunate Circumstance", but what do I know, I'm just a shop rat.

d14b15 No.8763700


It is his real name. Familysearch.org


just launched

cffa4d No.8764041


>held back from exploring space

feels bad man

57a5d6 No.8764747

File: 00bac8e61470bf9⋯.png (152.46 KB, 591x717, 197:239, shikky.png)


>you will never sexually break katy perry into your willful mindbroken slave

da9d1b No.8765444


I scrolled past that image about 20 times and only just realized what it was.

1e1ecf No.8765447


what is it

da9d1b No.8765451


An AK-47

1e1ecf No.8765459


how is that

da9d1b No.8765496


The parts are AK parts, someone has just denatured it.

1e1ecf No.8765514



>AK part

>2 stocks

>AK part

d12bed No.8765527


Probs new tor

I know I know, the ritual can in effect create meme magic.

da9d1b No.8765533


It's an advanced joke, you might be too new.

d12bed No.8765544


No idea when it comes to weapons, pls explain

29f96f No.8766118


First there was the meme, and then there was the mind, and the meme became the mind and they were one.

They have perverted the memes behind Minerva and the like for their own benefit, giving rise to perverse new minds. Demons wearing masks so that they may appear as gods. Given that they have a special fondness for Saturn, and how closely they mimic Saturn's decent into cruelty and madness, appeals should be made to Zeus and his equivalents. After all, who better to help us with this task than the magus who castrated Saturn?

a39dcd No.8767785

File: 14f3835ed1cbe5b⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 2592x1944, 4:3, 20170113_111907.jpg)

Just saw on Fox news

a39dcd No.8767807


Mike Flynn, on mobile

6a9094 No.8768008


>mike pence

doesn't even look like him you faggot. Go false flag elsewhere.

b0e701 No.8769740

File: 87b4497d772b1e8⋯.jpg (132.42 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Volcano.jpg)

Deal with this perv, life ruin tactics, the whole 9 yards:

James A Alefantis

2310 California ST NW

Washington, DC 20008

(202) 364-0404

b0e701 No.8769765

James Alefantis Instagram


sick perv needs severe punishment.

717242 No.8770194

File: ee20f4174d9112b⋯.png (462.14 KB, 528x795, 176:265, pizzagait.png)

They certainly like their pizza.

ef836a No.8770249

File: 91b5cfc0fb47455⋯.png (10.57 KB, 376x260, 94:65, 1418398731553.png)


>woman carries 3 pizzas

>man carries 4 pizzas

>they get paid the same


2d4120 No.8770465

Guys, don't let the threads slow down and die, keep digging and show the kikes we won't stop.

e8126d No.8771096


one thing i noticed was how much bad food all these elites 'allegedly' ate. Pizza, hotdogs, pasta. LOTS of the shit. They should be dead by now.

89405a No.8771462


We need to reorganize and compile the various leads. We have exposed too many angles for any one person and I am a fucking polymath saying this. and we need to form specialized divisions to each focus on a specific aspect of the operation.

063d1e No.8772212

File: d6d295392cd9fdb⋯.jpg (19.15 KB, 280x289, 280:289, 1411973401350.jpg)



stop fucking up the thread with old, archived shit you fucking shill

or better yet, gtfo and hang yourself. fucking niggers




these fucking niggers need to GET THE FUCK OUT!!!



58ec8a No.8772410



000000 No.8772426


Now that the witchhunt has run out of steam, we can reflect upon it and improve for the future. The first and biggest question we must answer: was this a naturally-occurring witchhunt (Alefaggot certainly looked like a witch/pedo with his Instagram pictures) or did (((someone))) throw Alefaggot to the Internet Hate Machine as a distraction? If the latter, distraction from what? And does it still matter or was this an attempt to reduce our effectiveness just before the election?


>form specialized divisions to each focus on a specific aspect of the operation

The first step to that is to make a list of specific aspects and how they are related. I suggest organizing each lead with the evidence that led to that lead, starting from the first hint of something strange. (I think that was a Podesta email with an attachment "pizza.jpg". Do other anons know of other starting points?)

Start with chronological order and make sure that every step has known evidence with firm citations. (examples: Wikileaks email numbers for Podesta emails, archives of Web pages) We may find that some of the less fruitful paths the investigation took actually had no evidence supporting them at all but were heavily shilled. Insist on cited evidence for every link in the chain.

Witchhunt aside, if there was a pedophile ring that we were chasing, we've probably scattered them badly by now. I've read the rumors that the operation had to be scaled back. This means that some (most?) clients will no longer be served. There are two possibilities: the loose ends will either be "tied up" or left to twist in the breeze. Either way works for us: a sudden rash of powerful people (and/or lesser blackmailed lackeys) turning up dead will be noticeable while this kind of shit is supposedly addictive and we will see a rash of powerful people and/or lackeys busted for continued pedophilia. In the latter case, odds are good that they will start flipping.

063d1e No.8772631




375c4b No.8772694


We need separate threads for different leads. One thread for the white rabbit thing which hasn't been expanded on since that guy went missing. Another thread for analyzing hidden messages/data within files(can't remember what it's called), another for analyzing the emails, etc. If anyone has any other suggestions that would be great.

TL;DR: We need separate threads for different leads as there is too much info to condense in one thread

000000 No.8772789


>separate threads

No. Separate threads will fall (or be slid) off of the board, allowing shills to selectively get rid of inconvenient leads. Multiple conversations can held in one thread, if care is taken to use replies correctly.

7378b4 No.8772938

File: 4a421aed61da733⋯.jpg (152.35 KB, 528x800, 33:50, paula dailey 1.jpg)

i've found some renewed interest in these threads after a break, so here we are, back to the search for the recipients of this email https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/37072

i've already done Leslie Dach (former Walmart exec still with connections to the company), and Alan J Kriegel (lawyer with Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP). if you'd like a recap i can do some copy/paste if you'd like. but let's keep going, shall we?

>Paula Dailey, paulapix at starpower dot net

not a particularly big name it seems as there arent immediate results upon searching her name. though interestingly, look what i found in the washington post, an obituary:

>After a brave fight against cancer, Paula Ballo Dailey passed away on November 30, 2016. An artist and compassionate soul, she opened her heart and her homes in Arlington and Woodstock, Virginia to make others feel genuinely welcomed.

>Paula began her art career in Los Angeles in the 1970's, where she participated in the vibrant artistic community of the period.

>Upon moving to Washington, DC in 1988, she became a picture editor for the Smithsonian Institute Press and later for National Geographic Society. She continued her versatile artistic practice and maintained a studio in Woodstock, Virginia. Friends are invited to pay tribute to her and the deeply personal works at an exhibition of her newest series, "Innocence and Truth," opening at Monroe Street Market Art Walk on December 10.



so what is this "Innocence and Truth" exhibit about? well i found a reference to what it was about, quoted below:

>The works of Paula Ballo Dailey, a great artist whose creative expression and inquisitive mind are matched by her generosity and philanthropic work to benefit other artists and institutions will be shown in DC for the first time. This exhibition will feature Paula's newest series, "Innocence and Truth". Consisting of both sculptural and wall based assemblage, this pioneering series focuses on contemporary geopolitical humanitarian issues and reflective introspection. Her work brings an impassioned look at the social and political issues of our time. From the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis and its dramatic effect on children to introspective works on life and "being," Ballo Dailey brings a deeply personal and Jungian sensibility to her art.

attached is one of her pieces of art they chose to show. notice the masonic tiling, the child crying glass tears, the bird cage. creepy shit right?



