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File: 15fb4e3e4ebfb1c⋯.jpg (100.01 KB, 786x394, 393:197, subhuman.jpg)

dba6ad No.9541290


>Punchbowl Public teacher blows the whistle on Islamic extremism at school | Daily Telegraph

>STUDENTS are showing signs of extreme radicalisation as early as Year 5, including threatening to behead teachers, bullying peers into reading the Koran and even demanding the Syrian flag be put up in the classroom.

>In an August 2014 incident, an official complaint from a teacher obtained by The Daily Telegraph says two students were kicked out of class for being “repeatedly uncooperative and disruptive”.

>They were placed in “time out” where they “began audibly chanting the Koran in Arabic”. The concerned teacher says they “could give no explanation of their ­behaviour”.

>In an October 2014 incident a teacher describes how a student was being bullied when his peers told him he was “betraying his religion” by “not going to Muslim scripture”.

>An earlier incident that year says a “group of boys stood around a girl and called her horrible names like dog”.

>“A lot of kids talk about their uncles and cousins who are fighting the war in Syria.

>“They are allowed to get up and walk out of class at prayer time and we can’t stop them. By the time they get to high school they’re learning has been impaired because they’ve been preoccupied with social issues regarding Islam.”

>In one incident, Mrs A said two Year 5 students pushed her into a corner during a creative arts lesson and chanted the Koran in Arabic around her.

aa6131 No.9541308

File: 8788335e04e6d74⋯.png (28.91 KB, 633x758, 633:758, rage feel.png)


1fe1d0 No.9541318


7fee84 No.9541335

File: 51a1dc457df043e⋯.gif (17.9 KB, 500x734, 250:367, kebab.gif)


fad202 No.9541347

File: 112509b6698387b⋯.jpg (27.21 KB, 486x445, 486:445, 079e35a3b4c93ff8e021b6322c….jpg)

Generation Z and alpha are getting red pilled and are gonna be the ones having fun genociding them, and it isn't fair.

4c2fae No.9541357


b642c4 No.9541384

>Mudshit children assimilating into western culture

I see what you did there.

b345ba No.9541395


White countries for everyone I guess.

b17d21 No.9541566

File: b4f407850b506ac⋯.png (90.85 KB, 2000x1300, 20:13, fuck off we're full.png)



0bd885 No.9541599




7a4e85 No.9541606


>missing the point

waste of dubs

f5858f No.9541608

I can't wait for this retarded "assimilation" meme ends. I don't fucking WANT them to assimilate. I don't WANT them here at all.

b17d21 No.9541612

File: de350acc465e1ca⋯.png (97.19 KB, 390x364, 15:14, fucking nothing australia.png)

0bd885 No.9541626


Australia is a nation of 20 million, 20 million is by no means enough to fill Australia's habitable areas.

cc3830 No.9541641

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Consider for a minute having a time machine and traveling back to about 40,000 years ago in an effort to save the Neanderthal from the brink of extinction by returning a group to the modern world of today.

The social problems, the spiritual problems, their belief in the supernatural would be equally as great as what these poor, unfortunate, destitute, deranged shitskin children have to deal with everyday.

Can we not open our hearts?

b67798 No.9541674


We're gonna be their commanders dummy.

77f78d No.9541708

File: 7c87bd93577a85b⋯.mp4 (3.1 MB, 284x360, 71:90, Ali Aharar & Ayoub Mohamme….mp4)

File: 599c0c1884cf67c⋯.png (481.36 KB, 519x567, 173:189, 1485633470246.png)

This is the new normal in The Netherlands, 4 more years of this cancer.

Also that image was propped to appear that way to create maximum sympathy for the mass propaganda campaign that they threw us to death with for 2 weeks.

25b514 No.9541722


>Syrian flag.

Are we sure they were Syrian and not something else? I thought we weren't actually taking in Syrian refugees?

b17d21 No.9541730


> 20 million is by no means enough to fill Australia's habitable areas.

depends on whether we're in drought or not anon

If a drought happens again like the one last decade we wont have enough water to even water the crops

Not to mention last time we lost hundreds of farms which all dried up

8edbb1 No.9541745

I actually saw this story posted yesterday in the forums at Empornium and all the comments were cucked out saying it must be fake (specifically the part about how they allegedly pushed her into a corner). The same teacher said that they also threatened to behead her, too, and so she quit.

ae324b No.9541835


And yet our government set a population target of fifty million. They have absolutely no regard for the safety or prosperity of the Australian people.

