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File: 907fc9babf79d78⋯.png (24.99 KB, 1000x329, 1000:329, ACLU_PeoplePower_logo_lock….png)

File: 2c6e953ad869c71⋯.png (55.68 KB, 1000x1421, 1000:1421, Resistance_Fist.png)

File: 3cae9c95478d053⋯.png (64.84 KB, 1000x1617, 1000:1617, Woman-power_emblem.png)

File: 23e1d4920e8d318⋯.jpg (251.75 KB, 1200x633, 400:211, otpor.jpg)

File: f27b8f3736f9b56⋯.jpg (78.69 KB, 404x800, 101:200, canvas.jpg)

f3a4c8 No.9472758

Please share more resources on this topic, so we can compile a small library.

The upcoming US Purple revolution

Since Donald Trump won the elections there has been an obvious increase in revolutionary movements in the US. [1] The reasons for dissatisfaction vary between each movement, but they are unified against the Trump administration. Whether it's about illegal immigration, SJWs, women rights, black people or anti-Trump they all attract the typical leftist minds. Those described in Ted Kaczynski's Unabomber manifesto.[2]

There has been a lot of talk about the deep state trying to destroy the current administration [3], DNC and George Soros are also heavily involved [4], most of the world's mass media [5], most likely even Chinese [6] and Russian elements.

It appears that the resistance is getting stronger every month, which is unprecedented considering that the average US citizen cannot afford spending time protesting and is easily distractable. The Occupy Wallstreet Movement was dismantled from the inside by FBI agents [7] and SJW identity politics. In contrast all current "grassroots" movements are now fueled by the identity politics and are supported by some agents from the US government.

There are many common attributes shared with the colour revolutions that happened in post-Soviet countries of Central and Eastern Europe in 1989, Ukraine (2004 and 2014), Serbia (2011) and the recent Middle Eastern Arab Spring revolutions.[8] All of these followed the ideology of (temporary) non-violent resistance. The initial seed of these movements is embedded within US funded non-government organizations such as National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Open Society Foundations (OSF) and others.

The symbolism is there. Mainly the resistance fist, but also some kind of a unique symbol - such as the purple hats.[9] There is also a figure they see as a dictator they want to overthrow, previously people like Milošević, Yanukovych, Gaddafi. In a nutshell: the movement is based on the idea that you pull people from the system, make the people believe they will be part of the better future and the system collapses. This is different from attacking the government directly. Then once the movement reaches critical mass (about 10% of the population), some kind of martyr will serve as a spark to justify violence against the government. From then on chaos arises and paid agents (both foreign and domenstic) make sure that there's bloodshed.[10]

Resources on color revolutions

The basic idea stems from Geen Sharp's theory on non-violent revolution.[11] The Otpor/CANVAS movement originated from Serbian revolution, the central figure is Srdja Popovic[12]. Wikileaks have more information about them on their website.[13] Their materials are published online in the CANVAS library [14]. There's a nice documentary about this movement made by the Journeyman Pictures called "Revolutionaries for Hire".[15]

[1] "A "Color Revolution" Is Under Way In America - Zero Hedge (2017)" - https://archive.is/jMp0E

[2] "The Unabomber Trial: The Manifesto - The Washinton Post (1995)" - https://archive.is/ZMNsN

[3] "Rumblings of a ‘Deep State’ Undermining Trump? It Was Once a Foreign Concept - The New York Times (2017)" - https://archive.is/SdQMB

[4] "George Soros calls Trump a 'would-be dictator' who 'is going to fail' - CNBC (2017)" - https://archive.is/WUsZf

[5] "'Trump alone against all' - how the world's media covered Donald Trump's immigration ban - The Telegraph (2017)" - https://archive.is/3etK2

[6] "How ‘ghost corporations’ are funding the 2016 election - The Washington Post (2016)" - https://archive.is/ke234

[7] "Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy - The Guardian (2012)" - https://archive.is/uP1J2

[8] "Otpor" - https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/54/5462012_otpor-.html

[9] "Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 'partners' of the Women's March on Washington - The New York Times (2017)" - https://archive.is/JSxWi

