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8ce030 No.9541510

What does this mean, /pol/? Are (((they))) purposely manipulating the polls as (((they))) did during the last election, or are people getting mad?

4fa7ef No.9541524

>The media is full of lying kikes

>Shockingly, now that there are no primaries/state elections to weigh their polls against, they lie harder

attempted coup incoming

05f68a No.9541529

lol polls like the ones saying hillary is a shoe in right?

pretty basic thought process here anon, feels like a slide tbh

8ce030 No.9541531


Yes. (((They're))) no doubt planning one as we speak.

d7b02b No.9541537

File: 88a8fd94c12948d⋯.png (1.79 KB, 136x88, 17:11, 46543.png)


>Trump won the presidential election by 70%

>1.5 months later, he drops to below 50%

Gee, I wonder (((who))) is behind these polls.

8ce030 No.9541558


You never know…

1d22d4 No.9541563


This. Too bad they're fucking stupid and don't realize Trump supporters are the type that have to be pulled off a man rushing the stage at a Trump rally.

489422 No.9541578

If anybody stills believes polls at this stage they're beyond help.

8ce030 No.9541595


I don't believe any polls unless they're aggregated.

9056d4 No.9541601


oh gee, could it possibly be that the media kikes are trying to manufacture a false consensus in order to influence the normalfags into hating Trump? Just like they tried with every single poll during the election? Nah, couldn't be.

Also, approval ratings don't mean jack shit. Not until 2020.

9056d4 No.9541607


Aggregated polls aren't any better. The average of a dozen ZOG-skewed polls is still ZOG skewed.

4fa7ef No.9541609

Remember after the primaries? Trump was constantly at 35%, because the next election was 6 months away and they could get away with it. The polls were at a 10 point disadvantage Trump until the last week of the election when they actually had to be responsible and suddenly trump was within one percent of hillary.

Now, the next election is in a year and three-fourths. And amazingly Trump is in the gutter again, despite turning out 20K in two rallies in the ultimate political slow season. You tell me if he's at 35% - do you think it's possible?

36fea5 No.9541620

File: 0785c3127ebf346⋯.jpg (15.41 KB, 573x480, 191:160, bueno.jpg)


Gee, I wonder how much faith the goyim have in polls after Trump blew them all the fuck out in November :^)

e9512b No.9541640

File: adf334a1f4cea43⋯.jpg (264.32 KB, 1200x992, 75:62, adf334a1f4cea432ac33ee0171….jpg)

File: be9ae587645f855⋯.jpg (92.02 KB, 512x710, 256:355, a6069e60c791f2095deb43e3d1….jpg)

File: c3b86ec0d5f8bf7⋯.jpg (347.17 KB, 1330x1105, 266:221, c3b86ec0d5f8bf705ec644b752….jpg)

Rasmussen polls show him fluctuating about 50% since his inauguration.

Obama got reelected with similar numbers and the democrats have no one to run in 2020 that is even any stronger than Romney was…

If you trust polls and can't figure out (((who))) is behind them, at least don't concern shill. There is wikileaks e-mails on poll-manipulation…

db1495 No.9541644

Wasn't Obongo at something like 12%?

8ce030 No.9541651


Not sure.

a01ef0 No.9541655

Friendly reminder that the media kikes all think that the goyim are 80% band-wagoners, and looking at the music and entertainment industries, I can see why they might think that.

Thus they always release polls, like they did during the election, that show a majority having an opinion that they want the general populous to actually have, in the hopes that people will jump on the bandwagon and change their opinion to match what they think is the majority.

174ee5 No.9541656

>haha the Republicans are polling at 35%

>Mitch McCuckold BTFO

>Haha 2018 is your DOOM lelelel


>2018 rolls around

>Dems lose 6 more states

>Republicans now have 58 in the Senate and a similar house majority

>Serious talk of constitutional amendments are on the table

>Ruth Bader Ginsberg finally dies so another SCOTUS seat is open

If you niggers though 2016 was a wild ride wait until next year…wew lad.

1d22d4 No.9541687


At the rate 2017 is going, I honestly don't know if my body is ready, but my soul sure as shit is.

