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File: 6298c3dfef95246⋯.jpg (52.2 KB, 848x477, 16:9, fuggit.jpg)

e31bd2 No.9327174


Last thread hit limit, okay /pol/acks time to rev up your external hard drive and share from your folders out of the goodness of your hearts. Or just to help keep newfags from shitting up catalog with pointless questions and requests.

- infographics

- archive links

- epub and other legit sources links

- mega links to pdfs caches

- general kekism and other such memes

cc7911 No.9327338

Looking for a pic titled "why are white guys so angry", which is filled with examples of anti-white propaganda. Politely requesting.

e31bd2 No.9327471


kek, Ive actually been banned a lot this past year for creating or bumping content about self-improvement and media reccomendations, I suspect it was Kampfy too. But no reason to avoid the containment option if it works, frees the board up and all, legitimate purpose and whatnot.

021718 No.9328157

I'm looking for info on genocide of South African whites, particularly how they're denied asylum. I have 2 worthwhile articles so far: http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/white-south-africans-battle-for-refugee-status-in-canada-ended-by-appeals-court http://newobserveronline.com/white-refugees-not-welcome-in-australia/

615eb2 No.9328773


They also didn't accept the white refugees from the Ukraine!

8f6ead No.9328818

/r/ the LOTGH graphic showing the chronological order to watch it.

021718 No.9328936


I want specifically South Africa. Because niggers. I'm sure there was plenty of info posted on /pol/ over the years, but it's hard to find anything more than the same articles repeated.

26130c No.9328982

File: 974445412461ead⋯.jpg (144.15 KB, 300x450, 2:3, huL1Fsb1TpUTHyDGQNSqUT11Kx….jpg)


Seen this? archive.org/details/BetweenHeavenAndHellTheTrueStoryOfWhitesInSouthAfrica_201611

649c4b No.9329175

File: d0ce3b995101305⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1597x3182, 1597:3182, d0ce3b995101305ca3f5675ca2….png)

098795 No.9329238

File: 2b8db00f7dfd9be⋯.jpg (101.5 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 2b8db00f7dfd9be277e3ea3aee….jpg)


>nice meme

>well memed friend

03daa8 No.9329329


>and R/Thread

/r/ing any and all "Fuck you /pol/ for redpilling me after I only came here for laughs" greentexts and stories. I thought I'd saved the three or four I've come across but I either didn't or I've lost them.

9b7a38 No.9330202

File: b9721e36ef972ff⋯.png (710.05 KB, 1451x914, 1451:914, Capture1.PNG)

File: 7e1818c4db83fbd⋯.png (53.8 KB, 1755x319, 1755:319, Capture2.PNG)

Should l buy this?

1d8f1e No.9330221



>For the low price^(tm) of $1.999

I can get you some jewish lampshades for twice as much if you're interested.

9b7a38 No.9330241


l'm actually interested in the shrunken heads.

still waiting for those to show up

9b7a38 No.9330250

File: d0e54dfadfd3a88⋯.png (750.96 KB, 1480x887, 1480:887, ClipboardImage.png)


There's this one too, but l wouldn't pay a grand for it in the poor condition it's in.

afd8e2 No.9330258



just buy a high quality reproduction for 1 100th the price you dumb goy

dbe07b No.9330267

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Peep this video out. Pretty good.

9b7a38 No.9330274


l don't want one because it has a swastika, l want one because it is a historical artifact.

47a452 No.9330289

File: 83ef508c6e2246a⋯.jpeg (63.16 KB, 407x441, 407:441, image.jpeg)




1d8f1e No.9330295


>l want one because it is a historical artifact.

Are you a museum?

Unless you need a WW2 german flag as some sort of catalyst to literally revive Hitler it's not worth it.

9b7a38 No.9330318


l collect old and/ or unusual stuff, it's a hobby of mine. Authenticity is essential.

dbe07b No.9330321


Then go ahead and throw 1k at a fucking banner. You could almost but a reproduction uniform for that much. Which is what you ought to do.

10a509 No.9330350

File: cdbc32f6051e0ab⋯.png (450.88 KB, 1907x2074, 1907:2074, 1462646939114.png)

File: 90cdef3037e7107⋯.png (608.69 KB, 1486x1669, 1486:1669, 1469479644861.png)

File: 51c1fe599b2b928⋯.png (149.63 KB, 1170x446, 585:223, 1468139883815-2.png)

File: 5b4969fc31a4ecc⋯.png (655.75 KB, 1288x1732, 322:433, 1459647699305.png)

File: a43f0c2840a10c8⋯.png (380.96 KB, 1380x511, 1380:511, 1459672399472.png)

im gonna dump some pictures here

they should all be read by all newcomers

10a509 No.9330353

File: 07ecd731b1336fa⋯.png (872.14 KB, 1802x1404, 901:702, Beaver on ambition.png)

File: 9c30952e90c9c58⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1844x2214, 922:1107, beaver on confederation.png)

File: 45fd70b797d41a0⋯.png (808.94 KB, 1895x1658, 1895:1658, beaver on democracy.png)

File: 32439fe4392eb6b⋯.jpg (452.44 KB, 1866x1304, 933:652, beaver on echo chambers.jpg)

File: 5dfd3c4e99ecda3⋯.png (436.04 KB, 1259x817, 1259:817, Beaver on education.PNG)

10a509 No.9330354

File: 630c971e618997b⋯.png (965.96 KB, 1823x1259, 1823:1259, Beaver on emasculation.png)

File: cc53a8aecb359a0⋯.png (517.13 KB, 1887x849, 629:283, beaver on free speech.png)

File: dcfec986ee7e5a0⋯.png (424.41 KB, 1797x902, 1797:902, beaver on language.PNG)

File: 5bbd206ba73d71b⋯.png (537.22 KB, 1312x888, 164:111, beaver on meritocracy.png)

File: 89a0e0ab184871f⋯.png (752.67 KB, 1274x1184, 637:592, beaver on money.png)

9b7a38 No.9330355


l've seen a few authentic SS and MP trench coats go for about that much

10a509 No.9330357

File: 049ae70f97fec87⋯.png (928.03 KB, 1848x2107, 264:301, beaver on nations.png)

File: 8300d4b53188144⋯.png (966.39 KB, 1448x1122, 724:561, beaver on power.png)

File: b24f278cdc8a750⋯.png (422.48 KB, 1233x805, 1233:805, Beaver on Quebec's seperat….PNG)

File: c5c48b812ce2693⋯.png (359.84 KB, 1195x681, 1195:681, Beaver on Quebec's seperat….PNG)

File: 68af2ea6ba6b0a7⋯.png (936.34 KB, 1875x1777, 1875:1777, beaver on revolution.png)

10a509 No.9330373

File: c5cfa4286915274⋯.png (525.81 KB, 1264x860, 316:215, beaver on statistics.PNG)

File: 9b9d46a4df1ffd5⋯.png (376.98 KB, 1543x719, 1543:719, beaver on the neccesity of….png)

File: 9212d46d660cd22⋯.jpg (257.95 KB, 1551x805, 1551:805, 1426860266440-1.jpg)

File: 18f6f1defe399c0⋯.png (82.62 KB, 755x957, 755:957, 1426977645287-0.png)

File: 1c19080b735ab81⋯.jpg (71.16 KB, 539x720, 539:720, 1404762250435.jpg)

9b7a38 No.9330397

File: 6b9bfdf7aa5324c⋯.png (733.93 KB, 1512x1806, 36:43, Dachau BDSM key.png)

File: c09d92300c1efba⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 251x251, 1:1, laughing nig.jpg)


10a509 No.9330417

File: 428d6318a623619⋯.jpg (64.96 KB, 413x480, 413:480, 1436859724690.jpg)

File: ae12528308a6988⋯.jpg (126.21 KB, 480x608, 15:19, 1436317725399-1.jpg)

File: f18a354b82feeff⋯.png (236.71 KB, 1634x1058, 817:529, 1456612262375.png)

File: 43ab355e691aeb0⋯.jpg (234.98 KB, 939x960, 313:320, 1466039389060-0.jpg)

File: 905f7b5669b1620⋯.jpg (351.58 KB, 980x1154, 490:577, 1398607946702.jpg)


10a509 No.9330434

File: c4aa56f283b6159⋯.gif (2.85 MB, 442x366, 221:183, 1396023536312.gif)

File: 3f03e08f1966b65⋯.png (341.06 KB, 772x535, 772:535, 1395137347352.png)

File: 49d76800d6da783⋯.jpg (74.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1391194213245.jpg)

File: 0b17a29c6f7579e⋯.jpg (63.1 KB, 480x562, 240:281, 1390681251705.jpg)

File: e56c0ed7ab06ebf⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1256x3903, 1256:3903, 1389818261066.jpg)

6238ba No.9330765

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6238ba No.9330766

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6238ba No.9330769

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cb866c No.9330835

File: ba65684ed208693⋯.jpg (247.42 KB, 500x741, 500:741, IMG_1817.JPG)

File: 00041ef4d280b3d⋯.jpg (86.7 KB, 900x615, 60:41, IMG_1852.JPG)

Should I get a Allegmeine SS uniform?

a837be No.9330856

File: 3ab0305c9247e12⋯.jpg (68.69 KB, 450x648, 25:36, 3ab0305c9247e126d572868a99….jpg)

Old thread archive: https://archive.is/gdyRM

What's the verdict on Iron March?

For driveby redpilling people on fascism/natsoc, I need to end it with a community or media organ they can go to to solidify the identity, but the nature of imageboard posting just isn't right for most people nor is just listing off books to do their own research.

Amren and Taki's seem good for older conservative crowd, but I need something for new blood. Is ropeculture.org good enough? Main worry is cucking out on jews or degeneracy, or minimizing the spiritual aspect.

For a forum, I've seen some of the literature to come out of iron march, it seems to be fairly well thought out though they think natsoc and fascism is the same thing for some reason. Descriptions of their history also seem oddly similar to /pol/'s, one of their pdfs had a preface describing it - had some early confused predecessors arguing between fascism and other 'third way' options, getting shoah'd, having a revival on a new board in ~2013 that became a sort of golden age period of theorycrafting that lasted until 2015 or so. They seem pretty strongly formed, with roots in a lot of the european fascist movement, and a strict adherence to non cucking for jews, etc. Overall the most promisingly /pol/-like community I've seen not that I'd ever use it myself. But I'm pretty sure I've heard them shit talked here as if they might as well be daily stormer.

627525 No.9331142


Regardless, that video is eye opening and useful for the Jewish question. Otherwise, it's like saying people shouldn't watch TGSNT or Hellstorm because Sinead helped make them. Which is fucking stupid. We can stay the furthest right without throwing away useful sources just because the producers aren't as right as us.

99e3fb No.9331162

What is your opinion on the Corsicans?

55de6c No.9331253

File: 6d47d85599306cc⋯.png (249.52 KB, 1743x479, 1743:479, Imperiaalism.png)

File: f18ffdcaf3451d3⋯.png (133.91 KB, 1302x444, 217:74, genocide works.png)


They're ok. Something to note is that they aren't really /pol/-tier. They're in the "everyone has a right to fascist polis in their own ancestral homelands " (but these polis are also somehow ruled over in a greater aryan Imperium) tier of "NatSoc" and call people you would find here "hollywood nazis". This comes from the fact that they are hardcore christians and Jesus apparently says that nigger-death is bad. Their literature is for the most part good but they have some beliefs that aren't totally cogent with this place because they had to mash it up with Eastern orthodox Christianity.

ae32d7 No.9331465


Don't forget that their leader is nonwhite and they love common filth.

ef79d5 No.9331530



Ironmarch has a non-white leader (or was it a non-white forum admin or mod?) and thinks that every nation and people should have its own fascist government and home land.

That may be problem for when we retake our homelands and start going on the offensive. Taking, feeding, and sheltering shitskin prisoners takes up white resources, after all. But they seem active about hanging up flyers that are pretty well designed (not just memes) around colleges and triggering leftists. So while I disagree with them on things I have to give them credit for being active IRL.

ff56f1 No.9332109

When the day of the rope come what will become of the people who are mixed race? 1/2 or more white? Serious replies only please.

63852f No.9332334

/r/ing that image which shows a correlation of IQ and skin color across all of Earth.

Also is there any program to help me organize multiple files? I was 100% sure I double-saved the aforementioned image but couldn't find it for the life of me.

6f3c25 No.9332557

File: 4e673ebb6dfb911⋯.jpg (36.28 KB, 278x278, 1:1, 4e673ebb6dfb911623e9fb1772….jpg)

Is there a thread watcher addon or extension or anything?

c1c5d4 No.9332632


Can someone please post anything we have on Hiroshima ( current cuckchan owner ). I have dug a bit but i know we have concentrated info on the fucker. Also wasn't he the guy that fucked over 2chan ?

99dde7 No.9332654


They'll want us dead lol.

db88ca No.9332788


Who were those threads by, anyone with a trip code? And what was the problem? Btw, those threads are often nuked

95f2a4 No.9332819


You could just scroll to the top post and click "watch thread."

10e8f0 No.9332844

I need that infographic about that (1961?) Czech film made after the war that was wrongly used as genuine Holocaust footage. Can't find any trace of it in my folders or in my internet history. Thanks in advance.

715e8b No.9332850



>still spreading the telegony meme


microchimerism =/= telegony

71da0f No.9332864

Is TRS the worst thing that ever happened to the Right yes or YES?

5615af No.9332890



I'm sick of /pol/ackss spreading this based on fruit fly experiments

2d4e30 No.9332905

File: 1d0fe0c981a330b⋯.jpg (381.73 KB, 1212x1445, 1212:1445, 1d0fe0c981a330bea4ed5366c5….jpg)

2d4e30 No.9332913

File: 6b30da878e8783f⋯.jpg (322.68 KB, 1372x986, 686:493, 6a756183128d16f33c63b96bce….jpg)

File: 31e3d2e47b8f8bc⋯.png (108.35 KB, 1257x848, 1257:848, 31e3d2e47b8f8bca5f2440e244….png)

File: b4311864af14ad6⋯.png (126.03 KB, 612x792, 17:22, 43bb449bdf51775e50845ee22e….png)

File: 744ea43814d9cf6⋯.jpg (471.19 KB, 625x2585, 125:517, 9663fa4b097719ba88edaedafa….jpg)

File: 155fb176c1ddac1⋯.png (805.93 KB, 1247x700, 1247:700, 77134c0f4d4c77cac42644a1a2….png)

2d4e30 No.9332917

File: 51573157e928e75⋯.png (387.59 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 51573157e928e75002fd276dae….png)

File: b92fcf983fc9a61⋯.jpeg (488.36 KB, 1712x1338, 856:669, 1471822920609.jpeg)

File: 40094bf42e71a22⋯.jpg (93.4 KB, 548x512, 137:128, 1471828349641-1.jpg)

2d4e30 No.9332924

File: a7909d4c1ced58e⋯.jpg (123.91 KB, 600x870, 20:29, 1471828349641-2.jpg)

File: be332f1ddf1a4c8⋯.jpg (101.84 KB, 719x960, 719:960, 1471828349641-3.jpg)

File: 21705d7ecbd1a36⋯.jpg (694.13 KB, 1900x2375, 4:5, 1471828508096-0.jpg)

2d4e30 No.9332927

File: 679ba4400eb6b99⋯.png (14.47 KB, 720x284, 180:71, 1471829094130-2.png)

File: 4a1fb0f2dd7eb6b⋯.png (459.28 KB, 440x720, 11:18, 1471829094130-3.png)

File: 1aae4cf60ade1ae⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1484x1572, 371:393, 1471829371650.jpg)

File: 04cc8838957fbf4⋯.png (143.96 KB, 662x527, 662:527, 1471829477357-0.png)

2d4e30 No.9332934

File: 0f8f78db65427df⋯.png (551.05 KB, 641x954, 641:954, CEHS Background.png)

File: e38a542b3777832⋯.jpg (125.5 KB, 900x614, 450:307, e38a542b3777832369ca3b1cef….jpg)

File: db675d0daf03b52⋯.jpg (126.55 KB, 650x650, 1:1, ee01e50a4a3066b3729105910f….jpg)


Dox the kikes, race war now.

2d4e30 No.9332938

File: 489b3b4c2e4e9a6⋯.png (599.19 KB, 1005x550, 201:110, 1471847799643-1.png)

File: d84bc6e304f0368⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1695x828, 565:276, 1471847799643-2.png)

File: 074e7d1e273f30a⋯.png (125.09 KB, 935x1037, 55:61, 1471848096511-0.png)

File: a36072d9d82561e⋯.png (794.57 KB, 1313x755, 1313:755, 1471848096512-1.png)

File: c683706fd78a015⋯.jpg (675.9 KB, 1500x4255, 300:851, 1471848096512-2.jpg)

2d4e30 No.9332948

File: 15ac262928f9fbe⋯.jpg (69.34 KB, 720x553, 720:553, 1471852571071-4.jpg)

File: a31b436e7e158a6⋯.png (217.33 KB, 631x641, 631:641, 1471854892223-0.png)

File: eacbc7fd449ffa9⋯.jpg (142.45 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, 1471854892224-3.jpg)

File: b4f3acfdcb2e140⋯.jpg (51.17 KB, 392x731, 392:731, 1471854892224-4.jpg)

f45519 No.9332952

File: 48c3922637a5652⋯.jpg (405.85 KB, 2048x1489, 2048:1489, h-6829.jpg)

File: deac1ddcbc0b397⋯.jpg (438.99 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, h-6744.jpg)

File: 7b6fccac7606657⋯.jpg (856.85 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, h-6301.jpg)


This is a great redpill:


>In 1992, the year of the abolition of apartheid, respectively, the year the cancellation rules of segregation, removed restrictions on movement within the country. In that year, simultaneously, from the savannah to the city to migrate more than two million black baboons.

>If you see it kind of allegory for yourself, then do not go to extremes, called racism. I do on the drum skin the color of cattle. What happened in 1992 in South Africa, it has occurred in 1917. One difference that we baboons were the same color as white. And not all of the red apes appeared, and on the other hand, many whites were baboons. And indeed we are all descendants of those baboons, some more and some less so. To be in luck really like.

>So, keep cattle in life and fight with cattle inside, you see we have allowed into Schengen without a visa foreigners foreigners will no longer flinch from the Russian language.

>But it was already an allegory.

6f3c25 No.9333306


Yeah, but the thread watcher doesn't really work. Doesn't show you when there are new posts. Gotta say 4ch thread watcher is pretty good in that regard.

af0f90 No.9333729




they are called normies

c1c5d4 No.9333996


Wrong, they are called normalfags.

d70b45 No.9334814

Did little Ben Kikeperio's website just get hacked? I think so :^) www.dailywire.com

55de6c No.9334823


8chanx exists but when threads get really large it sometimes bugs out.

784f5f No.9334969

File: 1c91e7b7a1338a0⋯.jpg (47.08 KB, 720x515, 144:103, 1449241321212-0.jpg)

>Can anyone give me a summary of the political situation in the middle east?

I know enough about islam itself and the rapefugee crisis - but I have no idea how it got to this point, what factions are involved, and how the situation differs in different middle-eastern countries.

83c186 No.9339158

Why not send all illegal migrants to Somalia? They won't be able to return then and it would be a deterrent as well.

We will need a place to house 24-50 million illegal migrants and their anchor babies.

If we deport that many wetbacks to Africa we would warm up the public to sending the blacks back to Africa.

83c186 No.9339820

File: f810f6478d7ae86⋯.jpg (89.38 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 2015_06-liberal-white-wome….jpg)

File: f4c770f9759126d⋯.png (706.41 KB, 1059x370, 1059:370, dsgfdg.png)

What would happen if Trump told Warren to go back to the Reservation?

282d96 No.9340030

I have reliable information which suggests the exact time and location of a #resdist event. How would I go about organizing some fun with it? Is it banworthy to make a thread about it?

de1ddb No.9340045

obviously folder of nazi crap are a substitute to you faggots actually getting in shape, owning a goddamned weapon and ammunition and gear and then actually having a RWDS that you belong to.

fuckin face palm.

7fa71b No.9340052


Why not both?

55de6c No.9340059


>Is it banworthy to make a thread about it?

Is it just some small time local event? It probably won't take off but you could try.



370a51 No.9340072

File: c2f74897c92e33e⋯.png (445.7 KB, 2444x1344, 611:336, Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at ….png)

Why was I banned? The discussion of the thread was related to why people voted for/did not vote for Trump, and I noted that I supported him for the Second Amendment and the Wall, not for his Jewish connection, but kike mods misconstrued it as me SUPPORTING him for his Jewish connection, exactly what I berated him for having. Appealed the ban, but nothing. When will something be done about the mods? I don't want to go back to 4/cuck/.

282d96 No.9340080


It's a Kelowna event, don't know whether that would count as anything notable or not.

0a2ebc No.9340113

File: 72c984802fd10e2⋯.jpg (147.55 KB, 960x720, 4:3, niggers34.jpg)


Requesting redpilled books on South Africa and Rhodesia.

5615af No.9340250

File: fb3a739dc6335ef⋯.jpg (97.78 KB, 600x703, 600:703, 1456583875965.jpg)

File: 11a54be89aed5c6⋯.jpg (519 B, 1x1, 1:1, dot.jpg)



Mods are kikes

282d96 No.9340263


So if I posted it, would people get pissy?

dc8bec No.9340266


thats unacceptable

762eaa No.9340282

There was a black guy who was at a beach, might have been Ft Lauderdale or not but it was a beach during spring break.

>white guy gets jumped by black guys

>looks like whitey going to lose

>white keeps his guard up

>knocks out 1st black

>then beats down second black

>then 3rd jumps in video ends

The black guy said, this dude even handled the 3rd guy 'took care of business'

The dude took the video down and I lost it, I've not been able to find it. Might have been posted 2012'ish or so. Really hope somebody on pol has that shit, was a great vidya

dbe07b No.9340287


Never heard much about this guy. Is he /pol/ approved?


762eaa No.9340368

File: abd3527db2f2d4e⋯.webm (6.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, White Guy Beats Down two ….webm)


God dammit, I found it

I'm out

29f5a3 No.9340595

anyone have those images supposedly taken by gook mafia members spying on the jews who did 9/11 ?

>tfw shills got tor posting banned

9325b9 No.9340975

File: 035a5d513da6d2a⋯.jpg (17.84 KB, 220x309, 220:309, Der_Untergang_-_Poster.jpg)

Is this a good movie?

Or is it liberal propaganda?

75fb6c No.9341110

Did Australia states used to have government owned banks?

5374c6 No.9341112


>"ironic" cuckposting

>calls others cucks


reminder that we're being raided.

9325b9 No.9341232

File: 8ba466462fb3d6f⋯.jpg (35.77 KB, 400x460, 20:23, 1459988559156.jpg)


20479c No.9341786


If you're looking for WW2 memorabilia you should check out the Collector's Guild.


I've purchased items from them personally a multitude of times.

20479c No.9341830


Poor reading comprehension is a real problem I've noted recently. People seem to jump the gun rather often, and just smash their keyboard in an angry fervour when they've only read half of a paragraph.


11dcee No.9343324

Does anybody still use BitTube anymore or is it just for autistic drama now? Where can I upload videos about kikes?

097700 No.9343648

File: 5c7e28e92463b38⋯.jpg (91.33 KB, 398x400, 199:200, 1470910245128.jpg)

File: 22e45f15aa0974b⋯.jpg (122.99 KB, 682x1023, 2:3, 1470899125824.jpg)

File: 6b64f6d0331e69c⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1200x1556, 300:389, hair trauma.png)


>Megyn Kelly

>right wing


097700 No.9343713

File: e75229c2f77e40b⋯.png (1.13 MB, 953x831, 953:831, 1467138356764-0.png)


the skiny is this:

the inbred goat-fuckers were contained until Israel was established.

Now they want to creat the greater Israel and that is why there are so many wars and shit going down.

05abae No.9344538

File: eaf0d42adf5281d⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 290x227, 290:227, IMG_0870.JPG)

John Rawls said that, no matter the benefits to society, nothing that restrains liberty should be imposed.

George Orwell's charachter, Winston, said that the Party made them no longer human through control.

I came from a libertarian standpoint when gamergate happened and everyone went fucking insane about liberal control of the media.

But do we really want to replace that with authoritarianism and imposed traditional behaviour?

For instance, BPS stated on his Q&A video that he fought indeed against leftist bullshit, but would never stop defending liberty.