7378b4 No.8772981

File: 964630401ac82a2⋯.png (54.54 KB, 819x523, 819:523, Brian Dailey.png)


Paula Ballo Dailey's husband was a man named Brian Dailey, from which she took her last name. this guy has a wikipedia page, and oh would you look at that, he's connected to intelligence agencies and international security.

>Brian Dailey (born August 12, 1951) is an American artist noted for his careers in both art and international relations. His work in a variety of mediums—including photography, film, installations, and painting—engages with the social, political, and cultural issues of our times and is not easily categorized. Dailey's art reflects his unconventional evolution as an artist and multifaceted life experiences, which include national level involvement in arms control, space policy, intelligence systems, and international security.[1] He is based in the Washington DC metropolitan area and maintains studios in the District and Woodstock, Virginia.[2]

pic very much related. this man has worked at the pentagon, helping to direct chemical warfare relations, taught courses on modern warfare and terrorism, deception, etc. with a keen interest in the cold war. what a (((coincidence))).



7378b4 No.8773025


the Podestas have a close connection with the Daileys and have been to their house before.

>Tony, Brian Dailey gave me your email. We have met at Brian and Paula's at least once.


there's some debate about it in this exchange, but apparently Brian Dailey is in fact a lobbyist, and was working for the Department of Defense as recently as 2008

>Under Secretary of Defense - Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics

>* Dennis Bovin

>* Greg Dahlberg

>* Ash Carter

>* Brian Daley

>* Gen Speedy Martin (USAF, Ret)

>* Phebe Novakovic

>* Bob Soule

>* Diane Wiley

>a few Qs from Podesta do you mean Greg or Ken Dahlberg in the above? is Daley a lobbyist?

>He IS a lobbyist. His name is spelled Dailey.


26f908 No.8773052

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


New vid by Ryan the t-shirt dude that allegedly spoke to JA. He says it's all true and sorry for the t-shirt website which is now removed. He got in too far and is now pulling out.

7378b4 No.8773150


on to the next name, then.

>Tom Cunningham, Tom.Cunningham at uatp dot com

right off the bat, whats uatp.com about? let's see their own about page and find out:

>UATP is the low cost payment network privately owned by the world's airlines. A modern payment system with connectivity to over 95% of all ASK's, UATP is the preferred form of payment for corporate travel in large international companies and small local companies worldwide.

(ASK = Available Seat Kilometers. translation: they are middleman for 95% of all airline traffic roughly, though this includes empty seats.)

>UATP's value model provides a true low-cost alternative to expensive credit card and merchant service fees while still allowing airlines to keep and build their customers' loyalty. This value helped UATP surpass USD 14 billion in sales worldwide for 2014 in the corporate travel space and produce millions of dollars in both savings and revenue for its shareholders.

in essence, UATP is a company created jointly by virtually all the players in the airline industry which functions to avoid the normal fees imposed by going through banks.



so what's Tom Cunningham's connection to this? well he's a vice president of the company, and manager of business development.

>As vice president of Business Development, Tom Cunningham manages the research and development of new business opportunities as well as industry risk analysis for UATP member airlines. These projects require the Business Development team to work and coordinate closely with all UATP departments, member airlines and outside vendor parties. Cunningham received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Banking and Finance) and a Juris Doctor degree, both from the University of Arkansas. He has held previous positions as a Legislative Assistant to a United States Representative, an associate attorney and as a vice president of an internet-based sales company.



so according to this, he's functioned as a "legislative assistant" to an unnamed congressman. which congressman is this? i can't find anything relevant on wikileaks or with a jewgle search, so i'll leave that as an open ended question. but, once again, we have a huge corporate name, with political power, being buddies with the Podestas and invited to their "pizza extravaganza".

26f908 No.8773239


Check the sticky on voat/v/pizzagate. Also some wiki sites are being created, check the right sidebar.


I'll help a bit over there. I took a break for a few weeks, been here since thread 1. I only have one voat acct but quite a few points. Seems like I'm the only one downvoting crap popping up in 'new' sometimes.

Dunno what's going on with those mods, too many good threads getting deleted. Vote brigades upvoting stupid shit and wtf they think Amalek is one guy stalking the sub. Report weird mod behavior and shills to /v/protectvoat and maybe something will be done. Some shit mods were canned but as usual there's the untouchables.

SRS is on voat too, they took over /v/niggers a few days ago, repeat of BPH. Voat got rid of them though so at least there is an option rather than suck it up.

Despite all that there have been some threads dense with good digging but alas they fall off the page in a day or so.

26f908 No.8773816

File: fec53946f8dbaac⋯.png (551.71 KB, 1291x651, 1291:651, 20 Repentant CIA Mole ….png)

A blast from the past.

68e46c No.8774672


>One thread for the white rabbit thing

What white rabbit thing? Is this the same thing from the daycare center in SLC?

3a060c No.8775130

why arent you pizza autists posting about George Webb's videos?

d14b15 No.8776008

So where are the children James Alefantis deals with likely kept/housed?

It's highly likely they are kept in neighbouring homes around New Hope Academy along Varnum Street, Hyattsville. Open this link and scroll down to see the number of residents listed in each of the single residential family homes that make up Varnum Street. Some of the homes are listed as having one bathroom ie. 7111 Varnum Street and happen to service 25 residents. http://www.spokeo.com/MD/Hyattsville/7009-Varnum-St

Children are also most likely kept in homes neighbouring 7292 Finns Lane, Lanham, MD 20706 which is listed as the residential address of one Joseph T Scheve, Business Manager of the New Hope Educational Institute Inc and Nellie Hubbard (wife/divorced).

Note how 40 residents are listed at neighbouring property, 7308 Finns Lane. Next door, 28 residents and so on…Again, these are single family residences. http://www.spokeo.com/MD/Lanham/7292-Finns-Ln7292 Finns Lane, Lanham, MD 20706 http://www.spokeo.com/MD/Lanham/7292-Finns-Ln#expanded_map

Behind Scheve/Hubbard’s address and at 7309 Riverdale Rd Lanham MD 20706, is a complex listed on Google as a Baptist Church which has a large carpark area and plenty of bush secluding it – interesting in that it’s very similar in environ to the academy location/setup in Hyattsville. http://www.spokeo.com/MD/Lanham/7309-Riverdale-Rd#expanded_map

Connection to Pegasus Museum and James Alefantis. The ‘Estate of Joseph T Scheve’ and ‘Nellie T Hubbard’ are both listed as parties on publicly available court documents involved in the transfer of the property known as ‘Pegasus Museum’, at 3518 11 St NW Washington DC, to James Alefantis.

Castellum Alefantis LLC (James Alefantis) borrowed to purchase the property at 3518 11St, NW Washington DC (otherwise now known as ‘Pegasus Museum’) from the Estate of Joseph T Scheve. Nellie T Hubbard is listed as Trustee of the Estate. Death http://analysed.com shows a Joseph T Scheve was born on July 08, 1944 and died November 05, 2008, approximately 64.4 years of age.

0b8ff4 No.8776091


Calm your tits, I don't spend all day/everyday here. Just thought it was an odd coincidence. Btw, quit whining like a weak bitch. Have a good day.

d81ac1 No.8776152

File: d5b693b951c651e⋯.jpg (114.81 KB, 634x422, 317:211, 2855770200000578-3068508-S….jpg)


Here´s some Nazca Gondolas

063d1e No.8777339


>pls g-goyim no need to fuss about derailed th-threads

jew shill detected

26f908 No.8777342

File: 50127256c6a1c9e⋯.jpeg (82.53 KB, 750x987, 250:329, C2Bm-DwUcAEjsB4.jpeg)


Because he's CIA. see >>8773816

It all came out overnight on voat, many suspected him. This morning he deleted the latest vid where he downplayed the MK/satanism angle and called it a psyop. This morning he uploads another shitty vid with no mention of the deleted vid or the many calling him out in the comments.

