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File: 35284633f41baaf⋯.png (129.86 KB, 1578x1273, 1578:1273, serveimage.png)

84d630 No.9286351

Anons, it has been almost three and a half years since 8chan was launched, Oct 22, 2013.

It has been almost two and a half since First Exodus. We endured Second Exodus and then the smaller ones afterwards. We endured the shilling, the lizardsquad SJW-funded DDOS, the attempts at board takeover, removal of payments, anonymous donations, hotwheels e-celeb fame rise and fall, infinity never, the rise and fall of intl, countless attempts at splitting /pol/ to different boards, chans and various attempts at moderation takeovers.

I'd like Anons to post their stories, screencaps, histories of where we are, where we came from, to remember how close we came to failure and celebrate our victories.

We memed Trump into the Presidency

Obama's birth certificate was proven to be a forgery.

Hillary LOST.

(((MSM))) has been fully discredited.

Wikileaks provided e-mails, proof of (((Bernie Sanders))) and DNC collusion, proof of countless treasonous acts, and most importantly, the link to Podesta, Comet Pizza and the rabbit hole now known as PizzaGate.

We're here, now, possibly on the verge of total victory, possibly on the verge of outright American civil war 2.0 if not global race wars.

Let's take a look back and see what we've learned, recount stories, let's see if there's anything we can use in the fight ahead. Newfags, lurkers, stay a while and listen.

84d630 No.9286371

I would say that the greatest lesson I've learned is the power of Anonymity and the power of truth and facts. The jews always search for an identity to attack, if you stand upon a tower of truth, you will never, ever fail or fall. Avoid identities, seek out the truth.

b1661b No.9286373

Does anyone have the html from that thread "Goons: A primer"? That belong in here for sure.

86cdaa No.9286441

File: 1672c27ff35a474⋯.png (252.65 KB, 900x773, 900:773, 1462758164300.png)

>tfw you remember those NEETs that killed themselves instead of waiting for Hitler.


509cd2 No.9286552

File: 6a4cbea4ab0e942⋯.png (340.37 KB, 468x500, 117:125, f2d1ccafe38ef976a797085356….png)


Tfw you've been an anon so long and fought in countless great meme wars against paid shills shit posting so hard that you aren't even sure whether OP is another kike or FBI threat trying to mine data or if it's a legit anon rehashing the victories from past to present.

Feels good man.

000000 No.9286574

I think the biggest victory was when the CON chat logs were leaked and it proved they were the ones spamming CP on 8chan. It also proves they save and wack off to CP as well and I hope Sessions gives them a moderately nice refurbished prison cell.

84d630 No.9286586

84d630 No.9286587


CON chat log leaks?

84d630 No.9286594

Also, if any anons have the Applied Memetics dox, it'd be greatly appreciated. If anyone remembers, they threatened to meme us all to suicide. It'd be nice to keep them on their toes.

30c78a No.9286686

File: 6c28a37dedf9ae6⋯.jpg (271.31 KB, 625x465, 125:93, 625x465_17073952_9984921_1….jpg)


At this rate, we will be the new alphabet. Still waiting to see trump with a platinum kek ring.

84d630 No.9286691


Isn't that Heqet?

30c78a No.9286710

File: de8cc32b6350d93⋯.jpg (356.57 KB, 625x465, 125:93, 625x465_15105517_9003302_1….jpg)


Oh fine damn it, I'll scroll through the countless confederate pepes, confed anime girls, trump and esoteric hitler… and monks with guns.

THIS JUST IN! We memed the Dalai Llama to be an "oppressive hate figure"!

993e5e No.9286735

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



They're with their waifus now they're in a better place. But do not worry we will meet them again during the 2nd Hyper War. The Inter dimensional Kikes will threaten all of reality and the United Forces commanded by Emperor Barron Trump will fight for the fate of reality itself. The Final Battle will end with Emperor Barron Trump ordering the 1st Idol Division to charge the enemy fleet and destroy them entirely throughout time and space. I had a vision that Barron will seek our help in learning the path to becoming God Emperor.

000000 No.9286798

/pol/ is a magical place where people don't have to put up a front. How people really feel and the dissatisfaction the direction society has bottomed into. Where one finds the Politically Incorrect is just correct.

84d630 No.9286830


Directory structure, Anon.


I'll fight to the ends of the universe Anon. For myself, for my waifu, for everyone.

429093 No.9286845

I came here after moot pulled the cuckold stunt on 4/pol/.

Don't know which exodus that was but I remember the first image I saw was one of Uncle Adolf and knew immediately then that I was home.

84d630 No.9286848


That'd be Second or Third Exodus.

a9f278 No.9286850

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d80b04 No.9286884


Libreboot looked good.

I made the soros voting machine thread and the cia pee pee poo poo thread, both sticked

82a938 No.9286898

I got here from 4chan because the mods started banning HWNDU threads.

84d630 No.9286899



f9abc2 No.9286952

File: 86696b420826b52⋯.png (475.32 KB, 800x800, 1:1, future fash skull.png)

File: 334bbcdee025ea0⋯.jpg (238.8 KB, 466x700, 233:350, aleister crowley nigger ma….jpg)

File: eba7aa8c5ff2af6⋯.png (422.8 KB, 875x985, 175:197, ethos nietchie overman fas….png)

File: 887b1a01f1ca79f⋯.jpg (561.42 KB, 907x750, 907:750, virtuism.jpg)

File: 339e781e56674c2⋯.jpg (20.25 KB, 223x335, 223:335, stoicism-in-early-christia….jpg)


Does this include themes that developed over the last few years because Bane crash and Chaos magic came about a year in… A lot of stuff was developing until /fringe/ tried to create a KeK dogma and mods ended philosophy/religion threads.

84d630 No.9286957


Absolutely. I was thinking of mostly making this a retrospective thread of all the different stuff, but fairly brief with the occasional in-depth story of "how it happened"

There's been so much that has happened that it's really easy to forget parts, so it'd be nice to fill in our collective memory, if you get the sentiment.

f9abc2 No.9286975

File: 8460ed6d8dbbaae⋯.png (2.9 MB, 768x4810, 384:2405, kek has arrived.png)

File: d4437d4ca8c5cfc⋯.png (1.78 MB, 640x1378, 320:689, egypt celts early small.png)

File: 88dcf8a288cac22⋯.png (4.98 MB, 1280x2872, 160:359, aryan china mummies.png)

993e5e No.9286983

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One more thing Anon we're going to win and save everyone and usher in a reality more beautiful then any of us can imagine.

993e5e No.9287027

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


As long as it is comfy anime white people countryside I hope they are happy.

c070fc No.9287074

one part of me wishes i had some impressive notches in my belt, like >>9286656

but the last year for me was spent handling living on my own. I learnt how to cook, lift and clean.

Not glorious by any means. It is an indicator of the world today that living independently is rarely seen in the MSM/junkmedia.

I post this to inspire other anons, to never get too distracted by the larger battles and neglect their own personal development.

f8b767 No.9287123


>NatSoc majority ruined the board

Kill yourself, faggot.

eace17 No.9287134




You have to go back.

f33dc6 No.9287176

File: 21cd54de6221822⋯.png (510.07 KB, 1563x2011, 1563:2011, 1438986939974-0.png)

File: 9245abe60326968⋯.png (144.8 KB, 1269x413, 1269:413, Organic state.png)

File: f7da54c4f31cc9e⋯.png (68.29 KB, 1359x727, 1359:727, it was real in my mind.png)

I remember when the exodus started and how I went from masterchan which I soon left because of all the pedo activity to 8chan.

I remember before the second exodus when their was arguments between NRx and NatSoc and how in the end NRx wouldn't acknowledge the Jewish problem and so it declined in popularity. I also remember the memes that were created about how NRx were peasants/jesters for their techno jewish overlords.

I also remember during the first and second exodus the sheer amount of hilarity at watching shills coming over from halfchan and samefagging in a thread only to get btfo when people point out that we have IDs.

I remember when faggots were saying post IDs killed anonimity and how this topic dominated the discussion during the first exodus. It immediatley became apparent however that the people shilling the removal of IDs were people who wanted it to be easier to destroy discussion through samefagging on /pol/.

I remember the sheer amount of pedo apologists that were threatening the website through trying to portray the website as a haven for pedophiles so the website could be shutdown. I fervently fought against pedo acceptance and pedo apologists to protect my new home.

I remember beaver poster and his rise and decline in popularity.

I remember the Omegle troll threads we would have every so often where we trolled and gave redpills out to people.

I also fought agains anti-anime and shilled LotGH in redpilled anime threads.

I didn't post frequently however. I was more inclined to lurk than to post because I would type out long winded posts than I would proof read and think over what I typed then scrap it because I thought it wasn't good enough.

531ac6 No.9287182


How many exoduses were there?

f9abc2 No.9287224

File: ca43da5bb17e0ef⋯.jpg (54.9 KB, 600x636, 50:53, tay hitler.jpg)

File: 820238383d9ebe3⋯.png (45.77 KB, 622x324, 311:162, 911 tay lol.png)

File: 55c56f73aab3fe6⋯.jpg (387.85 KB, 1512x2584, 189:323, Tay forsake.jpg)

f33dc6 No.9287246

File: 730468a7f3d1b7d⋯.png (95.27 KB, 1348x526, 674:263, 1449691963528-4.png)

File: 18747032b294209⋯.png (176.32 KB, 1272x630, 212:105, homosex destroys the purit….png)


although there was a good chunk of libertarians on 8/pol/ before the second exodus, many were beaten by the age old argument that the only way for them to ever get a chance of a non-degenerate libertarian society they needed to get rid of the jews.