So, I'm having a faith crysis here. Thinking about moving to a "libertarian + conservative ideals" position. But I want your opinion first, /pol/

908a0a No.9344861


>Not Bill Kristol

>Not the Neocohens

>just trying to fit in

Get fucked, kike.

908a0a No.9344893

File: a575d76f2323b9a⋯.webm (551 KB, 512x384, 4:3, Where do you think we are.webm)



>roasties eternally btfo

Don't worry, that time you experimented with your friend during the sleepover didn't permanently change you…

27e28b No.9345250


Your libertarian views don't work in a multi-ethnic society.

You have to keep in mind that people talking about freedom in the 18th century took living in a white country for granted. Today's libertarians just promote degeneracy and a 'do whatever you want' attitude when it comes sexual mores, while going against muslims because they're hyper conservative. It's not eithe/or, you can hate muslims and not be a total degenerate. It's presented to you like you can't and you have to defend your western 'values' i.e. faggotry, tolerance, equality, general degeneracy, consumerism, capitalism, etc.

National Socialism allows freedom and free markets for the betterment of the nation as a whole, while still caring for their fellow white man or woman. Those who would abuse this freedom will however be punished.

Man is not made to be completely free.

fc9c9f No.9345747


When isn't /pol/ being raided, I think it just has a large influx of newfags along with it. And the general and stream threads which consist mostly of mindless shitposting don't help, they make these retards feel too welcome and it makes it seem like mindless shitposting is acceptable here.

dbe07b No.9347377

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Alright, we've been talking about this forever. Get in here voicefags. We're going to make music great again. Here's a version I whipped up, feel free to change it around if you have a better suggestion.

You don't even need to be able to sing that well, just to be able to keep beat and more or less match the pace at which other anons are singing.

>The blood flag flies! We march as one once more!

>/pol/ marches with victory at her heel!

>Kamrades doxed and killed by antifa and negros!

>March in spirit with red anons!

[refrain of last two lines]

>Our path is set for victory or death!

>The streets are running red with blood and storm troopers!

>Thousands now join our ranks and await rope day!

>The day of freedom and brotherhood looms!


The happening alarm sounded for the last time,

We all stand shoulder to shoulder now!

Soon the sanguine flag will fly oncemore over all men!

Our bondage has only lasted a short time

Soon true liberty will reach all of Europe!

Our supression has only lasted a short time!

97a72a No.9347501

Does the Death Penalty works? Please answer with sources and statistics, I believe it does, however it seems most of the (((statistics))) on the Internet prove otherwise.

097209 No.9347542


Niggers have no honor

ea4eb2 No.9347560


Ask yourself if soap and disinfectants work to clean the body and there is your answer.

dbe07b No.9347599


>does the death penalty work

Well, I'm pretty sure they're lethal so yes.

a86b39 No.9347841

> Go to visit cuckchan for the first time in like 3 years

> People complaining about how transgender bathrooms are a state issue now and that weed should be one

I know some people lurk both places, when did the tumblr takeover happen exactly?

a86b39 No.9347885


It works on giving people a sense that justice has been done and that does a lot to improve morale. I'm not convinced that it works as a deterrent either. If it's going to be done I would be in favor of them being public and even letting people throw tomatoes at the condemned if it wasn't because it would make attempts of liberation more likely (example, imagine a dindu that the media tells you is innocent).

b54e12 No.9347966



Fucking Beaver Poster!! Thanks so much anon!! Holy shit I thought I'd never see these again.

Please tell me you have OPpenheimer from 4chan /k/

Does ANYBODY have OPpenheimer's posts?

4d748b No.9348015

I didn't save the Ben garrison Bernie sanders cartoon could one of you post it? Its not actually a garrison, and has Bernie riding on a white mans back throwing tax dollars at blacks.

79d2be No.9348078


Whatever happened to the "cabinet of queens" or whatever it was called in South Korea? iirc it was revealed that a small group of female billionaires and the like were controlling the government like puppets and the president resigned or something.

dc8bec No.9348335


Definitely worth seeing, not too heavy on the propaganda if I remember correctly.

73269d No.9348511


If you're that desperate to LARP and want to immediately get put on a watchlist, sure

ddab3f No.9348550

File: a724b8d4e4aa39e⋯.jpg (105.41 KB, 589x683, 589:683, dcedea51c9259bcb13bd0f4e3a….jpg)



553c0c No.9348658


Love leads to disturbances in the force my young padawan.

553c0c No.9348685


>But do we really want to replace that with authoritarianism and imposed traditional behaviour?

I prefer authoritarianism as a control mechanism to the stress of the libertarian "regime".

However, I prefer more of an ideology of technocratic pragmatic solutions. The state needs to adapt to new situations, including through complete overhaul of it's productive structure regularly.

We need an organized ship, not wanderers floating around doing nothing to help that ship.

7dc85f No.9349197


>thinking tor is still in any way anon or secure.

126c41 No.9350910

File: d81bc6e2783fbf6⋯.jpg (73.06 KB, 440x587, 440:587, Lee_Kuan_Yew.jpg)


Red pill me on Singapore

>why do they have laws on racial and religious harmony

2a78b5 No.9350921

File: 0cc88685d0342d5⋯.png (38.25 KB, 676x500, 169:125, kekpepe.png)

A while back there was a thread, some anon got hold of the song writer of "Shadilay" on FB. Asked the guy "What does shadilay mean?" and i never saw the answer.

Did anyone see what the writer said?

97a72a No.9350938


>>9347599 (checked)


I know that it works according to common sense, but what I meant was; does the death penalty deter future crime? I can't find statistics that support it, but perhaps it's because they're (((hidden))).

a86b39 No.9351505

Where to start on Jung?

8e65e1 No.9353130

Not a question, just can't believe these kikes. It's becoming harder and harder for me to go 24 hours without feeling intense rage.


5e798e No.9359015


7b498f No.9360313

File: 36d6f2c68946751⋯.jpg (99.2 KB, 660x371, 660:371, 00000.jpg)

What the hell happened with "With Open Gates" video about rapefugees, it's missing on youtube, did i miss something? you can still find other copies of it, but the original video that had a shit-ton of views is gone

e8a88e No.9362880

File: 7dd4bd9532635c8⋯.jpg (138.57 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1456361400312-0.jpg)


Got Shoa'd by the Clinton campaign organizing (((Eric Schmidt))), CEO of Google.

My question: What happened to ye' ol' /pol/ OC threads so we could create and propagate /pol/ propaganda?

We need some more With Open Gates style productions, for sure.

cfbb52 No.9363231

File: e07253747f48b0d⋯.jpg (96.66 KB, 540x540, 1:1, tumblr_nz2bdiAXF31uhn1kco1….jpg)

what's the name of the symbol in this pic?

e3fe1b No.9363363


The symbol is called Kolovrat

>that filename

I forgive you

99759e No.9363385


That's what we call a "girl". I know the concept may be foreign to you, but don't be afraid. They're actually 51% of the population and you may see them when you go outside.

e3fe1b No.9363399


The only girls I've seen on tumblr have pink hair and probably smell like shit. You sound like a normie.

e3fe1b No.9363404


Apologies friend. I'm gonna kms

d8eb43 No.9363732


Checked. Kek confirms it.

6debd6 No.9363740



e927aa No.9363905

File: cf988b2ac40400f⋯.jpg (560.69 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, cf988b2ac40400f78c32171ad1….jpg)


Back on the boat asap to whatever fucking mongrel nation you want to claim as being were the fuck you are from and a nice slap on the back with a good luck offered to those whom helped out.

If you don't fucking git quick tho. Well, sorry anon. Time to make your shitskinn country great 'again' or bust. I will feel a little sorry about you anon mudbloods, but at least you learned from the best how to make it yourself. All on you now.

effcd8 No.9364369

Am I banned?

6d6a43 No.9366227

Question regarding the anti-war movement of the Vietnam era: were the hippies right about the Vietnam war?

I don't think I need to go into much detail of the (((military industrial complex))) of (((interventionist wars))) to explain why in the current geopolitical climate I am broadly anti-war, but I can go into further detail in a later post.

The hippies protested the war because they were a bunch of rebellious pinko fags. But the majority of Americans now (70% in a 2000 Gallup poll, with the projection upwards) believe that sending troops to Vietnam was a mistake, compared with ~25% being anti-war at the war's beginning. I think that eventually it will become as taboo as the holocaust regarding how those evil American pigs killed 75 Trillion innocent Vietnamese comrades!

So were the hippies right about Vietnam (albeit for the wrong reasons)? Was the war really something that had to get done? Even in the name of 75 Trillion dead commies, we lost 50,000 men with really not much to show for it until the USSR collapse almost 40 years after the war's start.

I think that it's just what had to happen at the time given the context. It was post-45. Our enemies had gained the world domination that continues, albeit challenged, to this day.

/pol/'s thoughts on 'Nam?

4f976f No.9366784

Are people waking up to the reality of National Socialism? Or less than that, nationalism? The Jewish Question and racial identity? I notice people talk about these things more often than I used to, although it may have to do with my browsing habits. Besides that, public opinions are hard to decipher when such ideas are often kept to ones self, going to internet communities where there is common sentiment or is buried under the varied flows of information. What do people really believe? And how many people believe it? Are we at least close to the 10% threshold?

This is the only place where I can talk to like minded people. Constantly having to hide your beliefs and lie about certain topics fucking sucks. How close are we to RWDS? Or is the punching Nazis sentiment going to remain the norm? It's hard to carry on acting like some Hitler sleeper cell without going full nihilist.

000000 No.9366996


I agree that the hippies were right but obviously for the wrong reasons. Hippies would protest war until their own commune got conquered.

I have my own opinion on Vietnam that I haven't heard anywhere else. I think the entire war was about food; namely destroying Vietnam's status as an agricultural powerhouse. They were known as the 'bread-basket of SE Asia' and a huge amount of effort was put into defoliation with Agent Orange which was made by Monsanto.

This also meant safe food couldn't be produced for a long time after and, in addition, landmines were scattered fucking everywhere so it was also physically unsafe for the farmers to work.

I think Ukraine is this generation's Vietnam in that Monsanto had build their headquarters in Ukraine 1 full year before the revolution, but GM products they manufacture are illegal there. Then Natalie Jaresko (a US agent) assumes control of the Ukrainian Commerce Dept and says they cannot accept a loan from the IMF unless they change their agricultural policies. Now Monsanto is legal in Ukraine, which is known as the 'bread-basket of Eastern Europe', famed for the dark, fertile soil.

Interestingly Jaresko was told she could only stay in power for 2 years unless she gave up her US citizenship and became Ukrainian. She left after 1 year 11months. I was reading a lot of domestic Ukrainian news at the time and it was being reported she set up fake companies to embezzle most of the IMF loan, I didn't know about archive at the time and most of the articles are unavailable now unfortunately.

I think the standard thought on Vietnam is that US/USSR were being controlled by the same group of elites and it was just another 'military industrial' money-spinner for the war bankers. US could have wiped out North Vietnam in a week but they always held back just enough troops to maintain a stalemate. By then the country had been completely defoliated which, as I mentioned, was probably the true goal.

96d5e3 No.9368284

File: 8d586ad4a48e670⋯.jpg (128.52 KB, 899x315, 899:315, 845371c75a7b4b58f5dbca4e7b….jpg)

How do I get into reading?

I heard audiobooks were good, are there any /pol/ related ones?

what else should I do?

9808ce No.9369422

Why do the jews do it?

Are mediterraneans not white or is it D&C?

effcd8 No.9370451


>Why do the jews do it?

Jews are among the few ethnic groups better at abstract thinking than whites. As much of a blessing this appears to be, it is also the source of why they fuck everything up. They form an unrealistic depiction of the world by working with almost solely in abstraction and ignoring what exists right before their eyes.

Despite what you may hear a lot here, most Jews aren't meanfully nefarious in their actions (though many certainly are). They are just so absurdly prone to Utopian idealism that they destroy the foundations of societies hoping a perfect world can be constructed from the rubble.

They are a shining example of how too much of a good thing can be a very, very bad thing. It is in their nature to destroy everything they touch, and that is why they must be done away with.

>Are mediterraneans not white or is it D&C?

They're certainly less white than Northern and Central Europe, but to say all Mediterraneans are not white is more than a little disingenuous. Spaniards and Italians do have a lot of admixture from Muslim invaders though, so it's kinda a judgment call. Middle Easterners and North Africans are definitely not white though. Even if they do live along the Mediterranean.

4f976f No.9370694

>being this new


4f976f No.9370698

53bb4d No.9370741

How long was NatSoc envisioned to exist in Germany? Was it a temporary solution to the problems Germany faced, which would later transition into something else, or would it theoretically exist forever? I'm aware of the phrase "thousand-year reich" but it could include more than one form of government in its lifespan.

f53c69 No.9370755


just force yourself to do it 30 minutes everyday. 30 minutes uninterrupted. if this means reading paper-only books do it.

I had to re-train my internet addicted monkey brain to read the same text for more then 5 minutes. At first I'd read for 5 minutes and the find myself losing focus, I'd read whole pages and not remember anything I'd read.

Just keep pushing yourself to sit down and focus, there is a bit of a curve to get into it but it pays off.

4f976f No.9370799



yeah anon, reading is literally brain exercise. If you've never worked out, it's going to suck and you're going to want to stop. Same with reading a good book. Don't worry about memorization, in fact, don't worry about the books content at all. Pick up a good fiction novel. Non-fiction is purely to gain knowledge. Fiction captivates you and brings you into the narrative which gains your attention and allows you to absorb all those big words. Start with a novel that sounds interesting, and read it. Have fun with it. Don't make reading a stick in your ass. The more you read, not only will you read better, but your vocabulary will be expanded and you'll be able to articulate your feelings better when speaking to people.

I remember my computer breaking when I lived with the 'rents. No computer for 4 months and no vidya. I stumbled upon boxes in my shed which were full of books. Some on finance, some fiction. Hell, that's where I read Narnia in one sitting. Reading books literally made me less retarded. After reading, I noticed I could talk to people easier. Reading is brain training, anon. You just have to know what you're taking back what you put in.

9808ce No.9370849


I know southern italy and spain have muslim blood, but werent they europeans in the first place?

3d72d8 No.9370853

Anyone posting that purple bird or kekistani memes will be shot on sight

c31932 No.9370867


0% of executed criminals re-offend.

53bb4d No.9370876


Those whose ancestors weren't raped by Moor, North African and Arab benis is obvious that they remained European.

3d72d8 No.9370886



Actually, the person who kept the niggers and muds at bay was Gaddafi. Gaddafi got ousted when he tried to break away and form his own Pan-African currency backed by gold. Thankfully the (((French))) government stopped this bad goyim who actually was a pretty good dictator for his people, only to be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood, a Wahhabist Islamist arm of Saudi Arabia and their brothers the Israelis.

Europe/US paid Gaddafi money to keep Libya safe from rapefugees as it is a gateway into the mediterranean and thus the European realm. Now that Gaddafi got removed, the rapefugee crisis began in full swing.

4dec43 No.9371357


bumping my question. I saw them floating around here before, I think they're a newer leak. one was an image of the twin towers taken from across the river, titled: what were they looking at. and the other was of a vehicle driving on a bridge taken from the top of the bridge named something in Japanese

c31932 No.9371540

File: 915e1ef088ab3cd⋯.png (90.54 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Bandera_nacionalista_sarda.png)


Southern Italians and Spaniards are European. Yes, many of them were raped by shitskin muslims, but they fought back valiantly against the shitskin hoards for hundreds of years. There's a reason Italian Americans are among the most racist white demographic in America today.

pic related is the Sardinian flag featuring the heads of four beheaded Moors.

dab411 No.9371663


I carve antler and bone. I make ritual knives, talismans, runic things, engrave skulls, craft alterpieces and so on and so forth. I want to make things thouh that would have me listed as a "Deranged ebil nazi!" though too really some kind of absurd Kekist odinist Esoteric Hitlerist something, evolving perhaps. but if I do, how will I sell them?

c31932 No.9372002


Etsy or flea markets?

194a9f No.9372071

Is it possible to get VP8 codec on galaxy s3 phone so I can view webm

dab411 No.9372134


Doesn't etsy shoah nazis?

4dec43 No.9372215

c31932 No.9372246


No idea. Unless it's got swastikas on it, I suspect it will fly under the radar. You could probably even get away with Black Suns and similar iconography.


Also this. Tons of swastika stuff on ebay.

58f37f No.9372333

Requesting 4plebs archive of Evola reactionary vs progressive thread. OP was an Evola quote and I think it was on /lit/ or /his/ . We had a thread about it a month or two ago. Thanks in advance.

dab411 No.9372403



I'll give it a shot, thanks. Should I advertise here btw, or does everyone use adblock?

4f976f No.9372611


Adblock is for dickheads. Even when I did use Adblock, I whitelisted. I assume others do to, assuming they use Adblock. If I see your ad here, I'll buy your shit.

dab411 No.9373583

File: f20cafb25777729⋯.png (311.21 KB, 442x656, 221:328, figures.png)


Really? Alright, one last line of questions. What sorts of things and what price range would people probably go for? Should I focus on esoteric stuff and runes and such, or go full blown Esoteric Kekism with a bit of Serrano's mad charm tossed in and make disturbing memetic instruments in a deranged frenzy between shitposts? I have a giant pile of antlers again, and enjoy making 1-3 similar pieces of each design rather than mass produce soulless items. That doesn't mean I haven't made molds and casts of things for others to mass produce though. Mass production is like working fast food, if you don't get good enough to move on or get promoted to management in a year or two, you need a new career.

4d705f No.9374431

Does someone have that coexist sticker edit? I wanted to use it for a thing.


Wow, those are some rare gondos. The first thing that came to mind with the antlers was custom knife hilts. I'm not good at pricing things.

dab411 No.9374540

File: a4197899d3e24b7⋯.png (370.25 KB, 1280x659, 1280:659, 55845a47060906087deaf2b230….png)


Thank you anon, those are ancient Saxon gondos in fact. I've actually been tempted to carve some of these guys since I found them sometime around the election. They speak to me…


I just meant to ask if I should focus on high-end stuff or $20 stuff? Shadilay, fuck it, I'm making things at random, to the lake with market research! I'm going to be intoxicated and carve things while listening to an audiobook of Adolf Hitler the Ultimate Avatar, while using power tools and do obnoxious amounts of needless sanding, and somehow find time to shitpost and eat dinner. Praise Kek, I have a plan now!

4d705f No.9374696


Really living the dream, anon. I'm proud of you. As for pricing, if you end up doing custom stuff I think it would be reasonable to charge more.

4f976f No.9374932

What's wrong with /pol/ lately? Somethings fishy around here.


I'd go with the esoteric stuff. It's all about your customer base of course, which probably won't be us, at first. I'd start with runes and talismans. I'm sort of interested in your ritual knives. Have any pics of those?

dab411 No.9374990


>ritual knives

Fuck, it's been a while since I made the last one but I'm sure I have a picture somewhere on something. I wound up trading it to a random viking who docked where I was walking by on a 30some foot wooden vessel. The burly bearded shaky-legged man silently wept when he held it in his hand, having realized I sanded it by hand… for days and days… He had spent the last 3months sanding that small ship by hand, and fully understand the labor. He paid me mostly in silver and weed. crazy night

Though I will have some new things done soon.

4f976f No.9375018


I really want to see one now. I'm into the Asatru shit ever since I discovered Heilung.

8f4bdb No.9375671

whats the consensus on paid vaccines? i work in the hospital, every now and then vaccines (free and paid) are distributed to be given out/sold to patients and staff. ive always seen here that vaccines are bad but how should i go about it? i get sick sometimes and an anti-pneumonia, anti-flu vaccines are really tempting right now

fae64c No.9375699

File: cebf3ece0389b21⋯.jpg (15.56 KB, 181x196, 181:196, 1402054133123.jpg)

Looking for evidence of a supposed Churchill quote where he describes something to the effect of "we will have a war whether Hitler wants it or not"

I've looked pretty much everywhere I could think of to find this quote, and have had no luck. I would believe he said it, but there seems to be no audio of it anywhere, or any references to it outside of /pol/. Please help if you know anything, finding definitive proof of this quote by Churchill could be an effective redpill about the Holohoax for bluepilled normalfags.

171f96 No.9376064

I have a really stupid question: when did "lurk 2 years" meme appear? And why 2 years? Is this another way to say "never ever post again"?

fae64c No.9376089


It's just an extension of "lurk moar". You can really never lurk enough, so people attach the arbitrary 2 years to get newfags to keep lurking instead of posting.

171f96 No.9376111

File: 94623fadf61b4dc⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 224x233, 224:233, 94623fadf61b4dce011dfd9516….jpg)


Oh. Thanks.

fae64c No.9376116

File: 3f4480d2e72e4d9⋯.png (1.1 MB, 2391x720, 797:240, checkem.png)


No problem Anon.


378764 No.9376134


2 years is about an adequate amount of time one needs to understand and adopt a board's culture (known figures, lingo, memes etc.). It may seem a lot, but newfags have a hard time fitting in even after a year's time when they start posting. For /pol/ I'd say you should lurk even more than that, since we deal with a lot more information than other boards.

t. 3 year-old /pol/ack who started getting immersed in /pol/ culture after the first 2 years

1c60ee No.9378548

File: 7c758caef128b2c⋯.jpg (93.13 KB, 952x600, 119:75, z84XyZ1u7u9k3o1_1280.jpg)

File: 39c37c293741feb⋯.jpg (120.9 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, img_6264.jpg)

File: 64ba13aeac665a7⋯.jpg (103.26 KB, 454x685, 454:685, 1376468246537.jpg)

How does a traditional family structure look like?

I'm looking for podcasts or video's of people explaining how a traditional family structure is supposed to be comforming to natural law.

716d8a No.9378974

File: e5a1944a4b82180⋯.jpeg (41.5 KB, 480x480, 1:1, sip.jpeg)

I really want to see a timeline of all of the atrocities committed by Jews/ historical perspective of why they got genocided so many times throughout history.

Surely there is a book out there that covers this?

Please help me out here.

2ed0b7 No.9379220

File: e5c602f96bf4183⋯.jpg (28.14 KB, 480x640, 3:4, Orthodox.jpg)


Should Australians convert to Orthodox?

37505c No.9381094

File: 44b27d2f71756bb⋯.jpg (87.23 KB, 500x484, 125:121, 1428539482055.jpg)


I feel myself growing weaker, my mind is constantly racing. Right now I rely on prescribed amphetamines because I'm too fucking weakwilled to discipline myself to just fucking work. Because of this, I'm online all day, causing my head to spin even more.

I edge to porn anywhere 2 - 4 hours a day before bed, and I think it's starting to effect my appearance. Every morning I wake up looking like a fucking mess.

Since the rest will just delve further into blogpost tier shit, how the fuck do you cope with life healthily?

bd9e40 No.9381113


Traditionally? You mean how we've lived for most of our time as civilized creatures? Typically three generations deep with at least four mature breeding pairs at any one time on clay you've held for centuries.

The kike invented nuclear family garbage that set the stage for feminism and the rest of our current demographic problems? Sell your house, rent an apartment, stop speaking to your family, pump out two point four kids and get a divorce.

1f6a77 No.9381116


Douglas Reed - "The Controversy of Zion"


Maurice Pinay - "The Plot against the Church"


24a26d No.9381210


what the fuck bro.

seriously you need to get your shit together.

knock off the porn. Go on a jog everyday. Fuck join the armed forces im going to MEPs in a few days have them kick that weak bullshit out of you if you cant do it yourself.

Seriously, if you cant bring yourself out of that degenerate pit of self shittyness then you done belong here and should probably an hero faggot.

24a26d No.9381233


head patriarch aided by his sons that arent off fighting wars.

the individual is not the smallest piece of a society, the family is. Everything from land ownership, to legal disputes, to inheritance, to grudges. Not everything the man says is gold, but watch Varg Vikerns videos on jewtube to get an idea. Read the sagas. Do some fuckin research and study for yourself.

b31a5a No.9381297

File: 61f6355c9c6abb6⋯.jpg (223.33 KB, 800x1677, 800:1677, Professor Donkey Kong.jpg)

Any good credible sources on how White Genocide is being enacted on Western Civilization? Doing this for a College Essay, so it can't be too balls deep and name the Jew off the bat.

Bonus points if one of these sources is a book

6d6a43 No.9381299


[Same poster, different computer.]