Oh yeah, turns out he's a kike. What a night anons.

Fuck off with your limited hangouts George you demoralizing kike shill. https://archive.fo/LlmpH


d8ce63 No.8778258


ah fuck it's got one extra letter looks like it's time to pack it up boys pizzagate has been debunked

d8ce63 No.8778295


James A. Alefantis by the way dipshit

afa5ea No.8779660

File: d69937ec4605ff1⋯.jpg (55.14 KB, 461x299, 461:299, IMG_1824.JPG)

File: e603b7c7e7edcb3⋯.jpg (69.12 KB, 461x346, 461:346, IMG_1825.JPG)

File: 79172d7c4509cc8⋯.jpg (83.06 KB, 461x307, 461:307, IMG_1826.JPG)

File: b6786229bda51a2⋯.jpg (84.06 KB, 461x346, 461:346, IMG_1827.JPG)

File: fefa36fc5a20ebf⋯.jpg (84.97 KB, 461x307, 461:307, IMG_1828.JPG)

In 2009 some university students discovered a huge chamber in the West Bank, about 10m below two ancient 'temples' (synagogues). It was 100m long 40m wide 4m high and was held up by 22 massive columns covered in 'ancient Christian' symbols. It was believed to be a Byzantine quarry 'Gilgal' or a biblical site of the '12 stones'. If I recall correctly, Eustace Mullins claimed that there was a hell on earth, and it was located in a valley east of Jerusalem. This cthonic chamber was some kind of strange meme cave (one of many) used by the jewish agency to operative covertly in the levant. Judas was actually an initiate of the Sicarii, a covenant of (((assassins))) that hid beneath the earth.

Tl;dr jews/canaanites are under you right now doing shit

b505fa No.8779748


Sun Araw backwards….. is…… War Anus……………………………………………

afa5ea No.8779802


also 'raw anus'

b0dc5b No.8779888

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Guyz (((Colbert))) told me this is all an alt right conspiracy we can go home now.

3a060c No.8780178


he deleted it because of retards like you who poison the well by dismissing all the work someone has put forward because they disagree with a single thing said, also because "Da JooZe"

he said if satanic stuff was going on it was most likely used as a tool to ease people in, he changed his twitter name to cia mole once…. CONFESSION MUCH? WOW

retards like you and that inquiringminds idiot in the voat thread ruin everything, you are the shills/disrupters in this whole thing. Whether or not you do it willingly or not

george webbs videos have introduced a lot more people into this and I look back at the 3 previous archived threads and he's mentioned once

29f96f No.8780179


>[current year] + X

Is Colbert really still relevant?

afa5ea No.8780267


>legit crazies

>I'm a huge fagit pls rape my face: the post

89e2e8 No.8780293

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The one I'm looking forward to the most is when the FBI will have no choice but to unseal the MLK Jr investigation files, the files his widow had sealed because she knew it would undo everything his commie myth stands for. I can't wait for everyone to know how much of a commie faggot he was and for his faux-sainthood like status to be undone.

27f764 No.8781307


Pretty sure WLP or Rockwell or something put together a series of MLK quotes that demonstrated him as obviously communist, cant recall where.

bee1e6 No.8781368


i don't give a shit about pizza gate, just testing addons here

bb1b21 No.8781379


oi m8 pizzagate

3844e1 No.8781739

File: a5934b6bdb2ea4d⋯.mp4 (8.86 MB, 320x240, 4:3, ota-pizza.mp4)

Clip from Adult Swim's Off The Air

3844e1 No.8781947

File: 8057c34d5faf96b⋯.mp4 (10.25 MB, 540x360, 3:2, ota-pizza.mp4)


Better version

c6e3bc No.8781991


Sometimes I think people like sam hyde and james watkins simply virtue signal to the right. Have you noticed all the FAR left insanity is being pushed by the likes of soros? Soros (a hungarian jew) was raised a nazi and confiscated wealth and possessions from fellow jews. During an interview (vid related) he goes on to say his world view and personality were formed during this time. Think about it. He funds shit like BLM. On the surface they say they are for black peace and thats what they think. In reality BLM is a destabilization tool. A provocation to compel the masses to drift further to the right. What I'm getting at is, Soros doesn't really believe in a far left agenda, he just propagates it to the extreme to make the masses hate it. What if were being played to literally help usher in a true police state? We all agree with decency, no regular drug use, education, etc but do we believe in reeducation? restriction of the internet? Illegality of medically beneficial drugs but legality of pharma derivatives that are worse? I want a community where I can walk outside and not be harassed by people seeking a special place in society. A place where people can be what they want but others don't have to participate in the delusion.

c6e3bc No.8782007


>Vid related


Wont let me embed because the file already exists I guess.

694e56 No.8782690


Not that. He had ex-CIA on his profile for 2 years before changing it right before putting out pizzagate vids. see >>8777342


He's been outed so fuck off. You can still suck his dick in the comments section of his YT channel along with his socks.

694e56 No.8782716


He used that profile IDing himself as CIA when he used to comment on GG, which is why I remember him. He didn't bother looking into the facts of GG just repeated some lame shit.

40f909 No.8782775


>ancient subterranean jew rat people

I'd believe it, it would explain their good looks.

2d4501 No.8783438


Come on, you can't really believe that can you? They might be ancient, they might be subterranean, they might even be Jew rats - but they are not people.

40f909 No.8783473


True they are not human, they are Neanderthal. They were gnawing on the bones of our children in caves long ago, not much has changed.

>Jew cave rat Heritage Month coming soon

40f909 No.8783507

bb1b21 No.8783627

File: 41f5918c76b6615⋯.gif (3.66 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 1473292182979.gif)

0b8ff4 No.8783908


How the fuck am I the one derailing the thread? Your crypto Kike cut cock loving ass just bitches and moans. Go hit the weights and man the fuck up or something.

>whaaa you asked a question that some one else answered.

>that's bullshit.


Go run up on a kiddie fiddler and do your duty coward.

5da9fe No.8783965


>lives in a farm in the year 2017

Believe it or not, in the year of 2017, humans still use farms to make food. I even have a chicken and rabbits in my own backyard.

1c4d5c No.8785372


how to convince the (((commercial farmers))) to stop selling to city folk and help save the world.

fb7f6d No.8787161


>dark lady


4e7ebf No.8787185

File: 5daa2e44a1d702c⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1024x1481, 1024:1481, 1.png)

File: 6c8268f3c277846⋯.png (10.05 KB, 169x255, 169:255, _1_.png)

File: 5f1f6d05d8244e5⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1761x820, 1761:820, 1.png)



>top left corner


what has the kraut/pol/ summoned into this dimension?!

a9e384 No.8787381

File: 5df6bf6513b8dca⋯.jpg (2.87 KB, 134x160, 67:80, oND5lpQ.jpg)

85723c No.8788272

File: be353b61ce09b7b⋯.jpg (63.54 KB, 612x612, 1:1, pingponglovesobama.jpg)

File: 2b478909dc8051d⋯.jpg (93.46 KB, 640x640, 1:1, pizzaparty.jpg)

File: 23fc27765cbba87⋯.jpg (84.47 KB, 640x640, 1:1, lenfantcafedc.jpg)

File: b1ae9e440032e52⋯.jpg (6.46 KB, 150x150, 1:1, cppatronagain.jpg)

File: 58f3a3faead8a73⋯.jpg (139.65 KB, 612x612, 1:1, egyptscene.jpg)

just some funny / interesting pics from chris zee's flickr

aside from that the photos collected / put there ( not sure who made them ) are heavy /w symbolism. someone able to put last pic in its context?