[10] Katchanovski, Ivan, The 'Snipers' Massacre' on the Maidan in Ukraine (September 5, 2015). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2658245 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.2658245

[11] "Gene Sharp - Wikipedia" - https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gene_Sharp&oldid=769042312#Sharp.27s_contributions_to_the_theory_of_nonviolent_resistance

[12] "Srdja Popovic: How to topple a dictator (2015)" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo7w3g24DWo

[13] "Info on CANVAS (Otpor) - Wikileaks" - https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/54/5437020_canvas-.html

[14] "Publications - CANVASopedia" - http://canvasopedia.org/218-2/

[15] "Revolutionaries For Hire (2011)" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63zv2z5wcRo

"Are George Soros' Billions Compromising U.S. Foreign Policy? - Forbes (2011)" - http://web.archive.org/web/20150519115956/http://www.forbes.com/sites/richardminiter/2011/09/09/should-george-soros-be-allowed-to-buy-u-s-foreign-policy/print/

92aa28 No.9472945

File: a193a1c34e6cd14⋯.jpg (34.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, carlos.jpg)


> Resistance_Fist.png

Prepare your anus: The "colon revolution" is here

207714 No.9472987


I'll bump this

520115 No.9473016

On the brightside, if there was a civil war. Americans get to crack some faggot skulls.

f3a4c8 No.9473089

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Resistance Training: An ACLU Town Hall Live in Miami, FL

>The ACLU kicks off People Power, its new grassroots organizing program, with ACLU experts discussing the fight to defend our civil liberties.

f2d0e2 No.9473162

File: d6f51c7d699a3b5⋯.png (22.52 KB, 230x230, 1:1, d6f51c7d699a3b5c503f194acb….png)


>Streamed 3 hours ago


0c82fc No.9473168

I don't think they can work the Arab spring plan in America. That of course is to drum up a big protest movement and then suddenly OH GOD HE'S KILLING HIS OWN PEOPLE LOOK THIS TWEET PROVES IT. It just wouldn't survive on the memetic field here.

So instead I think they want to get a real massacre, or at least a lot of dead people who dindu nuffin. I'm not sure how they'd do that, maybe something like a bad vehicle crash or fire as a result of cops trying to take down a target. For an actual massacre to happen they would probably need planted agents to carry it out. Then they could "leak" some shit about Trump ordering it. All the republicucks would peel off just like they did during the election.

I have no doubt that they'll try something.g

be55ea No.9473184

This is something I'm legimately terrified of. As a mentally ill national socialist NEET I am sure they'll send me a fucking gulag. They'll send ALL of us to fucking gulags. We need to start really counter organizing…

f2d0e2 No.9473192



37ab58 No.9473202

Paper beats rock.

207714 No.9473216


>but we must never despair

What did he mean by this?

eae495 No.9473244

File: 13891315bb2612e⋯.jpg (120.56 KB, 1280x534, 640:267, ourfuture.jpg)


I'll see you in the camps.

e8ae35 No.9473253

File: 92ddddd2d8f23e3⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1084x647, 1084:647, 92ddddd2d8f23e30abe7e6e52d….png)

The impression that I really get from all of these random (((grassroots))) movements that are trying to attempt a revolution is that they are the death throes of a power that knows its time is up. They really weren't prepared for a Trump victory. They really, truly, and honestly thought Hillary was going to win. These groups are a last ditch effort to take power back by any means it can. Unfortunately, their golems can't fight; none of them are armed, none of them are trained, the majority of them are weak, they are living in cities dependent upon outside resources, and the wider majority of America HATES these people. The very second they start trying to kill people, it's game over for all of them. They're outnumbered too, you can see it happening at almost every protest that these groups are almost always outnumbered by 8 to 1; ESPECIALLY when they are away from their home turf. The very second they start trying to kill people is when they lose.

It's too late. It's all over for them. They could have prevented this. It's happening.