Interesting agricultural hypothesis. I think that destroying an enemy's food (or any type of) production centers is just a military strategy that has been around forever. though. How many farms did Sherman burn? Or sieges/blockades that cut off food imports throughout history?

Regarding Ukraine, you are probably more right than we know.

f8e199 No.9381368

adeccd No.9381484


Read a book, nigger.

adeccd No.9381550


One book at a time, exercise, repetitive work with little responsibilities (for now). No electronic devices unless goal-oriented and scheduled at least a couple days apart. Buy a colonic irrigation system and butt chug buckets of coffee water until you seem less full of shit. Die happy.

83c186 No.9381831

File: 1c4d5e397728eb0⋯.jpg (683.5 KB, 2070x1242, 5:3, vvsQF5q.jpg)

Which outfit do you prefer to have a woman wear in this image?

c2c1d3 No.9383118


a849ed No.9383181

What is the best company to invest in south hemisphere outside of Australia?

4f976f No.9383189

what is t.

1c60ee No.9383786


Already read Devlin's book about it.

I need audio or video.

1c60ee No.9383795

8b1067 No.9383828

File: 27efd861e2a05e4⋯.jpg (38.87 KB, 594x386, 297:193, CpEKPm7WIAA8peL.jpg)

File: bf1b6388290259c⋯.jpg (13.63 KB, 280x180, 14:9, download (1).jpg)

File: 4c9849222bb559d⋯.jpg (26.94 KB, 460x288, 115:72, EDL2.jpg)

File: 771a6b6c8203ac5⋯.jpg (80.93 KB, 581x424, 581:424, kosher-stamp-of-approval.jpg)

File: 61d45432389820f⋯.jpg (108.26 KB, 1165x1165, 1:1, OyVeyWeHaveToStopTheGlobal….jpg)

8ebc29 No.9383955


Just checking for the get, figured this was the best place to avoid shitting up other relevant topics

e8867f No.9383969



I'm really sure that isn't an original.

671d7b No.9390947


go on a no fap anon, it helped me a lot. i used to always go for deliveries for my food because i was a lazy fuck (and i blame porn for that). now, im more active with no fap.

>clean my house every couple of days

>learned to cook for myself

>stopped smoking

i still play vidya tho but i keep my needs and priorities on the top of my to do list first.

37505c No.9391379



How do you cope with the frustration and constantly feeling agitated?

aa6f21 No.9391485


Online books a shit. Physical books are the best

aa6f21 No.9391548


What is a good way we can bring back our male tradition? Like barber shops, the structure of a male life in America traditionally. (during the 50s) should we just bring stuff like this back?


77f03a No.9392104

Anyone have any suggestions for naming a political group based in the US? Looking to start a club in my college based on the tenets of fascism, NS, nationalism, etc; however, I need to choose a name that can slip by the (((administration))). Any suggestions will help.

37505c No.9392129

File: 358118e9c8619cb⋯.png (65.64 KB, 351x351, 1:1, sad.png)

I'm at a sense of inner conflict right now. I have a casual sex dating profile up but am considering deleting it. Never went through meeting anyone I was messaging.

Should it go or should I stop being overly moral?

5414bc No.9392376

If you've been through over 20 years of living a "normie" diet with no regard to what you're ingesting, how fucked are you? And also what can be done to fix any damage?

6576ed No.9392991


By accepting those feelings. I don't buy into the "health" benefits of nofap, but I've found that it's one of the best things you can do to increase your mental fortitude and discipline.

5999ae No.9393029


Communist Promotion Association

Administration will pass it right through, and all you have to do to prove your club is legit is do absolutely nothing when staff come by.

37505c No.9393044


Acceptance is fine, management is another issue entirely. Rephrasing, how do you manage agitation and frustration when you stop fapping? No hiding that it's a stress reliever.

5999ae No.9393060


Not that guy, but nofap here, I took up woodworking. Making something with your own hands, on your own time, is a great stress reliever.

37505c No.9393070


Interesting you should mention that. Is there really something to the whole working with your hands/doing things with your hands thing that is in and of itself a stress reliever?

Smoking fixation comes to mind, as does fiddling with keys or something. Unconscious soothing attempt perhaps?

671d7b No.9393288


do things that will fill up your apathetic lifestyle, just get a few hobbies and stick with it. first week will be hell but just keep in mind that the jew fucked your mind up. dont let them get to you.

4ff20f No.9393330

4/pol/ refugee here.

How do I use the fucking watchlist?

0e759d No.9393382


You were banned because the mods here are kikes. We don't have a great situation here, but it's the least shit place I know of.

0e759d No.9393391


The war was basically a big PR scheme to make America look good and strong against the commies, which backfired horribly. The hippie movement was either a PsyOp from the beginning or infiltrated and turned into controlled opposition, probably the latter in my opinion. The best part about it was the war, combined with Nixon's fuckup, taught the American people what happens if you trust the government.

9583fe No.9393436


Not participating in casual sex is not being "overly moral."

Participating in casual sex is just degenerate.

1dc31a No.9394067

Tried posting this in the redpill thread, guess that was my bad and I should have posted it here first.

I keep hearing this rumor about the Scho-ka-kola included in Wehrmacht rations being laced with methamphetamines. I can't remember the name of the archives board, so does anyone have more details about this? I have a feeling that it's a bullshit rumor that came from one book that a (((qualified expert))) wrote. The stuff did have a fuck load of caffeine in it (four pieces was like a cup of coffee I think) so seems like it could just be a rumor spread by soldiers as well.

f53c69 No.9394108


if you bring your bogposting faggotry here i'll murder you with my bare hands.

6bdd6f No.9394720


>Communist Promotion Agency

I'm sure they'd love that but I'm looking for a name that promotes National identity (example: National Action)

d38b1e No.9394863

/r the meme that was like "kikes claim that Hitler was a brown eyed, gay, dickless, coprophiliac yet can't even prove the holocaust was real" something along this line.

34d322 No.9394873

How much to cost to build a space station?

dee47f No.9394892


>The cost of the Mir programme was estimated by former RKA General Director Yuri Koptev in 2001 as $4.2 billion over its lifetime (including development, assembly and orbital operation).

d38b1e No.9394957

File: 033270c8844b1f9⋯.jpg (114.57 KB, 850x585, 170:117, 08239473.jpg)


What you mean is "Panzerschokolade". It was the nickname for Pervitin which was basically crystal meth. It was used to keep soldiers awake and alert. The crystal meth that junkies use today is about 1000 times stronger. People who claim that the German soldiers were junkies are full of shit.

Schokakola is chocolate with a bit of caffeine. It's about 1 cup of coffee per bar. So very little.

000000 No.9395045







39582f No.9395236


The Afghans have a good take on it: better to be oppressed by your own kind than to be "free" under foreigners. Makes sense if the goal is the survival of the nation. http://non-intervention.com/



Anyone know how o figure out which members of congress are foreign citizens or could become foreign citizens? I assume the Jews, but who else?


How is that politically incorrect at all? Just sounds like politics.


>you may see them when you go outside.



You're shadow-banned. No one can see your posts.


I find audio books are useful. You can use them as podcasts and many older ones like "The Myth" by Rosenberg are online for free.


Strong argument.


Checked. I've heard of something like this as well, though I also ahve no source. Good luck, anon!


No, they're Anglo which is Anglican or Latin rite.


1. Daily mortification–Do 1-3 (small) things each day you don't want to do, or not the way you want to do them. Put a small pebble or bean in your shoe. Season your food not the way you like it and eat it any way etc.

2. When you're tempted to think about porn/etc, break that thought by intentionally thinking a mantra of some sort. I pray a Hail Mary, you could do something else and then intentionally think about something licit, canoeing or skiing or what not.

3. Plan out your days. What are you going to be doing at each time? What are 3 big things you want to do this year? What are ways you can work on those this month? What are 10 goals for this week that can get you there? Start of each day, make a plan to work toward those weekly goals, end of each week, review the week+check in with monthly/yearly lists. Be busy each day, but also be reasonable. When you're starting out, it's a good idea as you make the daily list (I generally do one that I then can do more or less in order) estimate how much time each task will take and write that along with the estimated you'll finish it. hen if you're behind/ahead of schedule consistently you can know you over/underestimate how long things take to do. You will get a LOT more done this way, and feel like you're moving forward which is motivating.


Blah blah lukewarm. Cut it out, along with any and all degeneracy you're doing.

37505c No.9395263

File: cc6ca69572250f4⋯.png (95.54 KB, 241x228, 241:228, 1415877047669.png)



Alright, it's going. Avoided porn for the first time in a long time last night and woke up feeling more refreshed than usual. Truthfully, I'm not used to waking up with energy.

39582f No.9395287

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Vid related is pretty good talk on quitting porn. Goes a bit into the redpill of the naked Jew and gives some good advice. Very Catholic, but also has a lot of great info/ideas.

37505c No.9395325


Thank you, I will listen to this shortly. Right now I'm just blown away as I don't recall the last time I woke up without feeling horrible. Porn before bed fucks you up the next day perhaps?

39582f No.9395367


Definitely. And that's just on a physical level, not even getting into what it does to your psyche. What you think about/work on before bed influences what your mind "thinks" about/works on while you sleep. I'd suggest prayer, meditating, or reading philosophy, like about the virtues.

37505c No.9395427


>I'd suggest prayer, meditating, or reading philosophy, like about the virtues.

Many years ago I would meditate before bed and noticed a tremendous difference. Seems like the time has come to return to my old, far superior ways.

7918c3 No.9396005

Is there anything better than 23andMe? (Genetic Testing)

7918c3 No.9396274


Labor Credit Party

Social Action Party

Include labor-based currency and anti-imperialism among your party tennants

9808ce No.9396907

What inhabited spain before the moors?

Are aryans the only masterrace?

46f2d7 No.9397110

File: 128dbee5323eb86⋯.jpg (87.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, water_filters_salesman.jpg)

Which quality water filters are affordable? Seems like Jonestein's filters are a meme.

c31932 No.9397213


>Schokakola is chocolate with a bit of caffeine. It's about 1 cup of coffee per bar. So very little.

You guys ever try caffeinated gum? It's become my favorite way to ingest caffeine.

85a096 No.9397273


How strong is it?

85a096 No.9397318


Use the charcoal, sand, coffee filter and sheets as the layer to root the germs out after it is filtered then it need to be boiled.

c31932 No.9397384

File: 36688a2041a6085⋯.jpg (183.17 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, caffeine-gum.jpg)


100mg each. I got a box of them off Amazon a while back.

They claim it was made for military rations. I don't know if that's true, but it's definitely effective at getting caffeine into you. Absorbs from your saliva very quickly.

fc5a42 No.9397416

File: c62873d0dd4d744⋯.jpg (80.79 KB, 948x532, 237:133, Mike Tyson.jpg)

To hell with these threads. I've worked for years to earn all my memes, and I'll be damned if it was to give them all away to CtR.

85a096 No.9397513


I shall try them one day.

c2e5c1 No.9397536

I'd like labor backed currency regurgitated to me in a way I can explain it to others.

ce565a No.9397558

File: 73142be9edc9eea⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, images.akamai.steamusercon….jpg)

Does anyone have the images at the bottom of this Image? I'm doing a presentation and i need them in good qual

ce565a No.9397793

File: a7a8edae654e980⋯.jpeg (73.27 KB, 420x282, 70:47, what.jpeg)

can someone translate this

5fe6c5 No.9398068


I'd like to know this as well.

29d41f No.9400777

So does anyone have that picture of that anorexic numale vegan picking up fruit in a supermarket? I ask because I've seen it posted here before and I am trying to make a thing

29d41f No.9400780


haha wow I didn't even mean to get trips. Kek must be on my side

71da0f No.9400808

What are your thoughts on Salo forum?

29d41f No.9401274


Can I bump this question?

9808ce No.9402132


pls respond

04bc3f No.9403284

Where did the Archive link go? Can anyone post it?

Also, can anyone post images from the 2016 election live reaction on /pol/?

04bc3f No.9403405

Redpill me on Climate Change

191b84 No.9403664


The long and short of it is that there's evidence that the climate is changing, some evidence to support that claim, but shaky evidence about the exact degree. However none of the evidence allows us to narrow it down to a specific cause(ie. humans or some natural cycle). And when we get into the 'world is coming to an end' claims, they're based on rubbish self-referencing models and politics.

The best source to read would be www.drroyspencer.com When people talk about the satellite record, they're referring to this man's work. His sidebar has some good articles that cover the basics.

effcd8 No.9403718

File: 16e0d48e865fc98⋯.png (38.46 KB, 720x240, 3:1, climate change.png)


I made this in GIMP just now. Took an existing image containing two graphs and laid one on top of the other. I used the bottom numbers (years) as my reference point to ensure i wouldn't accidentally move the graph a little to the right or left and change the apparent result.

Climate change isn't a particularly passionate issue of mine (there's a million other reasons to not want to pump poison in the ground and atmosphere). The numbers are quite obviously correlated, but it appears the change in Temperature precedes the change in CO2 levels at first glance. Don't take my word on that though, if this is an issue you care about actually take the time and think about the graph for yourself.

16b186 No.9403729

File: f894ffee5e8a687⋯.jpg (217.93 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, Steven-Mnuchin-treasury-se….jpg)

How is appointing ((Steve Mnuchin)) as treasury secretary part of "Draining the swamp"? Please explain this to me.

8e00c3 No.9403743


read the art of war by sun tzu

effcd8 No.9403776


>The art of common sense by imaginary chink

I've read it. What the fuck does it have to do with this particular instance?

191b84 No.9404152

File: 5d110754159cd17⋯.png (71.31 KB, 780x510, 26:17, Haplogroup_R1b-borders.png)

File: a7260c6bdb39748⋯.gif (80.39 KB, 800x581, 800:581, Haplogroup-R1a.gif)

File: 91a80e90a5671b0⋯.gif (78.42 KB, 800x581, 800:581, Haplogroup_R-borders.gif)



Basically rape babies.

>start with stoneage shitters

>indo europeans come into europe and bring the bronze age with them.

>celtic branch rapes their way west through to the iberian peninsula.

>italic branch sets up rome and then goes over and rapes the iberians

>rome's grip weakens allowing the germanic branch to come through and rape the iberians

>arabs and berbers come in and rape the iberians

Half of the maternal lineages still in spain today are the same old stone age ones, without many of the stoneage paternal lineages around. They got dicked by every branch of the indo-europeans, and some phoenicians too, with the first celtic wave being the most thorough.

For the second question, it depends on where you want to draw the line. R1b is the main y haplogroup for the indo-europeans that have run europe and the world, they're a pretty good candidate for master race. You could also go one step back to R1 which includes the slavs(R1a) who are the only people who have given the R1b cultures a run for their money.

777a9b No.9404203

File: 925cad713fd46ec⋯.png (64.36 KB, 1562x362, 781:181, Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at ….png)

I just want you guys know that from

>02/25/2017 @ 5:20am


>03/08/2017 @ 7:06pm

the unix time starts with 1488.

Right now the time is


Also, anyone know what the channel name is/was for the disabled military guy that made videos? His videos was really great but I have lost it, or he isn't making videos anymore.

04bc3f No.9404668

What is /ourarchitecture/ style? I'd say neo-classicism with neo-modernism and neo-futurism or something like that.

a8e904 No.9404704


The "Draining the swamp" is about removing people who only have their positions due to donations and lobbying, hence the ban on all foreign lobbying ect. I don't think anyone likes Steven Mnuchin or understands why he has his position, but apparently Trump has known him personally for over fifteen years.

04bc3f No.9404989

37505c No.9405003

File: c830bef4dcaeedd⋯.jpg (136.22 KB, 500x555, 100:111, 1430888408522.jpg)

Is meditation worth learning?

4dec43 No.9405078

File: a902dc77454d035⋯.png (790.5 KB, 1000x960, 25:24, 1488485932507.png)

the letter in the image is fake right?

04bc3f No.9405170

04bc3f No.9405178


/pol/ archive*

49e6d8 No.9405261


Read up on how the polar ice caps on Mars are melting. At least some of this climate change is being caused by the sun or some other astronomical event.

04bc3f No.9405760

If we hypothetically had a post-scarcity device (think Star Trek) how would a fascist society work?

aaab23 No.9405981

File: c5172aa36c0b8da⋯.png (625.45 KB, 720x1100, 36:55, c5172aa36c0b8da8aca767bcb5….png)

Did anyone here get an invitation to the inauguration AFTER it happened?

My roommate and I just got one. Just now.

4dec43 No.9406151


I saw a thread about that on here. seemed to be a scam of some kind

aaab23 No.9406174


Really? How?

We both donated (or bought merch, which is legally donating) to the campaign and have gotten periodic mail. This was a rather fancy package, the invitation matches ones i've seen online, and there was no request for information. Just an invitation.

Do you have that thread on hand?

4dec43 No.9406223


>>9396456 here, though I didn't read it so idk what i'm talking about

aaab23 No.9406229


Nevermind, think I found it.

584fde No.9406319

I've only watched normie anime before, like Inyuasha and Cowboy Beepbop, what is a based anime?

869540 No.9406346



f98611 No.9406381


King of the Hill

86a891 No.9408264


Is thus a serious request?

It says "entrance for Poles not allowed".

128939 No.9409203

File: 7ed8c90952c6e19⋯.png (4.55 KB, 192x192, 1:1, germanyball.png)

Probably moving to Germany later this year.

I want to make friends quickly with local redpilled folks, problem is that unless I join TRS or other namefag forums I just don't see that happening without being lucky, or walking into a honeypot.

Not certain of the location other than it will be a university town.

It's also going to take me a few months before my main job starts up, what are things that someone with only basic German language skills can do for work?

Sorry for being vague, but it's the info that I've got to work with for the moment.

dee47f No.9409313

File: f36f4ddb9c23eb1⋯.png (122.16 KB, 300x250, 6:5, trash-target-1.png)

Pic related was one of the adds in the cycle a few days ago.

Does anyone know who this person is or what the backstory is on this?

34d322 No.9409805

What is the penalty if Australians harbour the white foreigners illegally?

9372c1 No.9409845


>It's also going to take me a few months before my main job starts up, what are things that someone with only basic German language skills can do for work?

I don't know exactly what you're looking for but basic shit like delivering newspapers or stacking shelves at a supermarket will be easy enough to do although the pay is very little.

>I want to make friends quickly with local redpilled folks

I don't know about joining associations (maybe the IB, but they usually seem pretty kosher) but things like shooting clubs, martial arts clubs, smaller folk fairs and such might be worth visiting. Keep in mind though that germans especially will be apprehensive about letting their powerlevel be known so they either need to trust you a lot or be drunk and feel secure enough in their environment.

172bd1 No.9410033

File: 8bf0c2c936aefd1⋯.png (135.8 KB, 781x773, 781:773, 1433111402240.png)

Are there any ways to fix the corrupt media without removing it entirely? Has anyone dabbled with this question before?

dda329 No.9410210


You have three real options aside from total removal.

1) Gradual self induced decay

Our media is undergoing this right now. It's kicking up such a shit storm and making such an arse of itself that less people trust it each day.

Problem is this takes a long time. Decades minimum.

2) Sudden financial failure.

If their business model somehow becomes unviable then they will be forced to adjust or shut down.

This can come via technology disruption or changes in the overton window.

3) Replacement

Replacement is exactly that. New media emerges and usurps the old very rapidly. Usually this is perpetrated by nations introducing new state media sources when public trust in the government of the nation is very high.

f45081 No.9410851


>But do we really want to replace that with authoritarianism and imposed traditional behaviour?

Authority is not an automatic evil, like the left believes. In a meritocracy there would be those in authority over you and by right they should because they would be better than you. In our current situation we can't live in a meritocracy and will never be able to do so if reality isn't recognized (i.e. that there are differences between races and there are forces that want the White race removed).

I do agree with you on imposed traditional behavior. We should also focus on eugenics and bring that same mindset to all aspects of life.

a71cec No.9411368

What does 8pol think about Jordan B. Peterson?

Is there a reason not to listen to him or something one should know about him before listening to him?

55f5c0 No.9412073



f8e199 No.9412380

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This, right wing thought is inherently authoritarian to some degree, leftist politics is inherently totalitarian when taken far enough since totalitarianism is the only way for the forced meme of egalitarianism to be enforced. Authoritarian government is very hit and miss, sometimes it fucking sucks, sometimes it is excellent, but totalitarianism never, ever, fucking works and is pure cancer. Authoritarianism simply means you support some kind of hierarchy to govern a country, and literally every functioning country has a form of hierarchy. Authoritarianism is not inherently bad except when it does not have any merit based system, totalitarianism is inherently bad. Democracy's are alleged to be merit based authoritarian societies since the ruling party depends on votes but that is easily corrupted with (((MSM))) and mass immigration to create a permanent electoral majority through white genocide, and there is no merit whatsoever in having power/policy depend on demographic replacement with shitskins or on lugenpresse kike narratives. Democracy in general is a form of inferior authoritarianism while vid related is an example of superior authoritarianism.

f8e199 No.9412473


>Steinlight specifically mentions the need to reduce Hispanic and Muslim immigration.

>Slowing down demographic replacement and encouraging civic nationalism.

There is probably not a lot of discussion on that because it fits Trump's policies exactly and most people do not want endchan to be correct about Trump's administration. With that said, the Steinlight plan can still backfire if their controlled opposition/alt-lite civnat shit is pushed farther right and subverted with WN and 1488, which is what we should be doing, alt-lite fags can be annoying but they are a lot easier to redpill than shitlibs or normies on the JQ and similar matters IME, we need to ensure Filterwars, PJW, Cernobitch etc. are gateway more than gatekeeper.

a4d3ad No.9412697

File: 9f08ead9c6810ab⋯.jpg (96.71 KB, 623x829, 623:829, i have a vagina.jpg)

Can someone redpill me on George Soros? I understand what people's opinion of him is, but I haven't seen evidence to make a conclusion.

13a01d No.9413369

South American countries like Argentina and Uruguay are, according to a quick search of their demographics, very white, with percentages of "white" at 97% and 88% respectively.

This appears to be reflected in their Average IQ's, in which Uruguay tends to reported in the upper 90's, and Argentina reported in the mid 90's–not quite at European standards, but close, and still not in the 80s and 70s like most other South America spic hives.

So my question is this: Are these representations of ethnicity true? Is Argentina, on a percentage basis, more WHITE, and I mean European blood only, than many European nations?

I don't know much about these countries. Are they high achievers in fields that European countries are also high achievers in? To simplify that, are they dirty shit holes, or are they what you'd expect from a majority white society?

If they're shitty, is it because they have been infested with modern socialist economics/other unfavorable forms of governments? Or do they have large amounts of shitskins in their governments?

I ask this because whenever I'm discussing the realities of Race and make the point to look at what nations of Whites have accomplished and created vs the rest, people always bring up "well argentina/uruguay are white, and they havent seemed to have produced anything notable or equivalent to European nations" and they use that as their attempt to upend the logic that white nations are generally superior to other nations.


-Are countries like argentina/uruguay actually filled with people of only european descent?

-Are these countries shitty, and if so, what is the reason, considering they are mostly white?

Thanks to any argentina/uruguayniggers who have good insights on this, and thanks to anyone else who is more well read on this than I!

6acabf No.9413763

File: 80f847c6d344b3b⋯.png (83.19 KB, 1097x937, 1097:937, kike mods.png)


Here one of my bans given to me by the (((mods))).

6acabf No.9413822

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Weird, I can still find it on jewtube.

fc5a42 No.9413864


Soros is the kikes' kike. Through his Open Society Foundations, he funds hundreds of left-wing movements. BLM, Women's March, MoveOn, ANSWER, the White Helmets. . . you name it. If there's a cause promoting white genocide, radical Islam, race mixing, or nignog riots, Soros paid for the bus fare and the signage.

ff096b No.9413910


Soros is a puppet for the Rothschilds

b94cdb No.9414222


I come to you for your collective wisdom in an hour of need.

As of a few weeks ago (approx. a month) I ditched the NEET lifestyle and got myself a job (or rather, an old friend got me a job) at a local pizza place (the irony I know)

Within moments of working there, I was told

a) Don't look a certain busser in the eyes when he's staring at you or he will make a scene

b) When working with another busser, keep an eye out and make sure he doesn't pocket your tips (it's an open room but a pair of bussers on a wknd typically share tips 50/50). He just calls the job "easy money" and assumes I don't know what he means.

