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File: 2a5fd41dbf4acf5⋯.jpg (352.24 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a6335d23c68ebf998f804182f4….jpg)

File: ed2329ab2dfea9e⋯.jpg (482.25 KB, 1295x2048, 1295:2048, C3Q_zj5WAAMarHO.jpg)

86de22 No.9279621

It's happening in France.

The guys at Wesearchr have setup a bounty to help the French right to out Emmanuel Macron, ex-Rothschild banker and Minister of Economy under Hollande, as the closeted gay he is.

Macron, a media darling campaigning on an (((anti-system))) platform after refusing to go through the primaries of the Left, is now the frontrunner of the French election, with a high chance to win against Le Pen in a second round. He is married with a wife 24 years older than him but that's for the show. He's a closeted homo, which is well-known among Parisian showbiz elites. Some media have compromising pictures and didn't release them. That wouldn't be a very interesting information if he didn't publicly deny the rumors of homosexuality to protect his fake image of perfect son-in-law romantically loving his high school teacher.

The bounty has been setup to go after these pictures. If they go out, Macron is going to be seriously embarrassed.

h ttps://www.wesearchr.com/bounties/prove-emmanuel-macron-is-gay-apportez-la-preuve-de-lhomosexu

You know what to do /pol/. Get this trending.

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b8b6ee No.9279670


this kills the board

a035db No.9279742

Have a bump.

Macron is just a younger François Hollande

4a76cf No.9279777

Macron is gay. Truth must be told.

Deus Vult !!!

9dea8c No.9279790

A chance to strike at the establishment?


I'm in. We need to spread the word.

09b32b No.9279796


Just gayer.

a035db No.9279806


He is a faggot and a liar.

He won't survive this

df5ef5 No.9279841

tu veux cet info-la, il faut payer des gens dans le marais beaucoup d'argent

il est presque trop tard

127571 No.9279864

Au nom de la République il faut le faire je déconne putain rendez-moi l'Empire

a035db No.9279891


La monarchie tu veux dire j'espère

e6d9ee No.9280014


How much damage would this do

a586eb No.9280331


It's France in the current year, if he is a flaming faggot, which he probably is, then why not run as a flaming faggot? Then he could call all his opposition homophobes as he calls for more muslims to be imported.

Hell, even being outed he should turn into being bullied for being a faggot. I wonder how much pity he can get.

83695c No.9280403


>Macron is just a younger François Hollande

Yeah no shit, he was a member of the socialist party and one of Hollande's minister till 6 months ago. He can deny it all he wants (that's what he does all the time) but he's a prototypical champagne socialist.


>Au nom de la République il faut le faire

>Au nom de la République


Shut up.

8ee65e No.9280558

File: 987989b03f231da⋯.jpg (47.04 KB, 300x300, 1:1, macron is a fag.jpg)





09b32b No.9283085

Why is this not moving? The sickening progressivist abomination known as Macron is Hollande's chosen successor and must be stopped. We can't allow globalists to regroup.

9e6c08 No.9283301

File: 44972b2f4dbb17b⋯.jpg (966.03 KB, 2786x1497, 2786:1497, mariongets.jpg)

File: fd10a48d3caf75c⋯.jpg (338 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)


Check these trips

75da02 No.9283610

File: 7f8b81f3055fe01⋯.jpg (66.22 KB, 965x466, 965:466, lol.jpg)


most people are quite redpilled just point out he literally worked for rothschild and made 2 million euros from them between 2011 and 2012.


75da02 No.9283613


you thought they would have been more careful after dsk but no.

2a9d6a No.9284056

File: c6b30cfd2ec39b3⋯.webm (3.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, theverywordsecrecyisrepug….webm)


>married with a wife 24 years older than him

>24 years older than him

>24 years older

At least try not to make it obvious

4c8627 No.9284080


6fb1b0 No.9284109

File: 9f26d486f18ca2f⋯.jpeg (122.43 KB, 332x390, 166:195, 6E5RDY.jpeg)


absolute disgust

cdb636 No.9284165


Thanks mod. It needs to happen, spread the word boiz.

France is not that rich that some insiders wouldn't be tempted to drop the information and wreak havoc on Macron's bid for the lulz.