0c82fc No.9473342


The left has the advantages of being organized already and being concentrated in high population areas. If things go down, the early days could look really bad for us. Just saying, that might happen and we have to survive the morale shock.

e8ae35 No.9473368


Granted this. I'd think if a civil war like that started it may be bad for the first month or two until the supply in the cities begins to dwindle and the mixed population begins to turn to a state of unrest. Best of luck to the left when EBT shuts off.

65baee No.9473406


IN SHTF scenario, a densely populated area is exactly where you don't want to be.

They depend on the outside for water, food, and maybe electricity. Staying in a city in such situation is basically a death sentence.

ad23fa No.9473429


I wouldn't mind getting sent to gulag. I'll finally get to associate with like-minded friends, and we'll bust out of there before they install the lampshade machines anyway.

f9c529 No.9473439


This is why I believe ZOG won't do the SHTF scenario, it's to much of a win for us. Instead they'll try a war with another country or scandal.

The media and money apparati are their tools, in a real SHTF scenario they'll loose. Even with all the non-whites in America they'd loose their ability to control whites thinking and that's the only reason why we havn't had final victory yet.

The main goal of ZOG is to convince enough whites of this generation to help and fight to produce enough non-whites. That is what I see these actions are to get whites out to attack other whites. Because once you've been attacked by someone of your own its difficult to trust others who look like that.

756c9b No.9473451

File: d3f1aa1a185a58e⋯.jpg (446.06 KB, 1203x1447, 1203:1447, 1440219882381.jpg)

File: 8d277c9b4fdcf55⋯.png (390.27 KB, 509x720, 509:720, 1441061638008.png)


Get prepared for war. The only thing I have going for me currently is my ability to do as much damage if push ever comes to shove

e09a4c No.9473485

File: 04eb7cd88859882⋯.jpg (92.73 KB, 976x726, 488:363, 0418120825d917bd92c5adbf16….jpg)

>>9473244 (checked)


207714 No.9473616

File: 5eaf77c1aa8ae20⋯.png (29.75 KB, 472x532, 118:133, 30225690b35ab4f46d5d5f4bb4….png)


Most cities have a couple main roads that lead out of them.

>take control of these major highways in choke points

>only a dozen or fewer people need to actually operate these junctions

>pile ups cars and debris in the road

>nobody leaves the cities

>begin immediate removal of all urbanites that aren't white and wholesome

51f61d No.9473658


You'll find a not insubstantial of those highway on ramps are under an isolated overpass of some kind, this isn't a coincidence as these roadways are intended to be used for mass transport of military hardware in the event of war.

Easily defensible natural chokepoints, though very vulnerable to attack from outside the city itself via those very same roads.

a50f92 No.9474251

File: 6a11fcb36b6d1ac⋯.png (53.33 KB, 396x428, 99:107, 1434082088366.png)


>The left has the advantages of being organized already and being concentrated in high population areas.

You have no clue how ugly this is going to be for you. Your "positives" is actually one where it will useless as soon as one person fires a gun against them with intent and against the criminal element and thuggish minorities, and the other one is a logistical nightmare that will render food and water scarce, create utter panic and chaos, and general death of leftists in these populated areas within days. You are even more clueless than the southern men Rhett Butler advised in Gone with the Wind.

That nightmarish shit that will unleashed isn't even starting to address the later curb stomping the heavily armed rightwing will bring to the party. In fact, those that survive the initial onslaught of niggers, spics, starvation, and disease are going to be dealing with a VERY angry and blood thirsty right wing.

8f99db No.9474302


Are you denying the favorable treatment leftist terrorists get in the legal system? It won't even the odds in full on SHTF of course, but in little skirmishes like you see these days the antifa have the advantage outside the fight itself. They have teams of radical lawyers and people willing to fund their riots. If the left goes underground again and starts bombing things, they'll get much more favorable treatment than anyone on the right. I mean, look at institutions like education. If you're openly right wing, even a moderate cuckservative, you'll be passed up for a career in teaching. If you're a former left wing terrorist, they'll warm a seat for you.

That's what he means when he says the left wing has the advantage of organization. These power structures largely don't exist in the right. Not that there's any reason they should; right wing activism is all done within the system (see think tanks, lobbying, etc.). Left wing politics is the politics of revolution.