Now I thought it peculiar at first, and as I interacted with different coworkers it was apparent I was not the only one. Left and right I had people telling me they saw busser B pocketing tips, and when I confronted him he said oh yeah we made $2 so here's your 1.

"Alright, it's possible" I figured. But still, it obviously wasn't a good environment to work in as I was always working (mostly with my head down).

After asking around trying to gauge what the hell this circus was, I got put on cash register (a job which is mostly reserved for high school girls (and family) where I work). It was alright, tipped well (for no reason…or maybe some, but I'll get to that later), but it obviously wasn't the best place for me even though I had some of the best manners in the restaurant.

So onto cooking pizzas I was. At least for about a week now, and I'm into my second month (first day Jan 20th).

So what are my problems you may ask? Well, firstly

1. I have not received a schedule. Nor has anybody else, and every time I ask the GM it's like pulling teeth. He started me out there by promising a schedule and a day off per week but has never talked about it further. I go in every day at the same time but never know when I'll be getting out (as in, am I closing) and I never know what position they need me in (as in, I end up doing dishes in a button-down and cologne). It culminated tonight when I was told I'd be cut at 10, but then suddenly the night manager came up and told me he forgot he was cutting busser B so he cld pick up his gf. So I told him fine, I'll cover tonight but if I'm going to stay i need a schedule.

Then I figured, why don't I take it direct to the GM in his office? So I did, and he turned around and passed the buck right on back to the night manager (which in all fairness it was his goof, but I was trying to explain it was part of an overall problem I was having with my schedule in the first place). My GM said "so you're tired of being bumped around, well who's bumping you around? Let's go talk to him". I follow him to the front where the manager was working hard, and once he turned around the GM just rekt his shit up. Like JUST style. He said shit like "he's got balls like marshmallows! see, we can stand here and talk about him and he'll just keep his head down and pretend he's not listening" and other degrading and personal things in the third person. When I tried to tell him it was just part of a bigger problem for me, he deflected. I (stupidly) decided (probably out of habit from dealing with shills) to argue with him on the "special needs" workers he had, and why? To which he pretended to take great offense that I would posit the mere possibility that they worked their a tax exemption for the boss (which I have to imagine they do at this point)

So anyway, there's a lot there and that's not all of it but basically my question is what do? I mean, I love the crew, and could see myself staying there just to help them out while I plan my escape, but have I stepped out of bounds calling him out on the tax exemption question? Because I feel like tomorrow he's going to make my life hell in attempts to get me to quit but he can also fire as i'm in an "at-will" state as far as hiring/firing. Is there anything here?

Also aware of all the holes here, it's been a very dense month. Ask anything. Any help is appreciated.

effcd8 No.9414471


If you don't get fired, count your blessings. Try to bear through until you have enough money to pursue something you are skilled in you do have skills,don't you?

Try to put together some project that requires some level of dedication and skill that you can show someone working in the field you would like to work in. If you don't need a certification by law, employers don't care much about education as long as you can prove you can do the job. They've been getting very disillusioned with degree holders so there's that.

Bottom line: you gonna need to get a new job eventually. It is in your best interest to make it sooner rather than later,

b94cdb No.9414895


>you do have skills, don't you?

First off thank you for the reply m8. I've always been good with music, at least people have liked it (instrumental and electronic stuff) but ever since Trump I've just wanted to feel like a part of the team. That and I know the illoominardy snatches up anyone with a modicum of talent, so even if I were to write up a rough masterpiece, the only way to perfect it would be by brushing shoulders with loathsome creatures.

Is there any money to be made as an independent music producer? A lot of people tell me some of my stuff belongs in video games but there's something that I've always wanted to do that I don't even want to say because it hasn't been tried yet, but requires much more time hitting the books on my part. All I can say is, I think the Don would approve, and I'm pretty sure Deus vults it. It would just take months is all.

Good advice tho. I'm weighing my options because the GM is apparently on his last leg before retirement and he causes a lot of problems. It's good money working every day but with no schedule and a toxic work environment there's just no reason to stick around besides to help everybody else

effcd8 No.9414978


>Is there any money to be made as an independent music producer?

I can't say I'm an expert, but I would figure your best options are:

>Patreon or other crowdfunding

If you can throw your pseudonym around and people with disposable income think it's good, They might throw a buck or two your way every month. If you can get yourself a little cult following the amount those people will tip will increase. Don't expect to make a living off of this.

>Private shows

People do hire local musicians as entertainers for events. This requires a lot more work on your part, but allows you to go in knowing how much you're gonna get paid for the gig.

If you have a great project in mind, you should most certainly work on it. Be careful not to let it get in the way of more immediate needs though.

569f11 No.9417193

File: 686f42eb11f5e44⋯.png (80.13 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, BlackSun.png)

What is the best form of the black sun symbol?

I'm partial to this one, myself.

569f11 No.9417271


This one is from the original castle at the new "center of the world" according to kikepedia.

10f1ad No.9417330

We always talk about demographic demise and countries getting less white but has the reverse ever been achieved outside of 1930s Germany? Has a people ever successfully turned the tide of shitskins pouring in and gone back to being whiter?

bd9e40 No.9417552


You'd either have to accept a smaller population or participate in a race to the bottom. We could pretty easily shift gibs to only effect whites and allow the trash to breed us an army, but some people dislike the idea of any but the best breeding at all.

I don't see any other practical solutions to the problem, though if we ditch the materialism, we won't need as large of a population in the first place. Burn down the cities and live like warrior peasants with the extended family on your farm, which is probably the best case scenario.

10f1ad No.9417611


So in other words its never been achieved then.

f93936 No.9417640

It's March 4 Trump today in Berkeley, BAMN and Antifa are gearing up, police will probably stand down, I am a trump supporter and a woman, should I go? Feels like being a lamb heading for the slaughter. You can't carry in Alameda County. See: Milo riots

bd9e40 No.9417643


Not in a white country. Various flavors of Asians have done it, and I'm sure it occurs at some level in South America as far as natives and blacks vying for control, so if you're looking for tactics and statistics look there, but you won't find anything about whites doing much of anything about it.

9583fe No.9417662


Elaborate on the other forms you consider. As far as I'm aware, that's the only modern black sun.

10f1ad No.9417727


>I am a trump supporter and a woman, should I go?

I would not if I was a woman. I would be very surprised if there was not a violent confrontation and that's no place for a woman.


>Various flavors of Asians have done it

Thanks, I'll look into that then.

bd9e40 No.9417759


It'll be the brown skins in and around Indochina, lot of racial cleansing from the recent hubbub in Burma to the fracas in Cambodia, wiping out random tribes in the jungle is something of a past time out that way. Since you're reading over their history anyway, it's worth looking into how islam is meaningfully combated, they're better than most at that, too.

569f11 No.9417909


I was thinking of any version that doesn't have much of a circle at the center, if at all. It's just the lines emanating out from the central point.

Like I said, the one I posted is my favorite.

13a01d No.9418005

anybody got anything on this


bd9e40 No.9418032


"Latinos" consider themselves white, hell even in burgerland a lot report themselves as white. Higher degrees of admixture are probably to blame for the slightly higher IQs, and there may even be the odd german enclave but white generally won't mean what you expect it to mean in this context.

bd9e40 No.9418139


Redpill me on the Vindex and Aryan Russians, wikipedia.

10a509 No.9418303

File: 65be65e4d295ca3⋯.png (120.62 KB, 400x309, 400:309, liberal circular reasoning.png)

File: 6542e4aed705086⋯.jpg (19.12 KB, 400x308, 100:77, 400px-Bible_cycle.jpg)

/pol/; im not sure what other thread I should post this in, but I wanted to post this picture

yes I know the quality is atrocious

I'd like to ask; would some anon fix up this picture for me so it doesn't look like trash?

second pic is the one I edited

10a509 No.9418319


maybe /pol/ could also think up some alternative text for the picture, but I guess /pol/ should get the idea pretty easily

10a509 No.9418377


well i suck at that and i was hoping someone else would do it for me

and im not sure why the last line says second pic is the one i edited; i meant to type the second pic the original

10a509 No.9418381


is the original***


56b2ed No.9419213

File: d12345bcbd9ab3e⋯.jpg (341.51 KB, 1024x1325, 1024:1325, women love black men.jpg)


Regular lurker here.

My sister is dating a black guy, and has mentioned "he might be the one" and has plans to move in with him. She's the epitome of Aryan with blonde hair & blue eyes. I met this guy prior to my red pilling many years ago, where I lived with my family in a very affluent area. He is an upstanding guy due to being raised by a good wealthy parent (yes parent, dad gone ofc). They stopped dating and I thought that was the end of it, prior to hearing this shit recently.

What do I do? Do I try to red pill her with pic related? Do I threaten to disown her and never talk with or meet her again?

I'm lost /pol/, please shed your input.

10a509 No.9419274

File: 637e720ba9d4c35⋯.png (18.87 KB, 796x467, 796:467, liberal circular reasoning.png)



allright i made this instead

would some anon be so kind as to make it look more eye-catching so liberals look at it?

531dc7 No.9419304

File: 09bcdac4006d924⋯.png (330.46 KB, 604x596, 151:149, Thomas-Sowell-quotes[1].png)


Can anyone recommend to me an unbiased introduction to economic theory? I feel I should rectify my own economic illiteracy.

80b824 No.9419358


Are you retarded son? Your idiotic Aryan Sister, which lets get real here, you're clearly a newfag if you're too fucking stupid to refer to yourself and your sister with the PROPER nomenclature "European/Europoid" when in reference of our race, when the term Aryan refers to dark-skinned Indians and the like which have NO ties to the Europoid race.

You then take it a step further with whining like a clear effeminate cuckold crying about how your retarded sister is sucking/fucking niggers willingly and how she's saying he's the one, which means she's fucked him a couple times and truly believes said nigger is the one to help her look like a free spirit and piss off your father cause of whatever kike indoctrination she fell for when more than likely she's already contracted an STD, more likely it was HIV/AIDS as well.

That being said, there's no redeeming your ugly retarded sister cause no one in their right mind will willingly take some nigger's sloppy seconds, no one. Not even the desperate poor guys here whom aren't already married and are having trouble finding any white women where they live, they wouldn't dare even use your sister as fucking cum-dumpster with her idiotic daddy issues that only bloomed into fucking niggers to feel "liberated".

Your ignorance is one thing, but your complete ineptitude of how we refer to ourselves here, and how you're clearly not 'white' to begin with if you're having a hard time understanding what it means to be apart of the Europoid race and how 'Aryans' are not ethnically European, and that due to the fact they're fucking INDIAN/PAKI mongrels with nigger admixture that allowing yourself to label yourself with fucking sanskrit garbage only allows them to fucking waddle around with pride about how they're now 'ethnically european/white' and how they're good boys.

Kill your sister, and if you can't do that, cut off all ties NOW. Don't even bother looking back, that's the one thing your stupid ass can do to redeem yourself.

698276 No.9419392


Disown her. My stepsister is a coalburner. I don't talk to her at all. I can't change what she wants to do with her life, but if she wants to throw her genes away she can do it far away from me.

bd9e40 No.9419422


No redemption for race traitors. She's already dead.

56b2ed No.9419640

File: 73e62f470c6f3fa⋯.jpg (93.5 KB, 500x666, 250:333, Kalash.jpg)


Seems my use of "Aryan" has triggered you; maybe you should take that up with Hitler.



Duly noted.

698276 No.9419706

File: a10fdfea6dda47a⋯.png (34.29 KB, 981x426, 327:142, wat3.png)


>tfw I have some Kalash DNA

a53ca4 No.9419732

Simple question /pol/: how do you rebuild or "re-energize" a broken man? A relative of mine is what I would call that and I'd really appreciate some many tips here.


Which DNA test is that?

d699af No.9420746

effcd8 No.9420870


well first off, Kek and Heqet are two different gods.


>broken man

That could encompass a lot of things. As a general rule, more testosterone less estrogen.

5be2b4 No.9420904


>when the term Aryan refers to dark-skinned Indians and the like which have NO ties to the Europoid race


d699af No.9420936

File: c41bd83f7dc7d04⋯.jpg (30.61 KB, 600x412, 150:103, a5c.jpg)


It's exactly the same in pic related. How are they different? Maybe the seller got it wrong, or changed the name so as to not be persecuted by Trump haters

effcd8 No.9420960

File: e67dc007b007573⋯.png (11.6 KB, 230x196, 115:98, Screenshot from 2017-03-04….png)

File: 91d994f8e91a503⋯.png (5.27 KB, 82x136, 41:68, Screenshot from 2017-03-04….png)


>Maybe the seller got it wrong, or changed the name so as to not be persecuted by Trump haters

Or maybe the image is wrong.

Which of these symbols most closely matches the name on the statue?

d699af No.9421018


Perhaps in ancient times those symbols were associated with Heqet, but perceptions and beliefs shape reality. There are many people, even non believers of Kek, who think those symbols are associated with Kek. The more people who see it that way, the more it becomes a part of the common perception of reality.

effcd8 No.9421059


That perception quickly goes away when people decide to take 2 seconds to look up "heqet."

7a813e No.9422661

Who /pol/-/o/ here? What are some good /pol/ approved cars?

34804a No.9423057

Anything on amish communities? You know the communities that are completely immune to the liberalism poisoning our society right now. There a statistic somewhere of amish kids turning 18 to see the world and turn right back around to thier amish community?

bd9e40 No.9423194


I live out in amish country, things aren't what they used to be. Most are using quite a bit of tech these days, it's really only the super orthodox ones still only using electricity for their refrigerators and the like now. Ever since amish became a byword for quality back in the late 90's you've seen the culture shift pretty hard. Workshops turned to factories, and farmers markets turned into shopping malls as the demand keeps ramping up from the hordes of yuppies driving in from Pittsburg and Cleveland or even farther out. While buggies still out number cars, that's shifting quickly, you'd be hard pressed not to see trucks and vans packed full of amish on their way to walmart lately.

Talking with some of the amish I've known for awhile suggests they're seeing more of their kids coming back, interestingly enough. Wouldn't surprise me if it's because how profitable it's become. They talk as though they haven't seen retention like this since the 60's and 70's. Could be anecdotal to just the handful of families that will talk to me, but it looks like the kids on their rumspringa come back after they get a good look at how bad things are out there right now.

It's worth noting their women, the one's who are serious about the lifestyle anyway, are not supposed to talk to strange men. If you've got ambitions of an amish waifu, you'll need to convert in and be introduced by their fathers and brothers. Ones that will fuck you while out on rumspringa aren't any different from any other modern women.

58c2e1 No.9423373

File: 2ece60b0cf30ad2⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 3434x2959, 3434:2959, zog.jpg)

What website is this from?

191b84 No.9423411


Henry Hazlitt, Economics in One Lesson.

Written in the 40s, all the examples and points remain spot on.


aa3e6d No.9423540

>"If ethnic heterogeneity is such a huge problem for democratic societies why is nobody talking about returning to a different form of government?"

Here is to me the 1 trillion dollar question. Let me repeat it:

>"If ethnic heterogeneity is such a huge problem for democratic societies why is nobody talking about returning to a different form of government?"

It's therefore clear to me that a different form of government is the goal. There is an established group of ultra wealthy individuals all educated in the liberal institutions of the 20th century who strongly adhere to undemocratic principles, wanting:

>monarchy for the capitalists (themselves)

>socialism for the populous (the serfs)

and are actively engaged in destabilizing western democracies by creating open borders and promoting an agenda of biracialism, race mixing and open relationships, destabilizing the atom of the west (family, clusters of man+woman+children) into nebulous groups of (men+men, women+women, woman+children).

These are all techniques to erode foundational binding principles of our society. We no longer take care of our elderly. We no longer take care of our children. We no longer bind with a partner for life. The new atom is the individual, isolated, weak, malleable, prone to his or her vices, a fetishist who idolizes self-gratification and the pursuit of meaningless orgasm.

Why does the right, a counter-culture movement, focus so much on the destabilizing factors rather than the forces behind them? Too much attention is given to effect and not enough to cause. These men and women at the top of society with monetary riches crave power.

One does not continue to seek money after making 100 million, 1 billion, 10 billion. So what drives them? Clearly the largest driver here is the desire for power, conquest, the ability to rule over many by few. The main focus of any movement that opposes this narrative should be to expose the narrator not to focus on the imagery in the story.

The system for them to rule is not yet in place, they do not control the military or the public trust to the degree they can turn the people against the soldiers and create civil war. We should align with the military, it is a structure that maintains at its core the conservative principles which bind together human beings, loyalty, obedience, duty, honor, dignity, respect, bravery, brotherhood and most importantly a healthy skepticism towards authority and blind worship of leaders.

These words have lost all meaning in the civilian world, values replaced by pleasures.

a53ca4 No.9423546


>That could encompass a lot of things.

Psychologically broken. Completely demoralized and depressed.

>As a general rule, more testosterone less estrogen.


2e80fa No.9423576


4chan /pol/ is littered with "Drumpfies BTFO!" threads

is the only reason that 8chan has been spared that it's such a small website?

164706 No.9423581

File: 41b825276f7b3cd⋯.jpg (28.55 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Have you ever noticed that vampires are Aryan LARPing for kikes?

>otherwordly beauty

>pale skin

>but still feast on blood

>perverse and sexually degenerate


>afraid of cross

e6fa78 No.9423648

File: 08faef1349949f7⋯.png (555.43 KB, 887x614, 887:614, oh the places.png)

Post yfw newbies don't know what QTDDTOT means and fail to notice the thread.

34d322 No.9423875

File: 5b47a60bda3e682⋯.mp4 (1.16 MB, 224x400, 14:25, What are they doing questi….mp4)

Unrelated to the /pol/ but I know that some /pol/ are big fans of the crows so I thought they might know this strange behaviour.

bd9e40 No.9423892


I don't know how to tell you this, but anon those aren't crows.

34d322 No.9423894


I know they are turkey (not Aussie ones) but what I am saying is that they are bird experts on the bird things so I am hoping that they would answer this strange behaviour.

f0d784 No.9423931

Maybe this does deserve a thread but how does international banking play a part in keeping particular economies weak and vulnerable?

This question assumes countries have weak currencies because of banking but if it's due to something else, what is it?

d8813c No.9423986

File: bf244f20e230f11⋯.jpg (274.7 KB, 625x844, 625:844, tmp_29476-Oy Vey752567711.jpg)


On a scale of 1 to 10, how jewish is my nose?

671aba No.9424542



56b2ed No.9425323


This biologist seems to have a reasonable explanation:


Probably isn't as profound as it seems.

effcd8 No.9425808


>Psychologically broken. Completely demoralized and depressed.

Sounds like a job for testosterone. Convince him to eat more saturated fats. Contrary to popular belief, fat doesn't make you fat, carbs make you fat. Saturatedfats in particular (IE, the stuff (((they)) specifically tell us not to eat) gets converted into testosterone in the body. Have him add a little butter to everything he eats, tell him to avoid soy, grains, and pretty much anything with a high carb/fat ratio. Over time he'll get some energy back, at which point try to get him on a light to moderate exercise schedule.

One important bit is to get him walking. Tell him to take some time out of his day to go for a stroll around the block and enjoy some fresh air and sunlight.

a53ca4 No.9425912


Thanks for the advice. I honestly appreciate it.

d699af No.9430020

File: 91f7f53b97beaa4⋯.png (182.9 KB, 500x844, 125:211, 1-national-bestseller-trum….png)

Please, help me out here /pol/. I want to get a hardcover version of The Art of the Deal, and I know more recent editions have more content (384 pages). But all of the hardcover versions I can find only have 256 pages. Where can I find the definitive version of TAofD that's also a hardcover?

7f6f59 No.9430295

Where can I buy an isis flag? Preferably one where the money is going to china and not muslims.

dc2fce No.9430534


What shitty chimpmerican beach is that?

3d3ba1 No.9430863

File: 8741a8a022a0272⋯.jpg (8.64 KB, 224x255, 224:255, 31dc221ef9ec00918fe957c1b8….jpg)



ALL the pizza managers and GMs I have met are degenerate gamblers, drug abusers and drunks.

Not exaggerating, it's worse than a used car salesman. These are 24-43 year old men who don't even own the pizza joint and are eternally dealing with shitty kids, jailbait waitresses, beaner bussers, kitchen and dishwashing staff - that's why shitty spics stay around - they supply the drugs.

A car salesman can at least dangle the carrot of a "deal" on a car to a wethole. A pizzan GM or manager? Maybe some fat fuck stoner pigs under 24 - but that's it.

If the schedule is bothering you that much, OFFER TO MAKE IT YOURSELF. Then, after a month of making the schedule ask for .25 cents more an hour and the title of Asst Manager.

Two audiobooks for you:

https:// www.amazon.com/48-Laws-Power-Robert-Greene/dp/0140280197


https:// www.amazon.com/No-More-Mr-Nice-Guy/dp/0762415339

I have worked as a cook, dishwasher, waiter, busboy, caterer, and barback at restaurants and was a manager at a pizza place for a summer.

Always have an escape plan. You seem more like customer service guy at a grocery or a host at a breakfast joint. Good luck.

3d3ba1 No.9430881

File: e56e533ad8f9f1f⋯.jpg (62.47 KB, 540x581, 540:581, acksually Heqet faggot b.jpg)


>well first off, Kek and Heqet are two different gods.

I swear to Kek if you are this anon I want you to kill yourself.

3d3ba1 No.9430895

File: fbc41f2a5f19bb3⋯.png (81.81 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 0323 - 3jXQLuo.png)



>100mg each. I got a box of them off Amazon a while back.


>They claim it was made for military rations. I don't know if that's true, but it's definitely effective at getting caffeine into you. Absorbs from your saliva very quickly.

Never saw them in any of my rations. We had gum, but no caffeine gum. For 12 hour shifts sometimes we would get a white bottle of "not Vivarin" which would give me stomach cramps and acidic burps.

I actually got some those from Amazon for a Comic Convention last year. Not bad, but you can't chew them for longer than 5 minutes or they make you feel sick. Not the worst purchase I am have made - but don't pay too much.

c2689d No.9430924


You are the faggot. You are that guy who invades a communty then tells that community how to behave immediately. YOU are that guy in the pic. YOU are the smelly newfag who wants to join in with the Kek fun without giving half a shit about what it is. Kek despises you. Casual normalfags who want to be included while not even trying to understand the thing itself are utter cancer.

dfcde8 No.9431066

File: b9b4f6d078f2537⋯.jpg (66.67 KB, 468x714, 78:119, b9b4f6d078f2537efbe2baa5f8….jpg)


can someone give me images or lists about tradition, civilization and their fall or collapse?

I'm loooking for these books as a way of individual improvement and group improvement, and also to learn what made countries like Rome or Germany so great and how they ended up in ruin

pic unrelated

2efcc6 No.9431115


>What shitty chimpmerican beach is that?

East coast waters don't generally look like that down south, nor do the waters look like that along the Gulf. Given the large population of college age men, predominantly blacks and some whites, desperately trying to suppress their homoerotic urges, I'm going to say this is probably somewhere in The People's Republic of California. It appears to me to be afternoon in that video. I base this off of the tendency I've observed for normalfags to get stuck in traffic jams while trying to get to beaches either later in the morning or in the afternoon. The shadows would indicate that the sun is leaning toward the water. If I'm right about the time of day, that pits the sun closer toward the west, which would put this on the west coast. It would explain all of that beautiful diversity, but the notable lack of Latinos that I would expect to see somewhere like Miami. Just a guess though. I don't know anywhere else on the west coast with such a high concentration of niggers.

3d3ba1 No.9431146

File: 45eae5a4afed4ee⋯.jpg (12.51 KB, 225x400, 9:16, a13dff8188493d0b8dd436de14….jpg)

File: 7b518017b16a122⋯.png (32.63 KB, 842x428, 421:214, e3dd9eb2edd38f2176c25c9ab5….png)

File: 1efe71279567960⋯.jpg (53.66 KB, 640x506, 320:253, kek ancient jade swastika ….jpg)

File: b16d399e235deac⋯.jpg (10.23 KB, 360x240, 3:2, kek billion year old stone.jpg)

File: d26230e286516fc⋯.jpg (53.73 KB, 560x680, 14:17, kek is real.jpg)


just add an


in front of that shit you just sputtered out in your post.