Eventually Libertarians/minarchist grew up realising their ideology would not function in the real world because more powerful centralized states could destroy the more decentralized weak libertarian states.


the first was when Joot people were banned for posting GG on halfchan

second was when Joot replaced all the mods with SJWs and started trying to making his website appealing for sale.

The third exodus was when Joot sold halfchan to Hiroyuki.

The rest of the exodus were because of soviet style purges from half/pol/ and reddit.

Anons from the first exodus didn't like people who came from the later exoduses because of the fact that they were to fucking retarded to leave early like the rest of the anons seeing the halfchan boat sink.

f33dc6 No.9287318


grammar correction

>when Joot people were banned for

when Joot banned people for

c220c2 No.9287340

File: 45a94c8e19b1c6b⋯.jpg (36.33 KB, 429x364, 33:28, 1456375784220-0.jpg)


>Tfw you've been an anon so long and fought in countless great meme wars against paid shills shit posting so hard that you aren't even sure whether OP is another kike or FBI threat trying to mine data or if it's a legit anon rehashing the victories from past to present.


>Feels good man.

Same here fam, it's been an honor shiposti…I mean, making history with you.


I will never stop hating this faggot. Every time he pokes his nose into a conversation it's only to say,


I just want you to know that I fucking hate your guts. Even the Oathbreaker Anon(s) brought me around and gave me some keks. You. You are a low energy faggot.



>I got here from 4chan because the mods started banning HWNDU threads.

Get the fuck out. There is a /HWNDU on 8Chan too, go there faggot.


>I also remember during the first and second exodus the sheer amount of hilarity at watching shills coming over from halfchan and samefagging in a thread only to get btfo when people point out that we have IDs.

I wish there was a mandatory rule that banned anyone for letting shills now this before they posted at least 5 times.

I will never get tired of destroying pic related.

ce9553 No.9287365


>I remember when faggots were saying post IDs killed anonimity and how this topic dominated the discussion during the first exodus

still believe this, but IDs are too useful in outing shills. It's a price we have to pay, if we weren't being shilled, true anonymity would be ideal

658132 No.9287389

I'll greentext it for posterity

>find 4chan in late 2006 after my school blocked albinoblacksheep and some other kid recommended /f/

>find one of the other kids at my school(big public school in the city) crossdressing on /b/ and dox him for the lulz, get v&

>due to events that occurred when v&, developed a hatred of police and started looking into what I then called "conspiracy theory"

>find /new/ and /x/ when /x/ was used as /b/lackup

>fall in love immediately, stay there for a while

>/new/ and /r9k/ baleeted and it was made clear that moot fucking hated /new/ for being "racist"

>4chon shitposting

>go away to college

>drop out of school when I realize I'm getting scammed by greedy yids

>4chon ded

>4cucks is cucked to all fuck

>"lol wats gamergate"

>find livechan

>find here



f33dc6 No.9287428

File: c9cdae1ab485cc7⋯.png (69.14 KB, 1267x462, 181:66, chans.png)


The thing is that thread specific IDs are useful.

>makes it difficult to samefag

>conversations are easier to follow because you can always tell who is speaking to who and mostly prevents mistaking one person for another

>you can tell if someone is spamming/shilling a thread through being able to tell who they are, how many time they have posted in a thread and being able to see exactly what they believe through what they post

At the same time our system still has many of the benefits of true anonimity.

>no mandatory identity beyond the thread specific ID so you don't suffer severe repercussions for your posts beyond the thread you posted in so you don't suffer permanent identity tarnishment

>no mandatory identity beyond thread specific ID stop reddit style personality circle jerking

Give me one specific reason why we should remove the current ID system.

23a903 No.9287430

File: 10cccf8d2896c7c⋯.png (7.56 KB, 573x153, 191:51, omegle.PNG)


I tried omegle just now and got mixed results, mostly disconnects and faggotry but still.

f33dc6 No.9287463

File: 1c8de08c8ddcb7a⋯.jpeg (177.78 KB, 1560x654, 260:109, 1440494794204.jpeg)

File: f0db847edc33a96⋯.png (118.76 KB, 1280x364, 320:91, 1449691963498-0.png)

File: 7931a0eb2dfc59c⋯.png (106.56 KB, 1271x346, 1271:346, 1450702615732.png)


It's all about the gold nuggets mate.

have some screencaps.

c220c2 No.9287499

File: 6b86633cd63f2cb⋯.png (216.51 KB, 545x603, 545:603, acksually Heqet faggot.png)


Or you say,

>That's a nice Heqet there anon

total fag.

1943c4 No.9287512

File: 8744dc5034432b3⋯.png (290.41 KB, 631x724, 631:724, 1289881375175.png)

It's even stranger and more vivid for me. I've been around since 2006 and owning to multiple factors I've been extremely right wing since before I even got on the Net. It was amazing to witness pre-/pol/ Anons getting triggered as fuck over my opinions and then with years I got to see "my" opinions becoming accepted fact among basically everyone not brain dead. Feels good man.

I sometimes like to think all those comments, all that shitposting and perpetual calling out resulted in at least a single Anon getting curious and more receptive to the truth.

There is a lot of prehistory to /pol/ and to all of this and it will never be known. There was nobody to witness and nobody to take notes. There was no glory. Rest assured that even before /pol/ many Anons worked and worked in shadowy corners of the web and dared to speak the truth even when it harmed them excessively. And I'm eager to believe many were performing private rites and spells for the benefit of our race and culture as well.

I won't lie however, I'm quite spent. It's been more than a decade for me. I feel that the brunt of it all is now on the shoulders of younger Anons and I feel like I have nothing to offer anymore. I've done my bit.

341847 No.9287518

File: 86717cd90e19952⋯.png (559.58 KB, 850x464, 425:232, 7173a6441756288ede40a3d460….png)


>>Was co-owner and admin of the 8chan gmod RP server.

>>I and some friends flooded CF's twitter with pictures from Mexican gay parades telling him he needs to go back. He later then made a tweet telling how "degenerate" 8/pol/ was.

>>Personally made libreboot forever stay out of the GNU Project by telling the tranny dev that she needed to kill herself


24c64c No.9287519

File: 90fa71e92b8dd21⋯.png (86.21 KB, 468x285, 156:95, Jewish Leaders Behind the ….png)

File: 23fd73d9ab09a31⋯.png (559.3 KB, 993x1963, 993:1963, 160.png)

41b86f No.9287521

I'm tired, tbh fam.

But there's no rest for the wicked.

fea04f No.9287552


Sigh… I've been here over a year and a half, and I'm just tired. Tired of everything. After Trump won, it felt like I exhaled for the first time in a year and I lost all my energy. But I don't feel like we're winning. The way the media is stirring everyone one up with their bullshit and probably going to push for impeachment or even treason charges is maddening. This won't end until they're removed and Trump is trying to play nice which looks like weakness to them so they keep lying and lying, and the normalfags just eat it up.

I dunno. Polite sage for my demoralization.

c220c2 No.9287555

File: 703b40bfc7e9a2d⋯.png (113.29 KB, 1561x1013, 1561:1013, teddy we never give up.png)


>I won't lie however, I'm quite spent. It's been more than a decade for me. I feel that the brunt of it all is now on the shoulders of younger Anons and I feel like I have nothing to offer anymore. I've done my bit.

Wrong anon, as a pretty darn old fag it's never over.

24c64c No.9287564

File: 20509b8f66c0c88⋯.webm (3.06 MB, 320x240, 4:3, cockli_fbi.webm)

When cock.li was false flagged because "somebody sent bomb threats"

87dba7 No.9287569



6ea248 No.9287577


tbh thats the Celtic afterlife

to live forever, never get sick or grow old in an Arcadian paradise

76078b No.9287579


On this site or because of this site?

I turned my mother's pro-Israel church against Cruz prior to the primaries.

41b86f No.9287588

File: 3e9304231779577⋯.jpg (46.44 KB, 250x250, 1:1, profuse_sweating.jpg)

>and the rocket's red glare

>the bombs bursting in air

>gave proof through the night

>that our flag was still there

fea04f No.9287589


Trips confirm, the ride ends for no anon. Great read btw.

fea04f No.9287604


Hahaha, nice. I had CF post screenshots of my harassing tweets a couple times because he was too much of a bitch to quote-tweet me.

6ea248 No.9287658

File: ff08401a0679a76⋯.webm (5.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The ride never ends.webm)

993d5b No.9287664


>I also remember during the first and second exodus the sheer amount of hilarity at watching shills coming over from halfchan and samefagging in a thread only to get btfo when people point out that we have IDs.

This was a source of endless amusement back then.

41578f No.9287666

File: af0c3550f425b22⋯.jpg (43.73 KB, 810x442, 405:221, 4ab461a19fd7a60486ddeced5a….jpg)



For everyone of us tired there is at least one other willing to tirelessly contineu fighting.

41b86f No.9287672


I sure hope so Satan.

I'll give it my all until I drop, but everyone gets old eventually.

c07d0e No.9287741

I've been feeling nostalgic about the first exodus, coming here, breaking new ground. The uncertainty. A certain scramble to preserve what was good about where we came from, and how to avoid what was bad.

I'd only check pol once a day, the average quality was retarded high. There was a certain feeling back then, a feeling we could do anything, because everything had been taken from us. Broken and betrayed, wanting to hit back. I'd say we have.

It really has been a privilige to shitpost with you faggots.

2ecb3b No.9287760


>I didn't post frequently however. I was more inclined to lurk than to post because I would type out long winded posts than I would proof read and think over what I typed then scrap it because I thought it wasn't good enough.

Are you me?

fea04f No.9287765


I just think we need a new way to fight, Satan. Trolling and shitposting has got us this far, but the game has changed.