163234 No.9474329

File: e56d3b1b02fe11a⋯.jpg (77.01 KB, 461x615, 461:615, 494087.jpg)

File: 25de87998028097⋯.jpg (78.43 KB, 586x425, 586:425, 494089.jpg)

File: 4c65a25519acc25⋯.jpg (43.05 KB, 359x480, 359:480, 494097.jpg)

inb4 fisting jokes

207714 No.9474341

File: ee2fff51b70fa3f⋯.png (17.99 KB, 282x263, 282:263, imblying.png)


They better keep drawing pictures because that's the only reality where they're not getting their asses kicked. Also:

>tucking your thumb

0c82fc No.9474433


>for you

Anyway, m8 it's not a switch that flips from order to chaos siegemode. In the meantime when life goes on but violence can't be prevented, the left has the advantage until the right can organize. My point was that it's temporary.

334edc No.9474487

File: 39dd33422354097⋯.jpg (41.91 KB, 436x565, 436:565, 1459618466698-3.jpg)


The site meetup.com has produced over 1000 groups (doing it for free) so people can organize resistance cells.


f3a4c8 No.9475944

File: e4db8e8cfa9473c⋯.png (128.43 KB, 1500x800, 15:8, resist_movements_map.png)

d83b9f No.9475959


good eye

f3a4c8 No.9476040

File: f29548241fbd4c5⋯.webm (1.15 MB, 320x411, 320:411, Spiro_Agnew-The_Generatio….webm)





>Sometimes it appears that we're reaching a period when our senses and our minds will no longer respond to moderate stimulation. We seem to be reaching an age of the gross, persuasion through speeches and books is too often discarded for disruptive demonstrations aimed at bludgeoning the unconvinced into action. The young–and by this I'd don't mean any stretch of the imagination all the young, but I'm talking about those who claim to speak for the young–at the zenith of physical power and sensitivity, overwhelm themselves with drugs and artificial stimulants.

>Subtlety is lost, and fine distinctions based on acute reasoning are carelessly ignored in a headlong jump to a predetermined conclusion. Life is visceral rather than intellectual. And the most visceral practitioners of life are those who characterize themselves as intellectuals. Truth is to them revealed rather than logically proved.

>And the principal infatuations of today revolve around the social sciences, those subjects which can accommodate any opinion, and about which the most reckless conjecture cannot be discredited. Education is being redefined at the demand of the uneducated to suit the ideas of the uneducated. The student now goes to college to proclaim, rather than to learn. The lessons of the past are ignored and obliterated, and a contemporary antagonism known as "The Generation Gap."

>A spirit of national masochism prevails, encouraged by an effete core of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals. [applause]

c124c8 No.9476064

File: 43d53e09c68326f⋯.png (144.46 KB, 361x637, 361:637, woodcraft.png)


>these actions are to get whites out to attack other whites. Because once you've been attacked by someone of your own its difficult to trust others who look like that.

Well put anon. This is why the goy nationalists promoting love for nationalist NIGGER are an obvious C&D campaign by the yid. Yet I don't see a problem with treating willful traitors like their pets

a50f92 No.9477616

File: eec1fb357642e37⋯.jpeg (26.14 KB, 283x397, 283:397, 1471180652468.jpeg)


The advantages are because the ISN'T a civil war. Those advantages are here now because the system is in place with their politicians in position. Once something like war kicks off, there will be no more advantages. The first wave the left will deal with are riots and looting from the left's welfare power base. Any civil war attempt the left kicks off will be immediately bad for them. The right needs only to cut off roads and choke points to starve an entire leftist city. That is how easy it will be to undo the "advantage" they have.


>Are you denying the favorable treatment leftist terrorists get in the legal system

It wont even be temporary. What they have now is the only advantage because war HAS NOT started. Once it really begins, that advantage will disappear rapidly as crack downs will begin on the left. The accelerating velocity of things going bad for the left will be something they will completely be unprepared for. Further the right is starting to mentally come to terms that a civil war is coming and not just the ragequit left.