Get in here Frenchfags

e67cd2 No.9284179

File: fb0c791f15a7671⋯.png (844.85 KB, 768x768, 1:1, fb0c791f15a7671c7ca0f85364….png)

File: 2e91c2181fdcfb0⋯.png (318 B, 8x8, 1:1, 1pixpepe.png)


But why? Who gives a shit about french fags? Everyone in that country is a homo.

cdb636 No.9284190


We don't need you to give a shit, we need you to give 10 bucks to stop the globalist plague contamination. It's worth it.

e67cd2 No.9284215


Yeah, no. Sounds like a dirty jew trick to get my shekels.

02481b No.9284220

That piece of shit is dead already.

Can't hurt to make sure and bury him for good, though. I would rather die than have that thing elected…

04a009 No.9284230

To be honest, I'm just glad that the mods are understanding enough to sticky a post fundraising for a good cause. I know shekel sniffing is not well viewed upon but this is a good thing to support.

f09329 No.9284241


That girl from 0:56-0:58 looks freaky.

b029ef No.9284458

File: db3ad9834db4fc6⋯.jpg (235.93 KB, 748x781, 68:71, db3ad9834db4fc604c61c99631….jpg)

Lads I'm not sure this fag hunt will help lepen at all. INB4hurrdurr concern troll I fully expect falseflag/corruption this election and for the new E.U army to "enforce minoritys' rights" on their soil and in Poland, WWIII soon we better have all our friends when it happens, LEcunt better not blow it.

04a009 No.9284484



>makes dumb assertion

>doesn't understand a single thing

>probably a burger who would have difficulty finding france on a world map without lines



db322d No.9284497


>He's a closeted homo

But that might actually help him win some votes because France is culturally closer to the Netherlands than the US. That's probably not going to be a big deal for french voters who thought Macron was a good candidate to begin with – unless perhaps they find explicit pictures of him with kinky leather and stuff like that. There must be something else about him that we can use.

Although the fact that the french media was hiding it could be used to attack the media. If you thought the american lying press was bad the french lying press is at least twice as bad.

97bd3d No.9284520

File: 049e4716ce08def⋯.png (58.66 KB, 777x586, 777:586, 1471809206018.png)

A scandal in France would be if he was straight.

04a009 No.9284527


The thing is if he was lying to everyone he would be embroiled in a mess, that's what we want.

cdb636 No.9284541



We're banking on the lie as he publicly denied it, and on the fact that the media will take the bait and appear as the shills they are by screaming muh gay-shaming when he's finally outed.

db322d No.9284559

File: 22fdad295f3c1ae⋯.jpg (143.69 KB, 690x790, 69:79, emmanuel-et-brigitte.jpg)

Maybe it was an 'arranged' political marriage, like Huma Abedin with Anthony Wiener?

db322d No.9284590

File: 03fc23856075817⋯.jpg (162.51 KB, 960x832, 15:13, hot_for_teacher_by_markyus….jpg)


From what I quickly read the official story is that he fell in love with her when she was one of his teachers.

278955 No.9284604


>falling in love with a woman who has authority over you

Oh but I'm sure.

db322d No.9284620

How Emmanuel Macron Became the Front-Runner in France's Presidential Election


" But Macron doesn’t just stand to gain votes on the left. On the right, Republican candidate Fillon’s campaign has been embroiled by allegations he paid his wife, Penelope, and his children a nearly 1-million euro ($1,067,930) salary over more than a decade for being his parliamentary assistants—a job some alleged they did not perform. The center-right candidate, who campaigned on a platform of cutting wasteful spending, reaffirmed he did nothing illegal, and said he would only drop out of the race if a formal investigation were launched. Still, the allegations have hurt him. Fillon, who was originally favored to lead the first round and beat Le Pen in the second round run-off, slumped to third place in the first round in a recent IFOP poll; the poll shows Le Pen finishing first and Macron second. "

818418 No.9284624

File: d5a5d6e93719cee⋯.png (626.93 KB, 1280x926, 640:463, justanotherday.png)

The guy most likely to win in France is a closeted fag using his high school teacher as a beard?

db322d No.9284653


>closet homo

>most likely a bottom

I wouldn't be surprised if he's the kind of guy who likes to be punished by an authority figure, man or woman

db322d No.9284667


>The guy most likely to win in France is a closeted fag using his high school teacher as a beard?

Most likely I don't know but yeah

6721cf No.9284699

every successful married man I know in France has a sub 20 year old mistress.