6ea248 No.9287775


theres not much else we can do unless we literally start both running for elections, organising grassroots party movements and beginning terror cells to eliminate the puppet masters

c220c2 No.9287787

File: 5938aec11bda79a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.98 KB, 255x255, 1:1, pepe moon patriot.jpg)


>theres not much else we can do unless we literally start both running for elections, organising grassroots party movements and beginning terror cells to eliminate the puppet masters

Well, that escalated fast! Not only do I like it, but I agree

ce9553 No.9287789

File: f02ed5145a1b60a⋯.jpg (247.51 KB, 1784x1744, 223:218, 18900e7fddc3d894eb22c1f1f9….jpg)


lel that's my own post in the screencap though I had to read it twice to be sure

The point of transient identity is to eliminate the ego in posting. Limiting that non persistence to the level of threads rather than posts only changes the degree ego is eliminated at. The result is we do develop identities within individual threads as we're aware each post we make is also understood in the context of every other post made in that thread. In other words, all the sins of an anon who namefags or avatarfags are still present, only he's taking on a new identity for each thread rather than each board.

On /pol/, it's easily worth the cost it is to high frequency shitposting (and it is a cost) if it minimizes shilling, and the long form nature of our discussions lends itself towards more natural and looser identities within threads (recognizable voices) anyway, but on a board like /v/, for example, ID's hamper the discussion native to the board heavily. I've always believed 8chan's /v/ has seriously hurt its potential to be any good because their newfag tripfag admin is too retarded to turn off ID's - and ban generals. 4chan's /v/ still remains a less cancerous board, despite the takeover of a completely foreign population and total lack of community moderation, and it's only because it retained anonymity (if not sage) and they were lucky enough to get a containment board for generals. As far as I'm aware, /a/ is the only other 4chan board to stave off that heinous cancer, which is a feat, really, with conspicuous saging b&

6ea248 No.9287812


as far as I know we have all of that required of the posters here

people willing to stand for election, people willing to support them and people with nothing left to lose who want to die for the cause

1943c4 No.9287855

File: 650df28a5d76676⋯.gif (156.98 KB, 591x694, 591:694, 650df28a5d766766bc80ff315d….gif)


i'm here forever aren't I?

fea04f No.9287871

File: cd0c062e0b098f0⋯.jpeg (81.36 KB, 460x562, 230:281, cd0c062e0b098f0f45a46f1a2….jpeg)


The best thing I can say, though, is I never feel more at home than when I'm with you lads. At least there's 8/pol/.

fea04f No.9287878

File: 2a56dfe428ffbfc⋯.jpg (47.56 KB, 460x332, 115:83, 2a56dfe428ffbfcf8a64d456ae….jpg)


Looks like it.

d65531 No.9287879

>Not /pol/ related, but I do remember when Vince of /baph/ committed internet suicide just get the heat off him. I've been around not for GamerGay or other similiar exodus. /i/surgency is pretty much dead, so I ended up wandering mindlessly across the arid steppes of Internets and trying to find something to sink my teeth into at first it was a fellow oldfag of 2003 era cuckchan that introduced me to /baph/. After someone dropped John Brennan's dox while back, I came back here having fond memories of untainted /n/ of old

>Over time, I felt the strongest pull of the hivemind since pre habbo raids - This was around /pol/ jumped on Trump train without breaks with massive happenings en route (Like infamous summer of hate last year with failed Turkey coup and a VERY NICE assault truck attack among other things. Personally I was so intoxicated by the happenings during summer I can't remember the minor events.

27230c No.9287896


kek, I know this feel.

6f55c8 No.9287918

File: e3ee86ff4f89582⋯.jpg (68.45 KB, 699x485, 699:485, 1485525694138.jpg)



I'm proud to say I'm enough of an oldfag that I remember original /b/ being about anime and voted Yes on Prop 8 here in CA (gay marriage ban) and told my horrified classmates that ask why I did it…

"for the lulz"

41578f No.9287993


Take some time out and read something somewhat related but different, s'wat I'm doing. Magickal Knowledge: Foundations by Josephine McCarthy, good straight forward knowledge to have.

85df84 No.9288093

File: ba778580d921e83⋯.jpg (61.27 KB, 585x560, 117:112, dfb863b3725c1cf47bee18009f….jpg)

We are becoming more and more relevant in politics. I feel like in 10-15 years there's going to be a lot of people in charge of things who "originated from /pol/". Some might even slip some dog whistles into their speeches so we can recognize each other. Some might be more subtle. Generation Z is supposedly more conservative than the ones before it. Well yes, guess what happens when you tell a pre-teen that you can't say this or that? They're going to say it. Out of spite. It's the only way to rebel these days. They're going to achieve great things and we are going to be there to pave the road. Decades from now when we look back at the early days of the big right wing wave of the 21st century, remember that it all started here.

These are our humble beginnings.

c220c2 No.9288103

File: 9118764258cacf5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 100.91 KB, 234x258, 39:43, pepe vaughn.png)


The forks in the road, fortunate/unfortunate life events that steered me to this post, at this time at night, during this day of week are no accident.

seeing an anon post this:


>Magickal Knowledge: Foundations by Josephine McCarthy, good straight forward knowledge to have

I simply nodded my head yes, rubbed my hand on my dog's head and unconsciously "praised Kek" with 1488 levels of unironic irony.

Frog Nazi WIzards.

I wouldn't have it any other way…..

6ea248 No.9288169

File: 8579367058af2ed⋯.jpg (161.56 KB, 750x695, 150:139, kek slays moloch1.jpg)


our objective is to slay the god of the jews anon

remember that

this is a war you've been fighting since before you took physical form in your mothers womb

it wont end until our enemies and their god is dead

87dba7 No.9288192


The author even uses the word 'degenerate'.

e1fd85 No.9288302

File: 359fa9e7f60ffe5⋯.jpg (67.99 KB, 449x499, 449:499, 1214595201168.jpg)


>tfw trying to remember how long I've known this feel for

bc8b93 No.9288303

File: e4f60b17dcfafa1⋯.jpg (200.75 KB, 1150x589, 1150:589, win8influence.jpg)

File: 2ed65ad90439e87⋯.jpg (293.65 KB, 1150x589, 1150:589, win8influenceZOG.jpg)


remember the excitement as post 1000000 was reached

remember your first OC thread get stickied

got banned two weeks back for "chronic shitposting" - still stings - REEEEeeeee

mixed feels man






Posting oldest OC I haven't deleted through paranoia.

Recently decided it's preferable to die poor and lonely than to bow down to these fucking scum.

e1fd85 No.9288369

File: b3d51b13425c5f4⋯.gif (110 KB, 456x364, 114:91, 131289521778.gif)


Been running/participating in multiple campaigns of subversion/co-option, some extraordinarily successful.

Was also a significant contributor to #gamergate early on (not a namefag though).


>Personally made libreboot forever stay out of the GNU Project by telling the tranny dev that she needed to kill herself

You're a fucking hero, it's a shame he didn't kill himself. If that were the case you'd be a legend like the /ogc/anon who got the dolphin emulator tranny to kill himself.

89301b No.9288403

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eee1bc No.9288432


Part of me thinks of the libertarians and the way they carry on about the free market.

Here, in the anonymity of image board culture, the free market operates as advertised.

Here, in anonymity, a man might passionately argue a point of view fiercely for years and then, realizing one day that he is wrong, change his view without penalty - without loss of status or reputation. That is very important. Admitting that you were wrong and changing your view carries no penalty.

At the same time, our anonymity allows us to avoid the most pervasive logical fallacy - the appeal to authority. Here on image-boards, an anon cannot rely on past victories to shore up his argument and is not held down by his past failures. The merit of his argument, alone, is what matters.

Another part of me calls to mind Aesop's old saying, that birds of a feather, flock together.'

Back in 2013-14, political correctness was at its height. In this climate there was a concerted effort amongst the lefties to drive people like me off mainstream websites.

These days, the people over at kike-bart carry on about the time that Milo was banned from twitter. What they don't seem to realise is that Milo is a little-league player. I've been banned from twitter, reddit, 4chan, facebook etc. etc. etc. And I expect that there are other people on this site who have a more impressive rap-sheet than I. Back in 2013-14 people like me were banned from pretty much every mainstream website and so we all eventually found our way here to 8chan, the only website that would give us a voice.

Back then, 8chan was a pedophile haven. /hebe/ and /cutegirl/ were two of the largest boards on the site. And that fact alone says something, doesn't it? It really says something about a society, when honest people who have unpopular political views are forced to flee mainstream sites to sites like 8chan, and associate with pedos because, literally, the pedos were the only people prepared to have an open discussion free from prejudice.

God thank Jim for driving those pricks off the site.

Then the exodus happened. Then gaymer-gate happened. Then Trump Happened.

It's been a wild ride.

6d0878 No.9289020


My humble journey started in /b/, took me through /baph/ and landed me right here. Here's to another great three years, 8chan! Our glorious motherland!

32e4af No.9289040

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Seems somewhat relevant.

What with the "We are still here!" line

37b8ff No.9289055


Is it bad that I feel smugness? I've been through some tough shit and I have resisted taking the easy way out. Why couldn't those faggots?

32e4af No.9289070

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Personally I suspect we're going to find ourselves in some Chan valhalla (Chanhalla?)

Shitposting eternity for humanity

e718d3 No.9289100

File: cfb0559db116e1c⋯.jpg (16.49 KB, 210x200, 21:20, 1433048580840.jpg)


I came over during the first exodus with the /gg/ crowd. The effect this place has had on my life cannot be overstated. When I arrived I was a bitter, resentful socialist weasel man who encouraged the destruction of western society as a way to better conceal my own shortcomings. I distinctly remember the first Ferguson chimpout thread as my road to Damascus moment where I laughed so hard that tears streamed down my face, and just like that the spell was broken.