28837b No.9541871


> Punchbowl

Education Department hired a new principal whom used to work as an education manager for education unit inside Reiby Juvenile Justice.

b17d21 No.9541878


Not to mention is was the government that changed how much that dam was allowed to contain so that it overflowed and flooded

Pretty sure it was Gillard who personally ordered it

Its like they have no concept of Australia's wet and dry seasons or the el nino effect

72557e No.9541969


28837b No.9541979


By bumping.

171d5d No.9541988

Eh, wake me up when they start bullying jews at synagogues and banks.

a3bafa No.9542026


Why don't we simply deport those fuckers? 1 strike and you're out, literally.

9557ac No.9542063


if only we could actually solve these such simple problems

014eb4 No.9542120

File: 4206ca3046663e8⋯.jpg (77.62 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, us-iphone-1-punchbowl-boys….jpg)

File: 81d76325db34f74⋯.jpg (41.21 KB, 650x366, 325:183, Foreign Minister Bob Carr ….jpg)

File: 2212f34ffb1bdf2⋯.jpg (79.88 KB, 900x754, 450:377, dutton lebanese muslims.jpg)

File: 5efcd877309f2b0⋯.jpg (67.24 KB, 634x435, 634:435, Australia's first female M….jpg)

File: 5f27c029579fb15⋯.png (623.2 KB, 756x852, 63:71, muslim thoughts.png)

>south west suburbs of sydney australia

i've been hearing this in the news, along with leb gang shootings, muslim terrorist plots foiled, businesses and islamic school funds funneled to terrorist organizations, etc

i'm not surprised at their behaviour, and nor should anyone who lives there and knows what leb schools are like

i'm just glad my suburb successfully rejects mosque plans

c510ba No.9542920

Reminder not to fall for just anit-Muslim rhetoric. The Jews are trying to stoke nationalist thought by having it be against Muslims only. They want to gear us towards a war in the Middle East, while still harbouring Jews, Asians, Mestizos and blacks.

b17d21 No.9543057


I just want them out of my country

At no point did i want to go to theirs

271384 No.9543065

File: 681b8cfa6a77959⋯.mp4 (5.08 MB, 558x276, 93:46, muslim keel heem.mp4)

271384 No.9543072

File: 52fa143b1d76626⋯.jpg (201.53 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, crusader1.jpg)


>At no point did i want to go to theirs

I can think of one good reason.

0c55f6 No.9543078


What about Alice springs cunt?

e6136a No.9543149

File: 6f98668a780f121⋯.png (517.26 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 6f98668a780f1217523a54d77c….png)

File: 27c992d265d9ba1⋯.jpg (90.19 KB, 768x866, 384:433, 39b9f329b828b6f40e1b4c38f9….jpg)

File: 34e5d653e7b5ed6⋯.jpg (115.41 KB, 960x638, 480:319, 153f746331b955d185407d56cf….jpg)


>k-kuffar, what's your problem?

>we're traditional

>religion of peace

>we're basically nazis xD

407a01 No.9543561


Funny how much we agree on except the islam shit.

407a01 No.9543573


Why wait for one strike?

45361f No.9543665


Good. If we as the older generation can clear the path for them then we've done our duty.

4c2fae No.9543838


>We are not going to be like animals. living like animals

Stopped watching there.

47bc56 No.9544081


why is tasmania labeled as new zealand?

a2492f No.9544094


it's a joke you cunt where the fuck even is new zealand

0c0921 No.9544124


>New Zealand

Top fucking kek m8 throw another shrimp on the Barbie you bogan cunt.

a284e9 No.9544127


Us and Australia are getting the actual syrians, big ass ocean lets us take our sweet time making sure we get to suck the primo Syrian cock. You jelly Sweden, even in this you are cucked.

587c77 No.9544141


>t. MIDF

Fuck off sandnigger. Nothing stops us from opposing both you AND the jews.

51a400 No.9544145



Why the fuck should everywhere be filled, Goy farmer?

08b706 No.9544159



The statement that Australia is full isn't in reference to its area, but rather its demographic saturation; there must be a certain proportion of Whites to subhumans in order to maintain a functioning society, and that threshold has been reached. Hence, at this time, we are not looking to accept any more. Thank you.