The right's problem isn't the lack of organization. They tend to be not just the enforcement arm, but the vets, armed gun enthusiast with military training and prepping community, and the churches. It's the damn peacemakers that have been backbiting, sabotaging, propaganda parroting and stopping the right wing. Now the general consensus is growing that the time for peace may be slowly disappearing. That is one of the most powerful changes that has been transpiring.

307999 No.9477765

File: 7ee679cdbfa7a33⋯.png (240.88 KB, 581x575, 581:575, RWDS.png)

File: 8e3fc204c368095⋯.webm (7.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Hebrew Screams Tonigh….webm)


We wont be the ones in the camps.

8e257c No.9478768

File: 2d58b1e62feda58⋯.jpg (118.13 KB, 623x765, 623:765, 1339649728935.jpg)


This is the true meaning of


4e2c74 No.9478987


The guy who painted those in the ukraine got the shit beat out of him by right sector

424bed No.9479104

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I wonder how far ahead they've planned, and how much shit they've bought in preparation. For example: how tied are they to the color purple? Were their enemy the "alt-right" to adopt the color for its association with imperial authority, how many thousands or millions of dollars on merch would be wasted? Also, where are these supplies being stored; could their conditions not be in keeping with fire code?

Moreover, given their reliance on the doctrine of intersectionality, we should look for pressure points to attack in order to keep them from truly grouping up. A good wedge may be what to do with the bureaucracy. With people openly touting the need for a more technocractic style of government, bureaucracy is a big part of many of the Left's political solutions. Fortunately for us, it's very easy to create a narrative about bureaucratic incompetence, and successfully driving it would isolate and weaken the more ardent commies. Given the deference given to pop culture icons, it may be worth propping up Rick of Rick and Morty as an anti-globalist figure who normalizes violence against (((robots))). Game of Thrones can also be appealed to as an example of the necessity to weed out corrupt political families, as well as the need to rally behind men of character and means. With the current atmosphere of intrigue within the intelligence community, it would probably be an easy sell to suggest that X-Files was cancelled because the show, like its characters, got too close to the truth.

e26a45 No.9479462


>This is why I believe ZOG won't do the SHTF scenario, it's to much of a win for us. Instead they'll try a war with another country or scandal

I think the (((powers))) that be are going to push as hard as they can for a scandal.

War could happen, but if Trump closes the borders and goes full isolationist it might not give them a chance to drag the US into a war. Maybe a false flag ("terrorists" blowing up something) could work but it gets harder to do if it's happened before (911).

They're already trying to build the narrative that Trumps administration has a ton of scandals in the first 100 days, they'll keep manufacturing outrage and pushing this route as a way to rally their troops.

4be6e4 No.9479626

I've said if before and I'll say it again:

The smart fucks of ZOG know they don't want SHTF when Trump is POTUS. Sure, they can set the stage fostering dissent, organizing resistance orgs, planting the seeds for the future………..but for when they have re-assumed "legitimate" control over the US LE and Mil.

Whether you like it or not, the simple fact of the matter is that the US LE and Mil are the single greatest card the ZOG/establishment/jew fucks have. You can't protect the roving gangs of muslims/spics/niggers from white retribution without them. Don't believe me? See: Sweden, Germany, France, etc. They use the power of the state to allow the movements they want, and crush dissent & resistance when and where it's met.

This purple revolution, and all other things related to it, is just their final prep work for if/when they get control of the WH again. That is why it's so fucking important for Trump to fucking destroy these people utterly and completely. The spies they have in the (((deep state))) throughout all branches of govt, their propaganda apparatus knows as the MSM, their C&C platforms known as Twitter and Jewbook, their indoctrination camps known as Higher Education, and their sapper/sabotage units known as NGOs (ACLU et al).

It's a tall order, but if we're to have any hope of victory…….those are the targets and the Jew center(s) of gravity.

dee800 No.9487663


>it's a population map of places that share the language of the website

44299e No.9487975

We need cell jammers at these events..

Thats all i'm going to say.

Disrupt their comms and/or leech their traffic.

