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File: 9f16ebb542c850c⋯.jpg (119.16 KB, 1153x760, 1153:760, The green man comes .JPG)

bdbac0 No.9541797



Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has turned green after an unknown assailant sprayed a liquid onto his face in the street.

The attack reportedly happened as the leading Kremlin critic and anti-corruption campaigner stopped to shake a man's hand in the Siberian city of Barnaul.

The green liquid used in the attack is a common Russian antiseptic, which remains on skin for days but is otherwise harmless.


591780 No.9541866

Is there something that gives a pepe-like shade of green and remains just as harmless? This could be quite the psy-op if we can peperize people irl like this

5354a1 No.9541883

If he was sprayed in an attack, why is the paint spread so even on his face and hand?

337a99 No.9541896

The coverage on his face seems WAY too convenient, how the hell can you get sprayed THAT well by a random person on the street?

5354a1 No.9541908


Look up "brilliant green".

15c525 No.9541918



because its a publicity stunt.

if some person did spray him, he probably leapt on it and made sure it got all over his face for the cameras

337a99 No.9541929


>if some person did spray him, he probably leapt on it and made sure it got all over his face for the cameras

It's more likely that he did it himself, thus leading to his hand having it as well because he was too retarded to wear gloves when doing so.

15c525 No.9541954

File: 963fffe9010058b⋯.png (174.74 KB, 500x667, 500:667, tumblr_n9zpy38rFm1rpqnw8o1….png)


something i forgot to add…

take note of his ears and the coverage around the eyes. as well as the gooftroop behind him being all happy.

any persons first instinct when sprayed with something in the face is to shield themselves.

theres no evidence of that do to how well this was applied.

this is either a hoax or he got only a little bit on him and decided to go whole hog and apply it all over his own face for the publicity

1fa8f4 No.9541972


What's with the speckle faced dude in the black hat?

135c94 No.9541987

>Inb4 it turns out to be radionuclide polonium-210 poisoning.

1fa8f4 No.9541991

If you look at the video, you can see why his hands are covered, etc.

1fa8f4 No.9542035

File: 6f135847d9fb564⋯.webm (5.52 MB, 512x288, 16:9, navalny-attack5-149003094….webm)

337a99 No.9542099


Would be great if the totally random bystander filming it didn't try to make sure he wouldn't show the activist's face.

>activist shows up

>guy sprays his face

>cameraman conveniently jerks the camera left but does not film the guy running away, thus filming neither the activist nor the guy

>points the camera to the ground every single time he starts pointing to the right but proceeds to pull it back up when looking to the left

135c94 No.9542119


Whats the point of having these shit bodyguards if they cant stop something like this let alone expecting to beat Putin, you know the guy that known to get people assassinated pretty easily. Seriously, he might want to reconsider the body guards if it real and not staged like >>9542099 mentions it.

6e2a9d No.9542163


"Some random stranger just sprayed an unidentified and potentially lethal chemical all over my face. SELFIE TIME!"

337a99 No.9542164


Bodyguards aren't omnipotent and omniscient, fam

f96d73 No.9542167

File: 121b25ea8569105⋯.jpg (254.92 KB, 876x1016, 219:254, 121b25ea85691053c54bc9f059….jpg)

File: c83d4550808a994⋯.png (129 B, 4x4, 1:1, Screenshot from 2017-03-18….png)

Lemme guess, he denied the Holocaust? I'd be thankful if I was him, that's usually a five year sentence to Black Dolphin.

1fa8f4 No.9542187



I don't know. I just webm'd it for the thread. Someone better than I will have to analyse it.

d7a627 No.9542202


I wonder how many shills on /pol/ would try to support this liberal just because he's against Putin?

135c94 No.9542246


Thats their job though, their only role. Thats all they have to do. He has like 4-7 of them, wtf. It wasnt even where crowded people were but instead like 3 people on the street. They fucking suck.You pay them to do their job and they failed.

fa4d3f No.9542479

That photo looks utterly staged. He is too uniformly green and his hair appears uncolored. The guy in the background with splatter marks looks shopped.

73900f No.9542536

File: b524a60923ee228⋯.jpg (9.3 KB, 255x189, 85:63, putinthumbsup.jpg)


>What's with the speckle faced dude in the black hat?

If I had to guess? He's the guy who helped the bumfucker dye his skin green. Seriously, look at the guy in the OP >>9541797

. No one can tell me that's sprayed cleanser instead of just painted-on food coloring. This faggot's attempting to stump the… Putin?

We need a term for this. "Disputin' the Putin?"

eed7ee No.9544337



2970f9 No.9544606

Putin is not on our side.

325edc No.9544628


I sense kikery, who is this nobody???

098ce0 No.9544645


I was thinking the same. The green is just way too even and cleanly spread to have been randomly splashed on him. It looks like it was applied deliberately and carefully.

bc6046 No.9547865


At least not at the paycheck of one hundred rubles.

186540 No.9547877


Looks staged. His face wouldn't have been covered the way he portrays it has been from such a badly aimed spray. Fucking Russians and their petty tricks.

160473 No.9547918

Slide thread because Putin slapped Israel, sage and GTFO kike

000000 No.9548062


>Putin Activist


That's like saying Trump was an Obama activist.

Navalny is a politician and a candidate for President. The only one left that the (((Kremlin))) commie hasn't had murdered, poisoned or imprisoned yet

000000 No.9548085


>Jewtin isn't a liberal



342d2b No.9548096


Yup this screams fake publicity. This must be their newest Russian puppet. Kikes always go for sympathy and persecution complex first thing. Filthy creatures to use man's best instincts against himself.

df0336 No.9551413


>any persons first instinct when sprayed with something in the face is to shield themselves.

>theres no evidence of that do to how well this was applied.

Except green arms?

>gooftroop behind him being all happy.

Because its funny? Its Russia, no one is going to overreact over something like this.

>this is either a hoax or he got only a little bit on him and decided to go whole hog and apply it all over his own face for the publicity

Shit like this happen and no one give a shit, except its somewhat funny.

How do you think russians will react to this? "OH NOES THEY ATTACKED HIM!"? No, people will say iether "I dont give a shit" or "Lol! Serves this rich fag right".


Neither is Nevalny.


>not imprisoned yet

They imprisoned him a couple of times, I think. Or it was just a investigations or they imprisoned his relative, cant remember, it was something like that.


May be, but its most likely he just tries to win points with lefties of the west(not in this case, but in general).

ffc036 No.9551601

File: 6f5ed0a0b955a6f⋯.jpg (77.75 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 6f5ed0a0b955a6f6f890bf2ed7….jpg)


>he was sprayed for a split second

>somehow his face and hand were given a perfect coating

>not one bodyguard bothered giving chase to the assailant

Come the fuck on, they aren't even trying with this stunt.

000000 No.9551721


why are slavshits so dumb? the attack was real, then he leveraged it to his political advantage by adding better looking green cosmetics to his face to enhance the effect for better optics.

great way for him to say "fuck you" to the commie tyrant who ordered this attack

3bbfc8 No.9551744

"Quick, what can I do to stay relevant!?"

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