I don't think they really care who you are fucking in France.

db322d No.9284718

They're saying his main source of income is his wife's retirement fund:

Emmanuel Macron vit grâce à la retraite de son épouse Brigitte

Les ventes de son livre ne suffisent pas

Le couple Macron ne peut plus compter aujourd'hui que sur les revenus de madame.


How can a banker be broke? I know he's not even fourty years old but it seems suspicious to me that a man like him would have so little money in the bank.

499e85 No.9284805

As a Burger, I care more about Le Pen winning than I do about AfD or our relationship with Theresa May/UK. The symbolic gravity of this will throw the entire western world into an unstoppable pendulum reversal that will embolden all ethno nationalistic struggles - legislative, social, psychological, geopolitical.

We've wasted 2 generations under the supposition that colonialism was a crime against humanity, we won't have our own genetic heritage in 2-4 more. Enough is enough.

God be with you France

717153 No.9284806


>How can a banker be broke?

Lots of reasons, unless you are a fed insider or one of the top kikes at the big four banks banking/trading is lucrative but it is not an infallible money printing machine. Drug problems can fuck people up, there have been millionaires reduced to nothing from heroin and coke habits which run up hundreds or thousands of bucks a day. The other possibility is he didn't have the connections to get the memo about the bubble or the mortgage backed securities back around 2008 or so and ended up getting fucked over from excessive leverage/exposure in his portfolio. He might be in serious debt because of shitty trades or something which makes him the perfect shabbos goy, do what we say as a candidate and Mr. Rothschild will wipe the debt clean and throw in an extra few million, goy. Don't forget to practice for the debates with our focus group experts. Blackmail is another possibility, if this faggot is a pizza boy the guy with the pizza related maps and video tapes can just keep milking cash out of him almost as soon as he makes it. And yes, >>9284458 this is correct, being a fag in France is not a scandal, unless you can get more solid dirt on him this is a waste of time and money. With that said, French media wasting news cycles on "lol Macron is gay!" instead of attacking Le Pen can be in her strategic interests. It might be better than nothing but I am nearly certain there is more solid dirt on this cocksucker than just the gay.

717153 No.9284853

To be fair though, France's muslims will not vote for this guy if he is outed as a fag, hell he might even get snackbarred by another Omar which would be funny and make the fire rise. Considering French muslims are definitely not fucking voting for Le Pen out of shitskin gibs self interest, killing the minority vote for this guy will give Le Pen a big advantage, all she needs then is majority votes from whites and she is set to win. I do not know the voter turnout for young people in France but apparently the majority of her support comes from Frances ~18 year olds, in the US young people are fucking impossible to mobilize and barely vote so they don't make or break it either way and if France has similar turnout statistics for young adults it could be a problem, the election would then be almost totally dependent on younger frogs who better hop their ass out of the boiling pot and to a fucking vote booth.

cdb636 No.9284859


Once again it wouldn't be newsworthy or even bounty-worthy if he hadn't publicly denied the persistent rumors of his gay affair to protect his bullshit tale of romantic youngster in love with his high school teacher. The French voters will pardon the gay thing but the lie will be harder to swallow for a candidate whose platform is muh anti-system integrity.

On top of it, it's not really a secret. The whole media/politics inner circle knows about it, that's what makes the lie pretty big. In itself it won't make him lose 10% in the polls but it will hurt him. Whatever helps this fake globalist banker from seizing power is good.

cdb636 No.9284862



eb1f2d No.9284889

File: 1e796fb57517438⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 400x220, 20:11, 13488614076062.gif)


>That girl from 0:56-0:58 looks freaky.

That's not a girl, anon.

536d56 No.9284897


>Macron gets snackbarred


717153 No.9284925

We also badly need some froganons to help with this, meme warfare does not work if you don't speak the language and are not directly familiar with the minutiae of French culture and the current political landscape. Anyone who speaks the language is also of immense value.

8c4cb3 No.9284934

File: b3a944b9dd13d7e⋯.jpg (46.01 KB, 682x600, 341:300, d7ef79163cd8d926b66ab5ff72….jpg)


>tfw a Catholic country elects a secret fruit president

c691d9 No.9284963

>ex-Rothschild banker

Its enough to tag him as a threat that should be terminated.

497b19 No.9285015

File: a41f12a2476ae6f⋯.png (159.9 KB, 706x536, 353:268, transparence 1.png)

Hopefully wikileaks and those ruski h4x0rz drop some dirt on this bastard.