9056d4 No.9541688


Yup. The midterms are going to be a fucking slaughter, so long as Trump doesn't completely fuck up and start a war in the middle east and/or cause a market crash. Even if things didn't improve, or even got marginally worse, it'd still be a total blowout.

Democrats have decided to fully embrace shitskins and told the few white democrats to fuck off. Surprise surprise, niggers and spics don't bother voting in midterms. GOP always has a big advantage in midterms for this reason. And now that the blue collar white democrats are now switching over to Trump, it's going to be even more drastic than it usually is.

Adding to this, realize that all the democrat swing-state senators who got into office riding on the coattails of the Obama 2012 reelection will be up in 2018. They were only able to get elected because of the surge of minority voters that occurs during presidential elections. All of those fucking seats are easily going to turn GOP in 2018.

41dd99 No.9541695


> There is wikileaks e-mails on poll-manipulation…

Please post them. Poll manipulation and the like are subjects which we must know inside out!

3710ff No.9541696


Anon, don't jinx it. Maybe if we're lucky (((Ginsberg))) will join our boy Rocky in Hell while 2017 is still with us.

4fa7ef No.9541697



>Illinois goes red

>Ginsberg is shot

>Sotomayor is deported

>The 9th circuit is disbanded

>Ryan is cucked to death

>McConnell hides inside his turtle shell and vacates the senate majority leader

>Rowdy Gowdy is now a senator and takes over

>Steve King is now Speaker

>Trump: Let's talk amendments

>Amendment #1 codifies the 1922 immigration quotas into law

>Amendment #2 repeals the 13th,14th, and 15th

>Bust of MLK is replaced with a bust of Andrew Jackson

>MLK Monument is replaced with a monument to the American Worker


36fea5 No.9541707

File: 9c7ed5563a5f863⋯.png (642.5 KB, 1506x1041, 502:347, 9c7f26ca170a662f9d413b40d9….png)

>>9541655 (checked)

>the hopes that people will jump on the bandwagon and change their opinion to match what they think is the majority

Which didn't work during the election, isn't going to work now, and was never how it actually worked, but kikes don't learn from trial and error so they'll keep repeating their tired old tricks until they're led to the gallows. Which is the history of judaism in a nutshell.

174ee5 No.9541720

File: fbebcb7788d3628⋯.jpg (118.13 KB, 640x718, 320:359, 1451439793168.jpg)


>The republican party is now a WORKERS party!

>all dual citizens in the Senate and House shot

>America America Uber Alles plays from some unknown audio source extremely loud

>Hitler doesn't even bother coming back from the grave, he just smugs from the Sun

>we build him a giant statue to replace the Washington Monument anyways since we have extra slaves lying around being lazy niggers

cfadec No.9541734


>3rd amendment

>repeal the 19th amendment because women voting kepps them from their now universal occupations as housemothers

d90eaf No.9541735

We are reaching (((Soviet))) era levels of propaganda

9056d4 No.9541743



I also forgot to mention that it's just more than Ginskike that will probably be replaced. A lot of the justices are ~80 years old or older. I doubt they'll all be able to hold on without dying or retiring.

Obviously Scalia needs to be replaced already.

Ginsburg will undoubtly refuse to give up her seat no matter what, but she looks like a ghoul and she's currently 84 years old. No way she survives 8 years

Clarence Thomas is only 68, but he has stated that he wants to retire. This is good, because it allows Trump to replace him with fresh conservative blood

Kennedy the nominal cuckservative is 80 years old. He's not a complete traitor, but he will still probably retire and get replaced with someone better.

Breyer is 78. Quite possible this kike will have to shoo shoo as well.

So, God willing, we could end up in a position where the court becomes 7-2 conservative, with the only marxists left on the bench being the communist pieces of shit Sotomayor and Kagan. Unfortunately, they're both fairly young and will be there for some time, but if things work out, they could be left utterly impotent.

8ad271 No.9541752



You lost me.

1d22d4 No.9541753


Hitler dubs confirm.

1112c5 No.9541763

They are still losing because their only option is to try and diminish Trump instead of lionize their own democratic candidate. Because they have no candidate who can stand up to Trump.