000000 No.9544163

>including threatening to behead teachers, bullying peers into reading the Koran

What a beautiful culture. I hope all nonislamic teachers are delightfully beheaded. You know, for progress and stuff. Diversity is strength.

bfbfd1 No.9544199

File: 460a13cf4de6e06⋯.png (264.28 KB, 500x531, 500:531, 1430093005457.png)

>could give no explanation of their ­behaviour

a2492f No.9544207





08b706 No.9544213

File: af427b760f0c922⋯.jpg (143.81 KB, 2048x1284, 512:321, 1444963556506.jpg)

000000 No.9544221


Does it really in the New Testament? Because everyone knows the old one is just kike shit.

848b8d No.9544224


How is Europe on pushing back the Jews? I know they have laws about anti-semitism but what's the word on the streets?

It makes me nervous that I'm seeming people like Nigel Farage trying to say his opponents are anti-semetic to try and gain sympathy.

062675 No.9544238

File: e5b31c9621b33e4⋯.jpg (356 KB, 400x593, 400:593, bnw1.jpg)

>Western Culture

You know what makes me sad ? I thought about what that term really means…. what does it really mean for an immigrant to 'assimilate' into western culture ?

It means they abandon their own (albeit trash) culture and replace it with this bland, jewish, materialistic soul-sucking garbage. Western culture no longer exists, our society is like a fucking zombie. It died generations ago, yet it still shambles on, always needing new people to consume so that it can continue to exist.

271384 No.9544246

File: ce84258dd5df232⋯.jpeg (40 KB, 400x533, 400:533, suntzustatue.jpeg)


>Stopped watching there.

Know thy enemy, anon.

000000 No.9544254


271384 No.9544257

File: 2496e623d538ea2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 142.96 KB, 350x350, 1:1, carlos bane.png)


Why, tor-anon?

Or should I say torah-anon?

30a23d No.9544260


Dont be such a fucking mongoloid. I visited Germany for a few weeks several years back and one of the German girls joked that every building in the town was 500 years old, and I explained to her the only very few things are 500 years old and still standing in America. I can only imagine what she feels now that mudshits are there. Honestly I'd imagine that it'd make people privately look into history of their own people more.

000000 No.9544273


But will it end on its own or will you be forced to act to prevent it, Anon.?

062675 No.9544304


It's true.

But have we built anything as beautiful as one of those Cathedrals lately ? Maybe a few.

30a23d No.9544335


In a modernized world, its hard for an architectural wonder to bloom. Everything has to be abstract and obscure, its sometimes forced to have a building thats unnaturally shaped, but it has no culture or depth. A New renaissance has to happen that adopts reality as being the chief component for works of art. This liberal bullshit modern art is the most ridiculous shit that's ever been conceived.

We may never build anything close to the Cathedrals, but we can form our own architecture that reflects nationalism and self-pride.

56ceca No.9544512


It is entirably possible with honed vision and determination, we just need to break the mental yoke of this worthless modernity.

6b9bcd No.9544540


I always thought of 'modern art' as the product of jews, who can't into art and aren't satisfied with just pretending that it's art: others have to pretend as well.

1e554d No.9544575


It's up to the individual to create, no group effort ever made anything great.

See: musicial "super groups"

>best people out of various bands come together

>release trash music

One man needs control, dictatorship is the vessel for creativity, others are a means to an end.

794c9e No.9544621

File: cc5026a06a56f20⋯.jpg (19.28 KB, 316x421, 316:421, CtZsmIM[1].jpg)

>The primary school is a feeder facility to Punchbowl Boys High, which has been at the centre of a political storm after former principal and Islam-convert Chris Griffiths was sacked when he refused to implement the state government’s deradicalisation program.

>Islam-convert Chris Griffiths

Holy shit, this guy is a good candidate for Cuck of the Decade. Pic related, it's him.

6b9bcd No.9544674


100% certain he has ancestors that were in a besieged city that started bargaining with the enemy from on top of the walls and ended up 'islam-converts'.

0057cf No.9544677

>tfw neet

>tfw moving to a small town of 100 people surrounded by farms

not a single abo or muslim or indian or nigger from sudan

1b3bda No.9544753


So that is why the education department hired a former juvenile jail education manager to work in Punchbowl school.

b2ec31 No.9544774


It's fine, as long as we get to have eurobeat music videos of it

9bb9c8 No.9545022


>In a modernized world, its hard for an architectural wonder to bloom

It can be done, if you pay for it.

68c7d5 No.9545030

The best way to get kebab to self-remove is to pollute their women. Share muslima porn, try to chat up muslimas on kikebook if you have it or twaater, make them into degenerates so they are afraid to leave them while they go to their mosque.