1986a0 No.9285143

File: 9909733a8ea0106⋯.jpg (138.02 KB, 893x822, 893:822, 4779ee12b9bf5eb01de2cb51c0….jpg)


Wait, I thought french people spoke muslim?

6b7dc9 No.9285160

I hate to rain on the parade but won't the lugenpresse just cover for him and say he had to hide his gayness out of fear of those ebil gaybashing right wingers who want to vote for Le Penn?

db322d No.9285165

File: 9500b13a08e7313⋯.jpg (95.61 KB, 700x446, 350:223, france-polls-1b.jpg)


>I do not know the voter turnout for young people in France but apparently the majority of her support comes from Frances ~18 year olds

Yes, the younger they are the more they support the Front National (I saw that picture on Twitter somewhere)

da4bc8 No.9285180


It's possible for him to turn it around for victimbucks, or oppression olympics.

Attack him for his policies, attacking him for being gay is only going to give him an out as "MUH VICTIM". We want Le Penn to get more coverage, not for the media to turn into a circus and give him more than our preferred candidate.

cdb636 No.9285218


The lugenpresse will make up anything to cover for him as he is (((their))) candidate. But the trust in the media is low among the French public too and it won't be enough to cover for the public lies. The accusations of gay-shaming will be blurred by the fact that he blatantly lied about it.


He is already getting much more exposure than Le Pen, his whole bid is an Obama-type operation.

It will hurt him and help Le Pen by making him a lame duck like Fillon, just spread the word and donate if you can. The French alt-right has tried to out him for a while already with good reason, this is a nice opportunity to support them.

db322d No.9285299


It would be funny to see a bunch of arabs yell MACRON SALE PÉDÉ! on national television

ba879f No.9285358

I fucking hope we pull this shit off.

db322d No.9285404


He could have said something like "I may be bicurious but that's none of your business" but instead he denied he was in a gay relationship with a man named Mathieu Gallet, the president of Radio France.

Emmanuel Macron homosexuel, le "lobby gay"… Autopsie d'une rumeur


"Emmanuel Macron en couple avec Mathieu Gallet ? Le candidat à l'élection présidentielle a démenti avoir une liaison homosexuelle lundi soir. C'est son équipe de campagne qui l'a alerté sur cette rumeur. "

Mathieu Gallet : le "petit frère" de Frédéric Mitterrand devenu prince de Radio France (bio express)


dd0fb6 No.9285427

Relevant to this thread:

https:// nseuropa.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/heinrich-himmler-speech-about-homosexuality-to-the-ss-group-leaders/

f883c8 No.9285455


Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't the frog electorate not give a single shit about sexual shenanigans?

Didn't Mitterand or whoever have a literal fucking concubine knocking about the palace?

Didn't that IMF kike ride high in the polls even after he was up on a charge of literally raping a sandnigger hotel maid?

I'm pretty sure the frogs wouldn't give a shit if this fairy wrapped a hedgehog in Scotch Tape and used it as a fleshlight.

The whole country are sexual degenerates and simply aren't shocked by perverts in elected office as far as I'm aware.

497b19 No.9285507


Nonwhites like muds and nogs won't vote for a faggot.which means less votes for him.

9d5a7f No.9285568

File: ed63749c9d4e1ff⋯.jpg (146.4 KB, 674x870, 337:435, implying.jpg)


>implying the faggiest don't like fags

717153 No.9285574


How do we increase turnout among those demographics? They aren't as hard to mobilize as niggers which is an achilles heel for Democrats but are the turnout statistics for young people any different in France? Any sources on voter turnout correlated to age in France?

cdb636 No.9285615


The palace rape thing literally ended up DSK's presidential hopes.

The gay lie will do the same for Macron. Not the gay part, but the lie part, with the complicity of the whole lugenpresse.

We're not after the muslim vote here. We're after the righteous white voters who for now see Macron as an outsider, untainted by the usual lies politicians say.

780c7b No.9285624


Mudslimes don't.

9d5a7f No.9285675


Bacha bazi was rampant in mudslime countries before ze evil white colonial powers cracked down on it. They are almost as fag as their semite relatives.

db322d No.9285736


It's not about him being an homo, it's about him publicly denying he's in an homo relationship with another public figure – the president of Radio France – on camera in front of reporters.