1d22d4 No.9541766


So basically, they're trying to fight fate.

174ee5 No.9541770


Lord willing that since Trump already appointed a "good guy" judge he can appoint some real Southern Boy KKK sympathizer types to the SCOTUS. Like full good ole boy judges that are sharp as a tack but just hate blacks.


>Not ironically making the blacks ship themselves back to Africa

But yeah you're right Uncle Adolf's giant marble statue should be made by white hands only.

4fa7ef No.9541772

File: a416d4b9c8337d1⋯.png (213.83 KB, 301x450, 301:450, ClipboardImage.png)


>He doesn't believe in slavery

what would Augustus think lad

63e839 No.9541774

sounds like fake news tbh


Let's not fall for this meme again.

2e4ecc No.9541776


This, Its the one thing they still don't get, they give him more and more time by attacking him instead of of mounting an actual challenge to his authority

174ee5 No.9541785

File: 717bf75e7a21461⋯.gif (2.61 MB, 472x197, 472:197, Saigamarine goes to a peac….gif)


Nah Pierce was right, you shouldn't rely on other races for labor.

4fa7ef No.9541792


But when we have the ethnostate can I have serfs lad

36fea5 No.9541795

File: c4f9d536406ae29⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1074x1517, 1074:1517, 81deaaaaa5993d28a6eb351f04….png)


>Let's not fall for this meme again.

>Implying /pol/ ever fell for it

Where do you think you are famalamadingdong?

9056d4 No.9541799


I just love the fact that they still havent' learned any new tactics since 2015. All they continue to do is autistically screech TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER REEEE. And I'm so fucking glad that none of the democrats have been able to self-reflect and realize that they lost because they kept shitting on the white working class. Instead, they've doubled down on the dindu identity politics.

174ee5 No.9541815


They're still hoping that the Trump Justice Department will indict Trump for something he didn't do. Like they expect Comey to totally try and throw Trump under the bus, when in reality Comey tows the centerline like a motherfucker while Rome burns to save his own skin.

aad776 No.9541817


They just changed their methodology from "50% liberal 30% conservative 20% independenent" to "70% liberal 20% conservative 10% independent". Totally legit, goyim.

8ce030 No.9541818


I agree.

174ee5 No.9541832


No. You'll treat your brothers like brothers. They aren't your equal but they're your brother.

e7261f No.9541843

File: a91fcb7ecbffb51⋯.webm (3.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, a91fcb7ecbffb51d286793707….webm)

>he's not a serious candidate

>the McCain "not a hero" comment will sink his campaign

>he will never poll above 25% in the primaries

>he will never win the primaries

>he will never win with Blacks

>he will never win with women

>Pussygate will end his campaign

>there's like a dozen women accusing him of impropriety, surely this is the end

>he's behind Clinton by double digits

>he's behind in every swing state

>he will never break the Blue Wall

>Neither Ohio nor Florida are looking good for Trump

t. Lugenpresse

9056d4 No.9541875


I'm still fucking AMAZED by how much of a blowout Ohio was. It was literally like 10 fucking points. It was a higher margin than motherfucking Texas. That shit isn't even a swing state anymore.

000000 No.9541882

Hey shills, what is Hillary's presidential approval rating?

4fa7ef No.9541886


Rust Belt Republicanism is the future, laddi

1d22d4 No.9541887


You're fucking full of shit, Bernie can still win this.

bf86fe No.9541889

media has a very small bag of tricks. once you start from the view that everything they say is a lie of some sort to manipulate you, you can see every pattern of every trick they throw out. you only fall for their tricks when you get invested in it like it is real.

you don't need to argue against every single trick, just point out the trick when you see it and note where it is going then judo that shit.

Obviously lots of Trump supporters still scared to speak out, even anonymously. Obviously media trying to manipulate polls to manipulate low information herdies into abandoning trump. And Obviously trying to justify their own ridiculously critical narrative by providing their own evidence; they'll probably give themselves (or have a buddy give) some awards for their reporting so all the foolish marks will be impressed with how awesome they must be to get awards.