We need to step up our game.

fc6b9d No.9488015

File: fea0d286584d1cf⋯.png (251.54 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, db4.png)


>Purple revolution

>fighting against a bunch of green nazi frogs

We're reaching levels of memetics that shouldn't be possible.

Th-thanks doc?

eeb42b No.9488093

File: 12d0a0edfda0e47⋯.jpg (458.08 KB, 2480x1754, 1240:877, 1488915518578.jpg)


Thanks Doc

3afde3 No.9488251


>greatest horror

or a completely broken shell

by the way, op, superb thread

have a bump.

849fce No.9488269


To make matters worse, we'd have to share the gulags with the very same leftists who revolted in the first place.

307999 No.9489812

File: 31c6a349708923b⋯.jpg (66.86 KB, 599x599, 1:1, Back to camp.jpg)


I can't believe only one person has checked these trips.

2fde52 No.9489973

File: ff1ddf0607406a3⋯.png (47.75 KB, 347x330, 347:330, hey_listen_navi.png)

fc284d No.9490176



0cb50f No.9491364


>they'll send me a fucking gulag

Worse, they will send you to a mental institution and turn you into a vegetable. That's why it makes more sense to die fighting.

0cb50f No.9491401


>or a completely broken shell

Same thing. Broken shells spread spread their horror and force it unto others. Applies to the left and right equally. Just look at the broken shells that are trannies.

It's just that the right wing horrors are pretty simple and will be manifested in death, rather than corruption and decay.

e7bda8 No.9491427

File: fdb0282b22d2d6c⋯.png (289.04 KB, 714x499, 714:499, 84e039babec23495a4e868ca17….png)


Cause Trips are only significant when its at the end of the post number. you fucking newfag

3700fb No.9491627


Nice write up OP but here's where I disagree,

There was only one legitimate revolution and that's us and we won with Trump. We are the revolution and we are the resistance. They are the establishment which is why they aren't a revolution they are a hysterical crying fit who just got their toys taken away.

That being said if the violence ever escalated beyond breaking windows and jumping a lone trump supporter at a (((college))) (((protest))) then that's fantastic because last time I checked we're on the side with the president who can declare martial law and use govt troops to eradicate these cock suckers. Furthermore, we're the guys with the guns and military training. We also have already asserted our dominance in the information war.

These people can't even make up their mind on what group they are, and all their identity politics create conflicts so they just fight themselves before they ever fight us. We aren't illiterate sand niggers easily manipulated by ZOG tricks. We're God damn white men and we have a cause we actually believe in to the root, not some superficial virtue signaling bullshit created in a Marxist think tank.

dd4f4b No.9493325


U got to go back

a8ab52 No.9501982


We need to purge the ACLU. They are providing logistics and training AGAINST POTUS! This is treason.

525ad1 No.9503567


Just waiting for all things to start coming up lavender.

402d2e No.9541997


d6e26c No.9542050


What is jew controlled opposition for 100, Alex.

402d2e No.9542082

This was being slid heavily.

9844a2 No.9542098

File: 9cb79053fdc240e⋯.jpg (541.85 KB, 1328x1904, 83:119, 9cb79053fdc240eb37f32090bb….jpg)


>mentally ill


You'd be in a camp either way for your absolute inferiority to the Reich. You serve no purpose.


576142 No.9542227

File: d26f4d6d8a5c237⋯.jpg (416.18 KB, 1934x1920, 967:960, AUTIST_POWER.jpg)

weaponized autism

a416ea No.9544420


Nice work mods, show us again how you aren’t shills too.

7da44d No.9544578


>thinking Trump is a revolution

Trump isn't willing to ignore judicial overreach. He's been completely ineffectual. The best thing that could happen is the left somehow removes him and creates real revolutionary conditions.

e669c5 No.9544692


it would be a shame if something happened to the cell phones of the people moving around at the front of the protests barking orders.

7ced7f No.9544814

File: accca7e5cc87345⋯.jpg (20.55 KB, 300x225, 4:3, 673117a7e83e86473866e0d462….jpg)


>purple revolution

Goddamnit, do libshits have to ruin 'EVERYTHING?'

Purple is one of my favorite fucking colors


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