" Tonight Macron addresses rumours with a joke : "if you're told I lead a double life with M Gallet, it's because my hologram has escaped me" "

It's apparently not the first time he denied he had a double life and was cheating on his wife with a man.

If we can find proof of his homosexuality – and even better if it's with the guy he just denied he had a relationship with – you're hitting two birds with one stone: Macron is a liar and he lives a double life + the lying press knew about it and they were just pretending to be ignorant.

db322d No.9285775

Russian Media Denies Fueling Fake News in French Presidential Election


" A Feb. 4 report by the French language version of online Russian news agency Sputnik quoted the pro-Putin centre-right French legislator Nicolas Dhuicq as saying Macron was a puppet of U.S. political and financial elites and that revelations about his private life would soon be made public.

The report appeared to play a part in Macron being forced on Feb. 7 to kill rumors of an extra-marital gay relationship.

Ferrand told France 2 television that Russia Today and Sputnik, Russian state-controlled media, had spread "fake news" with the aim of swinging public opinion against Macron. He said Macron was a target due to his pro-Europe policies. "

this is the article:

Ex-French Economy Minister Macron Could Be 'US Agent' Lobbying Banks' Interests


"Since Macron announced his intention to run for the French presidency, the media has been questioning his independent status and independent views, given his active membership of the French American Foundation France (FAF), which is known as an influential organization aimed at selecting and bringing together future generations of leaders under the auspices of the Young Leaders program."


"Created in 1981, the Young Leaders program is the flagship program of the French-American Foundation and continues to be central to the Foundation’s success in deepening understanding between France and the United States. Its goal is to bring together young professionals, aged 30 to 40, whose achievements and leadership will enable them to play an important role in their country and in French-American relations."

LOL they might as well openly call it a CIA recruitment center. Can't they try to be more subtle?

db322d No.9285865


>the Young Leaders program is the flagship program of the French-American Foundation



Wesley K.Clark

Hillary Rodam Clinton


Hillary Rodham Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton

f883c8 No.9285884




Okay. Fair points.

cdb636 No.9285928


>Can't they try to be more subtle?

No, they have to shove it down our throats while spitting on us to reassert dominance after we ravaged their rectums with the Brexit/Trump combo. And in the case of Macron, I don't think I'm exaggerating:

>ex-Rothschild banker

>number 3 of the incumbent government

>parading on a "muh anti-system" stance that normies are buying as it is hammered 24/7 by the official propaganda

>now outed as a member of the highly political program FAF

>well-known fag among the insiders yet we're supposed to believe he is romantically in love with his grandma teacher

>he won't even bother releasing a program as he "doesn't believe in the efficiency of a set of measures"

I mean it doesn't get any more obvious than this.

060dc6 No.9286465


French equivalent of Milo

b17801 No.9287070

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

French long-time lurker here.

Let me explain the french mentality regarding French leaders' sexual habits, because >>9285455 doesn't get it.

French presidents having a free pass for being womanizers stems from such behaviour being associated in the french subconscious to the great french leaders of old, from the kings to Napoleon.

The French psyche associates territorial conquerors with sexual conquerors and vice versa.

So French men and women don't mind (or even expect) the guy in charge to have affairs as long as he gives off an alpha male vibe.

A few decades ago a candidate's homosexuality would have been a political death sentence however in this sorry age of gay acceptance, many French were brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is just another legit sexuality. So it wouldn't be enough to merely out Macron as a regular homo, if he still can pass as a top, a seducer of weaker men and naive women.

We need to meme him into a submissive faggot, and that would totally conflict the french desire for "sexually alpha" leaders.

The French respects the cuckolder but despises the cuckold.

If we successfully meme Macron into a sissy fag, a SM-sub dominated by his older wife who orders him to suck other men's dicks, a pathetic bottom perv getting the strapon from his wife on odd days and taking penises on even days, generally bending over to people, that's what will destroy him completely.

Meanwhile, vids like related while being devoid of sexual connotations but depicting him as a weak individual, a coward, are extremely efficient to hurt him and need to inspire French anons in our own memetic war.

cc8df7 No.9287377

File: 5aa9d008cfbb59d⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1363x830, 1363:830, Ay Yo.PNG)

> there are people on /pol/ who think European elections are legitimate

fc9855 No.9287670

You guys do not understand

If we out him as a faggot and he REALLY is a faggot, then all the "french citizens" (read: muslims and negros) will not vote for him, even if the gibs abound. If he is NOT a faggot and publicly denounces that he dislikes dick, then the french enlightened leftists won't see him as the radical option and will not vote for him.