This board saved me and now it's saving the world.


dfc013 No.9289136

First-exodus fag here. You have my sword.

d684de No.9289139

I found out about chans a long time ago but when i heard about gamergate,i tried to lurk on cuckchan.but it was too cancerous for me.i went on "chan related forums" for a while but left since it was just kids doxing each other,since i've always thought nazis were cool i stumbled upon a doc called "the greatest story never told" which redpilled me pretty fast.then i remembered that /pol/ thing "had a nazi logo" and lurked for 2 years,i fell for the anti trump shills but soon after i saw the light.i've never left this place since it feels like home.


>cuckchanner here for hwndu cancer

Get the fuck out. And take your shitty low res memes with you.

11c960 No.9289141


>mfw I thought I was gonna keep my liberal beliefs when I started going on /pol/

>literal Nazi

ea6410 No.9289237

File: 7649436bb62823d⋯.png (29.35 KB, 591x422, 591:422, Remember me.png)

5bb96f No.9289279

File: 5c9624ae6d737bd⋯.png (380.53 KB, 562x384, 281:192, escape poster.png)


I remember the first days of 8/pol/ especially the great divide from 4cuck. T'was like gathering of wounded anons in a forest after a losing a big battle.

Some have dreams of getting back at j00t and reclaiming that website with stratagems. Some bitterly finding resolve. I remember a pretty cool guy who always posted short stories about race wars or that beaver anon mumbling some neat ideas. Refined ideas were being exchange by the first escapees.

I remember HW wanting to tap W.T. Snacks as his second command of sorts but Snacks has his own world now.

Though the quality of post became less due to various waves of immigration, big or small, divisive or not. I firmly believe 8/pol/ is a meat grinder, anons who are new here will eventually settle and give their ideas surely.

c574ac No.9289322

I was happy to stay on 4chan, right up until mootles wrecked 4/pol/ by removing captcha.

The only thing left over there worth anything is the /fit/board.

0f75ad No.9289396

I'll get bully for this but I've only been here for one year (almost to the day), and I was never a 4chan user.

I remember over 10 years ago, the very first time I saw 4chan ("what's this /b/ stuff about anyway?") and on my very first visit someone was spamming cp. I get that mods try to take care of that stuff but they must have been on a lucnh break or some shit… I never once went back.

Anyway in Feb 2016 I was what I now understand is a "cuckservative". I didn't like spics, kebabs or niggers but didn't feel strongly against feminism (even scoffed at gamergate) and was completely bluepilled on jews and in denail about white genocide. Hell I even believed the official story on 911. The worst I thought of jews was that they were ugly.

A week after I start browsing here, I read Mein Kampf and had a list of other book recommendations from /pol/. Looking back, that is a very fast change for such a yuge shift in perspective…. Yet it felt totally natural.

So thanks /pol/. I found you just in time, without this place I probably would have been a good goy and backed Cruz. Hell I was so naive back then I may even have backed guac bowl merchant. Thank you again for helping me, and helping Trump.

ea6410 No.9289403

File: dda285ad9d5b032⋯.gif (298.55 KB, 255x191, 255:191, snacks.gif)


>Snacks has his own world now

Is he in prison yet?

6cafdc No.9289416


>one year

>not two

lurk moar

30d449 No.9289438


>Here, in anonymity, a man might passionately argue a point of view fiercely for years and then, realizing one day that he is wrong, change his view without penalty - without loss of status or reputation. That is very important. Admitting that you were wrong and changing your view carries no penalty.

And this is why anonymous imageboards will continue to be the greatest truth-seeking think tanks to ever exist.

ea6410 No.9289465

File: 2dc4cf766e659db⋯.png (566.91 KB, 1073x595, 1073:595, based HW on anonymity.png)


That, the lack of past or future status as an individual anon, and the fact that you are not limited to arguing for popular or socially acceptable points of view.

6d0878 No.9289487

File: 113a791ec565200⋯.jpg (81.39 KB, 564x624, 47:52, IMG_1930.JPG)

File: e67226c3c2b9b92⋯.jpg (168.64 KB, 433x500, 433:500, IMG_1931.JPG)


What would a /pol/ archetype be? I'm guessing something like a superfluous man, but less withdrawn. I'm guessing most people here probably look and act like those old arrow collard shirt illustrations.

bf3712 No.9289494


I think that we are the first official transition from "Reactionary" and to our values being only in opposition. To actually standing for something.

The first stand against the kikes, the lefties and the other undesirables.

The first group of people of our generation, who decided to stop feeling shame for ourselves, and to actually fight back.

Because of this, this board is clean, lefties are banned, shills are removed. We may have even gotten back to the original chan spirit in some ways because of that.

In this vast, mutable and changing world, we decided that we didnt wanted to be ghosts that fade into history. That we didnt wanted to be another minor race or people who didnt fight back, and who then were absorbed, or killed by a larger group.

That is why I like this place, because we are life. We are the spirit of the DNA that wants to replicate itself, instead of the cuck spirit that is okay in letting itself die.

0a4c1d No.9289609


>over a year and a half, and I'm just tired

>I don't feel like we're winning

Don't be a low-energy newfag. I started on /new/ and then 4chon before it died. Back then I would never have expected things to turn around like this, the MSM getting BTFO on a daily basis, Bush/Clinton legacies in the toilet, ever-expanding awareness of the perfidy of kikes, ZOG losing in Syria, the left eating itself, Franklin part 2 exploding all over the net and people getting comfortable with nationalist and actual right wing ideas. And things are just getting started.

Just look at what is happening with Pewdiepie. Millions of kids getting gently guided towards thinking Nazis and jew jokes are cool.

18b596 No.9289693


Nope. Fifty years young, and still autistically chasing the truth. Got another fifty years to go, at least. More to learn, about… how to clean house, how to rebuild and remake, and new solid paths to traverse. Much more to go.

993e5e No.9289870


Pretty much the same only it was liberal salt threads back during GG and how unwilling to compromise Leftists really were on something as minor and stupid as Games Journalism. that began my trip to the RWDS cheering person I am now.

148b33 No.9290026

File: 31ff86477b89386⋯.png (388.55 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 31ff86477b893860569d6e3dbd….png)

cae158 No.9290093

File: 165cc7e466aee69⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 225x168, 75:56, 1409952721120.gif)

I was here since the dawn of the first exodus. A day or two late but that sticky m00t made on /v/ about Gamergate was the real tipping point of finally having a reason to leave cuckchan. I saw some threads quickly going up and in rapid fire being deleted mentioning 8chan. Now this was before Google blocked 8ch from searches, so I was able to find it easily. It was slow, comfy, and to put it short, a new imageboard to truly call a New World.

Witnessing the real life plane scene tear a hole in the fabric of time and space back in 2014 was just the first step. 2014 and 2015 were the absolute worst years of my life, with TPP lingering over my head among other huge happenings.

And then 2016. Current Year +1 itself. The absolute highest point of my life I might not ever be able to relive, all thanks to some rich shitposter and his army of online autists, and we fucking won. We beat the final boss but we still have all the post game bosses to deal with, so strap in, it's gonna be fucking bumpy for 4 years.

I love you faggots, and when the day comes I will happily march alongside my brothers and cleanse the Earth of degenerates and secure the existance of our people and a future for white children. God bless you fucking niggers.

f4742d No.9290721


Unless you say something the mods don't like

f4742d No.9290847

File: 24cd6fe074b5e4d⋯.jpeg (49.35 KB, 704x441, 704:441, auto_rene_descartes_quote….jpeg)

First came here about three years ago after 4chan went to complete shit. This is my honest opinion about this site.

8/pol/ is only good for finding information about a topic. Other than that, it sucks at everything else. We have zero sense of community now. If anyone says anything, even the slightest opposition against the groupthink, they are called a shill and could possible be banned. People are just to lazy to do raids or go outside at all. I liked the idea of protesting in front of the Fed banks we did a year ago but that was the only real act of protest we have ever done.

What really pissed me off the most was when 4/pol/ started the pissgate controversy and everyone here started acting like we did it. But hey, you don't have to do act now. You don't have to do any form of actual work to get what you need. Just "meme" now, just stay in your own little echo chamber and keep telling yourselves the samething over and over.

To be honest, I have no idea what the fed or likes are so afraid of from this site

bf3712 No.9290884



lol fuck of kike, your kind doesnt have a right to exist in our white nations, nor does your kind has a right to comment in our websites. We have a strong pro natsoc community here, and if you arent part of "our groupthink" you can just fuck right off, better yet, I reported you, I hope you get banned you filthy kike.

dd279d No.9290900


I immunized you against Nihilism completely, and in turn purged it from myself.


f4742d No.9290949


It's called "politically incorrect" where people post what they truthfully feel about politics. Not "muh echo-chamber". Also good job at proving my point

dd279d No.9290991


We've always had shit mods, off and on throughout our history.


The Schism of Boards occured because the three ideologies cannot truly co-exist with one another, though they wage endless Jyhad amongst themselves. It sucks, but if you want to say politically incorrect leftist leaning things, go to leftypol. Liberty if you're an anclap.

This is where the mod situation comes in. Post if you wish, but understand there is a core consensus, but a core culture as well. If you abide by the culture, and don't be a shill or a kike, you can be heard. Till a mod finds you annoying, but thus is the nature of mods. This was true all the way back to Snacks.

dd279d No.9291007


And no, I didn't link those boards. Crawl the boardlist a while, and listen.

23d250 No.9291013

File: 1caa92d2197ee35⋯.png (342.88 KB, 613x487, 613:487, red anon painting.png)

00711f No.9291035

File: 345b9ffa55a70f7⋯.jpeg (8.33 KB, 208x200, 26:25, someshit.jpeg)


I'll sum it up

its been hell serving with you gentlemen.