You might be an actual knowledgeable agent of Kek, but your Heqet act is soooooooo fucking stale that I am far from the only anon absolutely tired of your faggotry.

Felate a Heqet statue nigger.

437f76 No.9431164

File: 0a7443b111b7606⋯.jpg (26.66 KB, 480x349, 480:349, spengler_purpose.jpg)


If you want to take a broad view (not about specific civilizations, but about how civilizations rise and fall, and why) read everything by Spengler.

bf2e00 No.9431168

File: 9bd8810988af9bf⋯.jpg (710.39 KB, 1088x2768, 68:173, Iron Pill book reccomendat….jpg)

File: 4960f23e9f0fb8a⋯.jpg (682.74 KB, 2700x1800, 3:2, pol reccomdended reading c….jpg)

File: d024403c9098d69⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2530x2291, 2530:2291, Red pilled books reading l….jpg)


>David Myatt

The most obvious state agent I've ever heard of.

He was involved in esotericism and neo-nazism when those were big issues during the eighties, and then in the early 00's he just happened to convert to Islam and start shilling for jihad just as Muslim terrorism became a big issue


>when the term Aryan refers to dark-skinned Indians and the like which have NO ties to the Europoid race

This is the stupidest thing I've ever read on here


2efcc6 No.9431205

File: fd00bd8da5817f9⋯.png (311.86 KB, 1280x1201, 1280:1201, vQT6Krci.png)

File: d5f6dbf53744bee⋯.png (95.11 KB, 1690x524, 845:262, 6jhICFDn.PNG)

File: 6757182220f59db⋯.png (105.74 KB, 1689x654, 563:218, bfkuaGkB1.PNG)

File: 5f4bbd77a15e567⋯.png (3.54 MB, 2560x3463, 2560:3463, iE92XD8AD.png)

File: 0f4f978ce8d3d83⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 4095x3199, 585:457, b09bdc80a1d03cb8dabb1e1f81….jpg)


>Can someone redpill me on George Soros?

Ok. He's filthy rich and he's one of the founders of the Democracy Alliance. He's very, very politically active in supporting the far left.

2efcc6 No.9431237


https:// www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/seth-rich-wasnt-just-another-dc-murder-victim-he-was-a-meme-in-the-weirdest-presidential-election-of-our-times/2017/01/18/ee8e27f8-dcc0-11e6-918c-99ede3c8cafa_story.html

effcd8 No.9431990

File: 83fe8bba6910c69⋯.jpg (56.67 KB, 320x640, 1:2, Athena.jpg)


>Check out my Hercules statue, guys

This is what you look like

83c186 No.9432243

File: c51a5dc3be683f8⋯.gif (124.62 KB, 500x462, 250:231, couple.gif)

When did the term "Judeo-Christian" really start being used?

299dc3 No.9432270

File: 8fadcc39ba94e39⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1431x1073, 1431:1073, Peter Novick - The Holocau….png)


World War II. Before that it meant a jew who converted to Christianity.

292982 No.9432280

r/ing solid, normie-friendly examples of Politifact being untrustworthy

6f2ecc No.9432314

I misplaced an image composed of pages scanned from some book, they had statistics of scientific discoveries and their countries of origin, showing Europe's dominance.

Does anyone have this image?

8d70a8 No.9432371

File: daaf12c2232504a⋯.jpg (11.66 KB, 160x234, 80:117, 20040416231845jasenovac_us….jpg)

Did the ustase actually do anything wrong?

d07d3f No.9432717

File: 2740f187bfea797⋯.jpg (508.03 KB, 1177x1280, 1177:1280, 1483079178450.jpg)

Just curious how we all feel about this board right now.


f41a1a No.9437493

Sorry for newfag question, but how do you create a fake youtube account again? Not having much luck with those online phone services.

28e721 No.9438370

File: fa1f59442a1a8ce⋯.png (614.74 KB, 782x773, 782:773, 1467210610678-0.png)



28e721 No.9438374


can you even still do that? i thought you cant now that google owns youtube and asks and sends for confirmation on a working phone number

6ff10d No.9438390

File: 0be5a3eb01febd9⋯.jpg (31.02 KB, 552x349, 552:349, serbs.jpg)

58803c No.9438533


Well, that's what I'm asking. It looks like it works for some, judging by comments on YT, but I was thinking maybe there are other ways.

6363af No.9438690

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Does anyone knows the name of some teenager that filmed himself mocking liberals? He looked like underage b&, White, wore glasses, said his name on the vídeos, I remember one specific vídeo where he says something like "and now watch this trailer for Batman vs. Superman, made by (((TimeWarner))), a company that donated to Hillary Clinton's campaign"… There's really not much I can say about him except that some anon posted 3 or 4 of his vídeos in a webm thread last year.

Embed unrelated.

6bdd6f No.9439826

Can lips be a factor in identifying one's race? Can a white man have plump lips? Are there particular characteristics when it comes to the lips that separates races?

9fff14 No.9439852

4243c0 No.9440885

I've been kicking around the idea of a homesteading thread, specifically investigating purchasing land, developing land, and navigating zoning laws in order to set up a multi-occupant mini-village in order to give /pol/acks a means to get away from the cities and build anew.

The way I see it, win or lose, we need to get the fuck away from cities. When Trump keeps his promises and brings back factories and injects life back into the rural towns, and hopefully unfucks the cost of living so a family can support itself on a single-worker salary.. Well, I can't imagine a better time for Whites to get the fuck out there and reestablish themselves are the central pillar of America.

04bc3f No.9444161

f7c010 No.9446114

File: 04bd5118a82de56⋯.png (110.86 KB, 600x600, 1:1, shariabucks_coffee.png)

File: b7c8de13e82daa3⋯.jpg (8.42 KB, 300x205, 60:41, buy_wilkins_or_else.jpg)

What should you drink to keep yourself awake and focused? I can't stand coffee, but it's tempting for studying.

40341d No.9446198

File: bdecfe458deecf5⋯.png (257.05 KB, 2262x1596, 377:266, guydidnothinwrong.png)

File: d95aa17095c2540⋯.jpg (565 B, 20x15, 4:3, bypass.jpg)

000000 No.9446392

Got a question.

Fluoridated water is obviously a health hazard and should be avoided or filtered whenever possible. That said, I've noticed most sources attempting to redpill normies on the matter inevitably tend to whip out this "gem" as their first major talking point:

"Flouride was used by the Germans during World War II to cripple the jews' ability to concentrate and make them more docile!"

Where the hell did that "factoid" come from and is there anything even close to the truth in that statement? If so, what and why?

4e3cc5 No.9450919

Looking for the Stalag edition of Mein Kampf, unabridged. I have the unabridged PDF but when I look at the online listings, a lot of them have a book description that says unabridged, but in the edition notes, it says the book is abridged. I just want the Stalag version of Mein Kampf, unabridged.

Anyone know where I can find a copy?

250a5b No.9451999

Is it true that Romans where homosexuals?

I'm refering to the Romans from the period of time in which rome was glorious, not the decadent ones.

Also, are romans worthy of idolization?

716d8a No.9452093

File: 8b74252de907c97⋯.png (24.6 KB, 656x620, 164:155, le dissapproving nigger.png)

Who are some good, un-cucked Historians?

I've been really interested in reading up on History, but I'm wary that I'll end up wasting my time on (((official History))).

Any suggestions?

01e35e No.9452135

File: 3907b8f259ffe98⋯.jpg (79.11 KB, 600x494, 300:247, activism.jpg)

File: 8023f3874bd6071⋯.jpg (53.1 KB, 600x780, 10:13, 4 points.jpg)

File: 9fd04490e75eec6⋯.jpg (58.2 KB, 580x477, 580:477, 50 years.jpg)

File: eacc18899f326c0⋯.jpg (68.61 KB, 600x478, 300:239, 14 88.jpg)

01e35e No.9452146

File: 8b1143fed228f87⋯.jpg (114.63 KB, 736x792, 92:99, Africa for the.jpg)

File: 8f56778d5d63806⋯.jpg (224 KB, 421x539, 421:539, diversity (5).jpg)

File: 360497b227fe259⋯.jpg (84.53 KB, 700x531, 700:531, diversity (16).jpg)

File: d7672429a05e50b⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 620x465, 4:3, london (2).jpg)

bf2e00 No.9455142

File: 94ea29717dbcd48⋯.jpeg (63.74 KB, 536x800, 67:100, Leon Degrelle Waffen SS.jpeg)


Correlli Barnett is a mainstream historian but his series on the decline of the British Empire are very good

E. Michael Jones has written good books; I would reccomend Libido Dominandi, for a history of the sexual revolution, and The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, for quite a comprehensive history of Jewish tricks although he can be a Christcuck

I haven't read him but I believe David Irving is the best on Hitler and WWII (I would also recommend Degrelle's book about Hitler the parts that are published, Versailles, and his account of his experiences in the SS on the Eastern Front


Homosexuality was introduced to them through degenerate Greek influence. I believe that they thought it was fine for a man so long as he was the one on top (although they frowned on excssive lust in general).

Rome had an admirably masculine, patriachal and nationalistic culture before they started to conquer the East, after which it started to degenerate and became the original globalists.

Some Romans like the Catos are definitely worhty of admiration.



20adc3 No.9455354

Were "Web 2.0" and "Death of the PC" memetic weapons? Think back and remember the coordinated media blitzes. I've realized now that these subtly redpilled me on some level as I dealt with their demoralizing effects.

And before the "lol user-submitted content is wab 2.0" replies, remember the coinciding wiping of content, sanitization of sites, and that bastardizing sites into dynamic fuckfests via script/browser abuse isn't really an impressive concept worthy of epoch-defining consideration.

Was "Web 2.0" the true initiation of the Current Year?

effcd8 No.9456945

File: acb03d9504e49d7⋯.png (779.34 KB, 1245x560, 249:112, Screenshot from 2017-03-09….png)

Ok, I know this is retarded. This has to be retarded. Why is this retarded though?

Let's say we just print a metric fuckton of money and then ship that to all countries we are indebted to: we pay back ALL of our foreign debt in one move. Now clearly the issue at this point will be that those foreign countries would then have a bunch of American currency which would immensely drop the value of the dollar abroad. But here's the kicker: you pair this with a law which makes it illegal to sell assets within American territory to foreign companies. This may also necessitate a kind of reverse tariff (ie. a huge tax on exporting American goods). The idea would be to make it more difficult for this money to return to American soil and to ensure that a good portion of what does can be burned by the government upon returning.

The way I see it, this would result in moderate to extreme economic isolation. Sure the money would become almost worthless in foreign countries, but the money would retain almost the same value here (except on imported goods which would skyrocket in price) so companies would be motivated to rely on American goods.

Why is this retarded, /pol/?

b735e5 No.9457049


I call it Web 3.0, since Web 2.0 is just going beyond static HTML.


Main problem: Israel stages a totally legit revolution, uses it as pretext for war. The military will be in chaos with part of the upper command loyal to Tel Aviv and a lot of other countries jump on the opportunity to "bring you democracy".

Second problem: USA is economically dependent on a lot of foreign countries. Gotta get that out of the way before telling them to fuck off.

effcd8 No.9457129


> Israel stages a totally legit revolution,

I was more wondering about this idea as a concept. If I wanted to factor in traitors I could just say "federal reserve would never comply with this" and it basically goes out the window. No doubt this does throw a huge wrench in the plan, but let's say we can route out these traitorous elements beforehand or at least sufficiently safeguard ourselves against them.

>USA is economically dependent on a lot of foreign countries

How much do we really depend on them? We've got plenty of our own fuel in the ground, just no incentive to pull it out. We've got more than enough of our own food. Electronics in particular would become prohibitively expensive for many people a shame as i'm an electronics/automation guy tbh but that would largely mean there would be a greater demand for unskilled labor as the price to implement automated systems will start to exceed the price of paying minimum wage in many fields.

What do we really lose if foreign trade shuts down?

d0414e No.9458393

File: 945cf0676b2e1e5⋯.png (451.3 KB, 633x355, 633:355, trumppence_salute.PNG)

Not a question but this doesn't deserve its own thread.

I just like the optics of this image. From his recent tweet:


dcc1b0 No.9458607

what is a black pill?

531dc7 No.9458613

File: 1da118959389ca5⋯.jpg (150.37 KB, 808x594, 404:297, 10-Benefits-Of-Coffee-To-H….jpg)


Red-pill me on coffee.

Cornerstone of European culture, or the caffeinated Jew?

dee47f No.9458635


Suicidal nihilism.

Sometimes arising naturally, sometimes being used by shills.

The point being it's bullshit, a false dilemma.

Fuck suicide, the world is your oyster.

027081 No.9458683

File: 97cfbe6162d4dde⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 216.12 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 8Chan text guide.png)

05cb95 No.9459714


If you kill your imports and exports you kill a lot of jobs. Some not even that apparent, for example, how many people currently working in retail would be laid off because they're simply not needed anymore? The infraestructure necessary to offer the new manufacturing jobs that would be demanded would take a while and would need investment (that for the most part would not arrive from outside the country). Pair that with US being the only country on God's blessed Earth that actually wants dollars -> Treasury yields are worthless (and those held by banks on foreign countries are probably confiscated) -> Interest rates on everything explode -> Nobody wants to spend -> Nobody wants to borrow to offer those manufacturing jobs -> Roaming assassins. Loooong term it could adjust itself but I think you need to go through a phase of high unemployment and high interest rates yes or yes, even if you just fucked over China instead of every foreign nation.

The other funny thing I could maybe see happening, although it's a much longer shot, is americans just abandoning dollars and doing a lot of transactions under the table. In a lot of countries in South America the taxi driver or the guy who sells arepas takes US dollars and doesn't give a fuck. If your national coin is too unstable it can sound like the better option. The problem is that you can go to the bank and trade 1 USD for 10 VEF or go ot the black market and literally trade 1 USD for 1000 VEF.

768b72 No.9459907

Could a Canadian attempt to claim refugee status in the United States by making the claim that they are not legally allowed to defend themselves in their home country? I intend to move to the States eventually because self defense in Canadian is essentially illegal, gun self defense especially. I really just want lots of funs

I'll pay lots of taxes, promise.

3aee6f No.9460024

File: 3a3d370432d0802⋯.png (251.04 KB, 500x375, 4:3, martin-shkreli.png)

what does /pol/ think of Martin Shkreli?

d6785c No.9460031


he posts here so why don't you ask him what he thinks of himself

13a01d No.9460051


Shkreli is a highly intelligent dude…don't believe the kike media and socialist lies about this man. Listen to him in his interviews. He explains his controversial decisions. After watching 5-6 interviews with him, I did a complete 180 on my opinion of him.

Pretty sure he's a croat. But he's remarkably intelligent. I like Shkreli.

Also, he's here on this board somewhere

3aee6f No.9460092



He posts here? When and where.

70826f No.9460106


Same thing with me. I was buying into the snippets that the MSM was throwing out about him, but once I listened to his interviews I realized he's doing a lot more than gouging people. He's helping expose the bogus medical industrial complex, for lack of a better word. He hates those fucks.

714726 No.9460127


Say what you will about BIll Cooper but his Mystery Babylon series was 100% on target. He fucking nailed it and most of what he says is just him reading directly from source material which is referenced and can easily be verified.


428ec0 No.9460142


>Say what you will about Bill Cooper

He saved me from going over to the dark side while I was studying philosoraptorism and theosophy at $shitty_jesuit_college.

70826f No.9460164


Is Behold the Pale Horse worth the read? I was just looking into it the other day since my sister told me that's what got her started thinking. Or is it too much BS?

e2bd9d No.9460409


Health threads aren't politics. Anime waifu slide threads however are completely relevant to politics

e2bd9d No.9460451


Ironmarch alternates between being pretty awesome and being raging faggots. I'd say overall they 8/10 though. They do some cool stuff, tend to be active and aren't total morons. They wank off a bit too hard over Evola and love commonfilth for some inexplicable reason. Their mods are pretty much the epitome of everything that is wrong with forum mods though.

374809 No.9460717

File: 07059733a0afd7c⋯.jpg (160.39 KB, 924x654, 154:109, 07059733a0afd7c924ff46fccc….jpg)

File: f32529ce5cd207a⋯.jpg (142.69 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 8e19813b9c6d5b16c00b871e61….jpg)

File: 0cfc728d607ffa2⋯.png (640.58 KB, 2254x1322, 1127:661, 92d77ccc6f64857892c3d1e0fe….png)

File: 939a67e962a0403⋯.png (564.54 KB, 1400x2700, 14:27, 0b5270a9c1ca272d380571c86f….png)

File: 0a273b8a9feec91⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, 0a273b8a9feec915b6e04cad20….jpg)

714726 No.9460737


yeah it's worth a read but it definitely seems kinda strange

the book is about how the NWO elite were going to stage a UFO invasion using holograms and movie magic.

374809 No.9460746

File: 26c1d6f5147d28b⋯.jpg (390.26 KB, 947x1206, 947:1206, 3dbbd4f4394cdab90560182e09….jpg)

File: cf35d90a88bb1e5⋯.png (386.28 KB, 834x462, 139:77, possessed by spear.png)

File: 60147d66abf0a69⋯.png (260.69 KB, 473x420, 473:420, de79839b0781584c90c1dde1b0….png)

File: 06b87cc99ecf1b6⋯.png (190.74 KB, 556x477, 556:477, rarely happened.png)

File: 480419a195ac973⋯.jpg (285.97 KB, 1110x800, 111:80, 480419a195ac973868d66325a9….jpg)

714726 No.9460754


Haha what epic timing!! Did you already know what Cooper was about or did you just stumble on him somehow

you must have freaked out when you realized that the jesuits and catholics are evil hahaha

374809 No.9460782

File: abcc9cf2db0963e⋯.png (542.7 KB, 960x720, 4:3, abcc9cf2db0963e0a9da9b3216….png)

File: 8e82239a5fd5280⋯.jpg (881.43 KB, 1224x792, 17:11, PyramidThinkingSuccess.jpg)

File: 3747706f1511230⋯.jpg (114.36 KB, 531x662, 531:662, 3747706f1511230803f94cee98….jpg)

File: c6baf1f22350e56⋯.jpg (76.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f8718e3f734701b76501df71b9….jpg)

File: efa6d3252105bc6⋯.jpg (60.03 KB, 628x462, 314:231, 60d23f152ed7e29517dab04d99….jpg)

374809 No.9460843

File: dc5e61f84c1991f⋯.png (5.64 MB, 1343x6918, 1343:6918, dc5e61f84c1991f7032570bdd8….png)

File: 903013aed9b2e7c⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1866x1496, 933:748, feab219588a1386808ae47cc58….png)

File: 4475146c46f2dfa⋯.jpg (324.82 KB, 1600x1400, 8:7, 1478038908474.jpg)

File: eb16209aef12c32⋯.png (38.6 KB, 813x448, 813:448, aristotle-mean.png)

File: bced0db22b5aa94⋯.jpg (82.64 KB, 286x400, 143:200, Generation_War_2013_poster.jpg)

16b920 No.9461256


The Abedin one is a good start, but the Father's founding of the Wahabbist think tank Muslim World Leage referred to later - omitting it is inexcusable -, and the chronology of her anchorbaby life to and from Saudi Arabia HAS to be included. See Lee Stranahan's stuff over at Breitbart, probably the leading Huma man out there.

Moreover, the London office of the MWL shares building space with a PIZZERIA.

42ec35 No.9461787



Microchimerism is the fact that women who have been pregnant do keep some of the father's DNA. Telegony doesn't real.

dee47f No.9462385

What's the story on that link at the top of the index page that says "Flag Captured."?

a8e904 No.9464907


Cuck/pol/ anons managed to find where Shia LaBeouf was hiding out at and streaming his HWNDU flag by looking at planes, and an anon went and took it down and put up a Trump hat.

1ce575 No.9465929

Has anyone else stopped giving a shit, and just want to see the world to completely burn? I don't even care about politics anymore because it doesn't even affect me.

dab411 No.9465992

ff9796 No.9466419

File: aa24b0d7bcfa354⋯.jpg (441.79 KB, 896x950, 448:475, NatSoc tanya.jpg)

So I've been teaching myself GIMP for the past month or so, and I'm finally starting to get at least a little of a hang of things. My question is - how do you get ideas for OC? I never really thought of myself as being particularly gifted when it comes to the visual arts. Does anyone have any advice for getting the inspiration rolling?

dab411 No.9466530



Do requests. Even half done, they'd help someone else finish.

dbe07b No.9466537

File: 73d7b327b9e7fc0⋯.png (137.02 KB, 480x352, 15:11, 1471386328439.png)


Is this place just fucked by cuckchan after multiple migrant waves? I don't know if the board is just slower because nothing is happening or what. The quality of thread seems to be lower too. I really don't want to jump ship and go to that new alternative that everyone is shilling. I'm also kind of pissed, as most people are, about the bumplocking of self-improvement/philosophy/book threads. Do I just stick through it or what? This place has always rebounded in the past.

effcd8 No.9466574


If you can't find a decent thread, search "news" and make one. There's almost always something worth talking about that isn't already posted here.

f8e199 No.9466597


The whole purpose of this thread is newfags asking dumb questions, of course it is going to be a lower quality thread than most but it is necessary.

dbe07b No.9466611


I know that, I meant overall.


Last time I made a thread following your directions I got banned.

>look up je-I mean news

>CNN or something claiming Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any president ever

>cite shitty polls

>post it here

>get banned for a week for shitposting

f8e199 No.9466650


Endchan is full of blackpilling fags, and polchan.xyz is dead. We need something more than another 8chan clone to flee to if Jim or the mods ever kike out too much, the exodus to 8chan happened since it was you could create your own boards and it was more flexible than 4chan, 8chan getting kiked will confirm that more innovation against censorship is needed. Nntp chan is still undeveloped but it is the logical progression in imageboard innovation and decentralization.


2b2c56 No.9466691

File: 96460cf3c712f00⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1560x1830, 52:61, jewsimmigration.png)

File: 18bc7b45ee4c302⋯.jpg (132.13 KB, 650x673, 650:673, jewcollage.jpg)

File: 3680f3c54721670⋯.jpg (170.71 KB, 650x840, 65:84, jewcollage2.jpg)

File: 4eb439abf55bec2⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1560x1830, 52:61, jewcollage3.png)

File: 711d33e8d6b9185⋯.jpg (469.24 KB, 1600x1280, 5:4, jewcollage34.jpg)

effcd8 No.9466755

File: 3d59267ccb1d591⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 135.17 KB, 982x554, 491:277, Screenshot from 2017-03-10….png)


have you tried google news?

e7f0cb No.9466903

File: 50efcea019c7cd2⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1860x1100, 93:55, Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at ….png)



That's Panama City Beach, Florida

164706 No.9467566


Both. Coffee shops were important for discourse. But now it's a dependency item and moneymaker, so kikes encourage daily stops to Starbucks and Dunkin Doughnut. And the only modern (((discourse))) you'll get in a proper coffee shop is likely pretentious hipster nonsense.

042cb7 No.9468061

File: 164f1a6a875cff0⋯.jpg (413.9 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, toledo_bridge_europe_river….jpg)

Hey /pol/,

is your definition of white anglo-saxon?

I am a white-skinned Mexican who never felt Mexican and always noticed that I was apart from my peers who had more native blood, recently I discovered that my background is mostly nationalistic and it is actually Spanish with Irish sprinkled in? Is Spain white to you guys? Is it worth it to look into my heritage and try to become active in my white community even though they're very small here? (South Texas, I believe my town is 20% non-hispanic whites)

Sorry for the blog-type content,

polite sage

dbe07b No.9468996


>is your definition of a white anglo-saxon?

>I am a white-skinned Mexican

Google exists you know.

The Anglo-saxons were a combination of various Germanic tribes who moved to the British Isles and whose descendance mixed with the native British population to a degree.

The contemporary meaning if an anglo-saxon, (what does white anglo-saxon mean? By definition anglo-saxons are already white.) in America is basically one with English ancestry or a native American. (meaning their ancestors were pilgrims originally from the British Isles)

I would consider myself an anglo-saxon. My father was English, and the other side of my family is German.

83c186 No.9469287

How do I delete my posts?

2dc018 No.9469753

File: 5e41dfe80e22a7b⋯.jpeg (54.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, carolina.jpeg)

Anybody here know more details of the case of Carolina Picchio.

A 14 year old Italian girl jumps to her death after a video was made of her getting sexually assaulted at a party while she was drunk gets out on the internet.

