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File: d86b20eb84ac313⋯.jpg (91.8 KB, 960x949, 960:949, 2b6ad249b094a0794ddfda2b6d….jpg)

02553c No.9541983


>Senior Senator on Judiciary Committee drops hint she knows more than she can say 'right now'.

>Several commentators have predicted Mr Trump will be impeached at some point, including Allan Litchmann, dubbed the “Prediction Professor” after he correctly called every US election since 1984.

What are they planning?

06eaf3 No.9542004

Reminder that Allan Litchmann said of the 2016 election there was no sustained social unrest during the term.

Well, so much for that Ferguson thing.

b90198 No.9542024

If Trump got impeached, would all hell break loose in America?

69f006 No.9542036


god willing

8a1ea9 No.9542038

File: f95cb0a977eb093⋯.png (29.33 KB, 219x186, 73:62, alwaysright.png)

Do I even need to say it?

02553c No.9542045


This. If he doesn't finish his 8 years in office there is going to be some serious shit.

93a013 No.9542059

File: c6d19e2b0f4fc5a⋯.jpg (56.02 KB, 532x783, 532:783, DEATH.jpg)

>dianne "when the criminal knows no one is armed, they'll lay down their weapons" feinstein

29ead6 No.9542081


Likely not. Most won't question if there's fuckery, and most that do are too fat and comfortable.

69006e No.9542083

How would a democrap kike know anything about the President's future actions? This is nothing but their usual neurotic manipulation where they claim their own delusions as fact

7aca4d No.9542087

Ridiculous. The Democratic Party should have ceased to exist after the election. Very clever way to distract everybody from the traitorous acts commited by Sanders and Warren, Obama not being an American, and Clinton scandals.

f707fa No.9542092

>Donald Trump will resign 'soon', says nervous jew for the fiftieth time this week

a07826 No.9542113

File: 8578468714b97b6⋯.jpg (12.27 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)

Didn't Spicer laugh this off the last time it was brought up?

Not sure exactly how him authorizing the authorities to enact the law is any grounds for impeachment.

37df17 No.9542121


>What are they planning

They should be planning on getting BTFO because thats whars gunna happen.

694d07 No.9542135

They've already tried every fucking trick, foreign conspiracies, tax returns, wiretap, hidden recordings, having alphabet agencies lie about having evidence, astroturf protests, various forms of violent attempts, obstruction.

What is fucking left?

eeec69 No.9542144

File: 20c15243e7c0a87⋯.png (446.02 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, fe22a4ce441ae05226a355d24e….png)


>What are they planning?

They're planning to make noise about MUH RUSSIA until Trump resigns out of disgrace, completely unaware that you can't disgrace a motherfucking alpha. It's basically inferior, primitive meme magic. Scandalize the Russian (((narrative))) until it becomes a real scandal, which it never will.

Moloch is dead.

Praise Kek.

dc99b6 No.9542145

I'm not so sure your sources are reliable there, OP. It's an article by the Independent which cites as its sources other articles by the Independent.

e05ed2 No.9542165

>democrat says trump is finished for the millionth time

Meanwhile Trump keeps winning and republicans are guaranteed to gain senate seats in 2018, probably even house seats, and get re-elected 2020.

095e79 No.9542220


If Trump were planning on resigning, I doubt he'd be doing a rally today!







12d39e No.9542233

lol you have to have evidence for something like this.

c0fd15 No.9542244


It was real in her mind.

7aca4d No.9542248





7aca4d No.9542277


Not tonight, I know. But soon I hope.

f1e624 No.9542336


That's the million dollar question. The left and Democrats are emboldened by over four decades of conservative cuckoldry. Most of them believe that the average Jesus freak will be happy with Pence, and everybody else will be too timid to start shooting senators and journalists in the skull.

If Trump is impeached, there will be no Republican leaders who do anything but raise a small protest. Many will disavow him. There will be no leader calling for war. Only Pat Buchanan might, but he might gauge that it would be futile.

15b028 No.9542357


I think he's doing rallies to keep up the public energy to counter the marxist opposition. Also serves to keep him seeming honest and in touch with people as if he's reporting directly to them on a regular basis. It's rather brilliant and I think it's intentional because of whats going on.

8c7c76 No.9542374

Looks like this Litchmann guy ran for Maryland Senate in 2006 and got BTFO'd pretty hard:

>Lichtman lost in the primary to Ben Cardin

According to the final tally, he received 6,919, or 1.2% of the vote, landing him in 6th place in a field of 18

>In October 2012, the Washington Post reported that he was still paying off a mortgage he took out in order to help fund his campaign.

be18e1 No.9542388



>then civil war

373d91 No.9542398

l-fucking-mao. Didn't top Democrats just warn their base "don't expect too much from that whole Putin thing"? What are they going to get Trump on for impeachment? Being mean to illegals? They've got nothing. Also every election since '84 and even before that has been a sham.


Haha what a fuckboy, he didn't run so good.

717258 No.9542407


If the day comes where Trump is assassinated that is the same day that will be recognized in history as the quickest and bloodiest revolution of all time.

Do not fuck with the people behind every blade of grass.

be18e1 No.9542417


for America's sake I hope you're right.

6b9191 No.9542449


she's just pandering to her base. context:

>“We know he is breaking the law every day," a protester asked the 83-year-old political veteran. "He has obvious dealings with Russia. There’s so many things he’s doing that are unconstitutional. How are we going to get him out?”

12d39e No.9542458


>Didn't top Democrats just warn their base "don't expect too much from that whole Putin thing"?

That's exactly why we're seeing this. The russian narrative has been collapsing hard the past few weeks so now the most batshit wing of the Democratic party is just going to go ahead and try their endgame plan anyway. After this shit fails miserably everyone involved in this farce should be forced to resign in disgrace.

717258 No.9542472


It's a certainty at this point. The white man has been disenfranchised for too long, the pendulum is in the middle of swinging back and the more effort put into slowing it down only ensures that it will have all the more force behind it when it passes the middle.

If any event gets in the way of it taking it's path naturally it will go flying through the wall at just barely subsonic speeds.

2f6c7b No.9542558


>What are they planning?

Literally nothing. They've been saying this for months and nothing's come out of it. They've been feeding raw meat to their rabid base for so long, that they're at the point where they have to keep this bullshit up or their base will consume them.

ebfb9a No.9542564


On Caesar's first day as Consul, having gotten more votes than Bibilus, he held fasces. He had 30 days to slam through land reform before he would have to pass fasces to his hated rival. Problem was, by law a proposal like that had to be debated in the Assembly for 20 days, leaving Caesar only 10 days to push through the Senate. The Senate was easily capable of filibustering Caesar's very popular bill that long, until Bibilus could take over and fuck it all up.

Caesar's solution was to order scribes to take down every word spoken in the Senate and post the transcript outside for the plebs to read. Any attempt at delay would be obvious, and rumors spread fast that this or that senator was dragging his feet on purpose.

Caesar's reform passed the Senate in time, and the Assembly debated the bill for the required time. On the day of the vote, Claudius - the Tribune of the Plebs - tried to veto it, only to be shouted down and maybe hoisted into a pile of excrement. The bill passed without objections.

I predict that these retards will keep trying to fuck with Trump via the established channels of taking down his associates and spinning bullshit narratives. When we, the people, make it clear that it isn't going to work, THEN the thoughts of traitors like (((Feinstein))) will turn to daggers in the Forum, but not before. Hopefully, Trump has read Tacitus.