68c7d5 No.9545031


>I always thought of 'modern art' as the product of jews

you're correct. See George Lincoln Rockwell on this subject.

b2e88c No.9545046


Well the name isn't Jewish but the face doesn't lie.

61970a No.9545062


>mudshits and nogs would want to live in the desert

>no access to white women

859fb9 No.9545084

File: 2a6193a3cb5019c⋯.gif (989.31 KB, 500x282, 250:141, 1489971969217.gif)

These Arabs are fucking idiots. Europe has opened the doors, they can finally complete the invasion they've been working on for 1400 years with 85% of the European public's blessing, and all they need to do is go in there, get a job, and start pumping out kids and Islam would defeat Christianity. Easy.

But instead they rock in there and immediately start pissing off the moderates and alienating themselves, terrorist attacks every now and then, and just generally drawing attention to themselves and showing how poorly they fit into the society. It's like they're TRYING to tell us to stop the immigration.

Why are they doing this, they are doing the one thing that could potentially save European peoples from complete assimilation within a century or two.

37d0a4 No.9545089


>Why are they doing this

Sub 90 IQ is a hell of a thing anon

68c7d5 No.9545097


>Why are they doing this,

It's in their nature.

5725d1 No.9545105


They come from a society of deception and mistrust, where if your wife is let outside and is raped, it is your fault for being naive enough to think it wouldn't happen. There is a belief in their societies that the law does not apply if you are not caught. For them to do what you say; get a job and have children, they would have to integrate and trust society, which they are incapable of doing, and by the time they do, they will already start sliding away from being a Sunni.

859fb9 No.9545114




Some Imams do preach peaceful integration, and lots of Muslims do make the effort to assimilate and not cause any problems. It's a god-send there are so many bad apples, as otherwise this would be a really convincing Trojan Horse that no amount of weaponised memes could stop.

As it is they're doing all our work for us, and at this rate public opinion will actually shift at some point. Fuck only knows what happens then.

ad1133 No.9545168


what part of full dont you understand m8, ill fuckin hang ya

37d0a4 No.9545180


Despite being closely related to Jews they don't have the genetically inheritable trait of Subterfuge, they just take by kill, pillage and rape

138beb No.9545183

File: 5510bd5d62288fc⋯.jpg (283.9 KB, 1479x1100, 1479:1100, Guts Stubs His Toe.jpg)



37d0a4 No.9545186


To be fair Griffith acts like a Jew

1800cd No.9545189


Because we're not Switzerland.

a351df No.9545194



>top10 is filled with blacked.com, tranny and cuck scenes

c6fd77 No.9545247


12,000 a year cunt. The gov seems to think we'll avoid any problems with them because they're able to 'pick the best of the lot' but they don't bother acknowledging that it's the second and third generations of muzzies that cause the most trouble.

Aus shouldn't be taking any with the cost of housing and the fact that they're going to be reliant on the taxpayer for the entirety of their lives.


An Australia comprising of 50 million people will end up being maybe 50-60% white at best. I'd rather be a small homogenous nation than a large multiethnic shithole.

16c53c No.9545259


I like when they try the angle of "it's not immigrants doing this, they were born here, so there is no problem" as if it isn't actually even worse

c6fd77 No.9545270


When they play that card it just goes to show that it doesn't matter if they were born here or not, muslims are gonna muslim and will never fit in in Australia.

I would actually like to see how much it costs the taxpayer to have a muslim population here - they take up vast amounts of welfare, and I know the cost to upgrade Australia's anti-terror force (after the Lindt incident) was one billion dollars. I'd even settle to know how many raids have been done on muslim households and the cost for each one - since Lindt there's been at least a dozen that we know about.

302110 No.9545282


>we wuz mathematicians

Hello fellow white person, lucky you posted an animu otherwise I would have called you a shill.

bdaba1 No.9545292


>shills posting anime

I have been saying this for a long time, the influx of /a/ is actually mostly created by kikes trying to fit in.

c6fd77 No.9545295


>When we discuss the numerals of today’s decimal number system we usually refer to them as “Arabian numbers.” Their origin, however, is in India, where they were first published in the Lokavibhaga on the 28th of August 458 AD.


>Muh islamic golden age

729887 No.9545309


>Did you know the numbers we use today where created by arabs

Nice try MIDF but nope. Arab numbers are what Iran uses and they look NOTHING like 0123456789.