The details, gang of boys, ex-boyfriend with issues who according to his mother "was a good boy" and them being given light (work) sentences fit the typical cultural enrichment bill.

Problem is I can't find the details about those involved nor does any article mention them.

716d8a No.9470470


Thanks for the suggestions. Will add to my reading list.

effcd8 No.9470488


You can't on /pol/. On other boards, you can use the same drop down menu (to the left of "Anonymous") that can be used to report, hide or filter.

4f976f No.9471844

Is degeneracy this widespread or am I just visiting the wrong places? I've never been up north before, I've only lived in the South and Arizona. Visited California, but that's pretty much a given. Tennessee and Arizona are both pretty conservative in my opinion, but still I can't help but run into utter trash of human beings. At work, all I hear about from guys is how much cum they've dumped into this one slut. It makes me sick. Then I get called a virgin because I won't take part in their conversations. Women are utterly promiscuous, no less than 5 partners a piece. Virgins are sought after just for the sake of taking it from them. All they do for fun is spending as much money on getting as fucked up as they can. Is it just because I work factory jobs all the time? Or is this how it is?

It honestly makes me contemplate suicide. How are people actually?

2a9ef1 No.9472009

File: 7dbd9daa58405ff⋯.jpg (59.13 KB, 490x600, 49:60, King_Bhumibol_Adulyadej_20….jpg)

Are there any Thailandfags on here, or anyone familiar with Thai politics? There is a rumor that the former King of Thailand (King Bhumibol Adulyadej) got cuck'd and the truth was covered up. Supposedly one of his daughters is not his, but was actually sired by one of his generals.

Any truth to this? Desire to know more intensifies.

174d6c No.9472228


>what does white anglo-saxon mean? By definition anglo-saxons are already white

Originally WASP meant Wealthy Anglo-Saxon Protestant, but then (((sociology))) appropriated the term and replaced 'wealthy' with 'white', probably to imply that all white people are inherently wealthy as some kind of early psuedo-white privilege.

effcd8 No.9472900

File: 0327988bf20e504⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 653.45 KB, 1618x1000, 809:500, Lysenko.png)

Anyone mind reviewing my OC?

It's a bit long winded, which I accept as a problem, but I'm having a hard time condensing the information into a smaller space. Aesthetic critique would be appreciated as well. And does anything come off as awkwardly worded?

effcd8 No.9472908


didn't mean to spoil. sorry.

c5b85f No.9474555

If you were married and had children, but you died unexpectedly while your children were still underage, would it be better for your wife to try raising them herself or should she try to remarry so the kids would have a father figure?

dbe07b No.9474562


Are you dead?

6a45e0 No.9474599


Not Thai, but I think it would be illegal for any Thai person to discuss this. Thai lese-majesty laws are harshly enforced

6a45e0 No.9474609

/r/ing that shoop of SCOTUS but everyone has ted Cruz' face

41be58 No.9476690

requesting the pic showing neanderthals history

292982 No.9477474

r/ing information on the White Helmets.

292982 No.9477784

File: a5326e2b810f2f2⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 4480x2984, 560:373, ted cruz scoca.jpg)


Working on it

76d0ba No.9480180

Anybody have any information on how slavery got started in America? What countries did we get most slaves from? And were there any state sponsored slave trafficking?

I'm guessing that the biggest slave traders were also African, but does anybody have any names I can start out on?

409899 No.9480390

Does anyone have the video of the African American getting "harassed" by an Egyptian in Egypt who keeps saying his name is Obama? I saw it and can't find it after a fair search.

f01dc3 No.9480440

Does anyone have a source for kikes having a monopoly or significant control of the United States slave trade? I debate kikes regularly and this would be really helpful, thank you.

a0190e No.9480481

File: 553077d22a7bb6f⋯.jpg (23.76 KB, 596x283, 596:283, ted_cruz_laughing.jpg)

6a45e0 No.9480999


Cruz CJC when?

37505c No.9481022

Any of you goys ever try cutting out/reducing how much caffeine you use per day?

2dc018 No.9482907


The story is interesting, especially the part where academics who speak out against it get murdered. Some sources would be nice.

As for the length, a bit on the long side, but who is your intended audience?

f0a349 No.9482933


Yes, but I just mostly just went cold turkey. I moved countries and the quality of coffee in my new land is fucking terrible, so it wasn't so difficult. Nowadays I usually have one small black coffee right before the gym (it's not for pleasure/taste though - workouts feel a hell of a lot better after a coffee).

I might suggest swapping coffee for tea, and then cutting down on that. Coffee isn't the worst vice to have though, but you gotta remember to drink a lot of water as well.

164706 No.9482974


The only "single mother" worthy of attention is a widow–provided a man can sire his own children with her too.

e6eee9 No.9482994


kill yourself

with the state the world is in, the dangers that the white race faces, and you throw money away on useless shit? We weill always rememebr whta the nazi shit looked like, go buy guns and ammo. Train for war. Have white children. FUCK

1/10 i replied

e29d38 No.9484030

Does anybody have a redpill on circumcision? It needs legit medical sources. I don't know why I have to have this fight because obviously one shouldn't surgically alter the body without necessity but not everybody has common sense.

2dc018 No.9484125

File: d0ddada975b15ec⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 542.74 KB, 1008x1580, 252:395, circumcision-mri.jpg)


All I can find right now is pic related. If arguing with a women, ask her is she likes her clitoris.

Only argument (not an argument) is muh hygene. Following that logic woman can't have vaginas. Also washing.

Your argument should be all that is needed, do no harm etc.

effcd8 No.9484935


First off, thanks for the response.

>Some sources would be nice.

All the information presented was basically lifted from the wikipedia article. I figure since Lysenko was a well known public figure in his time anyone skeptical about the information presented could just look up "Lysenko" or "Lysenkoism" and see that all information as correct and any new information they gained about his through this would only further vindicate the idea I was trying to get across. I did want to throw in that Lysenko was born to a peasant family and how this was used to further push communist ideals but that would exacerbate the brevity problem.

Lack of sources is a huge problem with a lot of /pol/ infographics, but since this is all public knowledge with no apparent signs of cover up I think it might get a pass. Please do correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt many people would be so autistic as to cry "no sources!" over something so easily verifiable.

> intended audience

I had assumed that most people on /pol/ would already be familiar with him (though I could be wrong) so the first thought on my mind when making it was for drive-by, entry level redpilling for those who may be at risk of falling into the SJW headspace. So clearly brevity is important. But if I'm wrong about /pol/'s knowledge of this guy, who I don't see talked about almost ever here, maybe the long format would be useful to spread word about him on /pol/ and maybe get the ball rolling for OC better suited for a place like twitter or facebook.

If I do need to shorten it up, do you have any suggestions as to how i would go about doing that? Lines to remove? Sentences I can merge together? Anything?

b90813 No.9484969


requesting the "redpill" on Philip Zimbardo. any infographaics or articles are greatly appreciated. Any redpill information on psychology would be helpful as well. I am trying to redpill some normies that are begging for it.

37505c No.9485472


Sticking to only one cup of coffee from now on. Will look into tea. Any kind of tea I should consider above the others? Breakfast, green, so on?

f55354 No.9486056

Can anyone please help me download each of these individually? I can't buy this from my country.


e9ec66 No.9486246

File: d3d81cb16f26054⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 600x465, 40:31, 1453360873416.jpg)


Does someone have the edited version of the "der jude" with the curtain being drawn back and instead of jude it says "der normie"?

3c6e01 No.9486306

File: cf03c541a4e69a0⋯.gif (3.86 MB, 375x221, 375:221, graduating from plane scho….gif)

Shilling this /pdfs/ as always, it's so fucking good. >>>/pdfs/3388

520GB of pdfs, images, few documentaries and even some recordings of German marches.

a6308a No.9486889

File: 5744187fca44fc5⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2363x2085, 17:15, kill blacks get stacks.jpg)

I'm posting this here because there's no other thread that would really fit it

>/pol/ is full of different people from all over the world

>/pol/ has people of many different political leanings; ancaps, NatSocs, facists, libertarians, conservatives, etc

>/pol/ has many threads in different languages; Deutsch/pol/, Polska/pol/, Slovenija/pol/, etc

>most of these people get along well

>/pol/ did something liberals and Marxists could never do: make multiculturalism successfully work

aaf07d No.9486920



Reposting. Cmon anons :(

164706 No.9486944


>posting this here because there's no other thread that would really fit it

you're posting here, because making a thread would get your banned and in other threads, you'd get marked as a shill.

157245 No.9487211

File: 8157a0a6560627b⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 518x740, 7:10, 8157a0a6560627b4545c7f34dc….jpg)

File: 86022b1c11900ef⋯.jpg (474 B, 15x14, 15:14, hakenkreuz bypass.jpg)

f55354 No.9487869


You should be able to download the full study through www.sci-hub.io if you so choose:


>A survey of the 35 female and 42 gay sexual partners of circumcised and genitally intact men, and a separate survey of 53 circumcised and 30 genitally intact men themselves, indicated that circumcised men experienced significantly reduced sexual sensation along with associated long-lasting negative emotional consequences.

02ff2c No.9489754

I havent even flicked through this thread but have been wanting to put this somewhere, but all the vault 7 threads are gone and Im not experienced enough to make a thread here, way to much judgement and i honestly couldnt give a fuck.

So a few questions;

-what do you (/pol/) think of cicada 3301, is there a general consensus here?

-could the repeating prime 7, cicada's go to number, be of interest with vault 7.

-i understand the love of hitler, I too feel that orwells phrase of "he who controls the past controls the future, he who controls the present controls the past" is a fitting phrase for the defamation of hitler, so obviously the kikes would smear him and all his work. But the fact still stands that all government is evil, that all control is hypocritical, and we will never be free until we rid ourselves pf governance. So why blurr lines? Why promote a hero architypal character we are hoping to come save us? There will never be another hitler. But i feel all here dwell on him and compare too much of hitler and trump. Regardless of the invasion of the austro-hungarians by the kikes, Hitler was still a leader, in governance. Is this not what we appose? Or am I thinking way way too much on the matter, just a question!

-isnt the premise of /pol/ based around conspiracy related topics? If so … Dont we all see the contradiction of being here? If so, when will we all gain the strength to turn off the tech that so controlls us and distracts us. If we all promote things such as nofap or opsec, in essence the next step is turning off the tech all together, as it is unnatural and we truly are the indians with shiny mirrors while the pilgrams take our land. Does anyone else feel this or am I next level retard?

Anyway, i have a million more but heres a good start, good luck in life my fellow anons, as contradictive as this post is, I truly appreciate the platform here to talk to people of similar mind sets. As we all have to struggle through everyday life I feel at home here more than anywhere. Which is fucking sad …

f0a349 No.9490066


Black tea will give you a caffeine hit, but less so than coffee, could be a good substitute. You should drink green tea as well, some brands have a zero caffeine option (I don't think there's much caffeine in green tea anyway). Green tea does wonders for the body.

f0a349 No.9490080

A question about Turks - I have a Turkish relation through marriage, but she doesn't look a think like a regular turk at all. Whereas Turks usually have darker skin, dark eyes and dark hair, she has blue eyes, red hair, pale skin and isn't a muslim. Is there some sort of ethnic minority in Turkey that I haven't heard about before?

b555c6 No.9490197

Are Hitler's Table Talks genuine? I've seen someone here claim that they are dubious. They also seem to be the strongest source of evidence suggesting Hitler was against Christianity. I found a website claiming that that David Irving thinks they are genuine.

http://w ww.fpp.co.uk/Letters/Hitler/TableTalk010104.html

4f976f No.9490719

Does anyone know any NatSoc groups that aren't pozzed in the Southwest, mainly Arizona? Or even in the US as a whole for that matter. I'd even be willing to move if it meant having a community of likeminded.

51918a No.9491946

File: 5ce102d4aaf0b04⋯.png (29.11 KB, 1281x1280, 1281:1280, kekflag-Model6.png)

What is to be done with Kek subversion (Kekistan)?

I just made a basic design for alternative flag.

811ce1 No.9493688

Anyone have the powerpoint/source for the military research into memetic warfare? Not the one from Vault 7 but the one from some months before it.

9ff3af No.9493803

File: d34dc895a9d29f3⋯.jpg (18.96 KB, 197x271, 197:271, turk.jpg)


Turkey is a very interesting case. It's not actually monoethnic like you'd think. It's more like a society like india or latin america, where the people there are varying degrees of miscegenated.

Remember, Anatolia is at a major geographic crossroads. The place is a mongrelization between groups that used to be greek, persian, turkic (ie, from central asia), arab, etc. Just like latin america has people that are varying shades, from pure spanish blood, to castizo, to mestizo, to indio. Or india with the high caste aryans and the low caste dravidians.

tldr: this fair-looking turkroach probably has more greek blood in her than the turks that look more like pic-related.

7d51da No.9493808


i have it

04bc3f No.9494721


underrated question

811ce1 No.9494938


Please give

2e03ce No.9496059

This is more /k/ than /pol/ but I can't find my cap of the /k/ story of the one who nearly deafened himself and blew someone in two. I forget what rifle it was mainly.

b31a5a No.9496135

Anyone got sources on Jewish control of slavery and/or slave ships?

2e03ce No.9496315

File: 53f76f416483922⋯.png (326.28 KB, 2096x2784, 131:174, slaves.png)


You can start from there with your homework.

2e03ce No.9497197

File: de8ee2ef4cd93bb⋯.jpg (188.23 KB, 1904x1086, 952:543, k 20mm shot man in half.jpg)

Found it.

dab764 No.9497345


I miss old /k/, new /k/ is a bit spergy for my liking

f40ecb No.9497587

File: 5947e6ed1da8dd8⋯.jpg (134.29 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, muslims WWII.jpg)

I read somewhere that muslims in the crusades (or sometime around then) would sodomize fallen christian soldiers to humiliate them before death so they could not die honorably. Is there any source to this?

4d748b No.9497663

I want to join a military and become a gunner, but I don't want to join the US military for obvious reasons. What would you guys recommend in my situation; is their anything else I could join besides the FFL? Does the FFL actually take whites?

012ba2 No.9497681

What's the new Fappening Pt. II distracting from?

f40ecb No.9497691


fappening pt 2?


164706 No.9498448


>presumably white american joining FFL

do you know how stupid you are?

4f976f No.9498489


>Year 1

>Enlisting for the Jew

fd417f No.9498506

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Should I write something up on why ecelebs are like Jews and always Cancer?

ef5ea7 No.9498587

File: 71c6c39350bb8a3⋯.jpg (351.19 KB, 1430x1600, 143:160, IMG_4620.JPG)

General question here as someone looking to get out and into actual groups to support Fascism, does anyone know general groups stance on people who used to drill oil before the red-pilling? Basically, can someone who hasn't had any mongrel kids but dated outside their race still be a part of the movement in a public sense if they have taken the red pill?

5913cc No.9498650


Most likely they think it's sleeping and they're inspecting it.

5913cc No.9498713


Don't drink too much. I use to drink like 3-4 cups a day and although I did think faster my head became scrambled and it was hard to hold a thought for long. I've read that caffeine makes people express ADHD like symptoms. I'm now on green tea and I procrastinate a lot less plus I'm a lot more relaxed and calm.

5913cc No.9498723


Go to the request thread. I've done a few there, don't expect a lot of (you)s though.

76a0b3 No.9498737

File: d3e1d7deb0e2bd3⋯.jpg (19.6 KB, 420x420, 1:1, d20.jpg)

What's with right wing weaboos? Anime usually is fag enabling and other degenerate things, like pedophilia being a common thing. I dont understand a western ethnonationalist movement embracing nihohoho cartoons.

That and people with anime avatars are usually pessimistic faggots who type in all lower case.

5913cc No.9498834


Didn't they do that to Vlad the Impaler?

b0a297 No.9499034

File: 44106817b8324bd⋯.jpg (41.66 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1428830676138.jpg)


All forms of communication can be used to promote degeneracy. Literature, movies, plays, radio, t.v shows, video games, etc. If you thought about it for 2 seconds you would've realised this. It's a d/c tactic and you're retarded. Lurk moar.

f40ecb No.9499041


I think Vlad was sodomized as a youth? I'm talking about muslims sodomizing bleeding out christian soldiers on the battlefield.

68b040 No.9499520


But what if you are 3rd generation plus American? Fuck you

This sort of blood counting is retarded. We fight for ideas, not purity exclusively. I don;t know about you but i'll take all the help i can get.

You don;t even know it but you share ideals with the jews of all people. KYS

68b040 No.9499524


Yes and anyone that tells you otherwise is a D&C shill

c3a6af No.9499724

How do I deal with alcholism the white man's way? Any articles or guides to quiting? I guess I'm looking for inspiration and mostly I find a beta males how-to or something writen by a woman.

770c78 No.9500014

File: e8a6b8fbb24e600⋯.jpeg (148.09 KB, 800x594, 400:297, image.jpeg)

File: 4a874a6bc0aa93a⋯.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2700x1800, 3:2, image.jpeg)

File: 6b844b09f84ae78⋯.jpeg (1.38 MB, 2530x2291, 2530:2291, image.jpeg)

Any other handy infographs for a newly awoken brother?

how much nerve do I need to be public about being an ethnonationalist

ac5ab7 No.9500077

Someone made a list of events taking place around 14-17th recently. I do not remember what thread or day so could anyone provide a list of these? I know Jeff Epstein were today, the election is around now and there were some 2-3 things happening in the US as well (now including the Maddow meltdown as well) but I do not have any good compiled information.

The reason I am asking is because I have noticed some distractions being leaked you will hear about it eventually and providing the other boards and sites with the information being slided is important.

Looking for that list, or any informative list for that matter.


ac5ab7 No.9500116


Found the list but I feel like there were more. Anything missing?


af3c9e No.9500715

It might be abit too late now but some days ago (maybe a week now?), there was a GATE thread on /pol/. I thought it'd still be here later so since it already had 300 posts, I figured it'd be safe to leave it only to my dismay, I found that the thread had been deleted. This event has reminded me of why I browse this place so obsessively: Fear of Missing Out.

Did anybody make any kind of archive of that thread? I vividly remember the first post being "Do you know the significance of the number 3?"


164706 No.9500888


>All forms of communication can be used to promote degeneracy.

wtf, I love anime now

6341cf No.9500910

File: 6f1da6199301767⋯.png (565.91 KB, 1010x920, 101:92, whiteidentitymeetup.png)

how do y'all find other people to be friends with irl? I heard good things about meetup but it's super focused on kike shit. Should I just try and go to outdoors meetups and hope I find some like minded whites?

effcd8 No.9501912


Do NOT use the internet to make friends.

Want friends? Join a club or something.

4f976f No.9501975


Well then maybe you'll answer my question.

Any non-pozzed NatSoc groups I could join?

03daa8 No.9501990

Question: Who can make the little images for the lower right hand corner and, if it's anyone, where do we submit them?

Another question: Is it possible to turn off those images for smartphone users, as they tend to distract?

6341cf No.9501999


cia pls you're not me

4f976f No.9502026


I'd try to convince you that I'm not CIA by calling you paranoid, but kek says I can't

7f7678 No.9502047

937816 No.9502063

Looking for that picture that showed the amount of jews in the top positions of USSR.

bcc5d8 No.9502493

Anyone have a credit card/Debt card/big bank redpill for the great depression and how it is now?

I asked this in the natsoc general, but no answer.

effcd8 No.9502529


Don't openly join political groups. You're just asking to get fucked that way.

4f976f No.9502792


Then how do I promote and support the cause? I want to actually do stuff.

164706 No.9502840


>trying to find like-minded friends in the triangle

As someone who used to live there:I'm sorry, man.

345798 No.9503063

what's the true story of the babi yar massacre? i can't find a link.

140a9c No.9503378



You mean the ones who votes for das strumplmeijer?

7d73d5 No.9504378

Can someone spoonfeed me about slave morality? It's a Nietzsche concept, isn't it? I'm new to Nietzsche.

effcd8 No.9504534


Basically it's a reference to the things valued by the lower and upper classes.

The lower classes (slaves) value things like kindness, humility, and sympathy as they are what they would like shown to them. The upper classes (masters) revere things like pride, strength, and nobility as they are what help them stay effective on top.

Basically, the slaves focus on the action itself to determine if it's "good" (deontology) whereas masters look at the results of those actions to determine if they were the right choice (consequentialism).

4f976f No.9505137

I've been working on erasing my internet presence as much as viably possible. I've deleted all social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, getting rid of my LinkedIn profile (as undesirable it may be considering the portfolio I've built up and the opportunities the website held) and falsifying information on other places of the web that I couldn't necessarily get rid of. I deal exclusively in cash and am mostly independent from online and physical services such as banks and the like. Everything about me is essentially only on paper, and I'm working on investing in good VPN. My question is, I cannot let go of my YouTube account. I finally brought myself to delete my GMail accounts, including all the music I had stored (which I backed up), but I constantly use YouTube as all the useful videos I've liked over the years are there and I've had the account since 2008. Is there anyway I can preserve all the useful information I've stored there as well as my favorite subscriptions? Can I possibly keep my YouTube account in the security that I won't be datamined or possibly doxxed? Or must I simply get rid of it altogether?

6cf86a No.9505312

File: ad9daec5c0a9eb6⋯.png (656.81 KB, 1440x1048, 180:131, 1488 punch.png)

/r/ing someone to make better OC for this.

87ae54 No.9514861

What is TRS? Please don't bully me.

6341cf No.9514954

File: 874939ce18c44c2⋯.png (720.23 KB, 600x1770, 20:59, 0e04854471bb2a8ea1445d7ce8….png)


faggots and shills

effcd8 No.9514958

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Right Stuff broadcasting.

Kikes pretending to be on our side.

87ae54 No.9514975

fb7e1f No.9515369

File: 0a22edcff6ea806⋯.jpg (179.79 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1470594095779.jpg)

Does anyone have that video that's either: "Sweden during WWI/WWII", or "Switzerland during WWI/WWII"?

It was two fags in gay clothing playing ping pong? Lol I saw it here years ago, and I'm very disappointed to not be able to find it on youtube.

20b8b7 No.9515655


>Back on the boat asap

Shit. I'm 75% European and 25% North African.

Would I be able to stay?

f405b1 No.9516285

File: 9bc0bd30932d0ff⋯.jpg (637.21 KB, 1920x2548, 480:637, sweden then and now.jpg)


closest i've got fam

11ad50 No.9516324


I've often heard the phrase "More diversity among a race than between it," and I've also heard a rebuttal regarding alleles, genotypes, and haplogroups. Has anyone else heard of this? And if so, could you explain it to me please?

effcd8 No.9516388


What you are referring to is "Lewontin's fallacy."

The most popular rebuttal is that it conflates the amount of variation with the kind of variation. The analogy being that the distinction between males and females is only one allele on one chromosome. Yet the results of this single variation are quite self evident. You could argue that two people who are genetically identical sans that one sex chromosome are more different from one another than two people of the same sex but with many other distinctions in their genes. Apply this to race and bingo: you have your answer.

Tbh, this is a bit of a confusing explanation and likely not very effective at getting through to normies. The reasoning I generally present to them, with moderate efficiency, is essentially this:

>the ratio of intra-racial variation versus inter-racial variation was 85.4% to 8.3%

>the races controlled for in Lewontin's study were Caucasian, African, Mongoloid, South Asian Aborigines, Amerinds, Oceanians, and Australian Aborigines

>to focus on Caucasians for simplicity, think about how much variation there is in the race we call "caucasian"

>It is intuitively obvious that Irish are distinct from Swedes, Germans from Spaniards, English from Greeks, etc.

>One could effectively call each of these groups "races" in their own right

>And as you become more specific about how you define your races, the more the ratio of inter to intra racial genetic variation grows.

Or to put it more simply: if you separate groups based on one single factor (skin color as the case often is for race), it's pretty obvious that this factor is going to be the only thing distinguishing them.

11ad50 No.9516447

>>9516388 (checked)

I have to admit, I'm barely a novice when it comes to understanding genetics, but I think I get the gist of your post. The bit about differences among and between men and women was really concise too.

If I'm getting this right then, this meme exists because of the recording of minor differences, like hair or eye color, but doesn't take into consideration things like cranial capacity, skeletal formations, and aversions to certain illnesses. Am I in the ballpark with this?

effcd8 No.9516461



I guess I can simplify the argument even more this way:

Let's say you narrow your "races" down to the individual level (everyone is their own race. this would be retarded but it's a thought experiment) then there is no variation whatsoever within your races and all variation would exist between them.