Finally there's probably a few Trump supporters who are pissed he hasn't shot all the dems into space yet. I'm one of those but I still support him.

088417 No.9541891



yea, no

I'd say people and businesses are voicing their approval, with their wallets, based on stocks and job numbers. Now imagine what that would look like if he were free to implement his policies without all the obstruction? I'm not the only one wondering this. and the obstructionist are going to face their own "polling" soon enough.

e7261f No.9541910

File: e16728d22b14cce⋯.png (65.85 KB, 637x479, 637:479, hw.png)

e7261f No.9541933


Yeah, the Ohio blowout convinced me that these polls were manipulated, and it has probably been going on for a long time. IIRC the very last Ohio polls were averaging with Clinton up by a few points.

000000 No.9541937


Trump won't even win Iowa.

e7261f No.9541944


Not only that, but McMuffin has a serious chance in Utah.

4d8f08 No.9541949

They probably poll in California or cities in general.

1d22d4 No.9541957

9e6986 No.9541961

I think a lot of people expected SOMETHING to have gotten nuked by now. What's the freakin hold up?

93a9bd No.9541965

File: a94cf588462d0b8⋯.gif (165.73 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Judge-Dread-.gif)


Technically he was at 45-50 through most of his presidency but most people didn't want to bad mouth him cause he was a nigger. The truth would come out when you would poll people on the positions that that Obama would push, the issues would consistently poll below 20 percent.

The opposite is going on with Trump, people dont want to say they support him, just like during the election, because the MSM is shilling so hard and in some cases violence is being threatened. The best way to see the support for Trump is in the 'confidence about the future' numbers. Consumer confidence is at a 10 year high and so is hopefulness about the future.

All of these polls are skewed because of bias by the pollsters and perceived bias by the people being polled. It also depends how you weight the polls, are they conducting the poll by recording or live, are they only polling is large cities like LA, NY. You cant get accurate results in this environment because of the clashing of narratives.

4d8f08 No.9541967


I dont know if 2018 will be THAT GOOD for republicans but the odds for them winning the 2018 midterms are far more favorable than the dems winning.

9056d4 No.9541982


Fucking this. IRL, it's literally impossible to say you don't like Obama without being seen as a racist. Even if others don't explicitly call you a racist, it's what they automatically think.

Now of course, I actually do hate niggers. But the vast majority of boomer conservatives out there literally are not racist, but they're still seen as racist just for not like the kenyan kommunist.

9056d4 No.9541989




Shitskins don't turn out for midterms. All the democrat senate seats won in 2012 are up for grabs. It's going to be a landslide.

1d22d4 No.9541995


>tfw the man that owns the gym I work for calls Obama a sand nigger in public

Feels good being with a crew that looks like they'll beat the shit out of you if you mess with us.

9056d4 No.9542021


I lift too, and I don't give a single fuck about saying racist stuff out in public. The real danger isn't in getting assaulted by some random nog on the street. It's getting put on a witch trial by the cultural marxists and HR ladies of the world, getting fired from your job and blacklisted for life. lmao5plate deadlift doesn't help against that, unfortunately.

06f895 No.9542044


I'm telling you, it's going to be a Jeb! surge!

1d22d4 No.9542054


>lmao5plate deadlift doesn't help against that, unfortunately

Too true, but hopefully that'll change soon. I've noticed this attitude towards spics that's different than before. People aren't being as kind to them as before.

cfadec No.9542061


what is our lovable cripple doing now anyways?

8ce030 No.9542067

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ef32c9 No.9542070


Didn't Trump help one of the unions get Ford to open (or keep?) one of their plants in Ohio back in 2015? I knew for sure he'd win the state from that.

Why is anyone here even surprised? People like having jobs.

8ce030 No.9542156

d2be2f No.9542197


Just like the "polls" that said it is impossible for Trump to win?

6b36e2 No.9542401

>324,695,000 total pop

>62,984,825 voted for Trump

>That's 20% of the country roughly

So I'b being told that he's gained roughly 40 million supporter in the past 2 months?

I don't get whats wrong.

000000 No.9542683


Maybe you should demand another recount.