85723c No.8788468

File: feba99514930c4f⋯.jpg (165.48 KB, 612x612, 1:1, longdonpingpong.jpg)

File: 520621423f77cc0⋯.jpg (87.12 KB, 640x640, 1:1, whatsthesecret.jpg)

File: c397df5af56b595⋯.jpg (82.24 KB, 612x612, 1:1, goldensacrifice.jpg)

File: f8f45f71854f1c6⋯.jpg (98.03 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 3childrenapes.jpg)

3c79bc No.8788876




I never fully bought into this powerful elite are religious jewish worshipers, but it's starting to make sense.

As someone who's been learning stoicism, i can tell you it's a near perfect ideology, empowering as fuck and got it killed by christianity. Nietzsche called christianity herd mentality and while halfchan almost made me think christianity was something better than islam/progressivism i just could not find excuses for it having killed stoicism. stoicism is similar to buddhism and is and will always be superior to christianity.

85723c No.8789160

File: b450e91181e4c05⋯.png (383.57 KB, 640x640, 1:1, lenfantcafedc.png)

File: 0bcb07925ca044f⋯.png (145.46 KB, 1280x976, 80:61, pierre.png)

File: 7ca0cbf7ff431cf⋯.jpg (215.92 KB, 1280x702, 640:351, 1280px-GraveofLenfant.jpg)

File: 5d5479cc81c886d⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 450x279, 50:31, L'enfant_plan_of_Washingto….jpg)

i tried to link lenfantdc ( pic related ) to pizzapong and noticed this is where u might got the boumboum room thing from:

http://www.lenfantcafe .com/

still found something probably interesting:

u know the guy from pic 2? he is referenced here:

http://www.lenfantcafe. com/pierre-lenfant-2/

>L'Enfant took only the first of three degrees offered by the Lodge and did not progress further in Freemasonry ( from wiki )

wiki thinks the same as:

https://scottishrite. org/about/media-publications/journal/article/the-masonic-career-of-major-pierre-charles-lenfant/

he built several stuff and even he died poor hes now buried at pic 3

pic 4 is his plan for dc that wasnt approved

85723c No.8789238

File: 1ec9b91a8728fdd⋯.jpg (158.42 KB, 640x640, 1:1, lefant.jpg)

just saying pic could also be a world play into the direction of pierre and its possible the locations pierre built might be interesting regarding pizzapong

2ad50d No.8790265

File: 92252bbf2fdf6a8⋯.jpg (140.36 KB, 463x564, 463:564, 1433560191913.jpg)


wtf is this shit fuck

2ad50d No.8790302


stoicism isn't a religion you fuck

c17e1b No.8790518

File: 70736dfe90292b6⋯.png (363.69 KB, 508x405, 508:405, chuck berry look.png)


>meh, doesn't seem related

>infinity symbol at the end

8b8902 No.8791694

File: b6201613fe5bd12⋯.png (509.44 KB, 694x542, 347:271, is this nigger serious.png)

ea4cb7 No.8792117

File: fdab5e953ce0166⋯.jpg (166.88 KB, 745x1120, 149:224, NtSAJ5n.jpg)

new bread WHEN

a0390e No.8792327

File: b25540270d09588⋯.jpeg (44.21 KB, 640x405, 128:81, b25540270d095887a8eb329c4….jpeg)

File: ade420b853a3b1f⋯.png (199.93 KB, 450x608, 225:304, B_cJ3IKU8AAIC23.png.png)


>we the pizza

it had to be we the pizza didn't it

6a6629 No.8792560


Last image is painting by Yiannis Koutsis who is a contemporary Greek artist…oil, pastel, sculpture. His art is decent in terms of skill but not particularly interesting or valuable. Most common pieces are actually prints on dishes which sell for up to $1000/ set of 12 or as low as $20 for one plate depending on series. Last exhibition was 1999 so not sure if he is dead.

Most common subjects…church, water, and Greek scenes and sculptures. Female figures not nudes done in pastel, portraits in oil both men and women, male nude sculptures and busts in marble like Italian Renaissance style.

I can't find anything particularly creepy.

84de92 No.8793154

File: 093226542d10023⋯.jpg (58.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, joseph weed.jpg)


When they stay stop, the answer is to keep going.


84de92 No.8793302

File: ed9da4689bf7f10⋯.jpg (4.9 KB, 208x156, 4:3, gendo.jpg)


responding, what this crazy shit has been happening, this is no longer what the Left was to me, I know that this is obviously enforced for some retarded purpose, and I hope that the left regains it's sanity.

I don't like how it is, but people like Soros will be outed and imprisoned/driven to hiding/killed.

There's not much I can do to stop it, but there's information I can share. Because the rich own estates, their homes are easy to find on estate browsing sites, by cross checking on google maps.

George Soros lives near Cantitoe Street, next to Bedford Riding Lanes Associates east which lies the Rosen House and southwest of the Rosen House lies the Venetian Theater. His lavish estate is very close to Two Ponds Farm.

My, what wonderful surroundings. He even lives in the forest. Oh, being rich has so many caveats to it, but I suppose being rich is a blessing to most. I hope he likes his caviar with crackers and wine. Maybe someone should ask him about his favorite wine year? I heard that 1984 was a bad year for wine.

84de92 No.8793324


Oops, got my southeast and southwest mixed up.

The Venetian Theater is southeast of the Rosen House.

51fbd8 No.8794348


Those art directors know that a video with "Illuminati and mk ultra symbolism" will go viral because you'll post it on sites like this one and talk about it.

982c89 No.8794946


Most likely but they're playing with fire

7c6e74 No.8796267


I remember reading something like this a decade ago or more on half I thought someone was just being edgy but god

89008b No.8797360


hi James you are the grunt you queer. And the fall guy

d16e52 No.8797426


>"blood libel" is the original "fake news"

What did he mean by this?

e715c7 No.8797588


no you faggot. i dont think the guy in the video is telling the truth. read some books on marketing then youll get it fag.

27313c No.8797672

File: a79503614ef366b⋯.png (431.59 KB, 583x349, 583:349, Donald Trump Drain the Swa….png)




Bankers Celebrate Dawn of Trump Era


Why Wall Street is Suddenly in Love with Trump


Wall Street Wins Again as Trump Picks Bankers, Billionaires


Trump's Economic Cabinet Picks Signal Embrace of Wall St. Elite


Bankers Ridiculed by Trump are Already Embracing his Future Regime



Ivanka Trump Turns to Goldman Sachs Partner for Advice


Goldman Sachs to Extend its Reach in Trump Administration


Goldman Sachs Poised for Return to Power in Trump White House


Donald Trump Reverses Campaign Message with Goldman Sachs Adviser Picks



Trump meets with Henry Kissinger


Trump, Kissinger meet in New York


Henry Kissinger on meeting with Donald Trump


Kissinger, a Longtime Putin Confidant, sidles up to Trump


Trump seeks Kissinger's Advice on Relations with China, Russia, Iran


Donald Trump held Briefing with Richard Haass, President of Council on Foreign Relations


Wilbur Ross and Rothschild Incorporated


In the late seventies, Ross began twenty-four years at the New York office of Rothschild Inc., where he ran the bankruptcy-restructuring advisory practice. In the eighties, after quickly expanding the reach of Resorts International to Atlantic City, Donald Trump found himself in financial trouble as the real estate market in New York City bottomed-out. His three casinos in Atlantic City were under threat from lenders. It was with the assistance and assurance of Ross, then senior managing director of Rothschild Inc., that Trump was allowed to keep the casinos and rebuild his businesses.[8] In the late nineties, Ross started a $200 million fund at Rothschild to invest in distressed assets. As the U.S. bubble began to burst, he decided he wanted to invest more and advise less. On April Fools’ Day 2000, the 62-year-old banker raised $450 million to plunge into fallen companies.[5]


3c79bc No.8797727


>s. it makes us and our posts known. this especially goes for youtube and links of (((enemy))) websites. its important they dont kn

dereferers are OK therefore?