341847 No.9291038

File: 3b7e56a9c2addad⋯.png (392.66 KB, 500x622, 250:311, 3b7e56a9c2addaddf5e2be4be5….png)

bf3712 No.9291043


we make this board whatever we want to make out of it, do you think we care about your dumb shill lefty and moderate stances? Fuck off, you are not welcome here.

23d250 No.9291074

File: aea47836219e81c⋯.jpg (49.21 KB, 794x518, 397:259, logo6.jpg)


Someone has to do what we do…

e4d437 No.9291078

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e4d437 No.9291156

File: 344707cfdc65bdd⋯.jpg (15.8 KB, 285x403, 285:403, kill every cop in sight.jpg)


>tfw no one else will ever understand or believe the things we saw or did here

There will always be the the graphs and stats for redpilling, but the memes, the gets, shilling, interboard/intersite political meme fighting, meme magick, all those little unpreserved posts that roused the divine tides of history, to speak of these will be as to be looked upon as madmen.

bf3712 No.9291180

File: 7fdd1801f4bd875⋯.jpg (25.22 KB, 430x302, 215:151, 1487277691523.jpg)


>this whole exodus started

>this chan slowly started turning more right wing

>as the cuckchan had lots of lefty shitposting filling up the catalog

>this chan started trimming away leftists and leftists opinions.

>catalog became clean

>comfortable place was created without the constantly retarded, shouting and aggravating things being posted

>could actually discuss esoteric lore normally now

>the chan blooms as a result

>the jews dont like it

>they start to shill it even more

>even some adl jews names us directly (if you arent being called out by the jews you arent doing it rite)

>constantly this stream of cucks, retards and lefty enablers comes along to try to trick you into surrendering your working strategy against them

>"lol you should use these principles because they only benefit us since we do not do the same back for you, but it allows us to spam and shit on your quality"

srsly, how about no. This chan is a bullwark, a fortress against the forces of degeneracy and its fugging great because of that. Its a testament of war and of recognizing that we will no longer feel shame in our way of being.

Some things like freedom of speech are only reserved for use with those people who also respect it back, those who do not, dont deserve it. Thus they are banned here because they are lefties and shitbags without them needing to shit it up first.

so fuck off lefties, moderates, centrists, shit even reactionaries. Well the last ones can just lurk more, but the rest should fuck off.

23d250 No.9291221

File: 81b69d6d0911bda⋯.jpg (10.69 KB, 400x250, 8:5, exodus.jpg)

File: 05ac0516bc9e473⋯.jpg (72.76 KB, 680x770, 68:77, 8chanmootle.jpg)

File: be17d68a2e3cb06⋯.jpg (60.72 KB, 604x417, 604:417, and nothing of value was l….jpg)

File: 345313d048b3923⋯.png (429.86 KB, 736x966, 16:21, 8% more cancer free.png)


>this whole exodus started

I wonder how many still remember the exodus…

c00be5 No.9291238

File: 11597b1db78e978⋯.mp4 (6.91 MB, 440x248, 55:31, that feel.mp4)

32e4af No.9291246


The exodus was recent as fuck.

What I want to know is does anyone remember the vans?

Party AND exploding?

bf3712 No.9291257


I came in a bit later than the rest, but I still made this place my home more or less. The lack of lefty shitposting really is one of the best features of this chan.

people constantly whine "well hurr durrr but there needs to be a constant stream of leftist whining",

why are the numbers so high here? Why do we still regularly have many bumplocked threads, like the trump press thing yesterday?

People fucking love the removal of lefties. And so far I only have been banned in the beginning for being a bit too retarded, but its been quite a while since I posted and I havent been banned at all. So its great. The only ones who complain about it all are lefties and retards.

d6b550 No.9291265

f4742d No.9291268

File: ac6b5c5873d9d96⋯.png (121.16 KB, 456x368, 57:46, 3a3fc8f871fb46eb809e58d133….png)


Only true oldfags will remember this

064b59 No.9291275

File: 67fffe86a3a984d⋯.jpg (20.06 KB, 333x279, 37:31, 1422191969067.jpg)


Brings fond (yet despicable, considering how bad cuckchan were going at the time) memories.

32e4af No.9291280


I got nothin.

Some obscure /b/ meme?

23d250 No.9291285

File: e77fb60e8448de5⋯.jpg (52.95 KB, 700x700, 1:1, eb14ea521025960d667e53908d….jpg)

32e4af No.9291298

File: 6565bed19f60d75⋯.webm (3.94 MB, 320x240, 4:3, THEY CALL THEMSELVES ANON….webm)



32e4af No.9291335


Gods rewatching this just makes me laugh.

"she bought a dog"

And that "hacker" who claimed he was gonna shut us down.

Also as they scrolled down what was clearly /b/ I recognised a clip taken from a manga, that classic "We're talking about penises" one.


23d250 No.9291337

File: 2b46407016c7b16⋯.jpg (194.58 KB, 1424x842, 712:421, behind 7000 skeletons.jpg)


God, I miss Habbo and MySpace. Those were simpler times…

064b59 No.9291348

File: cf8f3abd61608a7⋯.jpg (44.83 KB, 400x382, 200:191, 1363024872081.jpg)


Your numbers seem to agree

bf301b No.9291349


Only fags waited until October 1st.

32e4af No.9291358


Man who uses 1337speak anymore?

I don't think I've really seen it anywhere in at least…five years? probably more

bf301b No.9291364


It's one thing I won't mourn.

e4d437 No.9291369

File: 762907f75ff529b⋯.jpg (9.25 KB, 397x274, 397:274, candlejack.jpg)

064b59 No.9291378


Does kids today even know about it?

Forgotten language of past times, seems like yesterday it was used commonly.

man, is this what it feels like to get old?


I agree

bf3712 No.9291380


oh shit, its candlejack, I thou

32e4af No.9291382


Fuckin candlejack is back? Dam I thought that nigger was de

23d250 No.9291394

File: 824d96173bc6a1e⋯.png (437.76 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, you are not leejun.png)


Thank fuck it's dead.

32e4af No.9291398


Hard to believe we rejected that which epic fail guy gave us.

And that anon is no longer green.

bf3712 No.9291415

File: 5cc4f05208d6db0⋯.jpg (85.74 KB, 640x714, 320:357, YWK9z19.jpg)


some part of him still lives on inside us

32e4af No.9291419


Does he? Or has he joined the other side hence their constant epic failures?

b54629 No.9291420

I remember the first exodus. I had barely gotten on 4chan when the call when out to go to greener pastures. I remember when Hotwheels was practically a god on here, he even did an article on the daily stormer in favor of eugenics. My favorite memory here will always be the Ferguson riots. Over 20 threads, one after the other filling over, each with their own silly titles and jokes. My sides didn't stop hurting for days. I remember how we trolled "anonymous" by turning their images into ours. I remember God-Emperor Trump was still a fresh joke, and pepe was still just a frog. Its been fun lads.

32e4af No.9291429

File: 26d4cbbce12f655⋯.png (1.24 MB, 710x1068, 355:534, 0e86656a2a1fb7fdee748e4c1d….png)


Newfags don't get to reminisce.

bf3712 No.9291430


well the yelling at the niggers part is the one that lives on inside of us lol, the other aspects not so much indeed.

932d7b No.9291438


What the heck is hotwheels doing now-a-days?

32e4af No.9291442


Well he's still running the site one assumes

23d250 No.9291445

File: 42c8dca02d2b849⋯.gif (442.4 KB, 600x458, 300:229, say_desu.gif)


Ha! Desu.

32e4af No.9291457

File: 2b55227c2d10f59⋯.jpg (49.86 KB, 600x604, 150:151, 2b55227c2d10f59cbcd26d2eda….jpg)


Desu desu

Do we really want to start this again?

23d250 No.9291472

File: 86a8ca3f5074b80⋯.jpg (8.06 KB, 447x349, 447:349, Boxxy_Sweet.jpg)


Not really, I'm just remembering past memes. Regardless of how autistic they were.

I just now remembered boxxy… I wonder how she's doing.

77fabc No.9291476



If you don't remember #ff0000 then you need to get out. Or just lurk for a few years

ae2925 No.9291479

File: 231b81f78b2add0⋯.png (1.76 MB, 710x1604, 355:802, 26d4cbbce12f655183b8d9afd6….png)

421c16 No.9291480


she hosts a show on the youtube channel Animalist

she's not nearly as attractive now though, feels bad

32e4af No.9291485


Well she started making videos again in 2011.

But boxxy was always cancerous and crazy.

I think she does porn on the side now? She runs her own website.

b3321e No.9291501


shut up faggot

f4742d No.9291524


She's an anti-Trump feminist now who married a cuck

77fabc No.9291533



















421c16 No.9291534


She's anti-Trump? How did you figure this out?

949225 No.9291535

I'm a regular lurker that came over when m00t cucked /pol/ about two or three years ago. I'm thankful for all the anons here who research endlessly and are always seeking out the truth. I would be lost without discovering 8ch and I love everyone here unironically

930fce No.9291577


She doesnt do porn, but she had voice acting job for some cartoon at disney lately.


Her name is Catherine Wayne. You can look her up on twitter. I didnt see the part where she married a cuck, but she is anti trump and often retweets what nigger celebs say.

f4742d No.9291595

23d250 No.9291615

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She looks like a lesbian, thinks whites are equal to mud races and niggers…

Pretty sure she's a commie like the rest of them now.

421c16 No.9291616


Sad. She was /b/'s girl for so long, she probably only needed a little push to get on /pol/ and take the redpill.

Oh well, she was mostly annoying anyway.