1458f0 No.9542596

>I swear goys any day now, you better fucking mark it, any day we are going to impeach him, I swear to g-d

12d39e No.9542645


This, too. Democrats are trying to avoid having to soften their rhetoric in response to a country that has overwhelmingly rejected them in recent elections. The Russia nonsense is a way for them to try and fire their base up for 2018.

1458f0 No.9542667


>way for them to try and fire their base up

they should be careful to not fire up the wrong base

7b8dc0 No.9542733

File: ab7873b4552349a⋯.jpg (158.99 KB, 1227x1157, 1227:1157, don'tsavethislink.jpg)

File: 064b66188821584⋯.png (67 B, 1x1, 1:1, Bypass.png)

8aacaa No.9542800


checking these truthful dubs

d3715f No.9542809

File: eba95f6baeaeb23⋯.jpg (259.11 KB, 1206x1228, 603:614, moonman ready for race war.jpg)



7819b7 No.9542815

fe1c7c No.9542834

>Since 1984

It's shit.

b63dc1 No.9542839

File: 695e72693d77f55⋯.png (484.63 KB, 1322x2891, 1322:2891, How to rule, Lord of the f….png)



Sorry, that ship sailed years ago. If patriots wanted to keep america they coulda rose up years ago and done something. They continually drew another line in the sand, and it is clear they will do it again. They are cucks, the entire lot.

Now, those whom are tired of this shit? After Trump there is 0 fucking chance of ever regaining anything in this nations system. No route, no hope, no future. And sense it is clear at this point open purges against us is desired by our foes rather than any political resolution the only option at that point is war. The kind of war that no nation survives in any way. Fought by people whom hold no loyalty to this nation or the cucks whom profess that our system, any part of it, is worth while. So the men whom fight in that war will fight for their own kin, their own power, their own profit and conquer their own nation based upon rules they setup and no other. The requirements needed to survive the savage brutality of the war that comes will ensure any pity or kindness is wiped from their faces for generations to come. They will face not only an superpower and all its technological prowess that rivals the rest of the world combined, but be awash in a sea of humanity that neither supports nor respects them and will gleefully turn upon them for a pat on the head.

This kind of war that will come is not for patriots to reclaim anything. It is the kind of war that hundreds of millions die by necessity just to ensure your own kin survive. It will not take long for men to figure out cucked patriots bring only subversion and rules upon which the enemy will hold no view of in return. Causing the men whom have any chance of winning to purge patriots as well to ensure they are not betrayed to the enemy by false loyalty to bullshit values when only the rule of survival matters.

Perhaps I am wrong. But I would suggest you dare not bet against me.

d5200b No.9542859


What's with all the jew gloom and doom speculation threads? How is anything they say new or worth paying attention to?

Sage - because these threads are useless…

0a3242 No.9542900


This. Even before the election I was wondering how he would counter the terrible influence of the media and establishment after a win. There was talk of a Trump tv channel around the time of the last debate which I felt may be a step in that direction. Public appearances at rallies will serve a similar end, allowing him to better deliver his message and maintain momentum.

6eeb2e No.9542941

File: b855c8ec2f384f2⋯.jpg (33.4 KB, 548x356, 137:89, What guys want. .jpg)




e3939c No.9542943

>Diane Feinstein

Haha if that doddering old fossil kike told me the sky was blue I'd have to go out and check. Why anyone would believe what's obviously a lie told to placate her base of crazy cat ladies I'll never know.

c2aaf6 No.9542980


kikes make vague threats, news at 11

1458f0 No.9542986



8aaefe No.9542999


Probably not in all honesty. There might be significantly more organization on the right's side into militias, protest groups and clubs, which would actually be beneficial. It was sort of what happened to the right-wing during the Weimar years, they all formed countless associations and societies for underground communication. But as to full-blown civil war? nah.

c2aaf6 No.9543003


I always wondered why this kike had such a hard-on for silk road, and how he and Comey lead the secret court that put the "CEO" in a hole.

I'm hoping wikileaks one day sheds some light on what he's really up to. I feel like this all ties together with the election, pizzagate, etc.

c2aaf6 No.9543004


didn't mean to sage

c2aaf6 No.9543017


you'll get insurgency involving vets who have been fighting that exact type of warfare for the passed dozen years, and the kikes and cuck politicians will cave right the fuck in.

e3dc30 No.9543037


Absolutely. It would be the death knell of the world if the people didn't rise up.

2584b0 No.9543044

>I am resigning from the position of President of the United States

>in order to accept the title of First Emperor of the Confederacy of European States in the Americas

3771eb No.9543045

It's going to be an interesting fight: Zionist Jews vs. Marxist Jews. At this point it's just a kike civil war. You have the shekel jews fighting the ideologue Jews (not a perfect distinction anymore since Churchill wrote his article on this). On the one hand, the Jews on Wall Street are making too many shekels right now and have too much to lose if they pull the rug right now.

As always in these things, reading the Israeli press will give you a better idea of what's really happening since that's where orders come from.

2f345e No.9543060

File: 639a5df87876b19⋯.gif (463.2 KB, 287x323, 287:323, jew schumer the tumor.gif)


>I always wondered why this kike had such a hard-on for silk road

It was probably a competitor for his own narcotics business.

dfbfb5 No.9543080

>says top Democrat Dianne Feinstein

Who gives a fuck?

7ef87c No.9543201

If Trump doesn't finish his term, I am certain shit hits the fan. This is our last chance for someone who isn't anti-white. I will not settle for anything less than MAGA and if it doesn't happen I'll be grabbing my raifu, kissing my waifu goodbye, then be on the streets.

1fd12d No.9543285


>you can't disgrace a motherfucking alpha.

Polite reminder that we can all do better to remove jew-centric profanities like that term derived from Sickmind Freud's ideas, and the excessive usage of shit as a substitute noun from our speech.

e82c03 No.9543410


rolling for kek to drain the swamp like he did with the old demon kike, but with feinstein and soros.

e82c03 No.9543414


well that's unfortunate. feinstein has been instrumental in california becoming commiefornia and a center of degeneracy.

000000 No.9543448


She's literally the worst senator in congress.

Why do commiefornians elect the worst retards?

3b576c No.9543461

File: a2ade06a2bd10a9⋯.jpg (140.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fuck this gay earth.jpg)


Illegals can vote and they know that (D) = gibs

t. commiefornian requesting immediate evac

c4c166 No.9543489


Praise kek.

097bb0 No.9543502


not only can they vote, but they can also legally drive, which they use to vote 20 times a piece, and this is all made worse by their unique genetic ability of piling into cars like circus clowns.

047035 No.9543551

1c999b No.9543616


Crashing the stock market this spring. You know what the /pol/ack investors always say.

Sell in May and shadilay.

3207b0 No.9543628


uhh, Trump has only been elected for 4 years you dumdum.

b06562 No.9543632

Feinstein had a meeting with Comey last week.

http:// www.mediaite.com/online/the-briefing-was-all-on-sensitive-matters-sen-feinstein-tight-lipped-after-comey-meeting/

097bb0 No.9543662


>implying trump won't be president as long as he wants

you should go see how much bleach you can drink

a48e89 No.9543668

File: bf130b5ce45befa⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 420x315, 4:3, Remove commie.gif)


I almost hope so at this point, I just want to get this fucking show on the road.