All in all we need to find dirt on him and destroy him not to make Le Pen gain votes, but to make the votes that would go to Macron scatter just enough to leave him unelectable.

2c0ac0 No.9287745


france isn't catholic anymore

d69377 No.9287782


I have no idea how to contribute but I wish you all the best on your homoexposure.

Give France Another Chance!

b9064e No.9287967


Wanna contribute, give $10 on the bounty. It's not a lot, easy as hell and will go a long way in helping it gain traction by displaying more donors.

I hate shilling for money but this operation has potential.

24b839 No.9288391

File: 992b7a832513c74⋯.gif (164.32 KB, 600x450, 4:3, chacarron.gif)

chacron macron chacka chiggityron

361560 No.9288455



d74097 No.9288486


Voter's average age is around 60-70. The Eternal Boomer…

Keep in mind that whatever president is elected in France is always the choice of the boomers.

db322d No.9288547

File: 996e54b5ca75c93⋯.jpg (110.5 KB, 1024x790, 512:395, Bernie-Cuckold-6.jpg)


a SM-sub dominated by his older wife who orders him to suck other men's dicks, a pathetic bottom perv getting the strapon from his wife on odd days and taking penises on even days

I think there are porn websites with this kind of shit. I remember a couple of Bernie Sanders fake pictures where Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton had Bernie tied up (Not this one, something more explicit)

c1f933 No.9288652



15b312 No.9288859

File: 8e5d73059b4e7d8⋯.jpg (49.56 KB, 604x604, 1:1, 0561240f85c32c16e0a7b82df5….jpg)

>let's kick out the French equivalent of Jeremy Corbyn before he can fuck up his party's chances of winning!

0a65e4 No.9289210


So if we defeat our enemies,they win?

Sure thing,kike.

7050df No.9289218

File: 477967689dbbb2c⋯.jpg (44.63 KB, 640x360, 16:9, WIN 3.jpg)

You guys are fags.

db322d No.9289265

File: 9394bddc5b63f3c⋯.jpg (69.43 KB, 224x320, 7:10, schoolboy1.jpg)

db322d No.9289283

File: 317f99ad4c426b6⋯.jpg (54.21 KB, 758x505, 758:505, Emmanuel-Macron-et-Mathieu….jpg)


>Mathieu Gallet

That's him

db322d No.9289297

File: 42682142d7a467d⋯.jpg (283.65 KB, 790x1074, 395:537, CLOSER-609-Emmanuel-Macron….jpg)


No, he's not gay mmmkay?

HE'S. NOT. GAY. End. of. story.

15b312 No.9289406



539f21 No.9291405

File: 2420b4286036f7d⋯.jpg (43.71 KB, 383x700, 383:700, should not expand dong.jpg)


>a sissy fag, a SM-sub dominated by his older wife who orders him to suck other men's dicks, a pathetic bottom perv getting the strapon from his wife on odd days and taking penises on even days, generally bending over to people

pic related

kill me

47063e No.9291809

File: 1b9e002fcd4700b⋯.jpg (43.11 KB, 293x398, 293:398, bernie and his wife.jpg)

File: cb301f5ca26cbc8⋯.png (601.42 KB, 586x708, 293:354, bess kalb blacked.png)

File: e5c71166d3832b6⋯.jpg (101.93 KB, 350x350, 1:1, black hand 2.jpg)

File: efc189da6ec331f⋯.jpg (1.44 KB, 64x125, 64:125, black hand.jpg)

File: a7f855dec750353⋯.jpg (206.99 KB, 576x561, 192:187, theresa may black hand.jpg)


Use the cuckchan blacked meme but with Macrons head?

030340 No.9292226

How long untill an "in action" video of the faggot shows up???

db322d No.9292627


spoiler that shit next time

b208d2 No.9293691


He's nowhere close to the French version of Jeremy Corby. He's a center-left neo-liberal, and he's currently front runner for the Presidential election.

09b32b No.9296563

Wife 24 years older. Inherits her preexisting kids, no kids of his own. Adored by the gerontocratic establishment.