Or you could do the opposite and say we're all one "race." All variation would therefore be within the race and there would be none between them (because there aren't any others).

Basically, the level of variation you observe between races is contingent on how you define those races to begin with.

11ad50 No.9516480



Ok, it's starting to click. I'll be reading up more on this in the future. Thanks anons

effcd8 No.9516485


> this meme exists because of the recording of minor differences, like hair or eye color, but doesn't take into consideration things like cranial capacity, skeletal formations, and aversions to certain illnesses. Am I in the ballpark with this?

Maybe. The study looked at genes, not phenotypes. What color their hair was or how big their skulls were was not taken into account. He took a set of predefined races, mapped out their genome, and observed the genetic variation on a numerical level.

The problem most people have with the study is it did not take into account that some genes have a larger impact than others. What my problem with it is the way he predefined his races.

d9978c No.9516605

File: da92fad12aaea51⋯.png (5.63 MB, 768x7498, 384:3749, ~~JQ (1)~~.png)

How does one make long, high-quality screen grabs of websites?

[Pic's related]

fb1d30 No.9516640

File: 553a4c3557c4abb⋯.png (481.81 KB, 600x400, 3:2, white_only.png)





You can read, can't you boys?

34dd8f No.9516723

File: 6664d8bf2763004⋯.jpg (53.49 KB, 750x592, 375:296, 6664d8bf2763004f19ba52214a….jpg)

Any anons here familiar with the occult? I'd like to learn, but I'm not sure where to start. Would appreciate it if you could give me a push in the right direction or give me some reading material.

3d7f1f No.9518316

File: 6d0a4789cc09d2a⋯.jpg (3.77 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20170317_120045.jpg)

Anybody know what this is? Found it in Asheville, NC.

937816 No.9518328

b34854 No.9518511

I need concrete evidence that apple and all phones are used to listen in on people, anyone got anything? Preferably video evidence. I already showed my brother that phones can be hacked into but he didn't seem to mind. I need further proof.

b34854 No.9518564


Proof not evidence, sorry.

b34854 No.9519921


I take screencaps and put them together in gimp. MS paint is much more intuitive because you can resize the canvas with the mouse. Be sure to save them in .png format because it's more suited for text. .jpgs are used for actual pictures of anything that's not text.

f84937 No.9521348

File: 511a947fd8e05b1⋯.gif (821.38 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 511a947fd8e05b1a38b8eb1761….gif)


>hahaha, it sure would be hilarious if this was a real quote

>googles it just to be sure


f84937 No.9521356


Install picpick or download Maxthon just to use the screengrab feature (warning: Maxthon sends your data to China). There's probably over 9000 plugins for that too

6341cf No.9522597

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So, can some kind german speaking anon tell me if my attempt at reworking a song makes any sense? I can understand it better than I can speak or write it, I didn't study it in school or anything and my mum didn't like speaking it around the house so my knowledge is still pretty basic. I came across an artist who's songs I liked for the most part, but some of her songs are just full on fucking degenerate shit tier. I only changed a few of the lyrics and it probably doesn't make any sense now, but maybe with some help it'll get to a point where I can put out a ben-garrisoned music video for her

**Keine Gewalt, kein Attentat,

Kein Untermenschen, kein schwach, alle stark,

Nie wieder Krieg, fuer immer Frieden,

Utopie! Keine eliten,

Niemand hat Angst, nur noch Liebe!

Alle Kinder spielen Kriegen

Eines Tages… wenn alles endet…

Unser Grezen, sicherheit.

Geld fuer alle - mit arbeit,

Freude fuer alle, nicht wie heute.

Immer besser, Raum fuer leben

Ein Land von Fremden, wollen wir nicht.

Heimat fuer ein Volk, Europa!

Eines Tages… Wenn alles endet…

Gibt nicht auf…

Eines Tages, wenn alles endet

und sich letzten endes zum Guten wendet

werden wir da sein und es wird regnen.

Eines Tages..

Keine Juden, Keine Bankern,

Ein reich fuer uns und unsere kindern,

Gegen den hass, liebe dein leuten.

Statt muslime, nur noch Heiden.

Keine Schwarze, Weisse Volk

Blut und Ehre, statt Schlappheit!

Eines Tages… Wenn alles endet…

Gibt nie auf!

Eines Tages, wenn alles endet

und sich letzten endes zum Guten wendet

werden wir da sein und es wird regnen.

Eines Tages… Ja. Eines Tages.

Eines Tages, wenn alles endet

und sich letzten endes doch noch zum Guten wendet

werden wir da sein und es wird regnen.

Eines Tages… Ja. Eines Tages.**

6341cf No.9522599


reee fucked up the spoiler tag fuck vim

b5ec10 No.9523228

File: 642fa7c7240089c⋯.jpg (309.42 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, Golden shekels.jpg)

What do you guys know about Golden Dawn? They're doing a "rally" on Mar. 26 in NYC, are they just a meme? inb4 "all orgs are alphabets" I'm curious if anybody has further information on them.

636a88 No.9523306

File: 155fbd2538ee7c1⋯.jpeg (187.7 KB, 984x773, 984:773, b7e770350edbe9b585fe909a5….jpeg)

Looking for sauce on pic related. Someone else requested in anchored thread >>9497781

It doesn't have to be the same source, it can be other independent study comparing [wealth]+[crime rate] across races. I hard this referenced in several places.

3d7f1f No.9523464

File: 6d1d2dc3c25a240⋯.jpg (4.22 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20170317_210115.jpg)


Samefag here from Asheville. Found this at a bar tonight too. Fuck this degenerate city

9b7a38 No.9523558

File: 9ca7e2a3f5bdd45⋯.png (533.89 KB, 1785x925, 357:185, boomers and pensions 1.PNG)

File: efe92075b80fd2f⋯.png (348.28 KB, 1749x775, 1749:775, boomers SS and pensions 2.PNG)

Does anyone have any good infographs about institutions like Social Security and Pensions, along with their inevitable collapse? All l have are these screencaps from a thread some days ago.

f84937 No.9523957

File: f0640a5c1c85734⋯.jpg (481.05 KB, 518x3648, 259:1824, meditation tutorial.jpg)


Meditation will give you self-control (nothing spiritual about it, it's just a mental exercise)

TL;DR pic related:

Close your eyes, focus on your breath and do your best to suppress all thoughts. Your goal is to hold onto a state of "no mind". This is extremely hard, which is why it's a great exercise. Don't worry, you won't become a mindless zombie incapable of thought, in fact, you'll probably become more capable. The point is that it'll give you self-control

Also try this:

Masturbate (without porn) until nearing completion, then stop abruptly and move along with your day

The next day, stop in the middle of the session

The day after that, stop right after you begin


f84937 No.9524004


It's really easy to learn for the huge benefits in: concentration, self-control

f84937 No.9524030


Teach people to stop believing everything they hear. Media is a giant appeal to authority. If people know fallacies, they'll know not to trust the media

cffc6c No.9524679


There is way too much censorship everywhere on the internet. For fuck's sake, every faggot out there needs to be strapped to a chair and have a full day of whatever drives you up the wall forceably beamed into your skull.

612c11 No.9525096

Is cripple-chan apposed to links to social media work other anons are doing? I do a weekly show at a local FM radio station. Is this acceptable or is it considered name faggotry?


<iframe width="100%" height="400" src="https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?feed=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mixcloud.com%2Fthesleepingchalice%2Fhate-speech-free-speech-censorship%2F&light=1" frameborder="0"></iframe>

492767 No.9526234

What does



45b589 No.9526268

Stupid question. When people reference Putnam and his stuff about society being multiracial is the cause of the decline of social capital, where is that actually located? Is it in the book called bowling alone? I finally bothered to read the paper, and the only thing about race in there was a throwaway line about social capital decline perhaps being good because racism also went down.

45b589 No.9526274


It means you've only posted once in the thread and are usually going completely against what most think to stir conflict.

94f33b No.9526539

two request please.

Black twitter reaction compilations from the Chicago kidnapping and the reddit post talking about women with multiple partners and their desirability

937816 No.9526563







9ff3af No.9526568

66bed5 No.9526581


Namefaggotry is cancerous when it's sole purpose is to attract attention to make the namefag stand out from everyone else. There's nothing wrong with namefagging if you have a legitimate reason beyond "give me attention for attention's sake", like contributing for instance.

66bed5 No.9526609


Last time I checked they were like the third largest party in Greece behind the socialists and Eurocrats. They're the only overtly fascist party in Europe with anything close to an inkling of power, so if you were ever going to openly support a party like this these would be the guys to support. They're pretty legit too, not just some controlled-opposition bullshit.

1ce70f No.9526762

File: 87ce93962dc56b5⋯.jpg (42.58 KB, 692x555, 692:555, 1470519714927.jpg)

Is there a book or doc i can read or watch about how the jews took over other countries besides japan and the USA? Picture kind of related.

ba5b11 No.9526772

File: 41914fa2e188638⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, f1f645fa29e8a0aba76a1e76c0….jpg)

Anons, I can't say that I've ever had it this bad. I've been on /pol/ almost since the beginning but I've never felt existential dread such as this. As a whole, we're doing great. Nationalism and awareness of the JQ is easily the most widespread it has been in many decades. But it's never good enough for me. Any time I see a judge play activist, a jew corrupt culture, or a shitskin harm a white girl I feel this burning rage at the injustice. I want to be everywhere and I want to protect my people, but I'm obviously not omnipotent. It's gotten to the point that it's hard to focus much on anything else. I'm done with my STEM degree and need to start with a career, probably start hunting for wife material. But anons, it's almost impossible to focus. Is this how Hitler felt in the 20s? I know I'm not the only one. How do I go about balancing my personal matters with the need to help save our race?

94f33b No.9526854

File: 2d6e7c4380c1484⋯.jpg (179.67 KB, 1712x1060, 428:265, NF-Father-Son.jpg)


Get your ass in gear and move northwest.


ba5b11 No.9526858


I'm a son of the South, but work may lead me out west. I'll keep NWF in mind.

94f33b No.9526869

a0e765 No.9526955

File: f6f8f4e87274762⋯.jpg (86.06 KB, 597x602, 597:602, green_maga1.jpg)

File: e2c7e31ab41cdde⋯.jpg (55.55 KB, 607x675, 607:675, green_maga2.jpg)


I know it was 'for st. patrick's day,' but this HAD to be someone in the trump circle throwing cuckchan a bone. If a staffer sees this, red 'Trump Forever' hats with an infinity sign on the back when?

105467 No.9527033


I'm actually seriously considering doing this. Any good places you'd recommend in Montana or Washington? I'm open to Oregon too, but spending a week in Portland a few years ago has scarred me.

12eea6 No.9527058


Wanna know how to stop the fake-ass paddies? 4 leaf clovers. The Irish symbol has always been 3-leafed. Anyone wearing that had should have a shillelagh shoved right up their arse.

4ad9b7 No.9527301


That's part of why I think it's a nod to cuckchan

627aff No.9527732

Does anybody know where I can find Johnny Rebel's song "Niggers Suck"? It was on youtube recently but is gone.

b7dac6 No.9527871

Whatever happened with the cunts in San Diego's 9th circuit court after the first travel ban? Didn't they do something fucked up and now Trump can get them all shitcan'd? Or did I understand it wrong. I want to shove it in some leftycunt's faces after this latest judge opposing the new ban.

b058f5 No.9528366

File: 4897396e495aff5⋯.png (466.31 KB, 922x685, 922:685, canvas.png)

Why the fuck do mods delete all literature/book threads? All the time.

Here's a screenshot, luckily I have a tab still open. Someone already made an archive, albeit too late: https://archive.fo/ZS2pN

They straight up delete it, while they anchor literal shit.


f5f89e No.9529841

File: ca17278b1c62f0e⋯.png (161.16 KB, 650x520, 5:4, shitban.png)

Kek, promoting the white race is now a bannable offense :^)

8ca91f No.9529888

Is raw milk a scam? Is there any articles I can be directed to that give me a more in-depth look at raw milk?

34d322 No.9531701

What is the good educational method for the children to learn well?

f7b8da No.9531907

File: ed7f0338ab12797⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 864x1296, 2:3, 1487908126488.jpg)

What do you guys do for hobbies? I need something to do with my time that is productive. I already shoot regularly, have a wife, am fit, go to church etc but I feel myself getting more depressed every day. It's getting hard to not just turn to the bottle when shit gets me down.

What hobbies do you guys have that boost your mood and help you stay motivated?

5e5def No.9531926

000000 No.9531936


Hotpockets are becoming worse than cuckchan. At least >>>/pdfs/ is still fine.

6341cf No.9531989







>ammo reloading




are my hobbies, if there's a common thread among them I guess it would be creating something? Whites are natural creators, just look at our art and engineering. Even if you're not super skilled at anything, stick with it and you'll get better. Focusing on old world skills is fun and empowering when you reach a level of self sufficieny, and helpful if you're a wrol kind of person. If you want to involve your wife, my hobbies might be more appropriate for her given the focus on household type stuff and community building, but you could always give them a try

7c1899 No.9532504

3f58f1 No.9532687

/r/ing the dancing Manson webm

94a95f No.9533099


Went and bought some gardening stuff from the dollar store, got a ton of seed trays started. It was nice, now I get to wait for my carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, dill, strawberries, basil and wildflowers to start blooming. Also went for a walk alone in the frozen woods for a while. Thanks for the tip m8>>9531989

d051e4 No.9536306

anyone have pics of that pro-poland nazi propaganda? I remember it being dropped in a thread about piludski. There was one with a polish lady and a german man as well as one with 2 eagles representing the 2 nations

41e7e7 No.9538021

Okay so I sent Eichenkike a seizure GIF. Should I expect any reaction after that?

b482fc No.9541963

If concentration camps were actually death camps, then how did people survive multiple camps? If they were designed to murder people systematically, why would you move individuals to multiple different camps?

8261b9 No.9542101

With Paul Walker, why does /pol/ think his car was hacked?

0f02d4 No.9543787

Does anyone have any sound sources for the Rothschilds owning the banking system? I've been struggling to connect the dots with sources that good goys will believe

0a3103 No.9544784

I am not saying that people should try this sexual production method. I am curious to know.

If the two men share the wives to have children then does the genetic pool expand even bigger?

Here is the example in green text so you can understand.

> Each two husbands have two wives and they impregnate them all, which results in having four children for each husbands.

d75f16 No.9547958

What is the /pol/ approved way of making my own shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste?

829c68 No.9548067

Does anyone have any videos about what young kikes are taught about goyim in school or by other figures of authority?

c14e94 No.9548122


Great posts. I love these threads even though I'm an oldfag. So much collective knowledge.

26bc48 No.9548772

>Hypothetical ice cream club where people go to talk about ice cream

>Most people have chocolate as their favorite flavor

>People who like strawberry are in the minority

>Suddenly, strawberry catches on in a huge way

>Now most people in the club prefer strawberry flavor

>It reaches a point where strawberry dominates the conversation during most meetings

>Strawberry people somehow don't realize this and they still think they're a minority

>On the rare occasion that someone wants to talk about chocolate, they're told to shut the hell up and give people a chance to talk about strawberry

>There's now less than 5 people who still prefer chocolate

>Strawberry fanbase still bitches about how often chocolate gets talked about despite the fact that they're the only ones who ever talk about it anymore

>A couple months later it's pretty much just a club about shitting on people who like chocolate

Is this is a known sociological thing? Is there a word for it besides "circlejerk?"

What should someone who legitimately wants to talk about chocolate do in this situation? What should somebody who likes vanilla and doesn't give a shit about chocolate or strawberry do?

6341cf No.9549405


>What should somebody who likes vanilla and doesn't give a shit about chocolate or strawberry do?

fuckin eat some vanilla ice cream that's what

dbe07b No.9550023


Is "Man in the High Tower" worth watching?

2bc192 No.9550039

Did (((Leon Trotkey))) really coined the term racism/racist? I heard that someone else coined the term early. Any proof that (((Leon Trotkey))) really coined the term racism/racist first?

4e1340 No.9550182


I'd like to know as well.

f84937 No.9552202

File: 497b65654a71a81⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1746x1364, 873:682, who controls the media.png)


This is all you need

Guaranteed to insta-redpill even the normiest of normies

28b158 No.9556716

I just want to say that I'm aware of the fact that marxists and scientists work together a lot, but please explain this to me: RACE. If you can link me some good posts itt i'd appreciate but I don't have time to lurk through all of it.

OK, genetics. Various scientific studies have been done to say that race, in terms of the biological definition, doesn't differ in humans. There is the human race. Likewise, culture definitely exists etc etc so that's another topic, probably. But, scientists seem to contradict this statement through neurological genetics, especially in psychology. For example, more than half of the Psychological Disorders in the DSM-V are genetically spread. And, in a homogeneous country where 1/5 are genetically related to each other, you could reasonable conclude that there is a chance that the country might share certain psychological disorders. Now, IQ is definitely cultural so a people who spend their lifes eating turds and playing with rocks wont crank out any geniuses but for the most part, IQ isn't genetic. Most humans, at their blank slate, share the ability to learn stuff. It depends on how luck you are to live somewhere. But that doesn't exclude mental illnesses, does it? Since those are genetic, there must be a people with more autism than global average, or one with more psychopathy than global average, one with more sociopathy, one with more depression, more ADHD, more anxiety, more narcissism, and so on. Isn't that reasonable to say?

I'm all mixed up. What the fuck is race? Is it a skin color? A specific culture or people? Come one explain it to this newfriend.

dbe07b No.9558564


Lurk moar. Race is certainly biological.

aada4a No.9558864


I got one as well. I think they sent it to anyone that bought official MAGA merch.

f03feb No.9559329

File: ff5fa091dcfdf71⋯.png (5.59 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Tokugawan flag.png)

What the fuck do foxes mean in Japanese mythology.

01ccf3 No.9559568


>Is it just because I work factory jobs all the time? Or is this how it is?

Mostly because you work factory jobs. A friend of mine worked on the line at auto factory and he said the gossip and drama and all of it was ridiculous. It's normal for guys to brag about getting pussy, but there's definitely an acceptable amount.

There's a lot of different types of people and communities/subcultures in America. Class differences in some ways are real here. There's something about some people in this country that is utterly banal and they seem like blank slates, a certain kind of working class boring rote democrat voter that listens to pearl jam and love star wars. I don't know if I'm making sense here, but yeah my point is not all people are like the ones you work with.

ac6c01 No.9559798


he is very smart and cool

the media did their best to sink him.

fadbbe No.9559968

File: 54301875fbec572⋯.jpg (76.12 KB, 535x401, 535:401, 89tuijeowut4983tu438t4u29t….jpg)


The word for Fox in Japanese is Kitsune. Foxes became anthropomorphized into human form under the name Kitsune during the Shinto era in Japan.

A typical motif throughout East Asian mythology is 九尾の狐 , or, nine-tailed fox.

"Foxes in supernatural tales vary from being vicious and murderous, to having no evil intent whatsoever. They, like ghosts, have come to be seen as amorous creatures. But even more than ghosts, foxes can lose their inhibitions and become absolutely wanton in their desires (…) Foxes often represent the outsider, the stranger, the barbarian. The Chinese word for fox, hu, is a homophone for the word barbarian."

3de937 No.9560512

File: fabfd41995ef558⋯.png (208.13 KB, 2092x1270, 1046:635, 2015 control map.png)

File: e35894c85ead349⋯.jpg (60.96 KB, 576x518, 288:259, 1446806164585-2.jpg)

30caeb No.9560655


1000 year Reich.

0d7be3 No.9561420

File: fafe5c243788ef3⋯.png (9.29 KB, 515x250, 103:50, Antiqua.png)

File: 94fe75239f9540d⋯.png (11.81 KB, 526x250, 263:125, Fraktur.png)

Does anyone happen to have a link to the Antiqua font used in NS Germany? I have the Fraktur one, but it's hard to read on some pages, and I'd like the Antiqua one to compliment it.

892669 No.9562154



Some anons were working on a 2017 version, not sure if anyone has it or if it was completed, but would be worth posting. Polite sage for no contribution

ee578a No.9562178


Does anyone have any good charts about Islamic terror vs other religion's terror attacks?

I need to refute some braindead libs.

716d8a No.9562223

File: 3957286877930f4⋯.png (84.35 KB, 2000x1263, 2000:1263, Confederate_Rebel_Flag.svg.png)

I want to go back and re-learn the American Civil War. Any redpilled Historians that give a non-biased account on the Civil War? And I mean really non-biased, not just pro-Dixie. I need to wash the kiked version of the Civil War out of my brain. (100% of slaves being horribly mistreated, the entire war being solely about slavery etc.)Thanks in advance.

716d8a No.9562228

File: a56fd911c606149⋯.png (17.43 KB, 509x619, 509:619, saddened.png)


I'll never stop beating myself up for not getting one when I first saw it. Now they're gone forever…like dust in the wind.

716d8a No.9562281

File: bafa10cabfec3eb⋯.jpg (57.77 KB, 627x663, 209:221, Islam 2.jpg)

File: 49090617f7bdbb3⋯.jpg (79.09 KB, 600x450, 4:3, islam.jpg)

File: 45e4ea2a63ab739⋯.png (87.13 KB, 727x669, 727:669, islam 3.png)

File: d0790e581e10adb⋯.jpg (146.86 KB, 1584x1584, 1:1, islam 4.jpg)



If you want more, I suggest going through halfchan archives for 'Anti-Islam threads'

ee578a No.9562312



bc5de6 No.9562381


civil war was pretty Jewed on both sides. Also one could argue that both sides tried using white supremacy as their main argument. Many abolitionists had argued that slavery shouldnt spread among the new western territories and that slavery is bad because it basically creates more sub-humans on what should be a whites only continent. Also there was the abolitionist argument that slavery created a social system where the only to classes that exist are black slaves and white slave owners and that white slave owners basically create a world where white laborers not talking about cotton picking can't exist.

Also the secretary of treasury for the CSA was Judah P. Benjamin; a Jew.

This is all coming from a intermountain state goy btw. My ancestors were Mormon settlers of the west; they were too busy killing Indians than to kill their fellow white americans. My ancestors had a mix of pro southern popular sovreignty (I.E. Polygamy and Theocracy) but basically didnt care either way and were basically of the general opinion that the civil war was God punishing the East Coast for rejecting Mormonism.

I mention all this to give an unbiased view of the civil war coming from a fellow American.

a1e2cd No.9562469


So, kikes owned the northern banks and about half of he slave trade and slave plantations. Then comes thenpope, who declares Slavery amoral and a sin, although does so not because of niggers, but because of mudslime pirates.

So the kikes do what they always do, create conflict to fuck the reaalestatw system in the ass, while getting rid of toxic assets (slaves). They know they cannot sell he slaves though, so they create the abolishionist movements to steal the slaves, as an insurrance scheme and to create conflict, the abolishionists were the BLM and greenpeace types of heir day.

I'll speed through the rest. The kikes then get Lin-Cohen to start a civil war, halving he population of the new white world so that we do not bennefit from he industrial revolutionary population boom, and blame the entire war on Niggers, so that spain and France have to stay out of it, because of muh pope. South focuses on fighting enemy soldiers trying for a quick , win, and thorth goes aound burning villages and churches and farma to destroy the south's population. Then the kikes made a killing buying up all the land in the south, and got to keep all thir niggers, now paying thm ess than required to live, without any initial down payment, making it cheaper thn having kept them as slaves.

63742a No.9563060

File: 10df89517b22705⋯.jpg (124.44 KB, 621x1000, 621:1000, neger chimp orang afrikan ….jpg)

File: 4ddd5766fb3bd8c⋯.jpg (71.89 KB, 502x350, 251:175, early britannica niggers l….jpg)

South Africa knows whats up.

725668 No.9563579

/r/ing that picture where a South African woman was raped and murdered, and her dad shook hands with the rapists and said some shit about we can't allow this to cause division.

53730a No.9563840


Don't let in strawberry in the first place.

725668 No.9564000


Her name was Amy Biehl, she was raped and murdered by 4 blacks in South AFrica, and her parents started some foundation in her name to give money to dindunuffins. They say apartheid killed their daughter.

c2c1c9 No.9564280


I think the best fit is probably the "Semmelweis reflex."