6eeb2e No.9543677

File: 303c00c8740e0ad⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 420x315, 4:3, Mark kills commie.gif)

eb1d2f No.9543680


This makes mustard gas.

a48e89 No.9543699


Saved and checked

3207b0 No.9543711


>statements of fact are now no longer facts

presidential terms are still 4 years anon. so technically he was only elected to a 4 year term.

8132a2 No.9543716


You misspelled "the CIA's drug trade"

a43430 No.9543718


Hell no

Leftists are more active then the anyone on the Right lol

>inb4 muh law

The law aint always just.

a43430 No.9543738

File: 098244b911d3296⋯.png (699.41 KB, 602x731, 14:17, ClipboardImage.png)


Dubs confirm you will see it...we all will

7bf698 No.9543751


Talking out of their ass, the same as they have been doing ever since he started looking like he would win the R nomination.

b9e7a9 No.9543772

>>9543711 (checked)

But facts don't play into the outrage narrative that's isn't being pushed. They want maximum anger for when Trump gets ousted so you guys actually take to the streets with guns and they have a legitimate reason to go full blown martial law and finally get our guns. Keep playing into the circus though fellas, it's your duty as the good little goyim you are.

acd919 No.9543786


Go home Dianne, you're drunk again

0a4405 No.9543788


Domestic terrorism is not the solution. That only hurts the cause. You need to band people together and show them that ethnic solidarity is as important for whites as it is for hispanics, blacks, jews, asians, etc.

Once people start to realize this, the problem will solve itself.

09bfa4 No.9543791


we've already proven the state(s) hold no strategic advantage over a mobilized and armed populace. there will be no disarmament ever, you blackpill kyke.

3b576c No.9543800

File: e975f046a4c8ffc⋯.jpg (54.03 KB, 750x600, 5:4, chaotic good.jpg)


>Domestic terrorism is not the solution. That only hurts the cause.

Kek the FBI has gone from trying to incite us to trying to calm us down.

b9e7a9 No.9543808


LOL, do you faggots honestly think that people haven't figured out your endgame yet? It's transparent as fuck. Just watch anons, watch me be proven right in the months to come.

b9e7a9 No.9543816


You misspelled "kike", Moishe.

1c999b No.9543827


(checked snake eyes)

Always do the opposite of what the FBI says.

acd919 No.9543828

File: 4e0f079b61d4a58⋯.jpg (37.18 KB, 392x495, 392:495, 4e0f079b61d4a58e7899dee740….jpg)


Ok Dianne we all get it you're the supreme jew so go back to bed with that wine of yours. Besides that my endgame is seeing kikes being strung up such as yourself.

3b576c No.9543830

File: 17f7a405b8b9746⋯.jpg (220.01 KB, 1000x721, 1000:721, 17f7a405b8b9746453174a2b77….jpg)


What are you, stupid? If we go balls to the wall if Trump gets ousted we might lose. If we do nothing, we will lose, and we'll just be waiting for us to be rounded up one by one in the Solzhenitsyn sense. No. You die that night. Maybe we do too, but so what? It's not like I have much to lose other than my life, and I'm not getting any younger; any wealthier; or any better represented.

b9e7a9 No.9543840


Even when your final form is revealed you still insist on pushing this shit. Sad!

44ca95 No.9543848


Wish you were right, I'm much more scared that it wouldn't even be 3% of a good old fashioned dindu chimpout.

f830f3 No.9543860


He's right you filthy kike.

e1ce4a No.9543875

File: a31eb9882cff8ec⋯.jpg (84.92 KB, 900x675, 4:3, madman_mundt_by_rexpluna-d….jpg)

c4c166 No.9543880

She has nothing "Yet" if you read the actual interview.

b237ec No.9543895


Checked and noted. Trump getting impeached will unify the right ten times more than Trump did in the form of a more militant tone towards the members of the Federal government that refuse get in line behind Trump.

Even if he does get impeached it doesn't mean he'll get removed from office. If anything by the time they impeach him he'll have enough intel to drop some massive truth bombs to expose their kiddy diddling asses.

3b576c No.9543903

File: 567e61db462e37d⋯.jpg (88.62 KB, 994x1042, 497:521, 0640c1e72678f8ee02de0786ab….jpg)


I agree that it's probably just FUD. The leftists are trying to copy our memeing-into-reality strategy, but since there's no truth or JUSTICE behind them, they're running face-first into a brick wall.

3771eb No.9543905

The interesting thing here is that you have very well-connected Zionist kikes like Alan Dershowitz and Abe Foxman trying to call off their own dogs– and they both get orders straight from tel-aviv. It's like they know their Jew leftists are going too far, but they can't stop them.

If they do even start the impeachment process, the Us economy tanks. The Jewish parasite doesn't yet have a new host to jump onto, as they haven't made enough inroads with subverting China yet and the EU is mess. If the crash the US economy, the are going to end up damaging themselves greatly, and I think some of them realize it.

8c17bb No.9543914

File: e78c3c23fc801ab⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1024x1117, 1024:1117, 1479515546131.png)

We use Psi to get into her subconscious.

Somethings to note, studies have shown belief in Psi or being open to it enhances your ability to perform related activities, also a history of meditation helps.

Consciousness is primary in the universe and it's behavior nonlocal much like the energy fields investigated in quantum mechanics.

Focus on her brain and images of Pepe, transposing the two. Deeply concentrate on her image / her brain transposed with the image of Pepe. Feel her anxiety. Intense focus is key and if you feel almost like you are meditating then it is working, use that as feedback

a48e89 No.9543930


>Trump getting impeached will unify the right…

I think this is the big thing that some people overlook. This movement was not born from Trump and it won't die with him. The left wants it to be that way, but will have quite the wake up call if they actually get away with impeaching trump, they will in turn create their actual worst nightmare.

3b576c No.9543941

File: 261ec56fc0f0165⋯.jpg (268.52 KB, 544x725, 544:725, 358b3531d336e4444ac28b911d….jpg)


>jew's jew golem turns on jews


6a5807 No.9543945

They're planning to tell you to make better quality threads.

b237ec No.9543966


>I think this is the big thing that some people overlook.

They honestly think that the leaders of the GOP still represent the American people, which isn't the case. Trump represents the American people, Congress is just an obstructionist cesspool of globalist scum at this point.

097bb0 No.9543976


>better quality threads

but we only joke about being chinese

0c5ed7 No.9543979


Around (((Steins))) watch your behinds.

>Why do commiefornians elect the worst retards?

Between the amount of illegals and indoctrinated middle-class libtards living in Southern California alone, it's not all surprising. I have to commend those of us that are (for one reason or another) living in the state and enduring all of this. Said people should be ready to get out if SHTF though.

be18e1 No.9543996


Take that shit back to the witch thread a few weeks back

924b8a No.9544006

File: b14576da3654433⋯.jpg (32.88 KB, 500x360, 25:18, curled.jpg)


Sounds like pure wishful thinking to me. A couple of disturbed individuals might blow their top and kill someone, ala Dylann Roof, but those smart enough to organize a real coup won't stick their necks out.