3c79bc No.8797825


no it's a way of thinking and so is christianity.

7df51a No.8800073

An interesting Federal Security Service (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today is expressing “puzzlement/confusion” over the assassination of two Finnish journalists who were interviewing a local politician about her ties to a human smuggling ring believed by Federation intelligence analysts to be “controlled/organized” by the current Finance Minister of Finland for his “client/associate” Hillary Clinton, and whose deaths are now linked to a “bizarre/strange” case in America known as “Pizzagate”.


Warning original story by Sorcha Faal, who is probably a Englishman who desperately wants Russian citizenship, so he writes pro-Russian conspiracy theories.

7df51a No.8800087


An interesting Federal Security Service (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today is expressing “puzzlement/confusion” over the assassination of two Finnish journalists who were interviewing a local politician about her ties to a human smuggling ring believed by Federation intelligence analysts to be “controlled/organized” by the current Finance Minister of Finland for his “client/associate” Hillary Clinton, and whose deaths are now linked to a “bizarre/strange” case in America known as “Pizzagate”.


Warning original story by Sorcha Faal, who is probably a Englishman who desperately wants Russian citizenship, so he writes pro-Russian conspiracy theories.

680b0a No.8802227

File: 00b304d496638ff⋯.jpg (53.03 KB, 800x336, 50:21, Untitled-1.jpg)

archive.is removing pizzagate related material "In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act we have withdrawn the content of this page from public access." https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1569388

27f764 No.8802387


Whatever it is they are DMCAing, it falls under fair use as you can see when they told you to call if you needed it for research or investigation, which is exactly what you want it for.

89008b No.8802900


i disagree considering he shut the tshirt website down and took a loss by refunding every dollar received.

3844e1 No.8802991

File: 12ea3b98aecc27a⋯.jpg (12.33 KB, 254x418, 127:209, 12ea3b98aecc27a46f91fa93fc….jpg)


Very suspicious!

3844e1 No.8803031

File: fb27f4cf278c36b⋯.png (52.76 KB, 665x883, 665:883, archive.is.png)

3844e1 No.8803040

70d376 No.8804227

File: b1586325ac353fa⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 1276x3412, 319:853, 1456122832330.jpg)

File: 2a3793f854990cf⋯.jpg (278.8 KB, 628x800, 157:200, 1456120690721.jpg)

Don't post here often anymore (post on pleb chan more) but I forgot I had these old images about the Finders' from /x/

Idk if anyone has posted them yet

375c4b No.8805021


In a nutshell it's basically pedo symbolism for babyfuckers

375c4b No.8805026

File: d29cfc2b4445ebf⋯.jpg (4.44 KB, 200x200, 1:1, gondola1.jpg)

File: d4ce7b4ecaddad0⋯.jpg (3.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, gondola2.jpg)

File: a35733ff22fb2e2⋯.jpg (6.38 KB, 200x200, 1:1, gondola3.jpg)

File: 3e36ccf4731fcfb⋯.jpg (4.52 KB, 200x200, 1:1, gondola4.jpg)


very nice

77a8ba No.8805365

Thank you so much for posting this, I have been trying to find a copy and have had NO LUCK!!!!!

6add9a No.8805686

File: ca666ebe61b317e⋯.jpg (78.33 KB, 1077x501, 359:167, Clipboard.JPG)





bc5ffa No.8805755

File: 1de700c0da7ffc3⋯.jpg (27.6 KB, 426x341, 426:341, 1482658602194.jpg)

395f05 No.8805840


jonestein tier disinfo

e1a6b5 No.8806319

File: ccc7541c525c10b⋯.jpg (161.43 KB, 924x960, 77:80, 1481096905396.jpg)


DC Anti-Fascist Coalition member Luke Kohn made postings advocating for adult-child sex, was described by others as a pedophile and being a member of a group with links to international child porn and sexploitation:


Luke Kohn appeared in James O'Keefe's release yesterday, where it showed that he met with Project Veritas investigators at Comet Ping Pong:


Fuck James Alefantis and fuck David Brock.

2aabf5 No.8806430


wtf i need a pizzagate t-shirt now.

2d4501 No.8806530


He refunded everyone's money and stopped selling them while taking a loss on what he had already done. Shove yourself in an oven, kike, and spare us the trouble.

e1a6b5 No.8806593

























7c1b02 No.8806646

File: c51759bb38dc555⋯.gif (349.49 KB, 760x427, 760:427, XxieT1l.gif)



and so the foe reveals his true form.

241ea4 No.8806838


This is what it must be like to walk into the sex pizza place dungeon as a child pumped full of drugs and tourtured for weeks.

a00952 No.8807131

File: 17ce76e0ae1d7b4⋯.jpg (168.36 KB, 500x644, 125:161, Democrats_Namb_lol.jpg)

Consider they may have thought the children were midgets. See link

Cut and paste in separate window - don't bitch


3bc9ed No.8807962

File: e3ef845078f0717⋯.png (872.1 KB, 1257x841, 1257:841, 4b76047b2804affe3aebc82362….png)

I can't be the only one that thinks this looks like a younger John Podesta

21228e No.8809361

File: 640733716413da8⋯.gif (9.95 MB, 695x287, 695:287, disgust.gif)


Sauce of this shit?

680b0a No.8809547

File: 00c8d1c9f855c4c⋯.jpg (186.97 KB, 819x907, 819:907, shills.jpg)


>Dunno what's going on with those mods, too many good threads getting deleted. Vote brigades upvoting stupid shit and wtf they think Amalek is one guy stalking the sub. Report weird mod behavior and shills to /v/protectvoat and maybe something will be done. Some shit mods were canned but as usual there's the untouchables.

Noticing same going ons at Voat Pizzagate, moderation appears infiltrated, they allow retarded posts to stay up top, good digging posts get barely any votes or mod shows up and says rule #1/#2/#/#4/#5 and removes the post.

I see the same style of moderation over on reddit conspiracy, retarded shit gets voted to the top and if you bring up anything poignant some person shows up who regularly posts on /r/funny or /r/bodybuilder maybe even a first time poster to /r/conspiracy and happens to discuss the topic like they've been studying it their entire life.

Shills, if you ever wonder why humanity is in the state its in is because your job is helping to keep people ignorant and pushing for agendas which eventually lead to more suffering.

89e2e8 No.8809643


The shills don't care, Anon. That's why they are shills. They care about nothing beyond their next hedonistic fix. They are not human.

a6fd35 No.8810190


if that is true, why does christianity teach of (((judas))) and the (((pharisees))) that betray god for money? quite a good allegory for life dont you think?