6936a2 No.9542863


Could we knock down that godawful nigger pyramid in d.c.?

it's so fucking ugly.

d24d17 No.9543066

>approval ratings at 35%

Does this include all the apathetic assholes who didn't bother to vote? Half the registered voters didn't even show up. The poll questions should be:

>Did you vote in the 2016 presidential election?

>If yes, what do you think of the President?

>If no, no further questions.

I hate polls. You never know how the questions are framed. You get the results you want by how you ask the questions, and who you ask.

2a7a81 No.9543143


idk, but I miss kikewheels

5d9daa No.9543447


i stopped taking tv ratings matter-of-factly when they said snl were having their best rating in a decade after the election due to baldwin/trump.

hypothetically, if somehow people were tuning out of the matrix as a mass movement, pretty sure it wouldn't be reported anywhere in the media and they'd pretend it's still business as usual as long as they could.

972eec No.9543465


Fuck polls,polls are all done by (((them))) according to the polls Hillary had a 99.999999%chance of winning the election.

868bfe No.9543562


We really need to fuck the MSM up. A full frontal assault on these disinfo spreading fucking kikes to pit the populace against them so bad that they rage quit their fucking networks or are terrified for their lives to leave their houses. The levels of propaganda are insane right now and the sad thing is that they are drilling it into the heads of normies so hard that people don't trust them, but they are starting to believe it. They just keep repeating the lies over and over and over and over again. Shit needs to stop, how do we stop it. I mean, for fucks sake weaponized autismo found shia's hwndu flag by staring at chemtrails for the lulz. If we pool our resources, we can take these fucks down a notch or better yet, shut them down all together.

Am I crazy for thinking this?

32922a No.9543612


Ohio except for the big cities was red.

And I'm here fighting for you guys in one, and we did it.

9fdc46 No.9543617

>what does this mean?

It means you should kill yourself for such a shitty thread.

af1176 No.9543620

File: e9903226eee6465⋯.png (104.99 KB, 865x719, 865:719, Trump wisconsin polls.png)


This is the kind of shit they pulled when they knew they were going to be checked by reality. Now there is no check. Imagine just how badly they are lying.

102a4c No.9543647


Did you learn abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING from the election cycle?

Jesus Fucking Christ.


> attempted coup

Oh fucking please try it. Please. Try it.

> What's that grandpa?

>> That? Well, that's Chuck Schumer's ear, lad. Sit down, and let me tell you a story about how I got these scars… It was the Year of the Our Emperor 2017, and the kikes were out for blood…

e1824c No.9543651


If the market shits the bed, it won't be by Trump's doing. Though all the idiot masses will think so. This scenario has a moderate chance of happening his first term though.

93a9bd No.9543744


>Shit needs to stop, how do we stop it.

Right now the MSM has fucked its self into a corner. They have been prattling on about Russia for months now with absolutely no evidence. This entire narrative is going to blow up in their faces and Trump will use the opportunity to rub salt into the wound and so will we. Every time the media lies it will be met with the Russian reminder, the most pumped up media deception with no pay off.

As a reminder, theyve done this shit before, as with Iraq, they blew up all of the falsified evidence like mobile uranium enrichment facilities and underground assembly bunkers where they hid it all while the UN inspectors were on the ground, all of it bullshit, but it had the pay off of an eventual invasion. This will have nothing but built up pressure and the release will have unintended consequences for the media. Thats the time when they will be weakest and a golden opportunity to meme them into the fucking grave.

4e2f8f No.9543774


Are these the same (((polls))) that said Hillary had a 98.1% chance of victory?

His real approval rating must be 65% minimum then. Now is not the time to suddenly start believing and getting upset over polls.

f20bbc No.9544131

File: f9f8b70363410d0⋯.jpg (43.54 KB, 481x576, 481:576, kmart 1979.jpg)


There will undoubtedly be a market crash during Trump's term(s). We're sitting on 3 massive debt bubbles right now, and are nearing 10 years since the crash of 2008. One of those bubbles will pop soon enough, likely the student debt bubble first.