Planning is the key, and only small secret groups can plan. Seriously, how do you see this playing out? The deep state fucks us good, and 100k Trump supporters grab their AR15s and then - what? How do they find/identify their targets? How do they communicate? How do they avoid shooting each other? How do they stop the FBI from inserting fake leaders?

I think what you're channelling is the mythos that gets written AFTER the revolution. Before the revolution clear-headed planning is needed.

64fefa No.9544032


>What are they planning?

Rumors about Jade Helm could have been correct. Civil War possible in near future.

0c5ed7 No.9544044


The purpose of the witch threads were to counter the (((Wiccan's))) magic with meme magic (and in general talk shit about them and their how sham of a religion, or should've been before they degenerated into nothing but pure shitposting). What that anon's saying sounds just as retarded as the Wiccans themselves.


Sage for off-topic

dfccb1 No.9544053


The ones you call Patriots today were called 'terrorists' in their own time.

c223a1 No.9544057


>being this much of a blackpilled cuck

>oy vey nothing will ever happen now you should've waited for hitler no you should've voted for hillary because muh accelerationism




You don't beg for digits, anon.



Fuck off kike.

dfccb1 No.9544075


>you should've waited for hitler

Considering Trumpstein is already openly helping Pissrael, waiting for Hitler would've been the better choice if it weren't for Shillary.

2ff57a No.9544098

File: 7da02105f9da5ad⋯.png (17.06 KB, 364x228, 91:57, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 725124b7c294c1c⋯.png (29.21 KB, 469x267, 469:267, ClipboardImage.png)


Nice try, kike.

3b576c No.9544104

2ff57a No.9544119


Not an argument. Are you trying to imply jews aren't still shilling the false idea that Trump is a jewish plant to the right while simultaneously shilling that he's an evil nadzee that must be stopped oy vey to the left?

3b576c No.9544146


I'm really not decided. I don't much appreciate Trump's endless aid to kikeistan.

ac1f24 No.9544154

Calling it now

Trump will be imprached and removed from office

Hillary will be elected president with bernie or some shit as vice president.

Globalist fusion of capitalist and communist gov installed.

We will overthrow them after 9 months and then Trump will assume complete political control and MAGA

399e39 No.9544157


tell your supervisor to update the handbook, we know all the current tactics

2ff57a No.9544161

File: c81d5fe83ab8118⋯.jpg (12.61 KB, 639x349, 639:349, I have some rain to sell y….jpg)

File: 6e1d99eb36c69ed⋯.jpg (23.96 KB, 392x366, 196:183, but trump is just a jewish….jpg)

File: 685317c5cdd88c3⋯.gif (89.56 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 1438098918247.gif)



ed294e No.9544168


All hell break loose? Possibly. Some leftists will end up dead if only because some on the right will surmise that nothing but violence will be the only way to affect any real change. You'll definitely see a "you're either with us or you're dead" mentality from the right.

46f3f3 No.9544169

File: c7cde68de010474⋯.jpg (54.98 KB, 650x365, 130:73, kkkamericanspirit.jpg)


dotr soon after

dfccb1 No.9544171


>reporting because he can't handle the truth

>announcing a report

Why don't you go back from whence you came?

de5280 No.9544175


>Trump refused to quit during an election when his odds to win were 2%

>Trump wins the election

>Trump will quit now


8c17bb No.9544176


Quantum mechanics reminds us that the universe is ultimately a holistic, tightly integrated web, and thus it is not out of the question that no signals need pass between brains , and nothing needs to come into being. From a holistic perspective all brains are already connected to everything else from the get-go and not just through space. Through time too

Though I should have known better than to bring cutting edge science and Psi research into a confederate flag pepe thread

c223a1 No.9544179

File: 768f2e82250ade0⋯.jpg (375.02 KB, 1206x1209, 402:403, tell me i'm beautiful or i….jpg)


>your shilling


Pick one, Mordecai.

dfccb1 No.9544181


>Are you trying to imply jews aren't still shilling the false idea that Trump is a jewish plant

So far he's been openly helping Greatest Ally. The evidence is stacked against you, Amschel.

de5280 No.9544184


>not just through space. Through time too

A more accurate way to put it is to say that space and time do not actually exist, or rather, they manifest from universal consciousness, just like everything else.

dfccb1 No.9544185


>cuts foreign aid

>except to Greatest Ally

Oy veeeeeeeeeeey!

ed294e No.9544188


Absolutely. The left has been trying to meme Trump into quitting for some time now. The only reason why they continually try to meme this is because they know they have no other way to toss him, especially since anything else will probably result in them getting fucked over.

3b576c No.9544189

File: 529eeda632321c8⋯.jpg (459.01 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tanya cant believe this sh….jpg)

2ff57a No.9544197

File: 19267afdaa88bd2⋯.webm (1.44 MB, 448x536, 56:67, who could be behind this.webm)





Shariablue must be upping its payroll limits.

e1ce4a No.9544202

File: c6a3f5f73ea64d8⋯.png (916.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, GTXmao.png)


I don't know what imprached is, but it doesn't sound good.

3b576c No.9544204

File: 9d62ca1be4e9819⋯.png (103.66 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 2bc2ee97daae09ac721031bac8….png)


Or you're Project Alamo. Or maybe we just disagree, as fellow /pol/acks, about how much trust we should have.

Also does anyone know how to make images like these? I love these but am still trying to work it out.

c223a1 No.9544214

File: d8ffbe062b8b7cd⋯.png (309.43 KB, 600x712, 75:89, 1454248316898.png)


>n-no goy, y-you are the shill company goy

That half-shekel ration they're paying you is far too much.

c223a1 No.9544223

File: 1bda49d6c76b862⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 688x456, 86:57, 1443828386125.jpg)


>shareblue is this desperate to tell lies

3b576c No.9544229

File: 7094eff14a077f8⋯.jpg (426.21 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tanya cant believe this sh….jpg)


Seriously, nigger?

c223a1 No.9544233

File: b6a1fcba9f25ace⋯.jpg (27.48 KB, 447x441, 149:147, b6a1fcba9f25ace4b572727436….jpg)


>not even trying

I take it you're on the 1/6 shekel ration, Schlomo?

de5280 No.9544242


They still believe Trump is a traditional cuckservative. Or at least they are still treating him that way.

759394 No.9544243

File: f498d80683e62c1⋯.jpg (199.7 KB, 908x598, 454:299, JewsGettingBTFO.jpg)






Filtered for without a doubt being a an actual kike shill. God's about to rain down fire upon your country, have fun little buddies. Really wish I could see the look on your faces when the Iranian missiles start falling on your heads and the mudshits are raping your women and children in the middle of your streets. You talmudniggers have had it coming for a longtime now.

2ff57a No.9544251

File: 876c20d7863d705⋯.png (16.64 KB, 615x497, 615:497, 1465652773440.png)


>ban evades on a new IP

>to kvetch about anons not falling for his shilling

c4a4c1 No.9544264


That's a nice picture of Mark.

5baa72 No.9544266

My body may not be 100% ready but my mind is 120%. Do it Jewstein. I can't wait to start the day of the rope early.

8c17bb No.9544269

File: aede251d5857e43⋯.png (840.65 KB, 2056x1122, 1028:561, 232e2762611201e2239f9d5283….png)

Two jews rapidly accusing each other of being jewish shills is probably a jewish slide technique

3b576c No.9544276

File: ebd59ef6c932f9c⋯.jpg (428.99 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tanya cant believe this sh….jpg)


I'm just trying to learn how to make OC, sigh.

eaed7a No.9544281


Hey holy shit! Boys state was posted on /pol/! Hahaha. What a brainwashing fest, ours had a holohoax survivor speak too… Ahh boys state good times.