6e902d No.8816144

File: 549b83b48b1f83f⋯.jpg (160.84 KB, 1200x674, 600:337, C2bNmQaXcAEpRjt.jpg)






d98a96 No.8816213

Okay guys. Fuck it. I'm done working for Comey. Here's a link to a streamlined version of the evidence we've collected. The link won't be up for long so hurry the fuck up. …………………………………………………….:^)…………..

e32839 No.8816529



625472 No.8816530

File: b61d23fb1f3d26a⋯.webm (1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, look_at_me_im_op.webm)

a95994 No.8816642




36fc45 No.8816664

File: d660303f8b841c7⋯.png (68.16 KB, 853x548, 853:548, 1484723265413[1].png)

File: 0bbea45a1fd6e13⋯.jpg (163.91 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1484723107197[1].jpg)




36fc45 No.8816674

File: f12ac7c16ee5c01⋯.png (645.8 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1484724671683[1].png)

File: ae6227180b06442⋯.jpg (51.69 KB, 867x490, 867:490, 1484724716355[1].jpg)

625472 No.8816733

c8fdb5 No.8816909


Is there a way to see the show without logging into Faceberg?

c8fdb5 No.8817056


https://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=-GZFHLAcG8A

77a8ba No.8820064

Can anyone still access voat? My computer says the website is down….

c3c7d5 No.8820234


Not all of us are as pure as we ideally wish to be. But even a degenerate like myself has boundaries. The jewish elite and the left have done nothing but prove publicly to the world that they are the very worst sort that is only good the rope that will be spent on getting rid of them.

This is despicable. All throughout our government. From our CIA to our FBI. Miserable wretches that deserve to be shuffled off this mortal coil as fast as humanly possible. I used to lean left, I believed in legal marijuana and healthcare for our people. But I have seen the type it attracts. It is ruining our state. Only fire can save us now.

You are scum. Set yourself ablaze and broadcast it for us.

c94eed No.8822050

File: f165f801766f074⋯.png (18.04 KB, 932x167, 932:167, waterfox_2017-01-18_16-36-….png)


a40cb2 No.8822184

The son of JA's ex partner, that woman that owned Comet with him, did an AMA on plebbit and they deleted it. shit's happening right now. Needs Streisanding. Also JA commented to the kid on plebbit and asked him to contact him.

Archives here: https://archive.is/9bHUm

The emails: https://archive.is/SHacU

Deleted "JamesAlefantis" user commenting here before: https://archive.is/u4cXv

More stuff here: https://archive.fo/iDbWN

a40cb2 No.8822191


forgot plebbit link


dd62f7 No.8822328


How the fuck have I not noticed John Leibowitz Stewart's name in that email about the kids in he pool????? Jesus fuck. Stewart and Bill Maher give me the fucking creeps, just really bad vibes. Kid Love Productions, anybody?


d5f9a7 No.8822448

2f936b No.8822726

File: f6d819c265737ce⋯.jpeg (17.74 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 7a614e44cd85190f263c6467b….jpeg)


oh boy.

3abeb6 No.8822840

I think what's going on with pizzagate is even more sinister than most people can imagine.

I think there are probably families that have been sex slaves and child producers for pedophiles for decades maybe even centuries and the families are brainwashed from birth into thinking what is happening to them is totally normal.

I wouldn't be surprised if our govt has underground living facilities all across the country to keep these people in the dark so they never realize how fucked their lives actually are.

3844e1 No.8823101


also clones for organs and quick body doubles. i have no proof but I mean probably right?

a40cb2 No.8823111



I have that feeling too anon.

AMA that was deleted on r/iama is now on /the_donald www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5orvs2/i_was_sexually_assaulted_by_james_alefantis_the/

a40cb2 No.8823123


fuck nvm plebbit censored it, it's gone.

89e2e8 No.8823138


oh boy here we go.jpg

89e2e8 No.8823142


Voat? Did anyone scap it? We have any proofs?

3844e1 No.8823161



is the poster SVMESSEFVIFVTVRVS account

a40cb2 No.8823166

File: 867da923d2adb6c⋯.png (52.45 KB, 952x461, 952:461, JA reddit.png)


Yes, voat did good. It must be you faggots over there. pic related he deleted the last comment but anon got this screenshot. The rest of his comment history has been archived. See this thread for links voat.co/v/pizzagate/1574385

a40cb2 No.8823204



This may or may not be the real JA, still trying to catch up. See voat link voat.co/v/pizzagate/1574385 looks like they're trying to get the guy to come there.

It looks like this is a different victim than the son of Carole JA's ex partner. Both are being discussed but I think there's some confusion.

3844e1 No.8823221


>No, he threatened me with violence and said he'd make my life miserable and he'd sue me.

Sounds similar to the Pegasus Museum threats

a40cb2 No.8823222





3abeb6 No.8823833


Holy fuck.

3abeb6 No.8823863


Post removed from The_Donald.

It is 100% controlled and has been since a few weeks before the election.

1a8db1 No.8823997


You can still read the comments on iama


Interesting that the mother of the son that was allegedly assaulted is named Maria Abramovic (at least what I gather from reading responses to the deleted comment that contained the name. Makes me wonder if Marina stuff was seeded only to confuse matters should this angle get out.

1a8db1 No.8824036


I guess I misinterpreted the comments, down further it seems to say the mother's name was Carole Greenwood

dea399 No.8824162


I was following this pretty closely in the beginning, but I stopped and now i'm lost.

Can someone tell me, or is there a pastebin that I can read to catch up on everything so far?

Without having to read through all the older threads preferably.

Just the important stuff.

fd5ff1 No.8824307

File: a14943c158312a5⋯.jpg (197.88 KB, 817x1062, 817:1062, huh.jpg)

a40cb2 No.8824356

File: bec3a2d2c9f795d⋯.png (559.89 KB, 1092x555, 364:185, screenshot-archive.fo 2017….png)

File: c6a1862c9a53377⋯.png (231.63 KB, 891x417, 297:139, screenshot-www.civilianart….png)


Greenwood opened CPP with Alefantis and her art career was quite successful until after she left.

Here is the original thread https://archive.fo/O9Km9 pic related. same thread with more replies https://archive.fo/iDbWN

It had the ring of truth which is why I archived it. Seems Dillon has spoken.

a40cb2 No.8824535


see the sticky on voat.co/v/pizzagate and also the right sidebar has some wiki sites made by forum users

3abeb6 No.8824579

The kikes are flipping out abut Swann's segment.


3abeb6 No.8824589

764561 No.8824637

File: 70415b38434f186⋯.jpg (272.11 KB, 562x535, 562:535, fruy.jpg)



Easy way to find out, any of you 'muricans could give an anonymous tip about death threats.

a40cb2 No.8824679


>Swann spares us viewers from the juicy shit (which in this case comes down to a half dozen or so of Alefantis’s innocuous Instagram photos and some weird art Tony Podesta owns).

They're trying hard to make these two things seem irrelevant because if people see the instagram/art they're pretty horrified and want to know more. Tweet them in msm replies.

3abeb6 No.8824789

People on Voat.co are saying that old instagram pic archives have been scrubbed.

Here's a link to a video of a girl with a great voice going over each one of the creepy as fuck instagram pics in detail. Downloadable too.


f5235e No.8824846

File: 9343ecbab886886⋯.jpg (55.71 KB, 464x404, 116:101, hitler_turnbacktime.jpg)


How insane this whole subject might sound, please continue to investigate, but dig deeper…

You are just scratching the surface, and this shit goes so much deeper than most of you, even you who have been involved with this since sep/oct-16 can dream of.

I got this on my desk over 3 years ago, I tried a few times to make it public, but even the flat earth idiots called it a conspiracy back in 14/15.

Leave comet and go deeper, much deeper.