3ddce5 No.9544135

The jews aren't providing the sampling data for the poll. GEE I WONDER WHY

560452 No.9544170

The lying press is lying? Say it isn't so.

800c32 No.9544173


It is technically impossible for the student debt bubble to "pop" as virtually all student loans are government guaranteed. Even if every single person with student loans went delinquent on their debt, banks wouldn't lose a penny as the federal government fills in the gap while garnishing whatever wages the debters have.

I'm not in the prediction business, but the most likely bubble to pop in the next 4 years is in social media and mobile apps. If investors don't see the returns they're expecting on all the apps and services they've been dumping money into, especially in Silicon Valley, that market will collapse. This applies to companies as large as Twitter which hemorrhage money to small start-ups we've never heard of.

5d9daa No.9544215


too much of a lonely autist to come up with a plan for pooling ressources to fuck up the MSM, my suggestion is just to ignore as much as possible all medias that have been shown to be untrustworthy. for a while before the election I was still checking out the front page of the nytimes just to see what they were on about or take a quick peek at some snl skits on youtube to see what the fuss might be about, but now i refrain from knowing anything about these non-essential diversions. it's not even about ratings or money/clicks, it's about starving them with our attention and keeping our minds focused on important or actionable stuff.

I was doing well for ignoring the oscar telecast but eventually i caved for the big goof at the end, but i was heartened to see in the comments section of a liberal newspaper that half the comments were calling bullshit and the whole thing a voluntary hoax to save face and make the evening memorable and viral.

just brainstorming though, one thing i would like to see one day, a coordinated audience infiltering and taking over a colbert show or the like and being dead quiet, refusing to clap or laugh for the whole show. not protesting, just silence and glares. of course, would be too easy to cover up for them, or they'd retape the show with a new crowd. or say by miracle you get a coordinated audience for a live taping of snl, they'd add a canned laugh track on the fly, hell, pretty sure they add one even with the most collaborative and eager of audiences for some of their skits.

46ff38 No.9544327


Julius wanted to cut back on slavery because it was depriving the Roman peasantry of jobs.

a06276 No.9544373


Comey said 'muh Russians' was serious enough to launch an investigation.

a06276 No.9544387


You mean as in 'they just didn't provide it' or as in 'they are unwilling to release it'?

3429cf No.9545051


Lugenpresse gonna luge. Fake news at 11.

a2edda No.9545093

File: c164c4439ae5dfa⋯.mp4 (5.81 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Young Augustus.mp4)


Caesar and Octavian rightly knew that slaves were taking the jobs of Romans, and on top fo that, making their society more lazy and dependent as well.

8ce030 No.9545167

06f895 No.9545171

> Trump has a -22% approval rating so he needs to be impeached goy ;^)

Never forget that Hillary had a 95%< chance of winning.

d78461 No.9545418

File: 50d4c51a3b84e06⋯.png (281.29 KB, 395x744, 395:744, CUCKED.png)

>What does this mean, /pol/?

>What does this mean, /pol/?

>What does this mean, /pol/?



0fa7e6 No.9545520



If that could've been truly the case back then I wouldn't see a lot of Trump supporters being reported at all. What (((they))) did back then was basically tell us that Trump could never win, showing videos that supposedly shows that Hillary has more voters. Yet at the same time do there best to show us how many voted for Trump. Somehow (((they))) still think she can win on the next election. But if Trump wins again, can't wait for (((them))) to say "Muh Russians" again. And also the liberal salt mine, off course.

633699 No.9545527


Kill yourself you autistic hyper-sensitive child.

>hahahaha guys I used red text and said half-chan am I cool yet

No, you're still a faggot.

61b28b No.9545543

File: 2cb7c5290b62d43⋯.png (932.35 KB, 889x889, 1:1, trump media dark.png)

File: ed76e4e10efae1e⋯.png (654.86 KB, 921x1171, 921:1171, trump media protections ba….png)

File: 5a3d7cb1a7455d3⋯.png (521 KB, 582x690, 97:115, FAKE NEWS.png)

File: 23a9a0e7f0a86ee⋯.jpg (87.41 KB, 940x767, 940:767, sue rbo.jpg)

File: 8d53561f12397ef⋯.jpg (113.2 KB, 710x767, 710:767, scott adams media chao-.jpg)

concern troll

8ce030 No.9545610



739408 No.9545616

>I think 8ch is having so much stupid questions, thrads, are looking like the disgusting DNC libtard shills are in full force now.