23d250 No.9291626

File: 7cad70ecfe4888d⋯.jpg (95.81 KB, 460x288, 115:72, check em.jpg)


Jesus Christ, her twitter is like the most fucking cancerous communist collection of retarded shit in existence. RIP in peace.

e5050d No.9291648


This happens to even the best of women, but whereas in the past it didn't matter because a woman like this would've already been married with kids rendering her fading looks not a big issue, today's women are unmarried and childless and losing their looks making them utterly worthless at this point to any suitable mate.

Sad situation.

23d250 No.9291691

File: 0dcc966fce94ab5⋯.png (282.85 KB, 312x407, 312:407, boxxydied.png)


It gets worse than that.

421c16 No.9291702

File: 8f59529ddc3012d⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 400x231, 400:231, 8f59529ddc3012dff7c4507e7d….gif)


I must counter that eye rape with something nice. Enjoy this jiggly conservative ass

e4d437 No.9291715

File: e2c085b77cfb849⋯.jpg (19.21 KB, 427x354, 427:354, Aubrey.jpg)


>that haircut


bf301b No.9291721

File: 1cde737f1ea13b6⋯.jpg (171.85 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1454062921101.jpg)

27230c No.9291749



Can't be that surprising. She got famous literally be being "LE RANDUMB" while being cute and noticed by hormonal 14 year old /b/tards. Not even shitting on her for that even though it sounds like I am, but it's just not surprising that someone who stumbled into e-fame isn't anything of value.

930fce No.9291820



One day I will overcome my obsession with her. It has been over 5 years already.

4199b7 No.9291830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> I just now remembered boxxy… I wonder how she's doing.



She even tried doing some new Boxxy vids (youtube.com/boxxybabee).

She quit the Internet for almost two years but came back. Turned out she really had ADD and took some pills, which made more of a normie but lost all her Boxxy charm.

She tried to sell some autographs but people were complaining that after a year they still didn't got their pictures (how retarded can you be to fuck this).

A fan of her made this site (half forum, half imageboard) to concentrate all her fans under a strict moderation, but Catie never gave feedback on how the moderation should be handled. She eventually had a platonic relationship with one of the mods and stopped visiting the site when it was found out. Fans left and the sites got freezed.

She did some stuff with Discovery, I believe, and then was hired for voiceover of a cartoon.

813e66 No.9291848




>she dropped off in qtness this hard

>even though she's only 24

Nothing gives me more feels than women aging

e5050d No.9291877


Aging is not the problem, everyone ages and will die. The problem is the young women of today are not taking advantage of their looks at the critical time they should be meeting a partner, getting married and starting a family.

3a43c5 No.9291892

Yes sir, it's been a hell of a cancerous ride. You can't omit #GamerGate from the history of 8chan, even though I know we'd all like to. Regardless of how gay it got, it was still a prime reason for this place getting as big as it is.

4199b7 No.9291901



If Catie had some balls she could have kept making videos right then in her prime and 4chan's /b/ would have collapsed under a neverending shitstorm.

I remember when the mods were so pissed they banned people making Boxxy threads, then they even banned everyone posting in the threads, then they made a ton of worldfilters to avoid people talking about her.

Mods couldn't just ignore her because the haters were DDoSing the site pretty hard.

Anyway, a quick peek at her tweeter will reveal that she's your regular SJW.

a98109 No.9291924

File: c1886981360920c⋯.png (266.32 KB, 1046x1040, 523:520, hw still alive.png)


>being this new


pic related

05946e No.9291977


Goymergayte was beautiful. Even though video games are a waste of time and they are getting more and more, female, the media blitz prepared the solders for their battle tactics come the start of the great meme war.

ae7b25 No.9292199


Excellent synopsis, Anon.

86b115 No.9292317

421c16 No.9292344

File: f36a83195b0723e⋯.webm (7.64 MB, 608x336, 38:21, im mad as hell (Network).webm)


I remember getting banned for posting that 8chan ad multiple times.

OP is right, let us never forget.

webm was basically us on 4chan before the exodus

41578f No.9292392


And my axe.

ae7b25 No.9292426


Actually the most useful part of IDs is positive identification, not negative identification.

It's knowing that you're actually replying to the same person, so the conversation becomes more readable.

41578f No.9292519

Did anyone else jump right in without lurking much? I found /i/ first I think in 07ish and helped fuel the rape train.

Since then I've lurked on/off but always been on some chan, some board, somewhere. Been on /pol/ here for about two years.

Anyone wanna infograph me on baneposting cus I missed that?

129bdb No.9292582



why not. it's an oldfag nostalgia past time.

ae7b25 No.9292824


The average /pol/ack is a dorky, nerdy guy who's trying to make himself better. It's the beta finally casting society out of his head and reaching for greatness. Despite low birth, despite the plans of the jews, in spite of an entire world that has been engineered to defeat, dissassemble and destroy the white male, /pol/acks survive in spite of it and have the audacity to not only fight it but strive towards the boundless heavens.

We will defeat the jew, we will outstrip the dregs of humanity, and we will grasp reality itself in the palms of our hands.

129bdb No.9292845

File: 9dc7e93a30643c4⋯.png (405.5 KB, 1237x793, 1237:793, 9dc7e93a30643c48ff966e1dbe….png)


Pic related fills it well. "dorky nerdy" is too kind. A /pol/ack needs a bit of morbid curiosity and some controlled schizophrenia to be obsessed about such international politics.

8f7e58 No.9292953


Did they ever release the code for her? I remember them saying they were going to. I would like it for a… project..

421c16 No.9293028


Even if they did, it still wouldn't be Tay. The original code is heavily modified.

000000 No.9293119


>Rene Descartes

LOL that is Voltaire

c9e05d No.9293123


F for the Fallen Heroes.

f4742d No.9293165


>dark knight rises first 8 minutes comes out on youtube

>/tv/ makes fun of the awkward lines

>becomes a meme

That's about it

f4742d No.9293186


Don't forget the feeling of isolation which lead him down this road to begin with

bf301b No.9293342

I miss spoilers in spoilers

ae2925 No.9293364


You [spoiler]can't do that now?[/spoiler]

ae7b25 No.9293391


Probably parses it linearly.

testing inside outside

ae2925 No.9293404


what if you use different tekkers?

ae2925 No.9293417




bf301b No.9293425


Oh shit, you may have just discovered something that will change the course of shitposting for years to come.

ae2925 No.9293432


i am not a clever man

ae2925 No.9293447



41b86f No.9293449

ae7b25 No.9293483


Are you using Tex? I could never get that shit to work for me.

ae7b25 No.9293504

testing again faggots why do we make these things miserable piles of secrets

ae2925 No.9293511


* on the out

[ on the in

a2e1a3 No.9293515

File: f8df4da1071e1cb⋯.jpg (67.44 KB, 777x551, 777:551, 15747367_388195514851800_2….jpg)

I used to call /pol/ a bunch of neo-nazi retards when I was on /b/ but soon enough, you guys redpilled me.

Thanks for showing me the light fellow anons, if you hadn't shown me the truth, I'd still be a depressed sack of shit who jerked off 3 times a day posting greentext on /b/

By the way, does anyone have the 8chan "Princes of the Universe" webm?

One of the first pieces of OC I watched after leaving 4chan.

bf301b No.9293525


chan culture

ae2925 No.9293543


c62b53 No.9293547

ae7b25 No.9293569


I know but it's a pain in the ass especially when the website is broken 90%[spoiler]ALL of the time[/spoiler]

421c16 No.9293638


60ffac No.9293676



Wait, wait… That's Boxxy? She looks mid-40s. Jesus.

ae7b25 No.9293705


Feminists don't age well. Smoking, drinking, STDs, abortions, lack of a stable relationship, poor diet, poor hygiene, lack of exercise and over application of makeup all lead down one path of self destruction.

60ffac No.9293796


Odd, I've always described myself as superfluous in my darker times. It fits us pretty well, I think. I look like the pics but with long hair.


Rust Cole's demeanor from True Detective S01 is probably the best analogue. Off-puttingly intelligent to normies, mysterious, and tortured by his knowledge.

I didn't find my way to chans until coming here in mid 2015, but I've never felt more at home.

716c4e No.9293893

File: 2373cb061c5c8ee⋯.jpg (862.65 KB, 3920x2204, 980:551, ebola-chan-geman-newspaper.jpg)

File: 0949acd04ba3d44⋯.jpg (57.29 KB, 618x464, 309:232, pepe-newspaper.jpg)

File: 3eed034984b6870⋯.png (63.72 KB, 615x254, 615:254, statue etc.png)


>And I'm eager to believe many were performing private rites and spells for the benefit of our race and culture as well.

This is something that has made 8/pol/ extra fun – Internet-aided Aryan mysticism is pretty remarkable when you think about it. The creative forces really come out of our race when the kikes try to extirpate us and replace us with mud-drones. Kek has blessed us and we've adopted certain religious qualities that will help us survive in the end.