1077fd No.9544288

I'm pretty sure Dianne Feinstein is the bitch who amended the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 to include a number of things that basically allow intelligence agencies to acquire digital communication records without warrant or subpoena, retain that information indefinitely, and disseminate that information to local law enforcement, justifying this by clever usage of words to imply it's all done for "suspicion of conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism", and also allows citizens to be held in prison without trial indefinitely for the same reason.

83bdb9 No.9544308


You're forgetting the part where the people in charge are lazy, overconfident and just really want to go home and order takeout from that new Thai place.

d7e3b6 No.9544314


>he doesn't know about the list

Anon, you haven't picked your targets yet?

eb302d No.9544319


Great digits. But at this point I really don't give a fuck, thanks for attempting a good spooking though.

stop fucking with my internet, it's annoying

5baa72 No.9544324


>Killing all the Jews and their puppets is too risky

>We don't know who to target

It's nice that you made it to the thread Chaim

8c17bb No.9544342

File: 3e03a0700957d3f⋯.mp4 (6.43 MB, 480x360, 4:3, globalism.mp4)


The main body of government is a good example of wage slavery. Whereas most civil service employees would openly suck a jew's dick for their paycheck so they can pay their mortgage and pay for their trans son's tuition

They are eager to maintain the status quo

it puts us in the position where a place like /pol/ not only cares more about but probably know more about their government than most of these fat good for nothing jejune bureaucrats

1077fd No.9544345




I remember this was back when I first started waking up to the jewish globalist cabal.

01bb88 No.9544347

Stop trying to get in niggers. All you're doing is letting me know how triggered you are.

15bcaa No.9544364

File: 704cc6ba6ee4780⋯.gif (618.91 KB, 500x330, 50:33, absolutely-not-evil.gif)

The democratic party and it's associates in commerce, government agencies, etc are dying.

They pushed too far too fast and their own liberal radicals have (intentionally or not) actually alienated the majority of society against them.

What could have settled in as progressive tolerance is now anywhere from comedy material to downright irritating to the majority.

We are simply watching even more awkward death throws from a group that has not only overextended itself - but encouraged excess to points it cannot control.

Their only bastion of hope now is the media - and it's dying hold on the normies that still believe what is broadcasted to them. If the media loses even more legitimacy, and even the most zombie like sheep begin to suspect the truth they see on CNN is bullshit…that would be the deathblow.

The only thing left after the death of mainstream media would be the remnants of their party polluting and slowing the process in our government.

Corporations want good PR, and good quarterly reports. The PR side of supporting democrats is dying rapidly, and if the businesses lose the chance for greater profit - no matter how much you may dislike the greedy bastards they will switch to support Trump. If you want to consider that an ally, you will see much more of that as things turn more and more stale towards our left leaning friends.

5baa72 No.9544365


>Hitler financed by Jews?

lol so you're telling me the man who built one of the most powerful nations this world has ever seen, was controlled by Jews? Thanks Chaim.

c0289d No.9544368


>83-year-old political veteran.

What a useless life

1d1b92 No.9544370


Yea, I'm fully aware of it. You don't have state police aircraft following you around, random charges completely dropped to keep you on the streets, and other weird shit happening on a daily and not start getting suspicious and digging into what could be going on.The local authorities are shit though and stick out like sore thumbs and usually give the whole thing away if the target is even halfway not retarded.. All these resources wasted on a LARPing n33t with an active imagination. O i am laffin.

5baa72 No.9544404


To expand on this, for that guy's theory to play out or be correct, you have to believe that the Jews played 4D chess and allowed a nation full of people that they hate, to rise from the ashes(as well as funding the man who did so) and become a super power. Then, to manipulate other superpowers to not only go to war against them but utterly destroy and punish them. And all for what? To create the modern Israeli state? This is a Semite trick if I ever say one.

ab5962 No.9544447

Reminder that some anon here met her in person once and instead of dealing with her he shook her hand and smiled to be the bigger person.

ae23a4 No.9544480

File: f5abdac02f07434⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 659x609, 659:609, 1464276527472-0.gif)


They said the same thing about the British Empire and the ragtag team of colonials during the War for Independence; it applies today. The Empire and the deep state both lack(ed) what the Americans of yesterday and today have, a will to fight against tyranny.

8c17bb No.9544485


I think the theory is at the beginning the top jews attempted to manipulate Hitler into expelling the pleb jews to Palestine to-be-called Israel through financing etc. But obviously things took a different course

I'm not sure this is even partially correct , the only truth behind may be just that Hitler did want to expel the jews. We know though that the top jews were also manipulating the British and Americans to create essentially the same thing in Palestine

In any case the guy clearly brings up that theory to deflect from being called a nazi

5baa72 No.9544486

5baa72 No.9544515


>demonize Hitler so you don't look bad to shitheads

I understand it but still. Look at the propaganda the Jews pushed in the US during the mid to late 60's. They wouldn't have to start a world war to persuade people, especially Jews, to try and get what they want considering that the vast majority on this planet aren't privy to the subversion that is done by the Jews.

8c17bb No.9544525

File: 7c10f02a371e62f⋯.png (385.83 KB, 881x801, 881:801, gucciferlet.png)


The evidence of reincarnation is pretty overwhelming. Subjects under deep hypnosis have been recalling past lives for decades and that evidence gathered and presented in thorough studies. This compounded onto what we now are beginning to see about the nature of the universe.

I think if you're ever close to one of these politicians the only question is would killing them help you progress in the cosmic order?

8c17bb No.9544564


I think after WWI and WWII the relative power of international jewry really expanded exponentially. Before this time, for a long while they had the banks and finance to pull strings and get what they want. (Remember the Rothschilds were essentially war-profiteers anyway and how they amassed their fortune. They financed the wars of nations… at interest )As well as a lot of newspapers

But after WWII they really had no resistance , even if people wanted to the threat of being called a Nazi of anti-semite was too much to even voice a concern.

But anyway, yes on the international level they get what they want and also profit through inciting and prolonging war , they still do

1273aa No.9544581

d9c389 No.9544596

f6705b No.9544617

File: cb255681a581d90⋯.jpg (6.19 KB, 222x191, 222:191, 10421542_10202241011100355….jpg)

Can a Canuck participate in TDoTR to prepare for TDoTR in the north?

cca000 No.9544622

Holy shit this board got so insanely filledw with shills overnight its amazing

40040a No.9544627

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>The evidence of reincarnation is pretty overwhelming.

Never mind how bloody the final crash may be! Never mind what old treasures may perish for ever in the redeeming conflagration! The sooner it comes, the better. We are waiting for it — and for the following glory — confident in the divinely established cyclic Law that governs all manifestations of existence in Time: the law of Eternal Return. We are waiting for it, and for the subsequent triumph of the Truth persecuted today; for the triumph under whatever name, of the only faith in harmony with the everlasting laws of being; of the only modern “ism” which is anything but “modern,” being just the latest expression of principles as old as the Sun; the triumph of all those men who, throughout the centuries and today, have never lost the vision of the everlasting Order, decreed by the Sun, and who have fought in a selfless spirit to impress that vision upon others. We are waiting for the glorious restoration, this time, on a worldwide scale, of the New Order, projection in time, in the next, as in every recurring “Golden Age,” of the everlasting Order of the Cosmos.