Also /pol/ don't fall for concern shills and other shit, and the shills are now in this comment of this video of Alex Jones


If you want to comment come here, don't let the shills, 4shit is full shithole of shills now and 8ch is starting to have disguised shills threads, not this but other stupid threads, I'm not saying to mods permaban them because the shills are trying to infiltrate and pretend to be us, so you can't permaban someone without know if he is really shill, so when the thread is made to slide or disguise, just bump-lock the thread, if you need to ban someone who you is in doubt of being a shill or not, just ban him for one week, in the last month or week I'm starting to see more low quality news and discussion threads and I'm start to think in shills.

If you want to comment, here have a lot of shills in this last video of libtards, shariablue, DNC, correctherecord hillary clinton polls, seems that these trash are trying to manipulate the sensation, the most pathetic and disgusting is that the DNC use every dirty trick, is disgusting.


739408 No.9545623

The dumb animals who watch buzzfeed, CNN, huffington post, washington post, establshment want to pretend that they have any credibility and try to put some shills who sounds like dumb animals and the shills give like for themselves.

Don't let the shills manipulate the narrative and sensation, the disgusting DNC trash and their corrupt establshment, is incredible that their establshment in the media and other corrupt industries is not destroyed yet even Trump being president, their corrupt media, cowardly loser actors and celebrities who sell their ass for Democrats, DNC, their lobby sell themselves for their masters wanting to be promoted, i hope praise kek destroy them with every bad karma who these disgusting trash with their dirty tricks deserve.

739408 No.9545631


>I forget many corrupt media proven with facts, video, evidence, emails, have also new york times, cnn, buzzfeed, usatoday, salon, washington post, huffington post, all the media owned by DNC is the same pathetic disgusting and bizarre garbage.

The disgusting lobby of DNC, is sick, they need to be destroyed and the loser coward celebrities who sell their ass for their DNC masters in these corrupt industries, need to be shamed, lose any credibility and be related to shit if they sell themselves for their democrats party owners in media, wanting to have some promotion, lobby, because of the propaganda to please their DNC masters.

Disgusting coward pathetic losers trash in the media.

739408 No.9545640

And i don't want to live forever seeing the corrupt DNC and democrats party having this giant lobby in the media and trying to manipulate and make this for themselves, if they don't lose their lobby in the media i want the whole media destroyed since they are the most disgusting cheaters and dirty tricks.

And the pathetic controled oppposition of republican party like John McCain and other trash who like cheap whores sell their ass for DNC and democrats party corrupt media lobby wanting to have good propaganda for themselves because they are making what the democrats corrupt DNC trash wants they making to please their propaganda.

3ddce5 No.9545660

0d1892 No.9545669

Straight from the (failed) arab spring playbook. American Spring. Buy survival food imo

d78461 No.9545670

File: f69eb996102c06c⋯.mp4 (3.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, WATCH Migrants Attack Poli….mp4)

Only Kikes care about polls you degenerate Sandgobbler, be Fake News on Cuckchan!

And you all stop replying to this kikebait!

It's all fabricated, the entire System is Semitic! Better wake up!

d78461 No.9545689











972fae No.9545876


>over using echos

>what does /pol/ think of x

>1 line OP

254b4c No.9546225


Republicans are trash and they own the presidency, house, and Senate right the fuck now but they aren't even doing anything

0aef79 No.9546523


There won't be a coup until Trump does something that will harm the income/security of (((them))). Like refuse to go to war to "save" US economy or lower military spending, changing intelligence contractors, shutting down CIA etc, etc.

So far Trump didn't do much. Lefties crying about muslim ban or some shit nobody really gives a rat ass about is not the main players.

56d114 No.9552341


>Jason Unruhe

Stop linking to your obese faggot cuckboys >>>/leftypol/ and fuck off.

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