As for who invented the decimal system, already covered >>9545295

524c7d No.9545331


I'm not sure you'll actually find that many proponents of assimilation on /pol/, it's just a stupid alt-lite thing. The fact that they don't assimilate is just a good thing to show as a reason why they shouldn't be in our countries.

c0fd58 No.9545332


This is why it is imperative that we keep relentlessly rustling muslim jimmies

We need more muslim chimpouts to force the normies to demand kebab removal en masse

1c6f1e No.9545354



The forums there are literally cancer, with the kind of people who post there I'm not surprised the top spots are always fucking cuckold shit and niggers.

6cbe6b No.9545361

File: 2260839198b1b67⋯.jpg (67.52 KB, 800x573, 800:573, IMG_8302.JPG)


can confirm this shit goes on. One day my child comes home and asks me about the hamas army, and if it's the strongest army in the world. I told him it's a bunch of shitskin terrorists. Apparently there was this shitskin in his class who was trying to radicalize kids and boast about armies such as the hamas army, Isis and such, which as a 2nd grader he had to get from his parents. Its sick that these people are let into our country with such beliefs(amerifag). This goes on fairly often too, and is never reported on either.

1800cd No.9545372



68c7d5 No.9545374

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>hamas army, and if it's the strongest army in the world. I told him it's a bunch of shitskin terrorists

Hamas doesn't have an "army." Hamas is the ruling government in Gaza, and so despised even by other Sunnis they take gibs from Iran. If there's one Sunni group I don't mind, it's Hamas. They keep to themselves and fight the Jew, though usually not very effectively.

See Dr. Pierce "The martyrdom of waifa idris."

02b0ff No.9545426

File: 3068ce6af29694d⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1536x1369, 1536:1369, 1467431858638.png)


>Its like they have no concept of Australia's wet and dry seasons or the el nino effect

You'd think you fucks were smarter: "oh he's not destroying the country he's only stupid", you're being real fucking smart there m8.


>And yet our government set a population target of fifty million

50 million means 30 million more votes from subhumans that bred thanks to welfare.

>They have absolutely no regard for the safety or prosperity of the Australian people.

You are no longer considered to be the Australian people, abos and chinks are.


>Pulling numbers out of your ass

I agree, Australia should import more rapefugees to make up for the dwindling birthrates that weren't totally caused by those fucking taxes.


>Yuri Bezmenov.webm

Of course the 60 something teacher doesn't understand why the brown kids are attacking her, she never had any children of her own and has no regard over her own safety or for that matter of any of actual Australian children.


>Why are they doing this

Welfare or magic land won't remove thousands of years worth of inbreeding.








Tell a rabbi the mudshit is being anti-semitic and is talking stabbing your "Jewish" kid.

c99489 No.9545467



It's all kike shit. The only difference is that White people following kike shit are still White, thus better behaved. It's still not advisable to follow kike shit, in any case.

19141a No.9545613

That feeling when I know people who work with kids in school and they tell me stories of a couple boys who talk about how all British soldiers are pigs and how they'll all be killed but even though it gets reported no one informs social services and nothing has changed.

59a458 No.9545901


>They could do this thing to acomplish this other thing

>They dont

>haha retards

> maybe they dont want to acomplish taht in the first place

873ad1 No.9546017


>Why are they doing this

Because all their political and religious leaders are telling them to do it. Because that's how those political and religious leaders hope to gain control over Europe. They're not giving Europe their people, they're doing the opposite by claiming them as still their own. Just look at what Erdogan is trying to pull.

939d11 No.9546138

File: 67a00bc2814c03e⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1173x762, 391:254, Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at ….png)

701748 No.9546567


I think we fit more of the wise but halfcrazy hermit that guides the hero with fragmented wisdom and riddles archetype.

80585c No.9546662

I have to laugh every time I see that dead kid

2fc79a No.9546960


>“could give no explanation of their ­behaviour”.

it's like that pic with the eu asking what slimes want and getting only "death to the infidels" as an answer.

FFS, they are TELLING US!

138cf5 No.9547030


>yet another terrorist attack

>perp shouted "Allahu Ackbar"

>the motive is still unclear

80585c No.9547444

My dad used to take me down to the rope swing at the lake in the summer, taught me to swim too. Good times fam

ad063a No.9552624

the dead know one thing. it's better to be alive. I have to laugh every-time I see that little floater. lol

425647 No.9564883

The Austealian government will not fix this important non white problem as long as the lemmings keep voting them in.

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