It is the only thing worth living for — and dying for, if given that privilege, — now, in 1948.

f6705b No.9544631

File: e837c3ad4e369d5⋯.gif (258.54 KB, 320x306, 160:153, hotcheckems.gif)


Spicy get

(((They))) are desperate, because we are the only ones that can undo what we have created

d69327 No.9544634


When will the salt end? When will they just except defeat?

This is what has me a bit worried. If they can't accept it, they are going to do something very irrational - like actually try to assassinate Trump, or possibly carry out a false flag and blame it on him….

e3d195 No.9544635


The Truth is the most powerful catalyst for True Magic.

4baee4 No.9544694

if he's removed, antifa and the women's march will look like a 16 year old with no friends' sad little birthday party compared to the unrest and genocide of liberals and left wingers in the streets I'll be praying for

8f0671 No.9544796


>The Russia nonsense is a way for them to try and fire their base up for 2018.

There won't be much to get fired up about when Trump/Sessions prosecutes numerous top Democrats with proven (and dangerous) ties to Russia.

3771eb No.9544823


>top Democrats with proven (and dangerous) ties to Russia.

You can't have been here long. Some neo-cohen game of "democrats are the real racists!" There isn't a "danger" from Russia, other than wanting ZOG off their doorstep. Might clinton at all have had ties to rich Jews from Russia? Possible, but you aren't smart enough to see through the Jewish game that there is no "danger from Russia" as a nation.

79e464 No.9544840


Any removal of Trump will trigger a civil war. The best thing they could do is throw shade on him for 4 years and win after, but they aren't intelligent enough to do that. They are trying to create an American Spring but they forget that Americans remember their many failures and coups against legitimate governments driven purely by economic warfare. Americans remember how the purchasing power of minimum wage is 1/5th what it was starting in… 1965!

b63795 No.9544868

You want to redpill people and make shills mad? When the "Trump is Putin's puppet" shit comes up, ask why he's still there since we've been hearing this since, what, August?

828b5a No.9544878


oh the day of the rake is coming for you soon enough ;^)

kidding friend, we'll need every hand we can get on the great day.

9f6fd6 No.9544906


Muh Russia

9f6fd6 No.9544911


You mean CIA

FBI while not great is better

3771eb No.9545013


> throw shade

please keep the nigger expressions off here. The Jews pollute the world enough and the English language is polluted enough.

612a31 No.9545042


The Brits would've crushed you like a bug if they gave a fuck, and weren't occupied with other forces like the French.

96b171 No.9545175


>If patriots wanted to keep america they coulda rose up years ago and done something.

So called "patriots" are at best LARPers, at worst outright clowns who wouldn't know patriotism if it slapped them in the face.

Case in point:

go to any firearm related forum and pay attention to the usernames. About half have "patriot", "1776", "america", "molon labe" in them. Then, verify how many of those "patriots" aren't open border libertarian types. Yeah..not many, not many at all.

I absolutely despise their kind.

5fea53 No.9545181


Do these kikes not know how little I care at this point? Do these kikes not care for their lives?

9d6af9 No.9545192


>You know what the /pol/ack investors always say.

I don't.

>Sell in May and shadilay.

WUT? Please explain or share some link.

11606a No.9545205

File: 377de938adbbc96⋯.jpg (27.39 KB, 312x352, 39:44, Sun-Tzu.jpg)


I don't like how /pol/ continuously insists on underestimating the left. As other anons have stated already, they're more active than we are right now.

Basically, libshits are starting to adopt fascist ways of getting a point across.

>cucks getting interested in weight lifting

>punch a nazi

>taking it to the streets

Don't fucking underestimate the enemy. They're learning from us.

b05810 No.9545211


>it's another Trump Ignores Traitors Until It's Too Late episode

582053 No.9545217


Do or die. If they manage to rein the situation back in, they will never allow it to happen again. For every 1 refugee and Mexican they brought in before, they will now bring in 20. For every bussed vote before, there will now be 50.

If Trump is impeached and you Americans let it happen, you'll never be allowed another chance.

5fea53 No.9545219


I'm not underestimating them… Just wondering how far they want to push it before we start killing them… Killing their attournies, their legal cover. Surely, they know. Surely they know that we cannot stand such things…

11606a No.9545221


>LARPing as nazis can be counterproductive

That's my point. We NEED to mobilize NOW. LARPers need not apply. They're hijacking our tactics and using them against us.

94909d No.9545222


>t. commiefornian requesting immediate evac

Well at least you got dude weed lmao

b28702 No.9545225

File: 2da201254b5619f⋯.jpg (73.65 KB, 704x400, 44:25, 23532bbea37a642d82300d5947….jpg)


> LARPer

Reminder that this term arrived with the influx of shills.

b05810 No.9545226


>The Russia nonsense

Holy fucking shit, the denial is real.


This is not a joke. They are serious, unlike you drawing diagrams on a chinese pictograms website. Dems have literally beaten us to the punch that every right wing ever, wanted to throw. Either Trump fights this off, or the narrative WILL BE REAL.

11606a No.9545229


>Just wondering how far they want to push it before we start killing them

They feel the same way about you and me. I'm not American but the libshits around me are getting more and more fired up, anon. They're preparing for a war.

5fea53 No.9545231


I'm drunk. But this is a direct threat. If you do not stop, I will kill your children, your bloodline, and leave you begging for death yourselves, you fucking kike traitors.

b28702 No.9545234

File: 062d48174c19f68⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 425x481, 425:481, f157354550576f10f8e9df5c52….gif)

I say it's time we went on the attack. I wonder what messages they're sending nowadays :^)

b28702 No.9545236


> LARPing as nazis can be counterproductive, when you forget you're actually just NEETs fighting an actually murderous group of fanatics.

You sound not from here.

b28702 No.9545238


Trump is not ignoring them. He's making moves to stop them.

5fea53 No.9545241


I know, anon. I know. I just did a Machiavellian test to find out I'm 75%. They don't know how much the average goy loves their own people. They don't know. They don't know yet. If I must, I will show them. They need to feel the pain of family dying. They need to feel the suffering. I cannot say how much longer I can last before acting. Just know… Just know, kikes, that I am here… That I will torture your families before they expire if you push me to it.

I do not care any longer.



5fea53 No.9545242


If you are a White European, anon, I'd gladly fight beside you. Anything for my people. Anything for my kin…

5fea53 No.9545245




94909d No.9545249


Fighting spirit is good, but you should take your meds.

5a6505 No.9545251

"Democrats "predict" something they themselves are involved in."

Partisan politics and hype.

Its calling your own actions (that could fail) a self-fulfilling prophecy. Its beyond retarded. LOL

6bf3c7 No.9545253


You know the incredible power of a man when his enemies will line up to kill themselves and believe he is the one that dies.

5fea53 No.9545254


I've been drinking and am more open than I usually am. And honestly, anon, if you don't feel the same as I do, deep down, then there's something deeply wrong with you.

94909d No.9545261


I too want to purge the earth from kikes, we all do, but you seem emotionally unstable. In war, only a cold and rational mind survives while being effective. You should remember that.