804061 No.9293997

File: a48e9a045a3d185⋯.png (401.36 KB, 613x765, 613:765, a48e9a045a3d185139ef19f162….png)

eb5376 No.9295109

File: 71351cd14effa8a⋯.jpg (205.07 KB, 1001x823, 1001:823, life is good geels.jpg)


don't worry anon, we're proud of you

29e881 No.9295506

File: 80d700b967fb92e⋯.jpg (52.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, patch.jpg)

File: 835f440921e1647⋯.png (65.26 KB, 297x308, 27:28, seam 2.png)

I participated in some deep cover behind-enemy-lines operations here in the NW. Not much of a game changer, but work hard to keep the salt flowing so our meme magicians always have the best ingredients. I plan on disrupting a Presidents Day protest on Monday. Wish me luck and


9e4bdd No.9295718


>short stories about race wars


bfa0e4 No.9295763

File: 4bf59de943adb73⋯.jpeg (436.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, image.jpeg)

>be me a literal autist

> never lurked 4chan before

> heard about it online searched some YouTube vids on it

> holy shit these guys are fucking hilarious

> watch 4chan raid twitch stream and prank calling people was the fucking best laugh I had

> later on went to Reddit

> got sucked into it because I didn't really have that much of a life

> browsed /r/LOL sub

> new pro season was starting

> a fucking tranny was getting praised by virtue signaling faggots because "hur dur it's a girl now"

> Reddit mods banned or deleted people's comments for just having a different opinion about or just simply felt the white knighting was stupid when it came to the tranny

> later on just say fuck it I'm not putting up with this bullshit everytime the faggot was discussed in a thread I just redpilled people on how they're encouraging a mental illness mods would delete my comments and ban me

> later on just felt like fucking over this one mod in particular in pissing him since he was a literal sjw who come to definately hate as I browsed on YouTube

> go to /r/videos and see that vid of that faggot trying to assault Trump at chigongo

> later see vids at what's happening at Trump rally's when protestors are literally harassing and attacking his supporters even the disabled and children and the miniroties that they love so much when they choose their cult over rational thought

> find the Donald

> thought it was good redpilled me a lot on Trump and noticed some of the people there were definately from pol

> later on saw the Donald was compromised by srs taking it over

> migrated to another Trump sub

> same fucking thing happens again

> am now disgusted with Reddit entirely

> hear about 8pol and migrate there since last spring


> always knew that 9/11 was always fishy

> knew about the Rothschilds

> vaguely knew about Jews running Hollywood and media

> but once when I saw anons were discussing the hollyhoax never happened initially it scared me

> keep lurking moar because just felt it was best that way

> later on Polacks raid omegle to spread redpills and troll ppl

> later in the thread one anon pointed out that it was mathematically impossible to kill that many people

> could not argue with math since it was absolute truth and nothing could overcome it

> start to lurk more and more and realize the races are not even remotely equal and how it's much for everyone to separated at all cost for survival reasons

> watched TGSNT cried myself asleep after knowing the utopia that mankind was taught to hate had lost to disgusting savage beasts and traitors

> became more and more redpilled and started to realize u guys are really my only true friends because you stand up for morals, the traditions, the truth, of what made white civilization great in the first place and weren't afraid of being offensive and encouraged free discussion on the Internet and ur ideas were proven to be right through basic logic and facts and science

> started to hate people around me who would rather care about complaining about not getting a new phone or not get the right fucking Starbucks coffee rather than call out what is wrong in society because they don't want to be singled out

> once when I was fully redpilled I started sharing some of what u guys believe here and shared it my family and some friends I made at uni who seen through the bullshit

> I'm even starting to redpill my grandma on the holocaust with basic math and she has her masters in mathematics and she had to concede there is something wrong there

> now my mom and I joke about Jews and shit and shared her some stuff about pol even stuff about meme magick despite her being a normie and she thinks it's real as fuck

> now just trying to pull through this hell of a divorce that's been tearing up my family

> hope to when I get free time and I get the money I can start to get fit

> still unsure what to do for a career even tho uni is a meme at least STEM has a further and if done with uni and I don't want to do that I can always go to trade school and pick what interest and still have a degree even if it's a paper it can still somewhat have its uses

I'm just rambling here now but I just want to say thank you pol for showing me the truth that was forbidden for me to see. Thank you for the keks I had when I browsed threads. Thank you for the knowledge you opened my eyes to. But most of all thank you for giving me something to die for. My family, my race, my nation. Thank you so much pol

658132 No.9295790


go back to reddit.

9e4bdd No.9295826


How are blindmute and Jake doing?

658132 No.9295840

File: 3ad0d130f4908ca⋯.png (1006.16 KB, 800x706, 400:353, ClipboardImage.png)


At least cracky isn't a fucking communist.

9cf3a2 No.9295887


she's still alive?

bb7a78 No.9295924


>I think the biggest victory was when the CON chat logs were leaked and it proved they were the ones spamming CP on 8chan

Wait, what? Do you have a link to this?

I thought there wasn't supposed to be much damning in those leaks except for the data they were gathering on people, and how catty they were behind the scenes…

000000 No.9296045


>When ==everyone== else began using cloudfuck even 8ch 8ch made a hidden service and it's existence is the only reason most AFK anons are 8chan /pol/acks

658132 No.9296049


yep, think she's into /fa/shit and generally wants to avoid imageboards.

869700 No.9296088

File: 8ce6ff9788991ce⋯.webm (4.8 MB, 1080x720, 3:2, dont look back.webm)




Maybe? Is this it?

869700 No.9296112

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Also youtube.com/watch?v=VoPF7Ao3oxI

The Crash Override Network, a cyber harassment support network created by LW had chat logs leak back in August/September '16.

49c32d No.9296134



Does anyone remember the Cult of Siduri? It had some connection to lizardsquad (crossover between members, I think) and it was led by a UCLA stem cell researcher who posted here trying to indoctrinate /pol/acks into his weird beliefs.

No, I didn't dream this. It really happened. It was sometime after Gamergate and before the election season, IIRC.

658132 No.9296148

File: 2d3903e50b0efad⋯.png (199.93 KB, 1238x722, 619:361, christopher robin's final ….png)



1e357b No.9296159

File: fc93bb2254fbf57⋯.jpg (18.63 KB, 255x203, 255:203, 1440715094210.jpg)


>muh dick mufuggah

every 2d girl is pure. degenerate parodies of these innocent girls made for profit or fame belong in a fucking volcano

e07659 No.9296216


I've been here longer and shit is definitely looking up. I didn't think Brexit would happen and it did. I didn't think Trump would win and he did.

Shit is very different now. There's a long way to go, but for the first time in years I actually have some hope. I just need to move out of this goddamned city of maximum overpoz.

49c32d No.9296268

File: 08f5cd2f1d7760a⋯.png (152 KB, 1153x538, 1153:538, anderson cooper.png)

File: 3ec1a1411617dc8⋯.png (986.21 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, celebrity on pol.png)

File: d753bcb6f36820d⋯.png (15.94 KB, 1238x197, 1238:197, february 6 debate.png)

File: 71e0acd5ca61db1⋯.png (20.68 KB, 652x485, 652:485, may15.png)

File: 679ef77ac393027⋯.png (116.61 KB, 864x228, 72:19, jones.png)

Posting some fun stuff from 8ch /pol/ over the past three years. One is an image showing how fucking demoralized we were at the very start of the election, it's good to look at from time to time.

I think the last image is a great idea that could actually work.

49c32d No.9296283


I posted the wrong debate image, the one I had in mind was funnier, but that one is still a good reminder of what a nail-biter the primary season was, wew

15f297 No.9296546


I've got an even better idea

h ttp://dailyusaupdate.com/college-kids-pledge-remove-genitals-trump-builds-wall/

33ce2e No.9296658

File: af4690afe57d722⋯.png (103.24 KB, 400x388, 100:97, 86764276428.png)

>tfw you came up with ideas for multiple meme operations that may have helped swing the election and no one will ever know it was you but you're okay with that because you only care about winning not namefagging

d4c1dc No.9297318


it is my sincerest hope that we can met someday.

even in 20 years jsut grabbing a beer with some /pol/acks would make my life

bf3712 No.9297354


once all the jews, niggers, lefties and mudslimes have been removed, we could meet up without fear of getting annoyed by those groups. Until then, no lol.

d1e180 No.9297373


I made an ok thread about Obama being some psyop himself. Pretty tin foily, but that's the stuff I like the most. Didn't get stickied or anything, but had around 50 replies. Felt a bit proud. Other than that pol has helped me in immeasurable ways to become a better stronger man. I can read people better, and also know how self-destructive certain modern habits can be. The 3-4 years between high school and becoming fully redpilled were the darkest times I have yet known. This place saved me.

5cb546 No.9299574

My thread on the bane plane crash was featured in the most high profile bane plane crash webm, good times

ccf088 No.9304774


Thread about this on /xpol/

50467a No.9305006


stupid fucking girls


I don't recall being demoralised at the start of the election. It was glorious. It was the previous 16 years that had me demoralised.

6f8755 No.9305272

File: 6807e2567c6b107⋯.jpg (6.14 KB, 267x200, 267:200, 5080755 _d2f807b10e0e67a9d….jpg)


I started Samurai Jack reaction images back on halfchan, went through a few episodes and picked some good ones. The one where he looks like his head is going into a chair is in the 1st episode where they're training him to go into fucking space. That's literally the most I have accomplished. Started a reaction image.

c4382c No.9305336


Thanks, but what about a pastebin?

4b47b7 No.9305371


i made oc calling dicky spencer a faggot and someone saved the thumbnail

c4382c No.9305376


We gave up credit the second we left the namefield blank. I know some of what I've written will be screencapped and shared, hell maybe one of my tl;dr rants makes it into a textbook, and I won't receive a second of recognition or a single monetary unit, but that wasn't why I did it, and that's not why any of us did it. We did it because it was the right thing to do. Even you shitposting your reaction images and strengthening imageboard culture, it played out well in the end, and even though we don't take credit, every one of us should take pride in what we've accomplished.

Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan, but saving the world by shitposting on a copy of a copy of a japanese imageboard is an accomplishment that nobody can take away from us.

Now we just have to finish the job.

7df172 No.9305404


Memes spread when you least expect them; I've had a few screenshots and image edits get reposted a ton on chans and other sites, stuff that I thought would be one-off things and spur of the moment

It's a nice feeling to see your memes carry life and get posted by others, but you don't always have to take credit for them

50467a No.9305413

File: 0872d5a2c0790b0⋯.png (420.88 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2017-01-13-01h57m5….png)

File: 10322a9ec13304e⋯.png (346.47 KB, 640x480, 4:3, vlcsnap-2017-01-13-01h57m5….png)


I can't believe it's been that long. I wasn't in the exodus and didn't care about details of gg, but it's when I finally saw that nothing was safe from them.


most of my stuff I've seen re-used is garbage or has typos, it's how we influence each other and then the outer world that matters. It's the little things.