Merkel. No kids of her own either. Macron went to Berlin to assert she did the right thing by opening the gates for unlimited migration to Germany.

They are the face of the suicidal stage of progressivism. As they accelerate towards the cliff of demographic and cultural reality, they will blame fascists for its existence.

I gave 10 bucks for this bounty. Let's do this.

38a689 No.9296793

File: ebb9642a4f25293⋯.png (707.48 KB, 835x503, 835:503, 1447861889208-3.png)

This fag got his website 'hacked' and told the press the same thing hillary claimed: It's Russia fault!

http://w ww.lesechos.fr/elections/emmanuel-macron/0211799121311-macron-accuse-la-russie-de-piratage-le-kremlin-dement-2064874.php

510140 No.9296877


Homosexuality is a meme, a fabrication, a term used to legitimise dangerous sexual behaiviour and condition people into succumbing to it.

People have sexual feelings for anything. The trick is working out what is acceptable use of sexual organs. Sodomy is not acceptable.

Furthermore, it's becoming clear that "homosexuality" is indoctrinated into children from a young age, usually through coerced abuse or school education about certain personality traits that are percieved as gay.

f583a9 No.9297209


0e9647 No.9297418


Didn't want the previous post to be on the front page ay?

e6d9ee No.9297679


>Furthermore, it's becoming clear that "homosexuality" is indoctrinated into children from a young age, usually through coerced abuse or school education about certain personality traits that are percieved as gay.

I believe that homosexual attraction is caused by abuse and/or an absent father/overbearing mother (other way around for lesbians) which is then fixed into an identity by indoctrination.

9e7639 No.9298064


This is why Thiel went in on that Gawker thing. Him and his but-buddies are afraid of outlets leaking all the faggotry that these fags engage in.

Once people really get to see faggotry in action, they get naturally disgusted by these people.

c421b4 No.9298102


Homosexuality did not exist until the term "homosexuality" existed.

I do note condone a culture of sodomy that puts the stupid or undisciplined at risk of spreading disease.

They let their urges overcome their thinking. It is "the beast".

af412b No.9298214

Fillon is the one who needs to be brought down in the polls. He's leeching off Le Pen's anti-migrant vote. The powers that be are keeping him in the race because if he is out, Le Pen wins in the first round.

b2ed1f No.9298226


Side note : marxists are very good in that. Defining a simple word and spreading as it was true to make it true. Racism, xenophobia, white supremacy, class conflict, political anarchy, communism, equality, misogyny, "liberty", "slavery", "truth" and others. False memes, false symbolism, false orders, that are quite successful in the US and are dangerously expanding to european women.

Fuck off US business schools infiltrating europe.

1f8087 No.9298981


Antifa counted the Austrian votes.

fdad67 No.9299079

File: 2b3654a2aaa369b⋯.png (69.38 KB, 249x264, 83:88, have you gone nuts.png)



Another good example of forced language being used to alter people's understanding of the world is "gender". A made-up work referring to the completely fabricated idea of sexual identity being separate from biological sexuality.

2833bb No.9299119


Gender is not a made up word, it's been in use for centuries.

fdad67 No.9299137


Not as it's used today, it's been redefined very recently.

4a04e8 No.9299232


>Gender is not a made up word, it's been in use for centuries

>in Romance languages

>to describe nouns

22af01 No.9300161

File: 0f68ed10c9a374c⋯.jpg (33.51 KB, 252x226, 126:113, 0f68ed10c9a374c26d3ec44fef….jpg)


Fortunately, it looks like he'll be under investigation over a scandal, and if he is then he says he'll no longer run because under French law criminals can't run as President:


But any dirt we can find on Macron will be very valuable.

0e92df No.9300299

why is his being gay a bad thing?

547b75 No.9300337


af412b No.9304526


Agreed on the dirt being valuble, but he already went back on the promise to withdraw if he's investigated.

>"I am the candidate and I will continue until >victory," he said.

>"The closer we get to the date of the election, >the more scandalous it would be to deny the >Right and the Centre of a candidate," he told >Le Figaro, adding that he had hoped a >decision would have been taken sooner.

000000 No.9312794

If you do get your hands on such compromising material, keep quiet and don't release it until the first voting round closes. We don't want Le Pen to accidentally run in the second round against somebody else whom we can't compromise.


He'd probably lose the snackbar vote.