42370f No.9545268


>Trump is not ignoring them. He's making moves to stop them.

Where's the investigation into the Clinton Foundation? Or Podesta, or the election fixing, or the voting machines.

Has he moved to impeach the traitor judges? Revoked the licenses from the lying media? Addressed the calls for a coup by the left? He is not using his full powers as a president, and if this was happening in Canada, you wouldn't hesitate to call him a cuck.

5fea53 No.9545275

File: f45bf793abd4e87⋯.jpg (56.5 KB, 800x800, 1:1, f45bf793abd4e879a46f361ec1….jpg)


Anon, things have gone on for far too long. The rational side of anyone, alone, would have already driven men to act. How many more allegations against Trump do you need? How many more coalburners do you need to witness before deciding that all talk at this point is worthless? They need to bleed. I'm slightly drunk, so judge me by that and think of what I have to say. They need to bleed and die, anon. I've been here for a while.

Stefan Molyneux is right: The time for arguments has passed.

94909d No.9545288


>The time for arguments has passed.

Totally agree. I was talking about your approach to actual combat. If you run in there like Rambo wanting to kill every ZOGbot and every kike you see, you aren´t going to be useful for very long. We need cold, brutally calculating war machines, when SHTF. So work on that. Otherwise, great speech.

5fea53 No.9545301


What is unrational about my thoughts, pray tell? What is unrational about want to destroy my enemies?

The answer is nothing, of course, unless you are one of them. Unless you enjoy the sight of white women with mongrels and white men turning to emasculate faggots.

Die, cuckold.

42370f No.9545305


>>9545288 (checked)

Civil war, race war, day of reckoning are escapist fantasies. The actual battlegrounds are the institutions infested by the left: banking, schools, media, bureaucracy. Completely out of the reach of any angry jack.

Until you get a president in there to throw a wrench in the system. And if he doesn't, in 10 years we'll be using Trump's face for cuck memes.

94909d No.9545306



Kill yourself, drunk retard.

94909d No.9545310


>The actual battlegrounds are the institutions infested by the left: banking, schools, media, bureaucracy. Completely out of the reach of any angry jack.

This. To defeat them without war, you must be able to assimilate with these kikes and cancerous faggots.

5fea53 No.9545312


Checked and understood, brother. This is just an imageboard. I would never devise my plans here, like no other anon would. But the enemy moniters this board. The enemy of White people must fear us. I've had a few beers and I don't care about censoring myself anymore.

Kikes: I will target your legal counsel and your children. You may be hard to reach, but your offspring are not.

84dfc5 No.9545313

File: 39efe0b6a6e5f1c⋯.jpg (58.74 KB, 500x325, 20:13, kim_jong_un_checks_dubs.jpg)

>>9543044 (checked)


5fea53 No.9545315

5fea53 No.9545319


Dude, I'm just venting. The kikes need to know how much we hate them. How deeply we hate them.

94909d No.9545320


>The enemy of White people must fear us.

They do already, thats why there are so many shills. But they have not yet learned true fear. Truth will finally triumph, just like Hitler always said. Which way it will ever go, the way of the sword or the way of the word, finally they will face the true anger of white people and rot behind bars or at the end of a rope. And then, they will suffer in hell.


Excuse my harshness, brother.


5fea53 No.9545335



b91bb7 No.9545347


If that does happen, I'm checking out. I'll buy an RV or something, close out my bank account, and go live in the woods or something. There's no saving a country that would let the scheming faggots in the DNC get their way.

5fea53 No.9545391


Honestly, I think good-ol' death may be a sobering entity for them. Honestly, I think just laser-focused killing of these people would be best. It'll make them afraid, and anyone in line to replace them.

Dunno. Do what these thoughts as you will. Polite sage for drunken hate-speech murderous rage

5fea53 No.9545410


>or the narrative WILL BE REAL

So will the exterminations of those pushing thes lies.

4e44b2 No.9545485

America keeps getting kiked. Why is Trump for IsraHell again?

67bb35 No.9545516


>cucks starting to lift

If they're into leftism deep enough to even know that we exist, they probably don't have the testosterone to make it. The left's ideas are weak, and as such they only attract those who are weak.

67bb35 No.9545525


Everyone feels the same way as him in the spirit, stop with the patronising bullshit.

81fc14 No.9545547


They already know, kikes are schizophrenic, they're already paranoid about a white nationalist revolution. If they weren't they wouldn't be spending massive amounts of money and time trying to control the narrative let alone shill on a board of a couple thousand autists. I'd frankly prefer they underestimated us even more, it'd make it easier to pull off a successful coup against their regime worldwide. One thing is certain, if they try to get rid of Trump, we actually have to act or what >>9545217 said will happen.

f830f3 No.9545596

File: 529809c64b469e5⋯.webm (5.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Autistic Commie Screechin….webm)

this whole d&c shitshow

>old kike who's kike husband got rich on conflicts of interest makes spurious claim to crazy hippies in home district about Trump's conflicts of interest

>Obscure blogger at SHTFplan writes blogpiece based on twatter


>lugenpresse runs with shitty blogpiece as source; uses clickbait headline

>d&c shills post article on /pol/

>no one bothers to research original interview, /pol/acks gobble up bait as shills toss out more and more

and here we are

You d&c kikes will be the first to hang

81fc14 No.9545742


Oh yeah and this.

>increasingly nervous kikes claim something for the 6 millionth time

It's fucking nothing.

37bffc No.9545747


I just noticed the same thing. Saw a major news paper sitting on a table so I picked it up. I read an article about the grilling comey got by congress. This lugenpresse paper didnt just lie.. they mischaracterized the entire fucking hearing anyone that watched more than 2 minutes of the hearing would know that nothing the news paper said was anywhere near truthful.

c37454 No.9546571


praise KEK

c284b8 No.9546640


She also claimed countless times that Trump would never become president. I think it's safe to discard what she says now.

d83165 No.9546645


She got her ass ROASTED by Trump's Supreme Court pick as well during the hearings. She can't even cherrypick judicial decisions from a judge with 2700 opinions on paper, let alone predict that Trump would even win. Hopefully she dies soon.

2e0bcb No.9547266

File: 4cff333be5b4ee3⋯.png (91.41 KB, 980x1269, 980:1269, Obama donates 3 billion to….png)


I don't think that Trump will resign. He has no real reason to, other than to placate his enemies. Hillary is History.

But if Trump resigns, leaving puppet-Pence-puppet to declare WW3 on Russia at the first moment possible, America will rise up to clean house, violently. Instant civil war. That scenario will not go pretty for the Democrats. I suspect that's what (((they))) want: whites killing whites.

More likely, if Trump stays in office, fights for his rightfully-earned position as our President, then (((they))) will be forced to initiate violence themselves to undetermined effect.

428f8c No.9547756


I genuinely think so. It wouldn't be our revolution, but we might be able to steer it like the Falangists did the Spanish Revolution.

What a lot of people don't seem to understand, even here, is that Trump inspires people. He creates fanatics, even among people who don't agree with him 100%. He's even created fanatics here. Hell, I would call myself a Trump fanatic. The Republican base now has a genuinely energized and vibrant core that it has lacked for decades. Before, the Republican core was a bunch of Libertarian Boomers who occasionally acquired sufficient balls to stand up to the state, and always lost or stalemated. Now, we've got a bunch of young white men who, while certainly not /ourguys/ - they're often pro-gay, pro-weed, and pro-degeneracy - are nonetheless a powerful force which we may be able to shape. Look well on /r/The_Zionald, /pol/, for they will be your footsoldiers. They're not fanatics for the White Race, for National Socialism, or for Truth, but they ARE fanatics for Trump. How to gain control of them would be a whole thread in and of itself, but there is literature on it (I recommend James Mason's SIEGE).