There are "tourist places" on the east coast of US that only exist for this case you'll need to find, start to look between Boston and Jacksonville.

Find the "Fish" distributors in Morocco, Asia and Spain, one of the most important subject you MUST know about, it's the root of all business.

Remember to save every page you suspect, they do disappear fast.

This is going on everywhere in the world, not only in the US (or EU), EVERYWHERE!

The poor countries distribute, the rich countries consume… (Think export/import) But places like Tahiti, Jamaica and a few other south india islands got places for direct access.

If anyone missed it, this was from the beginning 100% jewish, (and still is) but now people from every part of society is involved, because of power. It's actually not even seen with disgust by jewish families in the higher society, so common that most jewish people do know about it, even if not involved, just like the holocaust.. In jewish books you’ll also find the glossary/codes for the words. (Bet most of you didn’t know ”Beach Horse riding” for example means the place is for jewish homosexual women. ”Beach horse riding on small horses”… well, you figure it out.

Pirate cave used to be where you can pay to kill a nigger, and offer it, but nowadays it can also mean gay sex with niggers.

Fishing vacation, i.e. ”fishing hut on the beach” is swinging, can include kids.

”Boat Fishing trip” the same, but not for the woman.

You also need to know: crab, clam, oyster, blue, black beans, tex-mex.

There is a ”creative” site online where you can get references to most restaurants and distributors, shitloads of new posts most days of the week.

Sorry for being cryptic, writing in a hurry, neither allowed to be online nor use computers that can access the net, and don’t wan’t to fuck it up even more for myself. Had to stop looking into this in early 2015.

I did send out info about this subject (much more than written above) to a few friends a couple of months ago, but didn’t see any info about it when I scrolled this and a few older threads in OP post.

Sorry if already mentioned.

I will most probably not come back, because I never was here to begin with.

Stay safe and good luck!

f5235e No.8824912

One more thing, killing the kid/nigger when done isn't unusual, there are business in most countries dealing with fish/meat slaughter waste, that also selling steel beds/benches for cleaning fish/slaughtering. You do want to look into those businesses. Often the same words you'll find the other sites with, will do to find these companies.

When looking into fish distributors, there might be more than one column with info on the company, on the sheets you'll find, be sure to google every single word on those sheets.


6814e0 No.8824949

bumperingo rango

c47185 No.8825022


>According to the FBI, in 2015 there were 460,699 NCIC entries for missing children.

>Similarly, in 2014, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 466,949


>According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States – that's roughly 2,000 per day.

jesus fucking christ I didn't think the numbers were nearly that high

f5235e No.8825126

Fuck it, I'm drunk and no one around this computer to see me here.






Also, places on the east coast you should look into, often have the word "banks" in it. Not banks as money banks, this is another kind of banks.













































4fccad No.8825179


You reminded me to mention the forums. There are a lot of big names in the forums that are super lefties, many actually know about /pol/.

Moonbeam13 is a jewish admin.

3abeb6 No.8825188


I don't really believe you have any info we don't, but I went ahead and searched through DeviantArt a little anyway.

So far this is the only kinda strange pizzagate releated thing I've come across, but there's all kinds of weird random shit on there.


3abeb6 No.8825235

19ac60 No.8825244

Oy vey. Bury the evidence. It feels like an other shower

a4e87c No.8825296

Search for ie 'cheeseburger pasta', the uglier the manga, the bigger chance you succeed. The reference you'll need to google is normally in the picture itself or in the description. You'll see which words to google.

a4e87c No.8825454

Must leave, repost what I just posted in another thread. Sorry for not posting pics, but if you do as described, you'll find it in a few sec.

I'm paranoid as it is atm, I'm not allowed to be online, at a friends place and he's sleeping, really can't mess this up, going here is bad enough.

Just go there and search. Please.

I will leave soon before my heart explode, as a last proof, you'll find some hot-spots for this kind of activities on outerbanks. Also search google books for outer banks, it will open your eyes.

Or something else never mentioned in the PG threads, pirates, but when on google books, why not try to search for ie pyrates and black beard instead. Enjoy!

This have been in front of us all the time..

4fccad No.8825514


I came across a really weird account a while back, had to search hard in my history trying to find it.

53 year old pedo with chrischan-tier artwork.


4fccad No.8825655


Something just hit me light an incredible light.

There was a popular trend on deviantart for something called five nights at freddys. These are some anthropomorphic mascots that bare a strong resemblance to Chucky Cheese, which is a pizza place for kids. This may be related.

a40cb2 No.8825695

Nice wiki here https://citizeninvestigators.org/

Newfags please go there



http://pizzagate.bandcamp.com/ (Courtesy of @daft_punk_get_lucky)

Copyright-free documents/links/pizzagate-summaries/pdfs are attached in the download.

Each track with unique track-art (JPG of small-summary/memes/links to voat-pizzagate).

Tracks are genuine, no copyright infringement.

Downloading is free (Bandcamp limits 200 free DLs a month), donations will be used for purchasing more Free Downloads (20USD/2000DLs).

Spread it to normal people, make it to Bandcamp's "Top Album of the day/week/month/year" if possible,

df744b No.8825701


Paroid poster here again, had to change proxy. you are right, a lot of [email protected] goes to pedo-stuff.

But I didn't came back to write that, forgot one of the most important sentences to single out a lot of noise; "LETS EAT!!!"

Should be with three exclamation marks, add it whenever you search, both on google and deviantart for instant hits.

I will clean history and leave this computer now, maybe getting back in 25-30min if my gf is sleeping and I can use her phone.

a40cb2 No.8825757

File: 67ca73a4b80493c⋯.jpeg (224.38 KB, 1110x832, 555:416, JA1.jpeg)

From the thread voat is hiding

>What can you tell us about Siiri?

>She was james' personal assistant. Big lady, young. Went to the bank, organized the events and that stuff. I think she just liked james as one of those hopeless romantic things. She was totally googly eyed over him


The name Siiri was mentioned in the email from JA's victim https://imgur.com/a/Pw425 & pic related. She was mentioned by the victim as the only person that doesn't hate JA. We need to find out who she is. She knows something.

Link from the new thread some retard started >>8824920

c91096 No.8825803


Five Nights At Freddy's is a PC horror game. Google is your friend, niggerfag.

5aa5f6 No.8825812


>According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States – that's roughly 2,000 per day.

Arent the vast majority of missing children cases solved within a few days with little to no harm? I seriously doubt anywhere near all 800,000 of those cases are ones where kids disappear entirely. That would be like 3% of the child population disappearing every year.

The numbers are high though. I wont deny that. And they indicate vast networks of sophisticated human trafficking, not just the work of random solo pedos.

a40cb2 No.8825853


>instagram pics

Original Thread >> https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1522057

Massive archive https://mega.nz/#!jU9TDQbS!fXSlSik8tuNvxaFITxXsBYjeXy2CuExim7tMSFtivtw

A collection of every picture posted on the public Instagram account @jimmycomet by James Achilles Alefantis from 2012-2016, before he switched the account to private.





a40cb2 No.8825860


no more posting here see >>8825695

6a6629 No.8825909



4fccad No.8825944


I never said it wasn't a PC game.

a40cb2 No.8825959

Voat says slimg is down, it is but will the pics be there when it comes back?

They're scrambling to scrape everything now. WTF set them off this time? Maybe the victim coming forward?


c47185 No.8825971


how long before it gets shoahed by MediaWiki?

7535f6 No.8826250


Has anyone mentioned that the J'aime l'enfant shirt is probably about Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, the French architect who designed Washington?