It's a frog country and we're a frog board. Go D&C somewhere else, Shlomo.

4c8627 No.9312800


Snackbars won't vote for a fag.

4c8627 No.9312801


Good advice, Anon.

32e93c No.9312812


Calm your tits. The Franck do not elect unknown faggots.

8f1ba7 No.9312912

File: 8bdc0174c806951⋯.jpg (27.89 KB, 512x340, 128:85, 2015-07-14T075920Z_1489508….JPG)

File: 2c84ae5f3349e4b⋯.jpg (311.11 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 585752466.jpg)

File: 5017c97b60d6174⋯.jpg (132.47 KB, 1180x788, 295:197, emmanuel-macron-brigitte-t….jpg)

File: d2bf6fe61ffcf88⋯.jpg (263.79 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 585754046.jpg)

>marrying this thing

W..what the fuck.

ac151a No.9313301

File: ad661b05042ceba⋯.png (156.74 KB, 865x279, 865:279, zzz.png)


Gender is the concept popularized by degenerate kike psychologist John Money. Conducted immoral human experiments on children, forced David Reimer since childhood to "become a girl" and incited him and his twin brother to simulate sex so that he learned he was bottom after having his balls and dick chopped off and force feeding him estrogen..

The twins ended up killing themselves and the jewlord pedo not only got away with it by blaming right wingers, but he also got all the accolades and recognition from other degenerate leftists within the psychologists. This is where the gender studies leftist creeps dwell and creep from.

Genders studies is based in a ludicrous sick lie created and approved by the kikes and spread by the mentally unstable trannies.



56d8b8 No.9313413

File: 07d20cc38d35468⋯.jpg (25.91 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1478232280084.jpg)

>oh shit, I'm sorry

cfc273 No.9313472

Emma­nuel Macron a donc fini par démentir les rumeurs qui circulaient sur sa suppo­sée homo­sexua­lité et sa rela­tion avec Mathieu Gallet. Lors d'un meeting au théâtre Bobino de Paris lundi soir, devant une foule à ses pieds, le fondateur du mouve­ment En Marche a décidé de tordre le cou à cette rumeur persis­tante selon laquelle il vivrait une histoire d'amour cachée avec le PDG de Radio France bien loin de Brigitte Macron, sa femme. Mais cette petite phrase, lâchée à la cantonade devant les journalistes n'a rien d'une improvisation. Depuis lundi soir, on a appris en effet que les équipes d'Emmanuel Macron avait préparé cette contra-attaque, visant à dégonfler la bulle avant qu'il ne soit trop tard.

Ce gros porc en prend dans le cul…

cfc273 No.9313482

File: a6b34e82e036f7b⋯.jpg (142.71 KB, 900x900, 1:1, géniebouchard21000.jpg)

Début février, l'équipe de campagne d'Emmanuel Macron s'est alertée de l'ampleur des ragots et pressé son candidat de prendre les devants. "Depuis une douzaine de jours, nous avions reçu dans une chaîne de mails un message dénonçant notre candidat comme un homosexuel honteux et nous avons aussi reçu une avalanche d'appels nous informant que des photos compromettantes allaient sortir dans la presse à scandale. Cette machination était d'une efficacité redoutable", expliquait le patron de la com' d'Emmanuel Macron, Sylvain Fort, au Parisien, ce 8 février. Autre indicateur : les équipes d'Emmanuel Macron se seraient alertées des mots clés associés à "macron" dans le moteur de recherche Google. En saisissant le nom du candidat dans le moteur. On voyait en effet le mot "Gallet" s'afficher, signe que des requêtes sur le sujet avaient déjà été effectuées de manière massives sur le Web.

Ciboire, la France met toujours la honte sur les francos…

4d1ff8 No.9314553

File: 44d3aa98c9489be⋯.jpeg (17.13 KB, 199x255, 199:255, f52553d86f1bd32e2f2532438….jpeg)



Tu peux parler, toi et ton obsession des traps.


37790b No.9314580



7a9bf0 No.9314589


7a9bf0 No.9314597

File: ce24a8a19b80dc8⋯.png (367.55 KB, 531x415, 531:415, spöttisches Reh.png)

>Macron is gay

>mfw the Left gives me Oppression points and sees me as their ally, because I feel attracted to feminine boys and want to fuck them in the ass

really makes me think

c000f5 No.9315121


Kill yourself

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