I had a lot of those as well

49c32d No.9305441


>I don't recall being demoralised at the start of the election. It was glorious.

Trump didn't enter right away, though. It really looked like it was going to be Hillary versus Jeb.

The only thing keeping us going at the time was outing cheaters via the Ashley Madison leaks, which I admit was a lot of fun.

50467a No.9305516


I knew Jeb was hopeless, but I never saw Cruz being as competitive as he was. But when I said start, I wasn't really looking back to spring 2015 except to see how people were shaking out. But this was the first time I cared in years because I could see there was going to be more to it than just a neocon v. hillary. That and if hillary won everything would blow up.

I had been so demoralised in the past that even ron paul 2008 couldn't even rouse me into electoral politics

86e7b9 No.9305601

File: cab77f67488fb0f⋯.jpg (549.43 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, ever_secluded_blue.jpg)


Some of what I have posted got capped and are now posted commonly. First few times I saw it happen it was really weird. Some of the oldest shit I posted back on half chan still floats up at times, I see them now and somehow its not really mine. I know I made the post, but when I see it, its like its from some other anon and I want to go 'save as' despite knowing every word.

For me at first you want to own it, but somehow it becomes 'us' not mine. Its part of the hivemind and is never yours. It never really was to begin with I think. Very odd feeling. Like I am not worthy, but happy I was worthy of being capped, yet not really feeling like it was me that was capped.

c4294e No.9305727


It's a nice feel when the (((media))) decides to share your posts.

920a88 No.9305747


>Its part of the hivemind and is never yours. It never really was to begin with I think. Very odd feeling. Like I am not worthy, but happy I was worthy of being capped, yet not really feeling like it was me that was capped.

this is how christians are supposed to think of their fellow men

802c4d No.9305775


When the board owner of /pol/ was "accidentally" banned by Jim a year or so ago, things got MUCH worse, with the ban rate going through the roof, while pph and unique IPs dropped significantly.

To this day, nobody knows if the original BO got his board back.

I strongly suspect Jim took the board for himself due to its popularity. There have been indications that he knows about the dramas that happen here occasionally, and his opinions match those of the mods or, more likely, they follow his orders.

d08322 No.9305830

File: 20b18874b035384⋯.gif (997.27 KB, 500x475, 20:19, 1432919052893-0.gif)

2073d3 No.9305982

Just a personal one, I asked my gf to marry me on the advice of some anons and some good dubs, she said yes.


13386c No.9305993


I was fairly uncucked before I came here, but this site definitely opened my eyes to how much marxist bullshit I'd been indoctrinated with for my entire life.

Thanks, /pol/. I don't think you've made me happier, but you've made me more aware. I'm now doing my part to save western culture.

6ac9eb No.9306505



>not typing >>9221388

You probably should lurk a bit more. You've got nice dubs, though.

bc5c9e No.9306694


We'll have to worry about people pretending to have been on our side all along.

e92c58 No.9306710

File: 90d25cf59fd831c⋯.png (263.01 KB, 550x716, 275:358, fallenheros.png)

359e5f No.9306814

File: 20376eae63a4744⋯.jpg (13.9 KB, 350x263, 350:263, pepepiano.jpg)


I feel like I never want to make an organised meet up.

I like meeting the occasional /pol/shit face to face out of chance, but I'd rather treasure you all as I see you now. Words on a screen. Only because it holds a certain significance to me that what is essentially a self written encyclopedia has completely changed my life. The idea of us as a whole being able to forge ourselves out of chaos into something orderly is astonishing to me and I think picking individuals out and personifying what we are would ruin the magic of it all.

But I'll drink to this, some day we might know enough of one another that your hope would just naturally occur. See you then, perhaps.

2073d3 No.9307348


Knew that crossthread linking was possible, just forgot how to do it.

6ac9eb No.9307398


Oh. Now you remember how to do it.

dbdf7f No.9307498


I remember buying a dog and new curtains.

/new/ was the original full/pol/

full of faggots amiright?

af7adb No.9307529

File: 43eb695f6cbc979⋯.png (3.67 MB, 3792x3288, 158:137, 1454452226435.png)

File: bd2669580ccaf09⋯.jpg (330.1 KB, 1078x1210, 49:55, newdan.jpg)

File: 2968281ef2b1a02⋯.png (219.79 KB, 744x1050, 124:175, 1454445387353.png)

File: a5c3eb8a7f4a9c9⋯.jpg (79.6 KB, 600x548, 150:137, CaQorKYWYAA81jZ.jpg large.jpg)

File: 51059c66180af2a⋯.png (265.23 KB, 1866x652, 933:326, 1454442975027.png)

246607 No.9310030

this thread is telling the enemy how to combat /pol/. nice investigative work, CIA.

50467a No.9310078


no it's not, hell, even pointing out shills is more instructive than this

dcd78c No.9313576

File: 2f706285b67f96a⋯.jpg (200.62 KB, 1024x1041, 1024:1041, 1024px-In_ictu_oculi.jpg)



The feeling of icy cold social isolation remediated by anonymous flame is best left to nostalgia. In memory everything is either perfect or forgotten.

6044e6 No.9313802

File: 1c5820e47ee88a9⋯.png (732.26 KB, 640x868, 160:217, 1c5820e47ee88a987712bcacdf….png)

b2c3ec No.9313917


>8chan was launched, Oct 22, 2013

Wait I'm an 8chan oldfag wtf? I thought it was older than that

I've spent the last 6 years shitposting with you assholes instead of accomplishing something with my life. Still, we memed Trump so it was worth it smh tbh.


>What were your personal accomplishments on this site, /pol/?

I got a bunch of ragheads v&; doxed the guy trying to DDOS Trump's website and got him killed by the Saudi's for being a faggot, I honestly lost track tbh. I remember writing some shitty virus that fucked with some hadjis as well. Fuck me I should've been going after kikes instead of durkhas all this time.

I also told Jimbo to go fuck himself


I'm 88% sure this is bait


Fuck you douchebag

-t. Jealous AF

Not really I had it all going for me, making $50k a year and got fucked over by a kike company

-t. head injury anon


>I remember the Omegle troll threads we would have every so often where we trolled and gave redpills out to people.

Fuggin comfy

>I didn't post frequently however. I was more inclined to lurk than to post because I would type out long winded posts than I would proof read and think over what I typed then scrap it because I thought it wasn't good enough.

I'm more for the Australian style myself, but each his own.


>I've done my bit.

You're still breathing faggot.



Nah, it's not THAT bad newfriend. I've been on here since around mid-2013, only really became full-blown h8chan after surviving and narrowly escaping the enemy at /pol/harbor.

One of the most important things for anyone to do is read Nietzsche, or at minimum understand his concepts. Once you understand that you have the power to control your own life/destiny and actually affect change in the world everything gets a lot better.


>that image

Well that took a fucking turn, kek.

I swear to God if my ancestors turn into degenerate fucksticks like that I'll awaken all the ogdoad to run a train on their asses and set them straight.



Immunize me next faggot


Wouldn't have it any other way




>Does kids today even know about it?

Anyone using it nowadays should be lynched smh tbh fam

I can't remember shit until it's triggered by some random shit.

All I know is that the pool's closed.

0f75ad No.9328057


54a603 No.9328432

File: 765142af2506f84⋯.jpg (9.48 KB, 194x259, 194:259, 765142af2506f841d5a715190c….jpg)

ae9447 No.9328607


Heroin, ladyboys and trying to not get caught by Duerte.

302740 No.9329226

I'm just a low energy shitposter for the most part. I make knock off memes and steal gets. Feels kinda bad man.

love you all though


It was already posted maybe?


5f7ccf No.9329971

File: 89ce8f93a93de9a⋯.jpg (54.51 KB, 1191x222, 397:74, board.jpg)

1e357b No.9330053

File: 354290d4b39da9e⋯.jpg (155.51 KB, 786x576, 131:96, 354290d4b39da9e8a8150a8484….jpg)


>their idea of paradise is deriding others and patting each other on the back for not achieving anything beyond indulging in vicarious entertainment

You want more of this drudgery?

4e5476 No.9330069


I'm just pointing out the fact that a NatSoc shouldn't be talking about enduring all the refugees who came in 2nd exodus.

It was libertarians like myself, who were primarily here for gamergate, who had to endure the sudden influx of psychopaths screaming about Jews and how video games are a Jewish trick meant to make me waste my life.

And how gamergate was a waste of time and that there were bigger fish to fry. Don't even pretend the 2nd exodus /pol/acks weren't openly advocating for attacking game publishers instead of just games media.

ae9447 No.9330178



Seriously, your kind are still following a kike controlled ideology. Nothing short of nationalistic authoritarian ideology made by a pure blood (In the case of America, a pure European descent 'Murrican) with a philosophy extremely close to the third Reich is the only thing that can unfuck everything. No Civic nationalism, no faggot acceptance, no race-mixing, no "free market" national treachery, no usury, no Abrahamic religion surpassing national interest, no Corpocracy is worth living for.

6397e2 No.9330251

remember when we raided demochan, installing ourselves as the new form of government and completely ripping apart leftpols grip on the place?

that was a fucking blast, and to add to the fire we are what killed demochan. before we arrived it had about 120 active users including regular leftypol users. Well, with 900+ new people storming it, spamming it beyond belief, and ass raping the whole place. The server costs (supposedly) when sky high and it got the plug pulled. I think i have a screenshot somewhere of all our elected governments of "Adolfs death brigade" and other names.

0f75ad No.9364878


777a67 No.9364914

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