TL;DR Trump is inspirational to the point that if he is martyred, either literally or figuratively, the normies go ape.

b274b7 No.9547837

File: 7598625a614d4d2⋯.jpg (15.4 KB, 372x192, 31:16, MFE04-01.jpg)


>I'll buy an RV or something, close out my bank account, and go live in the woods or something.

Niggers will be thinking the same thing. Make sure to arm yourself and have somebody awake at night. Unless you have an underground bunker to live in for a year or more, I think it's best to join a militia as soon as possible. After the war, I'm expecting to live in a nice jewish psychologist's home until he runs out of food in his bunker.

992123 No.9547859

File: affd2c68ae3f664⋯.jpg (42.92 KB, 500x305, 100:61, imready.jpg)


Ahnenerbe has been reincarnated. We prepare our assets, our families, our arms. The Phoenix rises.

The Millennium Empire resumes

0e3be4 No.9547875

File: 40fdae8b8bb029b⋯.jpg (134.39 KB, 1586x510, 793:255, 1454722974294.jpg)


>implying 100k serious armed men aren't enough

>just assume the fetal position guys


>Civil war, race war, day of reckoning are escapist fantasies.

If you have actually absorbed the statistics and other historical examples, you would know that there is NO longterm survival for the white race without removing our subversive elements. Going into a commie- and jew-infested hellholes and playing by their rules is how you lose. It is what people have been trying for the last 60 years, and it failed miserably.

Civil/race war seems far-fetched, I agree. But there is no place it has not touched in the past, it would be ridiculous to assume it will not happen again. If something happened to allow the neocons/deepstate to take power, there would be no better time to fight back. Once they consolidate their power, it's all over for generations. And during those generations, dysgenics and miscegenation will further enfeeble our people.

fae88f No.9547900


Nice joke.

0e3be4 No.9547912


I've been around the libertarian/paleocon gun crowd for nearly 20 years. You would be surprised how close many are to /pol/. Jews are being brought up on nearly a daily basis lately. Closed borders is the consensus thanks to spics and mudslimes.

58e5b2 No.9547936

File: 1811a9ddb7499c4⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1554x802, 777:401, ClipboardImage.png)

000000 No.9548165

2b6168 No.9549140


The danger and chaos resulting from a Trump assassination/removal by impeachment would make "hell" look like the infantile fever dream of a tribe of impovershed desert-dwellers.

It would be THE REAL THING.

ba50d8 No.9549728

This is what I would do if I was President Trump: I'd leak a fuck ton of disinfo to my enemies knowing they will blab it to their constituents and the press. Leftists will begin to feel disheartened and become hopeless; their representatives will appear to be ineffectual fucks that can't deliver.

000000 No.9552073


How? There was no mustard in the recipe.

053b79 No.9552089

File: c336483e0ada0e5⋯.png (26.32 KB, 258x435, 86:145, 856432.png)


>Dianne (((Feinstein)))

Yeah, I'm sure this article is completely unbiased.

11606a No.9552154

File: 8bac16dba382bdf⋯.jpg (87.23 KB, 500x345, 100:69, sad viking.jpg)


>tfw i as a Scandifag wont partake in the millennial burger revolution

Take out a few leftists for me, friends.

fae88f No.9552203

File: c3573ad040032d5⋯.png (120.91 KB, 538x396, 269:198, least rare pepe.png)

Impeached for what? Hurt feelings?

e2b465 No.9552214


>kikes reading the history of the Roman Empire

What, are you some kind of anti-semite to suggest reading about the one that caused the first shoah?

3ada38 No.9552233


>Man that doesn't quit will quit 'soon', says top Democrat Dianne Feinstein

Flawless prediction is flawless.



Wouldn't a Scandifag have it's own revolution to be thinking of?

ad23d0 No.9552257


No, it's legit.

d222e8 No.9552360

Diane (((Feinstein))) is more likely to die of salt overdose/old age than trump getting impeached. The reality is that they have nothing but hopes and dreams on trump and thats going to be made clear very soon.

fc7c8d No.9552743

File: c987252612b90e9⋯.jpg (57.42 KB, 680x510, 4:3, HerrDurp.jpg)


"Donald Trump will resign 'soon', says top Democrat Dianne Feinstein"

She then took another hit of acid & commented at how tasty the cheeseburgers that all the unicorns were shitting are, this year…

000000 No.9552771


So was Hitler.

11606a No.9552807


>Wouldn't a Scandifag have it's own revolution to be thinking of?

I guess you're right. I'm not Swedish though (thank kek) i'm Danish. Things are honestly fairly chill here in Denmark atm. Certain politicians in our current government have put a drastic halt on shitskins comming in, and the general public is starting to wake up from their blue pilled coma. The nationalist parti is also gaining supporters with each passing day.

It's the calm before the storm right now.

11606a No.9552821


I envy you burgers and your AR-15s though. I'll be fighting mudshits with my fists and a stick.

000000 No.9552898



Wat do when FBI and CIA say opposite things?

ac5fa2 No.9552970

File: 1c9c33e96801c64⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1680x936, 70:39, 1458923263101.png)


you don't just give up a life of luxury and all the benefits of being a billionaire private citizen for the responsibilities of being president and then quit a few months in.

000000 No.9552977


Should we meme for impeachment then?

000000 No.9553009


Or they forgot how to deal with any other kind of enemy, so they stick with the only page they have left in their playbook.

ca7bb1 No.9553615

File: 257b6cdc994b611⋯.jpg (130.96 KB, 1600x962, 800:481, 148Pyxurz.jpg)







th' laaaaaaawl issa man's institution. Round here we be risin' ta answer to higher powers!

8dfc32 No.9553632

File: cb4992019634436⋯.jpg (43 KB, 500x501, 500:501, 879c46ee52f9587972ad3db925….jpg)


>tfw failure to communicate

I'm not even sure what picture to post because of confusing and conflicting feelings

a2bb4d No.9566449

File: df8132b08ef0bb8⋯.webm (509.24 KB, 470x720, 47:72, YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….webm)


young men without direction long for conflict

292517 No.9601206


This sound bite has been haunting my day dreams occasionally for years and I could never find the source. Now I can have it in webm form.

6e020b No.9601331

File: 3053dd9db5f06a2⋯.jpg (15.39 KB, 213x267, 71:89, b1bd84f5456cb520ce12ae2d7c….jpg)


>Moloch is dead


a7a935 No.9601429


>If Trump got impeached, would all hell break loose in America?

The answer is "no" and that is final. At most, we can predict what /pol/ will do. After a bried period of chaos due to raids, a new board would be made where everyone pretends they knew Trump was a cuck all along.

a7a935 No.9601527

File: 45e46554e3501f3⋯.png (424.94 KB, 1341x620, 1341:620, increasingly_nervous_2.PNG)

6df3fe No.9601716


And yet you join in with people who espouse "kek" and "meme magick". The universe is capable of much more than you think.

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