Pedo-fags might be wearing them sort of tongue in cheek, but the shirt itself is probably just that…no?

e7987b No.8826605

File: 973175fe2b2a099⋯.png (4.18 MB, 2250x6175, 90:247, webcache-google-primal-pal….png)

File: 1b1ac23ee07a0db⋯.png (963.53 KB, 1029x583, 1029:583, OuterBanks1.png)

File: 7997f3b24bec956⋯.png (240.41 KB, 921x640, 921:640, lets eat pizza 2.png)

File: 28b03ebabdef7ef⋯.png (232.87 KB, 562x727, 562:727, lets eat pizza 1.png)

File: 10bdd0782694c5b⋯.png (289.37 KB, 906x651, 302:217, lets eat pizza 3 wtf.png)

"Lets Eat Pizza" on both Google, Bing and DeviantArt is very interesting.


When looking for Lets Eat Pizza on the web, many hits take me to the same site, if you view the google cached version instead of clicking the link, things get really strange. See the webcache and pizza3 images. When Googling "primal palate" it gets even more weirder.

3abeb6 No.8826703


What's this supposed to prove or entail?

1a8db1 No.8826784


That person is trying to derail from something else that happened today. That's why when they first showed up they gave no info but tried to send us on a wild goose chase for something undefined, and did so from a third thread, not this thread or the alefantis bottom thread, both of which have discussion of real new happenings.

They eventually moved it here but it's just distraction. First and last image are literally markov chain spam site garbage. Doesn't mean anything. The boat charter ads are just boat charter ads, the art site shit is just autism like deviantart is filled to the brim with. The bourdain shit is just pretentious bourdain foodie shit like everything else from that guy

3abeb6 No.8826875


Yeah I figured.

a40cb2 No.8826876

pastebin of archived slimg pics scraped by voat http://pastebin.com/raw/b8iXKNJC

3abeb6 No.8826884


Get out of here kike.

adb1aa No.8826951

Who remembers this kid giving reviews of various restaurants in DC? He had a whole channel of videos that were deleted shortly after shit started getting real for them. The kid was also found to be a transgender. Likely forced by his adopted rapist father.

https:// www youtube com watch?v=ayz6cR32B70

3abeb6 No.8827015


You only need to break the link once retard.

d0a324 No.8827092

File: 71a9dc06a8c9bed⋯.jpg (107.15 KB, 1075x839, 1075:839, addreamboy.JPG)

File: 90dff92f689c55a⋯.jpg (126.08 KB, 1071x832, 1071:832, adheartped.JPG)

File: abf198b296518b4⋯.jpg (92.97 KB, 1079x842, 1079:842, adpizzaheart.JPG)

File: f43c5226984ec7c⋯.jpg (92.3 KB, 1082x843, 1082:843, adrogerpizza.JPG)

Imma just leave this here. It ends with Roger killing the "boy" after getting pizza at the mall with him. Almost every scene with Roger in this episode has a pizza reference.

adb1aa No.8827096


I am new to 8ch, thanks asshole.

d0a324 No.8827181


Forgot to add, take note of the pedo heart symbol in photo #2.

25da21 No.8827575


Why is there suddenly so much copyrighted content freely available on youtube lately?

Pardon me if this is too off-topic. I don't think it is due to the strange shit that has shown up on youtube lately.

d0a324 No.8827904


Some of the livestreams of FG and AD are used as covers for pedos to talk to kids because there is also no record of the chat. I caught a correctional officer dating a 12 year old with his 16 year old ex in the chat arguing with him.

25da21 No.8828015


Did you take any screencaps?

c88650 No.8828062

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I know you all hate the negro music, but this guy just released a rap about pizza gate.

Wait til the second verse for it to come in.

3abeb6 No.8828202


This was actually really good at times actually. I'm all for nigger music if it actually spreads a good message.

Kike's have been using niggers to brainwash kids for centuries now. Might as well use the few we can to un-brainwash them if at all possible.

a167ef No.8828250


>I'm all for nigger music if it actually spreads a good message.

Thankyou for being civil, I agree with you on this and thusly here is one of his best albums:


If you're lurking payze, and I know you do, hi and hopefully you still agree with the give my music out for educational purposes only thing.

6a6629 No.8829192



I tried to follow the "clues" last night and it went nowhere.

30c535 No.8829879


Kek, this is an edited TruthSeeker comic. I dont have the original, sadly.

cee6d5 No.8830132



Saturn is the only planet depicted, as well.

3afd19 No.8830527

>Faggots namefagging and pretending like they have info

You're cruising for a Buddha beam, bud

3844e1 No.8832826


We The Pizza needs more scrutiny

bfbf8d No.8833335

File: 66f1a54aef1b0bd⋯.mp4 (11.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Pizzagate Joe Biden.mp4)

d8ce63 No.8833919


>removed for violating youtube's terms of service.

well shit they already contacted youtube about this whole ordeal this is getting big quick

3abeb6 No.8834722


What video was this?

7535f6 No.8835160


So easy to spot the "single parent household''

anons…..Whan!!Whan!!!it's muh sandbox!!Whan!!

Just answer the question faggot or BTFO!

e7a51c No.8839987

File: 8c2e517baac3bba⋯.jpg (66.54 KB, 640x640, 1:1, JjzCrMv.jpg)

isn't this the knights of malta hq in italy?

from @jimmycomet

e7a51c No.8840002

File: 79435798adb9ae5⋯.jpg (55.92 KB, 640x640, 1:1, kvyY4c2.jpg)

Masonic guillotine forshadowing at pegasus museum. Even has the rope.@jimmycomet

e7a51c No.8840018

File: aa9c71f9c4172c0⋯.jpg (80.42 KB, 640x640, 1:1, FT6TqDl.jpg)

more masonic beheading worship.fox catching painting. @jimmycomet

e7a51c No.8840033

File: 7ae74d686dc1771⋯.jpg (76.92 KB, 640x640, 1:1, otfPuUb.jpg)

masonic point within a circle dome. Ritual chambers. @jimmycomet

e7a51c No.8840053

File: e64c8637bf5f153⋯.jpg (62.7 KB, 640x640, 1:1, zcbc0TK.jpg)

cultist signaling. even more guillotine foreshadowing with the head statue. @jimmycomet

e7a51c No.8840069

File: 4834856d57b2f86⋯.jpg (89.17 KB, 640x640, 1:1, XTQsXLp.jpg)

Broken pillar aka masonic death-ritual symbolism.


e7a51c No.8840091

File: baa0b9b4152075e⋯.jpg (141.81 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Jb6GqEd.jpg)

shining esque gardens. This is called a grove. The groves where 'shrines that act as burial grounds in the mystery traditions. @jimmycomet

e7a51c No.8840164

File: f7586a3f9f4a1e1⋯.jpg (42.84 KB, 640x640, 1:1, bai2XXo.jpg)

luciferian dark masonic guesture. @jimmycomet

e7a51c No.8840385

File: ba794aa0bd4ea78⋯.jpg (24.58 KB, 226x220, 113:110, TEMSEAL.jpg)


templar symbolism

e7a51c No.8840414

File: 2fb92b792138b05⋯.gif (7.3 KB, 420x122, 210:61, Sword and Cross2.gif)



distinct maltese cross.

The tunnels in dc have masonic cyphers on the walls. The inside joke about "architecture" is that the underground is like a block of clay as opposed to the surface with the need to make a frame out of wood etc. They are chiselers.

feffee No.8841336


soros is a perverted administrator, he is waging his money on both sides of the war. his name spelt backwards is still the same.

blm is not truth and right wing things are ambiguous

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