Basically, it's the tendency for people to reject evidence that goes against the previously established paradigm. This sounds almost like the opposite of what you're saying at first glance, but hear me out:

>established paradigm is "everyone talks about chocolate"

>people begin talking about strawberry to compensate

>now everyone's talking about strawberry

>if you bring this fact up, it's denied because the paradigm maintains that "everyone talks about chocolate" regardless of how demonstrably false that is.

Really, your example is an emergent property of many cognitive biases working in tandem so I don't think there's an actual word for it. an expanded analysis would go something like this:

>starts at "identifiable victim effect" where special care is given to an individual as opposed to the larger group.

>this is basically to say that people tend to respond more strongly when they see a picture of one qt3.14 who might get raped/killed in south africa than if they thought instead about the millions of others at the same risk.

>in your case, it's that one or two people who like strawberry who are given special care without regard to the larger group of people who like chocolate

>"focalism" follows to police the conversation.

>this is the tendency to latch on to one piece of data and use that as the primary starting point to all continued discussion.

>ie. every discussion is contingent on the perceived subjugation of the strawberry lovers. The conversation becomes polarized into the camps of "pro subjugation" or "anti subjugation." One side clearly holds the moral high ground if framing the conversation in such a way is accepted.

>now that strawberry has become more acceptable than chocolate, a combination of an "availability cascade" and the "bandwagon effect" come into play

>basically, the more it's repeated that strawberry is the hot new thing and chocolate is oppressing them, the more people will believe it. and the more people who believe it, the more will repeat it etc.

>now that strawberry is the hot new thing, more people jump on the bandwagon to feel socially relevant.

>after the majority has converted, the Semmelweis reflex comes into play which I already described above.

>chocolate is now taboo

>Now that chocolate is taboo, the "status quo bias" and "system justification" take hold.

>Now that things have changed, they want to keep it that way because it keeps them in a comfortable understanding of the environment around them

>they will also utilize pseudo-logic of some form to make it seem like the current status quo is objectively the best choice

>finally, there's the "in-group bias" working in conjunction with "out-group homogeneity bias."

>the in group (those who want to be unconditionally supportive of strawberry lovers) are given a special kind of preference while the out group are all framed as basically the same person, often with a focus on negative traits.

There's a fuck load more to talk about here, but I have already said far too much.

eedd5a No.9564294

File: b74d6b11fd9ffd5⋯.jpg (27.49 KB, 399x385, 57:55, 090809.jpg)

>when you as a national populist tag team with a libertarian to redpill the liberal poli-sci prof on trannies

4ebf10 No.9564299



Pretty sure they were jewish.

725668 No.9564318

File: a32da4a8441ea57⋯.jpg (945.18 KB, 2407x1937, 2407:1937, racial fallacies.jpg)

File: bb419fad9a88cc5⋯.jpg (667.8 KB, 815x3993, 815:3993, 1451264527534.jpg)


>Various scientific studies have been done to say that race, in terms of the biological definition, doesn't differ in humans


c2c1c9 No.9564325


he's probably talking about Lewontin's fallacy.


a48727 No.9564644

File: 4d8f5e2c341d558⋯.jpg (159.07 KB, 310x366, 155:183, health zombie.jpg)


OP here, got requested this in a couple of threads, so here goes a slight rewrite of my series of posts on Grain-Free Diet, which i posted under the avatar of friendly Zombie a few weeks back. This is a little less than half I gather, but I have it all written, just editing stuff now so the rest should come soon.

Dietary Morphine: The Invisible Killer

This combines a lot of different disciplines and affects many different areas of our lives, but assured you need to know. It will sound a bit shill-ish but I only put this one guy forward for how many others’ research he manages to bring together, and I will list others too. Small backstory, last summer I was 50 pounds overweight and feeling horrible (even worse than usual for an internet person). I was trying different diets right and left, even experimenting with steroids to try and keep up my energy, but it was not working. Finally in my desperation i came across this guy, William Davis.

He's a former cardiologist who stumbled onto maybe the biggest health story of modern time: the Grain Question. By chance one day he admitted a patient into practice who was allergic to wheat. He tells the guy to get off wheat and, to his surprise Dr. Davis not only saw the guy stop his usual allergic reactions, but also saw an all-cause increase in all-around total health. Weight loss, skin clearing up, all vital signs normalizing, even mood picked up.

a48727 No.9564659

File: 9d09fee93e70e6b⋯.jpg (74.82 KB, 1260x1260, 1:1, health zombie 2.jpg)



Nagged by the thought of it, on a whim, Davis started telling all his patients to stop eating wheat. To his surprise, they all exhibited the same loss of symptoms as the first patient, regardless of their allergic status. Some even stopped going to him for treatment. He pressed further and started to research the subject. What he found was stunning: a decades-long attempt at an institutional level to suppress all academic research into the positive effects of ceasing wheat consumption. Moreover, studies with the flimsiest of statistical correlation (the bulk of them), flawed methodology (conflating being skinny with resisting heart disease), or just outright glossing over of horrible side effects (the Scandinavian study that led to the prescription of cholesterol-blockers) were pushed to the maximum, usually to the benefit of a select few pharmaceutical companies.

The connections to draw were immediate and obvious to a trained professional like him. Wheat was killing people, even as it was making up a large part of everyone’s diet. Everyone was suffering from it, just in differing levels. All benefited from ceasing its consumption. He went on to write and publish a book, Wheat Belly, detailing his experiences and giving advice to all who would hear that they should cease eating wheat immediately. He went back to his practice later but pushed on with research in his spare time. After much time spent he has produced his second major theoretical work: Wheat Belly Total Health.

In going back to the drawing board to tighten up his theoretical foundations and make larger connections, he found the underlying mechanism of wheat’s destructive powers: insulin. Wheat and other foods like it contain certain proteins, gluten being one of them, that make the body unable to shed insulin after it has been deployed to help break down the sugars in any carbohydrate-laden food. This prolonged insulin state (which I have dubbed “insulinosis” to counter the “ketosis” meme that manyuse to scare us away from meat-based diets) has a cascade effect on the human body. Weight is retained by creating new fat cells, inflammation is promoted, brain function is decreased, mood is depressed, indeed the list is almost endless.

a48727 No.9564669

File: fb68a0da8e800b8⋯.jpg (48.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, health zombie 3.jpg)



He also found the big connection in food that was keeping his wheat-free diet from 100% effectiveness: wheat is not the only significant source of gluten and other problem proteins. Rice, corn, oats, barley, millet, sorghum, quinoa, all are Grains, all have a significant effect as described above. Wheat was only the biggest culprit because of how it was cultivated the last few centuries (in a way that increased protein to make it a staple but consequently increased the problem proteins as well), and how much of a staple crop it is in America where he practiced. The whole world, he realized, was in the throes of grain consumption and suffering for it.

He then kicked his research back a few millenia and looked at the evolutionary underpinnings of our diet. If grain was the enemy, who had it right? The answer is generally primitive societies based on hunting and gathering. Now this does not mean that civilization is wrong, nor that the “paleo” fad diets as correct in wanting us go act like slope headed cavemen. It means that we took a misguided step in that one aspect of our diet, and can look to those primitives who never did (because of lack of selection pressure via remoteness) to see what we can expect as far as health. The conclusions from looking at them? The human genome is as robust as ever. We should expect large, strong bodies, healthy teeth, good skin, and a positive attitude. We should expect to live well into our 70s, 80s, and even 90s without any major medical intervention needed, with a high level of energy maintained right up until a rapid decline at the end. Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, all should be unheard of. Teeth and indeed all bones should be straight and dense, we should all pretty much be better-looking than we are (with luck we heed the advice and our children will be). Illness on most levels should be basically unheard of as it is in wild animals – without insulin compromising our immune system (and assuming we are eating enough), it should work as nature intended, that is, just about every time we ask it to.

So the answer then is straightforward: meat, defined as the flesh, organs, and bones of a living moving organism, Root vegetables such as potato (it is starchy as hell but absent the problem proteins our insulin system works as designed and wipes away the blood glucose easily), yucca, cassava, nuts of many kinds, and salad type vegetables are on the menu. To a lesser extent, legumes such as beans and peas are OK, though a word of caution: no diet should be based upon these or feature them as a majority of calories. The enemy is still insulin, and grain is only its main vehicle at the moment. Others can substitute in high enough quantity. Legumes are dangerous, as are almond flour, root starch, and other baking-type substitutes for grains if over-consumed. The obvious of cane sugar is a big one, and it should be kept to a minimum: Davis mirrors others I have heard on /pol/ in that he recommends none at all, if at all then less than 5g/day (like less than one-fourth of a super dark chocolate bar, but just check labels and do the math, its not hard). But basically any food product made from otherwise “safe” veggies, because it can be a route to massive, quick carb consumption, can trigger an insulin reaction in an otherwise healthy person, and it is insulinosis that we seek to avoid first.

a48727 No.9564676

File: 6113943365c5aaf⋯.jpg (835.96 KB, 2000x1164, 500:291, healthy zombie 4.jpg)



Diet soda is back on the menu - in case you fell for that meme, http://www.livestrong.com/article/531926-does-a-diet-soda-affect-insulin/ gives a good rundown of the phenomenon, the language “not statistically significant” will crop up again and again in this endeavor. No saccharin does not make your body do the same dance, and yes the International Businessmen used all sorts of weaselly language in order to get people scared about that one recently. Fruits should mainly be put in the same category as cane sugar and used with caution if at all. Dairy counts in as sugar because of the lactose unless it is in high-fat stored form such as cheese or butter, both good to go. Oils and fat in general – this is where it gets awesome – are basically unlimited. Once out of insulinosis, the body craves fat regularly, yet has built-in mechanisms to avoid fat gain on your body. Any extra fat you eat past what your body needs for the day is converted chemically into heat energy. Spoon too much coconut oil in and you’ll light up like a Christmas tree, but no body-fat gain if no insulin-response foods. Alcohol should be limited, but beer (sadly) should be eliminated, it cannot be sold in America without being made from grain. Substitute wine instead. Liquor from grain is OK because distillation reduces problem proteins to trace amounts, but drinking a load of any alcohol is still never going to be a health positive, nothing new there.

You might be asking by now, why the heck post this here? Two reasons, first the obvious problem of bias from money. Let’s say you want to make Big International Business-level money on food. What do you need? Commerce. Transporting, middle-manning, and branding the food all add “value” to the product, value that doesn’t come from the sweat of a working man’s brow. Better still, grains lend themselves to the type of farming that doesn’t even need people for manual labor: you plant and harvest them with huge machines, and store them in huge silos. Dry them out and their shelf life is enormous: they go international with ease, and can be counted on so readily that unscrupulous people in a certain few cities can create whole day trading markets around their price (grain futures markets, like the fojc market from Trading Places but two orders of magnitude larger; funny enough some rich EU politicians are all over the NY market but ban such speculation in their home base of Germany).

You might have seen an article on the front page of the Times recently, (https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/13/well/eat/how-the-sugar-industry-shifted-blame-to-fat.html), detailing how the Sugar Lobby buried the fact that sugar was causing heart disease for fifty years? I too would like to believe that the NY Times cares about our health, but no, they are feeling the heat and put out another stop-loss. As we already learned, it is not any one food but ALL insulin-prolonging problem-foods, and several grain-reduced diets are gaining in popularity (reducing the right foods for the wrong reasons). Now look at that article as cover for the bigger lobby: Grain. Sugar might be bad and it is, but grain accounts for over 50% of the world’s calories, over 60% in the poorer countries. All of sub-saharan Africa lives off of American-grown food aid in the form of grain; nothing else would survive the trip and the climate. And we all know who has a the biggest stake in ownership of this, its the same as any other large piece of the economy, the International Businessmen populating the nexus of International Finance and Multinational Corporations.

082897 No.9564678


Humans have been eating grains for hundreds of thousands of years. Fuck off with this new-age bullshit.

a48727 No.9564685



Second reason I bring this up is the mental/addictive aspect of grain consumption, the dietary morphine. Much has been made of the negative health effects of grain by another researcher named Dr. David Perlmutter (http://www.drperlmutter.com/about/grain-brain-by-david-perlmutter/). What he called “grain brain” and Davis calls “the insulin fog” is an over-arching, depressive, lethargic, generally foul mood people can be seen in, especially post-adolescence, when they regularly consume grain. The insulinosis affects neurochemistry in a huge way; in fact most of the supplementation I see advised by cutting-edge naturopathic doctors (Dr. Mark Gordon is a good one, http://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2012/1/Using-Hormones-Heal-Traumatic-Brain-Injuries/Page-01) is probably less effective than what you would get by just grain elimination, as far as the positive effects go. Focus will improve without grain, as will willpower; indeed addictions are all easier to break if not impossible to form at all when steady non-grain diet is achieved, I can attest to it. So why don’t more people go this way? The addictive properties of dietary morphine prevent them.

Remember how I said ketogenesis is a scare word? It’s not really bad on its own, it just the furthest end of the non-grain-non-insulin diet spectrum, you can go full keto if you want (Davis says its alright) and indeed it can be advantageous at first to help shed unwanted fat as fast as possible. It’s the way it is prescribed that kills its chances of spreading in the real world: 6 days keto with one day cheat on carbs (no grain distinction is made in any largely accepted keto diet including Atkins). To understand why this is horrible let’s go first back to our evolutionary discussion. So we branched from primates a while back, and diet was the deciding factor in it. Later, certain human groups branched from others, and while this diet is less obvious of an evolutionary difference, I suspect it played a part on a societal scale. Several advantages short term can be gained from grain if you want a large scale society. What may have started as a desperation food could also just have been the most convenient and reliable fuel for a large centrally located population, which leads to central government, which leads to central armies, and continental domination. In either case we know the grain must have been with us for a long time.

Not long enough to adapt evolutionarly like cows did with their four stomachs and cud-chewing (millions of years), but long enough to have left some genetic marks on us (couple hundred thousand years most likely). We know that some people are fat and some are skinny, some can stay thin while eating anything, although in most this too falters by old age. Less grain-adapted races seem to fare much worse with grain. Look at American Samoa for a population recently introduced to grain by colonizers; obesity over there is so common you count the skinny people. Similar effects have been noticed amongst tribal populations in South America when they are pulled all of a sudden from their forest homelands and given “Western” (grain-ridden) diet. European whites are probably in the midst of trying (failing really) to adjust genetically, and are probably the furthest ahead (we already somewhat adapted to the lactose sugar in dairy, but probably did so to enable us to use stored-fat things like cheese and butter, not drink milk). While no one race is fully able to achieve health while eating grain (never will be as long as we’re humans with large brains) we keep eating it like mad. If you suspect there’s something more than convenience at work, I’m with you. Grain, it seems, has evolved symbiotically with our use of it to addict us to its effects on our brain.

a48727 No.9564695

File: 7fe4ecddecf0843⋯.jpg (82.09 KB, 900x450, 2:1, healthy zombie 5.jpg)


(Re-posting forgot image)

Second reason I bring this up is the mental/addictive aspect of grain consumption, the dietary morphine. Much has been made of the negative health effects of grain by another researcher named Dr. David Perlmutter (http://www.drperlmutter.com/about/grain-brain-by-david-perlmutter/). What he called “grain brain” and Davis calls “the insulin fog” is an over-arching, depressive, lethargic, generally foul mood people can be seen in, especially post-adolescence, when they regularly consume grain. The insulinosis affects neurochemistry in a huge way; in fact most of the supplementation I see advised by cutting-edge naturopathic doctors (Dr. Mark Gordon is a good one, http://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2012/1/Using-Hormones-Heal-Traumatic-Brain-Injuries/Page-01) is probably less effective than what you would get by just grain elimination, as far as the positive effects go. Focus will improve without grain, as will willpower; indeed addictions are all easier to break if not impossible to form at all when steady non-grain diet is achieved, I can attest to it. So why don’t more people go this way? The addictive properties of dietary morphine prevent them.

Remember how I said ketogenesis is a scare word? It’s not really bad on its own, it just the furthest end of the non-grain-non-insulin diet spectrum, you can go full keto if you want (Davis says its alright) and indeed it can be advantageous at first to help shed unwanted fat as fast as possible. It’s the way it is prescribed that kills its chances of spreading in the real world: 6 days keto with one day cheat on carbs (no grain distinction is made in any largely accepted keto diet including Atkins). To understand why this is horrible let’s go first back to our evolutionary discussion. So we branched from primates a while back, and diet was the deciding factor in it. Later, certain human groups branched from others, and while this diet is less obvious of an evolutionary difference, I suspect it played a part on a societal scale. Several advantages short term can be gained from grain if you want a large scale society. What may have started as a desperation food could also just have been the most convenient and reliable fuel for a large centrally located population, which leads to central government, which leads to central armies, and continental domination. In either case we know the grain must have been with us for a long time.

Not long enough to adapt evolutionarly like cows did with their four stomachs and cud-chewing (millions of years), but long enough to have left some genetic marks on us (couple hundred thousand years most likely). We know that some people are fat and some are skinny, some can stay thin while eating anything, although in most this too falters by old age. Less grain-adapted races seem to fare much worse with grain. Look at American Samoa for a population recently introduced to grain by colonizers; obesity over there is so common you count the skinny people. Similar effects have been noticed amongst tribal populations in South America when they are pulled all of a sudden from their forest homelands and given “Western” (grain-ridden) diet. European whites are probably in the midst of trying (failing really) to adjust genetically, and are probably the furthest ahead (we already somewhat adapted to the lactose sugar in dairy, but probably did so to enable us to use stored-fat things like cheese and butter, not drink milk). While no one race is fully able to achieve health while eating grain (never will be as long as we’re humans with large brains) we keep eating it like mad. If you suspect there’s something more than convenience at work, I’m with you. Grain, it seems, has evolved symbiotically with our use of it to addict us to its effects on our brain.

a48727 No.9564698

File: c3767a00c600114⋯.jpg (50.2 KB, 480x480, 1:1, healthy zombie 6.jpg)



Unique to grain and apart from all other problem carbs like sugar is grain’s ability to mimic opium in our body (http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/2012/04/wheat-is-an-opiate/). Take someone off of grain for a day and they go into withdrawal symptoms: anxiety, irritability, depression, all take hold and grow in measure for a week. Like opiates, it seems to detox from us after 7 days of abstinence, but that seventh day is hell. Get someone on a diet like Atkin’s and tell them every Sunday is “carb day”, and they will think of nothing but bread all week until it is time, then gorge. The symptoms of insulinosis will kick back in and they will feel bad for a couple days, then start to lose weight again (but enter withdrawals again) until they repeat the cycle all over again next weekend. Eventually they up cheat-day to Saturday and Sunday, then Friday night opens up for some beer and pizza, and by that point they will be ready to call off the diet and resume grain consumption. You can see the analogy to a heroin addict: if you tried to give them such a regime to get off the junk you would be ran out of town; it is obviously flawed from the get-go. The answer, at least as it was for me, is to internalize the message: our ancestors messed up with grain, no need to cry, just remedy the situation. The International Businessman will tell you to eat “healthy grains”, remember they are lying and evil. Your body will rebel and tell you to cheat, just remember that’s the dietary morphine talking, and it’s only pure poison that it’s pointing you back to.

So either it was a food of desperation (like Davis thinks) and we evolved the response to keep ourselves from starving, or it was a food of convenience and thus political power (like I think), so we evolved it (and farmers cultivated this direction on purpose as well) to have grain be something that almost “suckered” the worker bee population into needing it and not straying far from the grasp of central authority. I like the second explanation better because it helps explain selection mechanisms, and fits in line with trends that repeat themselves throughout history (a ruling class that loves meat and fish and has way more wives and children than peasants, who love bread and grain). Doesn’t matter what explanation you give for it, the proof here is in the pudding, I invite you all to try going grain free for a month and reap the benefits.

Others I know from social media have come very close to stating just this on several occasions, and even put together food pyramids which are dang close to what is laid out here, impressive for what was just a patchwork effort of amateurs. Anyways, it’s late and this was damn long to type out. I’ll be getting better infographics knocked up in the next couple of days. Here now is the reason for me to post in the first place, a pdf copy of the book I put on anonfiles (I bought the ebook special for you peckers and stripped DRM, ill check tomorrow to make sure it’s working):


725668 No.9564705









Good stuff. The massive prevalence of grains and sugars in modern diets is a serious issue.


Not nearly in such quantities or as regularly as we do today. Humans mainly ate meat (including fish) and veggies.

a48727 No.9564713


>>9564678 is a shill filter him. There's no way he had time to read what i posted, he just wanted to break the chain to fuck up the screencap.

364308 No.9564762

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

364308 No.9564783

File: 52340714bb33d48⋯.jpg (103.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Who remembers her?

725668 No.9564802


That's creepy-chan, right?

364308 No.9564815

File: 36f9733dd52e854⋯.jpg (82.71 KB, 1184x790, 592:395, allison-harvard-movies.jpg)


Isn't she just gorgeous?

af73e5 No.9564887

File: 2bb1fa69869dc90⋯.jpg (76.45 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, why.jpg)

Why did this faggot marry an Asian woman?

364308 No.9564923

File: 23daa55f4131a8b⋯.png (252.73 KB, 690x475, 138:95, 123141231.png)


So the kikes can subvert the chinks after the white race is destroyed.

dbe07b No.9564961

What does /pol/ think about the Vietnamese war?

3ba30c No.9565035


Her family is rich af. literally to get ties with her chinese family. He's also a perverted jew so he probably has a thing for whatever the fuck she's meant to be

3ba30c No.9565047


>second image

>"Quran" quote isn't actually from the Quran

gg retard

6cf611 No.9565097

Should I buy gold and other metals?

6341cf No.9565335


imo it's not worth buying gold unless you are already self sufficient. I'm working on cultivating a garden, practicing marksmanship in case I need to hunt, electricity generation, waste disposal, water purification, etc. If shtf I'd much rather have a way to feed myself and survive than a block of gold to trade for shit.

you can if you want, but if you're doing it in case of societal or economic collapse I would say there are much better ways to spend that money. it's like giving a man a fish or teaching him how to fish, except you're the man and you can choose to buy a fish or learn how to fish.

68df18 No.9565497

Redpill me on the cold war and how a jewish proxy state (usa) spent half a century fighting a jewish ideology (communism)

c2af71 No.9565648


looks too nice to be an original. I know someone who has one, and the red is much darker.

53d0d9 No.9565773

File: 5834bf879c40084⋯.gif (45.39 KB, 340x325, 68:65, Peanut-butter-jelly-time.gif)

Does anyone have the moonman version of this? If not, can you make it anon?

000000 No.9565835


From Sir Winston Churchill himself, my man.


>Winston Churchill exposes forces behind Communism & Zionism


It's not just Churchill, this was well known in intellectual circles at the time, the "international Jew".

In 1918 right after WW1, there was a revolution in Germany. An army of 2 million strong attempted to establish a communist nation. Coincidentally, every single commander of the communist forces was Jewish. It's why Germans in general had a problem with Jews, because they saw Jews pushing communism in their society. Well funded, using sophisticated propaganda and subversion to topple social institutions and achieve power. Then exterminating millions of Christians once they had it as Nobel laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote in 200 Years Together http://www.radicalpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/200-Years-Together.pdf and The Gulag Archipelago http://www.thechristianidentityforum.net/downloads/Gulag1.pdf

>Russia and the Jews


>A collection of reports on Bolshevism in Russia

>The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's Early Soviet Regime


Straight from Putin's mouth: Soviet Government Was Mostly Jewish 80-85%


53d0d9 No.9566014

File: 6dcbf0f78095592⋯.webm (1.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, putin - soviet government….webm)


>Straight from Putin's mouth: Soviet Government Was Mostly Jewish 80-85%

From a jew, to a jewish audience on a jewish building. It's made of redpill material.

6341cf No.9566086


>From a jew, to a jewish audience on a jewish building. It's made of redpill material.

putin is a jew? didn't he fuck over the rothschilds a while back and recently tell israel to stop pulling their shit in syria?

53d0d9 No.9566157


His mother is jewish, but I don't care, I like the guy. Stefan Molyneux is in the same boat and I love his content.

d8b9fc No.9566229

What was the agenda behind the Mr. Hooper death scene in Sesame street? It was designed by a Jewish psychologist.

en.wiki pedia. org/wiki/Mr._Hooper#Research

>The first step in their research process was to assemble a team of experts, led by CTW research director Lewis Bernstein, in the fields of child psychology, child development, and religion.

dbe07b No.9566500